Patrick Grimm – The Gentilistic Misunderstanding of Jewish Power


[Patrick Grimm wrote extensively during 2007 to 2009 exposing and warning the world about the dangers and machinations of organized jewry and its nation wrecking activities. Here he describes how non-jews, aka, “gentiles” misunderstand the nature and extent of jewish power. “Jews don’t want to be loved, my friend. They want to be FEARED. The Jewish mind has no need of love or approval, tacit or otherwise, from the Goyim.— KATANA.]







Patrick Grimm




The Gentilistic Misunderstanding


of Jewish Power





Jul 12, 2007





Jewish power is a subject I often talk about in my writings. In some of my more long-winded pieces I have referred to that power as something almost akin to “omnipotence” or “omnipresence.” One recent poster even says that the fact that Jews are criticized across the internet and that the criticizers are allowed to continue with the criticizing without being purged or molested, proves that Jews are not all-powerful. Point taken, but point irrelevant as well.


But neither I nor anyone else have ever claimed that their power is ‘complete’ and ‘total’ in the truest sense of those words, though it is obscenely disproportionate to their tiny numbers. But what I want you to think about is this: There are 18 million Jews upon this planet, yet they control almost all of the world’s media (even reportedly having bought a 50% share of Al Jazeera, oh the irony!), create and manipulate most of the world’s money supply, own every major publishing company in America and most of the publishing houses in Europe, have passed laws in every European country and in Canada outlawing speech that criticizes them and now have the world’s superpower fighting for them in Iraq and poised to kill for them in Iran. Yet some anonymous poster somewhere wants to quibble over the reality that modestly-frequented blogs say derogatory things about Jewish power. So what? Who is listening, for the most part, except the choir in the first place? Yet there is no harm in helping the choir to harmonize better and sing in key, is there?


What is also ignored is the fact that in our nation’s controlled socialist schoolhouses and libraries, there are ADL-mandated filters placed on most of the computers, blocking out, not hard-core and child pornography (the ADL and the ACL — Jew both assure us that this type of filtering would be unconstitutional) but any website or forum criticizing Jews, questioning the official “Holocaust story” of six million, bringing up uncomfortable realities about Jewish crime and misbehavior historically, and in general anything that digs into the stark facts of complete Zionist manipulation of our government and its institutions. Young children, even elementary school children should be able to feast their eyes on any type of perversion, no matter how twisted, but God help them if they were to learn the truth about those supremacist Jews who have waged thousands of years of war against every civilization that has ever had the misfortune to open their arms and their doors to them. The pattern is so consistent, and history tells its bloody story.


But because dissenting voices are allowed to dissent, and uncomfortable truths are allowed to be told, albeit in a confined environment with nowhere near the audience of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN or the Fox Neocon Channel, the Jews are supposedly quaking in their boots. I don’t buy it and neither should you. In fact, they are doing damage control as we speak, damage control that should easily dam up any “troublesome” thoughts that might otherwise leak into the mental stream of the American collective sewer.


Just the other night after turning on the TV for probably the first time in a week, I noticed on my television’s guide, all in a 7:00 time frame, a special on the World Trade Center spinning out the phony 9/11 Arab hijacker story, a program on the History Channel chronicling the heroic uprising of a brave cadre of Jewish prisoners at a German Nazi concentration camp, and then another informatively slanted presentation on a military station that portrayed brave little Israel fighting for her very survival, keeping herself from being “pushed into the sea” by evil Arabs who were full of unexplainable hatred of Jews whom they simply enjoyed killing for fun. Then, over on the Judeo-Christian network there was a Jewish rabbi tearfully and whiningly begging in a Jewish effeminate nasal for generous donations from conservative Christians for the poor and starving children living in Israeli slums. What an absolute joke! Perhaps the rabbi didn’t have the Rothschilds on speed dial.


These are the kinds of propaganda pieces that awash the American mind with lies, half-truths and distorted white noise. Yet the Jews need to worry about shutting Patrick Grimm and Jayne Gardener up? Millions of people sit like nodding zombies and soak in the bilge that is Jewish “entertainment” while my blog will finally hit 6,000 page views sometime this week. Who are you trying to kid?


Why give the average American flag-waving ingester of Judeo-agitprop a blatant photograph of what totalitarianism looks like by conducting internet pogroms of all political and ideological dissent? Yes, why indeed? I mean, the typical American is comfortable in his ignorance, and after all, he is working harder and harder to make the Jewish banking regime richer and richer and fatter and fatter. The Mammonites are getting more Mammonized, after all. Why clue in Joe Six Pack that his country is owned by an alien with alien allegiances, and literally no allegiances to the values he holds dear, old-fashioned ideals like working for a living and not cheating his fellow man out of his paycheck just because he can get away with it and it might help the “Tribe”?


To the Jewish behemoth athwart this country’s back and sucking the blood from it like a leech on a bender, people like myself, Ms. Gardener, Curtis Maynard, Mark Glenn, The West and others are simply nuisances to be ignored, and if necessary, stigmatized so that the brain-washed will obediently jettison all our “anti-Semitic” warnings about Jewish monopolies and Zionist treason. No, our little band of political dissidents don’t present a big enough threat to the Jews robbing this country, at least not yet. Whether the status quo changes or not still remains to be seen.


Another poster inanely remarked:

The enemy SEEMS to be omnipotent! In actual fact, they cannot be. If they’d really been smart, they would have conned you into loving them. Their failure to convince you, to evangelize you, to wow you, to have you eating out of their hands, to tame you and turn you into lapdogs, is an indication of their failure. They are not really so clever after all.


This is about the dumbest gas-bag garbage I have seen spewed from a typist’s fingers in quite a while. The Jews don’t want to “con us into loving them.” Gentiles are the ones who seem to be in such desperate need of love and approval from their masters, trying to prove themselves to be anti-anti-Semitic or philo-Semitic or not racist or some such foolishness. Get it through your thick skull. The Jews don’t care about being loved! I understand crystal-clearly that many of them believe it to be a given that they will be hated and resented for their “chutzpah”, their pushiness, their constant whining and their eternal victimology routine that has started to wear pretty thin on a lot of nerves.


Jews don’t want to be loved, my friend. They want to be FEARED. The Jewish mind has no need of love or approval, tacit or otherwise, from the Goyim. (Yet I’m sure that the very poster of the foolish commentary I just quoted has a secret creeping fear of being thought of as “anti-Semitic” or a “neo-Nazi.” Such is the weakness of the Gentile mind.) The Jews desire more than anything else for you to literally be frightened and horrified of their power, and their power is backed up by the big bad federal government. Their power can be a scary thing, but we must stand up to it with both courage and truth. When enough people on this globe realize that Jewish strength can only exist juxtaposed alongside Gentile weakness, they will see that like a cross makes a vampire wither, their own united opposition to Big Jewry will cause it to wilt like a flower deprived of water.


Why have Jews not “conned” everyone or “wowed” everyone? Quite simple really. There are enough human beings across this planet who have lived amongst Jews, and who see how they behave. No amount of “wowing” or Exodus movies can make people deny what they have experienced and seen with their own eyes. Why do so many Arabs hate Jews? They have lived around large numbers of them. Could there be any other explanation? You don’t get booted out of 79 countries (some of them more than once) because you have great people skills. No Jewish brainwashing campaigns are going to wash away a Gentile’s memory of getting burned doing business with a Jew. My father, who is a very hard-working and honest self-employed man, has told me countless stories about Jews who have tried to rip him off.


And there’s another reason too. Word of mouth travels fast. In other words, the Jews’ reputation precedes them, and it will continue to precede them until their behavior changes. But the likelihood of that is the likelihood of you getting a good pork sandwich at your neighborhood kosher deli. Don’t hold your breath, at least not for too long. This con game has just worked too well for too many centuries for them to let go of it now. Yet it has also repeatedly backfired, as their dozens of expulsions prove. It will backfire again. History always repeats, yet never quite the same way.


The aforementioned poster states, obviously in a malaise of mental confusion or frontal lobe collapse that:

Their failure to convince you, to evangelize you, to wow you, to have you eating out of their hands, to tame you and turn you into lapdogs, is an indication of their failure.


What sappiness! Is there one President, one Congressperson, one Senator or one prominent religious leader who is not their “lapdog”? These are the people with money and influence and the same criminals who pass our laws, who fib to their flocks and who help bankroll Israel and the rest of the spurious Zionist grocery list of greed, treason and globalism. If the dupes who run our nation are their “lapdogs” what difference does it make whether a guy with a blog or a website is enamored of Jews or not? They don’t waste their time on the small fish, Mr. Anonymous. They go right to the top. They surely have no desire to quell Patrick Grimm’s dissenting viewpoints. They schmooze with the money-men and the money-women. They use their strong-arming on them. As I said, they don’t have a great deal of concern about whether or not Patrick Grimm or Jayne Gardener send them a perfumed valentine every February.


I would almost find it flattering if the Jews did see me as a threat to their evil agenda. Yet I know I am a long way from having that kind of influence, the degree of reach that would induce the ADL to place me on a watch list. The crooked Jews who fashion media disinformation and slave day and night for its implantation into willing Gentile brains are sitting pretty, or so they hope. I think they have overplayed their hand again, and in the long run, this will prove to be yet another undoing for them. But I don’t think that we are quite on the absolute cusp of that undoing, though a guy can hope, can’t he? My work is simply an attempt to hurry the inevitability of the collapse of Jewish empire, which may have a few tiny hair cracks in its structure at the present moment. We shouldn’t count them out yet, but at the same time, they shouldn’t underestimate us either. After all, we built Western civilization and the only thing they have ever built is a welfare state in the desert.


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