Millennial Woes – Millenniyule 2020 – Dangerfield – Dec 21, 2020 — Transcript

[Millennial Woes continues his tradition of yearly Millenniyule series of interviews that started in Dec, 2016.

Here he chats with the worldly and entertaining Dangerfield, an Englishman living in Cambodia. They discuss the Covid 19 issue, “grifting”, defamation, YouTube censorship, BitChute, Jordan Peterson, Douglas Murray, Lefties, bitcoin, starting own businesses, BitChute, darkweb, etc.







Millenniyule 2020




Dec 21, 2020





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Published on Dec 21, 2020


Millenniyule 2020: Dangerfield
•Streamed live on Dec 21, 2020
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Woes: Red Pill Germany. Then Bitcoin Beginnings. That’s with Karl Thorburn. And then Jared Taylor. And Jared Taylor will be on Dlive only. So please make sure you’re subscribed to that, to me on Dlive.


But first it’s Dangerfield. It’s Chris Dangerfield. Now I should also say just before we get to that, E Michael Jones has been rescheduled. So tomorrow night there are going to be five hangouts. But do we still use the word “hangouts”? I can’t remember. Anyway there’re going to be five streams and E Michael Jones will be at midnight GMT, tomorrow night.


So with that said, I’ll just do the necessary linky stuff with Telegram, and so forth. There we go.


And Dangerfield, welcome to Millennial 2020!


Dangerfield: What an absolute pleasure! Three years on the trot I think now.


Woes: Yes! I think 2018 was the first time. I wasn’t aware of you with Millennial 2017. But by 2018 I think had you started doing the Three Stooges by that time.


Dangerfield: I think that’s probably where that link was made. I went [chuckling] and had a look at it and survived about five minutes!


Woes: What was that? Was it quite amateurish?


Dangerfield: I don’t watch my content back anyway. Not, because I’ve got any issues with my voice. Because I’ve been in stand-up. And I’ve been in bands all my life. So I’m used to hearing my voice.


But eeeehh! It was just a bit, you know, when things are significant, and important to you, they’re really significant! And they’re really important! And then when they’re no longer that important. And you see yourself with them fuuckk, blooody! I was like, oh, come on!


You know, it’s like when I watch videos around that Gamergate period, when I’m talking about, you know, transgender toilets. And it’s like it’s the most important thing in the world to me. And today I, well lack of a better phrase, couldn’t give a shit about [Woes laughing out loud] gender neutral toilets!


Woes: Yeah, it’s funny back, well in 2015 that stuff did seem important. And I guess it was important for a lot of people who were, …… I mean, I started in 2014 knowing Western civilization is in a terrible condition. And I don’t think I believed at that point that it was literally the end of Western civilization. I do now. But definitely I knew that things were very, very serious.


But then you’d get people who were more concerned with, who were baffled, rather than doomers. They were more like just:


“Well, what the hell is going on? Why are these feminists always moaning about this and that? And this trans thing and gay marriage! We never voted for that! And mass immigration, Islam!”


You’d get people who were still feeling around and trying to work out the scope of the problem. But I mean, a lot of them still don’t get the scope of the problem, even now, of course. I think that, I won’t name names. But there are people who still think that this is actually quite a trivial problem. And it’s just there are just some silly people who are “woke”. The woke people. They don’t get this is actually a very deep civilizational malaise.




Dangerfield: Sure. I think something else that affected me was, for various reasons, 2020 has made me, …


Well I might as well actually go into it. I mean, once I turned up in that Times article. I don’t know if you’re aware. I don’t know if anyone watching is aware. There was a Hope Not Hate had done some, what they usually do they decided to call out loads of dissident YouTubers. And the Times picked it up. And I was in that article.


And the article was about terrorism! It was about people who are actually planting bombs! They had these images that I had never seen before! I wouldn’t be surprised if they made them up, you know, skulls wearing Waffen SS helmets! And just bizarre images that have nothing to do with my experience of the dissident Right.


Woes: Was it a Photoshop of you holding a bomb, or something?


Dangerfield: Well it might, just as well have been. But they had me in this, you know, sandwiched in there. And although they couldn’t outright say I was involved the implication was. And they said I was grooming teenage Nazis! And this stuff’s serious! I just thought I had to step back from that.


And I luckily, about three weeks before that all happened, I had already decided to make some changes to my account. I thought now the climate has changed. YouTube, with the glory days of like 2010, you say anything you want! You build up a back catalog. You make money out of your back catalog. People can find your channel. They can binge watch five, six hundred videos. And I had about 600 videos.


But before the Times article I started thinking my 600 videos are actually the potential for people to use that content against me. Nearly all my videos were improvised. I’ve written about two scripts. And a lot of its jokey. A lot of its edgy jokey. And people can take that stuff out of context. They can put, …


Woes: Let me just interject briefly, because I know that this is an important story that you’re telling. And I don’t want to interrupt it.


But I mean, Hope Not Hate still use against me something that I said as a joke four years ago! At the end of 2016. I said that I think I might be pro slavery. It was like, yeah someone had asked me:


“What’s your most controversial, or your most outrageous Right-wing opinion?”


So it was like two in the morning. I’ve been streaming for two hours. I was exhausted. And so I just said, oh, that. There we go. Obviously a joke. And I’ve corrected it. I’ve clarified it multiple times! Surprisingly enough, I’m not pro-slavery!


But Hope Not Hate continued to use this, because it’s useful to them. And they can get away with doing that. I mean, they shouldn’t be able to get away with doing that. And this is again why I wish that we had, …


This is, you know, people often scoff at me when I say that the movement needs big funding. But this is an example of exactly why. We should be able to just fucking sue these cunts!




Dangerfield: Yeah.


Woes: You are misrepresenting me! You’re deliberately, you’re knowingly misrepresenting me! But we can’t, because we don’t have the funding to do that. And they will use that to get me de-platformed. Get me banned from things. So yeah, we need funding, surprisingly enough.


Dangerfield: Well that’s something we can get onto a bit later. Because I’ve been pulling what’s left of my hair out recently about this whole “grifting” thing:


“You’re grifting! You’re people are voluntarily donating to your stream you grifter!”


You don’t get that on the Left. The Left aren’t complaining about earning money. It’s just all our lot. I get it every day! Emails sent to me!


Woes: That’s another, that’s a problem from within our movement.


Dangerfield: Yeah!


Woes: And there’s a lot to say about that. I mean, I haven’t asked for money. I did the other night just as a one-off, because someone else brought it up. But other than that, I haven’t asked for money since March 2019, march last year. And people still moan at me for that.


Dangerfield: But I think that’s your detriment! I think that’s your detriment! And I think it’s your detriment, because of the environment you find yourself in. Anyone watching this channel give Woes some money! He’s doing five streams every day almost! This is hard to organize! Believe me, I do one stream, I kark out for an hour afterwards. Give him some money!


But I’d say that you don’t ask for money, because that environment is so toxic! If you were to:


“He’s asking for money out there! He’s only put five hours working today!”


Woes: I mean, in my specific case I can understand people not donating, because apart from Millenniyule, I’ve hardly made anything for two years, right? That’s a specific case. This is why I don’t really ask for money, because I don’t feel, I think it would be cheeky.


But the more broad point is there is a thing in this movement of you should be doing this for the love of it. You should be doing this, because you care about your country. Of course, I fucking do!


I mean, if you were doing this for the money you’d be doing something else. [Dangerfield laughing] You could make a lot more money far more easily by doing anything but this!




Dangerfield: Yeah!


Woes: It’s just a silly thing for people to say. But I think it’s a sort of purity spiraling thing.


Dangerfield: Without a doubt.


Woes: Does he ask for money? Well then he’s a fake! He’s a grifter! It’s:


“You should be suffering! You should not be able to get a normal job! And you shouldn’t be asking for money. You should be just the lowest in the lowest position you could be in. And then I’ll believe that you’re genuine!”


Dangerfield: It’s absurd!


Woes: It’s insane! And it’s not how our enemies got anywhere. Our enemies never had this mentality. They were completely shameless, right? It was, they’re thinking:


“Well, I’m doing something good, so why shouldn’t I get remunerated for that!”


Their attitude was:


“We want as much money as possible, because that creates options, and it strengthens us, and so on.”


But, of course, it’s a completely different, … And I remember Hope Not Hate again saying that I was begging! They used the word “begging” for money! But when they put out a funding drive on Twitter to ask for like tens of thousands of pounds to make up for their budget shortfall, well they’re not begging!


Dangerfield: No, of course, not.


Woes: They’re doing a good thing! [loud laughing] They’re doing good work, ruining people’s lives!


Dangerfield: Madness!


Woes: Scum!


Woes: Yeah, so we were talking about how the movement has evolved.


Dangerfield: And yeah, I realized that the environment’s different. I had five, six hundred videos. And I realized that people can chop bits out of it, you know, I was seeing the sorts of things that were happening to other people.


And I thought, you know, for the handfuls of views, literally like 20 a week my old content got, it’s not worth having that there. It makes me vulnerable. So I deleted it. You can’t even put it in private. You can get strikes for private videos. It might be private to the viewers. But it’s not private to YouTube. I got a strike for a video I’d already deleted! But that’s a different story.


So luckily I got rid of most of that. But they’d obviously done their research before I done all that, because in that time thing, … It was amazing! The quote they put in there, was I’d done a series of videos called “Talking with Teens”. And I said to my viewers:


“Are there any teenagers?”


I said:


“Not 13, 14. 16 and above really, who want to come on my channel and talk about life as a 16 year old, or as a teenager?”


That was it! That was it! They made out it was a like some kind of Nazi recruitment drive! And it wasn’t!


One of them was this kid with Asperger’s who couldn’t get a girlfriend. One of them was a kid whose parents were disabled, and life was a nightmare for him. It was a wide range of different topics, different kids at university.




And one of them who had Right-wing views was saying that he does try and get his Right-wing ideas into debates at university. And I said to him:


“Listen. I’d suggest not doing that. Keep your head down, because the liberal machine doesn’t want people like you at university.”


Basically trying to encourage him to keep his place at university. And they used that quote. They said:


“Dangerfield even told one of them to keep his head down, because the liberal machine!”


If it was some kind of evil thing!:


“You can’t encourage people to keep their place at university!”


Woes: So that’s like, okay you’ve got a message so just blare it out indiscriminately regardless of the consequences. If it will actually work, or not. If it will backfire on you, or not. Just talk! Just say it! That’s retarded! The real world doesn’t work like.


I mean, again you’ve got to look at what our enemies did. And I’ve said this so many times to so many people about so many different examples.


In 1967 they campaigned to legalize homosexual sex, right, behind closed doors, between two consenting adults. What they didn’t do in 1967 was say to the British public of 1967:


“We want drag queen story hour.”


Because they knew that the British public of 1967 were not ready to hear that, to tolerate it. They would go nuts if they heard that! So they met the public where they were. That’s just human communication. You’re meeting people where they are. This seems to be completely obvious.


So that’s to do with what you actually say, but also the context in which you say it. So you don’t do this at a fucking dinner, like a cheese and wine evening, or at a friend’s wedding, or something like that. It’s specific context where this will work. Where it’ll just backfire on you and turn you into a leper! [laughing]


Dangerfield: The crazy thing is its people like Hope Not Hate that made me say to this bloke:


“Don’t say things like that at university, because they’re part of that problem.”


And then they used it against me, and the Times used it against me.


So the point is though, the upshot is, the climate has changed. And this idea of having a channel with hundreds of videos, I think that’s finished! I think it’s interesting that people especially on the dissident Right, they’re now on Dlive, you know, that everyone’s gagging for BitChute to sort out streaming, because I think streaming’s where it’s going now. You don’t want all that stuff out there, that makes you really vulnerable!




You want to do a stream, people watch it live, when it’s finished, it’s done! The amount of people who are putting videos on YouTube now. And when it’s finished it’s gone! You don’t get to see it. And people are like:


“Oh, does anyone know where I can see that? No it’s gone.”


And what I do now, I stream twice daily. And when I’ve got five streams live, I’d chop a couple off the end. I record two more, I chop two off the end. So there’s only ever five, or six, up there. Now, if I do an interview stream, or if I do a stream that’s quite playful and not really political, I’ll leave that up.


But, yeah, I realized this year that I’m not going to let my YouTube channel make me vulnerable. I’m going to do something else.


And I’ve changed from being reactive to proactive. I’m not interested in looking at the news and laughing at it, or getting all mad about it. I’m more into trying to give advice, or discuss ideas that we can actually do in our daily lives. Again, because you have to, because you’re not allowed to do that other stuff anymore.


Woes: Yeah, it’s definitely a different climate. I don’t like, as you’ve said, you can’t really afford to have a big archive of all your past stuff anymore. I don’t like that, because I loved that there were all these old videos that I was still proud of some of them I was a bit embarrassed about but, you know, from the early days. But still I was happy to have them up. And that was a way that people discovered my channel and discovered me.


But YouTube throttled that anyway, because they stopped recommending you. You stop appearing in the recommended lists. So these videos were no longer useful to me in that sense. But they made me vulnerable.


Dangerfield: Yeah.


Woes: But, of course, the thing is when you take them down that means that no one can watch them anymore. And that is a shame! There are videos that I made, I mean, there’s basically nothing left on my channel about, you know, race, ethnicity, Islam.


Dangerfield: Same! Same.


Woes: There’s nothing left! And I think it’s a fucking shame!


Dangerfield: Yeah. Well, this is the mad thing! You can go in my back catalogue, YouTube are fine with stories of when I was a junkie, when I was a crackhead, doing the most horrific things! No that’s fine! And the press won’t call me out about that.:


“Oh, that’s no problem! You can inject in your groin, you can take a dump in the middle of the street, you can have a girl stop breathing when you’re having sex with her. Those videos aren’t a problem! This is YouTube, you’re fine!”


And those videos are literally still up! But everything about race? No. Got rid of all of it! You just can’t! That conversation isn’t allowed unless you’re pro those ideas, you’ll lose your channel.




Woes: Yeah. I mean, this is what’s so frightening about YouTube, they actually got rid of the slogan “broadcast yourself”. For a long time that was YouTube slogan for like, 10, 11, 12 years. They got rid of it.


Styx, actually, Styxhexenhammer, made this point about a year ago, or less six months ago, that YouTube got big in the first place, because it wasn’t the mainstream media. And it wasn’t the authorized word. It was little ordinary people putting their voices out there and growing big, because it was independent voices basically.


But now YouTube has obviously decided:


“We really don’t want this anymore. Yes it’s what made us, it’s what made the platform in the first place, but we don’t need it anymore. And it’s causing us a headache. We’re having to employ thousands of moderation staff and censors.”


So I think that they’ve just decided to basically get rid of all of it. And I think in time they will shut down every channel that’s political, unless it’s explicitly progressive. I think even centrist channels will go, as well.


Dangerfield: I think it’s an interesting point, because it’s been a bait and switch really. Make a channel, do this, establish the most successful video hosting platform on the internet. And let’s not forget after Google, it’s the biggest search engine! People go to YouTube after Google more than anywhere else to search things! You know, they don’t mind that the content is video. And I think it’s now like it’s an albatross, they’re absolutely gutted. But they can’t just shut it down, because then they hand that power over to someone like BitChute.


So I think you’re right. I think they have board meeting after board meeting and they’re pulling their hair out!:


“What are we gonna do about this!”


Which is [chuckling] good! You’re lumbered with it Alphabet [Google’s parent company]


Woes: Yeah. They’re in this weird position where they can’t afford to hand the cultural power to some other website, of being the political video place. Because that’s a huge amount of cultural power for any platform to handle. They want to have that power.


But at the same time they don’t want to have those political videos on their platforms! [chuckling] It’s like it’s a very difficult dilemma for them. And I guess what they’re doing is just slowly throttling it.


But I think what they’ll also do is, I think they’ll set up rivals to BitChute. I think Silicon Valley will deliberately create, because I do believe that, … For what it’s worth I have talked to the BitChute guy, once, or twice. And he is not very Right-wing. He’s not a nationalist. That’s worth saying. He’s just a guy who genuinely believes in free speech! That’s actually the truth. But he does genuinely believe in free speech.


And that’s the thing! Silicon Valley don’t. So what I think they’ll do is they’ll create rivals to BitChute in order to drive traffic away from BitChute. And then they’ll just shut down each of those.




Dangerfield: They’ll have a struggle though. I talk to Ray a lot, and BitChute is absolutely smashing it! He said I think they got 40 million unique viewers in November! It’s now something like, I think it’s something like the 800th most popular website in America. So out of everything. But it’s about 800. And this is two guys! This is Ray and his mate.


And what’s making BitChute a real threat to them now, isn’t a handful of Nazis, because no one really cares about that, it’s now starting to look like YouTube in 2010. There are people doing makeup, how to put your makeup on, whatever they’re called. There are people doing unboxing videos. Oh! It isn’t suddenly this evil dissident Right channel, it’s a video hosting platform. And it’s growing remarkably fast!


Woes: Yes it is.


Dangerfield: And in terms of what YouTube are going to do about that, I can remember a few years ago when they considered Jordan Peterson to be problematic. Well, I asked my subscribers the other day to give me a one in the chat, how many times do you get recommended Jordan Peterson videos. And everyone said:




I get recommended Jordan Peterson after whatever I watch now. And I think that’s the angle they’re taking.


Woes: This is amazing isn’t it? [chuckling] I mean, Jordan Peterson is this guy who’s, it’s like they just wheel him out constantly! Like a thousand times a day gets wheeled onto the stage to do the thing!


But he’s, I don’t know what to say about that. He’s ineffectual, he’s unconvincing! Yes it’s true that you should tidy your room up! I’m hoping that my background doesn’t look too untidy while I say those words. But yes it’s true that you should get your own life certainly. I’ve always said that! I will make a point of emphasizing that in future. I think it’s better for people to be doing that than to be thinking about, to be leapfrogging that, to:


“Oh! I’ve got to change the world!”


Best if you get your own life under control first. Then you’re in a better position to change the world. Anyway.


That’s his one, that’s really the only good thing that he said, as far as I can see, Jordan Peterson. The rest of it is just flim-flam and waffle! And as he said it himself, that he’s trying to divert people, young men, away from nationalism, identity politics.


Dangerfield: And that’s what YouTube are now trying to do with him, as well. I think that’s the angle. They’re now trying to say:


“All right, you don’t have to be a progressive, but how about this? Because you don’t have to go over there and look at all that stuff! Because look, we like Jordan! Look, here he is! Yeah loads, loads of him! Read it!”




Woes: Fucking take your Jordan Peterson! [loud laughing] Be grateful! Enjoy it! Yeah, the message is:


“Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a progressive. You can be a complete cuck instead! You can be completely ineffectual instead!”


So that’s the option. [chuckling] But it is hilarious. Again it maps into this thing that I have this theory. That there are two poisons. One of them is progressivism, or communism, and the other is Libertarianism, or individualism. And they’re two different poisons designed to appeal to two different key parts of the European psyche. Altruism; communism, progressivism. And in the individual, the sort of innovation that independent-mindedness, that’s what Libertarianism appeals to.


And basically you can get almost any White person with one of those two poisons. And that’s why they’re there! Because they both end up in the same place! Which is that you’re an atomized, demented, individual, with no history, no identity, no meaning in your life, you’re just meat! You’re just meat that consumes and buys things!


Dangerfield: Sure.


Woes: Each of those two poisons results in the same end result.


So I think that Jordan Peterson is basically, he’s probably a well-meaning guy, who has been utilized to make that happen. So either you go with feminism. YouTube will give you these two options. It’s either fucking communist, Marxist, feminism, or it’s Jordan Peterson! Those are your options.


And, of course, they’ll also throw Douglas Murray in there, occasionally. You know, a bit spicy well. [loud laughing]



Dangerfield: The thing about Douglas, that’s hilarious, is this is the man that writes, “The Strange Death of Europe”. But ask him for a solution, and the geezer runs a mile! He doesn’t want to go anywhere near the solutions! And so, that’s why you’ll get Douglas Murray. We can all sit back and read and go:


“He’s right! Yes! Put the book down and then watch some Jordan!”


But you can’t dare say:


“Well look, we know this is now happening. Here’s some people who’ve got some ideas that might, maybe change the course of history. No you could [mimics Murray waffling on].”


Woes: Yeah, at that point Jordan Peterson will tell you [mimicking Peterson]:


“Don’t get into the identity politics!”


And Douglas Murray will say:


“Oh well, this is reminding me of the 1930s!”


Dangerfield: There you go.


Woes: So okay, I mean, that’s where he always goes to immediately is:


“Ideas from the 1930s, ..”


He always fucking does that! [Dangerfield chuckling] He nods his head, it’s a signal to the interviewer to nod his head in agreement. And it always works.


But this is his sort of cucky, just don’t care about, I don’t know what to say! I get so exasperated whenever I start talking about Douglas Murray, because he’s so annoying!


Because he comes across as very intelligent, erudite. But I just think he’s selling, he’s just selling a sort of very discerning, stuffy, version of cuckoldry. And cowardice!




Dangerfield: Yes.


Woes: I want to like him. But I just wish that he would man up!


Dangerfield: Well no, you nailed it. It’s that cowardice. It’s like looking at someone dying and just writing about them dying. And the last chapter is:


“And then they died.”


Okay. Thanks for your help.


Before we move on, because I can feel that’s happening, I just want people watching to just enjoy the fact that we all hate YouTube! We hate what it’s done. We hate what they’ve done to us all. We hate the bait and switch. But it is a real pest for them! It’s causing them big problems! And that’s at least something we can enjoy.


Woes: Well, the fact is, they’re still writing reports about us. They’re still campaigning against us. They’re still lobbying social media to ban us, and so on. So they’re obviously still worried about it.


I mean from my point of view I don’t really want, and I never did want, to be involved in politics, direct politics. Because I always knew I’m not, I wouldn’t be any good at that.


But I do take an interest in dissidence. In general opposition to what I see as an encroaching, … Well frankly, at this point, an encroaching Police State. And I was always against political correctness, that kind of thing. So that remains the case. And I think that’s enough to make them worried about you.


You don’t need to be an explicitly whatever, anti-immigration, anti-Islam, anti-LGBT. Just the fact that you’re an independent voice. That you don’t have the rainbow flag somewhere on your channel. That you’re not voicing support for whatever, the latest BLM, that’s enough to make them think:


“Okay, you’re not on board. Because if you were on board we would know you were on board.”


And I think it’s got to this point where you’re either with them, or they assume that you’re completely against them.




Dangerfield: But I think there’s ways around it, because again, coming off of the back of that rethinking what I was gonna do as a channel, and deleting all the content. You know, this year I’ve mainly been telling people to start looking after themselves. Start dressing better. Start dressing well. Look after yourself. Get some nice shoes, get a suit made.


And this is where I’m going. This is what my content’s about. Set up neighborhood watch organizations, you know, community building actually works.


And I think they’re gonna struggle to ban channels like that. And the thing is, it’s overtly nationalist to talk about that. Set up revenue streams for yourself. Some passive, dress well, have self-respect, look after your body, set up things that involve your community.


And if people start doing those sorts of things, that will help the nationalist project as a whole immeasurably. And YouTube are going to struggle with that are they going to shut my channel down, because I’ve been telling people to see a bespoke tailor. [Woes laughing]


Woes: The latest horror that YouTube is profiting from is giving a platform to people who talk about this [laughing]


Dangerfield: But exactly, you know, I see channels like we Renew Britannia, Wes [?] bless him! A young man set up a channel, done loads of work, got very popular, gone! No strikes, or anything, they just got rid of him! And I just thought Wes, and I told him this:


“You’re in the 2016 model of dissidents. And they’ve got the TOS [Terms of Service] now to just wipe you off! You can’t do that anymore. But what you can do instead of that reactive stuff, don’t talk about.”


I can’t even think what, ..


Woes: The latest atrocity.


Dangerfield: Yeah! Don’t talk about that! Talk about things we can actually do to be proactive. And it kind of keeps us safe. And it’s worth doing.


Woes: Yes. And it’s also more productive. I mean, I think it’s better. It just makes you feel better, than constantly ruminating over what the Left has done now, or what some foreign element has done now. Because then you’re just their victim. And you’re constantly waiting for them to do the next thing so that you can then be outraged about it. That isn’t a good, it’s unhealthy! And I did unknowingly, unwittingly, do that for a while.


And I remember one stream I did in 2016 with my two friends, Reactionary Expat and Pale Hominid, we were going over the news, we did it once a month, and we’re going over the news of what everything that had happened in that month. And it was just unbelievable! I think it was in like June, July that year. And it was just an astonishing catalogue of things that had happened across Europe with the migrants, and so on. And I did think while I was doing it:


“Is this actually helping anyone?”


And then in the next year, in 2017, I started to have more doubts, because I started to think:


“Well we all know all this already, and there must be something more.”


And that’s what I’ve always been thinking about. That’s just partly why I was inactive for so long, because I was thinking:


“Well, now that we know the problem, or now that we at least have enumerated the symptoms of the problem, now what? Because there’s no point just continuing to do that, because that really is just, that actually is grifting. That’s just, you know, milking people’s disaffection. So what to do next?”


And I really wasn’t sure. But it’s at the point, I’ve kind of reached a similar conclusion to the one you’ve reached. Which is, it’s better to just encourage people to work on themselves.


And actually, the best way you can do that is to do it yourself, and be an example, I think, to other people. So that’s what I intend to do in future. I wanted to do it this year, but things got waylaid by Covid and the lockdown. And by other things as well, that we don’t need to go into. But yeah, that was my plan for this year.




Dangerfield: No, for sure! And look I understand there is an argument perhaps that:


“Well, we all know what the problems are, but maybe youngsters don’t.”


But they live it! They go to their schools, they’re seeing what’s happening. You know, they’re living it! They know what the problems are don’t worry about that! They’re not having to predict them, they live them! And there’s channels like this is why we fight. Very proactive, you know, talking about self-sufficiency. And they’ve got this ward idea they do. It’s a very small channel at the moment, but it’s really optimistic! And people come away from that feeling empowered!


Woes: What channel is that?


Dangerfield: It’s called “This is Why We Fight”. It’s very small. But they’re actually trying to strategize about the things that we need to do. We need to build stronger communities. We need to be more sufficient self-sufficient. And we need to get away from corporations.


The reason I talk about clothes, and my subscribers are getting proper sick of it! We’ve had a different culture imposed upon us! When I see people walking around in sportswear, that’s not English! That’s nothing to do about history that wasn’t a development that come through the Edwardians, and the Victorians, and through the wars, and all of a sudden. No! That’s been imposed on us by massive corporations, who have outright shown that they hate us! They hate us!


And I see loads of people walking around, especially the youth, in what is essentially African-American streetwear. And it’s appalling! And if you’re going to support that and give your money to those corporations, bearing in mind your polyester trousers are going to wear out in a year and you’re going to have to buy a new pair, compared with a bespoke suit which is in the classic style. Which is part of our ancestry, part of our history. A local tailor with cloth sourced from England, or Scotland, or the UK. It’s becoming more local. That is overtly nationalist, and it’s going to last you 20, 30 years.




Woes: Yeah.


Dangerfield: And these are the things that I’m now talking about. Because all that other stuff you were saying. About those channels where people read the news, I can’t watch them! I don’t want to see White people getting the shit kicked out of them for breakfast! I don’t want to finish my day’s work and:


“Oh, I see. They burnt down another church in France!”


And it does depress you. And then the problem with that is everyone’s getting black-pilled. Black-pilled gets rid of hope and optimism. And without hope and optimism you can’t win any fights! You lose them all!


Woes: Yeah. Very much. I think it’s an interesting thing, because you’ve got to be careful about the lessons that you learn. Because the lessons that you learn will affect your behavior going forward. But the lessons you learn are selected by the things that you do. So if you do things that are going to result in failure, then you’re going to learn the lesson of failure.


Dangerfield: Sure. Sure.


Woes: So, in other words, if you focus on what’s going bad in the world, then that is going to get you down. And then that in turn is going to make you feel impotent! And that’s not surprising. And so I think you’re absolutely right! That it’s better to focus on what you can do and, as you say, a proactive attitude.


Because, god knows, there’s enough shit going on. I mean, seriously I’m the same as you. I cannot watch a lot of stuff that once upon a time I watched religiously. I just can’t do it anymore! It’s too depressing.


Now, someone made the point in the live chat that there are a lot of people just arriving at certain realizations, and they do need to see this stuff. And that’s true. But I’m happy for other people to show them, this stuff.


Dangerfield: Spend a couple of hours on BitChute, you’ll be fine.


Woes: Yeah! Yeah, exactly!


Dangerfield: The other thing is, look England, I keep saying England, but Great Britain, is still probably one of the best places on the planet to live! It still is! By a long chalk! It’s a fantastic place! If you want to generate revenue, the UK is a fantastic place to be in! You can generate wealth there! The amount of people here going:


“Well there’s no jobs! There’s no jobs!”


Fuck jobs! Generate wealth! Make a job! I live in a country where there’s no welfare. If you’d haven’t got any money, you don’t eat. And so people create wealth. They generate it so that they can eat. And they manage to feed families of 20, 30 people, because they have to!


And how easy it is to do that in the UK, is unbelievable! It’s still a fantastic nation! And also if we’re generating wealth, setting up businesses, making passive, and active revenue streams. If we’re doing that, that money isn’t available for, let’s just say, other people. It makes you stronger. It’s overtly nationalist to make money. It’s overtly nationalist to be an entrepreneur. And so encourage people to do this, especially young people. Because they’re walking around saying:


“Well, there’s no jobs!”


Woes: Get into crypto! [loud laughing] This is one of the reasons I want people to get into crypto, because I know there are no jobs. It’s shit! And it’s not something that I want to take lightly at all, or trivialize.


But, as Dangerfield says, you could start your own business, or you could get into crypto and investments. And I know how ridiculous that sounds to a lot of people who are young, who don’t have any money! But just trust me on this. Well you don’t need to trust me on this, you can do what you like.


But I would advise that you get into to crypto. And I definitely would advise that you look for other thing ways that you could make yourself useful to the community. And including your local community, as well, not just the online community.




Dangerfield: There are, I mean, look I’ve got crypto. I’ve made and lost a fortune in crypto. It’s gambling! It’s gambling! That’s all it is really.


But I think if you spread your portfolio, bit of precious metals. And you haven’t got to go and buy a kilo of gold. You can go and buy a gram of gold. Get one of them every few months. Get a couple of grams of silver, then chip a little bit into your crypto.


But there’s just so many ways of generating money in a nation like England, in somewhere like Great Britain. You don’t only have to wait for someone to give you a job. You could just find ways to make money. You know, I lost the one that I had though. I had an example of something. But I would be a bit careful about just putting all your money into crypto.


Woes: Oh yeah.


Dangerfield: I mean, a good old ISA [Individual Savings Account] is still a good way, a reliable way, of making your money go up. I’d probably say if you haven’t got a lot of money, an ISA is a better idea than crypto, at this stage.


But if you come into a few grand maybe, maybe put a grand into crypto, and then four grand in your ISA. And get your 20 grand annual ISA allowance.


Woes: Yeah. I mean, this is the kind of stuff that I would rather be telling people. And that I would rather people were finding. This is much more useful to you than, :


“Oh! Another mosque built in this, and another town!”


Yeah that is bad! It’s depressing! It’s another sign of the cultural change. But the issue is, well what are you going to do? What can be done about it? And that’s something I’m not sure we should go into in this stream. But I think that we need to start thinking very practically, put it that way. Because dreaming that:


“Well, if we complain enough about this, then the powers that be will change their minds about it.”


That’s obviously not the case. They would have changed their minds about it in 1960, if they were going to do that, or 1970, but not now. So I mean, yeah, again we’re veering into territory that I don’t think is safe for YouTube anymore.


But all I would say is I’m not saying don’t care about this. Of course you should care about this. But I think that you should approach it in ways that are realistic. Because there are so many people who just are not realistic about these things.




Dangerfield: I think that the point I was going to say was there are countless resources on the internet for entrepreneurs who haven’t got a pot to piss in. You can go and join these forums and you can read countless stories of people who are in situations like you might be, where you’ve just left school, or you’ve just left university. You’re living at your parents house and there’s no employment, or there’s nothing exciting. You don’t want to wash dishes down your local hospital.


And there’s thousands, upon thousands, of stories in full detail, because people are proud of what they’ve done! How they’ve done it, how they set up their business. There’s no one way to be an entrepreneur! There’s the way you do it that’s successful.


And, rather than sitting around watching videos of bombs going off all the time, or god knows what, you could be spending that time on entrepreneurial forums reading how people done it. Doing that kind of research. Looking at your options. Start putting a little bit of money together away. So when you’ve got your five grand, you can make a little investment. And then you can start turning it over, doing a product, or a service, or whatever it is you want to do, based on the stuff you’ve learned from these forums.


And again, that will make us stronger. That makes us stronger as individuals. When you’re stronger as an individual and you’ve started generating wealth you’re more likely to have bigger families. So if we’re having bigger families across the nation, you know, once you’ve got bigger families happening then you start getting stronger communities. And then you can obviously see where I’m going with that.


It’s just a question of being proactive about our future, rather than just dwelling on this reactive stuff, that had a function four years ago. But now, not so much.


Woes: Yeah, I agree. Well, we’re at 45 minutes now, so we should probably finish in about 15 minutes, just for the sake of my health. But before we do that would you like to talk about 2020? Because that’s what we were thinking we were going to do. We’ve actually gone on a 45-minute detour. But we were going to talk about the year, or your general feelings about this year. So what would you say about that?


Dangerfield: Well, it seemed to start with, … I am the eternal optimist and I’m eternally hopeful. Because I know that, strategically that’s important. Psychologically that’s important. And the year seemed to start very optimistically on various fronts, various projects. And I remember thinking, this is interesting — got to be a little bit careful with this bit, because again we’re on YouTube — but what’s just happened in America seems to be quite a disaster really. The year’s ended disastrously, because I think without the “God Emperor” — do I really have to say:


“I know he’s not our man.”


Why does everyone always say that after they mention him? I know he’s not our man, all right? Everyone knows he’s not a man. But the alternative really isn’t our man. And he’s against us!


Woes: Oh yes.


Dangerfield: And that’s been quite, … You know, when I heard Greg Johnson talking about the realities of — I think it was Greg — the realities of what is going to happen when that man starts doing things concerning people like us, it seems to have ended quite the opposite. The year ended quite on the opposite of how it started. I started the year thinking:


“Wow! This is amazing, this is amazing! Look what’s happening here!”


And this little turnout has proven shocking. And again I know you can’t say too much. But I am convinced what’s being said that happened, is what happened.


Woes: It’s amazing how cryptic we have to be! Unbelievable! But yeah, so am I. I’m also convinced that what is being said happened, did happen, yeah.


Dangerfield: And you’re not allowed to talk about it. Which doesn’t make me think:


“Oh, okay, then I’m wrong.”


It makes me think:


“Well yeah, thanks for confirming my suspicions.”


Woes: Let me, actually I’ve got a good thing that I could read out to you, because I was thinking how could how to fit this into to Millenniyule. And I found this thing. Did I accidentally, I think I might have accidentally closed it. Ah shit! I think I have. Damn! How annoying!


There was a thing that I find on Facebook, because I hardly ever go to Facebook nowadays. But I did the other day. And someone was basically making the point that, imagine if we’d had the attitude to news and commentary that we have today. Imagine if we’d had the same attitude throughout history. Basically so many things wouldn’t have happened. Even the founding of America. And then the American civil war, and so on. All of these things it would have been fact checking, you know, rumor control, authorized sources. All of this would have thwarted any sort of innovation, or change, basically!


You see that’s what this is now. What’s emerged with social media is an engine to maintain the status quo, and to direct people in certain ways. But especially to just maintain the status quo.


Dangerfield: Well also to contain an illusion, a particular interpretation of it. So it’s not like you even get to see what they want you to see, you get to see the illusion they want you to see. It’s barking mad!




Woes: Yeah. It’s incredible! Hold on a second. Yeah, it’s this illusion. And I do think that — and I talked about this with Apollonian Germ last night, which is on BitChute, by the way — it is amazing how distant most people are, the general public, from our understanding of things. They really do believe what they see on the BBC, or on Fox News, or CNN, or Twitter, Facebook, to a great extent, still.


And it’s a shame because, you know, five years ago we really thought that we were replacing the mainstream media. And we probably were in actuality. It probably was the case. But then they joined forces with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and then banned us! Or deplatformed us, and throttled us, and so on.


Now that’s not the end of the matter. And I don’t want it, you know, I don’t want the end of it to be this note of despair. I’m just noting that they have to put a huge amount of effort into maintaining the public’s ignorance and acquiescence.


Dangerfield: But it’s rather desperate that all they can do is try and silence us. And look at the speed that BitChute’s grown. Look at the speed that Parlor’s grown. The speed the brand new Tuba [?]. There’s all loads of others popping up. I think that the cat’s out the bag, and they can’t win that. I think it’s the desperate flailing of an empire on its last legs.


The mainstream media empire of the 20th century is literally just going:


“Shut it down! Shut them up! Just shut them up!”


And it’s not working. There’s a temporary kind of, sort of, the balance of power has gone back to them. But as these other platforms grow, I think that’s, … Look at all the surveys into the mainstream media. Faith is just going through the floor! People just don’t go for it! And that’s people now!


Zoomers, you know, come on! They’re not buying any of that nonsense. I’m absolutely confident they’re not.


Woes: I’ve managed to find this thing. And I’ll read it. And then we can maybe wrap up. It is actually quite lengthy. But I’ll go through it:


“Did you happen to catch the hearings with Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey? I thought it was fascinating. A lot of interesting points were raised. And I like doing thought experiments about this issue. Imagine if Facebook and Twitter had existed at the time of the American revolution. Could the revolution have occurred at all? I mean, if the largest disseminators of information to the populace had refused to let ideas and debates happen openly in the public square, then where would America be right now? Would Twitter and Facebook block the organizers of the Boston tea party from organizing on the grounds of inciting violence and criminal activity against the reigning British government? Would Twitter and Facebook block the likes of Benjamin Franklin time George Washington time from publishing their ideas and advancing ideas of limited governmental power and personal freedom and liberty?”


And so on, and so on. It comes out with other examples. But I think I’ll just read the last paragraph:


“I also wonder about social media companies policies on conspiracy theories. Some actually turn out to be true! Like project MK-Ultra, when the United States government, via the CIA, undertook immoral experiments on their own citizens in an effort to force confessions, and have a type of mind control of people. It’s all documented! My point is, without the freedom and ability to speak, discuss, debate, and examine, issues freely and openly we lose the ability to ever get at the truth. I feel that’s a danger in any free and open society, and people.”


Woes: So yeah, I thought that was quite an interesting post.




Dangerfield: But on that. And I think it’s relevant with what we’ve been talking about, YouTube and the internet. Don’t forget that the “clear net”, the Google internet, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. The internet is huge! This huge, massive, almost infinite space! And if we did get banned to that extent. If you couldn’t say anything that was vaguely controversial, or dissident, well I think we’ll be using Tor browsers.


And the day that happens, the day where we’re now going into the dark web to have our conversations, we’ll be absolutely free as a bird! I mean, I’m not into, oh what’s it called when you things all speed up and it gets worse really quickly?


Woes: Accelerationism.


Dangerfield: Yeah I’m not really into accelerationism. But, the day that people like us are on the darknet, incredible! Absolutely incredible! Because Google, YouTube, Alphabet, have got no place there! It’s not theirs! We are currently fighting this on their terms in the clear net. But once we go under that, we rule that! We’ve got the technology there, not them. They don’t! We get to chuck them out! [Woes laughs] And that’s coming! I think that’s coming.


And what a fantastic, … You talk about crypto, well that’s how I learned about crypto. Because I had to use a Tor browser to make purchases in the dark net. But people talk about these people owning the internet. They own a tiny little fraction of it. But yeah, I don’t fear that we’ll ever end up in a place where we can’t talk.


Woes: Well I hope not. I definitely hope not, because it just seems, certainly for me, it’s just become an absolutely central part of my life, even though I haven’t done it much for the last two years. The experience of being able to communicate with a very large number of people is something that’s just precious! I mean, it just changes your life really.


I mean, I know that if I get banned from YouTube — which is probably going to happen soon — I’ll still have BitChute, and I’ll still have Telegram. And I have like two and a half thousand people on there. So it’s not like that would be the end of the matter.


But still, it’s not something I’m looking forward to, to be honest, because I do — even though I don’t make much use of my channel these days — I do enjoy having it. I do enjoy the ability. And it used to be great, you know, that’s the thing. It’s now something that I treat very, very delicately. But it used to be that you could just say whatever you liked. And it was a wonderful feeling to be able to just be candid.


Dangerfield: You know, you wake up and your channel’s gone, every day!


Woes: Yeah. Yeah, definitely, exactly.


Dangerfield: Ray told me BitChute are going to have streaming, live streaming in 2021. And I went on the beta, and it’s all there set up. They’re just waiting to get it finished.




Woes: Oh fantastic! That’s great news!


Dangerfield: It’s all very well people saying:


“Get on Dlive! Get on Dlive!”


Dlive isn’t a free speech platform. It’s just everyone over there is under the radar. It’s not a free speech platform.


Woes: No. But it is its useful in the meantime.


Dangerfield: Sure.


Woes: But it’s definitely, I do agree with you that ultimately we need a platform that is dedicated to free speech. And that’s where we will be safe. That’s where it will be safe to speak openly. Although, as I’ve said, I’m not actually that interested in talking about these very dangerous topics anymore.


Dangerfield: So do I


Woes: Because I feel like I’ve said everything about it that I wanted to say. But yeah, it’s interesting times we’re living in. Let’s put it that way.


Dangerfield: And then look, let’s not forget, life’s always been a struggle. It’s always been a struggle for resources and power. And that’s where we are! Welcome to the world!


Woes: It’s a nice way to end. All right. Well let’s wrap it up there. So this is Chris Dangerfield. His channel is linked below, and you can get to there. And all right, you are on Telegram as well, you have a Telegram channel?


Dangerfield: I’m on Telegram, yeah.


Woes: Okay.


Dangerfield: I stream live twice a day, about half seven to eight. Starts about half seven, eight o’clock am English time. And then another one at four o’clock in the afternoon, English time, every day.


Woes: All right. Okay, I was muted. Okay. Well I’ll end it there. I really enjoyed this one. I’m sure that everyone else did. And okay, oh there’s one superchat, sorry! I forgot about that. Okay, this is not really connected to what we’re saying. But it’s a fifty dollar superchat!


Dangerfield: Well done! Give this man his money!


Woes: Thank you! It’s weird, Superchat seems to have died this year. I’m hardly getting any this year. Maybe it’s something that people aren’t aware that you can still do with Entropy. But anyway, here’s one:


“Any opinion on Steve Franson teaming up with Nick Fuentes? I asked Franson on Dlive if he’d be on Millenniyule this year. He was on in 2017. I think that’s the only time he’s been on. I asked him if he’d be on Millenniyule this year. He said ‘No. He was going in a different direction.’ He also said that ‘America First doesn’t need any more talent in the leadership area’, which raised my eyebrows. All the best woes.”


Well this is about very, very obviously, very much the American scene. And I honestly have completely fallen out of sync with, … I mean, in 2015 and 16 were there was a very close connection between Britain, and especially me, and the American the Alt-Right, as such. But honestly I definitely drifted apart for various reasons.


And, at this point, it’s well, Nick Fuentes in America First. I really don’t know much about them. And I don’t know much about Steve France neither. To be honest. I know that he’s on BitChute. I’ve got nothing against the guy. I watch his videos sometimes, but it just feels like, …


And this is weird to say this, because there are actually quite a lot of Americans on Millennial this year. But I really feel like we’re just operating in different arenas, because of the first amendment and the second amendment that leads to a different culture in America. Where they have different presuppositions about the way civic life is. I don’t know, there feels like there’s a big distance. And so they have a different war to fight.


Dangerfield: Sure. I think the biggest difference is our clock is ticking a lot faster than theirs, just due to the size of their nation.


Woes: Right.


Dangerfield: I can’t remember who said it, but they have — Kai Murros — they’ve got the luxury of White flight for about another 100 years. We haven’t! You run out of London, you’re in Birmingham.


Woes: Yes. Yes. It is a different thing. So do you have any comment on Steve Franson teaming up with Nick Francis? I don’t, because I’m not familiar enough with the stuff.


Dangerfield: I don’t really. I don’t really know what I make of Nick Fuentes. I think it’s probably quite a young audience. I think it serves a certain function. Actually it’s probably serving the function that we were talking about YouTube channels were in 2016. It’s probably bringing people in who aren’t too aware of what’s going on. And then they’ll move off and end up somewhere more proactive. But I don’t watch it enough to be able to help you earn that bull’s eye [chuckling].


Woes: All right, okay. Well we’ll just end it there then. Yeah, I don’t know either, so okay. Well this has been fun it’s been a lot of good points raised. So thank you for appearing on Millenniyule 2020 Dangerfield.


Woes: Thank you very much for asking me on. It’s always a pleasure.


Woes: All right. Thank you very much I’ll be back in an about an hour 45 minutes with Red Pill Germany. In the meantime, thanks for watching.












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