Poseidon — Replacement Migration Agenda – United Nations — TRANSCRIPT


[Poseidon’s short but important video on the United Nations and its Replacement Migration Program. As he writes:


The United Nations Replacement Migration plan is to open the borders and bring more than 200 million people into Europe until 2050. This plan is already in motion with the help of the European Union, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, George Soros and various NGO’s.


The United Nations, is the front organization, which hides the hand of organized jewry and its agenda to racially and culturally destroy White countries throughout the world, thus removing their major obstacle towards the creation of a one world jewish government tyranny over us all.








Replacement Migration Agenda


United Nations




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YouTube Description

The United Nations Replacement Migration plan is to open the borders and bring more than 200 million people into Europe until 2050. This plan is already in motion with the help the European Union, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, George Soros and various NGO’s. UN Replacement Migration: https://goo.gl/glJSYP











Type the phrase “replacement migration” and click “Search”.

Click on the first result.


This is the United Nations replacement migration program. It was written decades ago and it describes exactly what is happening today in Europe and the United States.



The globalist elites decided that they need more slaves, more consumers, and more taxpayers to fuel the government and their businesses.




And they decided to bring them from Third World countries! They planned exactly how many new slaves they want, when they will start shipping them into our countries and how many would be shipping every year.



The people you see arriving since 2015 are not refugees fleeing war. These people were selected by the United Nations, and invited to replace the European people.





The governments and their elites use their NGOs to do the smuggling. NGOs funded by European taxpayers, by George Soros, and by the government of Israel.




Like in the case of Greece, IsraAid, an Israeli NGO is stationed Lesbos island since 2015, helping millions to enter Europe illegally.





IsraAid is funded by more than 40 Jewish organizations, but also but the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




Their elites plan to bring more than 200 million people into Europe within the next two decades!



And it looks like they will mostly come from Africa. And almost all of them would be young, healthy. Strong men, with no education, but with military experience.




The United Nations and the European Union are endorsing this replacement.



Angela Merkel and Emanuel Marcron are dedicated to see it fulfilled, because both of them are childless and don’t care about what happens to the next generation. Both of them will lead the rest of your lives surrounded by luxury and bodyguards, on our expense.




But those of us who have children are terrorized by the idea that our children will have to live in a continent that will culturally resemble Africa or Saudi Arabia.



The replacement migration program is already in full motion, and only if we realize what is happening, who is doing it and start reacting, only then will we be able to abort it!








Time is not on our side, so please share this message and help others see the truth!





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