Morgoth’s Review — Discussing the Government’s Anti-Extremism Agency ”Prevent” With Based British — TRANSCRIPT


[In this YouTube Hangout, Morgoth, who runs the blog, Morgoth’s Review,  talks with Based British, who discusses his Orwellian like experience with “Prevent”, an anti-extremist government agency, following some tweets he’d made earlier this year.









Morgoth’s Review


Discussing the Government’s


Anti-Extremism Agency “Prevent”


With Based British





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Published on Aug 5, 2018



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Young nationalist Based British was visited by the Government’s Anti-Terror agents ”Prevent’ for Tweets


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Morgoth: Hello there everybody. I’m joined with Based British who recently had an encounter with the anti-extremism division of the British government which is called “Prevent”. And there was a live stream that went up on his Twitter account, which I thought was really interesting, because then you actually got to hear what these agents, like, where they were coming from, and what they were trying to do. So, how we doing Based British, alright?


Based: I’m doing very well, thank you very much. Just came back from a little day out with my family, so yeah I’m having a good day. It’s supposed to be nice weather today, so I’m in a good mood, yeah.


Morgoth: I’ve had a good day, as well.




Based: I’m in a good mood, that’s why I accepted this live stream, to come on.


Morgoth: All right.


Based: If you catch me any other day I would have been very, very hesitant.


Morgoth: All right. What I thought was interesting about, let’s, … How many times have Prevent been to your home?


Based: To my home? Let me think, they’ve been about, to the house I live in, about, let me think, twice. They’ve came in the house twice, at least. And I’ve seen them about three, or four times. So they came into the house twice and I’ve seen him three, or four times. And well, the first time they came was, I think it was early April. And they pretty much, you know, they knocked on the door, I opened it, I was like, I was very puzzled as to who these people were.




But at the same time I was kind of expecting something like this to happen, one day, and it finally happened, you know, that pretty much the “thought police” arrived on my door! So once again …


Morgoth: Was this, you know, posting on Twitter?


Based: Oh, what was that?


Morgoth: There they took an interest in you, because, like what you were posting on Twitter?


Based: Yes, from my Twitter post.



Morgoth: And what, so what was the nature of the twitter, because I think we have to get, we have to kind of get into this, because were you talking about burning down mosques, or race war, or anything like that?


Based: Well nothing like that! No, because I’m not stupid! I’m not gonna be saying things like that! Once again I, yeah, I mean, there’s no where wit, or, you know, there’s nothing more to it other than just like, you know, let’s take a violent action right now. I mean, look, nothing good can come out of that, you know, burning down mosques and all that. There’s nothing.




Morgoth: Yeah.


Based: At this time, nothing good can come from that! So look, all I posted it was for the most part ninety percent of the time, it was facts and the other ten percent was, … well like everyone else I get angry sometimes I guess, especially after Charlottesville, … During Charlottesville. And I think I posted some very, yeah, angry comments during that day, and a couple of days afterwards. Oh my goodness I was so angry with how that day went. And yeah so I think most people were at the time were, so I’m not the only one.


Morgoth: Could it have been construed that you were gonna do something violent in the real world, because that’s, …


Based: Nope!


Morgoth: I want to know if they had genuine cause to think you were gonna go off the deep end, or if it was more that they just didn’t like the historical, …




Based: No! No! Not at all! It’s absolutely, it’s ludicrous to consider that I could possibly ever become violence, like a violent terrorist. I mean, that’s just ridiculous! Saying it is ridiculous! You know, anyone that knows me, knows that well, of course, I’m not a violent person! Not a violent person in the least bit, I’m actually, it’s just, it’s ludicrous! It really is! But then again this is obvious to most people.


Morgoth: So.


Based: It’s just, I know too much. I mean, …


Morgoth: Yeah, I took a browse of your twitter. A few weeks ago I did a blog post when you did the periscope thing.


Based: Yeah.


Morgoth: And it was sort of like the history of banking and, you know, (((who’s))) being involved in British history and stuff like.




Based: Yeah, I mean, the bottom line is that they just don’t want me to offend certain groups of people. Now, of course, people can be racist to Whites all day, every day, 24/7. And no one really bats an eye, you know, these people don’t bat an eye. They don’t give a rat’s ass about White racism, anti-White racism I should say. It’s just certain groups of people, namely black people, and jewish people, that you really cannot criticize, without, … oh well, also some Muslims I guess, without fearing any sort of backlash to go with it, so, …


Morgoth: Do you think the Prevent people who arrived, these agents, actually thought that you were in danger of doing something violent, or extreme, or anything like that?




Based: At the end the day these people, these two men, are just doing the job, right? And I don’t hold any personal contempt for these people. But I think the question to ask is that do they genuinely believe that I am capable of becoming violent and acting on my impulses? You know, am I capable of becoming a right-wing extremist, or terrorist? That thing, we have to ask ourselves. Do these people genuinely believe?


Morgoth: Yeah.


Based: Or are they just doing their job, right? I don’t think at all that these two guys think I am capable of going up there and committing some kind of heinous crime! I genuinely don’t believe it. Because, once again I’ve got completely clean record, completely clean record! I have no prior involvement in any crimes, whatsoever. I’ve never even talked to like, you know, I’ve never had to go down to a police station! I’ve never had anyone visit the police station.


But once again, it’s just I have a completely clean record, and I’m obviously a very civil person. I mean, a good person, a civil person. So, yeah I genuinely don’t believe that these people believe in their heart I’m capable of becoming a terrorist! I don’t believe it. It’s just a job.


Morgoth: It was purely ideological, I think.


Based: What?


Morgoth: It was ideological, why they were there. I mean, what interests me is that whether they’re just using this, these sort of anti-terrorism thing, as a way to clamp down on people who are ideologically problematic?




Based: Yeah, I think it’s just to — let me just say, I mean, once again, I ought to speak about, and I could go back to the very first meeting, which I touched upon earlier.


But a very interesting thing was said during the first time they arrived, they came, our first interactions. Very interesting thing was said. One of them, which he seemed to be, there definitely was a good cop, bad cop routine that was being played. One was the good cop, one was a bad cop. And the “bad cop” that’s just, quote, unquote. The bad cop practically admitted that they both were there that day to intimidate me! That is what he said, in his own words.



I mean, I might be paraphrasing but that is what he said! They were both there that day to intimidate me, as well as obviously to, you know, pretending, you know, trying to stop me from posting anything more!




Just stop right there people! Stop speaking the truth! Stop knowing what you do! You know, stop speaking about this particular group of people!


So yeah, I’ll always remember that. That is what they said and I’m being totally honest about that. They said they were there that day to intimidate me! And I admit it worked. I mean, what do you expect? These two officers appear, out the blue, on my doorstep. And they request that I go with them in their car, for a little chat! I mean, Jeez, who wouldn’t be? Who wouldn’t be intimidated by the, … who wouldn’t be afraid, either? It’s just very ominous! Very, very strange, you know, it’s just, yeah, it’s just weird! It’s just very creepy.


Morgoth: Yeah.


Based: I mean, that is the “Thought Police” there! That is 1984, Orwellian Thought Police, right there!


Morgoth: Yeah, it is. And did they ask you if you have any violent thoughts, or anything like that?


Based: Oh they asked a bunch of questions like that, and obviously I always responded with “No, of course not!”, because it’s the truth! I never, I never wish harm on anyone else at all. I wish, I wish, I just won’t change through educating people. I don’t want change by harming anyone! Obviously, I don’t want the harm anymore.


I see change through educating the masses, you know. And in doing that, change becomes inevitable! But, I said that last time on Big Kayla’s stream, that if you advocate for violence on the right, then I don’t want anything to do with you! I think most of us would agree with that. We don’t want anything to do with anyone calling for violence!


Morgoth: No.




Based: At all! And anyone that does commit violence in our name is shunned from the right-wing. Is shunned from our movement. From the, you know, nationalist groups and all this. We don’t tolerate it, we don’t stand for it, at all! Because we are not these types of people, you know what I mean?


Morgoth: Yup! So really they were able to find out who you were and then they didn’t like basically this sort of JQ being discussed on social media?


Based: Exactly! We’re not like the Left, you see. We don’t have groups like antifa. You know, that openly call for the punching quote/unquote “Nazis”! Which, of course, means anyone that’s pro-White, anyone who cares about White people, is just a Nazi! That’s just what it is. Just a proud White man, a proud my person, just a White person that is not self-loathing, that is a Nazi in today’s age.


Morgoth: Yes!


Based: So what they’re pretty much saying, these antifa goons and all these, you know, extreme leftists, they’re pretty much saying to punch any pro-White individual! Once again, regardless of whether, or not you’re White. Because, you know, there are non-White’s out there that are pro-White.


And I’m gonna share a little, … once again, this is just a little, one of my experiences I had. You see, I went to London for a month in May. And what an experience it was! But let me just say, I met with a lot of great people during that time. And I met a lot of members of Generation Identity. And we went to a bar, after the March of Freedom, I think it was called?




What was it, …


Morgoth: The Day of Freedom.


Based: Sorry it wasn’t a march. The Day of Freedom, that’s it. That’s what I went to, that’s what I went for, to experience that, and to meet other people there. So we went to a pub, all of us after that event, with many Generation Identity members. And one of them was outside, let the others go for a few seconds, and got bottled! He got bottled by these absolutely sadistic, these violent thugs, these antifa thugs! He got bottled by one of these goons, and yeah, he was bleeding profusely, as you can imagine, for quite a while.


And the thing, the very interesting thing, Morgoth, was, that he was not White! He was not White! He wasn’t a White man. He was, from what I recall, he was actually like a Muslim.




He was actually like a Middle Eastern type of man. And I will never forget that! So once again you gotta keep in mind that the Left doesn’t care about these people! If any of these individuals, these, you know, there’s Muslims, Middle Eastern people, black people, if any of these people are in any way pro-White, or on the right, then they are just like the rest of us, “Nazis”! Anyway, I’m finished with that story.


Morgoth: Yes. So then they turned up for the second time and that’s the one that you recorded. So can you go through that? Because I found that absolutely fascinating, because they didn’t care, … it’s my impression of that was that they didn’t think for a second that you were going to do anything violent. They just wanted to shut you up! That was what it was about.




Based: Yes.


Morgoth: And what they kept, I mean, I did a blog post on it, just sort of breaking down the bullet points, what was going on there. And their tactics were to sort of say to you:


Look, you might find it hard to get a job. You might be ruining your future.


And so on, didn’t they?


Based: Yeah. That’s what’s they said. They just wanted me to fall in line, become a regular, you know, individual. Just leave behind the right-wing and all that. But once again, we all know that once you are “red-pilled” you can never really go back to becoming a normal person. It’s just constantly on your mind, what’s going on. And you can never not be thinking about it really. You just can not go back to the normal regular life, without knowing of our impending doom if we do not act!




Morgoth: Yeah.


Based: If we don’t spread the information and make changes through educating the masses, as I’ve mentioned earlier. So once again, it’s just like I mentioned in that video, I’m not actually sure if it is in the livestream that I uploaded, because for some strange reason I was locked out by Twitter, during the livestream. So, I’m not sure. The entire meeting lasted for about an hour, I think. But I got a lot of good content in the first, I think like 26 minutes. So I’m pleased about that.


But what was said after that was some more small talk about employment opportunities and stuff. But what was said towards the end was, … the bad cop, I mentioned earlier, was, he’s the one that brought up prison and stuff like this.




He pretty much said that I would not survive in there! You know, they were looking out for me, and they don’t want me to end up in there. And:


I won’t survive in prison” right?


And before he went he said to my mother, who was there beside me, that I’m not the biggest criminal he’s ever met, you know, he said:


Oh! He’s not the biggest criminal I’ve ever met, you know, there are worse.


But I was like, yeah a “thought criminal”! Yes, it’s just ridiculous.


Morgoth: And they actually said:


Look, we’re not the ‘Thought Police’.


He actually said that to you in the video.


Don’t worry, we’re not the ‘Thought Police’.


And it was like:


We’re just here to give you a little bit of advice, …


It was really weird! I mean, let’s just reiterate here. What we’re talking about if somebody who’s posting stuff on Twitter about central banking and mass immigration! For Christ sake!




Based: Yeah. I have a National Socialist Germany tweet which documents, … sorry it’s a thread. A Nazi Germany thread and it documents the real hidden history of Nazi Germany, the one you are not supposed to know. And they actually showed this, the first one, the first post, the initial post. They gave that as an example of one of my offending tweets. And I simply said to them, it’s revision, it’s revisionism, you know. What’s wrong with that? There’s nothing, it’s just revisionism! And he replied with.


Oh, you know, it could offend someone, you know!


And that’s, I think that’s when I said that I get offended sometimes when I’m on Twitter. Just today actually I see some guy, probably jewish, in New Zealand, saying:


That there’s two things that New Zealand does not stand for! It’s racism and White South Africans!




And I was actually posted a tweet before that’s pretty much just says:


Okay, so this guy’s against racism, but he also is extremely racist towards White people!


Because in one of his other tweets, he pretty much just said:


He will not debate White people!


He will not debate White people! Because he thinks that we’re ignorant of our colonial past and our White privilege, you know, all of this clichéd bullshit! Yeah, it’s once again, that kind of offends me, you know what I mean?


Morgoth: Yeah.


Based: But, you don’t see me go to the police station and demanding that this guy be like, …


Morgoth: Saying he’s a terrorist.


Based: You know, for hate speech and all this crap! Yeah, he’s in New Zealand, so they could do nothing anyway, of course. But that doesn’t really make a difference. I mean, this guy could be located in London. It wouldn’t matter where he was located, in Scotland, it wouldn’t matter, because they wouldn’t, they’d just probably laugh me off.




Because they probably have the mindset that reverse racism isn’t real. You can’t be racist towards Whites, etc., etc, you know. So, even if I wanted to do that, I would know that it would be fruitless. So the thing is, if you are on the Internet you have to learn to be offended and actually just deal with it! That’s the whole point of the internet! You have to deal with criticism, you have to deal with being offended, and if you can’t, well, look! We all know that these people, you can’t criticize the same group of people, because these people are in control! So it comes as no surprise at all.





Morgoth: So what was that, what was actually in the tweet that they showed you? Because what I want to get back to here is that these weren’t the “Hate Speech Department”. Prevent is there to “prevent”.


All from becoming terrorists. And before I saw your video, I thought, well they’ve got the “Hate Speech Department” over there which is pure “Thought Crime”, and then they’ve got on the Prevent thing, which is usually for Muslims, let’s be honest about it. And it’s as if they are merging the two together. So that if you’re now sort of “politically incorrect”, you’re a potential terrorist! That’s what fascinates me about your story.


Based: Hmm.


Morgoth: So what was the actual Nazi tweet?




Based: The tweet the they showed me, the only one they showed me that day, an example of an offensive tweet they showed me, was as I said, the initial post, my Nazi Germany thread. And it just pretty much states that in this thread we will be exploring the truth about Nazi Germany, in the pre-war years.


We’re gonna be looking at like, Hitler’s rise to power, and why he rose to power, and everything that happened during the thirties which led up to World War Two. I don’t actually go into World War Two itself, because that’s a completely other topic. That would take an entirely new thread. It’s just everything that led up to it.


See: Life in the Third Reich


Morgoth: Yeah.


Based: And I just ended by saying:


You will not learn this in school.


Now once again, obviously, there’s nothing wrong with that, whatsoever! But that’s what they actually showed me. So what they’re saying is that revisionism, this kind of revisionism regarding World War Two, might offend certain people!


Morgoth: Yeah. They’re saying you’re a terrorist for posting it! You’re a potential terrorist for posting it, is what they’re getting at.




Based: Yeah. I guess you can look at it that way, yeah.


Morgoth: Well it’s Prevent that showed up, not the hate speech police. But that’s the scary thing about all this. So they’re saying it’s one thing if the hate speech police came along, whatever department that is. That will be the normal police and they will talk to you about it for offending people. But it was the anti-terrorist agents which turned up! And they made it clear to you that they didn’t think you were a terrorist, or a potential terrorist, they just wanted to shut you up! They just wanted to scare you, and intimidate you. It’s fucking unbelievable! It really is!


Based: It is, yeah. It certainly is. I was in contact with a friend today, from London actually, Hugh, he’s familiar with Prevent. And he knows the 16-year-old boy, right? This young boy, this young Gen Z nationalist.




And he actually, apparently he showed up to a Speakers Corner event. Now, somehow, Prevent became aware of this. I’m not really sure how, but once again, they have their ways. They found the lad, and what I was told, was that they went to his house and they said to him:


Do not go back to Speakers Corner, otherwise you could be put in prison.


I know it sounds unbelievable Morgoth. It sounds like I’m actually lying, but it’s not. This comes more a good friend of mine that actually helped me during my, you know, the last meet up with the Thought Police. Because he knows people, he can give me legal advice and legal aid if need be. But, that’s what he said. A 16-year-old lad showed up at Speakers Corner and apparently he was told not to go back by Prevent, otherwise he could land himself in jail one of these days.






And once again, I didn’t really go into much detail. I didn’t badger on about this one story, but that’s what I was told. And apparently he was very, he was obviously, he was upset about this. He was actually quite freaking traumatized about this! As you can expect.


So, I asked if he’s on social media? He said that he is, but he’s not that active. I encouraged, I told him to, you know, encourage the boy to be more active. Because the thing is, if he fails to speak up, if he has no voice in real life, or online, they have won. They have successfully intimidated him into being silent. And that’s exactly what they want! They want us people — they want to intimidate us young nationalists into complete silence, through intimidation tactics!




Morgoth: Yes, it’s unbelievable, and I mean, we knew that it was the sort of, the crazy hate, … because I think a lot of people when they think of Britain, they think of the police who are dancing around at pride parades, but ignoring all things, you know, grooming gangs, and things like that.


But the Prevent thing, that’s anti-terrorism! I cannot say it often enough! That’s an anti-terrorist, Special Forces kind of division, and they have sort of co-opted it into being a sort of PC police. And with a lot more power. And that’s why when they started chatting, I really wanted to be kind of, … we have to be clear here you didn’t see anything which could be construed as advocating any kind of violence! Because if that was the case, you could kind of understand why Prevent turned up.


Based: Well, I’ll just say this. I have never said anything on Twitter, or online, which I have never seen any non-White say. I mean, once again I’ve seen non-Whites say much worse than I, and many others on our side have ever have. And, of course, they get to keep their accounts, they don’t get doxed, they don’t get fired, they don’t get, you know, they don’t suffer any repercussions! I mean, you’ve obviously heard Morgoth of this recent controversy with this Jeong, this anti-White bitch.



Morgoth: Yeah.


Based: This did this woman who’s recently landed them a job with the New York Times. The anti-White jewish supremacist publication known as the anti New York Times, sorry, The New York Times. And yeah once again, she gets to keep a job! There’s nothing wrong with their calling for the genocide and the extinction of White people, whatsoever!


Morgoth: And you point out, …


Based: And I have obviously never called for the genocide, or extinction of any people! Because obviously, I believe every people should have a right to exist. And every people should have a right to their own homelands. And every people should have control of their own countries and governments. It’s just common sense. So yeah, I see much worse on Twitter, daily. Simply as that.




Morgoth: Yeah. One other thing about, just to get back to the Prevent interview that you had, was they wanted to expose you to what they call a different perspective. And they wanted you to meet a jewish man somewhere, and so this jewish man was gonna, you were gonna have a chat with him for an hour or so, and a cup of tea, or whatever.


And they were kind of getting into this, … the implication was that you lived in this sort of echo chamber, where you are seeing all of this extremist material, and that if you exposed yourself to counter arguments, then you might come back down the earth. You might stop having these opinions. But the problem with that, I mean, we’re bombarded with a counter-narrative right round-the-clock, day and night!




Based: Uh-huh.


Morgoth: So did you ever go to meet the jewish man?


Based: [laughing] No! [Morgoth starts laughing] When he first suggested that, of course, as you can see in the stream, I was like:


No, I don’t want to meet this person, not interested. I’m only interested in ways you can ‘help me’, quote, unquote! But um, yeah I don’t intend gonna on any of your, sort of brainwashing trips, whatever you wanna call them, anymore meet ups with any people, that you set up, or recommend, or whatnot. I have no interest in that.


Of course, I didn’t. But ultimately I did agree to it. I just did. I just agreed, because once again, what he said in the video was correct. I judge people on an individual basis, of course. I don’t judge every individual as a collective, because there are always outliers in the group.




But! It became clear that this Jack, this jewish Jack, obviously had preconceived notions about, … I mean, once again I assume that he’s seen my tweets, and he is one of these people that were offended! [chuckling] And yeah, he just wants to meet me too, I don’t really know, to discuss his jewish faith — to just correct me — to correct my views on the jewish people, as a whole. I don’t even know what would have been said, to be honest.


Morgoth: So, Jack was the one that sort of reported you? Or was Jack somebody that Prevent, like a sort of specialist working for Prevent? I’ve got the impression he was some kind of, …


Based: That is a good question actually. Yeah, I personally think he might’ve been like a volunteer, something like that.




Morgoth: Yeah, …


Based: But, it’s possible he took offense to my posts and complained. It’s possible. But, to be honest Morgoth, I know how I came to be. I know the series, the chain of events that led to the Thought Police being my doorstep. I know that!


You see, because I was doxed back in October of last year. Which in I still use my full name. And I still had my Facebook profile out there. Even at the time, even last October, I was very, very, inactive on Facebook. But, they were able to track me down on Facebook.


This extremely left-wing “historian” found my posts, didn’t like them very much, and told his followers to report me, you know. Obviously they tried to get me fired from my work.




They found my details through Facebook, and the funny thing is, I never updated my Facebook details, so they actually contacted one of my old places of employment. And they were like:


He doesn’t work here, what are you talking about?


So it’s quite funny! Kind of like a fail for them. It was quite funny for me. But, if I was that work, I have no doubt that I would be fired. But regardless of which, they found who I was through Facebook. And yeah, ever since then I was pretty much doxed. So that is what led up to the Thought Police appearing on my doorstep in April, I’m certain. And yeah, that’s pretty much a little history of how I had these two gentlemen visiting me, early on this year.




Morgoth: Yeah. Potential terrorist for posting politically incorrect tweets! It’s beggars belief! And that’s why I just wanted, … I did a blog post on this and I just wanted to get you on me channel for a bit of a banter about it. I mean, do you think they’re gonna come back?


Based: It’s a good question. Let me just say this. Normally I will be very, obviously, I will be very scared about coming in contact with these people, very scared. Because they rely on intimidation tactics, and the fact that, you know, I just don’t want anything to do with these people! I shouldn’t be having visits from these people, at all!


And of course, I’m a right-wing dissident who got doxed. They may contact me again. The thing is, two days after they visited, I was meant to be meeting this jew on Friday — this is like three weeks ago now — on a Friday. They contacted me on Thursday, they wanted me to phone him to arrange the next day. I never contacted them back! I never met Jack on the Friday! And I actually haven’t heard back from them since.




Now, whether, or not, they have resorted to contacting my mother again to get to me, which they done last time, you see. I was not contacting them back. I just ceased all communications completely. So they got to me through my mother. They kept on harassing my mother every week:


We want to meet your son, you know, just a friendly chat! Do you mind if we can arrange it sometimes?


That kind of thing. So they were in intact with my mom. And yeah, I suppose I made a mistake in giving them my mother’s phone number. I made a mistake and I regret that! Because I didn’t have to, but at the time I was you trying to be cooperative, you know.




So yeah, I am not sure, I don’t think they have phoned her up, because I’m sure she would have mentioned it again. But for the time being, they haven’t been in touch since, Morgoth. So, I don’t know. Maybe because, they do monitor my Twitter feed, I do know that. Maybe they’ve caught wind of this live stream, and they want to kind of, I don’t know, maybe, I’m not really sure what to say. Maybe they’re seeing it and they just see kind of, … I’m not really sure how to word it really, but they’re just hesitant in contacting me again, because they knew I could do something like this again, and further expose these people? Perhaps?


Morgoth: Yeah, I mean, it really does beggar belief, because it’s so many layers of sort of wrong! Where you can get all the way back to a sort of shit tier, basic sort of liberal argument. Where they say:


Look if somebody doesn’t like what you’re posting on Twitter, you’re not inciting violence.


Let’s take the tweet about the Nazis, and revising what happened in [before] World War Two. Well, the standard practice is to argue the point and say:


Well, no, you’re wrong on this and here’s some counter evidence. Here’s a counter-argument.


And that’s supposed to be how this goes on. Now the second layer of that, where the political correctness comes in, is to say well:


You can’t say that, because it’s all lies and it’s probably anti-semitic and, you’re excusing the Nazis and things.


So that will be the next layer about it. And we’ve now, in Britain, gone on to yet another tier, where “anti-terrorist” agents come knocking on your door for a chat, and call your mother — again, only because you posted some things on social media about National Socialism, which may, or may not be wrong. But they don’t give a shit! It’s the fact that people are viewing the world this way.




Based: Exactly!


Morgoth: It’s mind boggling!


Based: They couldn’t care less about the truth. They’re simply just there to enforce a liberal ideology. It’s very simple.


Morgoth: And the really scary thing about this is that the anti-terror agencies in Britain have got much more — as far as I understand, I could be wrong — but my understanding is they’ve got much more power. And I think they did it with Lauren Southern, or somebody, a while ago. Where, if you haven’t done anything wrong, but when they send the anti-terror people in for you they can do a lot more to you. They can detain you longer, they can do a lot more than what the police can do. Let alone some lefty goon, who doesn’t have any real power except to call you names.




Well, that’s the idea, but they’ve got the entire infrastructure of the fuckin state behind them now, including some of the most powerful, sinister, organizations in the country! And it’s absolutely outrageous! Absolutely! It beggars belief!


Based: Yeah, it certainly does. I mean, what you said in your article, which I read, and it’s very good, so thank you for writing that article. It certainly spread the information to other people. And yeah, what you said is that National Action sort of gave the government that extra, you know, gave them a reason, gave them their reason to pursue people they deem far-right extremists. And lump them in with being possible, you know, possibly violent individuals. So yeah, does that also, National Action travesty wasn’t beneficial to us at all.


See: Radicals: The Proud Racist — BBC News — TRANSCRIPT




Morgoth: Well, they’ve been such a complete clusterfuck! But you do have to think, well it’s as if they handed the government everything they wanted on a plate?


Based: Almost like controlled opposition, eh?


Morgoth: Well, it does make you wonder, and I’m somebody that gets into trouble, you know, with people who comment on the blog and things like that. That I’m not really, I’m very, very reluctant to get sort of going into conspiracy theories. You know, this or that person is controlling opposition. But I mean, National Action has been such a complete disaster!




And I don’t know what really went on there. It’s just like every time I go on The Guardian or The Independent, there’s more of them being locked up! They were gonna murder politicians, … I mean, I’m not familiar with any of that. I’m more just like you, I just like looking at the politics and these, sort of the philosophical sides of things. And exploring it from that angle. And so I’m not an expert on the street groups, or political parties, or anything like that. I don’t really know much about it at all.


But yeah, National Action have handed them a sort of precedent, of a sort of a nationalistic group. Which, it seems that they were planning to murder people, for Christ sake! So they have got that precedent. They can now say, well they did it. I mean, that the same time, you’ve got the problem where it’s the “not all Muslims” trope as well.


So you just, yeah I mean, you can see their hypocrisy, lining up even if National Action was for real, and they were just a bunch of nutters, or whatever happened there. And you can say “well we’re not all like that”. Well they’re not gonna buy that for a second.




And I thought what was interesting as well, which I touched on before, was the way — and I got into this on a stream with Millennials the other day — I mean, if they’re gonna go, … Because Prevent are usually, and the bulk of their activity is going to be talking to Muslims. It even say that on the Wikipedia page.


And I wonder if they’re gonna try and sell liberalism to the Muslims, because that’s basically what they were saying to you. It was like, well it was a sort of appeal to popularity. An appeal to popular opinion, where you do have these kind of kooky, fringe ideas, and they’re not gonna do you much good, getting a job, and all of that kind of thing. That’s basically what they were trying to do then. And I don’t know why it’s their job to do that, but there you go. And I wonder if they use the same tactics with Muslims?




Based: Yeah I’m thinking they have different tactics when dealing with Muslims.


Morgoth: Yeah, so do I.


Based: I think there’s an echo right now. I think it’s gone now. That’s good, because I hate (((echoes))), it you puts me off completely [laughing].


So, I’m sure they have different tactics when dealing with Muslims, because they know that they’re sort of like a different “breed” of hate if you get what I’m saying. They’re just different people, pretty much in what they think and, you know, their ideology and stuff.





But yeah, Lauren Southern is pretty much established recently that Sharia law has indeed taken many areas of Australia now. I’m not sure, I forget the place that she went to [Lakemba, a Muslim suburb of Sydney] It was a particular area in which she was not permitted to film. One of the police officers told her that if she went there and filmed, these Muslims in this mosque, she will probably be attacked, you know, physically harmed.


Lakemba Mosque, Sydney, outside and inside.


So once again, Sharia law is now in many areas of Australia and, in many parts of Britain, of course, in many parts of France. I mean, this is just a trademark of Sharia law really, isn’t it? Just a lack of free speech. Free speech does not, and cannot exist under Sharia law!




Morgoth: Hmm. Well I mean, if they were, let’s see it was a young Muslim’s house and they turned up, I think the general attitude would have been much less about the threats and intimidation that you got. And it would be much more, it will be much more carrot than stick, I think. They’d be trying to tempt them with all of these great things the West, liberalism, has to offer.


Look what you’re gonna lose! Look what we have look at all these nice things we can give! You just don’t go off the deep end.


Whereas with your case, it was sort of:


For your own good you better get back on the liberal plantation and just keep your mouth shut!


Based: That’s pretty much it, yeah.


Morgoth: I think that’s the difference there.


Based: Yeah, I mean, it will be interesting to see how they handle the Islamic extremists, wouldn’t it. We both know, as well as many others now, how they deal with “right-wing extremists” quote-unquote! It gives you a little glimpse into how they deal with White people! Let’s just say how they deal with White indigenous people.




Based: Yeah. I mean, it’s a terrifying thing! I’d like to just wind it down soon. I mean, have you got anything else, or you want to get into about this, or something touching on it? I mean, would they come back? I mean, do you think about what you’re posting on Twitter now, since that the anti-terrorist squad have been to your door?


Based: I certainly have toned it down, but that’s actually mostly to, … it’s like a measure to prevent getting banned again for the umpteenth time from Twitter. But I have definitely toned it down now. I just usually deal with, you know, the threads that I make and I usually just like to point things out with a witty, or humorous little take to it.




I very rarely express any anger through it. Sometimes to do obviously, but I don’t really use anything that could be classed as being hateful, or anything like that. It’s very difficult though. It’s very difficult to be a right-wing on Twitter! It’s so difficult now. Candace Owens recently actually posted a tweet in which it was one of, was it Jeong’s tweet? One of her tweets? This new New York Times employee.


Morgoth: Yeah.



Based: She posted “????” right, one of her tweets, “??????” but switched White people to jewish people, and she was locked out. It was deleted. She was locked out for 12 hours! How elucidating is that?




Morgoth: I mean, their hypocrisy is so obvious, that everybody can see it and the response to that is not change the culture, or do anything about it, but just give White people the knuckle duster, if they start to speak too loudly about it, or look too much into it. And you’ll just get people kicking your door down and saying your potential terrorist!



Because in theory, if they can say you’re a potential terrorist and then they can say, and I mean, they can say almost everybody’s a potential terrorist! It’s just this sort of net they can cast out on everybody with extra harsh measures and power behind it. And they only exist in the first place, because of the mass immigration which the system wanted!




So I mean, I’m sure there’s these political strategies of, … what do they call it now? Anarcho-tyranny, where they have imported the problem, and then their reaction to the problem, is to come down harder on us! But the problem created the need for that agency in the first place. It’s unbelievable! It’s bizarro world!


Based: It is! I mean, honestly some of the things I see in Twitter and other websites, news articles and stuff, I’m just like:


We’re truly living in a crazy, you know, just a truly insane world right now!


It’s just insane! Liberalism has made this world insane! People are losing the minds! People are losing their minds! I just can’t believe some of this stuff I see! It’s just unbelievable! It really is. It’s just unbelievable what kind of a world we are living in currently, it really is.




And once again, I mean, I want children! I never, before I was red-pilled, I mean, I wanted children, I guess. But now I want a big family, I want as many children as I can! And I, of course, do not, this is the thing right, I do what I do online, and what I hope, you know, I want to do more things in real life, of course. That’s what I hope to do in the future, to become more active in real life activism.


I do what I do online, and I say what I say, because I care about the future of our country, our people, our ancestors, and my children, and our children! And I just don’t want to be bringing them up in a world in which were currently heading! I don’t want to bring them up in a completely liberalized world, in a country which is a complete shell of it’s former self. And not just that, but it’s an embarrassment! It’s a cultural Marxist Britain, Marxist Britain! So, I don’t want to be bringing them up in a country like that.


The only reassurance I would have is that there is a big right-wing populist revolution, and revolt. That will at least give me some incentive for the children, so they can participate in this future right-wing revolution!


Morgoth: Well, we’ll working on that!


Based: If there wasn’t this major right-wing revival that we’re seeing in the West, in the Americas right now, particularly America, of course, then I will be, … to be honest Morgoth, I don’t even know, I mean, I’ll just be so depressed! I just be so, so depressed man! Because knowing this information and having to be silent, and not having anyone to really speak about it with, you know, without alienating yourself from these people.




Morgoth: Yup!


Based: It’s just a very lonely existence, and it would drive me insane! It really would. Knowing about what’s going on, knowing about what has gone on, or is going on, what will go on, if I don’t act, if we don’t act. And seeing no major change in our countries, no indication that there’s any change in the foreseeable future, that could be possible, I would be extremely depressed young man, I can tell you that! I really would. I say this as often as possible, it’s people like you that make me happy. That keep me going, keep me sane.


Morgoth: I mean, the contradictions are just too much! You can say with all honesty you can have a society based on these sort of, what they call “liberal values” but, it’s why I think your story’s so important to get out there on whatever little platform I have, is because you can show the contradiction. And you can say:


“Well, you can have this liberal society if you want, but you do need a police state to keep it all together!”




And the fact that anti-terrorist police turn up at people’s doors, because of things they’ve said about World War Two, is very, very, close to a police state! And they don’t want that! They don’t want this [garbled]. We aren’t the extremists, at the end of the day! The people running the fucking country are the extremists!


Based: Yeah, we are the extremists in the eyes of the people who currently control our governments, because they know that ultimately, if anyone is going usurp their power, it’s gonna be us! It’s gonna be our influence that it’s gonna contribute to that, and they’re gonna, they’re trying to silence the best of us, well any of us really. But especially those with a lot of subscribers, a lot of followers, with a wide reach, with a wide audience.




And yes they’re gonna go after them ones, really hard! Especially when I made it as easy as I did there, last year to dox myself. So it’s just something we have to deal with.


Morgoth: All right, I think we’ll wind it done and enjoy the rest of my Sunday night. You got any parting shots there?


Based: Have I got what?


Morgoth: Have you got any final words?


Based: Final words, final thoughts?


Morgoth: Yeah.


Based: Not in particular, no. I just hope, well I’m certain now that my decision to actually record it, was very beneficial, very beneficial indeed. A lot of people reached out to me, came in support and I really appreciate that. So once again to everyone that did that, thank you very much, I appreciate that.




Morgoth: We’ll get you on another hangout in the future. And if anything else happens, just get in touch and be sure to record it. We’ll get somebody who is a bit more savvy with YouTube, to get the whole thing on it, video or something.


Based: Uh-hmm. Once again, I’ll definitely keep you up to date on my interactions with them and if they contact me and whatnot. I’ll keep you posted.


Morgoth: All right! Cheers! Well, I think that’s a wrap really. Thanks for listening everybody. And we’ll see you later. Thanks a lot Based British!


Based: Thank you Morgoth, thank you!











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