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[This is the transcript of a 65 minute video by the History Reviewed Channel guy, in his usual measured tone, on the need to teach younger Whites about Adolf Hitler and his true White revolution that severely threatened to break the power of Organized jewry. He highly recommends young people read Hitler’s Mein Kampf as part of their education in fighting jewish communist and liberal brainwashing.  HRC guy is originally from Rhodesia, but has, since the early 1980s, lived in South Africa where he has witnessed how a once White ruled, first class country has deteriorated into a complete mess under black rule, engineered by Organized jewry — KATANA.]




Teaching White Kids about AH - Video




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NOTEAs of Sep 7, 2016 this video is no longer available on Alfred Schaefer’s Youtube channel.


Published on Mar 20, 2016


Jews need a curtain of ignorance to descend on all people. Then Jews THRIVE! Hitler & Mussolini are the only two TRUE white revolutionaries in a long time, perhaps since the American revolution. Hitler’s legacy & goals have to be lied about because this is the only true, unexpected & successful revolution carried out by common whites from the bottom, which the Elite & Jews were not secretly sponsoring.


We also discuss Hitler & women. Why women liked Hitler & women were avid supporters of Hitler and the NAZIS.


We MUST teach all the white children about Hitler because they, sadly, have to continue the war which our forefathers & ourselves have LOST.




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Teaching White Kids




Adolf Hitler


By History Review Channel








Welcome to the History Review Channel where we analyze the lies and deceptions of history.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 650 - Nazi flag with sunrise


Finally the hectic stuff at work, etc., which has been keeping me up late at night and working a lot of extra hours, finally all of that is out of the way and I can resume a more normal routine again. But this being South Africa things are never quite stable. I notice this week when we were putting out our garbage that again the blacks had not come to collect the garbage. We have a company that we all pay money for and it’s part of our rates and taxes. We pay for a service but they decide when they’re going to work and when they’re not going to work. And this must be about at least the fourth time this year that they have not come to pick up our garbage.


But you can see that my neighbors are well practiced at this because when the blacks don’t come to pick up the garbage, then we all know to leave our bins outside for the rest of the week. Because you have no idea when they are going to come to actually pick it up. They have pitched up here late at night, some nights. Or they’ll pitch up on a Sunday or a Saturday or whatever day they feel like. And if your bin is not out then it’s not collected, so we just leave our bins out every day and that’s that.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 651 - Mein Kampf Stalag Edition


The Post is just as disgusting. The Post as had me so angry that for about four months or five months last year I didn’t even bother to go to my post box. So many things have gone missing, I just didn’t care anymore. And I was tired of going there and just getting annoyed. So I picked up my post after about four months only to find all kinds of things have been returned and all sorts of stuff. But I was glad to see that at least some mail is going through. So now I’ll actually go back to my mailbox and go and check it more often. But there was one good thing in the mail. I couldn’t believe it when somebody I knew, sent me some photocopies of court papers. This guy told me he was going to take the Jews to court. And by golly he did! And it was delightful to see the papers and I saw the case number and the papers all signed and stamped. And I will put it out in a video so that you can see it. Somebody has dared to take on the Jews and the media and take them to court! And the way he does it is very very instructive! I wish we could get lots of law students and lawyers who would do something for Whites who can perhaps put in a bit of time to try and fight our enemies by legal means. Because it could open up a whole bunch of opportunities for us.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 652 - My Struggle Stalag


Of course I’m still delighted that the South African Post Office made a loss of 1.5 billion rand last year. I’m very delighted with it and may they go bankrupt. And may they lose many, many jobs and all that kind of thing. Because they are so utterly useless! In my younger days after I was in the military, I worked for the South African Post Office at the time. And although it was called the South African Post Office it also ran the entire telephone system in the country. And I worked at its Head Office and I was in the computer department there. And we used to get a lot more done. All these things that they can’t do nowadays we Whites were taking care of all of it, long ago. And really, we could take care of all these things if only it wasn’t that the law is against Whites.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 653 - MIJN KAMP




They are jobs you can’t get hold of because of affirmative action. There are racial quotas that stop you from getting things. There are racial and sexual quotas. And if you start a business and your business is growing and becoming successful then you have to have black partners who own half of your business, at the very least. So there’s all kinds of things that stop us from doing things together, by ourselves for ourselves. And as I’ll show you, we can’t even donate money. Whites cannot even donate money exclusively for other Whites, without having blacks take a chunk of it.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 654 - Mein Kampf chpt 1


So this is the mess of Southern Africa in 2016. What a freaking mess it is! This week again, suddenly, for no apparent reason the traffic lights were out, all over the show, traffic lights at main intersections were not functioning again. And on Friday I decided to quickly pop off to a shop near my work, on my way home. I need to find myself in what seemed to be like a traffic jam. And I couldn’t understand why the cars were moving so slowly. So I thought to myself, well it must be yet another traffic light that’s not working. But this time I was wrong. What in fact was happening was that a whole part of the road started washing away. After the driest summer that I’ve experienced, here in South Africa, in my more than thirty five years in South Africa. All of a sudden the rain came. And we had quite a bit of rain this week. And can you believe now with the rain the potholes are starting to expand. And that’s what happened on this piece of road. So the next thing I saw with these barriers showing us to go into one lane. And in front of me was quite a big pot hole. I was in a bit of a rush and perhaps did not make such a wise decision. But I wondered if I could sort of edge over this thing. And I sort of got it right, but my wheel fell into the pothole and I could hear the metal of the car actually hitting onto the tar. I really thought I’d damaged something.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 655 Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler text


But, I managed to get out of this pothole and I checked my car, and my old car is quite tough. So I was delighted to see that I couldn’t see any visible signs of damage. But all the other cars, the 4 X 4s had taken a more careful route than I had. And in the future I’ll have to learn to be a little bit more patient. But that’s a week for you in Johannesburg. This place used to be a first class city. And now look at the mess that it is.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 656 - Mein Kampf quote


Johannesburg for all purposes was the New York of Africa. They used to refer to it as the Golden City. And truly when I arrived here in 1981 this country and especially Johannesburg was very impressive, I must tell you. I’d never seen anything like it. And it’s definitely comparable with other First World cities. Well at least it used to be. But now it’s a flipping rat hole. And the extent to which it is getting worse is quite shocking. I worked in Randburg, and Randburg is on the fast track, down hill. I recall in the 1980s, in about 1985, 1986, I was working for the same company that I’m working for now. But I went on to leave them after two years back then. And then for eighteen years I worked for myself and I did other work.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 658 - Hitler with Jack Russel


Back then in the middle of the 1980s we had to do a survey because we were in our offices in the center of Johannesburg, just south of the center of Johannesburg. And they wanted to know where to build a new Head Office. So they did a survey among the employees back then in about 1985, 1986.




Teaching White Kids about AH - 659 - Hitler happy sitting reading


Asking, where would be the best place to build a future Head Office. What would work for us? So I remember among the choices was the center of Johannesburg itself. And then the other alternative was Randburg. They had some buildings in Randburg. But a lot of people looked at Randburg as the up and coming part of Johannesburg in the future. And they saw lots of businesses expanding out into Randburg. Anyway, there were quite a lot of people who were in favor of moving the head office to Randburg. But in the end they chose to rather build the new offices in the center of Johannesburg.


So back then in 1985, 1986, Randburg was seen as the up and coming part of Johannesburg that would be rocking in the future. So that is about thirty years ago. But now thirty years later I’m telling you, Randburg is going down hill like you can’t believe. In later years I moved to a suburb near Randburg. And then I saw the beginning of the end coming. And I moved elsewhere. But I’ve spoken to business owners in Randburg and I can tell you, Randburg is going to become one rats’ nest of a place in the future in Johannesburg.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 660 Mein Kampf Hitler poster


Already the businesses, all those liberal businesses which had been moving en-masse to Randburg back then. They days are over. And businesses have been abandoning Randburg left right and center. Buildings which were built only for business purposes are now being sold to blacks as apartments. The place is going to become one rats’ nest in the future, I tell you.


So in the short space of thirty years, a place that had been rising and big companies were pouring billions of Rands into developments there, they are running for the hills now. And there is only very little development that’s actually going on there. Those who know Johannesburg and know what a rat hole Hillbrow became. I’m telling you Randburg is going to be the next Hillbrow. Already Windsor which is near Cresta is already a Hillbrow. For the Americans Hillbrow would be like your inner cities, where the blacks dominate. And where you have high crime rates and all that sort of thing. That’s how these things are spreading here.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 661 - Hitler quote And I can fight


So those people in my family who grew up with me and we spent our childhood in Rhodesia, we sit and we look at where things are going. What a mess everything is and we often long for Rhodesia. But those who grew up with me in Rhodesia, they now have children, and the children are starting to finish high school. And they’re starting to look for jobs or prepare for university, those who can. So now they tried it, to educate their children, to tell them what life was like in Rhodesia and what Rhodesia was like. Because these kids were born under black rule. So these White kids don’t know what it’s like to live under a White government. And we can tell them, because we lived under the last White rulers of Rhodesia and of South Africa. But the kids don’t know what it’s like.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 662 - clipping - German women backing Hitler


Now a concern that I had when the blacks came to rule South Africa was that you could see the government and those liberals and the Jews. They had all done everything they could to prepare the schools and universities to turn the White kids into White hating communists and to propagandize all the kids. And indeed it was a big concern. And I remember being concerned that the White kids could turn out to be anti-White. And they’d be working for the enemy. But it does appear that the attempts at propagandizing the kids have met with mixed success and it’s not being quite as successful as they had hoped. So some of these kids, perhaps through the influence of the parents, have been able to retain some sanity and their parents have been able to guide them to certain degree. So there is some hope.




Teaching White Kids about AH - 663 Mein Kampf Hitler pic


And the most interesting hope that came along was two years ago when one family member of mine who grew up with me told me that her oldest daughter was a fan of Adolf Hitler! That absolutely astounded me! And interesting enough, some time back, about three years ago I was dating an Afrikaan woman, and she also had quite a fascination with Adolf Hitler. So it came as quite a surprise to me in the last three years or so, to discover that they are women who are drawn to Adolf Hitler. In the time of Germany, Adolf Hitler had huge numbers of female fans. The women were crazy over him. They were crazier over him than probably any politician that has ever lived. Not even Bill Clinton or any of the others, had the hold of a women that Adolf Hitler had.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 664 Hitler quote As an agent of our creator


So for me, it was a fascinating discovery that women found Adolf Hitler interesting. And that they were drawn to him. And interesting enough it doesn’t seem as if these women are just drawn to him because of anything he was saying. It was more the way he was saying things and his intensity which was really the thing that was drawing them to him. They could sense there was something driving this man. They didn’t understand it, but they wanted to know what was making this man so animated. Now Adolf Hitler was an extremely brilliant man. And the more you begin to understand how many problems he faced, and he overcame them all, one by one.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 665 Hitler surrounded by women


Then you realize how much intelligence and effort and dedication this man had for his task. And here was a guy who was fighting a liberal slash communist system that the Jews had completely sown up. And the Jews had completely sown up Germany. Germany was in the palm of their hands. And along came this man, Adolf Hitler, and all alone, against unbelievable odds, he assembled people.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 666 Hitler quote In 1923


And the mere fact that he could even get to becoming the leader of Germany is a miracle of miracles. This man achieved the impossible. Just by walking into the Chancellory and becoming the Chancellor of Germany in January 1933, that was all a miracle! The fact that he went on to doing other things like, uniting the Germans, and bringing Austria and the Germans in Czechoslovakia, and all these other Germans together, that was already something that marked him out for greatness. Never mind the achievements of the Germans in World War II, when they faced global Jewry, who used the rest of us Whites as their stupid soldiers fighting for our own destruction! And the trend of White men fighting for the wrong reasons continues to this day. The American Army and the American military is doing exactly that. They’ll fighting for the Jews and they’re fighting unwinnable wars. I have a book that was written by an American General, I think it is.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 689 - Montage The racial State


And he wrote and warned of this about fifty years ago. He said that, all these soldiers of America would be fighting these unwinnable wars, and it would not work out. And what is happening? Where are we in 2016? We see America still at war with the Arabs, all sorts of people that they shouldn’t be at war with. But these Jews, these Jews, worked to create animosity between the White race and the black race. The Jews have worked hard to create animosity between Arabs and Whites. And all of these animosities are things that didn’t need to exist.




Teaching White Kids about AH - 668 Hitler with 8 women


But returning to Adolf Hitler, I just want to read a little bit out of Mein Kampf to you, because it will show you that this man had insights into all sorts of things, including women.


So here he talks about the broad masses of the people and how they are almost like a woman. Adolf Hitler had his first experiences with communism and communist propaganda and it’s raw brutality. So, on page 34 of Mein Kampf, he writes:


I now realized the meaning and purpose of those brutal orders which prohibited the reading of all books and newspapers that were not read. And at the same time demanded that only the Red meetings should be attended. In the clear light of reality I was able to see what must have been the inevitable consequences of that intolerant teaching.


And here he’s talking about communist propaganda and how everybody is on the side of the commies is told you mustn’t read anything of the side. Now of course exactly that is going on today. Because you’ll see how the Jews and the Liberals try to do everything possible to get the White kids and everybody away from reading anything that is not. Liberal! That is not theirs!


Teaching White Kids about AH - 669 Hitler with girls


Because they know that the moment somebody reads something else, that, that person’s mind might break itself loose from those chains. Those mental chains that come from believing the lies. And of course this is critical stuff that we need to fight against. We need to get their minds out of their chains.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 670 bk The Hitler I knew


But then, Hitler continues:


The mentality of the broad masses is accessible only to what is strong and uncompromising. Like woman, whose inner sensibilities are not under the sway of abstract reasoning, but all always subject to the influence of a vague emotional longing for the strength that completes her being. And who would rather bow to the strong man, than dominate the weakling.

In like manner the masses of the people prefer the ruler to the suppliant. And are well led with a strongest sense of mental security, by a teaching that brooks no rival, than by one which offers them a liberal freedom. They have very little idea of how to use that freedom, and thus they are prone to feel that they have been abandoned. They feel very little shame at being terrorized intellectually. And they are scarcely conscious of the fact that their freedom as human beings is impudently abused. Nor have they the slightest suspicion of the intrinsic fallacy of the whole doctrine. They see only the ruthless force and brutality of its determined utterances. To which, they always submit.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 671 Eva Braun with black terrier


So it’s interesting how Hitler describes a woman. And he says so correctly. He says that she is driven at her inner levels, not so much by abstract reasoning, but actually by other deeper emotions and longings. He’s understanding that there is an animal inside of men and inside of women too. There’s nothing wrong with this. This is just the way nature is. This is just the way we are made. They are many things in our makeup that are quite unconscious to us, and we do these things automatically. And it is nature that is at work, and nature resolves certain things for us. And we’ll come back to some of these topics.




But notice here, that he says that a woman ultimately yearns for a strong man. And she would rather let a man dominate her. Not all women are like that. I do you know women who are the opposite of that. But it shows you these something deep in there. And it shows you that he’s not stupid, he understands the deeper parts of people.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 672 school girls waving flags


And that is one of the amazing things about Adolf Hitler. Is how well he truly understood people. He really understood people. They never give him credit for this. And in the bits and pieces that I’ve read about him and what I’ve read of his writings, I can see this man grasped people. This was a guy who was out there among people, and he learned what people are about. And he learned all the finer workings of them. And he probably understood them better than anybody else. And that is why he went on to understand when the Jews were busy playing others. Because he had the intellect that allowed him to see deeper and to see where the Jews are busy playing people. And people are allowing the Jews to get away with too much. And we’ll get back to all these topics.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 673 Eva Braun traditional dress


But anyway, I was so delighted to see that one young person in our family, actually was interested in Adolf Hitler. Now my relative has also tried her hand at a bit of art, and when she heard of course that Hitler had been a painter, she’s sort of felt that there is something there. They that there is something his artist side, that is interesting.


But those of you who’ve watched my video of Two Emperors of the White Race, you’ll know that the arty side was not as important as the architectural side. There were other things that Hitler had the skills that were more pronounced than his art skills. So my relative said to me, that her daughter wants to buy Mein Kampf. And then I said to her:


No, no, no! Tell her not to spend a cent on Mein Kampf. I know where to get that best Mein Kampf, of all.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 674 Hitler quote The present day rulers of Russia


And I said to them, you can get Mein Kampf, the Stalag Edition, which is the only, officially authorized translation of Mein Kampf ever issued by the NSDAP! You will know them as the Nazi party. But their correct acronym is NSDAP. So, Mein Kampf was translated by one of its members and the party authorized this version and this version was put into various camps [Stalags] where these prisoners of war, were. And this was the version of it that was published and distributed. The only English version published and distributed by the Nazi party. This version was translated in 1937.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 675 Hitler quote Do you now appreciate the depth


Anyway, the Barne’s Review, they sell this version of Mein Kampf. And I bought a copy for myself. And I had a copy of Mein Kampf that came from England. It was one of the British translations of Mein Kampf. But true to form when I read the Stalag Edition and started reading the Stalag Edition and comparing it to the British translation, it is definitely a much smoother read, a much nicer read. And I took various pages and compared them to see, word for word, how they compare. And the two say pretty much the same thing. But what I noticed was that the translation by the British was much more laborious to read. It was definitely not a nice read. So you get exactly the correct message, but it’s just that one is worded better than the other one.




And also in this British translation, they have about forty pages of notes, before you get to the first word that Adolf Hitler has written.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 676 Hitler with girl and a woman


And to go and go through all those forty pages of mind numbing commentary, along with all these other things. You know, where they are busy saying also, “Ah, you know, German propaganda” and this and that. Meanwhile, the stuff that you’re reading written by the Englishman, that’s British propaganda! So you’ll see all these Jews in English always busy saying, “Oh well, you know, the Germans were putting out their propaganda”. And you? Aren’t you putting out your propaganda, even right now? What about that? How’s your propaganda going? 2016 and you’re still putting your propaganda out!


Teaching White Kids about AH - 677 Lincoln Rockwell


So, in this day in age of the Internet and all that, what is wrong with reading what Adolf Hitler wrote? We’ve had all kinds of garbage thrown at us from liberals, from jews. We’ve had to listen to blacks talk their nonsense. Everybody’s had their chance to say their say about everything in life! And the one group of people that you can never get to hear anything from, are the Germans! The Germans! The Germans can’t speak about Germany! The Germans can’t speak about German history. They can’t defend themselves. For them to defend themselves is freaking illegal! If they try to defend themselves they go to jail! That’s a fact of life! And other Europeans also go to jail if they try and point out that, “You know, excuse me, what these Germans are saying is true!” Then they also end up in jail. Like these guys from France and so forth, Switzerland. They end up in jail.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 678 Arab quote Arabs rise as one man


So you’ve heard everybody and his dog talk about World War II. Well how about Adolf Hitler being allowed to say, his say? Why can’t you actually read the words of Adolf Hitler and just read what he had to say? He wrote this in 1923. This was written when he was in jail. He probably dictated this and somebody else wrote it down, but the bottom line is that it’s his words. And of course Adolf Hitler, I might add, ended up in jail because he tried to pull off a Putsch. He tried to overthrow the government. And he later explained that the reason he did it was, he feared that if he didn’t do something urgently that all the Germans would turn to communism. And as it was the Germans did turn to communism. And he and the veterans and the Nazis they had to fight a political and internal civil war in order to be allowed to contest elections and to go forward using the democratic system. Because the Jews and the commies were trying to drive them out of the democratic system.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 679 Eva Schmidt German pilot


In exactly the same way that you see these blacks attacking Donald Trump and trying to drive him out of the democratic system. This year, 2016 you’ll see how intolerant the so-called, tolerant liberals are. All the so-called progressive, you’ll see their levels of intolerance and how they will lie and lie and cheat and lie and lie some more. Now, Adolf Hitler and Mussolini in Italy, they both went through this kind of stuff. Much worse than this. They were openly stopped from engaging in normal political activities. They had to fight in order to get to the ballot box. They had to fight in order that they could conduct elections and win elections, normally. Because the Jews and the commies and the so-called liberals were all trying to prevent them from using the ballot box, which they had every right to use.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 680 Eva Braun portrait


So when my family member said that her daughter wanted a Mein Kampf, I said to her, “Don’t waste a cent! I will get you a Mein Kampf. And I will get it from America.” And she had to wait for a long time because it was a hell of a battle for me. Must have taken me about seven months. But eventually I got the Mein Kampf and this week I met my family member. We hadn’t spoken for a long time. But she happened to be in Johannesburg on some work related stuff, and so we spent an evening having dinner, and a good chat, and catching up on lots of things. So I gave her the Mein Kampf for her daughter. And I decided that I’d write something in Mein Kampf, because I know, the moment that this youngster now starts reading Mein Kampf, that people are going to start with all the nonsense about Hitler. So I decided to write something on the inside cover. And just to give some background on this book and what is in it.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 681 Hitler Braun with 2 dogs




So here is what I wrote:


You are the first person in our family to take an interest in Hitler, the greatest man since Napoleon. More lies are told about this man then anyone who ever lived. If this man had won World War II your mom and I would still be living in Rhodesia and the Boers would still be ruling this country. This book was written in 1923 when Hitler was in jail. Hitler was fighting jewish communism and trying to save Germany.

This book is historically accurate. The English and Jews tried to twist his words and even lie outright about actual statements, herein. If you watch my videos, especially the Two Emperors and Jewish Malicious Rumors and other videos, you will hear me say much more about him. I have several other books and videos on him, including when he was a boy. Hitler looked after his mother and even cleaned house until she died.

In World War one he won the Iron Cross First Class for bravery. Hitler read stacks of books including every book in the library at Linz. Hitler knew science and religion well. Hitler was extremely impressed with the Roman Empire, before the rise of Christianity.

The Waffen SS was his future model for all Whites, and it was based on Rome, and on modern science. What he says about race is true. I hope you enjoy this book.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 682 Hitler with 2 woman in civies


So I tried with those words to try and guide the youngster, so that she isn’t, misled or tricked by other people. And I hope that this is the beginning of his studies of Hitler, and the Germans and the Nazis, and what they got up to. Because those people were truly creative.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 683 Eva Braun smiling


I am somewhat concerned about The Barnes Review since the death of Willis Cato, recently. I hope that this organization is not taken over and secretly co-opted by the Jews again. Because the Jews have a habit of waiting for people to die and then they move in on organizations. It appears to me that the Jews managed to take over Ford Motor company. Walt Disney was Jew wise, he never hired Jews. And Disney is now run by the Jews. So the is a long, trend where the Jews wait and bide their time. And when something good is being created by the Whites or by the White Right, in these Jews move in and they start taking it over.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 685 W H Auden quote have uyou read MK


You can see the same thing with the Kennedy family. You’ll see John Kennedy killed, his brother Robert killed and then suddenly you see the other Kennedy, the Kennedy who has the black mark. The Kennedy who is linked to the girl who died in that car accident. And that Kennedy seems to be a liberal. He’s suddenly broken out of the fold and instead of being a loyal Kennedy, he is a garbage Kennedy. And I wondered to myself whether, due to the death of that other girl somebody has got their hands around his balls and they have worked out a little deal with him and his life has been in service of the enemy. In service of the very people that JFK was up against and trying to defeat, unsuccessfully.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 686 Eva Braun closeup


So you must know, my family are Christians. I’m not a Christian but, most of my family are Christians. And some of them are quite serious Christians and were all brought up to be pro-Jew. Because we didn’t know our history and we were unaware of what the Jews have done. And even in the history of South Africa, I’m going to show you how there were Boers that were wise to the Jews back in 1937. And we’re going to come back to a lot of these things and I’ll show you some interesting things, about how we used to be jew wise! And then the Jews came, destroyed those who were Jew wise, and then quietly brought down this curtain of ignorance.




Now this curtain of ignorance, exists across the whole Western world and Whites everywhere have noticed for [a] long [time]. I mean we’ve been talking about the dumbing down of people for the last twenty years, I’ve been talking about it and hearing about it. And even before then there were people who saw, “Ah, this curtain of ignorance. This dumbing down of people is going on.” And of course this curtain of ignorance is what the Jews need, because the Jews need ignorance.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 687 Hana pilot sig heil


The Jews need to bring darkness and stupidity into our lives. And the Jews also create fake revolutions where the Jews set up the revolution and the people at the bottom fight the revolution, thinking that they’re going to create something new. And in fact all they’ve done is the so-called upper classes and elite who are the ones behind the revolution, anyway. And you think you fought for something new but actually you’ve only entrenched them further. And they were behind the fake revolutions.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 688 Ford quote nother is particulary hard if you divide it up


And in the case of Adolf Hitler and the Germans, what you are seeing is a real revolution! This is the real thing! These Nazis, Adolf Hitler, these guys with really striving towards the light. And these were people operating from the very bottom. The very, very bottom. This is a true revolution, driven from the bottom. A revolution that the elite, that the Jews, that the super rich, that all the entrenched people, even the entrenched aristocrats in Germany, … None of them could stop this thing! This was, the only true White revolution that took place! In the same way that in Italy, Mussolini pulled off the only true revolution in Italy. But in his case, he had a weakness, he liked Jews. And it could be that Mussolini’s weakness not only tripped him up, but caused him to become the Achilles heel of the Germans and Hitler.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 690 Hitler with youg woman shaking hands


But these were the only true revolutions. True revolutions that came from the bottom and that were spontaneous, and they were White Revolutions. And these were the guys who thought these things up and who managed to make headway. And Mussolini was the leader in this. He was the first guy to make headway. He drove liberals out of government. He actually collapsed the Liberal Government, and Hitler learned from Mussolini. But Hitler went on to become much better than Mussolini. However we have to admit that these two guys, they were pioneers. These are the only two White Revolutionaries, true White Revolutionaries that we’ve had. So as far as I’m concerned, that is also why, this book written by Hitler is such a contentious topic. I should add to that my Israeli jew friend admitted to me that the Arabs had always allowed Mein Kampf to be printed in Arab countries. The Arabs had Mein Kampf in their countries all the years that they ruled their countries. So they were the only people who never censored Adolf Hitler’s words.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 691 Hitler flat salute


But in all the Western countries of course, and now even this copy of Mein Kampf in Germany, there have to be notes and annotations on it. And it’s all intended to try and deflect and take away and subtract, in the most subtle manner, while pretending and feigning free speech! They are trying to undermine the actual message of Adolf Hitler. So that is why I believe that if you want to read Mein Kampf go to the most reliable and original sources on Mein Kampf and get away from these annotated copies.


So, in English, Mein Kampf the Stalag Edition is the best one that’s available. So for us White people, educating the children and preparing the children as the next generation, because they’ve got to live in the world. The messy world, the way it is and they’ve got to carry on the struggle. And we need to get their minds as educated as possible. So I’m trying to educate my family and, it’s nice to see that some are listening. Not everyone’s listening but some are listening. And there is hope in that.




Teaching White Kids about AH - 692 Hitler coy with women


The one thing that I urge all Whites to do is to share information with other Whites. Share knowledge with other Whites. Teach other Whites, inform other Whites. The more we can do this and increase our numbers and get people out of this Liberal jewish elite mental slavery, the better it will go.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 693 Notorious female nazis


It is truly a critical battle. And if we can get more people out, it will give us the weight of numbers that will allow us to do other things. Because part of what we must do, and Adolf Hitler’s his life is an interesting lesson. Interesting enough, violence worked for Mussolini and coming to power. Mussolini actually came to power by threatening violence. So, he actually did an interesting thing. But Hitler couldn’t pull it off. Hitler’s attempt was stopped. And in the end Hitler had to fight politically. And it turned out that he was actually a genius at political things. He actually had a tremendous talent for it. He would have preferred the quicker more violent way, but actually he was better as a politician. And he pulled off feats that politically were impossible.


But this man did the impossible. And this man is really the key guy to study because this man’s life and what he did, is as pure as can be in terms of just being a normal common White who came out of nowhere. I think Adolf Hitler also said that he was the man who came from nowhere. He was the man who came from nowhere, and the man who also disappeared, back into oblivion.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 694 Hitler happy with Hana


He came, he did his thing, and he was gone. He came, he was like a bright light, and then he was gone. And this man who came, so I unexpectedly, and managed to maneuver through that entire rotten Jew system. The system that everybody thought they had locked down. This is the man to study more than anybody else. Because, here you see a White man in his purest form. Thinking like a White man! And the way that the Germans and the Nazis thought is very important. And if we can pass this on to the future generations of White kids, this is utterly critical! They need to have a good solid education in our racial history. And they must understand it!


Teaching White Kids about AH - 695 Hitler quote We tolerate no one in our ranks


And another thing that came from my Boer Nazi pal, my Boer Nazi pal who studied Hitler for much of his life, and who was a university lecturer. He said to me that Adolf Hitler, the Waffen SS and the SS.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 696 I love Hitler T shirt


The SS was intended to be a State, and he said that he thinks that Hitler was creating a brand new State, using the SS. And from what I can tell the SS is built on the Roman Empire and it’s filled with scientific knowledge and this SS was perhaps the model for the future of Germans and the future of Whites. So I would say that studying Adolf Hitler should be the highest priority. The next great intellectual from the time would be a guy like Goebbels. There are others like Feder, who thought up the whole concept of, banking and getting away from interest and all that. But the other big thing to study is everything SS! SS is the model for the future of Whites. And that thing needs to come back. We need to find out anything and everything about the SS, because the SS was a huge thing. And they were also teaching the young boys to be the future leaders. And they were educating them intensely at the SS! I wish we could get our hands on all the educational materials that the Nazis produced.


Because if we could ever produce or reproduce some of that stuff and get that into the heads of the White kids, and get the White boys and White girls, and get them educated, according to those standards, I think we would be on to something big. We need to get these kids ready, because this war is going to carry on. And I don’t see anything quickly coming to an end.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 697 hiler and Eva at dinner




There are a few additional points I want to make about children. I think a youngster who’s listened to my videos, took two of my shorter videos and he created a transcript of them, with screenshots of them and put them on his blog. I know the one that he did was my Jews 101 [JEWS 101: Whites Colonised Blacks; Jews Colonise Whites! — Introduction to the Jewish problem]. And I haven’t had a chance to thank him. Comments coming in thick and fast. And I’m just behind on everything in everywhere. But I wanted to thank him for his efforts and I appreciate anyone who spreads information about what I’m doing.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 698 Hitler WW I


But I want to tell you White folks out there. A bit about Africa. Because these Jews and liberals being the sly garbage that they are, there is a lot that they never tell you. And if we Whites want to teach our children our values, they of course will run around shrieking and squealing and howling. And they’ll say that we are racist and all that sort of garbage. And we can be whatever the hell we want to be! They is no reason why we need to answer to jews or to liberals or to communists.


Now here in Africa none of these liberals will come and tell you this. But you can go and do a little bit of digging, and you’ll see it’s true. Here in South Africa for example, they have got initiation schools, for black boys and black girls. And they go away and they do various things to them. And some of these tribes even circumcise their kids, and their kids even die from infections, because they didn’t follow the basic rules of cleanliness.


Anyhow, these black kids, and there are a lots of these so-called, initiation schools in South Africa. These black kids go off into the bush and some of these elders and witch doctors and so forth, they go and they put them through some kind of training, to prepare them now for manhood, or womanhood. Now this stuff carries on. I’ve read about the fact that these kids get an education, and nobody ever tells these blacks, that they can’t do the traditional stuff. No Jew and no liberal stops them from doing this.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 699 Hitler Eva 2 kids


So why can’t White people have their own finishing schools? Or have their own means for training their youth? Or fixing up their youth after they’ve been ruined by the education system and put them through they own cultural schools. And their own racial schools! I don’t see any reason why we can’t have any of this. These blacks are doing it all across Africa, all the time! Why can’t White people do it in their own countries? But you won’t hear a peep in the media about it and these blacks even end up with kids dying from all this and nobody is hassled about it.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 700 Judea Declares War on Germany 1933


Of course I should mention that the Jews are busy teaching their own kids all their own evil, and these rabbis and all that. This is the root of all the evil of the Jews. So the Jews are busy teaching their kids. They don’t ask anyone’s permission. They just freaking do it. And look at all the nonsense that comes out of their stupid culture.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 702 book Jewish Domination of Weimar germany


And then the other thing that really bothers me. Long time ago in the social media I said to people, White people must children away from the Jews and the liberals. Get your children away from Jews and liberals! I’m serious about this. The more you can do to get your children away from them and, you should warn your children, if you can’t get your kids away, you should have a talk to children. And warn them about these people that they’re going to meet up with in the schools and so forth. And they should be warned about the anti-White agenda of these people.




Now this anti-White agenda of these teachers. These so-called teachers in schools and universities, specially in universities, is really bothering me.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 703 Book Mein Kampf Stalag


This week it came out yet again. Some stupid Afrikaner here in Southern Africa, some ass kissing professor, weakling fool, went and made a statement in public where he said that, “White kids should consider committing suicide”. And there was a Jewish professor, I think at Harvard University, who said the same thing to White kids.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 704 Keitel quote Hitler had charm loved children


These freaking professors are running around telling White kids that they lives are worthless, and they should consider killing themselves! Really, I think those people should be held up for murder or something! Because they are suggesting that people kill themselves! How can they be allowed to do this? Isn’t there some kind of law against this? I’ve never heard anybody say anything about it and I think it’s hideous.


And the other question I have for you is this. How many White kids are there who have committed suicide, as a direct result of what professors at universities told them!? There must be suicides and how many of these suicides might be linked to their stupid education!?


Nobody’s ever brought this up. But I think it should be looked into. And if these people are saying this to the kids, they should be fired. What on earth gives anybody the right to incite suicide? How different is that to murder? Of course you could say,:


Oh well, you know, I was just making a suggestion”, or “I was just making a statement. But they killed themselves by their own hands”.


Well that is typical Jewish type of thinking and that is the kind of stuff Jews have been doing for centuries. But really, this kind of talk, I think there is no place anywhere in the world for this. And White people should look out and see to it that, their teachers are not destroying the children! Destroying the children, bringing the children to the edge of suicide, and all that kind of nonsense!


Teaching White Kids about AH - 706 unemployed 1928 to 1933


That is not what those places are their for! And that is not what they were meant for originally. But that is now the kind of politicized communist, jewish institution that these places of so-called, “Higher Learning” have become. So when the kids go they, now they have to listen to some freaking idiot telling them that their lives are worthless and they should consider killing themselves. I have some things that I think we should be saying to him, but I’m not going to say it here!


Teaching White Kids about AH - 707 Adoring women


And my advice to every White person, and every White youngster. Under no conditions whatsoever, should you ever commit suicide! And if any White person even thinks of it, everybody else must do their utmost to talk them out of it and to help them out of it. Do not under any conditions, let any White person, boy or girl, young or old, ever commit suicide! Tell them that they are an asset to our race and all of us need them, and they must live at all costs. And nobody on our side must ever think of suicide, ever!


The suicide of Adolf Hitler is a whole different thing. In the case of Hitler and Goebbels, these people would have been torn apart physically and there is no end to the amount of hideous things that would have been done to them. You just have to go and look at what happened to Mussolini. They sent people to execute Mussolini, and in the end his body was hung up on meat hooks, naked in public. And in the case of Himmler, Himmler did surrender to the British and David Irving, the historian, has spoken about the fact that he was beaten to death by the English. And that the various forensic evidence that exists for this, showing that is face was bruised and battered and all that kind of thing.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 708 women with nazi hat




Even Goering, who was at the Nuremberg trials, after having testified, he took a cyanide pill and killed himself. He knew what was coming. They all knew what was coming! And they had every right to take control of their deaths. They knew it was the end. And look at what happened to all of them. Look at what happened even to Rudolph Hess. Thrown in jail for his entire life. Never given the chance at anything and murdered at the end of it. No, these people had every right to do what they were doing. But that was a different situation and they only killed themselves when they knew that their time had come, and that they would not be lasting many more days longer.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 709 book German villainy


So in that case, I agree with that. But for normal people in the current world, there is no reason for Whites under any condition to commit suicide. Ever!


I mentioned this to Monica Stone the other day of the South Africa Project. And she said to me it’s rubbish, as well. She said that this professor who says that the White kids here in South Africa should kill themselves. She says we should say to him:


You go ahead and kill yourself first. Show us how it’s done”.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 710 Book the lays of Ancient Rome


I have some other things I’d prefer to say to him. The bottom line is that the elite and all the top people in the world, everybody who’s risen to the top, like scum that floated to the top of the pond. All of these bastards have been filtered out and they’ve ensured that these people are anti-White! Everything is anti-White! Even liberalism itself, in every single aspect of it, it is actually anti-White!


Teaching White Kids about AH - 711 hitler with Eva greatcoat


So Whites should not to look up to these people as their leaders. They are not our leaders! These are people who’ve gone to the top, but they hate us and they’re trying to destroy us! And they’re trying to break down our morale. And they are trying to break down everyone’s morale.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 712 book Stepmother Russia Fostermother America


This revolution of the Nazis in Germany, this stuff started by Adolf Hitler and his associates. These people were White people from the bottom, who created the only real revolution, that we’ve seen in our ranks in centuries. Maybe the only real revolution since the fall of Rome. Of course the American Revolution, I forget. That one is real, as well. But in terms of European revolutions, I think this might be one of the very few real revolutions that have happened in Europe, since the fall of Rome.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 713 Poster Die for Israel


So that is why, these messages, and these words and these thoughts of these people are from common Whites who were workers and were soldiers. These were the normal Whites who managed to break free for a short period of time. And that is why they’re so important and why all of us can sit and relate to them.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 714 You should have listened


The fact that the Jews tricked the rest of us into fighting them, is of course a sad story, but we must remember that those same Jews and those same elite are now working to destroy us. And they want to replace us with all these non-Whites. And in America they want to replace you with Mexicans, in Europe they want to replace you with blacks who are running from Africa, whom they mistakenly tell you are Syrians, and all sorts of things.


So as insane as it is, the elite of our own civilization are against us! That people who built and fought for this civilization. But this is exactly what happened in Austria. In the Austrian Empire, this is where Adolf Hitler grew up and he writes about this in Mein Kampf and we will come back to this, because those same tactics that were at work, over a hundred years ago in Austria are now at work in America today! And of course the sad fact is that the Germans and the rest of the Europeans didn’t escape from any of this. They’re back where they were, even worse off than they were a hundred years ago.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 715 flying nazi flag sunrise


So I’ve got lots more that I want to do this weekend, and I want to thank you very much for listening. And I’ll be back shortly, and we’ll be talking a lot more. I’ve got a bunch of things that I want to try and do and finish and get ready for you.


Teaching White Kids about AH - 716 related History Reviewed Channel videos















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