Andrew Joyce – A Farewell to 2020 – Dec 29, 2020 — Transcript


[The Occidental Observer (TOO) contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question“, discusses reasons for his recent absence from podcasting, including social media outrage by Africans (and supporters) about a nationalist newspaper article he wrote, titled “The Blackening of Ireland“. Also talks about: the government Minister Alan Shatter, a jew,  and his role in flooding Ireland with negros, and the upcoming sly introduction of “hate speech laws”.


He concludes wishing us good luck in 2021!





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Published on Dec 29, 2020


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A Farewell to 2020

First published at 13:54 UTC on December 29th, 2020.

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Hello everyone. And welcome back to the Andrew Joyce podcast. I’d like to begin by apologizing for the relative lack of frequency in uploads over the last several months. Not all which has been intentional.


I have to confess that there are sometimes when I’m puzzled on seeing how productive some people are in our movement can be in terms of the number of podcasts they can produce with multimedia effects and the amount of interviews they can provide, and the constant social media activity.


As someone with work commitments and family commitments and so many other interests, and aspects of my life, I am baffled, and not all certain that I would want to be so online, as some of these people are. And certainly there has been many people over the years who have encouraged me to become a more online presence.


But I just have to say that is not something that it a goal of mine. And it’s not an ambition. It’s not a place where I want to go. And it’s not the type of activist that I want to be.

As a personality, I’m much more of a reflective type. I prefer to read, rather than write. I prefer to listen, rather than speak. And that is just the natural state of affairs for me. So whereas some of you have been asking for more content, it’s just not something that I’m going to be able to provide much of, naturally.


That being said not all of the delay in my uploading has been intentional, as I said. After the upload of my podcast on the Trump-Biden election result I was intending on once again posting at least weekly, perhaps fortnightly.


But there was a little incident in Ireland which I now want to get into, which caused my to decide that the better part of valour in this instance might be to unplug the BitChute channel for the time being, and let the storm pass over without BitChute coming under unnecessary heat for hosting content associated with me personally.


Now to rewind the clock back to the start of the year, I was approached by an Irish nationalist who goes by the name of “The Irish Patriot”, called Niall McConnell. And Niall contacted me and said that he was starting a newspaper, a nationalist newspaper in Ireland. And he said:


“Look, could you contribute a very short pieces to the newspaper. We would love to have you on board.”


And I said:


“Look, how often are you going to publish the paper?”


He said:


“Roughly once a month.”


And he would basically each month contact me and say:


“Look, we would like a piece on this. Can you produce something on that? If you can great! If you can’t, that is okay. We will maybe leave it to the following month.”


So it was a very loose and relatively informal relationship between myself and Niall. I had the freedom when he did ask me to write on these topics to more or less say what I wanted to say. And he would retain along with his editors some editorial control, and we would proceed from there.


And we have proceeded along those lines since the inauguration of the newspaper. And it’s now possibly in its sixth, or seventh, edition. So far, so uncontroversial!


One of the more recent requests from Niall was that I wrote an essay, or a very small newspaper piece, on the demographic changes that Ireland has now undergoing. Predominately of course the increase in the African population.


Now this subject seems uncontroversial to me. The fact is that Ireland as a nation is be coming more African, in the sense that it’s African population is very, very, rapidly increasing.


[Image] Alan Shatter.


A lot of this increase, as I have explored in a couple of essays is due to immigration changes that were brought about under the leadership, of the foreign and domestic office and the legal departments of a jewish Minister, called Alan Shatter, who has now left government. But while he was in government he brought about some very significant changes in how Ireland brought in foreigners, and the kind of legal status they would be given.


Now Alan Shatter at one point was declared “Man of the Year in Nigeria. Now that should tell you something. It should tell you something loud and clear! And that is the fact that Alan Shatter made it much, much, easier for Africans to be able to migrate and become permanently resident in Ireland.


So the essay, or short newspaper piece that I wrote was basically a brief overview of some of the legislative changes that had taken place in Ireland. Some of the key personalities, and some commentary on, for example, on unemployment statistics and so on, and so forth, from some of the top Irish universities.

Now the headline of the piece appears to have caused some controversy. The headline, or the request from Niall for a piece was that he wanted any kind of content produced under the heading “The Blackening of Ireland”. I had recently written a review of a book by a lady called Claire Ellis on the origins of the ideology behind the EU, called “The Blackening of Europe”. So Niall wanted a piece specifically on the blackening of Ireland.



So that what the piece was. And in a conversation I had afterwards, after this little storm in a teacup occurred, with Richard Spencer, Spencer simply said:


“The title of the article, and the article itself sounds a little bit basic bitch!”


And the content was “basic bitch”! It was not really anything more salacious or startling than you would find in something like Amren, or Vdare, or similar websites. This was not dramatic, abusive, or inciteful content. This was fairly commonsense demographic observations albeit with a somewhat provocative title.


But the basic message remained that Ireland, as a country, certainly in some enclaves becoming blacker! The complexion, the hue of certain residents, in certain areas is certainly darkening, inline with the massive demographic changes which Ireland is undergoing.


But unbeknownst to me some enterprising individuals in some of the smaller Irish towns, like Longford, decided that they would take this particular article and print photocopies of it and distribute it as a pamphlet, basically through peoples mailboxes.


Now as I say this occurred probably about a month after I had written the piece, and without my knowledge. Would I have supported the indiscriminate distribution of the piece? I don’t know. But so be it, is my attitude. So be it! They obviously decided that the content was worthy of widespread distribution to the public, and they undertook this particular effort.


Rather predictably the pamphlet resulted in coming into the hands of some African immigrants who then posted it on social media and said they were threatened by this literature. Threatened by the title of it and what have you. Threatened by having it put through their doors.


And so they contacted the local government, and the police and everything else that they could try and create some kind of a social storm. That someone should dare to point out the “obscene” fact, … And again this is them alleging that this is “obscene”. The fact that Ireland is becoming blacker! This [is an] uncontroversial and easily demonstrable demographic fact!


So as this flared up and people were clamouring ever more tightly for the introduction of hate speech laws into Ireland, I decided, because BitChute was already coming under calls for censorship, and was already losing some of its supportive infrastructure from minor companies, I decided that it would be a good idea to put my channel to sleep temporarily. To let the storm pass over and avoid any kind of longer term structural damage to BitChute in terms of either reputation or in terms of further efforts towards it’s de-platforming.


In terms of the bigger picture the furore over the distribution of this pamphlet worried me also somewhat because the first instinct of these reactive people was to clamour for the introduction of hate speech laws in Ireland. Now these are all already in the pipeline. And like so many hate speech laws they are coming down the pipeline in a very abstract form.


Now some years ago I wrote an essay on the introduction of Hate Speech Laws in the United Kingdom, in which I pointed out that the actual legislation in which the speech laws are contained was originally designed to stop riots and public disorder linked to a miner strike in Wales. And right in the middle of this legislation they snuck in the Public Order Act, the legislation being the Public Order Act of 1986. They snuck in a little clause relating to speech that incites violence and so on, and so forth. And there is a racial element to that.


Well in Ireland currently in the pipeline as primarily designed to stop what’s been called “revenge porn”. So it’s to do with malicious communication around the distribution without permission of images of males and females who have taken sexually explicit photographs of themselves for, I suppose, the private gratification of their partners.


And these communications are then being spread more widely. And this of course is a horrible thing.


I have my own opinions about this specific type of behaviour. I think that it’s a product of the technologization of our society. It’s the product of a decline in morals and spirituality and the general debasement of the human condition. And the focus on the material and the bodily. And everything just moving towards the lowest common denominator. And we have effectively objectified ourselves. And this distribution of photographs of one another’s bodies is simply a symptom of that.


And it’s a rot that lies at the very heart of neoliberalism and the societies that we have now thrown ourselves into so it’s a serious problem! But society doesn’t want to address the causes of such behaviour. It just wants to introduce laws which can act in this “wack-a-mole” way, where we have so many problems sprouting up because the basis and foundation of society is so rotten! And we think the the way to deal with that is to endlessly create new laws and just try and imprison people for these behaviours as and when they happen.


So in the midst of creating one such law they have decided that they will tweak the language a little bit and make it equally applicable to communications regarding race, or online bullying and so on and so forth. And Irish Hate Speech Laws will come to pass wrapped in the clothing of this anti-revenge porn legislation.


So the incident worried me in that regard in that it would accelerate this kind of demand and provide some form of justification.


And in retrospect I would have my doubts about the use of that title to the piece, “The Blackening of Ireland”. I think it would have been better if a less provocative title had been used with the piece. But that it would still have been in its entirety, then printed and distributed. I think we could have perhaps reached a lot more people, but without creating just such a clamour for the introduction of such laws. Not that in any event that this furore had it happened or not happened would really have impeded the longterm progress of such legislation.


But in any case it’s Niall’s newspaper and the activists I think were acting with the best of intentions in that regard.


Now in terms of the year as a whole when I look back on it I think it’s been a pretty dismal year. And I hope that 2021 brings much more optimism.


By nature and temperament I am Chopinian [?], should I say, in the sense that I tend towards a pessimism, I tend towards a disdain for the conditions that prevail. But at the same time I do wish that circumstances and the situation were better. I just find the in so many of the people I associate with on a day-to-day basis, and so much what I see on the news and so much of what I see playing out with our people, and among our older as well, I must say. That I find it utterly disillusioning, and it fills me with so much, at times I must confess, a kind of despair.


And that I suppose also plays it’s role in the lack of production of content on my part. Sometimes quite frankly I am speechless at the situations that I see. At the stupidity of the people I encounter, and of the general lack of will in so many of our people.


So I have a tendency to retreat into reading and listening to music and trying to get in touch once more with the things of the world that do remain beautiful! And that are worth devoting the time to.


In the new year I do hope to produce more content and to once more I suppose make an effort in terms of multi-media production and getting more in contact with others as well, and having conversations with some of the leading lights that are in the movement, the spotlight.


But for the time being I must say I wish each and everyone of you very well for 2021. I thank you sincerely for listening to what I have had to say. And I simply want to say that each and everyone of you is valuable in your own way, in comprising the broader part of what we are doing.


Thank you and good luck.




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