Halsey vs Mike Enoch — TRANSCRIPT



[In this long (151 minutes) YouTube Hangout hosted by Andy Warski and JF, Mike Enoch debates the self identified jew, Halsey English on the topic of White advocacy and jewish power.

In many heated exchanges Enoch takes the correct position that organized jewry is a hostile “elite” that needs to be expelled from Western countries, while Halsey attempts to argue, in an almost legalistic, hairsplitting “jewy” manner, that while some jewish groups may have excessive power, jews as a whole are not the cause of White racial and cultural displacement. Yeah, right.

A bizarre part of this “debate” are the many abusive comments that Halsey directs at Enoch, calling him a lying fraud!   KATANA.]




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Published on Feb 14, 2018



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Halsey Vs. Mike Enoch






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Warski: What is going on everyone? Welcome back to another Warski Live. I’ve a new setup still in alpha phase. We’re getting the light fixture fixed as well. But this is part one. But, of course, joining me up it’s still in an out.


JF: Hello Andy! I think you were the only show that gets worse with time, visually!


Warski: Why you think it’s worse?


JF: I mean, I don’t know what’s happening here. You look like you have an eight-bit background that just bugged and then everything became black.


Warski: Yeah. Well that’s supposed to light up. But then when I turned it on, it over exposes everything and is a mess. So I have to get a friggin dimmer installed. Yeah believe me it’s a, it’s been a hectic day for me.


JF: A great debate on the way. Before, I’d like to hear Mike Enoch on the case of the lawsuit against you. I think it’s an important issue regarding free speech and I’d like to hear what’s happening with this.


Mike: Yeah thanks. Thanks for giving me the opportunity. I know we have a big audience here and I just want to make an appeal. I know my politics are controversial and this goes beyond my individual politics, or the politics of the people that attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville this summer.


There’s a lawsuit against us that is essentially an attack on the First Amendment and free speech and internet privacy as well. So these are they’re very powerful and wealthy lawyers that have taken this case and they have attempted to allege some kind of broad-based conspiracy. But, in fact, as they have admitted if you look at press reports about this lawsuit there was something in the New York Times yesterday. There have been various reports on it. They are essentially admitting that they are [02:01] attempting to use the court to shut down the Alt-Right.


To shut down political opposition. The New York Times article yesterday has the lead attorney in the case Reberta Kaplan, who is a very wealthy and powerful jewish lesbian, who has is attempting to shut down the Alt-Right, by her own admission. She is, this is a strategic lawsuit, quote of her “This is a strategic lawsuit”. Integrity First for America which is the group fundamental ng the lawsuit which is a group of about twelve very wealthy jewish lawyers, are admitted that this is a political lawsuit, because the government has not done enough to silence the Alt-Right. This is in the New York Times. They’ve admitted all these things.


Basically they are admitting they do not have a case before the court and this is purely an attempt to intimidate and silence the defendants. And it goes beyond us. You might say, all right, well tough! Look you went up against the wrong people. But it goes beyond us. As part of [03:00] this process. There’s a subpoena issued [03:02] to Twitter. Twitter is a third party they want information on people that’s tweeted certain hashtags. They want all personal identifiable information including email address, IP address, MAC address, for people that may have tweeted certain hashtags. Unite the Right, Free Cantwell, among others.


Now again, you might think I don’t care about these guys. They did something dumb. They went up against the most powerful group of people in the world, and that’s stupid. Maybe so, but if it’s us first, it’s gonna be you next. We’re out here running cover for you, for free speech. And I think we need to get campus free speech groups, the ACLU, any Pro First Amendment group, any Pro Electronic Privacy group, because there is no reason why a person that tweeted out a certain hashtag would add to their case. Like they are alleging something that’s non-existent. They don’t have a valid cause of action before the court and they know it. So if they get these subpoenas granted that’s [04:01] all that they want. So this is in case of Electronic Privacy, your right to privacy on the internet, your right to free speech and this is what these people are attempting to squash.


And I think it’s really very important that everybody gets behind, one in condemning the lawsuit, exposing the lawsuit as was it is. And I’m not asking you to support us. I understand that’s a step that many people don’t want to take. I simply want you to support the principle. Support the principles of electronic privacy and anonymity on the Internet. The right to use Twitter without being subjected to potential political witch hunts based on hashtags that you might tweet. And frankly the right of anybody to speak their mind without suffering this kind of “lawfare”. It’s important to note there is no criminal complaint. This is a civil complaint. JF, I know you’ve talked about the abuse of civil courts before. There’s no criminal complaint here, it’s a civil complaint. Why? Because a standard of evidence for a criminal complaint is much higher. They don’t expect to win this case?


They [05:00] merely want to use the case as a vehicle to get as much information on as many users of the Internet as they can. And I know that amongst those people that have tweeted the hashtags that they’re looking for are people that are not Alt-Right. People that might be pro Trump. People that might be critical of Israel. These are very serious First Amendment issues they cut to the heart of our rights as Americans. And I think every decent freedom-loving American of any race of any political affiliation needs to come out against this website. Call it for what it is. Understand what’s going on. And we need to light a fire under the butts of all the free speech organizations and Electronic Privacy organizations to come out against this!


JF: It’s indeed a very worrying story and, in fact, it’s part of a tendency to use civil courts as instruments of abuse and instruments of quasi police investigation. When they cannot [06:00] get the police to investigate, because there’s nothing to investigate, people are increasingly using in our country the civil courts as a as a bypassing of the law. And, in fact, it makes private agents and judges of civil courts in this country, essentially police investigators, judges at the same time, and agents of this state. It’s absolutely worrying and I fully support you in that.


Mike: Yeah, and it’s honestly in my opinion it’s an insult to the integrity of the court. I mean, these people are basically saying:


We don’t respect this court we don’t respect this court as a means for citizens to redress damages against each other. We use is this is a course nothing but a political vehicle. It’s just a tool we just want to use subpoena power to get information on our enemies. We don’t care that we’re not gonna win.


They’re not gonna win. I mean, they have no complaint. The complaint they’re making is emotional distress. That’s been struck down many times. Anyway, well let’s move on.


JF: So your message has been put forward. Andy today we have an amazing debate [07:02] have you been expecting as much excitement as me?


Warski: Oh yeah! The Valentine’s Day Massacre. Is that what we dubbed this?


JF: Yes. Tell your girlfriend it might be the last!


Halsey: Can I comment on the lawsuit?


JF: Yes.


Halsey: There’s one thing that I don’t seem to understand about why we would want to fight against this lawsuit. And just so, you know, I think that an attack on free speech is something that should be defended. I would donate to the group fighting against the lawsuit myself.


Mike: I’m not asking for money, I’m just, ….


Halsey: No I’m not. I’m not putting words in your mouth. Don’t worry! We’ll have plenty to today, ..


Mike: You’ll put words in my mouth later! I get it.


Halsey: Let’s agree to disagree later? Okay, what I’m saying is that a court case cuts both ways. And everything they can subpoena we can subpoena as well and anybody can subpoena the government’s decision-making process, the police records, the orders from town from Terry McAuliffe. If anything I would think this is going to turn out more [08:01] like the Moller lawsuit. It’s going to [08:02] turn out that they want Twitter names of people who nobody gives a shit about, when at the same time we could get information about people that actually we do give a shit about. So I don’t think that it’s such a bad thing that the lawsuit is going forward. I just think it has to be played right, and it can be actually a very good thing for our side.


Mike: Fair enough. I actually, I appreciate your sentiments there. And I would say that there right now there, we have not proceeded to trial. There are motions before the court to dismiss the case for all defendants based on the failure of the plaintiffs to state a valid cause of action. If it goes I am NOT issuing subpoenas right now, because I, … To do so would be to start a defense. And all my arguments before the court I have several courts pending, several motions pending, one of which is to dismiss the case based on, you know, there’s no valid cause of action. And two is to quash their subpoenas. And another [09:00] is to stay their discovery so basically. Because the problem with that is though, as I said, like they have no expectation of winning. For them going to trial and getting these subpoenas is victory enough!


Like they don’t think they’re gonna win they can’t possibly win there’s no credible allegations. If they get it to go to trial and they are allowed these subpoenas to go forward then they get information they want. And we all know that the reason that they want this information. The reason they want people that tweeted certain hashtags. It cannot possibly add to their case, they just want to target people. They want to target people for harassment. And this involves everybody they uses Twitter potentially. So that’s what they’re hoping for which is why we hope the case just gets dismissed.


I mean, I expect the judge to have integrity. This is a judge that ruled this. A court that ruled that the rally which was a permitted legal rally, had to go forward, because to cancel it violated our First Amendment rights. And so I expect the judge to be [10:01] honorable. To uphold the constitutional rights of citizens and simply dismiss the suit. In which case, this is all moot. I agree if it goes forward I will be issuing subpoenas. Believe me, if it goes forward, because I will try to see if I could subpoena records that indicate that this is a conspiracy to deny civil rights.


Warski: How do people support? People are asking the chat. Is there a link, or something?


Mike: For right now I mean, I want people. What I want people to do is to contact the ACLU, to contact FIRE, to contact the Electronic Freedom Foundation Election AFF electronic, I forget what exactly that like, you know, Internet privacy, EFF? I want you to contact all of these organizations and talk about the suit. Show the New York Times article and just mention to them what is going on. Right now I’m not asking for any money. Some of the other defendants might ask for money. If they do I will put it up on my Twitter. Right now, you know, I’m going [11:00] pro se. Some of the other defendants have [11:02] lawyers [11:02]. If people want, if people set up donations for lawyers I’ll put that on my Twitter and people can check there. As of right now it’s not money. We want moral support. The moral support of the community.


And I think that not asking for money helps in that, because what we want is everybody across the Right, whatever their view is, and it doesn’t have to be Alt-Right. Whether you’re Alt-Right, New Right, just pro-trump, neocon, maybe even? You know, to just say like the values of free speech and internet privacy are at risk here. And that’s what these people want.


I mean, these people are hardcore Leftists. Now they’re coming after us, because we’re a relatively easy target. They don’t think people should be allowed to support Trump. They don’t think Trump is a legitimate President. They want him unseated. They want him gone! And, you know, when he is gone, because he’s not gonna be President forever, these people are gonna be back in power and it’s gonna be a scary time. So, we got to fight now! We got to show them now we can be united we can be strong! Fighting [12:00] for our rights as Americans and Canadians! Look! You guys have an interest in our fighting for our rights too!


JF: Yeah. Doing “pro se” is the right way to go in this environment in this legal environment. Make it costly for them to maintain this lawsuit and make it not costly for you and know your rights. I encourage everyone to do the same. And it would be a scandal if this was not dismissed.


Halsey: I disagree with that one.


Mike: Well okay. But okay, I don’t want to fight about this. I want to just talk. So I’m curious like you agree. I mean, you agree that on, you disagree that it would be a scandal if it wasn’t dismissed on the basis that we would get subpoena power and be able to use it against them?


Halsey: I disagree that, I agree that the best alternative, the best outcome of a lawsuit is a determination of fact. And I think that them asking for records in subpoena and records right now and a judge just dismissing it keeps the idea open that this can be used as many times in the future until they find a judge [13:00] where it’s more favorable. And there’s no precedent. I would much rather let them know that every single time they come out of free speech movement with a lawsuit that it’s not only going to cost them a fortune but they’re going to suffer, because of it. Because the people who are going to be exposed are the ones behind the bullshit lawsuit and not the ones who they’re trying to out as being nasty on Twitter, or something stupid like that.


Which I don’t think you particularly care about being outed about being nasty on Twitter and either do 90% of the people that are doing it. Yes I think it’s travesty that they’re asking but I think dismissing it just leaves them vulnerable to fight another day but if they have to pay us heavy heavy price I don’t think the looting.


Mike: Yeah the danger there is though that they legitimately don’t have a valid cause of action before the court and I think that high standards we need to maintain the high standards of the law in terms of what constitutes a valid cause of action. And essentially letting this case go forward would set a precedent that essentially you can sort of sue people, you know, not make any allegations against some other than, you know, bare recitals of a cause like this [14:02] guy harmed me and then once you get a case before the court now you have subpoena power and you can like ask for whatever you want. And I think, you know, I think a lot of people maybe don’t care if it comes out that they were nasty on Twitter, or not. It’s not so much nasty.


It’s like you have to understand that the Alt-Right has legitimately been subjected to doxing and harassment based on nothing but their views peaceful people that attended unite the right and peeps peaceful people that have used Twitter and have supported the Alt-Right have been doxxed. Have been harassed. They’ve lost their jobs and they’ve and there’s not much they can do. So if someone has been tweeting out unite the right free can’t well these are some of the hashtags are going after and their personal information is released now a couple of things could happen nothing could happen, or ultimately what is likely to happen is these lawyers leaked it to the SPLC they leaked it to the ADL these are groups that are set up to harass people. And so I think it should be dismissed based on the principles of law, because the principles [15:00] of law there’s no valid cause of action.


Halsey: But the principle of substitution is just that any case with a monetary value above 17 dollars has the right to be redressed by a court. So the bar is already exceptionally low they’re set by the Constitution.


Mike: So I mean, I don’t know about that but, I mean, you might be right I’m not I’m not that sounds a little bit Alt-Right it was.


JF: The problem in my view about consuming on threat on trials when the allegations are improper the motion to dismiss exist, because lawsuits can have a chilling effect on freedom of speech especially and freedom of speech is concerned it’s important not to let the lawsuit itself be a tool of aggression.


Halsey: Yes I agree with you but that’s kind of what I was what I was saying is that I think that dismissing it leaves this open to keep happening over and over again, because it doesn’t cost so much to get that far and they don’t get so embarrassed by being dismissed but a determination of law, or proving that I can hurt them, this being is Alt-Right.


JF: Now I don’t know what you guys wanted to talk about today, but I think that there have been some claim by Halsey that the Alt-Right seems to be rooted in anti-semitism and whether you like you guys like this object, or not as a main subject, maybe I’ll throw the conversation on that point. Mike is your membership in the Alt-Right, and you mentioned that one of the ladies involved in this is a lesbian jew. Is your involvement in the Alt-Right rooted in anti-semitism?


Mike: I don’t know about rooted. But I would say that, first of all I think “anti-semitism” is a loaded term. I mean, we use the term “jewish question”. I think what one of the major, what one of the factors in the Alt-Right. One of the points that we kind of revolve around is a critique of jewish community power.


And we believe that this is a valid critique. A critique that [17:00] needs to be made and one that is typically, you know, not something that is talked about in public. Everybody nobody, you know, that you bring this up and you are immediately slapped down, literally, in the case of a slap lawsuit, when it comes to this case.


And it’s a valid thing to talk about, this critique of jewish community power and how this is a detrimental to those people who have a large and powerful jewish community at the upper echelons of their society.


Halsey: So in a free society when you have people that seem to have an over, that an over dramatic sense of power, then what would your solution be to that sense of power, other than limiting free speech, or limiting their ability to influence the government?


Mike: What do you mean by “sense of power”? Like that they sense it themselves, or are they, …


Halsey: No. No what I’m saying is that if it exists. If you’re saying that the jewish lobby has an overextended sense of power. Meaning that they can influence things in a way that other communities can’t. Then how do you suggest changing that in a [18:00] way that isn’t authoritarian? That does not attack their free speech. Where it does not make, …


Mike: Well I don’t see why I’m obligated. Okay, why am I obligated to allow an ethnic group to have a bunch of power over me?


Halsey: Why am I obligated to allow you to have free speech then? And it’s called the Constitution it’s called the right. It’s called the right to actually go out and express your views and to try to do everything in your power to advance your causes. If you don’t believe in that, then I don’t even know what you’d be doing here in the first place.


Mike: I mean, what? Okay but I mean, you’re the people that are attacking free speech are these very people. These people obviously are not invested in the concept of free speech. You want to argue from a very broad theoretical abstract place, I’m talking about specifics. The specifics of this, is it one of the critiques of jewish power is that jews do not respect free speech.


They, in fact, attack it! They attack it legally. They attack it monetarily, financially, politically, everything! As we are seeing in this very lawsuit. So the critique of jewish power is the attack on free expression itself! So the idea that like that’s a valid reason for me [19:02] to accept their power, just doesn’t even work.


Halsey: I didn’t say that you should accept their power. I didn’t say that at all! , nor did I say that their positions were valid what I said was how do you plan to limit that power in a way that is not authoritarian and that’s not okay what I’m saying is that you’re advocating that these are the people that are against free speech these are the people that are doing this and doing that, but at the same time you want to have the power to use those same rights against them to limit their power so what I’m saying is how do you limit their power of free speech when you find it a detriment if you’re saying then trying to limit your.


Mike: But it’s not free speech. They’re not using power of free speech against me they’re using financial money power and the ability to influence and bully people politically in order to infringe my rights if they’re if there’s a group doing this if a group doesn’t respect my rights I’m under no obligation to respect theirs.


Halsey: But I’m saying you just said they’re using their money to try to bully you and to try make you do whatever so why can’t you use your money to do the same back?


Mike: I can. [20:01]


Halsey: That’s what exactly so in a free society I don’t understand what the arguments.


Mike: I’m not obligated to respect the free speech rights of someone that doesn’t respect it that would just make me a chump.


Halsey: No you’re not obligated to do hardly anything mike. There’s been many times where you’ve come out and you’ve said things, or you’ve promoted people, or you promoted ideas that I would find disgusting and that I would want to fight against hence why I asked for a debate to me that I can actually discuss these ideas with you. And I haven’t limited your free speech.


Mike: No you haven’t.


Halsey: I’m saying that if the jewish lobby has a limit of power has an extension of power that you disagree with the way to fight that power is through the exact rights that use claim that they’re opposed to. If you’re not going to.


Mike: Obviously otherwise they wouldn’t be opposed to them.


Halsey: But what I’m saying though is that if they’re trying something that’s not within the system and you can’t use the system against them like I said with the lawsuit then that’s one thing. That’s when that’s when violence gets resorted to. If you can’t if you can’t use the system as it’s designed to limit the [21:01] power of those that are using the system as well then you have a problem. But if you can and have the open ability to do so and just don’t have the actual reach to do it then I would be interested in hearing what your solution is as opposed to more free speech.


Mike: Well when I have if I have the reach I have the reach it doesn’t it doesn’t really matter I mean, essentially I guess I’m a little bit confused here with what your your question is, because we are fighting for free speech,


Halsey: , because what you’re pointing something out and you’re hoping that everybody will draw a conclusion based on that you’re pointing out an overreaching fact you’re saying the jewish lobby is too powerful. That’s fine. What would be needed to counter that Lobby in any sense of a free societies way is to organize to combat that to that power and to use the same resources that you have against them that you claim that they’re using against you. In a battle of three ideas that’s how it works. If not then you’re talking about a system that’s going to resort to [22:00] violence.


Mike: You just roboted it out.


Warski: Repeat that last line.


Halsey: Yeah what I’m saying is that you you’ve you’re advocating a point that the jewish lobby is too strong. That’s fine it can be a very low but it can be a valid point. I think the jewish lobby has done more harm to jewish people than it has to other people. So I don’t have a complaint against fighting against the jewish lobby. What I’m claiming is that you’re not offering any solution other than to point out a problem. And that you’re hoping that the solution aspect of the argument is something that people will just ignore by pointing out that there’s an actual problem.


Warski: But you agree that there is a problem.


Halsey: I’ve said that all along I agree there’s a problem. I said in the last debate I’ve said on my show many times the Left is a problem for me in general overreaching 100 percent! Notice that when Mike said that were there’s a lawsuit that’s going after free speech I said our side I’m [23:02] not on the Alt-right. I don’t agree with you politically on almost anything you say.


But at the same time our side is the side of freedom. And our side is the side of debate and our side is the side of free speech that is our side and I will fight against the jewish lobby the same as I would the Christian Lobby, or the black lobby, or the Muslim Lobby, or any other lobby period to stop them from denying rights to you, or me, or anybody else. But just to point out that there’s a lot of jews on that Lobby I believe isn’t an argument. It’s pointing something out without any kind of solution and hoping that seems like a point.


Mike: Oh well I just would say this that I think embedded in your what you’re saying there is some sort of premise that I owe the extension of certain principles to people that don’t respect those principles and attack and undermine my own rights. I don’t owe rights to the jewish lobby.


Halsey: I don’t throw them at you — you can’t sit here on the other side of the coin and say oh my god they’re coming after me this sucks so bad when at the same time [24:01] you’re saying I denied their right to do it, because after all they suck too. — so if you’re going to say.


Mike: I don’t have any power to deny them rights!


Halsey: Why not? You have a microphone settings right in front of you’re on,


Mike: You know, you don’t deny rights to a microphone! You deny rights to the use of institutional financial and political power which is what they are doing! How are you are asking me asking me to respect their so finally me there’s no reason to do that.


Halsey: Mike calm down man. It’s no reason to get so upset. What I’m saying is that you have the right to use as I said, with the lawsuit if I turn em over this free speech.


Mike: Have I done any.


Halsey: I said that you have the right to use the same resources against them and, in fact, it would probably be a stronger argument to do so than to just say I want this to go away. But you’re sitting here arguing and yelling about the fact that you deny rights to an individual.


Mike: I did not who did I deny deny rights to?


Halsey: No you said that they’re being denied to you and I don’t understand what rights you’re talking about are being denied to you. They might be trying to which as I said, you can fight against that’s why we have a system. But you’re [25:02] arguing no they suck therefore I have the right to do whatever the hell I want.


Mike: It’s not that they suck it’s as a systemic degradation of the rights of Americans as this group of people has come to power. Fundamentally there’s a faulty premise that you’re working with which is that a principle is a principle if one side respects it and the other doesn’t. If there’s a principle of free speech all parties have to agree to this principle. The jewish power in America does not agree to the principle therefore as far as I’m concerned they forfeit that right!


Halsey: And as I just before there’s also another amendment to the Constitution which says you have the right to address any action in court that has a harm above 17 dollars. It says it clearly so they’re exercising their right to do whatever they want a judge will determine whether they’re attacking your free speech, or not, or whether you did something above and beyond me to this.


Mike: Let me ask you this. Say the judge in this case was jewish you think that would affect the outcome?


Halsey: I would not [26:01] have a problem with someone recusing themselves from the case if he was jewish.


Mike: Do you think that the outcome do you think would affect the outcome if the judge in the case is jewish?


Halsey: I don’t think him being jewish would give him an innate bias, but I would not have a problem in recusing himself for that reason.


JF: Oh Mike I’d like to ask you a question to clarify your position. If the jewish lobby existed and controlled CNN the way it does right now but let’s forget about the acts of aggression let’s forget about the lawsuit let’s forget about the lives about the deformation about the false information do you think that the jewish lobby in itself to it’s legitimate economic power is a problem and is a violation of First Amendment rights?


Mike: I don’t consider their power legitimate.


JF: That in itself you would consider it an act of aggression, or a violation?


Mike: I don’t see why any group of people should suffer a foreign highly ethnocentric group of people with a lot of money in power at the top of it society no matter who they are. I don’t think people should be ruled by others!


Halsey: So that’s my point. You have just said again you believe that those Americans should be denied their rights in favor of you, who are an American and have existential rights that are higher above than anybody else’s rights. And you say that their Lobby in and of itself is illegitimate, because they’re foreigners. When I don’t recall you being born at Plymouth Rock I don’t recall that you fighting in the war of independence. I recall my family doing so. I don’t require yours yours.


Mike: You recall it?


Halsey: Yeah I’ve heard the stories I’ve seen the pictures and I have the genealogy to prove it. So if you want to tell me that all of a sudden your rights as an American mean that you can deny other people rights as an American, because you don’t like their opinions, then I don’t understand what you’re.


Mike: It’s not the issue of opinions!


Halsey: What is it then?


Mike: It’s the issue of their overwhelming political financial power that they use to lobby the government to control the courts to control the legal system to deny Americans their rights to lobby for things that are against the interests of Americans particularly White Americans too they’ve used the their disproportionate influence in all in all number of spheres to dis, you know, to disenfranchise Whites and to harm their interests and I see no reason why when one of their attacks is the attacks on our fundamental rights that was it was set up by a White government. And at the time that these rights were put in place the government was White and it was specifically restricted to Whites immigration to this country naturalization of this country would say specifically Whites only thing.


This is a White system it was set up for free White men. And for another group to come in to disrespect the rights to gain a lot of power through money, through finances through media through politics attack these rights. You know, attack Americans that fight for them. I mean, this is exactly proving the case of [29:00] why the government was set up as Whites only in the beginning!


White who are under attack from a very powerful very wealthy group are required to respect their rights when they don’t respect mine! That is like saying that like an ant is required to respect the rights of a person to just like step on him! I mean, that is silly! Like you’re just saying like you’re essentially trying to hamstring me in the ability to pursue my own interest in the interests of my group, with like a bunch of principles that the people that are attacking us don’t themselves agree to! It’s like if you do free trade as a principle but then China puts up a tariff wall you’re just gonna get screwed!


Halsey: Okay, is it my turn now? Because there’s so much in that statement that I just found awesome! Is that you said it was set up by all Whites, but there were plenty of jews in America at the time that were given full rights. Haime Solomon funded the Revolutionary War, there were jewish signers on the Declaration of Independence. So if you’re now saying that at the time jews were not considered Whites, then you’re just making a misstatement of fact. At the [30:00] time there were plenty of jews in America and until 1965, when this major immigration bill was passed jewish immigration was allowed. So there was never a restriction on jewish power in the United States, nor a reason.


Mike: It was an oversight.


Halsey: It was an oversight, okay but then you just said we’re not talking about opinions and just went on to say they’re doing things in to the detriment of White people. They’re doing things, those are your opinions. In fact, your opinions that a majority of White people would disagree with. So if the majority of White people disagree with you and the majority of jewish people disagree with you and the majority of black people in Hispanic people and every other people disagree with you. Then how is it not an opinion that what you want is in the interest of all White people, when almost everybody universally disagrees with you, except for the very small people that listen to you?


Mike: What do you say? I shouldn’t express my opinion, because it’s people that disagree with me?


Halsey: You just said it wasn’t an opinion! You said it was a fact! You said it has nothing to do as you.


Mike: Jewish power, in fact, do you yourself acknowledge it!


Halsey: I very much acknowledge it [31:01]


Mike: A lot of people are afraid of it. Won’t speak up about it not sure I’m sure there’s people that disagree. People that don’t see it. People that haven’t been awakened to it. People that don’t know what’s going on. Sure! Fine! The fact that people I mean, I know I’m not sure what you’re saying. I shouldn’t I shouldn’t say anything about it? , because people disagree my.


Halsey: Mike, what I keep saying is that every time I say that the jewish lobby is working within the system to express their opinion.


Mike: I disagree! I just.


Halsey: Let me finish I let you finish. You keep saying they’re not opinions they’re doing X Y & Z


Mike: They are.


Halsey: Then say I believe X Y & Z and that this is what the way it should go and then say but those aren’t opinions those are my opinions and why can’t I express my opinions? Why can’t they express their opinions? I don’t understand! Yes I acknowledge their Lobby! I acknowledge that they’re not inferring a singular purpose! What I also acknowledge is that what you seem to be upset about, is that no one wants to listen to you!


Mike: No it’s not true.


Halsey: A lot that people are trying to restrict what your saying? [32:01]


Mike: I listen to you, listen to me. I have significantly more listeners than you bro!


Halsey: You keeps claiming every jew has their part in the jewish lobby. What I’m saying is claiming that yours that you’re speaking for White people.


Mike: Sure.


Halsey: And that you have all that right, when at the same time the majority of every single race and every single color and every single religion seems to disagree with you. And you seem to be upset about that! Like they’re not letting you play with their toys on the playground, which is fine, but you can just acknowledge that fact, as opposed to saying “No that’s not an opinion, they’re doing horrible things” in your opinion!


Mike: Again I don’t know it seems like you’re just saying that any opinion that’s not the majority should be is illegitimate somehow?


Halsey: Okay, I say it’s a legitimate. I said it should be advocated for it. We created it,


Mike: Okay then what’s our problem?


Halsey: Advocate for it., because you’re saying somehow, and you refuse to answer the question, which I also find interesting. What is your solution to limit their rights to express their opinions the way [33:02] they want?


Mike: What I’m saying is, I don’t see a group that is using collective financial political and media power to attack my people as in my interest is legitimately happening.


Halsey: Have you ever heard of trade unions? Have you ever heard of the black lobby? Have you ever heard of the Muslim lobby? These are all people who you would claim are legitimately using political financial and other power to restrict your rights! So I’m saying if you’re pointing out the problem with the jewish people, then I don’t understand why your problem with all of these people isn’t a problem including all of the White people who disagree with you?


Mike: Again like it seems like you’re just saying that, because a lot of people disagree with me there’s something illegitimate what I’m saying.


Halsey: I don’t, I think what you’re saying is illegitimate, because I think what you’re saying is ridiculous and wrong! I didn’t say you shouldn’t have the right to say it! I think the absolute best thing you could do, is get the biggest microphone with the most people listening to it on the planet! , because when people hear you they will be way more repulsed than they [34:01] are right now!


Mike: Well that hasn’t been the case. That hasn’t been the case. I’m more popular than you are.


Halsey: I don’t claim to be so popular. I mean, you’re the one who’s saying I’m wanting to deny you rights.


Mike: I’m not saying you are in power.


Halsey: What I’m saying is that I believe that the best thing that could happen is for you to go out there and say what you want as loudly as humanly possible, because I believe in the principles of free speech. And I believe that’s why we have them! I believe when you talk, you turn people off and make people look for better solutions.


I believe when you and all of your friends in the Alt-Right leadership come out and lie to people, and make things up, in order to further your own pockets! I think that when you claim jews do it, when it comes out, it betters me! It makes me better! When David Duke goes out and raises money, because he’s a pauper, and then has to plead guilty to fraud, because he went and spent it all at the casino, that’s good for me!


Mike: Good for you.


Halsey: And you have a black brother, and then you come out and say I am for the White racial, that works for me! That does my job for me! I don’t need a bigger microphone than for you to go out and prove how ridiculous you are! You and Ellie Mosley sat there and he said:

I don’t know what’s better, an HR rep getting to fire niggers and spics all day, or shooting people in Iraq

We know one of those things wasn’t true!


Mike: I didn’t say any of those things.


Halsey: You didn’t give a stuff about it! You had a great time with him. I heard the audio and anybody wants to hear and I’ll be happy to post the link later. And then the truth of it was that he couldn’t have said “I think it’s awesome that I was HR rep, …” that sounds so ridiculous!


Mike: Why are you, …


Halsey: What I’m saying is that there is a concerted effort of fraud amongst you and all of your leadership that A) you change your opinions every 15 seconds, depending on what the political winds may be. B) you get so crazy hurt and upset when people don’t agree with [36:00] you. Even though what you’re saying is usually pretty ridiculous and pretty on the fringe of what anyone else agrees and C) that you all seem to stick up for each other no matter what level of fraud, or deceit comes out., because after all: The jews!


Mike: Okay I mean, I’m okay. That was a nice rant! I’m having a hard time finding like a specific complaint. So fraud, what specifically is the fraud, that I have done?


Halsey: The fraud you have done? You hosted a show called “The Daily Shoah”. You war married to a woman who goes to trans events, and is jewish! And you’re sitting here hosting a show called The Daily Shoah! You didn’t divorce her! That would have been a manly thing to do.


Mike: Hold on a sec!


Halsey: Wait!


Mike: I am fuckin, I know these are not arguments pal!


Halsey: I didn’t speak over you, don’t speak over me please. What I’m saying is the manly thing would to do, if you agreed that jews were so horrible is that you would have divorced her! Instead when it came out that you were married [37:00] to a jew she went after you! She left you! When this all came out I’ve read all the articles and, you know, what maybe none of it is true, maybe some of it is true. Maybe all of it is true. I’m betting it’s true though Mike! I’m betting it’s true that your parents don’t talk to you anymore. I’m betting it’s true that your brother doesn’t talk to you anymore. I’m betting it’s true that your wife divorced you and you still came out said “look at me mom, a White warrior!


JF: That’s another there are allegations and I’d like to hear Mike about this.


Mike: Which allegations? I’m not hearing any. I’m hearing a lot of like attempts to, you know, impugn my character based on things he heard on the internet about my family.


Halsey: You impugn my character all the time.


Mike: I haven’t impugned your character!


Halsey: You made a statement about jews that is based on stuff you read on the Internet. So you’re sitting here saying the jewishness this, the jewish that!


Mike: Look you have a chance to prove yourself of superior character by fighting against these things but you’re not doing it.


Halsey: Who says I’m not fighting against it? I literally commented on here all the time today and other, … you are attacking, because you’re a fraud! Not, because I [38:01] believe that you all of your ideas are invalid. I just think that you yourself are a fraud! I think you’re a shock jock! And what you do is you come out and you say things that are gonna piss people off, because, you know, that people are going to let you play on the playground with them Mike! That’s why you do these things. That’s why you didn’t come home and say wow jews are really horrible, I’m gonna divorce you, because you’re jewish! You waited until it came out in the press, and then she left you, and then you came out and said “ah yes, …”


Mike: Are you gonna sit here and let him do this?


JF: Yeah, because decided that he is not interested in talking about private life. And I was saying all fairness.


Mike: Dude I can talk about it.


Halsey: You can talk about it. But wait a minute! I can be impugned about the fact that I’m jewish, and you can come after me for every single thing that every single the jew has done, since I don’t know thirty five hundred years ago! And somehow that’s my problem!


Mike: Use proven my point as far as I’m concerned! You don’t want to talk about ideas you just want to engage in smears and personal attacks [39:00] exactly exactly why you cannot be.


Halsey: … ideas. Cannot be personalized ideas. A fraud is a fraud! L Ron Hubbard created Scientology. He was a fraud! So we can sit here and argue about whether Xenu really put the souls on the planet, or not. But if it came from a fraud, it’s the fruit of the poisonous tree. It means that if it came from shit it is shit! Most likely. And what I’m saying is you keep going “Oh God not the personal attacks, not coming after me personally” you are the one claiming “my ideas”! You keep saying “my opinions” “my ideas”! You’re the one personalizing them. Not me. And when I’m saying okay if you’re going to personalize these ideas as being in the interest of White people, let’s look into the person who is saying these things.


Mike: That doesn’t make any sense.


Halsey: You’re the one who’s pronounced.


Mike: Obviously you’re just get you saying oh this guy had, you know, trouble with his wife, had trouble with his family therefore ideally,


Halsey: Trouble with your wife. I’m very happy that you believe that. That is another great opinion of yours. This is a show where we are going to exchange our opinions. And if you feel I’m exposing myself, that’s fine! That’s why I wanted to come on here! I am happy to expose who I am.


Warski: Can I ask a question for clarification. You’re saying he’s a fraud. What particular belief, or think he has said.


Mike: Yeah what specifically do you think I don’t actually believe?


Halsey: That you don’t actually believe? The fact that you run a show called the Daily Shoah.


Mike: No, no, no, no! What do you think I don’t actually believe? Do you think I don’t actually believe in jewish power? You think I’m just making it you?


Halsey: Let me answer the question, or do you want to give me an answer for me? I’ll answer the question. I don’t think you believe in anything. I think that you believe in whatever the cause that you happen to believe in for the moment is. And that’s what you fight for, because you like to argue. I also like to argue! [41:00] I’m jewish, it happens. But what I’m saying is you were a communist, you were a libertarian, you are a conservative, you were a Trump guy, you’re a Nazi, you’re a Alt-righter, or all of this! You change your extreme political views all the time!


So do I believe you believe this yet right now? Yes I do believe you believe this right now! And I believe that the next political fad that comes on the fringe that you feel like you can latch on to, I believe you’ll believe that too! I just don’t believe you actually believe in any of this stuff in a means of actually promoting a solution to anything you’re talking about. All you want to do is point out problems which makes you look intelligent. Which I think is a fraud! That is what I am saying. Do I mince my words!


Mike: Not really. I just don’t see, I mean, I’m not seeing arguments here.


JF: Is the heart of the issue? Do you think of it that White Nationalism, …


Mike: This isn’t it this is not a question of whether I’m a fraud though okay? This is we, were okay, I mean, that’s what that’s your agenda [42:00], because again you don’t want to argue the issue! You want to attack me! Talk about the question of jewish power, which you’ve already acknowledged and you’ve already.


Halsey: I will talk about anything and you’ll say “I believe in this” and I’m refuting what you believe in, because I’m saying that you don’t have the courage of your convictions. I’m saying that the person saying these things, is not saying them with a lot.


Mike: That is not an argument!


Warski: My point. By saying well I’m not going to debate that point, because I don’t believe you believe that point.


Halsey: I don’t understand what you just said.


JF: Warski is trying to say that engaging in debate is an implicit recognition already that the words that come out of the mouth of your opponent somehow means something, or else what’s the purpose of debate?


Halsey: The purpose of debate is exposing the truth! That is the purpose of debate. That calls into question the [43:01] character of the debater and the idea is being debated. That is why I wanted to come on here and debate. I will literally debate any issue that he wants to bring up. He’s the one who keeps bringing up.


Mike: We’re gonna say.


Halsey: There’s no reason for you to talk over me!


Mike: Vie let you fucking go on and on and attack, you know, a whole bunch of shit.


Halsey: What I’m saying is credible and you’re just going bad personal insult! What I’m saying is bring up an issue that you want to discuss and I would be happy.


Warski: I’ll bring up an issue. Sorry my computer is lagging right now, and I don’t want the stream be shut down. So agar 93 through fifty euro: Maybe you could debate about this. He says talk about most jews in positions of power having a double citizenship and advocating for policies beneficial to Israel and detrimental to the good of [44:02] their host countries. They should be treated as foreign agents. Which is Garmin’s opinion.


Mike: Sure so I mean, let me ask you this let me ask you this. Your pro-Israel right?


Halsey: Yep.


Mike: Alright are you a citizen of Israel?


Halsey: Yeah.


Mike: Okay how can you be loyal to two countries?


Halsey: How can anyone be loyal to two countries? Plenty of people have dual citizenship.


Mike: Okay, how can you personally, how can you be loyal to two countries? Which is your which will you choose if these countries come into dispute?


Halsey: Well maybe you haven’t listened to me in the past. Which is fine as I said, I’m a nobody. You haven’t heard of me yet. But I have been trying to actually get rid of my Israeli citizenship ever since I moved back here. I only declared it, because I was working over there as a reporter for ten years. And it was easier for my taxes to declare dual citizenship. I renounced it in 2013. It’s just more of a process that I thought it would be. But I have no interest in maintaining my Israeli citizenship.


Mike: Okay fair enough alright. That’s good. I’m happy for you, but what [45:00] do you think about the, do you believe that there are individuals in the United States government, now this you can say that this is not a valid point, because of issues in my past if you want.


Halsey: I won’t talk about your past if we’re talking about an issue.


Mike: Well no, because before you literally said like anything I say is invalid.


Halsey: The one that who has just brought it up again. And finish your question, because I’m looking forward to answering it.


Mike: [chuckling] okay, so do you think that there’s an issue with individuals of dual, and like let’s be honest, when we talk about Israel. Israel is the jewish state, so jews have a relationship to Israel whether, or not, you know, they are citizens, or not, you know, on paper. There is an issue there. Can I ever trust a jew in a position of power that they will be loyal to the United States rather than loyal to Israel?


Halsey: I love what you just did there. I love how you tried to blunt what I was going to say by throwing something out there to just kind of describe that what you said was a lie, because what you said is that there are people in the position of government, that have dual citizenship. They actually don’t. They would have to go to Israel and declare [46:01] dual citizenship and accept it, in order to do so, as they would.


Mike: Dude! This fucking guy!


Halsey: I didn’t interrupt you! They would have to go over there and declare dual citizenship and accept it, as they would have to in Germany, as they would have to in a host in almost all European countries, almost all South American countries, almost all Asian countries. Anyone who has that nationality can go claim dual citizenship and have it recognized by the United States. No one calls into question a Germans person ability to stay loyal to America, because if they so choose they can go to Germany and declare dual citizenship. You seem to think that, because someone’s jewish and can go to Israel and declare dual citizenship, that makes them a dual citizen. It does not!


Mike: I didn’t say that.


Halsey: Both of them would turn it down.


Mike: I literally didn’t say that.


Halsey: Yes you did! You said even if it’s not a piece of paper.


Mike: I said! Yes, even if it’s not a piece of paper, meaning even if they’re not actually dual citizen, do you think there’s an issue with dual loyalties! [47:00] not jews.


Halsey: No I don’t. All right, I disagree.


Halsey: Okay we could disagree on that one.


JF: We have a super chat from the Saturn dingo $30 US. How do you defend yourself against an attacker without using violence? The answer is simple. The rules are out the window when they’re not playing by them. I think it’s a really the point that Mike was doing earlier where he said,


Halsey: Can you please clarity that, because I didn’t understand what you war saying. I want to make sure vie got the point.


JF: It said that the point that Mike was doing was the area he said, because jews in the way they proceed they violate some rules. Then we have not to apply some rules to them, because they have violated these rules and they have implicitly consented into not playing the kind of game that the average citizen would play. Now Mike I wanted to you.


Mike: I think all this is predicated on certain assumptions here. I think that like when we get into this realm where everything is this abstract premise and it’s all about abstract rights and theoretically every [48:00] individual blah. We’re not talking about the real world and how people really behave.


The complaint against jewish power is that jews act effectively as an ethnic group. They act, they have connections to each other, they promote each other they’re truly nepotistic, they’re ethnocentric. They have their own state! They have their own state, but whereby the things that are advocated for by jews in the United States are effectively the exact opposite of what goes on in Israel. I mean, what do you deny that? Would you agree with me that essentially Israel engages in policies that jews in the United States lobby against!


Like a wall, like not allowing Third World immigration, like sterilization of black people like, you know, forcibly removing migrants, like having a state based on, you know, their own ethnicity.


Do you agree that jews have a double standard, have a dual loyalty, and have two ways of looking at things depending where they’re talking about the United States and Europe, or whether they’re talking about Israel?


Halsey: So okay I can [49:01] answer that. You in one breath said that you believe that jews all have this dual loyalty to Israel and to America, right? But at the same time you’re upset that they’re advocating for policies here and not giving a crap about what’s going on in Israel.


Mike: I don’t say not giving a crap.


Halsey: I don’t believe for one second that the people who are here advocating for against a wall here, are advocating for a wall there. They’re not thinking about there, at all.


Mike: Why aren’t they advocating against a wall there though?


Halsey: Why should they? Why do they have to advocate against any foreign government?


Mike: They are jews right? I mean, do you ever read the Jewish Daily Forward, just out of curiosity?


Halsey: Sometimes.


Mike: Okay. You’re aware that like essentially these are jews that sit around and they talk about, you know, how do we reconcile these issues, the wall in Israel? How do we reconcile the fact that people continuously point out that there are policies that the jewish community overwhelmingly advocates [50:00] against in the United States. There are I mean Israel is essentially a National Socialist state, and we’re supposed to believe that jews are so so against this idea. They’re so against the idea of ethnic states, of ethnic solidarity, of walls of security, etc., and I just don’t buy it! Well, you know,


Halsey: You literally answered your own question though. The reason that there’s a debate amongst American jews as to why this can go on in Israel here, .. Wait a minute wait a minute, let me finish. The reason they’re upset about it is, because they have absolutely no power over Israel and they wish they could advocate that Israel would do something about their wall, or about their migrant policy, or things like that! And they can’t! , because Israel doesn’t give a crap what they have to say. They want their values of a no wall, their values of migrants coming in.


Mike: I don’t see any evidence of that!


Halsey: Well how about you talk about Sarah Silverman’s sister, the actress. She’s over there right now in Israel. She just started an organization to keep the migrants in Israel that Israel is kicking out. So she is actually out there [51:00] doing what you said. She’s there in Israel advocating for the same things she’s advocating for here. The majority of American jews have never been to Israel, know nothing about Israel, and the only thing they’ve ever heard about Israel’s what they’ve read in the paper. They have no desire to go there and be a part of the political system. So they’re upset that Israel seems to be speaking for jews, because it’s a jewish country, but at the same time they’re completely impotent in affecting Israeli policy. They’re not sitting here saying Israel should be allowed to build a wall, because “after all”, but America should not, because of “after all”. What you’re saying is exactly in line with the truth.


Warski: May I just ask. Mike did he answer your original question at all?


Mike: Well I mean, you know, the issue is it’s like, okay I personally am skeptical of what you’re saying that these jews are so opposed to these policies in Israel. It certainly there is a, … let’s like, how about this. Let’s like move away from this whole like I’m gonna get you, I’m gonna fucking trip you up, and let’s talk about things in terms [52:00] of how they really are! Now jews, you know, I’m not claiming jews is like a monolith. There’s left-wingers, mondoWeiss and all that stuff. And they claim some amount of consistency in being, you know, purely for left-wing. My point is, one thing that can be counted on.


Halsey: I’m losing you I don’t know if it’s in New York, or you. I didn’t hear the part.


JF: Mike can start over.


Mike: I’m saying I will acknowledge the fact of extremely like left-wing jews that do advocate against these things in Israel. However, fundamentally, the policies of Israel don’t really concern me other than to the extent that I see they great deal of hypocrisy amongst jews for failing to criticize Israel, when they consistently criticize the United States. When they consistently impugn the morality of White people in the United States that wish to have a wall that wish to restrict immigration, that do not want masses of third-worlders here.


And, in fact, I mean, you know, you can say like uh that this is like some fantasy some whatever. But I mean, we see the jewish lobby has, in fact, been responsible for many of the things that are detrimental to the interests of White Americans.


Halsey: Like what?


Mike: Including the 1965 Immigration Act. Uh the, you know, the Wars for Israel, the consistent Zionist wars, the control of the media. I mean, the control of the media that is, you know, now in the process of attacking and attempting to unseat a democratically elected President. I mean, this goes to the heart of the matter of jewish power. That it essentially acts as a force that is detrimental to the interests of the people that it oversees.


And fundamentally I don’t see a reason why any group of people should be required to accept over it and essentially an oligarchy of another ethnicity that doesn’t identify with you. That acts collectively, while insisting that you act individually, and will not allow you [54:02] know the ethnic identification. I mean, what’s the one thing that always comes under attack? It’s when White people choose to ethnically identify with each other. Defend their rights as White people and say, you know, we would like our own country! We do not want, we had a country, it has been taken from us through the systemic abuse of political power, the repression of our rights, the importation of millions of third-worlders.


Things jews would never put up with in their own country. You know, this is a pattern it’s a, you know, the jewish Question, it’s not saying like every single jew! Sure you could probably find counter examples, but that’s not the issue! The issue is that it is a pattern it is a pattern recognition issue. We see jewish power is being detrimental to our interests. And essentially your gripe is you should be required to extend the same rights to people that are attacking you that you enjoy. I just don’t see that, …


Halsey: And I see what, ..


Mike: That?


JF: Have a right to essentially use a system against me! I don’t see, ..


Halsey: What I’m saying, what I’m saying is that you keep saying things and then you throw in little tidbits of lives in order to make your point seem valid. You just said the 1965 Immigration Act which was passed by jews. How many jews at the time? Three!


Mike: So we’re going into this thing right. The only way to exercise power is literally be sitting in office. There’s no such thing as soft power, lobbying, …


Halsey: Well I want to know if there’s now if there’s evidence that this was a jewish thing, then I would like to see your evidence of the jewish power that did it, when there were three jewish senators. Secondly, you just said that they’re advocating for things in Israel, when I just said “no they are not”. In fact, what they’re advocating for in Israel is not a wall!


Mike: Show me the evidence for that!


Halsey: What?


Mike: No right now! Let me see it!


Halsey: Okay give me a sec. What they’re advocating for in Israel is that Israel’s surrender it’s ancestral homeland to it’s mortal enemies.


Mike: And that is what they are advocating for here! Then all right! Then we have jews that are [56:00] consistent, that people should surrender their homeland to their enemies! Wow! Great! A great friggin argument for jews!


Halsey: No, I think that we should argue against those jews, just like I said right in the beginning. And I don’t understand why you’re getting so upset, about me agreeing with you? That we should fight against jews who are for giving away our homeland, for unfettered immigration, who are advocating for any kind of communist.


Mike: Okay!


Halsey: I said that from the very beginning.


Mike: The challenge to you is if we’re so much in agreement then just advocate for what we’re talking about!


Halsey: You haven’t offered a single solution for anything Mike. You just a single out problems. You don’t advocate for a single solution there’s nothing to join! You don’t sit here and say we should do this, or we should do that! You just point out the problem and think that’s good enough.


Mike: That is totally not true.


Warski: Can’t we criticize things but, you know, not have a a solution at the moment but try to gather people to try and figure something out? Like example like you’re against SJW’s [57:02] right?


Halsey: Yeah,


Warski: So a lot of them are in, you know, power, or like media, for example, right?


Halsey: Right.


Warski: Like you criticize that. Do you have a solution to that?


Mike: What’s your solution? What’s your solution to the Social Justice Warrior problem Halsey?


Halsey: Right here [lifting up his microphone]


Warski: And that’s what Mike Enoch doing though.


Halsey: What I’m saying I have openly said from the beginning, I think the best thing that can happen to anybody who agrees with me, is to let Mike speak. I think that since Mike’s supposed message is so abhorrent to the majority of people that hear, that I am going to win by default when people hear him open his mouth. And especially when people look further into him. That is how I feel that the battle is won. What he keeps saying is.


Mike: Why do you think that the battle is with me though? I said, you know, my particular is your battle with me?


Halsey: Why is it? My battle is with all of you! You are just one of them that I know. All of [58:01] the leaders of the Alt-Right who are fraudulently trying to push this message that there is a jewish problem that requires a changes, ..


Mike: You just said there was a jewish problem.


Halsey: Do you not only hear half the sentence. That requires a genocidal solution.


Mike: I never said that.


Halsey: You consistently say “gas them”, or “put them in the ovens”, or do things like that. Yes I understand it’s just all funny, right? It’s funny when you say that you should put people in ovens, when less than 100 years ago they were put in others! And they were put in ovens by people that went out there and advocated that they were evil people! So if you’re trying to tell me that there’s nothing to be gained, you’re not putting a solution forward! You’re letting everybody who listens to you come up with some ideas of how they’re going to fight this jewish problem! I’m personally saying, I go out there and I expose these people, the same as I exposes you.


Mike: So what’s your solution to, what’s your solution to you but you’re your against SJWs. Let’s focus on this SJWs. What’s your solution?


Halsey: I election my solution.


Mike: Okay. I mean, all right, good good [59:01] job. I mean, that’s ie that’s okay. But they’re still out there.


Halsey: Yep and that’s like everybody else. Like jews are going to be out there. What I’m saying is that I went out there and for a year I went out and promoted Trump and said Trump is the answer to what’s destroying this country. I succeeded in many, many ways in influencing others to vote for him, at a great personal cost, I might add. By doing so I felt that I did my part. But I had a solution. My solution was to elect Donald Trump and to give him the Republican Congress that he needed to implement the policies that I saw I wanted. Your solution seems to me to just point out the problem.


Mike: Well first of all we supported Trump as well. But I mean, Trump is has not ended all these issues.


Halsey: You can’t end an issue. You can only be you can only start to win it.


Mike: So that so you’re then you’re proposing an unreasonable standard on me, because you’re essentially saying I have to come up with some solution like that.


Halsey: I’m saying [60:01] that you should come up with anything, except for pointing out the problem. All you do is point out the problem. I’m saying that I’m advocating for the things that I want. And I’m going out there and I’m campaigning for politicians that are going to change things in the way that I hope they get changed. I’m out there criticizing what I think that they’re doing something wrong. And almost every time I say what I believe they should be doing instead. When I heard that he was going to give DACA people amnesty I went out there and said he should deport all of them! Every last one of them! Line him up on a bus and kick him over the border. That’s a solution. Even if it’s not realistic that’s what I would like to see. I pointed out the problem and then gave a solution that I would like to see. I’m not claiming that I’m going to get my solution. I’m claiming that’s the way I feel about it.


You’re sitting here pointing out a problem but you’re not saying any solution except for saying look I see hypocrisy. Well welcome to the world my friend! Hypocrisy is everywhere! In every race in every color in every Creed! Just pointing it out does not make you a part of the solution, it makes you a part of, I want to say the problem, but [61:01] it makes you more than the problem.


JF: It seems that he is asking for a legitimate question he is pushing for a solution. Mike if you add more than your microphone what do you think could be done to reduce jewish power over media, over finance, finances, and over the American economy and democracy?


Mike: I would send them to Israel.


Halsey: So your answer is to round them up and send them to Israel?


Mike: Yeah!


Halsey: What I’d they don’t want to go? American citizens, they don’t want to go?


Mike: Palestinians don’t want to leave, don’t want to leave their land. What do they do there?


Halsey: They’re not citizens.


Mike: They lived there! You see you’re reducing it to an essence of, … What did the jews do to the Palestinians they were on the land they wanted in 1948? What did they do?


Halsey: Nothing.


Mike: Nothing?


Halsey: They encouraged them to stay! The Arab armies asked them to leave. That’s why there’s still a 30% Arab minority in Israel. They could have drove them out at any time and don’t. So I’m [62:01] curious as to why do you think, …


Mike: So they did nothing? They did nothing then?


Halsey: They fought a war against 8 countries that invaded them, who told the Arabs to leave, so when we kill all the jews you could come back and have your land, two weeks from now. And then they lost! The jews asked them to stay and not listen to the Arabs!


Mike: [incredulous] the jews asked the Arabs to stay?


Halsey: Yes. It’s well-documented!


Mike: Yes sure it is,


Halsey: Yeah exactly. See this is your answer to everything, when somebody debunks your, …


Mike: No one believes what you’re saying! The jews kicked Arabs off their land! This is not in dispute!


Halsey: Sure it is. It’s in 100 percent dispute, what you’re saying.


Mike: All right let me get this straight for you then. In principle the jews should not have kicked Arabs off their land?


Halsey: They didn’t do it, so, …


Mike: No, no, I’m asking you in principle jews should not kick Arabs off their land, yes, or no?


Halsey: I don’t know! I’m not advocating for the, …


Mike: [laughing] Okay [63:00], because that gets to the heart of what I’m talking about, because you don’t want to answer the question when it comes to your thing!


Halsey: You talked over me and didn’t let me finish. If it came to my decision. If someone crowned me at Emperor Scott and said what is your solution in Israel? I would easily say kick all the Arabs off. Just like you did all the jews. But I would also realize that I would have to do so violently and fight a war to do it. If you’re encouraging that you think your people should pick up arms and do that, I encourage you to try! , because you will lose! And you will lose badly! And that I would be happy with. So if you’re saying that I’m being a hypocrite and double, …


Mike: No, what I’m saying [bending over trying to stop laughing]


Halsey: He same as I would expect an Arab, …


Mike: So you’re a jewish supremacist dude! You say, I mean, know can I ask you’re, …


Halsey: I’m? ? ? Asks you about being a jewish supremacist. You’re making that case not me! You’re the one saying I control the media, I control Hollywood, I control the banks, I my country’s Lobby controls the government, I control immigration policy, and then you’re saying, you know, what you’re acting like a jewish supremacist! [64:01] Do you realize how ridiculous you sound?


Mike: It doesn’t sound ridiculous at all.


Warski: Mike if you wanted to kick all the jews out would you be willing to do it violently?


Mike: Sure yeah. In theory. But the point is though that like this very conversation is an attempt to distract from essentially what we are saying. Now you can always do this. You can always say hey you guys what you ultimately want I mean, here Halsey was trying to get into a position where he had some kind of moral authority, because he was gonna get me to say, “Oh you want to kick out the jews”. I think jew should go to Israel. Israel is their state. Now he doesn’t want to talk about jews kicking Arabs off their land, because it kind of messes with his ability to take a moral high ground over a White person that says, I would like to live in a country where jews don’t live here. Where jews don’t have power over me.


Halsey: And he just made up what I said! I [65:00] explicitly said okay give me the opportunity I would throw Arabs out. I have also said that they have not thrown Arabs out. If they were so powerful they wood throw all the Palestinians right over the border and never have to worry about that again.


Mike: That is a simplistic way of looking at power dude! Like the jews have kicked Arabs off their land and right now they are engaged in a slow process of moving them across, out of out of, you know, out of the West Bank. They have sort of slowly encroached on them in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, move some of them out. You get you get very, very pro-Zionist jews like Ben Shapiro you said advocate for this. Many extreme right-wing jews in Israel advocate for this. They say we should round them up and kick them out. There are political hurdles that one is the jews images as victims in World War Two would be tarnished by them doing something like this. Is a consideration.


Halsey: So I wood like to have a jewish state that’s hated by everybody than an Auschwitz that’s loved by everybody! Seriously, you’re the one who’s sitting here “oh we would tarnish our [66:01] image” so therefore we sacrifice our children in suicide bombings, because after all our image matters. That is nuts! And as I said, they did not kick Arabs off!


Mike: Then why do why do jews tolerate the Arabs and, because they’re so nice?


Halsey: No, because they’re just as crazy here when they’re left-wing jews in Israel as they are here. Why do jews on the Left wing and Whites on the Left wing and blacks on the White wings but you feel free and happy to have Muslims coming over the border and Mexican M-13 members coming over the border? I not saying makes sense! I’m saying it is what it is. And it’s universal they’re, in here. You’re the one who’s advocating that somehow jews have a different opinion when it comes to Israel and when it comes to here.


What I’m saying is left wingers are crazy no matter where they are. They’re destroying Europe, they’re destroying Israel, they’re destroying here. And you’re trying to make it into a jewish conspiracy as opposed to a left-wing conspiracy! I have said I would fight against the left-wing regardless of their race religion, or creed, because I think they’re wrong and I think they’re dangerous for this country. You’re the one who’s advocating that it’s a jewish conspiracy, because [67:01] there’s a lot of jewish broadcasters at CNN. And what I’m saying is that you’re great at pointing out specific instances of an over-representation and allowing others to draw their conclusions, instead of pointing out the actual problem, or any actual solution!


You said to me would you throw Arabs out of Israel? Yes I would! The same consistent opinion I said that I would throw DACA recipients out of America. I’m the same one that I said I would be more than happy to build a wall. You keep saying, but Israel did! First of all, no one asked me back then. I wasn’t even alive. So I can’t sit here and say they did the right thing, or didn’t do the right thing. I just know they didn’t do it. They asked them to stay. It was the Arab armies who said get out of the way cuz we’re gonna kill everything in our path and we want you to retake the cities afterwards. That is what happened. That is the historical truth. And you’re trying to, …


Mike: I mean, that doesn’t seem to me to be the consensus historical truth.


JF: That you’re making a play on the initiator of violence but [68:00] when the Israeli settlements occurred and throughout the history of Israel establishing itself do you deny that there were acts of violence, acts of deep provocation against legal principles and I against what we would consider to be a sense of propriety. Do you deny that there was ever a violent act in that process.


Halsey: Number one, you just said two separate things and I will address both of them. Number one, when the first settlement in the 1800’s came and started reestablishing a jewish presence in Israel they bought every inch of that land with money from it’s rightful owners who were the Ottoman Turks. There was no Palestine. There was no Arab government it was the Ottoman Turks and they bought the land. They then drained the swamps and turned it into a thriving place. After World War one, when the Ottomans lost the war, the British took control of it. The British were the governors of it. There was way more Arab violence against jews than there was jewish violence against Arabs.


So no, I don’t [69:00] believe that the jews violently took the land. They bought it and then they built it. And they built it into a state. Mark Twain visited the Palestine in the 1800s and said he could go ten miles in any direction without running into a single human being. The land was deserted!


Mike: Okay, so if it’s really nice there why don’t jews want to live there?


Halsey: Some do, some don’t. Some don’t want to live in the Middle East. Some want to live in America.


Mike: Why should why should they be entitled to live in both Israel and America at their choice why would you be entitled to live in wherever the hell you’re from and America at your choice?


Halsey: Why should you be entitled to live wherever the hell you are from? And America by your choice?


Mike: I am only a citizen of America. America is my country. I only have one country.


Halsey: And 99.9% of jews only have citizenship here. They’re not dual citizens. They’ve never even seen Israel. If you’re saying, because they can go get it if they want it, so can you! And I don’t understand how about.


Mike: What are you, so can I, what is it that’s equivalent that I can go get? I mean,


Halsey: Look where’s your family from?


Mike: They’re from multiple different European countries. I am [70:00] ultimately from America.


Halsey: So am I. So I’m wondering if I am ultimately from America, because my father’s side of the family goes back to the pre-signing of the Declaration of Independence. My family has fought in every American war, as a war leader, since that day! And my mother’s family came over in the 30s. So I am an American as well. I was born here, my parents were born here. I don’t understand how that makes me less of an American. You can go claim your Lithuanian, or your Slavic, or whatever the hell you want!


Mike: I can but that’s actually irrelevant to the point here. Again the point here is I make a critique of communal jewish power in my country. And this power causes a problem for me. It goes against my interest. It goes against, …


Halsey: I keep saying what is the solution then?


Mike: A number, I told you I want jews to go to Israel!


Halsey: And I’m saying you won’t get that!


Mike: And so what?


Halsey: If you advocate a violent uprising that’s [71:00] fine, we will fight you and we will win! Not we as jews, we as Americans! We as Americans, if you and your cronies decide that you want a violent uprising to expel all the jews, we will fight and we will win! You will not. So if what you’re advocating is for that solution, that’s nice. You can advocate for a lot of pie-in-the-sky solutions that won’t happen. But what I’m saying is if you’re advocating for a legal solution that’s well within the system, let me have it. But if you’re advocating for a violent uprising, fine. Then we’ll fight and,


Mike: What I am advocating for right now, see this again, it obscures the truth of what’s, …


Halsey: You keep saying. I’m answering every single question you’re asking Mike! Every one I’m answering, point blank!


Mike: Look you say what’s my solution? I say jews go to Israel! That’s my solution. Now you’re saying you don’t advocate for anything whatever fine. All right, go to fucking Israel!


Halsey: I don’t want to!


Mike: That’s the solution! Get out, go away! And leave us alone!


Halsey: I don’t want to [72:00] this is our country! They can live in their country.


Mike: Why do they get two fucking countries?


Halsey: Why do you get two fucking countries?


Mike: No White person, … not only that, but jews advocate for the tearing down of the borders of this country specifically so they can be comfortable here, because they don’t want to go live in their precious little ethnos state that we pay for! I suffer and White people suffer, because of the institutional power of jews that work against our interests! This is a fact! This is an obvious fact, in terms of media, politics, finances, foreign policy, everything! And you are saying that unless I have some perfect fucking solution where nobody gets hurt, then I should just shut up! That’s ridiculous!


Halsey: I never said that. I didn’t say it.


Mike: It’s kind of what you were saying, because you’re saying you don’t advocate for this. What’s your solution?


Halsey: I told you to shut up. I told you to get a bigger microphone. I want people to hear what you say Mike!


Mike: Then we don’t really have anything to debate. You agree that [73:00] there’s a lot of jewish power. You agree that, you know,


Halsey: You want me to apologize for it.


Mike: I’m not asking you to apologize for anything! In fact, your your demeanor here is very good for me! But in fact,


Halsey: My demeanor?


Mike: You know, besides, the sort of putting words in my mouth,


Halsey: Wait a minute. I know I can’t win in the chat, no matter what, because I’ll tell you what, …


Mike: Because I’m more popular than you right. Now the question is, you acknowledged that there’s a problem with jewish power. Is there a problem with jewish power, or not?


Halsey: No.


Mike: But you said there was earlier, are you going back on that?


Halsey: I said there’s a problem with left-wing power and that some jewish groups are part of it. And that jews have power. I acknowledge they have power. I didn’t acknowledge that there is a problem with strictly jewish power. I never said that.


Mike: It’s not simply the left, because the right right-wing jews now. You might be the super MAGA guy, build the wall, deport them all, whatever. That is not the tendency of right-wing jews. Right-wing jews overwhelmingly are neoconservatives and they act in the realm of foreign [74:00] policy. They’re very interested in expanding the US war machine, increasing wars against, you know, countries that, as far as I know, never did anything to us.


They want agitation against Iran, they want agitation against Russia. They want to do this stuff, because of, you know, the geopolitics involving Syria, etc. These right-wing jews are acting against my interest as well! So my critique is not merely of the Left. My critique is …


Halsey: Your critique is against policies you don’t like, which is fine. I also have policies amongst jews and gentiles the I don’t like.


Mike: Specifically connected to jews and jewish power, …


Halsey: Don’t believe that Christians feel that Iran is a problem? You think that’s only a jewish thing? I want you to answer the question.


Mike: Well this is whether, …


Halsey: White people do not have a problem with Iran? And that White people just want to hug with Iran, because I saw a hell of a lot of White people out there advocating against the Iran deal. When you’re sitting here saying no, it was just jews. Jews are pursuing their own foreign policy.


Mike: I never said just jews. I am saying the policy comes from the [75:00] policy advocacy and the media control that advocates and gives these messages to White people. Again White people, …


Halsey: So you are saying White people are stupid?


Mike: No! Look do you agree that controlling the media means you can control a message to a large population, to get you a narrative out there?


Halsey: I think they have influence in the media.


Mike: Do you believe that the media can convince people that are intelligent of a narrative?


Halsey: Yup.


Mike: Okay. So then I don’t think White people are stupid! I believe White people have been convinced of narratives that are not necessarily in their interest. I want to fight against those narratives. And I believe those narratives are coming from very powerful and wealthy jews that are advocating in jewish interests!


Halsey: And what I’m saying is they are jews, …


Mike: They are advocating, because they are jews!


Halsey: You keep saying that and I keep saying that there are plenty of powerful White people who advocate the same thing. Who have nothing nothing to do with jews.


Mike: Well first of all, they don’t have nothing to do with jews. Okay. Anybody that has power in this country has something to do with jews! And I am equally critical, …


Halsey: Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?


Mike: No. It doesn’t sound ridiculous at all!


Halsey: They all have something to do with jews? Seriously? [76:02]


Mike: Of course, they do!


Halsey: See that’s where your boogeyman stories come into play. And this is why I said it comes down to your personal character and why it has something that you fraudulently argue for all of his shit, all the time.


Mike: Fraudulently! Fraudulently! Again you use that word. What’s fraudulent?


Halsey: What did I just say?


Mike: Fraudulently, what’s fraudulent? Specifically. Give me, …


Halsey: Oh! Here we go again. I have said that a determination of what a person is saying is determined by their character. I keep saying you have an.


Mike: I’m sorry I’m actually legitimately, sorry, you broke up.


Halsey: What I’m saying is that a person’s legitimacy is determined by their character. If you’re going to go out and advocate that everybody is connected to the jews and it’s all about the jews and the jews do all of this, then I have the right to look into who is saying it, to determine whether it’s, …


Mike: You always have that right no matter what. You can look into me. I don’t care!


Halsey: Right. And as I said, when you stepped on, ..


Mike: What I’m saying is that the idea, …


Halsey: When you were married to your jewish wife. I don’t, I didn’t hear you advocating for all of a sudden the jews are so evil. I didn’t even hear you advocating it when [77:00] you were hiding in the closet doing when doing Daily Shoah, so your wife wouldn’t hear you.


Mike: See here’s the thing. We get to a point where we’re talking about stuff you don’t talk about and you go into this again you go into my personal history!


Halsey: Because I’m saying you’re lying Mike!


Mike: Where am I lying? Where am I lying?


Halsey: You are lying!


Mike: Where? What? Where’s the lie? Tell me where I’m lying about?


Halsey: I’m going to. Every single policy that you have said, or every time you’ve said, it’s all the jews, everyone’s connected to the jews, it’s all about the jewish influence. It is not! I am telling you that’s a lie! And your answer.


Mike: How is my personal life, … was.


Halsey: Is trust me! And I’m saying I have no reason to trust you, because you’re a fraud! And then you’re saying why am I a fraud? And I’m telling you why you’re a fraud. And then you’re saying it’s a personal attack. No! It isn’t! I am going to the source of the bullshit that you are espousing.


Mike: Okay this is ridiculous. Look, I am saying that people in power in the government are connected to jews in some way that is an [78:00] obvious assertion. Go to Capitol Hill look at how the people that are running the US government. The people in power. The lobbyists, corporations media these everybody in power were deals with jews on some level. Would you deny this?


Halsey: White people to. Are you saying that White people are acting in the detriment of America?


Mike: Yes!


JF: You keep bring back the idea that there are other people potentially dirty in politics. The fact that there are other people is not so relevant. Without, …


Halsey: I get what you’re saying. But what I’m saying is that you’re seeming to want me to claim ownership of a jewish problem, that I say is a problem universally.


Mike: All right that’s where here Halsley, here is where we have identified the germ of our disagreement.


Halsey: The germ of our disagreement?


Mike: Let’s see if we can through this conversation that we’re having identify specifically our disagreements, because I will give you credit for being more right wing than usual for jews. And actually supportive of things that I [79:01] myself support such as ending DACA, deporting illegal immigrants, building the wall, etc., I’ll give you some credit for that.


Now, I think there’s a disagreement here that I see the leftward trend of America, not just the leftward, but the trend of America in which policies that are not in the interests of the historical American population, that is White people. Policies that are detrimental to them, not only policies but political narratives. Things like White privilege White guilt that I see these as coming from a jewish intelligentsia a jewish media, you know, elite, a jewish financial and political elite that promote these narratives. That they whether they take them seriously, or not I don’t know. Some of them really believe it, maybe some of it cynical, and they promote their own interest. They promote Israeli Nationalism, they promote the interests of Israel in foreign policy, they promote open borders, and domestic policy generally. I see organized jewish groups do this.


Now you want you want to sort of raise the bar there and say that I’m saying literally [80:00] every jew! No! I’m saying it’s like obviously not literally all, but literally all is not like it’s not it the fact that literally all is not the thing. Does not mean you cannot critique the trend. That you cannot critique the group NAXALT as we call it, “not all X are like that” is epistemologically not a valid argument, because you are essentially saying, because of one outlier you cannot notice a trend. I’m saying the trend of jewish power goes against my interest as a White person. The trend of it is for Zionism in foreign policy. The trend of it is for open borders in domestic policy. For free trade in domestic policy which moves manufacturing overseas reduces trade limits, you know, moves products out. Moves workers in, lowers prices, etc., I see these things coming out of a jewish intelligentsia, jewish narrative. Many White people have been convinced of this. Many White people have done very bad things in the pursuit of these narratives. I fight against those White people. I criticize them. But I’m not going to ignore what I see as the germ [81:02] of many of these poisoned ideas, which is jewish intelligentsia, jewish media power, jewish financial power, and the jewish lobby in foreign policy.


I’m just not gonna overlook that and pretend that the jewish identity of these people is irrelevant to their activism, what they’re doing., because it’s not! And they tell you it’s not! When I go to the Jewish Daily Forward and they say:


Jews are the ones that pioneered American immigration policy, jews are out there fighting for immigrants”.


When there’s a group that brings the lawsuit against President Trump for his attempt to ban people from seven different Middle East countries, who is it? Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society! This is a pattern. It comes over and over again. We see wealthy and powerful jews using their wealth and power to do activism that is detrimental to the White population. That does not say there’s no White people involved in that, of course, there are. Of course, there are and I’m critical of them. But I’m not gonna like not be critical of jews and I’m not gonna ignore their jewish identity as a factor in their [82:00] activism!


Halsey: And what I am saying, over and over and over again, and that will now say again, Warren Buffett is not jewish, Bill Gates is not jewish, President Obama wasn’t jewish, Hillary Clinton isn’t jewish. These are all people that are doing the exact same things. And you’re trying to claim that it’s a jewish problem. So what you’re essentially saying is if we got rid of the jews none of this would happen anymore.


Mike: I’ve never said that. That’s a straw man.


Halsey: I’m sorry, if that’s not what you’re saying then I will correct myself. But,


Mike: There’s other problems! Look there, I’m not saying that jews are like the only problem! Again I feel like you want to reduce it to, …


Halsey: Your show is called The Daily Shoah. You’re talking about jews almost non-stop.


Mike: We talk about other things.


Halsey: I know you talk about other things. But what I’m saying is, …


Mike: So why are you trying to put me down as being like, look what you, look again you are raising the bar epistemologically in order to make the whole thing thrown out. I decide those that I see is acting against White interest. However, I also believe and I think there’s good evidence for the fact [83:00] that many of these people that are acting contrary to the interests of Whites are acting on jewish narratives, that are there, because of a jewish intelligence and a jewish power structure. And I do believe that jews in their activism are motivated by their jewish identity. You’re saying no, it’s just, because they’re leftist. I don’t think so! Okay?


Halsey: I disagree. We are just going to have to disagree on that.


Mike: Okay to we can just disagree on that.


Warski: Just one question real quick.


JF: Before, then me.


Warski: Cool. Yeah my friend Billy the anti-bully sends a question. He’s a a fan, a favorite here. He says, this is too Halsey:


You say mike is a fraud when he says jews run things like the media and that your reason for that is that Mike was married to a jew. But since Mike is in media,


Halsey: You have to start again to start over again I got as far as jews in the media and then you cut out.


Warski: All right.


You say that Mike is a fraud when he says jews run things like the media and that your reason for that [84:02] is that Mike was married to a jew. But since Mike is in the media wouldn’t that actually prove him right?


Halsey: No, because I didn’t say that Mike was a fraud, because he said jews control the media. I have said jews have influence on the media. I don’t believe they control the media. I think Mike is a fraud, because Mike is a fraud. I think that Mike is a fraud, because of the things that he’s advocated over time, and the different principles that he claims to hold. I don’t believe her true. I have given evidence to that from his personal life.


I don’t believe that jews have no influence on the media. I don’t believe that there’s pretty much any group that doesn’t hold an influence. Do jews have an undue influence? Maybe and maybe that needs to be fought against? And I’m fine with that. I’m fine with fighting any leftist, …


Mike: Just call people that want to do that, like frauds.


Halsey: I didn’t say you were a fraud for saying that. I keep saying this over and over, ..


Mike: But if what I’m saying is valid and what does, then what does it matter what my personal life is,


Halsey: , because what you said is they control the media, which they do not! There is not a jewish control of the media! The stockholders of [85:00] the media companies do and CNN has platformed more of you people than anyone. And they’re the ones you claim have the biggest jewish control. They’ve had more of the Alt-Right on than any other one.


Mike: Who? I’ve not ever seen an Alt-Right person on CNN, so I don’t know what you are talking about.


JF: We’ve received a super chat which is a reflection on history Stacey gravy to Garvey $200 US. Says:

The more I argued with them the better I came to know their dialectic. When there was no other way out they played stupid, if all this didn’t help they pretended not to understand, or if challenged they changed the subject. Slowly I began to hate them! [1]

So I have a question for Hasley.


Halsey: Hitler said the by the way. That is not her that is Hitler’s quote.


Mike: We know where that quote came.


Halsey: I’m saying that quote is from Adolf Hitler.


Mike: We know where that quote comes from.


JF: So you’re saying that you’re arguing with Mike and [86:00] Mike is suggesting a series of solutions essentially saying first point to the problem. Second, deportation could be considered. Third let’s fight against the control that these jews have over finances and over media. And you agree factually with this observation, that there jews that control media. You’ve agreed on the other show that there are jews that were controlling the Democratic Party through donations to John Podesta.


And so given that state of affair and the sequence of solution that Mike is suggesting aren’t you pushing it to the extreme limit, where you’re saying we’re gonna keep doing this until you make a war against us. And we’re gonna fight the war! Aren’t you pushing it to a final solution, when, in fact, there are intermediary solutions available?


Halsey: What I said JF, was right from the beginning when he said I have free speech and I could say whatever I want. I said that same right extends to jews. Jews can have any level of [87:00] influence that they choose to have within the democratic system. I said Mike can advocate for any policy he wants whether I disagree with it, or not. If Mike wants to advocate for mass deportation of American citizens, he can do so, and I would fight him tooth and nail. I said that I would do that in a legal structure. If he’s claiming he wants to use violence, then we’ll go to violence. But I don’t want to go to violence. I don’t want to see any violence.


I don’t want to see any American citizens stripped of their rights just, because of their nationality, or their race, or anything like that. They’re American citizens and have just as much of a right to this country as Mike does. And what I’m saying is if you want, you said, you did it again too. You said jews control the media. I have not once said that is true. So I’m not going to sit here and argue and say you acknowledge that jews control the media. Yet I have not acknowledged that one time. And I’m not acknowledging it now. I’m saying they might hold undue influence and if they do it should be fought. I am okay with that if it is a left-wing influence that is hurting my [88:02] country I am more than fine to fight against it. And I do constantly talk about the problems with the media.


What I am saying is all of these things you are talking about are not a uniquely jewish problem. And what I keep saying is they’re not confined to jews. They’re confined to every single race creed and color in this country. And you keep saying, I want to stifle Mike’s speech. I want Mike to not talk. I want to just go and go out. I want him to talk! I want to keep the system working the way that it is. But if it’s going to come down to Mike advocating for me forcibly being removed of my rights. I am a jew!


So you can’t say that they’re going to make an exception for me. That my free speech is going to stay. But the left-wing jews are going to go., because after all it’s jewish influence. I would also lose my right to free speech. And then you’re criticizing me for opposing that. You’re criticizing me like you’re saying Mike’s not proposing a solution. He’s proposing a solution of forcibly removing me from my rights. And if that’s what he’s saying, then we’ll fight! [89:01], because I’m not going to just surrender my rights.


Mike: All right. But it, you know, that’s I mean, like it’s there’s really this is the would the point here, because essentially what I’m saying is like you don’t want to acknowledge I mean, you’re gonna you’re gonna play footsie back-and-forth with the issue of jewish power. Like and, of course, you want to bring it right to violence, because right now the Alt-Right is not a powerful force. Right? The Alt-Right is a group of people that have not done anything violent. I mean, the we are not advocating violence. We are advocates for Whites, because Whites right now are under attack.


And essentially you’re placing the burdens of a system that exists now and say you have to bear all of these burdens. When, in fact, this is the exact system that is attacking us. And you’re saying like if [90:00] you cannot find a way out for your people outside, you know, within these constraints and these constraints are like objectively morally good, you know, because I benefit from them. And then like your people are using this to attack me and it’s like you’re, like oh they have free speech that you can do whatever. It’s like well what do they do when they get in power they attack free speech!


Halsey: Okay I get it.


Mike: I mean, like the only reason that there’s greater free speech in America is just a history of it. Look in Europe!


Halsey: But what I’m saying is, you keep saying. I’ll address Europe in a second. But you keep saying, yes they have disproportionate influence, they are they have louder speech, because they have more, or influence, or more power, or whatever. But what you’re saying is that you want that power. So are you saying when you attain it that all of the other people that don’t like it would have the same rights to deport you and everybody else?


Mike: This is again, you’re working on an abstract plane. This is this,


Halsey: How this abstract? That is a pointed [91:01] question! Is it okay for you, but not okay for me? That is the pointed one hundred percent question? Is it okay for you and not for me?


Mike: Is what okay?


Halsey: If you and the Alt-Right gained the amount of power and the amount of influence that you claim the jews have now, is it okay for you to use that power to advocate for White people, but it’s not okay for jews to have.


Mike: Why would I ever like grant like the rights of people to like use power against me?


Halsey: And why would the jews grant the right of you, …


Mike: They don’t, they’re they objectively don’t. Jews gain power they use it in their own interests and then they do like things like what you’re doing. Like come at me bro! And if you come at me, by the way, you’re violating a whole bunch of laws, or something like that. Look jews don’t respect, you’re not like, but the jewish power in the United States now does not respect my rights! They do not believe I have a right to speak against them. If I do, because I’ve done no criminal acts. I have simply used my [92:01] microphone, as you have talked about. Yet I am under assault. Why? And they won’t rest! You think they’re gonna stop. No! Therefore if I sit here and say yes, I will extend these people rights on some sort of even playing field, I’m just a fucking cuck! I’m just a cuck!


Halsey: From the beginning you said, …


Mike: You always want to be about you!


Halsey: Wait!


Mike: You said, …


Halsey: Wait let me finish please. You keep saying I want the judge to throw out the lawsuit, because it’s Baseless and it doesn’t have anything. I said you should use the power that’s granted to you to hurt these people. To go after them and expose them. And then you openly said, I don’t want to do that, I would rather it be given to me by a judge.


And I’m telling you that is not the way anything gets done by asking someone else to give it to you. If you want to go out and raise White power and make Whites a force to be reckoned with in a unified theory of political power, then I am not stopping you, nor is anyone else that I know of maybe the jewish [93:00] lobby in it’s abstract like you keep bringing up is, and you can fight against them.


Mike: It’s not really abstract when like the people that are coming after us are wealthy and powerful jews. That’s not actually abstract.


Halsey: Warren Buffett is not jewish. Bill Gates is not jewish.


Mike: Buffett’s not the one coming after me.


Halsey: Oh really Warren Buffett was not the biggest Obama supporter on the planet? He came out there every single day and advocated for Obama. Warren Buffett is coming after you. Warren Buffett wants you to have to pay all kinds of taxes that you don’t want to pay. Wants to restrict your speech. Wants to call you a Nazi and all of that. You’re the one who’s saying it’s jewish power and I’m saying it has nothing to do with jewish power. It has to do with, ..


Mike: Nothing to do with jewish power? I just think that’s an absurd. Like when you’re talking about a wealthy elite of whom a disproportionate amount are jews, who are ethnically, .. Dude why you complain about me interrupting me? Like you’re saying nothing [94:01] to do with jewish power, I just think that’s a just an absurd statement. I mean, jews have a lot of power, and they network with each other, they gain more power they have over representation, and they use that in their interest. This is not like a a particularly, I mean, why would you actually. In fact, to state otherwise would be absurd! Wouldn’t it! Wouldn’t it be odd if jews like didn’t use all this power that they have in their own interests? And didn’t use it to crush people they saw as enemies?


Halsey: Oh my god, we’re going in circles and circles! Yes there are powerful jews! Yes jews advocate for jewish interest.


Mike: All right! They see that.


Halsey: There are different jewish groups with different jewish interests that have.


Mike: Okay now we are on to something, because we have jewish groups with power and influence. Am I right there?


Halsey: White people that have White groups is that a different power. There are Spanish groups I mean, they’re a liberal, ..


Mike: There are White groups as White groups, really?


Halsey: I mean, you have [95:00] the Alt-Right which seems to be pretty much all White.


Mike: What institutional power do we have?


Halsey: As White people?


Mike: As Pro White advocates?


Halsey: I don’t believe that what you’re doing is pro-White, so I don’t believe that what you’re doing is a valid viewpoint, that is going to gain a lot of traction.


Mike: Well that’s not, ..


Halsey: But if you’re asking me to give you influence that you haven’t earned. No, I’m not going to do it. But I mean, …


Mike: I’m not asking you for anything!


Halsey: No you’re asking me to somehow confirm that you are the one who is the Guardian of White interests. I’m disagreeing.


Mike: I don’t know dude. I don’t actually care if you believe that, or not.


Halsey: What I’m saying is most people don’t believe that you’re advocating for White interests. Most people believe that what you’re advocating for is the opposite of White interests. It’s White enslavement! So no I don’t believe that people want to.


Mike: So okay so why not okay what do you think the demographic future of the United States is?


Halsey: I don’t have the slightest idea.


Mike: Oh really?


Halsey: No I don’t.


Mike: Okay well the [96:02], you know, the media is quite clear and what they think it is.


Halsey: Okay.


Mike: And, in fact, they’re upset, because they believe Trump has delayed the year in which White people drop below 50% of the population in the United States by five years. There’s an analysis just recently done in the Washington Post on this. They are worried, because they think Trump’s attempts at immigration reform which are being stymied all the time. They believe that this has delayed the point at which Whites are a minority by five years. Now do you agree that White people are under attack in the United States and in Europe right now?


Halsey: Do I believe that White people are reporting that? Well, I can believe that to an extent.


Mike: Okay. That’s what we see. And we fight against that. And we also see right now the immigration policies the demographic policies the favoritism given to every minority over White people these are bad things for White people. Ultimately the demand that we have a place of land for ourselves, a country to ourselves is not particularly owner is given the fact that the country that we have now is being essentially overrun and there are demographic predictions by the media itself, by the UN by the US government Census Bureau itself that say you’re gonna be less than 50% in this years. You’ll be a plurality for so many years. And then you’ll ultimately be a minority.


And similar things are happening in Europe. Now Europe the immigration of non-Whites is much more recent problems, so it will take longer. The point being there is no country, there is no country that is the native population the founding population is White, where Whites are allowed by the political media establishment to advocate as Whites, for the retention of their homelands. This is what we advocate for and we believe that ultimately if we are not allowed this the White race will be wiped out!


So you can say I’m not advocating in the interests of Whites, because right now many Whites are under a fog of illusion, that has been created [98:00] by a hostile media. And I agree with you many Whites do not see things the way I do, which is why I engage in advocacy.


Halsey: Right. I haven’t disagreed with anything you said. Except for you keep saying that I, let you finish, let me finish. As I said, you have repeatedly said that Israel is an ethno-state. We can argue for whether that’s true, or not. I think that, because they have a 30% Arab of minority that they don’t technically qualify as a pure ethno-state. But again, using that as an example of me conceding the point that it’s an ethane state. Wait, let me finish please.


You could easily go buy twenty thousand acres in Montana, or in Idaho, or in anywhere else. And say any White person willing to move here will get a parcel of land that we can build and you can build a state within whatever areas you want. And if you’re saying well the jews would just stop us. I’m not telling you that they will, or won’t. I’m telling you that you could do it it is legal. It is 100 percent allowed. You could do it. You could start to build [99:01] an area, you could build an area of White, …


Mike: It’s absolutely not legal in the United States, thanks to civil rights law which was heavily advocated for by jews! It is absolutely not legal to restrict parcels of land to Whites only! It is absolutely easily gotten them. It’s not it is not that is a violation of civil rights it’s not only.


Halsey: If you’re not offering them for sale. I’m not telling you to sell White people land. I’m telling you if you bought five hundred thousand acres, or a hundred thousand acres, or anything you want and said, any White people that want to move, …


Mike: So you’re saying, listen to this. All right, so you’re saying if I want to actually have my rights I have to go restrict myself through a parcel of land in Montana? That White people are only only, you know, because of the system’s just it just came up out of nowhere. I’m sorry you just got to deal with it. And yeah just go buy a piece of land there.


Halsey: I’m saying a majority of White people [100:00] black people, Spanish people, jewish people, every single race and Creed disagree with you, that they want this to be a Whites-only country. You’re saying that you stick up for the rights of White people. So what I’m saying is, since nobody agrees with you, other than a very small minority of people. And no one is going to give you anything, because we’re not communists and we don’t advocate for giving people shit. What I’m saying is that, … okay I’m not advocating for Israeli policy. I’m talking about here in America. And I’m saying that right.


Mike: So in Israel you get socialism, …


Halsey: Do you want to be surrounded by White people you can do so and no one will stop you! If the policy you’re advocating for is the United States government should give it to you, it just won’t happen, and you can still feel free to advocate for it. I don’t care!


Mike: Okay, so essentially what you’re saying is you’re up against, you know, you’re fighting an uphill battle, yeah thanks, for the newsflash!


Halsey: I didn’t say you were fighting an uphill battle [101:00] I said you’re fighting an unwinnable battle. I’m saying that without violence you will not be able to take America.


Mike: Then why argue?


Halsey: Why argue? I want to expose your ideas Mike. I’ve said this from the beginning. I want people to hear what you’re saying so they can hear how batshit crazy you are! I want people to hear that you expect people to give you a White country and deport everyone who isn’t White! That’s nuts! That is absolutely ridiculous! And the reason that’s ridiculous is, because any country in Europe could have done it by now and hasn’t. Why haven’t they, because it’s ridiculous., because that’s how World Wars start, when some guy stands up and says I’m going to make this a Whites-only country and kick out everybody who like me! That is what happens. And what I’m saying is you have like.


Mike: So then you admit the jews have started World Wars with their establishment of the State of Israel then?


Halsey: I didn’t say that you started World War is.


Mike: Who else started a lot of wars? Haven’t you eh they took a piece of land [102:02] and started kicking out people unlike them. Am I right?


Halsey: They didn’t kick out anybody who is unlike them. As I said, they started a war where they were invaded by eight countries. So yes, forming their state caused a giant war. So yes, it is exactly consistent. Just like when Hitler said, I want a Germans only German state, and started kicking out and killing people, it invoked a world war. There are different types of attitudes and there are different types of policies that will require violence. If what you’re saying is you want a violent uprising to seize power, …


Mike: You are not fundamentally opposed to these things, because you’re in favor of violence to kick out the kinds of people that you don’t want here and the kinds of people that you don’t want in Israel right?


Halsey: Number one,


Mike: No, you’re in favor of violence to kick out people that you don’t want here. Am I right?


Halsey: Mike you asked the question, let me answer it. I just said, if you want to go to violence to get what you want I will be on the other side and happy to fight you with it. I am perfectly okay with you deciding that you want a violent revolution that is going to kick out everyone who is not like you. And is [103:02] going to send them somewhere else. I will be on the other side. I’m fine with you having that opinion. If you want to act on it I believe you lose. Okay? If we’re talking about a foreign country with foreign policies, I can advocate for whatever I want. It doesn’t mean they’re doing it, not doing it.


Mike: You want to kick people out of the America too, right?


Halsey: Who do I want to kick out of America? Other than, …


Mike: You said you wanted to kick out, all right, you don’t think that’s gonna be violent?


Halsey: I don’t care if it’s violent.


Mike: There you go. You are happy to use violence to get what you want politically. See this is the thing, you want to make it as if there’s something so extraordinary about wanting to use, like ultimately you agree, like state action was.


Halsey: I didn’t say there was something wrong with it! I said you will lose! That’s what I said with. You will lose! That’s what I’m saying. I didn’t care it, … if you decide my, ..


Mike: Why would even argue anymore. Why are you here? This is bullshit.


Halsey: I want to hear you.


Mike: I need to right now. You want to place this extraordinary burden on Whites that engage in White advocacy. And your and like,


Halsey: I don’t believe you’re engaging in White advocacy Mike.


Mike: No, no, no. You don’t believe, yet you want to attack me.


Halsey: You are believing that you’re advocating for White people. The vast majority of White people disagree with you. They think that you’re a piece of shit Mike! That’s what the vast majority of White America thinks. They don’t think you’re acting in their interests. They don’t think that your state is somewhere they’d ever want to live. They think that you are a giant piece of shit! And they’re okay with that thought. And you’re saying you’re acting in their interests. They disagree with you! And I’ll be fighting on the same side as them.


Mike: So essentially you are saying that you want to fight against me. I mean, okay but,


Halsey: I think I am what [105:01] fighting against you Mike. I am doing exactly my part that I can do right now in the bounds of the system that I love, to fight against you. I am exposing who you are, because I want you to say that you are advocating for White ppl., because White people don’t agree with you! White people think you’re a piece of garbage! So you sit here and say I am advocating for White people when the people who disagree with you in overwhelming numbers are right. They are the people who disagree with you and oppose you. Just like me, the jew, and the rest of my jews, and the blacks, and the rest of their blacks, and the Spanish, and the rest of their Spanish. They all think you are a giant piece of shit! And would be happy to advocate against you and pick up guns!


Mike: All right, all right, all right! Yeah you don’t have a further point than this. I’m aware that my ideas are not popular. I’m aware that we are fighting an uphill battle. I am aware that waking White people up to the actual plight [106:01] that they are facing is a challenge. What is the point I mean? You don’t seem to actually want to argue based on ideas. You want to, whenever we get around to talking about an idea you want to come back to saying you’re just gonna fail, everyone hates you! You’re a piece of shit! Your personal life is X Y, or Z. It sounds like whenever we get down to actually talking about ideas, because you don’t want to talk about ideas!


Halsey: Tell me what I’ve not addressed. Tell me which one.


Mike: You don’t want to talk about ideas, because the issue one idea one idea the one idea that you keep, you know, going off off kilter as soon as I talk about is jewish power. Where you keep saying jewish power is unrelated. That’s absurd.


Halsey: Do you think that I only want to get into the abstract. And I’m telling you tell me the point that you want to make and I’d be happy to discuss it. Every time you have brought up a point. I have said that I think that point is absurd!


Mike: You’ve agreed with a lot of stuff. You agree that there’s jewish power, right? You agree with, you know, you agree with my diagnosis of the problem of White demographics, did you not?


Halsey: I don’t know if it’s a problem. I don’t know I don’t really think of it that way, but.


Mike: All right well why don’t you think it’s a problem? Why don’t you think why people are ultimately becoming a minority in this country is a problem?


Halsey: I don’t know if it’s a problem, or not. I would,


Mike: Why wouldn’t it be a problem?


Halsey: Because I’m not White. So no, I don’t think that I don’t think people advocating for a White ethno state is going to serve my purposes.


Mike: Okay! Exactly! We are at cross-purposes! We are at cross-purposes!


Halsey: I know. I agree with you on that Mike! Again you keep saying I won’t address it. We disagree on almost everything.


Mike: All right, so can we just like what is the point here then. Like I mean, okay great we disagree on everything. We figured that out.


Halsey: Okay.


Mike: I mean, you agree that the root of your disagreement with [108:01] me at being a White advocate is that you’re jewish.


Halsey: I don’t believe you are a White advocate. Why White people disagree with you. And I believe that given your past history, … wait a minute! Wait a minute!


Mike: You said you are not White. And now you’re saying I am NOT a true White advocate! What on what grounds would you tell me that? Now why should why should why people listen to you?


Halsey: Well, because I would say that the majority of White people agree with me.


Mike: Why should they though? Why do you offer White people? What are you offering?


Halsey: I offer White people? I don’t offer White people anything.


Mike: So, okay!


Halsey: I don’t offer jewish people anything either.


Mike: Do you think do you think that White people have a right to collectively organize for a space for themselves?


Halsey: I believe that the idea that only race is an issue that should be talked about, is absurd and I think that,


Mike: Do you think do you think race is an issue at all? [109:00]


Halsey: Hmm I’d be stupid to say no, but I don’t think in the same way that you’re saying.


Mike: So so race is an issue. What are some of the issues with race?


Halsey: I would like to see your White state with this vast majority of White people that despise you, living comfortably under the idea that you are a White advocate. You’re claiming a race and ownership of a race.


Mike: Look I don’t really see that as an argument. You’re saying a lot of people disagree with me. Okay fine!


Halsey: No I’m saying a lot of people, …


Mike: We are saying right now in the United States the White race who was one time a super majority, is a dwindling ethnic group, and there are multiple problems with White people right now. And they’re related specifically to them being White, because they are under attack from an intellectual and media and governmental elite who, you know, use the power of the government to take away the ability of White people to self-organize. To take away the ability of White people to reserve spaces for Whites only. Who use institutions to [110:01] attack them. HUD policy is essentially based around moving non-White into White areas. Immigration policy is effectively anti-White. When’s the last time we had a significant amount of White immigrants? We haven’t. Non-Whites are favored over Whites we have something called a diversity lottery, which essentially brings people into the country on the basis of their not being White!


White people are suffering from massive problems with drug addiction, with hopelessness, with all of these things. And these things are not being addressed. And I want to come out and address them. And I think part of the issue is that there are anti White narratives that are put out by jewish intellectuals. And I can show this! I can show that the narrative of White privilege, which is a narrative that is used to attack any form of White self-confidence, White self organization, I’m sure that many people listening to this stream have encountered this narrative and they fought against it.


Well this something has come up with by a jewish intellectual. Now why would they do this? You know, I can only, because there’s some sort of malice. There’s some [111:01] sort of malice and you knew yourself as I have admitted that you have an antagonism towards White people. You feel that White people organizing in their interest is not in your interest. So fundamentally, ..


Halsey: Mike you realize that I’m half jewish? That my father’s wife was jewish,


Mike: You think White interests are at cross purposes to you.


Halsey: My name is an identification with my White history.


Mike: There’s no reason for an Englishman to be English, be named English. That’s what jews do. Jews named themselves after places to identify with other jews. The last name,


Halsey: Mike I just told you,


Mike: I don’t care about you. That’s your last name is English, right?


Halsey: English is my father. My father isn’t jewish. So I’m I think that you’re,


Mike: You said your father was jewish?


Halsey: No my mother is jewish.


Mike: Okay. Well then you’re a jew then.


Halsey: My father is not. So what I’m saying is that you just advocated that even my name is jewish, when my name comes from my father, who’s Irish.


Mike: Well very often the name English, or the names [112:01] that are named, that are place names are jewish names.


Halsey: And if you want to have some fun look up the name “Halsey”, not the anorexic singer that’s out on the pop radio. Look in my family, Admiral William Halsey, who was my great-uncle and won the war in World War Two, against the Japanese. He actually was the literal commander in WWII.


Mike: That is fine, there was Whites only, you know, immigration policies.


JF: So we have a reflection again from star see-curve a $200 US. Thank you so much. She says the eternal struggle between the people and the hatred amongst them is being nurtured by a very specific interest party. It is a small ruthless international clique, that is turning people against each other. That does not want them to have peace. And this makes me think of the part of the discussion where essentially this boils down to Mike is saying White people should have advocates for them and they should exist [113:00] and they should have people protecting their right to exist. And Halsey was saying well I don’t care about this.


Halsey: I did not use the words “I don’t care


JF: Okay you dent say “I don’t care” but when we boil down to why did it not concern you, said “I’m not White”. So essentially it’s a question of clique, the same way is presented in the super chat. And my question to Hasley, is would you, do you even recognize the legitimacy of a White ethno-state forming? And do you think that’s a desirable outcome for the White people?


Halsey: I think that’s a desirable outcome for people who think like Mike. I think that’s a great outcome. I would love to see a White ethnic state where people like Mike and his White people who would want to be with him, I think that is an absolute fantastic idea. Which is why I told him he should go do it.


Mike: Okay but again like you when we talk about things like White rights, White advocacy you understand that there’s a phenomenon and [114:00]


Halsey: I can’t hear you, sorry.


Mike: Okay can you hear me now?


Halsey: Yes I can.


Mike: Okay, so do you understand that there is a phenomena in the United States of White flight? Do, you know, that what I’m talking about?


Halsey: I’m not familiar with the term so please explain it.


Mike: The idea White flight is that Whites are living in an area and then other people of color, typically people of other races, move into that area and the White people move out. Most the best example would be particularly,


Halsey: Can I just comment. That was also called jewish flight back in the 1950s for the same reason.


Mike: Right, because jews have preferred jews, like any group.


Halsey: Orthodox jews more than any other.


Mike: Like groups prefer members of their own kind right? So essentially there is a revealed preference on the part of White people. That they prefer to live around Whites. And when there are not Whites [115:00] when others move in when they when they take over the culture the schools and neighborhoods White people leave and they leave for, you know, greener pastures someplace else. Typically it’s one more exit down the highway right? Further down further out from the city center. Longer commute, less time spent with kids, etc., a lot of these things.


Now this to me reveals a desire on the part of Whites to be amongst themselves, to be amongst themselves in their own neighborhoods, in their own communities with other Whites. And this is a desire that cannot be expressed, right now, in this political environment. Now you can be mad at me you can say I’m a fraud, I’m a liar, I’m not speaking for Whites.


Halsey: I will.


Mike: Okay fine. Fair enough. What I’m saying is this revealed preference of White people that is observable, manifest observable, we see it and it’s not allowed to be acted on. And the question is why not? Well, because there are multiple government policies. There is legal advocacy there’s civil rights law there’s all these things which essentially thwart any ability of [116:01] White people to organize in their own interest. And this is what I’m against. You could say I’m against most White people disagree with me I’m sure that there’s a lot of White people that disagree with me but I think there’s a hell of a lot more that would agree with me. These kinds of ideas have never been put before. Though I mean, Ann Coulter I think famously said White people would be floored if a politician actually came out and asked for their vote. They would be absolutely floored, because it’s the one great unmentionable. It’s funny. There’s kind of this thing.


Halsey: I’m not sure what you’re saying. Can you just can you explain that a little bit. I’m not sure what you maybe,


Mike: The idea that a politician White advocate, I’m not I’m not referring to you in any way.


Halsey: No I’m saying are you trying to clarify what you’re saying cuz I want to make sure understand. Are you saying if a politician came out and said I’m White vote for me, because I’m White that people would be floored by that?


Mike: No I would say if a politician came out and said vote for me, because you’re White!


Halsey: Okay that’s what I mean, I’m just I just want a clarification I’m not,


Mike: , because you’re White, because everybody cuz every other group does it okay.


Halsey: Okay.


Mike: That [117:02] appeal is made to every other group. If that appeal is me what’s his name? Sessions, the other day, he said I would lie want to preserve our anglo-American system of justice. Now the system of justice in the United States is sort of objectively drawn from the anglo-American you know, legal tradition. And the fact that he said this he came under a lot of attack, because that’s interpreted, that’s essentially, you know, a dog whistle. He’s saying that he’s alluding to the White roots of the United States. And this is like a no no. This is a political no no. You’re not supposed to do this. So when we have this sort of systemic political correct environment, which I know you’re against political correctness, but it seems that you’re blind to the issues about it that specifically target and affect White people. In my opinion what political correctness is, is the inability for Whites to advocate for themselves.


And you’re saying now, here I am I’m saying I’m out here, I’m advocating for the rights of White people. I’m tired of White people being unable to organize on [118:00] their own behalf, speak on their own behalf and work on their own behalf. And you’re just saying, well you’re a fraud, you’re a liar, or whatever. That’s fine you can think that, but the fact that White people are still denied these abilities is true. It’s still true that White people are destined demographically to be a minority. To dwindle in numbers.


And, you know, frankly when we look at the United States and we see what has the what is one of the factors that has led to where we are now, where legal norms, political norms, you know, the rule of law, you know, a decent society. That these things are all being eroded, and this goes hand-in-hand with the increasing multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is tied to this breakdown of social cohesion. This is something I talk. I mean, you want to talk on my show, like all I do is scream about jews. I think you’ve never actually listened, because we talk about.


Halsey: I have quite a bit.


Mike: We talk about this quite often the breakdown in social cohesion that is caused by multiculturalism and multiracialism. This is a serious issue. And the main victims are [119:01] White, because ultimately all these other racial groups they have another place. They have another home. And you’re asking me to privilege some set of abstract rights for like all mankind when I’m saying no, this set of Rights was something that was developed by White people for Whites in a White country! And others that come in take advantage of them, do not respect those rights for White people. Attempt to erode the system.


I’m not obligated to respect this. I am going to fight for the rights and the preservation of White people. And the fact that you are saying that this is eventually gonna lead to violence with your group! Well okay! That’s on you guys then.


Halsey: No it’s really not, because I’m not gonna pick up a gun until you do. But what I’m saying is that you just said advocating for Whites. Paul Nayland was doing a great job of saying, I’m proud to be White, or whatever it was. And he was saying America first and all of that. I know a lot of people that supported him when he was saying things like that and I actually didn’t have much of a problem [120:01] with him. I disliked Paul Ryan greatly. So I have to admit I didn’t look into him that much but I thought it would be great if he could unseat Paul Ryan, because Paul Ryan is such a cuckoo.


But then all of a sudden advocating it’s okay to be White, started advocating that Jesus wasn’t jewish. Making fun of black people everything was your your halos. And all of a sudden he’s not advocating for Whites, he’s advocating against everybody who isn’t White! And as I said, you’re not proposing a solution on how to deal with everyone who isn’t White, when you’re advocating for against them. If you want to advocate for Whites I have said build your ethnos state! I will be happy to be the first one to cast the vote for you to have it. I would be the first one that if you can get enough like-minded individuals to get together and build your ethno state, wherever you want and I don’t care if it’s in New York, Montana, California. I’m not saying it has to be in some isolated shithole that you don’t want to actually live in.


I’m saying if you can get enough people together to get a strong White [121:00] state for your White people that you’re going to do nothing but blow White people all day, because you love them so much. I’m good with that you. Can do that all you want. What I hear you have for is that someone should give it to you, or that people should get together and that they should somehow say you’re right Mike is advocating for White people, because mike wants White this, White that, but I just don’t see anybody really agreeing with you all that much. And if they’re not agreeing with you then I don’t know how you’re going to accomplish all of this, when the very people you claim to be advocating for would be the most vociferous opponents of your ethno state! They don’t want to live. Yes do they want to live in a White neighborhood? Can’t imagine why they wouldn’t.


And as you said, was this founded as a White country? There were plenty of jews here when the country started. So Haim Solomon funded the Revolutionary War! They issued a postage stamp for him. There are two jewish signers on the Declaration of Independence. So it’s not like they weren’t here too. So when you say I want to deport all the jews to Israel. I want to deport all the blacks to Africa, most people just [122:01] disagree with you. And most people think they don’t want to live in that country. And that isn’t the Constitution that we were founded on that you claim to love when it’s in your interest but not when it’s in the interest of anyone else.


So what I’m saying is that if you want to go form your ethno State I’ll give you the first donation. I’ll be happy to sign up for the GoFundMe okay. You tell me where you want to go buy your giant plot of land and give it to Whites only and keep out all the jews. I don’t want to live there anyway Mike! I have no interest! None!


Mike: Alt-Right so we agree in principle then?


Halsey: Yep.


JF: Yeah, so it seems that we’ve settled on this dream for a segregation of the US. [laughing]


Mike: I want to emphasize something. That this is this what would he is proposing. What you’re saying is like an attempt to essentially trivialize the interests of Whites and say that the only way that the interests [123:00] of Whites can be accomplished, … it is essentially a very jewish narrative. The only way the interests of Whites can be, …


Halsey: I am jewish right?


Mike: I know. And that’s why I think if the things that you say are relevant to your identity as a jew,


Halsey: Okay.


Mike: You know, the only way White people can ever accomplish anything the way why only White people could ever work in their own interest is through some kind of mass violence oppression of others. I don’t necessarily.


Halsey: I said buy land, Mike. That’s not violent. I didn’t tell you to go to take the land with a gun. I told you to go buy it. I told you there are enough White.


Mike: Again I, …


Halsey: I’m saying there’s enough White billionaires out there that you can convince of the problem of anti Whiteness to fund your White ethno state. And you don’t have to worry one little iota.


Mike: This whole thing of like go do this I mean, it’s like it just seems like all [124:00] you’re all you’re trying to do here is sort of say oh, because your idea is not popular. But I mean, that’s just like not really an argument. It’s like okay, I get it.


Halsey: It’s not popular and you hate them for it. The jews did it. When America voted for the foundation of Israel and the United Nations the next day they slapped an arms embargo on them. They wouldn’t allow them to buy weapons anywhere as they were getting invaded by eight countries. America didn’t fund Israel and say Israel go do this. That is not true. What it needed to take. Israel was there it was it’s own country and it decided to declare it’s freedom. White people could easily do that right now, if they didn’t like the way White America was going. I think most of them do like the way White America is going. I happen to think that we’re a little off course. I think that we’re not adhering to the principles of the Constitution. I think that immigration is a huge problem. One that needs to be addressed. I think the Islamic threat is real.


I think that all of these things are real phenomena that could be fought against. But when I see the Alt-Right who seemed to have been gaining power. It was really [125:02] actually kind of cool when I saw right after the election people were actually saying I’m part of the Alt-Right. And I mean, red pilled black people, jews, Hispanics, I knew so many people that were like I’m Alt-Right, because I don’t believe in the GOP establishment, or the conservative establishment. And somehow within one year you guys have gone so far off the rails that you’ve now turned it into the new KKK, where it’s all about getting rid of the Whites, I mean, the jews and the blacks and everybody else. And now you’ve trivialized yourself to the point where nobody wants to hear what you have to say. And the word Alt-Right is the same as saying leper! So I’m just saying you are not only advocating for something I disagree with. You’re failing at it. So,


JF: So I’d like to remind that there is still more than 10 million people easily in the US who are favorable to the ideas of the Alt-Right. Up to 20 million depending on the issue.


Okay. Peanut comes with a super chat $5 [126:01] Australian. Thank you. He says:


hey ever notice how not many people are advocating for a White state in this world where you will lose your job if you do. Do you recognize I’ll say that there is an economic pressure against White advocacy in the US?


Halsey: I believe that if people want to advocate for whatever they want, they should be able to.


Mike: Okay that’s not equal.


Halsey: Let me finish. If somebody is fired for advocating a position that they hold strongly to that is opposed to violence, okay then I don’t believe that they should do anything except walk right out the front door and into a lawyer’s office and file a motherfucker of a lawsuit for violating their rights. I don’t care what their position is no matter how vile I find it. Okay?


I actually was listening to a stream of yours if where you were saying what Jordan Peterson wouldn’t do. And you were talking about how he wouldn’t address some guy who asked him a question about a book that he’s never read about jewish influence that he’s probably never heard of and you were saying that you walked [127:00] away from academia and he’s probably comfortable enough that he didn’t want to walk away from academia for whatever reason. Even though he could have economically.


So he obviously had his own reasons for not wanting to answer it. I don’t believe that he did so, because he was afraid the jews would come after him. I believe he likes his life and he likes what he’s doing and he wasn’t going to make some hypothetical comment on a book he’s never read on the theory he’s probably never even heard of, or contemplated all that much.


Mike: So what would have happened, …


Halsey: But then you said that you did so. You walked away from academia with nothing in your pocket and look at what you’ve done. You have a YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of subscribers with Andy. People listen to you people find you to be influential. You are an academic for something maybe you didn’t study for in college, but if to say you’re less than an academic now I think is lunacy. You’re obviously in academic. You’re just more of an academic for things that you’re interested in right now.


So I don’t believe that it was that Jordan Peterson couldn’t say something. I believe it’s [128:01], because he didn’t want to. And I think but to say that there’s an economic barrier to White people being able to say whatever they want. I don’t believe that’s true. I believe there are some opinions that they can get kicked out for and I believe they have a legitimate grounds for a lawsuit at that point to claim actual harm.


Mike: That’s really nice that you believe that, but the fact is.


Halsey: So does the Constitution.


Mike: Well okay. But the fact is that White people that have advocated on behalf of Whites have been fired, dozed, trashed and they have not been able to get this restitution. So why is that? If that’s the system why should we be happy with it?


Halsey: I didn’t say anyone should be happy with lawsuit.


Mike: Okay!


Halsey: I didn’t say that at all. What I said was is there are ways, you keep saying if I come out as Pro White this will happen. And what I’m saying is that no it won’t automatically happen. Then you’ll just be penniless in the street eating out of a trash can, because you advocated for your supposed [129:01] pro-White position.


Mike: That’s not what you.


Halsey: And then you say but some people have lost lawsuits.


Mike: Saying there is an economic pressure is not the same as you’re setting up strawmen saying,


Halsey: I’m not setting up any strawman.


Mike: You literally are!


Halsey: I literally just said that you have remedies available to you. And you said but some people have used those remedies and it hasn’t been successful. And I said that happens all the time. It’s not the question of whether you are successful, or not there are remedies available to you.


And choices to be made. You can make the choice there. Is not an automatic that if you voice your opinion you are shamed and thrown out to eat out of a trash can. You are claiming that if you claim White supremacist, or whatever it is advocacy that you want, and someone doesn’t like it and they fire you that there’s something wrong with that. When I’m saying if there is something wrong with it, there are ways to address it. And you can easily address it. You sit there, these people won’t let me talk but I’m letting you talk and so is the whole internet, because there are plenty of people watching. He just said what, there’s 20 million Alt-Right people in this country? I [130:00] mean I don’t think that number is that impressive, but at the same time 20 million people are listening to you Mike!


They’re able to hear you no one’s oppressing your ability to speak! There are private companies that don’t want you on their platform, because they find you as repulsive as I do. But what I’m saying is that those people are not stopping you from saying. They’re telling you there are consequences to what you say, just like there are consequences that if I come in to my workplace and start talking about jewish supremacy and how us jews are,


Warski: Taking over the world, you know,


Halsey: That is absolute nonsense! That is no absolute nonsense!


JF: My problem with your answer,


Mike: It’s totally lacking in nuance.


JF: You started with morals. You started I’m against it. But my question is a factual one. Do you think that in this country there is undue punishment for White advocates?


Halsey: No! Unless you’re saying White advocates meaning people like Mike.


JF: People like Mike that is what I’m talking about.


Mike: You think that people that [131:00] think like I do should be punished then?


Halsey: No I did not.


JF: But Mike is effectively getting punished. He got doxxed, he got his private life digged into in illegitimate ways. He got is now under a lawsuit. Isn’t there some undue punishment to Mike?


Halsey: I did a number. Number one what I said is that he has Mike as the right to say whatever he wants. Nobody has the absolute requirement to listen to it. If there is undue influence that is against the law and Mike is a White advocate is being oppressed for that, then I think there are remedies for it. And I think he should literally could examine every single one of them, and do whatever he finds necessary to push forward his rights.


JF: I think that I have to repeat myself. But you’re back to the moral. Do you think do you think that people like Mike are getting punished for expressing ideas that they could that they should be able to express [132:01] freely under the First Amendment?


Halsey: I think that no one’s stopping them from expressing them freely under the First Amendment. That’s my point.


JF: Do you think that they are getting unfairly punished? That is the question do you think.


Mike: This is going round and round in circles, goes around and around because, you know, there are, ..


Halsey: It’s not if they’re oppressing you have a remedy. A private person and a private business who fires you for are vacating your First Amendment rights. There are ways that you can go about getting remedy from those people. I do not believe there is a system of oppression where in the rule book it says if you think like Mike we’re going to fire you, because of the,


Mike: Strawman this is a strawman.


JF: Back to the strawman.


Halsey: Being punished you keep saying I do not believe the system is punishing him from what he’s saying. I think what he is saying is abhorrent to a lot of people, and it is not incumbent on the people to have to listen to something just, because he has the right say it.


Mike: Forcing people to listen is not the issue. And [133:02] nobody nobody actually expected.


Halsey: But you give some examples you said losing jobs getting doxxed all of that, okay if someone fired you for using your First Amendment right. I just said you should sue them if they’re doing that! And then your answer was people have sued and lost! Well people have sued and won. So what I’m saying is that I have said if someone has deprived you of your rights you should take whatever remedy is necessary to prove them wrong. But you are saying no the system is geared against me, because I’m a White advocate. And I keep saying you are not a White advocate. What you’re saying is abhorrent to most people. They don’t want you around. They’re free to not have you around saying whatever the hell you want.


Mike: Are you done?


Halsey: Yep!


Mike: There’s many, many strawmen in what you were saying.


Halsey: Oh okay here we go again with the strawman.


Mike: Well it’s a valid point and again. When we talk about the system that this dissension,


Halsey: I’d like to hear what you have to say.


Mike: The system that punishes White advocacy you’re essentially trying to get, like we’re not asking your opinion. You say you have you and I’ll commend your opinion is people should be able to say whatever they want without punishment right. This is not the system that exists. You understand? And when we talk and you set up this straw man that there’s some rule book out there, that there’s some automatic thing that there’s not just, because like yeah I managed to make it through what happens to me when I was doxxed. There’s a lot of people that haven’t. There’s some states, there’s different laws there’s different labor and employment laws. Some states you can have a cause of action against an employer if they sued you for no other reason than legal speech you engaged in outside of [135:00] the office. Some states you have no such right. Okay? So there’s already this issue right.


Now I, you know, your continued assertion that you have some belief in this right but then also, you know, then you go back on it, because you’re saying no one has the right no one no one is required I’m not I know what. People aren’t asking people to listen. What they’re saying is my public advocacy should not affect my employment. So I’m not I never once, you know, I have to be very careful what I say here, because again like again you almost have me at a disadvantage when you attack my private life, because I mean, when you attack my private life it actually is really underhanded, because I am under multiple NDA’s. I can’t talk about so much stuff, because of lawsuits and legal actions that I have been a party to. That just basically blatantly refute what you are saying about how this system works. I have been through this! Okay?


Halsey: Okay.


Mike: And essentially the fact of the matter is that people they come out with pro [136:01] White views. And one of the things I’ve asked is there a way that somebody can be pro-White without this label being attached to them that then stigmatizes them makes them a pariah and cast them out of society? And I and, you know, your whole assertion that nobody wants to listen oh he wants to listen. If that were true then nobody would be listening! There is any price and as we see with this lawsuit against me. They are trying to impose a cost on those that listen, not just those that speak, you know, there are many people it can’t just always be me, who had a platform and a radio show that I was able to fall back on.


There’s guys that don’t have that. They want to say something, or they found out that they are involved in activism. They get fired they get doxxed, they get harassed now. It’s not even just it’s not even just employers will fire them. There is a violent group of left-wing agitators that will attack them. That will harass their families. That will attack them at their homes. Will follow them around. I mean, yeah I see in the US and this all together is a system a system is not just simply [137:01]the government” okay? There is a whole system! Part of part of what is going on is multiple different groups and actors that are working around the “Schelling point”. Do you understand the concept of a “Schelling point”?


Halsey: No.


Mike: The concept of a “Schelling point” is like it’s like a common point around which individuals act without necessarily having been organized before hand. So White spec, pro-White speech pro-White activism is a “Schelling point” that multiple groups in society converge around to suppress it. Corporate power does it. You know, then you have like left-wing protesters. You have a number different groups that act together and in a system of intimidation, harassment, deplatforming and economic threats, that make people feel very intimidated about expressing these ideas. And for you for you to deny that, because oh potentially you might have a legal remedy, it’s just I mean, …


Halsey: This not what I said.


Mike: A problem. And then we point out that out you say “well I’m not against it”. I mean, it’s like I don’t really care what you’re for, or against the point is, …


Halsey: What I’m saying Mike, ..


Mike: The fact that we are against [138:00] this and we are organizing acting against it, because it’s attacking us. It’s not in our interest! It’s not healthy for us. We shouldn’t have to put up with it and we won’t.


Halsey: What I’m saying Mike, why.


Mike: No one hates you, because of it, okay whatever!


Halsey: What I’m saying is. That’s nice. What I’m saying Mike, is that you are sitting here saying I am a White advocate and I’m just advocating for Whiteness.


Mike: And here we go again. You’re gonna say you’re not really a White advocate. Fine! I registered that opinion dude! Opinion noted!


Halsey: Hey I love how you’re interrupting me. I didn’t interrupt you.


Mike: You interrupted me this whole time!


Halsey: Rah rah rah. And I’m saying Mike you have a Daily Shoah, uh okay? That isn’t pro-white. It’s anti-jewish. So you’re sitting here saying I’m pro-White, but what you’re advocating for is anti-jewish. You can somehow go in the abstract of saying by going against the jews I’m going for the Whites. Paul Nahlen had no problem when he was doing pro-White advocacy. He only had a problem when he started going after jews and after black people. That’s when all of a [139:00] sudden he started getting, …


Mike: They went after him,


Halsey: He ran for Congress Mike. He actually got votes yeah I mean, so no.


Mike: I know and then when he started being openly Pro White on Twitter and jews started going after him.


Halsey: When I know he started her being anti jew that’s what he started doing.


Mike: You are reversing the causality. He saw what happened to him when he came out as openly Pro-White when he saw who it was that came after him.


Halsey: And he started criticizing jews weren’t actually jews. They were Russians called Khazar. And that the Jesus wasn’t an actual jew and stuff like that.


Mike: I’m familiar with like that stuff. He did do that I didn’t know.


Halsey: I’m literally not making this up. That post he came out was you should read this.


Mike: What if he’s not anti-jewish. He came out would be subjective. I mean, I noticed that he started to [140:00] possibly get himself in hot water when he got involved in a debate with this guy named Ari Cohen. Who is who is uh, you know, head of something called “FIRE” which is interestingly a free speech organization. Was one of the first to attack him as a so-called White supremacist when he hadn’t said any White supremacist stuff. You know, he was saying, you know, he again, if you, here’s here’s how this works! And I think to pretend that this doesn’t work like this, or that you don’t see this is either you’re blind, or you’re just not, you know, you’re not acknowledging what’s going on.


He comes out and he’s like, you know, White people the immigration policy is not working for us, the, you know, the policies, various policies aren’t working for White people. Immigration being the most obvious one. Demographically were in decline. He’s also very strong Christian so he advocated for Christian values, etc., he’s allowed to do all of that and then he notices who’s coming after him. And I saw this guy Ari Cohen go after him.


Halsey: I’m not familiar with what you are talking about.


Mike: This [141:00] is what I saw I mean, you’re telling me you saw him talk about now. I just I’ll just say this for the record so yeah I don’t believe in the Kazar theory. I think it’s kind of crackpot stuff. It’s not my thing. I don’t promote like what I see is kind of crackpot genetic theories. I get that some people believe it. I think it’s a big mistake and I wouldn’t I wouldn’t put that out there something I advocate for so if Nehlen said that then I think he made a mistake. But I don’t think that’s like something that he should be forever banished from the earth for saying, you know, I would if I ever could talk to him I would say, you know, I disagree with you here Paul. I don’t think this is an accurate reflection of the genetic origins of the jewish people, or whatever.


But um, you know, Nealon noticed who was coming after him when he started being a White advocate. That’s what I saw. And I follow him very closely. I’ve followed his career very closely, because I saw the signs in Paul Nehlen and of somebody who was growing aware of the problem of White demographics in the United States. And sure enough Wow as soon as he grew aware of that, what [142:00] happens? Who comes after him? And look I don’t think he must necessarily responded to this in the wisest way. But the fact of the matter is that this he was responding to being attacked in an organized fashion by jews for coming out as a White advocate. That’s what happened.


Halsey: I agree with you in to an extent. And as I said, I followed it pretty closely from that article on.


Mike: Okay probably happened before that.


Halsey: Well I said this debate I know nothing about it. All I know is that when people would ask me what I thought of Paul Nehlen. I would say I hope he takes up Paul Ryan., because I just have not a fan. So I didn’t know that much about him before. Then I noticed a thread that literally said let’s start here and he starts with the Khazar theory. And then he started with this is then he pointed out jewish influence. And then he got suspended from Twitter for telling a jew to eat a bullet.


So yes, that was pretty stupid. What I’m saying is then he came back on about another week and he went after the stupid cheddar theory by [143:01] making jokes about black people. And he got booted off Twitter. Which he basically knew was going to happen. I mean, come on now. Is there anyone that doesn’t know that if you make fun of black people you get kicked off Twitter? It’s just kind of a thing. I’ve been kicked off Twitter three times.


Mike: Why did you get kicked off?


Halsey: Twice for making fun of Islamic people and once for making fun of someone who was saying that Scalise deserve to be shot.


Mike: Oh really.


Halsey: There was a prosecutor from Louisiana who said let’s remember what a piece of shit this guy was before we start praying for him. I used some words that I probably shouldn’t have when I went after her and they banned me. Then one, okay go ahead.


Mike: I’m happy for you use whatever words to talk about that person that you want if someone thinks Steve Scalise should have been shot then. If someone’s openly saying us guys, maybe I’m sure I don’t really feel like you’re entitled to my niceness here, you know.


JF: So guys it was an amazing discussion. We’re gonna get to concluding [144:02] statements. Hasley, like I saw you were drinking something brown. Is that ice — the from America?


Mike: This is a Bloody Mary, my favourite drink.


Halsey: I can’t believe we actually agree on something?


JF: Oh we’ve agreed on so much in the end. I don’t drink very often, but when I do I tend to drink Bloody Marys.


So nice. So we’re gonna go for concluding statements starting with Mike.


Mike: Yeah all right, I just think that this discussion was interesting at points, also very frustrating. And I think that in several instances rather than kind of, you know, once we establish that we disagree. That Halsy kind of do not want to talk about the facts of the situation that White people are up against either. He didn’t know about it, or oh sort of abstractly against that, or I don’t see that, or there’s a remedy that isn’t a realistic remedy. Like if you, you know, [145:01] a minimum-wage kid hasn’t really no kind of remedy if he just gets fired. Working class minimum wage kid, early in his life. He comes out he’s Alt-Right he’s pro-White now he’s done! I mean, this has happened multiple times. I know people that this has happened to.


And what the Alt-Right is doing is saying White people are a coherent group of people. We can see this in how White people self organize along, you know, racial lines given the choice. The choice is being systematically removed from them and, in fact, they face harsh penalties if they even try to do it. This is an intolerable situation we speak up against the situation. Many people have become extremely angry at jews, because they see that when they start to do this, when they start to act and speak in their own interests, who is coming after them? Very wealthy and very powerful jews! Jews have power in the legal world they have power in the media world, in the academic world, in the political world.


When you [146:00] speak against war. When I was very active in the anti-war movement, who was it that was attacking us? It was very wealthy and powerful jews that were pro Zionists. I believe that jews are a very wealthy, powerful group, acting together in a coherent interest that is not my interest. And they have taken up many seats of power and influence in my society. It’s not that like every single powerful person is a jew, but there is a lot of them. They work together. And to deny this I think he’s actually more conspiratorial, than to grant it! It is more absurd to say that these people are just not working together. They’re not self-interested. They’re not ethnically interested. That is more of a sort of an absurd thing to say, than what I’m saying.


I think this is a malign influence on my society. I have a right to speak against it. I have a right to act against it! And if these people are actively using these powers to deny my rights, I’m in no way obligated to extend such rights to them in theory. Right now all I can do is activism. All I can do is raise my voice. Try to win other White [147:01] people to my cause. Other White people don’t like you, they don’t agree with you? Okay, I’m well aware! That’s the mountain I have to climb. That’s the hurdle I have to face. But also it’s pretty frigging underhanded to come and say all this stuff about my past. Everyone knows about my past. It’s well known. My fans don’t care they understand. People that I ever talked to this about it I mean, I don’t want to talk about it. It was really on underhanded and kind of dirty for you to do that. I think it made you look really bad. But whatever.


You know, the major point here is jewish power is real. Jewish power is a negative influence. It is a negative influence on Whites in the United States. It’s a negative influence on Whites in Europe. And I don’t feel that I have to justify to a a jew, Halsey, the fact that I’m gonna go out and do advocacy on behalf of Whites. And if and if jews are going to fight me, then that’s their problem! They’re the ones that are doing something wrong by getting in my way of advocating for myself and my people.


JF: All right. Halsey?


Halsey: I think what Mike said was [148:00] he started out down the right path and [148:02] then he went to the ridiculous as he normally does, but, number one I told you I don’t believe that his background is off the table, because he’d find some offense to it and that he thinks it’s dirty. That’s just too bad. And secondly I think that the Alt-Right had the ability to organize in a way that was pro-American, that was not focused on race. They had momentum they had the ability to recruit they had the ability to take people and advocate for policies that would be good for Americans.


I think Mike has more in common with a red pill black, than he does with a Antifa White, but he would advocate for White power, as opposed to right-wing power. And I think that’s a big mistake. I think that Mike has a microphone and I think that he’s using it in a way that’s detrimental to our movement. It’s definitely is detrimental to our country. And I think that my job as I’ve said from the beginning, is to expose what he thinks, because I want people to hear what he thinks. I want him to have a louder microphone, because I think that [149:00] when he does, he makes my job of proving that we have problems in this country even more real.


JF: All right, to both of you thank you so much. This was an awesome and intense and very full discussion.


Halsey: Thanks Chris take care.


Warski: A lot of fun, thanks guys.


JF: Bye-bye Halsey, bye bye Mike.


Warski: Jez, damn that was epic!


JF: Oh la la!


Warski: That was epic! Wow! I really didn’t have to do anything!


JF: Oh yeah, there was nothing we could do. These guys I mean, they talked over each other just slightly, just a few minutes, but the overall thing was very good. And they were both high level orators.


Warski: Yeah definitely both of them were good at, you know, challenging each other. There was some circles they went in, at certain points, but still very [150:02]


JF: You have to leave these circles happen as potentially part of a strategy. I mean, that’s why I always respect even if you can say in the end it’s dishonest to argue like this. Sometimes being dishonest is part of the strategy and you have to let it happen in blood sports.


Warski: Yep definitely. I hope the audience there enjoyed it seemed it that they did in the chat. Like everyone was running for their team. And yeah and thanks for all the support during that show. Very hard to interject with anything super chats, or anything yeah.


JF: We did the big ones! The two big Valentine Day Massacre! Jesus I like how he made that background too. He went all out, eh?


 Oh yeah, this guy is devoted. Are we reading super chats tonight.


Warski: Yes we are. Let’s try and pound [151:02] through these.











[1] Here’s the Hitler quote:


“The more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic. First they counted on the stupidity of their adversary, and then, when there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid. If all this didn’t help, they pretended not to understand, or, if challenged, they changed the subject in a hurry, quoted platitudes which, if you accepted them, they immediately related to entirely different matters, and then, if again attacked, gave ground and pretended not to know exactly what you were talking about. Whenever you tried to attack one of these apostles, your hand closed on a jelly-like slime which divided up and poured through your fingers, but in the next moment collected again. But if you really struck one of these fellows so telling a blow that, observed by the audience, he couldn’t help but agree, and if you believed that this had taken you at least one step forward, your amazement was great the next day. The Jew had not the slightest recollection of the day before, he rattled off his same old nonsense as though nothing at all had happened, and, if indignantly challenged, affected amazement; he couldn’t remember a thing, except that he had proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day.
Sometimes I stood there thunderstruck. I didn’t know what to be more amazed at: the agility of their tongues or their virtuosity at lying. Gradually I began to hate them.”






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