Millennial Woes – The Passion of Jordan Peterson – Speech to Blue Awakening — TRANSCRIPT


[Millennial Woes gives a thought-provoking speech on the foolishness of following Jordan Peterson’s destructive advice that Whites should not embrace “collectivism“. Given at the recent Blue Awakening “Entnofutur II” 2018 Conference held in Tallinn, Estonia, on the 23rd of February, 2018. Includes Q & A Session  — KATANA.]







Millennial Woes


“The Passion of Jordan Peterson”


Speech to Blue Awakening



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Published on Feb 25, 2018

Hopefully this will serve to illustrate just how far Dr. Peterson is from the actual Alt-Right.

[This video is not intended to condone violence or hate.]

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Organizer: We will continue with the conference. Our next speaker is probably the most famous person to speak here today. An English blogger, YouTube video maker, and well-known Alt-Right figure, Millennial Woes! Who will speak on, “The Passion of Jordan Peterson”.







Woes: Okay. Well first I’d like to thank Ruben for organizing this conference. I think the conferences are very important and very enjoyable for everyone. And I think that each one feels like a step forward, so it’s a very valuable thing. Also, before I start with what might seem like an attack on Jordan Peterson, I want to say that, … I do think that he does good work. I do think that he is valuable. And I don’t dislike him.


But he does annoy me, because he specifically attacks the Alt-Right and identitarianism, when he doesn’t need to. He makes unfair critiques of us, as well. And if he’s going to criticize us, I’d rather he was fair about it. But he doesn’t need to do this at all. So [02:01] therefore, I feel there’s a needs to defend ourselves against what he says. And really he is an individualist, that’s part of this big thing. And there are other an individualists who I will mention in this speech. Are you all familiar with Sargon of Akkad? [laughter] Good! I will briefly mention him, just to bring him, again it’s not personal, just want to bring in the ideas that are being shared nowadays on YouTube. Because YouTube has become a huge arena for a discussion, especially in the last few months with the “internet blood sports”.



So! Okay. Jordan Peterson was recently interviewed by Vice News. I think some of you will have seen that clip. It was a Chinese Vice journalist. Although I’m not sure if that’s actually relevant, because the White ones are just as anti White. And the Vice journalists said to [03:01] him:


One of the things you’ve talked about, a lot of times you talked to these young men who are flirting with far-right ideologies. (07:33) And you try and bring them back. What does that process like? How do you bring someone back from the far-right?


And Jordan Peterson replied:


Tell them a better story!


The journalist asks:


What is the better story?


And Peterson replies:


Grow the hell up! Take your place in the world. You’ve got something to contribute! Make a plan! Live as an individual! Stay away from the identity politics pathology! It’s just an excuse for failing to live your life in a respectable and noble manner! That’s a way better story than go wave your idiot far-right flag at some rally with some [04:00] pasty-faced morons! What kind of pathetic behavior is that? So it’s time to grow the hell up!


And that was John Peterson’s most recent comment on the Alt-Right and identitarianism. And I’ll deal with the meat of what he said, later.



For now I want to comment on two things about that interview. It was filmed in Peterson’s home. And he is surrounded by First Nations paraphernalia. This is Aboriginal culture of Canada. First Nation’s culture, he’s into this! He’s joined it. I think he’s been inducted into some kind of tribe. And First Nations culture is diverse, belonging to our multitude of peoples. I think it’s something like it’s over 600 different tribes. But it belongs to our collective. And each one of these individual cultures belongs to a collective, that tribe. And is in its nature, very collectivist. Far more collectivist than Anglo culture.



So, why is it not enough for Petersen to just, as he preaches, live as an individual? Why attach himself to a culture in this way? Let alone a very foreign culture to himself. And would he tell a Canadian aborigine, to not care about his ethnic group? To just live as an individual? Why does he need to do that? And well, would he say that to one of these people?


I suspect not.


And as for attaching himself, I mean, I’m not against the idea of a Western man finding some sort of truth in a, what we may call primitive tribe culture. I can understand it. But even then, that culture belongs to a collective. It is the expression of that collective. And that culture could not [06:01] exist without that collective. So you have to respect collectives, in order to have the cultures! In order that those cultures survive at all!


It’s not something that you can just plug in and out of. If we altered that, these cultures would simply cease to exist.


But the main thing is would he tell one of these Aborigines:


Don’t get into this identity politics pathology. Don’t care about your tribes existence!


That’s insane!


And, of course, he wouldn’t.


Then the other thing I would say about this interview with Vice, is that the Vice journalists was trying to catch Peterson out every step of the way. Not interviewing him in good faith. And afterwards Vice edited the footage, in an attempt to make Peterson look bad. So, all his cucking, got him nowhere with the egalitarians.




As a centrist, he said things that he thought they, as egalitarians, would agree with. He was trying to be reasonable. In response they did what they could to make him look stupid.


Now he’s a centrist.


Now we are heading, I believe, towards a political arena that includes three categories of players.


One: Collectivist anti-Whites

Two: Individualist Whites

And three: Collectivist Whites


That’s us.



So you’ve got one collectivist anti-whites, that’s Vice in this case. Two, the individualist Whites, that is Peterson. And three, the collectivist Whites. Alt-Right and identitarians.





Eric Hoffer, in “The True Believer”, wrote — it’s a famous quote:


The game of history is usually played by the best and the worst, over the heads of the majority in the middle, who don’t really understand what’s going on, just buffeted around.


Well, I would think, I predict, that the game of the 21st century will be played by “ethnic collectivists“, and “egalitarians collectivists“, over the heads of the “individualists“, in the middle.


And Peterson cucking to Vice, and then, them betraying him anyway, is an example of this. He doesn’t really fully understand what’s going on. He understands the surface of it, but not how deep and profound it is! And how immovable it is.


These people are going to exist, despite everything he says! Now as collectivist Whites — and when I use the word “collectivist[09:01] there should always be some nuance about this — “collectivist” is a loaded term, that makes you sound like you want the “Borg collective”. I don’t. But I do believe in group identity, people-hood.


So, with that caveat out of the way. As collectivist Whites, we want to gain as many people from the other two groups as possible. Waking up collectivist anti-whites is one thing. They reject hierarchy, and are fundamentally nihilistic, but they do accept the reality of groups. Peoples. Waking up individualists Whites, is quite another thing. They don’t truly accept hierarchy, I don’t think. I’ll get into why that is later on. They are fundamentally nihilistic as a result of that rejection of hierarchy. And they vehemently reject the reality of groups.


They are blind to something, and they think they are clever and moral for being blind to that thing. And with this blindness, individualist Whites aid the anti-Whites, by negating White identity. While they, the anti-Whites, also negate White identity and promote non-White identities. The individualistic Whites are in some ways opposed to the mainstream, but their individualism is shared by the mainstream. Indeed it is the standard today. It’s so predictable, it’s depressing. How often you see this attitude, well, nihilism, atomization?


A few weeks ago I discovered a YouTube [11:00] series “The Ethnic Origins of Beauty”. And you see all these, the thumbnails are all pretty girls from different parts of the world. And I thought, this is a bit strange, this is going to be about how genetics matter, because they affect your physical presence, your physical reality.


And actually it wasn’t really about that. It was, well it was something different. They interviewed, each video was a different girl from somewhere. And they asked her about her identity. And I’m going to talk about two different girls — a jewish girl and a German girl. And those are the only two that I watched. I haven’t really [laughter], … it might seem like a deliberate choice, but it actually wasn’t. I watched the jewish one first, because I thought, here we go!



And anyway, [12:01] well, here’s what the jewish girl said. It was really about their ethnic identity and their feelings about it and what they think it is. So the jewish girl said that her pride in being jewish was very powerful! And very defined! She could say:


Here’s what it is to be jewish.


I mean there was no question about it, this is jewish, this is jewish, this is jewish, and so on. And she said, and this is really striking. She said that:


a major part of being jewish is being aware of the persecution that jews have suffered in the past.


She also says that:


She wants to build a life of her own, but it’s important to her that she has children. Because without continuing her people, her own life becomes meaningless.


She said, I think she said something like:




No matter what you do, if you don’t continue the people, it all becomes meaningless.


Now contrast that with the German girl. She says that being German really just comprised, … I mean, they asked her, … well what is a German like? She couldn’t really say, but she said “punctuality”. And then she talked about some custom, some day that they have once a year. And it was silly, you know, from our 21st century point of view. It was just something “fun”, but not very meaningful, because we’ve been divorced from any meaning in it. So, for her, being German really just comprised some trivial characteristics and a few silly customs. She does say that she felt pride when Germany won the World Cup, or did well — I can’t remember the details — did well in some football event.



But that was the only time that she mentioned ethnic pride. [14:01] and it was very timid. It’s almost, she almost felt embarrassed that she felt some pride! And she said — to contrast with the jewish girl — this girl said that:


a major part to being German is being aware of their zenophobic past!


Which she regretted, was ashamed of, and hates to think about. I mean, already you’ve got a vast difference here between the two identities!


She doesn’t even mention having children, as far as I can recall. And indeed if she ever does have children, it could be with anyone — German, or otherwise. You don’t get any sense that she wants to continue the German people. She’s at best ambivalent about that. She just happens to be German! That’s it.



So comparing the different attitudes [15:00] towards people-hood, of the jewish girl and the German girl, which group is going to be extinct 500 years from now? If you had to guess. And which group will be exploited five years from now? And which group is begging to be abused five seconds from now?


It’s not the jews!


And as for which group that will still survive in five hundred years, obviously, the jews will! On current trends the Germans will not. It’s clear as day!


The jewish girl is bullet-proofed against nihilism! She’ll always have something to do. Something to believe in. Something to fight for! Something to live and die for!


She does not follow Jordan Peterson’s advice and merely live as an individual. She is connected to the past, and the [16:02] future, and it makes her strong, here and now.


By contrast, the German girl does live by Peterson’s advice! She’s an atomized individual! She’s just drifting, trying things out, having fun! But not really.


Now, our enemies simultaneously claim that we needn’t worry about protecting the White race — and, by the way, when I say the White race, that’s a synonym for the Estonian people, the Lithuanian people, and everyone else. I hope you are aware of that. So our enemies claim at the same time, that we needn’t worry about protecting the White race, because it is not in danger of going extinct. And! That the White race is going extinct! And that this is a good thing! That we should celebrate! And they never seem bothered by that contradiction, by the way, anyway.


The only concern that they will listen to, relates to economics and infrastructure. The White race is heading towards the historical meat grinder! And the only objection we’re allowed to raise is the economic impact that our disappearance will have! That is shocking! And should be infuriating for everyone!


And the thing is, that this objection about economics, and infrastructure, logistics, that objection is easily neutralized with claims from some think-tank that the economy benefits from non-White immigration! And claims from some sociologists that non-White kids do just as well at school as the White kids do! And claims from some University that their black students are just as good at STEM subjects as the White students are! And claims from some meritocrat that East Asians are more intelligent than us, and therefore better for our economy, than we are!


And so, White man, there is no need for you! Don’t be so self-absorbed! The planet will be just fine without you. There’s no reason for you to request safety, except your own selfishness! Your White identity, culture, spirit, and genetics, are at worst, evil, racist, and destructive! And at best, unimportant!




The non-Whites don’t need you! Your politicians don’t need you! The world doesn’t need you! The economy doesn’t need you! The infrastructure of your society doesn’t need you! Your culture, which is rubbish, also doesn’t need you! History doesn’t need you, and the future won’t miss you!


Now the individualists, that’s the anti-White message, but also the mainstream message — the individualists objects to this antagonism towards White people, the White race, yet they themselves are antagonistic towards the idea of White identity. They tell the bully, not to bully. But [20:01] they refuse to tell the victim of bullying, what he needs to hear. Now, I don’t like characterizing us as victims of bullying, because that puts us in a submissive position. But at the same time, we clearly are being bullied. So let’s go with that for now. And examine why somebody gets bullied on the individual level.


When somebody gets bullied it tends to be for one of three reasons:


Just random chance;

He is defective in some way;

Or he is special in some way.


And if he gets bullied, because he’s special in some way, he will become convinced that the thing about him which is special, is actually a defect. Because it’s bringing him this misery.


Well, the White race is not being bullied, because of random chance, nor, because being White is a defect. It’s happening, because being White is a special thing! A source of unique strength, intelligence, creativity, beauty, endurance, and compassion! That is the animal that we are!


But! The individualist refuses to say that to White people. And that is grotesque! Because it is dishonest, and, because it doesn’t protect the victim of bullying against future bullying. Indeed it sets him up to resent those aspects of himself which attracted the bully’s attention. So being White will not be a source of strength in his eyes, but of weakness, dishonesty, selfishness, destructiveness, and hatred! This leaves him vulnerable, and running on fumes, and self-delusion.


The self-delusion brought by individualism in this racial context, is threefold.


One, that the White man can survive without his people. He cannot!


Two, that if White people don’t care about their racial identity, then everybody else will stop caring about theirs. They will not!


Three, all anybody needs is freedom! Freedom from tradition! Freedom from the state! Freedom from group identity! Freedom from lack of choice! Freedom from nation! From volk! From religion! Freedom from anything that he did not himself create! And freedom from hierarchy, that he has not personally chosen to submit to! That there is nothing greater than himself!


The individualist White man who refuses to care about the story of which he is a part, is a disembodied atom, playing tourist in the universe of things, unable to see that each and every one of those things has meaning, whether he likes it, or not.



Now, in an online conversation with the noted YouTube individualist, Sargon of Akkad, I said to him:


You’ve agreed that East Asians and Ashkenazi jews are going to out-compete Whites at the higher levels of our society. And that blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims are going to outnumber us in our societies. So we are going to be outnumbered, and out competed, in our own societies! Why don’t you care about what happens to us?


And he replied:


Because I don’t recognize an ‘us’!


Now, in America, Hispanics have always voted in larger numbers for the Democrats than the Republicans. So usually about 2/3 to the Democrats. They are more anti-free speech, more anti-gun rights, more pro-welfare, than Whites. And they are poised to become the [25:01] dominant ethnic group in America. White Americans will be outvoted on every issue, and at every election! But of course, as White people there is no “us”! So there’s nothing to protect! Nothing’s been lost! Nothing to worry about!


In Germany, 76 percent of Turks vote for either the Social Democrats, or the Green Party, and only 6 percent vote for the conservative CDU party. But they are also eligible to vote in Turkish elections. And 63 percent of them — these are far left parties that they vote for in Germany — but in the Turkish elections, 63 percent of them voted to make Turkey more hard Right and autocratic, in last year’s referendum for Erdogan. So they’ll vote hard Left in Germany [26:01] until the Germans are overpowered, whether demographically, or legislatively, and then they’ll turn hard Right, as in their own country! They will do whatever is good for them as a group, and that is bad for the Germans.


But of course, as White people, there is no “us”!


In the Netherlands, it’s a similar story. Turks voted — there’s a Turkish population in the Netherlands — and 71% of them voted for Erdogan’s option in the referendum last year. 71 percent of them! And at the time Erdogan was talking about waging a holy war against the Netherlands! But then when it comes to elections inside the Netherlands, Turks vote for either hard Left parties, or their own identitarian party “Denk”. So they do whatever is good for them as a group! The pattern appears again! And it will not be good for the native Dutch.


But then, as White people there is no “us”!


Finally, in Britain — I couldn’t believe this statistic, it’s what I found last night, don’t quote me on it, but it’s what I found — 85% of Muslims in Britain voted Labour in last year’s general election. 85%! Yet what Liberal, or Labouresque policies do we see in Pakistan? Not many. So, these people will vote Labour in Britain, until the British are overpowered, and then they’ll turn hard Right! And it’ll be their own version of hard Right. It won’t be our version of hard Right! [laughing] So they will do whatever is good for them as a group, and that is bad for the native Brits!


But, of course, as White people, there is no “us”!



Now, another thing that Sargon of Akkad said to me, was that it isn’t the White race that is under attack today, but “Whiteness”, or “White hegemony”. And this is a good way for someone like him to sidestep the whole racial issue. And he can moan about SJW’s without actually ever admitting, “yeah this is a racial battle going on here!


But the thing is if this attack on us were not racial, then people, in general, would know about the Arab slave trade. They go on and on about the Atlantic slave trade. No one knows about the Arab slave trade! People in general, would also know about the brutal racism that exists all over the non-White world. We are the least racist. And people would know about mass black fatherlessness, and the violence endemic among black communities, all over the world.


See: A Blind Eye to the Murder of Whites in South Africa


And the “toxic masculinity” promoted by Islam. I use that term ironically. And the appalling treatment of Whites in South Africa. And, of course, people would know about the Holodomor!



But people are not told about these things! Because even though these things are awful, they can’t be used to discredit the White race!


So let’s us be clear! The object of attack in this culture war, is not our culture, nor our foreign [30:01] policy, nor our economic system, nor our toxic masculinity. It’s us! Our spirit and the DNA that conveys it through time! And these other things are used against us, our privilege, our colonial history, our recent actions in the Middle East, the non-existent pay gap. Anything at all! But they are just tools being employed in an attack that has a much broader and more primal basis! Race!



So, let’s look at what our current politicians are doing about this. And I’m talking about politicians in Western Europe, specifically. They pander to the anti-Whites, the anti-White collectivists, but mostly they’re with the individualist, I think. You could argue about that, but I think that’s basically the truth. That they don’t care about race, because they want racial diversity. They claim it’s all about culture, but then they don’t care about culture either, because they want multiculturalism. Which brings with it an array of dangers to any culture. So they don’t care about culture!


They also don’t care about nationhood, because most of them are doing what they can to sell us all out to the European Union. And they certainly don’t care about religion. So that leaves only economics. For our politicians, the only thing that matters is economics. That’s their only reality, I think, from day-to-day. They’re only interest in us, their only conception of us, is as economic units.





Now, contrast that with the society of Wakanda, dreamed up by jewish writers. Depicted in the Black Panther movie, by a mostly White crew, it must he said. And hysterically celebrated by anti-Whites all over the West! Wakanda, and the first thing to say about Wakanda, is that it has a wall! [laughter]


Audience member: It won’t work!


Woes: Yeah! Yeah, the Wakandans think so. And no one’s calling them racists for that! So it’s people, the people of Wakanda, believe in cultural insulation! They’re not interested in being “enriched”! They are anti-refugee, because they realize that bringing in other people tends to damage your own people! And they’re obsessed with ancestor worship, because they see it as a source of identity, which in turn is a great source of spiritual strength. And they are explicitly concerned with racial preservation! So they’re not interested in the many “health benefits” of being mixed-race [sarcasm], the many  purported “health benefits“, I should say, of being mixed race. And furthermore, they value their ethnic group, in and of itself, as something that is intrinsically meaningful and precious!


So I mean, we could go into the whole thing about how liberals just love this. And it’s bizarre, because when the same things appear in White people, liberals go crazy! But that’s another matter.


What did the Wakandans see, that the White individualist is blind to? Earlier, I said that one of the individualist delusions, is that he can survive without his people. This is so simple, it’s embarrassing that it needs to be said at all. But here it is. As a White man you cannot survive without the White race, in two ways.


One, your culture and probably everything that you value in life depends on the White race, whether it’s politics, infrastructure, education, policing, prosperity, or indeed, respect for the individual, and belief in the individual! You have, as an individualist, you have absolutely no reason to believe that non-White peoples will preserve these things. None whatsoever!


And then two, the other way in which you can’t survive without the White race. The White race is [35:00] under attack and that means that you as a White person are under attack! It also means that your children and grandchildren are under attack! Now, before they’re even born, and in the future, after you are gone. So it’s time to start thinking beyond your own lifespan. This is something that bizarrely, I think a lot of very intelligent individualist don’t get! They don’t understand that really it is the noble, honorable thing, to think about a hundred years, 500 years, and even a thousand years into the future!


See: David Duke Interviews Andrew Joyce


Now, when the great replacement of Europeans began, back in the late 1940s, in Britain at least, our ancestors did think beyond their own lifespan. But they were beaten down! They were called “racist“, and all the rest of it. And then their children, the baby boomers, [36:01] were conditioned into “universalism”. On the one hand, the baby boomers lived as people have always lived:


Birds of a feather flocking together!


But at the political level, they thought only of the next five years, and didn’t really raised much objection to the mass immigration, which increased with every election. And they did this, they thought in short-term ways, in election, after election. Caring about their kids in the short-term, but not protecting them in the long-term. And not even thinking about the fate of their grandchildren. Well now, those grandchildren are here, and they are adolescents, they are old enough to be thinking for themselves.




Now here are some stories that I have received recently from fans, well, also one that I’ve got on Twitter. In America, there was a thing passed around that a high school teacher saying how alarmed she was by the rise in Alt-Right attitudes among her students, just in the last few years. The last two years. She said there was a big difference between how they were in 2015, and how they are now. And that’s incredible! But believable, because of the progress that we’ve been making online. And she, as a liberal didn’t know what to do about it. Didn’t know what to think.


And another anecdote, from Australia, a fan of mine told me that he has on several occasions caught his students — he’s in a high school class — he’s caught the students listening to Alt-Right podcasts and videos. One of which was mine! [laughter] I was flattered to know, but also TRS [The Right Stuff], you know, that kind of stuff. And that’s apparently, he said it happened six, or seven times!


I mean that’s unthinkable! When I was at school, that is absolutely unthinkable! And in Britain, I heard about a student who went to university — and I won’t say where — and he found within a few weeks, he found other identitarians at that university. And they’re now a group, a group of friends. And then I heard about the same thing happening at a university in a different part of England. I suspect it’s typical now.


And wherever you go to university you will be able to find other people who are into this stuff. And yeah, just a few years ago, that would have been unthinkable!


And in Germany, a new generation is emerging, for whom the story of Germany’s “evil past” is outweighed by their own dispossession, in the present day. Because they are feeling it. I mean, it’s there, it’s right in front of them. Three quarters of the kids in their class are brown! You know, it’s just undeniable!


So, young White people, all over the West, can see their minority status and eventual extinction appearing on the horizon. And so the comfort that allowed liberal delusions, including autistic “individualism” to flourish, is now dissipating. That comfort is going [away], year by year.


In summary, the short-term thinking and the universalism of our parents and grandparents, are bearing fruit. And that fruit is, “identitarian Alt-Right nationalist” attitudes among the young.


Now our enemies get more scared about this all the time. They’re constantly going on about the threat of “nationalism”, “rising nationalism” in Europe! And this is not just, because of the rare signs of tangible progress that nationalism has made in Europe. It’s, because they know that those rare signs are just the start! They know that the process, which has been planned for quite a while, to quote a recent leaked video from the, I think it was the SPLC, or the ADL? They know that the process, which has been in motion for a long time, is now far enough along, that we White people, are bound to start noticing it en mass!


But our enemies are in a tough position! If they talk about us, they draw people’s attention to our ideas. But if they don’t talk about us, then they can’t tell people what to think about our ideas!




So, as for the online individualists, they are being left behind. Some of you will be aware of the “Trout and Tea” debacle from last year, but it really affects the entire community, known as the “Skeptics” who are hardcore individualists — well they think of themselves as hardcore individualists. That entire community has now been discredited, and is running on fumes. And all they can do — well, so many of the fans joined the Alt-Right — all these people can do is ask stupid questions! Fatuous questions!


“How are you going to form an ethno-state?


That’s irrelevant! That’s something for the future. It is not — it’s something that we can be thinking about, and talking [42:00] about, and planning, and we should be — but it does not, it’s not crucial, it’s not key to our concerns!


Our concerns are real, whether, or not we know how we’re going to form an ethno-state! Whether, or not we know what the culture, the fashions, and so on, are going to be like in your ethno-state. And that’s another question they ask us:


What’s the culture, and what’s the economic system going to be like?


Irrelevant! Doesn’t matter! And then they’ll ask another stupid question:


Well what is White anyway?


They joined the SJW’s, in asking that! But that question, “What is White anyway?” is really a question born of a willingness to waste time! Because we all know what White is! Everyone does!


And then the other question is:


Well why do you care about your race anyway? Is it, because you’re not accomplished as an individual?




That fatuous remark brings us back to Jordan Peterson, and his message to young men flirting with far-Right ideology! And now I’ll go through each of the things he said:


Grow the hell up!


Yes! The modern world bathes us in delusion, and each of us needs to break out of that! Each of us needs to put away childish things and grow up. I think we can all agree with Jordan Peterson on that.


Take your place in the world!” he said.


Yes! Each one of us should find his place in the world. And that is a daunting task for a lot of young people, especially young men. It’s a reality.


You’ve got something to contribute!


Yes! Almost certainly you have!


Make a plan!






Think ahead and know what you’re aiming towards!


But then we get to the crux of the matter.


Live as an individual!


Yes and no! The fact is, as I said, earlier, Peterson himself does not live only as an individual. He was produced by Northern European genetics, and shaped by Canadian culture. And he thrives today within the culture of White people, especially Anglo and Germanics, I would say. But! Because modernity has ripped the soul out of that culture, White Western civilization, he has adopted the culture of another people — the First Nations culture. And I would say this is his middle class search for “authenticity”, by the way.


If his own people though, hadn’t [45:02] been systematically degraded as a collective, then I suspect that Peterson wouldn’t feel the need to co-opt the culture of another collective. So no! He does not live purely as an individual. And it is hypocritical for him to give that advice to young men!


The next thing he said was:


Stay away from the identity politics pathology!


No! Because what he’s saying there is:


Stay away from the most successful survival strategy known!


That is crazy!


Stay away from love of your people! The most natural drive in the world!


That’s absurd! And dishonest! I think he’s a liar there! I think he’s breaking one of his rules, and he’s being dishonest even with himself!




Then he goes on:


The identity politics pathology, …


And just to talk about that, “pathologizing” love of your own people, that’s just crazy! But anyway. He says:


It’s just an excuse for failing to live your life in a respectable and noble manner.


Well! Is it “respectable”, or “noble” to feel nothing for the people who created you? The people whom you represent as an individual? Is it “respectable”, or “noble” to not care whether they continue to exist? Or become a despised minority in their own homelands? How is it “respectable”, or “noble” to be ambivalent about that!


I’d say it’s treacherous and cowardly! And also ego maniacal! To think that you are so important that your people [47:01] doesn’t matter whether they live, or die! Whether they flourish, or go extinct! , because that is what is at stake here!


And then he also says:


That’s a way better story than go wave your idiot far-Right flag at some rally, with some pasty-faced morons! What kind of pathetic behavior is that!


Now, I will grant that some of us are pasty-faced, but I don’t think that many of us are morons. I think that’s rather unfair, and rash of Peterson to say that.


But he is alluding to a phenomenon which does crop up among us, from time to time. A failed, or un-accomplished individual can wish to be subsumed into a collective, so as to suppress his sense of failure. He hasn’t done much with his life, or he doesn’t know what to do with his life. That is a real thing! It does happen.


But it does not discredit the cause, or falsify the claims that we make about the danger that Europeans are in. We need to become accomplished individuals, and care about our peoples, and protect them.


And then finally, Dr. Peterson said:


So it’s time to grow the hell up!


Well, yes, Dr. Peterson, it is! It is time that pampered deluded White people grow the hell up! And realize that the comforts they enjoy, the certainties they are soothed by, the cultures they value, the values they value, depend on the White race! No other race has proven itself capable of sustaining these things, or demonstrated itself interested in protecting them.




So yes! Grow the hell up and realize that we are in a fight for Western civilization! And for the existence of the gene pool and the spirit that sustain Western civilization!


Yes! Grow the hell up and realize that you are not the center of the universe! And as much as you are an individual, you are a representative of a people! And you have obligations towards that people, that only a petulant child would deny!


In summary, Jordan Peterson’s “individualism” is obviously insufficient! What is the point of “cleaning your room” when your country is doomed? And I’m not saying that’s an excuse not to clean your room and therefore you just neglect these things in your own life [half laughing]. But I am saying it’s pointless to do that, thinking that it will just solve everything when there’s a much bigger problem outside your house, in every other town and city in your country! In every other country in your civilization!


And also, how can you have a fulfilling life, if you have betrayed your ancestors, and your descendants, and let your people be dispossessed?! How can you have a fulfilling life looking back and thinking:


Oh yeah, I was a traitor! I was a coward! I didn’t care! I didn’t fight! I knew it, but I didn’t say it!





Richard Spencer said a few months ago, that:


Ethno-nationalism is an idea whose time has come, and that you can’t stop an idea whose time has come.


And I agree with that. No matter what we do in the Alt-Right, or identitarian circles, no matter what we do, we gain numbers. It’s almost like we have a Midas touch at the moment. The public in general, especially the young, are ready for what we need to tell them! The 21st century is our time!


As an ethno-nationalism this is your time! You are an individual, and you should become accomplished, you should not take a coward’s refuge in “identitarianism“, neither should you take a coward’s refuge in “individualism”.




You should value your capacities as an individual, and you should hone them and become the best that you can be! But you should also honor your people, and understand that they are in danger, and that you have an obligation to defend them!


Be careful, but be unashamed! Say the things that your generation are ready to hear! Speak the truths that you know! Care about yourself, care about your nation, care about your race, be yourself, be an Estonian, and be a European!


For you are all of these things!


Thank you.


















Millennial Woes


“The Passion of Jordan Peterson”


Etnofutur II Q&A








Click the link below to view the video:





Published on Feb 27, 2018

A small Q&A session after the speech, with questions about the points raised in it. Note: This was recorded with my camera’s on-board mic. As a result, the questioners, especially the guy between 0:40 and 2:15, are difficult to hear. My apologies.

[This video is not intended to condone violence or hate.]

[This project is my livelihood. Please see

Thank you.]










(12 mins)






Woes: Any questions?


Audience Q1: Thanks for your very good speech. First of all I’d like to ask you do you think [garbled]


Woes: Yes, part of an international elite.


Audience Q: They are fine, right?


Woes: Yes. They’re shielded from the effects of this.


Audience Q: My children are being murdered, … [garbled]


Woes: Yes! Yeah, I mean, as I said, in the speech, I’m not sure to what extent we should cast ourselves as victims. That’s worked for the left. It’s worked for their pet groups, these trans Islam, blacks. I’m not sure if it would work for us. And I’m not sure if it’d be dignified for us to put ourselves in that position of the unfortunate, you know, and all that.


But at the same time if it works then maybe we should just do it. Because it’s a fact. I mean, this “120 decibels” campaign just now, it’s talking about something real. These girls have been attacked. They have been assaulted. Some of them have been raped. That’s real! And it should be talked about.




Now one thing with people like Peterson, I think, … I mean, he’s not a bad man and I didn’t want to be overly critical, or vicious. I just think he’s delusional! I think he’s in a comfortable delusion. A bubble. An academic bubble, as you see. And he probably lives in a very, … he probably has a very nice cultured lifestyle, you know. His life will be theater, opera, art galleries, if he ever gets any time off. But that would be the milieu that he mixes in. And it’s probably very pleasant! You know!


So from his point of view, yeah, he will not see, … if he does mix with non-Whites it will be the best of non-Whites! That’s another thing about the university thing. It’s the high IQ Chinese student, who wants to learn all about Western civilization. It’s not some Pakistani child rapist who runs a taxi company and, you know. It’s a completely different thing.





Their experience of multi-racialism — let’s not call it “multiculturalism”, this an important thing, it’s multi-racialism that we’re dealing with — their experience of multi-racialism is far more pleasant than most people’s, especially in the working class! So yes, there is a class thing going on here.


And I was talking to somebody outside about this, earlier, the class thing. Because I think the middle class are kind of doomed, in a way. I think they’re going to merge with the working class. But that’s not the master.


I think what I would say, to answer your question, I think that we should guilt-trip people like Peterson! Because they are endangering all of us, especially the most needy, the most vulnerable among our own populations.


What’s amazing is how quickly the Left bat away, … like when you say like we’ve got money for the refugees but we haven’t got money for our own homeless! The Left just laugh at that! But I think that we should push it! Let them [05:01] laugh at it! Because it is true. It’s the same in Britain, in Germany. We don’t have money for this, or that, but we’ve got money from bloody refugees to come in by thousands! That’s crazy!


Now obviously something is very wrong there. The logistics of it, but also the morals of it. There are vulnerable, suffering, people in our own societies and they belong to our societies forever, so yeah, they belong to us! The refugees don’t! And they will not care about us when we’re in need! So yeah, we should care about our own people first. That is just commonsense.




Audience Q2: [garbled]


Woes: Yes exactly! Because there are so many young White you know, … remember the “refugees welcome” thing, that three German girls with the banner. And you think “God Almighty!” so much money has gone into their education and their upbringing, so they can be these dreamers!



But the fact is they are just trying to do the right thing! This is what’s so annoying! They’re not bad people! They’re not evil! They’re just stupid! They’re just naive. And they are just trying to do the right thing! They aren’t driven by virtue, by morality! And so I think we should appeal to that morality. And say to them, look:


You might help Abdul get some welfare in Germany, but you’ve also helped him rape this German girl! Who would not be raped without him here, without your help to get them!




So yeah, I think we should make them feel guilty, because I think it will work. White people love to feel guilty! They absolutely love it! [laughter]. Any other questions?


Audience Q3: [garbled — something about economics]


Woes: No, yes, what I was saying there, … they only speak of economics! That would have been a better way to phrase that. Because as soon as the immigration thing comes up, that’s what they put it on to. They don’t talk about race. They will say:


Well we can afford this. We can afford this infrastructure to educate, to teach them our language, and all that.


And then they’ll say:


Well, okay the health service might suffer, whatever.




They’ll pay tax, so that we will have people to look after us in our old age.




They always make it about economics! They don’t like talking about the cultural angle, and they certainly don’t like talking about the racial angle! So that’s what they bring it on to.


But yeah! The irony is, as you say, that they talk by economics and then do things that are economically insane! Like bring a million people with an average IQ of 83 into your country!


Any other questions?


Audience Q4: [garbled —] I’ve heard that even in Germany, the association of companies, or something like that, they explicitly say that these people cannot be used in the factories. So it is not true that these, …

Leaders do care about only the economy, because they have the intelligence to know this is actually harder now and destroying the future economy.





Woes: Yes.


Audience Q: If they exactly known this, why do they do it? Because, you said at the very beginning.


Woes: Yes, why do they do it? That’s a really good question. And I know, I fully accept this bit of the speech was badly worded. I apologize.


I know that they don’t really care about the economics, because if they did they would be encouraging us to have more kids. They’ve been encouraging the high IQ couples to have more kids, especially. But they don’t! In fact they reject that idea completely, and they bring in these people who can’t be employed. Wasn’t there some statistic in Germany, the bizarre thing that only two percent of the refugees have been employed? Something incredible!




So why do they do it? [laughs] I think we all know why they do it! [laughing] I can’t say it on video! [laughter] I don’t know, it might (((echo))) back! [laughter]


No! It’s not just that. It’s a sickness in our own soul. One of the other speakers said this, that it is easy to blame certain (((globalist groups))). And they do undoubtedly have a huge amount to do with this. But ultimately it does come back to us. But that’s good! Because that means that ultimately the solution comes back to us. We can do it! We can beat this! Who else can do it? Who else is going to do it?


So, it’s important not to downplay certain things, but it’s also important not to exaggerate certain things. Ultimately, it does come back to us! Whoever is responsible. As for why it’s happened, I think that’s a very complicated question! How did we get to this stage, where we don’t even care of our own people? Where we are that detached? And it really is a huge story. I mean, you wouldn’t even know where to begin it! 1945, 1918, the French Revolution, Enlightenment? You can keep on going back. I don’t know!





I tend to like the First World War. I think that really killed our security, and spiritual strength as Europeans. That’s where I would do it. But then it goes back further than that. There are causes that go back further than that. I also think mass production, mass communication, cheap travel — all of these things play into it.


All of these things! Is very difficult! And then philosophical movements. I mean, it’s impossible to, I’m sorry I can’t give you a clear answer. But I think we all know the ingredients in the soup, that has a brought us to this state. There you go.


Any other questions? No?


All right, thank you Ruben, thank you all again.










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