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Alfred Declines Interrogation Demand — Feb 24, 2018.



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Post 1: Summary


Post 2: Alfred Talks with Andrew Hitchcock — Feb 16, 2018


Post 3: Letter to Brian Ruhe on Prison Routine — Jan 25, 2018


Post 4: Alfred Gives Us an Update on Monika — Feb 23, 2018


Post 5: Alfred Declines Interrogation Demand — Feb 24, 2018




Post 1





In a German Prison for Telling

the Truth about WWII

Imprisoned Since Jan 3, 2018!




Monika Schaefer, a Canadian citizen of German heritage has been imprisoned in Germany since Jan 3, 2018, while on a visit to her brother Alfred, for her short YouTube video, titled, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong About the Holocaust“.



Under Orwellian police state laws current in Germany, she has been arrested for daring to question the official myth — the so-called “Holocaust“. A diabolical lie by organized jewry that claims the Germans deliberately set out to exterminate jews using gas chambers, among other methods, claiming 6,000,000 lives.


I urge all readers to help spread the truth about WWII, 911, etc., by supporting Monika’s and our right to do so. One way is to regularly write a postcard or letter of encouragement to her, anonymously or not, at this address::


Monika Schaefer
Stadelheim Prison
Schwarzenbergstr 14
81549 München,


The more letters of support she receives not only boosts her morale, it also shows the authorities how much their dirty work is being observed.


— Copy this address down so you don’t have to go searching for it.

— Don’t be one of vast majority who don’t bother to do anything because they think other people will do it for them.

— No need to write anything profound. A simple thing like, “Greetings from >insert location<” is good enough. A simple letter or postcard sent, is worth infinitely more than a carefully thought over piece of wisdom NOT sent.

— More is better than less! Buy a pack of cards and stamps and send one off on a regular basis.

— Promote this among those sympathetic to our cause, using word of mouth, social media, etc. Let’s get the message out.

— Other?









[Image] Aerial views of Stadelheim Prison, Munich, Germany (click images to enlarge).


Move out of your comfort zone. Do it today!


See support site:

wir sind Monika [We are Monika]


Monika’s blog:

Free Speech Monika





 Post 2


Alfred Talks with Andrew Hitchcock


Feb 16, 2018



The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (570)


Gertjan Zwiggelaar & Alfred Schaefer


Down the Rabbit Hole with Gertjan, Alfred, and Andy

To listen to the audio click on this link:


[On Feb 16, 2018 Alfred talked with Andrew Hitchcock and Gertjan Zwiggelar on the latest regarding Monika’s situation in prison in Munich. Here’s the transcript of that part of  “Down the Rabbit Hole” show — KATANA.]






You’re listening to the Europe Radio Network. This is the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show with your host Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.


Andrew: Hello everybody. Today is Friday, so of course it’s “Down the rabbit hole with Gertjan, Alfred and Andy” with my co-host Gertjan Zwiggelaar and Alfred Schaefer. Now unfortunately Gertjan is connected to this call but he’s having a problem with this microphone. He can hear us, but we can’t hear him. And so we’re going to have to start the show, because as you know, I record this show shortly before broadcast and I won’t be able to get it up there. But he is connected, so if he can get his mike working, then he can certainly join us at any point. I have said that if he can’t and he wants to make any comments, he can put them in the chat box and I will relay those to the audience.




Andrew: So I’m going to bring Alfred up now. Alfred are you with me?


Alfred: Yes Andy. Thanks for having me on again. Thank you very much.


Andrew: Thank you. And Gertjan just ask if you’re with us. Nope. So he’s still not connected, but hopefully we’ll get things sorted out and he might be able to join us on this program. Which of course started off with the just Gertjan and myself. It was kind of his show. But we’ve been delighted to have Alfred join us, the three of us now, which is really good. Now before I kick off today, because we always start off with an update on Monika. But I was copied into, a letter has finally come out from Monika.


And Diane King kindly sent this on to me. And she of course works with Jim and Joe Rizoli. There are three excellent people who’ve done so much for this Truth Movement. And here is the letter that Monika actually sent to Arthur Topham. And it’s dated 25th of January 2018. And it says:




Dear Arthur and Shasta,

Words can hardly describe the joy I felt upon receiving your letter of January 8th, and the wonderful picture/graphic that you created. My heart pretty near burst right out of my rib cage. Thank you Arthur for all you are doing – I have seen from other correspondences that you put together a good list of contacts for people to write letters to, and that kind of thing.

For to and one/to weeks I heard nothing from the outside world, and then suddenly the flood of letters started arriving. Oh my goodness, I was in pretty good spirits before (all things considered), but receiving these letters REALLY lifted my spirits.

Life for me has simplified, in terms of day-to-day. My biggest concerns in the first while were about all the logistical stuff on the home front. I haven’t been permitted a phone call yet, nor a visit, and I have no idea if any of my letters to my brother have gone through, so of course those logistical concerns just stressed me out for awhile. But basically I just resigned myself to having faith that my friends and family would take care of things.

… As I mentioned, life has suddenly become quite simple. Time expands and shrinks simultaneously. I could write books already about the interesting experiences in prison, and it seems like a long long time ago when they locked me up. On the other hand, the days flow one into the next very quickly, as the simple punctuations of daily life go round and round. I am keeping healthy and well, in mind, body, spirit and heart & soul. It is wonderful to know that Truth and Light, and indeed God, is with me. I know that.

During my last free night at Alfred’s, I had a remarkable dream, in which I was walking in a circle, with a bunch of other people, all walking rather slowly, heads slightly bowed forward, kind of shuffling along. Going counterclockwise. After my first full day here, I bolted upright in bed and gasped, as I realized that what I had seen in my dream (3 days earlier) was the daily hour outside in the courtyard, the “Hofgang”.

The circular walk in the dream was the same general size as the courtyard here, and people walk round and round counterclockwise. That was not the first time in my life that I was shown something in a dream. But it has been rare.

I can assure you, about that “Hofgang”, that my head is not bowed, and I am NOT shuffling along. I either go vigorously, or sometimes a few of us play ping pong or volleyball. We have a lot of laughs and good moments.

I’m in a cell with for others. We have our moments, sometimes difficult, but mostly okay, and sometimes good conversations. Sleep is sometimes hard to come by as we have one vigorous snorer. Earplugs don’t work so well – Oh well – This time shall pass.

I pray that you are both well.

Mehr Licht!


… and much Love to you!






And she’s produced a lovely graphic, that she’s drawn up at the bottom. And so I’m going to save this and add it to the post for the show, so you can see what Monica has drawn. So Alfred can you please come in now and say any further updates from Monica.


Alfred: Yes there is. You know, my wife went to see her again. Two days ago on a Wednesday. And the night before I phoned Monika’s friends in Jasper to see about the car. We had to get her car picked up at the airport in Edmonton and brought back to Jasper, and so forth. I don’t know what you believe in, but I tell you, I have guardian angels!


And the guardian angels always seem to be there when we need them. And this was the case again. Because these people that we know that I had mailed these car keys to in Jasper, were going to go on a trip and wanted to combine this picking up the car, with coming back from this trip in Mexico. And they delayed leaving Jasper, like ten minutes. Just to see if maybe they’ll come in the post on that day. And that’s precisely what happened!


See Monica was so concerned about her logistics, which she had written up in that letter. In that letter to me, which I have never received yet. They had not let that letter go through. But for Monika’s well being, just to be able to tell her that her car has been picked up from the airport at Edmonton and brought back to Jasper, helps her to understand, “Yes the world is looking after her!” Even if it’s just a minor thing, just being a car. But once again everything fits in, just in the nick of time, just in the nick of time! Like so many things in this epic struggle that we are in, happens always in the nick of time!


Even with Monika’s arrest it was like that. Why didn’t they arrest her at the airport? Or come here and take her? No! They did it in a scenario that was priceless for us! It was priceless! And for them it was a spectacular own goal! And it seems like we really do have guardian angels watching over us. But we have to also know that that does not mean that we can slack off. We have to redouble our efforts and continue, increase the pressure, double our speed, kind of thing. And keep fighting this battle!


Now as far as Monika’s goes, yes, she’s retaining her good spirits. She does have a single room now, because she said that the constant noise from these other inmates prevented her from thinking clearly. She said that she wants to write. Write all her songs that she knows, and write down this, and write down that. And she couldn’t think properly! And that also is a very valuable little piece of information. Not being able to think properly because of the constant induction of signals on you, that your senses are being overloaded with external signals and you cannot think properly. And that explains our entire world! If you look at anything on what they show us on this horrible TV that they try to push, you know, ram down our throats, or anything. It’s always, like a strobe signal. They’re flashing information at us. There’s never any peace and quiet! Any time to even get your thoughts together.


So being in prison there, being taken out of the normal world that she was in, is not a bad experience at all for her. In fact, it’s going to enrich her life immeasurably when she gets out, provided she doesn’t stay in there for, you know, like Ernst Zundel for years and years, or these other people. But if we can get her out in relatively short order, which we expect to be able to do, then this will be one of the most valuable times in Monica’s life that she’s ever had. That’s my firm conviction.





Andrew: Exactly! And yeah, it’s just the amazing. You heard the letter that Monika wrote. How people can be so evil that they want to put a woman like that into prison and not even come up with any sort of charges. She mentioned in that letter that I read, that she sent several letters to Alfred. You have received any, have you?


Alfred: No, we have. We have received. Actually we’ve received three letters from her now. But not the first one! The first one is still not made it through. And when we are talking about letters, I also want to tell you like, … she’s getting a lot, most of the stuff is all very supportive, obviously, and yet I want to show you a very negative side of how the jew has polluted and contaminated what could potentially be good people.


Now, I won’t say the name of who this person is. But it’s a cousin of ours. And she always used to like to do a lot of music with Monika and so forth. And it’s one of these people that always think they’re one of these really “goody goody”, people, kind of being on the right side of everything. You know, our ancestors they were bad! They should’ve known better! Blah, blah, and all that kind of stuff! Well, we thought we had this person coming around to beginning to understand at what magnitude we’ve been lied to!


And yet now, when my wife visited Monika on Wednesday, Monika told her that she was upset for about three days from the letter that she got from this person. This cousin of ours. And apparently this cousin of ours, wrote a letter basically, almost like denouncing, or preaching to Monika about her evil ways! Almost like she’s trying to, knowing that these letters are going to be read [by prison authorities], sort of like:


I’m going to get on the right side of this one, by openly calling the witch, a witch!” kind of thing.


It’s bringing out people who feel, who are trying to always present themselves as, “Oh. they’re so holy and so good!” and yet they have such a foul, stinking part of their character there! And these people, and the lie is going through, and even these people are all going to find out in the end, what the truth is. And these people, they will be crawling under a rock to hide, for these kinds of actions! Because, if she wrote a letter that left Monika unsettled, for like three days, you know, in a prison, expecting to get support and whatnot, but getting a letter that so upset her for three days. These people will all be, they will be held to account for that! Or they have to run and hide, or they just commit suicide!


And I know that when we go through paradigm changes, like the one we are going through now, that is obvious to anybody who has a brain, and this lie is going through all of these people who just at one minute before twelve, put out something that stupid! It’s like, you know, running and running, and just before the finish line, you go and shoot yourself in the head! It’s the dumbest thing anybody can do!


And like Gertjan was saying before, about them trying to silence us now. Jews that are trying to silence us now, if we can track down who was involved in these silencing efforts, these people have signed their own guilty papers! I mean they are guilty! Now those jews that think “Oh! I’m not like that! I mean I was conned into believing these lies too!” Well why is Monika still in prison? You know, you jews have lots of opportunity. You could go to the prison with a sign:


Get Monika Out!” “I’m a Jew I Disagree With This!” “We All Know the Holohoax is a Hoax!


You could do something. But we don’t see you! Like the deafening silence is just astounding! But all of these jews will be whining about anti-semitism, when the retribution comes! And it’s coming!


So actually, I think it’s almost too late for them to even, … I mean, we told you this weeks ago when Monika was arrested. Go out and help get Monika out! But there’s not many Jews that are really, showing their faces. So they’re like kind of just saying “Oh it’s not my job!” Well whose job is going to be to save your butt!? When we come for you afterwards? I’d like to know that!


But it’s the same old story. Again, and again, and again, throughout history.


But this time, because of the magnitude of this whole thing, it just might be a little bit more severe than anything that’s happened in the past. And don’t think for one moment that this squiggly little wretched parasite can really, truly, take over the earth by destroying the Aryan people! I mean that is about as pathetic as a mosquito thinking that it can eat you up in one piece! Anyway, I just sometimes can’t believe the depth of stupidity that these Jews present to us, over and over again!











Post 3


Letter to Brian Ruhe on Prison Routine


Jan 25, 2018


The Brian Ruhe Show
#104 – 1960 West 7th Ave.,
Vancouver, BC V6J 1T1
Tel. 604-738-8475
Skype: brianaruhe


Hi there,


I have received a letter from my friend Monika Schaefer who has been imprisoned in Germany for being a skeptic of the official narrative of the holocaust. Her letter is below. And today, I just released this video below of a protest that our Truth and Justice for Germans Society held at the German Consulate in Vancouver at Canada Place, on Feb. 6th, 2018.


Canadians Protest at German Consulate after Violinist Arrested for an Apology to her German Mother.


I received Monika’s letter on Feb. 13th, the anniversary of the 1945 fire bombing of Dresden, Germany, which targeted only civilians, and killed from 300,000 – 500,000 Germans when the war was all but won anyhow.






Letter dated 25 January 2018:


Dear Brian,


Thanks so much for sending me your letter and all the comments. What a heartening read! It is hugely uplifting to be getting mail now. It was a while of no contact with the outside world at all, and then suddenly letters started coming through. It is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for spreading the word. I wish I could see the video you made, but that will have to wait I guess.


If my incarceration serves as a catalyst to move us closer to victory in this age old struggle against the dark, then I am happy to be here. Many people are writing very encouraging words to me, and are saying that this incarceration is causing outrage and perhaps will help to awaken many people.


I am trying to answer all the mail that I am getting, but my biggest impediment will be getting enough stamps. Time is no problem. I have lot of time on my hands, ha ha, but stamps are another matter. I can buy stamps every 2 weeks, but I need lots. Stamps are one thing that can be sent in letters (nothing else can be sent, except a few pictures too). Of course, it wouldn’t help for Canadians to send stamps, because they have to be German stamps. So if you have contacts in Germany, it would be a really nice help to me if you let them know that I would REALLY appreciate being sent stamps, if they happen to be writing to me. People who have spent time in jail know this, like Gerd Ittner – I know he suggested it already to a few people, and some people did include some stamps in their letters. That was very very helpful.


Life is pretty simple for me now.

6 am hot water comes for tea.

10 – 11 am we can go outside in the courtyard, fresh air and exercise.

11:15 – Hot meal

11:45 Cell doors locked again

14:00*- 15:30 Cell doors open. Access to hallway, office on our floor, shower-room, small kitchen, small gathering-room, visit with others in the hallway.

*At 14:00 hrs our evening bread meal comes, enough for breakfast too.

15:30 – Doors locked up again, ‘til next day’s “Hofgang”, the courtyard hour again.


I share a cell with 4 others right now. [now has a single cell]


I can assure you that I am in good spirits. I fully intend on staying strong and healthy in mind, body and soul. The letters of encouragement coming my way are a huge help. I can hardly express that strongly enough. Thank you so much! Thank you also for your spiritual work.


I hope you are well. Please let the others know in the group in Vancouver that I am doing well.


Sending love,




[With a drawing of a red flower with a green stem with leaves.]







Post 4


Alfred Gives Us an Update on Monika


Feb 23, 2018




This is excerpt from The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (577) Gertjan Zwiggelaar And Alfred Schaefer – Down The Rabbit Hole With Gertjan, Alfred, And Andy #16 (With Special Guest Patrick Little)


Web page here:


Audio here:



Andrew: Hello everybody. It’s Friday so, of course, it’s “down the rabbit hole with Gertjan, Alfred, and Andy”, with my co-host Gertjan Zwiggelaar and Alfred Schaefer. And we also have a special guest joining us today, Patrick Little. So I’m going to bring them all up one by one. Gertjan, are you with me?


Gertjan: I’m right here Andy.


Andrew: Excellent. And Alfred, are you with me?


Alfred: Yes I’m here in Germany.


Andrew: Excellent. And Patrick are you with me?


Patrick: Good morning from California.


Andrew: Excellent! So we’ve got Canada, Germany, and America. So that is great, and I’m over in the UK. Now we generally start with the show off with an update from Alfred about Monika’s situation. So Alfred, can you let the audience know the current needs resulting Monika, please.


Alfred: Yes. Well just two days ago we finally got her first letter, which she had just sent off on the sixth of January. So that took six weeks to go from Stadelheim in Munich to here. Which is thirty five kilometers away. And this letter was very interesting, because she really wrote about her first impressions after having been landed in that cell. And it’s a couple of little details that are that are interesting, I think, for our audience. Is that she was put in a cell where there was two Nigerian women and another White woman. So that was fifty percent black! And then while she was actually composing a letter the door opened up and Monika said:


But we already have all the beds occupied.


And then another black woman was pushed into the cell. The door slammed shut, and that was it! And there were five in the cell with four beds. But in the meantime, of course, she’s got her own cell now. Because she found out with the constant noise going on in the background, she couldn’t think anymore and so after having spent some time with other people in a cell, a multi person cell, she did actually request to get an individual cell. And that allows her to get a clear mind, and so forth. Which also tells us something about the constant input of, or a constant barraging of our senses with noise, and music, and rap music, and so forth. We are not allowed to calm down and gather our thoughts. And so Monika’s made that experience in this prison cell, where she was unable to put coherent thoughts together as long as there’s always something going on in the background. You know, a little TV going, or something. And now she’s resolved that with her own little cell. And my wife also visited her a couple days ago, on Wednesday. And Monika is in great spirits. She understands very well her situation. And she has gotten the message basically, that yes, the world is paying attention.


And also about a week ago she got her first proper time with an attorney. So there you go. She was taken picked up out of the blue, thrown into a cell! It has taken her this many weeks to have proper time together with an attorney. Which, of course, bypasses any kind of legal structures, or law and order that we thought that we had. So that’s an update on Monika’s situation. But while we’re here I want to give us a short update on the Dresden. Which on the 17th there was an event of Dresden. And I say this event is has is the same for Germany as Charlottesville was for the Americans. There is a before Charlottesville and then after Charlottesville.








Post 5


Alfred Schaefer Declines


Interrogation Demand


Feb 24, 2018



On February 1 2018 I received on order to appear at the police station for interrogation on Feb 25 regarding my speech in Bretzenheim at the Rhein Meadows memorial on 25 November 2017.


This is a trap to put me in the Gulag like they did to my sister Monika. Rather than appear for this interrogation trap I sent them the following letter. Lets see how they respond to that.




KPI Fürstenfeldbruck – K5
z.Hd. Frau M
Ganghoferstraße 42
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck




Dear Frau M,


You know where I live and that I do not have an automobile. Unfortunately my left foot is injured, so walking is difficult for me at this time.


If you have questions regarding my speech at Bretzenheim, this is available all over the internet and it was recorded by your colleagues. My speech was without any mistakes.


Here it is in the English language:


If you need a German version, I can send you that.


Also, I had spoken with your colleagues on site at Bretzenheim, and there was absolutely no reason for any complaint. I had spoken about my father who happened to have been a “prisoner of war” in the camp right there, after hostilities ended in 1945.




What actually happened there has been well documented by notable historians, for example by James Bacque in his book “Other Losses”.



About my father, Dr. Otto Schaefer:


He was imprisoned in precisely one of these camps, the “Rhein Meadow Death Camps” by Bretzenheim where I held my talk.   He had to watch every day, as young men, who were quite healthy when they were brought into the camps, die off in a most horrible fashion. They were kept like cattle on a huge open field without any protection from the elements, with no food, and not even water was provided for them.



It turns out that this mass starvation of these Germans was a deliberate plan. The Jews wanted to exterminate as many Germans as possible.  Their intention to do just this has been well documented by the Jews themselves in publications such as “Germany Must Perish” written by the Jew Theodor Kaufmann. Despite all efforts to conceal this historical fact, this has now become widely known in the awareness of the public in general.


Dr Otto Schaefer (click image to enlarge).


My father, who was awarded the “Order of Canada” in 1976, owed his life to a guard of this camp who had helped my father to escape. This courageous guard had recognized my fathers language and medical knowledge and thought that this knowledge and these skills could be put to better use outside of this camp, which my father might not even survive if he was kept inside.


Even today I am still very grateful for this courageous Guard. He smuggled my father out of the camp in the trunk of his vehicle, and risked his own career by doing this.


I can strongly recommend, Frau M, that you study the subject Rhein Meadows Death Camps. There is a great deal of interesting information regarding this subject in the case that it has escaped your attention until now.


Unfortunately many further details of my fathers stories have faded from my memory.


You can inform yourself about my father in many places in the internet, for example here:


Yours sincerely,


Alfred Schaefer




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  1. Pingback: ¡Libertad para Monika Schaefer, encarcelada por Alemania! | Por miedo a los judios


    Richard HARWOOD “En est-il vraiment mort six millions?”, 2e édition, La Sfinge Rome, 2013 L’auteur de cet essai est un auteur avant tout humaniste pour ce sujet très sensible et crucial. Richard Harwood n’est autre que Richard Verrall (né en 1948), ancien militant du “National Front” britannique qui a écrit cette merveille en 1974. François Duprat, alors militant du Front National français avait fait la première traduction qui était distribuée par lui-même d’une manière confidentielle jusqu’à son exécution par la DGST (ou même le Mossad) en 1978. Cette deuxième traduction est revue et corrigée par les éditeurs eux-mêmes mais le nom du traducteur a été omis. La page 44 révèle un “secret” que nous avions appris d’abord par Gilad Atzmon qui habite à Londres donc qui avait sûrement lu cet ouvrage avant le sien : Tel Aviv égale à Paris au niveau du Centre de Documentation Juive de ces deux capitales. Avant de commencer l’écriture de cette critique brève nous avions écrit à plusieurs militants nationalistes, anglais ou français mais personne ne connaissait l’adresse électronique de Verrall (alias Harwood) et tout le monde nous disait qu’il s’est retiré complètement de la politique et du monde mais il est pourtant vivant. Peut-être il a eu peur après l’assassinat de son traducteur français. Nous avons vraiment adoré cet essai très osé et courageux et nous espérons que des nouveaux essayistes suivront la voie de Richard Verrall pour briser le mensonge très ancien diffusé avec une force infatigable par l’Amérique sioniste et criminelle. Parmi les premiers révisionnistes français était l’ex-communiste Paul Rassinier qui avait écrit l’ouvrage “Le mensonge d’Ulysse” en 1950 et dont l’nternement au camp de Buchenwald ne l’ a pas privé de vie ! Les éditeurs même vont plus loin en nous disant sur la page 115 qu’il n’avait jamais attrapé le typhus là-bas. Après la conclusion il y a une bibliographie révisionniste de 2013, année de cette édition, dont plusieurs ouvrages proviennent de la même maison. Il faut encore une fois souhaiter que les éditeurs français briseront le silence.
    écrit par Dionysos ANDRONIS

    • katana17 says:

      Thanks ANDRONIS for that.

      Here is a Google translation of your message:



      Richard HARWOOD “Is there really six million dead?”, 2nd edition, La Sfinge Rome, 2013 The author of this essay is a primarily humanist author for this very sensitive and crucial subject. Richard Harwood is none other than Richard Verrall (born in 1948), former activist of the British “National Front” who wrote this marvel in 1974.

      François Duprat, then militant of the French National Front had made the first translation which was distributed by him – even in a confidential way until its execution by the DGST (or even the Mossad) in 1978.

      This second translation is reviewed and corrected by the editors themselves but the name of the translator has been omitted. Page 44 reveals a “secret” that we first learned from Gilad Atzmon who lives in London so that surely had read this book before his: Tel Aviv equals Paris at the Center of Jewish Documentation of these two capitals.

      Before we started writing this short review we had written to several nationalist militants, English or French but no one knew the email address of Verrall (aka Harwood) and everyone told us that he retired completely from politics and the world but he is still alive. Perhaps he was afraid after the assassination of his French translator. We really loved this very daring and courageous essay and we hope that new essayists will follow the path of Richard Verrall to break the very old lie spread with indefatigable force by Zionist and criminal America.

      Among the first French revisionists was the former Communist Paul Rassinier, who had written the book “The Ulysses Liege” in 1950 and whose outrage at the Buchenwald camp did not deprive him of life!

      The editors even go further by telling us on page 115 that he had never caught typhus there. After the conclusion there is a revisionist bibliography of 2013, the year of this edition, of which several works come from the same house. We must once again hope that the French publishers will break the silence.

      By Dionysos ANDRONIS


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