katana17.com/wp Now Up and Running!

After having this blog unceremoniously closed down by WordPress.com I have finally relocated it here at katana17.com/wp. So, all references to “katana17.wordpress.com” are no longer valid.

Also, I need to re-upload all the images, so although all the text of each post has been restored, images, for now, are missing in many cases.

NOTE: If you would like to me to prioritize restoring the images for particular posts please let me know with a comment.


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6 Responses to katana17.com/wp Now Up and Running!

  1. Sunshine says:

    So glad you are back, Katana. It was upsetting to see you banned. Real gentleman.

  2. Diane King says:


    So good to see you re-emerge. We look forward to your posting your EXCELLENT holohoax series, PRO-German things again

    I was transcribing the interviews with the Revisionists and you said if I couldn’t continue, to let you know. Please do so, if you are still able. Yours went up so fast. It takes me hours (if you recall this conversation).

    Put us on your email list and if you are NOT on ours, send us a working email to either Jim’s – mrtapman@gmail.com or mine – dianekayking@hotmail.com.

    Best to you! Jim and Diane

    • admin says:

      Hi Diane

      Yes, I’ve been receiving your great emails. I’ve also put Jim’s email on the subscription list.

      If you have a particular interview you’d like a transcript done, please let me know.


  3. david westerlund says:

    Thanks Katana:
    Please put me on your subscribe list turbotechwest@kalama.com

    It is shameful how the N(J)ew World Order has at least doubled their lies, control of the media and made laws to stop the truth against them in 2019. We must be strong in our resistance and work together more. dave w

    • admin says:

      Hi David

      Added you to the subscription list.

      Yes, they are really turning the screws on preventing the truth about their crimes and agenda from getting out.

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