Horst Mahler — We are Fighting to Win — TRANSCRIPT


Here is the English transcript of a speech given by Horst Mahler on Jan 9, 2017 on the genocidal “mission” that organized jewry is engaged in against non-jews, especially Whites and in particular Germans, and the need to fight back through exposing this diabolical “mission” to all — KATANA.


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Horst Mahler


We are Fighting to Win



Jan 9, 2017










Friends, ladies and gentlemen!


Of course I’m particularly pleased to be close to Mannheim when being among you because this has a certain meaning. A lot has happened, and there is a completely changed situation. Seven or eight years ago, one could not have imagined this. This means, we should assess the current situation within our possibilities to see where we stand; and I think, we still have a lot to learn. There has been a lot of movement causing many in our circles to be enthusiastic and even euphoric, and they now want to be freed by Trump or Putin.


Movement is good and important but can also go into the wrong direction. Do we have a direction in this movement? The enemy has long prepared for the situation we are suffering today and plays a significant part in the mix of things we see. Perhaps it has not yet really sunk into our consciousness: The war aim No.1, committed to by Stalin and Roosevelt, was the liquidation of the German people through mixing them with masses of peoples of alien cultures. This program has been played out for over 70 years and has now reached a point where one can speculate: Are they so sure of their success that they drop all their respect and masks? Or are they in a panic because they sense that their calculations are not panning out 100 percent?


What’s important for us is that we have our own position in this movement and its development. Much is said about unity, and calls for some kind of actions are plenty, but it’s never clear what is really meant. Are we united, or are there significant differences of opinion in the situation we are in that could lead us into a disaster? I believe we still do not even really comprehend the enemy we are dealing with. This enemy is not only our enemy since 1939 but for hundreds of years. This enemy thinks in view of thousands of years and has a clear vision of his goal. The enemy believes to be striving for this goal by divine order and so is completely free from every scruple and any kind of human stirring. He wants to obey his God. His God says to the Jews:

I am angered by all the heathen and their masses (that’s their warriors). I will give them up to their slaughter so that their corpses stink up to heaven and the mountains flow with blood.


It’s not written in a cheap novel; it’s written in the Old Testament. It is an announcement by a major prophet of these people, Isaiah, along the lines of Moses.


I am arguing from the assumption that what is written in the Bible is believed. For only this makes the difference: what people believe moves them, and not whether it developed this way. Their belief moves mountains. And there it says that Moses is commanding this small tribe, the Jews, to exterminate, destroy, and murder, in the true sense of the word, many tribes greater than their own. And then he advises moreover:

But do not do this too quickly. For if you work it too swiftly, then wild beasts will move in again to occupy the space freed by murdering. Do it slowly and gently!


And then there is one of their fundamental principles:

Let these crimes appear as good deeds, and see to it — with all these nasty works I command you to do to the peoples — that no shadow falls upon Yahweh.


This is the order: Through hypocrisy, lies, and deception, commit the worst crimes with the aim to destroy humanity as a whole, with the exception of the chosen people. This has a very concrete reason. We still don‟t comprehend this! This is not some kind of fantasy or mental illness, but as our German philosophers found out, a world historical development for the Jews; and world history is under the influence of reason for the Jews, as it is for us. But it is a development.

We don‟t just find the world in a certain condition; instead, it’s a development coming primarily from thinking. We always talk about “the culture of being German” (Deutschtum). But what is it? What is special about Germans? The Germans have discovered an art of thinking that includes a Higher Being, God. This is, however, diametrically opposed to the thinking that comes from the Jews. The thinking of the Jews cannot comprehend the Higher Being of God. Theirs is the thinking of our everyday life that deals with finite objects. May I offer you the option to think that all I am saying here is nonsense. Naturally, I cannot, in an hour, go into all the details of the foundations of my thinking that result in the assessment of our current situation and the tasks at hand. I can only briefly touch on it and trust that perhaps only two, but perhaps even more, will say:

There is something to this. I must investigate this.


We have not yet fully comprehended the magnitude of our defeat in two wars never seen in history before. Our defeat is that our independent thinking, the German thinking, has been driven out of us. Our German thinking has become desolate. It’s discriminated against. We talk about German philosophy but no longer practice it. We Germans are not capable, but our enemy surely is, to really grasp what has happened to us.


There is now much talk about Jewry, and Jewry is, in fact, the enemy, and I have long admonished to call the enemy by name. But if the Jew is only called a Jew, then he has not yet been called by his name. For what is his name? In regard to what I understand under name, I want to know what the essence of Jewry is, and what is the essence of the German spirit. These are the two poles in thousands of years of history that are now locked in a deadly and deciding battle.


This enemy that we are up against, has put a great deal of effort into making sure we do not notice what the future actually holds for us; what fate is meant for us. And to make this perhaps a bit more vivid, Hegel, one of the greatest German philosophers, if not the greatest of all, has stated in his early writings about the Jews:

The Jews do not fight but they conquer, and the Egyptians succumb as if poisoned in their sleep.


This is the Jewish way of waging war. With a poisoning that we do not perceive as such. And if at one point we wake up one more time, we’ll rub our eyes and tell ourselves:

What is going on? How could this have been possible?


What is history? History is a divine destiny, a God-sent fate. And I can only just put this out there, but it is all well-founded and deliberated in the idealistic German philosophy. Whereby people always connect it to the image, “the one up there with the beard.” No! German philosophy has found that God is not at all conceivable in the way it has been presented to us as children. For if God were up there and we are here, God would have a limit and end where we start. But then he would be finite and not God. And this challenge, how to see God, is the essence of German philosophy.


This begins with a cobbler from Görlitz with no higher education but a mind that could think clearly. He has been concerned with the question: How can I think God, in the face of the cruel circumstances and the misfortunes and catastrophes that we somehow encounter every day in this world. This is the starting point of German philosophy, and it ends so that we cannot even think Atheism, a world without God. Precisely with this contemplation, if God and man were separated, then God would be finite, and, therefore, not God. For according to our concept, God is infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, and so forth. The Germans have recognized a God who appears only as mankind, who is in us and we are in him. And spirit is what makes us who we are. We say that man is spirit, in contrast to the animal. That is the basis. And this will be today the basis of our actual debate. Why? History is a development. It has a beginning and an end at some point and is constantly moving. It begins and is a great advance with Yahweh.


This is the concept of God that has become powerful in the Hebrew people. He is the sublime one and has nothing to do with man, and he sees in the peoples who are here, a competitive God, an idol. And he commends this small nation, the smallest, as he himself says, to destroy all peoples, so that he is the only one, and thus infinite, and thus truly God. This is the task given to the Jews, a task that is still today being fulfilled by Jewry. They are determined to literally destroy the peoples.


Whereby the term “extermination” also refers to their enslavement.

Either the nations subordinate themselves, then we let them live like cattle, to our advantage. Or they oppose the enslavement or degradation into animals, then we‟ll kill them.


This is the goal of these people from the beginning, and it has never been abandoned. And they are today in the process of leading this entire development into a final crisis, with the idea that the entire world, the whole of mankind, can be completely enslaved. How? With what? Of course with money. And if this does not work then comes Armageddon.

Then mankind shall perish. If we are to perish, lose our power, then they should also be extinguished.


This is the war we are confronted with.


Clausewitz is one of the greatest war theorists, even from the perspective of German philosophy. For the end of the year, I have sent out a text to friends called “Is it really war?”


Because, according to Clausewitz’s definition, war is when one wants to impose his will on another by force, and the other defends himself. This is war. And then he writes:

If you do not resist, then there is no war.


And the question is, do we resist the annihilator? We are not at all able to defend ourselves. Let’s leave out the material ways, namely the guns, the rockets and so forth; it does not matter anyway. It is a spiritual conflict. For this spiritual confrontation we are not at all equipped, the way we are today in the world, in this country. For we do not know that there is a fundamental difference between thinking that Jewry embodies, that is thinking with the intellect where A is always only A, and not at the same time B, the opposite. Whereas German thought proceeds precisely from the other principle. German philosophy has discovered that contradiction is the sign of truth.


Since antiquity, the Jews have been a highly intellectual nation, and they have developed the thinking principle where A is always A, and not B at the same time, and that which contradicts itself cannot be true. Therefore, it’s exactly the opposite of our German thinking. And what operates in peoples is their thinking. So here we have two fundamentally different thinking systems. But German thought ALSO encompasses Jewish thought. We Germans can also think of finite things and create many finite objects. We can build rockets and airplanes. We can even, like Wernher von Braun, envision flying to the moon. All this is possible but finite and not the thinking that’s at issue, namely the God thinking. We are completely dissuaded from God. The word God only provokes derision and mockery from us. It’s said that man is enlightened, and there is no God. Of course, there is no such God whom the Jews want to talk us into, their Yahweh.


But there is God in the form of the German spirit, representing our people. And every nation is in a certain way a special form in which God appears to recognize himself in mankind. Adolf Hitler once formulated it:

We humans are the consciousness of God, nothing more.


This is precisely the core of German philosophy. And then there is the invisible, jealous God Yahweh, who, for the first time, represents himself as such. Before this, people prayed to objects, trees, springs, stones, all something accessible to the senses. In human development, that is in the development of God in himself, the Jews are the first ones who claimed, “God is invisible”. He is not the sun nor the light as with the Persians. He is invisible and not observable with the senses. And this progress is so colossal that Yahweh is polemical to what was before, namely, the worship of visible objects as God. He does not want to be this anymore. He only wants to be the invisible one. But then Yahweh has — of course this is quite obvious to the Jews — a world of pure senses before him: the peoples, cattle, forests; namely nature. And this cannot be reconciled with the Jews’ idea of God. And this is the development they forced for the first time and have evaluated all peoples, who oriented themselves on visible objects and honored them as God, as cattle. They still say in the Talmud:

Only the Jews are human beings. The Gentiles are like cattle.


One must know what meaning the Talmud has for the Jews up to the present day. They want to keep the Talmud secret but one should spend some time on it. In times past, the Jews, if they could get a hold of them, killed non-Jews who read the Old Testament or the Talmud. They wanted to keep all of it to themselves, and they know exactly why. Because if these things become known, if they become consciousness — I have quoted some of it — then they have lost. And now I am coming to the point that is of our concern.


We can defeat the Jews. We can start today, and it will not be long before we have really defeated them. We’ve started. How? We have begun to bring into man’s consciousness the nature of Jewry as the real form of Satan. There are already many valuable books where this is depicted. Glagau is perhaps known in this group as one who has dealt with the Talmud.


There was Talmud research over the years and has produced many books. But this has all remained below the consciousness threshold of the general public. The Jews have always managed to hide this evidence somewhere in a corner. They have calculated in our good nature and innocence. They knew that the peoples, especially the Germans, are so kind as to be unable to imagine that the Jews, as Satan, want to destroy them. The peoples do not realize this because they cannot imagine that there exists, someone like the Jews, who in the name of God are to genocide them. Moses explicitly preaches genocide. I have already quoted here:

But do not kill them too quickly. Do it slowly; but do kill them.

Do not marry them, do not become relatives, do not let them dwell with you, but drive them out. For otherwise you may become apostates.


And these are things we must bring into the consciousness of the masses. Why?


I believe it is a great neglect by our people that we have not precisely investigated with the German spirit, the German philosophy, how it is possible that the majority still swallows these formidable lies they have been tormenting us with for 70 years. How many stand up and say, “This is a lie.”? And many who do not stand up really believe the Jews. They are not vicious. And you have to contemplate how this is possible? And this is where psychology plays a role. The Jews are the best psychologists and sociologists. Why? Because, as a small tribe, they go up against great peoples and can only accomplish this if they carefully study the weaknesses of the others and then play them out against each other.


Typical for the Jewish style of warfare is the German fairy tale “The Brave Little Tailor”. How does he fight? There you have the snoring giants under this tree, and up in the tree is the little tailor with a bag full of small stones, and he throws them at the sleeping giants. And each giant thinks it was the other one. So they get into a fight and get so excited that they kill each other. The “brave” little tailor then stands up and says:

I have conquered the giants”.


How do the Jews accomplish things? They are dealing with a special people here. No other tribe, and this can be proved, is so good-natured as the Germans and ready to see in all men the good. By the way, the Chinese name for the German people is “The Land of Virtue”. The others are aware of this. We are not aware of it. We only act accordingly, and we embrace the Jews, thinking they are human beings. And then comes the Jew, Karl Marx, and says:

The Jews are not humans”.


That is, he is turning it exactly around. The Jews in the Talmud say:

Only the Jews are humans and the non- Jews are like cattle.


Then Karl Marx shows up and says, quite correctly:

The Jews are not humans,” and, “The task of history is to emancipate Jewry to mankind.


And then there is a famous Jew, also well known by the gentiles, Martin Buber, who lived in the forties of the last century, who says simply and poignantly:

Jewry represents the negation of life of the Peoples.


And he does not say this as an aside, he claims this in his writings about the Bible. He writes:

We Jews pretend to teach the Absolute, that is, God, but we teach only the negation to the life of the peoples.


And then he corrects himself and says:

No, we ARE the negation of life to the peoples!


Well, what is THAT? Death! And who is the devil? He who wants to spoil us, that is, bring us death. Death by God’s commissioned agents. This is what the Jewish people were ordained for. This means, they can only operate with their lies because they misuse our special sensitivity for morality.


And so it was Jews, and not Goebbels, who discovered that:

The lie must just be big enough and be repeated endlessly to be believed as truth.


And what did we learn in school? That this was the Maxim of National Socialist propaganda. But the truth is laid down in a book written by Jew Edward Bernays. He was a nephew of Sigmund Freud and well acquainted with psychoanalysis — a Jewish discovery, and a very important one — and studied how man could be manipulated via these emotional mechanisms. Bernays wrote “Propaganda”, and in the Anglo-Saxon, “propaganda” is equal to “lie”. Bernays developed this and said:

We can force through any lie. It just has to be big enough so that a normal person says, ‘Well, that cannot be a lie!’ Then the lie cannot be recognized as such. And the lie has to be repeated continuously. Then it is believed and is powerful because it is the belief in a ‘truth.’


And we dare not question the Jews. We do not dare to recognize these principles as part of a Jewish “weapons factory” in order to cast us down. They just simply claimed that these were the Maxims of Goebbels. Goebbels quoted from Bernays book, “Propaganda”, in order to convey the enemy propaganda to the Germans. And then they lie and say:

These were his Maxims. This is how he manipulated people.


The Germans are manipulated and do not comprehend what the purpose was to present Hitler to the world as an evil power of darkness. This is how they present it. The Jews are thus able to use our moral sensitivity for their diabolical purposes, through manipulation. And then we got them by their neck; this is their weakness. Namely, if we recognize this and pronounce it out loudly.


I say, we make it into a scandal in that we go to the “Gutmenschen” (derogatory — people who think they are so good in what they are doing), to the Antifa and tell them:

You are disciples of the devil! You protect those who, for example, consider child sexual abuse as normal, as long as it is a non-Jewish child!


In the Talmud it is written:

Once a girl is three years and a day she can be used sexually. This is not fun for the child and one should let it be, but you may do it.


And then in the Talmud, and not just in the Talmud but also in the Old Testament, it states:

The Gentiles can be robbed.


Goethe then wrote:

These people [*the Jews] have a faith that allows them to rob strangers.


And this statement has been removed from the edition newly released in German. This is their religious belief. This is not somehow a writer who has come up with this, no, this is written in their holy books. The Talmud is even more important for the Jews than the Old Testament. Therein it states:

The best of the Gentiles you shall kill.


Anyone who is a bit at home in mathematics knows that it really says all non-Jews are to be killed. Why? If today “A” is the best and therefore is killed, then “B”, as the second best, moves to the position of the best and must be killed. And this goes all the way down until nobody is left. This is then repeated again quite decidedly by great Jewish minds, like Maimonides, who lived in the Middle Ages:

Kill the best of the non-Jews!


And this consciousness, we must awaken in our people. I am absolutely convinced that they cannot get the German people to support these satanic ways in the world. Because we are not dealing with fantasies.


The Jews operate without us being conscious of it. The great wars, not only of the twentieth century, but also before, are everywhere the works of these people. Somehow they put themselves in good standing with the princes, made them dependent on money, and then played them out against each other, and so initiated wars. And so we always end up having some enemies, but it is never the enemy who is REALLY behind it all. The Jew has discovered the method of indirect warfare.


Then there is also the Talmudic warfare, and this is not even perceived as war. As von Clausewitz says:

If you do not resist, it is not war.

And the Egyptians die as if poisoned in their sleep.


And this is what is happening to us. Today we are the Egyptians. And we are dying as if poisoned in our sleep because we do not allow ourselves to suspect the Jews acting in this wickedness against humanity, and not only against the Germans, but especially against the German people. I was not terribly surprised when I read the Talmud — an awful reading in twelve volumes — that they have been constantly praying for centuries.

Lord,” they mean their God, “let the wicked man”, with this they mean us “not win.” “Let their attacks against us not succeed. They are the Edomite Teutons [*Teutons = ancient Germans!] who, when they come out, would destroy us and the whole world.


Not so well known here is that this is connecting back to the Esau blessing. The authors Ludendorff are knowledgeable here. The Jews go back to Isaac, who has twins, Esau and Jacob. Esau, the first-born, is actually the one who inherited the fatherly goods and blessing, and the second, Jacob, must see how he manages. Jacob represents the Jews. With the help of the mother, Jacob deceives the blind Isaac and causes him to give his blessing due to the first-born to Jacob instead. Esau goes empty. When Esau discovers that he has been deceived — and we are Esau — there is great lamentation. He talks to his father and asks him:

Have you not a blessing for me, too?


The old man replies:

I have only one blessing, but I have held a small part of it back that I now give to you. You will live by your sword and under severe circumstances. But, one day you will also be master and throw off the yoke.


This is the Esau blessing the Jews are afraid of. Their fear is so strong that in the Talmud, they have this prayer:

Lord, let us be spared this; let the Esau blessing fall into oblivion.


The Jews know very well that the Germans will be the ones who will remove their reign. But the Jews are not to be fought with a pistol, not with a tank, and not with airplanes and rockets, because they are not a visible enemy.


Want to shoot at an enemy that is not visible? Want to arrest him? How? ! We can only catch the enemy where the principle of invisibility is. In spirit. We must expose the Jewish spirit as it is. Then make it clear, from the standpoint of German philosophy, why they are sent out upon mankind. Because the divine consciousness is still undeveloped in the person of Yahweh. He sees himself as the invisible spirit. That is progress. But at the same time, he is jealous of everything visible that was previously worshiped as God. This he does not want. They are idols. He wants to destroy all of them, all the peoples, who represent what is observed with the senses. To this end Yahweh chooses this small tribe, the Jews, to destroy the observable with the senses. And when the Germans comprehend this — those “good people” who build rings of lights around those devils to protect them — that they are protecting the devil and are handing over their own people to destruction by violently oppressing and destroying the German resistance against this genocide, then they can no longer be servants of Satan. Not possible!


There will always be some who are completely without influence, because they need the masses of the deceived, of good faith, the well-meaning ones of our people. Those from the “Antifa” [*anti- fascists] , the simple ones who really mean to stand for the good, they are actually people like us. They are just wounded in the head by the enemy’s warfare. And what do our people do with the wounded? We take care of them! The “good people” on the side of the Antifa are not our enemy. Of course, if they attack us, we defend ourselves. But we know they are wounded in a spiritual war, and we must and can cure them. To heal them is to make clear to them who they are “supposedly” protecting, and who the Jews are in reality.


And here we begin now, not with “resistance” but with “attack.” We attack the Jews with their spiritual substance that they are Satan. But when we deny the Holocaust, they say:

These are pseudo-scientists, and it’s all proven a hundred fold. Those who do not want to have this true are malicious, etc.


They can always twist things with their propaganda and convince the majority of our people that the Holocaust deniers are very bad, immoral rogues who belong in prison.


We say:

You are Satan. It’s written here by Moses, who gives orders to kill the peoples.


The German sociologist, Alfred Weber, used the term, “to annihilate them”.


We point to the Talmud where it says to rob Gentiles, where it demands to harm non-Jews wherever they can, and if they do not, they commit a great sin.


We point to the Talmud where it says that in regard to the non-Jew they must commit perjury in court, and it’s forbidden to speak the truth. And if it is discovered that they committed perjury, then they must come up with a trick.


When we get this into the consciousness of these young people, then I’d like to see their reaction. Even if they initially repel it and say that’s hate against Jews, it remains. For we say:

Read! This is in the Old Testament by Moses. It’s said by Isaiah. It’s in the Talmud. And read what the Talmud means for the Jews.

You do not know all this. You are uneducated. It is your duty to your people to educate yourself, to recognize with whom we are dealing.


Then I’m sure it will not take long for these “good people” to really become good people again. This is our strength and everyone can start. We must finally free ourselves from the idea that only by a mass movement with a party of majority in the Bundestag can things be changed. Or, it is so futile one would rather leave it well alone. These are today’s conceptions in our ranks.


No! A very small handful of people who are determined can develop this substance into a scandal, exposing the Jew as Satan, as the “No to Life”. An imaginative “guerrilla tactic” can be used, like the pattern of “fun guerrilla flash mob” — one sets a time, shows up suddenly, and does something that the public notices. And then they’ll notice and say, “Ah that’s what they are doing, and it’s written in the Bible, and it is true.” — Then they‟ll look into the Bible. And when we quote the Talmud, maybe they’ll ask their teachers — and then the teachers have a problem because they must then deal with it. A Jewish publisher issued the Talmud now in German. It’s no wonder that certain parts of the text are missing in the translation, but very crucial words that I quote here are still present. And so they must admit:

Yes, this is all true. It is not pseudoscience nor agitation, but these are the sacred texts of the Jews.


Haven’t we been molded right from the beginning, already in nursery school, not to accept those children as play mates who do not live up to our ethical standards? Don’t we agree that those adults who violate these standards repeatedly be thrown in jail? And should we give the Jews, who are operating on the lowest level one can even think of, namely as murderers, genociders, robbers, etc. the same respect?


Equality” brought us into this position. This was the warning of the German philosopher, Fichte:

And even if they [*the Jews] appoint themselves ten times for human rights, do not believe them. And if now you also grant them equal rights, they‟ll crush you under their boots.


This is exactly what happened. They have been emancipated. They have been given the same rights, and thus they have acquired the power of money and with this have power over men. For who is not dependent on money today? On credit? And there are everywhere the Jewish bankers who play the game, and who now decide whether a man can keep a job or not as locomotive engineer. Whether one still participates in the allocation of purchasing power that keeps people alive. All better toe the line and see the Holocaust as fact. They better not say anything critical against the Jews. Then they can continue to be locomotive engineers. Woe if not! Then they‟ll end up on Welfare. And this is supposedly an act of mercy to keep them alive.


This consciousness about our enemy is what guarantees us victory because everything that’s possible or impossible in politics today, namely National Socialist concepts: removal of usury, nationalization of banks, abolition of private credit against interest, all this cannot be publicly debated today without at once accused of anti-Semitism and thus losing one’s social livelihood. All this is possible only because we accept the Jews as a moral authority and as the poor victims of history — with this halo. When this is gone, then we‟ll talk about everything. And when a Jew comes and says:

You must not say this because it is anti-Jewish hate.


Then we’ll shut his mouth! Real simple! No one will throw himself at his feet any longer. We’ll then tell him:

We know your program.


And this is also in the Old Testament in Isaiah:

Those who do not want to serve you, those kings who do not want to serve you, they are to die. And they will lick the dust from your feet.

And because you were hated…


— Imagine this! The prophet Isaiah says to the Jews that they have been hated — How, I ask, is it possible that the elect people of Yahweh are hated? — How can I imagine this? But it’s written in there.

And because you were the hated ones, I will compensate you over and over again; you shall receive ALL the riches of the world. And for the non-Jews there will be nothing left.


And so in the mid-nineteenth century the first Jewish world organization — that still exists today — is founded with the program of getting all the riches of the world into Jewish possession. To destroy all religions, except the Jewish religion. For the Jews to destroy all empires is the founding manifesto of the Jewish World Alliance, the Alliance Israélite Universelle. And we are not aware of this. We consider them to be humans like us, who are decent, essentially moral, have the capacity to curb people who do not meet these standards, to render them harmless, to throw them into prison, to re-write their mental program, and whatever. But a whole nation that acts criminally, and that even with a good conscience because they believe that their God has assigned them to this, is a deadly danger. And we have to defend ourselves accordingly.


Then this is really war. Then we will defend ourselves and do what is necessary. We’ll do this first step, so that we can again speak about our interests as we want, as we think it is right; about National Socialism as the option to come out of this crisis. To achieve this, we must absolutely morally discredit the Jews by giving them an earful of their sacred writings. That’s all. And so we have started.


https: //archive.org/details/FlyerLuther


https: //archive.org/details/FlyerLutherFalt


There are now already two flyers — it’s the Martin Luther Year — Luther, who is demonized as anti- Semite has great significance. It is largely unknown that Luther was a defender of Jewry. In his time, there was a campaign by the Dominican Order to ban and burn this satanic rubbish, the Talmud. But Luther stood up and defended the Jews so they may keep the Talmud. And he was successful. And this prompted the primary Jewish historian, Heinrich Grätz, to write in his fundamental historical work “The Jewry,” (“Die Judenheit”):

What Luther once expressed on empathy and sympathy for the Jews, the Jews had not heard for thousands of years.


But then Luther publishes his work, “Von den Juden und Ihren Lügen” (“Of the Jews and Their Lies”) And here one must know how Luther came to this development. He simply had a lecture on Hebrew, learned Hebrew and then read the Talmud. And then it was as if scales fell from his eyes, and so he said:

This is the devil.


And this is why he has fought against the Jews. Completely justified. And what he proposes sounds terrible, to burn the synagogues, and this and that. But it is harmless, possibly child’s play, compared to what Moses demands in dealing with non-Jews. There, a bloody slaughter is demanded. With Luther, you will try in vain to find a call for murder in any way. Or any physical attacks. He only says:

We do not want them among us. We must drive them out. We must burn their synagogues.


Now, then! The houses of the devil should be burned. They have no place here.


The bottom line of the cult of Satan is an attack against all mankind. And against this attack, one must defend. And we have the right to defend ourselves. Here we do not ask the Jews whether we can do this. And if they’re still trying to throw people into jail, it’s getting harder.


Of course, I have received legal charges for what I said about the Talmud and the Old Testament. They have made three charges against me. The oldest is nearly three years on the table of the Court Chairman in Potsdam, and he has not even decided to open the proceedings. This delay is a criminal offense. The court must promptly decide whether the procedure is to be carried out or not. No, they do not decide. Then came the second charge. This is now 1.5 years back. The prosecuting attorney takes action. The department manager does not. The official in charge signs it, and then the judge gets it on the table and does nothing. And when my book was published, “Das Ende der Wanderschaft” (“The End of the Wandering”), and my case was then again moved back into closed enforcement, then the prosecuting attorney slapped a charge together without any enthusiasm. Now he always does the same routine. And then the first Court Chairman who was involved, he departed from these chambers at the turn of the year, when the courts were issued a new business plan, and is doing something else now.


And then we have here our friend, Hafenmayer. He has started a massive action 1.5 years ago with an Open Letter and sent it to 35,000 addresses where he portrays the Holocaust as the greatest lie in world history and a weapon of Jewry for the destruction of the German people. He sent this Open Letter to all kinds of Public Prosecutors, to all sorts of Courts, the Police Authorities, Constitutional Protection Offices, and also to private citizens. Then they have “dutifully” initiated an investigation process against him. They took his computer. But now there is silence. For 1.5 years nothing is happening. Although the case could have been ready for a charge the next day. He did not deny that he sent these documents. He stepped in front of the camera and read that, all publicly, and they are doing nothing. They are absolutely insecure, and there are quite clearly tendencies, that within the judiciary there is resistance to continue this Holocaust prosecution. And I also believe that the general development in Germany is also noticed by people who do not pay much attention, namely that the Federal Republic is probably not going to be around that much longer.


The judiciary sees that the EU is crashing and the Statute of Limitation on their actions has not lapsed. Then they have to reckon with legal proceedings for perversion of justice and other activities, and so they do not want to have anything to do with this anymore. So they just ignore it. But this is again a criminal offense. Both are a criminal offence: to pursue a deemed innocent person and not to pursue a deemed guilty person.


Regarding my book, there really is nothing to it. I am not speaking hate against the Jews, but I say only what is fact. So this is persecution of the innocent. Or if they are convinced it is hate speech, then they commit the crime of foiling prosecution, even if they delay prosecution only a few days.


Sylvia Stolz has received a judgement of 3.5 years imprisonment for allegedly delaying the proceedings by filing applications for bringing inadmissible evidence and for inadmissible rejection requests. This is how it’s written. This is called aiding and abetting. Only a few days delay! You all know here in Mannheim how things went with the Zündel legal process. It was interrupted a few times but only for a few weeks, and then it was continued. And this delay, for which they lay the blame on Sylvia Stolz, has led to a condemnation of aiding and abetting. You have to be clear about this! And then they let the charges now sit untouched into the third year. What is this? This is uncertainty, and we must finally comprehend our strength. And we add to this today:

You have been working for the Jews the whole time, oppressed the Germans, and look who the Jews are, and what you have done!”


Because the people do not know this! But if you bring them the knowledge, then they have a real problem. And so I say, we are now called.


Now we are starting, and even if it’s only three of us. There are now three of us, who have taken the first step with 2 leaflets and a large mailing campaign. And there will be more, and it will be a network. No party, no club, they can forbid, but only a network within the Internet that has an internet address, and then we send out very specific content, and build an email list, so that more and more people become familiar with this material. Only a few will read it. This is how people are. But some will read it and talk about it, and then there will be more who will look into things. This needs to become a scandal so that all people will talk about it. And here is a very important point: If you tell an individual:

Look, you’re supporting the Jews. They are robbers and commit genocide, and how can you have this on your conscience?” he’ll evade it.


But if he knows that his neighbor also knows that he knows, then he must somehow justify himself. He’ll no longer be the venerable, respectable professor but simply a cowardly bastard who delivers the German people to the knife because he is too spineless, or because he does not want to endanger his deplorable Judas wages. Similar to a child molester, he commits the worst crimes. For whoever knows and is silent is a criminal. Here you have to stand up. It is an obligation to expose murder plans and to report them. Whoever does not do this will be punished as accomplice. We have to give the people such an earful, that no one can step aside and say, “I did not know.” No, he knew it. And if he knew it and did not act, then he is a morally inferior subject.


Then there is a second important point. It is pointless to distribute these flyers only to completely unknown people who happen to pass you on the street. They have to be brought into specific activity centers. To a particular school. Into a certain business where people meet again and again and then talk about it. Some will be upset and others will say:

Why are you getting upset? It’s true.


And the third one will say:

Well, let’s check it out!


The teacher will have to say something to this. And so it starts. He scratches his head. He does not want to be called a liar in regard to the Old Testament. He must admit it before his pupils, and then he has to say how he sees it.


Then he’ll say:

This was two thousand years ago!


No! We have a whole box full of ammunition proving it is practiced to the present day. And well-known Jews say:

The Talmud is our substance. We would not be Jews if we had not internalized the Talmud.

And then you look at what is going on in the world. That’s all true. It is only necessary then to read the, “Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion”. This is the so-called modern transcription of the Talmud where it states:

To bring all the riches of the world to oneself, and to commit the worst wickedness, but the gentiles must not notice it.

We will give them Democracy. This is necessary because then we are the ones who determine what happens. Then the masses determine everything, and the state leaders don’t understand anything any longer. And what the masses have to say, we tell them with our media.


Isn’t this how it is? We can prove it completely. Then they won’t get out of the defensive any more. Then we have them in the sack. Then they can rattle off, up and down, “Auschwitz!” No one will take them seriously any longer. We will laugh at them!


There is an old legal principle. It comes from the Roman law and is called Tu-quoque, meaning “You too”. If someone comes to me and accuses me of theft, and therefore reproaches me somehow, and I know he has stolen himself, then I will not throw myself at his feet! I’ll say:

What do you want from me? ! You have stolen yourself!


And this is how we must approach the Jews. We can leave the debate of the Holocaust aside. We can say:

Even if, it would be tiny compared to what you are responsible for, the wars you have instigated.


This can all be proved. We got alone enough proof for WW1 and WW2. But there are far more wars that are on the account of the Jews.


The Jews, the Jewish capital, are behind the Turkish wars against Venice, against Europe. (Remark from the audience: “The 30-year war!”) Yes, and then it is just no longer unbelievable because it is simply the execution of the program given them in the Old Testament, to eradicate the peoples, to drive them out, not to assimilate with them, and to enslave them. And this is written in the Old Testament. In Moses, Isaiah and the other pals. And then we have the Talmud. And then they can’t say anything at all anymore. And this is the Esau blessing. It’s all done without force. But if they become violent, they must reckon with counter-violence. Then we really have open war. We have the better (not best) weapons because we have the truth on our side. In every respect. We just have to get started.


And now it’s important that everyone who feels a calling is compelled to link into this network and take the flyers to the peoples at those specific activity centers, as I said. This is an idea we had already at the beginning of the millennium. We said:

A million flyers are waiting for the attack.


This is the idea of the network. Everyone is called but can depart at any time. You belong by distributing flyers and paying for them as a contribution to the development of the project, and then reporting about it. This is the resistance to be achieved now. And everyone can participate. And the excuse that we do not now have the majority, that we have no success as a party among the “dumbed down Germans,” all this does not count. The German people have not become stupid! And for another, they are never stupid. The enemy applied very cunningly manipulations in our minds by warfare. We are really not on the right track when we add insult to injury with the influenced Germans because their thinking is askance around these issues, and they can’t figure things out. It’s up to us. We can change things. And since we can change things, we must do so. And so we have to get going.


We have two leaflets here, one is “Wir sind Luther” (“We are Luther”) and a few of the other “Ein Wort zur Erlösung der Judenheit und zur Rettung der Europäischen Völker” (“A Word for the Salvation of the Jews and Rescue of the European Peoples”). This one has not yet been distributed. But we have it. We are going to take advantage of the “Luther Year” to make these things known and start in the places that have special significance in the Luther Year. Eisenach, Wittenberg, and so on. And remember, a constant drip erodes the stone. We will hardly have an echo at first, but then it will come gradually. And the more we send this material to specific activity centers, the more assured we can be. It’s going to spread like wildfire. When a certain point is reached, then we are rid of this scum.


Really true. They have no material weapons. But they have only means to apply material weapons against us according to the principle of “The Brave Little Tailor”. But no one will participate any longer. And in America we have the first start in that people have noticed that they have been transported, by the media, into a Pseudo-world, a world of insanity. And then they ask:

Well, who is the owner of the media?


That’s the Jews! And why do they have this power position? Because they have the money. That’s the Jews! And then, suddenly, in the area of their supporters a process sets in where they will slink away, thinking:

Hopefully no one has realized that I have helped them. I do not want anything to do with this now.


This is the path where we get into a situation where we are talking again about National Socialism, the breaking of usury, the leadership state, the liquidation of democracy, which is necessary because it is the Jewish invention to oppress the peoples. When we can talk freely again, then we have the people with us. Because it is immediately obvious to them, when we can clearly and distinctly communicate that it is so and that there is no other possibility. And the German people have a special responsibility here. It embodies the kind of thinking that I briefly addressed and that we have to re-appropriate. There should be thinkers who seriously look into this and not just read in Wikipedia to see what they write about Hegel. No! Hegel must be read in the original. It is tedious. But damn it all! By Stalingrad things were also very difficult. We have to reach this level again where we make demands on ourselves, and then bite our teeth together and do something that isn’t fun. It is necessary. It’s war. We can win this war, and so we must win. All humanity is waiting for it. They are waiting for the German contribution to rescue them from the Jews.



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