Andrew Hitchcock with Alison Chabloz – “No Regrets!” — TRANSCRIPT



[In this interview Andrew Hitchcock talks with Alison Chabloz about the “lawfare” that is being waged against her by members of the British jewish community who are using laws, introduced by jews over the years, to curtail free speech against anyone who dares to criticize  jewry in any way, but especially those that dare cast a skeptical eye against their most “holy of holies” fraud, known as the “Holocaust“.


Alison, a talented singer and musician, has created several songs that satirize various Holohoax claims made by “survivors“, including “shrunken heads, soap, and lampshades“. As a result, a jew organization known as the Campaign Against Anti-semitism, headed up by jews, Mr Falter and a Mr Silverman, have instigated a “legal” persecution campaign against her as punishment.


The importance of this case, if these jews get away with this, is then it will be just another ratcheting up the jewish run police state that Britain has become. That will lead ultimately to any criticism of jewish crimes being totally outlawed and severely punished. That will effectively mean that any criticism of European countries being flooded by non-Whites, will also be outlawed as “anti-semitism“, since organized jewry is behind it all.

So, I would urge all people concerned about truth and the survival of Whites, to attend her court appearances, and to give her as much support as possible. Your, and your children’s, future will, in part, depend upon it. — KATANA]




Andrew Hitchcock




Alison Chabloz


“No Regrets!”




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Published on Jan 18, 2018



Andrew Hitchcock’s Description


The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (541) Alison Chabloz – No Regrets!



In today’s show originally broadcast on January 18 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Alison Chabloz, for a show entitled, “No Regrets!


We discussed: What Alison has been up to since she was last on the show in May 2017 and her several court appearances since then; the charges that have been brought against Alison; how “Holocaust” denial is not a crime in Britain, so how has Alison committed any crime; why haven’t the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (C AA) gone after certain Anti-Semitic Sex Pistols songs such as, “Belsen Was A Gas,” and “No One is Innocent,”; how the mainstream media have avoided covering Alison’s case as they want the British public to still believe they have their democratic right to free speech in Britain; the sentence Alison faces if she is found guilty; how elements of the British Race Relations legislation was actually drafted by the Board Of Deputies Of British jews; how Alison uploaded 9 videos to YouTube in December 2017 and all of them were banned; and many other topics.




(61 mins)





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Now the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show with your host, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.


Andrew: Hello everybody. And returning with me today he is the persecuted musician, persecuted by the jews. That is Alison Chabloz of the UK. Now we’re recording the show on January the 4th, and she has a court appearance coming up in a few days. I’m not airing it until January 18th, but I knew Alison is making it available before hand. So to all Alison’s followers I want to welcome you to the show. and I want to bring Alison up. Allison are you with me?


Alison: Hello Andy. Yes!


Andrew: Excellent.


Alison: Good morning. How are you?


Andrew: Very good thank you. it’s great to have you back on. I wish it was in more pleasant circumstances. But firstly let the audience know where you can be found. your website, YouTube, what have you. any way of contacting you.


Alison: And yes, it’s just a simple Google search for my name, which is quite unusual, Alison and Chabloz, CHABLOZ. A Google search will bring up immediately my blog, WordPress blog: alisonchabloz dot wordpress dot com, and my YouTube channel and various articles about me. Just a simple Google search is the easiest way.


Andrew: Excellent. You were last on the show in May of 27th, last year. Could you give the audience an update as to what’s been happening to you, in between May of last year and January of 2018?


Alison: Well, the year continued as it began last year. I was first in front of court in December, 2016, twice. My case was adjourned in March. I think we spoke briefly about that in May. There have been altogether now, six, or seven court hearings. And I think it’s probably a record, because — perhaps your listeners will know — I’ve been charged under the Communications Act. Finally I was charged in September, or October. It was very late. It took them months to actually charge me. And, in fact, in October I had a court hearing where I was only notified that I wasn’t required to attend this hearing. This is on the fourth of October.




And I got to court, to assist the hearing — I had the right to do this. It was in a very small court and there was standing room only!


My accusers had sent somebody to oversee the proceedings. And there were a few breaks, and during one of these breaks, I was sitting outside court with my supporters and my barrister. and several policeman. I saw several policemen arrive and policewomen standing outside the court. And to cut a long story short, that day I was first arrested. They took me into a small room, a conference room inside the court building. I was arrested first for breach of bail, taken outside of the court, told I was going to be taken to the Charing Cross police station for questioning, for breach of bail, because I’d uploaded songs to the Internet over the course of the summer. And these were allegedly a breach of my bail conditions.


The bail conditions concerned was that I was not allowed to post, or send any message that’s racist, or anti-semitic and grossly offensive. It has to be both! These bail conditions, it has to be anti-semitic and grossly offensive, or it has to be racist and grossly offensive. I thought long and hard before I did publish these songs, but went ahead anyway. And I was a incited to do that for other reasons, that I go into later.


But yes. I was arrested. And then a ten minutes later standing outside court and telling the policemen and this young policewoman — I was her first arrest, so I was congratulating her about that. She was obviously very nervous, this very young policewoman.


Suddenly the officer in charge of the small group of policemen — there were three of them — came out and said:


Okay, we’re going to de-arrest you. It appears that, we’re not quite sure, because your bail conditions were imposed here in London, but it’s a Derbyshire a police investigation.


So they took me back inside court. And then about half an hour later I was again arrested! This time on in charge of incitement. I was taken to Charing Cross police. [I was] handcuffed outside court. My accusers were there with their phones and cameras taking photos of me, that they immediately published on their website. Alison Chabloz being handcuffed and dragged off! Handcuffed in front of everybody in the court! Totally unwarranted! [laughing] For singing songs! For singing songs. This is the UK today!





I spent six hours in Charing Cross police station. And then I was put into a police van. At the back of the police van. One of these coppers opened the back door and said and pointed to the floor — which was dirty, it had to be raining and it was all dirty and muddy, the floor of this cell at the back of this van — and said:


That’s the floor, but it’s also the seat! You’re welcome to sit on one of those wheel hubs, if you like.


So I was three hours in a freezing cold, White, neon lit, cell at the back of the police van! I complained bitterly that I was cold, several times. And was told by — there was a good cop, he was driving, and a bad cop — told that was all I deserved! I’d been arrested, therefore I was a criminal and that’s all I deserved!


Zog Police Force (click image to enlarge)


I spent another twelve hours in custody, was interviewed, and was finally charged with a breach of bail, and a request by Derbyshire police to have me held on remand, which would have would have meant that if the magistrate’s court in Derbyshire had agreed with the police, I would at this moment be in prison for singing songs!


I was also charged with another count of incitement for a song I uploaded called “Too Extreme for the BNP”.


That’s still under investigation. There’s been no official charges brought against that song.


Since then, I was released by the remand court in Chesterfield — I was immediately released. I had a very good lawyer that day. The magistrates sat there scratching their heads for a while.


Chesterfield Magistrates Court.


Leading me out of the court, the court guard, a little Derbyshire woman, she said:


Oh, well done! You’re saying everything that everybody thinks, but daren’t say out loud.


So, it was very nice of her. So I spent forty eight hours in prison for having uploaded two more songs to the Internet, which, in fact, as I said, earlier, I’m going to say why I did this.


Hardyal Dhindsa, Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner.


The Derbyshire police are just being absolutely hopeless! They ignored all the harassment directed at myself, my career, my family, my person. They’ve ignored death threats that I sent [forwarded to] them! They ignored, or rather they explained they were going to investigate them, and then they said:


Oh no, we’ve not found anything. We’re closing the investigation.


And a week later, I was the one being arrested! On charges, trumped up charges, invented by these same persons who had been previously persecuting me! And I’d also been receiving anonymous posts through my letter box, addressed to “Mrs Holocaust Denier”! And I received in June, another one of these anonymous deliveries. And that really triggered me and I thought:


Here I am on bail with these bail conditions. I can’t go out and perform in any venues. I can’t even go and do open mikes. Basically they have silenced me in front of any kind of public, live audience. Well, I’m just going to use the Internet and publish more songs. That’s what I do! That’s my creative job. That’s my person, it’s what I do. So be it for the consequences! Let’s go for it!




So that’s where I am today. I think I’m now charged with five counts of sending, or causing to be sent, grossly offensive message via the public communications network.


There are legal arguments in this case concerning points of law. Is posting the URL, or indeed posting, uploading a song to Youtube, is that sending, or causing to be sent, …? The Judge hasn’t given any official decision on this, as yet. He’s said that he would be inclined to agree with the Crown Prosecution arguments regarding this. But as these are arguable points of law, if he does, in his written decision, come down on me, on these points law, we will just keep appealing.


And usually, under the justice system, as it stands, if a point of law is arguable then the appeals will go on until we win. I could still be found not guilty on the facts of the case, are my songs grossly offensive, or not? But as there’s no actual definition of “grossly offensive” — of course, my accusers are trying to tout this international definition of “anti-semitism” that was adopted by Theresa May’s government last November. Just a month before my first, November 2016 that is. They’re trying to tout this as “Holocaust denial”, “anti-semitism”, therefore it’s “race hate”, therefore, blah, blah, blah. This woman needs to wear a distinguishing badge and be sent to the concentration camps, etc., etc!


That’s where we are! That’s where we are today!


My censors are the ones who are the real “Holocaust” deniers, Andy. You know, they’re the ones! The mainstream will go on, and on, and on, about:


Under the Nazi regime, artist’s were censored and not allowed to perform!


[Andrew chuckling]


I heard a BBC Radio Three presenter, not so long ago — it was during the proms [?] — he was talking about a German jewish composer by the name of Paul Hindemith. And this Hindemith was a jew and he parodied something, he wrote some stuff that I don’t mind. I quite enjoy listening to, but he wrote some other awful stuff which were parodies of Wagner. And, of course, he got banned and censored, and he had to flee to the United States, this Hindemith.




But the presenter in this programme was talking about the situation, saying:


It was unimaginable, unthinkable today in 2017 that any artist would be prevented from performing!


Or that any audiences would be prevented from listening to any artist’s work! There wouldn’t have been much point in me ringing up to complain to the BBC about this! But I just thought, well, …


Andrew: They know exactly what’s going on. And it just goes to show the hypocrisy and the lies, and the fact that they’re fake news, and they have been for decades, they’ve been fake news.


The real “Holocaust” is what happened to the White race in Russia under the jewish Bolsheviks. Millions and millions killed over the years. But they don’t want to talk about that. And the funny thing is, is what they do is that the crimes that they committed against White Christians there, they then accuse the National Socialists of doing to jews to Germany! And a key example of that is the guy, rabbi Mehndi Cohen, who was bleating about my book on CBS news, and how awful it was. And how his relatives were in a synagogue in Germany and they were locked in and burnt alive! Well that’s what the jews were doing to the White Russians in Russia!


Alison: Yes!


Andrew: There’re no stories out of Germany of synagogues being put up in flames where people are in them! It’s absolutely pathetic! And shortly after that, my book got banned, so that’s one of those, “Cohencidences”!


Alison: Yes! Book burners!


Andrew: Yes. And now they’re trying to silence you. They tried to silence me and you have the garbage on the BBC:


Oh! Anyone being silenced in this day and age! It’s unthinkable! It would never happen!


Well, what do you think all this “hate crime” nonsense is then? What is “hate speech”? If you have got freedom to speak, or freedom of speech, rather, then there should be no thing as “hate speech”.


But one thing I want to ask you is, in those five songs that they’ve cited, have they actually cited the particular passages, lyrics in the songs that they don’t like, or have they just the gone over them as a blanket thing?


Alison: There are three songs, in fact. Two of them are doubly charged, sending, or causing to be sent. No, there’s nothing about that. Of course, in the witness statements from Mr Falter and Mr Silverman of the Campaign Against Anti-semitism, they cite particular passages., but nothing in the Crown submissions I’ve seen, where they talk about this. In fact, the Crown admits in their submission that there is no law in the UK which criminalizes questioning of the so-called “Holocaust”. And therefore it will be up to the court to decide whether my songs are offensive, or not!




And this international definition of anti-Semitism has already been severely criticised by, I think he’s called, Hugh Tomlinson Q.C. It’s got absolutely no, … It’s not part of British legislation! For that it would need to be voted through the Parliament and then through the House of Lords, and it’s not the case.


And interestingly, the reason why I was charged, … The third charge is for sending, because I uploaded another song, it’s a parody of “El Condo Pasa [“If I Could”. Literally Spanish for “The Condor Passes”], you know, “I’d rather be a hammer than a nail[a 1970 song by jew duo, Simon and Garfunkel] It’s a parody of this, and then it uses another jewish tune at the end, rather in the same style as “Survivors[song] where I just talk about soap and lampshades. Soap and lampshades, the colored smoke from the chimney. Everything that’s been completely debunked, even by Yad Vashem, “Holocaust” Memorial in Jerusalem.


That to them is grossly offensive, that I parody these war propaganda lies, on the basis of which so many people were hung after Nuremberg, the fake Tribunal at Nuremberg. That to them is grossly offensive!


As I said in my interview to the police officer:


Well, if the truth is grossly offensive, what are we doing? What are we doing?


There are three songs, but, there’s no specific lyrics cited by the Crown in their submissions.


Andrew: Well, let’s give some examples. Firstly, the comedian, Ricky Gervais, he made jokes about how he can make “Holocaust” jokes and get away with it. When Kate Winslet finally won an Oscar, he said to her:


I told you to do a “Holocaust” film and then you’re win an Oscar!”


He said that in an episode of Extras. He also said it when she got the Oscar. So he sends that up completely.


But let’s give an example, and this is something one of your listeners, or readers pointed out to you, and I’m pleased that you raised it before we started recording today. And that was the, … And it was actually in 1980’s. A film came out with an accompanying soundtrack called “The Great Rock N Roll Swindle” which was a kind of mockumentary about the Sex Pistols. And there was a song “Belsen was a Gas!”. Now there was the only one Sid Vicious actually wrote, and I think John Lydon was involved as well. And I think he referred to it some years later as a particularly nasty little tune, John Lydon did. Who, of course, was Johnny Rotten in the Sex Pistols day.



Alison: Yes!


Andrew: And it was subsequently, because what happened, I don’t want to get too deep into it. Basically, Johnny Rotten left the band and then Sid Vicious went out on his own. And the other two members, Paul Cook and Steve Jones, the drummer and the guitarist, they went off to Rio where Ronny Biggs [a criminal of “The Great Train Robbery” fame] was holed up.




And they recorded a couple of songs with him. They recorded one called, “No One is Innocent” and then they recorded another one, a different version of “Belsen was a Gas”.


And what happened was they ended up in both the film and the album which you can now buy anywhere you like. I imagine it has sold millions of copies over the years. But let me read some of the lyrics from, … It’s a couple of lines in the song, “No One is Innocent” which is marked up as Sex Pistols featuring Ronnie Biggs.


See Youtube link:


He says:


God save Martin Borman and Nazis on the run.
They weren’t being wicked God.
That was their idea of fun!


So they haven’t got a problem with that for some reason. But let’s look at the “Belsen was a Gas”. And I’ll tell you some the lyrics here. Actually, what I’ll do, I’ll read the whole thing, because it’s only three verses.


And this is “Belsen was a Gas”, Ronnie Biggs movie version, which again is in the movie and it’s also on the soundtrack album which you can get from any music/video retail outlet.

Belsen was”, … He opens up and says, “Okay, this time for real, Belsen was a Gasser!” and this follows a live version of “Belsen was a Gas” with Johnny Rotten singing it in the film, and then jump straight to this. Here we go.


Belsen was a gas, I heard the other day.
In the open graves where the jews all lay.
‘Life is fun and I wish you were here’
They wrote on postcards to those held dear.
Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!


Dentists searched their teeth for gold.
Frisk the jews for bank notes rolled.
When they found out what they’d got,
Line them up and shoot the lot!


Kill a man. Be a man. Kill a man.
Wonder what the jews would say.
If I told them where Bormann was today.
Would they start a vendetta?
You’d better ask Ernie Ledbetter.
Ledbetter. Ledbetter. Ledbetter.


So, this is pretty violent stuff, and the idea behind it as well, I think uses the fact that there’s all these stories of people, like Martin Bormann, going off to Rio themselves. Going off to South America, and so that was another idea of the song, you know, to send it up that way as well.


Alison: Yeah.


Andrew: It had a variety of things, but they don’t seem to have any problem with this song which, you know, none of your songs are actually threatening physical violence against jews. They don’t go after that, but they go after you. It sounds to me like they don’t want to go after big fish, they want to go after small fish. What’s your thoughts?




Alison: Yes.


Coming back to what I said earlier about the reason why I was charged under the Communications Act, rather than the Public Order Act, which is the actual “hate speech” thing, that comes under the Race Relations Act. I think it’s 2006, there was an amendment added to this act, that dispensed satire.


Rowan Atkinson [a British comedian who plays the character, “Mr Bean”] was quite vocal saying, you know, this is very dangerous. And the amendment which exempts satire from being charged under this Act was passed by one vote in the House of Lords! And after, in the same year, Michael Howard, who was then the Home Secretary, he also refused EU pressure to bring in “Holocaust” denial law in the UK.


So, and he’s a jew. He was supported also by the late Leon Brittan, another jew. They cited England’s long tradition of free speech.


Let’s come back to the satire and Gervais. Gervais’ joke is something about “Schindler’s List Two” and he doesn’t say his “Holocaust” jokes online, but he boasts about the fact that:


Yes, my routine contains jokes about paedophilia, and “Holocaust” denial. You can joke about anything you want, so long as you’re prepared to accept the consequences.”


And he was offered a whole page in the jewish Chronicle to explain why it’s not necessary to give any apology for these jokes. There’s one, he does come out with on Twitter and it’s about the fictional film, fictional in the sense that the film doesn’t exist, called Schindler’s List Two. He talks about a whoopee cushion factory in Schindler’s List Two.


And then you have the song by The Sex Pistols. You have Gervais’ sidekick, one time sidekick, Karl Pilkington. Who, you know, I do find quite an interesting character in short doses. He said on BBC live television that his travel series, which is called “An Idiot Abroad”, and he was sent at great expense around the world. He was kind of bullied by Gervais and another guy, Steve Merchant, I think he’s called, into doing things he doesn’t really want to do. But he compared the experience to Anne Frank. [laughing] So, my songs, in fact, just ridicule the official narratives. I think that’s the difference! They are, …


Andrew: But they don’t! I’ve heard them and they don’t really ridicule the official narrative. You just repeat what they claim!


Alison: Yes.


Andrew: This is my point. When you talk about a woman crapping out diamonds, that’s one of the things they claim! When you talk about the different colored smoke, that’s something that they claim!


Alison: Yes.




Andrew: All the different things that you’ve said, are what they claim., because you’ve sung it, they’re saying:


Oh! You’re making fun of us!


And so, but you’re not saying, … If you sung a song and it was all denying everything, and that was it, but you just sing the claims that they have made!


I find it absolutely unbelievable! what do they think that they’re trying to achieve here? Because all they’re doing is giving you more and more publicity. Of course, you’re only getting the publicity in the alternative media. Are you aware of any mainstream media publications that have pick up stories of your trial?


Alison: Nothing!


Andrew: Nothing! Exactly! As they know let’s face it, …


Alison: Nothing since the initial hearing.


Andrew: And there won’t be. It was a like with Lawrence Burns. His case was only reported in the Cambridge Evening News[now the “Cambridge News”]. A local newspaper, I’ve never even heard of and this is what they do.


This is why jews cannot have control of the media! Because they pick and choose what they want to report. If all these stories were going out in the Daily Mail and the Express, about all these people being prosecuted for speech issues, when we keep being told that we have our democratic right to free speech, then people would start rising up against this!


Alison: Yes!


Andrew: And that’s why media control is unacceptable in a free society! Because they’re picking and choosing. It’s amazing! And that’s why the alternative media so important. And that’s why they’re trying to close it down.


But I want to make sure that we get over, because the title of your show today is “No Regrets!” and it’s based on a recent term blog post that you did, that I thought was very, very good. I posted it. It was excellent. And, of course, your trial date, for the benefit of those listening, is the tenth of January, is that correct?


Alison: That’s right yes, 10th January, Central London Magistrates’ Court. That’s on Marylebone Road at 10:00 am in the morning. And it’s a full day, it’s scheduled for a full day.


Andrew: And so, are you welcoming anyone who wants to attend?


Alison: Yes, anyone at all! Anyone at all.


Andrew: So give the address again please, it’s ten AM, on, …


Alison: It’s 10:00 AM, January the 10th. That’s next Wednesday, at Central London Magistrates’ Court, which is on Marylebone Road, in Westminster, in London. And the Marylebone train station is just around the corner, two minutes walk away. That’s the closest public transport. There are buses as well, of course, but so yes, it’s a very central location. There will be quite a lot of people there to support me, I believe.


And in relation to what you just said about the press. Whether there will be any mainstream coverage next week is doubtful in my opinion., But yes, my songs, … Frank Zappa, I think his tune is called “jewish princess”, or something like that? He was also attacked by the ADL for this song. And his arguments was:

Well I’m not singing anything that’s not already been reported”.


And that is also the case of my songs!




I’m not inventing, I didn’t, you know, find the story of Ms [Irene] Zisblatt, the “diamond swallower”. These things have already been widely reported. Okay, not by the mainstream, but certainly on the Internet, in the alternative media.



Yes, why they prosecuting me? They clearly want a legal precedent. They tried in the noughties with Frederick Toben when he was slated to be extradited to Germany. They tried and failed then.


They failed to pass a “Holocaust” denial law in 2006. They failed to criminalize satire under the Race Relations and Religious Hatred Act, was also in 2006.


That’s their objective. And yes, they have to go after little people with no particular reach. I would say, that’s the way. I think soon, you know, there will be people coming up, there will be people in the mainstream who will start to speak out, because that’s the way it will go eventually. It will go that way, and the house of cards will fall.


And if I’m found guilty, I’m found guilty! Yes, no regrets! As I say in my song.


See video here: No Regrets!


I’m certainly not going to apologize, or grovel! There’s absolutely no point in that whatsoever! I agree with Gervais here. You can see that with so many people in my situation, who’ve made a groveling apology. It’s made no difference whatsoever! You’re never made to forget it! You can apologize. David Irving is perhaps to the leading example here. There’s been no apology, but he has come back and said:


Oh yes, but there were gassings in Treblinka. We know this, because this, …


Fake! Fake! Fake documents, and blah, blah. Himmler, blah, blah!


There is no point! They will never, you will always be a vile — “vile” is such a Zionist word, isn’t it? — a vile “Holocaust” denier, neo-Nazi, anti-semite!


You will always be, even if you make a groveling apology, makes no difference whatsoever!


And they will definitely not be getting an apology, and they will certainly not be getting a guilty plea from me! So if they want to find me guilty, that’s fine, they can go ahead!


Andrew: Now, do, you know, the idea of, … Do you have a lawyer that is told you what possible punishment you could be facing, if they find you guilty? Do you have any idea of that at all, Alison?




Alison: Well, initially, I was told perhaps a community service. Something like that. It’s doubtful that they’ll actually go to the length of locking me up, first offense, etc.


It’s doubtful even if they do. There will be, if I’m found guilty, there will be an immediate appeal. And it will go probably to the divisional court.


If there is a prison sentence, for whatever, three weeks, put in prison, then we will ask for that decision to be stayed. But I think the sentencing, if I am found guilty next week, then the sentencing, will it be on that day? I’m not sure. The judge was already supposed to give a decision, an official decision, at the last hearing. But he didn’t. He just indicated verbally, without giving any reasons, why, he would be inclined to accept the crown prosecutions arguments, regard the sending of a URL. A URL in itself Andy, isn’t grossly offensive. It’s just www dot YouTube dot com and a jumble of letters and symbols and numbers. So that’s the issue here.


And, of course, if I went over to, if I took the ferry over to Calais for a day and uploaded lots of controversial songs and then came back, there’d be absolutely nothing that the English court system could do, because I would be out of their jurisdiction! This is the problem with the Internet that the jews have. Is that, how can they, there are no borders, so to speak, with the Internet.


So, we shall next Wednesday whether the judge has a sense of humor, or not. Usually these, these people don’t! Do NOT have a sense of humor, sadly.


Andrew: The Campaign Against Anti-semitism, the CAA, have actually come out and said that:


Oh yes, we influenced Downing Street.


I saw that little YouTube there about, you know, they get invited to work with the Government. So I’m starting to get a feeling of who may be, I’ve ways asked this question:


Who defines what is hate speech, and what is it?


And I’m getting the feeling I know who it is! And the Voltaire quote:


To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you’re not allowed to criticize.!


What do you think?


Alison: Yet and there’s a great video on the London Forum channel. It’s a speech given, I think, it was in the middle of last year, by Peter Rushton, called “Fifty Years of Race Law Tyranny”. And it began in the thirty’s even, with the Public Order Act, when they were clashes between the communists and the fascists. And then it went on and on. And then the first Race Relations Act, 1968. Coincidentally a year after the formation of the National Front. Because this act has gone on, and on, and now we are where we are today, with these lobby groups, the Campaign Against Anti-semitism, the Community Security Trust. I’d say the Campaign Against Anti-semitism is the more militant wing, more militant Zionist wing.




And more, they are more anti-Muslim, even than the Community Security Trust. If you listen to Peter Rushton’s speech, “Fifty Years of Race Law Tyranny” he reveals how the influence of the jewish, the Board of Deputies of British jews in the UK. Every one of these laws that was pushed through, every one of these acts that was pushed through by the British government, was influenced by letters being wrote by civil servants, who were invariably jews, …


Andrew: I understand, the legislation was drafted by the Board of Deputies of British jews. I think it goes as far as that.


Alison: Yes! Yes. And then once this legislation has been passed, the civil servants behind all these letters, you know, will be appointed as a deputy! And you can see that in another thing that happened in November. A former colleague of mine by the name of Jason Shuman, he submitted a request that, … That there’s a problem with jews, they like to boast about their associations, their hotline to senior government officials, and top ranking senior police officers.


And I think it was the Shomrim, one of these Shomrim accounts, posted a photograph of the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner who is a gentleman, a labor politician by the name of Hardyal Dhindsa a Punjabi here, who arrived in the UK in 1967, who has now reached a position of power and influence. Because he’s the Police and Crime Commissioner, just of the listeners. He’s an elected politician who oversees the dealings of each police force. And this, coincidentally, this Derbyshire Police and Crime Commission — Derbyshire is my address — he is the national lead on “hate crime” in quotes, “hate crime”.


Hardyal Dhindsa (click image to enlarge).


The Shomrim posted a photograph of this gentleman having been invited by the Campaign Against Anti-semitism to a meeting, to discuss the issues facing the jewish community, the rise in anti-semitism, etc., the usual stuff. And this former associate of mine Jason Shuman, he put it in a Freedom of Information request. Of course, my name’s been redacted from these documents. There was about thirty pages of e-mails between the Police and Crime Commission, his office, and the Campaign Against Anti-semitism.


Hardyal Dhindsa with Campaign Against Anti-semitism members.




It’s quite extraordinary. My name’s been redacted, but obviously half the communications are about me and why isn’t Derbyshire police arresting me for breach of bail? Steven Silverman, the Campaign Against Anti-semitism, Director for Enforcement, admits in these documents that he writes twice, he writes to the police twice a week. At least, because he’s writing to the Police and Crime Commissioner to complain that the police haven’t come and dragged me off, and clamped my legs in irons! Why, she’s uploading songs to the Internet! She’s mentioning my name! This vile, anti-semitic, “Holocaust” denier!



So yes, …


Andrew: Sorry, very quickly. And that surname “Silverman”, that reminds me of Sarah Silverman who said that she hopes Jesus Christ does come back so, she’d like to kill him again, personally! That’s over in America, of course. But there’s no group speaking out against that. So don’t come all this nonsense jews, about:


Oh, we’re so persecuted! We’re so offended!


When White Christian Jesus Christ, can be abused and there’s no call for her, to not say anything vile like that, about Jesus Christ.


So it’s all one way for the jews. And it always has been.


As Jez Turner said, I mean, he made it quite clear that, you know, we’ve been of the jewish power for centuries. We just need to look back to the formation of the Bank of England and how it was the Amsterdam jews that were behind Cromwell coming over. Different things like that. It goes on, and on, and on! And we’ve just been on this thumb for ages. And we’re trying to break free of it. We’ve had previous generations that have tried to break free of it. Previous groups, led by the likes of Arnold Leese. And then, you know, some people talk about Mosely and he talked about the legislation back then, the Public Order Act.


Various different people have tried over the years to wake people up to this, but all that’s been happening is, you know, the likes of John Tyndal get jailed, Michael McLaughlin gets jailed and, you know, just to shut them up for just trying to tell the truth. Then it’s the police force that works against the actual people, that are trying to free this country from an alien force that is not British. That is using the people of this country for their own purposes! Just milking them for their own purposes!


Alison: Yes! Exactly! And with the Internet, they are obliged to try and exert that influence on the social media companies. Yvette Cooper yesterday, talking about YouTube, and why is she getting suggestions for Red Ice Radio when she opens her YouTube channel? And I uploaded nine videos to YouTube over the month of December. And all of them were banned! All of them were censored! But there was nothing unlawful in the content of these videos. Nothing!


So my guess would be that the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, that’s all they do. Clearly, Steven Silverman, if he’s writing twice a week to the police. Twice a week to the Police and Crime Commissioner, and goodness knows who else. He’s also writing letters to YouTube with the letter header, you know, the logo, “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism”. We’re a government organization, we have private meetings with the Home Secretary. We managed to get National Action banned, blah, blah, blah; international definition of anti-semitism adopted by the British government!




That is how they are there now censoring people! And it’s fraudulent! It’s fraudulent! And I’ve written, I’ve had a ticket open with YouTube support, and they’ve given me the address of their legal department. And I’ve written an e-mail saying:


What is this? The United Kingdom now on your list of countries supposedly with anti revisionists laws, the “Holocaust denial laws. The United Kingdom does not figure among these countries. What are you doing? This is my livelihood. This is what I do. I write songs I upload them to the Internet. What is being done to me is unlawful!


And, of course, I’m not the only one it’s happening to. It’s happening to you, you’ve had your book banned, Germar Rudolf has had his books banned from Amazon. Why are these companies complying, groveling, lowering their pants? It just shows, … And then if you say:


Well, the jews have too much power.


You’re an anti-semite! It’s the only argument that they have left Andy! People know! Even if you look at the Daily Mail’s Facebook page when there’s a story about the “Holocaust”, quite a significant percentage of the comments will show that the people are waking up to the Zionists lies, the jewish lies!


They know this. That the only way, the only way that they can keep the myth alive is by A) building more “Holocaust” Memorial centers; B) by jailing anybody that criticizes the official narrative.


And I heard that yesterday that the a Canadian citizen, Monika Schaefer, was arrested in Germany, in Munich, as she was about to attend the trial of Sylvia Stolz, who’s another prominent revisionist in Germany.


See here: Andrew Hitchcock with Alfred Schaefer – How YOU Can Help Monika Schaefer! — TRANSCRIPT


That they want to jail the accountant, a 96 year old accountant [at Auschwitz]! They will go for, … That’s another way they can keep, desperately keep, their myth alive. As we just said, and by screeching “anti-Semitism” at anybody they disagree with. That’s it! We live under a tyranny! Politically incorrect tyranny. Politically Correct tyranny, rather!


Andrew: Yes.




Alison: Where is Amnesty International with all these people?


Andrew: Exactly! Exactly!


Alison: Where is Amnesty International when it comes to Joshua Bonehill? When it comes to Jack Renshaw, when it comes to Lawrence Burns? When it comes to Jez Turner? When it comes to this book burning? Where is Amnesty International?


There used to be a cartoon. There were two prisoners inside a cell and one, “What are you in for? How long have you got? I got twenty years for armed robbery.” And the other one says,” Oh, I got ten years for saying something the government doesn’t like.” And outside the window you can see a palm tree, suggesting, oh no, this could never happen in the United Kingdom, or in Europe! But it is happening! It is happening!


The more they do, (((they))) always go too far! The more (((they))) push it, the more people will be awakened to what’s actually happening.


Andrew: Well, I think that they feel that, because they’ve got control of the media, which incidentally, is one of the things that they say is enough to satisfy the international definition of “anti-Semitism”, claiming that they control the media, when they do. So all they’re doing with this international definition of anti-Semitism, is that what they did with these “Holocaust” laws. Truth is no defense! So even if you could prove they got control of ninety six percent of the world’s media, and you can give the names of the companies, and the fact that they’ve jewish control over them.


Oh no, that doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t matter if it’s true, or not. It just matters if you accuse them of that, or not. You know, if that’s not a tyranny, I don’t know what is!


And as regards the “Holocaust” reparations, don’t forget that according to the jew, Rachel Yahuda, in Aug 2015, she claimed “Holocaust” suffering gets passed down through DNA! So my guess is as the so-called “Holocaust” survivors are dying off, these “Holocaust” reparations are going to be the gift that keeps on giving! They’re not, you know, abandon this one! They could use any way that they can.


It’s like all this money that America gives to Israel every year, billions and billions of dollars! Why are we giving them money? They’re not a Third World country! Why are they getting this money? And then it does a little you-turn and it finds it’s way back to America and pays off all these politicians via AIPAC* and things like that. And so now if you want to go to Congress in the United States, you have to pledge “Israel first”!


Alison: It’s crazy!


[* The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is a jewish foreign special interest group that controls and directs American foreign policy of the Middle East, with foreign jew capital Tel Aviv calling the shots.

It is often referred to as the foreign “Israel lobby”, or the foreign “Jewish lobby”.

AIPAC was formed by jews during the Eisenhower administration. Since then AIPAC has pressured Congresses and Presidential administrations of both parties to send trillions of ss in American aid and support to Rothschild’s Israel. Souce: Http:// Israel Public Affairs Committee]


Andrew: Cynthia McKinney revealed that! And so everywhere these people reside, they want to have jewish control of that country, whether it’s America, or Australia, or the UK. We’ve got such scumbag politicians that don’t represent the people, that enforce this Coudenhove Kalergi Plan upon us, bringing in all these immigrants, allowing all these media companies to keep promoting the race mixing, and anything detrimental to the sustainability of a healthy pure White race. It’s just crazy! You know, we really are living in the madness times I’m aware of in history.




Alison: I think you’re right. And I think of the old joke, you know:


What’s the difference between the “Holocaust” and a dairy cow? You stop milking the dairy cow after seventy years!”


The “Holocaust” is the myth that sustains not only the pariah state of Israel, but it also sustains this globalist agenda and the Kalergi Plan, as you say. That’s the reason, oh, the anti-racism industry, racism begins with name calling, and ends with the gas chambers at Auschwitz!


That’s why you’ve got to have all these refugees and you can’t say:


Oh, you know, we want to be a White country. We want to preserve our land.


Because that’s racist! And we know where that will lead to. Revisionism, I really believe, that is at the heart of our struggle for freedom!


And I’m plowing my little furrow in that direction. Not all nationalists agree with going for the revisionist angle. But I think that freedom of speech, we can convincingly argue why it has to be at the center of our struggle. Revisionism will finally reveal that not just the illegal state of Israel, and the way it was founded on jewish terrorism, killing British soldiers, stringing them up with piano wire in an olive grove. The photo which had a “D notice” on it, getting out and being published by The Daily Express.



The Daily Express who also in the First World War published rumors about supposedly German gas chambers, found to be a propaganda lie! Why has there never been any investigation? Any official investigation into the “Holocaust” narrative? No! Something must now be done! And the fact that the authorities are covering all this up.


Click image to enlarge.


They are even worse than the jews! I’m sorry, but they are the real traitors! They are traitors, not to their land.


These are the people that we should be targeting as well!


Andrew: Well in the Bible, it makes it quite clear that the traitor within your race, is twice the child of hell, as the jews themselves! Because they’re supposed, they’re part of your race and they should be fighting with you, not working with the enemy.


And that’s what we’ve got throughout government. I firmly believe that as these people go through their local councils and then become the members of parliament, they’re hand picked, with all this different baggage that can be blackmailed against them. Different things that they’ve got on these people, or just brainwashed into it.


Because it doesn’t make any sense why we’ve consistently had, over the last decades, this complete push against the British people of this country, who are the natural heirs to the land. Then they produce the children, who inherit it from them. But instead, it’s no, no, no! Let’s get all these immigrants coming in! Let’s do all the race mixing! Let’s pass all these laws that make them have greater the privileges and rights than you!




So, for example, if you were in an altercation over a car parking space in this country. The person I offended, myself, I was in an altercation with a black man in an argument over car parking space. All he has to say, is that he felt, he “felt” that it was racially motivated. And that satisfies the crime! His feelings satisfied the crime. So, of course, any lawyer is always going to say to him:


Well the other guy’s White, you just have to say you feel that it was racially motivated and then you are going to win the case.


Alison: Yes.


Andrew: You know, and this is why these people are given greater rights over the people whose country it is! And it’s absolutely crazy! And the other thing I want to point out, you talked about the Daily Express. Well, of course, the jews are so arrogant and hypocritical. We have the headline in 1933 in the Daily Express, “Judea Declares War on Germany”.


Judea Declares War on Germany, 1933 (click image to enlarge).


And they’re running round America, with signs, “Boycott Germany!”. “Boycott German Goods!”. And then we see them today and they’re running to Amazon to get them to take books down that they don’t like. They’re running off to YouTube, getting them to ban different videos, demonetize them. So they’re censoring everybody, and what do they do? Last year in America they’re lobbying Congress to pass a law that anyone who boycotts Israeli goods should be jailed!


And they don’t see the double standard! To them, it’s just natural jewish behavior. It’s like:


Well, we boycott everyone else, but if anyone boycotts us we’ll put them in jail!


I mean, this is how ridiculous it gets. And this is why people get so pissed off with having to keep dealing with this nonsense! Because the only country — and there’s an argument that they shouldn’t be there anyway, because it’s Palestinian territory — Israel is their country and they should stick to that country and not infiltrate all the other countries around the world.


Alison: Exactly!


Andrew: Getting them to do things for their will! That is the point!


Alison: Exactly!


Andrew: I’ve got no interest in taking over Israel. I don’t know why jews have got an interest in taking over me. Why can’t they leave me alone and stop persecuting me and my people, and persecuting the American people? And just live in one single country and let us live by ourselves, also. That’s what we want. We’re not looking to destroy other nations! We’re not looking to flood African countries with White people, because they’re not diverse enough.


But these groups are always pushing us, constantly! And I firmly believe, Alison, that we are in this period of tribulation spoken about in the Bible, because I can’t see this getting much worse. So I think that we’re going to see a major tipping point in the very near future, because these people, what always happens is they overplay their hand!




Then you find, over one hundred times in the last thousand years, they’ve been kicked out of countries. Because whatever they do for them, whatever the shabbos goy politicians do for them, it’s never ever, ever, ever, going to be enough! And they always come back and want more, and they want more, and they want more! And that’s what they do with the people. Until in the end there’s a backlash and they get kicked out of a country, and to they claim that they’ve been persecuted!


They don’t give you the reasons why they were kicked out. That’s something that they very carefully hide, although there are some honest historians, jewish historians, like Bernard Lazar, who basically said, and I’m paraphrasing, as I haven’t got my book in my hand. He said:


The only common denominator of these jews being kicked out of countries, are the jews themselves.


Because the countries, whilst they were White nations, they spoke different languages, there were different cultures, in different parts of the world, but the one common denominator is jews!


So there must be something in their behavior, because they’re the common denominator, because all these other diverse, you know, races, and lands. There’s something they’ve done to each of them that has caused them to react in such a way to kick about their countries! And note! They were kicked out of their countries, folks. They weren’t slaughtered in their countries, they were kicked out! They were asked, they were told that they had to leave! So, all these bleating over time about how they’ve been persecuted, and persecuted, you don’t go into somebody else’ country, start trying to change the laws for your own benefit, and then not expect there to be a backlash. Simple as that!


Alison: Well yes, yes, you know, the persecution argument. They seem to believe that gives them an excuse to behave like utter, …


Andrew: Exactly! That’s why they have to keep the “Holocaust” thing alive., because if that gets exposed and people realize actually they made up all these figures, and they made up the gas chambers. And people like Fred Leuchter, who did the report, they hammered that. And it was I think Raul Hillel in the Zundel trial [1985 in Canada]?


Alison: Hilberg, …


Zundel Trial 1985 with Raul Hilberg (click image to enlarge).


Andrew: Raul Hilberg. Thank you. And he was asked about why there was no physical evidence of the “Holocaust”? Why they couldn’t actually say that there was physical evidence of Zyklon B gas being used in gas chambers, or any bodies that had traces of that? And his answer was:


I’m at a loss!


And all these claims have been from jewish hearsay. That is what these claims have been from. When Fred Leuchter went over there, and he took samples from the walls. And he could prove that the gas chambers that they say Zyklon B was released into, to kill the prisoners in there. There was no staining on the walls in there.


But there was staining on the walls in the laundry area, which the claim has always been the Zyklon B was used to disinfect the clothing of the inmates, because there was such a great outbreak of lice there. So he finds traces of it being used in there, but couldn’t find traces of it being used in what they call the “gas chambers”. And why, as you said, earlier in the broadcast, why is there no official investigation into that? Because they already know what the answer is!




Alison: Yes. The definitive debunking of all this is Rudolf Germar’s book, “The Chemistry of Auschwitz”. He goes into minute detail and shows there’s no trace whatsoever of “Prussian Blue” in the exhibit that’s supposed to, you know, have been the gas chamber in Auschwitz. Yet the walls, you can still see the staining on the outside of the walls of the actual disinfection chambers! Yes. It has to be debunked! And, of course, as I said, earlier Rudolf has had his entire collection of books taken down from Amazon!


He said before this happened, he was unable to keep up with the orders. Things were going so fast. So now, we need more people to come out with their real names and have the bravery to speak up. And I think I can see evidence of this happening.


And there’s a couple of anecdotes for you that recently happened, just to show that the way that these people, or my persecutors are behaving.


There’s a photograph of me from the Daily Mail at my first, very first hearing, which was in December 2016. There’s a photograph of me coming outside the court. And one colleague — I’ll give her a plug, “Darkmoon dot me” — she published this photo in a recent blog article.


She re-published what I’d written, but she republished it with several comments on her website. And somebody has taken this photograph of me, Andy, and his photoshopped my nose. And, because I’ve got a Swiss name, a legacy of my marriage to a Swiss man, who’s a Gentile. And that’s how they are trying to remove support from me, by now claiming —someone’s photoshopped my nose in this image.


That the difference between the photo from the Daily Mail, thank goodness that, you know, the Daily Mail have got the original photograph still on their website, and this photo shopped image the person who did it probably didn’t realize that this photo is from the Daily Mail, that’s what they’re trying to remove support by claiming that I’m a jewish infiltrator. And that my songs are there to further restrict our right to freedom of speech, blah, blah, blah. [laughing]


And the other the other anecdote is a comment that came on my blog, by a person going under the name of “Mark”, who says;


Just so you understand better what you’re up against, even if your trial is over, and you are acquitted, your problems will not end there. They will not stop you until they silence you! Even more they will try to make an example out of you, so others are afraid to speak. They will harass you relentlessly!


And then he put a link to a Counter-Current’s argument. Which, it’s not exactly praising the jews, but it’s, you know, citing jewish “achievements”, let’s say.


Now I have a sixth sense radar with regard to these type of comments. And it just shows you that person is masquerading, parading as somebody who is in support of me, but this comment is a veiled threat!


They’re not going to leave you alone Allison, until they will silence you!


But the only way that they would be able to do that Andy, is to kill me! An unfortunate accident? That’s the only way they will be able to do that! Putting me in a prison cell isn’t going to stop me from thinking, from being being able to think. It’s not going to stop my musical muse appearing to me in my head and giving me the lines of new songs, which I’ll be able to record in my head. It’s not going to silence me. That’s the only way.




I reported this. I know who this person is, and I recorded them to the police, last week. I thought, “this is enough!” Two and a half years of harassment from this particular person going by the name of “Mark”. Coming to my blog with a Tor browser, IP address.



But I know who it is. I reported him to the police last week. And I got a an answer yesterday not from the police force, but from the Derbyshire’s Victims Support Service, which is connected to the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s office! So I wrote them a scathing letter with copies to both my solicitor and my barrister. And will shall see. I’ve also instructed my barrister to pose several questions to the witnesses in my case next week. And we will see if these two witnesses are willing to take the risk of perjuring in themselves in court. Perjury carries a seven year maximum sentence, I think. We will see.


Perhaps the most likely outcome is that the proceedings will be in some ways again stayed and things will go on. They’ll be further legal arguments about the nature of “material”. Is a hyperlink actual “matter”. It’s just an electronic signal, there’s no, it’s just an electron. It’s not technically “matter”. And music is the same cause, it’s just sound, it’s not actual “matter”! [chuckling] So I’m accused of sending “matter over the Internet”, but that’s already, … But the wording of my charges is debatable. You can say this is material, yes. Material. We say that, you know, this, the artist’s “material”.


The dictionary definitions are all quite in my favor, it has to be said. But we shall see.


Andrew: Best of luck with it Alison, and stay in touch and we’ll do a follow up. I’m sure everything will go in your favor. I think but, well I mean, we’ve talked about what I think about this whole business on this show. We are out of time, we are actually over run, so this will be one people enjoy on the download as well.


Alison: Again! [laughing]


Andrew: Never mind. Yes, most people get it off the download anyway, and I encourage the live listeners to download all the shows anyway. Because, you know, they’re coming after Alison, they’re coming aft Jez Turner. I mean, how long is it going to be before they come after me?


You know, anyone who tries to tell the truth out there, it’s just what we were told, Scripture told us in the very end times they said:


Everything considered good will be bad, and everything considered bad will be good. It will be a time of outright lies.


And that’s exactly what we’re in. So it’s just great to actually be on the good side! And I want thank you Alison for joining me today.


Alison: Yes.


Andrew: I wish you very best of luck with this case. I want to thank everyone for listening. I’ll be back with you all tomorrow, and bye for now.


You have been listening to the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show on the Euro Folk Radio Network. Andrew’s book the “Synagogue of Satan” is now available on his website, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock dot com, in an updated, expanded and uncensored edition.














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