Keith Woods – Ban the ADL – Sep 3, 2023 – Transcript


Keith Woods


Ban the ADL


Sun, Sep 3, 2023


[In this video Keith Woods hosts a X Spaces discussion on his recent tweet/post on X to promote the banning of the anti-White, jewish supremacist hate organization, the so-called, “Anti-Defamation League” (ADL) from Twitter/X that Elon Musk has responded to.

Speakers include: Keith Woods, Lucas (Angelo) Gage, Joel Davis, Gadius, Adam Green, Sam Parker and Josh.





Published on Sun, Sep 3, 2023




Keith Woods: #BanTheADL
September 3, 2023
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Keith Woods: All right, hello everyone. Welcome to the hashtag Ban the ADL space. We are banning the ADL [Anti-Defamation League]. Tweet out hashtag Ban the ADL. We got to get this going again. Obviously, this is against the backdrop of we had two days in a row where this was the number one trend across the world. People were sending me screenshots. Number one trend in Australia and the US and Canada.


We got an acknowledgment from Elon Musk. We got to over 130,000 tweets last time I saw. And this campaign, this movement has taken off. We’ve got Matt Walsh. We’ve got Charlie Kirk. We’ve really got all of the big conservative influencers.


A couple of exceptions, but really the whole of conservatism, the whole of the Right has come together around this issue that we all recognise that whatever differences we may have, and not even just people on the Right, but anyone that believes in a free speech internet recognises that the ADL is the biggest threat to this.


And not only that, but I mean, they are engaged, as I said, in essentially financial terrorism against Twitter. And let’s think about the backdrop of this. Elon Musk’s take over was what, last October? November? It was a very interesting time because obviously all the censorship has gone one direction for years now.


And I think people often forget how much this has altered in just the space of a few years. They do this incrementally and people start to take some of this stuff for granted.


But it’s not that long ago where it was still a huge deal if someone was banned off Twitter or off one of these mainstream platforms. I remember Milo Yiannopoulos was one of the first after this big controversy about troll storms and all this kind of thing. But it was very rare case where someone just got banned for their political opinions.


Now, as you all know, this has just become normalised to the extent, if you have what’s considered sort of dissident opinions, you are kind of just expecting to be banned off these platforms now, not for any speech violation, but just for holding those views.


But when Musk took over, it was really this interesting turning point where he made it clear that he believed in free speech, that he was taken over this platform with the intent of restoring what was the norm on the internet just a few years prior.


And a lot of people asked the question, what are we going to witness here? Are we going to find out who’s really in charge? Like, if a billionaire comes in and just outright buys one of these platforms, something no one would have ever really expected, can he actually enact his will? Can he be the sovereign? Can he decide on his platform to restore free speech?




And we saw what happens in a scenario like that. It was very revealing because immediately the ADL and a bunch of these civil society NGOs came together and immediately began to organise advertiser boycots, they began to target Musk, target Twitter financially.


And as I showed in the original tweet that I posted, I think it was August 3, Twitter’s advertising revenue fell by billions almost instantly.


And so we began to get a clearer picture of how this functions.


And you look at the history of the ADL, you look at some of the other financial boycotts. Facebook is held up as the worst platform for censorship. One of the worst. There’s that saying about getting “Zucked”! You get Zucked off a platform, like Mark Zuckerberg is synonymous with censorship.


But Zuckerberg in principle, like, he actually defended that he would allow things like holocaust deniers on his platform. He did seem to like he signaled certainly that he wanted to maintain some kind of non biased political speech on his platform. What actually happened in 2020 is a very similar thing, is Donald Trump made comments about the protests that were ongoing at the time. If the looting starts, the shooting starts, that kind of thing.


And again, the ADL and these groups of civil society organisations, but it was led by the ADL, organised this advertiser boycott that cost Facebook billions in revenue and led to the ADL having to sit down with the heads of Facebook where they ordered them:


“You will ban holocaust denial! You will change your algorithm! You will ban hate groups as they define them and ideologies like White nationalism!”


And so on.


So what’s essentially happening is this group is holding these platforms through ransom. And we realised that actually, if we want free speech, it’s really not just enough to signal against the Left or to complain about government policies. Really, the problem is this organisation, and this affects everyone. They lobbied to have a nationalist organisation in Poland, Konfederacja [Confederation of Independent Poland], which is one of the most popular political parties in Poland. They [ADL] lobbied to have them banned off Facebook.


There was recently another wave of bans of nationalist activists in Europe that was lobbied for by the ADL. This is an organisation, it’s interfering in the democratic process in countries across the West. And this reign of terror is a totally unaccountable organisation.


Like I’ve said, Greenblatt was never elected. No one ever decided that the ADL was just going to come in and start altering the Google algorithm and deciding what people can see in their suggestions and deciding who’s allowed a voice.


And so I think it was about time everyone just stood up and said:


“We’ve had enough!”


There has to be a line in the sand.




And I think it’s important because these groups operate in the shadows. They operate with secrecy. That’s how the ADL, the SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center], these kinds of organisations like it. And this is maybe an issue with Greenblatt is he’s so keen to kind of brag about the achievements of the ADL. It kind of makes them look terrible.


You get all these kind of clippable moments of banning, about getting people cancelled.


But traditionally, you know, under the previous leadership, they were much more coy about it. They were much more keen to seem like a nonpartisan organisation, but all the while, they’re in the background, constantly moving this in a certain direction.


And I think this trend is important for a number of reasons. Obviously, it’s woken up a lot of people to what’s going on a lot of people are aware of the ADL now that wouldn’t have known about them otherwise.


But it’s also important, I think, to draw a line in the sand and if nothing else, to give people a target, because this is how organisations like the ADL function, right? They target individuals, “hateful” groups, and they started out with the ones everyone would agree were hateful and get White nationalist organisations banned and so on.


But by 2020, 2021, they’d gone from that to forcing boycotts of Tucker Carlson, the most popular talk show host in the US, to outright pressure in every social media company to ban the sitting president of the US off all of their platforms.


And so it’s just been this very rapid process of acceleration by these organisations.


And so there needs to be a focal point where the whole Right, instead of saying:


“Well, we’re against censorship, we’re for free speech.”


And all the while, everything just moves further and further Left. There’s more ban waves, there’s more changes to these Terms of Service. At a certain point, there has to be a target where Right-wingers say:


“You know what? No! You’re not going to ban us. We’re going to ban you! We are taking back these platforms!”


The majority of these people on these platforms want free speech. The majority of people do not agree with the extreme anti-White, anti-free speech policies of the ADL. The majority of people don’t think that a sitting president of the US should be completely banned off the internet.


And we’re forcing the question, why does Jonathan Greenblatt get to decide who’s allowed on the Internet? Why does Jonathan Greenblatt get to decide which political parties in Poland are allowed to spread their message on the internet? This is totally insane!


And of course, it was great to get the acknowledgment from Elon.


I guess a little background on how it started.


I made a tweet in early August, August 3, making the argument that the ADL should be banned just for the simple financial reason that, again, they’re using this platform, Twitter is paying for their hosting, and they’re gathering an audience here, and they’ve used that audience to coordinate financial boycotts that were aimed at putting X, putting Twitter, out of business! This is totally insane!




I mean, it’s not even a free speech argument. Why would a platform facilitate a conspiracy to destroy the platform? Especially now that it’s totally private. It’s a one man show. It’s one guy that owns this platform. Why would he allow an organisation to commit financial terrorism and hold him to ransom on here?


But I made that in August. I thought about trying to get the trend going back then, but, you know, maybe a little try hard, like just off my own tweet.


But then, of course, Elon, which was significant, kind of came out against the ADL. First it was his story that the heads of the ADL had met with X and were going to be collaborating with them on moderation policies. And then Elon responded to this account, I think it’s the Red Headed Libertarian, where she highlighted that the ADL actually denies White genocide in South Africa. And it actually makes apologetics for the Kill the Boer song. Says it’s just a revolutionary anthem singing about killing White people is fine. And Elon replied, and that’s when I thought, this is the chance to really get some pushback here.


So it was that tweet where I replied, I linked the earlier tweet about the case for banning them, started the hashtag. And then I won’t take credit for it fully because, I mean, these guys, like Lucas Gage, Jake Shields, these guys have been really impressive. Like Jake Shields immediately, pretty much immediately after said to his followers:


“Let’s get this going!”


It got like five, 6000 likes. Some of these guys, Sam Parker is here as well, Lucas Gage, they’re all over this. We got a lot of followers to get engaged.


And I guess the only thing that surprised me is how much this reached across the Right. I thought this would be maybe a kind of isolated thing, maybe it would last for a couple of hours.


But no! We find for good reason that everyone that believes in free speech is sick and tired of this organisation! They’re sick and tired of being held to ransom by these small lobby groups that represent a tiny minority interest.


And at last we have a rallying point to really push back against the whole censorship agenda.


So it’s been good. I’m optimistic. It would be a very positive thing if this just became an accepted talking point in Right-wing circles. The more mainstream Right. You have the head of TPUSA [Turning Point USA] and you have all these mainstream Conservatives like Dinesh D’Souza, they’re just pro-outright banning the ADL. I think that’s a terrific sort of dialectical development! And who knows where it will go next?


We’re also getting to spread a lot of information about the true nature of ADL. I’ve been putting out a lot over the last few days. Adam Green, who’s here has been putting out a lot. Everyone has been sort of digging up the true story of the ADL, this group that was founded to protect a rapist and a paedophile. The fact that they interfere in other countries’ election processes. The fact that they are setting curriculums in schools where they encourage LGBT education and tell teachers not to gender kids. All this extremely radical stuff!




The fact that they train FBI agents, the fact that they pad crime statistics to make it seem like there’s a massive problem with White supremacy. And they don’t even count crimes by non-Whites. All of these things are being highlighted.


The fact that this goes up to the legal level where the ADL has been years, waging a campaign to try and destroy Section 230 and just totally destroy free speech on the Internet.


And like I said, they’re out in the shadows. The next time they come out and do a hit piece on someone, the next time they try and worm their way closer into controlling Twitter policies, the whole Right-wing is going to be there to push back against this and to expose these people.


And what they hate most is just being shown to the public like that for exactly what their agenda is.


But I’ve ranted long enough. I’m going to let Lucas speak. Lucas, I think all you have to do is unmute yourself because I made you co-host.


Lucas Gage: That’s a great opening, Keith. I appreciate that. Well put information and very eloquently spoken.


So I’m going to dumb it down because I’m low IQ. No, I’m just kidding! [chuckling] So, no, we did a great job, folks! Everyone in here, I think everyone participated in this. And this, to me is a white pill because it shows that we, the people, still have that pull, so much so that even the Grifting Con Inc has to jump on board because we’re pushing the Overton Window so far that it’s basically going to shatter if they don’t jump on board with us. So of course the Kirks [TPUSA] and all these people had to jump on board.


I mean, they’re even doing Nick Fuentes talking points from three years ago. They’re throwing out statistics and stuff. So things are shifting in our favour, and it’s because we keep pushing and pushing and pushing, even though it seems like it’s against all odds. And in a way it is, but it’s really not because the people at the top, their power is illusory. It’s based on our complacency in a way, and nobody wants to hear that. But if we keep pushing and pushing like we are, then, yeah, it’s the Internet.


But even though the Internet’s not truly real life, if it wasn’t important, they wouldn’t spend billions of dollars to censor people and knock people out. And what Ye did, putting his life on the line, essentially to spread the message out there was crucial. That made a really big shift in the narrative, and we got to keep pushing for that.




So I’m very happy everyone got involved in the way they could. All of us have different pull and different followings and stuff. Some of us are anonymous, some of us are not, and everyone’s important. Every single, I don’t care if you have five followers, every single person is important. And I’m glad everyone jumped on board to do this. You know, the thing is, now the ADL responded. And what did they do? Oh, they called everyone “White supremacists”!


Now, it’s funny because I did a Space yesterday. It was like 9 hours long. It was my first Space. I co-hosted. You know, there are a few jewish people came in like, yeah, I agree with, you know, even Laura Loomer came in and whatever you think of her, yeah, she’s a Zionist, but she’s for free speech, truly.


So she was like:


“They’ve attacked me.”


And then she started posting it as well. So we want to encourage everyone from every background to attack the ADL. We have a common enemy. Put aside your differences of religion and race and just focus on this enemy that is against all free speech for everyone!


I mean, they’re attacking White people right now, but eventually they’ll go after other groups. So we got to show everyone this is a common enemy, a common foe that we have to focus on and keep pushing them until they snap. And like Keith said, the problem with Jonathan Greenblack, … Greenblatt. He’s arrogant! He’s like:


“Oh, yeah, I just had a call with Elon and it was frank, and it’s going to be good. And we’ll tell him he’s doing good or bad.”


I mean, this guy’s a moron to show his power like this. I mean, it’s ridiculous! So we got to use these clips because, … I’ve seen Adam clipping, how he [Greenblatt] said:


“We got to get Kanye before he gets the truth out there!”


It’s like, really? You just admit that? Everyone’s posting clips about him. Keith’s doing the Dark History. I’m posting things I didn’t even know know about the ADL is not just the Unites States. Most of you may not know this. I posted a document that the ADL sent to Iceland, a foreign nation who wanted to ban circumcision. And they’re like:


“You know what? You shouldn’t ban it for these medical reasons. It’s good for people, and it’d be a shame if you did because we know your economy is based on tourism, and God forbid your nation was associated with anti-semitism! And even if it wasn’t true, that may affect your economy!”


The ADL is a Mafia! They talk like that. Imagine a guy:


“Jimmy, you know, if you don’t do this favour for me, it’d be a shame if your mother was driving down the road and her brakes went out! God forbid!”


It’s a threat like that. That’s how the ADL talks.


I also posted a video of Abe Foxman going to the Ukrainians, saying:


“Welcome to democracy and all that, but you got to be careful! Make sure you don’t compare our ‘Holocaust’ with yours [Holodomor], okay?”





Like, that’s how they talk. This is a Mafia! And we got to keep hammering people with that talking point that they are literally a Mafia. And to throw on top of that, that hurts jewish people. That they are the number one creators of anti-semitism.


And people say:


“Lucas, why do you keep pointing that out? Why do you keep offering an olive branch?”


Because you got to! Whether these people take it or not, it’s not our business. But you have to always appeal to decent human beings and not fall into that anti-semitic nonsense. You just say:


“Look, it’s hurting everyone, including jewish people.”


And many jews will say:


“Hey, you know what? He’s right!”


And they have said it.


Now, the thing is you have to understand is if you notice, even in their response, they said:


“We will continue to protect people of jewish descent and marginal communities.”


They said nothing about White people, nothing about Christians. So they left them out because they don’t care. So if these people strategy is to take all the other gentiles and all the people of colour and everyone else and turn them against us, including our own people, why would it not make sense to turn their people against them and everyone else against them?


So that’s my way of looking at it. It doesn’t cost you anything to say:


“Hey, it hurts these people as well.”


And just put the truth out there because it is true.


Laura Loomer, for example, AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] didn’t [word unclear] her, nothing. She was attacked. She wasn’t Zionist enough, put it that way. And I don’t even know her that well. I’m just pointing it out. You guys can say it’s cringe. I don’t. My approach has been very effective this way.


We cannot give these people any ammo at you all! I’ve criticised other people and their approaches that are too extreme. Can’t have that. We got to be like Keith. Keith is very intellectual, very eloquent. He’s not saying retarded stuff on the Internet. And look, Elon responded to him. If he was some sperg, Elon would never respond to Keith. And because he did, look how much more interactions he got.


So Elon knows maybe what’s going on. And there’s a whole thing, is he with us? Is he against us? Who knows? Who knows what’s going on? Guys, we don’t know anything behind the scenes, but we got to still do our part. No matter what!


No one’s going to save us guys! Forget about Trump and all these people, whatever. We have to save ourselves and that’s going to take work! I want everyone to understand that, right?


The whole day of some saviour coming, forget all that. We have to do it. And we still have a voice. And that’s what this campaign that started a day or two ago and it succeeded to get the message out. And people are writing about it, not just the ADL. I saw another Internet magazine write about it. I forgot what it was called, but they said something about it.




So it’s going to get going. If we keep pushing this, Elon’s going to have to make his own public statement. He did say they’ve been trying to strangle us out, and that’s good. So people saw that, and they’re blaming Elon for even jumping on board:


“Elon Musk jumps on anti-semitic, …”


People have to realise the word “anti-semite” and all these other things are meaningless as “racist”.


And so we got to keep pushing, folks! And I appreciate every single one of you here, regardless of your political beliefs or whatever else, for joining, and I hope you guys keep pushing, because that’s all we got to do. It doesn’t cost anything to use your fingers and type on a freaking screen. It’s all you got to do and just keep doing it. Keep digging dirt on the ADL!


I learnt things about they spied on Americans in 1993. Some Arab-Americans who are pro-Palestinian, I bought that up. They infiltrated the Birch Society, John Birch Society, the most anti-communist organisation in America, 100,000 strong. They infiltrated that and destroyed it!


So you see that they’re not just sitting here about hate speech. They’re literally sending spies and infiltrating organisations and destroying them from within.


So the ADL is much more than an “Anti-Defamation League”. They literally run around defaming every single person. Even if you’re jewish, you’re a self-hating jew, you’re an anti-semite! And we got to show the American people and everyone who’s free speech that this is a threat to Twitter. And someone argued to me:


“Well, if you want to ban them, aren’t you being hypocritical?”


No! Because the ADL and we are not on the same playing field. If the ADL was really about their own people’s community safety, they would come out with a report every month:


“Hey, guys, here’s a few accounts we suggest you block.”


Or maybe even create an App:


“Hey, take the ADL App. You could block these people automatically, and you won’t have to see these neo-Nazi Whites!”


That would be fine.


Instead, they want everyone to not see any of these people and control the narrative. That’s not free speech. You know, some people have tried to argue that I said, it’s not even close. It’s not even fair whatsoever. So these people don’t belong on X. And all we got to do is keep telling Elon:


“Hey, man, you’re going to lose money because of these people. They’re going to destroy your vision!”


And just keep hammering these points that it hurts every American who believes in free speech.




And I think we will succeed in making some change on some level. I think Elon may have to make a deal, in a sense. And we had Andrew Torba come on the Space yesterday, and it’s not going to be easy if Elon tries to pull away. He’d have to build his own servers. He’d have to do a lot of stuff.


And Torba went through the whole process of five, seven years against ADL, building everything, infrastructure, all these things I don’t even know because I’m not a tech guy. And it’s not going to be easy for Elon with a company that big with that many users, right? Gab is smaller.


So it’s not going to be easy, folks! We can’t just say, “ban the ADL” for two days and give up. We got to keep this going, as Keith said, making a talking point so everyone agrees. Even the Con Incs and all the other people out there.


I mean, imagine if Donald Trump Jr posted it. Imagine if Trump did it! I mean, Trump should do it. The ADL was attacking him to get him off the damn platform. And they succeeded! We got to push everyone, guys. Shame them! I shamed everyone who’s bigger than me. It’s a shame on all of you! And then Clayton Morris retweeted it.


Now, Clayton Morris does redacted. I don’t know if you guys seen that. I was on his show a while back. He retweeted it.


So perhaps people saw that I was shaming big accounts and maybe some big accounts. I can’t take credit for it, but maybe they saw that because they follow him. He’s got 2 million subscribers on YouTube. So you never know who’s watching, who’s looking. Doesn’t matter how big your account is. Just do what’s right, and it will go into the ether, if you will, into the Twitter or X space, and people will catch it and retweet it. You’d be surprised.


I mean, look, Keith has interacted with Elon twice now. I mean, look at the odds of that. Elon gets hundreds of thousands of tags every day and responses, and there’s Keith twice. That’s great!


So I appreciate Keith for doing that. And he did it because he wasn’t a sperg, and that’s why it worked. And I suggest everyone else tweak your strategy a bit, right? Let the sperging go away a little bit. You could troll a little bit, but when you’re talking to serious people with an image to maintain, you got to be careful how you do it.


And that’s my rant as well. So there you go.


Keith Woods: Yeah. Well, you know, we don’t know kind of what side Elon is on or what he really believes.


I mean, the thing is, regardless of what he actually believes, the pressure is only coming from one side, right? The pressure is he replies to me, and within a couple of hours, there’s ten mainstream media articles from Friends of the ADL that are just hit pieces on him basically.




All of these civil society organisations use the boycotts. He makes even a statement in the direction of free speech, and he has this army of financial institutions, lobby groups, mainstream media coming down on him. And it’s like, there has to be something pushing in the other direction. You can have all of these people on the Right or even a majority of Twitter users that are for free speech, but it’s not translating into anything institutionally. It’s not translating into anything that is really affecting change.


And that’s why, like I said, it’s important to give people a target. It’s important to give people something real. This organisation exists. This is the source of much of this. We want to ban them! We want an end to this, and we will support Elon in pushing back against these people.


It has to be somewhat of a help to him that, hey, he’s got these people pressuring him for months. They’re presenting him as some kind of extremist because he wants to bring back free speech. Well, hey, look at that. There’s an organic trend on Twitter. That’s the number one trend world-wide that is saying:


“Fuck these people! Ban them! We want free speech. We’re sick of this. We’re sick of these people! You don’t have to listen to them!”


And yeah, he replied to the tweet. He pointed out that he has been under a stranglehold from these people. And clearly he appreciates that this is being acknowledged. I’m sure he’s disappointed himself. I think he did believe in the promises he made, pretty grand promises that he originally made about any legal speech being allowed on the platform.


But obviously it was a very different reality when he took over. And he probably underestimated the extent to which these small lobby groups have that kind of power.


And some people, the usual kind of suspects that black pill on everything will say:


“Well, it’s just a hashtag. What does that really translate into? The ADL isn’t going to go away as an organisation.”


But it’s important for a lot of reasons. Like you said, their smear tactics are really falling on deaf ears. They’re saying that this was all White supremacist, anti-semitic trolls. It’s like Dinesh D’Souza has tweeted this stuff out. Matt Walsh has tweeted this stuff out, Charlie Kirk.


So it’s like at that point, they’re just going to have to say that the entire Right-wing, everyone from TPUSA to these old Reaganite Conservatives, they’re all anti-semitic Nazis, and it’s just meaningless. And at that know, the ADL is just purely this fringe organisation preaching to other hysterical Leftists. So it’s pushing in that direction. That’s the point of it.


It’s also important I think, you know, you’re saying there like:


“Everyone should get involved, all the accounts matter!”




And I think that’s something important that’s happened even the last few years, and maybe censorship played a role in it. I’d never be one of these people that would kind of cope and say:


“Oh, we benefited from censorship.”


You always saw this. People would get banned off YouTube and they’d be like:


“Well, I’ll be bigger on BitChute in a year’s time!”




And it’s like, no you won’t. No one will be watching you.


But one thing that happened is it did make the kind of dissident Right, whatever you want to call that, more anti-fragile in terms of getting around censorship, coming back in small accounts, building up a following, getting trends going, pressuring bigger influencers. And the reason it taught people that is there wasn’t a choice. That’s what you had to do to survive in that environment. That’s what you had to do to have a voice.


And the thing about politics, and this is something I’ve been stressing the last few months, encouraging people to have a mindset that you’re not a passive consumer. It’s just totally pointless if you have strong beliefs and what that translates into, you watch my YouTube videos and you read Lucas’s tweets and you just consume all this stuff. You’re a hobbyist, you read the books. It has to translate into something.


And every bit of activism, right down to tweeting, hashtags counts. And people have to have that attitude. They have to see themselves as part of this organic, grassroots psychological operation against the establishment. Because like you said, if that field of warfare didn’t matter, if it didn’t matter winning the online space, if it didn’t matter getting these dissent and ideas out there, they wouldn’t spend so much money on it. They wouldn’t have so much resources.


The White House wouldn’t have Deborah Lipstadt appointed as an Anti-semitism Czar, which is her official title. They wouldn’t have the ADL, like deciding education curriculums to keep out any traces of “bigotry”. They wouldn’t have ADL engineers literally changing the YouTube algorithm in case someone encounters something that’s to the right of Ben Shapiro.


So we can really punch above our numbers. That’s the thing, you could look at just raw numbers and you could say:


“My God, my politics is fringe. Most people don’t even know what the ADL is, right? Most people are just checked out. They don’t care about issues like censorship.”


But the thing is, there’s a flip side to that, that can be a strength in terms of very few people really have any kind of information about politics or any clue about what’s going on. And then even out of that number, very few of them are engaged in terms of trying to make any kind of change, like the things I mentioned, trying to pressure influencers, boosting things they agree with, supporting people that push their talking points. So even within the people that are political, there’s an even smaller minority that are engaged politically.




So you can have a small movement, but if they’re all engaged, if they’re all very active, and if they’re all coordinating, you can do an awful lot with a very small amount in politics. I’m getting retweeted by some of these bigger accounts now that have a couple of million followers. And you realise some of these people, like, on paper, they have huge followings, and they have a big Wikipedia page, and they have big previous appointments of mainstream media jobs, but most of their followers are very casual. They’ll do a tweet, and it’ll get a fraction of the likes that my tweets get. They don’t have an engaged audience.


And so it’s very easy, relatively, for a small dissident group where the people are engaged, the people are coordinated. It’s very easy to affect pressure on them. It’s very easy to push them in your direction. All that requires is people having the right mindset. And it’s the same with Hashtag Ban the ADL, right? I shared that around at the start and if those people weren’t so engaged that they were willing to tweet that out every five minutes and try and get things, post the right kind of pictures and videos and put in the right replies where it would get this kind of reality, it wouldn’t have went anywhere.


So as much as anything, this will be a positive effect on the Right in terms of we can set the conversation. Something like this is repeatable. We can set the trends that send the Charlie Kirks, that send the Matt Walshes in the direction we want them to go. This is something the Left has and benefits from. Is it’s always led by this radical core. It has this intelligentsia. And even if the average kind of Hillary Clinton fan is not really clued in on anything and just takes their opinions from TV, they’re always directed by this intelligentsia, these activists.


The ADL is an example. They always have a direction they’re going, they set out their policies of what they want. They know where they want to get to, they know what the obstacles are to that. And then they set about destroying those obstacles and they direct their followers to that in the simplest way possible, which is call them racist or anti-semitic or something.


Now, the Right doesn’t have that. The right has people that largely follow politics in a kind of infotainment style where it’s talk radio hosts or it’s TV shows. Richard [word unclear], who I’m not a fan of, but he did do good research on this where he compared liberals and Conservatives and how they consume media content. And Conservatives are TV watchers, essentially. They follow politics very casually. It’s much more spectator sport, it’s much more about individual personalities. Liberals read a lot more and so they get what the policies are. They’ll read the articles on climate change or whatever, and they have a sense of what direction they’re going.




And like I said, you have that elite that have a coherent ideology. That’s missing on the Right. But that again is a kind of opportunity in that there is a space for radicals that can step in, and I can give a direction to these people that can say:


“Hey, you don’t like censorship? Well, here’s the data. We have the coherent worldview, we have the sense of where things need to go. But here we have it boiled down in meme form. We have it boiled down in simple arguments, simple infographics. Here’s the problem you had censorship, the ADL is the problem. Go after the ADL. Hashtag Ban the ADL.”


And in that way I think you would be surprised how much a small group can really direct the Right. I think the Right is looking for leadership across the West right now. There’s this sense that the old kind of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan conservatism that’s dying out. And I’ve posted statistics about this before the boomers are really the only people that are propping up these centre-Right conservative parties in Europe and the US. Especially Europe.


And when they die, there’s this space open. What is the Right going to be? It’s not going to be Reaganism. It’s not going to be this conservative fusionism of the 1980s. There’s a space there, and someone is going to fill it. And there are elite groups that are trying to fill it. There’s the whole, like, Peter Thiel type nexus, and then there’s people like us where it’s organic.


We don’t have the finances. We don’t have the resources of some of these bigger actors. What we have is the truth. And what we have is the message that resonates.


And ideally, what we will have is the most dedicated activists, the people that understand how this stuff works, they understand the Internet. They understand virality. They understand how to pressure people in the right way. They understand how to present their worldview in the right way. And with that, we can enact huge change.


But it will be examples like this. It will be cases like Hashtag Ban the ADL that will show people the way. And that will hopefully, moralise people to push for more positive.


You know, just personally, like, seeing you guys, seeing you Lucas, seeing Jake Shields, seeing these guys that they could very easily just choose to be conservative influencers. Jake Shields, if he was a TPUSA guy that was speaking out against certain issues that they resonate with, he’s the ex-MMA guy, I’m sure they’d love him. But no, he felt a sense of injustice about the ADL and about some of these issues, and he speaks truth to power, and it resonates with people, and he gets a big following in spite of everything.


So on a personal level. Go ahead, …




Lucas Gage: Well, I want to say something too. There’s a few things I want to mention.


Okay, so what I think the problem is on the so-called Right is that, first of all, they think that it’s unfair that the Left gets away with all this other shit! Our optics have to be impeccable! I’m not saying lie. And Nick Fuentes, I see him in here, he’s mentioned this many times. It’s not about being deceptive. It’s about looking good, right?


Antifa. They all look like subhuman scum. They could burn down buildings. BLM could do the same thing, because they have support of the State. We can’t be doing that. Imagine one Right-wing group burned down a single building. It’d be game over. The military to go in. We need to have impeccable optics. We have the truth on our side, so we don’t have to be deceptive. We have to have intellectuals.


But we also have to have passionate people who can emote those who are listening! So we can’t just have know, for example, a Jarard Taylor says:


“Hello everyone!”


And I’m not making fun of them. We have the intellectuals who train the passionate people to send the message out, whether it be through comedy, whether it be whatever else. Like you see the Nicks and you see the Sneakos and whoever else out there who have this funny approach that works with the Zoomers. Then you got to get my age. I’m 39, so I don’t know the Zoomer language. [chuckling] I try to say some things, I make jokes.


But the point is we have to have full spectrum dominance on our end with what we’re limited to, which is we’re not going to be supported by the State. We’re not going to get off. I mean, look what happened to Kyle Rittenhouse. This guy literally defended his life and they tried to destroy him. He did nothing wrong, literally nothing wrong, but, “oh, he’s a Nazi!” Just that.


And so we have to have this impeccable optics, right? We can’t be with these spergs who are crazy making, … We can make jokes and it’s funny and that’s fine.


But when it’s time to get serious, we have to get serious. We got to feel out our crowd. We all have our parts, right? We all have different approaches, but they all have to have the same common enemy.


And also we have to have this ability to not only just move the people, but educate them at the same time with the facts that we have and not be worried about purity spiraling.


Now, I was guilty of this years ago. Mr. Purity Spiral was me!:


“Oh, this person doesn’t agree with me on this, therefore he’s my enemy!”


We have differences, even people among here, religiously, politically, slight differences. We have to put that all aside and focus on the bigger fish to fry, right? That’s what we have to do. Then when they’re out of the way, you could debate and do whatever the hell you want. That’s fine.


So my view is going back to my time in Iraq, right? They told us the second tour was:


“We have to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.”




So some of the missions were:


“Hey, we’re going to rebuild this park that we destroyed, so we’re going to build the slides.”


If we were hitting kids with our fucking butt stocks, that wouldn’t be good optics. If we were calling them Hajis and sand n-words, or whatever, that wouldn’t look good.


So we had to not only be generous and kind to them and give them food and rebuild the shit we blew up to win their hearts and minds, we had to also be gentle, kind and everything. And you’re coming from a fucking killing machine, it’s kind of hard to do, but we had to do it. We had to put aside our differences, our politics, and win the hearts and minds of the people.


Now the Right-wing, as you said, Keith, they’re watching television. They’re more of the rule followers, right?


So we have to have the moral high ground. And I know that’s kind of like, that sucks, but that’s just the way these people are programmed. You’re not going to see these Right-wingers storm well, they did storm the Capitol, [chuckling] but I’m saying you’re not going to see these people, like, destroy an entire city because a White guy got shot. They can’t do that. They’re not allowed to do that. They’re never going to have that protection from the State.


All there’s Antifa people, they got off, they got arrested, but they got let go. Whatever the case. We don’t have that same privilege and we have to play, … Again we have the truth on our side and that’s why they spend so much money to suppress the truth, to where people are banned!


Like Nick, for example, banned without a reason for being banned! Even Ye, he was banned just because he was posting stuff that was silly. And Elon personally banned him, probably to save his arse from getting worse. We don’t have the privilege. So:


“It’s not fair man! Rules for Radicals. Oh, I read the book!”


We can’t do, Rules for Radicals. Yeah, there’s a 48 Laws of Power. Yeah, we could do sneaky things. You can be Machiavellian.


And I have to admit, I’ll admit it publicly, I’ve been doing that myself, playing the game a little bit, making friends with as many people as I can.


And I’m not deceiving anyone. But there is a game to play in politics. Just like seducing a woman. This what I mean by optics. You can’t go up to a girl at a bar and go:


“Hey, I want to fuck! Get in my car!”


It’s never going to happen. Even if she wants to do it, she’s going to be like:


“Hell no! This guy’s crazy!”


Slap you in the face. Whatever the case, you can’t have that you have to woo her!




And the people are the same way. The masses are emotional! If they were intellectual, we wouldn’t have this conversation. They’re all emotional! The crowd gets that way and you have to seduce the crowd. And we don’t have to do it with deception. That’s the good thing about us. The Left does. They have to make up all the “race doesn’t exist”! Also:


“There are no such thing as genders! There’s 1000 genders! White people don’t exist, but they have to pay reparations!”


It’s all bullshit, contradictions! We could obliterate their narratives, and we do easily. That’s why they have to ban us. So we can go up and we could woo the public by telling the truth. But we got to do it in a way they understand.


So intellectualism is important. The highest IQ guys are incredibly important for us to learn from, but they don’t really translate into moving the people. And that’s the most important thing.


So once we have the intellectuals educate those of us who watch their videos and read their books, then we got to translate that into passion! Because, again, people are emotional, just like women. You can’t be like:


“Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Frank. I have 100K in the bank.”


Boring as fuck!:


“What is the weather like today? What’s your name?”


They don’t give a shit! You seduce women with comedy and making them feel good, emotional!


And that’s what I want people to understand. When you post tweets, you could drive that emotion through people, when you say, like:


“Rapist, murderer, paedophile, Leo, Frank!”


They’re like:


“Oh, my God, that’s terrible!”


You know what saying? Like, you use that, and it makes them understand:


“This is a very bad dude, and the ADL is defending this dude!”


And that’s where the logic kicks in.


So you have to have both logic and passion in your messages. That’s why my account has doubled in the last, what, month or two? Two months or now? I don’t know. I’m doing something right, that’s for sure.


And I’m not trying to brag or anything. It’s not a big deal.


But as I said earlier, this is just one front, is the intellectual front, the Twitter front, and then there are people doing things in real life. Unfortunately, some of them are doing it very bad optics, as I criticised them many times. Others do great optics!


So we have to combine our techniques together and support everyone, despite whatever purity spiraling things they might not like at somebody. They might not believe the same religion. They might not, okay, big fucking deal! The bigger fish, the bigger gefilte fish, may I say, [chuckling] is what we need to fry. Because they’re the threat to all of us!




And a lot of times I’ve seen this, and I made a video a few weeks ago saying to everyone:


“Look, put aside your differences. Unite and take care of the common enemy, because you might not like this guy. Well, he’s going to get banned as fast as you are. Now you’re both banned!”


And now both of these people are gone, and the people cannot be educated by either of them. Now they got to go to this website over here, and nobody wants to sign up for Rumble because YouTube is easier. They make it an inconvenience to find information. That’s what they do.


I mean, look, Adam Green, for example, they’ve banned him. They banned so many people. They got to go to Odysee, then they got to go to BitChute, then they got to go to this thing. Then Nick had to build his own damn website to have his show. I mean, it’s ridiculous!


Keith Woods: Yeah, that benefited us in terms of just the overreach of organisations like the ADL, where they came out against people like Tucker Carlson, people like Donald Trump when he was president. And even during Covid like the fact that they were kind of lumping in people that were opposed to lockdowns or people that were opposed to vaccines, they were lumping them in with the White supremacists, the neo-Nazis:


“All these people were extremists now!”


And they’ve totally overreached to a point where those terms are meaningless.


But also with the censorship, it’s like they’ve forced everyone into the same platforms. They forced everyone to go to places like Rumble and Telegram, and there wasn’t really as much of this payoff for people like:


“Well, if I just avoid certain talking points, I’ll never be censored. I can keep my platforms.”


It kind of forced everyone into the same environment, and it totally changed the calculation.


But as far as the optics thing as well, it’s like, well, I’ve never hid any of my beliefs. I’m very honest. I’ve presented very honestly on my account and stuff. My opinion on that it’s just like we always make this talking point like:


“Oh, we have normal beliefs and what we believe is normal.”


But people that still don’t really act like that when they get to post. And a lot of people just take joy in the taboo aspect of the beliefs.


But I do think there’s an appetite for a lot of the kind of things that are being offered by the dissident Right, right now.


And if people just presented like they deserve a seat at the table, they might be surprised how much traction they could get. And we’ve seen that with conservatism adopting this trend.


I think also with what you mentioned about intellectuals versus having approach and talking points. Approachable talking points. I don’t think there has to be a contradiction there either, in that you look at any successful system, any successful kind of intellectual system, or even a religion. You look at something like Catholicism and you get a very simple, very simple kind of moral message for the uneducated.




But there’s like levels of it where you can go right up to very complex theological debates. I think any successful belief system functions like that. And I think there is a way to unite. You can have quite an intellectual scene on the Right, and you can have a very worked out radical worldview, but then it can kind of trickle down, like I said, right down to the kind of memeable phrases, right down to something like Ban the ADL. There’s levels to that. Someone can post the memes of Greenblatt and that guy with that guy that looks like Jabba the Hutt, whatever the ADL researcher is [Dr Mark Pitcavage].


But it’s like, yeah, you can go up levels and then you can go to the people that are actually exposing the information on this and that are showing how this is subverting democracy, how this is a minority group.


And you can go right down to the kind of interests that motivate people like Jonathan Greenblatt and why they’re so opposed to White people specifically, why they’re so opposed to things like discussions around immigration restriction, why they think it’s an anti-semitic dog whistle by Trump because he said he wanted to remove warmongers from office [chuckling].


So, yeah, I think something like this is ideal. And even when you talk about sort of spergs that attach themselves to hashtag, it’s like at a certain point, if you can get your talking point to the mainstream Right like that, and you can push it out there as a force in the world that’s directionally pushing back against the Left, then it’s like everyone is kind of on the same team. There’s kind of strength in numbers. You’re not as affected by certain individuals that they might try and tarnish you with because again, it’s like, well, we have Matt Walsh, we have Charlie Kirk, we have Dinesh D’Souza. This isn’t some fringe neo-Nazi position, right?


So, yeah, I think there’s a lot of positive lessons from this whole thing. There’s a lot of positive directions that can go in. And if you’re in the space, retweet this space, post Ban the ADL. Hashtag Ban the ADL. Reply to people with hashtag Ban the ADL. If you’re doing a reply to someone that tweeted about it, include the hashtag.


If you’re quote tweeting someone, include the hashtag. Even if you’re tweeting about something that’s not totally directly related to banning the ADL, you should tweet hashtag Ban the ADL. Let’s get it back into trending.


It did go number one trend very quickly. When it started, fell out for a while. By the next day, it was back to number two in the US. It was actually the top hashtag. Still it was behind some trend related to some holiday or something.




But, yeah, it was pretty much up there at the very top for two days straight. Across the world, people were sending me screenshots from Austria, from Finland, where it was one, two, three, and they’re trending. It was trending in Australia for a couple of days. People are really seeing this. It’s probably gotten tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions of impressions.


But, yeah, let’s keep it going! Let’s get as much out of this as we can. Let’s force them to respond. Let’s keep the conversation centred on it. Tweet hashtag Ban the ADL.


I’m going to let in Joel Davis and I’m going to let in oh, actually, before I started as well, I asked Sam Parker to join, so I’m going to add him as a speaker as well.


Another guy who was there on it very early, tweeted some stuff that went really viral.


And also two guys who very early on were saying, the next step in this after it goes trending, Sam said this very early:


“The step after this goes trending and after this gets out there, everyone has seen it, is we need to start pressuring these more mainstream conservative types to post about it.”


And that’s another very successful tactic. You put your talking point out there.


There’s no good argument against it from a Right-wing perspective because what are you going to say? Are you going to say that you’re pro-the censorship of the ADL? Are you going to say that you’re pro-Jonathan Greenblatt running social media so you force them to pick a side. You create this binary. Are you pro-free speech or are you pro-ADL?


And I think that’s a very effective tactic. But yeah, I don’t know. Sam, if you want to speak first, if you have any thoughts on this and we’ll go to Joel.


Sam Parker: Can people hear me?


Keith Woods: Yeah, we can hear you.


Sam Parker: Okay, great. Listen, I just want to say thanks to Keith. I want to say thanks to Lucas for doing this Space. I saw Andrew Torba was in here for a while. Looks like he just left. That’s too bad. But Torba is a great ally. Shout out to him and everybody that’s on Gab. If you’re not on Gab, get on Gab. And if you’re on Gab, follow me. [chuckling]


But, hey, thanks a lot, Keith, for doing this. And Lucas, you guys are great thought leaders. You’re great men of action, and I look up to both of you guys. And you’re a great example.


Listen, I’ve learnt a lot of things the last couple of days from this ban, the ADL hashtag movement. And I want to say that one thing it’s really taught me is the power of unity. The ADL is strong because they’re so unified and they represent a very small slice of the population, but they’re very powerful because they’re unified, because they’re unity.


And I want to say, look what happened over the last couple of days with this ban. The ADL hashtag. Non-followers became followers, followers became follow backs, and then those mutuals became allies, and allies became partners, and then partners became friends. And my entire network was elevated. I got new followers, I got new follow backs. I got new mutuals, new allies, new partners, now new friends.




And I think that’s the case for everybody. Our network is building right now. We’re building our unity and we’re building our power. And in just two days that has had tremendous consequences. Look at how Elon responded twice to Keith because of a 100% pure grassroots, absolute wildfire!


We were out there and we weren’t organised, we weren’t unified. But this hashtag and Keith’s leadership unified us in about, I don’t know, what was it, Keith? About 16 hours, 18 hours from time zero to Elon responding, it was about 60,000 tweets later. And after trending number one, in about 14, 16, 18 hours, Elon responded.


And then once Elon responded, then the big Right, Con Inc responded, and all of a sudden it was safe for all of them to weigh in.


And that’s the second thing I want to say. Those big accounts on the Right that are basically gatekeepers for the Right’s version of the plantation, the controlled plantation. They are influence leaders, of course, in a way, because they have big followings and they have the bully pulpit and they have the megaphones, but they’re not the thought leaders, right? They are not the vanguard thought leaders. The shrewd strategizers that we have, we have the truth on our side. We have the idea guys, we have the bleeding edge of the spear. They don’t have that they just have their big megaphone.


So in a sense, we’re sort of a tail wagging the dog. You look at last week, I don’t know how many of you noticed last week, but you had people like Charlie Kirk and Jack Posobiec who both started tweeting pro-White content a couple Sundays ago within minutes or hours of each other. And it kind of seemed a little bit artificial and coordinated.


But a year ago, or two years ago, those types of tweets and those types of positions taken by those accounts would have been unthinkable! We have been able to through a persistent posting and declaration of our positions and the truth, we’ve been able to basically drag them kicking and screaming along with us.


And so the real leadership is here and the power of our leadership is in our unity.


Now I want to say something else with regards to the boomers and this TV thing that Keith has been talking about and Lucas was talking about. Both of my parents, they’re boomers, they spend hours in front of the Fox News TV and what not. But they used to love to watch Tucker. Tucker’s on Twitter now. You know, my folks both have a smartphone and they both have tablets and they both spend a lot of time on their tablets and smartphones. And I helped my dad open a Twitter account so that they could watch Tucker.




So I would encourage everybody on here, if you have a boomer in your life, or a friend, even a non-boomer, a friend who’s active on Facebook or is active on their gadgets, help them get a Twitter account and get them going and set up their Twitter account. Help them do that and help them know who to follow. Have them follow Lucas, have them follow Keith, have them follow Jake Shields, have them follow, … Get them a good starter list of followers.


And so when they day zero, when they start getting on Twitter, the content they’re going to be bombarded with is our content. And let’s start building our movement the grassroots, that way. Our whole movement is grassroots. And let’s just start. Lucas was talking about we got to win a we got an ally. Ally with the boomers in your life and with the non Twitter users in your life. Get them on, tell them who to follow, set them up and let’s build this thing.


I don’t have too much more to say. Just I want to say thanks to you guys for doing this. It was a lot of fun. This is some of the most fun I’ve had on Twitter in a while. There’s a lot of negativity on Twitter, there’s a lot of throttling, there’s a lot of bullshit on Twitter, but the last couple of days has been spectacular! It’s been lights out!


And I want to thank everybody who spent hours working their thumbs to death tweeting, retweeting, commenting, defending each other. I had a tweet that turned out to have been a doctored photo, an accident. I apologise for that, but a lot of people jumped in to defend and hold it up.


Anyway, I want to thank them for that. And that’s what we got to do. We got to have each other’s back and we did that, and that’s where our power is.


Anyway, that’s what I have to say to you. Thanks a lot.


Keith Woods: Hey, like, it was it was Lucas, it was Sam, it was Jake Shields. They were the guys that were on this early, pushing this out, understood the direction that it had to go in. These are guys have got their faces out there. They’re speaking truth to power. They’re standing up to the ADL. They understood what the play was. They understood how to get there. They’re all respectable optical guys and they were the perfect ones to kind of reach across and bring this to more mainstream Conservatives and show them what the issue is.


So, yeah, it was a great job all around. Do you want to speak, Joel?




Joel Davis: Yeah, I could say a few things. I don’t want to have to speak too long on this subject because I listened to your opening monologue and a lot of the stuff that you said is similar to stuff that I say. Obviously, we’ve discussed these kinds of tactics many, many times over the years, and this is just implementation of principles and ideas and strategies that have been refined through many years online engaging in e-activism.


But one point that I wanted to impress upon was after we developed a little bit of initial momentum, and I don’t really want to say “we” actually, because a lot of you guys moved on this a bit earlier than me because you guys got kind of started up early in the morning, Australian time. I woke up and went to work and it was all kind of unfolding. And I kind of like, jumped in on it after you’d already developed some momentum.


So I don’t want to take undue credit, but once I saw that, I was like, okay, what’s like another few chess pieces that we can move here?


And so immediately I started coordinating people to start getting into replies of certain major Right-wing influencers, identified a few key ones to pressurize. I think Jack Posobiec was one of them, Matt Walsh was one of them. There was a few others. And I started directing my followers and people in-group chats and so on to just start spamming their replies and juicing replies in their tweets to pressure them to embrace the ban at the ADL hashtag or whatever, start talking about it.


And every single person that we pressured bar almost none, the pressure told almost immediately, we provoked pretty quick reactions from all of these figures.


Now, it’s possible that some of them just jumped on it, would have jumped on it anyway. But I felt like that was actually quite an effective strategy, and overall, it’s an effective strategy in general I think, too. When looking at these so-called “Con Inc” figures, a lot of people in our scene have contempt for these guys and think:


“Well, they have nefarious connections, they’re compromised due to those nefarious connections and so on and so we don’t find them trustworthy.”


And that’s a reasonable position to have for us, for obvious reasons.


But they can still be used! Because at the end of the day, they are nominally on the Right, and they have a platform that reaches millions.


And I think some of these guys like talking about Posobiec and Matt Walsh in particular, I think they actually are closer to us in their personal opinions than they can let on publicly because of the position that they’re in.


And so a lot of what we do is basically trying to give them the permission and the right kind of structure of pressures to say what they wish they could have said three or four years ago, but couldn’t. We know about the Posobiec, for example. Many people might not know this, but back in 2016, he was DMing with Richard Spencer. That all got leaked.


He was Tweeting 1488 and Son and Rads and things like that. And then he took a trip to Israel and went back to being a cuckservative.




But I don’t think mentally he went back to being a cuckservative. It’s not like you can just un-see once you’ve seen it.


So as soon as he started seeing Charlie Kirk and Matt Walsh saying base things about or kind of like pushing the envelope, I guess, on the race question, immediately he just starts spamming pro-White memes for like, three days, because he’s like:


“Yes! Finally the Overton window is shifted, and I can go back to this!”


And it was similar, I think, with this Ban the ADL thing. As soon as he smelt that it was possible to jump on it, he jumped on it with enthusiasm. So I think a lot of what we do here is kind of opening up the social permission for some of these figures to shift to the Right that want to do it anyway. For others, someone like Charlie Kirk, for example, I don’t think he actually is like those other two figures in the sense of I don’t think his personal opinions quite as convicted. He isn’t a very ideological person, I don’t think. He’s not very convicted in his beliefs. But he felt the pressure during the Groyper Wars when he had all of these young groypers mocking him for being pro-trans. And he had this take once which was like:


“Listen, Libtards, there’s two genders, okay? So pick one!”


As if it’s fine to be a transgender, but none of this gender fluidity stuff that’s going too far or whatever. He was extremely Left-wing. He was shilling for immigration. He was shilling for gay marriage. There was nothing Right-wing about him whatsoever. He got exposed. And that obviously took a personal toll on him as an individual.


And he doesn’t want to be seen in that way. He wants to be seen as like a legitimate Right-winger. That matters to him. That personal branding. And we control a significant portion of the social space that can provide that legitimation or take that legitimation away from him.


And so we have a social power that we can flex to mess with the brands of these individuals. We can control social space to change their perception of what is acceptable or unacceptable discourse. We have to realise and become conscious of this power and get strategic with how we use it. And this has been such a potent example, maybe better than almost anything else I can think of that’s happened recently, of how that power can be used effectively.


Maybe you could say that’s a Machiavellian way of looking at things. I disagree, because it’s just about understanding basic psychosocial dynamics and applying those principles to achieve what are kind of valid and true and legitimate ideological aims. So yeah, I think that’s been a bit of a wake up call, maybe, for some, from this experience.




As Keith was saying before, we don’t have money. We can’t set up these massive media empires like the Daily Wire or whatever. We have to deal with censorship. We have to deal with a lot of obstacles.


But what we do have is an extremely dedicated base. Our guys are smarter than everybody else. Our guys are funnier. Our guys are more dedicated, et cetera. We have more willpower, more creativity. We’ve got a lot of advantages that maybe seem kind of intangible on their face, but when put into practice, can really manifest significant results. Because at the end of the day, all these people, all these conservative influences, they’re all human beings. They have emotions, they have egos, and it affects them.


Look at someone like Jordan Peterson. Jordan Peterson literally had a mental breakdown, or several mental breakdowns due to being bullied online by the Alt-Right. This is what we can actually do to some of these influencers. We can really profoundly affect how they perceive the world, how they perceive themselves.


It doesn’t matter how successful you are. It doesn’t matter how many millions of followers you have, how many book deals you had, how many millions of dollars you have in the bank. If a bunch of people who have ideological conviction, who are nominally on your side are exposing your hypocrisy, that’s got to hurt! That’s got to bite!


There’s a kind of like a reward-punishment kind of dynamic that we can have here. If these conservative kind of influencers, these top conservative influencers want to play ball with us and want to move in our direction, we can be friendly towards them, we can encourage them, we can boost them, we can make them feel legitimate and make them feel part of the team. But if they don’t kind of go in the direction that we want them to go in, well, then we can ridicule them, we can criticise them, we can expose them, and so on.


And that’s not going to look good for them.


So I think a lot of what we’re going to be doing here going forward is, obviously narrative is primary, but on top of narrative, it’s, I guess, like a tactical kind of social game that we’re playing, really.


Keith Woods: I don’t even want to focus too much on tactics or stuff.


I mean, the main thing is, look, it’s a righteous cause. Everyone should just tweet it out because it’s a righteous cause. The strength in numbers.


At the end of the day, look, it’s a very simple case. Like, this is a small organisation, a small cadre of elites that are interfering with social media, that are using financial leverage from oligarchs to affect pressure on what’s allowed in the public square. And they’re doing that on the basis of a standard they have that reflects nothing but their own personal interests. It doesn’t reflect the majority will. It doesn’t reflect where anyone is, except, like I said, a very extreme minority in terms of what they consider hate, what they consider extremism. And it’s interfering in countries outside of the US. It’s having popular political parties in Eastern Europe banned off social media, thereby affecting their support, affecting their election results.




And there’s no way for those countries to deal directly with this organisation interfering in their business. The only response in the end is just for people to speak truth to power on this and to come together and say:


“Let’s unite the whole Right around, something needs to be done about these organisations. We need to get back a public square. We need to get back free speech in the Internet.”


And it starts with dismantling these organisations that exist to participate in cultural and financial terrorism. The ADL should not exist. There’s no case for it being on here. There’s no case for it existing in general.


I think a case can also be made that it could be abolished as an entity that serves foreign interests in the US. This is something that hasn’t been talked about much. I might publish something on this later, but there was an investigation into leaks that came out of the US State Department where there was leaks being sent to Israel through AIPAC that the FBI was investigating.


And Abe Foxman, the [now former] head of the ADL, enacted a pressure campaign on politicians and on the media, used media connections to say that the fact that there was leaks coming out of this investigation was anti-semitic. It was playing into an anti-semitic caricature, that there was a witch hunt of a jewish spy and this was going to embolden anti-semitism.


And through enacting this pressure that he had through financial and media connections, he was able to pressure the Attorney General into dropping this case.


So very directly, the ADL was participating in and defending a spy operation in the US for Israel. And was essentially ensuring that even if this happened, that justice couldn’t be carried out by the internal processes that exist in the US.


So there’s no case for this organisation existing. It’s hostile to free speech on the internet, it’s tactics are nefarious, it’s interfering in other countries electoral processes.


So yeah, it has to go!


And I don’t think people should especially focus too much on keeping control of this or where it’s going to go. Who knows? For now, we just need to keep this going. Hashtag Ban the ADL. Let’s get it back into trending. Anything you can get out there that’s shareable, that’s memeable, we’ll keep the energy going.


I probably won’t keep this space going too much longer because I don’t want to turn it into rehashing the same talking points or getting too kind of technical in our arguments.




But I have another request from Gadius, who, he was in my test space earlier where I was testing out my audio, so it’s only fair I bring him into the real thing.


But yeah, Gadius, if you want to speak and then we’ll see where we go with it.


Gadius: Can you hear me?


Keith Woods: Yeah.


Gadius: I just want to touch on what you said earlier about the rank and file not being lazy or whatever and actually getting their asses in gear on things like this. I hope it’s crystal clear that this spear has the capability of making their own hashtag Black Lives Matter or Pound Me Too. It’s obvious Ban ADL has been number one. It was number one, now it’s five, and over the past three days. So that right there is a real big white pill for the rank and file. And they should have the mindset of, like you said, even every Tweet, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with it, it should be like Cato, “Carthage must burn!” The end of the tweet is “Ban the ADL”.


So it’s like the troops, the frogs, the normies, like myself, should get in line and just keep pushing this because it’s something that we can do. I mean, obviously we don’t have institutions yet, there’s new institutions being built and everything, but this is where we’re strongest at is on the meta-political field. And like you said, if it didn’t work, they wouldn’t suppress as much as they do.


So I think the frogs really need to get behind stuff like this, like, Juice Gang. Ever since the beginning of the year or last year, they just been killing it on Twitter and driving the narrative. And yourself and Joel, with respect to your own countries, really been putting in work, and that’s a big white pill. And it’s really time to get serious. It’s fun to shit post. It’s fun to get on and dance and dunk on the liberals and all that shit, but it really is time to get serious. We’ve got guys going to prison now for retarded shit! And it’s like, yeah, we got to ban these guys!


So that’s really the only message I want to put out, is just to the frogs, to the rank and file, to the normies, is to get in line.


So that’s what I got to say.


Joel Davis: We just have Conservatives expend all this energy going after Bud Light. And fine, it was, I guess, a worthy cause to an extent. But how much better is Conservatives going after the ADL? You got to pick your battles. There’s only so much attention that the conservative media space can really afford to a list of top targets. Top enemies.


You know, I think we’ve seen this year how effective the conservative media scene can be at mobilising against a target. When it locks on a target, it can really do serious damage. But you want that damage being done where it counts, and Bud Light doesn’t really count that much. ADL would count a lot.




And so helping guide the right to picking better enemies, to kind of prioritize, I think that’s a really, like, this is a great example of something that maybe we can provide, is trying to pick better targets for the Right.


And it isn’t necessarily like a super radical thing, as Keith said, it’s a basic free speech issue. These guys are coming after us. ADL came after Trump. Came after Tucker Carlson. It’s not just them coming after the real radical fringe. They’re coming after everyone. So it’s just logical. Even all these Right-wing jews are like:


“Actually, we hate the ADL as well!”


Be that as it may, it should be an easy W. It should be kind of a no-brainer, and that’s what’s manifested here.


And I think if we could pick out a few more of these no-brainers, excellent! But for now, focusing on this, it just seems like a really productive use of the Right’s energy. So brilliant work by everybody.


Lucas Gage: I just want to clarify something, because, Joel, you brought up Machiavellianism. When I mentioned that, I was talking about myself needing to deal with certain thought leaders because everyone’s got different personalities. What’s happening right now is actually pure, unadulterated real energy from the bottom up! There’s no need to be any of that, you just take the energy and move with it. This is like Trump when he was in 2015. That was real energy Trump tapped in. We could think Trump is this or that, Zio, whatever.


But that was a real energy! That was a raw movement and so is this Ban ADL hashtag.


So there’s no reason for any of us to be Machiavellian when we’re promoting the message. I was referring to myself dealing with certain people with different egos. Because, you know how it is when you talk to different people. They have different opinions and you got to navigate that. I just want to make sure everyone understands that I was talking about myself, not the strategy to push this forward.


This is raw, unadulterated, true from the grassroots, and it just needs to be put out there with your heart and with your tactics that are going to be eloquent and doing what you have to do to make the message spread as far as wide as possible.


Joel Davis: Yeah, what I meant by that was just like picking wise targets, not doing anything disingenuous or immoral, obviously.


Lucas Gage: I’m just saying I thought you were referring to what I said earlier. But Keith, we had Adam Green with his hand up earlier as well. I don’t know if he wants to say, you want him to jump on or, he’s a speaker now.


Keith Woods: Sorry, you cut out for a second. What did you say?




Lucas Gage: Adam Green has had his hand up for a while. Now he’s a speaker. He hasn’t spoken yet. I don’t know if you want him to jump in or, it’s your Space. That’s what I’m saying.


Keith Woods: Yeah, sure, a few speakers have been added. If someone wants to jump in, we can finish up soon enough.


But yeah, let’s get some more people in.


Lucas Gage: Adam, you there?


Adam Green: Yeah, I’m here. Can you guys hear me?


Lucas Gage: Yeah, I can hear you.


Adam Green: Thanks, Angelo [Lucas] and Keith. I really tip my hat to you for getting this amazing campaign started. This has really been unprecedented! The ADL has never had this type of grassroots pushback before. And I’ve been calling on mass protest of the ADL for years, because undoubtedly they’re the single most proponent of censorship, and behind the censorship of the Internet more than any other group.


I mean, the reign of terror has got to stop! Greenblatt is a power tripping tyrant! And he’s unelected. Who made him king to censor the Internet? He’s a bottled water salesman! He’s never gotten any pushback in the media. He parades around on the media all the time. Never has to debate, never has to get it. Never gets any pushback at all.


And clearly the ADL is openly brazenly with a lot of chutzpah using mob tactics. Like this extortion racket has got to be exposed.


I just retweeted. As soon as Elon bought Twitter, Greenblatt started threatening them. He even threatened, like, something about:


“It’ll be the death of Twitter if you don’t put us in charge of what gets, …”


Keith Woods: Yeah, that’s what Elon replied to originally, was I posted that screenshot where November 22 last year, I think it was, the ADL said:


“Twitter was now on ‘Death Watch’.”


Was the quote, due to the change in trust and safety. Which essentially meant that because Twitter was going to allow free speech, they were, … [cutting out]


Adam Green: Yeah, he said that they’re on “Death Watch”. This is like an open threat! This is total mob like extortion! They did it to Elon, threatening him with the advertisers. They even included me. They said if I wasn’t banned, that they’re going to organise mass boycotts against him. And the tweet that they wanted me banned for was me quoting Christopher Hitchens, a famous atheist, saying that “Judaism is evil”.


So apparently they’re the arbiters of what’s good and bad, and anybody that opposes them or criticises anything related to Judaism or Israel, or any jew is “evil and needs to be suppressed and censored”. So we can’t call them evil, but they have carte blanche to decide everybody else is evil.


Lucas Gage: Hitchens was jewish, by the way Adam. Hitchens himself was jewish.




Adam Green: Yeah, he was part. But still, the idea that you can’t even criticise a major religion is outrageous!


And there’s a lot of alarming stuff going on with Twitter, like the facial recognition with the Israeli company that was just announced last week. The new CEO of X [Linda Yaccarino] is adopting the ADL talking points, like the Orwellian terms like:


“Free speech but not free reach. Freedom of speech but not freedom of reach!”


Or, yeah:


“We’re going to throttle you and shadow ban you if it’s Lawful but awful!”


All these little cute phrases that they have.


And so it’s great that we had a grassroots pushback on this. Also wanted to bring up something I’ve been talking about for years, sounding the alarm, the IHRA [International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance] definition of “anti-semitism”. It’s one of the ADL’s primary goals. And they are trying to impose this new definition of anti-semitism on every institution world-wide. Our State Department, the Anti-semitism Czars, this has been their main agenda. The State Department has adopted this.


And this definition is essentially enforcing blasphemy laws around the world where you can’t call them racist, you can’t question any dual loyalties to Israel. You can’t say that they have power or control over any, quote, “societal institution” and a bunch of other ones. No conspiracies about any have any conspiracies, …


Keith Woods: That’s been added to Hate Speech laws in Europe. That’s one of the things the ADL does, is it petitions for all these countries with Hate Speech laws to make part of their definition of hate speech against jews is the IHRA definition of anti-semitism. Which means if you’re even critical of Israel, if you say Israel shouldn’t exist, … I’m getting some feedback Adam. Can you mute for a second? Yeah. So with the definition, if you say that Israel shouldn’t exist, that’s classified as “anti-semitism”, that’s classified as “hate speech”.


You know, essentially, if you’re not a Zionist, which is what that means, or a Zionist is someone that believes the state of Israel, if you’re not a Zionist, that is what the ADL wants to include. And it’s what they call the “international working definition of anti-semitism”. And yeah, they’re heavily pressuring all these countries to add it to their Hate Speech laws. Essentially abolish any kind of criticism of Israel at all. It’s totally extreme!


And that’s another good point to hammer home, is the fact that, look, this organisation tried to have Tucker Carlson de-platformed. They’d organised an advertiser boycott that was actually quite successful. Even though Tucker was the most popular TV show host in the US. His advertising was really sparse compared to other hosts. The reason for them advertising it or for organising that was because he pushed what they call “Replacement Theory” that he said that:


“Democrat politicians were replacing voters with immigrants.”


And of course, you go to their website, as has been highlighted, and they argued against the idea that Israel should live side by side in a kind of one state solution with Palestinians, because Palestinians would outbreed the jews, that was literally on their website.




So you see the complete contrast where they have these extreme Left-wing colour-blind policies for the US. But they’re still like defending Zionism, defending a very muscular jewish nationalism, and even trying to impose that in law where you can’t criticise Zionism. So it just exposes the whole basis of this. There’s no principles there, except their own empowerment.


Adam Green: Yeah, they’ve got so many double standards. Like, for instance, I tweeted yesterday that the ADL is strongly opposed to BDS, which is the peaceful boycott of Israel. So when it’s boycotting Israel, they say, “boycotts don’t work, boycotts are evil”.


But then they turn around and then want to boycott anybody that they want, including Twitter.


And also the hypocrisy. ADL puts out articles saying that:


“Oh, we can’t have a one state solution.”




“We can’t have this state of Palestine because the Palestinians will subvert us. If they come over, they’ll demographically subvert us.”


Something like that.


But then that’s the exact same thing that they do push for in America. And the way that their only response.


Of course, it’s typical 130,000 tweets. People of all backgrounds and colours opposing the ADL, and they say:


“Oh, it’s all conspiracies!”


They don’t address any of this irrefutable information. They just say:


“It’s all conspiracies. Everybody’s a White supremacist that says it. Anybody that opposes us is an anti-semite!”


Like being opposed to the ADL is not hating all jews, it is not anti-semitism.


If this was Russians in our country, a Russian lobby doing this, or if this was Chinese, we would all be saying the exact same things. But they try to hide behind that. And they say it’s a conspiracy theory, that they’re censoring us, as they’re openly and brazenly doing it. It’s like gaslighting everybody!


Joel Davis: It was incredible! I was reading the Rolling Stone article that they wrote about this earlier. And in the article they referred to the idea that the ADL has any influence as an “anti-semitic conspiracy theory”.


Yet at the same time, they were just describing in the article how the head of the ADL was meeting with the head of Twitter to impose new hate speech rules to avoid an ADL led boycott.


So it’s like, well, wait a second! The richest man in the entire world, Elon Musk, is less powerful than this organisation. This organisation is able to impose it’s will on literally the richest man in America, yet it’s an anti-semitic conspiracy theory to point out that it has enough power to do. So like it’s insane! Like, the level of gaslighting that they’re operating on. How anyone can look at this objectively, …




Keith Woods: It’s also on their website that they take credit for the banning of Donald Trump that happened after January 6. They take credit that they organised all these companies and eight different civil society organisations into this big coalition to pressure social media companies to ban him. So it’s on their website where they brag about their past achievements and getting people banned.


And then this Rolling Stone article that included me was saying that it was:


“An anti-semitic trope to say that the ADL has any responsibility for censorship.”


It’s like, we have the clip of Greenblatt saying that ADL engineers went into Google and YouTube and changed the algorithms to make them less prone to presenting hate to people.


That main ADL researcher guy, Mark Pitcavage. Like, his first response was, he said that:


“Criticism of the ADL was anti-semitic.”


All right, if that’s the way you want to go, that’s a pretty terrible tactic for them in responding to this.


But, yeah, they don’t know how to deal with this. They just make it worse for themselves. They double down.


Adam Green:Their website, when they had the definition of racism on their website. That was one of the top Google search results. If you Googled “racism”. And it said basically that “only White people can be racist” and that “non-White people can’t be racist”. And they were pressured to change it, basically.


But that is so brazen and mask off! I don’t see how they could ever have any credibility with any social media or government. And they’ve got so much! They work with the FBI, CIA, local police. They’re sending the Congress, of course. They’re sending them all over to Israel. They’re in the school. They have projects in schools all over as well.


And they’re like a foreign agency. They’ve got an office in Israel. They work closely with Mossad also to censor any criticism. They were set up by the B’nai B’rith, which means “the children of the covenant”. Like, they have a covenant with God. They’re chosen by God, destined to “heal the world and to lead the nations” and all this stuff.


And then anybody that opposes their agenda is an evil anti-semite. And people got to understand that this whole anti-semitism narrative is so deeply rooted in their religion!


To really understand what is going on here, you have to understand how it connects to their religion. They believe that they’re essentially chosen by God to be hated! And that we’re born hating them for no reason. And this is how they approach it and react and respond to everything that happens.


And it’s very important that we maintain the moral high ground, and don’t become the stereotypical villains. Because they actually thrive off of actual archetypal hate and anti-semitism.


I just read a book recently, actually, and then I’ll close it out. The Paradox of Anti-semitism is written by a Reform rabbi. Let me read you guys a quote right here, just so you understand this. It says:


“It is a paradox that in the modern times, …”


I’m sorry. Here we go:


“Rather than being our most ferocious enemy anti-semitism has, as I believe, often fostered jewish survival. Hostility towards Judaism and the jewish people has isolated us as a nation and intensified our determination to survive. The more the outside world hated us, the more we relied on God to save us.”


And it says:


“Through over three millennia we have ourselves as God’s suffering servants.”




It’s their religion to play this like:


“We’re the victim role. We’re persecuted by everybody, everybody’s evil that opposes us.”


And it says:


“We have been God’s chosen people whose destiny is to witness it’s eternal truth.”


And then it says, last one:


“We should acknowledge that jewish survival and jew hatred are paradoxically interrelated, and that without anti-semitism, jews may not be able to withstand the pressures of the modern world.”


So you have to understand the religion, how they view Amalek and Esau and this dialectic. And you can’t play into their dialectic and become their villain and give them their victim status, because then they can play it off as:


“Oh, everybody hates us and we’re just defending ourselves.”


And all of these things.


So it’s very important. It can’t be our religion that they’re evil. We have to point out that their religion is anti-us!


Keith Woods: We want to close this out now. Josh and Jefferson both requested, one of you can speak and then I’m going to finish this up.


Josh: I’ll make it real quick. I appreciate the opportunity. I’ll just say Lucas, Sam, Keith, and for the guys who aren’t here, Nick and Jake. Fantastic job! Really, really great work!


This is an important time, I think, and I hope people were watching this and I hope people understand the value of Internet activism because this kind of thing can only happen by engaging with the institutions and networks that are available to us.


And as some of you have already alluded to, it’s not about optics, cucking or undermining yourself or anything like that. It’s about how do you get the message out there.


And I think you guys did a great job!


The second thing I would say is that, and everyone who’s a speaker on this panel has observed this. There has been a change in the social mood, there’s been a change in the cultural climate since probably around the time Elon Musk first announced he was going to purchase Twitter, but certainly by the time of Kanye West at the end of last year.


And a lot of us have noted that things are starting to feel like 2015, 2016. This whole campaign basically was what brought Trump to the White House. This whole campaign, the energy, the networking, everything was the Meta of the political campaign we’re all engaged in. And that was forgotten. We’ve all lost touch with that. Not all, myself personally, I wasn’t part of that initial wave. I came a little bit later.


But there was terrible censorship that demoralised a lot of us. And now that’s over and we’re in a different period. The censorship is different, the cultural climate is different, the social mood is different.




And I just hope everyone is paying attention to what you guys are doing and trying to replicate that. Because part of where we went wrong was mistaking Trump, or Pepe, or whatever, as the things that got us to that moment, rather than the social, the meta-political things that were happening, like the Twitter engagement, the networking, so on and so forth.


And we can see in just how badly the ADL and Jonathan Greenblatt are getting ratioed, that there actually isn’t anything behind them! It’s totally paper tiger syndrome. And all it takes is creativity from us, ingenuity from us, perseverance from us, and we drive the news cycle. I’m saying “we”, I was, you know, just the jar head of the culture war. Keith, again, tip of my hat to you guys. It was you guys, but it was also us together.


And I think I’m hoping that’s what people take away from this.


Anyway, thank you.


Keith Woods: All right, we have some breaking news. Elon Musk just quote tweeted Eva Lardon [sp], whatever her name is, about the hashtag Ban the ADL. And he said:


“Perhaps we should run a poll on this.”


So everyone get on Elon’s replies, tweet hashtag Ban the ADL, tweet the pictures that we’ve tweeted out with the hashtag, the kind of shareable graphics. I might do a reply as well with one of those juice [word unclear]. We need to get this back trending. This is the perfect opportunity.


If he does a poll about it, we can win the poll, we can banish the ADL once and for all. This is a golden opportunity!


So everyone juice that. Get in the replies, tweet the hashtag, tweet stuff that’s shareable, getting the quote tweets. And yeah, this is the next phase. This is the next phase. The Elon engagement with this is going to bring it back.


So everyone, right now, go to my page, you’ll see the retweet of Elon’s post about this. This is how we’ll get it back trending, and let’s show the energy that’s behind this.


I might actually, right now, just go and grab one of the images and post in his replies and we can juice that up as well. Or what do you think? Should I leave one of the posts I’ve done about it for people to read, or will I just post the hashtag and the image? I think just the image should be good.


Lucas Gage: Well, what’s the image Keith?


Keith Woods: It’s the one on my page. It’s just hashtag Ban the ADL. It’s kind of a shareable graphic.


Josh: Yeah, just throw something out to juice real quick and then construct a better tweet later. Sit down and then that’ll be the one to juice later.




Keith Woods: Yeah. Okay, I’m going to write something up. Let’s see.


Joel Davis: But yeah, I mean, he wouldn’t have said that if he wasn’t going to do the poll, so I’m looking forward to this poll. I wonder how it goes sees.


Keith Woods: We’ve got to put everything into this.


Joel Davis: Should you suggest what question he should specifically ask?


Keith Woods: The question is going to be, “Should I ban the ADL?[chuckling]


Joel Davis: Hopefully that is what it is.


Josh: Hey, he has that one tweet from last year that it says:


“Everything will be Democratic on Twitter, X from now on.”


So you can try to hold him to his own word on that.


Keith Woods: Yeah. Vox popular Vox day, right?


Lucas Gage: This is a big fucking [word unclear] right here, boys. This is huge! If he pulls this off, man, … because then if he doesn’t go through with the fucking thing we want, then it’s even worse on him.


Joel Davis: But the thing is, he’s in the same position that he’s still been in, though, which is that, well, they’re just going to organise and advertise a boycott against him.


So it’s like Elon’s going to need the support of the broader Right-wing to, …


Lucas Gage: Kind of like Trump situation, Joel. You see, like, Trump’s got the people underneath him, behind him. So, like, all the shit he’s going through, he’s still doing what he does. He’s still one of the favourites.


If Elon becomes a Trump like figure in the big tech world, he’s going to get support of the people. Like:


“You know what, guys? I’m getting all the advertisers, they’re nuking themselves, but hey, we’re going to have to double X to $16 a month.”


People might just fucking do it! I mean, people bought Trump’s fucking stupid NFT figures! If people like you, they’ll support you.


So if Elon could become another Trump, whatever you think of Trump, I’m talking about the energy behind Trump, he can make it! And look, we had Torba in here. Sadly, he left, but he explained how hard it was for Gab, little Gab, to get away from all these people. He had to make his own fucking network, his mailing system, infrastructure, everything he had to do from scratch. And Elon’s got 44 billion in debt.


But it’s a bigger project, it’s a bigger platform, and it’s more of a threat than Gab, honestly. And Torba knows that. But he was in here explaining, … The last Twitter space I did with [word unclear], who’s in here actually, a lot of people were actually shocked that people were thinking like us. They were like:


“Wow! There’s more of us!”


So people don’t even know that we’re out there thinking like this.




So that’s another white pill. There’s more people to encourage, to get along. Like you said, I forgot who it was. I think it was you Joel, who said:


“We give permission to the people at the top to actually be themselves.”


Right? The Charlie Kirks and things like this. It’s almost like they’re stuck, right? They’re stuck in a rock and a hard place. They got their paychecks. They want to say certain things, but they’ll lose them. But if they don’t make us happy, they’ll lose us, which also pays them.


So it’s like, if they’re just greedy people, if it’s Jack Posobiec who’s one of us, technically, if he is or not, who knows? Then we could actually get these people freed from the shackles. And it seems to me, Elon, he might be stuck! And he’s like, doing these little things to say:


“Help. Hey, help me, guys.”


Maybe other people think Elon’s pure evil. It’s just an act. It’s all speculation. But whatever it is, we have to act accordingly.


Joel Davis: Well, we’ve seen Matt Walsh organise pretty effective consumer boycotts, so perhaps some of these we can list, what are some of these companies that are going to participate in the ADL boycott? Maybe Conservatives can start targeting some of them and start boycotting them in retaliation for boycotting Twitter, do some counter boycotts.


And perhaps some of these conservative companies, like perhaps MyPillow, can focus some more cash [chuckling] on advertising on Twitter and so on, you know what I mean? Maybe like some incentivisation for propping up Twitter with more advertisers.


And also, yeah, as I said, counter boycotting the boycotters. There’s probably some creative tactics we could deploy here to counterattack on behalf of Twitter to protect it from some of this.


Keith Woods: Right, I replied to Elon. Everyone juice my reply, I’ve got the image, I’ve got the hashtag. Pretty simple reply, but just make the argument, get out there, let’s just get a trend.


And everyone, also, leave your own reply. Post the memes in his replies. Post some of the kind of shareable content that’s been going around. Post some of the information on ADL. There will be a lot of people looking in the replies. They can find the stuff we’ve been posting, they can find the hashtag, try and educate them on it.


So, yeah, get in the replies! Show Elon we’re behind him.


I might just end it there. But, yeah, this is great timing. If we end it now, he just tweeted that there’s going to be a flurry of people posting replies.


So this is a great opportunity. As this ends, everyone go tweet, get in the replies, make your own tweets. Let’s get it trending again, Hashtag Ban the ADL. This is a perfect opportunity has now presented itself to bring this back into the trending and get those numbers up.


So thanks, everyone who joined again. Thanks to all the guys who were part of this, got on us early. Everyone who took part, all the smaller accounts, small and big. It’s good stuff. And yeah, let’s see where this goes. This is a very interesting development. But keep going, keep pushing, keep juicing hashtag Ban the ADL, tweet it as soon as this finishes. Let’s check the latest tab for Ban the ADL, and let’s absolutely fill that up. Let’s have these going every second and this back in the trending. So all right, take care, everyone. Thanks for joining. Peace out.


Lucas Gage: Take care, guys. Bye.












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12 hours ago
Americans have lost their country to organized Jewry, they lost it slowly and imperceptibly. Indeed, most Americans remain unaware that their country no longer belongs to them. They fervently believe they still live in a democracy. This was a takeover not without precedent, however. It had happened to Germany. It had happened to Russia. It has now happened to America.


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