Red Ice TV – Thought Criminal Monika Schaefer Arrested and Imprisoned in Germany – Part 1 — TRANSCRIPT


[Henrik of Red Ice Radio interviews Canadian-German activist Alfred Schaefer on the situation surrounding his sister’s arrest on Jan 3 this year, in Germany, for making a video called “Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About the Holocaust“. In Part 1 here, Alfred explains the intellectual journey that both of them took to arrive at the position that Western Civilization is being destroyed by organized jewry through a long term strategy of psychological and physical subversion, with them, for example, being the power behind the invasion of Western countries by non-Whites.


Part of the subversion of Whites has been achieved through the diabolical lie known as the “Holocaust” that is used by organized jewry as a “shield and sword” to draw attention away from its massive crimes against humanity, such as the instigation of the World Wars, 9/11, etc., while also instilling guilt and shame in Whites for their very existence.


Alfred is a tireless and impassioned “man on a mission” to alert all to the reality of our dire situation and the forces behind our looming racial and cultural destruction, if we fail to act! I would urge all readers to support Alfred in his work and to help him in exposing the Orwellian situation that his sister, Monika, finds herself in as a “thought criminal“, now locked up in a maximum security prison in Germany — KATANA.]


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Published on Jan 27, 2018



YouTube Description


 Alfred Schaefer is a German producer whose videos are aimed at exposing the propagandistic nature of the mainstream media. His videos outline how the hostile elite that are in control of much of Western Civilization have managed to subjugate entire populations and their political leadership through psychological conditioning.


Alfred Schaefer joins Henrik for a discussion about the consequences of challenging the accepted view of the Holocaust. The program begins with Alfred describing what it was like to grow up in Canada with German ancestry amid an accusatory climate of Holocaust remembrance. He describes his sister Monika’s newly found skepticism of the prevailing historical view of the Second World War and her subsequent video productions. Alfred recounts how Monika was arrested in Munich because of her videos that challenged the prevailing mainstream consensus concerning the Holocaust while attending the trial of Sylvia Stolz, a lawyer on trial for so-called Holocaust denial. Henrik and Alfred discuss with incredulity how pursuing historical inquiry can lead to criminal charges and imprisonment.


In the members’ hour, Henrik and Alfred talk about the fractured nature of facts surrounding the nature of the Holocaust itself and the need for further research. The conversation then addresses the migrant crisis and how it constitutes a threat to Western civilization and how it can be viewed as a destructive companion phenomenon to Holocaust guilt and other Leftist propaganda. The conversation turns to the freefall of the mainstream media, how people crave alternative media sources, and the importance of outlets like Red Ice. Henrik speaks to the risk involved with pursing the truth about the migrant crisis, its origins, and underlying motivators. The discussion then turns to the seeming contradictions of population replacement.


Henrik and Alfred go on to discuss the severity of the current geopolitical situation as an existential crisis; the importance of pursuing moderate solutions to avoid widespread conflict; and much more.


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(54 mins)






Henrik: Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Henrik here with Red Ice TV. Thank you so much for tuning in. It’s always a pleasure having you with us. Today we have a issue of free speech coming to you a little bit over a year ago we had a gentleman called Alfred Schaefer on the show. I think we had him on twice actually, and his sister as well, Monika. We did a show with her. She had actually done a five-minute video that was called, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong About the “Holocaust”. Which was a very good video. It was an honest, very down-to-earth video about her own kind of personal and emotional experiences growing up in Germany [Canada], all the things that she was taught, etc. And [01:01] her basically waking up to a kind of a different story, if you will.


And this has, in hindsight, caused a ruckus not only, of course, in Canada where she and Alfred was living, but now they’ve gone back to Germany. And they’re it’s, you know, this has intensified, if you will. So we have Alfred back with us on the show here today. And I shall go through some of this and talk a bit more in detail about what actually happened. And I want to Alfred. Welcome first of all, but I want everyone, kind of don’t assume that people know the case. Let’s talk about it from the beginning and what actually happened Alfred.


Alfred: Good. I’ll just go back to the summer of 2016. Monika was here with Professor Tony Anthony Hall and we did a number of video productions. And what really rocked the boat here was a five, or six minute video that Monika did, one in German, one in English. It’s called “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong About the Holocaust”. And in this video, a very heartfelt video, she explained how she [02:02] growing up in Canada as a German. And how the propaganda, when we started being indoctrinated with the propaganda, the people in school like back at that time, the Germans were vilified, really vilified, to the max!


That was like twenty years after, well that was in the 60s so that was 20 years after the end of hostilities, of what we call World War Two. And Monika described how she experienced that as a youngster in school, when she wore her traditional German dress and how the people mocked her. And then she started reproaching, to she eventually reproached our parents, particularly her our mom, for what the evil Nazis did., because when you are told as a little child these kinds of stories you just assume that you’re being told the truth, you just would not imagine that you would be lied to by those people who you trust who you look up to.




Anything they tell you believe it. I mean, that’s our nature. If you’re growing up and your parents tell you to this, or that you have to believe it, because if you don’t you wouldn’t survive. If your parents tell you don’t go jumping in that pond, because there’s alligators there and you don’t listen, well you get eaten by the alligators. So it’s our nature, our inherent nature to believe what we are told.


And this has been used against us to inculcate us and indoctrinate us with these stories which vilify our own ancestry, our own heritage. So Monika went to her mom and she says:


Mom why didn’t you do something to stop these evil Nazis?


And so forth. And then later on, not that long ago, she figured out, “well geez this is all lies”. And she told me that once and I says:


You know, Monika we have to make a video out of that!


So we did that. She wrote a beautiful text. She was here on a visit and she gets in front of the [04:01] camera and we made this video, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong About the Holocaust”.


And it got it really took off well. And then the Israeli, the jews got wind of it. And it was all over the Israeli press it in multiple languages. They were just really:


Wow, you know, this politician Canadian politician denies the “Holocaust” in a video!”


And what really shook them, rattled their cage, was there had not been a video of this kind before, where you’re really basically undoing so much of the psychological warfare they have done against us. And this was basically undoing it in one big swoop.


So they were very nervous about that. And they tore her to pieces! And vilified her! And then when Monika went back to Jasper [Alberta, Canada], she had to endure the most extreme ritual defamation you could possibly imagine. And thank God that Monika has [05:00] the spirit that she does, because not many people would have survived that. I mean, she basically lost pretty much all her violin students, and people were strongly:


No! You’re not welcome here!


It was just like the witch trials 300 to 400 years ago. Just amazing.


Henrik: Yeah! Exactly! That’s absolutely true and it’s amazing that of course, you know, we don’t even have to get into the mechanics of what it is that Monika actually believes. It’s the audacity that she has come to a different conclusion that other people, than the masses, than the majority. I mean, I we know, of course, that this is punishable a crime in many countries now to think differently about a historical event.


Which is amazing and it amazing that so few free speech activists come out in support of these people who have come to a different conclusion. And in it’s in this case I think they want to make an example, not only out of her, but we know other scenarios in Germany, like Sylvia Stolz, of course. And I forget the older lady’s name now, obviously you, you know.


Alfred: Ursula Haverbeck.




Henrik: Exactly. Haverbeck. Thank you. Yes absolutely. So they’ve gone after older women on this now in Germany! I mean, it’s absolutely fascinating., but tell us first, how did, … Was in Canada did you guys decide to go back to Germany what happened there?


Alfred: Yeah she came she was wondering, she wanted us to, you know, we wanted to connect up again and she has a lot to do in Canada, so she figured sort of on the spur of the moment, she’s gonna go visit Alfred in Germany now at Christmastime. So she gets on the plane, you know, hops over here, and we have just a wonderful time. And I told my comrades here, you know, Monika’s coming and so forth. And then Henry Hoffenmayer says:


Hey, we can go visit the trial of Sylvia Stolz, which is a Munich on the 3rd of January, if your sister’s here. We’ll just have a look at that.


So it’s real spur-of-the-moment decision. We went there, we go there as quiet observers. And watching these proceedings was beyond bizarre. It really is an inquisition! They would refer we [07:02] were sitting in the back there, then in comes Sylvia Stolz and her attorney. And at the front are this decrepit snake of a state prosecutor, and the other people that are in there, which are, you know [Alfred laughs].


And then if Sylvia Stolz and her attorney would be, you’re talking about like explaining things, you know, this and that. And no matter how logically and precise they would explain something, the state prosecutor would brush it aside with just a simple, you know, “jibber-jabber” that didn’t even make sense. So this is the nature of an inquisition. An inquisition is like in the old days. They would put you in a sack, throw you out in the water, and if you sank you were innocent. And if you stayed on top, you are guilty and will be tortured. You cannot win in an inquisition. And these trials are an inquisition. There is no hope in hell and they try to bind these people [08:00] in this legal process here. To drain them of all their resources, tie them up.


I mean, if you see these people, how much money they are being paid by the taxpayer and by the poor victim! And it goes days and days and they just, it’s a jibber-jabber nonsense. It’s utter destructive nonsense!


Anyway, we were in that courtroom there and somebody behind us, or beside her, somewhere, said:


Oh that must be Monika Schaefer! I mean, that’s her, we recognize her.


And so they called for a surprise break about 45 minutes into the hearings there. And so we says okay, we stretch our legs, go outside. We step outside the room and then this different state prosecutor comes, accompanied by three very heavily, well armed thugs, kind of thing. And they asked her:


Are you Monika Schaefer? Okay, come over here.


They took her to the side and they were talking with her, slapped her [09:01] in handcuffs and dragged her off.


Henrik: Right there?


Alfred: Right there and then! Yeah.


Henrik: Absolutely! Did you get, I mean, did you guys have any suspicions about this, or like?


Alfred: No, no! It was a total surprise.


Henrik: Not paranoid to show up in public like, after that?


Alfred: And the funny thing is, I thought okay they must have, they probably arrested her for things that we had done while she was here., because we had a guy come from France, another, you know, a guy who was, well I hate using the word “revisionist”, a person exposing historical truth. And he came here, because he felt so alone there in Paris.


And when he was here, and he played the accordion, a really good accordion a player. And so Monika and him were making music every day. We were just doing cultural things. And one day we went to Andechs [a hilltop Benedictine monastery, church & medieval pilgrimage center with a brewery & a beer garden], which is a monastery nearby here with a beautiful beer garden and so forth. And we’re in this beer hall and then the brass band came in and it’s pretty filled up with people.


And Monika was [10:01] just so elated with energy, she stood up and gave the Roman salute! [both laughing] And, you know, what happened? Well somebody else behind her gave the Roman salute! And nobody came and, you know, and says, “Hey you Nazis!”, or anything. And people were chuckling and sort of, “Oh, what’s going on here?” But people were giving us a thumbs up and so forth.


And then, when she was arrested then a few days later at the court, at the “inquisition” of Sylvia Stolz, I was sure it was for this incident! , but it wasn’t. It was actually for “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong About the “Holocaust”. So with this, I say this is the most spectacular “own goal” that I have ever seen anybody make! I mean, Sylvia Stolz, they were trying to basically put her, flush her down the memory hole. And they’d love it if Monika would just disappear., but now they have elevated both of these courageous women, right onto center stage on the world stage. And that’s where we need them.


Now this might be some discomfort for Monika for a while., but [11:02] the week that we had here before this happened, she had her batteries charged up to the max with wonderful dialogues we had. The conversations we had. With the cultural events with the Roman salute at Andechs there. And the positive feedback she got from that. So it’s good.


And now she knows, she’s very well aware of the importance of the role that she is in right now. And there’s no resolving this in their “jewdicial” system. We to resolve this on the political level. So we are going to amplify this and make it make it as embarrassing as possible for the powers that be. They need to know it is time to come out with a White flag and apologize for all these lies, because they cannot possibly stop it.


There’s trying to stop it with extreme censorship here. Oh, let me just say one thing. When Monika came here and before her arrest, and she’s doing her her mail, or emails [12:00] and we’re looking a lot on the internet, and she says:


Geez, I feel like I’m in prison already everything! Is censored!


All the stuff that she could still see in Canada, like videos and so forth, it’s all blocked here. It’s extreme censorship right now. And it’s accelerating. It’s intensifying. So they think, in their hubris, that they can keep the lies covered by censoring., but I always say, if you have a small child at home and you say, “do not look in this drawer here!” And then you go out of the room, where’s the first drawer that the person’s got the child’s going to look in? Precisely that drawer they’re not supposed to look. This is human nature and this our curiosity. And I mean, it’s our nature. We want to know what’s going on around us.


Henrik: Exactly. Well I mean, the important thing to remember too is, of course, that this is not hurting anyone. This is a victimless crime and it’s a personal investigation, if you will, that someone is doing into a historical event. It’s their choice, it’s not [13:01], you know, hurting anyone else.


And the fact is that I mean, we know that in Germany this has been made a crime. And I believe that, if I recall the statutes correctly, was basically it has been established by law what the history is. And if you do come with a different conclusion then you’re breaking that law of the established history. And so what has she found out consequently? Are you in communication with her every day, every other day, and what’s the charges and stuff like this? Tell us about that?


Alfred: Okay, first of all, we are trying to communicate with her. It is not possible. She is completely isolated from the outside world now. She’s not isolated from the other inmates, but she is completely isolated from us and the outside world. We had the Canadian Consulate go there and that was a not easy to get that arranged. But the Canadian Consulate did go there. Actually, as a woman and a man, a consul and the Consul General, or something like that. [14:00] And then they said afterwards:


Well now, we were there and now we cannot visit her again for six months.


That’s the rules they have. And they cannot get involved in the legalities. So it’s basically, well this is a dark time in our history, right now, that this is happening.


Henrik: And will Canada fight for it? I mean, if she’s not been extradited, … But how can she end up under the jurisdiction of German law? They haven’t explained this, I would reckon? They just snatched her, and that’s it?


Alfred: They snatched her! This is a completely illegal thing! This is outside of law and order as we know it. And, you know, I’ll tell you how obscene this whole thing has become. I was just raided a couple days ago, again, and it is, because of the shitstorm that we’re stirring up with Monika’s arrest. So they’re really unhappy now. But it shows that we’re on the right track, because even uncle Adolf, or Adolf Hitler, he used to say:


If the jews are not attacking you, it’s, because your work is mediocre. It’s not really doing much.




Once they notice you and they start attacking you, it’s, because they are afraid that you are making inroads into their construct of lies. So yeah, that’s where we are now.


Henrik: What about Canada? Have they as you said, okay they visited the consulate there, but have they not tried to say:


Hey this is a Canadian citizen! You can’t just take him!” right?


Alfred: No! If you look at the Canadian government, they are even more repulsive and they are even lower down than the German government. All of our governments in the Western world right now are about as low as they can get! And that’s a problem now, because they have all been maneuvered into the positions that they find themselves in, because of their corrupt morals. They can be manipulated and they will do as their jewish masters expect them to! And no Canadian government, no German government, no government is going to help her!




This is something that we have to resolve basically from the bottom. From just a massive awareness. And right now, Monika is one of the most valuable fulcrums that we have to leverage this message out there. Because even those who think that life consists of sitting on a couch watching TV, even some of these zombies will start to understand that when they take somebody, throw her in jail, just arrest her on the spot, throw her in jail, because of a heartfelt apology to her mother!


At the same time that these hordes and hordes of military-age black and brown men, like a tsunami of them, are flowing into our countries, and they get a free pass to do anything they want! They even get helpers to show them how to get this and get that from our society! They get benefits and somebody who comes to the logical conclusion, because they’ve looked at the evidence they get thrown in jail [17:00]. That is something that needs to be addressed. And this is something that will affect each and every one of us. Nobody is going to escape this imbalance that we have in our system right now.


Henrik: Yeah definitely. There’s a legal inconsistency for sure here. I mean, there are actually victims of rape, etc., that are not getting the aid of the law. The full reach of the law, if you will. There are many people that actually walk free. I’ve heard cases, Lana [Henrik’s co-host and wife] did a video just a couple of weeks ago about a few of these cases, where they walk free. And I think some of the judges have said:


Well they, it’s a cultural, they don’t understand the culture. They just need to be educated, basically.


So they there let go! But the point is, that’s a clear crime with a victim. In this case, there’s no victim. No one is being hurt. But maybe someone is “offended” by it, right? Because these are awful opinions to have, or whatever. But there’s no victim here! And so the imbalance is just completely out of whack. And it’s clear to me that [18:00] they’re making examples out of these women to make sure that people are scared away from not only looking at this stuff, but basically they should be afraid of thinking for themselves. That’s ultimately what this is about I feel.


And they’ve picked off on this issue because, of course, it’s very important to them for people to be guilt-ridden, and basically have this new theology of guilt and victimhood. And this is the choice, right?


Alfred: Absolutely! Now there’s so many facets to this “Holocaust” lie. And right now I think it’s important that I focus all my work now on trying to articulate the big picture. I know Monika, when she was here, we came to the same conclusions. That once you understand the big picture, that the components of this big picture are much easier to understand. And they all make sense! It all falls into place!


It’s a little bit like if you’re standing really close to a huge picture, like a billboard, and you can only just see the big pixels, or something that [19:00] are this big and you cannot make any sense out of each of these pixels. But when you stand back and see the whole picture, it all makes sense. And this “Holocaust” thing, you know, some people think it’s just a scam for money. No, no, that’s just gravy that they sort of managed to harvest at this point in time.


But the real, or original purpose of the “Holocaust” was to divert attention away from the massive genocides that took place behind what was, what we used to call the Iron Curtain, under the name of communism. Now for us growing up in the West back then and when that Iron Curtain was still in place. What was behind the Iron Curtain separated us, we were the good people and the democrats, from the evil people. And those were the communists!


Now that’s the way that situation was interpreted for us. And it’s only now, in recent times, actually, quite recently for myself and like my sister Monika, and many other people, that we are beginning to [20:01] understand that both sides of this Iron Curtain were run by Talmudic jews, right from the start.


And as so if we want to understand the jewish problem, we have to actually go back, you know, for today’s world, basically to the French Revolution. But the jewish problem actually goes back thousands and thousands of years. And these people have honed their skills in manipulating people, having them at each other’s throats, that they start killing each other off. And the jew is there, controlling both sides, cleaning up and then penetrating ever deeper into the fabric of these peoples that have been at each other’s throats. And that’s what we see now.


Under communism there were genocides on the other side that killed tens of millions, possibly over a hundred million people, of the best people. And most of these were our brothers and sisters, our European kinfolk! They were just like us! [21:01] And they were butchered, massacred most brutally and — what better way to divert attention away from that, than this crazy “Holocaust” story? Plus, they had to have a way to justify — what they called the Allies, our European people that they manipulated — to bomb the hell out of the heart of Europe, which was Germany. To make sure that they could understand why they did it when they saw the mayhem, by vilifying those people that now lay traumatized and genocided and on the ground.


Just start making making up fantastic crimes and they are too traumatized to be able to defend themselves. And that’s, in a nutshell, what this “Holocaust”, the purpose that it has been.


And now it’s used to keep us — to destroy our ability to defend ourselves, plus it gives the jew a shield behind which he can perpetrate and commit any crime he wants to. And that’s where we find ourselves.




Henrik: Now there might be people watching, listening, that don’t kind of know the arguments that you’ve made. They don’t, or agree, or whatever. I’m sure there’s some that are as well. But what I want them to understand is basically, I want them to put it into context, into other events, other similar, as you say, genocides throughout history.


I believe that there’s no other genocide that has occurred that you could be prosecuted for claiming that it didn’t happen. This is, it’s a very unique case, if you will, historically speaking. About what you’re allowed and not allowed to do. And as we know, as I’ve said many times, it’s, of course, worse in Germany, but I just I don’t understand why many of the free speech activists are not coming out in support of people like Monika, and Sylvia, and Haverbeck, and all these other women, and men too, for that matter.


There’s many men as we know, Ernst Zündel passed away not too long ago, of course, he was a big hero, also a Canadian [23:01] citizen. He was, I believe, he was also extradited to Germany and was put in prison there. So this Canada-German relationship is kind of historically there as well in this case. But there should be much more uproar about this. I mean, what about Monika’s civil rights? What about her abusers? What about her her right to think differently? And I mean, and that’s what I want people primarily to focus on. And if they disagree with you Alfred on the historical issue, put that to the side for now, and just think of the case itself, and what it represents.


Because as you say, this is a witch trial! It is that these people have been demeaned and dehumanized, right? And wasn’t that a crime that they’ve said the Nazis did? They dehumanized people and all that kind of stuff? So in a way they’re doing exactly the same thing in depriving people’s right and freedom, because they think differently. And this should be a free speech issue. And why isn’t it? Why is it that no one dares to [24:01] touch this, or what is it, do you think?


Alfred: I’ll tell you why people are not speaking up. It’s, because this indoctrination that we have all been victims of, has the same effect on our ability to think as does a lobotomy. Now a lobotomy is when they used to separate the two halves of your brain physically. And they would make out of what they would call violent criminals in the prison system, or something, they’d make them into docile zombies. Because they’d separate the two brain halves.


Now this psychological warfare that we have all become victims of to some degree, or the other, has the same effect on us as does this lobotomy. It compartmentalizes your thinking, so that you are not able to think anymore and you have been conditioned to behave like a dog, like Pavlov’s dog.


I mean, that’s where this whole psychological science basically comes from. They wanted to know how we can condition people to behave, to obey in lockstep altogether. And these people are experts at [25:00] that. And that’s what they’ve done! We have been conditioned. Actually, our fellow human beings have been conditioned to have an allergic reaction, an aggressive, allergic reaction against those people who reveal the truth. Because as soon as you talk about the facts, the evidence that this “Holocaust” is all bunk, then you are immediately labeled as a “Nazi”, or a “Holocaust” denier!


And we have been taught, through conditioning, that these things are “evil”! So people have been reduced really to, like little children that you can tell them there’s a some kind of a monster, or something, or don’t look under your bed, there’s a golem, or something there. They have reduced us to a very, very low state.


At the same time, they are telling us about tolerance, and if you want to be a little girl and you’re actually a boy, you can do that and nobody can tell you otherwise. So they’re getting the people confused, full [26:02] of fear, confused, and reduced to the most basic animalistic level. And they say:


Well, if they’re throwing old women in jail for years and years for “Holocaust” denial, then obviously, they must be really bad!”


Like, this is how simple their thinking is.


Henrik: Right?


Alfred: But now, as they see the reality of our world in free fall, in collapse, imploding, there’s more and more people that are beginning to understand that life does actually consist of much more than “fun and games”. And these fun and games that we have been indulging in, were the distraction to keep us away from seeing what has been going on behind the scenes.


Now taking us into these times right now. Look at 9/11! They don’t even talk about 9/11 at all anymore! In any way, good, or bad, or anything! Because they know that everybody’s figured that one out. So they figure, if we just don’t talk about it at all, it’ll disappear out of our memory [27:01]. Because if it’s not covered on TV and radio, or in the magazines, people won’t see it. And they just think it’s not important, because it’s not talked about.


But they do talk about all the time about:


Oh how wonderful when these black men can mate with the White women!


And all the advertising is reflecting that. So yeah, we have to wake up to the biological aspect of the situation in which we find ourselves. And that is basically, in a nutshell, the jew has declared war on the White race! And we are now at five minutes before 12!


We have to wake up! Understand what’s happening, and come into the healing mode.


And when I see what’s going on in the world today, we are now in that initial phase of the healing. And no organism can heal, until it understands that it’s under attack, identifies the problem and [28:01] only then can it kick into gear and do something about it.


So that’s why I am optimistic. And I see that, what they’ve done to Monika, they served us that on a silver platter! And I can only say, “thanks jews!” You did a fine job! If the doctor had to prescribe something for us that would have been perfect for helping our cause, then this would have been it! We would have had to pay millions of dollars in advertising to get this kind of exposure to this problem. And they’ve given it to us at the trial of Silvia Stolz, and I want to say:


Thanks jews! You did a good job!


Henrik: I wonder what, normal, so to speak, “normies” think about the case if and when they hear about it. And, as we can see obviously in some of the headlines, she’s already a convicted “Holocaust” denier. Although there hasn’t been a trial, the issue hasn’t been, you know, stated. It hasn’t been sorted out. What does she actually believe historically? It is [29:00] like this, literally like she has some kind of, you know, virus, or parasite! That she’s become smitten with this thing, which they need to keep it at a distance, kind of thing!


And that’s how they treat people these days. Just as you said, despite the preachment of the times is really, you know, accept those who think differently and you shouldn’t be afraid of the things you don’t understand, and all this kind of stuff. And I’m just so sick and fed up with the hypocrisy of what they’re trying to push in our faces! To get us to accept the kind of things that we don’t like! Of course, we have to be tolerant, we have to, … But they don’t have to be tolerant at all! See, they don’t have to back down and say:


Okay, it’s fine. She’s not hurting anyone. Let her believe what she wants to.


Right? No! Instead they want to make a case out of her! They want to jail her and stuff.


But what do you think is gonna happen next? I know this is very difficult for you to predict, if you will, or kind of project, but you have [30:00] been raided. There’s been people coming into your home. Tell us a little bit about that, and if there’s been any information shared with you at that point, about what actually is going on, and what they’re seeking to do.


Alfred: They are in a panic, because they see their work, they’ve worked like, how many long, 2,000 years, or something, for world domination? They feel they’re so close to it, they can finally, it’s within a reach. But the closer they get, the closer they have this, the more insane they go!


And that’s what we’re witnessing now. And there is no stopping the truth anymore! And you’re just talking about before, you know, there’s a “Holocaust” denier. People have to understand that anybody who still believes in this utter bullshit nonsense, will not be taken seriously. And in only a very, very short time from now, not one person in our civilization will admit that they ever believed this “Holocaust” nonsense!


And yet, like I was in Canada in the summer on a speaking tour, and I just saw the hysteria! Everything seems to revolve around if someone’s a “Holocaust” denier, or not, or [31:00] if there are a White supremacist, or a racist. And that’s all that counts! Nothing else seems to matter.


Henrik: Yeah.


Alfred: You know, people are living in a fantasy world that is a bubble, that’s going to burst! And they have to start to understand the reality of what’s going on around them, because that’s all we’ve got! Now, if we have hordes and absolute hordes of Third World criminals out of the prison systems, of the Third World, coming into our countries, we have to deal with them when everything breaks down. And that’s coming.


And the jew World Order that they’re trying to impose on us is this ridiculous “Holocaust” religion, and you’re supposed to go down on your knees and pray to that every day. And at the same time you are going to be disenfranchised. You are going to be running in your little hamster wheel. And then you’re so exhausted at the end of the day, you lay down, sit in front of the TV, eat poisonous food, drink poisonous water, and then get back in your hamster wheel, and the jew World Order’s controlling everything.


And that’s what the whole thing is with [32:00] the EU and everything. They try to make more and more laws that are making it ever more difficult for the small, you know, the bakeries, the small shop owners, the small farmers, to make it to make it so they cannot operate anymore, because they got a million rules! Always more rules making it ever more difficult for them to operate, so that eventually everything is just huge, great big, collectivized, you know, food productions, factories. And everybody will find their place somewhere as an insignificant little little grain of sand in this huge apparatus. And as soon as you step out of line, you will simply be shut off! You say the wrong word, they’ll just shut off your digital code and that’s it, you can die.


And now the jews actually think they can replace us, who created the civilization, and have these lower IQ people flooding in. Get rid of us, so they’re not threatened anymore. And it’s just a complete total insanity. If we don’t deal with it, then we will actually find ourselves exterminated!




But, I always say the Europeans have always excelled best when they have been forced to survive, because of harsh conditions. And when this breaks down, we will find ourselves in extremely harsh conditions that today would seem unimaginable, but that will be the test of fire. We survive, or we die! We swim, or we sink! And that’s what we’re facing. And I believe that when these times come, that’s when we will find our true purpose and meaning in life and we will deal with the parasites and the invaders.


Henrik: Interesting. I want to return to that a little bit later, maybe in the second part of the show., but let let’s deal with this issue here. This article, The Times of Israel, states the following:


Authorities say Monika Schaefer is suspected of spreading hate material on the Internet.


Right? And in the beginning I played the video and, of course, I saw, Alfred. It’s on your [34:01] channel. I’m surprised it hasn’t been taken down, but it has obviously been put in a limited state so people can’t see, or quarantine, as they call it, right? There’s no comments, you can’t see how many views there are, and all this kind of stuff. Has Monika actually, I mean, is this the only video they’re referring to? Or does she have a website herself and released other material, or is it just this video, do you think?


Alfred: This video is the one that really rattled their cage. And I’m glad they are sort of focusing on this video, because it is the best shortest piece of material that undoes so much of their psychological warfare, that we have been victimized with. You have to understand the psychological warfare, how it’s a very incremental process and it’s a trans-generational incremental process.


And I’ll go a little bit off-topic here, just to illustrate what I’m talking about.


Henrik: Sure.


Alfred: Now if you took any one of our grandparents, or [35:01] great-grandparents, and if they have to see how their ten-year-old boys are being taught in school. That they can cut off their penis and become a girl, they can be anything they want, our great-grandparents would have gone to that school with their pitchforks, or something! Would have speared that teacher, dragged him outside, strung them up in a tree! And no other teacher would ever dare to do that again! , because they still had healthy morals. And nobody with healthy morals would tolerate ten-year-olds, the most vulnerable of our people, the children being taught anal sex in school, and they can be any gender they want.


And that’s what they have brought us down to! Now the only reason that the parents are not doing that now is, because these parents have been completely demoralized. And their parents were already partially demoralized. So it goes little step by step, incrementally. And Monika’s videos, “Sorry Mom I was wrong about the Holocaust” basically reverse engineers this [36:01] psychological warfare. Because she confesses that she actually reproached our mother for not doing something against those “evil Nazis”! And my mom says:


Well, we couldn’t! We never heard anything about that! We just didn’t know. We never saw that.


So here we have, our mom was honest, Monika was honest, and this was the heartfelt apology to her spirit, since she was already deceased. Our mother was deceased. Now the jews have gotten a little bit too greedy. If they would have done this all over a longer period of time, maybe they would have gotten away with it., but they just got too greedy! And that’s what the jews always do.


Like now, I mean, look at what they’re doing now. They’re going crazy with the censorship! , but every time I see censorship happen, it always seems to come back, those indestructible weeds of historical truth come up stronger and more robust than ever before! And that’s what I say is going to happen now. YouTube wants to go into censorship? Well YouTube’s assigning it’s own death warrant! YouTube is just gonna go out of [37:00] business. Who’ll go to YouTube, who’ll go to Facebook if they’re gonna start playing nonsense like that?


We’re not stupid! Don’t take us for fools! The “Holocaust” is over! If I was a jew, I’d be coming out with a White flag, right today. I wouldn’t waste another day. And if I was a jew, I’d help to get Monika out of prison., because if you jews are going to stonewall and pretend you don’t know, or, you know, a “Holocaust” denier is evil, you guys are signing your very own death warrant! The noose is around your neck. And every every day of resistance, going forwards the noose tightening around your neck! So just get over it. Come out with your White flag.


Henrik: Now, I think you told us earlier that you were the one who was talking with Monika, showing her a different side of the story, and kind of awakening her to, you know, to some of the stuff that she talked about. Have you, and it’s more of a personal question, but do you regret doing that, considering the situation she’s in?


Alfred: Oh no! No!


Henrik: And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I’m just saying, …


Alfred: Yeah, I understand completely. I’ll tell you, when people, at the beginning, they would say:


Monika! How could you let these bad people influence you like that!


Monika would say:


No, no! Nobody ‘influenced’ me.


I was waking up, and it started about 10 years after 9/11, I started waking up to what actually happened on 9/11. And I sent these this information to all my family members. And Monika was the only one who always came up with the right question. She’ll say:


Oh! Where did you get that? How do you know? Prove it! Like how do you know? Where’d you get that?


And the other ones would kind of like, do like most zombies do, they kind of click it away. They just delete it, or something. They don’t want to look there. I mean, you know, when people delete that and put it away, it reminds me of a small child that covers it’s eyes and says:


Now you can’t see me!


They’re fooling themselves! We are all, we all have to confront the reality and truth! And Monika always came with the [39:00] right question. She was basically getting up to speed parallel with me, and she’s helped me with stuff, I’ve helped her with stuff. I might have, you know, kick-started her with the 9/11 stuff at the beginning, but she did not resist and she came right up to speed. And we’ve been a team, we’ve been partners in this struggle ever since.


Henrik: Hmm. Yeah, that’s good. And, of course, as one of the other articles, I think was from “Vice”, of course, they detailed that she was a former Green Party member. She had, I guess she had a lot of people on the Left. And she might have even come from a leftist perspective herself. In the beginning, kind of initially. So I can imagine how difficult it must have been for her when it started, when she started losing her classes [violin] and things like that in the school in Jasper, right?


And all the people, did they come after her, or did they just kind of drop her as a hot potato? How were her relationships at that point when it started coming out?


Alfred: Okay. You started saying about she was a [40:00] leftist. You know, I, we were all leftists! I was a leftist. Most people were leftist. We were basically indoctrinated that way, and that’s perfectly natural. There’s nothing wrong with that., but it’s just now when we see the reality that we understand, you know, that this leftist stuff is bad news for us.


And Monika’s ritual defamation which she had to endure in Jasper was, it was vile! I mean, she used to play music once a week, or something like that in the Jasper Legion, it’s called. And there was a guy there Ken Kominski is his name, but he’s all over the internet now, in a very bad way. He just did everything to get her thrown out of there.


But you see, Monika had been a Green Party member. She and run for the Green Party in Canada, but had quit that party already a year before making that video, because it was her disgust at the fact that the Party would not deal with the issue of 9/11, and a few other things. So she [41:01] was disillusioned by the hypocrisy of that Party. And, of course, now in hindsight we can see that Green Party, that’s one of the very worst. Here in Germany the Greens are the absolute worst!


Henrik: Yeah, yeah.


Alfred: I used to vote for those people. And that’s how blindsided I was! How hoodwinked I was! These are the very worst of the worst., but people in Jasper, they liked the way she dealt with their ritual defamation, since she wasn’t allowed to busk officially and in the streets. Which is, you know, putting your hat down there and playing music and so forth. She just went out with her fiddle and played, just for free, kind of thing. And people loved it! So she had a lot of people who were very happy with what she was doing. And even people that didn’t understand the six million lie, and were believers of that sick religion., but even they would still come to her and say:


I might not agree with you what you’re saying, but I don’t think what they’re doing to you is right!


So they see the injustice of what’s [42:01] actually happening to her. And I’ve always told Monika that each and every one of those people that are now making your life difficult, are in the future, at some point in time, when you go down the street they will run and hide, or they will come and ask you for forgiveness, for their despicable, disgraceful behavior!


And that’s something that we all have to understand. That us being attacked, I would much rather go to prison, Same with Monika. I mean, that’s why I’m not worried about her. She’s a very strong person and she’ll she knows the role she’s playing. And myself too. If I go to prison, so what? I’ll go to jail! And is going so fast now, that I won’t be in jail for very long before the mob will get me out of jail, or they’ll kill me.


But this lie is over! It truly is! No self-respecting European person can crawl on his knees with this utter nonsense of 6 million dead jews, shrunken heads, soap and lampshades! It is so bizarre!


I’m looking into in turn to how [43:02] they play this game, you know, depending how much time we have., because with the fall of the Iron Curtain, like Auschwitz, we are always told Auschwitz, Auschwitz! The people living in Auschwitz had never heard of anything about a “Holocaust” until after the Iron Curtain came down and then they had a problem!


Henrik: Let’s get into that in the second segment, Alfred.


Alfred: Sure.


Henrik: We’re going to take a little break in a little bit, so I think this is a good time should promote the website before we’re going to that. I want to hear more about that., but obviously one of the ones that were set up was “wir sind Monika[]We are Monika”. Tell us about that site and is there any way people can support her now? What can people do that are concerned with this and her future?


Alfred: I recommend everybody become familiar with the site “wir sind Monika”, or “We are Monika”. That should get you there also. And this is sort of a go — to place to see what’s happening with Monika. All the latest updates. Plus we have a lot of links to other websites that have a massive amount of good information about the true history of what we call World War One, and World War Two.




It’s all in there. That’s the go — to place to find out what’s happening with Monika. And that is actually what had got them so upset, and that is the reason why they sent a team of ten heavily armed thugs into my home to steal everything they could find just yesterday morning.


Henrik: What happened with that? Tell us more about that. I mean, they just, what, did they just the break open the door? Did you open it? What happened?


Alfred: No this is interesting, because it’s always the same sort of woman with her team of thugs there. She comes from Fürstenfeldbruck, which isn’t that far. And this time in the summer, last summer of 2017, they came and they basically stormed in here at 6:00 in the morning like, you know, just about broke down the doorbell! And then they stormed in.


But this time they rang at seven o’clock and were very polite. The whole team of them. They surrounded the house first and then they came in. The whole house was full of these people, like ten of them at least, I couldn’t even count them all. And they didn’t take as long as the last time. It only took about, just over an hour. And they stole everything they could find, but I was [45:00] preemptively cautious. That’s why I’m talking to you now, I’ve still got my equipment.


I told them the whole time saying:


You need to understand, lists are being compiled of all those people who are now being helpers of the system. And you will all find yourself having to explain your behavior when this lie goes over. And it’s just coming down now. It’s in free fall, and this is theft. And this is treason, what you are doing!


And what do you do when you go home at night? What do you tell your kids what you did? You chased a “Holocaust denier and stole all his equipment? I mean, that’s gonna be an embarrassing thing to explain, because your children are all going to know that this was all a lie. And nobody’s going to admit that they ever believed that stuff!


But that’s another thing. They don’t even talk about the “Holocaust” in these charges anymore. They actually charge us now, that we are “undermining the trust that people have in our legal system”! Now try to digest that one.


Henrik: Is that what they told you?




Alfred: That’s what’s written on the papers. That’s what’s written on the justifications for stealing all of our equipment, is that we are “undermining that people’s trust in the legal system”! Now if that isn’t an inversion of reality, I don’t know what is! And that’s what they do with everything. The “Holocaust”, and everything else that they’re feeding us.


You have to understand this process of “inverting and projecting”. They invert their own behavior, put it on the victim and they project that out there. And they just propagandize that message into our brains. And if we’re dumb enough to believe it, you know, we deserve to get exterminated! , but we are waking up, because we are not really that dumb!


Henrik: Alright. Let’s take a little break here then., but yeah, I want to send pple over to “wir sind Monika”. We’ll have a link down the description for that. There is, of course, tell us about your personal sites, as well Alfred.




Alfred: I don’t have any personal sites. I have my videos. I made them all, I basically finished my video career. Now I’m doing a lot of writing and doing talk shows like this one right now., because that is right now, the most effective way that we could the message out there. If I had invested in new equipment after they stole all of my equipment, my cameras, everything! They took everything you could find! Thousands of euros worth! If I had reinvested, it would all be gone now again. That’s why I don’t bother.


I just have learned to operate mobile. I can work here, I can work there. All that I need is a little laptop with an internet connection. That’s all I need now, and that’s all I’m going to be working with in the future.


Henrik: Okay. Yeah, you have the YouTube channel. We will link to that, of course. People can check out your older videos. A lot of good videos there, a lot of material on, you know, bigger picture, like 9/11, and how the entrainment, how the mind control process works. And stuff like that. Very interesting.


Do you, just the last point before we take a break here. Would you want to, if you could, leave Germany and go back to Canada? Are you happy where you are, at the moment?




Alfred: I couldn’t go to Canada! Canada! They are such zombies these people! There are more indoctrinated to be zombies than in Germany. I mean, Germany is pretty bad, but Canada’s even worse! I mean, they are completely brain-dead there! I hate to say it, but I would cry if I have to look at that every single day.


Now there’s good people, don’t get me wrong, but the general population is completely and totally, they’ve had their brains rotted out! And that’s a very alarming condition to be in, because they will not survive the coming reality. That is what I’m most concerned about, what used to be my home country. No. I want to stay in Germany right here, even if I go to jail, I’ll still stay here.


Henrik: Yep, I understand that. Alright folks let’s just take a short break here. We’ll be back more with Alfred Schaefer. All the links down below. Stay tuned everyone, we’ll be right back.




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See Part 2 here:

Red Ice TV – Thought Criminal Monika Schaefer Arrested and Imprisoned in Germany – Part 2 — TRANSCRIPT






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