Understanding the Jews, Understanding Anti-Semitism – Part 5 – The Destruction of the Traditional Family; The Psychopathology of “Anti-Semitism”

Understanding the Jews,


Understanding Anti-Semitism


by Hervé Ryssen

Part 5

Paris, April 2012

 [Translated from French by Carlos Whitlock Porter]



Understanding The Jews 025

Table of Contents


Preliminary Remarks…………………………………………………….. 4


I. The Jewish Identity……………………………………………………. 5

Perfectly Well Integrated” 

Assimilation or Dissimulation?

Jewish Solidarity

A Community Closed upon Itself

The Jewish Mission

Human Rights

The Jews and “Humanity



II. Cosmopolitan Propaganda……………………………………….. 13

The Advocacy of Race-Mixing and the “Open Society” 

Making Whites Feel Guilty

Destroy the Local Elites


The Blacks Are Going to Save Humanity

The Races Do Not Exist

Your Lying Eyes


III. The New World Order…………………………………………….. 24

High Finance in the Service of Democracy

War Against Islam

Wars of Liberation


IV. Historical Traumas…………………………………………………. 31

The Trauma of the “Shoa

The Whole World is Guilty

The Spirit of Vengeance

Communism under Lenin

Communism under Stalin

May 1968


V. Anti-Semitism…………………………………………………………. 43

An “Inexplicable Phenomenon

The Scapegoat Theory

Denying the Evidence

The Inversion of Reality

The Good Deeds of the Jews

The Jealousy of the Anti-Semites

Always Innocent

Anti-Semitism: An Illness

The Madness of Men

Accusatory Projection

Hatred of Humanity


VI. The Mafia……………………………………………………………… 55

The Great Swindles

International Pimping

The Organ Traffic


VII. The Destruction of the Traditional Family……………….. 66

The Defense of Homosexuality

Cross-Dressers and Transsexuals


The Destruction of All Patriarchy


VIII. The Psychopathology of “Anti-Semitism”………………. 72

Rapists and Psychos

Sexual Crimes Against Children


IX. At Last: Psychoanalysis Explained…………………………… 75

The Myth of the Oedipus Complex


X. The Hysterical Sect…………………………………………………. 81

Need for Love

Jewish Art

The Jewish Prison

The Symptoms of Insanity

The Suicidal Jew




Preliminary Remarks


The following text is a summary of six books [1] written by Hervé Ryssen [2], published between 2005 and 2010, constituting the most important study on the Jewish mind ever published. All the quotations that you are about to read are precisely referenced in at least one of these books.


The present booklet consists for the most part of quotations from famous authors, with particular emphasis on well-known films. The number of references is nevertheless sufficient to enable the reader to observe the extraordinary homogeneity of Jewish cosmopolitan thought, over the centuries and across all borders.





The  Destruction of the Traditional Family



The Defense of Homosexuality


To Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, bisexuality was inherent in each human being.


Understanding The Jews 340

[Image] Sigmund Freud


After him, it was chiefly Jewish intellectuals who have been at the vanguard of the homosexual movement. “Ant-Semites” quite correctly accuse them of contributing to the dissolution of the traditional family, but one must understand that this militant homosexuality is above all a manifestation of one facet of the Jewish identity. The omnipresence of “cosmopolitan” Jewish intellectuals in television, in film, as well as in bookstores and exhibitions is any case the only explanation for the exponential increase in the social and financial power of homosexuals in all “democratic” societies. You can look at the problem from every other possible angle: there is simply no other explanation. Jewish, and often homosexual, film makers have also largely contributed to the acceptance and trivialisation of deviancy.


Bruno (USA, 2009), for example, is an “irritating”, “disturbing” film by Sacha Baron Cohen. It is the fantastic story of an Austrian homosexual journalist who decides to become a “shtar” in Los Angeles…


Spring Fever (China, 2009), a film by the Chinese national Lou Ye, is a “burning film about homosexuality in China”, we are told by the newspaper Le Monde. The film, selected by the Cannes Festival and subsidized by the Region Isle-de-France, was produced by Sylvain Burztejn.


The Comrades (France, 2006), shows a group of friends after the Liberation. They are all communists and members of the Party. Everything is going well, until the homosexuality of one of the “comrades” is discovered by the hierarchy. The declared intention of Sephardic director Francois Luciani was to denounce the intolerance which existed in the Stalinist party at the orders of a USSR which became “reactionary” following the elimination of “cosmopolitan elements”.


Understanding The Jews 345

[Image] Films Bruno, Spring Fever and The Comrades


Directors like Edouard Molinaro (Mariage Blanc, La Cage aux Folles), Alain Berliner (see the series Clara Scheller, 2004), Cedric Klapisch (The Spanish Apartment, also known as Pot Luck 2002), Olivier Dahan, Sebastien Lifshitz, Dominique Baron, Claude Miller, Jean-Jacques Zilbermann and many others, have contributed to the trivialisation of this phenomenon.


Understanding The Jews 354

[Image] Directors (left to right) Edouard Molinaro, Alain Berliner and Cedric Klapisch


Understanding The Jews 356

[Image] Directors (left to right, top to bottom) Olivier Dahan, Sebastien Lifshitz, Dominique Baron (image not available), Claude Miller, and Jean-Jacques Zilbermann.


Among the films known to the general public, we may cite Soft Pedal (1996), by Gabriel Aghion: a film on the world of gay and transvestite clubs. Then again, there is French Twist by Josiane Balasko (1994), the story of a lesbian who insinuates herself into the life of a couple: the husband finishes by agreeing to a menage à trois:


A provocative comedy of morals which questions the received notions on love and sexuality”.


Understanding The Jews 359

[Image] Films Soft Pedal  (aka, Pédale douce) and French Twist


Above all, there are the “American” films: see, for example, Far from Heaven (2002): in a bourgeois suburb in the America of the 1950s, a woman discovers “shady areas” in the life of her husband, who turns out to be homosexual. Quite happily, our beautiful American comforts herself with her gardener: a big strong Black who knows how to take care of her — according to the magic formula of, “homosexuality for the white man; race-mixing for the white woman”. The film, by Todd Haynes, was naturally rewarded by four Oscar nominations: “A pure diamond”, according to Les Inrock (Serge Kaganski); “Disturbing, a masterpiece”, exclaimed the magazine Zurban. The director Todd Haynes is, in fact, Jewish through his mother.


Understanding The Jews 360

[Image] Film, Far from Heaven.


American Beauty (1999) is a well-made film, but exceptional for the extent of its perversion: in a neat little suburb of an American city, a couple are quarrelling violently. So the woman has an affair with a real estate promoter. Their new neighbour, a professional soldier with “Extreme Right Wing” views who regularly beats his son with the greatest brutality, discovers his own latent homosexuality.


Understanding The Jews 363

[Image] Director Sam Mendes and his film American Beauty


Homosexuality is once again shown with indulgence in the furtive appearance of another neighbourhood couple, who appear to be the only happy couple in the district. The magic formula in this film is: defense of adultery, drugs, homosexuality, paedophile and incestuous ambiguity; and denunciation of the “Extreme Right”: we are certainly dealing with a “cosmopolitan” film. Directed by Sam Mendes, the film naturally won five Oscars. “Ironic, provocative and disturbing”, we read in other reviews.


Jewish intellectuals actually brag about being “irritating”, “provocative” and “disturbing”, but are astonished and become indignant at the persistence of “anti-Semitism”! This, again, is another “paradox”.


Understanding The Jews 369

[Image] In and Out by Frank Oz.


In and Out (1997), is a comedy. A university professor, who wishes to disprove the rumour that he is homosexual, decides to get married quickly to his fiancée. And here is the final scene: during the diploma awarding ceremony, students and parents learn with stupefaction that the professor has been fired. They all get up one by one to declare that they are all “gay”. The film is signed Frank Oz. There are many other examples of this genre. As early as 1962, the famous William Wilder outdid himself with the film The Children’s Hour, in which he denounced Puritanism, and posed as an apostle of the “liberation” of morals.


The ambiguity of identity is found, once again, in the film by the director Arthur Penn, Little Big Man (USA, 1970). It is the story of a white man who has been raised among Cheyenne Indians since the age of ten, and who is thrown back and forth, depending on circumstances, between the camp of the wicked White men and that of the loveable, peaceful Indians. A homosexual Indian character, inverted in more ways than one, is also highly symbolic of the ambiguity of identity in Judaism.


Understanding The Jews 368

[Image] Arthur Penn’s Little Big Man



Cross-Dressers and Transsexuals


An obsession with cross-dressers and transsexuals may also be noted among “cosmopolitan” film directors.


In Russian Dolls (France, 2005), Cedric Klepisch offers us a sequel to The Spanish Apartment. Once again, the film depicts lesbianism (between white women), with the added touch of race-mixing (white man and black woman), cocaine consumption, and a transvestite scene.


Understanding The Jews 374

[Image] Chouchou, Russian Dolls and All About My Mother.


Chouchou (2003), is a film by Algerian-born Merzak Allouache: Chouchou, a young Maghrebin, disembarks illegally at Paris in search of his nephew. The latter has become “Vanessa”, a romantic singer in a cabaret. Chouchou decides to become a transvestite as well, during his free time. The film is the product of the imagination of his script-writer, Gad Elmaleh, who plays the main role, and who is not Algerian.


In this genre, we also have All About My Mother, by Pedro Almodovar (Spain, 1999), a story of transsexuals and transvestites. Almodovar is also pleased to show us a very multicultural Spain, which is, yet again, very typical. The film, produced by Michel Ruben, was made available on DVD by Claude Berri (Langmann).


Almodovar was naturally rewarded by the Cannes Film Festival in 1999 as “The Best Director”.


I dedicate this reward to Spanish democracy. I experienced religious fundamentalism, police brutality and the hatred of difference”, he explains.


Among famous directors, we must cite Sydney Pollack, with his film Tootsie (USA, 1983): Dorsey, a serious, hard-working comedian, is unemployed. To get a role, he dresses up as a woman and becomes “Tootsie”. As early as 1959, In Some Like it Hot, Billy Wilder told the story of cross-dressers, in an admittedly funny comedy.


Two unemployed jazz musicians, involuntarily mixed up in a feud between gangsters, disguise themselves as female musicians in order to escape. They start out in Florida with a female orchestra, and straight away fall in love with a ravishing woman (Marylene) who wants to marry a billionaire.


Understanding The Jews 377

[Image] Tootsie and Some Like it Hot


Of course, not all films on homosexuality, cross-dressing and trans-sexuals are the work of Jews exclusively. Evening Dress (1986), for example, was directed by Bertrand Blier, who was not a Jew, but was perhaps heavily influenced by his wife (Anouk Grinberg).


Before the Second World War, the precursor of all modern studies of homosexuals and transvestites was the sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld (1868-1935), founder of the first “gay” political movement, in 1897. In 1920, he founded a “sexology institute” in Berlin which acquired an “international reputation”. A homosexual, Jew and socialist, Magnus Hirschfeld was compelled to flee Germany in 1933.


Understanding The Jews 378

[Image] Jewish sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld





The famous feminist Elisabeth Badinter intends to make tabula rasa with the past and destroy the family basis of European civilization:


Rethinking masculinity is an urgent need”, she writes (XY: On Masculine Identity, 1992). “The idea is to give birth to a uni-sex human being”. Elisabeth Badinter worships “the clairvoyant discourse of the Viennese feminist Rosa Mayreder”, who advocated, “the synthesis of the masculine and feminine for individuals liberated from their sexual characteristics”.


Let us recall that Elisabeth Badinter is the daughter of billionaire advertising king Bleustein-Blanchet (of the Publicis Group, biggest worldwide). Badinter was the wife of the Mitterand’s Minister of Justice.


Understanding The Jews 379

[Image] Elisabeth Badinter


Once again, this is the egalitarian fanaticism of Judaism: always this same obsession with levelling all differences between human beings. Feminists claim that there are “no differences between the sexes”, just as the Marxists used to assure us that “social classes would be abolished”, and the democracies promised us a “world without borders” which resemble a mixed-race humanity. The objective is always the same: the dissolution of identities, whether sexual, social or national, and the coagulation of the atomic particles so as to unify the world and work for the advent of definitive “peace” on earth, which would be the “peace of Israel”: (solve et coagula); obviously, everything else must be broken down first before anything can be built up.


In the United States, the four most important figures in radical feminism since World War II were Jewish women: Betty Friedan, who founded the first large-scale feminist movement in the United States (NOW: National Organization for Women): Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, and Gloria Allred.


Understanding The Jews 384

[Image] Directors (left to right, top to bottom) Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, and Gloria Allred.


In France, Jewish women also headed the movement after the war: Anne Tristan (Zelansky) created the association Feminine-Masculine-Future in 1968; Gisele Halimi was also one of the leading figures of militant feminism. Born in Tunisia in 1927, her real name was Zeilza Gisele Elise Taieb. A lawyer, she cut her teeth on Communism, demonstrated for Algerian independence, untiringly denouncing the French army and colonialism. In 1971, she founded the feminist movement with Simone de Beauvoir and militated with Simone Veil for “abortion rights for French women”. She was also one of the founders of the world globalization movement Attac. In 2006, she was promoted to the Légion d’Honneur.


These militants played a primary role in the adoption of measures for the legalization of abortion. In the United States, the great birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger; abortion was legalized in 1973. Then it was Germany’s turn in 1974, followed by France in 1975, under the influence of another Jewish woman: Simone Veil. We should recall here that the “father” of modern divorce laws in France in 1882 was another Jew named Alfred Naquet.


Understanding The Jews 387

[Image] Margaret Sanger


The consequences of all these measures of cultural revolution and subversion upon the European birth rate did not take long to make themselves apparent, all the more so since the limitation of births was further encourage by the invention of the “abortion pill” RU 486. The abortion pill, perfected by Professor Etienne Beaulieu, made billions for the Roussel-Uclaf trust and its “genius” inventor. Was this an accident? Professor “Beaulieu” was also a Jew. Born in Strasbourg on 12 December 1926, he was the son of Leonce Blum, born in Alsace, who was the son of the rabbi Felix Blum. After the Popular Front, the Blum family name was unpopular, so much so that Blum applied to change his name, which was accorded by decree in 1947, after which the family called themselves “Beaulieu”.


Understanding The Jews 385

[Image] Etienne Beaulieu



The Destruction of All Patriarchy


The destruction of the nuclear family, the basis for traditional European society, is one of the major themes of cosmopolitan thought. “Women’s Liberation”, unrestrained by the restrictions of the patriarchal family, was prepared for long in advance by film. So many films contributed to the “liberation” of European women that it would be impossible to count them all. In Whatever Works (USA, 2009), for example, the director Woody Allen transmogrifies a Christian couple: the wife becomes addicted to sexual orgies, while the husband becomes a blossoming homosexual!


Understanding The Jews 364

[Image] Woody Allen’s film Whatever Works


It should be recalled at this point that the pornography industry is very largely the work of Jewish entrepreneurs and “artists”. It would be impossible to provide a summary here, but you may consult the book The Jewish Mafia (2008).


Understanding The Jews 393

[Image] Directors (left to right, top to bottom) Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm and Theodor Wiesenthal Adorno.


After the Second World War, the “Freudian-Marxist” current was at the head of the “liberation of morals” movement and the “sexual revolution”; essentially, a simple combination of Freud and Marx. Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm, Theodor Wiesenthal Adorno were this movement’s most illustrious representatives; all were Jews.


The family, wrote Wilhelm Reich, was an “authoritarian state in miniature”. If one wishes to destroy a nation, one must also, logically, destroy the traditional family, since the authoritarian family is the reproductive cell of reactionary thought, bullying the “individual” through the repression of “infantile sexuality”. “Cosmopolitan” thinkers are literally obsessed by “infantile sexuality”.








The Psychopathology of “Anti-Semitism



Rapists and Psychos


In our books, we have compiled numerous cases of physicians or psychiatrists who raped their patients. The press regularly reports these incidents, but one must read between the lines. Here are a few recent scandals: on 7 February 2007, Roger Chemoul, 61, was sentenced to 5 years in prison by the criminal court at Rhône. Roger Chemoul was prosecuted for raping a nurse who worked in the same retirement home with him, in Tarare, France, in 2003.


In November 2007, Andre Hazout, a famous Parisian gynaecologist, who was also an international leading authority on fertilization in vitro, was indicted for some obviously exaggerated gynaecological examinations.


See again the Thierry Chichportrich scandal, the “masseur to the stars”, nicknamed “The Man with the Golden Fingers” by the elite of the film world. On 20 May 2006, he was sentenced to 18 years in prison by the criminal court of Nice for the rape of 13 young girls whom he first anaesthetised.


Gilbert Tordjmann was the founder and “Pope” of French sexology. When he was finally indicted in March 2002, 44 former patients appeared to testify, claiming to have been abused by the great “specialist”.


We have compiled numerous cases of this kind in the United States, particularly in the fields of psychiatry and psychoanalysis (see our book entitled Jewish Fanaticism, 2007).


Psychiatrists, who make up only 6% of all physicians in America, make up 28% of all practitioners punished for crimes of a sexual nature. Between 10 and 25% of mental health practitioners were said to have abused their patients. As early as the 19th century, some newspapers in Central Europe warned young women against abuse by “psychoanalysts”.



Sexual Crimes Against Children


Paedophilia in the Jewish community is much more widespread that it appears. The media pass over the problem in silence and accuse Catholic priests. In reality, the phenomenon is incomparably more important within the Jewish sect, particularly among Orthodox Jews. We have compiled innumerable testimonies and legal proceedings since the publication of The Psychoanalysis of Judaism, in 2006.


In the United States, an Internet site — the Awareness Center — listed hundreds of rabbis, both Israeli and American, persecuted for sexual attacks on children. The site, unfortunately, no longer exists, but we compiled a few of these cases in the chapters of our books (The Psychoanalysis of Judaism, The Mirror of Judaism).


Each week, the American and Israeli press provides us with new examples. In December 2011, the umpteenth scandal erupted in the Orthodox Jewish community of Brooklyn, where the New York City Police Department investigated charges of sexual abuse brought by no fewer than 117 children. 85 people were arrested in this one case.


In January 2012, the rabbi Daniel Fahri, eminent founder of the Jewish liberal movement of France, was indicted for similar misdeeds. This Daniel Fahri was also the father of rabbi Gabriel Fahri, who had been much talked about in 2003, who claimed to have been attacked with knives in a Paris street. Police investigations very quickly established that the rabbi had stabbed himself. (We have listed numerous cases of similar affairs in Jewish Fanaticism).


These sexual deviations are explained in part by the content of the Talmud, the holy book of Judaism, which contains the teachings of the rabbis, and which the Jews consider more important than the Torah. We have already studied this question in our books. Let us summarize the essential facts here:


The Sanhedrin treatise (54b-55a) teaches that as long as children have not reached sexual maturity, they are not physiologically capable of having sexual relations, are not considered persons, and the laws on sodomy do not apply to them. Many pages are dedicated to the description of paedophilia and “cohabitation” with young children. Sanhedrin 55a clearly establishes that a boy is considered sexually mature at age 9 years and 1 day, and a little girl at the age of 3 years and 1 day.


In France, very well known personalities have defended paedophilia in their books. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, former “68” leader, or the TV announcer Michel Polac, for example. We have long been aware of the morals of former Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, who declared in the newspaper Gay Pied on 31 January 1991:

The sexuality of children is still a forbidden continent. It is the task of the discoverers of the 21st century to approach the shores”.



Understanding The Jews 395

[Image] Roman Polanski

In September 2009, at the time of the arrest of the film director Roman Polanski, all Jewish intellectuals defended the paedophile as one man: Bernard-Henry Levi, Claude Lelouch, Constantin Costa-Gavras, etc. Even Frédéric Mitterrand got involved. It is necessary, once again, to note the convergences between Judaism and the “sexual minorities”.


Paris, April 2012




Source: http://www.jrbooksonline.com/cwporter/ryssen1.htm







[1] Books by Hervé Ryssen. http://herveryssen.over-blog.com/


Hervé Ryssen interview 1037


[2] Herve Ryssen’s latest book is Les Milliards d’Israël, Escrocs juifs et financiers internationaux [The Billions of Israel, Jews and international financial Crooks]


Hervé Ryssen interview 1040


Les Milliards d’Israël. Escrocs juifs et financiers internationaux

Notre nouveau livre intitulé Les Milliards d’Israël, Escrocs juifs et financiers internationaux (336 pages) sera disponible en librairie le 17 septembre 2014. Le livre pourra être acheté en prévente au mois d’août ou début septembre afin de payer l’imprimeur. Nous vous tiendrons au courant d’ici peu sur la démarche à suivre.

Pour les flics de la pensée et autres censeurs, sachez que le fichier est entre de bonnes mains, et que même s’il devait m’arriver un malheur, le livre serait publié de toute manière. Juifs, si vous avez peur des livres, c’est que vous avez sans doute des choses à vous reprocher !

A très bientôt, chers lecteurs, pour plus d’informations.


PS : Je me demande si je ne vais pas dédier ce livre à Claire Lafoix, la présidente de la 17e chambre correctionnelle de Nanterre, qui m’a condamné le 9 avril 2014 à un mois de prison FERME, pour le simple port d’une bombe lacrymogène.

Il est vrai qu’elle entre en compétition avec les guignols de la 17e chambre correctionnelle de Paris, qui eux, m’ont condamné à deux mois de prison FERME pour une simple blague sur les moeurs de Bertrand Delanoë.

Auront-ils le courage de mettre un écrivain en prison ?

Sont-ils assez crétins pour aller jusque là ?

L’avenir nous le dira !





From Google Translate:

Our new book, The Billions of Israel, Jews and international financial Crooks (336 pages) will be available in bookstores on September 17 2014. The book can be ordered in advance in the month of August or early September via the printer. We will keep you posted shortly on how to proceed.

For the cops and other critics, know that the file is in good hands, and that even if a disaster should happen to me, the book would be published anyway. Jews, if you are afraid of books it is because you probably have something to hide!

See you soon, dear readers, for more information.


PS: I wonder if I’m not going to dedicate the book to Claire Lafoix, the 17th president of the criminal court of Nanterre, who sentenced me April 9, 2014 to one month FARM prison for simply wearing a tear bombs.

True, it competes with the horns of the 17th Criminal Chamber of Paris, who themselves have sentenced me to two months in prison for simple FARM joke about the morals of Bertrand Delanoë.

Will they have the courage to put a writer in prison?

Are they fools enough to go that far?

The future will tell!





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