Morgoth’s Review – Hope Not Hate and the State of Play, Feb 2019 — TRANSCRIPT


[In this video, Morgoth, who runs the blog, Morgoth’s Review, discusses the annual “Report” produced by the Orwellian named organization “Hope Not Hate”, that engages in hatred towards British people who are resisting the destruction of their land by organized jewry through their engineered invasion of non-Whites, and other subversive means.


Morgoth points out the waning power of the “gas lighting” efforts of such organizations as “Hate Not Hope”, as more and more everyday people are waking up to the manufactured nature of the “politically correct” culture that has been imposed upon us.


The internet and its blogs, such as “Morgoth’s Review”, have enabled those people to see through the bullshit that front organizations for the globalist (((elite))) pump out, decreasing their brainwashing effectiveness. This diminishing cultural hegemony Morgoth argues will see the increased use of brute State power:


The velvet glove will slip, and the rusty knuckle duster will be revealed!








Morgoth’s Review


“Hope Not Hate” and


the State of Play


Feb, 2019


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Published on Feb 22, 2019


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IDEOLOGY: alt-right/white nationalist


Morgoth’s Review is a racist blog run by the pseudonymous Geordie blogger “Morgoth” which, since its founding in 2014, has become well-read among the British alt-right for its far-right commentary on cultural and political issues. The comments section functions as a far-right discussion board, routinely receiving hundreds of comments on its blogs.

The blog remained active throughout 2018, with roughly 90 posts published during the year. Morgoth established a YouTube channel in January, accruing 4,200 subscribers and 200,000 views throughout the year.


The blog will continue to be a significant alt-right platform.





Hello there folks. The one and only Geordie Alt-Right “hate blogger”, as featured in the “Hate not Hope” annual 2019 report. So I thought I’d have a little bit of a look at the report, but I think I’m gonna not get carried away with histrionics and ranting on, and take an objective look at it. Because I read it every year actually, and this is the first time it’s featured me. But it does give you a valuable insight and how the opposition is thinking, and where and what they perceive to be our advantages and disadvantage. Sort of a general state of play. It’s easy to mock it and have a laugh at it, because they’ve got “satanic Nazis” in there, for Christ’s sake! All these groups nobody’s ever heard of.


[Add. image] OMG! Save the women, children and jews from the rise of the Satanic Nazi!


And but what’s its saying is a report not so much on dissident groups within Britain, but about how the establishment is thinking, and what they’re worried about. And that’s why it’s actually something interesting to read.


And so I thought I’d give a something of an objective look at the general situation using this report. Hope not Hate, I mean obviously it’s an organ of the elites and they don’t seem too concerned with ideological purity. And so I’m gonna shelve that here as well, as much as I can. I can’t do it, you know, a hundred percent. But we can get into the basics right from the start, and just sort of to get really down to it, what are they and what do they do?


Well if you take your odd visitor who visits it’s website, what you’ll see is pictures and doxes of people who are politically incorrect, basically. And what they’re trying to do is shame them, and get them fired from their jobs.



Hope Not Hate, if you’re gonna have a meeting about something controversial, Hope Not Hate, will ring up the hotel wherever it is, and try and have the meeting ruined, banned, deplatforming, doxings, that’s what they’re doing. But they don’t actually have any sort of state power. They’re connected to the state, they’re an organ of the globalist establishment, but they don’t actually have any raw power of their own. What they’re doing, and this is going to be key I think in order to understand the state of play here, because the report is riddled with it. And I’m gonna get into it a bit.


[Add. image] Woes Flight from the Doxers


What they do to attack us is use cultural power. I mean, the idea of doxing being something that people are worried about, or if your name is on the internet and you go to apply for a job you’re not going to get the job. People are gonna think you’re racist and all of this! But all of this is only possible, because of cultural power. So the elites, the media, and the government, the universities, have actually sort of cast this ideological cloud across the West. And Hope Not Hate use that, and it’s morality to enforce what the globalists want. That’s actually what they do, that’s how it works. And so, at the end of the day, it is just about preserving the power of the elites. And so what’s interesting about Hope Not Hate’s report is that they have literally, … In the right on the top of the headline, it’s called “The People vs the Elite?”. And so this is something, I mean, it pops up again, and again, as variations of it throughout the main report. And this is what they’re most concerned about. This going into 2019.



And to me it speaks of a loss of power, because what Hope Not Hate are trying to do, if you think of it where you’ve got people on the fringes, and the people on the fringes are actually, … Well it’s this is the problem, because the fringes seem to grow! [chuckling].




The amount of people on the fringes relative to the amount of people in the sort of metropolitan elite cabal, grows exponentially every year! And, in fact, yeah there’s a ton of statistics. So one of them is that 55 percent of people in Britain believe our political system is broken! And the they’ve got a ton of this kind of information. So the general consensus here is that there’s this, hell of a lot of pissed-off people in Britain! And Hope Not Hate are looking to find out why that is, and who is doing that. Because that can only happen if the cultural power of Hope Not Hate, or let’s say the establishment and the elites, is on the wane. And that’s why it’s important not to get too carried away with ideological purity here. Because whatever you think of somebody like Sargon of Akkad, he is actually a problem to them, because he is undermining their position! He is questioning political correctness, and to a massive audience!


And what this does, what this has, is to eat away at the cultural power which the elites have. And Hope Not Hate is acutely aware of this and where it’s going to go. Well, or where it could go. And that’s the problem.



They need to have everything under control, because if the masses let’s just say, they aren’t actually supposed to know that political correctness exists. They’re not supposed to be conscious of it! They’re supposed to think of it as just being the way things are! This is just how you should behave. This is the morality of the times. And this is just doing, and thinking, and saying the right things! And when you’ve got people who are constantly hammering away at this, then more and more people are gonna start and question the pervading orthodoxy. And so, Hope Not Hate is there to make sure they don’t do that! Because eventually, it’ll eat its way back to the elites themselves, to the center of power! And that’s what they don’t want to have happen..


What do you want to have happen, is where the vast bulk of the population remains subdued to the globalist morality, the globalist orthodoxy. But there’s always will be fringe elements, and they will be quite easy to contain, and their sphere of influence will be tiny. But mainly, because of the internet, that’s not the case anymore! And the orthodoxy is being, to one degree, or another, shown up, and ridiculed, and exposed!


Now, because one person such as, you know, the Katie Hopkins types, there’s a lot of people in there, even in UKIP, and Paul Joseph Watson, they’re all in there, Lauren Southern.



You can have a discussion they’re not kind of cutting deep enough, but okay, whatever! We are, where we are. And Hope Not Hate are really worried about this, because the power to keep the masses under control is very much on the wane. And, in fact, it’s manifested itself in 2018, with people in their thousands marching on London, which is — if you’re the sort of cosmopolitan cabal who are dumping on the people — the last thing, that’s the last thing you want! And Hope Not Hate says again, and again, is this huge problem!


But the problem is, people are going to become conscious of, … Once people become conscious of the political correct orthodoxy itself, then they’re also going to be conscious of what Hope Not Hate are. And what Hope Not Hate do! So then, far from actually being something which is useful to the elites, just from their perspective I would probably defund and abolish Hope Not Hate as fast as possible! Because Hope Not Hate, I mean, they have all of these lines in the report about how the people, and all of these statistics as well, about how the people do no longer trust the elite!




But the problem is Hope Not Hate are the people who are going to try and destroy people’s lives for not agreeing with the elite! And so, I mean, if just say, you know, if I was a big Goldberg and a bank, and I was funding Hope Not Hate I would be reading this report, and I’d be thinking:


What the hell are we paying you kids for? You are fucking useless!


The situation is just getting worse, and worse! In fact, your very existence sorts of perpetuates the problem, because you are an aggressive, mean, vindictive organization, which is directly connected to the elites!



I think that’s bad play! I would definitely look to shelve Hope Not Hate itself, if I was one of the elites. But in any case, that’s probably not likely to happen, because then I don’t know how they’re gonna keep us under control! Because the fringes, because of the internet, the fringes are no longer very easy to sort of wall off from the general population.


This is, of course, one of the strategies all along has been to use the two. So Hope Not Hate used cultural power, a soft power. That’s really what this is, soft power. But the state, this sort of pincer movement. So, on the one hand you’ve got the cultural power of the media, and Hope Not Hate, and the universities. And then on the other side of the pincer movement, you’ve got brute state force!


And what we’ve seen in the last year, you know, somebody says something, he mis-genders one of them people on Twitter, and he’s got the police kicking this door down! That’s not ideal, because then, all that does is then give more of a sense of grievance to the general population. And it’s a sign that the cultural power is on the wane! They can’t hold it anymore through purely meta-political means.



The idea would be that dissidents are on the one hand crippled and silenced through state power, while at the same time, the fact they are crippled can be explained with cultural power — these are extremists, these are nut jobs! But with cultural power on the wane, they’ve lost the ability to do that, because nobody really believes in the cultural power that much. Well yeah, okay, hold on, they are still a lot of people who do believe in it but it’s very much on the wane! And all you have left with, increasingly, is brute state force, and police kicking people’s doors down for “hate think”! And that’s worse again, because then it adds to the general sense of animosity and grievance within the general population.


And Hope Not Hate is trying to point this out, but they couldn’t have actually been more explicit about it, without actually just saying:


People just think we’re bullshit artists! And they’d like to see us gone from the cultural sphere!


Because I mean, they’ve supposedly got 70,000 Twitter followers, but there’s almost no interaction on the account at all. So, and this is important, because in order to have cultural power you’re going to have to present yourself that you are the moderating voice! You are the standard position! The one with all of the arguments. And they don’t do that! They don’t even try to do that, whatsoever!


Sargon of Akkad can make a video about, you know, like Muslim extremists, or something like that, something which is non politically correct, and he’ll get a much, much, much bigger response to that. And a reach with that, than anything that the cultural power has, except mainstream television. That’s all they’ve got. And so the idea that Hope Not Hate are standing on the same center ground, is ridiculous! Because to them, the fringes then have come so far in, that the elites and their cultural spheres are beginning to look like the fringe themselves!



The masses are, if you find a voice, even though I mean, the right to point out, there’s no political leadership whatsoever ideologically. Which is why I’m not gonna get into some sort of purity spiral here. Ideologically, it’s a dog’s breakfast! It’s a complete mess! Because everybody bickers, nobody agrees on anything’s! But, there is this general under tension in the society, and it’s extremely worrying to Hope Not Hate. In fact, this is the whole report, this year, and it’s one of waning cultural power.




And what we’re going to see, and that won’t come back, either. And people like these, they do understand this, because it’s what the Left did, it’s the long march through the institution’s, gradually changing the morality of the population over time. And they even cite cultural Marxism on their website as being a conspiracy theory. [chuckling] And then, they’ll [chuckling], all right, how did we get where we were then? How did that happen by magic? They are the living embodiment of it! When once they reached a degree of cultural hegemony then it was time to, you know, boot people’s doors down! And once they had that cultural power, well yeah, your face goes up on the website and:


You’re a racist scumbag forever! Your life is destroyed! And let that be a warning of the rest of you bastards!


That’s the general way they look at it. And yet, they’re gonna turn around and say:


Well, that never happened! This is just normal life.


Bullshit! We can all see it! And they’re not very popular for it either.



So what I think is the real problem, is that they can no longer, … There’s a flow coming from the general mass of what will be the White British, and the cultural and State force is there to try and prevent it, but the cultural side of it, is letting the side down. And what they see is the dissidence, the fringe connecting with the main mass as a hotline! Which is already happening. And a certain, a critical theory now is being directed towards the Left and it’s extremely popular! Much more popular, and edgy, and fun, than anything they have to offer. And I don’t know what they’re gonna do about that, because we’re already gonna see more State force.


There’s more, and more, relying on the police, the man in the uniforms coming to arrest people. And that’s, because the cultural power which Hope Not Hate represents, is a dying force. I think soon, they’ll just be not a pincer anymore, but just one sort of left hook, which is the State itself.


And the mask will be off! The velvet glove will slip, and the rusty knuckle duster will be revealed!


But nevertheless, we’re gonna keep on going, and it’s gonna be fun! And if I make it in there next year [chuckling] all the better, I’ll do another review next year and see where we are! I will say one thing though. These people aren’t working forty hours on the factory! They attack us full-time. So if you like the chip in below, thank you very much!


See you later.

















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