The Realist Report with Christopher Bollyn – Sep 2018 — TRANSCRIPT



[John Friend from “The Realist Report” interviews (Sept, 2018) Christopher Bollyn, the investigative reporter who has been studying 9-11 from day one, and is the author of “Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World” and his latest book, “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East”.


They discuss the state of the 9-11 truth movement, his latest book, the demonization of Muslims while simultaneously flooding White countries with them and other incompatible aliens.


Also, how Israel, and its agents, and shabbos goys, were able to carry out 9-11 with such audacity, due to their assured control over six crucial elements, namely: law enforcement, mass media, litigation, security, government, and the military.


Such control not only allowed them to carry out the crime, killing and maiming millions since, but most importantly, cover up their involvement while hoodwinking the public into believing that Arabs carried it out.


Christopher Bollyn’s work proves beyond any doubt that 9-11 was carried out by organized jewry through Israel and zionists within the US, to create their “War on Terror“, aka, “War OF Terror“, in order to justify the smashing of Arab countries, and others, as part of a scheme to create a “Greater Israel” domination over the Middle East, as well as their larger New World Order agenda involving the further subjugation of all White countries.









The Realist Report with


Christopher Bollyn


Sept 2018



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Published on Sep 17, 2018

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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Christopher Bollyn, an investigative journalist, author, and long-time 9/11 researcher. Chris and I focus on his recently published book The War on Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East and the origins of the Jewish-concocted “Global War on Terror”. We also discuss the 9/11 Truth movement, Bollyn’s Memo to President Trump, and other matters relating to 9/11 and the “Global War on Terror”.

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(64 mins)







Friend: All right folks, welcome back to another edition of The Realist Report. This is your host John Friend. The website is The Realist Report dot com, where you will find an extensive archive of these podcasts, as well as other programs I’ve appeared on as a guest over the years. You will also find all of my blog posts and articles. A contact page, my Twitter feed, which is embedded in the right hand sidebar of the website, and many other useful and important links. I am a regular reporter for American Free Press, America’s last real newspaper. And I also contribute to the Barnes Review, the bi-monthly history magazine affiliated with American Free Press. I encourage listeners to subscribe to these fine print publications. Check out American Free Press dot net, and Barnes Review dot org for more details.


Okay, with that said, let me introduce my special guest this evening. Tonight we are joined by Christopher Bollyn! An investigative journalist, author, and long time 9/11 researcher. Chris and I will be focusing on 9/11 primarily and his recently published book “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East”, which is available from Amazon dot com..


Chris, welcome to the program sir! It’s really a great honor having you here.




Bollyn: Thank you John. It’s nice to be with you.


Friend: Yes. Yes, this is good. I’m glad that we could talk. I’ve been wanting to interview you for a number of years. Your work has been very influential on my thinking, especially about 9/11 and the Global War on Terrorism, and American foreign policy. And really what’s kind of going on in the world, especially in the Middle East.


See: Christopher Bollyn explains who really did 9/11 at the San Diegans for 9/11 Truth meet up group on Sunday, September 9, 2018.


So on that, it’s great to actually sit down and talk. I went down to San Diego a couple weekends ago and heard you give a very fine presentation about your book. You focused primarily on your book. So it was great. And I wanted you to maybe kind of comment on your speaking tour. I know you’re on a mini one right now, from what I understand. And you’ve spoken at the 9/11 Truth group in the past as well. So could you kind of talk about your current speaking tour?


Bollyn: Yes, I’m on a really short tour as you said. I was invited to speak in Texas, in San Antonio, and then I came to, I was invited also to speak at the San Diego [9/11] Truth group. Which is one of the best truth groups in the United States. A very active group with a lot of outreach and regular events. And that was on the ninth of September. And now I have two events left in Seattle, on the twentieth, and the twenty-second of the month, in northern Seattle at libraries. And that’ll be it for this tour.



And it’s based, as you said, on my book “Solving 9/11 — The Deception That Changed the World”, … not that one, but the “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East”, the shorter book, that came out in 2017. Because it’s very urgent at the commemoration of the September eleventh, every year.


But now, it’s very important for Americans to understand what the “War on Terror” is all about! And why we are engaged in this, now seventeen year old war, and why we have spent something like seven trillion dollars, as President Trump said a little while ago, in seventeen years and got nothing for it! And so, Americans need to understand that we are in a deceitful and fraudulent war! And that’s what my speaking tour is all about.


Friend: Yes, absolutely! And you mentioned the San Diegans for 9/11 Truth group, and I did want to briefly talk about them, because that was really how I kind of got into all of this! I went to one of their meet ups and you’re right they have got to be, … I’ve never really dealt with other 9/11 Truth groups around the country, but I’d be willing to bet everything that I have, that they are definitely one of the most organized, motivated, you know, dedicated, and professional 9/11 Truth groups out there! And you can probably attest to this. I’m sure you’ve dealt with some other 9/11 Truth groups.



So I really want to kind of just tip my hat to them. They always put on a monthly meet up. They usually have a speaker to come in and present, and screen a documentary, and then have a Q & A afterwards. So they really do a really good job!


And I was talking to Adam Green, a mutual friend, just last night, and he’s kind of involved in the San Diegans for 9/11 Truth group. And it’s really just refreshing knowing that there are other people out there that really do care about this topic, and are doing something, you know, proactive and productive, to kind of get the word out there. So, I kind of want to just say that, as we start here.


I know you’ve dealt pretty extensively with the 9/11 Truth Group here in San Diego, so.




Bollyn: Yeah! They were actually the first group to invite me to speak, and I went there in the fall of 2014. And I’ve been back several times since. And yeah, they’re great! They have outreach. They have an outreach once a month, or so, in downtown San Diego, right across from the USS Midway, where it’s berthed. And they reach out to the public and try to educate the public, which is what this is all about! Educating the public about 9/11 and the war on terror.



Friend: Yes. And you’ve been covering 9/11 really from the day that it happened. And I want to kind of talk about your research over the years, and have your main conclusions changed, or sort of evolved over the years? Or did you kind of, because almost like, right off the bat, you were talking about the Israeli connections. You know, the individuals that were arrested in New York City on the day that 9/11 happened. So, I guess, what are your main conclusions, and how they kind of evolved over the years?


Bollyn: Yeah. That’s a good question. Well, I was fortunate, if you will, to have been on the East Coast when 9/11 happened. I was actually in New York City early on the day. I was a writer, like you, for American Free Press, at the time. And so that was my job. And when 9/11 happened, I was on my way back to Washington DC, after a weekend up in Vermont. And the Pentagon was struck, I couldn’t go there, so I called the office and said I’m heading back for Chicago with my family. You know, I couldn’t go to Washington, I couldn’t stay in the East Coast.


So I, you know, my specialty, I’d worked for American Free Press for over a year when this started, so I had, you know, I started writing journalistic articles. And the first thing that struck me was that there were important aspects of 9/11 that were being blocked, or were omitted from the official government, or the media narrative.


And those were, most conspicuously, the reports of explosions that people saw and heard. And then there was this story, which was my first story actually, about these five dancing Israelis, we call them, who were Israeli citizens, who were seen, observing, and photographing, and celebrating the attack on the World Trade Center, from across the Hudson River. The Hudson at East River there, on the Jersey side, just a stone throw from the World Trade Center. And that became my first article..


And as a writer for American Free Press, I was allowed and able to, I was encouraged to, to continue my research and to write about this. And with the evidence of Israeli prior knowledge of 9/11 attacks, I began with the hypothesis that this could be a false flag attack. An Israeli operation, that was meant to be blamed on Muslims! And blamed on Arabs! In order to increase US, American hostility in the Middle East against these foes of Israel, the Arabs, and Muslims..


And with that hypothesis I started doing research and articles, and weeks became months, became years. But the hypothesis remained and was validated by what I discovered, as time went by. And so, after a couple of years, it became not my hypothesis anymore, but really my thesis!



And then finally, in 2012, I published the book “Solving 9/11 — The Deception That Changed the World”, and it’s companion volume “Solving 9/11 — The Original Articles”, which contains my articles that were published originally in the American Free Press, in chronological order. So people can see how this how this hypothesis developed into a thesis and developed into my book..


And then, just last year, 2017 in August, I published a little book, “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East”. I wrote this as a very small, concise, volume that can be shared with people. Because this is very important that Americans understand how 9/11 fits into the “War on Terror” logic! Because really, that’s what happened, is that the “War on Terror” was a preexisting construct that needed a “spark plug” to make it operational! And that “spark plug” was 9/11!





Friend: Yes, exactly! And as you kind of explained there, right off the bat, there were all these Israeli connections that you were highlighting and writing about, but they weren’t getting a lot of coverage in the mainstream certainly. And it’s interesting how you were sort of thinking:


“Look, maybe this was a false flag, where Israel was behind it and they’re trying to blame it on their enemies?”


And ironically enough, these guys ever arrested in New York — you can find the police reports from the East Rutherford Police Department, publicly available online. This is no secret. This is no, you know, crazy, outlandish conspiracy theory, or something! This is very well documented, very easy to demonstrate, and easy to verify for yourself. You know, they were arrested by these local police officers. And they’re sitting there telling them:


“Look, we’re Israelis! Your problems are our problems! Our problems are the Palestinians and the Arabs!”




So right off the bat, you know, they’re almost trying to frame this entire thing on Arabs, on Muslims in general. So I mean, that should be a red flag right away to anybody that sat down and read that document. And secondly, why are these Israelis being arrested? They’re obviously tied into what was going on. Why was this not given more coverage? And interestingly, it actually was covered in the mainstream media at the time, but it was quickly downplayed, and kind of swept under the rug, as you well know.




Bollyn: Yes! Yes, there was, it was written about in New Jersey, in a paper called “The Bergen Record” by a journalist named Paulo Lima. And I contacted Mr Lima after 9/11, a day, or two afterwards, and talked to him about the article. Because it came out, I believe, September twelfth, in this New Jersey paper. But oddly enough, as you said, the story did not cross the river and get published in the New York papers. Because when Ted Koppel on September eleventh, he came on the air, I believe it was Ted Koppel, and he said that, about noon, or twelve thirty, he said that:


“The FBI was looking for five Middle Eastern men who were seeing video taping and celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Center, …” et cetera, et cetera.


And when it was discovered that these five men were Middle Eastern, but were also “Israelis”, then there was no interest in the media to repeat this story. So it remained in the “Bergen Record” for one day, or so, and then got pushed under the under the carpet, so to speak. But it became the essence of my first article that was printed that week after 9/11, in American Free Press.


Friend: Interesting. Yeah, that’s incredible! That you were right there to start talking about this, and covering it. And it wasn’t only the Bergen Record. I mean, I don’t know the exact time frame, but I know in the months, and maybe a year, or so, after 9/11, there were a number of mainstream articles that were written about this massive Israeli espionage operation, that had been unraveled and uncovered leading up to 9/11.


And even on 9/11 itself! If I’m not mistaken, there was well over one hundred Israeli agents that were involved in this. And many of them were, in fact, arrested and deported back to Israel. What do you know about this broader network of Israeli spies that were operating all across the country? There are indications that they may have been tracking, or monitoring some of the alleged hijackers. Could you kind of demystify this a little bit?




Bollyn: Well that’s the DEA investigation. The Drug Enforcement Agency investigation that was done, in which they found these so-called Israeli “art students” who were, you know, snooping around and trying to gain access to DEA offices, and even going to the homes of the DEA agents. And the DEA did a report that was leaked, that gave the names and talked about these people, these Israelis. As you said, it was over a hundred..


But also, there was, shortly after 9/11, there were reports in the New York media, and other media, about Israelis that were picked up here, and here, and here, and here! And so there were numerous reports of various Israeli gangs, or cells, being arrested with trucks that were exploding, bombs, and various things by the Holland Tunnel.


[Click image to enlarge]


And so, I called the Israeli Embassy in that week after 9/11, and asked them. I said:


“By my calculations, this is like ten, twenty, thirty, you know, thirty Israelis involved in this, have been arrested.”


And I said:


“Is that true?”


And they said, I think I gave a number like sixty, or something. They said:


“At least! At least that number have been arrested.”


So there’s, when you calculate in all these various “art students” and things, yes it was hundreds of Israelis who were involved in this operation! Many of whom, who had been arrested on, shortly after 9/11, or on 9/11 itself.


Friend: Yes! And there is a very well produced Fox News investigative series into all of this, that was published and ran by Fox News. It was quickly taken off their website, I know. You can still find it on YouTube. It’s the infamous Carl Cameron investigative series* into all of these Israeli spies that were again, basically uncovered and arrested by our own government, by the federal government, by the DEA, the FBI!


[* Four Part Series Carl Cameron Israeli Spies in US]


So, it’s really quite astonishing that we have all of this very legitimate, valid information, tying all of these Israelis into what was going on, on 9/11. And again, it’s just kind of swept down the memory hole, essentially..


I did have a question, just to kind of get some clarification. The Israeli spies that were investigated, and in many cases arrested, by the DEA and by the FBI, were a lot of these spies tied in to the people in New York City, involved with Urban Moving Systems? Which was another Mossad front, essentially.




Bollyn: Yeah. As you said, the five dancing Israelis, and others who were arrested in New York, were nominally, or were employees of this Urban Moving Systems, in Weehawken, in New Jersey. Which, as Carl Cameron, or Fox News, you know, they went to investigate this a little bit too. This was a front! And it was a front for the Mossad. And that revelation came from an FBI person, to “Forward” newspaper, which is the jewish newspaper in New York, which printed that, I think, in March of 2002, or something like that.



So that, this group of Israelis, all these Israelis who were caught in connection to 9/11, were employees of Dominik Suter’s, Urban Moving Systems, in Weehawken, New Jersey. Which was an Israeli intelligence front, which was not really a valid moving company at all, but was actually a front!


And there were American employees who worked there, who noticed that on 9/11, the Israelis who worked at Urban Moving Systems, were jubilant! And were very happy with the attacks of 9/11! Like those five dancing Israelis. And the Americans couldn’t understand it. That they were in tears, they were crying, and these Israelis were like celebrating! Which was for them, really, you know, they’re celebrating a job well done! They had they succeeded in their criminal plot!


Friend: Yeah! It’s really amazing knowing that there is all this proof tying Israel, … That’s what’s so incredible to me! It’s like, when I was first getting into 9/11 truth, rather than even trying to get involved with all the kind of more complicated information relating to 9/11, why aren’t we just out telling people:


“Look! Our own government investigated what was going on, and they arrested the people that were tied into what took place on 9/11. And they weren’t Muslims from the Middle East! They were Israeli spies! And we can easily prove this!”


Bollyn: Right! Yeah, that is the whole point, you see. And so you say:


“How did the Israelis go ahead forward with this operation in New York City, and get caught with so many of these people with their involvement in 9/11? How did they have the audacity? How did they have, … why did they go forward with this plot?”


And the answer to that is, because they knew that they had protection within the law enforcement of the United States of America! Because the person who was responsible for the investigation of 9/11, was himself an Israeli spy! That was Michael Chertoff, who was the Assistant Attorney General under John Ashcroft. And he was the Attorney General responsible for the criminal division of the Department of Justice. And beneath him, the FBI serves as the agency that provides the evidence and the information that he needs to prosecute the case.


And under Michael Chertoff there was, in fact, no real investigation, because the evidence was being destroyed from day one! And there was no prosecution! And he’s the one who oversaw the release of these Israelis who were arrested, sent back to Israel, on visa violations, within two months after 9/11.




Friend: Yeah! Nothing to see here, guys! We’re just going to deport these prime suspects in what took place on 9/11, back to Israel! Nothing to see here! Yep, it’s pretty incredible when you stop and think about it..


And I want to talk more about, like you have an article on your website, “The Key zionist Control Points of 9/11. I kind of want to focus on that for just a minute. Before we do that, I want to ask you, could you maybe just like summarize your overall views of 9/11? If you had to, like explain it like an average American, you how would you go about explaining 9/11 to them?



Bollyn: Yeah, well, that 9/11 was a hoax, a false flag operation, that was done by Israeli intelligence, military intelligence primarily, I believe. And the purpose was to was to start the “War on Terror”!


And the “War on Terror” itself, is really a construct that goes back to, about 1979, July, when Menachem Begin then the Prime Minister of Israel, organized a conference in Jerusalem. Some conference about international terrorism under the auspices of Netanyahu family, Benjamin, and his father, Benzion. And they had this propaganda offensive, where they rolled out “international terrorism” as the new global bogeyman.


And this “War on Terror” that’s been promoted for decades until — and it was like a bonfire he was trying to light, but it wouldn’t light without the proper fuel. And the fuel that was necessary to ignite and make, …


And that’s what brought the United States militarily into the Middle East, waging war against Israel’s enemies!



And this is all, you know, the “War on Terror” is based on a strategy that Israel has, called, the “Yinon Plan” to basically fragment, to conquer, to destroy the militaries of the strong Arab nations, like Iraq, and Syria, and then to balkanize, or break up those countries into ethnic statelets! Which is what’s currently being done. And all of this is, you know, now the “War on Terror” has become America’s longest war, longest foreign war, and most expensive in US history!





Friend: Oh yeah! It’s incredible how much money we’ve spent! I just put it together, an article yesterday, a blog post over on the Realist Report dot com. And even like mainstream reports put the price tag at like, four trillion dollars, I think it is! And some estimates are even higher! It’s just incredible how much money we spent since 9/11, prosecuting this fraudulent global war on terrorism, that’s totally against America’s national interests! And, of course, totally for the interests of Israel, and the wider international jewish community. Certainly in the Middle East it’s just such a big scam, it’s truly outrageous!


But I wanted to talk about the key control points of 9/11. And you outlined this very well, …


Bollyn: Yup.


Friend: In an article on your website. And really this is, what all of your books are really all about, is kind of explaining how they were able to do 9/11. Because that was what was so kind of just baffling to me! Once I realized the official narrative, the official conspiracy theory, and that is what it is, the official story of 9/11, is itself a conspiracy theory. But the official narrative was just full of holes, it didn’t make sense. It was obviously fraudulent.


But I was just dumbfounded how it could actually be carried out.


Bollyn: Right!



Friend: And I think once you realize that all their key players were in positions of influence to facilitate it, and to make it happen, and to cover it up, it really starts making more sense.


And the key points you have here, are:


The control of law enforcement.



The control of the criminal investigation. You mentioned Michael Chertoff. He was the number two in the Justice Department, I believe you said. So, they were responsible for covering it up basically, and not doing an authentic genuine investigation.



And really their goal was to avoid prosecuting the culprits, many of whom, again we arrested that day, and in the weeks afterwards, a lot of these Israeli spies. So they controlled the law enforcement aspect. And that the criminal investigation into it.


Of course, they control the mass media. And you have a point here, you mentioned Philip Zelikow who was responsible for the, was it the 9/11 Commission report he was in charge of?



Bollyn: Yeah!


Friend: And this is like the official “myth of 9/11”, the way the public understands 9/11. The way it’s officially, …


Bollyn: Interpreted.


Friend: Interpreted! Yeah! Exactly by the government, by the mass media. And here’s Philip Zelikow, this hard-line zionist. I don’t know if he’s a dual citizen, but he’s definitely jewish, and definitely has ties to the international jewish community. So of course, you know, they control the mass media.


They control the litigation, after the fact, with US Judge Alvin Hellerstein.



They controlled the security at the World Trade Center, and at the various airports. And, in fact, the buildings themselves, the World Trade Center complex, was basically sold to Larry Silverstein, who is obviously a jewish individual, who has ties to Israel and the broader international jewish community. In the way, that even the way that the World Trade Center complex was privatized was like this zionist criminal conspiracy, essentially, right? I mean, yeah, the way they went about selling it to Silverstein, it was clearly like this insight deal, right?




Bollyn: Yeah. It was very much so. And it’s important to note that Larry Silverstein had a very close relationship with Mr Netanyahu, Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel. They would speak every Sunday afternoon on the phone, for years prior to 9/11, all the way through. And so, what we’re talking about? This was part of the setting up of the operation.


And then, as you said, then in the summer of 2001, the World Trade Center, which was basically publicly owned property — belonging to the Port Authority of New York, New Jersey — it was sold. It was negotiated and sold to Larry Silverstein. This was a very convoluted process.



But Larry Silverstein and the head of the Port Authority at that time, Louis Eisenberg, were themselves both directors of the zionist fundraising out organization called, “The UJA Federation of New York”, the United jewish Appeal Federation of New York. Larry Silverstein was the Honorary National Chairman, he had been the National Chairman, in that position, and Louis Eisenberg was on the planning board of the UJA Federation.


So, these two men, the ones who oversaw the transfer of the property of the World Trade Center to Larry Silverstein, they were both brothers in arms on the UJA, which is the biggest fund-raising organization for the state of Israel, in the United States.


Friend: So these individuals were like, heavily involved, key players, not only in like American-jewish affairs, but really on an international scale, right? I mean, they had ties to Israel, they had ties to their cousins over in Europe, ex cetera. So, I mean, these guys were major players. And just that the way that it was transferred to Silverstein’s control, just right before 9/11! I mean, how obvious could they make it, right?


Bollyn: Yeah it’s really just, …


Friend: In your face like, suspicious!


Bollyn: Yeah. He got the property I think, on July 24th.


Friend: Yeah! It was just a few months before 9/11.


Bollyn: It was five weeks!


Friend: Oh okay! Jeez! Well yeah, I guess it was. Yes, I mean, it was like, right before 9/11! And then, of course, he takes out these insurance policies, protecting him against “acts of terrorism”. And, of course, that’s exactly what 9/11 was! So he’s, I don’t know exactly what the numbers are, I’ve written about it a few times over the years for American Free Press, in fact. And I think the guy’s got, I mean, I don’t know what it is, but he’s made a ton of money off of this scam!


Bollyn: Yeah!


Friend: He should [unclear] for the insurance fraud!


Bollyn: Yeah. He put down a hundred million dollars of borrowed money, and got back something like five billion dollars! Five thousand million dollars in awards. And yeah, Larry Silverstein is clearly one of the people that is tied into this terrible operation. And he’s the guy that owned all three buildings that fell that day. He’s the person who told public television that he ordered building “to pull it”, regarding building seven [WTC 7]. And he said:


“And I watched the building come down.”


And as the owner and the beneficiary of this insurance policy, in which, this was the first time in history, that this clause pertaining to terrorist attacks, was ever used in insurance history! So I mean, yeah this guy deserves to be thoroughly investigated!




Friend: Oh yeah! Exactly. Well, moving on, you also point out here that government, the zionist control of really the Bush administration, but key positions in the Bush administration.



All of the neo-cons, like in the Pentagon, for example. Could you elaborate on this a little bit? Key positions that these zionists, and a lot of them were dual citizens, had in the Bush administration that, kind of facilitated 9/11?


Bollyn: Yeah. Well, the thing is that every person in the Bush administration, like Cheney, and Bush himself, Condoleezza Rice, and what have you. These people all had advisors, high level advisors. You know, the second person chief of staff, what have you, who were zionist neo-cons! Like Philip Zelikow, the person who wrote the executive Commission, who was the director, executive director, and the person who actually wrote this fraudulent White Paper, that covered 9/11. He was Condoleezza Rice’s senior counsel! He was her adviser. And then there was Libby, was the advisor to Cheney. Rumsfeld had a deputy called Paul Wolfowitz. And Bush had an advisor.


So, all of the Bush administration was supported by these zionist neo-cons, who were basically “Israel Firsters” and this organization also.


These zionist neo-cons, they were the people who were at the Defense Policy Board. And the Defense Policy Board is this group of appointed people who craft the policy for the Pentagon. And as I said, the Deputy Secretary of Defense was Paul Wolfowitz. And there was Rabbi Zakkai, who was the comptroller at the Pentagon, when something like two point one trillion dollars went missing, it was announced the day before 9/11. And Douglas Feith, and people like that.


And these are the people who created the policy calling for the United States to overthrow seven countries in five years! And this was the memo that was discovered, you know, it was revealed in the Pentagon by General Wesley Clark. He discovered this memo circulating in the Pentagon, just a few days after 9/11. So it called for the United States to go to the Middle East and overthrow seven countries in five years! And that is exactly what we have been doing for the past seventeen years!



Friend: Yes. Exactly! Well and to make it even worse, we had Ehud Barak, who is a long time, top Israeli political, and I think he was also a general, if I’m not mistaken. But he this big time Israeli politician. Was the prime minister, defense minister. And on the day of 9/11 he is on the BBC being interviewed. And he basically explains the whole, what’s going to happen. You know, this is an attack by al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, he says. And now is the time for America and the wider Western world see to unite and engage in this struggle to defeat radical Islamic terrorism! And he names a number of countries, many of which General Wesley Clark exposed.


So it was very clear that they had this preconceived agenda, and 9/11 was just used to justify it. Into, really not only justify it, but like institutionalize it as our official US foreign policy! And that’s exactly what has happened in the aftermath, and still carries on to this very day!


Bollyn: That’s right and Ehud Barak was, at the time, Israel’s most decorated soldier, they say. He had been chief of staff, he had been, as you said, Minister of Defense, he had been Prime Minister. And he just happened to be in London on September eleventh, in the studio of the BBC World Television, ready to give his interpretation of 9/11!



Now this is called the “primacy effect”. When they, when something terrible like this happens, the first plausible explanation given to the public is the one that will stick in the minds of people. And that’s what he was all about. He was giving this plausible explanation. He said:


“The world will never be the same from today on.”


And he said is that BBC World, which is the largest English-speaking television network in the world. It spans the globe. And he said that:


“We know who’s behind this.”


He said:


“It’s Osama bin Laden, and we know where he is.”


And he said:


“Now is the time for America to start an operational, concrete, ‘War on Terror’!”


And as I said, this, he had also been the commander of the covert commando force on the Sayeret Matkal, where Bibi Netanyahu had been his one of his soldiers. And there was some other Sayeret Matkal players involved. I think Daniel Levin on Flight eleven was a Sayeret Matkal member. And this is a covert commando force that serves directly under the Israeli chief of staff.


So, all of these connections, it shows that a Ehud Barak was primed and ready to give that interpretation. It’s so important! Because in order for such a deception to succeed, as I said, you have to get your explanation out there, and you have to spread throughout the world, as soon as possible! And that’s what he was doing in London.




And then he went from the BBC, he went straight Sky News, Sky Television, which is owned by Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch, and told the same story. So, there were other agents around the world, in San Diego, and other places, who said exactly what Ehud Barak had been saying. So yeah, they got it out, they got the story out there.


Friend: Yeah, they had their script ready to go. And, you know what 9/11, was really a very traumatizing, and just intense event for people to experience. And people were in fear, people were scared, and in a scenario like that, right after it happens, everyone’s traumatized, no one’s really thinking critically. They’re just looking for an explanation, looking for answers. And here these guys are on television, ready to explain exactly what America’s going to do in the aftermath. It’s really astonishing!


Adam Green asked me this last night. He asked me what, you know, just my general observations of your speech the other night, down in San Diego. And just my, I guess my views on your work in general. And what really strikes me, is just how really transparent all of this is! It’s like, so obvious that they were behind this, and they’ve benefited from it! They really don’t make it a secret you. And find numerous quotes from people like Netanyahu, and others, where they’re basically boasting about how 9/11 has benefited Israel.


And there’s one quote where one Israeli, counter counter-terrorism analyst, or whatever, is talking about how 9/11 was the “greatest public relations event ever carried out, in the jews favor.” I mean, it’s really incredible some of the things that you can find online and verify for yourself. Just how really, truly, how obvious all of this is! How transparent their whole agenda is!


Bollyn: Yeah! On September eleventh, James Bennett, The New York Times, interviewed Bibi Netanyahu, Benjamin Netanyahu. And asked him:


“How will this affect Israeli-American relations?”


And Netanyahu said right away without, you know, skipping a beat, he said:


“It’s very good!”


And then he checked himself:


“Well, it’s not very good, but it’ll generate immediate sympathy!”


And as he said, a few years later, he spoke to an Israeli audience and told them that:


“Israel is benefiting from one thing” he said. “And that is the attack on the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.”


And so how does Israel benefit? Well, Israel is benefiting, because the Israeli strategic plan, the Yinon Plan is calling for the destruction of Iraq, and Syria, and host of other Arab countries, was being fulfilled, is being fulfilled by the American struggle in Iraq! And now the American struggle in Iraq, and Syria.




And Americans need to understand this “War on Terror” is really an Israeli war of aggression and conquest, being disguised in the pretext of fighting terrorism!


Friend: Right! And yeah and that’s really what your book, your latest book anyways, “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East”. That’s really what it’s all about! Like kind of the origins of this idea of a global war on terrorism.


And I wanted to spend some time and talk about this, a little bit. Because I found this so fascinating, researching 9/11. How this whole narrative, this whole paradigm of international relations — that’s really what it is — it not only goes back to the 1970s, but it was literally, like concocted and manufactured by people like Benjamin Netanyahu, and other hardline zionists in Israel. Like geo-political and military strategists, who were working in cahoots, working hand in hand, with the neo-cons in America. They were kind of formulating this idea, this narrative of a global war on terrorism.


And they had been talking about, for years, how they needed a “catalyzing event”, a new “Pearl Harbor” to kind of kick-start it, and get it going. And they again, they openly wrote about this in some of their public policy papers. The PNAC document, that everybody knows about, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”. It explicitly says this.


Bollyn: Yes.


Friend: You know:


“We need a new Pearl Harbor to kick-start this, otherwise the American people are not going to go along with it.”


And again, of course, that’s obviously what 9/11 was.


So can you kind of address this, the origins of the global war on terrorism? I know Benjamin Netanyahu organized a conference in 1979, if I’m not mistaken.


Bollyn: Yes.


Friend: Which was kind of, you know what kick started all of this yes.


Bollyn: Yes. That conference, the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism, was July second, third, fourth, I think, 1979. As I said, it was held at the Netanyahu Institute. It was organized and arranged by the Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, who was the arch terrorist of the Irgun, of Israeli history, zionist history. And this was the plan that they put into effect, and rolled out in 1979. And the thing is, is that at the same time that they rolled out this plan, the Israeli chief of the Mossad, Isser Harel, predicted to an American, that Arabs would attack the tallest building in York City. And that happened, you know, with 9/11.


Another Israeli filmmaker named Arnon Milchan, a senior Israeli intelligence agent, made a film called “The Medusa Touch”, in which he depicted a Boeing 747 crash into the Pan Am building. And at the same time they began calling for this “War on Terror” in 1979. So all of this activity, calling for a “War on Terror” and a terrible terrorist atrocity to befall the United States, this came out in the late 1970s. And this is the time when the terrorist parties, as I said, the Irgun and the Stern gang, when the leaders of these terror parties, organizations, came to power in Israel.


And they came to power in 1977, and they began their agenda! There’s an interesting note, that in 1979 the Israelis were occupying Lebanon. They began a terrorist operation of putting bombs, car bombs, and truck bombs, throughout Lebanon, to stir up problems, and foment war. And this is documented in the one of the books called, “Rise and Kill First”, written by an Israeli, Ronen Bergman.





But it’s interesting that this, the fact that Israel was running this terror operation for four years from 1979 to 1983, in Lebanon, killing thousands of people! It’s documented in the book. It’s not discussed in the US media, because if the American jew, and the American public, understands Israel’s history of terrorism, they would understand that Israel is behind 9/11! Behind the bombing of the Marine barracks in 1983, most likely! And scores of other bomb attacks, and fomenting war in the Middle East! And that, would let the cat out of the bag!


Friend: Yeah! Yeah, and this, what you are about here, the Israelis running, like, this terror ring, or whatever, in Lebanon. They were basically setting up, it was like false-flag terrorism, essentially. They were setting up attacks and trying to get the different factions in Lebanon, fighting against each other. Is that basically what was going on?


Bollyn: Yes. Exactly!


Friend: Well, I think you’re right! I mean, that is their MO. I mean, they have a long history of staging false flag attacks, which is why it should surprise no one that they were really behind 9/11. This is just, you know how they’ve always operated, going back to the very founding of the jewish state of Israel.


Bollyn: That’s right.


Friend: I tend to think that a lot of what we have seen over the years in Iraq, especially, certainly, what we see in Syria right now. We see these various radical terrorist groups, that are in many cases funded and directed by Western intelligence. And they’re used to just totally destabilize the sovereign governments of these countries.


Again, I mean, this is very clearly on display with what’s going on in Syria, where all of these rebel groups are in cahoots with the CIA, and British intelligence. They’re getting funding from, in some cases, like these international organizations, like George Soros, for example. There’s even reports in mainstream media, where Israel is providing medical aid to these people, as they are wounded in battle! It’s really incredible! Even what’s admitted in the mainstream press.


Bollyn: Right.


Friend: But this to me is really kind of what the whole, … this is, how the global “War on Terror” is perpetuated, is that it is all entirely manufactured. And I’m frankly not really convinced that there is this threat of radical Islamic terrorism. I mean, I don’t think that people from Middle East, Muslims from the Middle East should be coming over to Europe. I certainly don’t think we should be over there, and they shouldn’t be in our countries. But this idea that they pose this huge threat to us, is just totally nonsense! And it’s clear that this is entirely manufactured by these intelligence agencies, to foment this strife, and to perpetuate the “Global War on Terrorism”!


Bollyn: That’s right! That’s right! And the people that became all Qaeda were trained in Pakistan in the early eighty’s, by Israeli military intelligence, under the command of Ehud Barak. You know, this is a little known fact, that when “Charlie Wilson’s War” began, with US funding, and Saudi, funding, the people who were training, and arming, and training these Arabs who became all-Qaeda, was Israeli Military Intelligence, under Ehud Barak!


Friend: Yes. The same person who was on TV on 9/11 telling Americans, and the rest of the world, what was going to happen in the aftermath! It’s gosh, again, it’s just so very transparent and obvious what is going on!


I want to ask a little bit more about the whole “Global War on Terrorism”. We go back to this conference. There were terrorist events leading up to 9/11, but 9/11 is really like the main catalyst, that kind of totally changed American foreign policy.


Could you maybe talk a little bit about, like the history of some of this false like terrorism, and really kind of the strategy that these Israeli military strategists have pursued? And what their agenda is?


Bollyn: Yeah. Yeah, the Israeli use of false flag terrorism against the United States, is something I talk about in my latest presentation. Because it goes back to the foundation of the state of Israel.


Even before the state of Israel, Israel was bombing British embassies in Rome, and other places, Egypt. In the 1950s Shimon Peres [Szymon Persky]with Moshe Dayan, they were bombing, using nitroglycerin bombs and Egyptian terror cells, to bomb British and American facilities in Cairo, in Egypt, in order to drive a wedge between the United States and Nasser, not just Egypt.


And then there was, the Israelis with massacre, they would murder anybody who got in their way, whether it’s the British official for the Middle East, Lord Moyne, or the Count Folke Bernadotte, who was the United Nations mediator to Palestine in the aftermath of the partition plan of 1947.


And then they would attack Americans directly! Like with the USS Liberty, in 1967, when they attacked this American ship in international waters, murdering thirty-four Americans in one fell swoop! And causing casualties to two-thirds of the ship’s crew. And this was another false flag operation, to drive the American policy against the Arabs!




So that’s what they’re always trying to do. There was a bombing in Lebanon in 1983, against the Marine barracks at the Beirut Airport. Time, and time again, you know, we find Israeli operations against American military, American targets, designed to create hatred, or ill will, on the part of the American public, or the American government against the Arabs.


And 9/11 was simply their masterstroke, if you will!


That was the event that really panned out for them! And it’s been very successful, you have to say. But it’s only successful, because the media in our country, the United States, does not investigate the crime itself. And as I said, the actual person who was supposed to investigate the crime, did not investigate the crime! It was declared an “act of war” and United States went promptly to war. And there we’ve been ever since! For seventeen years now!




Friend: Yes, it’s truly outrageous!


Well, you know, there has been a lot of anti-Arab, anti-Muslim propaganda put out by the media, also by Hollywood. There is a documentary I remember watching a few years ago. I think it’s called “Real Bad Arabs”, or something like that. Where it kind of goes through and shows all of the anti-Muslim, anti-Arab propaganda that have been in Hollywood movies, and TV shows, and stuff like that. So, on the one hand Muslims and Arabs are highly demonized, and we’re made to think that they pose this grave threat to us. Where, on the other hand, they’re now being encouraged to resettle as refugees in Europe, and also in America. It’s so backwards! It’s like we’re supposed to hate them, and yet welcome them at the same time! Have you noticed this phenomenon? It’s insane!


And, of course, it’s the, frankly, the organized jewish community that is largely pushing this idea that we need to accept more refugees. Groups like the ADL, and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, and many other jewish, you know, organized jewish groups, they’re largely behind this push So it’s really, talk about Orwellian! I mean, we’re supposed to hate them, and be fighting and killing them over in their own countries, and yet welcoming them into ours, as refugees! It’s really insane! Have you studied this at all?


Bollyn: Oh yeah! Well what’s being done, is that they’re trying to depopulate regions of the Middle East, that the, … They’re trying to, as I said, this is a plot to redraw the map of Middle East. And so, like last summer the United States was involved militarily with the Kurdish allies, so-called allies, attacking Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, and Rocca in Syria.


And we basically, with our “Kurdish allies”, laid waste to these cities, and caused a great deal of migration from the cities. Because they want to depopulate these areas! They want to depopulate and move, transfer, populations around, like they did back in 47, 48. In order to create space for this “Greater Israel” project. They want to expand Israel, make it a larger state. And in order to do so, they need to depopulate certain regions. And at the same time, by sending these people to Europe, they’re trying to cause ill will against the Muslims, you know, as a reaction. So we’re getting, of course, this resurgence of Right wing elements in Europe, because they’re responding, they’re reacting to this forced migration that is being imposed on them.




Friend: Yes. It’s a destabilization template that has worked very, very well! I mean, they’re destabilizing the Middle East. That’s really what the whole “Global War on Terrorism” is! It’s destabilizing the Middle East, overthrowing the sovereign governments to advance Israeli hegemony in the region, and using American military and financial might.


I mean, it’s not even as if the Israelis are themselves doing this, they’re getting us to fight their battles for them! And it’s also destabilizing our countries by flooding Europe, especially. It seems like it is really kind of bearing the brunt of this, where, every day, a boatload of “refugees” from Africa and the Middle East show up. And they’re all presented as “refugees” that are fleeing persecution. When in reality most of them are young men of fighting age, that are probably criminals. And yet, you know, Europe is supposed to welcome these people with open arms! It’s a total destabilization template, working perfectly.


Bollyn: Absolutely! And Gadhafi warned of this! He warned the West, that:


“If you remove me, as the head of Libya, you will be taking the cork out of the bottle!”


That bottle being, Africa. And that’s exactly what’s happened. These boatloads of refugees are coming from Libya, which is now a fractured, failed state, where the oil is being produced, but the state doesn’t work. And these African, and other refugees, are flooding into Italy, through Sicily, and the islands, which is very close to Libya. Gadhafi was absolutely right!


And so, the West certainly knew, the Europeans and the Americans, certainly knew, that if they removed Gadhafi, this migration, this increased migration from Africa, would result as a direct consequence. And it has!


Friend: Yeah. And in my view, I think it is actually a part of their agenda. A key part of their agenda. Not only destabilizing Europe and America, and traditional Western countries, but basically, you know, displacing the traditional people that founded and built these countries, and replacing them with migrants from the Third World. I think that’s a key aspect of what’s going on as well. And the global war on terrorism has facilitated this.


And I wanted to ask you, I kind of want to wrap up here, we’ve got about ten more minutes, or so. When is the global war on terrorism ever going to actually end? From what I can tell it’s this, like Orwellian, never-ending nightmare! Again, I just wrote a piece about this where, there’s reports coming out about how “extreme” quote, unquote, “extremism” is a greater threat today than it was on 9/11! And we’ve got to double down in Afghanistan! And keep fighting in Iraq! And carry on what we’re doing in Syria, and maybe invade Iran next! It’s like they’re just perpetuating this.


So I mean, when is this nightmare ever going to end?


Bollyn: Exactly! That’s the point! When is the nightmare going to end? And again, that’s why I wrote the book, because until the American people realize the fraud of the “War on Terror” and 9/11, until they realize that, they will be unable to resist the war! Because as long as Americans believe that we’re actually fighting terrorism, which would be a good thing. If they, as long as they believe the cover story, they will not resist the war.! And they haven’t! They haven’t! And that’s the problem! The war is destroying us! Destroying our societies, as you said. And yet there’s no virtually no resistance, politically, or from the public, about this “War on Terror”.


And God forbid, if these people continue with their agenda, they will take this country to war with Iran, and perhaps with Russia, because this is like this “War on Terror” goes on, and on, and on!


Very much like another Arnon Milchan film, called “Brazil”, which he made in 1986, in which a futuristic film, in which, the nation was constantly involved in this war, this distant war against terrorists. And that’s where we are!


The American media, the US media never talks, or shows us images of what’s going on in Syria, or Iraq. It’s just like it’s happening there on the fringe, far from our consciousness. Something we don’t see, out of sight, out of mind! And as long as it remains out of sight, out of mind, it will go on! As long as we give our tacit approval by not protesting. We have to come around and understand that we’ve been lied to! We’ve been cheated! We’re being plundered! And we have to resist the war!




Friend: I completely agree with you! And that’s why I’ve continued to talk about 9/11. And I mean, really if you think about it, 9/11 is the main pillar of our foreign policy. It’s the main paradigm that has a profound influence on our understanding of the world, certainly what’s going on in the Middle East.


But it transcends Middle East. Look at what’s happened with our airports, for example, in this whole Orwellian concept of Homeland Security, which comes directly from Israel. Once again! Israeli police advisors, they’re training our FBI, training our local law enforcement, basically propagandizing our own law enforcement into their own narratives, where everyone is a suspect. Everyone’s a potential terrorist! So it impacts not only our foreign policy, but also what’s going on domestically.


This war is never going to end! Nothing is ever going to get solved unless we get to the bottom of 9/11, and start arresting the people responsible! And that leads me to one of the most important questions I want to ask you.


If you were in charge of an official investigation into 9/11, and you had the ability to arrest and interrogate, who would you choose, who are the top 9/11 suspects, in your mind?


Bollyn: Well, I would start by a purge, arresting the people who are clearly involved in the cover up, and the non-investigation. So, you know, it would involve arresting George Bush, the President, Cheney, Michael Chertoff, Larry Silverstein. All the people that you can see are involved in the crime itself, or the cover up, or the deception. And it would also involve a lot of the heads of media. Because the media is who interprets reality for us politically, and the media has for seventeen years, covered up 9/11, knowing full well that they were omitting important facts from the public narrative!


So, you would have to arrest these people, and give them the treatment that they dished out to people, like in Guantanamo! Whereby, you know, enhanced interrogation, to find out what they know. But, Rahm Emanuel would be one of them, as well. The mayor of Chicago, because he was involved in the setting up of the crime scene during the Clinton administration.





Friend: Oh wow! Yeah! I didn’t even think about Rahm Emanuel. But that would not surprise me, if he was tied in with what was going on a 9/11.


I don’t for sure, for me, it would definitely be Larry Silverstein, and it would be definitely be Michael Chertoff! I mean, in my mind, those are the top suspects right there!


Bollyn: Absolutely!


Friend: If we arrested those individuals, I think we could really unravel what actually happened on 9/11. Because in my view, I mean, I’m not really sure what exactly happened, how they were able to do this. There’s a lot of debate online, and over the years, that’s been a huge focus of the 9/11 truth movement, is how it was actually done. You know, was it mini nukes, or thermite? There’s all these different theories and ideas. In my view they’re interesting and worth pursuing. But, at the end of the day, this is the most important aspect, is we got to understand who is responsible for it? Who benefited from it? And what agenda it served?


And that’s what your work is all about. And that’s what people need to understand. Because, again, it’s very clear, it’s very obvious, it’s very easy to demonstrate all this stuff that we’re saying! Again, it’s not some ridiculous theory that we’re making up, or inferring! It’s not conjecture. I mean, this is easily prove. You could verify everything we’ve said in this entire discussion for yourself! Very easily, just using, Google, for example.


Bollyn: That’s right! That’s right. And that’s why, again, that’s why I wrote the book, “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East”. And I made it very small and concise, so people can share it with other people. It’s affordable, the book cost fifteen dollars online. And you can give it to your neighbor, and share it. Because, we have to inform our fellow citizens of the dire straits we’re in! Because, as you say, if we don’t end this war, it will end us! I mean, it really will! It will! It will destroy the country!


Friend: Oh my gosh! It’s practically destroyed the country! It’s certainly bankrupted the country. I mean, we spent, I don’t know how much, we talked about this previously. Some reports are four trillion! Trump, you have a quote here from Trump on your website.


I wanted to wrap up actually with this. You wrote a memo to President Trump. And right at the very beginning you quote. You have a quote here from him, where he says:


“We have spent seven trillion dollars! Trillion with a that! Seven trillion dollars in the Middle East. And, you know what we have for it? Nothing! We have nothing for it!”


I’ve been on the “Trump Train”, I’m not going to lie! I was very inspired by his candidacy. And I think he’s saying a lot of important things. And he’s been critical of the wars in the Middle East, although he’s not really doing much to stop them, at this point. He also hasn’t done a whole lot to build the wall, and all that other stuff he said. But, I think he has a much different political actor than anybody I’ve ever seen, anyways.


So, do you want to maybe wrap up on this? What are your thoughts on Trump? Do you think he’s actually ever going to do anything about 9/11? And I guess, what is the state of the 9/11 Truth Movement? See, in my view, in my personal experience, people are more receptive to this information, than it any other time I’ve been involved in this. I can say that for sure.


Bollyn: Yeah, well I mean, if you explain to people how this war is detrimental to our nation, and to our prestige, and to our moral fiber. It distorts everything about us, it distorts the public, it brutalizes our society. If you start from that, and explain how 9/11 was done to make this war happen, people be more receptive.


I don’t know what Trump’s going to do, and I’ve sent him open letters, and sent in my books. And I hope that he would understand the need to end this war. Because, as you said, he said “seven trillion dollars”. And people will argue about this figure, but in that figure, he’s including interest on the payments on the debt, and future costs that have been already incurred that would be paid out in the future. So he’s not exaggerating. It has cost that much money!


As I said, as long as the most expensive war history, and we have to really lean on our politicians, including Donald Trump, to end this war! Because this war is so destructive of our nation, and the world! And it has to end! We can’t allow this Israeli nightmare to distort our lives, going forward! We have to come out of this Israeli nightmare! This is, you know, “Milchan movie”, and reclaim our history, reclaim our integrity, and end the war!


Friend: Yeah! Reclaim our reality! Our reality! We’ve been living in this “artificial reality” for so long. You use that term in the book. And it’s one I’ve heard, you know, John Kaminski, for example. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with him, I’ve been following his work for a number of years, and he uses that phrase, “artificial reality”. That’s exactly what 9/11 has done! It has created this “artificial reality”, that our entire foreign policy is revolving around. It’s very easy to demonstrate this, and it’s totally unacceptable, and outrageous! Everybody should be speaking out against this.


And I think reading a book like yours, and in following your work, and following your website, will really give people some clarity on these subjects. And allow them to come to these conclusions, and really kind of figure out 9/11, basically.



Bollyn: Yes, I hope so! Because, as you say, this artificial reality, they’re trying to make our country, the United States of America, the “Greater Israel”! So that we are like Israelis, that we’re constantly at war. We’re fighting, fighting, fighting, and terrorizing the world!


We don’t want that reality! Thank you very much! We want America back the way it should be! And we want to throw off these Israeli spectacles, and this artificial reality that they have imposed on us, and get back to our reality! You know, thank you very much. You said it very well.


Friend: Yes sir! Yeah, thanks man! Chris we’ll go ahead and wrap up now. I want to kind of plug your Web site real quick. Because you can pretty much find all of your information, your contact, all of the books that you have for sale. Just right out, Bollyn dot com, correct?


Bollyn: Yeah. And I have a special deal that I offer, the entire set, three books. The two “Solving 9/11” books, and the “War on Terror” book for fifty dollars donation. And that you can do through Bollyn dot com, or through Pay Pal.


And all I ask is that people give me a mailing address, and a phone number, and a fifty dollars donation, and I’ll send a set of books. And that’s like twenty-five dollars cheaper than they would get it from Amazon dot com. So, and that includes shipping.


Friend: Oh! There you go!


Bollyn: So it’s a good deal.


Friend: That’s a hell of a deal! Yeah. Do you do sign those books that you send out?


Bollyn: No, I can’t sign books, if I’m not at an event, because the books and I, are in different places. The books are produced, … so when I do an event then I can sign books. And if you get the book now, or the book in the future, I can send them a bookmark, you know, signed bookmark. But that’s best I can do, about signing them.




Friend: Very good! Well, I certainly encourage all of our listeners to support your work and to purchase your books. I have all of your books. I picked up the most recent book, down there to say the San Diego for 9/11 Truth event. So, I think you’re doing great work! I’m glad that you’re still out there talking about 9/11, going to events, speaking to public audiences, and really engaging people! I think you do a great job!


You put on a great presentation every time I’ve ever seen you, whether it’s on YouTube, or in real person. And you’ve been a big influence, and you’re just really an inspirational figure in my development, in my thinking, in my writing! So I want to thank you very much for taking the time, Chris. I really appreciate it!


Bollyn: Thank you John. It’s been a pleasure talking to you.


Friend: All right. Well, I will talk to you again, real soon.


Bollyn: Okay, thank you very much.


Friend: Okay, thanks.








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      Thank you John for the interview! Chris really is man when it comes to 911, naming names, and exposing their total agenda.

      BTW, I’ve just left a comment at your blog.

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    I’ve seen one mistake, the photo with the 5 dancing Israeli’s the Mossad logo doesn’t have the German Eagle. I had a bunch of people attacking me online over that small detail because Germany did nothing wrong and it’s the same jews who made up the holohoax scam.

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