Understanding the Jews, Understanding Anti-Semitism – Part 2 – The New World Order; Historical Traumas

Understanding the Jews,


Understanding Anti-Semitism


by Hervé Ryssen

Part 2

Paris, April 2012

 [Translated from French by Carlos Whitlock Porter]



Understanding The Jews 025

Table of Contents


Preliminary Remarks…………………………………………………….. 4


I. The Jewish Identity……………………………………………………. 5

Perfectly Well Integrated” 

Assimilation or Dissimulation?

Jewish Solidarity

A Community Closed upon Itself

The Jewish Mission

Human Rights

The Jews and “Humanity



II. Cosmopolitan Propaganda……………………………………….. 13

The Advocacy of Race-Mixing and the “Open Society” 

Making Whites Feel Guilty

Destroy the Local Elites


The Blacks Are Going to Save Humanity

The Races Do Not Exist

Your Lying Eyes


III. The New World Order…………………………………………….. 24

High Finance in the Service of Democracy

War Against Islam

Wars of Liberation


IV. Historical Traumas…………………………………………………. 31

The Trauma of the “Shoa

The Whole World is Guilty

The Spirit of Vengeance

Communism under Lenin

Communism under Stalin

May 1968


V. Anti-Semitism…………………………………………………………. 43

An “Inexplicable Phenomenon

The Scapegoat Theory

Denying the Evidence

The Inversion of Reality

The Good Deeds of the Jews

The Jealousy of the Anti-Semites

Always Innocent

Anti-Semitism: An Illness

The Madness of Men

Accusatory Projection

Hatred of Humanity


VI. The Mafia……………………………………………………………… 55

The Great Swindles

International Pimping

The Organ Traffic


VII. The Destruction of the Traditional Family……………….. 66

The Defense of Homosexuality

Cross-Dressers and Transsexuals


The Destruction of All Patriarchy


VIII. The Psychopathology of “Anti-Semitism”………………. 72

Rapists and Psychos

Sexual Crimes Against Children


IX. At Last: Psychoanalysis Explained…………………………… 75

The Myth of the Oedipus Complex


X. The Hysterical Sect…………………………………………………. 81

Need for Love

Jewish Art

The Jewish Prison

The Symptoms of Insanity

The Suicidal Jew





Preliminary Remarks


The following text is a summary of six books [1] written by Hervé Ryssen [2], published between 2005 and 2010, constituting the most important study on the Jewish mind ever published. All the quotations that you are about to read are precisely referenced in at least one of these books.


The present booklet consists for the most part of quotations from famous authors, with particular emphasis on well-known films. The number of references is nevertheless sufficient to enable the reader to observe the extraordinary homogeneity of Jewish cosmopolitan thought, over the centuries and across all borders.




The New World Order



World Democracy”, “World Citizenship” and “World Government” are common expressions in cosmopolitan discourse. The expression “New World Order” was utilised for the first time by the American President George Bush in 1990, after the fall of the Soviet Union. The French President Nicolas Sarkozy used it in his speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations on 25 September 2007:


In the name of France, I call upon all States to unite to found the new world order of the 21st century, on this powerful idea that the common goods of humanity must be placed under the responsibility of all of humanity”.


Understanding The Jews 160

[Image] Nicolas Sarkozy


This is what permits us to conclude that the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, is surely a hidden Jew, a “crypto-Jew”. His maternal origins are revealed by this one messianic statement, behind the facade of his Catholicism. George Bush was simply a “synthetic” Jew, who applied the program of his most influential advisors to the letter.


In 1945, the famous scientist, Albert Einstein, was one of the first major personalities in the modern world explicitly to demand the founding of a world government. This is perhaps one of the reasons why he is the object of such adulation, since his scientific aura has long since been seriously tarnished (cf. Les Esperances Planetaires, by myself, 2005).


Understanding The Jews 161

[Image] Albert Einstein


In his Dictionary of the 21st Century, Jacques Attali is very explicit. According to him, the New World Order must be capable of exercising an “implacable domination” if necessary.


An international peace organization”, he says, “will begin to be envisaged together with the initial discussions aimed at establishing a world government”. Globalization will finally come to term: “After the creation of European continental institutions, the urgent need for this type of world government will perhaps appear”.


This type of declaration does not prevent Jewish intellectuals, as a whole, from sobbing and screaming vociferously the moment anyone even mentions the famous Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion — a “forgery”, according to them, but one which magnificently describes the contemporary world.


Understanding The Jews 162

[Image] Jacques Attali and Emmanuel Levinas


This idea is confirmed by the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas (Difficult Freedom, 1963):


The very idea of a fraternal humanity, all united in the same destiny, is a Mosaic revelation”.


Jewish intellectuals always insist on the notion that fulfilment of their philosophy of world unification is “inevitable”, as if the program had been appeared in a book of prophecies — except that we don’t know which one; Karl Marx Lenin, Trotsky, and the Bolshevik revolutionaries in 1917 all said the same things!



High Finance in the Service of Democracy


Jewish financiers are the kings of Wall Street. Their undisputed financial supremacy is illustrated, for example, by an article in the 9 February 2006 edition of the newspaper Le Point, entitled “Steven Cohen, the Boss of Wall Street”. Steven Cohen, one reads, is the “star of the Stock Market”. He cultivates an aura of mystery and secrecy: The real “Boss of Wall Street” doesn’t even live in Manhattan, but rather, as a recluse in his house in Greenwich (Connecticut), surrounded by a wall four meters high. Steven Cohen, 49 years old, almost never appears in public…


Understanding The Jews 164

[Image] Steven Cohen


In 2005, he pocketed 500 million dollars! His secret: he knows everything before anybody else. His eyes riveted on his computer screens, he analyzes thousands of bits of data, throwing tantrums when the analysts of Wall Street don’t give him the most accurate information. Investors who entrust their money to him (4 billion dollars) pay dearly to do so: Cohen takes 3% of all capital in management fees (as against 1.44% on average charged by other funds), plus 3.5% of the profits (compared to 19.2% on average charged by other funds). Cohen “believes in total capitalism”: “You eat what you kill”, he tells his traders, who are rewarded according to performance.


Understanding The Jews 165

[Image] George Soros


The famous George Soros, a Jewish speculator of Hungarian origin, was also a star of Wall Street. He is one of the richest men in the world, and the symbol of international speculation. His personal fortune is estimated at 70 billion dollars. In 1992 he rose to the pinnacle of his glory by successfully pulling off one of the greatest financial coups of the century. In a few days, sensing the weakness of the British pound, he mobilised some ten billion dollars against the pound sterling. The Bank of England vacillated before his speculative assaults, and was finally compelled to devaluate and withdraw the pound from the European monetary system.


Soros became “The Man who Broke the Bank of England”, pocketing more than a billion dollars in a week.


Understanding The Jews 166

[Image] The Soros Foundation logo


George Soros is also a “philanthropist”. The Soros Foundationfor an open society” teaches “tolerance” and the “democratic values” of an “open society”. The billionaire finances cultural and scientific projects, and subsidises “the independent and democratic press”. In his last book, published in 2006 (The Great World Disorder), the speculator unveils a few bits of information on his role in the various recent “democratic” revolutions: the “Pink Revolution” in Georgia, in 2003; the “Orange Revolution”, in the Ukraine, in 2004; as well as in the bombardments of little nationalist Serbia.


In 1999, the person responsible for the mass bombing of Serbia was none other than Madeleine K.Albright”, who had been propelled into the State Department by Bill Clinton. “Albright” was in fact the family name of a husband whom she divorced, while the “K” referred to Korbel, a Jewish family from Czechoslovakia. At the Ministry of Defense, there was William Cohen, while a certain Samuel Berger occupied the strategic position of Head of National Security, etc.


Understanding The Jews 167

[Image] Madeleine K.Albright


Soros also took a position in favour of a military intervention against the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001, for professing an “obscurantist” religion: “I supported the invasion of Afghanistan, Bin Laden’s country of residence and the location of the Al-Qaeda training camps”.


Soros, who is — naturally — very much concerned about “European” interests, is naturally the apostle of mass immigration and the entry of Turkey into the European Union:


With an aging population, immigration is an economic necessity”, he writes. “As the prototype of open world societies, Europe must welcome immigration and the adhesion of new members”.


It should furthermore be noted at this point that in 2010, the President of the IMF was a Zionist named Dominique Strauss-Kahn; and that the President of the World Bank is one of his fellow Jews, Robert Zoellick. The Federal Reserve Board, which contributed largely to the “sub-prime” crisis through its lax monetary policies, thus triggering a financial crash, was directed by the Jew Alan Greenspan until 2006, before being relieved by another Jew, Ben Bernanke.


Understanding The Jews 173

[Image] Dominique Strauss-Kahn (left), Robert Zoellick, Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke.


Here is the consortium of the eight private banks which own the Fed, the central bank of the United States. Rotschild, Lazard Brothers, Israel Moses Seaf, Kuhn, Loeb & Co., Warburg, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Rockefeller. As for the Rockefellers, who pretend to be descended from Puritan Protestants, they are simply what is known as “synthetic Jews”.


In 2007, a study published by Vanity Fair, a large American magazine, shows that of the one hundred richest people in the country, more than half were Jews. Since they are very well organized and stick together, and since they own all the communications media, their influence over each and every government — one after the other — is incomparably greater than anyone else’s. There are poor Jews, of course, but it remains true nonetheless that Jews are greatly over-represented among the Earth’s billionaires.


An article in the 26 February 2008 issue of the Jerusalem Post informs us that the Jews are “the wealthiest religious group in the USA”, with 46% of them earning six-figure annual incomes, while only 18% of all other Americans earned that much. None of these considerations has ever deterred Jewish intellectuals from regularly complaining of “the odious prejudices of an earlier time”.



War Against Islam


The Western news media regularly accuse Christians for the role they may have played in triggering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But the Christians are only “scapegoats” here, since the people most highly responsible were obviously the Zionists, who are so influential in all American governments and in the media.


Understanding The Jews 174

[Image] Elie Wiesel


Ardent war-mongers like Elie Wiesel never hesitate to drape themselves in the great ideals of “peace and love” so as better to advocate war against Iraq in 1991: “It is not simply a question of helping Kuwait”, he said at the time, “it is a question of protecting the entire Arab world”. All Westerners were therefore to mobilize themselves against the:


Butcher of Baghdad”. “Against war, it is imperative to make war. Against the destructive force which it employs against humanity, it is necessary to oppose an even greater force so that humanity may live. It is a question of the security of the entire civilized world, of its right to peace, and not just the future of Israel… Thirst for vengeance? No: thirst for justice. And peace.


The Jewish lobby has been extremely powerful in all American governments for many decades. Many Jews — most of them former Left-wingers, having recently converted to “Neo-Conservativism” — were very powerful in the government of George W. Bush: Paul Wolfowitz was Secretary of State for Defense, after which he was appointed to the position of head of the World Bank. Richard Perle headed the management office of the Pentagon; Douglas Feith was the Vice-Secretary of Defense; Michael Rubin was in charge of Iran-Iraq, etc.


Understanding The Jews 179

[Image] Paul Wolfowitz (left), Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and Michael Rubin.


The Jerusalem Post of 25 April 2006 gloated:


After appointing Joshua Bolten secretary general of the White House, President George Bush has chosen another Jew, Joel Kaplan, as Bolten’s adjutant”.


Understanding The Jews 187

[Image] Joshua Bolten (left), Joel Kaplan and Michael Chertoff.


He also appointed other Jews as collaborators, such as the Secretary of State for the Interior, Michael Chertoff, the Adjutant Security Advisor Elliott Abrams and the pillar of the White House, Jay Lefkowitz, etc.


Understanding The Jews 188

[Image] Elliott Abrams (left), Jay Lefkowitz, Robert Kagan and William Kristol.


In issue number 1 of The Weekly Standard of 1 October 2001, Zionists Robert Kagan and William Kristol demanded action aimed at “regime change” in Iraq as soon as the Taliban in Afghanistan were defeated. The manipulation of information led the public to believe that Saddam Hussein, the “new Hitler”, constituted a terrible threat.


As soon as the problem of Iraq was settled and Iranian President Ahmadinejad came to be known as the spokesman for world resistance to the globalist empire, the war-mongering of numerous Jewish intellectuals was once again obvious. In France, Bernard-Henri Levy and his fellow Jews denounced the “Islamo-fascists of Teheran”.


Understanding The Jews 191

[Image] Bernard-Henri Levy (left), and Bernard Kouchner.


Minister Bernard Kouchner, apostle of the “right of intervention”, the dream of sending French soldiers to fight once again to defend Israeli interests. “Bringing democracy”, they call it — just another example of Westerners going to war against the “enemies of civilization” and “humanity”.


Israel, in fact, almost never fights its war except with other people’s blood.

cy objectives are constantly inverted by obvious media propaganda. The famous American writer Norman Mailer, for example, assured us, in his book Why We Are at War (2003), that the only persons responsible for American imperialism were the Neo-con Christians.


Upon the fall of the Soviet Union, the chauvinist conservatives saw their chance to rule the world …


A perfect example of Freudian projection and a complete inversion of the truth.


Understanding The Jews 195

[Image] Norman Mailer (1923 – 2007).


Hollywood is naturally responsible for planetary propaganda. In the 1980s and 90s alone, we counted at least thirty films showing Arabs attempting to reduce the “free” world to servitude.


In Rules of Engagement by Willian Friedkin (USA, 2000), the American ambassador to Yemen is threatened by a crowd manipulated by Moslems. The latter are so contemptible that the audience applauds when American marines begin to massacre them.


Holy Union by Alexandre Arcady (1989) is pure caricature. The wicked Moslems who threaten democracy are depicted as ferocious animals. All French girls are depicted as seem destined to mate with Jews and Arabs.


Understanding The Jews 199

[Image] Movies: Rules of Engagement, Holy Union [aka, L’Union Sacree] and Curfew [aka, The Siege]


Again, in the same genre, we have: Curfew by Edward Zwick (USA, 1998), Delta Force, by Menahem Golan, (USA, 1986), Return to the Future, by Robert Zemeckis (USA, 1985), Black Sunday, by John Frankenheimer (USA, 1977), etc.


In Network (USA, 1976), we understand that the Arabs and their petro-dollars are purchasing America wholesale. An announcer calls upon TV viewers to revolt. This film, by Sydney Lumet, is an accusatory projection.


Understanding The Jews 205

[Image] Movies: Delta Force, Back to the Future, Black Sunday and Network


Since the second Intifada, in September 2000, and the incidents exploding in the French “suburbs” (immigrant slums), the Jews realized that the danger, for them, was no longer a question of “Extreme Right wingers”, but, rather, from Islam and young Afro-Maghrebin immigrants. This is what made many Jewish intellectuals rally to the “hard”, “liberal”, “pro-American” right: Andre Glucksmann, Alexandre Adler, Marc Weitzmann, Pascal Bruckner, Romain Goupil, Alain Finkielkraut, and the “Peruvian” novelist Mario Vargas Llosa, pursuing their objectives in a slightly different way: the problem now of “consolidating our multicultural society” which the Jews have worked so hard to create, but which now threatens to come apart at the seams.



Wars of Liberation


When the USSR entered the war against Nazi Germany in June 1941, all Jews, all over the world, were hysterical for joy. This is what Elie Wiesel had to say, through the persona of his protagonist, in his Testament of a Murdered Jewish Poet:


I welcome the opening of hostilities with open relief. I was not the only one. Listening to Molotov’s speech, I felt a powerful, immoderate, desire to shout for joy: Hurray! We were finally going to do battle against Hitler and the Hitlerites! Hurray! We are going to be able to give free reign to our anger… I would like to with my own people, in the midst of my own people, to congratulate them, to kiss them, to cry for joy like them, to cry for pride, to laugh with them, to sing like them, while emptying a few glasses…


And Wiesel continues:


No war in history had been welcomed with so much passion and fervour. Ready to offer ourselves, to do anything to vanquish the worst enemies of our people and of humanity”.


Understanding The Jews 208

[Image] Eli Wiesel’s novel, Testament of a Murdered Jewish Poet


At this point, we are reminded of a Roman Polanksi film called The Pianist (2001), in which a Polish Jewish family from Warsaw are reunited around an underground radio set, exploding with joy at the announcement of the French and British entry into the war: “Wonderful!


In the film by Ariel Zeitoun, Navel of the World (1993), we once again see Tunisian Jews delirious with joy at the announcement of the French declaration of war against Germany.


Understanding The Jews 211

[Image] Movies: The Pianist and Navel of the World [aka, Le Nombril du monde]


The “pacifist” Albert Einstein was transmogrified into a furious war-monger in 1933, following the accession of Hitler to power. The English, French and Americans were supposed to go off and fight to save “Democracy”. The Jews, as we see, are always working to establish “Permanent World Peace.


Everything here is a question of vocabulary. Everybody is for “peace”. After crushing their enemies, everybody is for “peace.








Historical Traumas



The Trauma of the “Shoa


After the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem by the Romans, the massacres and forced conversions of the First Crusade, their expulsion from Spain (and every other country in Europe), the pogroms of the Cossacks, etc, the misfortunes of the Second World War enabled the Jews to suffer a new “trauma”, universally conveyed, naturally, by means of their control of the media, a “trauma” which they generously offer to share with us for the benefit of all of humanity.


Understanding The Jews 212

[Image] Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by Francesco Hayez depicts the destruction of the Second Temple by Roman soldiers. Oil on canvas, 1867.


Relayed by TV and film, the continuing crisis of suffering and deafening lamentations has finally brought humanity on its knees, bewildered by so much hysteria.


Nevertheless, faced with certain extraordinary testimonies, a logical person can sometimes feel he has the right to ask whether these are not just Hollywood scenarios.


Understanding The Jews 215

[Image] Polish jew Simon Wiesenthal became Europe’s foremost Nazi-hunter (Photo: Luigi Caputo)


We find for example, a few terrifying anecdotes from the work of the famous Nazi hunter, Simon Wiesenthal. First, there is,


Tom Mix”, “whose favourite pastime was to ride through the camp on horseback and shoot and random at the prisoners”.


And here we have the SS killing baby Jews by,


throwing them against a wall”.


Understanding The Jews 216

[Image] Josef Mengele, second from left, relaxes with Auschwitz administrators in 1944.


And how about this:


Babies were thrown in the air like packages”. “I personally”, writes Wiesenthal, “took the testimony of a man who had seen Mengele throw a living baby into the flames. Another witness said that one day, Mengele killed a 14-year old girl by stabbing her with a bayonet”.


The following is an example of the horrors of which Dr. Mengele was capable:


Mengele sacrificed thousands of twins taken all over Europe, giving them painful injections to try to change the colour of their eyes” (“The Murderers Among Us”, 1967).


Understanding The Jews 219

[Image] Martin Gray’s book For Those I Loved [aka, Au nom de tous les miens]


Martin Gray, in For Those I Loved, says that, he removed the bodies from the gas chamber at Auschwitz immediately after the gassings, without even a gas mask, while the highly toxic hydrocyanic acid still impregnated the clothing and bodies of the victims:


Among the warm bodies, we found still-living infants. Just children, huddled against the bodies of their mothers. And we strangled them with our bare hands, before throwing them into the pit: and we risked our lives doing that, since we were wasting time … The butchers wanted everything to happen quickly.


One of his comrades had seen:


the Germans set fire to what had been a hospital in the ghetto, he saw them fracture the skulls of new-born babies against the walls, slit open the bellies of pregnant women, throw the sick into the flames. He saw it”.


Understanding The Jews 222

[Image] Wladyslaw Szpilman and his book, The Pianist.


Wladyslaw Szpilman also left a poignant testimony. His book, entitled The Pianist, published in 1946, tells the extraordinary story of a Jewish musician in the Warsaw ghetto. With his own eyes, he described how he saw the bodies of young girls:


They had been murdered according a method which was dear to the hearts of the Nazi occupants: held by the legs and thrown head first against the bricks”.


Elie Wiesel, in Night (1958), tells of his sojourn at Auschwitz between April 1944 and January 1945. In the original first edition, he never mentioned any “gas chambers”, which only appeared in the German version, Die Nacht zu Begraben, Elischa [aka, The Night Buried, Elisha]. Every time the word “crematorium” appeared in the original, the translator, Meyer-Clason, translated it as “gas chamber”.


Understanding The Jews 227

[Image] Left: Original Night cover, and the German version Die Nacht zu Begraben, Elischa


In the absence of any “gas chambers”, Wiesel saw what nobody else ever saw:


Not far from us, flames, huge flames, were rising from a ditch Something was being burned there. A truck drew close and unloaded its hold. Small children. Babies! Yes, I did see this, with my own eyes… children in the flames.


Understanding The Jews 232

[Image] Elie Wiesel’s three volume Against Silence


What Elie Wiesel saw is simply unheard-of. But what he heard is perhaps more so. In Against Silence (1985), he describes the massacres at Babi-Yar, in the Ukraine, where the Germans executed Soviet citizens, including numerous Jews:


Later, I heard from a witness that, during months and months, the ground never stopped trembling; and that, from time to time, geysers of blood had squirted forth”.


You gotta believe it!


In the April 2003 issue of Israel magazine, Fredric Sroussi wrote in all seriousness:


The Latvian Waffen SS officer Herberts Curkurs made a ‘hobby’ of throwing babies into the air and shooting them in the head, like a ball-trap.

Later on, we will see the reason for this obsession with babies and young children.

Understanding The Jews 235

[Image] Edmond Fleg’s book Why I Am a Jew


Edmond Fleg (Flegenheimer), in his book Why I Am a Jew also spoke of these atrocities:


These eviscerated women, old men buried alive, children thrown naked into the flames. I wanted to rise up and cry with all my heart, cry the martyrdom to the whole universe”.


This quotation may be found on page 45 of his book… which was published in 1928… that is, eleven years before the beginning of a Second World War!


Simon Wiesenthal also claims that the Germans transformed the Jews into bars of soap:


The crates bore the initials RIF — Rein jüdisches Fett … It was in the General Government and the factory was in Galicia, at Belzec. Nine hundred thousand Jews were utilised as the raw material in this factory, from April 1942 until May 1943.


Understanding The Jews 236

[Image] Lurid illustration and text on how to make soap out of a ? jewess.


Text reads: RENDING METHODS FOR HUMAN FATS  On the orders of the SS Command, experiments will be carried out to extract human fats for the industrial use of the Reich. The suggested methods are diverse. One possible manner of operation will be to create an assembly line of brass boxes, each large enough to contain a human being. These boxes will be cannalured [?] along the bottom with a catch basin in the rear. After placing a human in each box, it will be swung into an open flame. As fat blisters are formed on the skin, a guard will puncture them, allowing the fats to drain, to aid collection.


But, curiously, no historian has dared mentioned the “Jewish human soap” on TV and other “lampshades of human skin” since the end of the 1980s.


Understanding The Jews 261

[Image] Charles Kraft’s artistic response to jewish claims of jews being used for making soap.


The Treblinka survivor Yankiel Wiernik proposes other surprising details:


They soaked the bodies with gasoline. This cost considerable sums of money, and the result was not satisfactory: the male bodies simply did not burn… When they incinerate the bodies of pregnant women, their bellies exploded and one could see the embryos catch fire in the bellies of their mothers… The gangsters kept close to the ashes and were shaken by spasms of laughter. Their faces radiated a truly diabolical joy”.


Understanding The Jews 320

[Image] Ya’akov Wiernik testifies at the Jerusalem trial of Adolf Eichmann in 1961, the backdrop consisting of photographs of the model of Treblinka that he himself built in 1959. Wiernik testifies that he was at Treblinka from 23 Aug 1942 to 02 Aug 1943.


Happily, “survivors” coming back alive from the “death camps” are innumerable. Let us listen once again to Simon Wiesenthal, who wrote, after the liberation of the camps:


The survivors spread over through Europe in an immense measureless tide. People hitch-hiked, stopped jeeps for the short journeys or clung to carriages on the demolished railways, without windows or doors. Some took a seat in the overflowing hay carts, other started off on foot.


Nahum Goldmann, as President of the World Jewish Congress, conducted negotiations with Germany to estimate the amount of reparations to be paid to the Jews.


In 1945”, he writes, “there were almost six hundred thousand Jews, survivors of the German concentration camps, whom no country wanted to accept.


We are therefore fully entitled to ask whether these “extermination camps” were really “extermination camps” at all.



The Whole World is Guilty


Whenever one speaks of the Jews, it’s about their sufferings that one thinks of first of all. The Jews themselves, in fact, present their history as an “uninterrupted vale of tears”, without ever explaining the reasons for anti-Semitism. In The Difficult Good Fortune of Being a Jew (1978), Andre Neher recalls the phrase used by the philosopher Jankelevitsch:


Auschwitz is the failure of the thousand-year old adventure of human thought”.


Understanding The Jews 242

[image] Andre Neher and his book, The Exile of the World


In reality, Auschwitz was, above all else, a hard blow for Jewish thought.


The whole world, in any case, is guilty, and must expiate its crimes for what happened during the Second World War. All of humanity is guilty. It is a recurrent theme. It is what Elie Wiesel is so eager to tell us:


The world knew, and kept silent… Moscow and Washington were informed of what the killers were doing in the death camps. Why was nothing done at least to slow down their ‘production’? That no military airplane attempted to destroy the railways around Auschwitz remains for me a scandalous enigma. At the time, Birkenau ‘processed’ ten thousand Jews per day [at least! –Editor’s note]… But whether or not the Jews lived or died, whether they disappeared today or tomorrow, the free world were indifferent”.


The Allies were therefore “complicit”.


Martin Gray, in For Those I Loved, also reveals this same tendency to cast guilt on others:


The whole world allowed us to die… The whole world allowed us to be murdered”.


Note that the near totality of anti-Nazi films on the concentration camps during the Second World War were produced by Jewish film-makers: Sarah’s Key (2010), was directed by Gilles Pacquet-Brenner. In the film Amen, (France, 2002), the actor Matthieu-Kassovitz plays the role of a young Jesuit who, during the Second World War, attempts to awaken the Vatican from its torpor and incite Pope Pius XII publicly to denounce Nazi barbarism. The director, Constantin Costa-Gavras, interpreted the story in his usual style. In the same genre, Costa-Gavras also directed Music Box (USA, 1989).


Understanding The Jews 247

[Image] Constantin Costa-Gavras and his films Music Box and Amen


Understanding The Jews 254

[Image] A young Roman Polanski and his film Le Pianiste


The Pianist (2001) was directed by Roman Polanski; the film is full of summary executions and atrocities. Lucie Aubrac by Claude “Berri” (1997), is a film about the glory of the Jewish resistance member Lucie “Aubrac”. The Germans are as cruel as usual. Life is Beautiful (1997) was directed by Roberto Benigni. Schindler’s List (USA, 1994) tells the story of a German industrialist who saves deported Jews by employing them in his factory. Here again, the savagery of the Germans is in contrast to the weakness and innocence of the Jews. It is a Stephen Spielberg film.


Understanding The Jews 257

[Image] Stephen Spielberg and his film Schindler’s List


In Au Revoir, Les Enfants (France, 1987), the story takes place in 1944 in a religious boarding school in the Parisian suburbs. A kitchen boy reports to the police concerning Jewish boys hidden in the school. The bourgeois French are depicted here as hypocritical, bigoted villains. The director, Louis Malle, was nevertheless also a son of the grande bourgeoisie; but a Jew. Louis Malle’s father was the director of a red beet sugar factory owned by his wife’s family; the Beghin family. His film won a Golden Lion award at the Festival of Venice in 1987.


Understanding The Jews 258

[Image] Movie: Au Revoir, Les Enfants


The Boys from Brazil (USA, 1978), tells the story of a Nazi hunter in the 1970s who discovers a plot in Uruguay. The horrible Dr. Mengele, former torture-doctor at Auschwitz, is at the head of this diabolical conspiracy. He lives in a luxurious villa which is sufficiently well isolated to permit him to continue his perverse activities on genetics, and to reign over a troop of abject servants reduced to the status of slaves; this is the symbol of the White Man in all his arrogance. The film is by Franklin Schaffner.


Understanding The Jews 263

[Image] Franklin Schaffner and his film Boys from Brazil.


Let us mention Marathon Man (USA, 1976): a Nazi criminal takes refuge in Uruguay and later travels to New York to negotiate a diamond deal (the diamond industry is typically “Nazi”, as everyone knows). We recall a scene in which the Nazi tortures a Jew on a dentist’s chair (there are a lot of Nazi dentists, you know). The film is by John Schlesinger. One might also mention The Old Gun, aka Vengeance One by One by Roberto Enrico (France, 1975), in which German soldiers are unspeakably cruel.


Understanding The Jews 266

[Image] Marathon Man and his film Le Vieux Fusil (aka, Vengeance One by One).


In this third millennium, “Shoah education” becomes the new religion, and humanity is invited to genuflect before the People-Priest.


We also know that in Jewish eschatology, the day of the Redemption and the arrival of the Messiah must be preceded by great wars and catastrophes, which will be accompanied by great sufferings for the Jewish “people”. The Jews always use the same expression here: “the child-birthing pains of the Messiah”, they say. The Shoah, according to them, is therefore sent to confirm their “election”.



The Spirit of Vengeance


These indescribable sufferings do not therefore invalidate the mission of the Jews on earth. Quite the contrary. They confirm the unique destiny of the Jewish people and their universal vocation. Nahum Goldmann writes:


The Jewish people have always believed in its superiority (expressed in the classical phrase ‘The Chosen People”).


The famous Austrian Jewish writer Joseph Roth has expressed this absolute faith in the destiny of Israel (The Wandering Jews, 1927).


The pride of a man who knows that one day he will win … The contempt that the Eastern Jew feels for the unbeliever is a thousand times greater than any that is directed at him”, (p. 30).


Understanding The Jews 268

[Image] Joseph Roth’s book, The Wandering Jews


The Jews are little inclined to forgiveness and always intend to revenge themselves in one way or another. This, again, is a recurrent theme of Jewish literature, as the Palestinians have occasion to experience every day. The famous Shylock, in the Shakespeare play, incarnates these sanguinary instincts perfectly.


Understanding The Jews 273

[Image] Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds


In the American and Soviet POW camps, after the war, German prisoners had ample occasion to experience the same thing as well. In 2009, the American director Quentin Tarantino left us a testimony in Inglorious Basterds: during the war, in Germany, a commando of Jews mercilessly liquidates Germans by stabbing them or beating them to death with baseball bats. Note that in one scene, at the end of the film, the beautiful blonde starlet falls into the arms of the projectionist, a Negro: this is a veritable obsession among the Jews. Tarantino’s film gives us a merely the slightest glimpse of what may well have occurred in the POW camps at the end of the war. Let us not forget that hundreds of thousands of German prisoners never returned from Allied prisoner of war camps — something the media never mention. In Hebrew, this is summarised in the formula Laassoth nekama bagoim: “Revenge yourselves upon the Gentiles”. The humiliation of the enemy then precedes the final victory.



Communism under Lenin


Many Jews played a considerable role in the Bolshevik revolution of October 1917. The aim of the revolution was not just the abolition of private property and the creation of a collective system, but rather, to “liberate” all of humanity — erasing tradition, religion, nationalities and all tradition, destroying all differences between men, so as to enable a perfect world to arise and flourish. It was necessary to “erase the past”, so that a “new man” might appear. In reality, the egalitarian fanaticism of Communism led immediately to a series of massacres. In total, over thirty million Russians and Ukrainians were liquidated by the criminal folly of their new masters in only thirty years. After the Maoist experiment in China, the Russian Revolution was, therefore, the second greatest tragedy in human history.


But where it is permitted, in the democratic countries, to denounce the horrors of Communism at the beginning of the 21st century, insisting upon the identity of its principal instigators is quite a different matter. Nevertheless, we know that Communism was a Jewish creation: Karl Marx was the grandson of rabbis; Lenin also had Jewish origins on his mother’s side; Trotsky, the head of the Red Army, was really named Bronstein; Kamenev, President of the Soviet of Moscow, was really named Rosenfeld; Zinoviev, the master of Leningrad, was named Apfelbaum; the first president of the Soviet Union was a Jew named Sverdlov; Karl Radek, the spokesman for Moscow in foreign countries, was named Sobelsohn, etc.


Understanding The Jews 281

[Image] (left to right, top to bottom) Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev and Karl Radek.


On 27 July 1918, just after the execution of the Imperial family, a special law on anti-Semitism was promulgated, the conclusion of which was written by Lenin personally:


The Sovnarkom enjoins all its Soviet deputations to eradicate anti-Semitism. The authors of pogroms, those who propagate them, are declared outside the law”.


And at this time, placing anti-Semites “outside the law” meant shooting them purely and simply.


The Cheka, or Extraordinary Commission, instituted the Red Terror as soon as it was created, in September 1917, and pursued it until well after the Civil War. Starting in January 1918, “the death penalty, on the spot, without judgment and or instruction” was the rule. Then came the thousands of police raids in which thousands of perfectly innocent people were abducted and shot during the night or drowned in the rivers by the barge load. The Cheka became the principal nerve centre of the direction of the State.


Understanding The Jews 288

[Image] (left to right, top to bottom) Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxembourg, Bela Kun, Kurt Eisner, Ernst Toller and Eugen Levine.


The lists of prominent Jewish dignitaries under the Bolshevik regime is endless. The revolution that broke out in Berlin in 1918 was led by other Jews: Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxembourg. In Hungary, at the same time, Bela Kun took over as head of a revolutionary government which was composed almost exclusively of Jews. The triumph of Bela Kun encouraged the leftists of Bavaria. At Munich, the revolution had as its spiritual head a Jew named Kurt Eisner, who was himself replaced by an anarchist Jew named Ernst Toller. Then, the Red intellectuals took power, with Eugen Levine at their head, son of a Jewish merchant and a native of St. Petersburg.


Jewish historians always forget to mention the role of their fellow Jews in the atrocities which took place in Russia between 1917 and 1947. The truth nevertheless compels us to point out that the Jewish doctrinaires, Jewish functionaries and Jewish torturers bear a very great responsibility for the destruction of the churches, the pitiless repression against the population and the innumerable massacres which were committed at that time by the forces of the Soviet political police.



Communism under Stalin


The famous author Alexander Solzhenitsyn, after many others, has shown the implication of this community in his book entitled Two Centuries Together (2002).


Understanding The Jews 321

[Image] Alexander Solzhenitsyn


Stephane Courtois, the author of the famous Black Book of Communism, writes in the preface to the book by Arkady Vaksberg (Stalin and the Jews, 2003):


Great numbers of Jews gravitated into the spheres of power, to the point that in 1936, nearly 40% of the high cadres of the political police were Jews. And two of the men closest to Stalin, ‘the little father of the peoples’, Kaganovich and Mekhlis, were Jews”.


Understanding The Jews 293

[Image] Stephane Courtois, author of Black Book of Communism


The higher one ascended in the hierarchy, the greater the proportion of Jews one found.


At the beginning of the 1930s, the Soviet Union was directed by a triumvirate consisting of Stalin, Molotov and Kaganovich. Molotov, the number two minister in the regime after Stalin, married a Jewess named Polina Karpovskaya, who was a director with full responsibilities and a true Bolshevik.


Understanding The Jews 297

[Image] (left to right) Stalin, Molotov and Kaganovich


At this time, the regime planned a famine to liquidate the Ukrainian peasants. The number of deaths resulting from the famine of 1932 amounted to between four and five million, but “could be on the order of ten million”, writes the Jewish historian Simon Sebag Montefiore (“Stalin, the Court of the Red Tsar”, 2003). Fifteen million people were deported, and large numbers of them died during the collectivization. Cases of cannibalism were reported in the Ukraine and the Urals.


Lazar Kaganovich was the youngest of five brothers, three of whom were important Bolsheviks. It was he who put together the mechanisms of what became known as “Stalinism”. Lazar, the “Man of Iron”, was in charge of the administration of Central Asia before becoming the “Scourge of the Ukraine”, which he directed in the 1920s, before returning to Moscow in 1928 and becoming a member of the Politburo in 1930. He crushed peasant revolts from the north of the Caucasus to Western Siberia. He succeeded Molotov as First Secretary of Moscow and undertook to create a Bolshevik metropolis by dynamiting historical buildings and churches with the enthusiasm of a born vandal. After Stalin’s death, Lazar Kaganovich was never prosecuted for his participation in the extermination of the peasants, and died peacefully in his comfortable apartment in Moscow in 1991, at the age of 88.


Understanding The Jews 303

[Image] Genrikh Yagoda


Genrikh (Enoch) Yagoda, the head of the secret police, was another symbolic personage of the Stalinist regime. Half-bald, of short stature, but driven by pitiless ambition, Yagoda, a specialist in the art of poisoning people, was the son of a Jewish jeweller from Nizhny Novgorod. He frequented the house of Gorki, the President of the Writers’ Union. His great achievement, with Stalin’s support, was the creation of the vast economic empire of the gulags, with the use of slave labour. In the years 1931-32, the famous gulag of the “White Sea-Baltic Canal” project engulfed hundreds of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian peasants.


Understanding The Jews 298

[Image] Construction site of the Baltic-White Sea Canal (once called the Stalin Canal).


The great writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn relates that a newspaper edition dated August 1933 and dedicated to the completion of the canal, published a list of the award-winning recipients: modest medals for cement workers and carpenters; supreme medals — The Order of Lenin! — for six persons whose large-scale portrait individual photographs were published in large format. At the head of the collective, there stood Genrikh Yagoda, commissar of the NKVD; Matvei Berman, head of the gulag; Semyon Firin, head of the Belbaltlag camp; Lazar Kogan, head of construction; Yakov Rappoport, second head of construction; Naftaly Frenkel, head of the White Sea work site (and the evil genius of entire archipelago). And here, forty years later, Solzhenitsyn reproduced the portraits of these “Six Rascals” in his book The Gulag Archipelago:


They criticized me for having reproduced the portraits of the heads of the worksite of the famous White Sea-Baltic canal, and they accused me of selecting Jews. But I didn’t select anyone: I reproduced the photos of all the camp directors appearing in compilation published in 1936. Whose fault is it if they were all Jews? I took them as they were, without selecting anything, but the whole world was indignant. Anti-Semitism! And where were they when these same portraits were published in 1933 for the first time? Why didn’t they express their indignation then?


Understanding The Jews 310

[Image] (left to right, top to bottom) Genrikh Yagoda, Matvei Berman, Semyon Firin, Lazar Kogan, Yakov Rappoport and Naftaly Frenkel.


In 1934, the GPU metamorphosed into the NKVD (People’s Commissariat of Interior Affairs) with Yagoda at the head. Slutsky was at the head of the foreign department of the NKVD; he directed the espionage services. His adjutants were Boris Berman and Sergey Mikhailovich Shpigelglas. Once again, Yagoda supervised the first of the great Moscow show trials in the summer of 1936. Eleven of the sixteen defendants were Jews, but that only reflected their major presence among the old generation of Bolsheviks, whom Stalin had undertaken to liquidate. Genrikh Yagoda is, any case, the biggest criminal of the 20th century, since he was responsible for at least 10 million deaths.


Understanding The Jews 311

[Image] Lev Mekhlis


Lev Mekhlis was one of Stalin’s most loyal lieutenants. “Even Stalin called him a fanatic”, writes Simon Sebag Montefiore. With his halo of black hair and his pointed, bird-like face, Mekhlis, in his way, played as important a role as Molotov or Beria. Born at Odessa of Jewish parents in 1889, he left school at fourteen, and only joined the Bolsheviks in 1918. Appointed by the sole commissar in the Crimea, he distinguished himself for his cruelty during the civil war by executing thousands of adversaries. He became one of Stalin’s assistants and the confidante of all his secrets, working with a sick frenzy. In 1930, Stalin appointed him editor in chief of Pravda. Mekhlis was then promoted adjutant commissar for Defense and Head of the political administration of the Red Army.


In the years 1920 and 1930, many Russian members of the Central Committee and even of the Politburo had Jewish wives: Molotov (Polina Karpovskaya), Voroshilov (Gold Grobman), Bukharin (Esther Gourvitsch, then Anna Lourie). Stalin’s faithful cabinet director, Alexander Poskrebyshev, married a certain Bronislava Weintraub, a Lithuanian Jewess from an industrialist family who made a fortune in the sugar trade.


Understanding The Jews 312

[Image] Nikolai Yezhov


In September 1936, Nikolai Yezhov replaced Yagoda as the head of the secret police services and quickly became the most powerful man in the USSR after Stalin. He was one of Kaganovich’s protégés. Nikolai Yezhov was one of the greatest monsters in history. He it was, in fact, who, between 1936 and 1938, became the principal organizer of the Great Terror directed against party members and the “People of the Past”: aristocrats, priests, bourgeois, peasants, who had until then escaped the class terror. In fourteen months, more than seven hundred thousand persons were shot and millions of others were deported. Son of a forestry guard and a servant — this Russian — was a small, highly nervous man, thin and scrawny, measuring one meter fifty-one. Friend of the Jewish poet Mandelstam, he married a Jewess named Eugenia Feigenberg as his second wife. His wife’s best friend was “Bronka”, the wife of Poskrebyshev, Stalin’s cabinet director. The balance sheet of the Cheka’s victims amounts, pre-war, to at least twenty million deaths.


After his appointment to the post of People’s Commissar for the Interior, Nikolai Yezhov chose Matvei Berman as first adjutant. The latter kept his post at the head of the gulag at the same time. Another Jew, Mikhail Litvinov became the service head of the cadres of the NKVD. Isaac Shapiro, another loyal collaborator, was placed at the head of the secretariat of the NKVD. In December 1936, we find seven Jews among the ten departments of the glorious service of the GUGB of the NKVD (Secret Political Department).


Jewish artists were then praised to the skies by the regime. They regrouped around the writer Mikhoels. Isaac Babel rapidly became one of the most popular authors, with Boris Pasternak, Osip Mandelstam, Ilya Ehrenburg and Vassili Grossman. The hard core of Soviet cinema also consisted of Jews: Eisenstein, Dziga Vertov (Kaufman), Grigori Kozintsev, Leonid Trauberg, Grigori Roshal, etc.


We know that, after 1945, Jews were placed at the head of governments in Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Rumania. Matthieu Rakosi, who directed Hungary until 1953, was really named Matthieu Roth. He was the son of a Jewish grocer, and was “one of the most pitiless despots of the 20th century”, writes David Irving.


The four men who held real power in popular Hungary were all Jews. Besides Rakosi, the Jewish quartet consisted of Ernest Gero, who directed the economy of the country. Born Ernest Singer, it was he who charged Ramon Mercader with the assassination of Leon Trotsky in 1940. Michel Farkas was responsible for the army and defense. Born Wolf, he was an NKVD officer at Moscow and a former member of the International Brigades in Spain, like Gero. Joseph Reval, in turn, was appointed to run the nation’s culture. He was also the regime’s minister of propaganda.


The situation was equivalent in Rumania, where Ana Pauker established a fierce dictatorship. It was she who oversaw the first political trials from 1947 to 1949. During the period from 1950-52, she supported Stalin’s project for the “canal of death”: thousands of prisoners were compelled to work under inhuman conditions to construct a canal linking the Danube to the Black Sea.


Understanding The Jews 168

[Image] Ana Pauker on the cover of Time magazine, Sep. 20, 1948.


This was a veritable gulag in which 120,000 people died in two years. The historian Stephane Courteois mentions the case of Col. Nicolski, famous for his cruelty:


His real name was Grunberg. He was a KGB agent in Rumania. In 1948 he became the adjutant director of the sinister Securitate — the political police — personally responsible for thousands of murders, inventor of the terrifying “reeducation” experiment at the prison at Pitesti, Nicolski died peacefully, in his superb villa at Bucharest, on 16 April 1992.


Stalin’s “anti-Zionist” swing took place in 1948, after the creation of the State of Israel, supported principally by the United States. The Jews were then gradually evicted from the higher spheres of Soviet power. The process accelerated in 1952, with the “Doctors” trial, the dictator’s (enigmatic) death in 1953. Khrushchev had Beria executed, and the regime maintained its “anti-Zionist” line until the end.


it was inevitable that the USSR and the Communist states of Central Europe would be denounced by the Jews of the West. In The Confession (France, 1970), for example, Constantin Costa-Gavras shows the endless interrogations to which an “innocent” Zionist was subjected, at Prague, in 1951. The Jews, as we all know, are never guilty of anything; rather, they are always innocent.



May 1968


In 1968, we find the same individuals, animated by the same messianic faith. Of the four principal leaders of the events of May 1968, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Alain Krivine, Alain Greismar and Jacques Suveageot, the first three were Jews.


Understanding The Jews 319

[Image] (left to right) Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Alain Krivine, Alain Greismar and Jacques Suveageot


At the Revolutionary Communist League, in the 1970s, the situation was summed up in a joke:


Why don’t they speak Yiddish at the political bureau of the Communist League? Because Ben-said is a Sephardic Jew.


In fact, Daniel Ben-said, a native of North Africa (and a Sephardic Jew), did not understand the Yiddish spoken by the other Trotskyite leaders, who were Ashkenazi Jews, natives of Eastern Europe.


An Israeli historian, Yair Auron, who published a book on this subject entitled Extreme-Leftist Jews in May 1968, confirmed this remark:


Of the twelve members of the political bureau of the League and its beginnings, ten others were Jews from Eastern Europe; there was one single non-Jew, and then there was Ben-said”.


Some people talked of a “shabbos goy”, that is, a goy employed to do minor jobs on the Sabbath, responsible for opening the doors and pushing the light switches on the Sabbath.


After the collapse of Communism, in 1991, Jewish intellectuals, all of them, and all over the world, worked tirelessly to set up “democratic” regimes — again, all over the world — and the constitution of a world government. It is quite obviously always the same plan: building the “Empire of Peace” (shalom), a “world without borders”, where men would be “free and equal”, and in which all identities will have disappeared forever — except for theirs.


In sum, Communism made its appearance a little too early, and perhaps a bit too brutally. It is to come about as merely the natural consequence of liberal globalism, of the planetary uniformity engendered by materialist society.


Paris, April 2012




Source: http://www.jrbooksonline.com/cwporter/ryssen1.htm







[1] Books by Hervé Ryssen. http://herveryssen.over-blog.com/


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The future will tell!





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