Kalergi Plan Graffiti Appears in Rathmines, Dublin – Liveline with Joe Duffy — TRANSCRIPT

[(Joe Duffy) an “honorary jewish” radio host, it appears, interviews (((Oliver Sears)))  a former trustee of the Holocaust Education Trust Ireland (HETI), on his “shocking” discovery of some neatly written graffiti on a wall opposite a movie theater that he was attending with his wife, to watch a movie made by another jew, Lenny Abrahamson.


Written on the wall were the words “KALERGI PLAN“, along with the so-called “Star of David” symbol.


Sears then attempts to describe what the “KALERGI PLAN” is, in such a way that Duffy takes it as meaning, it’s all about “another jewish genocide“.  Sears explains that, no, it’s actually about jews racially and culturally genociding Whites, although putting it more abstractly as:


… that the jews are trying to kill off the concept of the White nations.


Duffy then uses this as a springboard, not to discuss that stunning allegation, but rather to launch into a common-day conversation about  Sears and his family’s experience with the “Holocaust“, and how any criticism of jews, just means there’s another “Holocaust” around the corner, unless (((we))) suppress such speech.


In other words, unstated, if you resist jewish power that is destroying your country, then jewish power will destroy your resistance, in the name of the “Holocaust“. Resist “non-existent” jewish power, and you will then suffer destruction! BTW, the “Holocaust“, as those that have done the research know well, factually never happened. [2] Yes, there were camps, etc., but there were no gas chambers, no plan to kill all jews, and no six million. It’s diabolical propaganda. Sears, likely knows this.


Duffy rounds off the last few minutes of the propaganda conversation, by taking a call from a black woman who tells, what sounds like rehearsed, tearful stories of her “persecution” by the Irish in Ireland, that rightfully wants her type to leave.


The genocide of Whites and their dispossession of their own lands from them, is an ongoing plan being carried out by organized jewry. Kalergi was just one well paid “hired gun” whose job was to help bring that plan to effect.


Joe Duffy, as least shown by this interview, appears as a traitor, witting, or not, to his fellow Irishmen and Whites in general, by spreading jewish anti-White propaganda.








Kalergi Plan


Graffiti Appears in


Rathmines, Dublin


Livelines with (Joe Duffy)



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YouTube Description


 Oliver Sears, Former trustee of Holocaust Education Trust Ireland, talks to Joe Duffy about some graffiti he noticed opposite his local Omniplex cinema in Rathmines. Sears was going to to see Lenny Abrahamson’s new film ‘The Little Stranger‘ with his wife when he spotted the words “Kalergi Plan” in large black capitals sprayed on a wall opposite the cinema, together with a Star of David in the blue colour of the Israeli flag.


In a letter to the Irish Times, he wrote:


Saturday’s message was a new one for me and required a little digging. Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi was a count of Austrian, Dutch, Greek and Japanese extraction. He was the founder of the Pan-European Union and a strident advocate for European federalism.


His goal was to create a Europe that was ethnically inter-connected and heterogeneous. This was designed as an antidote to the rising forces of nationalism in Europe. He was also a committed pacifist.


It is with depressing predictability that this philosophy has been hijacked by far-right groups who have distorted the message and repackaged it as a Jewish conspiracy. A brief search online led me to Golden Dawn’s website, the Greek version of neo-Nazism, and a Dutch website of equivalent credibility, both promoting the Kalergi Plan.


Here, in their racist philosophy, Jews are attempting to dilute and “mongrelise” the purity of nations by encouraging the mass immigration of refugees to destabilise countries and in order to benefit financially.




Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi was a count of Austrian, Dutch, Greek and Japanese extraction. He was the founder of the Pan-European Union and a strident advocate for European federalism.


In his book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism), written in 1925, he describes the future of Jews in Europe and of European racial composition with the following words:


The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. […]


Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe’s feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, and thanks to Jewish emancipation.




Kalergi won the first Charlemagne Prize in 1950. It is a prize awarded for work done in the service of European unification and integratiion. Emmanuel Macron, Herman Van Rompuy, Donald Tusk, Angela Merkel and Tony Blair have also been winners of the prize.




After the Good Friday Agreement was signed in 1998 granting birthright citizenship to anyone born on the island of Ireland, pregnant women from all over the world flew into to Dublin to claim citizenship. Their numbers were so many, maternity hospitals begged the govt to do something.


A referendum on birthright citizenship was subsequently held in 2004. 80% of Irish voters voted to oppose the practice. According to the 2016 census, 3.3% of 12-14 year olds in Ireland are African, largely as a result of this period when birthright citizenship was allowed.




Dr Ronit Lentin, a Jewish associate professor of sociology,in Trinity College, Dublin was one of the voices opposed to stopping the practice, writing:

Instead of a language of ‘integration’ and ‘interculturalism’, I propose an interrogation of how the Irish nation can become other than white (Christian and settled), by privileging the voices of the racialised and subverting state immigration but also integration policies. Stage one of such interrogation would be to do all we can to defeat the citizenship referendum on June 11.




A majority of Israelis oppose taking in refugees according to a recent poll.



In January 2018, Israel said it would pay thousands of African migrants $3,500 to leave Israel, or face internment in a migrant detention camp in the Negev desert. The government says it wants to preserve Israel’s ethnic character




Broadcast: Sep 27, 2018 | RTÉ Liveline




Full text of “Coudenhove-Kalerg Practical Idealism English Translation
















Joe Duffy: And Oliver Sears, you’ve come across an example in Dublin — I think it’s in the last few days — of “anti-semitism”. Oliver, good afternoon.


Oliver Sears: Hello Joe.


Joe Duffy: What did you come across, Oliver?


Oliver Sears: Well, I was walking to my local Omniplex, in Rathmines, with my wife.



Joe Duffy: Yeah.


Oliver Sears: And we were on the way to see Lenny Abrahamson’s new film, and I spotted almost directly opposite the Omniplex, there was some graffiti.


Joe Duffy: Okay.



Oliver Sears: Which was, somewhat mysterious to me. There was the letters “KALERGI PLAN” written in, more, or less, sort of three-foot capitals in black paint.

Joe Duffy: Okay.


Oliver Sears: And then next to that in the colours of the Israeli flag, a Star of David. And since I am from a jewish refugee background.


Joe Duffy: Okay.


Oliver Sears: I am somewhat sensitive to that kind of graffiti. And as soon as I saw the Star of David, my experience, unfortunately, is that whenever you see that kind of graffiti, it’s seldom positive. I decided to research the word “KALERGI PLAN”.


Joe Duffy: Yeah.


Oliver Sears: Because I’d never come across it before. And actually, it’s very interesting in one way, Richard Cudenhove Kalergi was an aristocrat of Austrian-Hungarian, Greek, and Japanese extraction.


Joe Duffy: Yeah.


Oliver Sears: And he wasn’t jewish. And he was the “Godfather” in a way, of the concept of the European Union. He was someone who witnessed the rise of extremism in Europe, in the 30s. And he felt that as an antidote to this, greater European integrity and interconnectedness was the way forward.



So, in another, in other words, the opposite of the kind of nativism we’re saying currently rise again. And he, interestingly, his father started off being quite anti-semitic, and sort of came to see this as a ridiculous position to hold. And his son was absolutely, kind of, against any form of racism whatsoever. And unfortunately, what has happened is that this notion has been picked up.


Joe Duffy: Okay.


Oliver Sears: By extremist groups and distorted, and contorted, and turned into a jewish conspiracy. Whereby the conspiracy says that, in fact, a global jewish elite are trying to dilute the racial purity of nations, and if you like, to “mongrelize” them. [1]



Joe Duffy: The “KALERGI PLAN” now means, in this current incarnation, basically means, genocide of the jewish people! Is that what they’re saying? Is the what the plan has now morphed into?


Oliver Sears: No.


Joe Duffy: In short hand?


Oliver Sears: Nooo, … I think it’s the other way around! The perversity is that the jews are trying to kill off the concept of the White nations. So, it’s even, it takes a little bit of getting your head around.


Joe Duffy: Yeah.


Oliver Sears: It’s even, it’s even more perverse than you might think! And, of course, but that feeds the thinking of these extremist groups. That they have to basically “resist the jew”, because “the jew” is such a negative force, in the world!



Joe Duffy: Now, you’ve mentioned at Lenny’s movie, “The Little Stranger” which is getting fantastic reviews, both here and abroad. And Lenny, do you think it was a reference to the movie, or Lenny?


Oliver Sears: I really don’t, because, …


Joe Duffy: Okay.


Oliver Sears: You know, it’s just it was one of those ridiculous coincidences. They do happen! And I think that, you know, I actually don’t know the motivation! I don’t know who did it. I am somewhat a student of my own kind of history, and I have never come across this term before. This “KALERGI PLAN.


Joe Duffy: A lot of people haven’t, but once you start looking it up, it’s there, okay? And the intention, and the meaning of it is quite clear. Have you, … anti-semitism in Ireland, generally Oliver?


Oliver Sears: Well it exists everywhere, unfortunately.


Joe Duffy: Yeah.


Oliver Sears: It’s a very complicated form of racism. It’s been around for millennia, and it changes shape, as you can imagine. And it latches on to particular movements. It exists on the Left, and on the right of politics. In Ireland I mean, one of the reasons I live here — and I’ve lived here for 32 years, and I’m married to an Irish woman, who’s not jewish — is that I have experienced mercifully little of it.


Joe Duffy: Okay.


Oliver Sears: There are very few jews in Ireland, as, you know. So it doesn’t, … I think that it’s probably safe to assume that, you know, that I think there’s a population of two and a half thousand. There would be a lot of Irish people who’ve never met a jew.


So, it’s safe to say that there not threatened in any way, other than, you know, in contrast to the other poor story you just featured, where, you know, if you’re black, you have a beacon on your head! If you’re a secular jew like me, it’s not so obvious.



Joe Duffy: I don’t want to labor this point, but I’ve thought of Lenny and “Days of Trinity“, and going way back, and Lenny has spoken about being jewish. So we just wonder, is Lenny, the most famous jewish man in Ireland, as well as been an acclaimed director?


But anyway, what you’re saying, you didn’t read any connection.


Now Oliver, you did say that your own connection to what happened in World War Two. What is that connection, please? You did reference it earlier.


Oliver Sears: Well, my mother’s a “Holocaust” survivor.


Joe Duffy: Mmm.



Oliver Sears: I have spent really the last five years becoming much more vociferous about that history, and about the threat of seeing it again!


Joe Duffy: Yes.


Oliver Sears: The same kind of politics in Europe. And I just believe you have to stand up. I just don’t want to live in a world where I feel paralyzed with fear, and incapable of standing up and speaking out! , because we know what happens, if you don’t do that!


Joe Duffy: And when you say “in Europe in the last few years” do you mean this right-wing populism? I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but please tell me what you mean.


Oliver Sears: That’s exactly what, I mean! I mean, the politics of Poland, of Hungary, of Croatia, of Slovakia, of Slovenia, of Italy, of Spain. And it’s not necessarily unconnected with Brexit, either. And naturally you see it with Trump. These are, … it’s terrifying! And it’s hard to imagine that we see some of the same politics, or some of the same symptoms that we saw in the 30s in Europe. In the same countries! Rising again! It has to be resisted, by everybody! I mean, this!



It’s not something, … it’s very hard for people in Ireland to really understand. They were insulated by this part of history, culturally. They’re not really connected to it. And if all you’ve ever known is the freedom that the kind of democracy we’ve been living in, gives you, it’s hard to imagine a different regime. Where you actually can’t say what you think, and the press is muzzled, and certain peoples in society are “persona non grata”, or worse! It’s hard to imagine! It’s almost like a fantasy.



Joe Duffy: And Oliver, when your mother survived the “Holocaust”, did she come to Ireland?


Oliver Sears: No.


Joe Duffy: No? She didn’t.


Oliver Sears: No. She ended up in London.


Joe Duffy: Okay. But you have, … did you get an opportunity, or did she wish to talk about that horror?


Oliver Sears: She didn’t speak about it until she was 51. We knew the story, or parts of the story, from other family members. But she didn’t speak, she didn’t say a word until she was 51.





Joe Duffy: Wow! Okay, stay with us Oliver, please. Derek is still there, 51551. Go ahead Joy.


Joy: Hi Joe, thanks for having me on the line.


Joe Duffy: Yeah, thank you.


Joy: I’d like to first start off, that I’ve had a very positive experience in Ireland.


Joe Duffy: Okay.


Joy: And I’ve been living here for nearly 18 years.


Joe Duffy: Ah huh.


Joy: And I’ve actually spent half of my life in Ireland. And I’m really thankful for Derek for coming forth and highlighting this problem. I have been a victim of racist attacks.


Joe Duffy: Ah huh.


Joy: Firstly, probably in my first year, arriving in Ireland. I and a woman were at the bus stop as well.


Joe Duffy: Yeah.


Joy: Came up and spit in my face!


Joe Duffy: Ahhh!


Joy: And told me to go back to where I was coming from!


Joe Duffy: My god!


Joy: Last year, maybe in 2013, I was attacked in a public library. And my hand was bitten by someone, and nothing, nobody came to my aid. I still have those scars. I reported that to the Guard, and nothing has been done so far. I’ve been in public places several times wearing a working tag, told that I’m scrounging off the social welfare!



Joe Duffy: Ohhh!


Joy: Told that the buggies that my children are sitting in, have been bought by the State. Being told, a couple of, several times, to go back! But what I want to say is, we need to talk about this issue! We’re not saying that every person in Ireland is racist. But there needs to be awareness that Island is now a multicultural society!


Joe Duffy: Yup, yeah.


Joy: And those people that have come in, no matter the color of skin, whether they’re black, brown, or wherever, Asian, or wherever they are from, they are now part of the Irish material! And I for one, and my children, are not going anywhere! And people should get used to seeing people like me in the workforce! And going in to apply for jobs! And to be judged by what we’re competent to do, and not by our skin color!












Barbara Lerner Spectre



[2] The term “final solution” has been used in relation to the alleged extermination of jews during the National Socialist’s rule over Germany and its conquered lands during WWII.


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in the USA describes it as:


The ‘Final Solution

The origin of the “Final Solution,” the Nazi plan to exterminate the Jewish people, remains uncertain. What is clear is that the genocide of the Jews was the culmination of a decade of Nazi policy, under the rule of Adolf Hitler. The “Final Solution” was implemented in stages. After the Nazi party rise to power, state-enforced racism resulted in anti-Jewish legislation, boycotts, “Aryanization,” and finally the “Night of Broken Glass” pogrom, all of which aimed to remove the Jews from German society. After the beginning of World War II, anti-Jewish policy evolved into a comprehensive plan to concentrate and eventually annihilate European Jewry.“

Source: https://www.ushmm.org/outreach/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007704


Needless to say, this view has been comprehensively disproved by Revisionists. The “Final Solution” amounted to the resettlement of jews from Germany, and its war-time territories, to either Palestine, or later, when the war commenced, to labour camps, such as Auschwitz, for the war effort.


There were absolutely no “gas chambers” and other such black propaganda nonsense.




Holocaust Handbooks, the world’s leading book series critically exploring what the powers that be don’t want examined. Mesmerizing, comprehensive presentations, such as Lectures on the Holocaust, as well as cutting edge research results, such as The Real Case for Auschwitz. Read most of our books free of charge at holocausthandbooks.com, where you can also watch our riveting documentaries.


Germar Rudolf: Lectures on the Holocaust—Controversial Issues Cross-Examined

3rd, revised and expanded edition



Did you know that the mass media were reporting an impending holocaust of six million Jews since the late eighteen-hundreds? Did you know that the media have repeatedly exposed the stories of Holocaust survivors to be lies? Did you know that many mainstream scholars have expressed doubts about the accuracy of Holocaust history books? Did you know that historians critically investigating the Holocaust narrative are thrown into jail in most European countries, and are not allowed to defend themselves in court?

The present book addresses these and many more such issues. In the first section, it starts by defining what “the Holocaust” is and why it is an important topic.

It then gives examples demonstrating that it is well to keep an open, critical mind. The second section tells the tale of many a mainstream scholar expressing doubts and subsequently falling from grace due to this “heresy.”

The third section discusses in detail the physical traces and documents about the various claimed crime scenes, such as the camps at Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor. It investigates the claimed murder weapons: gas chambers, gas vans, crematoria and cremation pits.

The fourth section thoroughly examines to what degree we can rely on witness testimony, and it analyzes the pertinent aspects of the most prominent among them. In the last section, the author lobbies for free inquiry and a free exchange of ideas about this topic, exactly because the powers that be can’t face critical questions.

Of all the thousands of books on this topic, this one gives the most-comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the critical research into the Holocaust. With its dialog style, it is pleasant to read, and with its logical organization and index, it can even be used as an encyclopedic compendium.





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    The Heath government and other traitorous governments that followed have acted unconstitutionally by selling our folk and Nation out to Brussels, please see the Bill of Rights 1689.

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