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[In this 50 minute speech (including Q & A) at the Nov, 2016 NPI Conference, Prof. Kevin MacDonald discusses the long term role of organised jewry in pushing multiracialism, multiculturalism in the United States and the West. Jewish money power is at the forefront of financing both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party and steering their respective policies towards jewish goals, despite growing grassroots opposition, especially towards Israel and its murderous apartheid policy towards the Palestinians. MacDonald also discusses how organized jewry is notorious for opposing free speech related to race, ethnicity and immigration, in other words, anything that interferes with the jewish goal of destroying homogenous White societies  —  KATANA.]





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Prof. Kevin MacDonald gives an informative talk at NPI 2016 in Washington D.C. about organized Jewish influence. Q & A follows the talk.





Kevin MacDonald


NPI 2016 Conference


Published on Nov 22, 2016








Richard Spencer: I hope our next speaker won’t be insulted by the brevity of the introduction that I’m about to give.


There is no man on the planet who was done more for the understanding of the pole around which the world revolves than Kevin MacDonald! [audience applauds]


Welcome! They know who you are.


Kevin MacDonald [Kmac]: They know, oh, OK.


All right. It’s great to be here after such an exciting, inspiring victory for Donald Trump and I mean, I don’t think anybody really expected it, you know, watching that movie that Richard showed tonight, you know, he could be a hero of our people. And I think that’s what we would all hope and it could happen. I really do think it’s going to happen.


But tonight I’m going to talk about Jews. [audience erupts in laughter]


[Kmac laughing] it’s not that I relish doing this, but somebody’s got to do it! And it’s definitely a subject that should be addressed. The best that we can fairly, factually and realize, we’re not talking about all Jews. We’re talking about activist Jews, we are talking about the main thrust of the organized Jewish community, which is pretty easy to figure out.



[Image] Edward Alsworth Ross (December 12, 1866 – July 22, 1951) was an American sociologist, one of first sociologists who pursued a comprehensive sociological theory. Regarded as a founder of sociology in the United States, he believed that the purpose of sociology was to bring about social reform, solving problems in human society. 

The fact is, the beginning in the 19th century Jews often saw America as a promised land. Whose, quote, “streets are paved with gold” as they often wrote to their families back in Europe. Paved with gold. Jews were therefore staunch advocates of unrestricted immigration. Writing in 1914 University of Wisconsin sociologist, Edward A Ross believed that a very liberal immigration policy was exclusively a Jewish issue. And he quoted the prominent author and Zionist pioneer, Israel Zangwill, who articulated the idea that America is an ideal place to achieve Jewish interests. Quote, he said:

America has ample room for all the six million Russian Jews. [audience laughter] Any one of her States could absorb them and next to having a country of their own there could be no better fate for them to be in a country. Land of civil and religious liberty, of whose constitution Christianity formed no part and where their collective votes were practically guarantee them against future persecution.


Again, that was 1914.



[Image] Israel Zangwill on the front cover of “Time” magazine, 1923.


Zangwill, who was the author of a famous play called “The Melting Pot” that premiered in 1908, here in Washington D.C., the heart of American political culture. What’s interesting is his idea that America was a land where all the old ethnic hatreds would be abolished in a grand symphony of ethnic harmony.



[Image] Cover of Theater Programme for Israel Zangwill’s play “The Melting Pot“.


We’ve heard that a few times!


In the play, a Jewish immigrant fleeing Russian pogroms comes to America, writes a great symphony and marries a Christian woman. Audiences were wildly enthusiastic. There were cries, a quote from an academic paper. There were cries for Zangwill after every scene and President Teddy Roosevelt himself joined the applause. During the play he sat next to Mrs Zangwill and positively raved. When Zangwill took his bows afterward, the President shouted across the room, “That’s a great play Mr Zangwill!


Throughout the drama the main Jewish character argues that the United States is a land of universal love and brotherhood. He sees it as a place where all the divisions among men will soon disappear:

Within the stirring and seething in the vast cauldron, the great alchemist was melting Celt and Latin, Slav and Teutons, Greek and Syrian, Black and Yellow. He was fusing together East and West, North and South, pole and equator, Crescent and Cross” end of quote.


So you see what he’s getting at here, Crescent and Cross, Black, Yellow, White all coming together in beautiful harmony. And, of course, this is fifty years after the Civil War.




The reception given the play, and remember this is over a century ago, that this image appealed to many Americans, including many prominent Americans, like President Roosevelt. Of course it didn’t appeal to all Americans. This is a period when actually most Americans opposed continuing this unrestricted immigration policy. And Jewish organizations were doing the best they could to keep the doors open, which they did do until 1924.


Immigration restriction was, in fact, picking up steam in no small part because many Jewish immigrants were on the politically radical left.


Professor Ross went on to discuss the endeavor of Jews to control the immigration policy of the United States:

The systematic campaign in newspapers and magazines to break down all arguments for restriction and to calm nativists fears as waged by and for one race. Hebrew money is behind the main anti-restrictionist league and it’s numerous publications. From the favorable ??? The commercial body, or the scientific association, to the heavy treatises produced by the aid of the Baron de Hirst Fund, the work that proves the blessings of immigration to all classes in America emanates from subtle Hebrew brains.” End of quote.


Nothing much has changed in the last century, except that someone like Professor Ross would have a terrible time in today’s academic world.


Jews were correct that America did indeed hold great promise as a place where Jews could thrive. And part of that was about who we are, the, the “goyim[audience laughter and clapping], us! There’s a very long liberal tradition in America, going back, most importantly to the Puritan strand of American culture that dominated America really until the 1960s and the rise of Jewish power. This tradition prized individualism, which I think has an ethnic basis. Individuals are relatively less ethnocentric, they tend towards assimilating other groups rather than erecting strong barriers between groups. Hence the appeal of Zangwill’s play. He knew what buttons to push.



[Image] Citizenship and equal rights.


And important strand of this type of American individual had been to develop wildly optimistic theories of the American future. Liberal theories of the nineteenth century saw a future America as dominated by people who looked and thought exactly like themselves. Even people of different races would ultimately become White Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant, no matter what their racial religious background. Or as Zangwill proposes, it is actually quite a bit different. The idea that all Americans come together and meld into one great race.


Of course now we have multiculturalism. But that continues it’s optimistic trajectory. Americans are supposed to remain optimistic that this is all going to work out as Hilary often said, “stronger together” right? We’re going to continue to just keep going and things are going to turn out, … There maybe some problems, you know, it’s going to all work out.


Zangwill obviously understood how to appeal to American optimism about the future, even though his own views were strongly Zionist. And he saw the Jewish religion as not only morally superior, but also as a way of preserving the purity of their race, as they call it. And, of course, we see a lot of contemporary Zangwills in the media and the academic world.


If indeed America is a promised land for Jews, a large part of the credit must go to Jews themselves for using their power in the media and the educational system to campaign against nativism while retaining their own strong ethnic commitments, and for creating the image of America as a, quote, “land of immigrants”.






[Image] Lothrop Stoddard (June 29, 1883– May 1, 1950), was an American political theorist, historian, eugenicist, and anti-immigration advocate who wrote a number of prominent books on race. Stoddard was born in Brookline, Massachusetts in 1883 to a prominent New England family. He attended Harvard College, graduating magna cum laude in 1905, and studied Law at Boston University until 1908. Stoddard received a Ph.D. in History from Harvard University in 1914, and was also an avid stamp collector. He published many books on the peril of non-White immigration, his most famous being The Rising Tide of Color in 1920. In this book he presented a view of the world situation pertaining to race focusing concern on the coming population explosion among non-Whites in the Third World.


Jews therefore did not create this liberal tradition in America, but they very quickly discovered how do appeal to it as the reception given to Zangwill’s play shows. And they fought hard against non liberal views on America, particularly views associated with the American South, where separation between the races had become the norm by 1908. And also against theorists like Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard, and so on. They were very much influenced by Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and so on. After World War Two anti-Darwinian Jewish intellectuals became a dominant elite in American universities and in the media. Most noteworthy was the Frankfurt School’s claim that ethnocentrism among Whites was a psychiatric disorder! [audience booing] Very influential. This scene was quickly picked up by Jewish activists, organizations with access to the schools and the media and, of course, it continues today.



[Image] Madison Grant


I wrote a chapter, showing that Jews were the main force, and a necessary condition, I think, for the 1965 immigration law that opened up immigration to all the peoples of the world. But Jewish support for immigration and multiculturalism creates obvious problems for Jews. One example is immigration of Muslims. Many of whom are hostile to Jews and hostile to Israel. And once they get here they often make alliances with these White social activists who are also critical of Israel.


The situation is particularly acute in the U.K., although it’s just a matter of time before a critical mass of Muslims in the US leads to similar patterns. In the U.K. you’ve got Jeremy Corbyn’s Labor Party is absolutely dependent on Muslim votes and Jewish money. But Jewish money has been deserting the party as Labor takes an ever more critical view of Israel. The same process is brewing in the US, but it will take a while longer. Right now, only a bare majority of Democrats actually favor Israel, 53% compared to 23% favoring the Palestinians. Compared to the Republicans which is 79 to 7  [percent], much more lopsided. And, of course, that explains why Donald Trump would have been foolish indeed to criticize Israel.



[Image] “The Center for American Progress is an independent nonpartisan policy institute that is dedicated to improving the lives of all Americans, through bold, progressive ideas, as well as strong leadership and concerted action. Our aim is not just to change the conversation, but to change the country.



As usual Jewish money talks. It should surprise no one that the far left Center for American Progress hosted far right Israeli ethno-nationalist Benjamin Netanyahu with a softball interview. And Wiki Leaks showed that this action resulted in new members of the board of directors. The implication being that they came up, he came up, with a large donation. The result is someone who supports the nationalist right in Israel is on board with the Center for American Progress in the United States. So we certainly won’t expect the Center for American Progress to take a principled stand on Israel.


As Philip Weiss notes, Jewish money is critical to the Democrats and a big reason is supporting Israel. He cites Jeffrey Goldberg saying that the Democratic Party is divided between the progressive rank and file who have had it with Israel, and the donor class which is, quote, “disproportionately Jewish and has been so for many years”. And it’s sort of the same, or sort of similar to the Republican Party with a similar gap between the rank and file and the donor class, but on very different issues.


For example, the top five donors to Clinton were Jews. “Forward” editor J. J. Goldberg said, quote:

You ask a Democratic fundraiser, where did he get the money from? Well, from trial lawyers, from toys, from generic drugs, from Hollywood, from Jews. Those are all essentially Jewish industries. When you’re raising money you need to find rich people, who are not right-wing and they are not, pardon me for saying this, are not many rich goyim who are not right-wing.” end quote.


This is another example that Jews fund the Left and that has been going on, probably for forever, you know, decades!



[Image] Sen. Bernie Sanders is flanked by Rep. Keith Ellison, left, and Imam Talib Shareet at an event at The Nation’s Mosque, in Washington, D.C., Dec. 16, 2015.


But it’s a mixed picture! The times are changing! And it’s a good sign of this, is that both Bernie Sanders, it’s really interesting, and Israel Lobby stalwart, Chuck Schumer are both supporting Keith Ellison. This Muslim black activist congressman from Minnesota as head of the Democratic National Committee. Even though he’s been a strong critic of Israel. He called Israel an apartheid state. It’s amazing!


And even many Jewish donors are discontinuing their support for Israel because of it’s policies. According to Stephen Cohen a very prominent Jewish demographer, Where they used to say, “I don’t like Israeli policies, but I love Israel” it is now affecting their commitment to Israel. Being an Israeli, being liberal in support of Israel obviously sets up a lot of cognitive dissonance. But there is lots of evidence from Wiki Leaks that the Clinton campaign was exquisitely sensitive to the pro-Israel sentiments of it’s Jewish donors, including, especially someone like Haim Saban who is number one, or two. He’s a pro-Israel fanatic. He said, “Israel is my only issue.




Most of the hostility towards Israel is deeply entwined with their religious identity, but among Whites, as usual, it’s all about wanting to be morally upright. In the past, much of this support for Israel has been based on a sense of moral righteousness of Israel, as a result of wall to wall propaganda for as long as I can remember. It’s the usual mantra. Israel is America’s best ally, the only democracy in the Middle East. The Israeli army is the most moral army in the world, etc. But basing the sense of righteousness on Israel is indefensible given Israel’s record of ethnic cleansing, apartheid, oppression of the Palestinians, which has resulted in very substantial international isolation.


This increasing isolation and contentiousness within the Jewish community, because it really is a big issue now in the Jewish community, will continue because the oppression is so obvious that even the media can’t cover it up completely.


Fundamentally, Israel is incapable of reforming itself. We have to come to grips with how pervasive Jewish ethnocentrism is, particularly in Israel. I suspect there’s always been a tendency for the most ethnocentric Jews to move to Israel. In my 2007 review of Mearsheimer and Walt’s, “The Israel Lobby” I noted that Mearsheimer and Walt try to see Israel as a normal state, capable of making rational decisions. But the extremists are in charge and have been so, since at least the 1967 war.



[Image] The Israel Lobby by Mearsheimer (left) and Walt.


Any attempt to make a meaningful withdraw from the West Bank and Jerusalem and allow a viable Palestinian state would produce a civil war. As throughout Jewish history the most committed members have determined which way the entire community is going to go. This is doubtless true of most groups, but is especially true with Jews. They have a very long history of fanaticism, even suicidal fanaticism, going back to the Middle Ages in the ancient world.


I reminded of Christiane Amanpour’s depiction of Jewish fanatics in their excellent TV documentary, “God’s Jewish Warriors”. These West Bank settlers and Jewish activists are massively ethnocentric and unlike the propaganda put out by the [Jewish] lobby, they are not at all democratic. They live in a completely Jewish world where their every thought and perception is colored by their Jewish identity. Their’s an apartheid world, separated by high walls from the Palestinian neighbors. And at a time when Americans are constantly being encouraged by Jewish organizations such as the A.D.L. to be ever more tolerant of all kinds of diversity, these people are anything, but tolerant. Calls for expropriation, expulsion of the Palestinians are common place. Israel has created a classic Middle Eastern segmentary society in which different groups live in in-group-out-group world, completely isolated from each other.



[Image] Palestinian blood on the hands of organized jewry and its proxy power “America”.


And since the fanatics are the ones having the children this situation will become more extreme in the future. If you look historically, Israeli governments have steadily moved to the right over the years. The present Israeli government is the most right-wing in its history, including overtly racialist cabinet members like, Avigdor Lieberman. Israel is not going to change. The fanatics will go down fighting, rather than give up the West Bank, or Jerusalem. This does not appeal to the average social justice warrior in the United States.


What I’m saying, is that a combination of Israeli intransigence, the felt need to cooperate with Muslim groups that are critical of Israel, hostility by White social justice warriors, and now even for many Jews. The relationship between Israel and the Jewish Diaspora faces difficult times and probably a transition period. In this regard it is interesting and in the wake of the election, Jewish groups are making very high-profile overtures to make cooperation with Muslim groups. And that could be what’s going on with Chuck Schumer supporting Keith Ellison for head of the D.N.C.


I realize that non-White immigration and encouraging social warrior justice mentality have been intensively advocated by Jewish organizations for decades. In a very real sense they brought this on themselves.


The fact is that despite Muslim hostility and the increasingly felt need for Jews to cooperate with groups that are hostile to Israel, Jewish organizations have uniformly supported high levels of Muslim immigration and refugee gees without limit.


An obvious problem for Jews is that opposing Muslim immigration would be completely at odds with the ideology of multiculturalism and diversity. The, “We are all the same” mantra. The idea that immigration is a moral imperative that should not be judged by the interest of Western nations, and the idea that the nations of the West are “proposition nations” dedicated only to ideas like, “freedom and democracy” with no ethnic, or religious connotations. Obviously this was Zangwill’s view back in 1908.




This ideology of America has been promoted by Jewish intellectual movements and the organized Jewish community at least since before World War Two, is a major theme of my book “The Culture of Critique”. Jewish organizations were unanimous in condemning Trump’s proposal for a moratorium on Muslim immigration, and has been a strong proponent of increasing Syrian and African refugees throughout the West.


Just recently I ran across a couple of paragraphs from Lawrence Auster, of course, he’s dead now, but he was a Jewish writer, very, really understood Jews in a lot of ways. He expressed the logic this way. He said:

When Jews put together the idea that, quote, ‘all social prejudices and exclusion leads potentially to Auschwitz’ and the idea that all bigotry is individual. They must reach the conclusion that any exclusion of any group, no matter how alien it may be to the host society, is a potential Auschwitz!


So there it is he says:

We have identified the core Jewish conviction that makes Jews keep pushing relentlessly for mass immigration. Even the mass immigration of their deadliest enemies! In the thought process of Jews, to keep Jew hating Muslims out of America would be tantamount to preparing the way for another Jewish Holocaust!


End of the quote from Auster.



[Image] A prominent jewish writer, Lawrence Auster. For critical commentary on Auster please see:


I also think that Jews see Whites as more of an enemy than Muslims, down the road. You know, Muslims are not a high IQ group, they’re not going to become an elite in our society. And I don’t think that Jews see them as competitors.


And when they think of history, when Jews, if you ask the average Jew who has been to synagogue and learned his history from the rabbi, you know, Jewish history starts out in the world with the Romans sacking the temple. And it goes to the Middle Ages where there were expulsions. Middle ages where there was the Crusades, the Inquisition and so on. And it moves into the more modern period and you have persecution in Russia, the pogroms, and then you have the Holocaust. That’s Jewish history in a nutshell, right there.


Well who did all that? White people did that! Europeans did that! European civilization did that! Christianity did that! That’s the way they think about it.


Jewish organizations in the West have actually been aware for some time that many non-White immigrants have anti-Jewish attitudes, or at least they are much less likely be sympathetic to Jewish issues like the Holocaust, and Israel.


One issue has been street crime against Jews, especially in Europe. And as a result Jews have been strong advocates for police state type controls on thought and behavior, to ensure Jewish security. In Germany, Belgium and really everywhere in Europe now, most everywhere, synagogues, Jewish schools and other organizations are put under constant police surveillance, even before the big recent upsurge in migration.


So an obvious upside to this low to moderate levels of Muslim hostility for Jewish organizations is that they provide a rationale for adopting policies that have long been advocated by the Jewish community, including, especially, curbs on free speech. And in particular, speech related to ethnicity and immigration. It’s no accident, for example, in Germany the migrant crisis that led to a campaign to shut down criticism of the invasion on Facebook with the full Cooperation of open borders fanatic Mark Zuckerman. Recently Twitter set up a committee which includes the A.D.L. and various social justice warriors, in order to better police it’s content and now we find that Richard Spencer and Radix, and so on, have been excluded from Twitter!


The fact is, the A.D.L. is notoriously opposed to free speech. I’ve written a couple of things on that. Not only in America, but throughout the world, wherever there’s Jewish communities. Jewish communities are opposed to free speech, especially on immigration and race.


In general, the organized Jewish community throughout the West have been a major force in placing penalties on speech related to race, ethnicity and immigration. And I do fear that in the wake of the Trump victory, that we’re going to see a major attempt to shut down discussion of the Alt-Right. That other accounts, they’re worried that the Southern Poverty Law Center wanted one hundred different accounts taken off Twitter. Well, maybe I’m on there, maybe you’re on there? There are a lot of other accounts that may well be shut down. They don’t, I think in their ideal world, they don’t want any more stories on the Alt-Right. They want to put them back in the box. I’m not sure that’s going to be possible.




But in short, the mainstream view among Jews remains that the transformation in the West is manageable for Jews. And if some Jews are motivated to emigrate to Israel because of street level hostility towards Jews by Muslims, this will not impact Jewish elites. In Europe they are not affected by street level crime. Wealthy, powerful Jews are not likely to leave and will continue to be a critical force in favor of the dissolution of traditional Western, of traditional European cultures and the displacement of European peoples. Jewish power and influence in the West has never rested on numbers. Western societies function much more like oligarchies than democracy as seen by the fact there are huge differences between popular attitudes and the attitudes of the elite donor class, and so on, on critical issues like immigration. In such a political structure, a tiny, but wealthy, group with access to the media can wield enormous power.


Steve Bannon saying that he would like to destroy all of today’s establishment, is heartening indeed.



[Image] Stephen Kevin “Steve” Bannon (born November 27, 1953) is an American campaign manager, businessman, and media executive. He became chief executive officer of the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump in August 2016. Bannon has been named chief strategist and Senior Counselor for the Presidency of Donald Trump.


Audience member: Yeah! Yeah! [Audience applauds]


Kmac: Because all of today’s establishment oppose Trump. From the far left to the neo-conservative right. We were the only group, the only identifiable intellectual perspective that supported Donald Trump. We should be given a seat at the table, but, … [Audience applauds] However, given that a major political party in the U.K. has gone in a direction not at all to the liking of the Jewish establishment, could not have done so without the aid of Muslim votes. I suspect that a change of attitude on Muslim immigration, refugee gee policy may be in the offering. Not yet. There’s definitely a point at which Jews will be forced to rethink their attitudes.


Notice that such a shift would not be the result of low-level street crime against Jews that has occurred in France. This is manageable and actually it produces a lot more policing. And it actually produces some Jewish in-group solidarity when you have this kind of thing go on. They identify more as Jews and so on., but this shift will come about, because such a development hits the Jewish community where it hurts the most, at the level of political control. Because Muslim votes are having an effect at the level of power politics. The very real consequences of this for Jewish power, is indeed very worrying to the Jewish establishment.


If the U.K. is any indication, this Jewish donor base, of the Left will bail, if the Democrats adopt an anti-Israel position. They haven’t done that yet. This could result in another crisis in American politics for most Jews, which support the Republicans. But, of course, only if the Republicans retain their cuckservative globalist ways and support things like non-White immigration. However, if Donald Trump succeeds in reshaping the Republican Party — and we all hope it does — into a White populist party, this will not happen. Mainly Jewish neo-cons in the Chamber of Commerce, both of which are globalists to the core, led the Republican opposition against Trump and this will not soon be forgotten!


[Audience applauds]


But if the G.O.P. becomes a populous party, Jews will have a virtually unsolvable problem, having only a choice between an anti-Israel Rainbow Coalition of the Left and a White populace Right. Both with overtones of anti-Semitism. This is not a choice that they want to be forced to make.


In fact, by far the biggest problem for Jews that has been unleashed by Jewish activism in favor of immigration, multiculturalism, is that it has unleashed a rise in White identity politics, either implicitly, as among most Trump supporters, or explicitly, as among the Alt-Right, which has been the only intellectual movement supporting Trump.


Prominent Jewish writers, like Jonathan Chait, David Brooks at the New York Times, Paul Krugman, New York Times, have been very aware that, or make this claim exactly, that Trump has been successful because of White identity politics. For Chait, Trump is a reincarnation of decades old Jewish bogeyman in American politics Right wing populism. He says, the party has grown increasingly reliant upon White identity politics to supply his votes, which has left an indelible imprint, not only the Republican Party, it’s function, but also it’s form. For Brooks, Trump voters are, quote, “Just going with their gene pool.” A rather bald statement that Trump voters are voting [in] their racial interest.




And then Paul Krugman, describing Trump voters. He said, they were voting for blood and soil patriarchy and racial hierarchy.


Audience: Yeah! [loud applause]



[Image] Portrait of Professor Kevin MacDonald.



Kmac: Would that be ever so! After the election Brooks predicted that the country be split into two factions, with one faction advocating ethnic separatism. Which, of course, many on the Alt-Right are already advocating. Would that were so! In other words ethnic separatism being an absolutely mainstream thing with, you know, sixty million White voters on board with it.


Once White identity politics starts gaining traction, it’s only a matter of time before there is a critical mass of Whites who are dialed into the Jewish role in White dispossession, and that would, as they say, would not be good for the Jews. Psychologically, we expect that racial identity and a sense of racial interests will be more important as Whites become a minority As any psychologist would agree with that. This is especially the case that Whites are routinely subjected to hostility in the educational system, the media and so on. In a very poignant letter, this really struck ??? Actually got it on Twitter from a tweet from Radix. There’s a college student, a college Republican, wrote this letter in response to an article on the American Conservative on the Alt-Right. It wasn’t a very positive article.


He says:

“I am in college and nearly all of my conservative friends are at least sympathetic to the Alt-Right. Even if they don’t openly talk about it, they’re regularly browsing, The Right Stuff, Radix, [audience cheers, clapping] VDare, Occidental Observer and AmRen. How did this come about as. It’s harder for older people to understand, but we younger Whites have been vilified all our lives. Throughout elementary school and high school, I was regularly demonized for being White. I attended public and Christian schools and it was even worse at the latter. And now it’s even more extreme in college. Our entire White race is regularly trashed on a daily basis. … We have the right to oppose our own dispossession and extinction – just as every other race does. It’s time for younger Whites to pick up the gauntlet because we’re the future.”


[Loud expressions of agreement from the audience, applause.]




Now, I suspect that applies to a lot of people here. You’ve seen the hostility. When I grew up you didn’t see anti-White hostility in the schools at all. In fact, we were very proud of our culture, our history and our contributions. Not anymore. Whites tuned into the internet are also aware of greater crime, black on White crime, that sort of thing. We’re aware of affirmative action. In universities you’ve got a situation where you have these minorities that need affirmative action, blacks, Latino’s and so on and then you’ve got Asians at the top and Whites are squeezed in the middle. We really are at a huge disadvantage and it’s hitting the young people the worst. They’re the ones that are losing out here and they are the ones, I think, that are really going to be on our side. I think that’s really what’s happened with the Alt-Right.


Research shows that Whites who see diversity increase — there’s several recent papers on this, academic papers — tend to vote for candidates of the Right. Anxiety over those changes makes plain a lot of Trump supporters. Even if these people won’t admit it. In fact Wall Street Journal reported in counties in Iowa and Wisconsin a change from Obama to Trump, were in the areas of the US undergoing the fastest ethnic changes.


So the bottom line is that Jews remade America in their interests, constructing intellectual theories and media messages designed to make White America comfortable with massive non-White immigration and it’s own dispossession. Toward the end of Hillary’s campaign, we were treated to a constant barrage of such messages on the wonders of diversity and inclusiveness. Quote:

Instead of Trump’s dark and divisive vision, mine is hopeful and inclusive. Mine is big-hearted, not small-minded. It is about lifting people up, not putting them down. … It’s a vision that says, and I believe this with all my heart, we are stronger together.” (Nov 1, 2016)


That was her whole pitch at the end of the election. And an awful lot of White people, most White people, did not listen to that message and that is a very good sign.


But let’s face it, 35–40% of White Americans still buy into it. Far too many. Too many Americans are suckers for idealistic, optimistic rhetoric, full of lofty moralism and entreaties for empathy, and Jewish activists have known this for a long time. As our friend Israel Zangwill said to a Jewish audience in opposition to the immigration restriction law of 1924:

You must make a fight against this bill; tell them they are destroying American ideals”.

Again, Zangwill knew exactly what buttons to push. That these are idealistic people. Tell them they’re violating their ideals.




But this idealism is part of the psyche of many Whites, and engrained in our culture, blasted out 24/7 by the media and the educational system. Interviews with White protesters horrified by Trump’s victory shows their extreme sense of moral superiority and moral fervor and their genuine belief in the glorious rainbow, kumbaya future of America.


We have to understand these White people and convince them of the moral righteousness of our cause. We have to make them realize that their idealism is suicidal in this situation.



[Image] Jewish “intellectuals“, like Trotsky, with their Communist “utopias” murdered tens of millions.


Multiculturalism is the contemporary version of utopian Marxist rhetoric that was pushed by three generations of Jewish intellectuals: Even after millions of murders and the incarceration of many more millions, they preached that we can look forward to a future this utopian future of a classless society. Now we’re supposed to look forward to the future of blissful ethnic harmony. Despite the long bloody history of ethnic conflict around the world. As with communism these utopias ultimately fail because they’re not based on scientific views of human nature, or on social science research on the costs and consequences of multiculturalism for native populations.


The end result of this Jewish activism has been White flight away from the diversity, the beginnings of a police state, restrictions on free speech and an upsurge of implicit White identity politics. And an urgent need to create an explicitly White identity politics of the Alt-Right. This activism is also resulted in increased conflict — conflict that could ultimately lead to civil war. The protests following trumps the election may only be the beginning. We are entering a very dangerous period. And we can only hope that Donald Trump will actually live up to the expectations of those who voted for him.


Thank you.


[Loud, long applause from the audience.]


Richard: Before I start speaking, I think it would be a good idea to do two things. A brief, say ten minute Q & A with Kevin. Also if you need to use the restroom, if you want to refill your drink before the final speech of the night, this would be a good time to do it.


So, if you have any questions please line up here.


I’m curious, Kevin, about the psychology of you could say, contemporary Jewish consciousness. Of the one traditional way that people in our movement have been critical of Jews, is that it’s a kind of “nationalism for me, but not for thee”. So, “I am an Israeli, I’m an Israeli identitarian, however you Americans must be open and multicultural and so on”. Don’t you think that there is the “Jon Stewart” type Jew that seems to, in a way, genuinely imbibed their own poison? You could say, and that there might be something, some kind of change. I mean, if you look at Jon Stewart over the ten year period, whatever you want to say about him, he was actually the most openly anti-Israel commentator in the mainstream media. And, you know, you could figure out ways to explain that, but there’s something, there seems to be something going on.


Kmac: I think that’s very true. And there are quite, as I was trying to say, there’s a lot of contentiousness down in the Jewish community about Israel. You’ve got web sites, say Mondoweiss, I read that all the time. Very critical of Israel. And they’re very Jewish though. They are trying to identify as Jews. They view themselves as progressive. You’ve got Jewish Forces for Peace and so on. It does exist. And as say, before it really didn’t have an impact on the donors class and so on, and the Democratic Party, but it’s starting to. As Cohen, the demographer was saying, that’s a serious issue.


You know, and the whole boycott divestment sanction thing, very serious now.




So I think that there are these poles now in the Jewish community. They are very upset and, you know, discombobulated here, there’s a lot of contention there. There’s real contention and it’s not easily solvable. It’s not easily solvable. You can’t square the circle on this one. Because as I said, Israel is not going to change. It’s not going to say, “OK we’ll go back to 1967 borders”. It is not going to happen. Give it up! And one of the big things that they were happy about Trump is that he’s even insisting on that. You know, that’s a big deal. So, Israel is going to be what it is. It is going to continue. Just recently the Israeli government approved something where they could take, they could expropriate more Palestinian land, just take it away! Given some money and then move the sellers on. Make make these outposts that have been illegal. Israel is not going to change. But, American Jews have increasing cognitive dissonance, increasing tension with the social justice warriors in the Left. Something has to give here! It can’t continue like that.


Audience member (male): Now, have you looked into, do you think that a large part of the strategy against us, is dumbing us down from young childhood using the mass media, cartoons for education? I mean, you said there are more afraid of intelligent goyim, White, intelligent Whites, than they are of violent Muslims who are less intelligent.


Kmac: Well, yeah I did. There’s a sort of dumbing down. I would characterize it even more as propaganda. I think the schools now, are wall to wall, you know, their teaching materials for kindergarten, the Holocaust and so on! And so it’s pervasive! And what’s amazing is so many young people are getting out and they’re rejecting it pretty quickly. I mean even in 2012 Mitt Romney, a majority of Whites eighteen to twenty nine voted for Romney and not Obama. And this year the same kind of thing happened. So young Whites are not, you know, entirely molded by the educational system. The ones we see on TV breaking windows in Portland and that kind of thing, they’re not the majority I don’t think.


Audience member (male): Yeah, I wonder if you could just comment on two things.


One is the legitimate concern of Muslim immigration to Western countries. But the danger of that just being hijacked by the Zionists and used for their purposes. And, the other thing is the whole fundamentalist Christian Zionist thing. I mean we used to have people like Father Coughlin and Gerald K. Smith. Christianity was not, you know, Christian Zionism. And what do you think about the chances of a return, or a split in Christianity to get back to the kind of Christians that those people were?


Kmac: Yeah, two questions. The first one I agree that, you know, Islamic terrorism and so on, has been used by Jews. They advocate restrictions on free speech, increased police surveillance and all that. Protection for synagogues, greater security. And that’s happened throughout Europe and is happening in this country. One more Supreme Court justice so they can, you know, had Clinton had gotten in, then that would have been the end of the First Amendment, I think. So, there’s no question it plays into their hands and you, … You have all these activists like Pamela Geller, you know, hates Muslims and all this stuff. But, you know, she’s really motivated by Zionism. She’s a strong, strong Zionist. That’s her whole motivation. And it plays into that and, you know, it’s easy to, you know, to generate hate, xenophobia and so on, one when there is so much terrorism from them. So it really works for them. Christian Zionists, these guys are patsies and the organized Jewish community has seen that for a long time. And a lot of the organizations, the Christian Zionist Organization is actually run by Jews, and funded by Jews.


Circus Maximus Interview Rainer - 2042 The Scofield Reference Bible

[Image] The Scofield Bible


The whole Scofield Bible is a very interesting story, how that came about. Oxford University Press, Jewish influence getting it published. And a lot of that, and then you had the prestige of Oxford University. It became very, very popular. And you read it and it’s a Zionist tract! You look at all the footnotes and it would have been written by Herzl, or some some radical Zionist! I mean it’s an amazing document. But that’s forming the thinking of an awful lot of American Christians. But the good news is they didn’t, a lot of people said they were going to vote for Ted Cruz and so on in South Carolina and Texas. Well they did in Texas but not in South Carolina, which very critical! Everybody expected Cruz to win his home state, but South Carolina, everybody said that Trump can never win this. Well, the evangelicals voted for Trump! They didn’t put that first, that is a huge thing and I think we’re going forward with that.






Audience member (male): Hi Kevin. It’s an honor to ask you a question. My parents immigrated to the US from Israel. My dad was a paratrooper in 67 to 73, and I was raised there very Zionist. Today, the Lukid is kind of left-wing for me. [laughing]


First of all I want to say I really love your work. I read the Occidental Observer very regularly.


I really agree with you that this is, we’re at the cusp of a paradigm shift and something needs to change. And that the Jews are still in this mood where they think they can continue this sort of neo-con mass immigration thing, which is imploding on itself, as we speak.


I would really like to promote a sort of disconnection between the US and Israel because, on one hand, yes, we get aid, we get a foreign policy that’s tailored to our interests. On the other hand, America seems, and not under Donald Trump — that’s one of the reasons I like him in foreign policy. I think he’s going to have a very hands off approach and I want a hands off approach. I’d like to change the attitudes of Jews, but it’s not easy, …


Kmac: It’s not easy, no, …


Audience member (male): We’re a stiff neck people! But in some ways, you know, us better than we know ourselves. But what do you think? What are some persuasive strategies, because honestly, I’ve tried a lot and it is absolutely true that a lot of these Jews believe the double standards. Like, maybe some of them in the elites, they understand and they still pursue it. I’ve talked to many young Jews who were campaigning for Hillary Clinton and they really don’t even understand that their views are totally hypocritical!


Kmac: And that is amazing and I think there’s a high, … [Audience applause] I’ve been been corresponding by email with this gentleman, very interesting.


And, yeah, there’s a lot of hypocrisy and I actually had a chapter on Jewish self-deception and I think it happens. If you are extremely ethnocentric you just can’t see [your] behavior in any kind of bad light, and so on. It’s very hard to change their views on things. I am worried about Trump’s Israel policies. He talks about moving the embassy to Jerusalem, talked about, I guess Huckabee is going to be ambassador, he’s a Christian Zionist. He’s gung-ho for Israel. And that is not good. Steve Bannon is partying with the Zionist Organization of America. These guys are radical!


And he also, you know, he’s associated with David Horowitz. So it suggests that he really is sort of an intense kind of neo-con, kind of guy. And I don’t know where they got idea the he’s anti-Semitic. Weird! I worry much more that he is the reverse.


No, he’s too philosemitic and will not have a reasonable idea of what America’s interests are in the Middle East. So, I don’t, … It’s really a tough, a tough job to think about what we can do to convince Jews. I’ve been thinking about that for a long time! I don’t have any clues on that! [Laughing]


Thank you. [Audience applauds]


Audience member (male): Thank you.



[Image] Portrait of Richard Spencer.



Richard: Let’s take one more question and could Sam and Bill come to the stage.


Oh, that was very gentlemanly.


Audience member (female): Coming from a very, very Christian background, I found it’s almost impossible to criticize Israel and discuss it with my family members or community members. And it seems that among even very, maybe right-wing, you could say, Christians, very socially conservative Christians, they cannot give up this idea that we have to defend and support Israel at all costs. And how can you argue against that in a way that they would understand?


Kmac: That’s a problem and, you know, it’s embedded in this religious ideology and as everybody knows, we’re talking about Jews. But true Christians too, it’s very hard to make religious arguments opposed to what someone believes. There are a couple of people who have written to sort of address within their worldview and language. That’s not me. But they’ve tried to do that, and maybe that is what you have to do. You have to take a religious point of view yourself. And try to, you know, get into their way of thinking, you know, in a way I wouldn’t unsettle them. Because, yeah, I mean it’s dramatic. As I said, seventy nine to seven percent support of Republicans supporting Israel. And Donald Trump, you know, he’s a politician, you simply can’t ignore that. You’re not going to go out and criticize Israel. You’d be crazy to do that. But, you know, there’s a long history where presidents, you know, say all kinds of things in the campaign and then they back out. Obama was a great example. You know, serious Jews hate Obama, because he, you know, seemed to back up and a lot of them called him Israel’s greatest enemy and all that. Which is a bit over the top but, you know, he certainly didn’t do what the Israel lobby wanted. And I think that’s because he’s one of these Zionist leftists, he’s a social justice warrior, he has a little problem with what they’re doing the Palestinians. And so he, you know, he’s sort of honest in that regard.


But, I don’t know how to convince these people. I’ve written a couple of things, but it’s just, it’s not going to appeal to them. Certainly.


Richard: Thank you Kevin.


[audience applause]













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