Red Ice TV – Thought Criminal Monika Schaefer Arrested and Imprisoned in Germany – Part 2 — TRANSCRIPT



[Henrik of Red Ice Radio interviews Canadian-German activist Alfred Schaefer on the situation surrounding his sister’s arrest on Jan 3 this year, in Germany, for making a video called “Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About the Holocaust“.


Part of the subversion of Whites has been achieved through the diabolical lie known as the “Holocaust” that is used by organized jewry as a “shield and sword” to draw attention away from its massive crimes against humanity, such as the instigation of the World Wars, 9/11, etc., while also instilling guilt and shame in Whites for their very existence.


Alfred is a tireless and impassioned “man on a mission” to alert all to the reality of our dire situation and the forces behind our looming racial and cultural destruction, if we fail to act! I would urge all readers to support Alfred in his work and to help him in exposing the Orwellian situation that his sister, Monika, finds herself in as a “thought criminal“, now locked up in a maximum security prison in Germany.


In Part 2 here (Part 1 is here), Henrik explains his thinking on how Red Ice should present such taboo topics as Revisionist material, and the role of organized jewry in our racial and cultural destruction, that Alfred discusses. Since Red Ice has a large and growing audience on YouTube, Henrik rightly concludes that despite wanting to get the truth out, they must avoid getting banned by YouTube by publishing certain material discussed here in the members section.


Alfred then talks about the use of “control words“, such as “extreme right wing“, “racist“, “anti-semitism“, etc., by our enemies to frame the debate in their favour. Organized jewry through its media domination have been relentless lying to us for the purpose of effectively genociding the White race through mass invasion of non-Whites, miscegenation and other means to drive the Whites into minority status.


He then talks about how the advert of digital technology has enable us to reclaim history and expose the lies that we have been feed. Despite the availability of the true history it is a traumatic process for most people to go through as they rid themselves of the lies that they have been brainwashed with all their lives. Alfred talks about how he overcame his fears to eventually come to conclude that Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest leaders that we have ever produced.


Henrik talks about how he has become “skeptical” about the so-called “Holocaust“, because of the many things that simply don’t add up, and as such is very interested to hear about what “Holocaust deniers” have to say. He goes on to say how the “Holocaust” is always talked about in an emotional way by the main stream media, leading him to conclude there is something “fishy” with the story.


Alfred goes on to explain how the people of the West have been, through psychological manipulation, reduced to the level of spiritual, emotional cripples, that have prevented them from resisting, so far, from being flooded with millions of the Third Word.


Henrik tells how that Red Ice has put everything on the line in talking about migration, the JQ, White genocide, etc., wherever the truth leads them. How jews like Barbara Spectre, Noel Ignatiev, Gregor Gysi, talk about the desirability of White population replacement.


Alfred describes how technological development has been used by jews to further their plans, for example with their control of Hollywood, the media, etc. The World Wars and what is happening now is the final phase of the “War of the jew” to dominate the world. And how our empathy, our jew induced feelings of guilt, pathological altruism, and so forth, is being used against us.

Much more is discussed, with Alfred and Henrik ending by urging listeners to write letters of support to Monika.


I would add that Monika’s imprisonment is a real expression of the war being waged against us and our freedom to exist. Her situation is symbolic of the repression that will only get far worst unless we stand up and fight back in any way we can, however small or large. So start sending cards and letters to Monika, and anything else towards helping her and our cause.

Write to Monika now, at:


Monika Schaefer
Stadelheim Prison
Schwarzenbergstr. 14
81549 München,







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Alfred Schaefer


Thought Criminal


Monika Schaefer


Arrested and Imprisoned


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Published on Jan 27, 2018



Red Ice Radio Description


 Alfred Schaefer is a German producer whose videos are aimed at exposing the propagandistic nature of the mainstream media. His videos outline how the hostile elite that are in control of much of Western Civilization have managed to subjugate entire populations and their political leadership through psychological conditioning.


Alfred Schaefer joins Henrik for a discussion about the consequences of challenging the accepted view of the Holocaust. The program begins with Alfred describing what it was like to grow up in Canada with German ancestry amid an accusatory climate of Holocaust remembrance. He describes his sister Monika’s newly found skepticism of the prevailing historical view of the Second World War and her subsequent video productions. Alfred recounts how Monika was arrested in Munich because of her videos that challenged the prevailing mainstream consensus concerning the Holocaust while attending the trial of Sylvia Stolz, a lawyer on trial for so-called Holocaust denial. Henrik and Alfred discuss with incredulity how pursuing historical inquiry can lead to criminal charges and imprisonment.


[Please support Red Ice by becoming a member. It’s only through paid membership that they can continue to do their work, and cover such controversial topics such as the Holohoax — KATANA]


In the members’ hour, Henrik and Alfred talk about the fractured nature of facts surrounding the nature of the Holocaust itself and the need for further research. The conversation then addresses the migrant crisis and how it constitutes a threat to Western civilization and how it can be viewed as a destructive companion phenomenon to Holocaust guilt and other Leftist propaganda. The conversation turns to the free fall of the mainstream media, how people crave alternative media sources, and the importance of outlets like Red Ice. Henrik speaks to the risk involved with pursing the truth about the migrant crisis, its origins, and underlying motivators. The discussion then turns to the seeming contradictions of population replacement.


Henrik and Alfred go on to discuss the severity of the current geopolitical situation as an existential crisis; the importance of pursuing moderate solutions to avoid widespread conflict; and much more.


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(64 mins)







Henrik: All right ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us here in the second segment at Red Ice Members dot com. We’re talking with Alfred Schaefer.


And I just want to take a moment and kind of explain a few things, not only about the topic, but kind of about the way that we have to think about how we address these kinds of topics now, as well. The first thing is, of course, that we were mentioned, Red Ice TV was mentioned by name in the British Parliament. It was a couple of weeks ago now, by a lady who brought us up, we’re in the record of the UK parliament right now in reference to, I think there had a discussion about hate and violence and how people turn to terrorism and stuff like that. And we came up as a horrible right-wing example of a channel that should be censored! And this lady [Yvette Cooper], I forget her name, now even. She was literally calling, she was sitting there with a representative from Google and talking about us specifically how, you know:


What do we need to do to make you censor these kinds of channels?


And not only since that point, but around that point, we realized that okay, what we have here with the YouTube channel, I think we just broke 170,000 subscribers recently. So it’s a good, you know, it’s a good platform. It’s a good way to get the message out. And just to be frank with everyone, I also feel at the same time that I know that certain topics are just a “third rail”! I know that they would lead to censorship. Part of me feels, I don’t want to hand their reasoning to them, or the way that they just can basically say, “Okay, let’s censor it! ” Because they’re talking about these “nonsense” topics.



We don’t have to, you know, we know that they’re not. We personally and I personally, as we heard tonight, we’re open to everything. We consider that our audience should have an open mind. And even if it’s a topic that you don’t agree with, if you’re a newcomer, if you don’t know what we’ve talked about in the past on the show. Whatever it might be, we hope that you’re in a position where you. Where you hear our guests out and you hear us out and give us the benefit of the doubt. And even if you think differently, you know, there’s no reason why you should hate all the other material that we do. You would just come to a point where we disagree. So that’s fine, but, what I’m getting at is, that I feel this urge, I want to talk about certain things, I especially want to talk about the things that you’re not supposed to talk about! Like this topic we’re addressing here with Alfred today.


At the same time that’s why I feel reprehensible these days, to full on go on a path especially in the first hour, because that will go up on our YouTube channel. It will be available for free and that’s where kind of feel, I think we should have an approach where we basically save some of the more controversial material, shall we say, for the second segment., because that’s our platform, we control that. There we can discuss whatever we want to. And that’s also kind of partially why I don’t want to just go fully overboard in the first segment., because YouTube will censor us and if we can limit that ability, I think that’s a smart strategy.




I think it’s better to reach out with, I don’t know twenty-five, or fifty percent of the material that we have, then not reaching anyone at all., because we’re going to be at censored. So that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t pick up on certain things that Alfred mentioned in the first segment when he talks about historical events and things like this. I kind of, I just feel, you know, let’s leave it a bit later and we will go into the details. And if people really want to get into the knowledge of this, they can check our archives. They can listen to the second hour and they’ll get kind of the full spectrum of the things that we discuss.


And again, just briefly on this, there are some people, when it comes to this topic, that are more effectual than others. There are some that are better when it comes to the history and stuff like that. I have a very open mind about this topic and I frankly don’t know all the intricacies, and the ins and outs, of this historical event. There’s many many, you know, revisionists or, historical truth seekers that are far more pertinent on this topic than me.


But I love listening to these guys, no matter how out of left field it may seem. I want to get to the truth and I’m willing to give the people a platform, that talk about this, that DARE talk about this! And that also ends up in trouble for talking about this. I think it’s a incredibly important and if we can offer, you know, something we here at Red Ice that is completely, … We’re not original I know that there’s other people talking about it, but I’m saying, you know, in the size that we have of the YouTube platform and stuff like that, if we can offer people, or be a vehicle to help to get some of that message out, I want to! I want to be there as a free speech kind of platform, that actually focuses on these kinds of things that you’re not supposed to talk about.


There’s many parts to this, and it’s a very dynamic situation. So on one hand you have to be careful of how you cover it. You have to be smart, how you cover it. And you don’t have to be reckless. And I know that some people out there they want me to go full force and talk about these issues all the time, and this, and that. And I just don’t think it’s smart to do that. I think we just shoot ourselves in the foot.


So, you know, I’m all aboard of speaking about these issues, but I want people out there to understand that we have to be, you know, kind of smart about this too. So, I think that’s kind of encapsulates what I want to say about this. I could go on for a long time.


But Alfred, let’s focus back on you here now and talk more about this., because I want to hear about this. I want you to be in a position to be able to share what you think our audience should know about this historical event. What components of this is important and I also want to again urge people that you might not agree with Alfred.


You might be a newcomer, you don’t know about this topic, or never really maybe cared about it that much, or your convinced of one way, or another. But just hear Alfred. Hear our other guests out that talk about this and see what conclusions you come to. See if there’s anything to it, because I think this is a vastly important topic, for the reasons that we mentioned Alfred. That, you know, they’ve hinged so many other components on this, in terms of the guilt and like, this is the reason why we must become multi-cultural. This is the reason why we have to accept all these people into our countries. That’s why we can’t have a country which is comprised of our own people as a majority, and stuff like this.




So it is a focal point, a node point, in their kind of matrix, if you will, of how they managed to keep us trapped and encapsulated. But how would you, … Assume that we’re talking with someone who is new to the topic and who might even be upset with you, at this point at the things that you have mentioned? What would you like to say to them, and how do you think is the best way to get them into the mindset of how the should relate to this.


Alfred: Well let’s just start with what you said before. That you are mentioned in the UK parliament there. And they said, “extreme right-wing”. Well I tell you what, I’d rather be extreme “right wing” then extreme “wrong wing”! And in our language, and so much of what they’ve done to us is with the words. They use the words and make us associate certain emotions with words, and thereby controlling us, until we are actually upside down in our thinking.


Now they have made us believe that to be “right” is very bad, but I’d rather be right than wrong. And in German, in fact, they use the word “left”, also means, if you got “left”, it means you got cheated. And all these jews, these communists, basically are turning everything “left”! Which means they’re cheating, they’re inverting it. You can turn a shirt “inside out”, in German you say, “Links abbiegen” which means “turned left”.


I want to use that word, because that’s just one example of how they do it with all the words, all the words. They define people as “Holocaust” deniers! They define everything they don’t want to hear as “hate speech”. Now, as long as we bow and bend to these kinds of intimidations then there is no stopping. They will keep driving us further down the road they want to drive us down. And that’s why my position on this is, I guess some people would call it reckless, but I say I will not adhere to any of these thought laws!


And also, if you ever deal with a psychopath, you will know that the psychopath will have a hysterical reaction whether you do a tiny little deviation from what he wants you to do, or if you just, you know, destroy the whole thing.


So that’s why I say, I notice it too, the people that go to prison here in Germany. Some people go to prison, because they gave three pieces of paper to two people. Well I say if you go to prison for giving three pieces of paper to two people, you might as well go to jail for giving a million pieces of paper to a million people! You see, because you might as well, the punishment is going to be the same. It’s arbitrary.




So that’s one thing, we have to understand what we’re up against and regain our independence in thought and spirit, and we do not have to bow to anybody! Especially not somebody who we know is lying to us on a scale that is beyond most people’s comprehension. And that’s what it is with the jews, as a collective. They have amassed so many lies, that they know that when these lies collapse, that they will be chased out of town and there will not be a jew left alive! , because the people, they don’t have to worry about us, you know, you, or me, we have had time to incrementally come to terms with the frustration and the anger. So we’ve got control of ourselves.


But what about all those people, when they understand just what’s been done to them? Especially now that the big picture, the big plan is, in fact, the extermination of the White race by mass miscegenation and by genocide. And that’s a reality that will catch up to us, no matter how we try to put her head in the sand, or cover our eyes and not look at it. When your house is being invaded by the hordes on the street, then there is no more hiding! They will kill you!


And the Germans, the heart of Europe, they went through so much horrible, unspeakable suffering, and now the very descendants of these people that survived that genocide, are on their knees paying the perpetrator for some “Holocaust” which never ever happened! In fact, the jews themselves came out of that conflict, that we call the Second World War better than any other race.


See they did it, just like 9/11, they got the “jew call”. The jews, they always set the stage. Once they know the fighting is going to begin they get the hell out of there. And all those jews left and got the hell out of there, those are the ones that later claimed “Holocaust” restitution, because they are survivors. Now if you took, how many jews there were even though they were the enemy of the Germans, they still fared better than the Germans! If you look at how many were there, how they, you know, percent wise got out of that, made it through, they did very well! Just like 9/11.


9/11, I think three jews that died, although there was hundreds of jews that worked in those complexes, but they all stayed home that day. Just like they all stayed home, or they all went on vacation and left those cities that were then fire bombed in Germany. And so many jews, they left and then afterwards they claimed “Holocaust survivor”!




So that’s reality. I mean, they’ve been so, so, so, successful I think it’s even blown their own minds how successful they’ve been. And this success however, has deluded their minds to think it can continue going on that way forever. And now, of course, comes the day of reckoning. Digital technology and our ability to think, and our ability, as people from everywhere figure out what happened in our history, putting all the stuff together out of that what was supposed to be forgotten and erased.


Well, digital technology has enabled us to actually bring the stuff back to the surface, put the pieces together. And now we’re putting the big picture together. And the jew, there is no escape. The jew will not, the jews dream is to have a thousand years of, you know, world domination. Well it’s coming to it’s end, probably this year. And that’s why I say that the sooner everybody comes on board and understands this, the better it is., because it is traumatizing, and you cannot erase the emotions of the programs out of your head.


Even if, you know, okay, it’s a lie, you know, this is what the truth is. Until you really have your mind back under your control with the truth and the proper emotions, it’s a traumatic process that can take a long time.


And I know, even myself, not just a couple of years ago, I still had to really overcome fears of looking at things like, “The Greatest Story Never Told” by Dennis Wise, for example. I remember the emotions, we had to pull down the blinds before we look at that, somebody might see us. And to go from understanding that Adolf Hitler was not a villain, but probably one of the greatest Europeans, one of the greatest people the Europeans have ever brought forth! On the same scale as the greatest heroes that we’ve ever had in the past. Whether it’s Caesar, or whether it’s, you know, Napoleon, whoever these people are. Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest leaders that we have ever produced!


Henrik: So let me pick up on something you mentioned earlier. Again in terms of the labels and this kind of stuff, “Holocaust” denier, for example. I think the articles out there about, you know, me, Red Ice, whatever. I think that’s usually one thing that’s kind of mentioned right away. As a way to immediately discredit! Like here is a untrustworthy, stupid, moronic organization! You know, they once talked about the “Holocaust”, or that it didn’t happen, or whatever.


So that is kind of bandied around a lot, you know, Henrik is a “Holocaust” denier! [laughing] Because I’ve had people on the show that don’t believe in the story, in the mainstream story. And it’s also, because I’ve had them on the show and I don’t treat them the way that let’s say, you know, because Fox, or CNN, as media outlets, they can talk about the subject, but you have to have the right relationship to the guest. You have to clearly demonstrate that you’re an opposition to them! And you’re resentful, and almost hateful towards them. Then it’s okay. Then you can touch on it.




You can’t invite people on the show that you, and again, it doesn’t matter if I agree, or disagree, it’s a crime that I can’t invite people to the show, and ask them questions about what they believe, and give them a platform to share their opinions. That is a crime in itself, right?


So now, I become a “Holocaust” denier. I haven’t even, I don’t have all the facts about the event. I frankly I don’t know who does. I think there’s enough information to know that something is kind of weird with the bits and pieces that we have been given. And something is, I think there’s enough information to demonstrate that it’s not as they claim that it was.


That’s kind of, and frankly in the most honest way I can explain, what I think about the event., because I know that there’s an incredibly muddy, the waters is so muddy around it historically. And the few bits and pieces we managed to extract, Alfred, we’ve been able to see that it’s like, well, how the hell do you piece the math together here?


One thing I really like about many of the videos out there that talk about this subject, and the mechanics, if you will, of the event itself, it’s a very, you know, for those that are not familiar with it, it’s a very gruesome way that it’s done., because it’s done in a very cold and scientific way. And that’s also a give away, I feel., because we never get to that level of inquiry in the mainstream. It’s always emotions first, right!


Every time you talk about this, it’s about, you know, a little girl’s experience, and they get you in that mindset right away, where were you not allowed to just, well wait a moment, let’s not talk about the emotions first! Let’s just zoom out and let’s talk about what actually happened. How did it come together? What do they say that it is, right? In these videos that look at the, for example, the number of bodies that have been taken into the chambers where they were undressed, and so forth. And then, you know, the gas was disseminated and then they transported the bodies up and out through this little kind of small elevator, up to where the crematories are, and stuff like that.


You know, what I’m talking about. Those kinds of videos that really going to the nitty-gritty detail. That’s were I think the key is, because it shows scientifically and mathematically that this is a very different. It would have been very different to, what should we say, dispose of that many bodies that they claim, for example.


So from my point of view I think it’s a numbers game. I look at it, and it seems mathematically and scientifically, that what they say to us, that’s an impossibility! And the fact that we’re not allowed to talk about that, or the fact that they have to kind of show this emotional thing first, and avoid the science of it. That’s a dead giveaway to me! So, just from the point of view, I just like, you know, I don’t know what the hell happened! [laughing] And I don’t have all the details. But something is fishy with the story. That’s where I’m at. What do you feel about this?




Alfred: Well like you said, it’s all emotions and no science. And when you said before, that if you are one of these main stream media, or jew stream media, they can only get on there if you bend to their nonsense. And yet they will scream at, they will denounce someone as being a “Holocaust” denier with such hysterical emotion. And people have no self self-esteem anymore, because they are demoralized, there are people who don’t even know which gender they are, don’t have any self-esteem.


And they will scream from one corner to the next, like a little dog, or like a little rat with emotional hysteria. Not even turning their brain on to just think, well what is actually the reality? They are so incapable. See, the danger that we have right now is that a population, when our entire population, has been reduced to this level as spiritual, emotional cripples. Total cripples! We in no way, shape, or form, be ready for the reality that we have to deal with, which is survival in an environment that is going to radically become more hostile to us. When we are being flooded by basically, well, millions of Third World, they call them migrants, hey these is the very worst thing that we could possibly allow to happen.


Because here we are, our children that are now confused about their gender, that have nothing, but their feelings as their main focal point, are now going to have to live, survive, in a world that is being flooded by millions of hostile young men, primarily, from Third World countries. This is a recipe for total, absolute disaster! And for people to bow to emotional tyranny, “Holocaust denier”! If anybody called me a “Holocaust” denier I’d say:


Well, I’m just glad you didn’t insult me as being a “Holocaust believer!


When everybody knows that it’s a lie. Another thing you have to remember, Henrik, is that the mainstream media is falling at free fall speed!


Henrik: Yep, yep.


Alfred: About as fast as those three towers on 9/11 fell! Nobody looks at them anymore, nobody takes it seriously. And people are going to Red Ice and similar stations, you probably have one of the best sources around. That’s why they attacked you. That’s why they took you down and destroyed you in a very professional way. And I’m just so glad you guys came back up again. And don’t underestimate the importance of your work, and the responsibility that you carry to help to understand the reality that’s out there., because people are revolted by the mainstream media! They are revolted by our politicians. And they are craving for someone like your platform. Lana, what you guys are doing is just superb!




Henrik: Thank you.


Alfred: I just want to say that now. And I cannot say enough how much I appreciate that. And I’ll tell you, there’s a lot of people out there, that have the same sentiments I do, that I’m expressing to you now. But they don’t tell you. But it’s out there. So don’t underestimate the importance of what you’re doing and, you know, stay strong! Stay safe!


Henrik: Thank you. Yeah, and I mean, exactly. And we could have been in a situation where we just didn’t talk about these issues, or didn’t go in this direction, but as many people know, who’s been with us for a long time, I’ve always just been a “Truth Seeker”. That’s what it’s been about! And, of course, about philosophy, philosophical topics, and kind of getting to the nature of reality and these kinds of things as well.


But when I started waking up to, you know, specifically the migrant invasion and what happened to Sweden, to my own country, back in, for a serious way, back in 2013, 14, something like that. I knew about it before hand, I had done some shows on like Barbara Spectre, you know, on these kinds of issues that have had risen up at that point. But it wasn’t the only thing after that point, when I researched some of the history and got really just engaged in the ancient culture of my country, that I felt for the first time that something is being lost! Something incredibly unique and important to me, and my identity, is being lost. And I realized that I had to fight for that!


And I put everything that Red Ice does, really on the line, because we ventured into an area where even most truth seekers never tread, right? They don’t dare! They don’t want to! They disagree politically and all these kinds of things and it’s just too much. We took an immense risk by going into that area. Talking about migration, talking about the JQ [Jewish Question]. And, you know, who is behind things, and why they’re doing it to us. What their ultimate goal is. Talking about White genocide, population replacement, and these kinds of issues.





But again, my stance has always been we have to go where the truth leads us. It’s an observable reality of what is happening in Europe and America right now. And that’s what I want to talk about. And we have to go in that direction. So I appreciate, you know, you mentioning that, because we could have, I would never have done it, but I’m saying for the sake of it, we could have just kind of avoided that and continue on the path as usual. But I feel that wouldn’t have been the responsible thing to do. Wouldn’t have been the right thing to do, and I would have been lying to myself. And I just I couldn’t do that. So thanks for mentioning that.


Alfred: Another very important thing that anybody working in trying to understand the truth has to have the strength, the character strength to also admit that we believed in lies!


Henrik: Exactly!


Alfred: You see I admit I believed a lot of nonsense and made bad decisions based on the nonsense. I was myself was demoralized and allowed myself to be distracted, because I was so demoralized. And I’m just so grateful that I was able to come to the point where we find ourselves today, and to come out of that condition., because once you come out and once you understand the truthful things, you know, you look at people that choose to remain in the comfortable way, or that they think is comfortable. Sit on the couch and watch TV and believe the lies. They become insignificant. There’s no content in their lives, they’re just nothing!


When this system collapses and those people who understand the truth will be obliged to be leaders of the hundreds, or thousands, of other people, because these zombies will need leadership! They are not even capable of anything anymore. And that’s why it’s important that we just articulate the findings, the conclusions that we come to based on evidence, and so forth, in a way that other people find motivation and interest in understanding it. To come to our side, because the zombies, as long as they believe these lies, and as long as they still emotionally react to these control trigger words, they are not really functioning human beings! Our ancestors would be abhorred, if they saw how people today allow themselves to be driven basically with words! Simple words, that are hysterically projected on them in an emotional way.


I mean, you see the pictures you’re showing right now, I mean, these people coming in they’re filled in their minds with completely different programs than we have been filled with.


Henrik: Yeah.


Alfred: We have been filled with programs that make us submissive and “tolerant” and we have no self-confidence, no nothing. They [invaders] come in here with a sense of entitlement! And they want something, they were promised all kinds of things. And a lot of these people coming in, they paid their family savings to some smuggler of people, to come to get the house, and the woman, and the car, that was promised! And when they don’t get it, they get angry, and they’ll just go and get it!


That’s what they do. The Talmudic jews, they program people and bring them together and then they make them go at each others throats. And then they try to come and say:


Oh, we’ll be the referee and we’ll get this all sorted out again!


And it is a turmoil! It is a disaster! We have to regain our independence, our territorial independence, our spiritual independence, our souls, our history! We have to find our identity and it is our obligation.


Henrik: Tell us why you think it’s done in this way., because that would seem as a contradiction. We’ve been over this many times on the show, but again we’re talking about this from the from a point of view of having the newcomer in mind, and that’s why it’s important to go over things, over, and over again.





And so, you would think, … Let’s take the city of Malmo, for example, in Sweden. Where many of the jews in Malmo have been willing, or they’ve been kind of driven out, actually, to a certain extent. They’ve left, because there are so many Muslims that are coming in and controlling large sections of those areas, that they are no longer safe. They can’t walk around with their yamakas [yarmulkes (pronounced “yamakas”, a Yiddish word taken from the Polish word for skullcap)], or kippa, whatever it is, in the street. They can’t be visible about who they are. And then you have people like Barbara Spectre. It’s a perfect reference, because it shows someone for the first time, someone [a jew] really openly talking about it.


There’s many others too that we’ve referenced like Annahecker Harnee[sp], Noel Ignatiev, there is people in Germany, like Gregor Gysi that’s talking about this. Many politicians too, in Germany talking about the replacement, basically. And that Europe has to become multi-cultural.


But tell us about that seeming contradiction that if they bring in lots of Muslims into Europe, then those jewish populations that are in Europe, are going to be targeted themselves. At least those on the street level, maybe not the elite ones, you know, that are owning banks and media corporations and stuff like this. But why is it beneficial for them to do that, when you think, initially, that would be something that hurts their own people?


Alfred: If you see this all in the context of the big picture. I’m talking about from the biological point of view. And when I say a biological perspective, I say that looking at us as the White race, the European peoples, and the onslaught of the jew, as a parasite, on the White race to eradicate, or weaken the White race, to the point of not being a hindrance to the jews quest for world domination.


Now the jew, as a parasite, will never be able to dominate a functioning planet, but these invaders are an instrument used to destroy us! To breed us down, and basically destroy us. But that is the mind of the psychopathic parasite. This strategy may have worked as long as the jew was going from one European tribe to the next, when one was destroyed it could just sort of slither out the back door before it completely collapsed and go to the next host and start all over there. And this was so successful.





Then the technological revolution was somehow very conducive to this behavior. Let’s look at it in the United States and the film industry, and Hollywood, and so forth. Now the jews never invented anything at all. They just took everything over after we invented it. Look at Thomas Edison. Well, he might have invented the movie cameras and stuff like that, but the jews seemed to have taken over Hollywood and got total control of it. As well as all the media, and everything else. They don’t invent, or create! They just infiltrate and take over, and then use it for their devious purposes. Their business model basically is, now that we have kvetched and sucked as much out of these European peoples as we can, we are so close to world domination, now we have to get rid of them, before they figure it out and retaliate with the retribution that’s coming coming down their way. And that’s the situation we have.


So it’s really the final showdown — them, or us! And everything they have done so far, has brought us to this point — them, or us!


Now they want to exterminate us, well if we reverse that one hundred eighty degrees, then we have to exterminate them! And they’re trying to prevent that with “thought laws”! That we cannot even express this natural biological response that is necessary for us to survive. They’re trying to make it illegal! And that’s not going to work, you see, because this is a biological thing, and the jew knows it. And the more draconian that they come with their pathetic thought laws, people don’t let themselves be driven by that anymore, except the zombies.


But the zombies, they all have to be put down. I mean, I know it sounds really cruel for a moment. But if you have a dog at home and you have conditioned this dog to just bite any blonde person that comes along, for whatever reason. Now you decide that wasn’t a good idea, I want to deprogram the dog. Well if you cannot, if you’re not able to deprogram the dog what are you going to do? You will put it down as a sick dog.


Now, I don’t want to talk about our people as being sick dogs, but if we have people that prefer to keep the programs that they have been programmed with, through the psychological warfare that they have been indoctrinated with. If they choose to continue running on these programs, they are not a functioning human being. They are, in fact, standing in the way, serving as our enemies! And the jews even gloat about the fact that they will get the “goyim” to be instruments of their own destruction!


And these people, these lefties, these communists, our people who throw us in jail, who come and steal my computers, for example, these are our people! And they have been conditioned to do that, and they have to understand — that’s what I told them when they were here just yesterday morning. I said:


You guys will all be held to account, and I hope you guys have some pretty good reasons figured out, because it’s not far away. We know your names, we have your faces. Lists are being compiled. And you need to understand what treason is, and you need to understand what theft is! So you figure it out. You’ve got to live with it!


I’d rather go to jail. I told them I would rather be dead than doing what you are doing now, stealing my computers!


This is a final battle between the lie, and deceit, and deception, and our survival! And by God we’ve got to get this right! And we are going to get this right. I know we’re going to get it, right!




Henrik: All right, a couple of couple of things there, Alfred. Okay, so the first one I feel it’s important to touch on is, of course, the severity of the situation, and explaining that there is a conflict. It’s very difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t see the on-goings of the world as an existential battle. It’s very easy, I think, for people to be at a point where, … I don’t know what to call it. Like we made it, right? There’s no war, no major wars, no world wars anymore at least. You know, largely in the West, where we’re safe, it’s fine with it’s prosperity somewhat. I know things are bring degraded slowly. But overall, if you just kind of go along to get along, watch the TV, you have access to your cheap calories, as it were. It would seemingly be, “everything’s okay” right?


But what people don’t understand, is that underneath all this, including what the globalists are up to, and stuff like that, there is an intense battle going on for the future of this planet! Of both ownership and control, and who’s going to run things, and stuff like that. And we have to try to explain to people that it’s like no! There are people out there that see you as an existential threat, and they want to control you, or manage you, or replace you, or whatever the situation might be for that individual group.


But there’s people meddling. And it’s at a such a point now when we look at the migrant invasion, and stuff like that. And some of the comments we have from people themselves, that are openly talking about population replacement, and that this is about swamping Europe. We have to get to a point where we realize that it is existential. It is a battle for survival!


Most Europeans are not at that position yet, because we don’t see it that clearly. It’s still somewhat behind closed doors. It’s only the people there really are looking at the stuff, that are finding the quotes, they’re keeping up with the news and stuff like that. And that’s frankly too much for most normies out there! They go along to get along. They don’t understand that this is a battle.


So what you’re talking about, when you talk about this intense struggle that’s going on between these different groups, I think is very difficult for them to wrap their heads around it. And I also think, that they think, that it is dangerous — and partially I would agree with them — to, for example, group everyone together as a unit in certain situations. There’s always people who are going to break that mold. There’s other people from the group that will talk against what the group is doing and stuff like that.




So I see the danger in that. But I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, but when you were talking about the jewish group, you’re talking about primarily the “organized”, those who have organized efforts? I mean, there are people like Gilad Atzmon, who is jewish, but he talks about the kind of things that we talk about. I certainly have no need to go after him, or some of the people that are on our side, who don’t have a problem with us, right? [laughing] So there is some clarification that I think could be made for the newcomer there. That is not only about grouping people together, but you’re talking about those who are actively, as an interest group, engaged in replacing us, or bringing in migrants, or openly talking about the kind of things that are, frankly, should be a crime against humanity. But how do you see this, and how do we explain it to people?


Henrik: Good. First of all, those people who think everything is fine, there’s no war. No! There’s a war going on right now. We are now in the final phase of the “War of the jew” to dominate this world. And you have to see what we call “World War One” and “World War Two” in this context. And they needed this period of time to get us in the position that we’re in right now. And see, a lot of the jews themselves are also victims of this insanity. But they are acting as a group. And that’s why I say that jews need to understand that they are being coerced, or led, acting as a group. And as such, they will be dealt with as a group, when this healing process begins.


They are, I’ve often said, those at the top, those top jews actually hate their own people more than they hate us. They are so extremely self-centered and selfish, that they will risk using their own people as a human shield for when the inevitable retribution comes. And they don’t care! And those jews that haven’t personally done anything wrong, they’re just living their lives, they haven’t lied and cheated, like most jews do.


I’m sure there’s some out there that are innocent. Now these jews, … This is a time for them to come out and start to, for example, help get Monika out of prison, okay? This is something they can really put themselves on record as having done, which they will benefit from, when this lie goes over. They can say:


Look! Here’s my accountable evidence that I tried to fight for the truth.


Any jew that attacks us for being “Holocaust” deniers is guilty! And see, this is where even Gilad Aztmon, unfortunately, very recently, he used to claim he’s an “ex-jew”, but he still had so much jewishness in him, that he actually talked about the “Holocaust” as if it were real!




Any mention of the “Holocaust” without qualifying it, for the fraud and lie that it is, is making a person guilty! The “Holocaust” and anybody who tries to hold that up, is guilty! That’s as simple as I can put it. I mean, I’m not going to be the judge where this thing goes down. The people in the world are going to be judging it. And I’m just saying, I’m doing everything I can. We are trying to resolve this peacefully! And peacefully means we have to face the facts, no matter what they are! We need to, don’t ignore 9/11, because jews did 9/11, and we don’t want to talk about it!


You know, I notice they’re talking more, a lot about USS Liberty now. But we need to talk about 9/11! We need to talk about Israel! We need to talk about the entire agenda that is being played out against us! Okay? , because the biological response is coming! And that’s what we are witnessing now. If you outlaw bad weather, and I’m the weatherman, and I predict bad weather, what are you going to do? Shoot me, because I’m predicting a storm?


Henrik: Right.


Alfred: We’ve got the set up for a perfect storm. We are facing the perfect storm! And we have to prepare ourselves for that. So those people who are sitting on the couch thinking it’s all nice and quiet, … I crossed the Atlantic on a sailboat a number of times, and before a bad storm, it can be really nice on deck. But if you don’t get ready for it, with your sails, with just everything you have to do it, you will not survive the storm!


We are coming into a storm and when we have masses of people that do not belong to us in our cities, and our infrastructure breaks down, we will have to deal with these people! And dealing with them will not be pretty! , because them going around taking what they want, is not the solution. It’s going to be, too many people on limited territory, with even more limited resources, and this used to be our territory! It used to be our civilisation!


And now we have our young people, they don’t even know which gender they are! Now do you understand what I’m getting at?


Henrik: Sure.


Alfred: Now they’re not confused about their gender, because that’s natural, that did not come, you know, as a natural organic kind of development. That came, because they were indoctrinated that way, by the jews! Not by us! By the jews! And that’s something that is a fact. And nobody can dispute that fact. So that’s what we’re facing so, you know, that’s what I think.


Henrik: Yeah, I think what you said there too is an important point. And I’ve heard others, frame it in that way too. And I believe that there’s something to that. That basically the conditions that have been created, this powder keg condition really, that has been created, is something that people need to be aware of that it’s going to blow up! I’m with you on that page too. I think that if things can be solved peacefully, they should be. They should be addressed and tackled before it gets to that point.


But that’s where most people decide to look away. And they say:


No, it’s too difficult, it is too painful”, or “I don’t want to be called a racist for opposing migration.


Or whatever, despite the fact that they can see with their own eyes and experience in the real world, that things are getting worse in their own country. They’re being sidelined by their own government. Other people are being favored, before them, etc. Like, it’s their duty to save others and take care of others before their own people.




So, what you’re saying, and what I’ve heard other people say too, is that there’s an awful lot of anger and resentment, because of that. That’s building up, right? That eventually, down the line, if it gets that far, we don’t know where this is going to go. We don’t know if, let’s say the Europeans start fighting back, right? And all of a sudden it turns into, all of Europe turns into a Bosnia, or Kosovo, or something like that, right?


Let’s assume the rest of the world descends on Europe, and like, cleans it, cleans it out! , because we dared to fight back, against people that are trying to invade our lands. And once they’ve turned really hostile in an open level towards us, or something like that, who knows where this is going to go.


But my point is, it should be resolved at this point. It should be addressed at this point, before it gets too far., because when people are realizing what has happened, they are probably going to ask questions:


Well, how did this happen? And who did this?


And these kinds of things, right? So that’s an important step, Alfred, in the process of just recognizing that isn’t it better to try to tackle and address these things now? And to try to prevent just the reaction of anger, and violence, and resentment, to bloom in the world! , because that’s when it really is going to start getting ugly, and you’re not going to be able to straighten anything out at that point.


You are not going to be able to make, you know, up, or down of anything, at that point. It’s just the going to be utter chaos! And I don’t want to see that! I know my lot of people don’t want to see that, either! So that’s why we have to address it. We have to be honest about what is going on. Why it’s happening. Who’s doing it [laughing] and try to straighten it out politically! And with political will, because I still think there is time to do that. We’re not a minority yet, in most of our countries. It’s heading that way.


Wait another five, ten years in some countries, and it’s going to start heading in that way. But there’s still time. But it’s an incredibly difficult situation, because when these things have happened historically, if we’re honest about this and look at, you know, World Wars and conflicts on this level, and this scale, there’s always people who don’t deserve something, that have been squeezed in this situation. And they have taken the brunt end of what other people have done. And it’s kind of a messy situation, if, you know, what I mean.




Alfred: Absolutely! And going back to what you were saying before. Our empathy, or our bad feelings, or our guilt, and so forth, our pathological altruism is being used so against us. And part of the solution is overcoming these words that are triggering unhealthy responses, for example, “racist”, or “anti-semitism”. These are weaponized words that should be called out, as “marked cards” in a card game that we’re playing.


Anytime this word comes, stop it in it’s tracks and do never, ever, apologize! , because these are marked cards. If you’re playing a card game, and it’s about life and death, it’s about your future and your existence, and then sometime deep into the game, you realize you are being dealt marked cards, what do you do? I would call these cards out on the spot! And say:


That is a marked card! And explain that one to me!


So when somebody says:


Oh! If you do that, you’re a racist!


I say:


Pardon me. What are you talking about? What do you mean? Are you telling me that there is no difference between a race horse and a plow horse? Are you telling me, I am a race conservationist?


I want to conserve the races for what they are. They’re very different and that’s good. I am for multi-culturalism, and if we just sort of mix them all together, it’s a little bit like if I took your body, Henrik. Your bones are too White and hard, your brain is too gray and gooey, your liver is too brown and gooey, so I’m going to put you through the blender. Now I’ve got you multi-culturalized, but you’re very dead! That’s what this multiculturalism is with these people coming in, these hordes is going to do to us.


And remember, it was the Europeans that are responsible for well over ninety percent of all technological inventions, that make our life what we know it today. And I’m not talking just about these inventions, I’m talking about music, and all these other things. And if we don’t keep this continent exclusively European, all that will be gone!


I mean, our ancestors would never have achieved what they achieved, because they allowed the hordes out of Africa, or Asia to overwhelm them, because it was a good place to have a free lunch. You see, all these people coming and now, they’re coming here, because it’s a free lunch! They are actually people that are turning their backs on their own people, for a free lunch, at the cost of the Europeans!


Now when you see a city like Malmo, or something, and there’s no Swedes left in there anymore, but all kinds of, there’s Muslims all over the place wearing hijabs, and so forth. Hey! That’s a colonization! They have colonized you! Now when your forefathers, the Vikings, I mean, they would roll over it disgust and shame, when they see what’s happened to their offspring! Their little boys are not even sure that they’re boys anymore! That, you know, that they think that this is a joke, or something! It’s not a joke, this is survival!


Henrik: Yeah, and it is.




Alfred: And we do not have to, we are not obliged to feel sorry for any of these people. They have their homes! Ask them, why do you turn your back on your own people!


Henrik: Exactly!


Alfred: You’ve something here? Then go back home! You’ve got your place. This is ours! And if you don’t understand what that means? Well see what happens to you if you stick around., because I’ll tell you, if you think the mood is getting bad now, just look around and see where it’s going. It’s not going to get prettier!


Henrik: No. That’s just it, and it’s horrendous, you know, that it’s that’s in the direction where it goes to. I still think, you know, I still think that the level of compassion that we have seen in the Indo-European mind, if you will, that we’re the ones who pushed the Human Rights. We’re the ones who came with the aspect of equality and egalitarianism. And although there’s follies in those proposals, those philosophical ideas, or errors in those ideas, I still think that appealing to compassion among our own people is still the successful recipe.


I know that there’s a lot of people out there, they’re way beyond that, they’re like, they’re ready to go to war, that kind of thing. They’re pissed off! They’re upset about this. They truly hate in that regard. And that isn’t their fault, they have been pushed in that direction.


But just from a strategy kind of point of view, if that’s the right word to use, I think it was Frank Salter who talked about that. He said, and I think it was a good point, he said:


You’re not going to initially get the majority of European people to drop the aspect of equality and compassion. But those are elements that you have to work with.


You have to steer the conversation, not by coercion, because I think it’s just the truthful past, but you have to show that the long-term picture. That well, due to the compassion and the equality, and all those things that you’re enforcing right now. It is going to turn into a hellish scenario later on! We have to see the long-term picture, not just the short-term gratification that these people feel good, you know, internally, or emotionally. That:


Oh I did something good today! ”, or, “I help people”, or “I don’t say no!


You know:


I’m pro open borders, and therefore I’m a better person than you! ” and “I’m open hearted and loving.” and all that stuff.


My point is, no! If you truly were open-minded, open hearted and warm, and have compassion in your heart, and thinking about people’s welfare in the future, you would see the big picture and say:


No! Wait a minute. This is leading to disaster, and so let’s try to prevent that.


So I’m what I’m saying, Alfred, is just I think that there’s still an unused, untapped territory within this debate in this topic, where we can try to show to our people that what you’re advocating for, if you’re a liberal, and if you’re open hearted like this. That, that path is going to lead to misery and conflict at the end of it. And if we can show that, there is some hope to turn more people over to our side if, you know, what I mean., because I’m certainly, I don’t come from a perspective of hate, although I understand why some people have become hateful, but I think it’s a very important to still appeal to compassion. Still appeal to the traits within us that are unique, to a certain extent, and that are much more open really, than many other groups around the world. What do you think about?




Alfred: Yeah. Since my own awakening and really understanding the absolute lies that have been foisted on us, I have, and you’re talking about love and compassion, I have a love and a compassion, and an understanding, for our ancestors, my parents, their grandparents, and so forth. That I never had before.


And before, when I was still mentally ill, because of the indoctrination. I was a zombie okay, I confess, I was a zombie! There’s nothing shameful about that. We are all zombies at some time. There’s very few people that weren’t. And I did not have that respect, I sort of saw my ancestors as they were sort of anonymous, kind of far away. And now since understanding what they have gone through, as Germans, you know, and the expelling out of the east, the genocide, and so forth. And Dresden, and all these things, I have a compassion and an understanding and respect for them I never knew I had.


And it’s like, I think it was Plato had said, that “people without roots have no direction”. And you have to understand your forefathers to have roots. These are our roots! And somebody who thinks they’re a good person, because everybody is equal, they’re just believing just total nonsense!


I mean, look at the birds. Are all the birds the same? No. There’s sparrows, there’s seagulls, there’s hawks. There’s all kinds of different birds. They’re not all the same! And neither are we! Have you ever seen a pygmy excel at high jumping? And I haven’t. So they’re not equally see. Now, if Europeans and Africans are the same, why is it that the Africans didn’t even invent so much as the wheel, and we invented all kinds of fancy things? Everything!


When you see Africans walking around now in our cities with the latest iPhone, well good for them. But they didn’t invent those things. They got them given to them by people like George Soros. So, we are not equal! So anybody who says, you know:


Oh, if you think everyone is equal, you’re a better person.


I say these people are mentally retarded. They’re mentally crippled. They’re victims of the psychological warfare. They have been contaminated with these lies!


Henrik: It’s what is used against us to make sure that we agree with the agenda. They’ve found a kind of code, a mechanism in us, by using our compassion against us, right? They’ve used, to certain extent, our strength against us, and said — it’s not our only strong ability obviously, but it’s a big part of it — and they’ve unlocked that, and said:


You know what, let’s twist and turn the situation like this, and say you’re compassionate if you allow XYZ, and that’s kind of, … It’s like a code that they’ve broken, right?




Alfred: Yes. They use our strong characteristics and turn them around so elegantly, slowly over a period of time, and then, until we use it against us. Our women are standing some place with “Refugees Welcome[signs]. That is absolute suicide! In past generations, had any women done that, they would have been flogged! They would have been thrown out of society. They would have been the most disgusting pieces a crap, pardon my language, but that’s what it is.


And here they are being, by the jewish media, they are being held up in high esteem, as the most honorable people! They are doing something treasonous, that is suicidal. And that is our demise! We are not equal! No. Get that idea out of your mind.


We are very different, and that’s good that we’re different. We grew up in different geographies, at different rates, at different times. That’s good, we’re all different, there’s nothing wrong with that, you know. And that’s the reality.


And like I said, when things get tight, and things get scarce, and we understand that we are defending the homeland, and the invaders are defending a free lunch, we have a different motivation to get back what is rightfully ours. And that’s what I’m confident that we’re going to do this right!


Henrik: Right. The last final point on this Alfred, before we start rounding up here.


Obviously the migration, the refugee waves, and all that kind of stuff that we’ve seen, it’s a very kind of, “in your face” and direct assault, an attack. At these for those who are paying attention. Again [laughing] many others see this as, “oh! I’m helping! ” you know, it’s like Ralph Wiggum.


But here’s other ways, there’s a cold, if that’s the hot war, so to speak, or a warm war, and there’s a cold war as well. And we just briefly talked about this in the break. For example, what happened in the wake of Charlottesville, stuff like that. A lot of things unfolded after that point. We don’t have to get into all that, it’s a big story. But what triggered that is, of course, that people were basically, they wanted to protest against the removal of statues in the South, for example, in the States. And this is something that happens in many parts of Europe now, as well. The UK have started, I believe Germany is on that path to. Where basically if it’s an old the dead White guy, right, then that needs to be torn down and attacked and stuff like that.


But, just for a moment, maybe we can talk about what an act of, not only violence, but as you say, it’s colonialism. It’s just full on takeover where, you know, the people who built our countries that have given everyone in that country the fruits of what they have, included those newcomers, that have just come in. The utter disrespect and the utter, I just, it’s disgusting! I don’t know what else to call it. The way that they are tearing down these statues, they’re renaming schools, they’re removing our history. They’re just rewriting it as if these men never existed at all! That’s what I feel it’s about. It’s almost like it is sleight of hand of saying, you know, this never existed! There’s no such thing as a White country! It’s like a Jeddi mind trick, or something.




Alfred: This is one of the symptoms of the genocide that is being perpetrated against us! See, if we don’t even respect those people who our ancestors knew were real true heroes, like Robert E. Lee was a real true hero! Now when they take any of these statues down we should be out there by the thousands, or the hundreds of thousands, and keep that statue up! And if you take one down, we put at one that’s twice as big, in it’s place! How can anybody respect us if we have such low self-respect, that we allow anybody — the jews are the ringleaders of those people taking these things down — that is our identity. Those are our ancestors! We are all we are all obliged to be even just only half as heroic, and keep that statue up there!


And like I said, they take one down, we to put one twice as big back up, and another one on top! Like we cannot let that happen. That is our genocide!


Henrik: Right! Showing some of the pictures here, this is from Dallas. It’s amazing this has happened, in so many places, around the US, right now. They just take these statues down. Here’s a Robert E. Lee Park in Arlington, in Dallas. It’s just absolutely amazing that these boys here, the cops, the suits, they just line up to defend this action. I don’t think they know truly what they’re doing. But I hope that they’re angry. I hope that some know. I hope that some realize.


Alfred: Because this is the jew!


The goyim will be agents, instruments of their own destruction!


When our security people are making sure they can remove these statues, yeah, it’s like saying:


Let me stick this knife into my heart. Let me just kill myself! And let’s have everybody help me kill myself!


This is our suicide! These are real points, this is a real actionable item if you want to say. Taking down a statue like that should not happen! That should be put back in there, no matter how we do it, we have to get the statues back to where they were.


What are they going to put there in it’s place? A statue of Martin Luther King, you know, this drinking, partying, sex pervert that they stylized up to be our hero and make a national holiday! Taking our ancestors, our heroes that built the country, down, and putting these perverts in their place? Putting some fagot their place? No, no, no! That can’t be it. If we are that weak and cannot prevent that from happening, then we will deserve the demise that we will be facing.


Henrik: All right. Interesting conversation. Lot to chew on here, of course. Let’s see what people think. Lots of interesting points, Alfred. I want to thank you for your time today. It was very interesting having you back and, of course, I want to wish you and your sister the best, in the whatever now, is going to happen. The legal battles.




I mean, it’s a is an extraordinary situation, and I urge and I hope, no matter if people agree, or not, with the kind of things that Monika and yourself talk about, that they recognize that this is a clear violation of all the things that they claim that they’re fighting for, for other people.


So it should be a huge free speech issue! There should be number of people just rallying to this cause, getting vocal and loud about it, making sure that they help Monika out of prison and then that she gets not only fair treatment, but that they explain to her, why they’re holding her, and that she actually can reach out to you.


So, is there anything, last words you like to say about, if you guys have a strategy, legally, to get her out, or what?


Alfred: The strategy is there’s no way to get her out legally! We’re going to get her out with pure pressure! People writing letters. Write her letters make sure that, you know, you see through their lies. The address, it’s in multiple blogs. Go to the “We are Monika” blog and the address is there. Write, the political prisoner Monika Schaefer, and so forth. You don’t have to write much. Just say, we’re thinking of you, and thanks for your struggle.


See: Andrew Hitchcock with Alfred Schaefer – How YOU Can Help Monika Schaefer! — TRANSCRIPT


And we are at war with insanity! Okay? This is a war against thinking, working, people. And if we don’t win, then this earth is going to become a hell hole! So we are trying to basically save civilization, we’re going to do this as peacefully as possible as possible in a civilized way as possible. And jews have the opportunity now to prove that they are actually not guilty, by making an effort to get Monika out! Write a letter, you know, say and write that:


I’m a jew and I will I think it’s not right and the “Holocaust”, I’m sorry that we’re part of this monstrous lie.”


That would be a good start and can be very good in your defence when this lie goes over.


I would not want to be a jew at this point in time, if I didn’t do something to help bring the truth out! And that’s about all I can say at this point. Thank you.


Henrik: Sure, you got it! So there’s the address anyway right there on the screen, but it’s a video right there on the link to the website, that will leave down below, as well. So check that out folks.


Thank you so much Alfred for coming on. Keep us posted on in terms of what’s going on. I’m really interested in following the case, and I wish you and your sister all the best. And thank you for daring to speak your truth and following through on it. I know that there’s tremendous pressure involved in that. I know it’s incredibly difficult but, you know, for you guys to dare to walk your own path, that’s an extraordinary thing to do in these times of conformity. So thank you Alfred.


Alfred: Thank you Henrik. Thank you.


Henrik: Well guys, that concludes our show. A big “Thank You” to all our members. We are really picking up the frequency of shows and videos, and Weekend Warrior shows.


Once again, we’re really excited about this year. A lot of good things are in the works and a lot of exciting things are going to happen. We have a lot of plans. So thank you for being part of Red Ice for supporting us for helping us to grow. Take care folks and we’ll be back before you know it! See you soon.








See Part 1 here:

Red Ice TV – Thought Criminal Monika Schaefer Arrested and Imprisoned in Germany – Part 1 — TRANSCRIPT






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