Mark Collett Debates Israel Advocacy Movement – Should Zionists Support a White Ethnostate? – Jun 18, 2019 — TRANSCRIPT

[Mark Collett, founder of Patriotic Alternative, debates – and more than holds his own –  four jews from the Israel Advocacy Movement on whether Zionists should support a European ethnostate. Moderated somewhat by Ralph Masilamani.







Mark Collett


Debates Israel Advocacy Movement


Should Zionists Support


a White Ethnostate?


Jun 18, 2019


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Published on Jun 18, 2019


Plato Rising copied the video and uploaded it on his channel before it was deleted by the Israel Advocacy Movement channel.

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Should Zionists support a white ethno state? (Mark Collett debate)

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Published on Jun 18, 2019

Mark Collett from the Patriotic Weekly Review discusses the topic of whether Zionists should support an European ethnostate. This video was removed from their channel as soon as the live stream ended and I am expecting it to disappear from here too. There is a backup on bitchute here:…













Joseph Cohen: Okay, so we should be live now. Is anyone on the live chat? Can anyone check if we are live?


Ralph (Indian Guy): I think Mark likes my shirt [Rivers of Blood] — an involuntary smile! [chuckling] Are you okay Mark?


Joseph Cohen: So we should be live now.


Ralph: I think Mark likes my shirt, he bothered to smile! Are you okay Mark!


Joseph Cohen: We seem to be live now.


Now this is the first live chat we’ve done. [chuckling] So I guess I’ll do a quick round of introductions, explain why we’re all here. I got in touch with Mark Collett, some of you will be aware of him, others won’t. Mark Collett is one of the leading figures in the Alt-Right, I’d say, in the UK. Hopefully that’s a fair statement Mark?


And there’s a lot of, from our perspective, from the jewish, or zionist perspective, there’s a lot of misinformation. And a lot of things that are said about jews and zionists, and there’s very rarely the forum to challenge, or question some of those ideas that are prolific on the far right side of British politics, or global politics, in the global village.


And so I want this to be a civil discussion. And Mark didn’t have to take part in the chat. And what I’ve asked both sides to do. So the debate is gonna be framed around:


“Should zionists support a White ethnostate?”


That’s the subject of the debate. I’ve asked Raphi from North West Friends of Israel, and Mark to prepare two, I guest, cases. And one for why jews should support a White ethnostate. And on Raphi’s side, I’ve asked them for why jews shouldn’t support a White ethnostate.


So I guess the first thing we’ll do is both of those will give their introductory comments. And then we’ll open the conversation up to everyone.


So on the live chat today, we’ve got Brian of London, probably best known as Tommy Robinson zionist’s mate. We’ve got Judas MacCabees, who is, I don’t know how best to describe him. He’s ex-IDF, an ex-rabbi. Engages frequently with those on the more right side of politics. And we’ve got Raphi Bloom of Northwest Friends of Israel. And we’ve got my mate Ralph, ahem, who I think is probably further to the right of Mark Collett on the livestream. So it should be an interesting panel. And myself Joseph Cohen from the Israel Advocacy Movement for hosting the chat.


Cool. So I guess I’ll pass it over to you Mark to introduce yourself and put forward your case.



Mark Collett: Okay! Well firstly I’d like to say thank you for inviting me on. I always think that peaceful discourse and talking about things in an open and free manner is the best way to deal with any issue. And I want to make it very clear that I do not advocate any forms of violence, nor will I be advocating for violence, or anything else illegal during this stream. So I will begin.


Jewish people have a homeland! They have a jewish state the State of Israel. A place where their interests, their culture, their traditions, and their ways of life are put first. And jews protect that homeland and enforce it’s borders. The vast majority of jews both here in Britain and the world over, support the State of Israel. In fact, the British Board of Deputies the most powerful jewish group in the United Kingdom states that 95 percent of UK jews have visited Israel, and that 90 percent view Israel as the ancestral homeland of the jewish people.


In America the numbers are very similar and the most powerful jewish organizations in the US, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, works tirelessly to influence American politics in order to ensure U.S. Support for Israel.


Yet despite the overwhelming majority of jews supporting the jewish state — and many jews who live in the West actively campaigning for Western nations to support that state — often the very same jews are actively opposed to those of European descent having states that promote the interests of the European people in the same way that Israel promotes the interests of jewish people.


But many jews in the West, in fact, go further, and have actively played a role in industries and endeavors that have harmed European societies. Pushed anti-White narratives and undermined Western civilization. And it is this hypocrisy that I want to highlight.




Jews are disproportionately involved in various media including Hollywood, the press, and the porn industry. They are also over-represented in banking, and campaign finance, and vastly over-represented when it comes to pushing for mass immigration, multiculturalism, feminism, and other anti-family practices. They were also the people behind communism! The most destructive ideology in history! And more recently they were the founding fathers of what is known as “Cultural Marxism”.


What’s more, constant lobbying by jewish groups has distorted Western foreign policy, and pushed for the West’s involvement in wars in the Middle East, and for hostility towards Russia. But whilst jews have pushed for pornography, mass immigration, open borders, miscegenation, and anti-family practices in the West, they have done the exact opposite in Israel. Israel is, of course, a walled ethnostate, where migration is strictly controlled. Where interfaith and same-sex marriage is not legal, and where the state seeks to ban material — such as pornography — that jews have been instrumental in promoting in the West.


But what really adds insult to injury is that jews in Western nations constantly agitate to restrict freedom of speech, and de-platform those who dare speak about the issues I have mentioned tonight. Jewish groups have lobbied Western governments to criminalize speech that is critical of zionism, or the State of Israel, under so-called anti-semitism laws. How ironic that those in Western nations will have the right to criticize their own nations, but won’t have the right to criticize a foreign nation, the jewish state of Israel!


Now when I say jews, I clearly do not mean all jews! So I hope I won’t be mischaracterized. But jews do have an extreme in-group preference — and there’s nothing wrong with that — all peoples of the world have the right to in-group preference, but the issue here is that despite the extreme in-group preference within the jewish community many jews actively work to undermine the in-group preference of other groups.


And have repeatedly been involved in practices that have had a hugely negative impact on the culture, heritage, and traditions of those of European descent. Tonight I will say that we as people of European descent have a right to exist. We have the right to defend our borders, and the right to speak freely and openly about activities and practices of foreign entities.


Joseph Cohen: Sorry. Okay. Raphi, I guess I’ll hand it over to you for your opening remarks.


Raphi Bloom: Okay. Good evening everybody. And let me start by just addressing the White ethnostate argument first, and then I’ll come on to Israel. Listen, let’s be very clear about it. A White ethnostate is simply a racist ideology there’s no different than the Nazis. And those who advocate for it are nothing more, in my opinion, dangerous racists! I mean, how would they achieve this White ethnostate? Would they, for example, what would they do, for example, with the 20% of UK population that’s not White? You know, maybe they’ll answer that later on in this debate. How would they handle it? Would it be forcible transfer, would it be concentration camps?


Because really the only way that their concept would work would be through extreme violence. And that really is what they’re all about! The violet removal of all non-Whites from the UK. Because it wouldn’t work in any other way. And as we’ve just heard the alt-Right often uses Israel as an example of an ethnocracy. But they use that disingenuously to make their case for one in the UK, or the USA. But it’s built on lies!


Israel is nowhere near being an ethnocracy. For a start Israel jews, Israeli jews are White, black, and brown. Hardly a state of pure color! Twenty percent of its population are not jewish, yet retain the exact same democratic rights as jewish Israelis! And even further, if, you know, anything about Israel, those minorities, for example, such as Israeli Arabs, use their own language Arabic, in their own school system. And even have their own Sharia courts. How can that be an ethnocracy?


We can go even further and we can say that the Supreme Court judge, that sent President Katsaf [sp] to jail, an Israeli President was an Israeli Arab! And furthermore, let’s not forget that Judaism allows conversion. You could be Chinese and have yellow skin, and if you converted into Judaism in the approved way, you could become an Israeli citizen.


Judas Maccabee: Mark you can become an Israeli citizen!


Raphi Bloom: Sorry?


Judas Maccabee: [chuckling] I’m sorry interrupt. Mark can become an Israeli citizen in a week if he converted!




Raphi Bloom: It’s hardly an racial ethnocracy. You can be a different color to a White person, you know, there are Israelis that are black, brown, White, all different colors. And whilst we’re talking about, … Let me just address the comment that you made about single sex marriages. And let me just remind our viewers that the UK only legalized same-sex civil marriages three years ago. Israel might not be there yet, and I personally believe they should legalize it. But let’s not forget that they have the largest gay Pride Parade, probably of anywhere in the world.


And the point about jews, only jews, having the right of return. So let’s answer that one too. One of the reasons that Israel exists is, because of the White ethnostate that existed in Europe in the last century, in Germany! What worked well for the jews, didn’t it? Every time someone has floated the idea of a White ethnostate, it’s jewish population has suffered murder and dispossession!


We’ve suffered 2,000 years of persecution! And in more frequent times we’ve got Russia, we’ve got Nazi Germany, we could go on! And when we talk about communism, to say that the jews invented communism is just ridiculous! Because let’s be clear, the communists murdered more jews than anybody after the Nazis, in recent times. They subjugated the jews! They make them lose their jobs for being jewish. Jews how to hide their religion and their practice when they were during communism! So that’s just a nonsense!


So we could go on, but if you ask yourself why does Israel exist? It exists simply as a safe haven for jews, because of people like the alt and far-right! And even within that, Israel’s minorities — as we said at the top — are protected! They play active and meaningful roles as full citizens in every part of society. Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East, and that’s a fact!


Joseph Cohen: Okay. So what we’ll do now we’ll open the floor up for everyone else that’s on the Hangout to respond to the two opening comments.


Judas Maccabee: Who would like to start?


Joseph Cohen: I just like to say, I don’t know what, I don’t know what I expected, or what shocks me more. The bare face lies, or the fact that you managed to speak these lies with such a straight face, and pretending that you are the victim! I mean, how dare you claim that Israel is not an ethnostate! I’ll read this from The Jerusalem Post:


“Chief Rabbinate admits using DNA tests to help determine jewish status.”


And that’s from The Jerusalem Post! The rabbi’s actually used DNA tests to decide who can get married in Israel! And you have the gall to tell me, that you’re against supremacy! And this is a state where you can run and hide from the alt-right and from racism. Israel is probably the most racist state on the planet! And it’s founded it on the deaths of the Palestinian people!


Raphi Bloom: So how do you explain the fact that 20% of Israel’s citizens are not jewish. That about 20% of our citizens retain full democratic rights. That it’s minorities have their own language, their own school system. How do you actually explain that? Because you’re not making any sense! You either have an ethnostate, where it’s purely jews, or you have a democracy, like Israel, where twenty percent of its population have full rights! Are minorities, …


Judas Maccabee: Raphi, I think we’re frozen.


Raphi Bloom: Is it perfect? No it isn’t. But I tell you one thing, it’s minorities are far better protected than minorities would be under your version of an ethnostate.


Mark Collett: Look here, the only reason there’s so many Arabs left in Israel is, because you haven’t finished ethnically cleansing them yet!


Raphi Bloom: So why do they have the vote? Why haven’t they kicked them out? Why are they got full democratic rights?


Mark Collett: You bulldoze those people’s homes! You shoot children for throwing stones at tanks! And then you have the gall to make out that I’m the monster! You and you do it with a straight face! You know, there is this sort of what you would call an anti-semitic trope, but you are living up to it tonight! People are watching this, and they’re watching a man defending the horrors that I’m talking about. And you with a straight face of claiming that in some way you’re a victim, and your people are the victims! The fact is you want something for yourselves, but you want to deny that same right to the rest of the world! And you carry on, …




Raphi Bloom: Do, you know, your history of 1947? Do you know your history of 1947 and 1948? Do, you know what happened during the War of Independence? Do, you know how many Palestinians left? Why they left? Whether they were told to even to come back? No you don’t! You you are basically swallowing the lie that is being used, time and time again!


So no! Israel is not built on the lives of tens of thousands of Palestinians. That part of the land is our ancestral homeland, absolutely as the jewish religion. But it’s minorities are extremely well protected, extremely well valued! They sit in the houses of parliament, in the Knesset. That’s hardly an ethnostate! I mean, the facts. I could reel off fact after facts! You can’t answer any of them.


Mark Collett: I just did. They do DNA tests. That’s not a religion!


Judas Maccabee: Mark DNA tests is not the official policy of the State of Israel. The fact that you find one article where is a specific argument of someone who’s trying to get a marriage with the woman and he’s trying to prove whose parents are, that’s not, doesn’t mean that every Israeli needs to pass a DNA test. Israel is more multi-ethnic than England is. There’s more diversity then England. Right?


Joseph Cohen: I’ll jump in there. The State of Israel actually doesn’t allow you to migrate based on DNA. So if I prove genetically I’m 100 percent jewish, and I try to move to Israel based on my DNA, that’s not enough. It’s literally, the acceptance, and you don’t need, …


Judas Maccabee: The article you mentioned was a scandal for the very reason that it’s so rare! Mark, I’m a little surprised at you. I’ve been watching your show for a while, and usually you come up with much better, less disingenuous, arguments. This was a rare case where rabbis got into trouble for using a DNA test, and that’s why it was a scandal. Israel is less of an ethnostate than England is! England is more ethnically homogeneous than Israel is at the moment. Mark but I’d like to ask you a question if I may.


Umm, assuming that I’m a zionist, I have no problem, I’m more on the Alt-Right side. I have no beef with the idea of a White ethnostate on my [word unclear] I don’t have a problem with White people. I don’t have a problem of White people having their own space where they can pursue their own uniquely European identity, the way jews can pursue their jewish identity. I agree with you on that.


My question to you is, how come the English, or the Americans themselves, are not asking for this ethnostate? If you guys really wanted an ethnostate you can vote for parties that will push that idea further. There are countries in the world that are ethnostates, like Japan, like Korea. They’re open about being ethnostates. So, I mean, I’m not against you guys doing, pursuing your identity as you see fit, but that’s a decision you guys need to make. We can’t make that decision for you. Neither can we stop you! Were a tiny minority. To blame us for your decision, because jews have risen to the top in Marxist circles. Jews have risen to the top in every circle, Mark! We’re just a talented people! You know this. You know, jews are talented people. We’re in the film industry. We’re in the banking industry.


Brian of London: In fact we’re [word unclear]


Judas Maccabee: We’re high ranking officers in every military we join. Okay, jews are talented people! Why hold that against us?


Mark Collett: I’m not holding it against you.


Judas Maccabee: I’ll just say one thing. The US administration, the most right-wing members of the US administration under Trump were trying stop the border crisis, is a guy named Stephen Miller, who’s jewish! He was getting attacked for being a jew and for being too right-wing, or too based. So, I feel like sometimes you guys — that I mean, Mark, you and your friends — you kind of hold our talents against us, and misinterpret our intentions when they don’t exist.


Joseph Cohen: And I’d say this, there’s also a gross double standard that takes place. So, when you look at the jewish people you view us collectively. And so you’ve just listened to Judas Maccabee. He’s way to the Right of me, not quite as far-Right as Ralph, and probably slightly Left of yourself Mark. But, you’ve listened to him, and he probably shares a lot of politics and values that you share.


Judas Maccabee: Yeah, I agree with Mark on a lot of things, even though he hates me!


Joseph Cohen: But then what you’ll also do Mark, you will then look at a very Left-leaning jew, a very Left-wing jew and you’ll bundle the two of them together. So you’ll look at policies but take place, enacted in Israel — and Israel has moved slightly to the Right under the Netanyahu government — and you will say:


“Look at Israel! Look at the jews! They’re so Right-wing over here! They’re so protective over here!”


But then look at America, or look at Britain, and you see different politics. And the jews in these nations tend to reflect their political sentiment of the nation as a whole. So there aren’t droves of English indigenous Whites lining up to join your political movement, Mark. They’re not. They’re more centrist. They’re more like the jews on this hangout. We tend to be aligned with the politics of the nations that we exist in, because we’re citizens like any other citizen.




And so the thing I want to point out is this huge double standard that you apply to the jewish people that you don’t apply to yourself. You mentioned that there are jewish NGOs pushing multiculturalism, or open borders, then forget to mention that there are European NGOs in Israel pushing all kinds of politics on Israelis, on Palestinians, interfering with what’s going on there! There’s this huge standard that you hold the jewish people to, that you don’t hold yourself! You view us as a collective, but not yourself as a collective.


Mark Collett: Right. Firstly, I’m happy to take you all on, but you have to ask one question at a time. We have multiple people asking multiple questions at the same time. So all that’s going to end up happening is I’m going to end up doing a twenty minutes speech! And I can tell you Joseph, that is the last thing you want! That is the last thing you want!


Joseph Cohen: [chuckling]


Ralph: I will try to help Mark out. Just to balance things. So my name is Ralph, and as Josephus has said, I represent the extreme far-Right. What do I mean, by that? People accuse me of being a fascist — am I unmuted yet? Okay, brilliant! So I represent the extreme far-Right, what I mean by that? Who’s this non-White chap sitting here with the “Rivers of Blood” shirt advocating for extreme far-Right? Well I’m on record advocating for the 14 words. I’m on record — with my real name — advocating for White Nationalism. I’m a race realist. I mean, if you give me an interview I tick absolutely everything a White supremacist would tick — except that I’m not White! I am half Indian and half English.


So to both of you, having my brothers in arms on both sides having a squarrel [quarrel], I represent the world’s largest ethnostate, which by every metric is the most racist people on the planet! No one comes close to the Indians as being racist! I’m a neo-reactionary, I’m a Christian supremacist!


So one hand I believe — and that’s why Joseph brought me on here. For months I’ve been badgering Joseph and others to set up the “jewish Question”, because I believe the White people have a right to pose the “jewish Question”.


On the other hand, the great people in the tribe of Judea have a right to bring that collective, formidable IQ, and return with the “jewish Answer”! So I think what’s happening here, is — and Mark is right — we don’t want a kind of a fight with everyone on it. I think you need to separate a couple of things here. What are the components of the jewish Question? And what would be acceptable spectrum of responses to the “jewish Answer”? And if I try to summarize that, White rights are under threat like no other collective [word unclear] The jewish people should be able to empathize because they have been the most persecuted tribe in history of the world! But right now, they have a state, be it a native national state, or an ethnostate. They have a homeland.


White people — and Mark forgive me if I’m paraphrasing your concerns — are concerned that they’re going to be run off the board via the “Great Replacement”, miscegenation, predation, and a host of other well-articulated stuff from the Alt-Right. So somehow I think if you try to jump across that, and say:


“What would a solution — and I won’t use an adjective [final] — what would a solution to this look like for peaceful and prosperous world?”


It must effect something that would satiate the requirements of White rights. And that requirement could be the right to be left alone, for example, without any explanation. Just the right to be left alone by non-Whites. And, on the other hand, the jewish Diaspora may have to make make up their mind whether they are for, or against this. Would that by a good framing to this, rather than having us running around? To say:


“Look, here’s the JQ components, and here’s the jewish answer and let’s have a chat about specifics.”


Because I’ve heard the buckets just smashing across, and at some point it will just become a dogfight. So they you go.


Mark Collett: Thank you. I was gonna say, firstly — I think his name’s Judas — you said “I hate you”. I noticed that when you people talk, you use very emotive points, you said you’re sure that I hate you! I don’t hate you. I haven’t said I’ve hated you. And I’ve come on here saying I don’t advocate for violence and I’m pleased we’re having this discussion. So please don’t use emotive terms to try and make me seem the bad guy, before you frame your argument.


Now, you were talking about the ethnostate, saying I picked random articles. Well here’s another “random article”, surely just another “cohencidence”, but:


“Israel forcibly injected African immigrants with birth control, reports claim.”


Well, you know, that might be another random article, but all these random articles seem to add together like little pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that make up a picture of ethnic supremacy, and a group of people who are absolutely committed to ensuring that they have an ethnostate.




Now you said that quite honestly — you were honest — you said that jews have all this power, they run the American establishment, they run the media, they run Hollywood, etc. And I agree with you! I agree Judas. You said that and I agree with you. But what I’ll say is this. It isn’t about holding power, it’s what you do with power, that counts. If you have power you can destroy, or you can create. And the power wielded by jews in the porn industry, in Hollywood, in the media, in the press, and the music industry, has been very, very destructive to White civilization and to White society!


In fact, you people, you do act as a group with in-group preference. I’m not saying you all agree a hundred percent, but even when you don’t agree, you don’t tend to tear strips off each other publicly. However, White people are now, so atomized, so fractured, and so destroyed as a group, that even when tens, and tens, of thousands of White girls are being systematically groomed and abused by Muslims, White men sit cowering in their homes refusing to take on the issue for fear of being called racist! Because (((you))) have used the word “racist” and you have used words like “bigot” and “hater” to indoctrinate European people into not even being able to fight back when they are being threatened with extinction! And that is not power, that is the misuse of power! And quite crucially it is the jewish misuse of power that is used to destroy the ethnic Europeans!


Judas Maccabee: So it’s our fault that girls are getting groomed in the middle of England, somewhere? That’s the jews fault?


Mark Collett: No, no! I didn’t say that. I said the lack of reaction from Whites is largely your fault, because you have indoctrinated White people into hating themselves and refusing to fight back! Because they are so fearful of words like “racist” which have been bombarded upon White people, again, and again! Racist, hater, bigot! In fact, people today would rather walk down the street in the knowledge that their daughters are being raped by Muslim men, than they would say that their daughters are being raped, because they’re so scared of being called a racist! And that is part of the indoctrination drip fed into their minds by the media. And you admitted that the media is controlled by jews!


Raphi Bloom: Hold on for a second, because I think Mark, … It’s very all well and good to quote a couple of, as you said, the word “media claims” which is spurious and just not true. But let’s just analyze the facts about Israel for a minute. Because you seem to be avoiding these facts — and I think I know why, but I’d like you to explain why.


So let’s look at Israel in terms of its multiculturalism. Let’s look at the fact that the Arab parties in the Knesset, obviously there are elections now, made up the third largest party in the Knesset. Let’s look at the fact that there are Beduins and Druze Arabs who serve in the Israeli Defence Force. Let’s look at the fact that you can go to any Hospital across Israel and there are Arab doctors. I believe there are Arab doctors running these hospitals. You can drive on any road in Israel and you can see English road signs, Hebrew road signs, and Arabic road signs. You can call any mobile phone operator, any company in Israel, and there’ll be an option for Hebrew, an option for Arabic, and option nowadays for French, for Russian, and possibly for English as well.


You can go to industries across Israel and you can see Arabs, and jews, and Christians working together! There are no limits of movement within the State of Israel. Anybody can go anywhere. There’s no issue with this freedom. There are no separate roads, no separate buses, no separate hospitals, there’s no separate public toilets. There are Arab-Israelis who are diplomats who represent Israel on the international stage. These are all facts! You can quote articles from this one and that one. The fact is that these are hard facts!


You can’t go to the Knesset and ignore the fact that there are 15, or 16 Arab members of the Israeli Parliament! Yes Israel as a jewish state! Yes Israel has jewish symbols for it’s state! But how is that any different? I live in the UK where our head of state is also the head of the Church of England. My national holidays here are not jewish holidays, they are Christmas Day, they are Boxing Day, they’re Good Friday, Easter Monday. There’s no difference between any of those. That doesn’t make Israel an ethnostate!


And all these Arab, Israelis, all these minorities who work and represent Israel, who are professionals, who are politicians, who are parliamentarians, who are soldiers, you can say all you want but the facts prove you completely wrong!


Mark Collett: Well they don’t! They don’t at all, because you’re absolutely mischaracterizing things. And the fact is, …




Raphi Bloom: How are all those professions and all those people mischaracterizing the ethnic makeup of the state of Israel?


Mark Collett: The ethnic makeup of the state of Israel has been a makeup that has constantly swung in the benefit of jews. The jewish population carries on growing in Israel, whereas the birth rates of Arabs continue to fall. The opposite is true of England, …


Brian of London: That’s just nonsense! What’s actually going on with birth rates in Israel is that jewish birth rates are rising, but they’re still nowhere near at the level of the Arab birth rates. And all of this is somewhat irrelevant. We’ve got an optimistic forward-looking society that actually knows what it’s identity wants to be. We argue at the fringes, but we actually have an identity that we can cling to.


I’ve got no issue with Europe defending itself, defending it’s borders. I’m against open borders. I’ve been a friend of Tommy Robinson for a long time. I helped the guy who wrote this book “Easy Meat”, which is the only serious book on the grooming scandal. And my issue is you have this idea of a White European race! You seem that you want an identity, or will you have created for yourselves a “super identity” that spans Poland, northern Italy — is that in your identity? Arkansas, Georgia, England, Wales! You’ve got, you’re trying to create an identity that envelops all of those under which banner to raise your flag and say:


“We’re being put down!”


Now, in what way are you being put down? Is it that you’re not getting enough back from your own States? I really, I struggle with this, because as far as I’m concerned socialism is the biggest evil thing on the planet. You’re right, communism and socialism. I don’t pin that on jews exclusively. Many people were involved in the creation of communism as an idea, and it did a huge damage to actually jewish people. Because the entire, you know, that the jews of the Soviet Union wound up coming to Israel, we know have been largely “de-judaized”. If they wanted to, reinvent and refine Judaism again, because the Soviet Union was a very, very good destroyer of the cultures that it conquered, because that’s what big, colonial inventions, like the Soviet Union did! They squashed the underlying, you know, that was what led Stalin to genocide in Ukraine! You know, there was a constant push to wipe out underlying other identities.


And Judaism is another identity. It is not an ethnicity! There is an ethnic component to it, obviously! But, with so many different shades of Judaism and colors of jews, the idea that we’re ethnically, you know, ethnicity is just, or blood, …. I mean, the way I look at it I come with this indigenous view. Judaism is indigenous to the land of Israel. Indigenous means, has five components, and you’re right. Yes, blood is one of them. Land, language, spirituality, which we’ve got. These are the core of the jewish identity! We know who we are! And Israel is a great expression of that! And then you’ll notice that yes, it’s going more to the Right wing — what you would call Right wing. It defends it’s borders. That to me is an expression of Judaism.


The fact that there are jews in a diaspora, who are completely lost to Judaism, and who advocate for nonsense like abortion, or over liberal abortion, and open borders and stuff, … There are jews who do that, but then there are a great deal of your — I’m afraid — White skinned, fellow Whites who also advocate for that nonsense too! And, in fact, numbers-wise, … You know, this is the whole game, it’s like if there is one drop of jew in any organization, does that jew control it? That seems to be the argument I get constantly!


There are jews in Hollywood! They are not by no means “the majority”, they might be an over-represented sample. There are certainly not a majority in Congress, or the Senate. And they might be over-represented for their position in the rest of wider society. But when you come to Israel and you realize the street sweeper, and that the refuse people, and bus drivers, they’re all jews too! You know, we are not just overachievement, overachieving porn gods in Hollywood! [Judas Maccabee chuckles] We occupy all levels of society.




But what are you missing? Are you being put down? Are you not getting enough from your socialist States that you would like to create in Europe?


Ralph: If I may just jump in and answer that quite briefly. It sometimes helps to have a non-White advocate for White rights. And I’ll be very blunt! White people are very and increasingly upset! They are upset everywhere I go across White nations. I talked to far-Right groups in Hungary — I spent six weeks Hungary.


I go to very radical, racist, groups in United States — all of them White! All of them White only! And I hear the same simple thing which we can detach from the jewish people. They are upset, because they are losing on the board! When I look and I compare that to a thriving superpower in the making of India, India is the most racist, in-group preference, non-miscegenating, nuclear weapon powered nation going! And the Indian far-Right is going:


“Good lord! What’s happening to the White far-Right? They’re losing the board!”


So there’s two components. There’s an internal White crisis that is a legitimate of itself. And it’s expression is constrained! I as a brown person can wear this shirt, and if Joseph forgives me for lowering the tone, I can walk down the street in the Caliphates of Stepney where I live, with a the-shirt that says “Pakis for Free Speech”! And it is my brown privilege that allows me to do so. But if Mark was to wear that shirt, an Englishman in his land, his homeland, he will be run off the board!


This is a legitimate cultural crisis for White people! I see it in Holland, I see it in Hungary, I see it in Poland, I see in the United States. It’s fault and his root cause analysis is twofold. Here’s where I disagree with the alt-Right as a Christian imperialist. Part of the reason this has been allowed to happen is a hollowing of the traditional cultures of England that were Christian, by allowing the Enlightenment — accelerated to the modern sixties liberal age, the birth rate has plummeted, abortion has occurred. In Mark’s book and other people [word unclear] plenty of reasons are there for an internal malaise. This is only compounded by mass immigration and all the other things we see happening.


The jewish Question and the friction, is quite simple. If I try to just wrap up the point, whose side are you on? Are you on the side of White ethno-nationalists? And I’m standing here in a kind of a shocking parody, of someone who isn’t White! Right? And I consider both sides and say, are you on the side of White, native, national rights? Which would, for example, see me being deported! Am I on the right for the rights for White people to deport me, or am I not? And I believe — I’ll hand it over to Mark — that the White identitarians do not feel they have an answer to the jewish people. I’m not sure there is a simple answer. That’s how I’d phrase it.


Mark Collett: Well I’d like to follow up on that Ralph. You said that there’s a problem here with a lack of Christianity, and a lack of Christian morals. Am I correct?


Ralph: Yes indeed. I’m a Christian supremacist. Yeah.


Mark Collett: Well let me read this article to you from Haaretz [jewish newspaper]:


“Dirty jews and the Christian Right.”


Brian of London: Wait! Mark, Mark, Mark! We’ve all read Haaretz. Listen if I go and, …


Mark Collett: Please, I didn’t cut you off!


Brian of London: Listen, Mark, Mark, if I go and read the Guardian about you, how much of a true impression will I get?


Mark Collett: This is Haaretz, this is a jewish paper!


Brian of London: Haaretz, I know. I have written a thousand articles, …


Mark Collett: Why aren’t you letting me speak? You have all spoken!


Brian of London: Just to say one, I have written a thousand articles for Haaretz, …


Mark Collett: Just don’t read the headlines, Mark!!


Brian of London: I’ve had, … You can read it after. I’ve had Haaretz try to get me fired from a job I don’t have! I’m in a long-running battle with Haaretz writers, because I call Haaretz evil, all the time!


The trouble with taking Haaretz at face value is that you will get from Haaretz the same “reasonable and true” view of Israel, as I would get of you, if I only read the Guardian, or the Independent, or any of the mainstream press about you. So that’s exactly, … So now you can carry on and read Haaretz, and I could debunk each and every line in Haaretz for the rest of my life!


Judas Maccabee: I think you should let Mark speak. I want to hear what Mark has to say.


Brian of London: Sorry for jumping in, but Haaretz is a trigger word!


Mark Collett: Well there’s so many people who ask me so many questions, and I was just gonna read this headline from Haaretz:


“Dirty jews and the Christian Right. Brilliant actors like Larry David and Sarah Silverman are challenging America’s powerful religious, family friendly culture and asserting their jewishness by glorifying obscenity.”


Well, there’s your attack on Christianity. Now again, that’s just another piece in this large puzzle. But you said earlier — and I want to bring this up Brian of London — you said something along the lines of defending borders is part of Judaism. That was one of you arguments. You actually said that. You said that you’ve got this right to defend your borders. Well maybe you could tell that to the 1,500 rabbis that have signed a national rabbinic letter calling for the US to, …




Brian of London: I frequently do! I frequently do!


Mark Collett: I hope you do. Because you work with Tommy Robinson, and Tommy Robinson has jewish moderators on his website that ensure that anyone that mentions anyone pushing an anti-White narrative that happens to be jewish, have their jewish name removed! And what I’m saying is, I will call out any Whites that are the enemy of what I believe in. I will call them out! I went to Latvia, and I loved it there, and I had a really great time. And I spoke to some Latvians who said:


“Oh Mark, we love having you here, but some of these Brits that come here, they grab, they harass our women, they get drunk. They urinate on the War Memorial!”


And I said straight away:


“Well these people, you know, if I saw them here, I’d kick them up the ass! I’d want them out of Latvia.”


But the problem is when jews carry out anti-Western activities, you find the jews that are supposedly for the West, refuse to name those jews! And Tommy Robinson’s website is a very, very, good example of that. Because when it comes down to it, you might have jews who claim there for the West, but they will not step over another jew who is anti-Western! And when it comes down to it, you people stick together.


Brian of London: I do it all the time. I really do.


Raphi Bloom: Sorry Brian, can I just, can I just say something?


First of all I’ve got to say, I mean, the vile anti-semitism that’s coming out of Mark’s mouth is just, it’s just shocking! The jews are purveyors of porn, they control the world! I mean, it’s just, if it wasn’t so nonsensical, I mean, it’s just offensive! It’s grossly offensive! There’s no proof for this. It’s just pure, purely, purely, made up!


Personally, my opinion, I abhor Tommy Robinson. I think he’s a racist. And there are plenty of jews in this country — Brian will disagree with me — but there are plenty of jews in this country who do not support Tommy Robinson! In fact when Tommy Robinson came to Manchester we made it very clear that the jewish community, along with many others, should have absolutely nothing to do with him.


But the stuff that’s being, I mean, this is just turning into a jewish hate-fest! At the end of the day, jews are not purveyors of porn.


Mark Collett: Yes they are!


Raphi Bloom: They are not corrupting White English men!


Mark Collett: Yes they are!


Raphi Bloom: No they’re not! And there’s no proof, …


Mark Collett: Read a Dr Nathan Abrams article! He’s a jew.


Raphi Bloom: Now you are talking over me! Now you are talking over me. Jews do not control the media! Jews do not control Sky News, or the BBC! It’s just a nonsense! And we know that, because the BBC are considered to be, … The BBC certainly with their coverage of Israel, are no friends of the State of Israel. Surely if the jews controlled the media, the coverage of the State of Israel be far more favorable than it is, for example, from the BBC, and in the press.


So absolutely, it’s just a hate-fest! You’re talking, you’re just basically being grossly anti-semitic, when you talk about jews in this way! Jews are citizens of the UK. We are proud citizens of the UK. We contribute, we vote. We have contributed to the fabric of life of this great nation. We’re proud to be British, and we are also zionists. We also believe in Israel being the nation-state of the jewish people.


You are being a racist! You are a racist! You’re an anti-semite! [Mark makes a face of laughter] You can laugh all you want, but you are you are basically lying about jews, and accusing them of things that are anti-semitic! There’s no other two ways about it! You know, you are, just own it!


Mark Collett: No! No! You see, you’ve not said anything of substance there. You’ve done exactly what I knew you would do tonight! You’ve used a lot of buzzwords — which are nothing but silencing tactics used to prevent debate!


Read the article by Dr. Nathan Abrams, a learned jew, who has written an entire paper on the emergence of the porn industry in the US. And he has quotes by leading pornographers. He states that the emergence of the porn industry in America was largely — well 100 percent — jewish, according to him in its emergence. And he has quotes from these people, and he’s a jew himself. And he’s saying that’s a good thing! You have no counter-argument to what I am saying, because you probably don’t even know of the essay that I’m talking about.


Joseph Cohen: [words unclear]


Raphi, can I just jump in?


Raphi Bloom: You both, in the same token, have absolutely no argument to the fact about Israel being a democratic state with rights for all it’s citizens. At the end of the day, I don’t agree with Brian supporting Tommy Robinson. Certainly I don’t consider myself to be on the Right wing. I abhor the Right wing. I abhor the far-Left, as well.


I believe that the United Kingdom is a democracy. It should stay as it. It’s a Christian state, it calls itself a Christian state. I believe that that identity should be preserved. I believe that we should have Christmas lights, not “winter lights”. We live in a Christian state and we respect the laws of that state. And we live as full citizens of a state.


But to say that “we control the world”, I mean, we’ve done a pretty good job of it haven’t we? We’ve been massacred! We’ve been murdered! We’re doing pretty well, aren’t we? Absolutely not! It’s a load of rubbish! You might say I’m using buzzwords, you’re quoting spurious articles. But actually, the facts speak for themselves.




Mark Collett: Well, if you want to start talking about massacres, should we start talking about the millions that were massacred by the Bolshevik government? Which was largely jewish!


Joseph Cohen: Perfect! So let’s go there Mark, because I think this has been the problem with this debate. You will frame it, you will say:


“Look at this terrible thing! Look at this terrible event! Here look, I found a jew: Kaganovich! I found a jew: Trotsky! I found a jew: Marx!”


But what if, … Let’s look at the Communists! Let’s look at the Soviet state! Every single leader of the Communists of the USSR wasn’t jewish, he was White!


Take the Holodomor! I know you like you like to talk about the Holodomor. Do, you know how many of the generals, the leaders within the communist party were tried by the Ukrainian court, posthumously? I think there was six, or seven? Molotov, Stalin, there was many, … Only one of them was a jew! And he wasn’t in charge! Stalin was in charge! But what do you do? It’s a jew! It’s Kaganovich! We found a jew, therefore it’s a jew!


You take someone like Marx. Do, you know what Marx said about the jews, Mark? Have you read Marx on the jewish Question? It’s a book, it’s a paper I’m sure you’d like the sound of the title of! What Marx writes in the jewish question is: “What is the worldly religion of the jew? Hucksterring! What is their worldly god? Money!


Who does that sound like Mark? It sounds a little bit like you. Because what you will do, you will look at everything that you dislike in the world, and you will blame the jew! In every shadow, in everything that you see that you don’t like, you see a jew behind it!


So the media, you talk about the porn industry. You spend a lot of time talking about the porn industry you must really enjoy researching the porn industry! I’m sure it’s enjoyable for you! The largest porn company in the world isn’t jewish! Do, you know what it is? I’m sure you do! Larry Flynt isn’t jewish! You go to the media, you talk about jewish control over the media. The largest media companies in the world aren’t jewish. AT&T; not jewish! So what Fox News; not jewish!


You will get time and time again, you will find a jew and you will pin everything that you dislike about that, on the jews. And it’s disingenuous, because the reality is, jews are a minority population in the world. And as Raphi pointed out — actually, even as you pointed out Mark — it’s what happens when you have power that’s where it determines what type of a person you are.


The jews never ran the USSR! The jews were always a minority and a persecuted minority in the USSR! You can shake your head all you like! All of us, all the jewish people on this call know people that suffered under the Soviets. So you can shake your head and live in your little fantasy 4chan world, but the reality is that jews were persecuted by the Russians! Anyone can go on Google and read about the persecution that they faced. Brit Milah circumcision was banned. Rabbis were put to death! Jews were called the “cosmopolitan bourgeoisie”. Yeah, you can show us every article.


Judas Maccabee: They’ve supported the Arabs, they’ve supported the Palestinians, they were against Israel.


Joseph Cohen: I just want to finish on my point. It’s what you do with the power. And so many of the people on this panel would support the idea of an English identity, and would support, … Raphi and myself probably excluded, but the others would.


But when people like you Mark had power, that was Nazi Germany! What happened? Six million of our people died! Six million! Almost everyone on this call, with the exception of maybe Ralph, will have lost family members in that tragedy. And so it’s what you do with power that counts! And Israel, despite what you say, has not genocided millions of people! Israel has only ever fought defensive wars. It’s repelled Arab invasions. And all the while protected those very ethnic group that it’s supposed to be at war with! It preserved their language, their culture. It guaranteed their rights! And there’s nothing that you can say that can change those facts, because we live in the age of information and anybody can Google anything that we say!


Mark Collett: Indeed they can. Just like Putin:


“First Soviet government was mostly jewish.”


There you have it! You know, every time you say something I can pull up screenshots, I can pull up facts, I can pull up articles and information that basically proves what I am saying! Just like I did with the article by Dr. Nathan Abrams about the porn industry. And then it always comes back to the fact that I’m either an “anti-semite”, I’m a “racist”, and when it comes down to the final, the final building block in your, you know, defensive wall, is always the “Holocaust”!




Now if history has taught us one thing, it is that you people have been thrown out of a hundred and nine different nation states. Now is that, because the whole world, they’re really nasty and a mean to jews and all ganged up against them? And there’s a big conspiracy against you guys? You do things to other nations and states that gets you in this position! And what I’m saying is, if you want to run Hollywood, why don’t you run it for the benefit of the host nation?


Judas Maccabee: Okay, Mark, Mark, …


Mark Collett: For the benefit of the host nation! Be good to us and you wouldn’t get yourselves in these positions! And I’ll tell you something as well, especially you Brian of London — since you claim to be of London — if you people were actually good to us, if you people didn’t constantly disrupt our societies and call for open borders, then the West would be a lot better place for you. Because I’ll tell you something now, if the West does go down this multicultural route, the West will be far, far, less forgiving and tolerant to jews, than it is now!


Joseph Cohen: Okay! Okay! Two minutes! I just want a fact check one thing. Mark, you said the first communist government was Russian — sorry jewish. I think it’s really important we deal with facts in this conversation. Gerkonoff, Mulutin, [word unclear], Kroneckov, [word unclear] Noggin, Lunacharsky, Teodovich, Rakoff, Bokakov Shelacnikov, Stalin, Glebokov, [word unclear], and Trotsky! Of those — terribly pronounced names — one of them was jewish!


It doesn’t matter what Putin said, all of this first communist government, are recorded! Anybody can Google this! Anybody can look up their ethnicity! They were Polish! They were Ukrainian! They were — with the exception of Trotsky — they weren’t jewish! Now you may use the argument, … Just anybody, anybody can fact check what you’re saying! So you can shake your head and show an article, but we can check the original source material and refute what you’re saying!


Mark Collett: Can you refute jews murdered the Czar?


Raphi Bloom: Let’s focus on one thing that Mark said. And this goes to it, and this he’s just proved it himself. He said to Brian, he said;


“What was it about you jews that got you thrown out of a hundred and nine countries? You know, you guys have to behave, you have to be good jews, otherwise it’s gonna happen to you again!”


This is what he is going to do! This is why he’s an anti-semite! This is why he’s a racist! This is why the only way that he will achieve what he wants is by violence!


Mark Collett: That isn’t what I said! I said that if you multiculturalize Europe you are bringing in, …


Brian of London: I’m gonna just get straight past Mark’s point that we’re bringing them in, … It’s not jews, …


Raphi Bloom: This man is an anti-semite! And, you know, it’s hate speech!


Brian of London: Okay, stop with the throwing of the anti-semite thing, …


Ralph: Chaps maybe keep it all around, maybe, …


Brian of London: Can I get to a bigger point? There’s a bigger point. Okay. It’s not jews bringing in [non-Whites]. Europe is run by mostly non-jews. I mean, if Mark is going to believe that every single thing that’s bad in his world, is because of a jew, we’re going to leave him to that view.


But the bigger point is that Europe is heading down a path of losing itself to Islam. They’ve brought in an ideology that is unprepared to assimilate, or change. And what that leads to is the native population becoming dhimmis, becoming fearful of stepping out of line in an Islamic caliphate.


And that’s the way I see Europe heading, and that’s why I left Europe ten years ago. Because I realized it would not be a good place to bring up my jewish kids. I don’t care whether it’s jews bringing in all the Muslims! I don’t believe it is. I think that the work of Bat Ye’or, a jew, carefully documenting “Eurabia[ Europe, Globalization, and the Coming of the Universal Caliphate (2010)] and what is going on in Europe, which is basically the Fourth Reich, the re-establishment of a Nazi and communist system! [LOL] That’s what’s going on in Europe.


Now, Israel represents what happened when jews lost their country for 2,000 years. And we had to go through quite a fight to get it back in 1948! You seem to both hate everything about jews, but you seem to admire the byproduct of what we’ve managed to create in our own nation. And I admire it too. I don’t believe that we’re as strong, or as powerful in the rest of the world as you do. I believe that the tales of jewish power rest, … They all very, very, largely do go back to the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Those were used extensively throughout the 1900s. They’re still alive today — the Arabs love reading them. The Chinese love them too! But when they read them they think how great we jews are, and want to emulate us!


Why don’t you, … Instead of just feeling put about — I can’t even see what little picture you put up. [Mark is holding up something] Anyway, it’s probably some, “Norway is too White.


Mark Collett: Norway is too White according to, the jewish community, …




Brian of London: So okay! So if jews say something stupid! This is the bit that gets me is that, yes, we have stupid left-wing jews! And a great number of jews outside of Israel, a greater number of jews outside Israel, are left-wing followers of socialist and communist ideology. And yes, they will lead to destruction! But they’re vastly outnumbered by the number of socialist, communist, White Europeans! Or any other shade of people. Because unfortunately the communist ideology, is an ideology of envy and of greed! And it does take hold, and it grips people! And I have been trying to fight that all my life, because as far as I’m concerned the two evils in this world are, communism-socialism and Islam! And the two together are a complete disaster! And that’s what we’ve got! We’ve got those two things working together.


Europe has to take control of itself, I agree! I think a strong Christian identity is the counter to a Muslim invasion that you’re suffering from. And without your own asserted identity and being able to assert your own identity, yeah you will be in deep trouble!


Israel was lost! We lost Israel! It took it took us 2,000 years and a freakin war, and then a number of wars to re-keep it! You should actually be looking at jews and thinking “we should be emulating some of this stuff!” Like the cohesiveness of our identity.


Ralph: And just to [word unclear] that point again, just to maybe defuse things slightly.


You cannot dispute certain core demographic data. The “Great Replacement[of Whites] is occurring! What does the board look like at 2050? It is no longer the old war. India and China will have 55% of the board, right? Now they are going to be the world’s largest ethnostates, fully nuked up. Within five to eight years India itself, will be able to decimate all of Europe and most of the United States with nuclear weapons.


The new fault line says, it is only the White Europeans undergoing a pure existential crisis! On that 2050 figure dataset, there’s only 850 million White people left. The existential crisis for White people is real! The Great Replacement is real! The European decimated birth rates are real! The 10 million children aborted in the United Kingdom from 1970s is real! I think what we’re seeing here is animosity understandable, mixed with envy, because the jewish people have survived arguably. And I know the alt-Right will hate me for saying this — a horror lasting for two millennia, but they’ve recovered from it by excellence.


White people are currently undergoing a trauma they had never seen in their history, and there doesn’t seem to be any way out of the woods. And Brian of London, you had a good point. The solution must be both internal, it must be a resurgence of faith, they must be resurgent about things that made Europe great once! And it must be new allies! And the new allies will have to be from the East, because the East is going to run the board for the next two centuries.


The threat to White Europeans — and I’ll be a racialist here — is from sub-Saharan blacks, and the Islamic world! They are non-integrating, predatorial forces. And most White people I know, or extreme White nationalists, would agree immediately that is the real threat!


I believe the jewish people are being used as a proxy. And if I were to challenge Mark, or anyone else, without getting into the here, you know, the “jews are running the banks” and all that sort of nonsense, both ways. I think the real thing is you should rise above in White pride, and in White excellence to succeed above jews’ performance! The only victory must mean to outjew the jew! To become White-White! Right? You can’t go there and complain and say:


“Hey! I got my ass kicked by ashkenazi IQ!”


Right now the last data set says Indians, and Chinese, in the US diaspora, at MIT and Caltech, are just about kicking ashkenazi IQ scores! You need to step up and play hard!


Now I appreciate, and I can more than anyone else, because I’m not jewish, and as a Christian imperialist I could go down you guys for killing our Messiah, and I’m not White and I represent the largest ethno nuclear State. The Whites need to rise up!


And the question I guess with the jewish audience is, which one of you is on the side of the Whites? I appreciate I like Joseph, love Joseph very much. He’s a liberal. I assume Raphi is arguing from the liberal, centrist, enlightenment position. I suspect the other two gentlemen are far more Right-wing. I’m an extreme right-wing. I will defend the fourteen words at the risk of a [word unclear].




Judas Maccabee: Because I’m for the fourteen words. I’m a rabbi and I don’t have a problem with the fourteen words.


Ralph: Good man! A good man! So I think the question therefore for Mark and others, isn’t it to construct a way forward, to split the pack and say:


Which jews are standing with me? Here’s a brown man wearing a T-shirt with me. Which other people are my allies in defending Whitey, and who are not?


And I would say deport using extreme force anyone who is not on the side of Whites. And then make peace and love with those who want to stand with you! Ultimately that’s the only way to save, … It’s the only way to implement an optimal solution to the fourteen words. Otherwise, “tick tock, tick tock – demographic clock”! Right?


Raphi Bloom: I’ve gonna say it, the whole conversation has moved on to a different level. And this whole thing about, you know, we’re talking about if the jews aren’t the good jews and they don’t behave they’re gonna get kicked out. If they don’t stand with the Whites, forcibly remove them. The West is being taken over by Muslims.


Listen, let’s be very clear! Radical Islam working with the far-Left is a huge danger to jews. There’s no doubt about that. We know that the Red-Green Alliance we see that all the time. There’s absolutely no argument about that.


But, you know, at the end of the day, I’ve got to say, you know, we tried to have a sort of a serious, or intellectual debate about this sort of thing, and all we’ve heard from Mark is:


“Be a good jew, otherwise you’re gonna get kicked out! The jews control the world! They’re responsible for all it’s evils! They’re responsible for White men in Rochdale being emancipated!”


I mean, this is just anti-semitic, pure anti-semitic stuff! I’m gonna say guys, I’m leaving this now, because, …


Mark Collett: Can I ask you one question before go?


Raphi Bloom: There’s nothing to be gained from this.


Mark Collett: Can I ask you one question before you go?


Raphi Bloom: We’re engaging with hate speech and, you know, I’m not gonna answer any more questions, because really, we thought let’s do this, you know, Joe had a noble idea to try and expose, you know, talk to people, … Actually what we’ve done is exposed to hatred and anti-semitism of people like Mark, who basically said it:


“Why were you expelled from 109 countries? You weren’t good jews! If you’re good jews you can stay when we come to power. If not you’re off!”


That pretty much says it. Forcible transfer, expulsion, concentration, carrying on of Nazi Germany of White supremacist, racist ideology! And the jews of the world, yet again that are going to pay the price! The lies about Israel are there to see. He stated Israel in a multi-democratic, multi-ethnic state! The facts prove itself. The people in positions of power prove it. And you can pull up occasionally articles from Haaretz to try and prove your point. But actually go there! Go to hospitals in the north of the country. Go to the SodaStream factory in the south of the country. Go to the Parliament. Go and see the judges. Go and see the Muslims and the Christians in the Army. You can shake your head at me, I’ve lived there, I know that. Israel is not an ethnocracy, it’s a liberal democratic state! And, you know what? Everything else that you have said is pure anti-semitism, …


Mark Collett: Can I ask you one question?


Raphi Bloom: And on that, I am out.


Mark Collett: I’m gonna say what my question was. I’m gonna say what my question was. Because it’s a very reasonable question. Raphi said that I suggested that jews in White nations, in European nations, should behave in a reasonable manner and in the interests of White people. Now I was gonna say to him, why would it be unreasonable for those in White nations, … Why would it be unreasonable for those in White nations in European nations to want people to stay in White nations who are acting in a reasonable manner? Because I can assure anyone, if White people went to Israel and created chaos, and did things which weren’t conducive to the jewish state, they’d be asked to leave. And there wouldn’t be a single jew who was crying and moaning about that.


Brian of London: We actually have those people here, they’re called NGOs. They’re sent here by European governments. And yes, we’re having a political debate right now about how fast and how many of them we can chuck out! And as far as I’m concerned as many of them as possible! But the issue is, that is European money, your money, unfortunately your taxpayer money, for example, goes to the Palestinian Authority who then hands it over to the two men who tried to murder my friend! They pay her salary.


Listen! I’m a bit of a free speech extremist, I don’t like throwing around terms like “anti-semitism”, or “hate speech” and stuff. I just don’t think these are concepts that the West should actually have. So, that’s just to counter Raphi was saying.




The issue though, is you’re inclined to believe, … This is something I struggle with all the time, because I, you know, I’ve been on the edge of the Trump movement in America and I know that’s not your thing Mark. But, you know, Trump, the Alt-Right people who at first thought Trump was okay and now they’ve soured on him completely. Every single bad article, or like I was saying from Haaretz, even the Jerusalem Post, there’s a lot of bad stuff there. Every negative opinion you have of Israel, that we’re genociding Palestinians despite the massive climb in their birth rate, despite the fact that there are more, you know, millions actually more Palestinians than there were in 1948. Yeah, we’ve been genociding them since then, because we are really the “worst genociders in the world”! Despite every source, bad source of information on Israel, turns out to be ones that you would consider unreliable on almost every other subject you like. And that’s a conundrum to me. It’s like you believe, … Haaretz really is much worse than the Guardian! I can’t explain to you how bad Haaretz is! And you’ll believe everything that suits your agenda that you find in it!


I mean, I look at the Guardian now and I don’t believe a single thing in it, without going and verifying anything! You know, even if I found, by some miracle, an article the New York Times that match everything I thought, I’d double-check it 15 times! But that’s just my opinion of the media. This constant desire to only blame jews! This is, what other things could possibly have gone wrong in White European countries? All of these different diverse Western European countries, that have gone wrong: France, Germany, the EU in general. You see only the jews, or is there some [words unclear]


Mark Collett: I never said that. I said that jews are disproportionately over-represented in anti-Western activities! [three of them start talking over each other]


Brian of London: [word unclear] do take part in anti-Western activity. Are they just schlubs of the jews? Are they just following of the orders of some small number of jews, or is there something bigger going on? Is there an anti-Western, and anti-civilizational movement that is bigger than jews, and bigger than all the European peoples? And that picking one scapegoat, because of a mild over-representation, does that get you anywhere? Does that move your can down the road? And does that help your cause in saving Western civilization for Christendom?


Mark Collett: Well, like I’ve said, many of these things; cultural Marxism, … The founding fathers of cultural Marxism, which is basically being at the center of this social revolution, this anti-White, …


Brian of London: Is the Catholic Church, by the way, jewish? Because, to be honest, I see the Catholic Church as a leading cause of cultural Marxism today! And I think that the Catholic Church is also, …


Mark Collett: You’re not answering the question! You are being very sneaky here! You’re being very fishy, you’re not answering the question! Why were the people behind cultural Marxism, those from the first school exclusively jewish? You only have to go on Wikipedia and type in list of jewish families, …


Brian of London: I know, I know, I know! I’ve looked.


Mark Collett: And there are dozens and dozens of names [words unclear] White family units,


Joseph Cohen: It’s turning into a bit of a circus.


Brian of London: It’s turning into a bit of a debate about “Culture of Critique”, which is very boring, and has been done a million times. It’s just wrong in many, many places! It’s been widely debunked! And it’s easy to debunk.


Joseph Cohen: We’re just missing the wood for the trees here. And it was touched on by Raphi. And the most concerning thing for me is two things that both Ralph and Mark have said. So you’re defining an identity around Whiteness. Mark — sorry to say this mate — I’m Whiter than you! Way Whiter! You look more jewish than I look!


Ralph: [chuckling] That is true.


Joseph Cohen: I’ve got English ancestry, you’ve got what you would call a big jewish nose! I’ve got smaller nose than you! I’ve got Catholic blood! I’ve got a nice ginger beard! You’ve got dark Turkish hair, maybe you’re in Khazar? Maybe you’re an Ashkenazi jew? Maybe, like, it’s absurd what you’re proposing! Because what you’re saying is we’re going to take this loose category of skin pigment, because you’re not talking about culture! You have very little in common Mark, very little in common with a White person from, …


Mark Collett: Can I answer this when you finish?




Joseph Cohen: Yes. Please, you can. Once I finished, … with a White person from America. Culturally, a Hispanic person living in America has more in common with a White person in America than you do! We have more in common with each Mark, because we were both raised in the UK. I was raised in a working-class pit village. I have White family members, White English and White Irish family members. And the whole argument breaks down, because you’re not talking about culture. English culture is incredible! The English people have added so much value to the world! It’s a phenomenal country that we live in, and has incredible values! And those values and those contributions are not just from “White people” they’re from the diverse people that live here!


So I work in a company which has a diverse workforce. From the board all the way down to the lower workers, you have diversity of color, you have diversity of culture! And that’s what makes this nation, a great nation! And so when you start arbitrarily saying we’re going to set the categorization of people — it’s skin color — and then you start saying we’re going to forcibly remove people that aren’t with people who have the right skin pigment! Which you didn’t say Mark, but Ralph did say. No, no, I’m saying you didn’t say that Mark, Ralph did say.


So my question, the real question I want to pose to you is: 20% of the UK, maybe more now, are not White! The overwhelming majority of them will not want to go, because many of them have either been living here for generation, after generation, after generation, or they’ve come here, because they want to buy into the British life! They admire British values, and they want to take those on! They want the freedoms that enable me and you — I consider you to be a Nazi — you consider yourself to be a Nazi sympathizer, I’ve heard you saying that. Here I am a jew, and a Nazi discussing, because we live in a free society where we can do that. And that’s what attracts many people to this country is the freedom, the incredible freedom that it offers.


So my question to you is: What happens when I say I don’t want to leave? I don’t agree with your worldview! I’m ideologically opposed to you! I live in here, I have English ancestors, what happens when I don’t want to go?


Mark Collett: Well, firstly there’s two things I want to address here. One of the things I said I wanted a chance to reply to, firstly. You say that White people aren’t this big amorphous group — and I actually agree with you! There are people from other European nations and who have different cultures, different traditions, to us here in England. However, they have far more in common with us in England, than people from Somalia, from people from Kenya, than people from Saudi Arabia, or Syria, or Libya.


And the problem is, the flood of immigrants coming in to White countries are immigrants from places that have very little in common with us, and will NOT EVER assimilate! And that’s why we’re seeing these problems in places like London. And the fact is, I am not going to go around with a big board and say:


“Do you look the correct shade of White?”


That’s a nonsense! You’re reducing my point to ridicule. I’m certainly not suggesting anything such as DNA tests! Now if you don’t want to leave, I’m not going to force you to leave. What I’m going to do, is I’m going to institute a policy — much like the one that the Israeli government has actually floated — of giving people generous financial incentives to leave the UK and to return to their country of origin.


But, you know what else we’re going to give people in the UK? We’re going to give them something called “equality”. And as a jew you should really like equality! But what do I mean, by “equality”? Is it going to be actually equal? It’s not going to be Whites as seventh class citizens, and immigrants get free interpreters, and immigrants get put first on the council housing list, and immigrants get extra benefits, and immigrants can walk out of work and get straight on the benefits ladder without having to wait months, because they’re immigrants, because they can’t speak English! People will be treated equally.


And those who come here, and those who want to take advantage of our system will be offered fifteen thousand pounds, per passport, to leave! And we will even throw in a free one-way ticket. Because I tell you what, if there was genuine equality in the UK, if there was genuine equality, people wouldn’t be flooding here!


Joseph Cohen: The average salary in the UK is twenty four thousand pounds! Have you even thought about the numbers you’re proposing? The average salary in the UK is twenty four thousand pounds! And you think people are going to take fifteen thousand pounds to go to a less developed country! Have you even thought about your ideology?


Mark Collett: Of course I’ve thought this through. Because won’t you start taking, …


Judas Maccabee: I’ve got to head out. I’ve got to head out.


Mark Collett: … All of these bonuses given to these migrants, they wouldn’t be getting huge amounts of money from the state. They wouldn’t be suckling at the teat of the state! And it would be very financially wise for them to leave as soon as possible. Because the fact is we have built in this country an immigration industry that makes it extremely financially lucrative for people from all over the world, especially those who can’t speak English, people from Africa, people from the Middle East, to flood in here and take us for a ride! And I am saying the ride is OVER!


Now obviously Joseph, you earn significantly more, you probably own your own house, you don’t need an interpreter, and I’m guessing that you don’t live off our benefit system. So, of course, you’d be welcome to stay. I have never, ever, said — I’ve not said it once — we will go for forced repatriation of anybody! However, if you push anti-western narratives, I certainly won’t take away your free speech, but I will tell you this; I will push back and I will also repeal these bogus hate speech laws, the restrictions on free speech, that prevent White people from pushing back against anti-Western narratives!




Joseph Cohen: For that point Mark, let’s say I am on benefits, and I speak English, and I’ve got jewish ancestry — what happens? Who qualifies for benefits? Now how are you going to determine, … I speak English, I’m an ethnic minority, how are you going to determine if I get benefits, or not?


Mark Collett: People get benefits on the basis of who’s paid in. You know, the give a penny, take a penny tray! You can’t be the group of people that are abusing the giver penny tray. If you’re always taking pennies and you’re never giving pennies, there’s nothing left in the tray. And the fact is, the benefit system in the UK has gone from being a safety net to a hammock! And it is filled to bursting with migrants!


Joseph Cohen: White English people that have been on benefits their entire life, will they get their benefits cut?


Mark Collett: White people who have been on benefits for their entire life, are people that have an ancestral claim to this land. You talked about the jewish ancestral claim to Israel. And we will look after them, because they are family. However, people who want to abuse the benefit system, who are White English, will be forced to retrain, and will be forced to do something productive with their time. Because we don’t want a nation full of sink estates! We don’t want a nation full of people, …


Joseph Cohen: You’ve got no one! You’ve got a large following of Americans! Who is “We”? You don’t represent the English people! If you did you would be in power! The fact is you were left out of the BNP! You were pushed out of the BNP. And you’ve got no platform now! You’ve got no political platform! You’ve never stand for office, because you’ve never get votes! Like you keep talking about “We”, but who’s “We”?


Ralph: Well, just to be fair there, Joseph, because you did accuse me of something. I didn’t suggest at any point, excuse me, that I would have people deported, because of skin color. I think they would be deported, …


Joseph Cohen: If you were Whitey.


Ralph: No not because they’re Whitey, I wouldn’t care. I would care if they were for the nation. I think when Mark spoke to us, his last point [words unclear]


If you look at other countries, let’s look at successful ethnostates in the world — look at Japan, look at India. They have what we call, if you excuse the language, “native nationalism”. I as a brown-skinned man do not get preference over Indians in India, because I’m the one going against the one-drop rule. They’re like, no we look after the first, our own! The Japanese do this! Everyone else does.


So I think there be nothing wrong, for example, immoral, or at least I would like to hear very good arguments as to why it would be immoral for the ethnic English to potentially have weighted by schemes that are not the same for Somali [words unclear]. I don’t think that is racist. I think what is racist, or what maybe the point that gets conflated is, immigrants coming in without a native nationalist basis, are somehow equal.


And Joseph, with deep respect and love, you know, I reject liberalism and enlightenment! I don’t believe people are equal. I don’t believe we have this in endowed equality. I think equality comes in a place and space. So I think the Japanese have a preferential bias for Japan. Japan should look after the Japanese. Not exclusively, but least in some way over the other! So and I think we can get and solve a lot of our problems by saying:


“Some types of people are not compatible with others.”


This is not a White problem. This is not an English problem. Other countries feel that. The North Koreans feel that with the South Koreans. Indians fee it about Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. If go across Central America, the Nicaraguans feel it to other people next door to them. So someway of preferentially looking after your own, I don’t think is an immoral thing. And I don’t think, I think Mark, I’ve watched Mark since perhaps 2001. I remember the young Mark! And I believe Mark has softened himself.


I think Mark’s problem on the other hand, to challenge Mark is: Blaming the jews for the problem, is actually not looking at home. You know, the jews are not responsible for the English malaise. You can’t blame them. You can say they’re working against the interests of the solution, but they’re not responsible Mark, surely, they’re not responsible for the degradation of that. That must be the loss of the church, right? It can’t be anything else, right?




Mark Collett: I’ve already stated my case on this, and there’s no point me restating the case endlessly. I have said, many, many people are responsible for the fall of White Christian Europe!


But jews are an over represented minority amongst those people! And I have defined that from the offset [onset]. And I have presented evidence.


But what I will say, I’m a bit disappointed with you Joseph, because you seemed to have got very angry, and you seem to be, you know, throwing sort of personal insults at me, about who are the “We”. Who are the “We”? Well the chat, the chat is full of the “We”! Full of people here, who have come to hear me speak tonight. And we’d be very respectful towards you. So I think you should at least, you know, extend that courtesy to me.


But you have to remember, I may stand alone in some cases. And you may paint me as an isolated, radical, as you’re trying to. However, the reason I am isolated, is because my people are terrified! The reason I am isolated, is because millions and millions of White British people are scared to speak their mind! Because when somebody like John Cleese, simply says “London doesn’t feel English anymore”, he’s attacked! He’s pilloried! He’s ripped down! He’s torn to shreds! He’s called a racist!


Because if you are White and you say even the mildest condemnation for this anti-White, multicultural society, you’re attacked on the most grotesque, personal, level!


And if you ask, why aren’t more White people doing things — with that very smug look on your face you like to have when you ask that question [Ralph chuckles], I just defined that perfectly. People are scared, …


Joseph Cohen: [words unclear]… is that what you are accusing me of Mark? Maybe you could be polite as well. Mark the issue is, you are stuck in the past. The majority of Britons — I’m from the north, I travel the country — you’re politically isolated. Not, because people are afraid, it’s because people don’t share your racist worldview. They really don’t! Britain is an incredibly liberal nation! It always has been. Hayek said, back in the 50s, back in the 50s Hayek said:


“If fascism would to take root in the United Kingdom, it would be a very liberal form of fascism.”


It’s a liberal nation! We smashed the black shirts, the [words unclear]. And we have a tradition of not being on the far-Right. And that’s why you’re politically isolated. That’s why the noise that we have in the chat, you’re right, you’ve brought a lot of people to the channel, but they’re all Americans!


Like your entire worldview revolve around America! You talk about pornography, you talk about media, you talk about all these things, yet all your reference points are America! Because your argument, your ideology, your philosophy, only exists in America! And only exists in America, because America has a large enough population to accommodate the sizeable fringe!


Ralph: Joseph, with the deepest respect, and I must interject, because I appreciate I’m an extreme Christian and I’m compelled by Christ to love.


I would have to disagree with you there. Now, I speak at “Speakers Spot” every Sunday, and the amount of messages I get, from supporters, from White people telling this skinny brown boy that I’m stating what they can’t say, is ridiculous! So there’s an undercurrent that Mark just [word unclear] with. And it’s larger than what you think it is. It’s much, much, larger than that! I think it has a political force, maybe not a political voice yet, but it’s definitely rising. And I get this from messages from people I don’t even know. Just, because I can put, use my brown privilege, to speak about things that can’t be said.


Joseph is right too! The country has traditionally been, you know, at least in the liberal center spot, but that changes rapidly. I believe it’s changing. And I believe, I can just measure this in the six months that I’ve been to Speaker’s Corner, by the amount of messages I get constantly saying — Mark might be able to back me up, he’s much more connected — they just say:


“I can’t believe you’re saying what I’m thinking!”


That is a constant message!


Joseph Cohen: Then, where’s the popular movement?


Brian of London: The popular movement is closer on something, … You know, the reason I’ve been friendly with Tommy Robinson all these years is, because, he just doesn’t come with the racist point. He doesn’t come with a race-based view of Britain. He’s happy with friends of all shades, but he does have an understanding of what Britain, and more specifically, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, what those countries are and what their identity should be, and what should be acceptable in those countries, and what shouldn’t be acceptable.




And so, without the racist component, I believe he’s much more likely to be successful, because I don’t think that the British are all that racist! I don’t think, I think they’ll judge people on character, as our friend with “Rivers of Blood”, you know, and, you know, Enoch Powell got a lot right in what he said. His forecasts of the future were correct. But, what do do about it, you know what to do about it, slightly wrong perhaps.


There is a populist movement, it is coming, and Brexit, … There was a huge component to Brexit that was immigration based. And I agree! I think Britain should be in charge of its immigration policy. I don’t think native Brits ever voted for mass immigration, mass uncontrolled immigration. But yet, I still think that your English identity is bigger than White! White is a red herring! I think Rastafarians who have arrived from Jamaica [Mark and Raph shaking their heads in amused disagreement] and integrated, are perfectly capable of being Englishmen. And that’s, that’s a direction you should be going in! Is strengthening an identity that is not racially pure! You’re still going to be racially quite pure anyway! Because if you got immigration under control from today, you would have a reasonable shot.


But, and listen, I’m not averse to you saying you should be making the country hostile to the hostile elements of Islam that have moved into your country. You should make it such that if people want to follow extreme forms of Islam, if they want to wear burqas, if they want to segregate, you should make that unpleasant to do in Britain! I’m all for that! But the idea is, it’s not a race thing, it’s ideologies you need to look.


Ralph: Yeah, but just a quick point in that, Brian, is this. If I look at the maybe three to five thousand rough sets of messages that I’ve filtered out, people say the following thing to me. It’s not just populist, it’s nativist! I am not speaking for a British value, I’m speaking for the White English ethnicity! And when the [word unclear] said:


“Gosh! He spoke for me! You are my brother.”


I then remind them as a race realist, I could never be their brother. I could be their “brother in arms”. And to get even closer to saying, thank God you’re honest to not call me your brother. Mark and I could never be brothers! I could be allied as a “brother in arms”. And the relief that sets in that message tells me there’s a huge racial component underpinning the nativist populace rising. It is not purely racialist. It is not purely racist, the British and English are fair people. But it is definitely based on:


“Don’t call yourself English when you’re not! And let me be English!”


Brian of London: I was watching England play Afghanistan, you know, I was, … not that there was much to root for in the cricket, not that there was much to root for, because it was a rout, but obviously, my affinity lies towards England. I have a strong like for the place, because I grew up there. However! However, I don’t consider myself an Englishman, especially now that I’ve left. It’s, … identity is an interesting and complex thing. But pinning it to race, is gonna lead you down a dead-end and it’s going to destroy any wider populism that you can get!


Ralph: Why does it have to be exclusively race? It could just be partially race, right? So let me give an example. I feel for the English national anthem, and I can sing it! But the first line of the second verse says: “one realm of races four”. I have not a member of the four races, so I could never feel the same thing as the four races do. Acknowledging it is okay. It doesn’t mean I’m going to “Seig Heil” and “1488” down the street!


Brian of London: But that then is the problem with, you know, the fact that as soon as Mark declares himself to be at least, I don’t know his exact words on Nazism. But, that to me is totally it! You know, it’s not I’m not gonna throw an “anti-semite” and all that crap! But it makes anything that comes out of your mouth, devalued!


Then you come with “the jews control the world” which I know from my own experience is just not true. Then you come with a whole load of stuff about Israel, that I also know not to be true! And I literally know the agendas of the journalists who write that crap!


And so, I can just, I do personally just dismiss you! That’s why, like I say, I’ve worked with Tommy for a lot of years, because I know it’s different there! That’s it! And I’m probably gonna be out soon, because of a time point of view, because it’s late.




Mark Collett: Yeah, race is definitely a component. There was definitely an ethnic component to being English. There’s definitely an ethnic component to being English, just as an ethnic component to being jewish. You know, that’s why these rabbis were suggesting DNA testing. But there’s two things I really want to address. First one is from Joseph, and one is from Brian.


Joseph said, that no one’s listening to me, basically I’m alone, I’m isolated. But if no one listening to me why are YouTube desperately censoring my channel? If no one’s listening to me why is Facebook deciding that I can’t say anything on their platform? If no one’s listening to me why do special laws need to be drafted to prevent me speaking? If no one’s listening to me, then there wouldn’t be all these people trying to stop me from speaking. You see if I see a madman walking down the street ranting that we should all put custard in our shoes — can you mute Judas again? Every time I tried to speak he enables his mic and then allows this hissing.


Judas Maccabee: Oh, I’m sorry.


Mark Collett: If I walk down the street I see a madman on the street corner suggesting we should all put custard in our shoes, because that will make our shoes work better, we’ll all live more comfortable lives — I don’t want to censor him, I’ll just laugh at him. The reason you are seeing such great censorship of people like me, especially on this platform is, because what we’re saying is the truth and it’s winning over millions of people.


Now the fact of the matter is YouTube was meant to be an open and fair platform where debate was going to be, not only tolerated but pushed to the forefront. They only wanted to cancel a debate when people like me started winning them.


And one thing I want to say for Brian. Do, you know, Brian, I’m actually quite happy you came on tonight. And, do you know, why? Because you expressed something a moment ago that actually I want, I’m happy for you. Because you said something very interesting. You said you’re brought up in London, yes? And now it’s full of people that you don’t feel at home around. That you don’t feel that you can be around.


Brian of London: I specifically knew that I wouldn’t be able to raise jewish children in London, without putting myself into a jewish ghetto. And that’s very different to what you can do here in Israel, which is that you can raise largely secular, but still culturally jewish children, and don’t have to worry about safety.


Mark Collett: But you retreated to Israel, because you felt at home there. It was a place for you. And you feel at home and you feel happy in Israel, yes?


Brian of London: Yes!


Mark Collett: And I’m happy for you. Where did the English go?


Brian of London: That was the point when [words unclear]


Mark Collett: Where do the English go? When all these places go the same way as London, Birmingham, Bradford, and Leicester, we don’t have a little place in the Middle East, surrounded by a nice big wall, where we can fly out to.


Brian of London: Yes, but stop messing your country up! But really, blaming the jews is just not going to let you win.


Joseph Cohen: So you addressed one of those points to me, so I just like to point out one thing Mark. Getting your video censored isn’t a sign that you’re popular. If you’ve posted pornography it would be censored! I’ve lost six videos.


Mark Collett: That is more of a Jewish thing.


Joseph Cohen: Mark, I’ve lost, … you’re the one who researches it all the time, mate! You’ve got the obsession, not me! I’m a religious jew! So, I’ve lost six videos this week alone. I’m constantly being censored. I’m a zionist! My zionist content get censored by YouTube.


Brian of London: Mine too. I mean, all my Tommy stuff is being taken down all the time.


Joseph Cohen: Censorship means nothing, it’s not a sign that you’re popular, it’s a sign that you’re violating the terms of whatever social policies the organisation [word unclear]


Judas Maccabee: Can I address Mark with a question, at some point?


Joseph Cohen: Yeah. I just wanted to, … Okay, yeah, ask your question Judas.


Judas Maccabee: All right. Mark I’m coming here from a completely different angle, okay? I’m very sympathetic to the Alt-Right position. I’m sympathetic to the desire of any nation to have a space of their own where they can pursue their own destiny and their own identity. I don’t think Israel is a ethnostate per se, but we’re similar enough to an ethnostate in the sense that when you say things like:


“Where will the British go when England gets overrun by third-world savages?”


I kind of understand, and I feel for you. And I want England to be a place that’s safe for White people. I want there to be other European countries that are safe for Europeans. I am completely on your side and on the other gentleman here — I think already left — his side as well.


But my question to you is as follows. You would admit that the jews are a formidable race, religion, ethnic group. We are a formidable group of people. And it’s natural for any minority in a country to be more on the Left. So, what you would call the more “cucked” jews will end up in places like London, usually — besides for Joseph and a few others. Now the more “based” jews, the more Right-wing, nationalist jews, will end up in Israel. It’s reasonable for Israeli jews to vote for Right-wing governments, where American jews vote for — if they were in Israel — they would vote for Israeli Left-wing people.




Now, there’s so many jews like myself, who are sympathetic to the need for White people to have a space of their own. Do you really want to be perceived as our enemy at every corner? Like it’s hard for me, I defend your position sometimes, and I get called a traitor and a cuck by my own friends. Which is why I’m here without even showing my real identity, because they would always say:


“Look! You’re on the side of people who admit to being Nazi sympathizers! They blame jews for everything!”


So my question to you is, what would you, like, do you really want to put yourself in a position where you’re perceived by the jewish people as the enemy of the jewish people? Or do you want to be a little more complex in your views and understand that they’re going to be jews who are, they’re gonna be jews who are on your side, and you just gotta let them be on your side?


Mark Collett: Well, I think that’s an interesting question. And it really does tell us about the power dynamic that we have here. Because you saying to me, you know, are you gonna get yourself into a position where you will oppose these very powerful people, this very powerful group, because it might lead to trouble for you. And unfortunately this might not be the answer you want to hear. But yes, I am.


Because if telling the truth, and if standing up for the interests of those of European descent, puts me at loggerheads with the jewish community, then so be it! Because I am not one of these kosher nationalists, who intends to sell out my own people to please another! I am NOT going to bow, and scrape, and beg for my own survival, or for the survival of my people. I am going to stand up for the survival of my people. And I’m going to continue to tell the truth. And I’m going to continue to push for those of European descent to take back their own destiny, regardless of who that offends!


And when you talk about jews clustering in the West, and you claim, you know, this thing about jewish power, it’s just small groups of Left-wing jews in places like London. Well, still no one has touched the AIPAC elephant. I mean, AIPAC is the most powerful political pressure group in the whole of America! And let’s put this straight. If the “I” in AIPAC stood for “Italian” it would be outlawed as a mafia organization!


Joseph Cohen: [words unclear]


Judas Maccabee: No, wait, wait wait! I’d like to respond! I’d like to respond Mark. Mark.


Joseph Cohen: Judas I just want to jump in there. Mark, so how powerful do you think AIPAC is? How much do you think they spend?


Mark Collett: Oh! I did a video on this. AIPAC themselves spend very little. But they ensure that their delegates run many other lobbying groups. And it is run almost like an octopus. So although AIPAC doesn’t have huge amounts of funding itself, when you look at the amount of lobbying money it controls, through lobbies that aren’t directly affiliated with AIPAC, but are run by AIPAC members, that totally changes the situation. I did an entire video on this.


Joseph Cohen: How much?


Mark Collett: And all this can be found in books, and everything is referenced.


Joseph Cohen: How much?


Mark Collett: Watch my video on it.


Joseph Cohen: No, no, no! How much they spend? Let’s have a conversation about AIPAC. How much do they spend?


Mark Collett: I’ve they’ve just said AIPAC themselves,


Joseph Cohen: Well the lobbies they control, the organizations they control?


Mark Collett: It’s not about, …


Judas Maccabee: You made a video, you know, the amount! Tell us the amount! We don’t know the amount, you’ve got to tell us.


Mark Collett: I’m just explaining the way they wield their power. It’s not just about the amount they spend, but it’s about the amount they can concentrate in electoral races, where anyone has said anything bad about Israel, … [they all start talking at once]


Brian of London: How did we get Minnesota? Is Minnesota [words unclear].


Mark Collett: Anyone, if my claims, if my video isn’t de-platformed by the end of the evening, please go, …


Joseph Cohen: I’ll respond Mark. I’ll respond to your point. Do, you know how much South Korea spends lobbying the American government last year? 84 million! Why is it that, you know how much and the exact intricacies of how jewish lobby groups operate, but you haven’t got a bloody clue about a country like South Korea! Japan, seventy four million dollars they spent lobbying in America! And then you actually have the large lobby groups, like the National Association of Realtors — five hundred and sixty million dollars! General Electric spent three hundred and sixty million dollars! Lockheed Martin spent two hundred and sixty million dollars!


But you don’t look at these, because it doesn’t suit your racist worldview! And this is exactly what I told you! You look at the world and see the jew behind everything! So, if you don’t like what’s on the television, it’s the jew! Toilet doesn’t flush properly, it’s the jews again! [chuckling] literally you see the hand of the jew behind everything, because you’re insecure!




Judas Maccabee: Mark, why are you obsessed with AIPAC? What do you care? Why is that important to you? There are so many countries that are lobbying in the United States and in England. Some are better than others. You know, here in the United States you say something against black people you’ll be the de-platformed much faster than if you say something against Israel. So Israel a successful at lobbying for their own interests. It’s one little country in the Middle East, out of dozens, who try their best to lobby and wield their power! Why does this upset you so much?


Mark Collett: Last time I checked South Korea is not shaping American foreign policy! Last time I checked, last time I checked, America wasn’t invading countries in the Middle East at the behest of South Korea! If you look at the way American policy is dictated, Israel has a massive say in that! And to deny that, to deny the power of AIPAC, [words unclear] bowing in front of a AIPAC representatives at the AIPAC conference, that makes it phenomenally powerful! And you’d be much more respected Joseph, if you just said:


“Yes we do have that power.”


And, you know what? Maybe you shouldn’t abuse it so much. [Joseph and Brian talk over each other]


Brian of London: [words unclear] American would move the embassy to Jerusalem. And actually, frankly, it got all of these promises from politicians who all then failed to deliver because, you know whatever, because reasons! The first President who actually did this was Trump who really was not supported at all, by AIPAC! AIPAC, basically, are still predominantly left-wing jews, and predominantly anti-Trump even though they try and sit on their hands mostly at the moment.


Judas Maccabee: Mark, more jews in, … Mark more Christians, more White Christians in America send money to Israel and support Israel than jews! Jews in America overwhelmingly to the Left, they are for a two-state solution. They think Israel is too tough on the Arabs. Whereas the Christian Right — which is the base of the Republican Party — are more on the side of Israel and more attendant of AIPAC, than even American jews. I think you’ve kind of misconstrued this whole story.


Ralph: And Judas I was just going to jump in for a second. We in the evangelical, I call these people my friends, and I have worked with many of them in the US. We are the primary source of your funding for modern Israel. The gentleman is right, it’s predominantly liberal jews who, for example, Mark would dislike in the AIPAC stuff, but that’s not where the source is the funding is. It’s coming from us and the Christian far-Right, because we have a different agenda to Israel.


Joseph and I, just had a little debate. Well I mean, Joseph can school me in debates about Israel. But I was trying to make my case for a hard one ethnic fully armed to the teeth for Israel, and Joseph does not believe in such a thing. So I think it’s unfair to think that is its just jewish lobby power, it is Christian, evangelical, power in Israel. And that is a pure White, most people doing that are not Jewish.


Joseph Cohen: I just like to jump in, and Mark can respond. There’s been a lot of people spoke before him! You mentioned something which I just can’t let slide! You mentioned that America is fighting wars for Israel in the Middle East. And so these wars really started with Afghanistan and 9/11. And so I’d like to know why was it in Israel’s interest for America to attack Afghanistan?


Mark Collett: Well firstly, I just want to finalize the AIPAC point. If AIPAC and Israel didn’t have all this power in America, why are a raft of [US] states passing anti-boycott laws in America? You actually have a situation in America where a raft of different states are passing anti-freedom laws to prevent their citizens choosing not to buy Israeli goods and services! Now that is extreme power!


And as I said, in my opening commentary, you actually have a situation here in the West, where citizens of Western nations can actually criticize their own countries, they can choose where to shop, they can choose where to give their money, but if they criticize Israel, if they criticize zionism, or if they decide to engage in boycotts of Israeli goods, they can actually be arrested! That is a very, very powerful indicator of the level of control Israel has over the West! And it’s not just America. It’s in France. It’s in the UK!




In the UK they are trying to pass a law that suggests that if you question the loyalty of a jewish citizen living in the UK — who’s got dual citizenship to Israel and the UK — if you question where his loyalties lie that will be “anti-semitism”! Well, that is insane!


I mean, I’ll just throw this out there. There’s an article — well it’s not an article it’s actually the front cover of a newspaper, a newspaper, might be a newspaper, I think magazine would be more more accurate. And I think it’s The Economist, and the front cover has on it a picture of an octopus. And the head of the octopus is morphed into the face of Vladimir Putin. So Vladimir Putin is this octopus. And the headline is “The Meddler”, claiming that Russia has this absolute influence on American politics.


Can you imagine if somebody had sort of photoshopped Netanyahu’s head on the body of an octopus and described Israel as “The Meddler”? They’d have been apologizing, they’d have been sacked, their career would have been ruined. Yet Israel has a much larger influence on American politics than Russia does.


And if you speak out against that influence you are de-platformed! Now that is extreme power! Yet you deny this power. And I don’t understand why you deny that power, when there’s so many people here in the chat agreeing with everything I say. And are saying, “well that’s a very salient point”. The charge to you is, if AIPAC doesn’t have this power, why can you be completely ruined for saying the same thing about Israel as the press regularly say about Russia?


Joseph Cohen: Okay, so I’ll deal with the AIPAC comment first, the influence you believe that jews have. So, the overwhelming majority of AIPAC support base is evangelical Christians. It’s in the tens of millions! The money, the lobbying, everything that you’re talking about is evangelical Christians, who have religious reasons for wanting Israel to operate in a certain way. They’re not beholden to jews. There’s an organization called CUFI, “Christians United For Israel”. This is very large in America. They have their own Pastor. He sets the agenda. It’s not always aligned with what the Israeli government is. They have their own particular criteria and agenda. Now anybody who researches the subject can very easily fact check that.


And yeah, we’ll close at eleven. So we’ll do this and then we’ll do closing comments. And then we will wish each other goodnight. I’m sorry and someone just asked are we closing at eleven. So yeah, we’ll be closing an 11 o’clock.


And now as regards to and free speech, I’m actually a free speech activist, so I believe we should be free to say a plethora of things unless were inciting violence, and inciting hatred. However there is a distinction between Russia and Putin, and an octopus with say a jew’s head on the front. And that’s because you are familiar with Nazi propaganda! You’re a big fan of the Third Reich! You’re more than aware of the propaganda they would have created.


And the jews are a vulnerable minority within the West. We are a minority population. We’ve tried living under you guys sometimes it works amazingly, sometimes it doesn’t go so well! And as a consequence there are laws that the state puts in place to protect vulnerable minorities.


And it’s the same with transgender people, it’s the same with LG [BT]. There’s all kinds of laws to protect minorities. And the long and short of it, you’re familiar with Nazi propaganda. I’m familiar with Nazi propaganda., you know what the connotations are, you know, why a cartoonist would draw that. So you don’t need me to explain why that’s potentially it’s considered more inciteful, or dangerous, than drawing Putin’s head.


Mark Collett: Well, I think that again is another huge layer of absolute hypocrisy. And again it’s one rule for thee, and another rule for me. And that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to point out tonight. And as I said, I’ll now just pass it back over to you. And you’re free to close this and obviously everyone’s free to say goodnight.


Joseph Cohen: So I’ll ask, so just one quick question to you Mark, and then everyone can do closing comments and wish each other farewell. Azah Ahmed [sp] said that:


“British soldiers should die and go to hell.”




He was charged under Section 127 of the Communications Act of 2003. That’s the same piece of legislation which deals with hate speech that’s directed at jews, or any other community. Do you think that statement “British soldiers should die and go to hell” should be legal and people should be free to say that? I just want to understand where you sit on the free speech scale.


Mark Collett: I think if people want to say things like that as much as I find them distasteful, I certainly wouldn’t send somebody to jail for simply speaking their mind. However if somebody, if somebody is espousing views like that are anti-British in Britain, I would suggest that Britain isn’t the best place for them to live. It’s as simple as that.


I want people to have the right to speak their mind, but I acknowledge when certain people say viciously anti-British, or anti-White things, maybe living in a Britain which is a nation built by White European people, is maybe not the best place for them. And I think you as a fan of free speech — and I believe Brian of London’s a fan of free speech, and so is Judas, and so is a Raphi — everyone here tonight has been very welcoming, and I thank you all for that. But I think we would all agree that if there was somebody in Israel who wasn’t, didn’t have any ancestral claim to Israel and was saying similar hateful things about Israel, I would say they should have the right to say that. But I would say maybe Israel isn’t the best place for them. And I think that’s a fair point that I hope we can all agree on.


Brian of London: Well we have a number of writers at the esteemed journal Haaretz, who actually do say hateful things about Israel. And I’m really unsure as to why Gideon Levi and some others actually still live in Israel. So, you know, that point is taken.


Yeah, I would just tell you that if you carry on, … Well you’re bound to, I’m not changing your mind here. But, there are more productive ways to save Britain. And ways that I think you should be learning a lot more from Israel and from jews, than by railing against a conspiracy that is largely invented! I mean, it’s just invented! I mean, I was just start trying to find out if they were non-jew, if they were jews who had actually started some of the political movements that you’d like. Like Libertarianism, apparently has got quite a lot of jews who have started it. There are lots of jews on the Right in American politics now today, as well. Um, you know, they’re doing good things! There are also jews doing bad things!


I just think it’s the “jew element” is not as important as you think when it comes to this. And to get all your information about Israel from the sources that you choose, is going to lead you down a path of just looking for the same messages that reinforce a view that’s in your head about control, which really and truly we don’t have! We’re not as big as you would like us to be!


And I, you know, anyway, I wish you the best of luck in saving Britain! I think your approach is probably wrong. I think other people have a better approach. I don’t, at this point, I really hope it can be saved, because I’d like my British citizen kids to be able to go back and visit sometime. But I don’t think you in particular with an anti-jewish agenda that is so strong, and with this White identity that is, I think largely cobbled together, rather like the Palestinian identity we deal with here. I think that you will lead your country — if you’ve got the chance to lead your country — it would be to just the same destruction that is heading to at the moment, underneath a Left-wing leadership. Thanks very much though. And I do appreciate that we’ve kept this reasonably civil.


Mark Collett: I think we have. Look, I just want to leave you with this quote then. It’s by a jewish anti-racist activist, Tim Wise. He said this:


“You White people are on an endangered list. And unlike say the bald eagle, or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving! In 40 years, or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more White people around, and that’s a good thing.”


Brian of London: He’s a lunatic!


Mark Collett: Wait a second! I’ve not finished. I didn’t interrupt your closing statement. He may be a lunatic as you said, and I’d probably agree with that. He’s a lunatic who is actually calling for and celebrating the genocide of White people. But he is allowed to do that with complete immunity on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook.




The fact is, if I had come here tonight and said something as egregious, as terrible, as insulting, as Tim Wise has said about White people. If I came on here and said something about jewish people that was as insulting and genocidal as that Tim Wise says about White people, I would have been arrested! I would have been arrested!


And the fact of the matter is, there is a power structure in the Western world that allows those of jewish descent to say these genocidal things about White people! And I don’t think it’s wrong, or negative, or evil of me, to oppose the destruction of my people! I don’t want the destruction of your people! I don’t want to come to Israel and tear down your border wall! I don’t want to tell any other race, or any other people anywhere in the world what they can and can’t do! I’m happy for them to have their homelands and take their destiny in their own hands. But I want the same from my people! I want a future from my children in the lands of their forefathers!


And if that — to some people on the panel — makes me a racist, makes me an anti-semite, makes me a Nazi, then so be it! Because if people are going to castigate me for fighting for my own survival, that says more about them, than it does about me. But again, thank you for having me on tonight. Thank.


Ralph: Mark, if I could just close my statement this way, it might help. I came here, because Joseph asked me to kind of bridge this difference. And I’ll close by saying this: I think all of us must secure an existence of English people and the future of the English children! We must all do that for the English people and the English children.


The question is going to be are the jewish people your friends, or not? And if you [word unclear] at the jewish people, only seeing them as a monolithic enemy, then you’re probably going to lose your best ally in the fight for the 14 words. So you must differentiate those are the friends, those that are your third potential allies. I mean, ubiquitous enmity. And again I would just close with that: We must secure the existence of all jewish people in the future for jewish children. Like we will do for the English people. That’s me.


Joseph Cohen: Do you have anything to add Judas to this, or should I say my comments? You’re muted! Okay.


Judas Maccabee: I’ll be very short. I have one thing to add. I’m gonna say that unlike the gentleman that Mark quoted earlier, I definitely want English people and the White race to survive and prosper. I would also say that we jews, and in fact, all of humanity, own a lot to the many contributions that White people have made to the human race. The last thing the human race needs is to have less White people. We need more White people! And I consider myself an ally of these people.


That being said, it troubles me that whenever I’m in a space of White advocates, White nationalists, it appears that they perceive of me and the jew, as a proud jewel and jewish nationalist who’s interested in the survival of my people, as well as a survival of all other people specifically, Whites — I’m sorry, that’s my kid. I’m driving my kids to school — specifically Whites. I just don’t, I just find it a bit odd that I’m always perceived as automatically as an enemy. And it would be nice if that was changed. But that being said, I still will hold my views, because I think they’re correct and they’re just. That would be it. Joseph?


Brian of London: You are muted Joseph.


Joseph Cohen: I can see you taking notes there. And would you like to add anything there Mark?


Mark Collett: I want to thank you again. And I want to say that peaceful discourse, peaceful discourse, debate and discussion is the best way forward. And I hope that everyone who’s watched this tonight regardless of what side of the fence they’re on, can agree that open platform debates like this where we sit around a table and we are largely cordial and act in a decent manner is the best way for everyone!


Judas Maccabee: Mark, I’d like to invite myself to your channel. I want to have a discussion with you on your channel about the JQ. Invite me on.




Mark Collett: I think if I had a discussion with you on my channel I don’t think I would have a channel!


Judas Maccabee: Why? I’m the nicest guy!


Joseph Cohen: No, no, I think he’s worried about what he would say, what you would say in response, I’m sure! You’re a lovely guy Judas!


And what I’d like to add, first and foremost, we did invite Mark on to the panel, and there was a little bit of finger wagging, and some raised voices, but I think we got through it. And we definitely, I think all of us are diametrically opposed to each other. So yeah! I thank everyone for taking part. And I’d like to thank everyone who’s given a super donation. I would like to say to all those White ethno-nationalists, every single penny that you’ve just given is going to go straight to Israel! [Judas chuckles] So thank you!


I guess my closing comment would be, one thing we’ve kind of overlooked on the discussion. And it’s really how Israel came through as an entity, how it came into existence. And Israel was born on the back of a very dangerous ideology! The jews were persecuted in Nazi Germany! I know even you Mark won’t deny that was persecution of the jews. We’ll maybe disagree to the extent that went, but neither of us will deny there were persecution there.


There was persecution of jews in the Arab world. Over a million jews fled from Muslim lands to Israel. And so Israel was born out of necessity! Necessity that we were persecuted, we were attacked, and so one of the things I would encourage everyone in the live chat, in the chat stream, I’ve never seen so much anti-semitism in my life, and I’ve been doing this a lot!


I’ve discussed with Anjan Chowdrei [sp], I’ve discussed with jihadis who have been to Syria. And never experienced the level of jew hatred that’s going on in the live stream here!


And so, my closing comments are: Israel was born out of the mentality, and the vitriol, and the hatred, that I’m experiencing in the chat room now! And I wouldn’t, like, [words unclear] this challenge to you Mark, as a leader in your movement, to look at the chat comments, to look at the hatred, the death threats, to the violence that’s going on in there! Because you are responsible for them! You’re not responsible for what happened in Nazi Germany, but you are responsible for the influence that you have over your American following. You have a bigger following than we do, that’s for sure on YouTube! You have 90,000 people that tune in to your YouTube channel. With a lot of people comes a lot of responsibility. And with the things that you push, there are serious consequences to those.


There have been school and synagogue shootings in America from people on the far-Right. And so there is a [word unclear]. I’m not saying you are directly responsible for those shootings, but the politics that you push, and the lies that you peddle, do have real-world consequences on me and my people! And so, as you said, before, with great power comes great responsibility. So with great YouTube power comes great YouTube responsibility! And I will let you respond to that. If you do want to.


Mark Collett: I just want to say, does the same apply to the dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, or even thousands of jews on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, that push White guilt, the lie of White privilege, and other anti-White forms of mental torture that make White people hate themselves, and paint them as the most evil people on the planet? And empower certain people of color to attack, wound, kidnap, and do horrific things to White people?


Because when I read things on Twitter, when I read things on Twitter from, you know, jewish sources, and there are so many of these people tweeting out so much hatred for White people, who’s gonna hold them to account? Who’s going to say to them:


“Well, you know, you need to stop doing that.”


Because you said with great power comes great responsibility.


Well, I can bring up infographics, like I’m about to bring up now — so just bear with me one second. I mean, it’s late, but let’s have a look at this. I’m sharing this screen now I hope you can all see it. And if I zoom in on this, you see things:


“No, White people are the worst!”


Joseph Cohen: But that’s racist!


Mark Collett: How about saying:


“I called jews stingy when I’m jewish, and was clearly mocking the sentiment.”


Judas Maccabee: Yeah, but those are anti-zionist jews who hate Israel. They’re not, you can’t in the same argument, … [words unclear]


Mark Collett: [words unclear]




Joseph Cohen: I would just say to Mark, anybody who say they hate White people is racist!


Mark Collett: [words unclear] could not come soon enough! Look at all of these people here saying things, …


Judas Maccabee: I you sure that is not random, are you sure that is random people on Twitter?


Mark Collett: I’m showing you verified Twitter accounts, verified Twitter accounts!


Judas Maccabee: Are they jewish?


Mark Collett: Yes! Teddy Greenstein:


“Watching ‘The Help’. Man, I hate White people!”


Benny Blanco, another jew:


“I hate White people! Hello!”


Judas Maccabee: We deplore that! That is deplorable, but many White people say the same thing.


Joseph Cohen: Mark, Mark, you basically spent the entire interview talking about jew [words unclear] talking about White jewish privilege, and jewishness, and jewish that! You’re doing the very thing you’re angry at this group of people for doing!


So I will outright say what I think: White privilege is the stupidest concept in the world! I grew up in a working-class White village in the north of England. They had no privilege. I didn’t go to university. I haven’t got the qualifications of many non-White people in the UK, who are far more privileged than I do, coming from a White working-class village in the north of England. So I’m not going to sit here and defend the concept of White privilege. Anybody who expressed anti-White racism, is racist! It’s very easy for me and anyone on this panel to say that. And yeah, absolutely we all say that.


Judas Maccabee: We all condemn that. My question though is, are you not racist to assume that White people are so dumb that jews can control their minds and tell them what to think? That’s troubling to me. I have a much higher opinion of White people, Mark. I don’t think White people are that controllable, that they’re all sheep, and they hate themselves, because some jew in a dark room sits with another jew and plans the media and sets them up to hate himself! That to me is very disparaging and condescending to a race that I believe has brought so much good to humanity and has come up with so many great inventions. Mark, I’m a little bit bothered by that.


Ralph: It’s nice to hear jewish people stand on the side of the Alt-Right and the White-Right. I think that is the way. I know Joseph is shocked, though obviously I’m very comfortable with lots of the names I’m seeing here in the live chats! You see a lot of the boys are here, the acolytes of Mark, but I think Joseph is genuinely shocked! And the solution to Joseph’s shock, is to get more people like Judas to say:


“Yes! I understand the plight. I understand the hatred.”


And that’s the only way to solve that problem, right? Otherwise it’s going to get escalating, right? It’s not going, ….


Brian of London: Okay, I’ll just come back. I just want to just challenge Joseph. Listen! Come on, Israel was established, you know, Israel was well on the way to being established long before the Shoah, so I don’t like the idea that Israel was established, …


Joseph Cohen: Why did Hertzl write the “Jewish State” why, what were they writing about? They were writing about escaping persecution!


Brian of London: Correct. Correct. That’s right, Israel exists to make sure that doesn’t happen again. It doesn’t exist, because it happened, that time! You know, it’s happened all these other times. It’s just, we’re back to the same point.


If you choose to blame jews for everything, you will never look inside and work out what you need to fix about your own things. And that’s the negative place that you’ll be. You’ve got to look for a more positive place, which is what can I do? What can we do to make our identity, our societies, our nations stronger again? And I don’t think that the negative backward-looking:


“I’ll blame jews, because of something I read in a book that the Czar’s dreamt up.”


[referencing “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” book]


Is gonna work for everyone. And that really is my final word, because it’s 1:10 in the morning, and my air-conditioning has gone off on its timer. And I’m about to melt!


Joseph Cohen: So okay, unless someone has something to add I think we can wrap it up on that note.


Mark Collett: Thank you.


Joseph Cohen: Thanks everyone in the live chat. Love the comments! [chuckling]


Brian of London: Archive them! Bye!


Joseph Cohen: Bye.












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