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[Here’s the transcript of Horst Mahler’s April 2017 speech prior to his imminent return to prison for “hate speech“, aka, telling the truth about the ongoing genocidal pogrom against Whites by Organized Jewry —




Horst Mahler


Speech Before Returning to Prison







By Alison Chabloz


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Published on Apr 15, 2017

Former lawyer and political activist, Horst Mahler was sentenced to ten years and two months in prison for incitement to racial hatred. He was released after serving seven years because of health problems. A speech given last January in Ludwigshafen caused the authorities to recall Mahler to prison to finish off his sentence. This is possibly the last time he will appear in public. Therefore, his message is both moving and of the utmost importance.


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*Original translation from German to French by Didi18 https://youtu.be/VAMQfE-FOn4







[15:25 mins]



Perhaps this will be the last chance I have to address my fellow Germans.


April 19, 2017, I am scheduled to return to prison to finish my sentence — another three and a half years. I’m 81-years old, awaiting three more charges and it’s always the same inciting racial hatred, this time against Jews. This is therefore an opportunity to remove me definitively from the public sphere and prevent me from coming back into politics once and for all.


I’d like to take the opportunity to provide some information on my own particular situation, and on that which awaits us. The reason why they decided to put me back in prison is for a talk I gave on January 9, 2017 in Ludwigshafen, which apparently shocked and angered the enemy. Now, they are playing a game which the public is as yet completely unaware of.


Initially, I was sentenced to ten years and two months in prison. Having done two thirds of my time and, in accordance with German law, I should have been released on parole. This decision in my favour had been granted by the district judge in Potsdam. In a written official document, he stated that the continuation of my sentence constituted a violation of my human rights. He also added that, firstly, he was concerned about my prosecution for so-called “Holocaust” denial, and, secondly, that this ten-year two-month-long sentence was highly unusual. He compared my punishment with sentences handed to rapists and murderers who receive much lighter sentences. In other words, he showed himself to be honest and rather daring.


However, this decision in my favour has now been overturned by the High Court. As a result, I must now finish the rest of my sentence in detention. In fact, my sentence was interrupted because I was momentarily unfit for prison for health reasons.


This began with the amputation of my left leg below my knee, which now severely limits my mobility, but prior to this, I had been diagnosed with a series of health problems which ultimately led to this amputation. In total, I was diagnosed with 21 different illnesses, including heart failure and kidney problems, etc., and all the doctors declared “He’s unfit for prison.” For us, this became a real struggle, especially for my wife who was very good in persuading the Munich State Procurator to accept that my detention must be halted for health reasons.

That was back in August, 2015. Since then, in the practical sense, my liberty has still not been reinstated, and I’ve been in limbo, under the constant threat of being sent back to prison. The entire legal process has been prolonged , with the state contriving to ignore one accusation brought against me in 2014. Now, they are trying to use this to justify their refusal of parole, even after I served two thirds of my sentence.


Usually, the court has four weeks to decide whether to bring charges and prosecute or whether to drop the case. Three years on and still no decision has been reached! One judge recused himself and has now been replaced. Another tried to buy more time by requesting a psychiatric report. Clearly, they do not want to take any decision.


Are my remarks punishable for inciting racial hatred or do they come under the right to freedom of expression? They must be afraid of answering the question. My book — the cause of all these developments consists mainly of quotes taken from Jewish holy books, notably the Old Testament — Moses in particular as well as other sacred texts such as the Talmud and Shulchan Aruch (a Jewish ‘speciality’) and all I do is point out exactly what is stated within these texts. In effect, an expression of outright hatred by Jews towards the rest of humanity.


Jews are on a divine mission to destroy humanity.


The Bible states this categorically. For example, … the Prophet Isiah say:

The Lord is angry with all the nations” — yes, that us of course. “He will totally destroy them, he will give them over to slaughter. Their slain will be thrown out, their dead bodies will stink; the mountains will be soaked with their blood.


This is what awaits us. This is in their holy book. With these texts as evidence, they can’t say it’s pseudo-science or a conspiracy. These are things which they cannot deny. And then there are other passages where we as educated, moral human beings in the Christian sense, want to immediately wage protest Jews are authorised to sexually abuse little girls aged three years and a day. Of course, this doesn’t apply to Jewish girls, only to non-Jews. Raping non-Jews — raping us — is not only permitted, it’s practically encouraged.


They are also permitted to take possession of non-Jews’ riches because this wealth, in the eyes of Jews, is considered to be unreclaimed goods. All of this is clearly indicated and yet we do not take it into consideration. We allow the Jews to act in this way towards us whilst accepting guilt for Auschwitz and all the rest, … We don’t counter-attack. We don’t say:

Who are you to accuse us of these things? After all, YOU are the ones using propaganda in the name of genocide!


And not only are they the propagandists, but they are the actual perpetrators of genocide.


We will expose the crimes that they have committed and we will prove them guilty. When they talk about the murder of six million Jews and say that we are the guilty ones, then we must evoke their own crimes and ask them about the depopulation of Africa during the slave trade. This was a Jewish enterprise which destroyed the very heart of Africa. Just one example. Eleven million people who were snatched from their country of origin and who became the victims of human trafficking in the New World. This was a Jewish enterprise.


Moreover, all what is happening today — the financial crisis, theft via usury where people are bled to the max — and the world gets poorer as a result. Jews are guilty of all this.


If we want to open this debate, we must say counter this shaming of us, by shaming them.


We must make it clear that the divine mission of these people is to destroy all non-Jews because they see non-Jews as Yahweh’s rivals and Yahweh must remain the one God. This is about the Jews believing they are God’s Chosen people. I didn’t just make this all up I read it in the Jewish holy scriptures. I simply published what I read in order to bring these facts to the attention of the public. Is that a crime? From the Jews’ point of view, it’s a crime for people to want to protect themselves.


When Martin Luther stood up and said:

I have to tell them, I must warn my people, the Germans, about these folk,


he’s not the enemy of humanity, he’s not being antisemitic. Rather, he was being a responsible and thoughtful citizen towards his fellow Germans and he was right to warn us about this force of evil. And we must understand how he came to this conclusion.


One of the most important Jewish historians, Heinrich Graetz — himself a Jew — describes Luther as a friend to the Jews who supported them, who showed empathy and sympathy for the Jewish struggle against the Dominican Order. This even found its way into the history books. At the time, the Dominicans had declared the Talmud to be the work of the Devil and had pleaded with the Emperor that the books be burnt. Luther spoke out in support of the Jews and even defended them. He also developed a plan to integrate Jews into society in order that hostility towards Jews would cease once and for all.


But then, Luther wrote a book entitled “On the Jews and Their Lies”, in which he calls for Jews to be expelled and synagogues burned, but NOT for their killing. He never suggested they be killed.


So we must understand why he came to write this book and the historian Graetz discovered what brought on this change of heart. Luther had begun to study Hebrew history. He was taught Hebrew and was able to read the Talmud in its original version. That’s when he discovered all the disgusting things in the Talmud which Jews are order to undertake as part of their religion.


Luther became wary and declared this is dangerous for us, we must protect ourselves against this. That is the so-called antisemitism of Martin Luther a simple declaration aiming to protect the German people from being destroyed by the Jews. I studied all this and developed my thoughts in my book where I cite numerous original sources, including politicians and modern leaders, proving that this genocidal regime against non-Jews really is an ongoing scheme still carried out today, here and now, by the Jews and this is what has led them to treating me in this way.


Yes, I knew what I was getting myself into, but there is no reason to complain. There’s already too much complaining. We must fight. It is literally a fight for our existence and for our survival. It’s not about making the world a better place in one way or another, it’s about safeguarding the world. We must fight to safeguard its people, and from now on it’s truly a fight between life and death. And it’s why I see this — sending me back to prison as being part and parcel of the enemy’s attack on our very existence. All I can say is that it’s not about my own personal destiny, it concerns the fate of the German people, that of all Europeans and of Christianity, and the fate of the white race. They want to to wipe us out to transform us into an unidentifiable biomass — that’s their plan.


Years ago, on the basis of scientific historical documents, I already predicted that we would be confronted by what is happening here and now population replacement is the weapon being used to wipe out Germany and the German people whose spirit is the antithesis of this evil which is incarnated by ‘Mosesism’ We wanted to resolve the problem once and for all.


Germany had found someone, Adolf Hitler, who recognised this danger and who then developed a protection plan which would prepare the German people to face this enemy. In order to destroy the Germans, the Jews made a pact with all the world’s most powerful nations against Germany. This strategy is clearly defined in the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. When no other solution is at hand, they will pit different powers against each other with the aim of destroying them both.


Or if someone like Hitler comes along and strengthens his own people against Mosesism — against Judaism they will have them destroyed by using other powerful nations. Just as Grimm’s “Brave Little Tailor”, they remain in the background and incite the giants to kill each other.


This is their agenda and it’s now in the final stages.


We are being biologically exterminated; we have already been spiritually exterminated.


This is why we are incapable of defending ourselves at least not until now. We must become aware of these facts. Only by raising awareness of this knowledge will we truly be able to defend ourselves. Truth shall overcome, not Satan. This we must tell ourselves time and time again.


We have the most efficient weapons. We simply need to take out these weapons and use them to destroy our enemy’s spirit and to destroy Satan. In this way, we will help liberate the Jews from themselves, they who carry within them this spirit, so that they can become human. Just as Karl Marx suggested in his essay on the Jewish question. True Jewish emancipation consists of liberating humanity from Judaism. This is what we must now accomplish.


It’s not a project for a new front garden intended to make our lives more comfortable, it’s a task meant to preserve our life as Germans and our spirit as a nation, for the world, in the world.


With this, I take my leave of you with a call to take up arms, to embrace the struggle and be victorious!







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3 Responses to Horst Mahler — Speech Before Returning to Prison — TRANSCRIPT

  1. George H. says:

    He speaks the truth. He deserves to be a free man.

  2. Helwala says:

    This is not the English translation authorised by Horst Mahler. Would you mind replacing this translation with the original? Please contact Henry Hafenmeyer for the original document. Thank you! Contact: KoelndieWende@hushmail.com

  3. staffordmotion says:

    The imprisonment of Horst Mahler is simply an outrage against free speech and freedom of expression. These are two rights that we hold dear especially in the democratic western world. This case should be a dire warning of the evil power of the zionists and we are on a slippery slope to our own demise. We have to stand strong and united to further our culture, customs and heritage against all that wish to destroy us. This becomes more urgent with each passing day and I so admire Horst Mahler, Ernst Zündel, Ursula Haverbeck, Wolfgang Frölich and so many other brave souls who have risked so much to inform us of the real truth.
    We need to fight for these wonderful, learned people and show our total support for them if we are ever going to be able to teach our children and future generations the facts of history and life. There is an excellent quote ” children are our future, our only future”.
    Please start to make a real difference today. Thank you for your understanding and considering action.

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