Andrew Anglin vs Sargon of Akkad – Feb 2018 – Clips — TRANSCRIPT


[Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer fame, has a debate, or conversation, with Sargon of Akkad. hosted by Baked Alaska, with input from Andy Warski. Here are a selection of clips that YouTuber, Kronos, has posted KATANA.]


Andrew Anglin




Sargon of Akkad


Feb 2018 – Clips


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Andrew Anglin vs. Sargon of Akkad


Anglin: So I guess my question to start with for [00:02] Sargon, would be, do you grant the moral premise that White people have a right to their own country, and you’re just saying that it’s impossible to make that happen?


Sargon: Well I said at the beginning that I didn’t really want to debate the talking points, because there’s no point!


Anglin: Then what do you want to talk about Sargon?


Sargon: Let me explain.


Alaska: Wait hold on. You agree, you agreed to a debate. I mean, and then, you know.


Sargon: I really want to talk to Andrew.


Alaska: So you just show up at a debate and you don’t want to debate them?


Sargon: Not really. It seems I’m with, ..


Alaska: Why did you contact and send me an email, …


Sargon: Let me explain.


Alaska: Okay go ahead.


Sargon: I don’t know how to contact, sorry contact Andrew?


Alaska: We have been emailing back and forth.


Sargon: Yeah, because you were in contact with Andrew.


Alaska: I know, so if you didn’t want a debate, you should have emailed me, and said, “hey I don’t really want a debate [01:00] can we have a different sort of dialogue”. But go ahead.


Sargon: I don’t want to bicker or anything. So when you said debate I figured you mean “talk about things from different perspectives”.


Alaska: Okay! Go ahead and talk!


Anglin: That’s what we can do. I’m not trying to have an aggressive debate!


Sargon: Let me talk a second.


Anglin: I think it’s I think it’s a good starting point. What I just said, that you went straight to logistics and, .. Embrace race realism. And then the moral right of White people. So go ahead.


Sargon: Okay. Listen right. The problem that I have with anything that the Alt-Right says, when it comes to the concept of an ethno-state, is that it is trying to strip away the ethnic heritage that I have inherited. Do you understand that?


Anglin: What? I don’t understand that? No. Always, is it the thing that you’re a quadroon?


Sargon: No.


Anglin: That’s not true Sargon.



Sargon: It is absolutely true. My grandfather, ..


Anglin: I saw your parents in a videos [02:01] Sargon! In Baked Alaska stream, is that bullshit? Because I saw your parents! I saw your parents Sargon! There’s no way that’s true.


Sargon: I don’t care about your opinion on that! It really doesn’t matter to me.


Anglin: It’s not only an opinion. It’s an observation.


Sargon: Of course, it’s an opinion. Andrew, listen. I thought we’d be able to have an honest conversation. Because as far as I’m concerned, …


Anglin: Let’s get back to the quadroon question.


Sargon: Well let me speak. Look I’m not here to attack you, okay. As far as I’m concerned you are the only honest person in the entire alternative right. So I actually, of all of the people in the Alt-Right respect you the most! You are living the most honest version of your principles. And it is seeing you being, as Baked Alaska said, and I think rightfully so, the most persecuted and suppressed person in modern times. This is what you get for being honest!


Anglin: That is true.


Sargon: I don’t agree with [03:02] your principles. I don’t agree with the conception that you’re talking about. When I said my ethnic heritage, I mean, as an Englishman. If you think I’m giving up 800 years of fight against tyranny, from the point we are now, in an individualist state with civic nationalism. I as a citizen have control of my government. And if you think I’m giving that up for anything, you’re wrong! That is the English heritage! The idea that you think the I would give that away, …


Anglin: What about all these immigrants?


Sargon: I don’t even give a fuck about immigrants! All right? I’m never going to agree with that.


Anglin: What are they do with anything?


Sargon: Listen. I don’t, … Like I said, we’re not going to agree on this. You guys are okay with getting rid of that. I’m not!


Anglin: Getting rid of what?


Sargon: Civic nationalism!


Anglin: Like rights? I mean, I read, …


Sargon: Yes like rights.


Anglin: I don’t want to take anybody’s rights [04:01] away, Sargon.


Sargon: Of course, you do.


Anglin: Sargon! Sargon!


Sargon: On your website you’ve got “race war and the jewish problem”! Come on! Don’t lie to me! Don’t pretend!


Anglin: Okay, I am not lying. Let me say my thing, Sargon. I am an American nationalist. I believe in the principles of the United States Constitution.


And this country, my country. I’m not there right now. But the United States, as it was formed, okay, which was as a White nationalist country. Our entire history, the writings of Thomas Jefferson and the other founding fathers. This was a White nationalist country. We had laws enforcing White Nationalism in the United States of America.


That’s what I believe in! Okay? Anything else about, you know, civic ideals, this is all peripheral. What I believe in is the right of White people to have self-determination. [05:00] that is the core ideal here. And anything else is just at the side of that. It’s not primary.


Sargon: Okay. Well this is again where I disagree with you. But I’m not interested in discussing the ins and outs. I really just want to like talk to you and understand you. Because, …


Anglin: That’s, that’s the core of it. That’s what needs to be talked about. Stuff to do with time. And so on. I mean, …


Sargon: No no. Let me explain.


Alaska: No. First you said you don’t want to debate! Now you don’t want to discuss! I mean, …


Anglin: I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions!


Alaska: You have I mean, you’re getting paid eight thousand dollars a month on Patreon for you to represent your fans, your people’s ideas.


Sargon: No, that is not true.


Alaska: You need to represent, … You’re not getting paid $8,000 on Patreon?


Sargon: No, just the reason that you’re giving.


Alaska: I can pull up, …


Sargon: I’m getting paid by people in Patreon, because [06:01] I produce videos that they like to watch.


Alaska: Okay so you’re not, …


Sargon: I’m not being paid to be here.


Alaska: You don’t talk in your videos about. “I want to have a conversation!” I mean, I hear that all the time from you. But seems like you don’t want.


Sargon: I would love to have a conversation now. If you guys would stop being so defensive.




Sargon of Akkad is Genuinely


Disappointed in


Andrew Anglin


and Taze A Bro Nationalism.



Sargon: I honestly. This, I’m genuinely [00:02] disappointed Andrew.


Andrew: Yeah I know. You want me to say some crazy shit so you can play it like that.


Sargon: No. You put shit every day on your website.


Anglin: Yeah but it’s, you know, it’s tongue-in-cheek. It’s joking.


Sargon: Is it? Look I have to say the mainstream doesn’t think it’s tongue-in-cheek. And I honestly thought.


Alaska: Are you really giving the mainstream media credit for getting anything right Sargon?


Sargon: Some things. Not everything obviously.


Anglin: Okay, so if we’re gonna do logistics okay?


Sargon: We’re not doing logistics we’re talking about the moral principles.


Anglin: What we’re talking about is logistics. Morality is logistics.


Sargon: Is it right Andrew, Andrew listen. Is it right for the government to shoot lawful property owners?


Anglin: Okay we’re not gonna shoot anybody.


Sargon: Yeah you are. This is why, …


Anglin: We can taze them. [laughing] most of these people who don’t even own a property. They live [01:01] in Section eight housing.


Alaska: Don’t taze me bro!


Anglin: We’re going to taze these bros! Nationalism now! Can use knockout gas, you know. I mean, we guns that shoot tranquilizer darts.


Sargon: It doesn’t change the morality. Yeah we’re gonna protect your rights and come to our country and then buy property., you know, become citizens, and then we’re gonna take that away. Is the moral?


Anglin: You would accept, … Is that moral? You know, what is immoral is having our right to exist taken away from us. Okay? You are not answering my question. It’s breaking it down.


Sargon: Is it moral to have a government do that?



Edgy Book Recommendations.








Sargon: Listen, every person has a right to exist.


Anglin: Sargon have you even read Heidegger? [Alaska bursts out laughing]


Sargon: No, I haven’t. And he said that every person hasn’t gotta right to exist?


Anglin: Well, what he said is that human existence has a deeper meaning than this mathematical equation that you’ve presented as the as the meaning of existence. That we should base our morality off of a mathematical equation as to who is going to suffer. And I think that that’s using an underlying philosophical difference.


Alaska: Have you even read Siege, Sargon? Have you read Siege?


Sargon: Would you mind not interrupting? Huh?


Alaska: Have you read Siege?


Sargon: Do you mind not interrupting? Is that okay? Yeah? I’m trying to have a conversation with Andrew.


Alaska: All right.





Sargon Clashes With Baked Alaska


and Andy Warski





Sargon: This is German bullshit! And the Germans can get fucked! Okay?


Anglin: So you sounds like you hate German there Sargon? You telling us they’re White niggers Sargon?


Sargon: It’s way worse!


Alaska: And, by the way, Sargon, …


Sargon: Honestly you guys need to get woke on the German question.


Alaska: Sargon you are on my channel. You should show some respect buddy. If I was on your channel I would give you respect. All right? So you’re on my show.


Sargon: Weren’t you just laughing and interrupting me a second ago?


Alaska: I’m the moderator. I can do whatever I want. It’s my show.


Sargon: Which means you shouldn’t do that. You should, …


Alaska: No I can do it. I can do my show however I want.


Sargon: It’s not showing is it?


Alaska: I can do it however I want.


Sargon: Is that not showing respect?


Alaska: I’m showing you respect. If something is funny I’m gonna laugh at it. People in the chat are actually saying moderate more. But I’m letting you guys have a conversation.


Sargon: I think that you should try and enforce your own rules. But I think, …


Alaska: I think you should stop dodging debates.


Sargon: I’m not dodging any debates.


Alaska: Like you dodged the Andy Warski debate. Yeah you almost dropped out of mine. You showed up 30 minutes late.


Sargon: I didn’t almost, ..


Alaska: And then you’re gonna, yeah you did drop out of Andy Warski’s debate. And then, …


Sargon: No! When did we arrange a debate? When did we arrange a debate?


Alaska: So you stopped doing a debate with Warski?


Sargon: Well no. Tell me when I arranged a debate from?


Alaska: I mean, he literally showed the screen shot on the Kumite. You believe in your ideas enough so you have to keep dodging questions. Dodging debates, …


Sargon: I’m not dodging anything.


Alaska: You are!


Sargon: No, no, listen, listen!


Alaska: You said I’m not having a debate I’m having a conversation. To you said I’m not gonna have a discussion about this. Sargon! You are a laughing stock of the internet right now!


Sargon: Because I don’t.


Alaska: You are intellectually dishonest! It’s not the Alt-Right. It’s the whole internet. I was a big fan of you Sargon! I was a big fan of you!


Sargon: I didn’t change anything.


Alaska: You need to get off your high horse Sargon! I want you to succeed!


Sargon: You are not listening to [02:01] anything that I’m saying. You don’t understand what I’m trying to put forward to you.


Alaska: Stop having this smug attitude about everything. We want to like you! We want to, …


Sargon: I don’t really, I don’t care if you like me, or not.


Alaska: I’m not talking about me, I’m speaking for the entire internet. This is what the entire internet, ..


Sargon: Are you sure that you are the voice of the entire internet?


Alaska: I am the voice of the Internet!


Sargon: I never arranged anything with Andy Warski. I never arranged, …


Alaska: I literally, Andy okay, …


Sargon: Look I know I know that you think I did. I will send you my correspondence with Andy. I don’t know why he’s lied about it.


Alaska: No Andy showed his email with you and you said “sure. We’ll do it soon”. You confirmed that you were doing a debate with him.


Sargon: Soon! But there is no time. There is no date. I haven’t set anything.


Alaska: But wait, so first you said you did not set up a debate with him, now now you did?


Sargon: No. That’s you just said I didn’t set up a [03:00] debate, because I didn’t give a time and a date.


Alaska: But you agreed to a debate and now you’re now you’re dodging it.


Sargon: When it suits my time frame, I’m happy to have a conversation.


Alaska: When it suits your time.


Sargon: Absolutely!


Alaska: But you wanna have a conversation with anyone except, … you don’t want to talk about this topic, or that topic. You don’t want to have a debate, even though you’re at this, you know, the head of the liberalism.


Sargon: I didn’t think there’d be any need to have a debate with Andrew, but we’ve gone through it all. I think there was, …


Alaska: Why would there be no need to have a debate when I set up a fucking debate with you? That’s, you’re literally sounding insane!


Sargon: If I get to talk to one of my arch-nemesis for the past four, …


Alaska: But you’re not talking to him dude!


Sargon: Because you’re talking.


Alaska: Okay, well here’s Sargon talking to. Well here’s Warski to address these issues.


Warski: I did say multiple times that you’re gonna do it. And I have these side chats that I screen shared yesterday on the Kumite, saying, yes I could screen share it right now.


Sargon: I think you should [04:01] cuz I said “soon” didn’t I?


Warski: Yeah you said “fairly soon” which means you did say that you would do the debate!


Sargon: Yeah.


Warski: All right. Yeah.


Sargon: Yeah.


Warski: That’s my point.


Sargon: When? When? That was ten days ago Andy.


Warski: Yeah! But the thing is Vee and a bunch of people kept saying you wanted a round two, so I was trying to I was trying to plan it.


Sargon: [Garbled.]


Warski: Hang on! Sargon! Jesus Christ do you let anyone finish a fucking sentence?


Sargon: Oh get fucked man! Everyone has been interrupting me constantly.


Alaska: Oh come on!


Sargon: And then.


Warski: You can’t say about, … bullshit, ….


Alaska: Let me suck you don’t let anybody speak and then you accuse everyone else of interrupting you.


Sargon: Unbelievable! It’s unbelievable!


Warski: Whiny fuck man!


Sargon: You’re whining at me that I’m not doing the debate soon enough? And you call me a whiny fuck!


Warski: No! No! Okay, first of all,


Sargon: Yes yes Andy, come on.


Warski: You can all get fucked! [screaming] do you let anyone finish the [05:02] fucking sentence! ?


Sargon: Oh welcome to my world my friend. Carry on.


Warski: You’ve been interrupting Andrew the entire time. You were supposed to be here to debate, and you start off with “I don’t want to have a debate. I just want to have a conversation”. Who the fuck is coming here to watch a conversation? Agree to a conversation we want to hear a fucking debate.


Sargon: Do you think a lot of, …


I would be interested in a real debate?


Alaska: You didn’t agree to a conversation! You agreed to a debate. So Andrew has already won by default, by you dodging, …


Sargon: Great victory! Enjoy it!


Warski: My point is you’ve lost this debate.


Sargon: You can’t understand the terms I’m using man. I’m trying to explain, I’ve explained to you in explicit detail.


Anglin: Do I have a case of Dunning Kruger here’s Sargon?


Sargon: Yes, yes, I’m the one with the case of Dunning Kruger.


Anglin: I you might think you’re smarter than you are!


Sargon: Yes I’m sure you are as exactly as smart as you think you are as well.


Warski: You said that you wanted to debate, Sargon over and over again [06:02] soon! Soon! Soon! And then you go on your White White nigger rants! I’ve done with debating the alternative-right! If you think the Alt-Right is so wrong about their principles and ideas, then fucking man up and debate! How are you the leader of the liberalists when you can’t even debate Vee? In my opinion V should be the fucking leader! Because he has the balls!


Sargon: Shall we give him the crown?


Warski: Yes!


Alaska: Yes!


Anglin: Do it!


Sargon: Vee, the king of the liberalists! Good on you!


Alaska: Whoa!


Sargon: Now what!


Anglin: I don’t know. It’s your thing. I guess we’ll have to ask Vee? We’ll have to ask Vee!


Warski: My point is you don’t want to debate anyone! Never debate anyone.


Sargon: Can I, … Andy, right? Shut up! , you know, that’s bollocks!


Warski: I literally see you saying that you wanted to debate him. And now you’re like I never promised! You said “I never promised him that”. And then you were like “okay I did. But I said soon


Sargon: I never said “I promise you” me saying I will have a talk with you “soon” is not a problem.


Warski: Alt-Right I’m going to open up the Skype right now.


Sargon: No one cares man!


Warski: Let’s open it up right now.


Sargon: Oh my god! Andy I don’t care!


Warski: I can prove it! You’re lying right now. Therefore I will have to prove it.


Sargon: I’m lying! [sarc]


Warski: There we going. I have to make sure I don’t reveal any private Skype. Okay share screen. Here it is. Okay look look at this. Ah where is it. “yo Sargon, people are asking when you’re down for this Spencer rematch” “fairly soon man. I’ve been busy”. This clearly indicates that you were down to [08:00] have the debate, plus he mentioned it to be a bunch of times, and be messaging me saying you wanted me to help, me to set up the debate. So you coming on here and saying you never promised it, is bullshit! Sargon!


Sargon: That is not a promise.


Anglin: Sargon, the reason you wanted to debate me, because you thought I was gonna come on here and say I was gonna kill a bunch of people.


Sargon: You’ve already said that Andrew.


Anglin: [shouting] I have not said I’m going to to kill a bunch of people, Sargon! You thought I was going to say something crazy.


Sargon: [garbled]


Anglin: Everything necessitates violence! They put guns at the backs of little kids to integrate them with the blacks!


Sargon: Then stop being a fucking pussy and say your solution needs violence.


Anglin: Sargon that is not a good “gotcha” I’ve said.


Sargon: I didn’t say it was a “gotcha!


Anglin: It requires force, the violence, the violence, ..


Sargon: Andrew right, as far as I’m concerned you are a Nazi! There’s no point trying to xx. On a Nazi. Now I’m actually impressed that you actually pretend not to be a Nazi. I [09:00] never thought that you would ever say that.


Anglin: I do not pretend not to be a Nazi, or to be a Nazi! I don’t know what that means! Okay? I do not know what that means when you use that term “Nazi


Sargon: Okay.


Anglin: It’s a slur!


Sargon: Can I just quickly finish answering Andy then I’ll, …


Anglin: We’re in a debate about debating. [laughing]


Sargon: It is pretty ridiculous. But look it’s a slur when the far-left use the term “Nazi”, because A) they don’t know anything about Nazis, and they don’t know anything about the person they’re talking about. And they think it’s a way of just dismissing them as a bad person. Right? It’s not a slur when you can actually refer to the points of principle under which Nazis self-identified.


Anglin: But you’re just talking about White Nationalism, which goes back to the entire history of Europe. I mean, when they kept these people out of here.


Sargon: I’m not just  talking to them.


Anglin: Were the founding fathers Nazis?


Sargon: Okay, listen. There’s a reason why we are not White nationalist now. But anyway, Andy, right? I’m sorry that you thought I was [10:00] promising something to you. And I’m sorry that I’ve not done whatever it is you want, soon enough. But I have been busy, and I said “soon” ten days ago. And in my world ten days is not that long a time.


Warski: I have one question. Do you want to debate Spencer again, or not?


Sargon: Honestly I don’t mind. I’m happy to do it at some point. But it’s not like top of my list of priorities.


Warski: And you had messaged me, …


Sargon: Debating Anglin is far higher, because I personally can engage, …


Alaska: Wait! Wait! Wait! Debating Anglin it’s far higher on your priorities, but you literally came on, …


Sargon: Oh my god! Baked Alaska, look it’s a semantic point you bring up here. It it’s not really anything important, is it?


Alaska: I think everyone can see through you, …


Anglin: It like your “logistics”. Is it logistics Sargon? Were you having logistic problems arranging the debate? With your, …


Sargon: Yeah we were actually., because I thought you started nine o’clock. But apparently I got the time wrong [11:00] So yeah, ..


Alaska: I emailed you the correct time.


Anglin: Everything is logistics! The logistics man! [laughing]


Sargon: No, I’m happy to say that was my mistake. If that’s okay? Do you mind if I do? [patronizing apology tone] I’m happy to say I made the mistake of arriving half an hour late. It’s my mistake.


Alaska: That’s fine. But then you said that, …


Sargon: Can I explain what I was saying?


Alaska: Sure.


Sargon: I consider Andrew to have a much higher standing than Richard Spencer! Andrew actually has grassroots support! He actually has a base. He’s built a platform. And actually managed to make himself the target of literally every fucking person in the world! He’s actually got supporters. He gets money from them. They believe in what he’s doing, or at least, I guess, they believe in what you’re pretending to be doing.


Anglin: I’m not pretending to do anything Sargon.


Sargon: But the point is Richard Spencer, as far as I can tell, is like the Hillary Clinton of the Alt-Right [12:00]. He’s the sort of person who, I mean, who here would actually willingly go and talk to the mainstream media?


Anglin: Richard Spencer.


Sargon: Exactly. Why would he do that?


Anglin: I don’t know yeah.


Sargon: Exactly! Nobody knows. It’s weird. It’s like he’s whoring himself out, or something. In this week I received an invite from a Dutch documentary team in the BBC, to appear on their shows. And I haven’t accepted, obviously, because I don’t trust them! And I don’t need to trust them. But Richard Spencer does! He would slap it up in a heart-beat. And now they’ve stopped talking to him, he’s come to the YouTubers. This is what I mean. He’s not high on my list of priorities. And “ethane states in space”? Is there anyone here who thinks that Richard Spencer’s plans are ever gonna come to fruition?


Warski: Not me.


Sargon: He’s not high on my list of, … okay?


Warski: Right, fair enough then.


Anglin: That was a groundbreaking debate that you had. That’s why people liked it. Sargon. It was entertaining.


Sargon: Not really! Oh, that is true.


Alaska: It was number one trending. It was good content.


Warski: So you don’t want a debate him?


Sargon: One thing about it, is we got to find out exactly what Richard actually believed. And his beliefs are so fringe, not even most of the Alt-Right believe him.


Anglin: But to you straw manned him Sargon! With a bunch of stupid shit about that he wanted feudalism, and that he was gonna hurt people with violence okay?


Sargon: Didn’t he advocate for a warrior aristocracy?


Anglin: The state requires violence okay? Spencer, you attacked him for saying the state is violent. Every policy of the state requires violence! Politics are the movement of violence, physical force, or threat of it.


Sargon: I didn’t, or at least if I did say that to I’ll take it back.


Anglin: So you’re saying you keep talking about this violence! But every everything is violence, as far as the state policy. All of it is enforced by the threat, the theoretical threat of [14:00] violence! If you start smoking in a hospital then there is the threat of violence. There’s a rule against that. So you’re saying you’re saying this, or cannot be any laws with your thing that, …


Sargon: Andrew you’re not representing my views correctly here.


Anglin: Okay then give us your views of how you can have policies without violence?


Sargon: Now I don’t think that you can have anything without violence. I think that the state has the monopoly on violence. And the purpose of the state is to protect the property rights of the individuals, beginning with the property of themselves.


Anglin: Of the state?


Sargon: What?


Anglin: The property of the state itself?


Sargon: No, no, no! The property of the people, the individuals. The citizens. That’s what civic nationalism is.


Anglin: Okay, but this return, continued return, to this idea that if you remove these people it would have to have violence. Well that’s the same theory if you said there’s no smoking in the hospital, you can’t make that rule, because people are [15:00] gonna smoke and then you’re gonna have to shoot them!


Sargon: Yeah, but that is not my primary objection. That’s not my primary objection.


Anglin: Your primary objection was the logistics of it!


Sargon: No.


Anglin: You said it’s impossible.


Sargon: No. I keep telling you that’s not the case, but you won’t, …


Anglin: You’re moving the goal-posts here. [sound was cut]


Alaska: Hello?


Warski: I’m here.


Anglin: Yeah I’m here.


Alaska: We’re losing Sargon.


Warski: Your internet is cutting out Sargon. Alright I’ll, …


Sargon: Can you hear me?


Warski: Baked Alaska invite me back later. I’ll jump out I’m gonna talk it up — he doesn’t want to do the debate with, …


Sargon: Can you guys hear me?


Alaska: Yeah we can hear you. [16:00]


Warski: I have Vee and this angel guy, or whatever I’m round to debate him. I don’t want people to be just waiting there with her flaccid dicks in their hand. You do what you have to do, and I’ll see you.


Sargon: Don’t arrange a date for something I didn’t agree a date on, …


Warski: I didn’t have a date. I just, …


Sargon: Well, why are they holding their flaccid dicks?


Warski: Because it seems like you’re being cowardly. If you think Richard Spencer is that much of a low cow, you should be able to defeat him pretty easily, without any preparation.


Sargon: I don’t think that he has won any debate. Do you understand? Saying he wants a “warrior aristocracy in space” is pretty bloody ridiculous!


Anglin: Your straw-manning Sargon.


Sargon: That’s not a straw-man. He literally advocated the balkanization of the US. A return to an aristocracy?


Anglin: For all our purposes, all of our purposes is to create a block of people defending the rights of White people in our own countries!




Sargon VS Anglin on Liberalist


Plan and Alt Right Influence.





Sargon: Stop interrupting and I’ll explain to you my plan right. Basically I think that with a sort of form of cultural imperialism, as in being proud of the native cultures that we have, and emphasizing these above above other cultures, this will act as a kind of soft power. This will kind this will be a natural buffer against people who would like to come here and set up ethnic enclaves. Like, for example, in Rotherham, in you know, Bradford, where all these other countries. If they want to live with Sharia law, that’s too bad. I want Sharia Courts banned in my country. Do you understand?


I want that to happen. I don’t want to abandon individual rights, but I don’t want a separate parallel legal system set up. And I think it’s completely within the state’s right to prevent that as well. The state is the arbiter of justice. But I don’t want to just undermine my own civic fucking power over my state. I’m not throwing away civic nationalism! It’s a ridiculous thing to say! Right? But the and this means we can’t do certain things., because if we start allowing the state to violate other people’s rights.




Then inevitably it’s gonna get round to my rights, because I’m a fucking dissident! Okay? I’m in very in many ways a lot like you Andrew. I also oppose what’s going on. It’s just I have a different perspective. This is I think something that will happen over time, but I think it will be effective and it won’t necessitate the violation of anyone’s rights. And at the end of the day if they all want to kind of like convert and act British, be British, if you know, if you guys think they’re genetically possible. Then I don’t really have a problem with them staying., because like we’ve seen Muslim birth rates reduce in this country, because it’s just it’s a consequence of wealth! If you get wealthy, you want less kids. It’s just, because you’ve got the option I guess. But this is a point. If you guys misrepresent me constantly and you do. If you guys deliberately not understand what I’m saying which I think you do.




Anglin: I’m not and you said you promote culture in it, that’s going, that’s the solution?


Sargon: Yeah.


Anglin: To this situation?


Sargon: Shutting borders and promoting some kind of culture, …


Anglin: By these animals.


Sargon: Yes! yes, exactly!


Anglin: We’re shit holing it here!


Sargon: Yeah, I think we should stop these people coming to our country. I’m not pro Congolese immigration! Unlike the UN delegate.


Alaska: All right, so I’m getting this in the chat. Someone said Sargon never gave us his solution. He mentioned cultural Imperium and then digressed without explaining his solution.


Sargon: Well I’ve just explained it and the thing is I don’t want to explain one more time.


Alaska: Break that down! Break that down!


Sargon: I literally just did. I just the did. I just the explained it to you.


Anglin: No you didn’t!


Sargon: I did Andrew!


Anglin: It will just go away? It will just disappear, all these behavior patterns will just disappear? If you just, I mean, look, …




Sargon: They will leave of their own accord when they find this country is not to their liking Andrew.


Alaska: Make sure to get all your questions in too., because also apparently Vee told us that this is Sargon’s last Alt-Right interview.


Sargon: I told you that!


Alaska: So are you, …


Anglin: Vee as your ambassador, …


Sargon: No! I said that myself!


Anglin: Why? Why is it?


Alaska: Are you accepting, …


Sargon: I don’t, … you want to consider me as a defeat, I’m happy. No, no, honestly, I want you to think that I’m accepting defeat.


Alaska: Okay!


Sargon: Okay? We good?


Alaska: But I want to, … I don’t care what you want me to think. I want to actually know your, …


Anglin: We want an official surrender here!


Sargon: Yeah.


Alaska: You’re going to try to argue that the Alt-Right has no influence on culture. I mean, that’s obviously not true. So either you are, …


Sargon: I don’t see how you you, … what are you influencing?




Alaska: Are you kidding me dude?


Sargon: What are you influencing? Seriously. Go!


Alaska: I mean, you’re part, you’ve seen it having the number one stream on YouTube.


Sargon: Oh right,


Anglin: It’s pretty obvious.


Sargon: So that’s the Alt-Right is it?


Alaska: Right, yeah, that’s what people are interested, …


Anglin: It’s happening in real life.


Sargon: Would that have happened if I was xxx, …


Anglin: Taking over youth culture.


Sargon: Is it?


Alaska: Right.


Anglin: It is in America, yes. We hear these, …


Alaska: Have you not seen 4chan? Have you not seen what people are talking about?


Anglin: We had a poll last year. We have 10%! We have 10% support of the Alt-Right in the United States. 10% of the people, …


Sargon: Might be your own confirmation bias though?


Anglin: Well, I mean, it’s a poll.


Sargon: It was a poll done by far lefties, who want there to be a significant Nazi threat in the US.


Anglin: I think it was, so I mean, it’s you know, I guess, …


Sargon: I looked at it the other day. I mean, like it was done immediately in Charlottesville. And it was nebulous! I don’t think the public know what the Alt-right is.




Anglin: So there’s gonna be a lower rating after Charlottesville, I think.


Sargon: Tell me what your influence is.


Anglin: I just said, we’re influencing the culture. These memes are popping up in our media and these are spreading throughout the culture. White people are waking up and developing a consciousness, a racial consciousness and a belief that they have a right to exist as a people! That is the goal! It’s to put a consciousness in the minds of the collective White population, in all of our countries that are being invaded.


I mean, they already have this in Eastern Europe, but in the countries that are being invaded, we want to create a consciousness of being White! So that people will begin to organize and act in their own interests! And that is happening! We are affecting the way that masses of people are thinking and everything is going, … I mean, look look at Donald Trump as a phenomenon. This is a White racial phenomenon! It’s a White racial phenomenon!


Sargon: I don’t agree.








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3 Responses to Andrew Anglin vs Sargon of Akkad – Feb 2018 – Clips — TRANSCRIPT

  1. Maple Curtain says:

    I have an aversion to video and podcasts. Videos are usually made by the self-indulgent (with radio faces). For instance, tried to watch a few linked Molyneux videos – in each one of them, the self-indulgent prat was, well, prattling on about nothing for more than a minute, hadn’t even introduced the topic, and I clicked it closed.

    Black Pigeon I can watch – scripted, well-produced, and because there’s no self-promoting radio face on camera, the viewer can concentrate on the content and accompanying related images.

    I’m high IQ. I can’t stand talk radio or TV chat shows – it’s invariably moron time.

    The only podcast I ever heard that was worth listening to was when one of my young relations had a TRS podcast on and they were funny, irreverent, etc.

    Anyway, if you’ve got something to say, you should be able to organize your thoughts and write it down.

    [ya, I know I’m a dinosaur, and the future is in those mediums because of the way that the brains of younger generations have developed]

    So, this transcript. I’d read a little about this Sargon.

    Read to about the 2-minute mark, maybe.

    The guy’s a total clown who was avoiding any debate about anything – which, to be fair, he declared he would do right from the beginning.

    So, why would anyone waste time on a self-promoting intellectual chickenshit?

    Thanks for posting the transcript.

  2. janoklark says:

    big thanks for posting the transcript!

  3. 8n-kiss says:

    Is Anglin still peddling the ‘Trump Our Savior’ BS? Anglin hides behind the idea that he gives White people want they want to hear or read. What kind of nonsense is that? With this kind of reasoning, you never break through the lies, you simply keep giving what people have been educated into wanting: more lies. So you don’t destroy the yiddish holohoax, you don’t expose the Jews and their allies. If Anglin is the eye-opener he claims to be, it is his responsibility to shoot down the annoying-orange-skinned idol. Trump is just another shade of ZOG.

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