Wake Up From COVID – Dr. Peter McCullough – Something is Very Wrong – May 24, 2021 — Transcript


[A series of clips of Dr. Peter McCullough, a Texas based cardiologist, discussing the serious problems with the Covid vaccines.




Wake Up From COVID

Dr. Peter McCullough

Something is Very Wrong


May 24, 2021




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Published on May 24, 2021


Dr. Peter McCullough – Something is very wrong

May 24th, 2021



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Wake Up From COVID




Dr. Peter McCullough says it as it is. Maybe the most courageous statements said by a highly regarded physician.

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… Well, the US FDA regulatory guidance on vaccines. And they have been modern vaccines. You don’t have to pick the old ones. I mean we’ve had modern vaccines – shingles vaccines, hepatitis B, meningococcal vaccines – demand a minimum up two years of safety data! Two years! By regulatory, … It’s written into and codified into the regulatory rules for the manufacturers. That was all thrown out! And said, two months! For Covid, two months. So two months of observational data.


This idea that we could vaccinate people that were not even tested in the trials! That has never been done before. We have never just thrown a vaccine at somebody without having any data! None!

So the very first pregnant woman that was vaccinated here in the United States, it was done with no knowledge of safety, and no knowledge of efficacy.


And the argument that we’ve heard is that:


“COVID-19 is a bad illness. 600,000 people have died. The vaccine could help them. We should give it a shot! Come on, we should just give it a shot!”


While that 600,000 died, I have already told you that 85% of that was preventable with early treatment, which was actively suppressed and squashed!


And not only that, if this vaccine can help them, the vaccine had better be safe! It better be safe!


And my comments on the vaccine are: safety, safety, safety! Let’s see it!


Just like Americans should have been getting weekly updates on treatment innovations, American should have been getting weekly updates on vaccine safety. Very important! Weekly updates from our Federal officials on safety! Super important!


Those two things are probably the two largest acts of malfeasance in all of medical regulatory history! It will go down in the history of malfeasance! Wrong doing by those in authority.


How come there was no updates on treatment and no promotion of early treatment to reduce hospitalisation and deaths? And now that we release a vaccine why are there no safety updates? Why are there no attempts for risk mitigation in terms of making a vaccine program safer?


How do we know we have have all these vaccines? How do we know that we can vaccinate pregnant women? We know because of years and years of safety data. Before a vaccine is ever been injected into a pregnant woman, it’s probably been tested for decades before we try it in a pregnant woman!


We would never, out of the box, take a brand new technology that has never been tested before! Ever! And we know the vaccine technology produces the dangerous spike protein. It produces the Wuhan spike protein. The spicule on the ball of the virus itself which damages blood vessels and causes blood clotting. And all of them do! We would never unleashed that into a pregnant woman’s body!


Americans have to understand something is very wrong, with what’s going on! What’s going on in the world, these are examples, are clear-cut examples of wrongdoing that is at such a high level. The group think is in the wrong direction in such a consistent and overwhelming way that people are being harmed in an extraordinary fashion!


I think it is about what the vaccine means. And Whitney Webb gets credit for this. Back in April she said:


“Aha! I figured this out! This is what globalists have been waiting for! They have been waiting for a way of marking people!”


You getting a vaccine you are marked in a database. And this can be used for trade, for commerce, for behavioural modification. All different purposes. And you see that right here in Dallas. They’ve announced that you can’t go to a Dallas Mavericks game unless you are vaccinated. You have people saying:


“Listen, you have passports.”


You had colleges today announce that they are not going to give any credit to natural immunity. Every scientist in the world knows that the natural immunity is way better then the vaccine immunity!


If it’s about Covid, why don’t we have Covid recovered going to the Mavericks games? Why don’t we have Covid recovered people freely go to college? Why do we have to have faulty vaccine immunity be the priority, and have natural immunity not count?


See, these types of things make me think that Whitney Webb is correct. This is actually about marking! The vaccine is a way of marking people. It’s the way of starting to assert efforts to create compliance, behaviour control.


Don’t forget the vaccine, it’s just a starter! Now there’s going to be updates. You are going to be boosters. They’re already prepping people for this. The vaccine manufacturers are all linked. They are all uniquely indemnified! What medical product is there indemnification? Where something happened to you and you don’t have any recourse?


A woman gets vaccinated, a pregnant women, she has no maternal foetal rights? And something happens to her baby, she’s out of luck? This is extraordinary what Americans are doing! It’s absolutely extraordinary what is being thrust upon us now!


I think this whole pandemic from the beginning, was about the vaccine! So I think all roads lead to the vaccine!


And what it means? There are already places in South East Asia and in Europe they are laying the ground work for compulsory vaccination! I mean compulsory! That means somebody pins you down to the ground and put the needle into you! That’s how bad stakeholders want vaccination!:


“Listen, it’s not about cost, you don’t have to pay for it! It’s all provided!”


There are people, or stakeholders, they do you want a needle in every arm. This needle in every arm is a very important moniker! Why! Why do you want a needle in every arm? Let’s take Covid recovered. Can’t get the virus, can’t receive it. It has nothing to do. Why would they ever need a needle in the arm of Covid recovered patient? Why?


Three studies show higher safety events. See, the tension that Americans are feeling right now as they try to keep their jobs and go to work, and is they know that they can die of the vaccine! That’s the problem! If the vaccine was like water, and you just got it and there was no side-effects, who wouldn’t take it?:


“Hell! I’ll comply! And they got my Social Security number anyway in the database. I’m already marked. I’ll just get marked.”


But no, there is something very unique about this vaccine. And there’s something about injecting something into a body that is so important to stakeholders, it doesn’t matter.


Kids 12-year-old I told that they can make their own decision on this? And it could be there fatal decision! Think about that! North Carolina just passed that. 12-year-old kids can decide on their own!


Yeah are over 4,000 dead Americans. There are over 10,000 dead people in Europe that die days one, two and three after the vaccine! Why are we pushing this in the way where people jobs, education, and livelihood, decide on a decision that’s potentially fatal? The tension you can cut it with a knife!


There are parents you say:


“I want my kids to go to college this year, but I don’t want to lose them to the vaccine!”


They know what’s going on. The Internet is full of these cases! Blood clots, strokes, immediate death!


I am fortunate, in that I have not directly lost a patient to the vaccine. I told you most got vaccinated in December, January, February. Based on the safety data now I can no longer recommend it! I can’t recommend it! It’s past all the thresholds for being a safe product. It’s not a safe product! None of them are!


It’s not just Johnson and Johnson. In fact more of the safety events in the United States have occurred with Moderna and Pfizer.


There are now papers written by prominent scientists calling for a worldwide halt in the program! There are prominent virologists, and many of them, including Nobel Prize winners, who have said:


“Listen, if we vaccinate and we create a very narrow, incomplete, library of immunity, …”


Which is what the vaccine is. The vaccines are all targeted towards the original Wuhan spike protein, which has long gone. That’s extinct! Patients are getting vaccinated for something that doesn’t exist any more. The Wuhan spike protein has gone, we are hoping the immunity covers the other variants, but that narrow immunity is a setup.


It’s just like giving everybody a narrow spectrum antibiotic. If you did that what would happen? And we would grow up superbugs! There are warnings out there saying don’t do this! Don’t vaccinate the entire world! All we going to do is set ourselves up for a superbug, that is really going to wipe out populations.


So for many reasons indiscriminate vaccination is a horrendous idea! It’s a horrendous bio-weapon that has been thrust onto the public. And it’s going to cause great personal harm, which it already has. Thousands of people have lost their lives. I’ve never lost a direct patient but I’ve had my patients lose their family members, lots of them.


I’ve filled out a safety report on a patient who developed blood clot’s after one of the Pfizer, or Moderna, vaccines. And I’m telling you it took half an hour to do it. And there was many pages and each page said:


“Warning! Federal offence, punishable by severe fines and penalties if I falsified a report.”


All those thousands of Americans that have died with the vaccine in hospitalisations in the database, I think a real! And they are far beyond anything we have ever seen. And as a doctor, and as a public citizen, I am extraordinarily concerned about the vaccine.


The vaccine centre right down the street here is empty. I drive past it every day. Americans know! They are talking to each other. The vaccines are not safe! And now the effort is the vaccine stakeholders want kids without parental guidance. And now they want to be in the church. Americans, and people worldwide, should be extraordinarily alarmed!


My personal situation, professional situation, is a position of strength. And those who have attempted, in anyway, to pressure, coerce, or threaten me with reprisal, have paid an extraordinary price. And I think that’s an important message to get out there.


There is a position of strength, based on principles of compassionate care, and of the Hippocratic oath, and of the fiduciary relationship, that a doctor has to a patient, and a prominent doctor has to a population, that supersedes all of those other ill intents. And what I say is:


“Bring them on!”


Dr. Peter McCullough, MD.
Doctor of Internal Medicine and Board-Certified Cardiologist.











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