Daughter of Albion – That Diversity Coin – Oct 19, 2020 — Transcript

[Daughter of Albion discusses the latest barefaced lie being peddled to the British people in the form of a new 50p coin being introduced that bears the Orwellian style slogan, “Diversity Built Britain“.

The truth is the opposite, that is, “Diversity Destroys Britain“! As it is an ongoing, systematic, deliberate, process to racially destroy Whites through their replacement with non-Whites.




Daughter of Albion


That Diversity Coin, …


Oct 19, 2020


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Published on Oct 19, 2020







Boris Johnson: All this month we’re celebrating the lives of black public servants who helped make the UK what it is! All too often we forget that black history and British history are one and the same! Black history is our history! So let’s learn from it and build a better future for us all.



DoAlbion: It’s black history month bitches! We’ve only gone and got ourselves a new coin, courtesy of her majesty’s Treasury, who have gifted us this freshly minted 50 pence, “Diversity Built Britain”.



Except it didn’t. And that’s bullshit!



Dr David Starkey: It’s utterly false! It’s phony! It’s the invention of the false past! Because again, there is this desperate claim to assert that we’ve always been racially diverse. It’s not true!



DoAlbion: Two and a half million of these beauties will be in circulation from tomorrow. You know, you’ve got an identity crisis on your hands when a coin like this turns up in your wallet next to the commemorative two pound 1807 Abolition Coin!



And herein lies the double bind. We’re meant to simultaneously believe that blacks have been excluded, ostracized, and kept on the margins of society as slaves and bondage, with no free will, no agency, or opportunity, but also acknowledge their unequivocal role as the pioneers!



Visionaries! And unparalleled architects of Britishness itself!


We’re expected to juggle their legacy between disenfranchised, impoverished outcasts, with their status as industrious and formidable entrepreneurs, who chiefly govern the nation’s success. We’re meant to acknowledge them as the backbone of a society they’ve always been excluded from.


They have been forbidden from social participation, but have been more socially active than the rest of us combined! They run our NHS, but are persecuted and exploited by it!


Their ancestral lineage can be traced to Somerset in Cheddar Gorge. But they are African to their very roots. And you should respect that!


We’re beginning to see those fashionable concepts of “tolerance and diversity” raised to the level of aggressive dogma. And ultimately it’s all born forth from a clumsy effort to reconcile the incompatible theories of ethnic communitarianism, and national integration.


I could give you all the usual caveats about the rewriting of history, but you already know this. That point will always be valid. But more so is the fact that this is an anatomical perversion! No amount of policy will ever be able to artificially simulate the vital components of belonging.


It is true to say that such people are marginalized. They’re marginalized, because they exist on the margin! They are fundamentally not one of us. And we ought not to be under any duress to accept them as such.


What you notice on the coin is that it takes a tone of “instruction”. It’s now just a plain injunction, “Diversity Built Britain”! No argument. No discussion.



This appeal to inclusivity, the demand to be included, usually through a campaign of implicit threat and intimidation, only highlights the expansionist designs these people have on our homeland. This coin is an attempt to consolidate one of the worst blunders of forced assimilation in history.


But this is where the coin works in our favor, and thus a White pill! We all know that this comes from a mood of latent insecurity. Whilst the rest of us silently accept the validity of our membership as a given, they need to continually reassert the value they hold in our society, to make a point of it!


It really reminds me of something the essayist William Hazlitt once said about the Scots. He wrote that:


“The national precedence between the English and the Scottish may be settled by this. That the Scots are always asserting their superiority over the English, while the English never say a word about their superiority over the Scotch. The first have got together a great number of facts and arguments in their own favor. The last never trouble their heads about the matter, but have taken the point for granted as self-evident.”


And that’s why this coin irritating as I know you find it, because I do too, trust me! But it really is a gesture of desperation and profound insecurity!


It’s also a sophistic argument on behalf of the state attempting to justify the crushing defeat of multiracialism. No other coin of ours I can think of, needs to explain itself. All of these landmarks and icons are implicit.


So that’s the one thing you really ought to keep in mind here.


It’s the brainchild of people who are overtly self-conscious of their not belonging. And it’s a terrible sadness on their part. But I wouldn’t go feeling too sorry for them, because it’s also their attempt to make a bid for ownership.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, inclusivity and equality are merely euphemistic for territorial and ethnic expansion! Essentially it’s colonization, and it’s justified through the language of “Social Justice”. It’s a colonization that is achieved through mendacity and pity!


The creator of the coin Dominique Evans said that:


“It’s about showing we all have an equal stake in this society.”


In other words, these “settlers”, they see themselves as the co-signatories on the deeds of our estate! But they have signed the contract without our consent. We are the deed holders and nobody else. How dare they tag themselves on, unsolicited, as the company-authors in our nation’s story!


In fact, this all comes from a campaign called “We Too Built Britain”. They used to talk about the “Scramble for Africa”, but this is the “Scramble for Europe”. The main difference in this scenario being that Europe has already long since been built. We are not a barren wasteland of raw and natural resources. We’re a civilization! Britain is the home of the British you don’t just get to tag on “et al” in the contract!


Ironically the designer actually referred to what she called “An invisible social contract”. What she failed to discern is that it is invisible as a social contract, because it is a work of total fiction! Aka, it doesn’t exist!


For many immigrants the aim of this kind of discourse is to force the doors of Europe open through moral blackmail! Unfortunately thus far it has been successful. But there’s no reason it has to stay that way.


So make sure you follow “We Too Built Britain” on Twitter. Say hello! Be polite. No harassment, vulgarity, or violence, of course! Let them know what you think. You can also sign this petition.


Now, petitions do not work and it’s not going to go anywhere, but it is an opportunity simply to register your discontent. I always think it’s helpful to document these types of things. And you never know maybe a politician will even see it. So feel free to jot down your thoughts and feelings.


Meanwhile I guess we’ll just keep waiting for that Brexit coin.


Rap music: Right about now NWA court is in full effect! Judge Gray presiding in the case of NWA versus the police department!











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