Nick Griffin and Jack Sen: The Battle for the Future of Europe — TRANSCRIPT


[Red Ice Radio interviews the well known, in British politics, Nick Griffin and also a relative new-comer to British politics, Jack Sen. Both these men are in some circles controversial, for their own reasons, but nevertheless this interview is quite interesting — KATANA]

Nick Griffin & Jack Sen – The Battle for the Future of Europe – Hour 1


Posted on Mar 25, 2016


Nick Griffin, described at various times as “the most dangerous man in British politics” and “the most successful far-right leader in British history,” has been active in radical nationalist politics since he joined the National Front in 1974 at the age of 15. In 2009 he was elected as a member of the European Parliament while leader of the British National Party. Mr. Griffin is now Vice-President of the pan-European Alliance for Peace and Freedom and Political Adviser to the British Unity Party.


Jack Sen was the United Kingdom Independence Party’s (UKIP) prospective Member of Parliament for West Lancashire before being unceremoniously, and quite publicly, suspended. Jack then served the British National Party as its North West spokesman in 2015, but stepped down to concentrate on his British Renaissance Policy Institute and finish his book, “How to Get Suspended from UKIP and the BNP in 10 Articles and 2 Tweets.

Nick and Jack discuss their current political engagement and the series of films that BRPI is producing to document the work of British and American Nationalists and create a permanent public record unsullied by the warped and inaccurate accounts of the anti-European establishment and its controlled media. We sum up the main concerns being addressed by genuine Nationalists, including the Islamification of Western Europe and the overarching state of dispossession the indigenous population is experiencing. Jack and Nick explain how the White birth rate decline transpired at the same time as 2nd wave feminism, and we look deeper into the deliberately provoked, divisional force of this anti-male hysteria. We also talk about the Zionist thrust to create a multicultural mishmash out of the West, and the issue of popular alt-news outlets glossing over the relationship between immigration and the rise of terrorism and everyday violence. We touch on the turf wars going on inside the Muslim faction within Europe, and how attacks by radical terrorism networks are fueling more cause for the federalization of the European police force. Then, Nick and Jack outline the APF’s objectives and its meta-political mission to shift the Overton Window to the right.

In the members’ segment, we focus on the steps that must be taken to turn around the ailing state of England and Europe at large, which involves a bit of a debate over the viability of the current political system. Nick illustrates the sheer corruption and manipulation that surrounds the election process, and he describes his infamous Question Time lynching on the BBC that surprisingly resulted in a quadrupling of the BNP’s poll ratings. Then, we look to the possibility of a European civil war erupting and the feasibility of an armed resistance by average citizens with an aversion to firearms and, conversely, the Muslim population that is infatuated by and fully loaded with advanced weaponry. Later, we discuss how Europe can rid itself of the liberal, cultural Marxist, SJW infection that has stolen the pride and identity of its people, and we consider how renewed ethnic cohesion can reinvigorate a desire for young people to have children and stand by traditional family values.



Nick Griffin & Jack Sen


The Battle for the


Future of Europe








Henrik Palmgren: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, friends and enemies. It’s a pleasures to speak with you. I’m Henrik Palmgren. This is Red Ice Radio. I hope you had a good week. Easter season is upon us. A perfect time for renewal, growth, and fertility. Something we of course desperately need to get back into our lives. Pick up the old rituals, the old customs, renew them again if you feel like it and watch the change take place. We have to get back into the cycles of nature and work with it not, against it.


[Image] Jack Sen at the introduction to his video about Nick Griffin.


Today we have Nick Griffin and Jack Sen on the program to discuss a film, a British Renaissance conversation with Nick Griffin, which is part of the series that Jack’s organization, the British Renaissance Policy Institute is doing. Nick Griffin is described at various times as, the “most dangerous man in British politics” and the “most successful far Right leader in British history“. He’s been active in radical nationalist politics since he joined the National Front in 1974 at the age of fifteen. Now a father four with four grandchildren, he’s best known in Britain for having gone from facing jail for high profile, Race Law prosecutions, for speaking out against Muslim grooming gangs in 2004, to being elected a member of the European Parliament, while leader of the British National Party.

He is now vice president of the Pan European Alliance for Peace and Freedom, and a political advisor to the British Unity Party. Jack Sen was the United Kingdom Independence Party, UKIP, prospective member of Parliament for West Lancashire, before being unceremoniously and quite publicly suspended by Nigel Farage, one week prior to the general election for alleged anti-semitism and attempting to broach the subject of indigenous displacement in Britain and British culture suicide.

Despite being dismissed from the party Jack placed a strong third in the parliamentary election, receiving over six thousand votes. A total greater than UKIP’s Deputy Leader, Paul Nutall. And the other UKIP MEPs representing this region. Jack then served the British National Party as it’s northwest spokesman from May through mid-October, 2015, but stepped down to concentrate on his British Renaissance Policy Institute, and finishing his book, “How to Get Suspended from UKIP and the BNP in 10 Articles and two Tweets.

The “Fate and Future and Fight of Europe” is our main topic.

Good show ahead and stay tuned.


Henrik: Welcome back Jack. Thank you so much for coming on with us again. It’s always a pleasure speaking with you and I hope you’re doing well today.


Jack Sen: I am, Henrik. Thanks for having me, I really appreciate it.


Henrik: You bet and thank you. And also a welcome to Nick Griffin. A pleasure to speak with you Nick. Thank you so much for taking the time doing the show with us here today.


Nick Griffin: Well again, thank you and thank your listeners.


Henrik: All right! Well, guys before you talk more about the film that you guys have been involved in and obviously some of the current projects both in terms of the European Project at political parties. And of course some of the problems that we face as well that I want to talk a bit about Brussels. But before we do that, maybe we can just briefly introduce Nick, a bit, to our audience. I think you, to be honest, most are actually familiar with you and what not. But tell us a bit about your political career and what you maybe think some newcomers should, should know about you Nick.


[Image] Nick Griffin (circled) graduating in law at Cambridge.


Nick: Well, I guess, I’m a fifty seven now, a father of four with four grandchildren. And I started off in the National Front when I was fifteen, back in 1974. And I’ve been involved in radical national politics ever since in Britain. I was elected as a Member of the European Parliament for the British National Party in 2009. And sat for five years, there. And I’m now pretty much a freelancer and looking for ways to help put the battered nationalist movement back together, here in Britain.


[Image] Nick Griffin in trim condition during his early days in the National Front.


Henrik: How did things go for in the European Parliament? I think one of my favorite moments with you Nick that I saw, was when you spoke about the Kalergi Plan in the parliament. Thank you for doing that, by the way! [laughing]


[Image] Nick Griffin delivering his exposure of the on-going Kalergi Plan to genocide Whites in Europe through a program of Third World invasion, miscegenation and other methods.

Griffin said:

When the godfather of the European Union, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, published the plan for a united Europe and the ethnocide of the peoples of Europe, the encouragement of mass non-white immigration was central to the plot. Since then, an unholy alliance of leftists, capitalists and Zionist supremacists has schemed to promote immigration and miscegenation with the deliberate aim of breeding us out of existence in our homelands.

As indigenous resistance to this human genetic-modification industry grows, the criminal elite seeks new ways to camouflage their project. First, their immigrant pawns were temporary guest workers; then it was a multiracial experiment; then they were refugees, and then the answer to a shrinking population. Different excuses, different lies — and asylum is just another one. But the real aim stays the same: the biggest genocide in human history, the final solution to the Christian European problem. This crime demands a new set of Nuremberg trials, and you people will be in the dock.


Nick: Yes, well it’s a fascinating place to have been. Essentially you’re understanding that you’re just a piece of a giant fig leaf. The MEPs don’t actually do anything useful. Everything done by the European Commission. And they in turn jump according to what their corporate paymasters tell them to do. So Monsanto and people like that really make the rules and the MEPs are just there to make now so he it look decent.


But it was a very interesting time. A lot hostility from the British MEPs. From the majority of the MEPs from the rest of the European Union, overall, they are pretty much tolerate everybody. But I’m pleased to say that I was the, in that term the biggest, probably, black sheep of the whole lot. Of course there are now our comrades from Golden Dawn there, so they are now the black sheep. But back, back in 2009 to 14, it was me.




And as you say it was that one, the [Richard von] Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. My personal favorite was, I confronted one of the main spokesman of the European Jewish Congress in a committee meeting, when they were, of course, preaching about how racism had to be stamped out and all the rest of it. And I pointed out that they were the biggest racist of the lot.


Henrik: I missed that one! I can’t believe that I missed that one. I didn’t see that. That’s great! What kind of setting was that, by the way? Because I know that they have their own Parliament and their own Congress as well, I believe, right? So, were they in the main Parliament having a meeting or were you at their place, their location, so to speak?


Nick: No, they came in to give evidence, or rather, give orders to the committee of the European Parliament that deals with civil liberties. So why were to say, you need to restrict your civil liberties somewhat, or rather, somewhat more. And they weren’t expecting me.


Henrick: Wow! Gee! All right, well maybe we can have talk a bit more about that later. Why don’t we just briefly just kind of talk about some of things that’s going on with you, ow gentleman? We want to bring you guys on because you have a new film out. You’re also of course involved in the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. That’s a European Party. And then, you’re still involved with British Renaissance and you guys are actually kind of converging a bit with some of your project right now. Tell us more about that Jack.


[Image]  Jack Sen interviewing the former leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin.


Jack: Yeah, well. The British Renaissance policy is to, has been around for a few months now. Several different objectives as you can go over a little bit later. But regarding the film we wanted to create a, … I’ve been thinking about creating a fair and accurate historical record of British nationalism. On the Internet there’s not much that we see in the mainstream media. Especially nothing that’s professionally produced.


So what I want to do is produce a few professional quality films, with a proper director. And I thought to myself, I should interview the former members of European Parliament, the British National Party. And that’s when I got in contact with Nick, as well as Andrew Brons.


[Image] Jack Sen protesting the anti-White Slavery Museum.


And then we created a couple of films and then we also did a film outside a slavery museum. But I suppose the two most important films I’ve done have been the interviews. First which was done with with Nick. Maybe Nick can tell you a little bit about how we did it and why he did it.


Nick: Yeah, yeah, sure. Well Jack suggested the idea as a way of really putting into the permanent public record, an account of, where in my case, you know, my career, what I’ve done and would have done what I’m trying to do now. So that people now and in the future. Don’t have to rely on the extraordinary bias snippets put out by the likes of the BBC and Sky News.

And so, necessarily it was quite a long interview, several hours long, which has been split into three. And we cover my career, the circumstances of nationalism in Britain and the rest of the world now. And what we think is going to happen next. So I think it’s a very very useful project. Obviously it’s only the first one, only went out a couple of days ago. So I don’t know how long it will be before we really get the numbers that the work of the editing team deserves in terms of the risk. But I’m sure we will get there.


And whatever is the case in the next few months, I’m sure it would have done what it set out to do, which is to create a long term public record of a sensible discussion. Neither grotesque hostility that gets in the way of the facts, nor fawning sycophantism. It was a straight down the line interview which can be used by nationalists now, and perhaps by, if there is a history of our people in due course, by historians, as well.


Henrick: Yeah, exactly. I mean the media is just incredibly dishonest and a bunch of, a bunch of liars. It’s just a fact. Now. OK, so obviously we can refer people to the film for the really detailed story here, obviously. That you guys have already done the heavy lifting, so to speak on that. But Nick, what do you think people should know about the British National Party? I mean, how long were you involved in and what would you say now in hindsight. What, what worked and, and what didn’t? Kind of a difficult question perhaps. Well what do you think?


Nick: Well I, first of all I was in the National Front from 1974 to 1989. And then, I was involved, got involved with the British National Party, almost by mistake, really, from about 1993 onwards. When I found, I got in touch with people I had known in the NF and realised that they were a good bunch, they were attracting a lot of young people, but I could see they were making some of the same mistakes the we made. And felt the I had a duty to help. So I got involved with the BNP.


I really got heavily involved, from 1996. John Tyndall had me as editor of his magazine, Spearhead for three years exactly, thirty six issues, between [19] 96 and [19] 99, when I became leader, elected leader of our party and carried on from there until, when was it, 2014.


[Image] The National Front chairman, John Tyndall (14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005), at a rally in Lewisham in 1977.




So what can we learn? In a way a lot of it will be historic, I think. Because, certainly in Britain, if you look demographically and politically, I would say that the last chance for a genuine nationalist party, to come to power through the ballot box — and, let’s make no bones about it, we were stopped. And we, at one stage, in say 2007, 2008, we terrified the establishment. We had in one set of local elections, our average vote was fourteen percent across the board, across vast swathes of the country.


Now of we had that in any Europe country with proportional representation, that would have given us, hundreds, hundreds upon hundreds of councilors and a vast financial base. And things would have been very different. And it was, all it did was to draw down the combined united wrath of the establishment upon us, and with a combination of outside attacks, inside attacks and lawfare, quite, quite simply, in the end really, they broke us.


So, you can look at it as a historical thing, but perhaps some of that, it can’t be replicated. There’s simply no time to replicate that and I’m sure we’ll go on to discuss the circumstances about about to blow up in Europe. Meaning that, going for a long haul, party political road is now simply not on the table.


Henrik: OK. So let’s talk actually about that now Jack. So feel free to jump in Nick, of course. I want to get to the essence a bit of what the fight really is about here. Let’s assume that we have someone tuning in right that don’t, that don’t understand your concerns with the demographics, the great replacement, the attack on English people, the British people and of course the heritage and the culture. Tell us a bit of what is happening in Britain right now. And we can begin with you Nick, and encapsulate your concerns for us.


Nick: Well. In simplistic terms, in London, our capital city, in Birmingham, our second city, the indigenous British, including the Irish are now a minority in our two greatest cities. In our schools something like twenty five percent of school children are now from immigrant parents. And the numbers are catastrophic.


It’s not just a question of continued immigration, we’re still having immigration from the Third World at the rate of nearly half a million every year. And at the same time as that, there’s three hundred thousand people leave the country, each year. Now, invariably skilled upper working class Whites with young families leaving, because they can’t stand the place any more.


Henrik: Where are they going? Do, you know where they are going?


Nick: They’re going everywhere they can. Australia, quite a few to the USA, a few to Canada, large numbers to Spain. France, that has come to a grinding halt, because going to France is out of the frying pan into the fire. They’re going anywhere they can, in order to get out of the country which they see very clearly is screwed by immigration and the birthrate.


But worst than that, when our people, when nationalists talk about demographics, very few of them has yet understood, really, the demographics isn’t just about the immigration and immigrant birthrates, it’s also about our population. And our population is aging at such a pace. Out birthrates across Europe, the indigenous birthrate, once you strip out the immigrants, is such that something like, between 0.9 every child per woman of child bearing age, up to about 1.4, 1.5. That means by the end of the century, the population in every single European country, on present trends, will be about 20% of what they are now.


So even without the immigration we face a societal breaking, a demographic problem. And when you include immigration, and deliberately, not necessarily enforced, but deliberately encouraged miscegenation, our people in Western Europe are already past the point where we can talk about remaining a minority [majority?] in our own homelands. It’s simply not going to happen.


Henrik: Jack. Let me switch to you a bit here you. We spoke a little bit, briefly yesterday before the recording here, to coordinate a bit. Tell us a bit about what’s happening in Bradford, as an example of, you know, of how this kind of plays out right now.


Jack: Sure. In Bradford it’s a major problem because the demographic have changed to such an extent that the vast majority of the city now is Islamic. Whites have moved to the suburbs, where they still are predominately indigenous British. But the vast majority the city, and of course unfortunately, the elected officials will be Labor until the last, because of the demographic force of the Muslim population. And it’s happening all across the nation, unfortunately.




Henrik: Yeah, exactly! We see Whites, we see White flight, and I mean this very aspect of, you know, native English or British people are a minority in their own capital. This is something that actually gained, somewhat focus even in the mainstream. I think there was a clip of John Cleese, of all people, actually speaking out and then talking about the fact that something is horribly wrong. When, when this is occurring. How do we, what I mean, how do we even, I mean people still fight, people like you Nick, for even, for even bringing attention to this.


I mean, how, how the heck can we can awaken people to the aspect that this, if this happened, if this same thing happened in any other country, if we had a population coming in and replacing the local one, especially we in the West would be up in arms and we would be screaming, “Genocide!” at this point. But it’s not happening because it’s happening in Western countries, right?


Nick: Sure, yes, and then, well. See, we’ve been saying this for decades, haven’t we? This is the problem.


Henrik: Yeah.


Nick: So, just saying it isn’t going to wake people up. I think now, certainly huge numbers of people that I’ve spoken to, and obviously I’m, I’m still, by far, the most recognised, or recognizable figure in British nationalism in the country. So people still come up to me, you know, in, by the way service stations, supermarkets and so on, and have a chat and tell me how they feel. And they all get it now. Huge numbers understand it, but they now feel, “What can we do a bit?” And actually, that’s a very sensible and legitimate question, because just pretending we can wave a magic wand and come to power and change it, isn’t going to work.


So, I think we’re now at the stage of having to prepare to, take advantage of at least one good thing that I think will happen. And that is that, every single minority, everywhere in the world that I’ve ever studied, once they become a minority — and we will still be the largest minority in Britain and Western Europe for a long time to come — when people become a minority and they and their children are therefore treated like dirt, that’s when they tend to fight.


You know, if you look at say, in politics, the internal politics of Britain, the English are always the majority, their politics is a class struggle. Whereas in Ireland and in Scotland and in Wales, because people were put down by what they saw as a foreign power, it became a national struggle, an ethnic struggle. You know, a linguistic and cultural struggle. And I think that we’ll inevitably find that our people will be more willing to accept our message and more prepared to defend themselves, because now they will have to. You had a choice until now, running away or pretending it isn’t happening. And that choice is now coming to a grinding halt.

So people therefore, they will fight, but of course they don’t know how to. And it is very, very important for us to stop the fantasies of drastic sweeping change from the top, and start to do what all nationalist and revolutionary organizations did, do. Which is to work to organize their communities, to empower their communities, to radicalize their communities. And to help their community learn how to defend themselves.


Henrik: OK, I want to ask you more about radicalize there. But you said, before that, you said minorities are treated like dirt. Now, would you say that the English treated the non-European minorities like dirt?


Nick: No. No, obviously that’s, …


Henrik: Right.


Nick: No, no, most definitely not. Everywhere else in the world, apart from the world colonized by our people, who probably are uniquely, amongst human populations, have the ability to empathize and put yourself in the other man’s shoes. And want to be, and therefore treat them as he want to be treated himself. But, when we look at the rest of the world, we see all too clearly that’s not what’s coming to Britain and Europe and for that matter the United States. Because the USA is only, what, twenty five or thirty years less far down the line, but heading in the same direction.


Henrik: Yeah, but, exactly. It’s almost like I do want to, … If someone is listening that lives, that lives in London, that they can give us a few examples and talk with us and explain what’s happening and how they’re treated, and how they’re feeling living there. Maybe they’re is a situation where they can’t, you know, they’re in one of these transitional neighborhoods where, ….


Jack: I can, …


Henrik: Yeah, yeah. Go ahead.


Jack: I can give you a good example.


Henrik: Sure, sure.


Jack: I can give you a good example. A few months ago when I started the British Renaissance, a young man reached out to me, via the Internet, and asked me if he could join the party. And I said that we’re not a political party. And he said, “Well what do you do?” And I said we’re looking to stand up for the rights of the indigenous population, and find a way to move the “Overton Window” over, slightly, to the right, so we can discuss things that are impacting our communities.


He then went into how he feels like a stranger in his own community. He was actually growing, he grew up a liberal in a liberal family. However over the years, he noticed his head would get lower and lower and lower when he walked down the street. First it was a feeling of guilt for seeing people who, minorities living in bad situations.


Then, he noticed that as the minorities gained in power and strength in number, they’d started to intimidate him. He felt he had become almost unwanted in his own community and it was quite alarming for him. And he told me how he would walk down the street with his head down. Because he was fearful of what they would say to him, simply for being indigenous White British.




Henrik: Yeah. Yeah, there you go. Actually, Brussels is a prime example of this. My wife and I went through Antwerp, when was this, three years ago now I believe and it was very interesting to see that. I think Brussels is a good example of also a nation of course that is internally, even without the immigration, in internal turmoil of sorts, because it’s like, … It is a forced nation. You have the Flemish nationalist, which seems to be the most cohesive, but then you have a German speaking population, a French one. It is just all over the place.

But, I remember this one thing. We were stopping, and trying to ask someone for directions, for help. And OK, granted I spoke English to the gentleman but, I couldn’t get any contact with the guy. I tried a couple of other people too. And it even seems that now after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, that even the Belgian authorities have been treating the situation, is very disorganized. It’s almost like that all this forced diversity on top of the nation that’s already pretty shattered and fractured is breeding these people that are incredibly atomized and so individualized that just as you say Jack, they keep their head down. They don’t engage in anybody.


When I asked for the directions, I couldn’t even get in contact with them, anybody. It was like, this, this, … They’re living side by side, right next to each other, but no one knows each other. They’re not even speaking their own language, and this is of course a hundred times worse with all the immigration now in Brussels. And I couldn’t believe it when we came into Antwerp, it was like the traffic rules were out the window, it was basically like being in Egypt. We have these beautiful, beautiful European buildings around us with a population that was like, not a single White person left anymore. It was just incredible to see.


Nick: That is how I feel, you know, going to London. I was born, brought up in London. I spent a lot of my early political career on the streets in London and when I go back there now, it’s both heartbreaking and makes me very angry. And certainly I don’t feel at home there and nor does any normal person.


Henrik: Yeah.


Jack: And Nick mentioned the fact that British families aren’t having children. And quite remarkably there’s been a UN study that they recently released, which, which states for the record that the solution to this problem is bringing in immigrants. To actually, save the population of Western Europe,. They actually believe that bringing in immigrant populations and migrations of Africans and Asians will actually rescue Great Britain from it’s failure to have children.


Nick: Well of course that is what, … There’s an enormous of pressure for that, because there’s the ideological pressure from the, from the far left, from the Talmudists, and so on. And then there’s the financial pressure from capitalism. Whereby, when you are trying to make a profit you’ve got to have plenty of consumers and plenty of cheap labour.


So you put on top of the ideological reasons for destroying our people. And all sorts of very powerful forces want to encourage, keep encouraging mass immigration. Just the last few weeks, actually, I’ve noticed it’s changed. Going back anything past a few weeks and people like me and people like us, we are the only people who ever use the word, “demographic”. Whereas now, on the BBC, and so on, Radio Four is their political flagship, program. Every morning, time and time again on that now you’ll hear leftists, saying:


“Oh, we’ve got to have mass immigration for demographic reasons. Because there’s not enough of us. No one will look after us when we are old, and we haven’t had enough children.”


It’s an incredible cheek when you consider the reason our people haven’t had enough children, is precisely the same people with their pressure against having kids, with abortion on demand. And one of the things as well, which I’m very sure they knew about, because I found out about it, and I’m not a rocket scientists.


There were studies done in the USA at the time of, as State by State were desegregated, and they found back, so we are talking in the early mid-sixties. They found direct correlation between desegregation and a collapse in the White birthrate, as people thought:

“Well is it really worth bringing kids into this uncertain world that is increasingly isn’t ours?”


Henrik: Yeah.


Nick: So, they have known for a long, long, time that bringing in immigrants from other places, especially ones who have some thoroughly anti-social tendencies, will, one of the things it will do is to disrupt and drive down the birthrate of good law-abiding peoples. And that is exactly what it has done.




Jack: Yeah, which transpired at the exact same time as, what, Second Wave feminism. So you have another driving force to pit women against man and divides families and preaches the importance of material, materialism and, … Having women in the workplace driving down labor costs, and you’re increasing tax revenue to the state.


So you have this massive force coming from all different angles but, which ends up with the same result. People don’t get married, they don’t have children, and the only people having children are the underclass, the minority populations and immigrants who believe that the family is the bedrock of their, their society.


Nick: Yes, indeed.


Henrik: Yeah. So on top of this, of course, you do have then, radical organized Islam, you have terrorism and of course, couple that with what Whites usually have, which is high investment parenting. That’s a recipe for disaster right there! There’s nothing, I mean if you can’t move out of those cities and maybe get to the countryside where there’s other people like you, the chances that you want to have children, at least, you know, many, is very slim I think, right?


Nick: Very, very slim and then there’s a new factor coming in, which I feel, I want to mention it, because it’s particularly relevant to young nationalist males. That there’s the, the new thing, that there’s a reaction to the ugliness and the anti-male hysteria of feminism. There’s now this, “All men together type approach” that is the likes of Milo, who some people say, “Oh, he’s some kind of hero”, you know, by standing up for the rights of men. No! He’s a homosexual, he’s Jewish and he very, very clearly has an agenda, in encouraging further hostility between women and men.


Up until now the hostility has come from the feminists, towards men. There’s now this very ugly drive to encourage our people to take an anti-women stance, not anti-feminist stance, an anti-dyke stance, but an anti-women stance, altogether. And, you know, to go off in little groups of men and not want to be associated with women. Well, it’s the kiss of death, isn’t it?


Henrik: Yeah, the, …


Jack: It is. You know, … Sorry, I was going to say that, yes, look at the message boards and the comments on a lot of the national sites. There is a palpable hatred towards women from White men and it is quite shocking. You know, some of the language I see directed at women. And, like Nick said, I think it is this anti-feminist people, like this Milo as well as men like, who would attend a conference in the United States. Who preach this sort of, “It’s us against them”. But the “them” is not the Muslims or the Jews, the “them” is the women, and it’s quite remarkable. Because, you know, in a healthy society men need women and women need men. And unfortunately we’ve been driven to hate one another by the left and now are unfortunately the right.


Nick: What makes it particularly effective is that a lot of, what the likes of Milo say about feminism and so on, it’s all true. There’s a close parallel with the Zionists and the Neocons who want to try and use very genuine legitimate concerns about Islamisation and radical Islam, to have us all go off and fight wars for Israel.


And again about 90% of what they are saying about the Islamisation problem in the West, is true. But when they take that final 10% and therefore we have to stand with the very people that did so much to create the problem in the first place, that’s where, that’s where we have to draw the line.


Henrik: Well, very good point. You know, I wanted to bring that up, but you’re right. I mean, Milo Yiannopoulos, as he’s called, an editor at Breitbart and, you know, this kind of similar publications. I knew that he was homosexual, but I did not know that he was Jewish! That’s interesting, and even on Wikipeadia, right there, so.

So, that’s a good point, because we do have Breitbart and I mean, don’t get me wrong, just as you say Nick, they have some excellent articles that exposes the problem with Islam, right? And these are legitimate steam valves that opens up now and then so that the discontent that the people have is channeled and funneled into the right direction where they, never ever, of course, talk about the main lobby that’s behind pushing mass immigration into the West, right?


Nick: I’d say yes. I absolutely agree with you. But I would say it’s worse than just a steam valve! They’re not just getting us to let off steam so we don’t do anything. They’re deliberately trying to provoke a total clash of civilizations. Where it’s all of us against all of them. One, whereby we lose, because, for instance, if you look at the Muslim population, even if we were against all the Sunnis, well that makes the Shia our natural allies. It makes Iran a natural civilizational ally and so on. So we don’t want to be fighting all of them.


But in any case, the minute you start thinking about fighting all of them, as opposed to having a sensible agreement and divorce to part company. But the minute you start about fighting all of them, you end up on the side of the people who created the mess in the first place. And that’s what they want. They want a civil war in Europe. And they’re working very hard to get one. And the ISIS and other scumbags on the other side ,will of course help them because, they want the same thing.




Henrik: Yeah, very good point. And it’s also of course very, very difficult in that, in that place to, to go a step further, to a level two, if you will, for people. Because, most of what they see is things that’s occurring right in front of their eyes, right? They’re going to see that Islam is a problem, they’re going to see that these people are not integrating. And all those things are true, just as we, you know, just as you say. But to try to go that extra length and ask, or rather to push upon, these people. “Well these are the people behind it” and what not.


I hope that there is enough interest in people alone, that they will some, … They will ask that question, I mean we have to provide the answers of course to them but, you know, in some cases I just know the situation in Sweden right. That you have a whole lot of people that are very upset with the Islamic invasion, if you will. But as soon as you begin to talking about, you know, that there’s, you know, Jewish influences in the country and what not. They’re looking at you like you’re from Mars or something, right? I mean it’s very difficult to to see them connect. It’s almost like them to say:


Well now, now you’re talking like them because these Islamicists, they’re the new Nazis, right?


[laughing] So it’s difficult, it’s very difficult!


Jack: We need to move the Overton Window to the Right. But also to, a portion of the Right, I could actually discuss issues other than Islam. Unfortunately there is no party in Britain that is, and there’s no part of the Right that will actually discuss the influence Jews have had on our society, any more. Even the BNP refused to discuss it. When I was in the BNP, I was told pretty much, “You can’t mention kosher with haram”. You can say a “halal” but you can’t say “kosher”.


Henrik: Yeah.


Jack: That, that was pretty much the, that was pretty much the path they wanted to head down. I mean UKIP, if you look at UKIP. I mean moments after Lee Rigby was decapitated by Muslims, they ran to a local mosque to appease the Muslims in private. But then publicly, they would say that they were culturally, possibly, not really incompatible, but there were issues.


So they’re things we can’t talk about, things we can’t speak about. And what I think we should do is move the Overton Window. In a slightly different direction so, things that people are thinking we can actually speak about again. Our politicians won’t even engage us until, until enough people start talking about these issues.


Henrik: Let me interject this. Isn’t there also then an interface here, because what I’ve noticed is that, despite the fact that, you know, Breitbart and the Rebel media, the Truth Revolt, a number of these that have adopted names that, you know, kind of the Alternative Truth Movement had ten years ago. But anyway, they have, they’ve also, they do have an interface with the mainstream media that now and then, they, they do get on mainstream TV.


I believe Milo, he’s like on these panels and stuff like that. He gets some media exposure, right? So that, there’s still an interface, despite the fact that they are seen as a kind of an opposition, or an alternative, or a new rising media. They’re enough, you know, on board, if you will, so that they get that attention in the media. Unlike, you know, us or, you know, in some cases you guys as well of course, that, … We don’t get that airplay, we don’t get that time. We, no one kind of on the mass scale knows that, not with you Nick, of course, people know who you are. But, I’m talking about certain outlets that we don’t get that same interface and recognition that some of these guys do. Right?


Nick: Of course not. No, because they’re essentially part of the same system. They’re the, the system, … They understood, I think they looked at the way in which White nationalist movements and individuals all over the world really dominated and to an extent still dominant, the Alternative media and the internet.


They saw that this was very, very dangerous and initially they put a lot of effort into trying to control the web. And I think they have concluded that they may well not be able to now. So they have moved into creating such a large block of interrelated alternative media. That when people go hunting and go looking and they give up on the BBC or CNN. So they get on the internet, they are still going to find the same poison, rebottled in different bottles.


Henrik: Yeah, good point, good point. Let’s talk a bit about how, I mean this, the media war of course is an issue in itself and, we can we can hold off on that a little bit. Let’s just talk about the politics of this now, too. Because you mentioned Nick that people now, they can see, right even, even with the terrorism that we’re now seeing in Europe on a almost monthly basis now. At some point it will be there, it will just increase and increase and increase.


There is a great time of opportunity, it’s a great danger of course to, to many people, but it’s a great opportunity. And it’s important for us to be there and what not. But, would you say that politically, is the option there or off the table? Is this now about a meta-political battle or how do you see that in terms of forming a, you know, yet another party, or do, you know, is there time for that? What do you think?




Nick: There’s certainly, … Now, we have to form another party, because having a party, it’s an easy way in for people. Some people would choose to join in a political movement, or become followers, something like Red Ice Radio, for instance. Other people, they think they want to make a change:


“How do I that, I’ve got to join a political party.”


So, for those people, and it’s not all of them, but it’s a significant number of potential rebels, and we need every last one we can get. Some of them, joining a party is what they will do. So therefore, there has to be a party which offers them the possibility and which just got the answers.

But if you think that, that party is going to be allowed to legitimately to contest elections and treated fairly by the mass media, and simply to come to power the other’s will hand us the keys to the government buildings. You know, and the codes to the nuclear weapons and so on. Well, if you think that, you are obviously stark staring mad! Because that is not going to happen.


So a party has a place, but it is only a place in, in a bigger movement. And the danger in forming another party is, you then tend to get sucked down the road:


“Well, we have to contest elections. We have to do well. How do you do well in elections? Where do you trim your message, a bit?”


So you are only saying what people want to hear, and your book going round that same circle.

And as I was said, it was, I think it was legitimate to try that one last time, until very recently, because demographically, there was still the faintest possibility of winning that way. Now that is gone, then, you have a party, but it’s got to be part of a bigger group which also fights the battle of ideas, and also looks to fight on the international level. I think that’s very, very important. Our enemies all operate at an international level, which gives them immense power. We can and increasingly are doing the same and that’s very, very valuable.


And there are some places in Europe that could in due case, course be some places in the United States, if it falls apart, as it might. There are some places where you can have a national revolution in one area. But, I think it’s absolutely clear, that a national revolution, which is only in one area, is not going to survive very long. So wherever we make the breakthrough, and I’m thinking now, again for demographic reasons as well as politics, it’s looking like Central or Eastern Europe. Wherever we really make the breakthrough, we’ll have to pile our efforts into encourage and defend that breakthrough.


Henrik: So it is like a pan-European effort, because as, … We’ve actually spoken about this in the program and it is, a… There’s some good points within this that obviously we are, you know, against the European Union, but at the same time, the, the framework that has been built with that, is obviously something potentially, … Don’t know if we will, but it’s something that we could use to our advantage. A pan-European effort is something that is necessary in this case, I believe.


Nick: A pan-European effort is absolutely essential! And there’s, if we would talk a bit later on about, I’m sure, about the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. You know, we’re getting this year, the genuine radical nationalist movement, including Golden Dawn, the National Democrats in Germany, Forza Nuova [New Force] in Italy and so on. So the real hardcore, genuine nationalist radicals in Europe, were getting half a million euros from the European Union. And they could jump through hoops for it. But it’s a useful sum of money, so that we can use.


Again, I think the idea that real nationalists can really dominate the European Union, … Someone once said to me:


“Well they’ve building a house for us. If they build it we can take it over”.


And look at all, look at all the nationalists in the European Union, the big block from the Front National, the big block from Italy and so on, … Let’s get it clear, they are not nationalists! A lot of the rank and file are, and Jean-Marie Le Pen was a nationalist, although he had civic overtones, or undertones which went with the French experience, and so on. And his own experience, you know, in the Army in Algeria and such like.


But certainly under his daughter the Front National is not a nationalist party, it’s a pro-Zionist party, which is OK or good on Islam, as far as it goes. But even on immigration, in their position, because they’ve got to stop, the same as UKIP, we’ve got to stop all the immigration from some countries, Islamic countries or Eastern Europe, so that we can have more of our traditional immigrants from Africa. Well, you know, I can assure you, thanks but no thanks.


Henrik: Right.


Jack: Yeah, and I think Miss Le Pen’s, … Her, … Some of her biggest backers are homosexuals in France. I’ve read somewhere that her second in command is a homosexual male. And I think there’s about four or five homosexuals that are actually in her block. I’m not quite sure if that’s the case, but from what I’ve read that she has quite a few high ranking homosexuals in her party.




Nick: The party machine is dominated by them. And these are people, … They are not the occasional ones who happen to be that way and they keep it to themselves and it doesn’t affect their politics. They act and they think and act as a gay block and part of their push on Marine is that she can also make herself very, very respectable by making an alliance with the Jews.


As a parallel there, you’ve got the Northern League and Casa Pound with other nationalists thinkers, a great bunch in Italy. You know, the League have an official link with Likud in Israel.


Henrik: Oh, jeez!


Nick: So, you know, when people say:


“Oh, these are nationalists, we can work with them.”


You know, the answer is no. What I do think we can do and Jack and I have spoken about this a lot and have written about it. We can view them in a different way, you don’t have to view these people and their organizations as something utterly beyond the pale, that we mustn’t touch, it’s an appalling development. It’s only an appalling development bad for our cause if we don’t find a way to deal with it and gain from it.


And what organizations like UKIP or in France the Front National have done. They’ve given a hope, false hope but it’s hope nevertheless to large numbers of people, new people. And they’re bringing on board new people. They’re politicizing people who previously weren’t political and once they’re politicized, especially in the time of the internet, you are only a few clicks, one night away, from discovering, you know, a whole world of things, that you never knew existed or had happened. And there’s a radicalization process.


Henrik: Yes, yes.


Nick: Historically these parties I think are part of a really important process of the people waking up. But it’s only any good if people like us, develop ways to go fishing in this big pond being created by these people and catch the best fish and then make good use of them.


Jack: I have a question for Nick, if I could ask. Two part question, Nick. Do the homosexuals embrace the Front National and Miss Le Pen because they feel that Islam is a threat to their existence?


Henrik: Of course.


Jack: And the second question would be, is there any way to radicalize people in Front National and in parties like UKIP, in your opinion?


Nick: You know. Yes, the first part, I think that is very clearly the case. Same as, throughout the whole Neocon organization and all their mass media things on either the mainstream media or the alternative [media]. You’ll find, if there’s an intelligent young spokesman for these politics, he’s either Jewish or he’s an upper-class gentile homosexual.


And, they’re also fanatically against Putin and Russia. And, it’s quite simply that, you know, Putin is less than favorable towards open displays of homosexuality. And they take it very personally and their whole world view is affected by their own personal thing. So, obviously in that respect they are very much like members of the Jewish community. Many, or most of whom, also do the same thing. So that is why they are there. And that means you can’t really turn them round.

Can we radicalize members of UKIP, the Front National? Absolutely so! I’ve no doubt about that. It’s a matter of setting up the machinery, which includes things as old fashioned as books and as modern as internet radio stations and especially internet television.


Because are only certain kinds of people who will listen to a political discussion that goes on an hour and a half, even though we are scintillatingly interesting, all three of us. You know, whereas, if you can boil your message down to a forty five second video clip, then you are going to reach a hell of a lot more people. I mean, between us in different ways, we create a ladder of radicalisation, then some of them, not all all of them, will get on that ladder.


Henrik: Let me add something here. I think this is an extremely important part of the discussion here. Because, despite the fact that we can, we can find these discrepancies that we can find the fact that this is, you know heading in a, you know, pretty bad direction. The fact that this is, that the discontent is being hijacked if you will. But I think, we have to work with it despite everything, right? It’s very important for us to ride that wave. I don’t think that we can work against that stream of discontent. We have to also learn how to surf that, just as you said Nick. We, you know, we need to fish that pond, if you will.


Because as things get worse with terrorism within Europe, and the more they, these parties and organizations stick to the simplicity of, like, “Get Islam out!” You’re not going to be able to get in there and say, “No, no!” you know, it is just not going to work. You have to, we have to use that energy and, … But we have to be, we have to be friends, we are friends with these people, right? Because we’re, in this regard, we are on the same page. I mean, at the end result of it, sure, we might have a different opinion of where this needs to go. You know, we might not want to see, you know, war with Islam in the Middle East, right?





Where the European forces move in to have a World War III with Islam or something. That’s not what we want. Right. But we want to get them out of our countries nonetheless. We have to work with them up to a certain point and try to get as many of them as possible to see where we’re coming from. And the very fact that we need to have intelligence organisations and our own lobby groups that work towards the fact that at the end of this, we don’t want a war.


We want a Europe which is natively European. We want to get out of these horrible foreign policy issues and all these kinds of issues. I think it’s an incredibly important time right now to try to not make enemies, but make friends, but know what’s at the end of that tunnel. The goal, basically. What’s the carrot, you know.


Nick Griffin: Yeah, absolutely so!


Henrik Palmgren: Jack, any additions to that?


Jack Sen: Yeah, certainly. I think you have to work with them.


I mean, we have to exploit every single opportunity we have. Right now, there’s obviously almost, people are petrified of Islamic people living in Europe. And it might sound strange, but I’ve noticed when I speak to people that are not nationalists and they see someone wearing a full hijab, they are immediately terrified by that person. And it would be nice to exploit the fears of these people.


At the end of the day, I think we have to at this point, because there is a genuine concern that they will take over the country at some point, whether it’s demographically through outbreeding the native population or eventually through an armed uprising. They are certainly looking to take over Western Europe.


I mean, there’s no doubt in my mind that’s their plan. I think they’re just fighting their time because they do recognise that [we have] 1.9 children per family, where they have seven. So within 50 years, they will be able to pretty much control the government through the electoral, through the ballot box. But certainly there is also a risk that some of the more extreme elements of the Islamic community will grab their weapons and get out in the street and commit horrendous acts as we’ve just seen in Brussels.


Henrik Palmgren: Yeah.




Nick Griffin: Sure. And if I can come in there.


Firstly, Jack’s absolutely right that they don’t need to kick off now and the sensible ones don’t want to. All they simply do is tell their people:


“Just have children, just have children and rear them, right, and we’re going to win in the end!”


And the Muslim Brotherhood are the ones hugely financed by the Saudi Arabians.


So they’re talking vast amounts of money, vast amounts of influence, particularly in Britain, but elsewhere in Europe as well, in the Sunni Muslim community, which is, of course, the majority. And I’ve spoken with Muslims from both main branches of the faith, actually in Britain. I meet them on planes generally and sit and talk to them. Most to the bemusement of other passengers. And several different groups, chaps have said to me something like:


“25, 30, 40 in some areas, 50% of young Sunni Muslims are now basically fully radicalised. And it’s terrifying and there’s nothing we can do about it. And the government’s doing nothing to stop the Saudi Arabian money pouring in. And you people have no idea how much trouble this is about to cause!”


So that’s certainly going on.


Now, as I say, the Muslim Brotherhood, they’re wise enough and they’ve been around long enough to understand all they’ve got to do is bide their time and therefore they’re trying to keep things under control. When you look, for instance, at when the bears with little brains from Britain First, have turned up outside mosques and so on, and been extraordinarily provocative. The discipline shown by the young Muslims is astounding! They turn out in large numbers in order to protect the mosque and protect their community and so on.


But generally they retain their discipline in a way that White youngsters, under those circumstances, if they outnumbered the police, they outnumbered the opposition on the scale they do, they would simply go berserk.


So these people are very disciplined. They know exactly what they’re doing.


But the thing, which again, Jack points to is that some of the more extreme elements don’t want to wait. That’s an absolutely key thing! We’ve got to understand that there’s turf wars going on within the Muslim population and there’s jockeying for position and power and money and status. And that there’s the hardliners, they’re no more extreme than the others, it’s a tactical difference. It’s revolutionaries versus Fabians. The hardliners want to kick it off now.


And there’s no point us actually thinking, I don’t think, making our plans really, on the assumption that things will carry on pretty much as they are just getting steadily worse with more terrorist explosions. It’s not going to be like that, I don’t believe, because you’ve got the hardliners on the Muslim side and the hardliners on the Zionist neocon side, both of them pushing not just for more problems, but they’re pushing for a civil war in Europe. When you’ve got two blocs as powerful doing that, you have to assume that they will get what they want. And when it happens, it’ll happen within a matter of a couple of weeks. It’ll go from being normal to being changed, utterly changed!




And the best example, anyone who wants to see what is going to happen in Britain and France and western Germany and Holland and so on, all they need to do is look at the history of Belfast and Londonderry in 1968 and 1969.


And just to tell you, your listeners, before I hand back to you, because I talk quite a bit here, what happened there is that 10,000 people in Belfast, a small city of sort of 250,000 people at the time, 10,000 people moved in a single night, in one night in 1968. This was communities who they had old historical divisions and so on, but they basically lived side by side in mixed communities in most of the city. And they’d lived like that for decades. And in a few nights in 1968, those communities fell apart, with people burning their own homes as they left them, rather than falling into the hands of the other side.


Or in other areas the paramilitaries, which rapidly grew up, arranged a peaceful but very swift and rough population transfer, whereby Protestants and Catholics, different sides of this little city, simply switched side. And it took the British army. They had 26,000 men trying to keep that place calm, and they couldn’t really keep it calm when the IRA, at their height, had only 400 armed volunteers. That’s all they had. There’s more than that in Bradford.


Jack Sen: Yeah. And I mean, God, quite remarkable. I mean, look at it this way. Nick said took 27,000 soldiers to quell an uprising of 400 IRA rebels.


I mean, the Muslim community in Great Britain has been stockpiling hundreds of thousands of high powered weapons. I’m not talking about brass knuckles, nunchucks and 22s. We’re talking about high power rated handguns, assault rifles like MP7s and M240s, even surface to air rocket launches and antitank weapons. Believe it or not, they’ve gotten into the country like Javelins that can take out a convoy of tanks with the push of a button.


The Muslim community, along with Britain’s Afro-Caribbean community, whether you want to believe it or not, has a lot of weapons. And the average British person has no idea what’s going to happen once these people decide to turn the weapons on the indigenous population, which I think they will do at some point.


As Nick stated, the people at the top will probably tell them to bide their time and keep calm and have children. In 50 years on, they can take over the country democratically, and then they can impose Sharia law. But there are people that are pretty hot headed and will get amongst themselves and decide that they want to go out in a night and kick off. And what will happen when they do? They have a lot of firepower.


Henrik Palmgren: Yeah.


Nick Griffin: Sorry.


Jack Sen: No, let me just, …




Henrik Palmgren: Yeah, I just wanted to actually take a short break here now because there’s other couple of things we need to get out here.


Before we do that, I just want to mention we have much more to discuss. This aspect is very important in terms of the weaponry. We’re going to talk more about that in the second segment as well.


But I also want to ask a bit more about Belgium. There’s some of these radical networks in London and England. And also how the European bureaucrats are seeking to use the terrorism that we saw in Brussels, Paris and London to what I think is going to be a federalised European police force and intelligence networks that is going to be more, at the end of it, prone to spy on people like us than on the radical Islamists. And here we are maybe in a position where we actually encourage that because we think this is going to be there to protect us. But let’s save that for the second hour. Let’s talk a bit about Alliance for Peace and Freedom first.


And I want to make sure that you guys give out information about the video, the film that you have as well, the interview, and where people can see that.


So let’s begin with the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. Whoever want to pick up on that.


Nick Griffin: Yeah. Okay.


So the European Eurocrats have decided they want to federalise everything, as you’ve just said, and they use every possible opportunity.


So one of the opportunities is they want to federalise political parties.


So they’ve created a pot. It’s about €23 million every year. It’s roughly the same in dollars at present, which goes to party political groups which were established across Europe.


And previously there’s been the communists, the Greens, the Liberal Democrats, the Christian Democrats, the Socialists, et cetera. They’ve all had these parties. There have been several attempts to create a nationalist one. And from the previous failures, really, we learnt a great deal. So, best part of two years ago, I approached Roberta Fiore and one of the main people in the NPD in Germany and said:


“Look, we should create one of these parties ourselves.”


You have to have a Member of Parliament or an NEP from at least seven countries in order to be recognised, and so on.


And so we decided to create this one the first year.


Last year we created the party. We were turned down on funding on an outrageous technicality. We decided not to waste our time taking to court and all the rest of it, enriching only the lawyers and simply got on with the job of running the party. We did a lot last year, actually, with no resources. We went to Syria, we went to Moscow, did a conference, sorry, St. Petersburg, did a conference there, held a number of joint demonstrations, started the process of converging nationalist ideologies.




So that was last year without funds.


This year, as I said earlier, we’ve had about half a million Euros of funds for the Alliance for Peace and Freedom as what is technically called a European level political party. And each party is also entitled to establish a Foundation which deals more with education and ideas. So in our case, our foundation is Europa Terrainostra, “Europe, Our Land”. And both the party and the foundation are now functioning. And we’ve got a lot of exciting plans for this year. Publishing house, various conferences, common activity programs, training for young people, and developing a lot more reach in social media.


Henrik Palmgren: Very, very good. We had actually, Stefan Jokovson [sp] from the former Party of the Swedes with us. And he’s a member, of course, as well.


Nick Griffin: Yes, indeed. He’s our general [word unclear].


Henrik Palmgren: Very good. Yeah, exactly! Very good gentleman.


And I think he told us that you guys are building or getting a new domain as well. Right. But what is the domain right now so people can get to the website for it?


Nick Griffin: At present, it’s Alliance-peace-freedom, with a hyphen between each one. So it’s a little bit difficult to remember.


So if people simply search alliance for peace and freedom, then they’ll find us pretty easily. And we’re, you say, getting a better domain. We’re improving the websites, but straight away there, there’s all the basic facts and so on and how they can join. Because as well as having affiliated party members such as Golden dawn and individual members of MPs and so on, it’s also now just opened for membership for individual nationalists and supporters anywhere in the world, who want to be involved and to help us develop this thing. It’s absolutely vital. I think everyone gets it now that we exchange intelligence, that we exchange best practice, that we work together.


So, for instance, when both Golden dawn and the NPD in Germany have come under attack in the last few months from their respective establishments, we’ve held joint demonstrations and encouraged joint demonstrations outside embassies all over Europe.


And although it doesn’t actually make any difference in a material sense, it makes a very important difference to the morale of the members under attack, that they’re not forgotten, that there’s people all over Europe who say:


“I stand with Golden Dawn, I stand with the NPD!”


It’s very important for their morale.


Henrik Palmgren: Yeah, that’s great!


So it’s like an umbrella organisation, and it’s some kind of overarching, centralised effort to help link together smaller groups, organisations and political parties as well.


So that’s really what’s needed. I think that’s a great idea.


All right, Jack, tell us about the film.


Jack Sen: Okay. Well, we produced the film. Well, Nick and I met. We produced the film over about 5 hours. We came up with about two and a half hours worth of footage. And really, basically, just as Nick said earlier, to record something accurate in the historical record, it would be online permanently that people can find when they want to know about Nick Griffin and what he’s accomplished. That’s all we really wanted to do.


When I search for something on Nick Griffin or any of the nationalists in Great Britain, inevitably I find something from the BBC, and it’s distorted, it’s distasteful, and it’s unfair. So all I wanted to do is create something fair and truthful, and I think we’ve done that.




So if you go onto the British Renaissance website, which is, or you go onto our YouTube channel, which will be linked via the red Ice radio, the promo for this broadcast, you can find the video, and we’ve had a few thousand people find it in the first two days. It’s been out there. It’s been shared on The Occidental Observer already on the main page, right at the top.


So you can actually go to, and you just see the video on the top. It’ll say, “Nick Griffin Interview with Jack Sen”.


So I think it’s quite an important interview. I think we covered all the bases. We discussed how Nick was treated by the BBC, the rise of UKIP, how UKIP is basically used as controlled opposition by the establishment, besides a safety valve, for the establishment, but also steer genuine nationalists in the wrong direction.


We cover the rise of plastic patriotic groups in the United States and in Europe, and we discuss Front National and pretty much a wide variety of topics that most people are thinking about at this moment. We also discuss Islamism in the United Kingdom, mass immigration from Asia, Middle east and Africa into Great Britain, and the displacement of the indigenous population. It’s quite an interesting interview, and I think that if people sit down and spend the evening listening to it, they’ll thoroughly enjoy it.


Henrik Palmgren: The website, of course, that’s where people can find more information about the organisation as well.


Is there anything else we want to say about that? Quickly, Jack, before we break here?


Jack Sen: No, that’s fine. It’s great! We’re producing a lot of films and other projects simply just to reshape hearts and minds of the general population, so at some point they can make a more educated decision into who they want to elect into office. Because I do believe that once we shift the Overton Window to the Right, that the people in our government will start to discuss things we need them to discuss. I do believe there’s still a chance for the democratic process to work.


Call me maybe naive, but I do believe that if we start telling our politicians that they have to discuss immigration, we have to discuss even deciding who comes into the country, who does not come into the country. We can get ourselves out the European Union, and then come up with a proper plan to stem the tide of mass immigration from the rest of the world.




Henrik Palmgren: Very good. Thank you, gentlemen. We’ll take a short break right here.


And as Jack said, of course, the URLs, the links, the websites are going to be up on Red Ice But, yeah, we’ll take a short break. Stay with us. We’ll be right back with more.


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[Song – There’ll Always Be an England by Vera Lynn]


I give you a toast Ladies and gentlemen
I give you a toast Ladies and gentlemen
May this fair land we love so well
In Dignity and freedom dwell
While worlds may change and go awry
There’ll always be an England
While there’s a country lane
Wherever there’s a cottage small
Beside a field of grain
There’ll always be an England
While there’s a busy street
Wherever there’s a turning wheel
A million marching feet
Red, white and blue
What does it mean to you?
Surely you’re proud
Shout it loud
Britons awake!
The Empire too
We can depend on you
Freedom remains
These are the chains
Nothing can break
There’ll always be an England
And England shall be free
If England means as much to you
As England means to me!







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Henrik: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. Thank you so much for joining us here in the second segment. We are speaking with Nick Griffin from the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. And also Jack Sen from British Renaissance.

Very interesting discussion here in terms of both what’s happening in England but also in Europe at large and what we need to do basically, to turn things around. Let’s actually pick up on something that Jack mentioned at the end of the first segment there, because I know you had some points on that Nick, in terms of, basically not really agreeing with Jack, what he said. So please first pick up for us and explain your disagreement there.


Nick: Yes, you know, obviously I feared this would be one of those discussions where we all agree on everything. Now, fortunately, now we don’t! [Henrick laughing] I’ve got to disagree with Jack on the idea that perhaps the politicians will listen and they will change things. Having been very, very closely involved, by far the most successful episode of, in terms of using the electoral process for a genuine nationalist party, in Britain, in British history, I’ve watched how, after the initial shock and they ground us down, I’ve got to say they’ve got the measure of people like us.


And because they learn internationally, they’ve got the measure of people like us, all across Europe. So the NPD in Germany used to worry them, so now they’ve got the Alternative für Deutschland and the NPD can make no headway. So they have replaced the threat of a rising, genuine national party with something which is some kind of hybrid and certainly doesn’t have a revolutionary mentality and doesn’t really understand the nature of the problem.


So they’ve got the measure of us. When, in the early early 2000s when the BNP was rising, the more we rose the more they attacked us. And the more they attacked us, the more people who were sick of politicians and felt that they were all the same were attracted to us. So it simply didn’t stop us. And an enormous amount of research was done, mainly funded by the Joseph Rowntree Trust, which is one of the the wealthiest of the far left grant making organizations in Britain. They did a lot of research into how to stop us.


They found that smearing wouldn’t basically work, until at that stage, the BBC started talking UKIP up. And they simply created a fake party. So it was a combination of fake parties, and false promises from existing politicians. They will will always be able to persuade the gullible voters. How even, the harder you work at a Nationalist party, to wake people up, once they’re awake, they then still look at who’s most likely get in and make a difference.

And I have had so many people come out to me in the last European elections, saying:

“I voted for you last time, it’s fantastic, you’ve done a great job, etc. I’d love you back in, but I’m going to have to vote UKIP because they’re more important to win. And let’s face it, they basically say the same as you anyway, but they’re less unpopular.”


And they can always pull that and if the one party collapses, they can simply create another. Or if, now they know what to do, if one party becomes too soft, then they create another, which is a little bit more hardline between the real nationalists and the soft kosher nationalists. And they can always do that. And when you add in the demographic problems, the fact that our people have given up on voting. And the worst it gets the more they will. The fact that, the minute ISIS and Al Qaeda really kick off — and we’ve seen absolutely nothing yet — there will be people heading to the doors by the hundreds of thousands.

Nationalists in Britain, we have always had a problem. London is obviously our capital city, and our vote was always always basically static, even as London was getting worse and worse. Because every year for thirty years, a hundred thousand White Londoners, left!


Henrik: Yes. Amazing!


Nick: Just as some of them were reaching a point when they would vote for a Nationalist party, they had their house on the market or they were looking to sell, and get out and go somewhere else. And [it’s] the same electorally, all over.


Henrik: Exactly. By the time they get to that mental place where they’re ready to say like, “This has to stop” then it’s like too late in the area where they are. So when they’ve experienced it enough then it’s too late. The same thing with, certain of these areas in Sweden. Same thing is happening there.


So let me ask you this, Nick. Did the mainstream media, because I’m trying to figure out, the tactic, the way, they managed to do this — because obviously the UKIP, the rise of UKIP then was aided by the mainstream media — did they just shift from, basically criticizing the BNP to UKIP, so that you guys didn’t get the same airplay, or how, or why did that happen?



[Image] The BBC’s “Question Time“, or in Nick Griffin’s case, “Inquisition Time“.


Nick: Well, actually, you can almost date it very, very precisely to the final stage of this, my appearance on Question Time. The BBC were convinced that by establishing, they set out to establish the Left wing mantra that the BNP were, particular myself, were fascist, racist, Islamophobic and homophobic.




And even when they let me speak, they only let me speak in order to establish:


“Well, what do you really think about Islam and what you really think about homosexuals?”



[Image] The BBC’s “Question Time” panel.


They only let me speak in order to establish those points. And to their horror, it was a complete stich-up. And we decided that I should go on and get beaten up on TV. So, therefore I was defensive, and I’m not particularly good when I’m defensive.


But, to the BBC’s horror, the week after the Question Time stich-up, the BNP support went up in the opinion polls, from, … It had never been above four percent, ever! And it went up to twenty two percent. So at that point, they realized that having Griffin on and letting him condemn himself, wasn’t going to work. And from that point they never, ever had me on any mainstream TV or radio channel, except when they absolutely had to under the law at election time.


[Image] Nick Griffin on  BBC’s “Question Time” panel.


So that was the cut-off of point. Under their own rules they should have [had] me on Question Time, at least twelve times. And, instead only that one lynching, and, on the contrary, Nigel Farage was on Question Time, had been on Question Time, more than any other politician in its thirty two year history. So, they saw how to deal with nationalist dissent. And they dealt with it very effectively indeed. Having learned that lesson, they’re not going to change.


Jack: I think Nigel Farage has been on Question Time thirteen times, which is a remarkable number, if you think about it. I mean, he’s only been a public figure for less than a decade.


Nick: Did you say thirteen or thirty?


Jack: Thirteen. More than thirteen.


Nick: You know, it was twenty two several years ago.


Jack: Jesus, busted! So I made a mistake! I didn’t realize that. That’s quite a few times and yeah. Yeah, I don’t know why I thought thirteen. But twenty two, that works out two or three times a year.


Nick: Yes. And it’s now more than that, as well. So it’s gone on in a large scale. When you put those problems, because I don’t want to finish that bit of the conversation with:

Just what the hell do we then? We’re all doomed, I’ve got to go and bow our heads or whatever.

No, when you put that problem, together with the demographic, complete disaster in Western Europe, and the fact that there’s an equal demographic disaster in terms of decline in our own population, happening, for instance in Hungary. And the Hungarian government knows it! It’s not so bad, because they haven’t, at the same time, got waves of immigrants breeding like rabbits in their own cities as well, and out numbering them in their own country. But on present trends, the population of Hungary will drop from ten million now to two million by the end of the century. Other than the fact that there will be some five million gypsies. So the Hungarians will also be a minority.

Now the Hungarian government, which isn’t perfect, but it’s on a self radicalization path, they’ve realised this, so they are working to boost their population with present, rather crude, measures. But here’s the point. Very, very simply, when you have lost a battle. And we have lost the battle in Western Europe. If you stay in the battlefield in broken, broken segments, with basically no weaponry, no morale, no cohesion, you are simply going to be exterminated.

And where we are now in Western Europe, this is a shocking thing to have to say and it will shock a lot of people! And I would include large parts of Sweden and right from the top to the bottom of Western Europe. We’ve lost the struggle at present. Certainly to dominate Western Europe politically, and therefore turn things around.


We therefore, have to regroup somewhere where we can win. Which is Central and Eastern Europe. And our people, especially nationalists and young nationalists, they need to get themselves and their kids, or their grandchildren to countries like Hungary and Poland, which don’t want to commit suicide and help give them the numbers and the mentality to fight. To help warn their people, as genuine refugees, about what’s coming, coming next.


To make sure that the rich, fat cat liberals aren’t able to shift to those countries, after having ruined ours. They can stay and fucking well die in London and Stockholm, as far as I’m concerned! Pardon the language.


[Image] A jewish engineered Islamification of Europe!


So, we now need to do that and to ensure that Christendom, and the White race survives as the dominant force somewhere. And it can be done in Central and Eastern Europe, at the present. Another twenty five years time, if they don’t turn around what’s happening there, then you have a massive Third World population in Western Europe. They can build all the walls they want. Unless they’ve got large numbers of young men with guns, prepared to use them, behind those walls, those walls will be pushed down by the Third World.




Jack: I was going to say, if things get really bad, you don’t think there’s any way to, I mean honestly, I mean repatriating people could work. There’s no way you think that any government in the next twenty, thirty years will decide that repatriation of undesirables could be an option?


Nick: Well you hit the word on the head there, the “undesirables”. Yes. Repatriating the undesirables could probably be done. But in demographic terms, the undesirables aren’t the problem. It’s the ones who are perfectly desirable and perfectly OK in our county — they’re still a demographic disaster which converts us into a minority in our own country.


Jack:When I said “undesirable” I meant, … When I said undesirable I mean, pretty much, voluntarily repatriating people. All non-English people, and then probably involuntary repatriating the most undesirable population in the minority population. If the political climate in the country changes to such an extent that people realize they are losing their homeland, do you not think that our government will listen to the will of the people and possibly even forcibly repatriate people who do not belong in the country? Because they’ve never assimilated, they can’t assimilate, and there’s no way, there’s no way forward with them. I mean, they brought them at that some stage, so there’s no reason to remove people at a certain stage as well?


Nick: Well, bear in mind, first of all they brought them in not by accident. They brought them in to do what it has done to us. So just because it’s now creating chaos and trouble, they won’t want to reverse it. They were brought in to destroy us and it’s doing the job. The second point, is that it’s really the squeaky hinge, the people who push who get listened to and if there was any hint of any kind of serious repatriation program, then you would have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of the various different ethnics, mobilized, particularly around the Islamic banner and the far left and liberals, all turning out in vast numbers.

And you have the people who run the United States of America having colored revolutions, left, right and center, destroying the economy in order to stop any nationalist revival in any part of Western Europe. It’s simply isn’t realistic to believe that the public will wake up enough to be able, to be prepared to put their country through a state of civil war in the streets and having their economy crushed, from outside by the international banking cartels, and so on. People simply won’t do it.

So, no, it’s not, it’s not realistic. It’s not realistic even to say we can control our own streets. Because when we, when we were talking earlier about the arms that, you know, the Muslim community have and so on, … In a way the arms aren’t the problem. You can always get arms, you can always fight. It’s a mental thing! And the fact is, if you go into any, any gym, anywhere in, certainly Britain, I know it’s very similar in France and Belgium and so on. You won’t find young White men, very many of them, in the gym. You’ll find some Poles in Britain, that is about it.


[Image] Zack ‘King‘ Khan has become the first British Muslim to claim the prestigious International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB) title in 2009.


Most of the people in the gyms are young, are members of young ethnic minorities. The overwhelming majority of the Muslims or half castes or blacks who are about to become Muslim. And they’re training there in order to fight jihad. While young Brits, if they’re good on some Play Station game they think they are the bees knees. [laughter]The fact is we could not win a fight in this country at present. We don’t have a people with a mentality to fight. Ireland is a different matter, for instance, but not Britain and not Belgium and not France.


Jack: I would have to agree with you because of the fact that the vast majority of nationalists that I encounter on the Internet, hide behind pseudonyms and pictures of Thor and Odin. There’s not too many even nationalists who are willing to actually step up and show their face and get on to the street. It’s quite alarming. You won’t find any young Islamic male, covering his face. He probably covers his wife’s face.


Henrik: Well, but then Jack, Jack that is obviously because they do have more to lose in terms of, … They might have a family and employment, etc. If they show their face they might lose their job. I mean we, we do understand why many do that. It doesn’t have to, that doesn’t mean that, of course, that there isn’t people that might, might be in position where they can show their face and they just don’t want to, you know, something else is going on there.

But one point I feel I have to make here, is that, you know, many of the people who come to our countries, they have come voluntarily, right? I mean they have, at least this latest migration wave, they have walked into our countries themselves. They have fled from conditions that now are coming to our countries. We haven’t even gotten into the fight yet. We have much more to lose than they do, right? We shouldn’t underestimate the fact that when we get, really get into this fight. I mean, sure, we might have a state and a police force, a military even, that initially might turn on it’s own people in order to protect these minorities etc.

But what I’m saying is that when conditions get worse and worse, I think that we are going to see something which we have seen, you know, historically in the past, is that we step up to the plate, the whole game changes at that point. I think we’re not there yet, we still, we’re still in a position where we have too much to lose and that’s why I think we’re seeing what we’re seeing right now.




Nick: I think we can actually square the circle with this, because I agree with you there Henrik. For despite what I’ve said, apparently sounding rather different, I think it’s this. You talk about or we’ve been talking about, will people show their faces on the street? Well yes, when it comes to it, quite large numbers will. They will then find that the ones in the front ranks get their faces blown off by radical Muslims, and gangs aligned with them, armed with vast numbers of high powered, serious pump action shotguns and such like.


And any attempt by our people to organize to resist, which would involve obviously the use of armed force, will be ruthlessly crushed by our police forces as they desperately try to keep order. Not least, because they know more about our people, we’re easy to infiltrate than the ethnic minorities and the Muslims.


So, our armed resistance will be heavily, heavily restricted and repressed, where they’re basically allowed to do what they want, because no one can stop them. With the result that the casualty rate amongst our people is going to be horrendous. And the only way that people in West European countries will survive, is if they have contact with people in Central and Eastern Europe, who provide them with the assistance that they need.


And again, you can’t run a guerrilla war, which is what we’re talking about here — now, not saying we want to and this is going to happen — you can’t run a guerrilla without a secure base where you can train people, where you can recuperate, where you can educate people, and where you can store arms. And the Muslims have those secure places, in the mini-failed states of xxxx? And large parts of Bradford, Birmingham and London and god knows where else. They have those failed states where the police can’t go. We don’t.


And if there are going to be an organized armed White resistance in Western Europe it’s going to have to be based, spokemen are going to have to be based, it’s trainers will be based, and it’s quarter masters will be based in parts of Europe which have decided not to commit suicide. And that’s, and that’s where it’s going to be.

I have no doubt there will be a Reconquista*.

[*The Reconquista is the name given to a long series of wars and battles between the Christian Kingdoms and the Muslim Moors for control of the Iberian Peninsula. It lasted for a good portion of the Middle Ages from 718 to 1492.]


No doubt at all, because however many people they slaughter, the historical process of Islam is they slaughter the people who put up some resistance. The ones who submit, they enslave and they use, so the majority of the population of Western Europe will remain ours for potentially sympathetic minorities, such as the Sikhs or the Shia.


And in due course there will be rebellions and suchlike. And the sheer incompetence of most of these peoples, the fact one in four of the young Muslim born in this country is a congenital idiot because they will shag their second, first and second cousins. [Henrick laughing]. The fact that they insist on putting their women in black sacks, so once the health services basically collapses their next generation will all have rickets and all sorts of problems.


Once the White man fighting, we won’t have a problem overcoming them. Provided you got enough sons to lose half of them in war. Which is what we really, realistically looking at. Which is why I say, although the new party we’re going to form , yes it will fight elections, because elections are a way of bringing people in. They are way of giving us cover against being accused of being crazed extremists who have to be suppressed, before they start an armed revolution.


Elections have there place, but if anyone thinks elections are going to change things, then I’m afraid they’re going to find themselves sorely mistaken. And the road is much much harder, much longer and much bloodier.


Henrik: I mean it’s a horrendous picture and I do understand why you painted it Nick. And I also think, I also think that we have very different organizational skills as you say, we have a different level of creativity. There are many different ways, especially these days of fighting and I’m not encouraging anything here. I’m just trying to theorize a bit of what, what could happen when an engineer gets involved, when a technician, even a biomedical researcher or something. I mean there are tons of different things that this could, … Directions that this can go basically.


Jack: So I think Nick’s right. I mean, when he said that the majority of people in the gyms are young black Muslim males and I think of Britons. The average Briton has an almost pathological aversion to firearms, in this country. Remember only a few hundred thousand Brits even have firearms. In a country of over seventy million people. So it’s less than one tenth of one percent of the population has a licensed firearm in Great Britain.


And then you compare that to the vast numbers of the population of Afro-Caribbean people and Muslim people that live and breathe firearms, you have a major problem. In the United States things are a bit different, you know, the average white American has a fascination with weapons.




Whereas Britons are almost fearful. I say that because my my wife, who keeps guns due to her background in sport shooting and hunting, has received a lot of flak from her friends who, when they find out that she does that, that she’s hunted and she’s killed a duck, unbelievably and eaten it. Can you imagine she actually ate the duck she killed! But it drives some of her friends ballistic and some people even scared even to bring their children, “Are you sure the gun is, you know, in the right place and sure it’s locked?”


And, you know, obviously in Great Britain it’s almost impossible to get a firearm without massive background checks. And the police inspect your home to make sure the gun is properly stored. And that it’s locked away. Even then, the average British person that we’ve encountered, when they hear that my wife, you know, we have weapons in the house, they are quite shocked. And I think that’s going to be something that people are going to have to overcome. That there’s something wrong with having weapons in the house. That there’s something wrong with, you know, even like Nick said earlier, the vast majority of young Englishmen are just playing video games on the couch. When they should be keeping in shape, going out, running, exercising, developing their minds, developing their self-defence skills. Just to defend their families even, not necessarily to engage in some kind of, you know, rebellion against the establishment.


But just literally, you know, a man should be strong and smart. And unfortunately, cultural Marxism has made it so men are weak, emasculated and unfortunately now, quite sick. And we need to change that. I think it has to be a complete shift in men’s mentality. Maybe we can even copy, I hate to say, copy the black mentality, but you see the way the black male, postures, at least in public. I don’t want to see young white men posturing out in public and picking fights, but certainly having more confidence in, you know, just strengthening their character would be nice.


We need to kind of, you know, reinvigorate the male figure and, you know, return to a patriarchal society would help. It’s very difficult with, you know, obviously feminism in all young women as they are. But I do think we need to have a transformation, a reshaping of the minds and hearts of young men in this country.


Nick:I’d say it’s absolutely so, reshaping the minds of young men and and young women for that matter. But to what extent can that be done in a society which is so rotten and so riddled with liberalism and Cultural Marxism, as all the countries of Western Europe? Earlier with spoke a little bit, on off, about the European Union, and the latest I’ve seen, I think they have now come up with, there are more than forty genders [laughter] a primary school child is allowed, can chose what gender they are.


Henrik: Right.


Nick: Now, why on earth would anyone in their right mind, want to rear a child, let alone children in a society where that is regard as normal or acceptable? In any normal society the lunatic suggesting that will either be laughed out of court or hung from a lampost! If people understood how really evil it is. And when you’re in a society where everyone goes along with that and they keep on watching the gogglebox, really you have got to think the revolution had to start not with blood all over the streets and everyone arming themselves.


It has to start with a husband and wife deciding that they are going to take the kid out of school. They are going to scrap the television. And they are only let the kids watch videos that they have chosen and they are going to educate their kids themselves with other like minded people in intentional communities. So how many kids are out of the mainstream, are perhaps even a temporary loss to our cause and our way of thinking, it’s a hardcore and growing hardcore who provide the leadership for the future rebellions and revolution. Which is of our minds and our blood.


Henrik: Yes. And don’t underestimate. The kids, there’s a lot of kids now that are rebelling against this Social Justice Warrior, you know, infection, that’s running rampant through our society. There are, there are people that are actually waking up to these, these kinds of questions and issues. Due to the fact that our governments are so vehemently pushing them, you know, upon them, right? And so we have to be there and this is already happening. It’s happening naturally, it’s happening, you know, through, through Reddit, through POL, through, you know, 4chan. It’s like, these kids are sick and fed up with it. They want structure, they want some kind of order. They want to have traditional, you know, family life. Traditional, you know, male female relations again.


I mean this is, we have to jump on that and, this is, we’re going to rebel against the mainstream and that’s happening now. We’re in a completely new place, I think now. So we shouldn’t, we shouldn’t underestimate all of the, … It’s a dire situation! But I mean, if we, if we think about it, things can change incredibly fast! We don’t have to rebuild society, we don’t have to even recreate the whole political structure. It’s just the minds and hearts of the people that need to be transformed!




Nick: Absolutely so! And there is, if for some incredible reason we don’t have, our, basically civil war, just around the corner, … If the Wahhabis and the Zionists, between them don’t manage to reduce Europe to a smoking ruin, then there is an alternative, possible future, in Western Europe. To say, to think that these people can all be encouraged to leave and they’ll all go. It’s not realistic. And economically, our society now couldn’t do it, remarkably enough, because there simply wouldn’t be enough people to keep things functioning to keep the capitalist society going, going around.


You could do it if you gave up on capitalism, if you gave up on consumerism, if you have a banking revolution, a way of life revolution and go back, basically, to living on family farms. Then you could do it. I’d love that, but realistically our people aren’t going to want that to happen. They are going to want to keep on, you know, their nice cozy comfortable consumer society. So you can’t revolutionize it and you can’t get rid of those people.


And for that matter, you know, there’s fifty million native Brits and everyone’s got one good immigrant they wouldn’t want to see sent home. So that more than covers all of them. That’s not going to happen, but you could have a system where we develop something like Syria was before the usual culprits decided to destroy it. Where you got different communities who live side by side for hundreds even thousands of years and they work together and they play football together and they support the same national team and they are in the army together.


But when it comes to their kids falling in love and marrying and having other kids, it’s within their own community. If they’re Christians or they’re Druz or they’re Sunni or they’re Shia or whatever. I’ve been to Syria a number of times and you can see in Damascus still, that system. They actually found a way to make that work perfectly well.


But before it can work for our people, in fact before it can work for any of us, we have to ideologically, spiritually develop all of us, different ethnic communities as well, a complete set of antibodies to the genocidal level of deliberately enforcing integration and race mixing.


And we have to, all of us, develop, particularly our people, we have to develop, what the, most of the ethnic groups have, a proper pride in our own people and it is normal for your kids to grow up learning the songs that their grandparents knew. And it’s not uncool to sing those songs. You know, that’s what you do. And you could have a society, we’re never going to put it back to what it was, this side of a bloody revolution. But you could have a society where our people live side by side with them and our kids still grow up and have kids just like us. Which is a damn sight better than we are now!


But the only way you can possibly get that, is, if our kids and people like us come to understand that doing the right thing is something you have to do. That wanting to be with your own kind isn’t some kind of wicked sin. That you have a duty to rear your kids up to value our culture, our society and so on. And then you can have something like a peaceful solution, as long as in the end the ethnic minorities, or rather the other ethnic minorities understand that if they mess around with the Swedes or the English or the French, the Swedes, or the English, or the French are going to kick their arses!


Henrik: Well, I think, I think there’s going to be an economic collapse due to what we’re seeing right now. They’re warning people not to travel in Europe right now and definitely, you know, in Brussels, right. But, it’s going to have a tremendous impact on the economy. It’s going to have a tremendous impact on, you know, tourism and the fact that if more and more of these events happen, people are going to be scared. It’s going to shut down everything.


And frankly, when the “gibsmedat”* is gone, many of these people, they came for the welfare systems and all this. They are going to self deport! That’s, and I think that that’s obviously an ideal situation out of it, right? Because I think that we could, we could rebuild and we can, we have done that before there.


Look at Germany after the Second World War in terms of how they’ve rebuilt some of their infrastructure and stuff like that, and I don’t think it’s going to be that, that bad, to be honest. But, I think that a great travesty, like an economic collapse, is something that we can have work towards our favor. And I think, again, a lot of people would actually self deport in that situation.


*[“gibsmedat”: Ebonics – “give me that”. The perennial demand for more handouts. The African begging bowl mentality, combined with an attitude of entitlement.]


Jack: Well, I mean, if, … The Muslim endgame is total domination and replacement of the population and it’s culture with Muslim people and people then who are raped into submission. So, do you really think that they would self-deport if their intention for being here is not just to make money, but actually to convert the entire British, the entire country of Great Britain into an Islamic state?


Henrik: Yeah, but they’re so small right? Because it’s fairly, … It’s, I mean, that’s not the majority of people there in our countries, right? Am I’m wrong?




Nick: No, you’re right, you’re right there. Because it’s, … You know, it’s not Muslim, it’s Wahhabi. All Wahhabis are Muslim but not all Muslims are Wahhabis. Of course, once you get to the stage of two communities falling out and burning each others houses down and all the rest of it, then the people in the middle tend to get squeezed and pushed to the extreme. So the large majority will go that way. But, even when you take all the Sunni Muslim population and you add in large numbers of the blacks and the half castes, who will tend to go with them as a way of hitting White society and a way of being somebody and all the rest. When you put that in, there’s not everybody else, there’s lots of, as you say, others, the Hindus, the Sikhs, the genuinely moderate ones who left their own countries to get away from that kind of lunacy. And the answer for them, is your right, to self deport. Because they have got somewhere quite comfortable to go.

I remember when we first, when we won our first little council seat in 2001, there was an opinion poll done by one the ethnic newspapers. I can’t remember which one. And they came up with a figure, something like thirty percent of the ethnic minorities in Britain were now actively considering whether at some point they would have to go back to their own homelands, because of the rise of the BNP. We won a council in a little bit of? Blackburn? with, I think, it was  a total electorate of about 4,000. And thirty percent was saying, “We might have to go home”.


So you’re absolutely right. A lot would self-deport. But the ones who the real problem, the young violent fighting ones, simply won’t want to go and they’ll be a horrible mess before we sort that out. And because our elites are on their side more than on our side, that’s why, if it comes to that, we are going to lose big style, before finally our people, got to start fighting, but also develop the organization and the mentality to make sure that fighting works.


It’ll be far, far more comfortable, if by a combination of good luck, good fortune and people like us arguing against the English Defence League, Pamela Geller types:


“We’ve got to go to war with every last one of them”.


And if we’re very, very lucky, we might get to the stage, like I say, where we can create out of these multi racial hell hole shambles, something whereby our community has an identity and a pride and a cohesion within itself. And at point can survive, even as a minority, quite happily as the dominant minority for as long as it takes.


Henrik: It’s almost like that this is a kind of a cleansing going on of sorts, as society, and unfortunately I’m ashamed to say it, but I mean, our culture has just ended up in the toilet, and I mean it’s not directly our fault obviously. Because we have we have a lot of powerful people, a lot of money working on breaking, breaking down our our cultural cohesion, breaking down our, you know, our ethnic consciousness. You know, attacking us for who we are, making us feel guilt and shame for who we are, etc.


At the same time we have, we have allowed that, right? We have not had a defense system, we haven’t had the antibodies to fight this, we haven’t had the mind to fight this. And it’s almost like that the, the rot in our society is something that is being, you know, it’s being exposed right now. And the weak tenets of it is going to be, you know, eaten up by all these parasites, to be honest. [laughing]


And I wonder to a certain degree, you know, anything that is, anything that’s starting to die in nature, … I mean this is what happens, right? You have a lot of things just come in and that start to break that thing down, right? I mean, I can’t help to see it in that perspective. I think that this will be a, … What I’m saying ultimately is that, this is a good, it is a good thing, right? Because, I mean obviously as society stands right now, Western society, it’s not fit to survive! What do you gentlemen think?


Nick: I agree entirely with that. Yeah. And I think it’s very easy for people, … specifically in Western Europe thinking in terms of, well, if Western Europe sinks, you know, it’s the end of everything. It’s the end of our culture and our civilization, and of our race. And that is simply not the case. You know the United States of America is so vast that a white ethno state could occupy a fraction of it and still be a thoroughly viable, a wonderful place to live and rebuild.


And similarly, just as Rome collapsed, from point of view of Eastern Europe, Rome didn’t collapse. Western Rome collapsed, but Byzantium continued for another thousand years and then it shifted to the third Rome, Moscow.


So, just because Paris and London and Stockholm and so on, may well end up as occupied — just as Spain was occupied for seven hundred years — it doesn’t mean it’s all over for our people. And the key thing, a reconquista, as I said before, there will be a reconquista. A reconquista is about two things; force of arms, and it’s about the numbers that hold the land. And it’s just about having kids, lots and lots and lots of kids. That’s the bottom line of the whole damn thing!




And if people get that, then inevitably we will win because of the incompetence of the other side, will eventually tell. Once people are forced to fight and if people don’t get it and think:


“Oh we’ve just got to fight on now and will win in ten years time, it doesn’t matter if I don’t have kids”.


If our people think like that, then when they’re old and childless, they’ll realize they’ve lost. Because even if they have won the land back, they haven’t got any descendants to hold it. Or for that matter, the thing I want to see, one last thing. When we go back to the Paris’ and the Londons, and the Madrids, and so on, and we flatten all the twenty and twenty first century Marxoid concrete horrors and all the rest of it, and when we rebuild the cathedrals and the great architecture of our ancestors, we don’t have to have enormous numbers to do that. We have to have some number of people who are living in a stable, healthy society, and that is going to be overwhelming living on their own farms.


Jack: What we need the media obviously to reprogram people to wanting to having children. I mean the vast majority of young people have no desire to have children. I have several friends who have no children and they’re in their thirty’s. My sister has no children and unfortunately the vast majority of young people that I know in my community have one or zero children. And they have no desire to have children. They have totally been indoctrinated from the cradle, until it’s too late to have children.


I don’t see how we can reprogram them until we control our education system, we control the media and control the, control the airwaves again. As it stands we have no influence over what’s on the television. We have no influence in what’s in the school books. And we have no influence on what people think. And so, until we’ve reprogrammed them I don’t see how anybody will even have, start having children.


Nick: You’ve got to look at certain groups. And because Americans has always been open to religious lunatics, and most religious lunatics, with respect to our American listeners, most of the religious lunatics of Europe for four hundred years have gone to America. So America has got more than their normal share of genes of people who are European descended and are slightly wacky.


Well if you look at, … I was reading, … Was it, Idaho, the other day, there was this enormous vote against Trump, only because it’s a Mormon state. Because the Mormons have lots of kids. It’s all about geometric progression and they are not one generation but three, four generations. And if you have ten families, all determined to have ten children, which is a human norm, then in the first generation after you do that, it doesn’t make a huge difference. The third, fourth generation after you do that, you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of people. And that is it.

So, you can forget, … Don’t waste our time trying to reprogram people who think that they can be metrosexual and it doesn’t matter if they don’t have kids, someone else will look after them in their dotage. Leave them to rot and find out their own way, it’s not going to be like that. We have to set about, not trying to change everybody. But let’s all change ourselves, change our movement, change our friends, change our families. And when we find some who can’t be changed move on to somebody who can be.


Henrik: Yeah.


Nick: Nationalism has to be a sort of, a school for White Survival. And the first lesson is to reproduce.


Jack: It’s interesting you say that because I’ve been to the Mormon church a few times. I’ve got a good friend who’s Mormon. And my mother is actually Mormon. And it’s the one place where there is a semblance of normality. The people, … There are children running around and there are people that actually think in a more old fashioned manner. And it’s interesting you mention the Mormons, because they are probably the one group of people in the United Kingdom. There’s actually a large Mormon community in the UK. They are probably the one group of indigenous Britons that are having two and three and four children per household.


Nick: As are traditional Catholics as well.


Henrik: In Utah, they should have voted for Trump! Why did they vote against Trump? [laughter] Yeah, I know, I know. Anyway, yeah well, you know this is a really good point. I don’t know if, if the desire not to have children is, is genetic and there’s a predisposition to that genetically in any way. But what seems to be the case anyway, is that people who are more conservative minded are the ones that are having kids. You know, again, I don’t know if that’s just, is it just upbringing, is there more to it? But it’s interesting.


Nick: I don’t think it can be genetic, because if it was a genetic tendency not to have kids, it would self evidently have bred itself out.


Henrik: Exactly.




Nick: So I think it’s the people who, … There’s a genetic tendency for people to conform. Especially when conforming within your own self, perceived self interest in practical and economic terms. So it’s the conformist who are breeding themselves out.


It’s the radicals and the crazies like us, who are most likely to carry on breeding. And there’s one other factor, one of the jokers in the pack. One of the things which persuades people to have kids is actually war. Whenever you have a war, birth rates go up. So at some point it’s quite likely that something will flip, very suddenly, as Henrik, you said earlier on, things can change in a blink of an eye, really. Something will flip and people will go from, feeling because they are in a multicultural society, subconsciously, that is not a good place to have kids, to suddenly feeling, subconsciously:


“We are at war, I might die, I’ve got to have kids!”


And that can change very, very quickly. We simply don’t, we simply don’t know. We have to hold out hope that it will and in the meantime, as I said before, and I’ll say it again, in case someone hasn’t yet got it, is that you don’t change the demographics of an entire country by waving a magic wand. You change it by the decision of an individual man and woman, and then another couple doing the same thing and another couple. It starts, listener, with you.


Henrik: Why are you alive, right? You know, there has to be an underpinning, an undercurrent that, you know, anchors them to their culture, to who they are, to their heritage, their ethnic consciousness and that, that is going to what makes them want to stay alive and continue who they are, right? That is what’s important.


Jack: And that’s why also, … just to go back to a point we made earlier. Why it’s so dangerous, this homosexual infiltration of nationalism, because we have people here that are entering nationalism and they are basically corrupting the minds of the people that will have children, moving forward.


And telling them that women are the enemy, families aren’t worth anything. And not to bother having families and having children, and that’s why I think it’s really important that, one of the primary messages we have in the nationalist movement is that people should be monogamous. Have one woman, to have a family, create babies, live in the countryside, hunt, fish, farm. Go back to traditional values. That’s why we should exclude people that believe that we should kind of promote or even accept alternative lifestyles and a kind of modernist lifestyle. We have to go back to traditional values, I think.


Nick: I agree absolutely. One thing I’d like to say on the back of that. I saw a response, I know who, I won’t say, because he’s not here to defend himself or to argue it. I saw a response from an American nationalist with quite a big reach and so on. He said:

“Yeah there’s no point having kids, because if you look at various nationalists, Don Black, David Duke and so on, you know, their kids haven’t grown up as nationalists.”


Now that’s missing the point. One thing, because actually, when it comes to, … If it is going to come to a shooting war, it doesn’t matter whether they were a nationalist last year or not. If they’re going to survive, they are going to be with us or not [survive]. So that is the first thing.


But the other is, having children is the first step. It’s then how you rear them. And for anyone to have, … And then again a lot of the, I think the Mormons and the traditional Catholics and so on, and the Muslims, they have already got this. First of all, you have the children and then you ensure you’re sufficiently withdrawn from the disgusting and decadent society around us. That you do enough of the rearing of them and the shaping of their values, to make sure there’s a good chance they’ll grow up like you.

The most dangerous lie the liberals tell of all is:


“Oh, if you indoctrinate your children they’ll rebel against it. So you mustn’t indoctrinate your children”.


This is what they say to the traditionalists. If they really believed that, why can’t they have a TV program or advert without mixed race couples, without multi-racialism? Why can’t they have a school lesson without indoctrination about the evils of slavery and all the rest of it? So they don’t believe it. It’s simply a con! The simplest thing is that if you have kids and then you let them watch the conventional television, you will lose those kids by the time they are sixteen.


If you have kids and you make sure, as I’ve said before, that you as a family decide what they’re going to watch. Then it’s a different matter. And perhaps in some parts of the world in Europe, until recently, you have children and send them to the state school and they would get a decent education. If you send children now to a state school, you are guaranteeing that they’re going to be brought up thinking that they can choose which are forty two genders they belong to!


So, you have got to toughen yourself up enough for that. And we’ve got to work on preparing our own curriculum. On teaching our own kids and teaching our community’s kids. And if they won’t let us do that in certain countries in Europe that we have to abandon that country, let it go down the tubes to hell, until one day our great grandchildren go back in, with heavy weapons, and take those countries back. That’s the reality of Europe today.


Jack:And this is something that weighs heavily on my mind, because I actually have, obviously, young children and, you know, whether to home school, whether or not to home school? Can we afford a private school, because we want to avoid sending our daughter off to the public school which will indoctrinate her?




You mention controlling what our families watch. I mean, I hate to say this and I probably shouldn’t, but, I control what my wife watches because I’m petrified that, … I say, I probably shouldn’t say this, …yes exactly.  I’m petrified that, you know, if, I noticed that when certain things are on the the television there’s a different discourse at the dinner table. So I try to steer the conversation and also steer what we watch on television and what we expose ourselves to. Because I know, point blank, that the stuff on television will just manipulate the minds of the, maybe the most vulnerable people in the household.

And certainly, I mean I’ll give you a nice example. When I was in North America about ten years ago my mother had a close friend who was married, had seven children. And my mother used to go to this kind of cooperative that was run by a Jewish lady. And the doctor’s wife, who was our neighbor, never went out the house, she stayed home and took care of the kids. The kids had turned eighteen, there was five of them. And this Jewish lady asked my mom to bring this lady to the cooperative. To sit down, drink tea and talk. My mother didn’t, my mother didn’t like them. But within six months of that lady actually going to this little kind of Kibbutz in the countryside, she divorced her husband.

So really, who your families interact with, is hugely important to maintaining the health of your family. So if they interact with people that are destructive, your family will end up destroying itself. So, television and who, as Nick said earlier, if someone is, someone is causing your family harm just by the way they think, shut them out, get rid of them and move on.


Henrik: I mean, television is a weapon. It has to be seen as that way. It’s something that’s being used against us to break us down. Equally on the opposite side, the media, which includes the news, television programs, movies coming out of Hollywood, is also something that actually can be used against the system itself. I think if you accurately, actually point out how they are seeking to manipulate you, how they’re seeking to distort the truth, how they’re seeking to turn you into something you’re not, etc. You will actually win people over to the fact that they will realize that:


“Oh, dammit, the whole system, this is what they’re trying to push on us”.


It will immediately insulate, not, no not immediately but, if you can accurately point out and show that to them, that basically means that you have a multi million dollar effort to try to control people, that is now actually turned against itself. Right? It just like jujitsu or something. You’ve turned that force and the energy that they’re trying to push on you, against them. And that’s what we continuously have to have people who analyzes the news and even television shows and media and so.


If you do you watch it, actually do take some time and watch it. But analyze it at the very least. Talk with your family about it, talk with your kids if you see something, educate them, tell, tell them what’s going on, so that we can use that as a weapon itself. That’s what I would say.


Jack: The Mormons are quite good in actually shielding their children from the sort of stuff and that’s why those children end up being quite healthy growing up. I think it’s easier to try and shield your family from this sort of thing. I don’t know if children are able to comprehend what they are seeing. Obviously, just get indoctrinated and then you lose them. Because they will go to school, they will have friends outside the household. So it’s probably easier in the short term to move to the countryside, surround yourself with healthy people who think as you do and then hopefully your children will grow up strong.

You know, on a societal level, certainly I agree that it’s good to talk to our children, because they’re going to be exposed to things. But I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to raise a family where we won’t be exposed by [to] those things. Maybe it’s a pipe dream? You know, maybe I’m living in dreamland, but I really hope that I can, you know, move my family to a place in the next couple of years where we will be away from all these problems. And that they want to think about these things moving forward. We could be happy and peaceful, safe and my daughter will grow up very traditional and old fashioned.


Henrik; Right, right. Well and also, additional points here on the demographics that, I think we shouldn’t also be too freaked out about the projections, right? Because, they have, historically they have gone up and down, drastically! I mean you look after the Black Plague, something like, what a third of Europe was was wiped out?


And after the First and Second World War? It’s initially not about, you know, quantity. I think it is about quality first and foremost and then that quality can actually go on to create a quantity. You know, so we have to think about it differently in all these projections, it might not be true, you know. I mean, obviously we have to warn people so that they, you know, get incentivized to actually have children, more children, etc., but it can change rapidly. So, you know, we shouldn’t get too disheartened and discouraged by that.




Nick: The projections are true. It’s simply the iron laws of mathematics and reality. But, it’s always a question off, “on present trends” and trends can change. But there’s no economic reason for them to change, at all. There’s no media reason or Government ruling body reason for them to change. They are very happy, the people who run the West, are very happy with what is happening.


So the change can only come from individuals and people within the movement. Which is why it’s so important that we, that our people get it. And constantly talk about it, to hammer it home. So it becomes a normal thing just as you can recognize a Catholic family, or a traditional Catholic family. Because they are larger than a normal family. Or equally, see a large family, it’s probably because they are nationalist. Over the course of two or three generations that will change the balance of our society. You don’t need that many people who are confident and organized to totally transform a society and to lead everybody else.


So, all we need is a significant number of people who are confident and organized. And it struck me, … I always think it strange how nationalists who, … We are long termists, you know, instinctively and ideologically, and then nationalists who talk about a future for our children and how society will still be here in a thousand years, and all the rest of it. But then, they don’t seem to get the that fact that, there has to be a link in the chain. And the link in the chain is the individual kids and the individual family.


Henrik: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I want to ask you about something else here. We’re coming up at the end here. So we make sure to squeeze everything else in here towards the end to that you guys want to make sure we get out and get to. But, the European bureaucrats I think are using to see that, they’re seeking to use terrorism, for their own advantage. They never let a disaster go to waste. We’ve seen, now in Brussels, we’ve seen it in Paris twice, it’s been in London, it’s just the beginning I think, right? But no one, no one ever, anywhere, as far as I heard, is actually talking about the very fact that:


“Oh it’s immigration that is causing these problems, we need to close the borders, we need to get our population under control”.


No one is talking about this, right? But they are talking about however, is to create an intelligence network, to begin to share information across these so called borders, which doesn’t even exist internally in Europe anymore. And they’re also seeking, I think, to create a federal police force, maybe within the military, etc. What’s your take on this Nick? Is it, … Because, they’re very happy when this occurs, because there is a great opportunity for them to push the further federalization of Europe, right?


Nick: Yep! You know I, you know I’ve been there, I’ve I sat with them. I’ve gone on missions to different places with them. You know, heard them talking after they have had a drink. And the exact phrase they use, and they use it as a sort of joke, but they mean it, is:


“Never let a good crisis go to waste”.


The European dream, or nightmare to us, of this ever closer union. At one stage they thought it was going to be achieved through, economics and through Schengen and all the rest of it. And they have been blocked in that. But when they’re blocked in one direction they simply cast around to something else that can be done. And you’re absolutely right. That the, if the  sheeple can’t be dragooned into wanting a Federal Europe in due course, moving toward One World. If they can’t be dragooned into it with economic bribery or economic blackmail, then a security threat, …


“You know we don’t want to give up our freedoms, but we’ve got to”,


that is the most effective of all.

When these people talk about, we have to have, you know, Europe security and we have to have a Federal police force in order to guard against terrorists. I’ll tell you how bogus that is. When I was last in Damascus, I was with some comrades from the APF in the office of the Minister of Information. And on his desk he had a pile of books more than two feet high, and these were books, each book was from a different country.


From Britain, from France, from America, from Belgium and all the rest. And each book was the intelligence files that they had on the jihadists, ISIS and al Qaeda, fighting in Syria who had come from all those countries. And, they had, each file had a photograph, had the details where they were from, everything that was know about them, where they were fighting. Some were dead, but some of them were still alive. And they’ve got all this intelligence. And they said:


“We’ve repeatedly offered this intelligence to all the European nations and to the USA, to their governments and their intelligence departments. And they refused to accept it from us, because to do so they say would be to recognize the Assad government.”


So in all probability, you know, the fighter, who even the Turks were saying this man is a foreign jihadists, who was responsible for the murders in Brussels, the other day. His details were almost certainly in the book that the Syrian Intelligence officers who at great risk to their own lives.


Because these are people who operate in jihadist controlled areas, that had identified, and that their information which would have allowed that man to be caught, was still sitting on the desk of the Minister of Information in Damascus. Because the British government, the Belgian government and the EU and the Obama regime won’t go to them and say:


“All right, we recognize that you are the legitimate government of that country, now please give us the intelligence so that we can stop these people killing people in our own countries.”


And until they do that, which of course they won’t do, then any claim that they have, that they have to have further powers in order to deal with terrorism, is a lie!




Henrik; Hmm, Yeah. Yeah, absolutely! Well gentlemen what else should we, you know, talk about here, towards, as we approach the end here. Is there anything else that’s important that you guys think our audience should be aware of and know about. Jack, let’s begin with you.


Jack: No, I think we covered a wide variety of topics. I would just ask that people watch the videos on the channel. And stay tuned for more. We’re going to create a nice library of videos. We’re doing one on immigration and the impact it’s had on Great Britain. Possibly filming in Bradford and possibly even doing a video about the destruction of the nation’s capital.


We’re thinking about having a camp at some point as well. Possibly a training camp where we can bring in young nationalists to learn about what’s transpiring and how, what they can do to change things. And now I’m looking forward to working with the APF and Nick. It’s been a good month and I think we’ve accomplished quite a lot and we should be accomplishing a lot over the next six months, as well.


Henrick: Very good. How about you Nick?


Nick: Well the full URL of the APF, I’m looking it up here, and as I say it’s going to be improved because you’ll understand why. It’s “alliance” then a hyphen “for” hyphen “peace” hyphen “and” hyphen “freedom dot com”. That’s what happens when people set up things they don’t understand how the internet works. [laughter]Alliance for peace and freedom dot come with hyphens all the way through it. You can follow me on Twitter @nickgriffinbu. “bu” stands for “British Unity”.


You can also find me on Facebook, if you look British Unity Party. We’re working on, as we discussed a little bit. We are working all a proper launch for a genuine hard line nationalist party in Britain. And Jack and I and others are working on that. If you keep an eye on those place you’ll find out more, in due course.


I do hope to reiterate to people wherever you are in Europe or the United States, Australia, wherever, if you are one of us you are very very welcome in the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. You will get the chance to rub shoulders with some of the most notorious ne’er-do-wells in modern European politics, such as Golden Dawn and the NPDs, so don’t miss out on that chance. One last commercial slot for me, if I may. In Hungry on the 23rd of July. I’m involved, and the APF is involved with a coalition of different nationalists and cultural groups and so on, and proper decent churches as well, for, … It’s to put a big pro-life march out in Hungry, because Hungry’s anti-human abortion laws which were designed by, and put through by a previous socialist government.

In Hungary now you’ve got a government which is well to the right of UKIP or Trump and an opposition party, who are only people I have ever known who is concerned should they be associated with Nick Griffin. Because they thought I might be too moderate. And now they are the official opposition. And yet they still got this archaic law whereby, although the government is spending lots of taxpayers’ money to encourage people to have kids, at the same time they still effectively got abortion on demand. They want to move to the position that they had say in Poland where there’s abortion in the real heart rending cases. You know, rape, real risks to the mother’s life, terrible handicap in the unborn child. And because they got that they have 700 abortions a year. That’s all, in the whole of Poland.

And the Hungarians want to shift their government, they have got a real chance of shifting their government, and thereby, not only, forget the moral Christian angle and so, as a hardcore nationalist, if you want, just think about it in demographics. They got the chance of persuading their government to radically transform that law to encourage more Hungarians to go ahead and have more children.


So we’re holding a pro-life demonstration, as a part of a big campaign to encourage the government to change the law and do the right thing. And there is going to be a big, big demo in Budapest, which is a fantastic city to visit. It really is with lots of really good nationalists on 23rd of July. Things going on the whole of that weekend and we hope to see people from all over our world there.


Henrik: Wonderful! Very, very good. Is there any specific, like website or something that people can go to, to try to join in on that, if they want to actually be there?


Nick: Yes, it’s going to be “March for Life Hungary”. It’s about to be launched on that. If you’re looking for “March for Life Hungary” on the Alliance for Peace and Freedom or just generally on the internet, or follow me on Twitter @nickgriffinbu, then you’ll get all the information you need. But the date is set in stone, 23rd of July, hope to see you there.


Henrik: Very very good. OK, well thank you gentlemen. Very interesting and excellent to have you both with us. Thank you both for your time today and also of course for the work you do to help spread the word about the difficulties and also of course the, the interesting and challenging times that we are in.


I think it’s a fantastic time to be alive and to fight for something and to really get into something which has it, which is a cause that few people get to experience. So, I’m actually, despite everything and despite how horrible the conditions are, I’m excited about the fact that we are at a stage where we can actually take part in this. So, thank you to both of you again for doing what you’re doing.


Nick: Thank you.


Jack: Thanks for having us.


Henrik: There you go ladies and gentlemen, that’s our show for today and that wraps up this week. Thank you for listening. Intense but probable. Just remember one thing, Europa is ours! We are not going to give up Europe. Ever! It’s just not going to happen!

Thank you for being a member. Some exciting announcements coming shortly. We’ll let, you know more about that soon. We have upcoming, Frank Horei, Jan Ott, Rob Kieski, Oscar Turner and a round table from Australia and New Zealand. All in the pipeline. Have a great weekend my friends. Take care of yourself and your family. Talk more soon.







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Version 5: Mar 29, 2016 — Added another 15 minutes of transcript.  Total = 50 minutes.

Version 4: Mar 28, 2016 — Added another 10 minutes of transcript.  Total = 35 minutes.

Version 3: Mar 27, 2016 — Added another 5 minutes of transcript. Added some images.Added 5 more minutes. Total = 25 minutes.

Version 2: Mar 26, 2016 — Added first 5 minutes of transcript. Added another 10 minutes of transcript.

Version 1: Published Mar 26, 2016 

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21 Responses to Nick Griffin and Jack Sen: The Battle for the Future of Europe — TRANSCRIPT

  1. misandrist says:

    We’re in a Protocol #5 Hall of Mirrors

  2. katana17 says:

    I will do 2nd hour >>>>>>> 25:00 to 30:00<<<<<<<<

  3. katana17 says:

    I will do 2nd hour >>>>>>> 30:00 to 40:00<<<<<<<<

  4. katana17 says:

    I will do 2nd hour >>>>>>> 40:00 to 45:00<<<<<<<<

  5. There are suspicions that Jack Sen is an ANC Operative.

    Jews’ South African Spy destroys UK Right: Jack Sen

    Joe Owens: Jack Sen works for the Security Services – Stormfront

    • katana17 says:

      Thanks for those links Fred Barbarossa.

      Jack Sen is turning out to be very controversial, although not sufficiently for those he surrounded himself at his British Renaissance to disown him.

  6. katana17 says:

    I will do 2nd hour >>>>>>> 45:00 to 55:00<<<<<<<<

  7. katana17 says:

    I will do 2nd hour >>>>>>> 56:00 to 62:00<<<<<<<<

  8. Katana,
    You may be interested in this article.

    Carolyn Yeager on Jack Sen:

    She writes: “I don’t think many people are all that interested in Jack Sengupta and his exploits, but they should be. It’s a classic lesson in how easily we Whites are taken in. That includes Occidental Observer editor Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Henryk Palmgren of Red Ice Radio, former MEP and BNP leader Nick Griffin, Jez Turner of the London Forum, and other respected members of the White Nationalist Establishment.”


    • katana17 says:

      Thank you very much Fred for pointing out that post by Carolyn. I see this is her third post about Jack Sen/Sengupta and I recommend readers take a look and also at the comments there.

      Sen has not only been going under several names and backgrounds but also has been threatening people under racial hate laws in the UK.

      Given Sen’s behavior I wonder what’s Griffin’s game in all this?

  9. katana17 says:

    I will do 1st hour >>>>>>> 15:00 to 25:00<<<<<<<<

  10. katana17 says:

    I will do 1st hour >>>>>>> 25:00 to 30:00<<<<<<<<

  11. katana17 says:

    I will do 1st hour >>>>>>> 30:00 to 40:00<<<<<<<<

  12. katana17 says:

    I will do 1st hour >>>>>>> 35:00 to 45:00<<<<<<<<

  13. Jack Sen says:

    Thanks for doing the transcript. I do find it shameful that nameless a faceless gits like Fred B have a go at me on every wall. Ive never threatened anyone, just stand up for myself when I am attacked by cowards. Quite sad that people are having a go at me when there are genuine baddies out there. Seems IM part indian, Jewish, Russian, work for the ANC, the Americans the British secret service….morons.I served in t he military for a few yrs and as stationed overseas but have had no involvement since 2011.
    Shame on the cowards menacing me online. Theres nothing more despicable than a man that hide behinds his pc and attacks decent people doing their best. Thankfully its just a few queers.

    But thanks Katana for the transcript.
    If you’re interested in transcribing my interviews with Messrs Griffin and Brons please write to me on

    • katana17 says:

      You’re welcome Jack re the transcript.

      Now, regarding the varied allegations made about you, I think it would be beneficial if you could clear the air by explaining what is going on, etc., perhaps on your website, British Renaissance. You may say that you don’t want to give the allegations any credibility by responding to them, but the thing is they have gained some amount of circulation and belief in any case.

      As far as Fred B’s comment here, all he was doing was giving readers here a factual head’s up on what another blogger was saying about you. I don’t know anything about what he may have written elsewhere.

      At the moment I have a backlog of transcriptions I’d like to do, but I’ll keep you in mind regarding your interviews with Nick Griffin and Brons.

  14. katana17 says:

    I will do 1st hour >>>>>>> 45:00 to 50:00<<<<<<<<

  15. Cz .223 says:

    wonderful post, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector don’t notice this. You should continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a great readers’ base already!

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