Patriotic Alternative – Laura Towler – The True Extremists – PA Northern Conference 2022 – Oct 29, 2022 – Transcript

[Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative; Laura spoke at PA’s Northern Conference 2022 about how nationalists are falsely portrayed by the anti-White establishment media as “extremist” for opposing our racial dispossession as the regime actively encourages the invasion of masses of non-Whites, both legal and illegal.

The situation that we face in Britain is extreme! It’s a situation that the majority of Western nations face, and it’s the deliberate demographic replacement of the native population. So through government policy, not by accident, our share of the population is becoming smaller and smaller, and we’re on track to becoming a minority in our own country.”




Patriotic Alternative


PA Northern Conference 2022


Laura Towler


The True Extremists


Oct 29, 2022


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Published on Nov 7, 2022


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Laura Towler: The True Extremists – PA Northern Conference 2022
November 7th, 2022

Patriotic Alternative
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(23:09 mins)



Kenny Smith: Our first speaker is a formidable lady! She’s intelligent! She’s articulate! She’s determined! And she’s brave! People think that she’s actually the soft side of the leadership. But those of us who work with her know that’s not quite true. Probably nobody more so than her husband. [chuckling]


But what people maybe don’t realize is Laura has come out of her comfort zone to do the things she does for the movement, because she has that understanding and that desire to make change happen.


Please can you put your hand together for Laura Towler, the Deputy Leader!




Laura Towler: Thank you very much. Okay, so today I’m going to be talking about extremism, but perhaps not from the angle that you might expect. I am a nationalist, and right now I’m stood in front of 150 other nationalists. I don’t need to explain why nationalism is not extreme, because everybody in this room already knows that. Nationalism is simply a love of your people, your nation. And when I say my people, I’m talking about British people, and White people.

Although our enemies will try to suggest that because we love our race, we must hate everybody else, this is not true. Other racial groups do not inform my beliefs at all. I wish them all well, but they’re not a key part of my ideology.


As a nationalist. I want what’s best for my people. I want us to have a homeland where we can be safe and away from harm and conflict. I want us to be able to protect the most vulnerable people in our homeland. So babies, children, elderly people, etc. I want us to be able to prosper as a people, and I want us to be able to be proud of who we are. And I want us to be able to govern ourselves and have self-determination. I want us to be able to decide our own future. Those are my beliefs as a nationalist, and I make no apologies for those.


It’s worth noting here that the majority of non-White countries around the world are nationalists in nature, and they’re allowed to be! It’s only in White countries where the “N” word, “nationalist” is a naughty word. If you were to say to me:


“But Britain did some bad things historically.”


My response would be:


“I don’t care!”


This is not some bargaining game. You’re not going to throw some historical event at me, and then I’m going to say:


“Okay, I guess it’s fine to demographically replace my people then!”


It doesn’t work like that. Nationalists love and protect their own. No apologies, no compromise, no concessions!


So I said at the start, I’m going to talk about extremism, but perhaps not from the angle that you might expect. I’m not going to spend the majority of this talk defending nationalism and explaining why it isn’t extreme. I’m also not going to try to convince the listener why we at Patriotic Alternative are good people. We have morality on our side. So why would we feel the need to defend ourselves against somebody else’s value system? Your misconceptions fall on you, not on us.


Today, instead, I’m going on the offensive. I’m going to demonstrate that it isn’t us, nationalists, and patriots, that you should be worried about when it comes to extremism. It’s our enemies! In fact, not only should you not be worried about us, but you should be thanking us. This speech is dedicated to all of our family members and friends who do not understand why we do what we do. So let’s begin.


The situation that we face in Britain is extreme! It’s a situation that the majority of Western nations face, and it’s the deliberate demographic replacement of the native population. So through government policy, not by accident, our share of the population is becoming smaller and smaller, and we’re on track to becoming a minority in our own country. If this was to happen to a non-White country, then the system would not deny that it was happening. And they’d, in fact, label it “extreme”. And they’d promote intervention to stop it!


So, for example, let’s take Tibet. Free Tibet is a nonprofit NGO and they say on our website that they, this is a, quote:


“Advocate for a free Tibet in which Tibetans are able to determine their own future, because Tibet’s religion has been extinguished and it’s culture and language erased.”


End quote. This is a bad thing? Of course it’s a bad thing! And campaigns from organizations like Free Tibet include things like fighting against censorship, campaigning for the political freedoms of dissidents, and stopping indoctrination taking place in schools. Sound familiar?


Now, Free Tibet is a non-governmental organization and I can’t find any evidence of it being funded by the British state, although I can find evidence of it being funded by the United States. However, what I’m trying to illustrate here – bear with me on this one – but the Dalai Lama and Mark Collect are not that different. [chuckling] Yet they’re treated very differently. In fact, the only time that I’ve ever heard His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, criticized was when he said something positive about White people:


“Europe belongs to the Europeans.”


Another example of the double standard is – this is a bit of a mouthful – the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of anti-semitism. So our government have adopted this definition of anti-semitism. It states that:


“It is anti-semitic to deny the Jewish people their right to self-determination.”


What about the right of the British to our self-determination? When it comes to White ethnic groups, our replacement, and our inability to keep ourselves safe and determine our future is denied. Or we’re met with the usual line of:


“Why does it matter if you become a minority, anyway?”


People who say this intrinsically know that it’s wrong, that the panda is going to become extinct. But White people being on the same trajectory, who cares? They take offence at even bringing it up.


As Britain becomes more multicultural, predictable problems transpire. Violent crime increases. Young White girls are preyed upon, statues are torn down, and street names are changed. Black figureheads demand more and more, the more that we give to them! Whether that’s black politicians standing up in the House of Commons demanding reparations, or black celebrities demanding over-representations in diversity quotas for basically everything that we have to look at and listen to.


And censorship increases. In fact, “diversity” is such a “strength” that they have to create Hate Speech laws to stop everybody from criticizing each other!


Enoch Powell mentioned in his 1968 famous Rivers of Blood speech, that he received a letter from an elderly woman in Wolverhampton who said that she was the last White resident on her street. And people didn’t believe him. People called him a liar. Would anybody today deny that these streets exist? From London to Leicester, Bradford to Luton, Birmingham to Slough.




Our people have no future under the current system. So what options do we have to change this? We’re not going to vote our way out of this, by playing part in the first past the post, two party, system, because both big parties are heading in the same direction. And I was speaking to Mark, our resident baker from PA Yorkshire, a few days ago, I hope he doesn’t mind me quoting him, he is here today. But we were having a conversation about how at least the Labour Party are honest with what they want. And Mark said, he said a quote which I thought was very clever:


“Labour will punch you in the face, but the Tories will stab you in the back!”


He’s absolutely right! We’re not going to fix anything by voting for one of the two big parties. So what other options do we have? Well, we could start our own party, if the Electoral Commission decides to let us through and they continue to decline Patriotic Alternative on incredibly trivial things that they’ve let other parties through with.


So what else can people do if they disagree with the current order? Well, of course we’re taking action at Patriotic Alternative. And we cannot underestimate the small victories that we’re beginning to see along the way. And Kenny mentioned a lot of them in his opening introduction. I’m confident that more victories will follow as well.


But despite the fact that we only advocate for peaceful community building and activism, we are labelled “extremists” by the State and the media! There’s not one example of anybody associated with PA ever advocating for violence. And there’s actually hundreds, maybe thousands of examples of us disavowing violence.


But the truth doesn’t matter! We have mass support, but we aggravate the current order, therefore we must be stopped. The system does everything they can to stop patriotic British people from changing the things that we want to change, from lying about us within the press, from counter-terrorism raiding the homes of good people on spurious charges, looking for a piece of evidence that they might use to misrepresent us in court. To working with far-Left activist groups like the shamed organization and known liars, Hope Not Hate.


So I mentioned three arms of the system, then. The media, counter-terrorism, and Hope Not Hate. The media don’t report on nationalists honestly. I don’t need to convince you of this. We all know this. They ignore the vast majority of what we do, things like homeless outreach, and they lie about us, and they misrepresent our belief.


I have a prominent position within Patriotic Alternative. I’m the Deputy Leader, but they tend to just skip over me, and not really talk about me at all. And I honestly believe that it’s because they can’t paint me in a bad light. I might get the odd sentence about how my name is really Laura Tyree-Towler-Yacksley-Lennon or something! [chuckling] And I once had an argument with Yorkshire Tea. But they tend to just skip over me.


The media has two caricatures of nationalists: Stupid and evil. And if they can’t paint you as stupid, which they can’t do with Patriotic Alternative, they paint us as evil instead.


Make no mistake that the British media is not on the side of the British public. There’s no Right-wing mainstream media in Britain. We have the illusion of one, with newspapers like the Daily Mail. But the Daily Mail will report on rape gangs one day and then call those who want to do something about it racist the next. There’s no variety of opinions in the mainstream media, not for the important topics, anyway. Think about the narratives we saw for George Floyd Covid 19 vaccines, Russia versus Ukraine. It’s the same stories churned out again and again.


We recently held a successful conference in Scotland, and I attended, and while we were there, we were chatting with the venue and the guests about our beliefs, and they were interested, and most of them supported what we said. Nobody was offended or aggravated by anything that we do. The Daily Record reported on our event. And they said that:


“The venue and the guests were horrified that we’d been there!”


Who was horrified? Nobody was horrified! And when the Record tweeted out their article, they got two likes on their tweet. This is one of the biggest newspapers in Scotland. They have 145,000 followers on Twitter. Two likes! And one of our guys responded to that tweet from a very small Twitter account, which is now suspended, and he got 200 likes! And those likes weren’t us because we’re all suspended from Twitter. [chuckling] But we see these ratios again, and again, and again, and again! And I’m trying to demonstrate that the media do not have the support of the public, yet we do.


Interestingly, a couple of days ago, we received an apology from the Daily Record. I’m not sure if you guys saw it on Telegram. But they’d published an article and they’d quoted Sam as saying that he wanted to, so these are Sam’s words apparently:


“I want to pursue a Nazi inspired anti-semitic agenda!”


[laughing] Did you say that, Sam? [loud laughter and applause] And Sam had also allegedly said that he wanted to:


“Gas jews.”


End quote. Now, we sometimes laugh about these articles because it’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Who says:


“I want to pursue a Nazi inspired, how do you do, fellow nationalists, …!”


But in all all seriousness, Sam hadn’t said any of those things, and the media just lied about it! So we complained about it and they got back to us. And surprisingly, they apologized to us! And they said:


“We are unable to demonstrate that any of these claims are correct.”


Why did you print it then? Did you just make it up? Or did a source come to you and say it and you just thought:


“Yeah, we’ll print that! We don’t need any evidence!”


This is who the media are. This is what they do! They lie about innocent people. Anybody who counters the narrative, they will attack you. Isn’t this extremism, defaming and vilifying good people?




Now, I also mentioned Counter Terrorism as well. We know that the vast majority of people who were killed in terror attacks, in Britain, are killed by Muslims. It’s something like 98%, 99%. But Counter Terrorism and their friends in the media want to put it in the narrative that White patriotic people are the biggest terror threats. So they arrest people, they charge people, and they convict people for “terrorism”. And when I say “terrorism”, I mean owning books, or posting something online. And it’s because their yearly report at the end of the year can then say:


“White Right-wing, terrorism is a big issue.”


How many lives are Counter Terrorism putting at risk by focusing their attention on people who are not likely to commit violence? How many terror attacks could we prevent if Prevent actually focused on preventing violence instead of people with the wrong opinions?


That bomb at Liverpool Woman’s Hospital, it didn’t go off last time, but next time that bomb might go off. Those babies and those mothers might not be so lucky. And if that happens, then the burden of that lies on the state. It lies on Counter Terrorism. It lies on organizations like Prevent.


And just a thought, by the way. If owning certain books is illegal, then why don’t they tell us what these books are? Or why don’t they ban them if they’re so dangerous? But we all know the answer to that.


So we’ve touched on the extremism of the media have and Counter Terrorism. Now let’s come briefly to Hope Not Hate. Hope Not Hate are an anti-White, far-Left activist group who have just been exposed as being an organization who pays sources and bribes people for information. They have no organic support from the public! And they have no engagement on social media! They have over 100,00 “followers” on Twitter, and they’re lucky at if they get a couple of likes on a tweet.


They also have a YouTube channel, which I didn’t even know about. They’ve had it for almost a decade, and it has 1, 700 subs. Despite having the backing and the funding of the entire system, they usually get a couple of hundred views on a video, and for all of their videos, comments are turned off. They did actually have likes and dislikes turned off as well. And then YouTube did them a favour by banning dislikes, so they’ve got them back on now.


But despite mentioning earlier that the majority of violence is carried out by Islam, Hope Not Hate don’t focus on that extremism at all. And they also don’t focus on the extremism of the far-Left, who regularly use threats and violence to intimidate their political opponents. They’ve tried to do it today. Hope Not Hate only focus on the so-called far-Right. Hope Not Hate are extremists!


This year, they shared a tweet celebrating throwing tomatoes full of razor blades at their political opponents. They’ve celebrated people on the Right being physically attacked. They’ve tweeted out the location of dissidents before, and then violence has followed because of their doxing, such as with Generation Identity at Seven [word unclear].




In fact, Matthew Collins, Hope Not Hate’s head of Intelligence, … I know, ..! [chuckling] Matthew Collins who looks less like Stephen Graham and more like Mr. Tumble. There are posts online of him admitting to being a member of the Communist Party. Communism, as we know, is an incredibly deadly and dangerous ideology.


Now, I mentioned my husband Sam earlier and hoped not. Here to lie about Sam a lot. He’s one of their favourite people. And they always say, you will have seen it. They always try to say that Sam used to be a member of National Action. They passed this information over to Counter Terrorism with the intention of trying to destroy Sam’s life.


Sam has never been part of National Action. He attended a march a number of years ago against rape gangs, and he stood at the back. If, you know, Sam, you know, he’s always late! [chuckling] He stood at the back and he was photographed allegedly with some National Action people stood in front of them. So Hope Not Hate keeps saying:


“Part of NA! Part of NA! You need to arrest him! You need to send him to prison!


Let me put this to bed right now. Do, you know how I feel when I see that photograph of Sam that Hope Not Hate keep circulating? Do I feel ashamed? Do I feel embarrassed? Do I want to hide it? No! I feel proud that my husband stood up and marched against the sexual exploitation of children.


[loud applause]


So keep sharing it! Because we know the truth. And every time I see that photo, it reminds me of why I’m married him.




Hope Not Hate lies, and their attempts to destroy lives is extremism!


So I come to my conclusion. I’ve spoken today about how the situation that we’re faced with in Britain is extreme. Reducing people to a minority status in their own country is extreme! Giving them no option to resist this is extreme! Not only is what they’re doing to our people extreme, but they give us no healthy outlets to prevent this. We’re expected to put up and shut up! We’re not even allowed to say:


“White Lives Matter!”


It’s racist! It’s a White supremacist phrase. I’m quoting the media here.


I’d like to ask a question. How many people in here have heard the phrase:


“When black people are talking, you shut up and listen?”


Has anyone heard it? It seems to be more prevalent. Yes, it’s something that I’m hearing more and more recently. Black people are the only people who are qualified to talk about issues such as race, and racism, and oppression, and colonialism. And when they’re kind enough to teach us about it, we shouldn’t question them. We should shut up and listen and take notes.


Well, let me tell you something. White people do not need permission from black people, or anybody else for that matter, to speak! We don’t need you to tell us our opinions because we’re capable of forming our own opinions. We can look at the information, assess it, then decide whatever we want. And if we want to talk about race, or racism, or colonialism, we will!


Is there any wonder that our people are beginning to feel a little bit fed up, a little bit trapped, a little bit backed into a corner? Is there any wonder that our people are angry? We have the actions of our government towards us, and then the inability of our people to enact change. What are we supposed to do? They’re poking our people with a stick and saying:


“You’re going to lose everything that matters to you! And there’s nothing you can do about it!”


And this is why they should be thanking us at Patriotic Alternative, because we give people a positive outlet to channel their frustration. Things may be bad, but join our organization, and start fighting back! Start implementing change. Get out into your community and make things better for your people. I’ve seen young, shy, lads appear angry and frustrated at how things are, join us. And then within twelve months they’re completely different people. They’re confident! They’re directing their energy into something positive! They have hope!


Never have the system’s illusion of strength been as weak as it is today. Never have the British public had less faith in the establishment. Do, you know, that we’ve had five prime ministers in six years? Nobody can honestly say that they still have faith in this system. They keep telling us that “Diversity is Our Strength”. While every diversity project fails. Footballers miss their penalties [chuckling]. Royals emigrate, and give up their duties. Another movie trailer with likes, and dislikes, and comments turned off on YouTube. And plucky, and enthusiastic government reports, until the results become apparent. And then it’s:


“Err! Publishing that is not in the public’s interest.”


And of course the most diverse cabinet in British history that only lasted a month! Nationalists just can’t help being proven right.


Boris Johnson promised to cut immigration, and White working class voters, especially in the north, held their nose and voted for his party. Well, the Tories don’t have their support anymore. Labour are winning in the polls, and Labour’s anti-Whiteness is much more transparent. People don’t want to vote Labour. These polls are a good thing. People no longer see the Conservatives as the party who want to reduce immigration. They no longer see them as the least worst of the two big parties.


And all of this is great for us. The time has come for a real alternative. A modern, radical movement that unashamedly, and unapologetically, puts our people first!


To our family members and friends who do not understand why we do this, and to those who want us to stop, I hope my speech today has cleared a few things up. But ultimately you’re asking us to stop caring about the future of our children. You might be able to put your fingers in your ears and your hands over your eyes, but thank God that we’re not! Because despite your actions towards us, we’re looking out for you too.


They say it’s always darkest before dawn. Well, let’s not sit around watching the clock and waiting for the sun to come up. Play your part. Embrace the struggle, and become the new dawn! We are Patriotic Alternative. Join us and take a stand against the Great Replacement of our people. Thank you.


[loud and long applause]















(As of Nov 18, 2022)

10 days ago
Keep growing Patriotic Alternative!!
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9 days ago

What an fantastic speech. The ending is so inspiring, thank you.
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10 days ago
Thank you for saying British people and White people as there are many people that live in the UK that are British/European descendants from the Anglosphere. Although there are many leftists from this group, there are also others who understand this struggle and the nightmare our Folk are being corralled into.
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9 days ago
Absolutely storming speech. Perfectly placed at the start, very well thought out and planned, and perfect for sharing with just about anyone. Laura is the best draw for any nationalist organisation that I can think of, and a priceless figurehead for PA. Without doubt, it is Laura’s presence that quells the anxiety of the newcomer and ensures that those who get involved keep their feet firmly on the ground. Thank you for dedicating your life to us and all that it entails.
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3 days ago
Thanks for this Laura.
John in Switzerland
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2 days ago
Indeed, the most noble cause you can take up these days is to work against the main evil of our age: Antiwhitism.
It’s antiwhites who need to defend their sick ideas – not us.
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