The Ayatollah’s Friday Night Dinner – Live! 53 – Arab Social Nationalist – Nov 13, 2021 — Transcript


[The Ayatollah has a lengthy (4 hour) and interesting talk with Arab Social Nationalist, a half Arab, half English National Socialist.





The Ayatollah’s Friday Night Dinner


Live! 53


Arab Social Nationalist


Nov 13, 2021



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Published on Nov 13, 2021

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The Ayatollah’s Friday Night Dinner – LIVE! #53: ARAB SOCIAL NATIONALIST


Nov 13, 2021

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An alleged Arab national socialist talks to a confirmed Arab Social Nationalist. I think I’ve got more subject headings in my notes for this one than I’ve had for any stream I’ve ever done, which bodes well.


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[Intro music and dialogue]


I’ll break your fucking jaw!


S G Kalergi taking over Europe!


Do you think that’s funny?


Go back to where you came from sunshine! You have no business in this country!


British fucking police! Fucking paid what? Twenty grand a year to be a fucking nob head! Fuck off! Get out!


Put your fucking mouth shut!


I tell you [word unclear]


And you can bring your fucking dinner! Because by the time I’m finished with you, you’ll fucking need it!


Yes! I am a racist! And why? Who’s made me a racist! The establishment, the Conservatives, and every standing stinking chancer who sticks up for them niggers!




Ayatollah: Good evening. Welcome to Friday Night Dinner Number 53. More, or less, on time tonight not quite. But better than I usually am. So we’ll get stuck in. You probably all know how it works by now. Please hit “Like”, if you haven’t already. If you aren’t already subscribed, again I really don’t know what to tell you. But I’d appreciate it if you did. And if you want to get notifications, which usually come at around about the same time every Friday. But there is the odd stream of midweek, as a lot of you will know, then please hit the bell icon.


Other than that if you’ve got questions you probably remember how that works. But I’ll just go over it again. The link for Entropy is in the chat. That’s generally the best way to get them in. It keeps them a bit more organized. The chat on YouTube can be quite hard to follow at times. But if you can’t get on Entropy just stick them on YouTube. But do make sure you tag me.


I’ve got a feeling tonight is going to be a difficult one to keep track of, because we’ve got a lot of subjects to talk about. So it might be difficult to get through everything. But yeah, do make sure. I can’t guarantee we’ll get through everything.


Do make sure you tag me. And to do that you just gotta type at symbol toller space hyphen space the space ayatollah, … Hang on! No. That’s wrong, isn’t it? For god’s sake! My own notes are wrong. Let’s do that again. See, I probably wouldn’t got that wrong if I wasn’t reading the notes, which I haven’t read for a while, which is a good thing, because they’re bloody wrong! But yeah. So you just type at symbol Tollahvision space hyphen space the space Ayatollah. And that’s it.


As I say, as ever, can’t promise we’ll get around to everything I’m tagged in. Get around to everything I’m tagged in. Did I say that right? Well you get the idea., you know what I mean, particularly I think tonight might be quite difficult, because we’ve got a lot to talk about. But I’ll do my best.


We’ve got a lot to talk about, because we’re joined tonight by a man whom I met for the first time at the third Patriotic Alternative conference, just under a fortnight ago. I was already well aware of him by name, not least, because my good mate and our stalwart moderator and discussion prompter, Beer Hall Pooch, was especially excited that he was going to be there.


And given that his nom de guerre is Pretty Ron Seal. Good little reference for our non-domestic listeners there. But it does exactly what it says on the tin. Just Google Ronseal YouTube. Put in Ronseal live on YouTube. If you want to know what I’m talking about. But you probably don’t. So I’ll move on.


His nom de guerre is pretty Ronseal. Anglos you’ll know what I mean by that. And if you don’t, where the fuck have you been the past 30 years? But I had a good idea based on that username of what his views would be, and I was looking forward to meeting myself.


But I only heard him speak for the first time on my way to the conference when I started listening to the episode of my alma mater podcast, The Absolute State of Britain, on which he recently appeared. Which only went live when I was about two thirds of the way through my drive up to the conference.


But based on that episode, and especially based on the conversations we had throughout the day, and until we all went our separate ways at a quarter two in the morning, I can say with utmost confidence that this is going to be one of the most enlightening streams I’ve ever hosted.


Now if you’re listening to this and you’re one of the majority who aren’t doing so on behalf of the state, or some other curtin-switching nonce operation, you probably identify yourself as a White nationalist of one sort, or another. So common sense would suggest that you’d find nothing more irritating, and nothing more enraging, than listening to swarthy foreigners using a platform they don’t deserve to pontificate on how your country should be run, who should run it, and who should live in it!


Then again most you turn up and listen to me every week. So you can’t mind it too much. But if you do like that you’ll love tonight’s stream. Because there are two of us! With a caveat that I guess tonight definitely does deserve the platform, because as you’re about to find out he’s a bloody interesting bloke!


Please welcome Arab Social Nationalist [Applause]!


I had to go full Orientalist with your intro music mate!


Arab SN: Look, I enjoyed it. Thank you.




Ayatollah: Well the thing is you see I couldn’t miss the opportunity. I thought right I’ve got a fella coming on. He’s partially Arab, you know, look I’ve got an old school racist in the intro, pretty racist myself, as we all should be. What I’ve got to do? You know, I’ve got to go for something that’s sufficiently other in and cliched in the context, you know, Casper, and all of that. Sharif don’t like it. Something that to normally sensibilities would seem so archaically off colour, and racist, and inappropriate, it’s almost quaint.


Because that’s the sort of Hackneyed rubbish I do best. But it was actually only just before I came to rip it off YouTube and edit it that I remembered that:


“This is not kosher!”


Exclamation toward the end. And I thought, yes! Yes! Gotta use that! Because honest to god, what could be less kosher than an Englishman and an Anglo-Arab Muslim talking about a certain oppressor they have in common, and the ideological and political antidotes to their regime? I can’t think of anything! So perfect!


Arab SN: But thank you for the intro. It was very, very generous intro. So thank you very much.


Ayatollah: I enjoyed putting that one together, because I’ve got to make a joke at my own expense, which is generally my stock in trade, because if I weren’t laughing at myself, I’d be crying.


But no, I’ve been looking forward to this one that the first formality we go through on these streams is to ask what you had for dinner?


Arab SN: I haven’t actually eaten yet.


Ayatollah: All right, okay.


Arab SN: I had a nap after work. And then did a bit of reading ahead of this.


Ayatollah: I’ve been doing that. I’ve been sleeping after work at times. My sleep patterns not being the best football managers out. So, you know. But I had some hot dogs for dinner. My meals are always bad ones on a Friday night. They’re always very carb heavy. Think of all the bread and that.


But anyway never mind! Never mind. But yeah, …. I mean, as I said, it the username pretty much does what it says on the tin. Although people might be surprised if they’ve not heard you on TASOB, or elsewhere, to hear that you’ve basically got, they’ve got me every week. It was like Chas and Dave, or one half of Chas and Dave. The one that’s not dead yet. Because I think one of them passed away a few years ago. But you’re very much more sort of BBC English really, received pronunciation.


Arab SN: I do my best.


Ayatollah: Well, so people might be surprised by that. But obviously what they’re going to be curious about, if they’re not already familiar with you, is how you arrived at your current world view. Now there are obviously certain things about your background you might not want to divulge. But to a great extent as you’re prepared to, introduce yourself, and how you got here.


Arab SN: Well. So I was born and raised in the UK. My dad’s from an Arab country, that I won’t name, obviously. And my mother is northern English. I’m in my 30s. I haven’t been in the orbit of this sort of political thinking formally, or actively, for very long. I wouldn’t even say that it’s two years. I would say how I arrived at my world view, which you can guess is social nationalist.


Ayatollah: Obviously.


Arab SN: Which Mark Collett always fumbles when he says it. But I think that my arrival here was quite long. And went from me simply not being psychologically on board with multiculturalism, and diversity. And as well, me not really being on board with anti-racist movements, etc., which I was expected to be at university.


Ayatollah: It’s interesting that I mean, was there ever a sort of a period, … Sorry to interrupt, … Was there ever a period in your life where you had that sort of, … It’s the sort of common cliche isn’t it, with people of mixed ancestry. That there’s a certain tension there. And it can make them sort of, … Particularly when they’re sort of an anti-White, anti-native, zeitgeist. Did you ever sort of have a certain resentment to the sort of the normative, you know, sort of normative Britishness, so to speak?


Arab SN: Yes I did. And I found it patronizing. But when I was younger I didn’t always have the language, or the intellectual framework, or even just the knowledge to articulate, or explain my discomfort with all of this.


And so in the beginning I was just keeping my distance from it. So at university, for example, people say:


“Oh, you know, come on this all that anti-racist march.”


And I’d be like:


“No! Thank you.”


Ayatollah: So you were always like that basically then? Because I think my question was sort of like the opposite. Did you have any degree of, ill will might be a strong way to put it, but towards the whole sort of White British culture and whatever? I don’t know. Yeah.


Arab SN: It would have been it would have been difficult to form an outlook like that, because I was born and raised in White culture, among Whites. My dad is the only member of his family that’s in this country.


And we didn’t really mix very much with other Muslims of whatever ethnic background. Beyond formal occasions at the mosque. So anti-Whitism, and how I came to realize what’s going on with Anti-Whitism, and what it means, I think it was in two stages.


In the first place, I suppose I didn’t think it was as serious as it is. And I would hear people talk about anti-Whitism. And I would just think:


“Oh really! You’re okay! You’re okay. Don’t worry.”


But in recent years it’s become so brazen. And so crass. And I do think it’s crass. And we’re in such trouble in terms of free speech, that we have to bear mute witness to this. We have to bear mute witness to anti-Whitism, where it comes from, who’s spreading it, what political agenda it’s serving at home and abroad. We have to see all this be really extravagantly and brazenly thrown around in front of us.


And yet we’re forbidden to discuss it! Or at least to discuss it as frankly as in as it needs to be discussed. I think that realization came to me later. I think that, yeah, you might have asked that question, because you supposed that I might have been like a super woke Lefty at some time in my life. But I haven’t been. I have always been, you know, economically on the Left. But the, ….




Ayatollah: Bill preaches shadow boxing, at this point, honest to god! He’s so excited, but sorry anyway yeah, …


Arab SN: The social justice stuff never sat with me. And yeah. So in terms of my sort of political leanings I’ve always been a traditional Leftist economically. But my social values, … I wouldn’t, you know, I don’t even like the word “conservative”. Traditional, I prefer.


Ayatollah: Yeah. Normal is a good one.


Arab SN: Normal, you know, I like authenticity. And I dislike enormously inauthentic things! Which I see so much all over the politics and the culture.


And I suppose my sympathy for White people, my White family, has become more pronounced, I suppose, as I’ve as I’ve come to realize what’s going on. And the extent of it.


Ayatollah: Right. Yeah. So I mean, it’s funny we’ve talked about this show and I forget who with exactly, but I’m trying to think which guest it would have been?


Not too long ago on here we discussed some of Jonathan Bowden’s stuff about, … Jonathan Bowden sort of said, we need to sort of issue a sort of a sense of victimhood. And I think, whoever it was I was talking to, might have been Tony Hovater from the National Justice Party actually, said:


“Well. Yeah, but you sort of can’t. We are being victimized.”


And the point I raised was:


“What might Bowden have thought?”


And maybe you wouldn’t thought much different. But Bowden probably said that anywhere between eight, well more than eight years ago. He’s been dead more than eight years ago. Anywhere between nine and fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, years ago. That victimhood was something to avoid. I’d be curious to know what you would say if he were around now.


And again knowing Bowden, it might not be that much different. But it might be different just because of how much is changing. And basically how much more brazen and aggressive the agenda has become against native people in the West. It’s become so aggressive! And particularly last year and a half especially!


The George Floyd thing was a real catalyst. I’m sure but by some degree of design it was like. Okay. This is the black getting killed by police, because of his own sort of belligerence and low time horizons. It’s low time horizons, and whatever. And poor flight, or fight, instincts that we’re going to use to just browbeat White people to fully sanctify blacks!


As if that wasn’t happening enough already! And really turn it up to 11! But the other element of it, I mean, being of partial Arab background was there always a certain degree of, how would I phrase this? “Opposition” I suppose, is one way to put it. But like negative negative attitude toward the zionist agenda? That’s probably a bit to gimme, that question.




Arab SN: Yes. I’ve always been awake in that respect. Always. I don’t, yeah. I mean, especially because my dad is older, the age that he was born into and reached adolescence, in the golden age of Arab nationalism.


Ayatollah: Nasser, …


Arab SN: Yeah. He used to crowd around the radio with his friends and listen to speeches by Nasser. And so his outlook was all, … He was never remembered the Bath Party. And he was never involved in politics. But that was always what his political views were.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: And I’d say as well, being of immigrant, you know, stock, or background, isn’t the same experience for everyone. And I think my experience of being a partially Arab person in this country is informed by the circumstances of my dad’s immigration. Which was not it, wasn’t as part of the these synthetic waves of migration that are being driven.


It was rather a more normal route. And I think that because of that, he has never he’s never hated White people, or British people. Not least, because he’s always been very proud of his own ethnic background.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: He wasn’t de-racinated when he came to this country. He loves this country, and has enormous respect for it. But if you were to ask him if he were English he would say:




I think. Because the question is silly and patronizing to him. He’s not English!


Ayatollah: To all parties.


Arab SN: He came from somewhere else!


Ayatollah: Well, if I say, it’s also predicated on this stupid assumption that there’s going to be some sort of animosity towards you if people don’t condescend to you and say:


“Oh yeah, you’re English!”


Now actually, I will say this. You said something very interesting about not being part of a synthetic wave of immigration. Where, as you say, it’s like a whole village of a hundred villages from [word unclear] relocating into West Yorkshire, or whatever.


Arab SN: Yeah.


Ayatollah: So there isn’t the thing of just literally colonizing, because you are an entity. I would guess probably more analogous to actually a lot of the Muslim immigration that there was into the US. And a lot of the time it was from Arab countries.


Arab SN: Yeah, yeah. And it was more successful, was it not, then Pakistani immigration to the Yorkshire heartland?


Ayatollah: Yeah. Another thing another thing I’d add to that as well. As I mean, you said the thing about synthetic waves of immigration. Now Gary Murphy talked about this thing. It might have been when he was on Millennial once. Gary Murphy talked about this. And he talked about the whole thing of like people advocating for the wholesale neo-liberal erasure of Ireland as we know it, will cite some, …


There’s some half Fijian fella who plays, I think, plays Gaelic football, or rugby. I think he plays Gaelic football, or something.


Arab SN: Ireland?


Ayatollah: Yeah. Talking about Ireland, because this is an example. But basically people who sort of advocate for the wholesale neoliberal erasure of Ireland, you know, which has obviously been going on a pace for a good few years now, but an alarming pace. Would cite the example of this fella and I can’t remember the specifics of him. But I think he was something like half Irish, half Fijian, or maybe even fully Fijian, I don’t know. I’ve don’t think he spent a lot of time there. Maybe born there if he was half Irish. I can’t remember.


But anyway, I think he plays like Gaelic football, or whatever and he speaks Irish, you know what I mean? And this is the thing. In small numbers. Like I said there’s a real awkwardness and condescension about the idea that you’ve got to say somebody’s English. No! They can be what they are. And you can accept them for what they are, on an isolated basis!


But then also what you will get if in a world where mass immigration was not wielded as well a tool of the neoliberal economic agenda. But then also as a sort of a weapon of demographic sabotage, which is interwoven with the economic agenda. But there’s also an ethno-religious agenda in terms of the people who pull the strings in the Western world. And a lot of the rest of the world as well. But by one means, or other.


However, without that if you had sort of isolated rounding error levels of immigration. Well, what would happen is, yeah people would become like you just become an honorary., you know what I mean? You become an honorary whatever where you are.


Because you probably wouldn’t have the choice to just stick with your own people. You just become adopted. You’re an adopted Englishman, an adopted Irishman, an adopted Swede, or whatever. That’s never been part of the agenda though, because it’s always been something else.


It’s funny, you made a point, … We talked about Yeminis in, was it Sunderland, or somewhere like that? I forget where it was.


Arab SN: Sunderland and in Cardiff.




Ayatollah: I forget. It was one, or the other, where you’d mentioned that they’re basically they’ve been there a long time. I know Sunderland they’ve been there a very long time. I think Cardiff as well, with the two port cities. But basically I don’t know if it was something that you’ve looked at. But you’d said that they’re basically just absorbed in.


Arab SN: Yeah. Those people you wouldn’t be able to identify. But that kind of migration is more natural, in the kind of migration that has always gone on. I’m wary of people on the Right who try to sell a vision of absolute ethnic integrity. It’s not something that’s ever happened historically. Like on the margins they’ll always be the odd foreigner that moves here, or there.


Ayatollah: And that’s just it, the “odd foreigner”, yeah.


Arab SN: Yes, the odd foreigner. You know, under normal circumstances in a normal, untroubled, uninterfered with, country you would not meet an immigrant! They may be there. You won’t meet one!


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Because mass migration, by itself, as an idea, it is unnatural!


Ayatollah: Yeah and it’s malevolent as well!


Arab SN: Yes, it’s deliberate! It’s synthetic! It’s an agenda! And it has a reason. And it has, well it has two reasons. The first, to destroy the homeland for whatever reason, usually economic, or geopolitical, or both. And to dilute and ultimately erase indigenous, European, populations.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Or at least to turn Western Europe into a into a flabby, ineffective, racial soup, that has no underlying unity of tradition, world view, outlook, morals! Just this endless tolerant soup! Which does not bring out the best in anyone! It doesn’t bring out the best in the immigrants, that are subsumed into this inauthentic, nasty, situation! It definitely does not bring out, or contribute to the best expressions of Western culture, either.


Because the best expressions and the most authentic expressions of a culture are done in a context of homogeneity, and high trust societies, with a unity of tradition.


Part of the agenda of mass migration, I think, is to make the entire world incapable of that kind of potent creativity ever again! Except one ethnic group! One particular ethnostate! So there will be one ethnostate, and then around it, this mass of ineffective nonsense incapable of unifying behind a particular idea, because they share nothing! They share no history! No values! No blood!


What is a person? And you’ll find this in London. We’re told these fabulous stories about schools in London where 40, 50, or 60 languages are spoken in these primary schools. What happens to the product of these schools?


You know, they reach marriage age, they get married. Perhaps they don’t. And they just have children anyway. You’re going to end up with a generation of people who are one-quarter Eritrean, one quarter Somali, one quarter, I don’t know, Polish, and one quarter Congolese!


You were talking about the example of this Irish chap. I saw a clip of a supposedly black Irishman. You talk, …


Ayatollah: Sure in the chat clarified, by the way, that his name is Shauna Calpin. And I’ve since looked at him. But yeah, I think it was Hurling that he played. But anyways, sorry. Go ahead you.


Arab SN: So he was talking about how oh, you know, I met this woman and she was half African, half Chinese. And I thought:


“Wow! Ireland is unique now!”


I’m sorry this is garbage on its face! If you’re a quarter of this, a quarter that, a quarter of the other thing, it doesn’t make you some kind of super person! It all negates each other! If you’re a quarter Eritrean time unfortunately I don’t think you’re Eritrean.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: You’re a quarter Somali, unfortunately I don’t think you’re called Somalia.


Ayatollah: No.


Arab SN: And if you’re made up of this ethnic soup you have nothing to fall back on! You have no direct transmission really of anything. And how are you going to get in touch with all of this? Are you going to learn four languages? I don’t think you are.


Ayatollah: Well you won’t. What you’ll probably do, … Yeah, what you what you’ll do is you’ll have a sort of, … What you identify yourself as will be infinitely malleable. It’ll be this sort of urbanite, consumer-based, yeah.




Arab SN: You’ll be an administrative British person. Which is to say you have British papers.


Ayatollah: Which is a really good way to put it actually, yeah.


Arab SN: And you’re raised in London, where you, … What can you say about this youth that is developed in London? What are they? How would they even describe themselves? And ultimately it’s cruel, you know!


Multiculturalism, and waves of migration, they are built on war, and economic exploitation, or a mixture of the two. So that’s the first cruelty that these people are subjected to. And then, once you arrive at the so-called “melting pot”, this vaunted idea of melting away into nothing, as if it’s good! I find that word very sinister.


Ayatollah: Well, we know the origin of that. Melting pot was a term called by a Russian jew, Israel Zangwill. A man who’d never been to America, I don’t believe.


Arab SN: Yeah, you get to the melting pot. And then what happens to you? You’re deracinated! You have nothing! A Congolese person has a right to be Congolese. And he has a right as well to have Congolese children. Which isn’t going to happen in London, or Manchester, or anywhere else.


Ayatollah: Tolerant Fellow, ever the man of the very sort of pithy take has come up with a cracker there.:


“Four by two’s making the whole planet so mad, civilizations with thousands of animosity towards each other, being like, ‘We’re more similar than we thought!’.”


Arab SN: Well, you know, that’s really one of the more fascinating things for me, when I sought this political community out on Twitter, in the first place, was how pragmatic people on the so-called far-Right can be. And how sober in their thinking they can be. As opposed to other lesser Right-wing movements. There’s a certain, there’s an intellectual rigour to the sort of people that frequent this area of politics, than others, I’d say.


Ayatollah: That’s an interesting thing that I want to come back to as well later on, just with regard to my reaction to your perceptions of what you found when you turned up in real life for the first time. Something else I was going to say, … This is an important point actually what I was talking to JR Hartley about this week in the chat.


Because the point is often raised. And I think this is particularly true, probably the last 25, 30 years, but particularly the past 10, 15. The dual purpose of basically Western intervention, let’s call it. Sort of military aggression, usually in Muslim countries on behalf of the zionist agenda. And then having the secondary benefit of:


“Well there’s our pretext to just flood a load of people in.”


A lot of them aren’t even Syrian anyway. I mean, I’ll tell you a story about that in a minute. But flood a load of people sort of Syrian refugees into Europe. And so on and so forth. By the way, as I say on that subject, a couple of years ago I saw a country farm, I think, on the BBC. And they were somewhere, they were a working farm in the Ribel [sp] Valley.:


“And today a group of Syrian refugees have arrived to visit the farm.”


And there was a mini bus full of them. Every one of them who got off that bus was as black as a ghost [?] birthday party. And they’re taking the piss out, at this point, because it’s like:


“These people are Syrian! And you will believe that. And question or challenge that in any way, do so publicly, we might send the police round.”


And they’ll check your thinking.


Arab SN: Or perhaps Syria was more diverse and multicultural than you ever thought?


Ayatollah: It’s always being diverse! You know, Saint George was an Englishman. Usually the other way around they do that, isn’t it:


“Oh he was a Syrian! He was a Syrian! He was a Turkey, he was a Muslim, he was just, …”


The thing, is none of those things existed in the form that we know now. Then he was a Greek. He’s a Greek under the Roman Empire, he converts Christianity, he was killed for not recanting it basically, that’s it. [chuckling] So yeah, the midwits are fun on St George’s day. I wish I’d been on Twitter for that. It probably wasn’t on Twitter for that this year. Probably just didn’t bother with him.


But JR Hartley made a good point on that subject. He made the point about:


“We can lose sight though when we cite the example these days of like, …”


Well, because this is a refrain you get a lot from both Whites. And you get it from anti-Whites, sort of non-Whites, including Muslims, in this country. It’s like:


“Well if you didn’t bomb our countries!”


Now I will say on this. Suffice it to say, well look, we will talk a little while about the whole sort of the White nationalist reaction to the Western humiliation in Afghanistan. But it is an important point to remember. Because I will ask these people then:


“Okay so were we bombing Pakistan in the 50s and the 60s?”


Now don’t get me wrong. We were doing a lot of shitty things in different places. Like you look at what happened in Iran with the Mosaddegh. But we didn’t, as you say, there’s an economic agenda.


You look at stuff like the Windrush, there’s also just an agenda of racial malevolence.


Arab SN: Hartley’s comment, I don’t remember us bombing Jamaica in 1948. But the key to that statement is the year, 1948. It wasn’t Jamaica that you needed to have bombed. But there was bombing was there not? So Pakistan was not bombed. Jamaica was not bombed.


But Europe did engage in a Hebraic civil war, and wipe out a generation of young European lads that needed to be replaced. And because the Empire existed, the regime was able to simply, … Well, to use “lack of workers” in textile mills in Yorkshire as an excuse. They were able to, ….




Ayatollah: Yeah, “excuse” is the key point! Excuse is the key point. Because I’m never tired of pointing out when I get into exchanges with these people. Britain, for example, lost 450, 900 natives, I believe. Which was just under one percent of the population that we had in 1939.


The Japanese lost two and a half to 3.1 million people from a pre-war population of about seventy one and a quarter million. So they lost about four times what we did per capita. They had two atomic bombs. They did have an awful lot of American rebuilding, and military presence, after the war. But they had a not particularly high birth rate.


And they had far greater losses than we did. A lot more psychological devastation and probably a lot more infrastructural devastation, as well. I mean, two cities were hit with, albeit very primitive atomic bombs, atomic bombs. And again they were able to become, I think, the second biggest economy in the world probably by the late 60s.


So again it is a canard when these people say that we needed immigration to do this, that, and the other. A few thousand Jamaican bus conductors and substandard nurses, you know, really didn’t sort of didn’t swing it for us!


Arab SN: But of course Tollah, you know, all of that is perfectly true. But this country definitely did not need waves of post-war migration. But I suppose it’s academic. Because the people involved, both the people coming say from Jamaica being shipped over from there, and from the Asian subcontinent, they will all have been told, and would believe, that this is the reason.


Ayatollah: Yes!


Arab SN: That you’re going. So it’s a lie everybody was told.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: And then these people, I suppose, expected to be welcomed, because they understood themselves to be going to rebuild after a World War. I’d say as well, I suppose still now, it’s fashionable to talk about the Second World War, … And the Second World War is a large part of My Awakening. It was my reassessment of it.


It’s very trendy to discuss the Second World War and the First World War in terms of how diverse and multicultural the war efforts were. So I think it’s in Brighton in this country, you can go to a Muslim cemetery. Just thousands of soldiers who all died for the Empire. I had always been really embarrassed for all of those people in those graves. But it was unfashionable to say so! And I wasn’t always sure why I necessarily thought it.


But I’d seen graves in France of Algerian soldiers who had died in the first of the second brother war for France. And I thought this is a humiliation for everybody concerned! It just doesn’t sit well with me. You’re encouraged as a Muslim in this country to be proud of Muslim contributions to to both of those wars. And the Muslim contribution to the rebuilding of the country after. But I’m afraid I see through it all. I just don’t accept any of it!


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: It’s hard for me hard to find the words now. But it’s a tissue of lies, from the very beginning. I think we’re getting away from your original question. But I don’t want to get far, ….


Ayatollah: Yeah. Trust me! If you were if you’re a seasoned listener of these streams you’d know that’s nothing out of the ordinary, honest to god! It’s like attention deficit disorder with me as the host. But, the best conversations are the ones that just sort of proceed as and where the thoughts take them.


But there was a question actually. We talked about the whole thing of how did we get onto this? Yeah, we got into the whole subject of the increasingly aggressive anti-Whiteness. Now Orthodoxy Proxy asked earlier on, do you consider Middle Easterners, and he puts in quotation marks “White” and he said:


“I’m sure there are people like Vargh who, …”


That’s obviously Vargh Vikinus – aka Lewis Cashe, aka Crack Count Grishnack in a previous incarnation when he was in a black metal, and killing other black metal rival people. He said:


“You know, I’m sure there are people like Varg who feel some people out there qualify as such.”


I mean, I’ll be in trouble, because Vargas said before that:


“If you’ve got brown eyes, it’s like I’m looking at shit!”


So I probably wouldn’t count. But then most of the people that met me, I probably wouldn’t count as White! [chuckling] But that’s another story! What was that, sorry?




Arab SN: That’s a bit severe! [chuckling]


Ayatollah: I would say a little bit. Yeah, I would. But yeah, I mean, do you consider Middle Eastern as White? That’s quite a broad question, because Middle Eastern is a very broad thing. It could be, …


Arab SN: I mean, yeah the answer is “some”. So there are White people all over North Africa, for example. Less so in Egypt. All over Syria. If I were gonna avoid the word White, I might say Caucasian.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: I would probably describe them as Caucasian first. But I would also lament the amount of racial mixing that they’ve done. Which I don’t think is their benefit. And is a legacy of their weakness for slavery.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: You know, which poisons all societies, as far as I can see.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: But yeah, so broadly Caucasian.


And actually it brings me to another subject that’s been, … It’s part of the sort of the general patronization of black people. So you’ll find among black people a sad. And I mean, sad. Because I do feel sorry for them when they do this, … A tendency to scour the historical record for people that they think might have been black, and whose achievements they can be proud of, as black people.


And it has always grated on me a bit that the Moorish civilization, for example, has been appropriated a certain kind of black nationalist, that’s based on how they see certain Moroccans today. Although Moroccans are not black and would never consider themselves to be.


But when I first came across that kind of thing, it got me thinking. Well, if that was done to you, would call it “erasure”, because when you claim the Moors, you’re basically erasing all of the people between Egypt and the Atlantic, and saying that they don’t exist and they’re actually black. But they’re not.


And so I’m half Arab. And my pride, I’ve always felt myself lucky, because at least, you know, I don’t think being mixed race is ideal. But at least I have my heritage in two high cultures.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Europe and the Middle East.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Despite how Arab people look, and their race mixing, they are a people with a civilization, which I’m not an expert. I’m not Robert Sepper, or this kind [chuckling] of these kinds of people! But it tends to tell me that this is a Caucasian people, simply, because of their civilizational behaviour, you know, organization, etc., language, literature, high art.


So I’ve always been quite proud of that. But never blatantly proud of it obviously, because you’re not allowed to be necessarily. But that always made me think, we’re not black, is basically the answer. I don’t know if that means that they are necessarily White, or always White. But it’s a mixed area. But I would settle on “Caucasian”, is all I’d say.


Ayatollah: Yeah, again I’m no expert on sort of HBD and sort of racial classification. And there are a lot of blurred edges. I mean, this is actually a bad faith argument used by race deniers, is to say that:


“Well, where do you draw the line between White and non-White?”


It’s like:


“Yeah, okay well the edges are blurred. And does the fact that you’ve got orange mean, there’s no red and there’s no yellow?”


Which is a really basic bitch way to reply, but you don’t need to reply with any more complexity than that, because it’s a really simple retort.


Arab SN: And blurred edges are a reality.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: I think ideally there wouldn’t be blurred edges, would there?


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: I think for a lot of people in Europe, a lot of nationalists, whether they’re White nationalists in a broad sense, or say they’re French nationalists in that particular sense, they too would lament blurred edges. It happens inevitably.


So the further east you go in France, things will get more German. As you approach Germany there won’t be proper German. Yeah. But if they’ll be Germanish.




Ayatollah: Arsene Wenger used to manage Arsenal. Where was he from? Was he from Strasbourg?


Arab SN: Yeah.


Ayatollah: So was that the clues in the name. I think that was Germany before the end of the First World War. I might be wrong. I don’t know. But I mean, he, … What was I going to say now? His accent doesn’t sound like a Parisian, because obviously, well one he’s not from Paris. But he doesn’t sound like a stereotypical French person either. It’s a much more Germanic sounding accent. Where was he from? Yes, Strasbourg.


Arab SN: As you go east in Turkey, for example, people get a lot more Asiatic.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: The closer you get to Asia. You can’t stop that unless you have really neurotic policies about marriage and childbirth. Which for most people I don’t think are very practical. But the blurred edges matter, and race mixing, as we alluded to earlier, in a healthy, normal, society, it doesn’t matter! You’ll never see it. It cannot happen unless massive populations of people are thrown together in a synthetic and unnatural way.


And since that [word unclear] happened to the Japanese. I’m certain that there definitely are mixed-race Japanese people. Some are mixed with American, because of the American soldiers. Others are mixed with this, or that other ethnicity. Well, there we are. Love happens! And it isn’t that beautiful. But it needn’t be the norm. It won’t even be common at all!


Ayatollah: And if it’s not common, then nobody is bothered about it in the collective level. Now the individual level, like me, well-known my girlfriend’s half Indian. Now if my parents were of that sort of inclination they might be in opposition to that, or if she was fully Indian, or whatever. But so that’s an issue for the individuals involved.


At the societal level if that was an incredibly rare thing, well it’s not kind of the end of the world. There is a vast amount of space between the historical reality, to varying degrees, because just for reasons of like the actual means of getting around this wasn’t true to nearly the degree, I don’t know, fifteen hundred years ago, as it would have been even two hundred years ago, perhaps.


But there is a vast space between yeah you don’t have absolute purity and homogeneity within borders. And then it’s completely different across the border and stays the same until the next border. Obviously not.


There’s a vast, vast space between that, and an agenda of just the wholesale dissolution of a race in its homeland! As we’ve seeing in Europe. And we’re seeing in other White countries as well. Pretty much all of them.


I mean they’re going to try and do it east of the Iron Curtain. They’re already trying. And yeah, there’s a vast amount of space. And again it’s the same as when people will say:


“Well look you’ve got people who are mixed race so how can you have White, a how can you have black, or whatever else it might be?”


And it’s like. Well okay, the fact that there’s middle ground in the odd case. There are edge cases, in citing those very edge cases you are defining them in reference to the norms. So you’re acknowledging the existence of the norms while trying to fucking argue against it! That’s how stupid people have to become to try and show fealty to the sort of ridiculous fucking things you have to profess to believe under the present order! That’s how ridiculous it is!


Like, I’ll give you an example. The World Cup, … Oh god! I don’t know what it was. But it’s a classic example, so the specifics don’t really matter. But there was somebody commenting on a black footballer, or something else, and some middle aged like shit munching football fan idiot goes:


“Well he looks English to me!”


It’s like he’s saying that in the knowledge that everybody’s seeing it knows have no he doesn’t! But that’s what I’m meant to say. So he’s fully aware that he lives under an order in a truth regime which rewards him for saying things which frankly, if everybody stripped away the conditioning, they would think:


“Yeah, that makes you a fucking moron!”


You are going out of your way to make a spectacle of yourself as a moron, or act like one, even worse, when you’re not! You’re humiliating yourself by acting like a complete and utter moron. Because that is what you were rewarded for doing. What sort of order did you live under when you were rewarded for that?


And, in fact, not just rewarded for it, but actually, and even the not particularly sort of aggressively conditioned people understand that. First of all. And secondly it’s not even that you’re necessarily awarded. But you’re actually punished if you don’t do that.


Arab SN: I mean, look at this tragic figure. This MP David Lammy, I think he’s an MP.


Ayatollah: And I do feel sort of sorry for him, because he is a fat retard.


Arab SN: I don’t feel sort of sorry for him, I feel fully and legitimately sorry for him. I think he’s a tragic figure.


Ayatollah: I think there is a definite element of that, yeah, yeah.


Arab SN: And for him in public, on Twitter, demand to be called “English”.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Pleading when you aren’t!




Ayatollah: This is the thing! I mean, to a degree is being psychologically abused as well. I talk a lot about people being psychologically abused. White people, far and away, more than anybody. Certainly in Europe. But in a way he’s been psychologically abused, you know.


Arab SN: It’s a similar way to trans people who want to be real women.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: And [word unclear] there to be a difference. I think well we’re just participating in a fantasy with you. And we’re not helping you.


Ayatollah: It’s just a charade! Yeah.


Arab SN: And for David Lammy to want to be called “indigenous English”, you laugh! It’s funny! I laughed at him. But then I thought:


“You poor man! You’ve been lied to.”


And certainly there must be a level of hypocrisy on Mr Lammy’s part, as well. Because I don’t know where his origins are. I presume West Africa.


Ayatollah: Guyana, I think.


Arab SN: So I, … Oh Guyana!


Ayatollah: Yeah. So obviously Guyana. I mean, it’s funny, because you get a right mix in Guyana. But he’s obviously predominantly, overwhelmingly, African by his actual racial ancestry.


Arab SN: [words unclear] in his racial homeland, and say.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Let’s say he were Nigerian. What if I would say:


“I want to be officially considered Hausa, or Ibo.”


I mean, I laughed saying it! I couldn’t possibly imagine saying something like that! To ask somebody to participate in my ethnic fantasies, is embarrassing to me. But it’s been hoisted to the level of politics in this country!


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: You have to at once deracinate David Lammy and pretend that his blackness and his racial background are effectively meaningless, because they’re subject to complete change. And then you’re also saying that the indigenous English are also by themselves meaningless, because you can get off a boat tomorrow and be part of what? The traditions of this country? The wars that have gone on in this country? The land of this country that’s been worked by the people and the ancestors of the indigenous people? I don’t thinkz. So and it would be tasteless to demand to be part of it.


Ayatollah: But that tastelessness is regime compliance. If you counter-signal that in your workplace you’d be getting pulled in. If you said:


“Well look, he’s not.”


Even if you just said:


“Well look, he should be happy with what he really is, which is part of the African diaspora living in Britain.”


But what are you going to say?


Arab SN: He’s not English and I am indeed saying that he’s not to his benefit! I’m helping him to retain his authenticity, his cultural inheritance! The things that are owed to him.


Ayatollah: Are you aware, since we’re on the subject of David Lammy, … Are you aware of the red pill on David Lammy?


Arab SN: No. I don’t think so.


Ayatollah: Okay. Well, we’ll do a quick screen share. I’d imagine a lot of my audience probably are aware of this, but for those who aren’t, … Okay, here we go. This is David Lammy’s Wikipedia. He’s married to somebody called “Nicola Green”. Now it doesn’t say so on here, …


Arab SN: Green is a common, …


Ayatollah: A very common crypto name like Lewis’s, yeah. Now she’ll be having a big dinner tonight. So there’s your first bit. And your second one, … I feel like, I’ve got the accent, I suppose. I feel like an East London, … Well to a degree. But I’ve got to feel like an East London market trader here! Your second one, is this! David Lammy had his way through Harvard Law paid by a group of jewish lawyers, to the tune of 26 grand.


Arab SN: I didn’t know any of this. But, …


Ayatollah: It doesn’t change what you’re saying, either. He is a sad spectacle. But it’s interesting.


Arab SN: But every single time is not just a meme!


Ayatollah: No! It’s not! What it is a meme for good reason. It’s a meme, like cliches become cliches, because they’re bloody useful!


Arab SN: Yeah.


Ayatollah: The thing I’ll say on this, by the way, on Lammy, is that’s a White pill! Because the man is an embarrassment! And if you want another White pill. Diane Abbott went to, I think Cambridge. What did she, … Hang on a minute. Let me have a look at this:


“Dianne Abbot. She went to Cambridge and she read History.”


Now please bear with me on this while it loads, …


Arab SN: Who’s history, I wonder?


Ayatollah: [chuckling] So she scraped at to-to in History at Cambridge. She was supervised by Sir Simon Schama. Whose background I’m sure I don’t need to tell you. So there you go. And again, I suspect there’s a certain amount of stratagem there, in as much as that he probably held a hand through it. And it’s like:


“Well we’ve got this black girl from the inner city, or whatever. She’s got political aspirations. We’ll hold her hand and she’ll be there to do our bidding.”


I don’t see too many coincidences with these two examples. Now what I think is, if ever you can sort of feel like these people are strategically infallible and they never get it wrong and fuck it up, well look at David Lammy and Diane Abbott! Because even people who will not sort of acknowledge their racial biases, or maybe have them very well suppressed, see these people as utter morons and embarrassments!




Arab SN: Well, I have a question on that. For me, intellectually and culturally, I left normie life. I very rarely engage in normie news and opinions these days.


So I’m not in a position to say to what extent David Lammy, or Diane Abbott are viewed with pity and embarrassment by the general population. But I mean, how far do you think they are? I mean, because for us, it’s obvious! Part of this political environment is you have clarity of vision. And you can see through things. But the normie population can’t.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: So to what extent do you think that David Lammy is an impressive person, or brave, because everybody has to be brave? Perhaps he’s “brave” for wanting to be English in the eyes of normie people?


Ayatollah: You’ve answered the question, because, you know, it. And if you’re asking my perspective as you’re half English. I’m fully English. And you obviously have the Arab allegiance. But the deciding factor in understanding this correctly is, will we have the same, … God, it’s not even specific to a race as this proves. We have a correct understanding of race and identity.


So whereas that is suppressed out of most people. And even if it weren’t, most people wouldn’t think about it that deeply. Their instinct would suffice in a world where we didn’t live under a hostile occupation where they’re meddling with demographics. And so on!


Most people probably wouldn’t see them as sad figures. I don’t think so, no. If they thought about it long enough they might feel a little bit of that, if they really got thinking about it and was sort of led along and how they thought about it. Yes, most people just see them as fucking annoyances. And if they’re more on the Left they tell themselves that they think these people are brave and competent. If they’re sort of Labour supporters and whatever, unless they disagree with them on some policy to do with the NHS, or whatever.


No. They probably tell them that they think these people are entirely competent and they’ve not had a leg up for any racial reasons, or anything like that. And they delude themselves. Your average talk radio listener, or whatever, your average sort of egg on Twitter who doesn’t like these people I don’t think they feel sorry for them. I think they’re very irritated by them. The degree to which that is a sense of racial enmity, because they’re being dictated to by a foreigner in their own country, enmity, rather, will be suppressed.


But I don’t think they sort of have quite the depth of understanding of race as a sort of an inborn identity and whatever to think:


“Yeah, I feel sorry for him.”


Think about it long enough, and yeah you’d find feeling a bit sorry for these people, because of the sad spectacle they are. Quite common in our circles. We’re also very irritated by them. But we also recognize them as pawns, because that’s what they are. And that’s shown, you know, look again, and pawns of who? Well, that’s shown by the two examples we’ve given.


Arab SN: Yeah.


Ayatollah: A couple of other questions from the chat.


Viscount15 asked earlier on:


“What are your views on Bathism?”


Arab SN: My views on Bathism are, as you would imagine, very positive.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: But, of course, I suppose, as with any political ideology, you have yet to separate it’s ideological foundations from its execution, I suppose. So I have a lot of time for Bathism, but very little for Saddam Hussein.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Not least, because between them Saddam Hussein and the Assad families have split the Bath Party between Iraq and Syria, which was a crime. Bathism is the legitimate political inheritance of the Arab people. And it is the only thing that can help them. I say that objectively! Nothing is going to help the Arab world!


Islamism is good at destroying, nation, after nation, unfortunately. It builds nothing! Only Arab racial consciousness will help them! And only the Bath Party can provide it in an authentic way. And that, of course, is why Arab nationalist states have to be destroyed. Always! It’s been going on since the end of the Second World War.


The obsession, “the Assad must go” obsession is based on nothing than a desire to stamp out secular Arab nationalism from the Middle East! To the benefit of, you know, which (((country))). Because that country will brook no competitors!


And Arab nationalist regimes are the only competitors to the country we’re talking about. And I’d add! When it comes to Bathism, the Arab people have definitely been robbed!


In particular in the following way. Arab nationalism, whether it’s Bathism, or other iterations, owes everything to European nationalism! Down to everything. To symbolism, to uniforms. Not just the Bath Party, but also the SSNP in Syria. The Iraqi government of the 30s was, let us say, sympathetic to the Third Reich.


If you look at the history of Europe. If you look at the German nationalist project, which has obviously been going on for a couple of hundred years, the disparate, and broken up German states, were not able to unify, but for Prussia! Which was the big German state.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: You need a Prussia, always! And people will criticize and say:


“Well, that just means that the unification of Germany was less the unification of Germany, and more simply the aggrandizement of Prussia.”


Well, I say very well! Fine! At least the Prussians are German. The same goes for Italy. Critics of the unification of the Italian peninsula, and Sicily, and Sardinia, will say:


“Well, it wasn’t unification as much as it was simply the aggrandizement of Piedmont [?].”


And again, I say fine! Throughout, the post-colonial history of the Arab world people have been looking for a Prussia. It’s either been Egypt, or it’s been Iraq. Iraq was always the more credible Arab Prussia, or Arab Piedmont, so to speak. And that is the reason that it had to be destroyed.


Ayatollah: Yeah, well, I mean, with regards to the 2003 Iraq, War, Keith Woods, basically, I think, just posted like a photo, like sort of a page from a book recently pointing out the “Big Oil” in America. And we’re told:


“Oh! It was for the oil!”


Big oil actually said:


“Well, this is not in our interests. So who’s interests is it?”


Arab SN: That the oil should flow efficiently, and predictably, and reliably.


Ayatollah: Yeah. What was I going to say now? Orthodoxy Proxy asked earlier on, as well. He asked, I suppose this is the both of us:


“Thoughts on the death of FW de Klerk and the wider prospect for Whites in South Africa.”


Well, it’s already pretty awful there for a lot of them. I mean, I don’t think I’ve got anything too definitive, or sort of insightful to say. I mean, I don’t know a lot about FW de Klerk. Was he the last leader of the old regime? Was he a transitional one?


Arab SN: Well, he was the last apartheid President, I believe. And he was Nelson Mandela’s, …


Ayatollah: Predecessor.


Arab SN: Well, he was both. He was Nelson Mandela’s predecessor. And I think his deputy.


Ayatollah: I see. Yes, right.


Arab SN: They both got the Nobel Prize together, for the end of apartheid. They were awarded it jointly.


Ayatollah: I suppose the question would be what he thinks of what it’s like there. Now I think a lot of the blacks in South Africa don’t particularly like things since apartheid changed, to be honest. But it’s not an area of expertise for me.


I mean, obviously we know about the atrocities perpetrated against the Boer, and the horrendous crime rates. And the fact that, well who’s going to give a shit and come to the rescue of Whites? Because no one in the international community will do it really.


And they’re not going to get any help from a black government, which was ultimately put there by the usual subversives. If you look at people like jews dominated the ANC. They were all around people like that.


Arab SN: George Galloway had some interesting remarks about that.


Ayatollah: Yes, he did.:


“Not a single meal, or car, or floor that we slept on [in a Galloway accent] was not provided by jews!”


[Arab SN chuckling] Yeah, something like that. I probably didn’t leave big enough spaces between my words there. He’s a bit like a buffer in video sometimes, isn’t he Galloway.


But there was an amusing thing when Galloway stood for election in Bradford West. And was railing against whoever is his opponent was. I don’t know if it was Bradford West, because that was where he stood against the lovely Naz Shah. And I do say that with some irony, let me be clear.


But yeah, it might have been no, because he’s stood against Luna King, certainly in the one election. She’s after that tribe as well obviously in support of the Iraq war, in Bethnal Green, was it? But you’re saying about this audiences hustings of like Bengalis, or Pakistanis, or whatever, talking about, … Sounds like:


“Who, … Drinks, … Alcohol? It is not, … Me! Who, … Is, … The, … True, … Muslim?”


And whatever. But anyway. Yeah, I digress. Yeah, any particular thoughts on de Klerk and the state of affairs in South Africa? And, by the way, it’s Idris isn’t it? Yeah we didn’t even clarify that at the start.




Arab SN: Well, obviously de Klerk was a party to the dismantling of apartheid. All I’d say about South Africa is that it’s not terribly different to other areas of the world, or other areas of the White world, except that it’s more extreme.


And South Africa also has a, I think, a lot in common with other African countries that are mostly constituted, which is to say established, I think, in order to fail. The South Africa that was created by Mandela and de Klerk between them, seems to me to be an experiment.


It does not seem to me to be Statecraft, or nation building. Because what possible nation can you build from a country as literally diverse as South Africa? The obvious answer to apartheid, which it was unacceptable to blacks. That’s not very interesting. That’s obvious that it would be that way.


The answer is for the Whites either in one big Anglo-Boer State, which I doubt they would allow. But perhaps two White states, one Afrikaner, one British. Something that involved national self-determination not just for the Whites. But for the Zulus too.


I mean, imagine as a sovereign Zulu kingdom run on its own terms. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. But they don’t have that. They have something in-between. Something that doesn’t work.


I don’t think that the post-apartheid settlement in South Africa works for anyone! I don’t think South Africa is a good staging ground for the national excellence of any ethnic group there! Not the Whites. And not any of the blacks, whatever group they belong to.


Ayatollah: A couple of things, actually, before we get on some other stuff. That earlier on I forgot to mention I did mention this to you.


But I think we were getting out the car to go to the pub after the conference the other week. And we mentioned, … It definitely was Cardiff we talked about, because this was the example. And I didn’t know this until recently. I was watching a feller called Barry Jones on the Boxing Social podcast in the run-up to the third fight between Fury and and Deontay Wilder, going back over a month now.


But anyway, I was reading about Barry Jones. Now Barry Jones is a boxer from Cardiff he was a Super Featherweight World Champion in the late 90s, I think. He’s actually a quarter Yemini.


So there you go there’s an example there, but just with regards to what we were talking about earlier on. But there you go. Another thing Jr Hartley up to no good in the chat. And he’s said:


“There are rumours that Tollah’s favourite darts player is Falen Sherif [sp]. Well, I had to Googler her. But I did recognize her. And I’ll tell you why. I watched a bit of the Formula One, and they’re advertising the darts. And it turns out this girl is a darts player. So there you go. She’s from Milton Keynes. So there you are. Yeah, I don’t watch the darts”


But it’s funny, because there’s a darts player now from Portugal who’s very popular. And his name’s Jose something so I call him the “Special One”, like calling him the Special One, like Mouringo [sp]. Which I think is quite funny.


But yeah, I want to get a shirt like a darts player, actually. And then maybe what I’ll do is, rather than having like William Hill and whatever on it, I’ll have like all my favourite streamers and podcasts logo types and stuff. That’ll be good. Turn up to a conference in that.


Right, let’s have a quick look at Entropy, because it’s been, well, it’s a bit mad. First of all couple of questions.


John Simonari has asked a good one. He said:


“What is an Arab? Sudanese, Mauritanians are considered Arab. But they look like Bantu’s, and [word unclear], not the stereotypical Arab look.


Arab SN: Yes. So it’s obvious to anyone, isn’t it? When you look at the Arab world it’s clearly not an ethnically unified region. I’d say that it’s probably more helpful to compare the Arab cultural sphere to Rome. In that you have, … I mean, Classical Rome.




Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: In that you have an overarching sort of umbrella high culture that everybody is taught. Which comes from a particular ethnic group, but as has spread through the cultural apparatus to other groups. I’d see it like that. I think that there are in the Arab world people who take their Arab blood very seriously in that they like to trace their heritage back to the peninsula.


Ayatollah: Yeah from the [word unclear]. And so on.


Arab SN: Yeah. So if you can do that, you can do that, that’s fine. But yes, it’s definitely true, you know, Somalia is a member of the Arab league. They’re obviously not Arabs.


But again it’s I suppose it’s similar to the conversation that we were having some moments ago about the blurred edges, and the periphery. So in North Africa, the further south you go things are still Arab linguistically, culturally. They’re reading Arab newspapers. And they’re still taking direction from the Arab capital, or metropolis. But they’re African. So there is that.


But they’ve managed to build a cultural sphere that is at a certain level is unified. Not at the local level, but at higher cultural levels is unified. And the key to all of this is the Arabic language.


And so you had a situation in the heyday of Arab nationalism, the 50s, and the 60s, enormous amounts of cultural material being created in Cairo, and Beirut, and Damascus, and Baghdad, that was being consumed throughout the Arab linguistic sphere. So right into Africa.


So you had this, … Well the word “empire” is very tainted. But it’s a kind of “cultural empire” that used to exist in a more solid way, and still exists now. When I use the word “Arab” though, I’m not really using it ethnically. I’m referring to Arab States, and the Arab cultural centre.


Ayatollah: Yeah. Glenn the Chinaman, … I mean, funnily enough, on that subject, Glenn the Chinaman has said. And these are just questions. There are donations which we’re going to come to, including from Glenn the Chinaman, very generously. Glenn the Chinaman has said:


“Races aren’t a genetic island. There is overlap. Races come about from divergent evolution from separation for thousands of years.”


Yeah, well correct, that’s yeah, exactly! Yeah, what else do we have? [chuckling] I’m fairly sure this isn’t, … Sorry. Go ahead.


Arab SN: Tollah, what happens if I just need a one minute break?


Ayatollah: You go right ahead, you go right ahead, honestly. It’s absolutely fine.


Arab SN: All right. Thank you.


Ayatollah: Yeah be assured that I somehow keep this rabble entertained on their own a lot of the time, because they’ve got very low expectations. Oh dear! [chuckling] I’m just having a look through some of the stuff people posted on Entropy, some of which I will wait to come to until our guest rejoins us.


But yeah, it’s certainly been very, very interesting so far. I want to make sure I’m not falling behind on YouTube whilst we do this, as well, actually. It can be quite a lot to manage but do you know what, actually? I need to bring Idris’ attention to the private chat. Because that’s always there if he needs it, as well. Not all of them always great for remembering to look at it. Because I think it was around about this time last year, that Morgoth was on, and said at one point [in a Morgoth accent]:


“I’ve been waiting to go for a piss for the past five minutes, like!”


But anyway. Well actually you’ve had one there. Orthodoxy Proxy said:


“Care for an impression while we wait for Arab Social Nationalists?”


Well there’s one. If you want any more, to suggest any others. [chuckling]


Homa Tawk to the Shockmaster! Oh dear [chuckling]! Well the Shockmaster one, … The thing is Homa Tawk, the only bit I can really do is the British bulldog bit, which I pointed out to you which is very quiet. Whereas after the Shockmaster actually falls on his face for some reason. Like the British bulldog. Maybe it’s the thing about being from Bolton, or Wigan, or wherever he was from, he couldn’t distinguish between face and arse! Maybe that’s to say something about the womenutan up there, I don’t know! Don’t descend on me now Lancashire folk. But anyway. He goes:


“He found his arse, he fell flat on his fucking arse!”


But anyway. Howard long said impression of Dangerfield. I mean, I sound 90% the same as him I think, to be honest. Maybe I speak a little bit more quickly. If I develop develop a drug habit, and emigrate maybe I’ll slow down a little bit. But no plans for it at the moment.




Well good to have you back, because I’ve struggled to hold the fort, because people start asking for the most ridiculous things when they think they can get away, when I’m on my own!


There’s a fellow called Corbyn Army who it’s even been speculated that he’s behind, or was a guest on an antifa podcast, where they discussed Patriotic Alternative extensively, recently. Now, I’m pretty sure this isn’t the real one. The real one has commented on these streams previously. This is one of those situations where the audience are aware of all of this. But the guests typically won’t be.


But this fella agreed to a debate with me, pulled out of it. And then blocked me on all of his email accounts. And then asked for a debate, where he didn’t discuss the jews. Which was a little bit of a QED! But, I’m fairly sure this isn’t the real Corbyn Army and he said:


“I’ve seen that twat who pays Tollah $150 a show hasn’t shown his face. Probably woken up to the fact that Tollah is a grifting piece of shit!”


Well, we’ll come on to that, don’t you worry. But, I’m fairly sure it’s not the real one. And then he’s asked, … Well it says it’s Corbyn Army, but I’m pretty sure it’s not, says:


“So what would your advice be to mixed race English people with say a White mother, black father. Are they an outsider to you people, or would they be accepted?”


That’s a good question. Speaking from experience, if they are pro-White, and they are anti-regime, to a large degree, I’m probably going to have more time for them. Those are very, very small outliers. But I know one, or two. Although I’ve got a comment on that, but in a moment.


But I would say if basically they take our side, and that extends to its going to help if they sort of know what all of this is really about, then ultimately I’ve got a lot more time for them, than I’ve got for any fucking White liberal! It’s as simple as that! Because who you are, and what you stand for matters.


And there’s something to be said on this, which I’ll say just speaking for myself, as somebody perceiving it in others. But when, and you talked Idris about the expectation that you would go along with the anti-racist, i.e., anti-White agenda and whatever. Go on the marches, all this sort of stuff. There’s something to be commended in people where they would probably have it a lot easier, given the choice with some non-White ancestry. And all the advantages and sort of privileges that can confer in a White society under the occupation, we’re under.


First of all “clarity of thought” is something we’re going to talk about. To have the clarity of thought to actually, … And they might be helped along by meeting the right people, seeing the right video, whatever. To have the clarity of thought to arrive at the right conclusion which most people of any race don’t manage to do, because of all the propaganda and misinformation.


And then actually to take what is quite a courageous step to, … They’ve got an easier way out. They’ve got a way out that is potentially a bit easier than just being a White normie, who’s put upon and demonized all the time. They basically take the side of right, when first of all they’ve got the consideration that, well they understand as well as anybody else.


In some ways maybe it’s easier for them to say some of the things we say. But it’s still tends not to be welcomed. They’ve got that consideration that you become something of a pariah.


And then secondly, how, … And we’ll come on to this sort of thing. How are you going to be received by basically, White nationalists? So, to be quite honest when you get these very rare cases. But I know a few of them, of people of mixed ancestry taking up the sort of, … How would I put this? The dissident White nationalist cause. And I include the dissident part there, they’re pro-White. But they oppose fundamentally the present order, and it’s agendas. I’ve got a lot of admiration for that.


And again, I’ve talked before about honoraries and adopted. And I don’t think very many people just begrudge on face, somebody for what they are by racial category. We talk in generalities.


When you deal with individuals you’ve got to take the individual at face value. That’s what I would say on that.


But I’m curious to what you would say on that general subject? We’ve touched on some of it, but any sort of further thoughts?


Arab SN: Well I think that the question speaks to how long it took me to necessarily arrive at the dissident Right. Because I think one of the things, … For people who are half White, I think one of the things that stands in the way of them thinking more critically about the regime, and it’s orthodoxy, is childhood experiences of crass racism!


That really helps you to feel rejected by White people. And therefore to turn against them down the line. And I’ve never been anti-White. But if I was ever indifferent to White interests, it will have been, because of the bitterness of certain childhood experiences of rejection by White people. Some people don’t get over that.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: And some people think that racism is more meaningful than it really is. And as I’ve gotten older, I can’t accept the Left wing view, … Actually, I don’t even think it’s Left-wing. I think it’s just the view, that racism, and angry demonstrations of racism, are fundamentally meaningless! Or they’re just expressions of hate, which is a word that I hate! [chuckling] Because it doesn’t mean anything.


If you can say to yourself:


“Well, what’s the root of the anger? Does this person really, instinctively, despise people who are not lily White?”


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Most of the time I don’t think so.


Ayatollah: No.


Arab SN: I think that, …


Ayatollah: It’s a feeling of encroachment.


Arab SN: Yes.


Ayatollah: And also kids cruel! Because kids are! And you’ll get singled out for anything!


Arab SN: Yeah, they’re bastards.


Ayatollah: And I had a story. I remember a fellow I know in our circles was saying once, like where I grew up. And he grew up in a fairly diverse area. But he was saying like:


“Everyone was White the school I went to, but like the Indian couple who owned the shop, naturally, their daughter went to our school. They must have been Sikhs, because her name was Cameljer.”


So he said:


“So naturally everybody called her Camel Shit!”


And you’re just thinking yeah kids are bastards, but it can be fucking hilarious! But then again, I digress.




Arab SN: They are. But the Left capitalizes on that. So you as an ethnic person, let’s say. You have these experiences of racism and the Left is not actually, I should stop saying the Left, because it’s actually the broader political culture. They’re waiting to tell you that’s the position of White people. That’s what White people are. Well, they’re not! And we’ll come to it when we introduce it.


But I have embraced a certain political philosophy that was predominant in Central and Western Europe in the 30s. And you would think that would be the precise environment where I would be on the receiving end of the worst, the crassiest, the scariest racism.


Ayatollah: If you believe the caricature, as you would. Yeah.


Arab SN: Yes. But it isn’t.


Ayatollah: No.


Arab SN: It just isn’t. The angry and scared, crass, racist is real. But I understand why that person exists. They’re scared. Yeah, they see what’s going on. And they think that I personally am the problem. So I can’t pretend that all of this stuff comes out of the ether.


But the point I was trying to make was that there is this experience of racism that can lead half White people away from their White side. And can lead them to reject it, because they feel rejected. I think, perhaps there’s something that White people could do.


Perhaps White people could take White blood more seriously and embrace it where they find it. Even if they don’t find it 100 percent present, they could say:


“Hello! Welcome!”


To you. Because if White blood and White ancestry matters, then it matters! And if somebody is fully half White, then perhaps you would do well to be a bit more welcoming to them. Not least, because my mother, she has ethnic rights. And she has the right for her children to have access to White culture and White life. That’s my inheritance from her.


So I mean, I was going to say, like if the Nuremberg Law was applied, I’d be a full citizen of the Reich. Because in the Reich German blood was taken seriously.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Even if you had a full half, you had a full half. You can’t argue.




Ayatollah: Yeah. This is the interesting thing. If you go and look at Nuremberg Laws. And do you know what, this was actually pointed out to me. When I was at the outset of the relationship I was getting into, I was talking to people about it. And somebody came back to me, and I’d honestly never considered it, or thought about it. And I didn’t know a lot about the Nuremberg Laws. And he basically said:


“Under the Nuremberg Laws your children will be full citizens. And I think so would she.”


However you have to caveat that by saying that we’re not the same demographic considerations at that time as there are. Now I will say that for the sort of the pro-White community, as and where you have outlier cases of people of mixed ancestry, look if they’re genuine and they’re valuable people, character matters! And I’m not saying it makes you any more virtuous, clearly it doesn’t.


But look, if you’re an outlier, look you’re just an outlier. And I’ll always take the individual on the merits. That’s my view on it.


I mean, Albion Forever has made a point:


“If our society was socially pro-White I think a lot of these people would just lean our way and identify with their White side.”


Yes, they would I do think there’s also a degree of what Idris talked about with the TASOB lads. Which is you’re always identified, even whether you want to be by your otherness, so that’s true.


But I also think, and not applicable in your case Idris, however something I’ve noticed with people I know who are sort of in the pro-White cause who are partially non-White ancestry, is they have White fathers. And I think an element of that is, …


For one thing when you say “mixed race” you probably picture somebody who’s half White, half black. And you think of having a White single mother and a black father. And it was just like to whatever extent it was even a relationship it was probably short-lived. That’s the cliche for good reason, because it’s a very common thing. Tends to be a lower status, you know, sort of maybe not the most sort of “chaste” White woman. And a sort of a just a black man who ain’t too fussy himself. That’s the cliche of it.


There are a lot of different dynamics and sort of archetypes of mixed race relationship, because you’ve got, … We talked about this a lot with Frodi Midjord, who was on. It’s a very prevalent thing even where he’s from the Faroes, it’s very remote place, but also throughout Scandinavia.


And it’s been a thing for a long time in this country as well. Which is the middle aged White man, very often divorced, goes and basically buys a bride from southeast Asia, because more younger, more submissive. They want to get out and have a better standard of living. And so on and so forth. You also have, … It’s a funny thing, because you even see this on a very, very small scale.


But these relationships statistically are quite stable, where you’ve got higher status White men with higher status black wives. And I know somebody like that as well, within our circles!


But there is a sort of a thing. And some of it can be maybe traveling in a professional career with work, where there is a certain type of higher status White man who sort of above average IQ, does well financially, ends up taking a foreign wife. It’s more often sort of a higher status man. And quite often it’ll be a higher status foreign woman. Maybe, or it’s the sort of Thai bride thing. So there are a lot of interesting dynamics to it.


But I think when people have got a strong White father that seems to go a long way. Whereas I suppose if you’re, maybe you’re in the cliched situation of like your dad’s parents were from Jamaica and your mum’s off the estate, or whatever. Well you’re probably raising a single parent household, you stand out for your otherness. And there’s no strong father figure in your life. But you end up identifying with the black side anyway. And the sort of the zeitgeist encourages you to do that anyway. And that you are also defined by your otherness, you know.


Arab SN: Yeah, I think that this is a big conversation. Yeah, it is. Yeah, I’m very mindful of that, as I said, I’m not going into too much depth. But yeah.


Arab SN: You’ve given a really good summary. Because, yes, there are different ways and circumstances in which a mixed race relationship will come about. And there are definitely class issues.


To use an example, it’s not always the case that the immigrant is always the same either. So people have a view of immigrants especially, you know, in our context now. So immigration and the waves that are coming now to the West, are basically the transfer of the peasantry of this, or that country, to Europe.


But immigration is not always worked that way. And so at a certain time in this country you might have had a trickle of migration from countries that were very oppressive dictatorships, because there is a certain kind of person in that country who simply cannot live in those circumstances.




Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Who’s too clever, or too creative, or too cynical. A person who just can’t go along. And so they’ll seek a different life abroad. Their entire interaction with the new country is different. And I described a bit, …


My dad is of this sort. And it’s affected my relationship with White people. And it’s affected my relationship with White society, because I’ve always been able to interact with White society at a certain level. And so for other immigrants who are, let’s say at the bottom of this hierarchy. And who are having children with marginal White women, off the estate, as you say, the experience is entirely different.


And in the latter case, it just has the quality of a horrible experiment. Because those couplings at that end of society I think are less likely to be successful.


Ayatollah: Yes, yeah.


Arab SN: You are talking about White women, or White men, who choose a foreign partner. The success of those relationships is greater, because as you were saying, they’re at a social, or educational, or cultural, or background level, that makes them compatible beyond race.


Ayatollah: Yes.


Arab SN: And so for them you’re in love [chuckling] and, you know, love matters! You have to talk about that too. You’re in love, …


Ayatollah: This is not advocacy, I would stress, by the way, in any sense from either. What it is, it’s just an observation of the reality and how these things come to be. For example, with the high status middle-aged White man who takes a black wife. Well a lot of us would think:


“Well, that’s a strange taste!”


And okay, maybe he’s got sort of atypical inclinations. But he probably knows what he’s about and what he wants. And as you said, they are able to connect beyond, you know, okay, beyond the level of race. It seems to trivialize race.


But there are other things. And particularly in a sort of a, for better, or worse, largely for worse, of course, in a globalizing world where there is a world culture for a certain type of person. A certain level of education and professional attainment. And generally I dislike those people! [chuckling] But yeah, there is a sort of, …


Arab SN: And money, and high status change you, don’t they?


Ayatollah: They do. Exactly!


Arab SN: And make things available to you, and they make things acceptable. A mixed-race relationship undertaken by some millionaire, he’s not just in a relationship, … I don’t know, with some foreign peasant! It’s likely this person is probably also at the top of her society, as well.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: That matters! Class and money, all play their part. They play their part at the top end of race mixing. And at the bottom end of race mixing too. It’s relevant.


But yes, it’s not advocacy! Because I don’t think that race mixing is desirable. I think that’s its something, … And the reason that I know it’s not desirable isn’t that my experience of it has been particularly bad, because it hasn’t. It’s a problem that nobody ever asked to be solved.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: So your (((fellow Whites))) do a lot of advocacy for White race mixing.


Ayatollah: I think they do kind of more, or less, all of it, to be honest! But yes, [chuckling]


Arab SN: Yeah. Well, what problem is it solving? There isn’t a problem here.


Ayatollah: Well, it’s solving a problem for them.


Arab SN: For them! Yes! But not for White people. It’s very difficult for me to make a case for race mixing for White people. And I may not even have strong feelings about it. But it’d be difficult for me to make the case that a young English lad should make his life difficult by marrying some Nigerian woman. Why!


Ayatollah: Hmm.


Arab SN: It’s not answering any problem!


Ayatollah: Well, it’s like immigration itself. Again what problem is it solving that we didn’t have?:


“Oh, okay, we didn’t have enough people in that profession!”


Well, you know, bide your time and fucking train them! Or offer more money.


Arab SN: Yeah!




Ayatollah: You’d never in good faith, … I mean, okay, it happened on a small scale, you had the Yemini workers in the docks in Sunderland, or Cardiff, or whatever. Happened on small scales! It wasn’t:


“Let’s just import a thousand villages from Mirpura [sp] into West Yorkshire!”


Arab SN: Those Yeminis had a clear context. And it was the sailing business. They were sailors from Yemen. And they lived in these port cities. And they married locally, and there we are. And now you wouldn’t be able to identify those children from the population, because they were completely absorbed. Why? Because it wasn’t mass migration! It wasn’t deliberate! It was the migration and race mixing that comes from human interaction.


Ayatollah: It was a bit of an outlier, yeah.


Arab SN: But it was not a trend. It had no meaning beyond the individual marriages that occurred. It didn’t change the local culture. You may have had a Yemini coffee house [chuckling] in Tiger Bay, or Sunderland. You may have been able to procure Yemini food if you wanted it. There might have been a little mosque around the corner somewhere, down an alley.


But nothing meaningful! Nothing that had the character of a demographic experiment, where you’re trying to fundamentally change, or to eliminate the local culture!


Ayatollah: Yeah, there was something I was going to say about this now, and I’ve forgotten what it was. What was the point I was going to make, now?


Well, this was the point I was going to make. It’s like again, no one is really that bothered, I don’t think, no one is really that bothered about the odd, the isolated thing, which might have happened were we not under a sort of a hostile regime.


But nothing remotely akin to the project that has been ongoing more, or less, since the end of the Second World War, and has been accelerating the past couple of generations.


The analogy would be. Look, if you go out and get absolutely, … And I don’t drink. But if you go out and get absolutely hammered couple of times a year, look you’re going to have a headache the next day. But you’re probably not going to do yourself any long-term harm. Whereas if you’re knocking back five, or six pints five, six, nights a week. And then maybe getting completely addled on the weekend, you will feel the effect of it. And you’ll look beyond your age. And your memory will start to go. And your speech will start to slur, and whatever. And there you are, you know, outliers are outliers.




Arab SN: This experiment that we’re discussing, I am not certain in any case, whether it’s even working. Because there are your (((fellow Whites))) want it to work! And they work very hard to promote it.


But if we were to take Yorkshire, for example, I’m not sure how much race mixing goes on up there. I’m not sure how often you’ll see, you know, mixed-race, young people. And I’m not sure how much the Pakistanis even want it anyway.


Ayatollah: And sub-continentals in general, … But it probably applies more with Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, because then there’s also the religious factor where they’re more resistant to out-marriage than, …


Arab SN: They tend to be quite strict about these things. And one thing that I found peculiar about the Counter Jihad movement was that, … Well the Counter jihad movement, and the sort of less intellectually robust end of the BNP, there would be this bemoaning and bewailing of the quote “Muslim”. Which is to say in this country Pakistani’s lack of integration. And I would think to myself.:


“Well, hang on! How desirable is an integration? Do you even want it?”


It’s lamentable that entire towns, like Dewsbury, have been given over to a foreign ethnic group. However, at least they’re not mixing with the native population. I think that matters, … I think that’s the Counter Jihad movement, because it’s fundamentally globalist and globo-homo, and it’s pro everything basically.


Ayatollah: Yeah. And trips over itself to declare itself so it gets a free pass for it’s kind of fundamentally territorial ill will, understandably so, toward a foreign group, …


Arab SN: Effectively complaining. And I have heard people like Robert Spencer complain about this explicitly. They lament that Muslims, which in the UK means Pakistanis, and in France means Arabs, I suppose.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Lamenting that they won’t marry off their daughters to White men! And I think well how terrible is that? Do you really want that? If that was happening in front of you. And if that were common, would you really be happy with it?




Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: That’s some of the clues that, you know, that the Counter Jihad movement is a jewish movement! Because, under the guise of nationalism, it was promoting everything that was negative. So the massive presence of foreigners on these islands, I don’t think is good. But what I think is good, is the lack of integration, where you see a lack of integration. I think that’s better for Whites.


Ayatollah: Yeah. I mean, I will say that. I mean, he’s not worded it too tactically. But I think Mr X has got a point in the chat where he said:


“Even if there’s no mix, the immigration doesn’t stop. And we will be swamped!”


So it’s shit either way, as you’ve said. But then that I could say that is basically what you said anyway.


Arab SN: Yeah, I agree. But if it were one thing or the other, … Being swamped yes, you’re swamped. But if your ethnic group has its ethnic integrity, then at least you have that. God forbid that these islands end up as some iteration of Brazil. Which for me is highly undesirable!


Ayatollah: You talked before. I mean, we did talk about the, because you have some firsthand experience of it growing up in the White area. And it’s a thing we both fully understand. Which is the reactive hostility you’ll get, particularly as a kid. If you stand out, you stand out for being non-White, or whatever.


Now on that subject something I always think back to, because you’ll get people will sort of come at you with the argument of oh, you know, they’ll overlook the Rotherham, the Telford, the Newcastle, Manchester, and there’s a certain sort of archetype of the kind of like the “sassy hijab” will come back about this and be like:


“Oh, what about the girl who gets a headscarf pulled off on the bus?”


And it’s like I’m advocating the solution to all of that. Which is that, … [Arab SN sneezes] Bless you, … Well, shouldn’t say “bless you”! I’m sure there’s an Islamic counterpart to that. But, you know, yeah there we are.


But basically you’ll have the sort of people arguing from their own interests. You’ve got the archetype of the sort of sassy, you know, “hijabi girl”, who’s distinctly lacking in traditional Islamic modesty, I’ll say that much. But, you know. Yeah, there’s no fucking argument there! There’s a reason why White nationalists said the old Islam is right about women’s stickers going around! [Laughter] But we had our own sort of solid ideas on that a long time ago as well, ….


But like to give the example, yeah they gloss over you sort of your Rotherham’s, your Newcastle’s, your Manchester’s, Telford, you name them. And it’s like:


“Well, what about the poor, what about Christchurch!”


Or what about:


“The poor girl who gets a scarf torn off on the bus, or whatever, by the dreaded gammon?”


Well, look, my ideal for society is a situation where none of it can happen! Right? To give an example of this, there was a boxer, a boxing trainer more he was. Better as a trainer than a boxer. I think a fella called Dave Caldwell from Sheffield. And he was born in Calcutta. His father was English and his mother is Indian. And growing up where he did in Sheffield he got a hell of a lot of stick.


I mean, I’m reading something from what he said here is like he get a lot of stick. And a lot of probably violence when he was a kid. And so he got into boxing. He’s only a little fella. He’s like five foot three. But he was saying:


“I’d always think about what happened when I had a family, revealed Caldwell, recalling the 1990s northern British climate, that viciously stole his childhood. What would happen if I was walking down the street with my kid. And one of the bullies just came over and beat me up? How can I protect the family when I couldn’t even look after myself? Those are the questions I asked myself.”


Now that is nothing other than tragic. But again as much as we’ve talked about the fringe cases, we advocate for a world view where those issues don’t arise! You could look at Rotherham, you could look at Christchurch. If you have a nationalist conception in the world. And people should broadly speak and be where they belong.


And we shouldn’t be under a regime which among other indignities and atrocities, you know, goes about the wholesale demographic sabotage of basically all of Europe, to name one, North America. And so on and so forth. Then you don’t have these problems!


The point is, it is the present order. And again there are people, other than people of my own race, who have their own grievances against it. And we have common grievances. I mean, well, you know, Afghanistan is a subject we’ll come to.


But there’s Entropy’s been busy tonight I want to go through a few things on there here quickly.


Corbyn Army asked again. And I don’t know if this is the real one, or not. It could be.:


“So will you be doing a stream on the diversity of the 2021 Christmas adverts. I always find your reaction somewhat amusing.”


Yeah, I might do.




Steve Choir CD Soho, Steve Squire, I struggled with this one last time. Steve Squire CD Soho Shop, said:


“Tollah, why do I get the feeling you do an incredible cover, or can do an incredible cover of ‘What is Love’ by Hadaway. Written by White people, by the way.”


You think wrong! I don’t think I could!


Also, JR Hartley asked earlier:


“Can I do an impression of Dr William Luther Pierce?”


And, not really. The best I can do is the only bit of Pierce that I can recall off the top of my head is what the little excerpt from him in the intro to The Daily Shoah podcast, where he goes, … And the key to this really is replicating the poor audio quality by putting my hand over my mouth. It’s sort of like:


“Men of their race are still being born with the Right stuff!”


That’s about as good as it gets. Sorry! But having finished embarrassing myself, for now [chuckling]. Steve Squire CD Soho Shop is doing a bit of TASOB nostalgia from when Idris was on there. And has simply said:


“Do you, … (because I’ve got to do the Charlie voice), … Do you denounce Muhammad? Mate! He’s on our fucking side!”


They’re a fun crowd I’ll give them that.


Alligator Snapping Turtle simply said:


“Okay, you win Tollah. Long Hot Summer is a fucking tune. Been listening to it for the last week now.”


And he’s just said then:


“Don’t matter what I do! Don’t matter what I do! Don’t matter what I do, because I end up hurting you!”


Which is the lyric from the song, anyway. But I appreciate that Alligator Snapping Turtle.


Now donations, donations, donations, donations [chuckling]. There’s a nice Peep Show reference in there. Mark the Shark has donated 10 pounds. And that’s very kind of you Mark! Because he simply said:


“Just a small token of gratitude for the streams.”


Well, I greatly appreciate it Mark. And I also appreciate the Peep Show reference though. You know, :


“Yes! Mark the Shark is in business!”


Are you a Peep Show fan, Idris?


Arab SN: Yes!


Ayatollah: Do, you know what? We wouldn’t have talked about politics if I’d known that on the day. So it’s probably for the better that we didn’t. But, …


Arab SN: And I think I have some political views about Peep Show.


Ayatollah: I’d love to hear this, go on.


Arab SN: So I’m in my mid thirties. So I’m a product of Tony Blair. I think it will only take a couple of years before Peep Show is not necessarily understandable to young people, who are, …


Ayatollah: Right.


Arab SN: Who are coming to it. I think it represents the degeneracy that I was raised in. The sort of Tony Blair bullshit world, neo-liberal.


Ayatollah: Actually going out to the fuck bunker, rather than go staying on [word unclear].


Arab SN: Yeah, [chuckling]. I think that Peep Show is a really interesting cultural snapshot.


Ayatollah: Yes. I think you’re right actually.


Arab SN: Of a period in this country where you’re perhaps more optimistic than justified.


Ayatollah: But there is still a futility and nihilism about it all. But yeah, definitely. Yeah, but nothing like now! Nothing like what we have now! Probably the generation to follow, … We are probably somewhere between the ages that Mark and Jez were and the Zoomers, I suppose, aren’t we?


Arab SN: Yeah, well it ends on Mark’s 40th birthday.


Ayatollah: Yes. Yeah, well, Jez’s fortieth birthday. And you’ve got the northern Irish ginger lad in the shop where he’s getting the banner. He has to say:


“Jeremy! You are 40 years old!”


I’m trying to remember what he says in his Ulster accent, the northern Irish lad. I can’t remember. But it’s an interesting thing, …


Arab SN: Do, you know what Mark? Exclamation mark, or anything?


Ayatollah: Yeah [chuckling].


Arab SN: You are 40!


Ayatollah: Yeah [chuckling] Peep Show is quite interesting. And the other thing is there’s loads of it. So there’s a lot that can kind of be discussed. And it covers a big time period. It covers 12, 13 years.


Arab SN: It’s nine seasons, yeah.


Ayatollah: Yeah! Fantastic show! Yeah.


Glenn the Chinaman has donated, well he’s done that more than once actually. But he’s very generously donated 10 US dollars. And he said:


“I think it is an obvious plan for zionists to empty out greater Israel of non-just. However, the need for endless growth of capitalism drives migration more. All countries with a shrinking worker population bringing workers. Saudi, Korea, Thailand, all bringing foreign workers.”


Yeah, it’s very true. I mean, I’ll say this. It’s obviously the case that the mass immigration into the West goes far, far, far, beyond, and is far older than any agenda to basically just depopulate the sort of the greater Israel area of Muslims. Because that doesn’t explain Jamaica, and India, and China, and whatever else.




Arab SN: There are several goals.


Ayatollah: Oh, yeah, absolutely! Yeah yeah.


Arab SN: At the top there’s a reason that they don’t direct all of this migration into Africa. They direct the migrants into Europe, because there is something that they do not like about Europe, and about White people. And that they would like to change, demographically.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: But in the case of Syria and Iraq, you’re able to do two things at the same time. You’re able to deal a serious blow to social cohesion and normalcy in Western Europe. And you’re also able to clear the ground for Israel’s expansion in the Middle East.


Ayatollah: Yes.


Arab SN: Yeah, it’s well observed. But it’s not representative of every case. I don’t think they have any particular animus towards Jamaica.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: In fact, I think Jamaica is probably a country they like very much.


Ayatollah: Yeah [chuckling]. Very influential there as well. The Gleaner company, and so on. To this day I think, as well.


Arab SN: Yeah. But there was population from Jamaica that you could move to these islands. So yeah, the model is not always the same.


Ayatollah: Yeah, ultimately when you have that level of power you have your fingers in many pies. And yeah, the population transfers and demographic sort of meddling could serve a great many purposes, be their economic, demographic.


Arab SN: Yes. And so I would say the Western interventions in Iraq and Syria are plainly designed to accommodate the strategic ambitions of Israel.


Ayatollah: Oh yeah!


Arab SN: However, the intervention in Haiti represents a different set of goals all together. Bad for Haiti. But they want something different out of those islands, I think. I encourage people to look at BitChute for material on that.


Ayatollah: Yeah. Glenn the Chinaman has followed up with another five dollars just to clarify. Because the you got the character limit on Entropy. But certainly if ever you’ve got a point you want to make. First of all just ask the question. There’s no donation obligation god. [chuckling] And if you run out of characters and you have donated, just put it in there and bring it to my attention. If it’s on Entropy I shouldn’t miss it.


But Glenn the Chinaman with another five dollars. Thank you very much Glenn. Has gone on, and he’s gone on again thereafter actually:


“The difference is with Saudi and Korea, and the UK, and Japan there is no pathway to citizenship. And they don’t get the rights of a citizen. That is from a different element pushing that. [word unclear] is the number one threat regardless.”


Yes! You have a sort of a neo-liberal dystopia in a place like the United Arab Emirates where eighty percent of the people there are foreigners. And there is a quite clearly delineated caste of foreign labour there that does pretty much everything. Because the natives are small in number and generally it’s a free house, and whatever else. And they get a stake in a foreign business. And so on.


And they have clear supremacy, and you can’t just become a citizen. So I will give them that at least. They’re looking after their own. It’s still a big shopping mall. And it’s still gaudy and not rooted in anything wholesome, or authentic. But, what we are, as White people, in our countries is we’re effectively hostages of a very malevolent regime that’s just working it dispossess us and demoralized.


Arab SN: It’s different in the Gulf. It’s also different in Malaysia. In those places they have clarity. So you can go, you know, as anybody as an Indian, as a White person, as anybody, you can go to the UAE, make your fortune, enjoy yourself.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: But you’re not Emirati! You never will be! They’ll never allow it. There’s no pathway to citizenship. There’s no cultural entree. It’s just simply is the case that the indigenous population, they really do just segregate themselves off from this massive foreign element.


And I’d add, as well, that in many of these countries it is considered impolite for foreigners to even speak to the locals. So I think that the model of the UAE is fundamentally depraved. And I would never recommend it for anybody.


But they’ve chosen to pursue endless economic growth by importing foreigners on a short-term basis, and having some kind of massive turnover of foreigners.


On the other hand, in Malaysia, you have a situation where under British rule a lot of Chinese, … Well, what was done to Malaysia is perhaps not terribly different to what’s being done to Western countries today. It’s a bit of a British Empire model to flood a subject country with a different race. So as to muddy waters, politically, and to create division. So in Malaysia you have about one-third Indians, one-third Chinese, and one-third indigenous Malay, who are Muslims.




Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: The supremacy of the Malays isn’t questioned. And the primacy of their language, their culture, the Islamic religion, it’s all clear! Everybody knows! I would not worry about that kind of clarity in the United Kingdom.


Ayatollah: No!


Arab SN: At all!


Ayatollah: Which is a point I’ve made. That’s my vision of it, as well. Like, would I want the one-third this, one to that, demographics? Obviously not! But would that be more manageable, where it was just an unquestioned thing, that right, this is theirs. Which is to say that, okay, look you could be a foreigner in our country, and you might have British friends and whatever else. You might live your whole life here. But it’s not your place to have a say in the political process. And that’s not a snub against you, or any sort of hostility. It’s just like:


“Well, look, you’re a welcome guest in my house perhaps, …”


But this is.


Arab SN: You can’t [word unclear] the walls, …


Ayatollah: Yeah, exactly! You’re not picking the next sofa and all that. Yeah, which is a really sort of basic bitch way of putting it. But it works. And I think actually in discussing that we’ve answered another question, really, from Orthodoxy Proxy, which was.:


“What do you think of the policies of the Gulf states where, …”


It’s not just Indians. Indians are a big part of it. Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, particularly in the construction industry. But he said:


“Indians make up close to 70 to 80% of the entire population.”


It’s generally 80 to maybe 85% in places like Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, which are foreign labour. But a large proportion of that is Indian sub-continent. But then you’ve got Filipinos, Chinese. You’ve got some Africans, East Africans. Domestic servants are often not treated too well as well. And Europeans, as well. But I think we’ve probably answered that. But any further thoughts on that general subject, Idris?


Arab SN: Yeah I do, in fact, just one. The development model of the smaller Gulf States. I don’t think is any good. I don’t think it was ever necessary. I just think it’s extravagant.


But yeah, they do take solid measures to protect the indigenous culture, and people as it’s primacy. I would add, as well, that those people in the Gulf, I’m talking about the locals. They have a racial consciousness that extends beyond their own Arabism.


And it used to be the case, I don’t know if it is now. When I was younger I used to periodically look on Indeed [?], and similar websites, for jobs in the Gulf. And I would often find adverts that would say. The advert would be in English, because they understood that they were going to need an expat for this. They weren’t going to find a local person. The advert would be in English. And it would stipulate the following:


“Must hold UK, Canadian, US, Australian, New Zealand, or South African, nationality.”


[Tollah laughs] They wanted White people.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: They know! And being a nationalist and being a racially conscious person under this regime, you have to do verbal gymnastics all the time, and try to find a way of speaking about something without really speaking about it.


And I found it in these in these job adverts that what these Gulf Arabs wanted was White people to come and do this or that job! [chuckling] But they couldn’t say something. So they had to find some other way! I don’t know if they still do that. But it would be a good, it would be instructive. Have a look and see what’s there.


Ayatollah: Yeah. What you’ll also find, … I once had a sort of acquaintance with the lad from Iraq many years ago. This was all on the internet. But like a lad from Iraq. But I think he’d spent part of his life in the Gulf. And he said:


“A lot of the older folks in places, …”


Like, I don’t know, Dubai and whatever, were who were old enough to remember these places before they went mad and suddenly there were skyscrapers popping up out of the sand dunes. He didn’t like it all. Because you wouldn’t would you?


And also, even if you had the sense that I’m literally privileged, I have native privilege, you probably still wouldn’t like walking around, … So you wouldn’t hate it neither degree that I would dislike walking through parts of say Birmingham, or London, or whatever. Certainly not! But you would not like walking through a shopping mall, or whatever in, I don’t know, bloody Abu Dhabi, or Doha, or whatever, and everyone there’s like a Westerner, or they’re an Indian, or a Filipino, or sort of an Ethiopian. Of course, you wouldn’t! It’s just alienating!




Arab SN: I’ve been there.


Ayatollah: Yeah. Weird places!


Arab SN: I was in one of these shopping malls. And there was an old Emirati man. Very, very old. And he couldn’t speak English yeah.


Ayatollah: Which is rare. Among the younger ones they all will.


Arab SN: Yeah, they all can. But he couldn’t speak English. And we were in this like food court of a mall. And he couldn’t order food, because nobody around him spoke Arabic. And certainly nobody behind the counter spoke Arabic either. They were all immigrant Labour. And so I would order this food for him. But I thought:


“What sort of trade-off is it for this man?”


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: They’ve got oil, for fuck’s sake! I mean, you don’t need all of this rubbish. You could live traditionally, and quietly, and happily, from the oil industry to import all of this extra stuff. And to make an elderly local person feel that way. To feel literally, completely, like, there’s nobody to speak his language to.


And so these Emiratis they have to mix with each other in very specific contexts and places. Because the reality is they live in a country where they can’t speak their own language. And they’ve traded it up:


“Okay, we’re a rich country. We’re internationally famous. And we’ve got this. And we’ve got that.”


I’m not sure any of it really makes up for what they’ve given up.


Ayatollah: Yeah. Glenn the Chinaman has followed up with another three dollars. And he said:


“Would you have a nationalist from Japan on? I can possibly get one from Korea, as well. There’s a lot in common with you guys, even the dislike of migrants from Pakistan.”


Yeah if language isn’t a barrier then I possibly would, because these are interesting conversations. And it’s interesting to know what we’ve got in common.


My dream would probably be to get somebody from China, on. And then just do something really crude and ham-fisted and played “Turning Japanese” by the Vapors as their intro music, you know, something like that, or whatever. But no. I find these conversations quite interesting. But thank you very much Glenn the Chinaman. I do appreciate it.


Johnster has donated 10 pound and said:


“Let’s get the ball rolling!”


Well plenty of people got there before you Johnster. But I appreciate it all the same though it’s very kind of you.


Evil Sunglasses donated five pounds. He’s in there again Evil Sunglasses and that’s very generous indeed. And he said:


“Enjoying the stream.”


And he said:


“Could Idris tell us a bit about the relationship between Syria and Iran? Is that relationship critical for Assad?”


Arab SN: I think. Well I think it is critical for him. I think that Iran has saved Syria. Not by itself, you know, in collaboration with Hezbollah and the actual Syrian Arab Army. It’s a crucial relationship, and Assad has known it. Anybody who believes that ISIS was defeated by the Americans, is a fantasist ISIS! ISIS was defeated by the Iranians.


Ayatollah: And Lieutenant General Solomani [sp] had a fair hand in that as well in, … Which was the city? Tikrit, as well I think.


Arab SN: Yeah. And so Assad knows that that Iran has been crucial. And they do have a privileged place in Syria’s foreign affairs. Not that Syria has many choices. In terrible isolation. What I’m happy to see is that Arab regimes of the degenerate sorts, of the Gulf monarchies, etc., have been reaching out to Assad, because they have accepted, and they have internalized that he has won!


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Syria has won! The Bath Party has won! Arabism has won! And Syria exists! And so we had the spectacle of this chimpanzee UAE Foreign Minister visiting visiting Damascus! Smiling like a German shepherd! He’s a ridiculous person!


But they’ve gone from actively funding the resistance, Assad and the Bath Party, sniveling in Damascus. And I’m very happy to see that. So yeah, I think that Assad’s options are broadening as people internalize that Syria has survived this.


But the relationship between Syria and Iran is special. And I hope it remains special. And I hope that when the big reconstruction contracts come, that they do go to Iranian companies, because they deserve it and they’ve earned it.


Ayatollah: The thing that’s, something that caught me out was, … Because I don’t know a lot about the Syrian civil war. It was quite a complicated thing. And I’m sure there was an awful lot of foreign meddling to make it happen.


Not least because, … And this is the example I’m going to cite. You look at somebody like, and she’s one person, you look at Syrian Girl. She’s actually a Sunni. Now Syria, I believe is sort of 85 percent Sunni and it’s largely run by Alawites, who to harder line Sunnis wouldn’t even really be considered Muslims in the true sense. You’ve then got a certain Christian contingent. You’ve got small amounts of possibly Druzes, although I think they’re more in Lebanon and Israel. And your Maronite Christians and Melkites and whatever else. And so on.


I don’t know about your sort of sect background, and you may not want to divulge that, because of OpSec, whatever. But I think that’s the first thing that sort of jars you, because when you sort of get the Western White Helmets line. And all of this sort of stuff. It’s like that it’s a big sectarian thing. And all the Sunnis can’t stand Assad. And basically his biggest cheerleader notably in sort of a Syrian cheerleader in kind of world media, is a Sunni herself.




Arab SN: Yeah.


Ayatollah: And people who do know a bit more about Syria would tell you that, yeah, you do have sort of different sects and different religions wholesale, and different ethnic groups as well. Kurds in the north, and whatever. And there were certainly tensions there, both in Bashar all-Assad’s time and Hafez all-Assad’s time. His father. But it broadly, as it goes, worked. And there was obviously outside meddling to bring about the situation. Why? Well again because, you know, …


Arab SN: How did it work, Tolla?


Ayatollah: Well, there’s a certain model of state. And I suppose it’s a certain form of, not that I’d know a lot about it. But it’s a certain form of basically Arabism.


Arab SN: Yes. Exactly! The answer is Arab nationalism.


Ayatollah: Which is probably why the greatest tension is actually an ethnic tension with the Kurds in the north.


Arab SN: Yes. Precisely. So you’ll find that Arab nationalism in its intellectual origins, is roughly half and half, Christian and Muslim. Although the Christians were more prominent, and more eminent.


Ayatollah: Tara Kazee [sp] would be an example in the government in Iraq.


Arab SN: Yeah.


Ayatollah: Because that wasn’t his birth name. He’s a Christian. But yeah.


Arab SN: And it might have been strategic thinking on the part of Christians. But in any case it worked, to say look Iraq, and Syria, and Lebanon, and Jordan, and Palestine, they can only be cohesive. And they can work only if we think racially! These people will always think religiously, to one extent, or another. And that’s fine.


Ayatollah: You need to be accommodated, yeah.


Arab SN: Yes. You need to be able to do that. But they put Arabism first. And it worked!


Ayatollah: Which is why I had to be stopped. A little bit like something that happened in Europe between the wars.


Arab SN: And I’d add the attack on Arab nationalism, and the obsession with its destruction, is not just, or not simply, because Arab nationalism is dangerous by itself. Rather, I believe, any robust and potentially successful nationalist movement anywhere in the world has to be destroyed! Because it is inspirational to other nationalist movements elsewhere!


And we, as a human race, we are being hammered by the regime into accepting that the only model, the only way, is neoliberal capitalism. That’s the only option that’s available to you! And it’s the only thing that will bring you peace and wherever you find anywhere in the world a nationalist movement, if it succeeds, it will always inspire foreigners! That’s why Arab nationalism exists! It wouldn’t exist really without the example of Europe. Without Europeans saying:


“Hey! Look what we’ve done! We’ve made this, …”




Ayatollah: It’s an inherently sort of modern status thing, of course, isn’t it? To get to that stage of well, you know, Arab identity comes before everything else. Because, as you say, when you think of the extended kinship and sort of clan structure of a lot of particularly the more sort of rural and agrarian Arab society, and the way things will work there, you think of Western Iraq and further reaches of Eastern Syria. And a lot of other places. It’s like, well nationalism is not the most natural fit, but done in the right way it can work, if it functions effectively. And you can get by.


And the same was true of Europe. At one time Germany, at one time, with 300 different sort of city states and whatever else. And the Holy Roman Empire and whatever.


Arab SN: But the key in international affairs always is to make people-driven nationalist movements fail, because their success reverberates beyond their borders. And that is the case whether the nationalist movement in question is a Right-wing one, or a Left-wing one.


Latin America has been ravaged by the United States, because if Latin America were able to produce a social nationalist government that was helping it’s people, it would be an embarrassment! I mean, …


Ayatollah: Bear in mind all of them, except the Brazilians, speak Spanish, as well.


Arab SN: Yes. It would be an embarrassment to the American order which is jewish, and multicultural. Because these things always reverberate beyond their borders. And that is danger for the elite. People forget that the Constitution of the United States, for example, reverberates in the Constitution of many Latin American countries! They were copy-pasting parts of the American constitution into their own.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: You know, this happens. We had Brown Shirts in Germany, Black Shirts in the UK, the Phalanges in Spain, the Fascists in Italy. And, as surely as the sun rises, similar movements in Iraq and Syria, very soon after.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: It spreads. And the reason that all of this has to be destroyed, is precisely because it is contagious.


Ayatollah: Yeah. Oh, yeah.


What else did we have? Ian Holloway’s donated 14 pounds. Thank you very much! Nice football reference as well Ian Holloway. I do appreciate that. I’ll have to work on my Ian Holloway impression I’ll have to go back and look at some of the things he said. But I can’t do it very well at the top of my head:


“I was, that was a badger at the start of mating season?”


Sorry! Just a bit of low brow football stuff for anyone who’s in all that sort of business. But he’s donated 14 pounds, Ian Holloway. And he said:


“I think at some point this spiritual struggle will traverse race. But not for a while. Excellent stream. Thanks.”


I think there are degrees of it, doing that, in the sense that there’s always the potential for alliances with people with common interests and where there’s no sort of particular immediate animosities, or conflicts of interest. And you do see that, particularly when the victimizer is as, all-powerful might be, going a bit too far, but as grotesquely powerful, and as malevolent as it is.


I don’t know what you would add on that?


Arab SN: In terms of alliances I just add I know that there are people that are suspicious of me, and suspicious of the idea of White people finding common cause with non-Whites in their struggle.


Maybe those people who are of the Crusader mindset, you might get your way, down the line, and eventually maybe there will be a massive reckoning between Islam and the West. I don’t know. But it’s not for us.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: It’s not for this generation. I think the job of this generation is to preserve the nation.


Ayatollah: Christendom and sort of Darwil Islam, if you were going to call it that, literally could not fight each other on their own terms, for their own interest, if they wanted to at the moment, anyway.


Arab SN: No.


Ayatollah: Certainly Christendom couldn’t, because look at it!


Arab SN: And yes, it’s a question for your descendants. And mine, ours. Our job is to solve the problems we can. And to deal with the issues that are in front of us. And we know what those issues are.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: It’s war. And the people that cause it.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Also Johnster is in there with five pounds. And well, I appreciate that Johnster. Thank you very much. And he said:


“Since his parents divorced, my half Pakistani slash English mate, identifies totally with his father’s British Muslim community. And his two mixed-race sisters are married to Englishmen and identify with English culture. Point being yes, this is gender-based.”


Yeah as I discussed, yeah, yeah. Sorry. Go ahead.




Arab SN: I think you’ll definitely see a trend, in any household I suppose, the father’s political, or national positions, will prevail in the house. I think that’s generally the case.


My mother, you know, she never had religion, neither did her parents. She’s a sort of a child of the 60s and 70s, I suppose, and part of the new experiment. And so she didn’t have a solid world view, as many British people don’t.


My dad did. When he came she wasn’t too bothered about that being the general theme of the house. And I think that’s, yeah, I think is gender-based. I think it’s male leadership.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


What else do we have? We have Cultura, our Flemish Belgian stalwart, with three US dollars. Good to have you in there again Cultura. And thank you very much. And he said:


“Evening. I almost missed it. How would you like to be disposed of when you’re dead?”


Well. There’s only one answer to that for myself, which is to be buried at sea in a green Peugeot 405, with the registration plate M478-GFJ!


That’s Friday Night Dinner lore, by the way, Idris. Which is basically a road rage incident that happened in Reading. Which features in the intro. It’s the man that says:


“Put your fucking mouth shut!”


[Chuckling] Bored you to death a couple weeks ago! I forget the conversations we had in certain elements.


But what about yourself? How would you like to be disposed of?


Arab SN: I think firing squad! And then a modest Islamic funeral, would be fine.


Ayatollah: Sorry [chuckling] just mad things are happening tonight. And I’ve got to preface this by saying, first of all there’s going to be a monumental refund in order, because something mad happened earlier, and it’s happened again. And I think somebody has not realized they donated with absolutely outrageous generosity earlier. We will correct that.


But while I do, regarding this person I think. You probably all know it was going to be. But we’ve talked a little bit about different countries in the sort of broader the broader Arab world. One we’ve not talked about too much is Egypt. But I’ve got something which is tangentially related to Egypt to tell you now, about a very generous backer of these streams.


Because back in March of this year, the remaining person that’s shown up in Entropy tonight, booked a two-week lads holiday in the Egyptian resort Sharm el Sheikh, for seven of his best mates. They didn’t realize until they’d arrived that the actual primary purpose of their trip as he explained very resolutely, was actually to plan and execute a cross-border operation in the northern fringes of the zionist occupied Makarb [sp] Desert, to disrupt the photo shoot for an IDF Girls Calendar. Which was going to be marketed to boomers in America as they do.


The lads were a bit taken aback at first. They thought they were going to be sat by the pool and whatever. But they had their appetites whetted when they were each handed a caliper before setting off on the job.


It was then explained to them that once the photo shoot party had been surrounded and taken hostages, the calipers would be used to identify the models who were actually gentile girls trafficked in from Eastern Europe, so that they can be rescued and flown home.


I will I’ll leave you all to speculate as to what the calipers were used to measure!


Anyway that method of identification proved to be a complete success. Because it left just two thin lipped rotters with botched rhinoplasty, and a photography enlightened crew of sweaty Harvey Weinstein archetypes to be driven across the border into Egypt. Where I’m told they continue to be kept in a very salubrious building in which all episodes of the Friday Night Dinner are played back-to-back on repeat, at 120 decibels or there abouts, 24 hours a day.!


And as if you didn’t envy them enough already for that, wait until I tell you that there’s an Olympic swimming pool, a football pitch, a cinema, and a concert hall, on site!


And knowing that Wyatt Gilbert treats his enemies as well as that, it gets a bit easier to understand, only a bit easier, but a bit easier, I suppose, to understand why he, at the outset donated 500 dollars tonight! A large sum of which will be a donation on my part that goes somewhere that’s good for our cause.


But there’s been a bit of a technical error, because it’s happened again. Because in the first instance [chuckling], he has said:


“Salamu alaykum, respect to the guests.”


By the way, he says that every week, Idris. That’s not just for your benefit! I have all sorts of theories about this man’s origins. I think he’s actually an Egyptian national, … Well, born in America to Egyptian parents, and his name is Willie Gillal. And he bought into the American dream and joined the CIA, and then saw it for what it was, and became a rogue agent meddling around in like Kunar province, causing mischief and whatever.


But he’s accidentally donated the same again later on, and said:


“Sorry, a bit late. Great guest.”


So I’ll be having a word with Entropy Wyatt. But I really don’t know what to say in the most generous way possible. You do make it difficult for me. So we’ll settle that one up mate. Because even from you, I’m fairly sure that is a very costly technical area. But one which we will correct, be sure.




Right what was I gonna say now. I think we’ve covered everything on Entropy for now. And I would really urge anybody. And this is something I’ll never ask for anyway. But I would really urge, please do not donate any more money. Please don’t! I don’t think anyone’s thinking that way anyway knowing what they know now!


So let’s just settle that there. What we can do whilst, because we’ve been going a good while, so I’m mindful of how you are for time Idris.


Arab SN: It’s flown, isn’t it?


Ayatollah: It has, yeah. And I knew this would happen, as well. I think we’ve dealt with both of those. And I think we’ve kind of covered the next thing I’ve got on my list, in the last thing we discussed, which is obviously, your nom de guerre is Arab Social Nationalism. As you go by that as your name, why do you sort of, I suppose, … And this is what I’ve got in my notes. What’s the basis for your view?


And I think it’s one that a lot of the chat would share, that means of organizing power. And so on and so forth. And that’s the founding ideology and then the political implementation thereof. It is a blueprint that’s suitable for basically, not necessarily all peoples. But, well maybe it is. I don’t know. You tell us.


Arab SN: I don’t know if Social Nationalism, or the other kind of nationalism are applicable to all people. But I think in this dichotomy that we’re in, if you’re a normie selecting a political framework, and an ideology, that is, at a basic level, practically helpful for you, is difficult.


So in our case, in the United Kingdom, your options are dreadful! You have the Tories who think that it is an object of patriotism to de-industrialize the country, to move strategic industries abroad, often to hostile countries, and to wholeheartedly embrace the so-called “Austrian school”. Which is, of course, as Austrian, as I am an Eskimo. [Tollah chuckles] So you have that option.


And then sort of attached to that, if you want to be a nationalist, what you have available to you is the Counter Jihad movement.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: On the Left, if you believe in the worker, the working class, the folk, all you have available to you at the moment in this country is the Labour Party. And we understand what that means.


Ayatollah: Oh yeah.


Arab SN: If I were to recommend Social Nationalism, or the other sort, to anybody it would be, because it strikes the perfect balance for the ordinary people. It enshrines your nationhood as legitimate and as central to the affairs of the state. It enshrines the economic status of the worker, and the rights that the worker has. It robustly and firmly, without nationalization necessarily, but it robustly and firmly places the banks and the industrial class at the service of the state, and the folk. Mussolini did this with the banks.


You don’t need to slap the elite around very much for them to fall into line. Adolf Hitler’s interactions with the industrial class are a good example of this.


I simply find it difficult to argue with the premises of socialism, because for me, I simply don’t believe that there is any such thing as nationalism without socialism. And anybody who tells you so is lying! They’re usually a degenerate libertarian who doesn’t believe in society, or the family at all!




Ayatollah: Without any sense of obligation to your nation. And if that can’t be fostered then actually facing consequences for getting the wrong side of a nationalist state, that will always be broken down because. There will always be incentives, you know. There will always be incentives to be venal, and whatever. And for the mercantile, to do that.


Arab SN: To do what? Sorry.


Ayatollah: Well basically to just sort of betray national interest. There will always be, you’re up against self-interest and mercantilism if they’re not brought into check.


Arab SN: Yes. This venal person is only at liberty to do what they do as long as they’re allowed to do it.


Ayatollah: Yes.


Arab SN: The moment that you tell a bank, or the banking sector clearly, that money is not a commodity in and of itself, and we will not allow money to be made a commodity in and of itself. And the proper position of banking and finance is to buttress industry. If you fail to abide by those principles, we will burn you to the ground!


Mussolini was clear! Hitler was clear! And it worked. These people will control their venal, disgusting, attitudes, if they know that there are consequences looming towards them with the certainty of prostate cancer!


Ayatollah: Yeah. The same as the way the laws function to stop people, I don’t know, whatever it might be, driving at 90 miles an hour through a town, or whatever.


Arab SN: The reality is that we live in rogue states. We live in rogue states where the folk, the normal people, have no recourse to bring the banking class, or the political class, into line! We don’t have it anymore. There were regimes established in the 30s and around that time that we’re able to do it. We can’t! But we could!


Ayatollah: Well, while we’re on the subject of ideology, Beer Hall Pooch, good friend of both of us, has got a question on Entropy. He said:


“Idris. Why do you think the monied and landed should still be preserved. The Strasseries called for them to be cleared out. A certain uncle of ours disagreed and suffered many problems from them in assassination attempts.”


Arab SN: Is this Beer Hall Pooch?


Ayatollah: It is yes, of course.


Arab SN: Well, I think that my understanding of National Socialism as it developed in Germany, was that Adolf Hitler, and others around him, believed in the principle of aristocracy and nobility, as long as it worked. Adolf Hitler died with a portrait of Frederick the Great in the bunker with him. Adolf Hitler always had respect for the Hohenzollen dynasty, and he always said. So the Nazi party attracted, sorry, not the Nazi party, the NSDAP, …


Ayatollah: Remnants of that condition, …


Arab SN: I never, actually, I never do that. But the NSDAP did attract the German aristocracy. And in the UK, we know that, because all of Prince Philip’s sisters were married to SS officers. And that’s [chuckling] why Prince Philip was a rather difficult character, because he was German aristocracy. And all of his family were National Socialists.


And I think that’s, because in the Hitler wing of National Socialism there was a place for aristocracy and nobility. And indeed they were attempting to build a new one. Especially Himmler through the SS and stuff.


So there was to Hitler, I think, a definite view that a society needs an elite. Strasser, being more to the Left, and Beer Hall Pooch, being a devotee, would rather have gotten rid of the aristocracy altogether, because it was decrepit, or useless, or wasn’t working optimally. I think if you’re in a society where your aristocracy is decrepit and not working – the UK is one, …




Ayatollah: And has been for a fucking good while!


Arab SN: I think. So and then we may have to have some very serious conversations about the aristocracy and it’s future. I think at the time of the development of National Socialism you would have been able to argue much more robustly in favour of the German aristocracy. Because Hindenburg was part of that and Adolf Hitler was extravagant in his deference to Hindenburg, while Hindenburg was alive.


If you have aristocrats, and a traditional aristocracy, that are worth deference, then you should defer to them. But if they’re not, then you should throw them away! And I think the United Kingdom would have benefited much more from Strasser than the Third Reich did. I don’t know if that answers Beer Hall Pooch. But I know what he’s referring to, because we had this conversation in Spoons when [chuckling], …


Ayatollah: Among many other [chuckling] conversations. But none about Peep Show! So next time.


Steve Squire CD Soho Shop has got another couple on Entropy. And he said:


“The hideous four by two Gene Simmons (for those who don’t know that’s the bassist and the vocalist from KISS) is calling unvaxed people ‘the enemy’.”


Well the latest in a long line of these, you know, I don’t know what, well shit munchers to just buy into this hysteria. Yeah that just occurred to me! I’ve been using that loads this past year and a half. And yeah, I mean, Peep Show. It’s from Peep Show. Yeah. Yeah. But it’s perfect! It’s perfect for The Times in which we find ourselves, yeah. And it’s used more widely than I thought, as well. I’ve done over urban dictionary. So urban dictionary research, … What was that?


Arab SN: I’d only heard it on Peep Show.


Ayatollah: Well I’d only heard it on Peep Show. If you go on urban dictionary, there are a lot of very good definitions of it, actually. Not dissident Right definitions, but ones that aren’t that different.


Steve Squire’s CD Soho Shop asked another one and he said:


“What do you think of Mountain’s cover of Serve Somebody?”


Now this is a very Soprano centric question. Because, first of all Serve Somebody was a song done by Bob Dylan. Okay, obviously Robert Allen Zimmerman, when he sort of went through his sort of born-Again Christian phase. That was used in a Sopranos episode in Season Two. Mountain are not that well known sort of American band from the late 60s, early 70s.


I think that David Chase is a big fan of song of theirs features in an episode from Season Four, and they feature, … The young Tony Soprano listens to him in the Many Saints of Newark. I’m not sure if that cover features in the Many Saints of Newark, so I may have heard it. I have a feeling I may have heard a cover of Serve Somebody, recently, somewhere.


So I wish I could give you more definitive answer Steve Squire’s CD Soho Shop, but I’ve opened that on YouTube in my browser tab. So I will listen to it. And I might get back to you on that. You know what? My show notes next week, very, very quickly, I’m going to make a note. Just a moment. What a ridiculous thing to be writing!:


“Let Steve Squire’s CD Soho Shop know what I thought of Mountains cover of Serve Somebody.”


I started streaming on YouTube, and this is where I’ve ended up. But now I appreciate that Steve Squire’s CD Soho Shop. I’ll have a listen to it mate. Thank you.


What else do we have on the list? There’s other stuff from YouTube which is interesting. But I doubt we’re going to get through all of it. We’ll come to some of that in a minute. JR Harley had a good question earlier on:


“Is copping off with Blanca from the Sopranos, race mixing?”


Yes it is. But she wasn’t bad. You ever found Sopranos, Idris?


Arab SN: I’ve never seen it.


Ayatollah: Right. Okay. Well, we’ve got Peep Show, anyway. We’d never get anything productive talked about if there were anything else to be on that, to be honest.


A few questions actually from Orthodoxy Proxy again. And yeah, hang on. Yeah, so what have we got? Yeah he’s asked your views on the plight of, I think he means the Assyrian Christians, as opposed. Well, there are obviously Syrian Christians, who I think are mostly sort of Maronites and Melkites. There are then presumably I would think Assyrian Christians in Syria, as well. But he’s asked:


“Thoughts on the plight of Syrian, or Assyrian Christians. And just regarding many of the ancient cities in like Nineveh, and so on, having been destroyed. Are the Copts, as well, in Egypt.”


Arab SN: Well as regards the Levantine Christians that are described as Syrians, and Chardians, and others, I hope that their plight is over. That Islamic State has been more, or less, defeated. They are part of the region. And there’s no debate about it. They’re semitic people. They belong where they are. And their contributions to Arab civilization are beyond discussion, any discussion!


And so I hope that this invasion of foreign Islamists into the cultural centre of the Arab world is over, and with it the danger posed to those Christians. As we go forward I’m sure that there’s going to be communal trust building, that’s going to have to take place between different sects.


But I’m certain, as well, that those discussions can only take place under the umbrella of Arab nationalism. And I think that’s how they will take place. Yeah, go on.




Ayatollah: No, I was just going to say it’s notable. And I don’t know a lot of the detail on this. But obviously the atrocities perpetrated against the Assyrian Christians, and also groups like the Yazidis, by Islamic State, are well documented. Around the time of 2014 and thereabouts.


However, less well understood is the fact that the plight of the Assyrians, well obviously in Iraq, because it pertains to the Iraq war. But the plight of Assyrians, and the way they were treated in Iraq, got a lot worse after the Iraq war. But there was a lot of hostility to them, because as Christians they were seen as sort of synonymous to a degree with the Americans.


Arab SN: Well, one of the terrible things about the 2003 invasion of Iraq was that. Well actually, it’s one of the terrible things about the Saddam Hussein regime. He oppressed the Shiite community in Iraq very severely. But he drew the Christians very close to him.


And you see a similar pattern Lebanon. Christians are very able to make common cause with the Sunnies. And the Sunnies are generally Arab nationalists. And that’s all to the good. I wonder if this situation that you’re talking about in Iraq is a function of the extent to which Iraqi Christians were associated with the Bath Party regime.


Ayatollah: Right, yeah.


Arab SN: And Shiite vengefulness. Because one of the tragedies of what’s been done to Iraq is that with the defeat of Saddam Hussein, and the Bath Party there, it has made the Shiites of Iraq who are all Arabs, it’s made them anti-Arab nationalists. Because they are socially they associate Arab nationalism with Saddam Hussein.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Which they shouldn’t. But I understand perfectly why they do. So I think in the whole region, not just in Iraq, but in Syria too, there’s going to have to be a sort of truth and reconciliation process. And a kind of communal rebuilding. But I’m hopeful that they can do it.


Because as much as these people, as much as they can make a song and a dance about how Sunni they are, how Shiite they are, how Maronite they are, how Melchite [sp] they are, how Greek orthodox they are, they are semites, all! And Arabic by language.


And if they have another language, it’s a very similar language to Arabic, as well. And so I’m hopeful that under the framework of unified Arab nationalism, we can restore Christianity in that region. Not least, because Christians have always been a key part of the Arab nationalist movement. And they’re going to have to remain so. It’s their right. And any sober Arab nationalist who is a Muslim, accepts that.




Ayatollah: Yeah. Where did we get to now. I’m just trying to have a look through questions we had. This is a good one on the sort of the broader thing I suppose of, yeah, well, I suppose it is. Culture asked. He said he picked up on the stream late and he asked:


“Which Middle East nationals who live in the West could be our allies according to Idris?”


Arab SN: Well thinking of Arab communities in Europe, I think the situation in France is rather beyond saving, with the French government as it stands. You have to remember the migration experience for certain Arab people is very peculiar.


So you are welcomed into a country as a migrant by the normies. And then they make you bear witness to the bombing of your homeland, and question whether you might be a wrongin, if you object to that bombing. And it’s a very peculiar situation to be in. It’s very peculiar for an Iraqi who’s lived in the UK for 20 years to watch the UK in Iraq, …


Ayatollah: Watch the war drums being beaten to sort of manipulate people into consent.


Arab SN: It’s really, it’s quite peculiar, is putting it lightly. But it’s traumatic!


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: And nevertheless, I think that we can all understand why these things happen, and who is responsible. I believe that any sober Arab person living in the West, is an Arab nationalist. I think it runs deep. And I think if Arab people in the West were to observe a different posture of Western countries to the Arab world, then we might be able to have some very exciting conversations about how we move forward together in our mutual interests.


I’d say it’s important to consider that, because in most Arab countries there’s no free speech. And there’s no way of being political opposition, you have a lot of communities and civil society people, in exile, often in London and Paris.


And so over the years, over the decades, London and Paris have been able to host Arab cultural and political institutions in exile, sort of and if things were to improve in the homeland then those people could go back. And I choose to be optimistic and believe that’s possible. Yeah, I think there’s a lot of fertile ground among Arab people in the West.


Ayatollah: Fertile ground both for, I suppose, for the Arab peoples and it applies to Europeans, fertile ground is always the threat.


Because I can tell you now that the powers that be, are not, there are not elements within the regime which are lobbying for like restrictions on something like Patriotic Alternative, because they’re afraid of what it is now, or that they are particularly afraid that you would instantly make vast swathes of British people agree with its 20-point plan, and it’s basic principles.


But I put it this way a few weeks ago talking about this possibly. I think I was talking about the Dominic Kennedy thing on Patriotic Alternative in The Times. They fear it, because pound-for-pound it’s the most potent of all sort of positions! It’s the one authentic one. And it therefore has the most potential. And what to us is potential, is a grave threat to the present order. That’s what it is.




Because ultimately our way of viewing the world is the normal way, it’s the normal way as it would manifest itself with the modern apparatus of state in a modern world. And it’s the one that serves. It’s the one that is in harmony with the instincts of the people and that serves their interests. And it would make greater demands of people in terms of their moral standards and how they live their lives.


But in other ways you’d be a lot more free, because who feels free under this? People are so repressed and having to police what they say so much in so many settings that they’re not even conscious they’re doing it anymore! You think of what we think of, what workplaces are like these days.


So the idea of free speech in a Western democracy is just an absolute fucking nonsense! Because whether it’s through state means, or whether it’s through other means, lobbyists who would get you out of your job.


Because it happens in America where you’ve got the First Amendment. Well, you know, it’s bullshit! And it’s funny, you know what? Beer Hall Pooch is big on his terminology. And he’s a big advocate of the use of the term “regime”, as am I. And it’s one that Gearoid Murphy uses. And I’ve talked about before. You’ve seen it used a lot more now. And I think it’s a good development.


Because, if you then get a situation where one of us is quoted responding to some sort of media thing about us. We talk in terms of the regime. And they’ve got to publish it. Just plant a seed in a few people’s minds. Thinking of this as a regime. It’s like, well actually that’s a more legitimate way of looking at it, first of all. And then secondly I saw a term used recently, “post-democratic”.


Now the thing with that is, if you’re going to be pedantic about what it actually means, I would say that “post-democratic” implies that at one stage the sort of democracy that we had, in its current form, actually served our interest.


And. I don’t think that was, …


Arab SN: And it implies that there was a time that your vote mattered.


Ayatollah: Exactly! Exactly! Now, all of that being said, there may be instances in which it’s a useful term just because the degree to which people have a perception that:


“Well things were a bit better once but look at it now.”


Because they’ve seen it get worse in their own lifetime. So I wonder about the utility of that term in certain contexts. But certainly “regime”, definitely!


But yeah:


“I agree:


Said [words unclear]:

“Ayatollah, you taken the Terry A Davis pill? Are you running Temple Operating System?”


No, I’m not, mate. I had to Google Terry A Davis, as well. So do forgive me. Good to have you back as well. I agree. I don’t know how you got blocked. I think I, probably one of us was trying to mute somebody else by accident. And then what happened is probably the comment moved. And it ended up being one of yours that went. That’s probably what happened, because none of us could figure it out. None of us with the moderator spanner could figure that one out, mate. That’s good to have you back.


Beer Hall Pooch said:


“Just use “tyranny’.”


Yeah. I’ve heard worse shouts than that well. Because it’s a tyranny that manifests itself in very sort of devious and oblique ways as well, as we all know. Like I said, it might not be the State that gets you. It’ll be some sort of privileged lobbyists.


Arab SN: Quite like “regime”, as well, because, ….


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: It’s important, especially for ethnic minority people to understand that they are, in the first place, pawns.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: And that the so-called government doesn’t really have their interests at heart. That it represents something else. And if White people persist in referring to the system as a “government”, it implies legitimacy.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: We have to accept that intelligent thinking people can’t accept the prevailing regime in the West as legitimate, because it bears no resemblance to the popular will. It bears no resemblance to the popular moral position, I think, on anything.


Ayatollah: No. They’ve had to change people’s moral positions over generations with vast amounts of money going into propaganda and education, in order that they align better with what the regime wants. It’s like, were you to debate with the Leftists and say:


“Well no, it’s obviously a moral good that we have a permissive attitude towards paraphilias.”


They wouldn’t use the term “paraphilias”. But they’d be talking about LGBTQ map this, that, and the other. And you’d say:


“Look nobody thought in those terms that you couch it, previously. Your position on that is entirely a construct of the people that rule over you they turn you into something permissive and apathetic and just self-advocating!”


And that’s only one example of the way they’ve done it. They’ve done it on your attitudes to family! They’ve done it on your attitudes to ethnic and racial sovereignty! They’ve done it on your attitudes to sexual permissiveness! They’ve done it on your attitudes to sexual dysfunction! They’ve done it on everything! Because they needed to reduce us to this state! You are not something that your ancestors would recognize. You know, we had Remembrance Day this week. And when these people sort of argue about, they sort of rail against:


“Oh! We were fighting people like you!”


When the nationalist expresses their views on Remembrance Day, in remembrance for the fallen, of the fratricidal, … Well more than fratricidal tragedies those wars, because they’re called World Wars for a reason. But, the bulk of your casualties. Yeah, it’s Europeans! And it’s the European powers through manipulation, or otherwise, basically through manipulation and subversion, or defending themselves, that were key in all of it. But basically these people could never answer the question honestly:


“What the hell do you think the people who went over the top in World War One, or fought in World War Two, would think if you showed them London today?”


Or even if you showed them a lot of small towns in this country today. And you showed them the an average day in the life of some of their descendants. And the way they lived. And the state of their families.


Because demographics are the fundamental thing. Because those are not things that can be reversed without a big upheaval in the lives of a lot of people. A lot of innocent people of all races, by the way.




But it’s not just that! Look at the state of people’s families! Look at the way people live! Look at the atomization! Look at the way the current generation coming up, or even worse in their sort of social habits, or lack thereof. And the way they lived, than the Millennials were. The Zoomers are much worse in those respects. They’re just much more damaged by the rot! But anyway sorry. I kind of cut across you. Sorry.


Arab SN: I can’t remember what I was gonna say. But you’re perfectly right. I mean, one of the difficulties on the Right, well not a difficulty, but something I see is the Right desire, and the healthy desire of people to lionize their war dead. It’s normal and natural you want to do that.


But it’s, … Where are we now, it’s the 12th today is it? Yes. So it was the 11th yesterday. For me as an awake person, my views on both of those wars, would be horrifying to a normie!


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: And the things that I would say to a normie, who was perhaps weeping about their grandfather, or their great-grandfather, I think I would have some quite traumatic things to say to them about the sacrifices of their grandfather, or their great-grandfather, and the meaning of those sacrifices.


It’s a really difficult conversation to have. There’s a lot of legitimate feeling. But it’s perhaps a conversation for another time. But one of the key things about PA, the community around PA, and people who think along the lines of PA, you’re dealing intellectually with a different kind of person. You’re dealing with a person who is awake, a person who is able to interrogate historic events in a very robust way. And to give a really frank analysis of the wisdom of these wars, in the past, that we are called upon to commemorate, and to celebrate.


Ayatollah: Your point you’re making previously, by the way, I made a point of sort of taking the stream back on YouTube a bit and listening to it as you were speaking, just to find it. And this is the point in which I sort of got a bit carried away and cut across you.


You were making a point about the importance of making foreign groups within our societies understand that the government, there’s no relation to the will of the people. I think that was your basic point. That was what prompted me. I don’t know if that helps you recall what you were going to elaborate upon.


Arab SN: I’m afraid it doesn’t. Although I would say that ethnic minority people, once they realize that the regime that brought them here, and the regime that has patronized and promoted them while they are here, doesn’t have their interests at heart. And indeed will abandon them as soon as it becomes expedient. One thing that I’ve tried with other ethnic minorities in this country, to bring up, is to say:


“What happens to you and to me when White people will take no more? What happens when they have a leader who has the confidence of all White people and who can take drastic measures against us, as avatars of the prior regime?”




Ayatollah: And that’s the unfortunate thing. Because that’s all of them would be. They’re basically innocent people with their own sort of small scale, fairly innocent motives, which are economic, and whatever. Don’t get me wrong. There are great sways of foreigners who’ve committed atrocious acts against our people, in both the individual sense, and collectively. And those are things that would have to be addressed from that point of view, with those people.


But you’re absolutely, … What you say there’s very important, “avatars” of the previous order. And yeah, it’s a horrifying thought. But I’m sorry. Yeah, sorry. I’ve done it again.


Arab SN: I hope that it doesn’t get to that. And I hope that we’re able to wake up ethnic minorities too. And to be able to convey to them that this experiment in multiculturalism, and diversity, which is contrary to everything that we know about human behaviour, and about human ways, and folk ways in particular. We know that this experiment is contrary to all of that. And so we ought to set about fixing it before the hammer comes down, so to speak.


Because I don’t want anything terrible to happen. And people on either side, whether it’s on the White side, or the non-White side, will get frustrated with me. Because I don’t tend to get very emotional about atrocities. Whether it’s the massacre at the mosques in New Zealand, or grooming gangs.


Because for me these atrocities are of the moment. And they have a basis in that they have a larger context which is what I’m more interested in.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: And for every atrocity that we’ve seen, on either side, there’ll be more! There’ll be way more! It will go on, and on! And we will be expected to respond emotionally. And in an of the moment way, forever! If we don’t stop this cycle. But it is a cycle. And it has its basis in the fact that White people have lost control of their countries!


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: They have lost control! White people are not making decisions in their lands anymore. They’re not making, … God help us! They’re not even making basic decisions in their lands, anymore! But once they start, we can start fixing this.


The fact that mass migration is caused primarily by war is, I suppose, a good thing. Because it means if you can stop the war then you can stop the bulk of this migration. But it involves White people taking control of their affairs, which they have ceded, unfortunately, to another ethnic group.


Ayatollah: Feckless elites have been doing that for centuries. They’ve been ceding power, yeah.


Arab SN: Yeah, sorry go on.


Ayatollah: No, I was just saying, feckless elites have been siphoning that power off for centuries. And a part of it is an insufficient degree of racial consciousness in the beginning. And also, but more than that just being venal. Again, being able to be bought off. And so on, going back through the centuries unfortunately.


Arab SN: In the Tory regime that exists in the United Kingdom now, they came to power on the back of a parade of lies. One of which was that they would bring migration under control, or even reverse it! Not only have they not done that. But they don’t give a damn about the fact that they haven’t done it! They’re clearly, …


Ayatollah: They’ve got a worse record, overall, they’ve got a worse record for immigration levels than Labouir has! Even factoring in the Blair government and Brown.


Arab SN: And we know that the Tory politician is a corrupt person! They’ve all got rich over this Corona stuff.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Migration is far from their minds! The ethnic peace of the United Kingdom is far from their minds! The idea that we could create in this country a high trust society have that’s far from their minds! They don’t care about any of it! Any of it! Because White people have lost control!


White people are not in a position to set the tone of their countries, anymore! And I don’t know how to proceed with this conversation. Except to say that the Democratic process does not seem to be able to realize the ambitions of White people in this country.




Ayatollah: Yeah, certainly can’t.


There’s a comment that’s been up on the screen for a while from Beer Hall Pooch. Because I think it’s an important one. And it’s a thought that occurred to me actually regarding “regime”, actually during the stream, as we were talking about it. Which is the masses are primed for the term “regime”, because it’s the term that’s being used to demonize problematic foreign governments, the Assad regime, the Saddam Hussein’s evil regime, which actually, yeah in many respects it was in fairness.


But it not particularly for the reasons that it was sort of vilified for, other than for sort of expediency by our media and our regime. So yeah, you’re absolutely right Beer Hall Pooch. And it’s not lost to me it occurred to me, as well.


Arab SN: I remember basic bitch conservatives in America, they developed the habit of referring to the Obama government as the “Obama regime”.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: I agree. I think it’s useful, especially, because they like to use it to smear foreign governments time So we should, …


Ayatollah: And imply tyranny and illegitimacy.


Arab SN: Yes.


Ayatollah: Which is what we have! Which is what we’ve had for a bloody long time!


Arab SN: No intelligent thinking person could look at the British government, the American government, or the French government, and use the word “legitimate”, or “legitimacy” to describe these frameworks.


Ayatollah: The biggest giveaway on this. And I’ve said this for so I’ve said this so long. The biggest sort of rhetorical mask and lexical masks that they have, is the kevetch about populism! You know, I don’t know. If there’s ever been an op-ed, or whatever, in which they’ve said:


“Populism is a threat to our democracy!”


But it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. But it would be sort of the absolute zenith of Orwellian language. But yeah. I mean, the way they kevetch about populism, and the popular will, tells you everything about the nature of all facets of the regime. The actual, you know, executive and political apparatus of it. The commentariat, because again that’s where you’ll see it a lot.


You’ll see it in the media and fucking Guardian op-eds and whatever! The outcry about populism particularly since 2015, 2016. The run-up to like the Brexit referendum, the US presidential election. And so on and so forth.


Arab SN: The complaint about populism really is a complaint about the working class.


Ayatollah: Oh yeah! Non-compliant White people.


Arab SN: Yeah, the word “populist” is new. And you can just discard it! What they’re talking about is the “folk”.


Ayatollah: Yeah!


Arab SN: That’s all they’re talking about. Whereas in our political outlook the folk is the centre. And the folk leads. And it should lead, in service of national health. They want the folk to be silenced and destroyed. They call it populist today. They may call it in the future something else, they’ll find other words.


But it’s the folk that they’re after. It’s the authentic national group, it’s the people of the nation and their traditions that they’re after. They say “oh, it’s populist”. Although I’m not sure to what extent they’ve been able to adequately explain why populism is bad.


Ayatollah: They haven’t! The midwits in the commentary don’t do it. Because they just take it as a given. And this again is one of the consequences of, … I’ve talked about this before.


I mean, there was a fellow, I think he presented the today programme on Radio Four. But he basically wrote a book when he retired, a memoir. I remember we talked about it on the TASOB podcast toward the end of 2019. And I had a bit of a sort of a response to it, because in his book he acknowledged that like the BBC is just full of European Union loving urbanites who were just totally detached from vast ways of the country.


And I made the point that one of the problems you will run into as a regime which relies upon, which is just utterly at odds with truth and natural order, and has to for it’s true believers, call upon people that are sort of upper middle in intelligence, compliant in nature, aspirational, venal and petty in their aspirations, getting through the university system and make true believers of them in this deracinated, permissive, urbanite globalist world view!


That’s just it, they’re true believers. And they’re only associating with themselves, because ultimately their arguments would lose horrendously if, what would you call it, a more collegiate spectrum of opinion be allowed. So what happens is you get a media which ends up in some respects not being, … Some elements of it aren’t fit for purpose. The Brexit stuff is a good example. The way they go on about populism is though:


“Well, it’s just self-evident that it’s a bad thing.”


Is an example. I mean, that’s an example of their sneering contempt for the folk, as you say.


But it’s also just the fact that in certain respects they’re not fit for purpose at times, because, as I said, they do become an echo chamber. Because you have to cultivate these absolutely batshit mental true believers, who just believe things that are utterly ridiculous!


And that they don’t engage in dialogue with the enemy, because they have to be protected from that with deplatforming and whatever else. Because they just lose out, to basic fundamental common sense, and sound instinct! And that’s what you get!




Arab SN: Yes. And it’s my experience as well. Because, as I said earlier, my economic views are of the Left. And yet even though I could earn applause from a Leftist audience talking about my views of trade unions and other things.


If I were to discuss other matters of equal importance, but perhaps cultural, and ethnic, historical, there is no way I would be able to have an argument with anybody, because arguments cannot happen! What happens is they malfunction. They shut down! They exclude you! They expel you from the group you’re in! They do it before you’ve completed the sentence.


So even if you’re on your way to defending the White working class somebody will intervene and say:


“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hang on! What are you saying?”


Ayatollah: Oh yeah!


Arab SN: They’re conditioned [chuckling] to intervene even before the sin has been named! I mean, one thing that makes me hopeful is that a lot of people who have set the tone for the West and who have been in charge of things, they’ve had certain views. But I’m not certain at all. I’m talking about boomers, you know, boomers and the Israel worshipers, and the capitalists fetishists, etc., I’m not sure at all, how convincing their views are to young people. Even really young people! Even somebody who is say 16 years old.


I don’t know what inroads you can make with judeo-capitalism, judeo-Bolshevism, and war, with these people?


Ayatollah: I think it’s harder. Because the deal these people are getting – if they’ve got any sort of inclination to take a look at the world around them – the deal these people are getting is worse for them! What their material conditions are going to be like. Lots of stupid little comforts and trinkets, but any sort of fulfillment? No. They got friends? Probably not. They probably haven’t got a sex life, they’ve got OnlyFans.


Arab SN: Yeah. That makes me hopeful! I mean, yeah, not the sad situation that they’re in. I mean, one thing I’ve noticed on the so-called far-Right is you have certain people who are very queasy about historical revisionism in relation to certain events, and pattern recognition in relation to a certain ethnic group.


But those people, I tend to find, have their roots in the Republican Party in America. The Republican Party of a certain time. The Republican Party of a certain success, let’s say, under Reagan. And they cling to that feeling.


But my sense, and I hope I’m right, is that this cannot wash with young people today. And I think young people, they all belong to National Socialism. I think you can do it. I don’t know if you’d agree, or if you think I’m just a fantasist.


But I think that this, the system, is so decrepit, and so disgusting, on its face! And that the events that have been fetishized over the last 70 years are far enough away in the past for people of our mindset to have a fresh and influential influence on young people. Something new.




Ayatollah: I really wonder, because I wonder about the degree to which actually just the way of living for the generations sort of coming of age now, is so destructive! And I say this having known a few of them, you know, people in their early to mid 20s now. And then it’ll be worse for people younger, probably.


So destructive to large sways of them, that are they ever going to have any sort of political consciousness beyond what is given to them on social media? Because, you know, their dopamine receptors are fried. A lot of them will have sexual dysfunctions because, you know, sex was sort of degenerate. It was true of our generation relative to the parents generations. It’s certainly going to be true of this generation. It’s less of a participative thing. It’s almost become like the way sport because, you know, went from being a participative thing to a spectator sport. That sounds like I’m being bawdy. I’m not.


Again you look at the proliferation of pornography. We know who’s behind that. You look at your OnlyFans, and whatever. The phenomenon where there’s no sort of moral deterrent for girls to doing that sort of thing.


Like, what was I going to say now? I just wonder about the degree to which that enervates people, and just makes absolute wrecks of them? I don’t know, because I see a lot of it. And the dependency on SSRIs, and the atomization.


I mean, talking about the sort of the pornography thing. I remember hearing a story from a listener. He worked with a young girl about 19 years old. And she’d gone through a 30 gig data allowance in a month. And she said well most of it was watching pornography! A woman! A young woman.


So I don’t know. I mean, that’s an anecdotal example. But I think, will there be a steadily growing cohort of people who are so disillusioned with their lot, and what they are offered by the present order, that maybe you can sort of look around them with sufficient indignation and say:


“Have a look around you and pay a bit more attention.”


And then come back and tell me, you know, do sort of forget the worst horror stories of sort of past political systems, let’s say, which I can categorically tell you in certain instances were bullshit! And then look at other aspects of it. And the truth of it. And tell me, does that look worse than what you see around you now you live amidst, the fucking ruins?


And I’m reminded of this all the time, you know, working environment, the things I overhear about people in their lives. God almighty! But yes, sorry. Go ahead.


Arab SN: On the positive side, I think it really matters the fact that National Socialism and similar ideologies are banned from the public consciousness.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: So if you take Adolf Hitler as an example this is an individual who we are asked as Westerners to believe is in many ways central to the history of Western Europe. And we’re asked to believe that he was this important, uniquely evil, and terrible figure, who is central to Western Europe as it is today. And yet all of his speeches are banned from any mainstream media platforms.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Which ought to strike an intelligent person as peculiar. Because these are the primary documents of ultimate evil and madness. And so surely people should be able to review them and be able to laugh at them, and to mock them, and say:


“Oh! Look at this crazy person ranting and raving about jews!”




Ayatollah: Well, it’s a very quick interjection, Chris Cantwell is very sort of flavour of the month at the moment, because he’s been a pro se defendant in this ridiculous Charlottesville show trial, which doesn’t seem to be going that well for the judocracy. But I heard him make a very interesting point once where he said:


“Look, we’re told about the metaphysical evils of the Third Reich well and, how Mein Kampf is the sacred text of it. Why don’t you read it in school?”


Why don’t you read any of it in school? If that’s the case.


Arab SN: Yes!


Ayatollah: If it’s so egregious, well it’s a hard thing to argue against.


Arab SN: And so the absence of National Socialism, the National Socialist voice, matters! And it’s absence has meaning. And what it means is that were you to review by yourself the speeches of Adolf Hitler what would probably happen, would be goosebumps hairs going up in the back of your head! You might find yourself saluting in a certain way, because it’s uplifting! It’s positive stuff! It’s not the mental, jew obsessed, caricatures that we’re allowed to believe.


And the reason I raise it is that we have all of these problems among young people, social problems. But we don’t have anything we can give them. Because the best thing that we can give them, the most parsimonious, the simplest, the most humane thing, that we can give them in my view is National Socialism, or something similar.


But we’re forbidden. And so when people are in the grip of a porn addiction, of a drug addiction, an alcohol addiction, of a social isolation, all the things that are afflicting young people, for me the simplest the most efficient way of helping these people is love, and nationalism! Love, nationalism, and support. All the things that might have been provided by something like the Hitler Youth, for example. Somebody says here:


“I think Israel transmitted, …”




Ayatollah: The was Ramallah, during the Second Intifada. 2002.


Arab SN: Yes they did. Over the public networks.


Ayatollah: The Second Intifada, it was, yes.


Arab SN: Because pornography destroys morale. That’s why it’s ubiquitous. And as well, you know, I’d caution people to thinking that just because you don’t watch porn, that you’re not in a sort of pornified mindset. Because porn has leached into the mainstream culture too. So much of it is pornographic.


Ayatollah: It’s like not considering alcohol, or cigarettes drugs.


Arab SN: Yes.


Ayatollah: In that they are intoxicants. More potent than some controlled substances.


Arab SN: Yeah. But then there’s a definite pornographic quality to the mainstream culture. It’s a luxurious fantasy to believe that you’re not subject to porn, just because you don’t watch it.


And I think that the careful, meticulous, and detailed exclusion of such ideologies as National Socialism from the public consciousness, means that we don’t have a tool in our repertoire to help people. But I can tell you that when I, say a year and a half, or two, or two years ago, when I started on Twitter, I was lucky enough to be spoken to by a lot of very young Whites, good faith lads, who had embraced National Socialism. And their stories were wonderful! And their stories were positive. That their experience of National Socialism was positive! They didn’t really hate anyone, you know, beyond the obvious suspects.


But they were being encouraged to be fulfilled on their own terms, authentically, as members of their people. And the absence of all of this from the political menu that we’re provided with by the elite, is telling.


And I think as much as such things as OnlyFans, the ubiquity of porn, and as much as all of those social ills can make you pessimistic and despairing, I choose to believe that they are fixable! That they’re eminently fixable! It just needs the correct ideology and leadership to fix them. But they are fixable!


Ayatollah: Yeah. Somebody has defied my imperative to [chuckling] not send money on Entropy! It’s Johnster again with 20 pounds! I’m thinking of [words unclear]:


“Now, that’s aggressive generosity!”


But anyway, that’s very kind of your Johnster. It really is mate. And he’s emphasized:


“Every one of you absolutely has to oppose the quack scene passport. That means you must oppose the quack scene mandate. I’ve just gone through the process to keep my job. The NHS Act requires you scan your face. It also cross-references passport and DVL databases linking them up for validation purposes.”


And that’s validation in single quotation marks. You’re obviously in an industry where the net is tightening then Johnster. By the way, on that, just for the sake of details from somebody who’s gone through it, let me, … I can’t even remember my personal Telegram handle half the time. I’m going to get it now. I hope you’re on Telegram mate. Failing that, you can email me.


But I’m going to put those details in the chat on, hang on, probably Entropy. Bloody account settings now. Yeah. So it’s, … A second. Can you tag people in the chat on Entropy? Yes you can. Right. Because I’d like to hear more about that, because it might be something that I could raise. Hold on a second.


Because again, you’ve had these sort of injunctions this week, which apparently they put back. Is it care homes? No, care homes they’ve done. But I think was it social care that broadly they were going after? I don’t know.


But I appreciate your generosity there Johnster for the second time mate. Oh, I see what you mean when you say you’ve gone through the process. You’ve had to submit to it, right, … Yeah. Well, I’m sorry to hear that. But yeah, you wonder to what degree the net is gonna tighten here, because we know it’s actually a lot worse seems to be in most of most of the rest of Europe now, than it is here. Let alone places like Australia.


Arab SN: We Tolla, when we met, we had a discussion about PA and the meaning of PA in the context of that conference and how successful it was. And I remember talking to you about the importance of the vanguard.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: And that the people at the front, or the people who can see more clearly than other people, they don’t necessarily need to be terribly numerous. And I think if you harbour ambitions of converting the vast majority of your people to your worldview, then you’re destined to be disappointed.


But as long as you are this robust, clear, vanguard, people will come. And I’m very weary, I don’t know what we can call it, “despair porn”, where we review the shortcomings of younger generations and their terrible struggles that they’re dealing with, and addictions, and whatnot. You can view all of that as helpless.


But it’s not helpless, as long as this vanguard exists. It exists in the UK in the form of PA, and perhaps other organizations. It exists in America in the form of the NJP. The obsessiveness of censorship, while it hurts us all, I tend to view optimistically, because it helps me know that we are causing problems!


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: So as eloquently as you it enumerated the problems facing young White people, I’d also say that there’s much to be hopeful about.


Ayatollah: I hope you’re right. I very much hope you’re right. That will bring us actually on to the last couple of agenda items. How are you doing for time? Because unless these would need to wait for another time, because I’m mindful we’ve been going a long while.


Arab SN: I can stay for a roundup.


Ayatollah: Okay. Well, what we’ll do now, I think anything from the chat, we’ll have to leave. But there were a couple of other agenda items. The first one was. And I think we did discuss this briefly when we met the other week. You were taken aback by the fervour [chuckling] with which White nationalists rejoiced as basically the ZOG machine was forced into a humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan after it’s initial sort of military scaling back was followed by a very sort of swift capitulation by the Afghan National Army to the Taliban. Which is a complicated question, because actually one blurs into the other quite a lot.


People try and sort of apply a Western understanding of society and how institutions work to a completely different society, which, … Well I don’t know. A lot of sort of purported Afghan national army soldiers didn’t exist. They were there basically to collect money. They were there as a means of sort of fraudulently collecting money. There were a lot of people in there that would have switched sides. And so on.


But those complexities don’t really matter, that’s not the point. But you sort of commented I think in passing. And I found it very interesting. I don’t know whether you were taken aback. But had some comment on the zeal with which the White kind of dissident Right reacted to what happened in Afghanistan around about August.




Arab SN: Yeah, I was surprised at two things I saw coming out of people on the Right. One was their gleeful enjoyment of the collapse of the actual war effort, that the occupation ended and the Americans withdrew. There was that.


But also, and it wasn’t always entirely serious. It was tongue-in-cheek, I think. And a lot of time it was jokes. But a lot of talk about how based the Taliban are in this or that way. Which was surprising to me. Because you have to remember that I am old enough to remember the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, and the pornographic way that they were broadcast on the television.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: And the way that people cheered. And these were seen as righteous wars. To see a younger generation rejoice in the failure of the boomers to prevail in Afghanistan was interesting to me. Not only, because it’s obvious for a thinking Westerner. You don’t want to send your sons to die in Afghanistan for reasons that you can’t articulate. And you don’t want to spend a trillion dollars doing it! That should be obvious. And those kinds of celebrations were less surprising to me.


But what was more surprising was the sort of sympathy for what I saw as a kind of sympathy for the Taliban [chuckling] when they were [chuckling] getting rid of this George Flyod’s stuff, and rainbow flags! It has meaning! Like how degenerate, and how foreign, …


Ayatollah: Shit, they’re trying to do the same thing to them as they’re doing to us, essentially.


Arab SN: But how degenerate and how remote from White interests does your regime have to be?


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: For you to speak positively about the Taliban? And I think it spoke to how disgusted young White people, or young Western people, how disgusted they are with their own regime, that there’s something satisfying about watching people like the Taliban, who have no air force, [chuckling] they have nothing!


Ayatollah: They’ve got fucking sandals and rocket propelled grenades!


Arab SN: They have sandals, RPGs, and the sheer righteousness of knowing that they’re on their own fucking land!


Ayatollah: And that’s all they’ve got!


Arab SN: And there’s nowhere to go. This is your land, and the Americans are here. And you’ve got to deal with the Americans.


Ayatollah: And you’ll leave eventually, just like all the others did, because we made them.


Arab SN: And you resist for 20 years your will prevail over theirs! And it did. And I think that perhaps it may not be obvious. But there may be things to learn from the Taliban for White people going forward.


Ayatollah: There would be if we weren’t pacifists, I must stress in these parts. But anyway, yeah, I digress.


Arab SN: I know.


Ayatollah: Yeah, do carry on.


Arab SN: You have much to endure over the next say 10, or 20 years. But if you can remain White. And if you can remain righteous in your clear right to these islands, and to Europe, then that’s hard to defeat! The Afghans have shown you. The Palestinians show you every day! The Israelis, they despair, because there’s no number of bombs they can drop. No act of aggression that would persuade the Palestinians. Because, they just cannot be moved.




Ayatollah: If you can’t just outright wipe these people out, you will never be rid of them!


Arab SN: Yes! And so, I was surprised, as you say, by the reaction to the Taliban. But I was also very gratified by it, because it helped me know that there are a number of people in the West who know that these wars are the source of the issue. Source of the migration, the source of Israeli power. The source of degeneracy. The kids know! They clearly know! And so I choose to be positive on that basis.


Ayatollah: See you talked about the rejoicing. And I was no exception to this. You won’t have seen this I think you probably weren’t at all aware of me before we met. But this here. This was a stream I did on the 18th of August which I had a bit of fun with. Well, you can see my ex-National Front man Derek Day you sort of my literal avatar, you know, made a bit of an interesting cameo in Kabul. But there we go [chuckling]! I was quite proud of that one.


But yeah, this is the thing. And another thing that we’ve talked about, that sort of glee at the humiliation of basically that the Western, neoliberal, zionist order, … It got some mainstream media attention, because there was a Mail Online article that I read through, I think early September maybe. And I forget the author’s name, but she made some, …


Arab SN: It wasn’t something like “neo-Nazis and Islamists”?


Ayatollah: It was more sympathetic than that. It expressed dismay that young White men feel so alienated that they’re cheering on the Taliban, you know, they’re that disaffected. And it was very interesting. Now what was it? Now, I can’t find it. But I’ve talked through on another stream that I did going back, yes early September, or whenever.


Now the thing with this is. And I think this was the analogy I used when we discussed this in person. Was well ultimately imagine like you sort of were born into a family. And in the time before you could remember there was, your parents fell out a bit. But you had two good parents. Then in comes the most vile sadistic tyrannical stepfather! He’s abusive in every conceivable way, whilst accusing you of being aggressive and just basically crying out in pain strikes you.


Arab SN: He’s gaslighting you.


Ayatollah: Yes gaslighting you exactly. Which is just a feature of life in the West. It’s central to the whole sort of programme of psychological abuse. Imagine you had the most horrendously abusive stepfather. And then you had no means of defending yourself. You just had to suffer. You couldn’t get out, you couldn’t fight back.


And then one day you look out the window. And you see some bloke who’s nothing to do with the family whatever, probably wouldn’t have a lot of time for you, but he kicks the shit out of him! And maybe this fella, you know, maybe your stepfather’s this big hulk of a man. And then a little bloke who’s eight stone soaking wet flattens him and kicks the shit out of him! You would rejoice! You would think:


“Yeah! Fucking have it you twat!”


Because you can’t do anything about it. We are hostages of this regime. And we’ve just seen it. And we’ve seen the extent to which it tries to push the same shit on the people in Afghanistan. And we’ve seen it kicked out!


Arab SN: And it’s not dissimilar is it from the point I raised earlier about how Arab nationalism had to be destroyed. Not just because it would interrupt the Israeli agenda for the Middle East. But also because it would be a beacon to foreign nationalists elsewhere too.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: Which is exactly what you see in the victory of the Taliban. That the Taliban, whatever, they call themselves the Taliban. And they are Islamists. But in the end they are Afghans.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: And these are Afghan people taking their country back. And it’s a symbol of hope to people who are not Afghan but who can hope to achieve something similar. And so I think the dismay in the establishment and how White people might have been cheering on the Taliban, is similar to their desire to wipe Syria from the earth, because Arab nationalism cannot be tolerated. Folkish politics in any form cannot be tolerated!




Ayatollah: They want sovereignty.


Arab SN: They will always try to destroy it.


Ayatollah: National sovereignty, yeah. Because if you’re in charge of your destiny they ain’t!


Arab SN: Yes! Wherever the folk is ascendant they will cry foul!


Ayatollah: Oh yes!


Arab SN: And demand war.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: And so I think that if there’s at a distance solidarity between White people and the Taliban, it’s folkish stuff.


Ayatollah: It’s grassroots. I mean, it is the popular will isn’t it? There’s not a lot else to say about it. So once you’ve peeled away the conditioning, when you’ve deprogrammed yourself, this sort of stuff is self-evident. Beer Hall Pooch I’m just going to put this up on screen. And all I’m going to say on this comment that is on screen now is, well look Beer Hall Pooch, if the stories you were telling me after we left the pub and I was giving you a lift back to where you were staying at are true, then maybe there’s some substance to what you’re saying. But I’ll leave that there.


Arab SN: Beer Hall Pooch, it has to be said, he lived, I would say in 1923 [chuckling]!


Ayatollah: You’ve got the Right moniker then hasn’t he! [Laughter]. But yeah, the point about your sort of what it revealed to you that there was this rejoicing at seeing in any respect really, a very sort of foreign, and very distant people basically bloody in the nose of our victimizers. And what that sort of revealed to you about kind of the, well the dissident Right let’s say. As an overwhelmingly White, you know, native sort of political subculture. If you want to call it that in our societies.


Going on from that I suppose the thing I’d be interested to close on. And we did discuss this in person. We sort of alluded to it tonight as well is, you were at the Patriotic Alternative conference a couple weeks ago. I don’t know if that was the first time you’d attended any real-life sort of British nationalist sort of event in Britain.


Arab SN: Yeah, it was my first in real life effort at anything in this sphere. Yeah.


Ayatollah: And I know a lot of what you’re going to say, because we talked about it in person. But obviously a lot of the people listening won’t. So naturally given you sort of have a different perspective being of a partially Arab background and identifying primarily with for political purposes with your Arab side. I know you discussed this on TASOB. The idea that:


“Well look there’s plenty of people that can advocate articulately and eloquently for our worldview on behalf of White people, I felt that my Arab side sort of need it more.”




Arab SN: Yes.


Ayatollah: So coming in from that sort of partially outside perspective, I think it’d be very interesting for people to hear your impressions of the conference, and of the day, and of the people. And I suppose of the discourse. Because a lot of interesting things came up. I’ve got one other note on that, but primarily I’d like to just let you talk.


Arab SN: So the first thing I’d say, I’ve heard, for example, Charlie Big Potatoes, he’ll make fun of Tommy Robinson and similar people. Because they’re globalist, and they’re globohomo. And they don’t care about race. And they’ll make a big song and dance of embracing ethnic minority people. So Tommy Robinson will always want to be photographed with a black person. He cannot avoid it! That’s instance here, it’s garbage, it’s patronizing! And it’s shite. And I don’t want any of it.


What I get from PA people is the sort of clarity that we talked about earlier. These are White nationalists. They’re interested in the long-term survival and health of White people. And I believe that’s their entitlement. And I had a tremendous experience at the PA Conference precisely, because those things were clear. I’m not being patronized either by Mark Collett, or any of the people around him. I’m not being used as some kind of indicator that PA is for multiculturalism, or anything else. But rather, because PA values nationalism even if it prevails among non-Whites.


And what I found at the PA Conference was, I was accepted as a colleague. And as a similar-minded person. But I was accepted as I am. And I accepted the White nationalists around me as they are. And that made for a very healthy set of interactions, which you saw. Because we are all, most of you there, were indigenous British, or English people, White nationalists.


But we were all able to talk man-to-man about the real issues with mutual respect, but without giving anything. I simply believe it is normal and healthy that White people should be a super majority in the United Kingdom. I don’t even find that interesting, to be honest with you, as an idea. I don’t.


And I think I made that clear to every, … Well, I think most people the conference knew who I was before they met me. But this is not the case of sort of patronizing, multicultural, like oh, you know, everybody can be English. It’s not that it’s an intellectual level that you find among PA people, where they are able to accept that White interests are what they are. But they can also seek common cause with other nationalists who respect White Nationalism and their own nationalism too.




Ayatollah: Yeah.


Arab SN: I found it to be a really healthy and constructive environment to be in. It was exhilarating! Not least, because I was able to speak to people like Beer Hall Pooch, to you. You were at the same table, talk about our views without worrying, without self-censoring, without worrying who was listening. To be frank you as a White person with me, and me, as a Muslim with you, there’s much to be discussed. And much common ground to be explored.


And it’s ironic that a so-called far-Right organization like PA, is in a position to provide that that context.


But I say as well, to any of the feds listening, if you’re looking for skinheads, if you’re looking for potential terrorists that you could goad into doing something silly, I’m afraid in PA, you won’t find these people! In PA there are White nationalists whose views are clear, whose views are often absolute. But whose views are respectable. And I think that’s why the establishment hates PA so much.


Ayatollah: You see, this is the thing againc to advocate for your own interests, if you’re a person and you’re of a foreign background, a foreign allegiance. But you’ve cast off the anti-White sort of default. And I’ve known sort of Muslims who are anti-zionist. But they’re also anti-White. And aren’t aware of the degree to which they’re in the thrall of sort of an anti-White, …


Arab SN: If I can just say clearly, anti-Whitism is a form of zionist! That is all that it is.


Ayatollah: Yes!


Arab SN: It’s a form of zionism and it serves no interest other than zionist interests.


Ayatollah: Yes a manifestation of zionism.


Arab SN: It is. And hating White people brings no benefit to any non-White person, other than your fellow Whites. It is zionism, that’s all that it is.


Ayatollah: The point on this is basically that again I’ve had interactions with Muslims that have got their sort of opposition to zionism and whatever. But they’re not conscious of the degree to which, just as a lot of White people, you’ve got maybe White Leftists who’ve got some of the right economic ideas. And some of the right views on the sort of Israel Palestine. I don’t know, something like Jeremy Corbyn. But I don’t know about Corbyn given the circles he’s mixed in. And certainly things that have happened to him in the past few years when he fell foul of certain interest groups.


But certainly your more rank and file people like that, they’re not aware of the degree to which they’re still being manipulated by basically an anti-White agenda. If you’re the sort of person who has cast that off, and you used a very act term when we were talking, which we’ll get onto, which is “clarity of thought”. But if you’ve had the clarity of thought and the moral courage to cast that sort of thing off. And you’ve had the initiative at the outset to actually get to the stage where you could even start to do that. And then you’ve taken up, alongside the cause of White nationalists, it doesn’t matter if you’re not ancestrally one of us fully.


Look, you’re going to be judged on your merits. And to do that when you’ve got other options available to you through other allegiances and when, … Actually everybody faces the same sort of, it takes the same amount of initiative and courage for anybody to get out of doing those things. There are also things for you to gain by continuing to adhere to them if you could identify as non-White.


And there are also, how do I put it? Some of the same deterrents, maybe not all of them. But some of the same deterrents and taboos again of sort of speaking up for White interests. To then do that, when you could have done other things, I think it says a lot of the character of the individual. You would be one example. There are other people I know. And it would be remiss not to take the individual on their own merits in that respect. I’ve got a hell of a lot of respect for it!


Because we all understand how to do it is and how hard it is to just be pro-White. And again there are other interests, other sort of ethnic, and ethno-religious, interests which are not mutually exclusive from that at all. Because again, we’ve in many instances we have a common victimizer.


But there were a lot of things. You talked about the vanguard thing before. And it’s funny, because we talked about this. And I appreciated the point you made. But I sort of counter signaled you a little bit when I said:


“Look. I don’t think you’ve got to be any sort of genius to get into this thing. You’ve got to be reasonably intelligent, but nothing special at all. Not necessarily far above average. Your instincts are more important.”


But I thought about this again. And I think I made this point when you were watching in the PA Talk stream a couple of nights after the conference. I think it was a Monday, Tuesday night actually, I think after the conference. I made the point of reflection. And many people involved in PA have been around since the British National Party days. I’m certainly not. One of those. But I’ve been around since the earliest Patriotic Alternative events.


So it’s a little bit of fish not seeing water. I just take it for what it is, because I’ve never known anything else. Whereas yours was with the perspective of a newcomer, with a sort of a different background. And that sort of carries more weight really. And again you at some point in the same conversation, not that long after, you use the term:


“To get to where we are requires a certain clarity of thought.”


And it absolutely does! To recognize things as they are, in the first place, it then requires a certain amount of courage to accept them as they are, and formulate your views accordingly. But I thought the comments you made about a vanguard and perceiving it that way, I thought were very interesting, on that day.




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