Ban Black Socks Movement!!



Ban Black Socks Movement!!



Racism Walks Amongst Us!!


[Guest post by BBSM-001]


Dear readers, before you scoff at the very idea that black socks (herein called BS) should be banned, please consider the following before you discard the very idea into the proverbial “dirty laundry bin“.

The Ban Black Socks Movement (BBSM) is growing at a fast pace especially among the young progressive and more enlightened members of our communities such as Social Justice Warriors (SJWs).

Did you know that the wearing of BS is a symbol of White privilege and Black oppression? Wearers “step on” Black dignity with every step they literally take!! For countless centuries blacks have been terribly oppressed by Whites across the globe and have been trodden on and down by Whitey. And it continues even more so TODAY, right now in the current year!!

Before you shout, “But what about other black items of clothing?!” Well, black socks are unique, because of where they are obviously worn, are literally being trodden on, symbolising oppression, injustice and a litany of crimes against our black brothers. This is an outrage that is also a secret source of sadistic pleasure for White racists!!



ACTION STEPS — What you can do!!


  • Become aware of the racist nature of BS!!
  • Recognize that not all BS wearers are aware of the racist nature of what they are unthinkingly doing. Be prepared to inform them. Be prepared to confront and challenge them!!
  • Wake up to the fact that BS wearers are everywhere  especially among straight White privileged males.
  • Realize that you are involved in a noble cause of creating a caring world where BS no longer exist!!



  • Memorize cases of infamous people who wore BS, for example, Adolf Hitler, Himmler, Mussolini, Emperor Hirohito, Tojo, top KKK leadership, and so on. They all wore BS!!
  • Be pro-active!! If you see a BS wearer , shame and blame them. Remove their socks.
  • Boycott shops that engage in the BS trade. Stop them from profiting in the trade of BS merchandise.


  • Realize that our successful efforts will cause a a backlash resulting in a thriving black market peddling BS.
  • Be prepared to inform on friends and even family members who engage in this trade and god forbid continue to wear BS!!
  • Ensure that all members of your family and friends strictly wear light coloured socks or preferably LBGT rainbow colours for the more dedicated.
  • Although not endorsed officially by the BBSM we have heard of BS being removed from cloths lines, drawers, locker rooms and elsewhere where unattended BS is found. Every BS removed from circulation is a victory for the BBSM!!
  • Contact Jewish orgs worldwide for financial assistance and instructions on how to mobilise your community to assist the BSSM.
  • Organize “Black Sock Burning Parties“.
    • Note:
    • Always take appropriate safety precautions when burning black socks.
    • Socks should not be hand held while being burnt.
    • Do NOT burn black socks whilst being worn.
    • Do NOT burn black socks indoors.
    • Make sure all black children are under adult supervision when they are burning or otherwise destroying black socks.
  • Always promote the wearing of white or light coloured socks. Put principle ahead of fashion!!







The BBSM movement has finally solved a major dilemma!!
One the one hand, we deplore the wearing of blacks socks due to its inherent racism and promotion of White privilege, we also recognize the natural beauty of black socks. After all, black is beautiful!!


So what’s the solution? Well, its like all good solutions, it’s quite simple, … black socks with white soles!!


But not so fast there. Although wearers of white soled black socks are themselves aware of their stand against racism, strangers around them don’t know that, as socks are normally worn with shoes, and assume the worse.

Well, a solution has been found by the BBSM worldwide community (with the generous financial assistance of upstanding organizations, such as the ADL and SPLC)!!


All white soled black socks will have a discrete Trade Marked, “BBSM” logo!! This will clearly and proudly signal that the wearer is not a racist, while also showing that they recognize the beauty of black!!

[Image] Click image to enlarge.



To be continued, …

Reader input in the comment section is appreciated.

All useful suggestions will be added to this post.

True confessions of former BS wearers most welcome.



Version History


Version 7: Aug 26, 2019. Re-uploaded images for version.



Version 6: Sep 23, 2018. Improved formatting.


Version 5: Feb 27, 2016. Added Update with information on the BSSM logo.


Version 4: Jan 1, 2016. Added “Golliwog” poster. (With inspiration from commenter, shaunantijihad.)


Version 3: Dec 29, 2015. Added “Nazi uniform” poster. Added organize “Black Sock Burning Parties”.


Version 2: Dec 27, 2015. Added “Hate” poster.


Version 1: Posted, Dec 26, 2015

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10 Responses to Ban Black Socks Movement!!

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  2. katana17 says:

    Thanks fuhrerious88.

  3. Grumpa Joe says:

    Reblogged this on Grumpa Joe's Place and commented:
    I have trashed every pair I own.

    • katana17 says:

      That”s the spirit Grumpa Joe! You can now walk with pride, knowing that you’ve ditched those dark twin symbols of racism from your life.

      For added peace of mind I would recommend that you do a thorough search of your home for any long forgotten socks that may have fallen behind cupboards, drawers, etc.

  4. I will continue to wear BLACK SOCKS, because until the GOV. makes it illegal, as an AMERICAN, I CAN. I do it because they look right, not to discreminate.

    • katana17 says:

      Charles, I admire your stubborn refusal to defend your, in the current year, right to wear black socks. Compliance with official BSSM recommendations is still only voluntary, but I’ve heard through contacts within the Black Market for Black Sock Movement (BMBSM) that steps are being rapidly taken to mandate that all BS wearers be licensed as BS wearers!

      The purpose of licensing has the nefarious intent of compiling a database of all BS wearers world wide. It won’t end there, of course. Each and every pair of BS will also have to be registered for the sake of “community harmony”.

      This is insanity being normalized!

      Regarding your opinion that BS, “look right”, well, as the owner of exclusively BS , I have to quietly agree.

  5. Marcus Ampe says:

    Having coloured socks would be nice, but do you know the rainbow coloured socks are the symbol of the homosexuals and transgenders? Are you supporting them when you are wearing such coloured socks?

    I would recommend everybody just to wear the right socks with the right trousers, black by black and blue by blue. How awful it may be when a person is wearing a black or dark trouser and bleak coloured socks. Beautiful yellow socks or flashy orange socks may not be appropriate for a business meeting and certainly not for a gala night or big official feast.

  6. May I suggest diversity-minded men might wear differently-coloured socks? This displays sympathy for the ideal of diversity, and sympathy for the differently-abled.

  7. BBSM-001 says:

    Thank you Mr Rerevisionist for that out of the shoe box suggestion:) We at BBSM believe not only in Black Dignity but also in promoting diversity. One of our chief sponsors, the Swindelstein Foundation, places special importance on this. In fact the founder of the foundation has informed us that during the height of Nazi persecution, he was forced to wear odd colored socks!

    He recalls being deeply ashamed at first but gradually he became defiantly proud of wearing odd socks and since then he has always worn his socks that way! Pretty cool story, eh?

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