Understanding the Jews, Understanding Anti-Semitism – Part 4 – The Mafia

Understanding the Jews,


Understanding Anti-Semitism


by Hervé Ryssen

Part 4

Paris, April 2012

 [Translated from French by Carlos Whitlock Porter]



Table of Contents


Preliminary Remarks…………………………………………………….. 4


I. The Jewish Identity……………………………………………………. 5

Perfectly Well Integrated” 

Assimilation or Dissimulation?

Jewish Solidarity

A Community Closed upon Itself

The Jewish Mission

Human Rights

The Jews and “Humanity



II. Cosmopolitan Propaganda……………………………………….. 13

The Advocacy of Race-Mixing and the “Open Society” 

Making Whites Feel Guilty

Destroy the Local Elites


The Blacks Are Going to Save Humanity

The Races Do Not Exist

Your Lying Eyes


III. The New World Order…………………………………………….. 24

High Finance in the Service of Democracy

War Against Islam

Wars of Liberation


IV. Historical Traumas…………………………………………………. 31

The Trauma of the “Shoa

The Whole World is Guilty

The Spirit of Vengeance

Communism under Lenin

Communism under Stalin

May 1968


V. Anti-Semitism…………………………………………………………. 43

An “Inexplicable Phenomenon

The Scapegoat Theory

Denying the Evidence

The Inversion of Reality

The Good Deeds of the Jews

The Jealousy of the Anti-Semites

Always Innocent

Anti-Semitism: An Illness

The Madness of Men

Accusatory Projection

Hatred of Humanity


VI. The Mafia……………………………………………………………… 55

The Great Swindles

International Pimping

The Organ Traffic


VII. The Destruction of the Traditional Family……………….. 66

The Defense of Homosexuality

Cross-Dressers and Transsexuals


The Destruction of All Patriarchy


VIII. The Psychopathology of “Anti-Semitism”………………. 72

Rapists and Psychos

Sexual Crimes Against Children


IX. At Last: Psychoanalysis Explained…………………………… 75

The Myth of the Oedipus Complex


X. The Hysterical Sect…………………………………………………. 81

Need for Love

Jewish Art

The Jewish Prison

The Symptoms of Insanity

The Suicidal Jew





Preliminary Remarks


The following text is a summary of six books [1] written by Hervé Ryssen [2], published between 2005 and 2010, constituting the most important study on the Jewish mind ever published. All the quotations that you are about to read are precisely referenced in at least one of these books.


The present booklet consists for the most part of quotations from famous authors, with particular emphasis on well-known films. The number of references is nevertheless sufficient to enable the reader to observe the extraordinary homogeneity of Jewish cosmopolitan thought, over the centuries and across all borders.




The Mafia




It is impossible to summarize the power of this Mafia in a few words, under pain of not being believed. We published a 400-page book on the subject in 2008, containing all the information the reader will ever need to prove that the Jewish Mafia is, by far the most powerful Mafia in the world.



[Image] Hervé Ryssen’s 2008 book, The Jewish Mafia


Here we present a small glimpse of this octopus-like international power, engaged in all illegal activities: Ecstasy, heroin, cocaine, prostitution, gambling, porn, arms dealing, plus money laundering, through the agency, in particular, of the diamond industry.


The production and distribution of Ecstasy all over the world is entirely in the hands of the Jewish Mafia. In fact, all the dealers who have ever been indicted anywhere in the world — without a single exception — (see The Jewish Mafia, 2008) — have been Jewish criminals. And all of them were in possession of Israeli passports, for the simple reason that the State of Israel almost never extradites Israeli citizens.


[Image] The various colors, shapes and designs of Ecstasy.


Liberation, the daily newspaper, of 23 July 2001, in fact, informs us that the Israeli Mafia has “hijacked the market in synthetic drugs”. The 11 August 2001 issue of Le Figaro confirms this:


“Ecstasy is the private hunting ground of the Israeli criminal underground”.


The synthetic drug called “Ecstasy”, which provides a sensation of power and well-being for a few hours, is a veritable chemical garbage can. Its effects, long term, are irreversible: memory loss, behavioural disturbances, sleep disturbances, loss of concentration, and brain damage in the children of drug-addicted mothers. But these complications are of no matter in the eyes of the dealers.


Holland is the most important producer in the world. The drug is produced there in dozens of clandestine laboratories. At the head of the traffic, we find Israelis linked to various “Russian” mafias, which organize the networks supplying Europe, the United States, Japan and Australia. Sometimes the dealers use young Orthodox Jews to smuggle the drug past border check points. For a long time, customs agents never even thought of suspecting these religious Jews in their black caftans, black hats and ringlets. Each of these “mules” transported 35,000 to 50,000 tablets per trip. These smugglers, who criss-crossed between Europe and the United States, were paid 1, 500 dollars per trip.


The Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz of 6 April 2003, confirms the role of these “Israeli” criminals:


“Israel is the hub of the international Ecstasy traffic, according to a document published by the United States Department of State. These past few years, organized crime in Israel, linked to criminal organizations in Russia, has taken control of distribution of the drug in Europe, according to an official document. This document notes that the Israeli criminal groups have taken control of the Ecstasy traffic in North America. Over the course of the year 2000, 80% of all the Ecstasy sold in the United States originated from Holland, which is the largest centre of production.”


The Arc, known as “the monthly of French Judaism”, published this information in May 2007:


“Zeev Rosenstein, the most famous godfather of the Israeli milieu, has returned from the United States to complete a 12-year prison sentence for drug dealing”.


Rosenstein was sentenced for importing 850,000 Ecstasy pills into the United States. The weekly newspaper Marianne, on 18 August 2007, informs us that Rosenstein’s organization was active on four continents, and used;


“small Latin-American gangs of smugglers for the distribution of his synthetic drug.”


At a cost of production of 20 or 25 cents, one single Ecstasy pill, sold to a distributor for 2 dollars, who himself resells it in a discotheque for 10 or 15 dollars, or even 30-40 dollars, can feed quite a large family. What is more, if the discotheque belongs to you, this makes you “King of the Night”.


The reality of “accusatory inversion” is easily verified, for example, by the 1987 film by Gerard Oury, Levy et Goliath: Moise Levy, a Hassidic Jew and diamond dealer at Antwerp, has fallen out with brother Albert, a Parisian cafe owner, ever since the latter married a goy. Moise takes the train for France, where he is supposed to deliver diamond powder to the Renault factory, but he finds himself involved, despite himself, in a coke trafficking deal. The coke dealers and pimps here are tall, blond-haired “Aryans” with blue eyes, very wicked and very anti-Semitic, while the Jews are always very likeable and innocent.


The film Lethal Weapon (USA, 1987), shows the methods of these horrible drug traffickers.


Two cops — one white and one Negro — are assigned to arrest the evil-doers. The two cops are atrociously tortured in the basement of a night club owned by one of the dealers. But you shouldn’t be surprised: the bad guys here are Viet Nam vets, white men, as usual, with blond hair and blue eyes. The poor Jews are completely innocent. The film is signed Richard Donner.


The sequel to Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) is even more of a caricature: The two cops, who symbolize the triumphant multicultural society, are, this time, fighting a dangerous gang of South African drug dealers. The villains are all white — always Nordic, blond-haired and blue-eyed, and terribly, terribly racist. Richard Donner’s real name, let us note, is Richard Schwarzenberg. This information may be useful in understanding the messages disseminated through his films.


The film Blood Diamonds (USA, 2007) is a good example of media furtiveness whenever a Jewish criminal type is involved. The film only shows the role of the Jews in the diamond industry in one single image: an Orthodox Jew appears on the screen … for one-half second! The viewers are completely hood-winked. In his genre, the director, Edward Zwick, is a magician. You must realize, in fact, that the international diamond business, legal or illegal, is 100% in the hands of Jewish firms or dealers.


In the French film Taxi (1998), the dangerous criminals are Germans of the Nordic type, as stupid as they are wicked: a film by Gerard Pires.


In The Firm (USA, 1993), a young diplomat has just been recruited by a powerful law firm in Memphis. He gradually comes to the realisation that the company managers are in fact working for a terrible mafia gang in Chicago. All the lawyers present — about thirty of them — are white, Catholic and Nordic. They symbolize the American elite at its hypocritical best. The film is by Sydney Pollack, who also practises the technique of accusatory inversion. Thus it is that the Jews are always portrayed as innocent victims.



The Great Swindles


Not all swindlers are Jews, and not all Jews are swindlers. But, as Jacques Attali said, in 2002;


“among Jews, as always, one never does anything by halves: if you’re going to be a criminal, you might as well as well be the best”.


And the fact is that the really great swindles are exclusively the work of the Jews. We will only present a succinct summary of a few: we advise you to read The Jewish Mafia (2008), to become aware of the details and juicy anecdotes linked to these scandals.


We know that since the signature of the Kyoto agreements, by virtue of the principle that “the polluter pays”, all industrialists must acquire “rights” to compensate for the environmental damage caused by their activity. In 2007, the opening of the financial markets to “carbon credits” attracted international swindlers.


In Paris, it was sufficient to supply a photocopy of your identity card to obtain the status of a “broker”. Between the fall of 2008 and 2009, a colossal embezzlement of VAT on the “carbon tax” permitted the crooks to steal 1.4 billion euros from the French taxpayer. Sitting in Parisian internet cafes, the swindlers, over the BlueNet CO2 exchange system, acquired tons of “CO2 equivalents” for non-existent clients, without paying tax, in foreign countries, with a click of the computer. They then diverted these quotas to different countries to cover their tracks, then resold their cargoes in France to polluting industries, such as cement plants and electricity producers, invoicing them for VAT at 19.6%, which they never paid over to the state. The money evaporated instantly into accounts in Lithuania, Montenegro, or Hong Kong or Cyprus. The brains of the operation, Gregory Zaoui, had begun his criminal career by fraudulently reselling jeans and portable phones. Justice sent dozens of letters rogatory to Israel. As a result, the Ministry of Finance was compelled to reduce VAT on CO2 to zero per cent to restrict the fraud. Europol estimated the extent of the fraud at 5 billion euros. Have you ever heard of this gigantic swindle? No, of course not. Which is quite normal, because these same people control our TV channels.


Here’s another recent scandal: In December 2008, it was revealed that approximately 400 complaints had been filed by tradesmen, merchants and associations in a single year. The swindlers solicited electronic listings by fax or telephone. The inquiries led to the indictment of four persons in France in the month of April, followed by about thirty people in Israel by early December, in which 700,000 euros worth of jewellery and luxury vehicles were also seized. You haven’t heard about this scandal? Perfectly normal.


In March 2008, another gigantic VAT fraud was revealed, the brain of which was a certain Avi Rebibo, “a Franco-Israeli”.


We also recall the Claude Lipsky affair, the “swindler of the century”, who was sentenced in 2007 for embezzling the savings of 450 French soldiers.


In 2006, the swindler Gilbert Chickli, who swindled the banks by telephone, fled to Israel with 23 million euros.


In 2001-2004, the scope of the “Sentier” money laundering scandal was estimated at one billion euros. The media, curiously, did not insist on these matters.


There was also the recent case of Jacques Crozmarie, president of the Cancer Research Association, who embezzled money from TV viewers. He was sentenced in 2000. The swindler only repaid 26% of the money entrusted to him by French citizens. He also manifested a classic example of phenomenal chutzpah, declaring before French TV cameras:


“I had pocketed even a single penny I would be a criminal. But look at my representation expenses, they are nothing! I don’t even get my meals reimbursed when I eat at restaurants!”


In the USA, swindles occur in mammoth proportions. In April 2010, for example, a business man was prosecuted for a pyramid scheme. On Wednesday 21 April, the regulatory agency for the American stock market, the SEC, announced that it was bringing proceedings against the President of a Florida investment fund, Nevin K. Shapiro, for a 900 million dollars “Ponzi-type” pyramid scheme.


The year before, in November 2009, another Ponzi-type pyramid scheme, mounted by the lawyer Scott W. Rothstein, amounted to a billion dollars, according to The Wall Street Journal. The star lawyer of Florida was accused of selling shares in extra-judicial agreements to investors, promising 2-digit returns.


In February 2009, a stock market fraud exploded before the London Stock Exchange, for the sum of 600 million dollars. The principal protagonist was a certain Abraham Hochman.


On 18 January 2009, we learn that a Florida business man, Arthur Nadel, disappeared with 350 million dollars he was managing. In 2006, there was the “Abramoff swindle” as well.


All these swindlers were small fry compared to Bernard Madoff. This New York financier was nicknamed “the Jewish Treasury Bond” by members of the Jewish-American community. But the returns which he distributed to his clients were not the result of financial investments: he simply collected funds from new investors and distributed them to old ones. In December 2008, his company went bankrupt, ruining thousands of savers, and, at the same time, numerous influential Jews. He stole the investments of the Stephen Spielberg Foundation and the Elie Wiesel Foundation. Fifty billion dollars disappeared! It was the biggest swindle in the history of the world.


But the Jewish mafia was even more powerful in Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet Regime. In the 1990s, a handful of “oligarchs” got their clutches on the near-totality of Russian wealth, creating a reign of terror in the streets of the big cities, while the little people suffered in silence (see the summary in The Jewish Mafia, 2008). It requires an understanding of the actions of these people — Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Roman Abramovich and other, Boris Berezovsky — to understand the anti-Semitism of many Russians. Starting in 2000, the new Russian President, Vladimir Putin began to clean house. Since then, Khodorkovsky is in prison, and his fellow Jews fled to Israel, London or the Cote d’Azur.


The Pavel Lungin film, Tycoon (2003), of course, shows none of this. This is the scenario: at the end of the 80s, Platon Makovsky and his friends, young brilliant university students, abandon their scientific studies to launch themselves in business. Platon became the richest man in his country. Alas, he is soon killed in an assassination. The people responsible for this cowardly murder — stock “bad guys” — are all Russian patriots, tall, strong, with blue eyes, who are swindling the people and will stop at nothing to eliminate Platon, the likeable billionaire. There is obviously no need to study “Pavel Lungin’s” family tree to guess which “Mafia” he belongs to…



International Pimping


This topic was the object of a long very well documented chapter in our book entitled The Jewish Mafia. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, in 1989, tens of thousands of young women from Eastern Europe have been caught up by prostitution networks and sent to distant destinations.


The collapse of the USSR in 1991 led to a considerable impoverishment of the population. To attempt to escape from the misery and meet the needs of their young families, many young Russian, Ukrainian or Moldovan women answered attractive ads in newspapers. Unfortunately for them, these offers to work abroad proved to be traps laid by international pimps. The media remain extremely discreet on this subject. In the month of May 2000, however, a report by Amnesty International revealed the scope of the phenomenon and pointed the finger at the State of Israel, as the turntable of this traffic.


Here again, we shall only present a few recent incidents: on 20 September 2009, we learned that an international luxury prostitution network had been dismantled in Paris. Three people were charged with “aggravated pimping” and membership in a “criminal organization”. Young women from Eastern Europe had been coerced into relations with business men. The Nouvel Observateur spoke of a “couple from Narbonne”. The head of the network was said to be a 38-year old woman, manager of a clothing store, and “of Moroccan origin”. In the French press, usually, they explain that the persons responsible are “Lebanese”, “Russian”, “Chechen”, or “Armenian”. If the press never gives their names, it is because there is a good reason not to: in fact, one had to read the Egyptian newspaper Al Yom Saabeh to learn that this was the work of the Jewish Mafia.


In December 2008, at Limoges, information was received from an Israeli pimp, Moshe Suissa, adding:

“Several thousand women were ‘sold’ to prostitution networks in Israel over the last four years, according to the inquiry of a Parliamentary committee. From 3,000 to 5,000 women were the victims of this traffic, which earned thousands of billions per year. According to a police inquiry, 120 persons were arrested for pimping in the past 15 years and sentenced to from 2 to 15 years in prison”.

Let us note that this is a question of 3 to 5 thousand women per year, most of them literally kidnapped in Russia, the Ukraine or Moldova, through deceptive newspaper ads.


Sergio Leone’s beautiful film One Upon a Time in America (1984), tells the story of Jewish gangsters arriving in New York from their native Poland at the beginning of the century. We see them dedicating themselves to smuggling alcohol and all sorts of other sordid rackets. They burglarize a jewellery store, liquidate their competitors, become nightclub owners, and do not hesitate to prostitute women of their own tribe. Later, their leader changes his identity in order to become a Senator.


[Image] The godfather of the local mafia, in the Los Angeles of the 1950s: Meyer Cohen — “Mickey C.


In L.A. Confiential (USTA, 1997), a film by Curtis Hanford, after the novel by James Ellroy, Jewishness is shown with great discretion. The beginning of the film presents the godfather of the local mafia, in the Los Angeles of the 1950s: Meyer Cohen — “Mickey C., to his fan club”. He is, we learn, “the king of junk, racketeering and prostitution. He kills a dozen people per year” and makes big headlines.


[Image] The film L.A. Confidential, based on a novel by James Ellroy


At the cinema, some cosmopolitan directors have also very classically projected the guilt of their fellow Jews upon others. In Roger Hanin’s film (real name: “Levy”), The Protector (1974), Nathalie, an 18-year old girl, disappears in the middle of Paris. To find her, her father, Samuel Malakian — a poor Jew — enters the White Slave trade directed by an aristocrat, Baron Metzger.


Take another look at the film Vice Squad, by “Jean Rougeron” (1987); Severine, 18 years old, falls into the hands of a pimp. Alarmed by her disappearance, her loved ones alert the vice squad. The inquiry orients the police to a White Slave network, the “Horsch” network. These villains kidnap girls to resell them to very rich foreigners.


These are all Nazis, Germans, tall, blond, with blue eyes.


In the same register, Steven Spielberg’s film on the slave trade, Amistad (USA, 1997), does not show the dominant role played by Jewish merchants in this tragedy (see the chapter in The Jewish Mafia) and throws all the weight of the ignominy onto Christians.



The Organ Traffic


The organ traffic was the topic of a scandal during the summer of 2009. On 24 July, in the United States, about forty local representatives and five rabbis were arrested in New Jersey, and several synagogues were searched. The authorities suspected the suspects of corruption, extortion, money laundering, and … organ trafficking. Rabbi Levy Izhak Rosenbaum was accused of persuading Moldovan donors to sell their kidneys for 10,000 dollars, so as to resell them for 16 times as much in the USA and Israel. “He targeted vulnerable people”, stated Mark MacCarron, substitute Federal prosecutor. Rosenbaum took care of all the formalities required to cover the donor’s trip to New York, where the operation took place. It turned out that Rosenbaum was the principal intermediary of Illen Peri, who remained in Israel, and who was the brains of the operation.


In January 2004, already, a retired Israeli army officer named Geldaya Tauber Gady was arrested in Brazil for his participation in an international organ trafficking network. He then explained to the court that the operation was financed by the Israeli government. The fact is that the Israelis do not donate their organs for religious reasons. Israel is thus the only country in which the medical profession does not condemn the illegal traffic in organs, and where no action is taken against physicians who engage in the practice.


In 2003, Ilan Peri, 52 years old, was indicted in a network discovered in South Africa. It had performed at least one hundred kidney transplants. The operations, which benefited the Israelis, had taken place at the Saint Augustine clinic in Durban. The donors, in turn, were poor Brazilians from the region of Recife, who were paid up to 100,000 dollars per kidney. But the rates dropped quickly: to 3,000 dollars.


Mike Levinski, an Israeli citizen, was the pioneer of the Moldovan network. The 15 February 2002 issue of Le Point, a weekly newspaper, provides some information on this traffic. We learn that the Moldovans, citizens of a small country located between Rumania and the Ukraine, were quite poor, and some of them were reduced to selling a kidney to survive. Israeli racketeers prospected on the spot, offering donors 3,000 dollars for their “pound of flesh”. The commission received by the racketeers amounted to 30,000 dollars per kidney, while the surgeon’s fees amounted to 100,000 to 200,000 dollars per operation. Donors and patients found themselves in Turkey in the clinic of Dr. Sonmez, who admitted practicing more than 500 transplants over the past 5 years, without ever being bothered by the Turkish police. The traffic was obviously extremely profitable, judging by the number of small ads of intermediaries published in the Israeli press.


The “donors” were not always aware of what was happening to them. After benign operations, for appendicitis or something similar, performed on young Moldovans, they woke up with scars in the wrong places. They were then informed that it had been necessary to remove a kidney which was not functioning properly, or that, as was the case with Serghei, an X-ray later revealed that their surgeon had simply stolen their kidney.


Nancy Scheper-Hughes, of the University of California, the specialist in this field, visited villages in Moldova where, she wrote;


“20% of the adult men had been recruited to be kidney vendors”.


In December 2001, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the Rumanian ambassador in Israel had demanded to be received by the Minister of Social Affairs to discuss the topic of what was beginning to be a scandal in his country. On this occasion, we learn, he demanded explanations and had given the Ministry a list of children born in Rumania who had been brought to Israel to be adopted, “with all their organs inside their bodies”. It therefore seems that the adoption of Rumanian infants in Israel is perhaps not just a work of charity.


The “Rabbi Rosenbaum Affair” reopened the case. At the end of 2009, the Swedish journalist Donald Bolström, after an on-the-spot investigation, accused the Israeli army of taking organs from Palestinian prisoners. On the Internet, tongues loosened. Israeli doctors from the medico-legal legal institute of Abou Kabir were accused of having extracted the vital organs (heart, kidneys, liver) from young Palestinians killed by the Israeli army in Gaza or the West Bank. The bodies were sometimes returned to the families, stuffed with cotton and stitched up from top to bottom, but usually guarded in numbered tombs.


During an interview on the Al-Jazira TV channel, the former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat accused the Israelis of murdering infants and young Palestinians so as to collect their vital organs for transplant purposes.


“They murdered our children and used their organs like the recycling of spare parts. Why did the world remain silent? Israel benefits from this silence to intensify its oppression and terror against our people”, Arafat charged.


Over the course of this interview, which was held on 14 January 2002, Arafat showed photographs of mutilated children.


In early October 2009, it was revealed that the network of rabbi Rosenbaum was also operating in Morocco. Pr. Mustapha Khiarti, president of the National Foundation for the promotion of health and research and development, revealed that the network specialized in kidnapping children in Algeria. The operations were performed in Moroccan clinics located in Oujda. Rabbi Rosenbaum concerned himself with the financing to acquire the necessary equipment for the surgical operations, and the transport of the organs to New York.


In July 2009, we learned that at Bucharest, in Rumania, three persons had been arrested on charge of trafficking in human ova, this time. The two persons responsible for the Sabyc clinic, a father and son, were Israelis. Two other Israelis who worked in this clinic were also booked. The clinic paid the donors sums between 800 to 1,000 lei (approximately 190 to 238 euro), while Rumanian law strictly prohibited the payment for the donation of organs or cells. According to the Rumanian media, most of the recipients were Israelis. They paid between twelve and fifteen thousand euro for the performance of fertilization in vitro. The ovules originated from young Rumanian women in situations of social difficulty.


Accusatory inversion is seen here in a film called Dirty Pretty Things (Britain, 2002): Okwe is a poor black of Nigerian origin who lives in London, England. He is an illegal immigrant, and life is not easy. But he works hard to survive. He works as a taxi driver by day and receptionist at night, in a London hotel. But strange things start happening in the hotel, and Okwe discovers that the hotel where he works is just a front for an organ dealing operation, orchestrated by the person responsible for that floor, who exploits poverty-stricken immigrants. In exchange for a kidney, poor Third World immigrants are promised a passport or a visa: a kidney for a passport.


[Image] The 2002 British film, Dirty Pretty Things.


The operation is performed in one of the suites in the hotel by inexperienced physicians. Persecuted by the immigration services (two white Englishmen — very evil people), Okwe does not dare report what he knows. So he attempts to dismantle the traffic by other means, assisted by a Turkish cleaning lady, a black prostitute and a Chinaman working in a morgue. The poor clandestine immigrants (“undocumented aliens”) are the victims of blackmail, pressure, rape and crimes, while the bad guys, once again, are whites. The film was produced by the director Stephen Frears, who is a “white man”, as you may have guessed…


See The Believers (USA, 1987). In this film (do doubt you were expecting this): at New York, young children are kidnapped and serve as victims of ritual sacrifice. The psychologist Jamison discovered the existence of a sect, Santeria, practicing a Cuban variant of voodoo. The film is by John Schlesinger, who is not a member of any voodoo sect …


In the film by Peter Webber, Hannibal Lector, the Origins of Evil (2007), which unveils the childhood of the cannibal psychopathic killer of The Silence of the Lambs we see, in one scene, that a child killer can also be a good Christian, who is anxious for his own children to go to church.


It may be a bit easier to understand now why Jewish intellectuals, as a whole, are fiercely opposed to the death penalty. It is not just the fruit of philosophical reflection, but, rather, of a well-understood self-interest.


Paris, April 2012



Source: http://www.jrbooksonline.com/cwporter/ryssen1.htm







[1] Books by Hervé Ryssen. http://herveryssen.over-blog.com/



[2] Herve Ryssen’s latest book is Les Milliards d’Israël, Escrocs juifs et financiers internationaux [The Billions of Israel, Jews and international financial Crooks]



Les Milliards d’Israël. Escrocs juifs et financiers internationaux

Notre nouveau livre intitulé Les Milliards d’Israël, Escrocs juifs et financiers internationaux (336 pages) sera disponible en librairie le 17 septembre 2014. Le livre pourra être acheté en prévente au mois d’août ou début septembre afin de payer l’imprimeur. Nous vous tiendrons au courant d’ici peu sur la démarche à suivre.

Pour les flics de la pensée et autres censeurs, sachez que le fichier est entre de bonnes mains, et que même s’il devait m’arriver un malheur, le livre serait publié de toute manière. Juifs, si vous avez peur des livres, c’est que vous avez sans doute des choses à vous reprocher !

A très bientôt, chers lecteurs, pour plus d’informations.


PS : Je me demande si je ne vais pas dédier ce livre à Claire Lafoix, la présidente de la 17e chambre correctionnelle de Nanterre, qui m’a condamné le 9 avril 2014 à un mois de prison FERME, pour le simple port d’une bombe lacrymogène.

Il est vrai qu’elle entre en compétition avec les guignols de la 17e chambre correctionnelle de Paris, qui eux, m’ont condamné à deux mois de prison FERME pour une simple blague sur les moeurs de Bertrand Delanoë.

Auront-ils le courage de mettre un écrivain en prison ?

Sont-ils assez crétins pour aller jusque là ?

L’avenir nous le dira !




From Google Translate:

Our new book, The Billions of Israel, Jews and international financial Crooks (336 pages) will be available in bookstores on September 17 2014. The book can be ordered in advance in the month of August or early September via the printer. We will keep you posted shortly on how to proceed.

For the cops and other critics, know that the file is in good hands, and that even if a disaster should happen to me, the book would be published anyway. Jews, if you are afraid of books it is because you probably have something to hide!

See you soon, dear readers, for more information.


PS: I wonder if I’m not going to dedicate the book to Claire Lafoix, the 17th president of the criminal court of Nanterre, who sentenced me April 9, 2014 to one month FARM prison for simply wearing a tear bombs.

True, it competes with the horns of the 17th Criminal Chamber of Paris, who themselves have sentenced me to two months in prison for simple FARM joke about the morals of Bertrand Delanoë.

Will they have the courage to put a writer in prison?

Are they fools enough to go that far?

The future will tell!





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