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[Morgoth discusses the potential dystopian future of total surveillance society brought in under the guise of “protecting” our health from Covid.






Morgoth’s Review


Fancy a Pint of


Old Face Scanner?


Mar 29, 2021



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Published on Mar 29, 2021


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Hello again there folks. So if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up over the last couple of weeks, I didn’t retire, or have a piano fall on my head, or anything like that. I’ve been focusing on my odyssey channel. And there’s quite a bit of content on there, which is me speaking freely about some things in case you miss it. And I’ll put a link to that below.


And I thought I would just slip back onto YouTube with a quick video on like the restrictions are now beginning to ease. And all of this. And, by the way, for YouTube’s algorithm and censorship, I’m not denying the vaccine, or anything like that.

But yeah, I’m beginning to feel, I’m beginning to get very nervous about some of these things which are coming in. So we’ve just had a, it’s been announced in New York and America, they’re getting the vaccine passport. And in England it’s being sort of rolled out that we’re gonna maybe have a vaccine passport, or maybe it’s gonna be facial recognition technology to be able to go to the pub. And that’s what affects me.



But it’ll be for the gym, it’ll be for pop concerts, or football matches. And I would expect in the end for supermarkets, and things like that.


Now I got hauled over the coals originally, because I had a bit of a wait and see attitude to this whole saga. But nevertheless over the last year as I saw the direction this was going I did make like a lot of content kind of looking at this dystopian technocracy which is coming in. And there’s nothing you see what’s being announced now, and it’s not like we’ve turned a corner. And it’s not like the people’s fears are being allayed here. Quite the opposite! It’s like saying the conspiracy theorists were right, is almost like it’s become kind of like a cliche.


But just in terms of like the facial recognition technology thing, going to a pub, as the virus like recedes as well, like this is coming in as fewer, and fewer, people are actually dying, even according to their own statistics, there’s fewer people dying of it now. And yet all of this stuff’s coming in.


And it’s starting to seem more, and more, that it was never actually about the virus, it was about having what people would call the Great Reset, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, whatever fancy terms they want to put on. It’s very difficult to say that’s not happening when you’re going to get your face scanned on the way into the pub!


And I’m tired of this kind of, this slow slipping into it as well. Like I always thought the masks were bullshit! I always thought that was a complete waste of time. But I didn’t really get why. And now it seems to me the masks were just the way to keep the issue alive in the public consciousness, and have the masks act as a sort of stepping stone to get where we are now.



Which is going to be facial recognition technology, vaccine passports. And that’s not even to mention, the gigantic PR campaigns now! Like that clip on Eastenders that was doing the rounds. And all of the endless pressure being put on people to get the vaccine. Which again like, why? If it works why does it matter? And I just think it’s all going to go into this database. And people are also saying:


“Well, they’ve had the technology, they’ve had all your data for years, you know, go back to 2006.”


No, this is bullshit! In 2006 I didn’t even have the internet. And all I could do on the phone was play Snake, and send messages, and call people. Like that was it! They didn’t have my information like this. In 2006 I didn’t have to scan my face to go for a pint!


So what I think’s really terrible about it is that they’re going to link up all of this information. So all of a sudden going to the pub and just chilling out, like all of a sudden you’re going to come in direct contact with the technocracy. And also your medical records.


So that you’re going to scan your face. Let’s say if, because this is up on The Times yesterday. And you’re gonna scan your face on the way into the pub. And then that’s going to run like a diagnostic on your health kind of situation.




And so you’ve got like this system which is coming in your face, like literally in your face, all of the time!



Even if you just take a basic thing like, it’s mackerel seasons coming in. So I get on my mate Davey, and I say how we will get the spinning rods out, and we’ll go down to Tynemouth Pier. And we’ll do some fishing for the mackerel, and we’ll go for a few pints afterwards. In other words, what used to be considered normal life. Well okay, the problem is you haven’t had the vaccine. So you go along. And you get your face scanned at the door and you’re not up to date!


And then it wouldn’t even be that either, because they’re already talking about like second jabs, and new waves, and mutations of the virus. So you’re going to be in this constant like kind of struggle. This constant mode of panic to make sure that the system, your data, is up to date and that you’ve had the latest boosters! You’ve had the latest injections, and jabs. And you turn up at the door of, … And eventually I’ve got a feeling this is going to be in the supermarkets and everything.


But let’s just keep it with the pub. You turn up at the pub they’re like:


“Oh, no. Sorry you can’t come in. You’re two weeks overdue on your latest jab for the fourth mutation.”



And you can think:


“Well all right, I’ll just go fishing then.”


And then it’ll be like:


“Oh, well, sorry you can’t do that either, because you’re Social Credit is just like a 3.4. And the beach has been designated as an eco-zone and that’s only open to people who are 4.1 and above! But what you can do to boost all of this is go home and watch Netflix, and watch Cuties 2.”


Because, I mean, I’m kind of joking around a bit [chuckling]. But a while ago I did a video on the Chinese Social Credit system. And at least there’s this kind of Confucious ethic at the heart of it. Like as unpleasant as it is, at least there’s a sense of patriotism and nationalism, and doing the right thing, in the Chinese one.


Like if that’s what they’re going to go in the West with Social Credit system, … Because that’s absolutely what this looks like. Well, if that’s the case, the sort of the “ghost in the machine” if you like, the value set which is imprinted in it, it’s not going to be that, of course, is it? It’s going to be “social justice”.


So your kind of way to be a good person in the West, and just generally now, is to be like an SJW, and to have all of these kind of anti-White social justice talking points.


And the World Economic Forum, and all of these sites, you can see it in there. You can see that they’re talking about things like “social justice” in their own propaganda.


So you’re then going to be left with basically trying to get up your score in a system which hates your guts! And you can imagine what it’s going to be like in the so-called progressive stack. Well, if you’re a straight White man, what is it going to be? Is it going to be like where you start off with minus five points? But the Right group gets like a sort of boost at the start?



I mean, I’m kind of exaggerating and playing around here a bit. But like, then again when is it going to stop? When are they actually going to turn a corner on this? It seems like there’s just no breaks on it! I keep seeing this stuff coming in. And it started with the masks. And then you think:


“Well okay, this is as far as it’s going to go.”


And then it’s not the masks, it’s a sort of pressure and PR campaigns to get the vaccine, and demonizing people who are a little bit suspicious. And then now it’s like facial recognition technology and vaccine passports, which are all going to be linked up to everything you do on the internet.


So your opinions what you watch on the internet, what you buy, everything., you know what are you going to drink when you go to the pub? How healthy are you? All of this is going to be logged on this system.


And it’s, let’s say, coming very, very close to the point where they just judge you, as a person, and Mark you up, or down according to whatever criteria they want. I don’t see any reason for them not to do that at the moment. And I think it’s getting to the point where this is like an emergency situation here! [chuckling] And I think:


“Where are all the liberals?”


I mean, the reason why I wanted to do this videos is where’s the pushback here? And like what about all these civil liberties? They let a rapist into the country and he’s lying up to the eyeballs! But how are they getting away with all of this?




It’s not a happy time people! When are we going to reach the high water Mark of this, is what I’m saying.



So I like to know who else is pushing back on this? I mean, I know Dave Cullen’s been doing great work. I watched the Spike podcast yesterday. But I thought it was a little bit weak around the knees, if I’m honest about it. But nevertheless what Spike did point out was that the government are trying to offload this onto like businesses, where they actually come in contact with the public. Now people have said that:


“Well there’s going to be some publishes who just say, ‘well we don’t care. We aren’t gonna have any of the vaccine passports, or facial recognition technology. Like to hell with it! We don’t care’. And then it’ll be packed.”


Now in theory that would work. In practice it won’t, because they’re not going to be, according to Spike, they’ll still have to have the “rule of six”. They’re still gonna have to have all of the lockdown measures if they don’t implement the passports, and the all of this new technology to scan people as they’re going in. Which will then be run against all of their medical records. And what will amount, if it carries on like this, to a kind of digital version of that person. Which is then going to be taking a look at by a system.


And so they’re kind of filling in all of the bolt-holes, so that it does just come in across the board. And that if you don’t do what’s expected of you here, you’ll go bust, or you’ll just have to stay in your house forever. And you’ll barely, … I mean, what happens when they bring this into the supermarkets? Again, like where are all the civil liberties crowd?


So I mean, if you’ve got links to this stuff, put it down in the comments. Because I just think it’s getting really quite out of hand. And I know, do know about there’s a larger agenda at play here. But it seems like there’s just not enough people kind of speaking up about it.


And if I’m wrong, if it’s let’s say this Christmas it’s all done with and forgotten about, and we’re all just going about our lives as we did a couple of years ago. And that’ll be fair enough. And I’ll be more than happy to make a little video saying:


“Yeah, I was getting a bit panicked there!”


But as it stands now I see dark clouds on the horizon here. Because this just seems like dystopia. Absolute dystopia! Where everything you’re doing has run on, … It’s basically like you’re going to be living as if you were living on Twitter! In as if Twitter, or something became a reality and everything about your life was just a series of algorithms.


That your lived life in the real world was they ran according to an algorithm and a data set. And it’s just seems like hell to me. And I can feel this something churning in my stomach whenever I see all of this coming in.


But if I’m wrong then, great! But I just don’t see it at the moment. I wish I could have a happier video for you after a couple of weeks away from YouTube. But it does need to he said.


I’ll catch you later folks.





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