The Joel & Blair Show – Thought-Terminating Racism and Immigration Lies – Aug 17, 2023 – Transcript


The Joel & Blair Show


Thought-Terminating Racism


and Immigration Lies


Thu, Aug 17, 2023


[In this video Joel Davis, a White activist from Down Under, discusses the situation in Australia re immigration, the resultant housing shortage, and how the Aussies are being gas-lighted and lied into believing that the housing crisis is the result of a lack of homes being built, rather that being jew to the country being flooded with non-White invaders.






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Okay, so we should be live. Unfortunately, another week without Blair. He’s still recovering from surgery and so on. And yeah, he needed to take another week off the show.


And often when there’s no Blair, I try to supplement it with Tom. You can almost call it The Joel and Tom Show. We’ve had so many shows with Tom and obviously those shows are quite good. Always get a good response. It’s always good to stream with Tom. He’s very good at doing this as well. But he is “hibernating for the winter”, he said. Just going to have a Joel solo show tonight. It’s The Joel Show, I guess.


I’m also going to be debuting a new weekly stream that’ll be on my personal YouTube channel this Saturday. And that show will be about kind of international issues. This show, obviously, we talk about mostly Australian politics almost exclusively. We do touch on a few other things, but basically we just talk about Australian politics almost entirely on this show.


The other show, which will be on Saturday, Australian time, I think Friday night US time will be on. Whatever is kind of interesting in global politics, obviously from a pro-White perspective, but just kind of opening it up to general themes. And I won’t have the same co-host every week, but I’ll bring on different friends to do shows with me on different weeks to always mix it up. And some of them will be regular, some of them will be once every now and then.


And I think the audience really enjoy that. The majority of the people who enjoy my content actually aren’t Australian. So that show will probably be better for my broad international audience. But also, obviously, from an Australian perspective, global politics matter if you are pro-White, you care about the White race in general. You care about the state of our entire civilisation. And Australia’s destiny really is bound up with the destiny of our entire civilisation, of the White world.


And so that show, as I said, will be on Australian time Saturdays, probably through the middle of the day at some point. I’ll advertise it all and post links and everything on my Telegram. Just keep an eye out for that and tune into that on Saturday. My YouTube channel, by the way, is slash at Joel Davis videos.


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And I do try when I see people that are operating on Twitter or Telegram or YouTube or wherever trying to do things that contribute to increasing our kind of digital footprint, I try to boost people and support people who are doing a good job and bring people together into group chats and things like that.




So just get involved! Because the way that this is going to work, if we’re going to really spread our messaging online most effectively, we need to work as a unit. We need to have lots of different people operating on different platforms with different strengths and focuses and be a kind of broad network, pushing out our messaging to wider audiences to have a larger impact on the overall conversation and have more points of contact with people outside of the scene to draw them in.


So, yeah, don’t just be a passive consumer of nationalist content online, actually participate. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, but chip in in some way.


Anyway. Oh, and also as usual, you can send a SuperChat live Joel Davis. That’s Powerchat live slash Joel Davis. I’ll read the Superchats out at the end of the show. So send in a Superchat. That’s a way to support the show.


Now, the obvious first point of discussion this week, as usual, is the immigration debate and the media. I’ve been kind of observing over the past couple of days news headlines and the kinds of things they’re talking about on Sky News and the ABC and the national political conversation. And the housing crisis has been a major topic of conversation because the government is trying to come up with some housing plan or whatever and sell this as a solution.


And you can see in the general way the media has received this, how contrived the debate is around the issue.


Just last week, the deputy leader of the Liberals, so the apparently Dutton started criticising the government’s immigration policy and so forth. But on Sky News, I think it was last week, Susan Ley, who is the deputy leader of the Liberals, she was on Sky News, she was getting interviewed and they were asking her:


“What are you going to do about the housing crisis? What do you think about the government’s policies?”


She said nothing about immigration! She reiterated support for the government’s immigration policies, and:


“We love immigration. The problem is supply.”


She said:


“We need to build more houses.”


And we saw similar remarks from the union, similar remarks from the business lobby. They’re all singing from the same hymn sheet, and so is the media almost entirely. Very few aspects of the mainstream media will actually draw a link between immigration and the housing crisis, which is just obviously an agenda, because it’s very obvious. You talk about:


“Oh, there’s not enough housing supply!”


But the supply of something only matters relative to how much demand there is for something.




It’s very basic. It’s almost ridiculous that I have to even explain this. But let’s say I buy seven steaks a week, and I’m one guy. So I’ve only one guy demanding steaks, and I have seven steaks a week. Well, then I’ve got enough steaks to have a steak every night for dinner. But if I have a home of five people and I still only buy seven steaks a week, well, then there isn’t enough steaks for everyone to have a steak every night for dinner.


And so you could say:


“Well, the problem is we need more steaks!”


And it’s like:


“Well, yeah, but we need more steaks because there’s more people.”


If there was less people we would need less steaks, I mean, this is just obvious. And it’s the same is true with housing. More people means you need more housing.


So to say to engage in this debate, like, as if immigration is not even fundamentally relevant, is ridiculous!


And what’s more kind of ridiculous about it is that immigration is far easier to control than supply. Because, I’ve covered this on previous shows, Australia has one of the largest construction industries per capita of any developed country on earth. We are building as many houses as we can. And actually, due to economic issues around high interest rates, around increased costs of construction and so on, the construction industry, despite increased demand, is actually producing less this year than even was last year. Less houses are getting approved and so on.


And that isn’t just simply because of government policy, it’s because of large economic issues that are hard to simply solve.


And so the government can throw money at the problem, but would be far easier would be if they just stopped approving visas. And that’s just somehow not even an option on the table because it would be racist to say so.


Even though we’ve gone through the polling and we’ve shown how 70% of Australians think we have too much immigration, plus, some of the polls have it even higher than 70%. They don’t care about what the people want. They don’t care. The business lobby and so on, the immigration lobby, which the property lobby, finance lobby, and so on, they want more people coming in because it benefits them.


How does it benefit them? And again, we talk about this almost every week, but it’s important to reiterate. Wage suppression! More workers come in, you put out an ad for a job, more people apply for the job. You don’t have to pay as high to get an applicant.




So if you don’t have large population growth, if you don’t have all this labour pouring into the country, you put out a job ad and the economy is doing well. Well, people have options. You don’t get as many applicants for that role. And so maybe you have to say, instead of paying $32 an hour, we’re going to advertise it at $35 an hour to see if people ring up and come in for an interview. It’s just basic business.


And if enough people are doing that and putting up wages overall, that improves everyone’s wages. You get a general increase in wages and the Australian people, by and large, are doing better than they were the previous year.


The opposite happens when you put out a job application and you get lots of people calling up wanting to come in for an interview straight away, because you have a bunch of new people that have just moved here looking for a job.


Same for rent. You want to rent out a house. If you put a house up for rent and immediately 30 people want to come to an inspection and they’re all like:


“Yes, I want to rent the house!”


Well, then you can afford to charge whatever the rent is and get it. People will be chomping at the bit.


Whereas if you put up a house for rent and say you want to charge $500 a week to rent the house and you’re waiting for three weeks, and you don’t have any applications, well then maybe you’re going to try and put it down to $450 a week and rent it out at that price.


And so it’s just basic supply and demand, whether you’re talking about labour or housing. These dynamics, the wealthy elite interests, they want to mess with these economic factors for their own benefit.


Now, why is it so important right now? Well, during Covid and I’ve explained this before, but I’m going to reiterate this part again as well. During Covid the government printed a lot of money, expanded the housing supply, sorry, expanded the money supply during Covid to get us through the pandemic because of all the restrictions that they put on economic activity and all the effects that had on various businesses. They had to bail out a bunch of businesses, they had to hand over to Qantas billions of dollars to keep it going because no one was able to fly anywhere, because all the borders were closed and so on.


And so obviously that destroyed their business model. And the business model of many businesses, whether you talk about hospitality, industry, tourism, various industries really got hit hard because the Pandemic fundamentally messed up their day to day operations.




And so there was stimulus, there were money going out to support businesses to keep people on despite them not having work and all the rest of it. Everyone remembers what happened.


Now due to all of that, that created or expanded the supply of money, because when the government spends more money than it takes in through taxation, it creates bonds and effectively money is created through debt.


And so the government got itself into more debt. That creates more money effectively.


And as a result of that, there’s more dollars floating around in the economy than previously existed, chasing the same amount of goods and services.


And so this naturally bids up price. Again, basic law of supply and demand. You can understand most of economics through just applying basic principles of supply and demand. You increase the supply of money, then ultimately that has effects on price, because that increases the demand for goods. Money has to buy goods.


So this caused inflation. To get inflation back under control, we have to reduce the money supply. The way you reduce money supply. As I said, money is created through debt, through taking out loans. How do you destroy money? Through paying back loans at higher rates of interest. That’s why they put up interest rates.


So when inflation goes up, the central bank goes, we need to put up interest rates. If the average person has a mortgage or businesses take out loans and so on. Maybe if you’re a large corporation, you want to build a skyscraper. You probably don’t have the money to build a skyscraper lying around. You’ll go and get finance, you go to a major financial institution. Here’s our business model for the corporation, here’s our yearly profits. We want to build a skyscraper paid off over 15 years and so on, and they get into an arrangement for a loan.


Now, if you jack up interest rates, well then all of a sudden, whether you’re a homeowner and your mortgage repayments go up or you’re a business and some of your other loan repayments go up, that means you have less free money lying around. If you’re an individual to, say, go on a holiday or to buy a new pair of shoes or buy a new car or whatever the case may be, if you’re a business, you got less money lying around to invest in employing more people or whatever it is.


Basically, the idea of putting up interest rates is to slow down economic activity by increasing the amount of costs that go on paying back interest rather than buying stuff. And so inflation is caused by too many dollars chasing the same amount of goods. Slowing down inflation is reducing the amount of dollars chasing those goods through increasing interest rates.


So that’s why interest rates have gone up.




Now, the large corporations and wealthy interests, many of whom benefited massively from the Covid payouts because they were disproportionately going to businesses to keep businesses afloat. They were going there were secret bailouts or, I wouldn’t say secret, but not publicized bailouts of major financial institutions.


And so during Covid actually the stock market was surging. People might remember stock market was surging. I don’t think in the history of the world there’d ever been such a large transfer of wealth to the top 1% than there was during Covid. It was literally almost the same as the 2008 financial crisis and then some, that bailout.


But because it was under the pretext of Covid basically they were able to do a “bailout”, which is a fancy term for wealth transfer to the rich under the pretext of:


“Well, this is to keep the economy together during Covid.”


So that we didn’t have these massive protests against the bankers or whatever. And this focus on:


“Oh, why are you bailing out the bankers rather than the common man?”


Because they had us all arguing with each other about vaccines and lockdowns and so on, rather than looking at the economics of what was going on during that time period. And the media is just singly focused on Covid! Covid! Covid! Covid! Rather than on historical wealth transfer.


And so that wealth transfer basically was funded by inflation. That inflation has to come back under control. And these people who were juiced essentially by the Covid stimulus, they don’t want to have to bear the costs of getting the economy back in shape after the artificial Covid juicing, essentially.


And so they want to pass the costs of getting inflation under control onto the average worker, onto the average person. And immigration is how you do that. Why is immigration how you do that?


Well, look, if you jack up interest rates, what does that do? Jacking up interest rates means people don’t want to buy houses as much as they previously did, because most people need to get a mortgage to buy a house. If interest rates are much higher than they were a few years ago, less people are going to think it’s a good idea to buy a larger, more expensive house because their mortgage repayments are going to be higher, and so they’re not going to want to borrow as much money as they did two or three years ago when interest rates were lower. It’s basic economic common sense. You can only afford what you can afford.


But if you flood the country with immigrants, well, that increases the demand for housing to make up for the fact that high interest rates are preventing people from buying houses.


So if you’re a big property developer, if you’re one of these wealthy jewish property developers like Triguboff*, you want to build more high rise apartments. High interest rates are going to prevent Australian citizens from having the same demand to buy all your new high rise apartments. Birth rates are going down due to economic stress and other elements.


[* Harry Oskar Triguboff is an Australian billionaire real estate developer, and one of Australia’s richest people. He is the founder and managing director of Meriton and is known as “high-rise Harry”. As of May 2023, The Australian Financial Review assessed Triguboff as the fourth richest Australian by net worth, estimated at AUD$23.80 billion, as published in the 2023 Rich List.]




But we discussed a study on the show a few weeks ago about how young people, the main reason they say they don’t want to have kids or they want to have less kids is because they don’t think they can afford to have kids or to have more kids. And that the economy is in too terrible of a state to be having kids right now. You hear this kind of thing all the time.


But we’ve got studies to show that massive proportion of Australian citizens who are at childbearing age list this as the reason why they don’t want to have kids. Not that they don’t want to have kids, because the idea of having kids is a bad idea to them or something like that they ideally wouldn’t want to have kids, just they don’t feel like they’re in a financial position to do so.


Anyway, because of these dynamics, there isn’t as much demand for housing. So open the borders, bring in brown people, brown people will buy houses, they’ll bring money from the outside and that’ll maintain demand. And so property developers, their profit margins continue despite the fact that the economy is having to take a huge hit to fix interest rates. The hit doesn’t get taken by them. Someone has to take a hit!


If you didn’t flood the country with immigrants, a lot of the large businesses would have to take the hit, because ultimately, if population isn’t increasing, that means that your house prices are probably not going to continue to go up and up and up and up, because there’s a certain amount of houses. If the population isn’t expanding too quickly, you don’t need to build that many houses to keep up with it. And therefore supply and demand, the demand is level with supply, or maybe supply goes in front of the demand and house prices come down a little bit or rent prices kind of stagnate a little bit.


If you don’t have so many immigrants pouring in, competing with native Australians for jobs, well, then maybe wages start going up. Actually during Covid that actually happened. Wages were going up during Covid because we didn’t have immigrants coming into the country. And so businesses had to pay native Australians a good wage to attract them into doing a job.


So they don’t want the average Australian to be doing better with a cheaper cost of living and a higher wage. They want you to have a lower wage and a higher cost of living so that big business can keep making large profit margins, so property developers can keep making large profit margins and you get screwed!


And immigration is the magic source that holds together all of these super wealthy interests, the most powerful wealthy interests in our society, the banks that issue loans, they want to keep their business model going, they want to keep issuing loans.


Well, a great way to do that is to, again, flood the country with immigrants, jack up the cost of housing! People really have to therefore dig in to get an even more expensive mortgage to buy the same kind of house. They’ll make sacrifices in other areas.


Maybe you can afford, say you’re earning 100 grand a year, you can afford to probably get a mortgage. I think they say that it’s about six times your yearly wage.




So you can probably afford to get a $600,000 mortgage if you earn $100,000 a year maximum. But it doesn’t mean that you have to go out and get a $600,000 a year mortgage. You’d rather get a $200,000 a year mortgage if you could, because you don’t want to be paying almost all of your paycheck on a mortgage. You want to be able to have an affordable life. You want to have savings. You want to have the ability to go on holidays. You want to buy a boat or whatever the case may be. You want to live well. You don’t want to be just paying your mortgage and scraping by with the bare minimum.


But the banks do. That’s what they want. They want you spending as much of your wage or as much of your salary as possible on paying them back a mortgage, on paying back the interest on your mortgage. How are they going to do that? By flooding your country with immigrants. So house prices go up. So you have no choice. You got to live somewhere.


And where do these immigrants go? When immigrants come to Australia, they want to live in the major cities, so you know, if you’re a young White family in a major city, they come in for you. They want your mortgage to go up, they want your rents to go up. And that’s what all of these policies are designed to do so that you have less free money basically.


They want to clamp down your wages and then they want your mortgage or your rent to go up so you have less free money. So they have your money! They have the profits, they have the benefits. And that’s what this is. Immigration is a form of, you could say, class warfare.


Now, it isn’t just class warfare. It isn’t just an economic thing. It’s also a racial thing.


And the two things actually work together. Because if we lived in a society where we could talk openly and we had mass media publications where someone like me could go on Sky News and talk about White issues and White interests and advocate for White Identity Politics in an open way. And I could wear a suit and be taken seriously and work for some think tank that it’s raison d’etre was looking out for the interests of White Australians.


If we had a society like that, then I would be able to have these kinds of arguments. Or other people, not me, but other people like me would be able to go onto mainstream publications and mainstream journalists could write articles giving you these takes. The kind of takes you hear on The Joel and Blair Show that would disseminate in the public consciousness. And that would promote a kind of politics that would be effectively White nationalism. Immigration restrictionism, at the very least, would become quite popular.




So people would say:


“Wow! Restricting immigrants from flowing into my country, that’s a great policy!”


That would be a great policy because not just for the economic reasons, but also to maintain social cohesion and maintain our culture and way of life, which is a reflection of our race, which is a reflection of our heritage.


And if it was openly discussed in a fair and reasonable way, the majority of people would come to that position. Even still, despite everything, as I said, the polls still show 70% of Australians think we have too much immigration. Imagine what the polls would say if people like me were allowed to go on Sky News and ABC and Channel Nine and so on and express these views and be listened to in a fair manner.


But we can’t because it’s “racist”. That’s literally the only reason we can’t because elite society has decided “racism is bad”. Being pro-White, which is the same thing as being racist. Whenever you hear the word “racist”, it means “pro-White”. And whenever anyone is calling you a racist, they are anti-White. That’s very important to always remember that, to do that conversion in your mind and constantly rhetorically do that conversion in discussions with people.


But whenever you’re pro-White, aka, racist, that immediately takes you out of the conversation. We can’t actually have any rational thought about anything else that you say because we’ve demarcated it as racist. Usually when you have a conversation, the conversation is supposed to be about the truth of something.


So usually we determine the value of what someone is saying on the basis of is it true, or is it false? But they’ve created this new category of racist where it doesn’t matter if it’s true or false. It’s beyond truth and falsity. It’s racist, therefore it can’t be considered. It’s like people talk about a post-truth society. This is what the post truth society is. It’s the so-called anti-racist society. It’s the anti-White society where the anti-White race war, or White genocide, I should say, it’s not even really a race war because White people aren’t really fighting back. It’s just White genocide. Where White genocide supervenes upon truth, upon reality. White genocide is the fundamental reality in which these people live.


And then there’s actual reality which is only secondary. It can only be allowed to subsist in our mind. And we can only contemplate reality in our mind once we’ve already agreed:


“Yes, our race must be genocided and cannot be advocated. We can’t advocate against the genocide of our race.”


Once we accept that, once we accept our collective racial suicide, then whatever reality is left that doesn’t impact or impair upon that in any way, that’s the only reality in which we can kind of discuss fairly and openly with quote, unquote, “scientific thinking” or “rational thinking” or whatever.





So that’s the demarcation lines of the debate. And I’ve seen this in many news articles. I’m not going to bore you guys with random clips and news articles demonstrating this, but I will show you two important graphs that I think people need to be aware of so this graph here, this is a graph showing weekly rents.


Now, the light blue line is all houses. The dark blue line is three bed houses. The light pink line is all units. The purple line is two bed units, and the yellow line is all rentals combined.


So basically, the blue lines are houses, the pink lines are units. The yellow line is the average of the two.


Now, this graph goes from 2010 to 2023.


So it’s really this last part of the graph here that is immigration opens up 2022, and you see this massive spike in rents.


So you can see here that the amount of growth in rents from 2010 to 2022 was, if you follow the yellow line, it was about $50. It went from about 400 to 450. Fluctuated a little bit through that time, but now it’s almost 700. This is in Australia’s capital cities, by the way. Average capital city rental is now almost $700. That’s insane! And you can thank immigration for that!


Here’s another graph that’s important to look at.


So this here is inflation adjusted wages. Now, again, this is from 2010 to it says here 2022, but it continues into this year a little bit. So 100. This line here, this is the 2010 average.


And so what we can see here is that we had pretty consistent wage growth. And I’ve seen other graphs that go back to the 1980s and you see pretty consistent wage growth from the 1980s all the way through till Covid, basically. And you see here the early part of Covid wages actually go up.


And then as soon as the borders open in 2022, you see over a decade of wage growth is wiped out. And we’re now earning on average what we were earning in 2009.


So basically, the government’s immigration policy has effectively, in the space of one year, destroyed over a decade of economic growth and how that benefits the Australian working man.


Yeah, I guess there’s this article which I could show you here, which is important. We got to go through all the kind of facts and figures on this show. This is from Macro Business, this article:


“Unemployment jumps on Mad Albo’s extreme immigration.”


So this is the new unemployment data. And basically what we see here. So this is from Seek.




So for those who don’t know what Seek is, Seek is a website, basically, where they put up job ads and you can apply for jobs and just a job advertising service. And the red line is job ads. The blue line is applications per ad.


So you can see here during Covid surge in applications early, probably because a few industries got knocked out.


But then as the pandemic goes on, job ads steadily increase for that two year period and applications decrease. So what you can see here is unemployment really went down during the Pandemic. And why was that? One of the main reasons, was because we closed the borders for two years and immigrants stopped pouring in. And so businesses didn’t have all this excess brown labour flowing into the country. And so during that time, you also had wage growth.


And then obviously, immigrants start pouring in all of a sudden, job ads fall, applications increase.


And so this is important from the perspective of if you’re a wage earner, labour is a commodity. There’s a market. If you’re looking for a job, you want to look for a job at a time when there’s lots of businesses advertising for jobs and there isn’t that many people looking for work, because then you have options. You don’t want to be looking for a job at a time when there isn’t that many businesses trying to put people on and there’s applications flooding in because it’s going to be difficult for you to find one. Basic stuff.


This is what immigration does. It’s called the Labor Party because it’s supposed to be looking out for labour, literally! It’s supposed to be looking out for working Australians. But they’re pursuing policies which actively screw working Australians.


And speaking of people who are supposed to look out for working Australians, I think it was today in Brisbane, the CFMEU I’ll pull up this article:


“CFMEU and other construction workers, they marched across Brisbane City demanding action on the housing crisis.”


So obviously the union put them up to this. And they were doing it because the Labor Party is holding their national conference in Brisbane this weekend.


Now what’s interesting is they’re not calling for to stop flooding the country with immigrants, as we discussed on the show with Blair, I think it was last week or the week before. The unions don’t actually represent the workers in any meaningful capacity.


Basically, what they seem to be saying is the same thing that the deputy of the Liberal Party and all the media is saying is:


“Build more houses!”


That’s the only solution that they have to the housing crisis, is build more houses. And yeah, they probably could, if they had the right policies, increase the amount of houses being built. But you don’t actually need to build that many more houses. Just stop flooding the country with immigrants!


Now it’s obvious, but I’ll say it again and again! But it’s just interesting to see these political machinations that all of these groups in Australia that are supposed to be defending certain interest groups, they’re all singing from the same hymn sheet. It shows how contrived and controlled Australian political discourse is and how compromised all of our forms of mainstream political representation are.




The whole thing is a joke! It shouldn’t be up to me, some fringe commentator, to speak the truth about this subject. It should be, like what I’m saying is not even that radical. It’s just common sense.


Now, it’s interesting. There was a poll this week on it wasn’t just on The Voice. It shows that The Voice is winning, I think, in basically all states, except, I think, Victoria and maybe Tasmania. But the polls are pretty consistently showing now that the No vote is flying in Queensland. It’s absolutely flying in Queensland, it’s so far ahead. But in Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, the No vote is solidly ahead according to all the recent polls.


But what was kind of interesting through the year, know, we’ve been talking about the polls and every time we cover the polls, the No vote always goes up and Yes vote always comes down. Obviously, we’ve been discussing this literally all year and the trend has been continuing all year, and actually the trend was already occurring last year if you really track the polls.


But during that time, the polls on the government, on the Labor government, on Anthony Albanese and so on, were pretty stable. Labor was still polling pretty good, the coalition was still polling really bad. But now we’re starting to see a shift and the pollsters were kind of also asking, know, what are the kind of main issues that you have with Albanese, what’s getting you to turn on the government? And it seems to be The Voice referendum is like the number one thing.


So I think it probably is no coincidence that the government is trying to kind of pivot to talking about how it’s going to fix the housing crisis and so on with this big media push this week, because in response to some of these polls.


But it’s interesting because it shows that the Liberals, like the Australian people, are just going to vote for the Liberals probably at the next election because of how bad this government has been:


“Oh, immigration has been too much, cost of living crisis, housing crisis, ridiculous Voice referendum, we’ll just vote the Libs back in!”


And it just demonstrates the sad cyclical nature of Australian politics. That’s the limit of Australia’s political imagination. There isn’t a significant spike in populist Right-wing parties, it doesn’t seem, or anything like that it’s just this kind of oscillation between the major parties. The centrist vote slips back and forth thanks to Australia’s effective two party system.




You have a large portion of people who aren’t really that Left-wing or Right-wing, and if the country seems to be chill to them, if there doesn’t seem to be a lot of scandals in the media and their quality of life seems to be consistent, they just stick with whatever. And if things seem to be going difficult, eventually they go:


“Well, I guess I’ll just switch teams!”


And that’s the extent of the dynamism in the democratic process.


So what it says here is that the gap between labour and the coalition is down to four percentage points in the primary vote from nine percentage points last month. That’s pretty big when you get a 5% swing in a month. That is a pretty significant swing. It really shows public opinion is moving in an intense way, but it’s mostly just people switching from Labor to the Coalition.


So yeah, it’s not even that useful.


It’s interesting because Peter Dutton, the leader of the Liberals, has got to be the ugliest politician, or at least like the ugliest leading politician in Australian political history. I mean he is heinous to look at. And that is a big problem. I mean the average voter is a moron and these little subtle things know, looking good or looking like shit, I think really do matter in a big way.


So it’s interesting you look at the polls on Dutton himself, he’s massively unpopular and he’s not the best speaker or anything. But I think the main reason why he’s so unpopular is because he’s so butt ugly!


But yeah, Albanese is really becoming kind of hated. The longer that he goes on, particularly fronting this Voice referendum campaign, the more people are getting annoyed with him. And generally speaking, it’s kind of human nature, whoever’s in charge, if the economy is going down the toilet and so on and he has this kind of condescending vibe about him.


It kind of reminds me of Kevin Rudd. When Kevin Rudd won in 2007. Massively popular beating the Libs after the Libs had been in charge for many election cycles and everyone kind of finally got sick of their BS. And Kevin Rudd flowed in and he won this landslide election. And at first, everyone really liked him.


And then after a year or two, everyone realised:


“Man, this guy’s a gay nerd. Like why did we vote for him?”


And I think a similar thing is going to happen with Albanese. And you can kind of see Dutton trying to do the Tony Abbot style, where you attack the Left in a way that seems, … And this is actually John Howard’s route to power as well against Keating in the 90s. Where you attack the Left on the key issues like race and immigration issues. On Abo, going against the Abo [Aboriginal] agenda, the Abo communist agenda, going against immigration but doing it in a roundabout way. They don’t actually attack it in the way that it should be attacked in a direct sense. It’s kind of indirect, but they kind of appeal to that kind of implicit kind of Right-wing reaction against the Leftist government and whip the boomers up into a frenzy.




But when you actually break down the statements of Dutton, he is totally cucked! And when you break down the statements of other leading Liberals. Just as I said, that Susan Ley, or whatever her name is, won’t even call that immigration. You’ve heard some noises from certain elements of the Liberal Party criticising the government’s immigration policy, but you know, that is just campaigning.


When they get in, they’ll reduce the amount of brown people from 400,000 to 380,000 brown people a year. Like, wow! That’s fantastic!


But you can see that being a very effective campaign strategy of just rather than trying to make Dutton likable with his ugly mug and his zero personality, if you just kind of like focus your kind of attention upon how horrible Labor is, that’s a winnable political strategy. We’re seeing that start to take shape. I did also see polling because right now Labor control I think literally every state in Australia, all the state governments, maybe Tasmania I think might have a Liberal government, or a Coalition government. But every other state is run by Labor. But the Queensland election is coming, I think, next year and the polling is showing the Libs are edging ahead.


So we’re seeing Labour kind of, I think there was recent poll on Dan Andrews in Victoria where he’s losing votes. We’re seeing public opinion really kind of flip on Labor at the moment. Obviously I’m kind of cynical about the whole thing. I think everyone should be cynical about it.


It’s important at this time when you’re talking with your friends to not just jump on the bandwagon of:


“Yeah, Albo sucks!”


But to also impress upon your friends and associates that the coalition also sucks, that they’re two sides of the same coin. People need to think outside of these political dichotomies. We need to kind of break the political consciousness of White Australia out of the limitations of the Kosher dialectic.


Another story today, I think Qantas backing the Yes campaign. They have pro-Yes, what would you describe it? Graphics on their planes now and everything. I think they offered Yes campaigners to get free flights all over the country so they could fly around on Qantas for free everywhere.


And it’s kind of interesting in light know I mentioned Qantas earlier. Qantas used to be owned by the Australian government, and never should have been privatized.


This is a good article, actually, again from Macro Business talking about Qantas crony capitalism. And how recently the I think Qatar Airways, they were planning on or trying to get approved by the government to increase the amount of flights that they do, I think from Europe to Australia, which would directly compete with Qantas. And the government knocked that back, their application. So Qantas have a kind of not a monopoly but they’re protected by the government. The government bailed them out during Covid. The government puts regulations in place to maintain their market position.




Yet how do Qantas repay the Australian people, or the Australian nation for holding it’s business model together? They repay us by advocating for aboriginal rights and gay rights and all of these other horrible destructive tendencies in the country!


And basically Australia, it’s portrayed as this advanced Western country, this advanced liberal democracy and so on.


But we’ve turned into a farce of a country, and the kind of cronyism with the way that all the large industrial lobbies control the government here.


I mean people talk about the “Russian oligarchs” and how all the elite Russian business interests control the Russian government and keep their guys, keep Putin in power or whatever. That’s literally how it works here. But people don’t see it that way.


But like, as if we live in some kind of “free society” or something, when the entire media moves in lockstep with big business on all major political narratives and their lobbyists control the political discourse, fund all the campaigns of the major parties, are chummed up with all the politicians.


Anyway, it was a good article here:


“Qantas crony capitalism costing Australians dearly.”


Go find it on Au.


But, yeah, some of the some of the media articles that have been coming out this week have been just a total joke. I’ll pull this one up, which made me laugh.


So this is news dot au. It’s written by this guy, Frank Chung. Really Anglo-Celtic last name there from Frank. I wonder if his name’s really frank?




“Graph show support Voice fell off a mortgage cliff.”


So basically, here’s old mate Kos Samaras, our favourite Greek communist, and he’s trying to explain why Australians voting No. And Kos Samaras is saying that. So here’s an image of whatever this is from his Twitter. And he was saying:


“Oh, the No vote, it only started to increase when interest rates started going up.”


So basically, this is what Leftist always do, it’s typical Marxist thinking. Nothing exists except economic conditions.


And if people start getting racist and start getting homophobic and all this kind of stuff, it’s really just that they’re upset about economic issues and they’re expressing the economic frustration on these cultural issues that don’t mean anything. And they’re just taking it out on the poor immigrants or the poor Abos [Aboriginals] their frustrations that they’re:


“Oh, man! I got to pay an extra 1% interest on my mortgage. I hate Abos now!”


Like, as if that’s how people think.


But, yeah, they just can’t admit that the reason why people are voting No is simply because people didn’t really understand what The Voice proposal was. And the more that they’re hearing about it, the more they don’t like it. It wasn’t just like when they started increasing interest rates a few months ago that people started supporting the No vote.





As I said, if you track the polling from a year ago to now, there is a consistent trend where the No vote increases progressively month on month on month on month. And it’s all fundamentally to do with the fact that the public is becoming more and more educated on the issue. The more that people debate it, the more that they flip to voting No. You wouldn’t have a trend like that otherwise.


But it’s the same thing as we can’t acknowledge that immigration is causing the housing crisis, so we have to have this convoluted debate about, oh, the government isn’t supporting the construction industry enough or something.


And we have to take the obvious truth out which is that White Australians have Abo fatigue, that White Australians don’t feel that they have to bend over backwards and hand their country over to Aboriginals. Because a bunch of Left-wing academics and jews have decided that we need to be genocided. And bitching and moaning about how Australia was settled or colonised to the point in which you elicit mass White guilt. That’s the best kind of most direct way to achieving a Cultural Revolution to attain their objective of White genocide.


And so we have to kind of just force this narrative down their throat, and then the average person goes:


“You know what? Actually, I don’t like this.”


“Oh, it was just because your mortgage repayment got too expensive. That’s why you feel that way, not because you have any legitimacy to your feelings or perspectives.”


I saw this article, which was kind of funny as well. I’ll show you you guys this article:


“Australia’s Matildas are officially one of the gayest teams at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.”


So there’s a picture of a couple of dykes kissing, I guess.


Anyway, I’m not going to even bother reading the article. I just thought it was funny the way that they forced this meme of dyke ball down everyone’s throats over the past couple of weeks.


Anyway, this also was interesting. This is from the Daily Mail:


“Schoolgirl with a drawn on Hitler moustache does a Nazi salute inside a classroom!”


It’s a Roman salute, okay! But anyway:


“Jewish leaders have condemned shocking footage of Melbourne high schoolgirl impersonating Adolf Hitler inside a classroom.”


I love this girl. Maybe we should organise a fundraiser for her?”


The video shows a senior student being filmed performing a Nazi salute while donning a drawn on moustache that resembled the dictator’s distinctive facial hair. A laptop playing a German song can also be seen in the video as the student stands with their arm extended.”


I wonder if it was Erika? Qut another student believed to be filming the video can be heard laughing in the background.”




So it’s just kids having fun. Unfortunately, they’re probably not Nazis. They probably just think it’s funny. And they’re just kids having fun. But Devira Bravovich:


“The video obtained by the Anti-Defamation Commission, is believed to have been filmed for another student’s birthday.”


So somehow these kids having fun made a silly video for them and Devira Bravovich, and this guy has decided that this needs to be made national news, and we need to shame this poor teenage girl through national news outlets because it was sickening and horrible! And the modern face of Holocaust abuse! And anti-semitism! It’s just so egregious.


But why do they do this kind of thing? They do this kind of thing for this reason. They’ve got to create this:


“Oh, there’s an epidemic of anti-semitism!”


I mean, I wish there was. Oh, wait. I realised I didn’t have the article up, share screen.


So this is from Tablet Magazine:


“Holocaust Museums Down Under. With government backing, Australia is opening and renovating museums about the Shoah in every state and territorry.”


And, you know, this is why they’re constantly crying about anti-semitism. They want money from the government to build Holocaust museums all over the country, so that Australians can be reminded about some event that allegedly happened 80 years ago on the other side of the world that’s relevant to us for some reason. Yeah.


Anyway, this is the article here. This poor girl, … That’s the thing. The only reason why this is funny to these girls is because they’re breaking a taboo, and the taboo was created by the jews in the first place.


So, I mean, if you just shut up about the Holocaust and about Hitler and stop bitching and moaning about anti-semitism, this would stop being funny to these girls. It’s only funny precisely because jews are in power and use that power to project their victim mentality as the moral norms of our society.


And so young White kids think it’s funny to throw Romans and have silly Hitler moustaches.


Also, I saw this article, which was kind of interesting. So last week there was an event from the so-called Freedom Movement, I think connected to the Freedom Party of Victoria run by Morgan C. Jonas. Morgan was I think he kind of rose to prominence during the anti-Lockdown, anti-vaccine mandate protests during the pandemic down in Victoria. And there was like a scene of what would you call them? “Activists and citizen journalists” and so on, who rose to prominence because they were kind of leaders and figureheads in, … Because there was a lot of protests, they were protesting all the time against Lockdowns and promoting stuff on social media and so on. There’s a whole collection of them.


And one of the things that spun out of that seems to have been the Freedom Party down in Victoria. But also you got these other, as I said citizen journalist types, know, conservative media figures and so on.




And so they were holding some kind of event. I don’t know too much about the event. But they held some kind know, I guess conference type thing. And some Liberal Party MP, Renee Heath was there. Apparently she was only there because her dad, who is, I think, some Protestant pastor who seems more conservative than she is, was speaking at the event. And it hit the headlines because they’re crazy conspiracy theorists or whatever.


What was interesting, though, in this article is that they’re reporting that former neighbours, actor Damien Richardson spoke. And what he said., … The remarks that they’re quoting here are quite interesting. So I’m just going to scroll down here:


“Before welcoming her to the microphone.”


Presumably this Heath woman who’s from the Liberal Party:


“Host Richardson, warmed up the crowd with some racist conspiracies.”


He was talking about fighting back against the globalists and so on.


But this is interesting here he says:


“I’ll tell you who it’s a real war on. It’s a war on White working class men, he said to applause. That’s who they want to destroy, because they know ultimately they are the boys with the power to stand up to the process of deracinating who we are as Australians. If that word is new to you. Meriam Webster the dictionary tells us ‘deracinate’ is to remove the racial or ethnic characteristics or influences from a place.”


“Richardson said: ‘God forbid you talk about it because they call you a racist’.”


Well, call me it. I’m beyond caring! Heil Richardson! This guy was on Neighbours [TV soap opera]. He’s fucking based! Maybe we could get Richardson on The Joel and Blair Show?:


“He also riffed about one day working out exactly what anti-semitic conspiracist David Icke meant by lizards [Joel chuckling] in his theory about a group of shape-shifting reptiles who secretly control the world. It has been widely interpreted by the likes of the Anti-Defamation Commission that Ike is talking about jews. Richardson said he would go much further into such topics at an upcoming event which have been scheduled to take place on Thursday night in Sale. Recently been postponed until September.”


It sounds like a great event! If you’re down in Sale or anywhere near there down in I think that’s in country Victoria somewhere. Go and check out David Richardson. Tell him that Joel Davis said “Hi!” I mean he seems like a fun individual.


Now obviously this woman from the Liberal Party is a total cuckservative who probably got spooked out by that kind of rhetoric. But it’s nice to see that kind of thing happening on the Australian Right-wing.


So if anyone can find a clip, if they filmed that event, send it my way.




But yeah, I don’t know too much about that individual. I never watched Neighbours in my life. I have no idea who he is, I just kind of noticed that in the news article and I thought that’s pretty cool.


I have another video for you guys here. This is Ralph Babet*, who’s a Senator from Victoria, and you might remember him from a few interactions on Twitter. There’s been many times and I’ve ratioed this moron on Twitter.


[* Ralph Emmanuel Didier “Deej” Babet is an Australian politician and a member of the United Australia Party. He was elected to represent Victoria in the Australian Senate at the 2022 Australian federal election, commencing his six-year term on 1 July 2022.]


I think the first time we went after him was he led this group of boomer Conservatives at a town hall meeting who kicked up a stink at a town hall meeting against a Drag Queen Story Hour type thing that was being proposed or that was supposed to go ahead in their town, I think a couple weeks later, I think it ended up getting stopped because Tom Sewell and the boys said that they were going to show up and protest it.


But Tom didn’t want to have to put his boys in the field over it. Tom, as we’ve discussed this on the show before, Tom says that from his standpoint, he doesn’t want his organisation to be the anti-Drag Queen Story Hour thing. They were happy to do some anti-pedo freak activism. Obviously there was one particularly major rally to put attention on the issue, but he saw it as a kind of Spearhead thing. Where if they led the charge on, it brought some attention on it, that the Conservatives could come in and take the issue over so they could focus upon racial issues.


Obviously, ostensibly the whole point of Tom’s activism is White nationalism. That’s what he’s all about and that’s what he wants to focus on, not so much Drag Queen Story Hour type stuff, which is kind of secondary to the more fundamental issue that he’s trying to deal with. And it’s something that’s within the general conservative Overton window. The average conservative won’t touch race, but they’ll touch the Drag Queen thing and the tranny thing. So they were going for that angle. And it kind of worked.


I also tried to help when protesting Drag Queen Story Hour. It was not make it just “you got to be a White nationalist” thing. But any conservative, anyone who wants to protest against it, a big tent kind of approach, it should be something that everyone can agree upon and that average Right-wing members of the community can all come together. And I think that’s a positive thing for them to be attacking.


But Babet, he was there at the town hall meeting with some of his supporters, and then it caused controversy. And then so he came out and said:


“No one stopped to protest the actual Drag Queen Story Hour itself, because Antifa is going to be there and there could be some violence.”


Or whatever. And this is just cucking! It’s like so you’re going to do a protest, but then if Antifa threatened to show up and counter-protest, you tell people not to show up at all. That’s just surrendering to Antifa. It’s saying that Leftists can basically overpower Right-wing opposition by just threatening to show up and stand there! Which is literally mostly all that they do anyway, which is just ridiculous!




So then we went after him on social media and we really messed up his Telegram. It was quite funny expressing our disapproval because we really wanted to bully these Conservatives. It’s like you talk a big game on transgenderism, you give your speeches, you go on the news and you talk a big game, back it up, actually do something!


Anyway, so then Tom and his guys then, because Babet pulled out and other individuals, I can’t remember who, but other kind of conservative individuals pulled out, they said:


“We’ll protest it.”


That ended up getting the event shut down because police didn’t want to have to deal with Tom’s guys versus communists outside the front of this library, wherever it was in Melbourne.


So that kind of turned me on to Babet as an individual. I never really hadn’t heard of him much or had much to do with him. I’m from Sydney. He’s a Melbourne guy. Really wasn’t too interested in what he was all about, but that got me to follow him and track what he has to say. And I saw this clip from earlier this week where he’s talking about freedom of speech and the laws that they’ve been bringing in federal and state level banning the Hakenkreuz. And I think Tasmania just banned the Roman salute and so on.


And I thought I’d play this video for you guys and then react to it.


“Babet: And you cannot think I will, of course, be pushing back against this misinformation and disinformation Bill. Because I don’t deny that there are bad ideas out there. There could be mis or disinformation out there.”


“But the way that you counter it is not by censoring people. The way that you counter it is by having more freedom of speech, allowing the better ideas to rise to the top and the bad ideas to go to the bottom. I’ll give you an example. People at home, nobody would agree that Nazi ideology is a good thing. This is an extreme example, of course.”


“Now, you don’t counter bad ideas like Nazi ideology by hiding it in the shadows, by forcing these degenerates to go underground. How you counter that ideology is you have better ideas talked about, better ways of talked about, and then those better ideas naturally rise to the top. We make fun of the bad ideology and it goes away. If you censor it, it’s going to get worse and it’s going to explode and it’s going to fester. Makes sense. I know it does.”


“Therefore, for this reason and a whole host of others, which I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you, I will not support the mis or disinformation bill. Because at the, ….”




Yeah, anyway, so obviously I guess it’s good that he’s opposing that bill. Obviously the Bill would be used to censor people like me off the Internet. But let’s break down some of those arguments.


So what he’s saying is that if you censor “Nazis”, this will make National Socialism more popular, but if you allow National Socialists to participate in public discourse freely, that they’ll lose the argument. I think it’s the opposite! Personally, completely. I think censorship works! That’s why the enemy does it. Without censorship, I think radical Right-wing ideas of all kinds would proliferate far more extensively than they currently do. I think censorship is literally the number one existential threat to the growth and vitality of our ideas and our scene.


And I think if people actually were exposed to a frank discussion about National Socialism or White nationalism or whatever, I think a lot of people would be like:


“Wow! Actually this stuff kind of makes sense!”


That’s what I find, because when I discuss these kinds of ideas with people who previously don’t hear someone just having a frank discussion in defense of them, I see their reaction of:


“Wow! I didn’t even think it was possible to think that!”


As I said earlier, there’s this inability for us to access reality without already removing any section of reality demarcated as racist and especially removing any section of reality demarcated as so-called “Nazi” or whatever.


And so if you can kind of break through that conditioning and have a frank discussion about reality in these areas, I think a lot of people can become quite receptive to these ideas. That’s why I support freedom of speech because I think our ideas could win. I have that confidence if we had the ability to push them in free, open discourse.


And that’s why the enemy doesn’t have the confidence to allow us to have free, open discourse, because they’re afraid that we will grow powerful if we had that access. That’s why they censor us.


So it’s just a kind know, silly, weak argument from Babet. He just asserts it as well, like, on what basis could he really say, you know, “bad ideas can only be popular if you censor them?” What ideas that are censored are popular? All the ideas which are popular are not censored! There is not one censored idea which is popular in our society. So it’s just ridiculous!


But he just kind of hears, … He’s an individual with no real personality. He just kind of hears talking points on, I don’t know, American conservative media. Like he watches the Blaze TV or something and then just regurgitates their talking points.




But anyway, he is kind of a funny individual. I think he’s from Mauritius. Why is this Mauritian immigrant, … Why is he trying to be a populist Right-wing politician? Why can’t they find a White guy to do it? You tell me there isn’t one White guy they could have ran in his place who has some charisma? I mean, maybe there isn’t, I don’t know.


But this kind of relates because you see stuff from Babet where he tries to appeal to that kind of conservative. There’s Australians that are kind of American style Conservatives, that kind of edgy conservative, like maybe they watch Alex Jones or something and they talk about how Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself and the globalists, …


But they don’t actually touch race issues. They don’t actually touch the real key issues of importance. They want to talk about just the World Economic Forum and Smart Cities and Agenda 21. And there’s some validity to that kind of discourse. Obviously, there is legitimate concerns, but they don’t talk about race, immigration, White genocide, jewish power. They don’t touch the issues that are really of fundamental importance.


It’s like, how can you really explain if you can’t name who the elite are or what motivates their agenda, then it’s all kind of just frivolous talking points that don’t actually have any ideological coherence. This is this vague idea that:


“Oh, these global communists just want more power! And the way they’re going to get more power is through dividing us!”


Or whatever. They have these real vague platitudes that don’t make any sense. It’s like:


“No! We are run by jews who are trying to genocide the White race. They hate our people! They hate our race! They’re trying to systematically destroy our race!”


Every major issue can be explained in those terms, that they’re engaging in racial conflict against us.


And all of these policies are fundamentally motivated by this kind of post-war international order which is designed around a rejection of White Identity, of a stance which supports western civilisation, the White race, real nationalism, in favour of generating this increasingly brown, cosmopolitan globalised society in which we have this total deconstruction of the White racial character that our civilisation previously held in order to make it more hospitable to non-Europeans, jews and other kinds of non-Europeans. That’s what’s happening!


But this is interesting. This is about American politics. But I think it’s interesting for us to contemplate upon in light of this because obviously the kind of macro trends in American politics, particularly on the Right, I think are relevant to Australia because there’s so much similarity between the two cultures.


So there was a poll that was done a couple of weeks ago on so-called “Woke” policies and what is a priority for Republican voters because you hear this:


“We got to defeat Woke and fight Wokeness.”


And you hear it on Sky News all the time. The same kind of stuff you hear in American mainstream conservative politics is the same kind of talking points you get on Sky News in Australia and, 2GB radio and it’s all the same kind of stuff.


It was interesting, I posted about this on Telegram that the average Republican voter what they care about is immigration and crime. What they care about fundamentally is closing down the border and strong policing. Why do they care about crime?




Well, I mean, obviously in America crime is a racial problem. It is here too. But obviously crime isn’t as bad here as it is in the US. Because we don’t have tens of millions of black people in Australia.


But obviously, aboriginal crime is an issue. Immigrant crime is an issue in Australia in some way. But crime is not the same kind of issue as immigration here.


Immigration, I think, is more central because our immigrants a lot of our immigrants aren’t particularly criminal. Like Chinese people and Indians and so on might be like dodging taxes and might be dodgy builders and this kind of thing but they’re not like drug hustlers doing drive-bys and things like that., you know what I’m talking about.


But it was interesting. It was basically that the issues in American politics that are fundamentally caused by brown people, i.e., more brown people is basically what immigration is. And the problems that black people cause primarily crime are the issues. And combating those issues are fundamentally what motivate Republicans. 65% of Republicans say candidates that are strong on immigration and crime, they’re going to back. They care about that more than fighting woke in schools and Drag Queen Story Hours and this kind of stuff. Not that they don’t oppose those things, obviously, but in their order of preference.


And I think that’s instructive because we’ve had opposition here to Drag Queen Story Hours. And Conservatives have started developing that kind of culture war, particularly like populist Right-wing Conservatives have developed that kind of culture war stance, and they’re talking about transgenders in women’s sports and these kinds of issues.


Fundamentally, this isn’t what people really care about. What people really care about is shutting down the border. People are irritated by the stuff that White Leftists are up to, but they’re more irritated by what non-Whites are up to. And we have to maintain our messaging, it’s focus on these fundamentally racial issues.


I think in Australia, in place of black issues in America, I think you would substitute aboriginal issues in Australian politics, and obviously it’s completely different. But aboriginal issues and immigration issues, those are the fundamental issues that we need to be focusing on that actually will motivate voters as well, far more so than some of these kind of side issues, cultural issues. It’s not that they have no importance and you should never talk about them.




But it’s almost like an easy release valve for Conservatives where they can talk about LGBT stuff and how they’re pushing it in schools and this kind of thing as a distraction from the issues that really matter. So that it can seem like:


“Oh, we fight against the Left!”


But they don’t actually want to fight the Left on the issue that really matters fundamentally, which is race. They want to fight the Left on anything but race. And so these are the concessions they’re willing to make to maintain the illusion of opposition. So anyway, I thought that poll was interesting.


I’ve got a clip here that I one more clip. I don’t know what the clip is, so I’m going to play this clip. I don’t know what it is so we’ll roll the dice. It’s 28 seconds. I guess I’ll play it and then we can react to it.


“Sunak Rishi: [word unclear], it is truly an honour and a pleasure to be here today at Marari Bapu’s Ram Katha, the University of Cambridge on Indian Independence Day. [Applause] Bapu I’m here today not as prime minister, but as a Hindu. [loud applause].”


Yeah, I remember why I played this now.


So that’s obviously the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. And yeah, I mean, so egregious. Celebrating Indian independence was literally from Britain, obviously.


So it’s like:


“Oh, yes, that war we fought against the country that I’m now in charge of, I’m not here as representative of that country. I’m here as a Hindu.”


Which you might as well set up here as an Indian, … What else can you really say about that? It is literally everything that needs to be said is kind of quite obvious.


I also saw this I posted about this on Telegram also. There’s a Maori group that is trying to claim land in Sydney and in a court case through Native title, and they’re claiming that it was gifted to them by Aboriginals in 1811 or something:


“We want acknowledgment and recognition. We want the history books corrected and compensation for damages of the land.”


Blah, blah, blah.


I mean, this is just how ridiculous it’s getting now. The Maoris are getting in on the griff trying to claim land in our country that the Aboriginals apparently gave them two centuries ago.


Yeah, as I said on Telegram on the issue of Aboriginal, so-called “Aboriginal sovereignty”, I don’t think it exists. I think we took the country. I don’t think they have sovereignty. And if they want to dispute Australia’s sovereignty, then they’re welcome to rematch us, and we can fight for it. Whoever wins, like the Australian government should declare war, in my opinion on the Aboriginals, on if the Maoris want to get involved, and say:


“Okay, we can give you a formal declaration of war and bring your guns and let’s see what you can do.”


And then after we win the war, we’ll offer a peace treaty, and the peace treaty should say “you surrender all sovereignty”. That’s the old school way of going about these kinds of things. And I think that’s the right way of going about these kinds of things.




Now. I’m not saying that I don’t think the Aboriginals would actually take the offer of going to war with us, or the Maoris for that matter. I don’t think either of them want a war with us. I think they would very quickly drop their BS if we actually were ready to fight them for it. They only push this kind of stuff because of how cucked and weak we’ve become. But to me, that’s the stance that we should be taking.


I think Australia was legitimately settled. It was empty land largely, and the people who were here were savages. They weren’t civilised. They had no concept of sovereignty. They had no basis on which to claim sovereignty.


As I’ve said many times, if me and the boys went out to some National Park in the bush and we just kind of camped out there for a while and roamed around, walked around it a bit and threw sticks at stuff, can we claim that now the entire National Park is our land? I mean, that would be ridiculous! But that’s effectively the claim that the Aboriginals have.


So I’m going to go to these Superchats.


So as I said, Powerchat Live slash Joel Davis. There’s a link in the video description on YouTube, Powerchat Live slash Joel Davis. And on Telegram, I made a send a Superchat link.


So you can send your Superchats there. Got a few here already, but they haven’t really asked many questions. Like one is from Chocky Milk Zuma, which I appreciate, but he didn’t put in a question. Anonymous said:


“Thanks for doing what you do for us, Aussies, Joel.”


I mean, I just do a show, but yeah, I appreciate kind words. Vlad Victarian said:


“Any thoughts on Survive the Jive being denied entry into the United States?”


I don’t know any of the details about that.


I mean, I saw that which I thought it’s pretty wild because Survive the Jive, he does talk about politics but he’s more talking about kind of history, particularly of Germanic pagan history and Anglo Saxon history and these kinds of things.


Obviously there’s a political connotation and he does talk about politics sometimes, but he’s not that political. He’s more into history and heritage and that kind of thing. So for him to be denied is pretty wild.


I mean, Keith Woods was just in the United States for the American Renaissance Conference. He got in! He seems like he’s a lot more politically, … I mean, obviously I’m glad that he got in but he’s a lot more politically active.


So it’s kind of a strange one that. But I haven’t really looked into the details there like exactly why that would be:


“Also any chance you could repost the Jeremy McKenzie interview to Odysee? YouTube took it down.”


Yeah, I saw that YouTube took it down, unfortunately. I thought it was on Odysee. I thought it did get re-uploaded to Odysee. I guess I can check now on my Odysee.




By the way, I do have an Odysee channel which does re-upload, for those who don’t know videos, from my YouTube channel, I thought automatically. So I’m just going to go onto it now. It’s by the way, if you want to check it out, it’s, I think just slash Joel Davis. One word. Let me check here my channel page. It’s slash at Joel Davis colon 0, actually.


But yeah, let’s have a look here. It doesn’t seem to have the Jeremy McKenzie thing. I guess I’ll have to re-upload it at some point onto Odysee. That’s unfortunate.


But yeah, as I said, you want to send a Superchat Powerchat dot live slash Joel Davis, now’s your chance.


But yeah, I do need to get around to making a Rumble. I apologise for not getting around to setting up a Rumble. I will soon and we’ll stream this show and my other show on Rumble in addition to, … Obviously we want to be on YouTube as well, but we’re also going on Rumble. Because Rumble seems to be quite an effective platform.


Like the other day when I went on Elijah Schaefer’s show, and what he does is he puts the first hour on YouTube, but it’s a two hour show and the show start to finishes on Rumble. He gets more views on Rumble than YouTube doing it that way, you got like, I think 25,000 something like that views on Rumble on that video. I mean, he gets a lot on Rumble and it seems like Rumble, a lot of other content creators that are kind know, Right-wing do quite well on there.


Nick Fuentes has been streaming his show on Rumble. He doesn’t get censored. Rumble doesn’t have the same kind of restrictions on freedom of speech as YouTube. You can pretty much say anything, I think on Rumble, as long as you don’t say anything that, that could be construed as advocating for violence or something like that, but you can pretty much say anything.


I don’t know if you can deny the Holocaust on Rumble. That would be interesting to test out.


But yeah, you can go pretty hard on Rumble. So I like that about it and the fact that it’s a successful platform, people should support it. And it’s good because Odysee, it’s a good platform, but it seems as though the majority of the user base on Odysee are quite radical. There isn’t really anyone who’s watching Odysee who’s a normie conservative. Whereas a lot of more normal conservative types are watching Rumble, and we want to be pulling them into more radical kinds of content creators and radicalising them. So Rumble seems like an ideal platform for pushing the Conservatives in a more racialist, more hard radical, Right-wing direction.




And so I think it’s really good that Rumble exists and is successful and people should support the site. Anonymous said:


“Joel, thank you so much for your work. What’s capitalism’s worst downside?”


Well, that’s a pretty abstract question. I think the worst thing about capitalism is the financialisation of ownership.


What I mean by that is that because under capitalism, large corporations are pretty much all publicly traded with very few exceptions. Everything is stock marketized, basically.


And so then ownership gets broken up into a series of stocks and they just become the playthings of international finance capital.


And so you get these kind of conglomerates of investment banks that then just have controlling stakes in all of the largest companies in the world. And things like ESG [Environmental, Social, and Governance] * become possible where BlackRock decide that every corporation in the world needs to hire more black, less White people, and more gay people, and push transgender and green policies or whatever the case may be. And they have that unilateral capacity through corporate governance to control it.


[*Environmental, social, and corporate governance is an approach to evaluating the extent to which a corporation works on behalf of social goals that go beyond the role of a corporation to maximize profits on behalf of the corporation’s shareholders.]


But more importantly, there isn’t like direct stewardship over the corporation in a sense that is kind of nationally embedded. So what I mean by that is anyone can buy the stock. So capital becomes globalised. There’s nothing tying any particular company to its country of origin or it’s country of operation. There’s no loyalty therefore, to the nation.


And as I’ve said many times, you really can’t conceive of an economy without first already conceiving of a nation. Like, what is an economy? The word “economy”, if you go etymologically speaking, is derived from household. It’s supposed to be management of the household.


And so we talk about a national economy. We’re talking about management of the nation. But if all of the largest corporations in your country are foreign owned, publicly traded and there’s these international trading firms and this international network of finance capital that controls them and organises them according to just kind of the pursuit of profit and some kind of post nationalist economic agenda. Why would you want to transfer power and control over the most important institutions in your society and economy to people who don’t have any loyalty or any accountability to your nation and to its interests?


So I think that’s the largest problem with capitalism is that it takes the kind of control and ownership of the major corporations of your country outside of national loyalty, outside of national responsibility.


And so I would support nationalizing a lot, … For example let’s look at Australia’s mining mean we’ve allowed foreign investors to just control our mining industry. That stuff is in the earth in Australia. The natural resources in Australia need to be taken out of the ground in Australia. If we just nationalised them with the state and just used all the profits to pay for the government, we could massively reduce the tax burden on the rest of Australia. Because, you know, you see this with all these Middle Eastern countries where they have, not complete nationalisation, but they have strict national controls over the oil, and then they leverage those oil profits to pay for the state and do all these national development projects and so on.




I would like to see that kind of thing being done rather than this kind of neo-liberal ideology where we allow our nation to be sold off to these international investment firms. I mean it’s just ridiculous! I’m a nationalist so the national interest has to always be put first not the free market or whatever.


But I’m also not a communist in the sense I don’t think you shouldn’t have government controlling everything. I think there’s a place for markets. Markets are an efficient way of allocating resources but they need to be regulated so that the national interest can be put first and foremost.


So I would say you can call me a socialist I guess, but I wouldn’t call myself, whatever that term exactly means. I’m a kind of pragmatist when it comes to economics. I’m a nationalist.


I think free market ideology is ridiculous! It’s predicated, … You know Friedrich Liz talks about this that kind of free market ideology and economic science. Mainstream economics is basically this kind of liberal ideology masquerading as a pseudoscience. That’s what it really is but it’s masquerading as a science, is predicated on the idea that you have no nations that you just have a world of individuals that are optimizing their individual self interest or whatever. And that’s not the real world.


The real world has nations. It has national communities and the world isn’t just composed of economic units and economic zones. It’s composed of national communities, communities of shared blood and heritage and culture and government, withstanding armies and unified destinies. And that has to be put first in determining how we’re going to set up the economy.


Let me have a look here if there’s any more. Serena just sent donation and thanks, I appreciate that.


But I guess that’ll kind of wrap us up for the show this evening. It’s an hour and a half. I hope you guys enjoyed the show. And yeah, we’ll be back next week. Hopefully Blair will be back with us next week, so you can tune in then.


And as I said, on Saturday or Friday night, if you’re watching from the United States, or quite late Friday night if you’re watching from Europe, check out my other slash at Joel Davis videos and I’ll be doing a live stream there. My friend Wendell will be joining me. We’ll be discussing global politics, global affairs. Should be a good stream, so tune in for that. And there’s some other stuff that I’m working on, stuff coming in the pipeline.


So, yeah, follow me on social media if you’re already on Telegram and on Twitter to keep up to date with all of that stuff, particularly Telegram. I try to use Twitter differently than how I use Telegram.


So if you want to keep up to date with when I’m doing videos or content and things like that, my Telegram is better to follow for that, whereas my Twitter I’m more kind of going after people and making rhetorical arguments. Twitter isn’t very good for promotion, I don’t think, these days, Twitter, it’s more conversation directed rather than promotional.


But yeah, follow me there and we’ll see you guys next week.












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15 hours ago
Hope Blair pulls through.
His face belongs on a certain kind of propaganda poster once WNism becomes mainstream.
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14 hours ago
The Germano-Celtoid archetype

10 hours ago
I might only think this cause I so frequent the WN echo chamber but I think its getting damn near being mainsteam. It certainly has potential to do so more than it has in the past 50 years.

10 hours ago
​ @jasperkingsley3773 It’s amazing how being or in some cases even falling below 50% of the population tends to awaken certain sentiments in the native population of a country, isn’t it?

9 hours ago
@CactusJuice555 yeah you’d think it would be a lot more people though honestly that would care. There’s still way too many who don’t seem to be that bothered by it. Or at least won’t ever admit it if they were.

3 hours ago
@jasperkingsley3773 They care more about beer and pop culture.

16 hours ago
Thanks lads

10 hours ago
Dutton could court the Chinese vote.

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10 hours ago
Sweet shirt

3 hours ago
He should’ve tried physical therapy first, or maybe he did…

19 hours ago
Blair’s really grown on me ❤️‍🩹 he’s hilarious too, hope he gets well soon. Thx Joel 🙏🏻


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