Inside the Eye Live with Alison Chabloz – Mar 2018 — TRANSCRIPT

[In this interview Dennis Fetcho talks with Alison Chabloz about her upcoming court appearance (March 7) after being charged under the Communications Act in the UK, for causing “gross offence” to some jews, by uploading several of her songs to YouTube, that parody the nonsense claimed by some alleged “Holocaust survivors“.


Readers are urged to show support for Alison by, if possible, attending her court appearance this Wednesday morning at Central London Magistrates Court   — KATANA.]


UPDATE: “A blogger accused of broadcasting anti-Semitic songs has told a court there was “no proof” gas chambers were used to kill Jewish people in World War Two. …

The trial continues and a decision is expected in May [2018].”





Inside the Eye Live




Alison Chabloz


Mar 3, 2018



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Published on Sat, Mar 3, 2018


Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye – Live! 2018.03.03



Dennis Fetcho, aka “The Fetch“, is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom. The Fetch also has a second site called “Inside The Eye – Live! 


Alison Chabloz appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, March 3, 2018. Alison’s first appearance in November of 2016 was greeted the following day with an arrest initiated by an Israeli front NGO/charity known as “The Committee Against Anti-Semitism”.

Alison will be in court on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 in what, hopefully, will bring about a successful closure for the interests of free speech and Western values in the face of Jewish onslaught against Western civilization.

Many items of discussion were raised in this entertaining and delightful interview, including the ongoing social media purges, destruction of social working groups, “anti-Semitism”, and so much more.

Definitely worth a listen for anyone interested in contemporary battles for the heart and soul of Western civilization.


Hour 1 – News And Current Events

Hour 2 – Guest: Alison Chabloz

Hour 3 – News And Current Events





(106 mins)




Intro: Good morning everyone! Coming from somewhere in the Middle East. It is Saturday morning’s hottest streaming media political talk show! Inside the Eye Live with the Fetch!

If it was up to me I’d dump the Israelis tomorrow!

Hey good idea! Did someone tell us a standing member of Congress, that if it were up to them they would dump Israelis tomorrow?

Sound like something you might hear here on Inside the Eye Live.

The Fetch! Oh what a man! Oh my god! You have to listen to that show! He was brilliant! I didn’t know he had gonads of steel, like that! And a mind like a frigging razor! I didn’t realize the was so clear. He cut through that cognitive dissonance that is going on in the whole patriot movement!

Now it’s time for Inside the Eye Live! Intelligent media for the politically aware!




Fetch: This is the Fetch. And you are live Inside the Eye. Today’s date is Saturday March third, 2018. A good Saturday morning to all of you listening in the United States, and Canada, and a good late afternoon and evening to all of you listening in European and Asian time zones. And, of course, wherever you are listening out there on the worldwide web, or our F.M. and micro F.M. Broadcasting outlets, may all be well with you and yours.


The weather here in Riyadh is actually quite a comfortable day. Hitting a high of about seventy-five degrees right now. We’re certain as of the just sunset, just a few minutes ago we’re sitting at what? I don’t know something like seventy-one degrees so it’s really really nice. Got winds about seven miles per hour out of the south-east. And overall just sunny skies, just a beautiful day today. We’re going to be going down to what? Let’s see what the morning lows are going to be tomorrow. It looks like we’re going to go down to fifty-five degrees in the hour before sunrise, and throughout the useful part of the evening looks it like are going to be around sixty degrees, which is going to be about one o’clock in the morning here. So very, very nice weather for sure. So you have very, very nice weather.

And again thanks for the feedback over there. We’re going to be pretty much same old same all again. A little bit of a rise in temperature over the next few days, but for the most part here in Riyadh it’s going to be in the seventies, lower eighty’s, and then we’re going to hit maybe ninety, ninety-two by next weekend, but that’s not expected to last. We’re getting that tease of the summer months now, where we are hitting the ninety’s, but we are not getting it to sustain. The folklore around these parts, there’s actually a folklore about the man who sold his jacket too soon! And it has to deal, excuse me while I drink some coffee folks, has to deal with this idea of people selling their winter cloths before the winter is really over.


And so what happens here is it gets a little deceptive. You get a few days in the ninety’s. Next thing, you know, you’re almost down to freezing again. And so there’s that whole folklore story about the old man who sold his jacket too soon. Meaning that he just really wasn’t prepared to stick it out through the final part of the winter, and now he’s stuck in a bad situation, because he doesn’t have enough clothing to actually stay warm through the balance of the winter. But, you know, winter’s really coming to a draw, or to a close now, pretty quickly. We’ve only got a few weeks to go really before winter ends.




But that’s not really relevant I guess for the people of Britain, where you’ve got still lots of snow and ice warnings throughout the UK. It looks like the kids are out there having fun now, sledding around. Authorities warn that the rail travelers and drivers should expect ongoing disruptions even as temperatures rose above freezing for the first time in a few days. Heathrow Airport warned travelers to check with airlines before arriving at the airport. So if you’re listening you might want to do that everybody. Two hospitals in southwest England continue to appeal for four by four drivers to help get essential staff to work. Saying that icy roads still pose a problem. There are thousands in the UK still without power and flood warnings remain for some coastal regions. The Met Office said that temperatures are likely to inch up to 7 degrees Celsius. That’s 44 degrees Fahrenheit in the southern city of Plymouth. So they’re starting to see a little bit of warmer weather, but they’ve had quite a chill blow through the UK recently.



Meanwhile across the English Channel, the big chill, as they call it right now froze the canals in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. So that means that you had ice on the historic Prinsengracht canal, which was thick enough for residents to lace up their skates and glide across the surface! How cool is that? I mean, I would love to do that, quite frankly. Live in a city where your canals freeze over, put your ice skates on, and just kind of cruise down the canal! That’s faster than walking, that’s for darn sure. So what a lot of fun time! I love winter folks! Winter is a great time a year, I know it’s a bit expensive for the traveling and not the traveling but the, you know, the heating bills and things like that. But you gotta love snow! You got to just love the way that ice comes down and just coats everything White! And I know everybody, you know, we in the European civilization we’ve been instructed now that snow, that’s right! Even snow is politically incorrect and probably is racist! You know, Mother Nature had a very racist tone when she created the idea of snow. So, you know, how the Leftist nutcakes are out there in the world today.


Now I was just out all week. I was at what’s called the AFED convention, here in Riyadh. And it’s called the “Armed Forces Exposition for Diversifying” their supplier base. There’s something like eighty thousand items were on display, not on display, not all eighty thousand, but some eighty thousand items are going up for bid. Basically taking that business away from US companies, and European companies for that matter and trying to diversify the supplier base here in Saudi to create jobs for their people. Mind you, that’s not a bad thing guys. Governments are creating jobs for their people, that’s not a bad thing. I had meetings and discussions with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop, British Aerospace, and major heavyweights here like Taqnia, Sarvik.


Had a great to actually discussion with Sarvik.


Lets see, Armaco America on, Saudi Armaco America on. Really a lot of key players here were present. And so I worked the darn show for four days, five days, really had a lot of good high level meetings here about future plans going on inside of Saudi Arabia.




And the excitement somewhat is there! Now as I was leaving today I just left the facility about five fifteen this afternoon and rushed home. Got home just ten minutes ago, quite frankly, to try to get set up for the radio show. But as I was there one of the, I think the Joint Chiefs of Staff, or the commander for the Saudi ground forces was there. He’s from the House of Saud. There was quite festivity. They had marching bands coming through, military marching bands, that would be. They had, really this guy had, like he was like, locally it’s like a rock star person. You know, we Americans, it’s not that big a deal. But nonetheless he did have some, you could see the energy coming off these guys! You know, it’s interesting if you guys are ever around power, or powerful people, they do carry about them a type of energy and a type of charisma. It’s hard to quantify, but you can certainly feel it, as they walk by. If you’re tuned into what is going on. And I can’t quite put my finger on it, but you can actually feel it! It’s rather a fascinating phenomenon.


So he was cruising around. So I got some pictures in. Not with him. But I got some pictures of him and some people that we know, of interest to us. So it was really quite an interesting show. If you’ve never been to one of these trade shows that has to deal with defense, or military weapons, or anything of that nature. You might want to look into it. It’s actually quite good stuff, just to get yourself educated. I learned quite a bit today and all throughout the week. So we had quite a lot of fun for sure. As we visited the show here today.




You can join us in the chat room everybody, Inside the Eye Live dot com. That’s Inside the Eye Live dot com. And I’m heading over there now everybody. And it’s now loading the page. You just click on the live chat button up there on the menu bar. That gets you over there. You’ll see my buddy, One Eye sleeping up a storm over there. And now we are there, I got Road Dogger, Wolfgang, Fake War, White Devil 1970, that’s a new name, so welcome. Uncle Douchebag, Black Bird is there, so already humming along. Saturdays are a great time to catch the chat room for sure. So definitely give us a shot over there. Say hello and see what else is going on. And lots of good information come through the chat room, when a show of this nature comes on. So it’s very, very good.


Good morning! I guess I can say good morning, right everybody? It’s telephone lines. If you’d like to call and get in early one three two three two seven five one three one four. That’s one three two three two seven five one three one four. And we’re going to have a guest in hour number two. Alison Chabloz. She is the gal from the UK that’s being targeted by the Committee for Anti-Semitism, or Committee Against Anti-Semitism, or something.



It’s basically a troll operation by a couple of jewish goons. From observing from the outside, these guys are thugs! I mean, these are literally jewish thugs! That’s our observation, again from the outside. But inside of the UK, these thugs carry at least some weight. They’re able to bring trials, and they’re able to bring charges against people. And that obviously, is not a great thing! So we’re asking people to obviously try to make it out to the Westminster courthouse tomorrow [Wed, 7th March], to support Alison Chabloz and really support your own interests, as to preserving your ability to speak freely in the face of jewish tyranny. And so it’s very, very important that you get out there.




You know, there’s been a lot of complaints to me recently. And they’re all valid, by the way. About jewish organizations, like Facebook, and Youtube. And then Twitter, which isn’t necessarily jewish, but works hand in hand with the ADL and the SPLC. And what is happening here is these anti-American, jewish organizations, like again the ADL and the SPLC especially. What they’ve done is they’re creating algorithms on behalf of, or in line, or in collaboration with Facebook, which is a jewish, let’s be honest Facebook is a jewish intel gathering site! YouTube, which is essentially now being super censored by jews, I guess, within the company. And then, of course, Twitter which is also censored quite heavily in favor of jews, and their agenda of bigotry, hate, or whatever you want to call it in there, with the way they use our language.


So they’ve created this idea called an “online hate index”. And imagine that our entire civilization is being dominated, or suppressed, by a hyper criminal gang stalking type of operation, like the ADL, or the SPLC! Folks, these guys spy on you! They go back and they monitor what you said ten, five, six years ago! And should you ever get into a position of some type of influence, they have run your entire history and say:


This person said this about jews in 2005! They must be terminated! They must apologize! They must bow down to us jews now! , or else! Terminate them!


You know, it’s like, guys this is a tyranny!


There’s a battle, really waging! It’s just like swirling around us now for control of political thought, political opinion, political ideas!




It’s become absolutely unconscionable that our major corporations, like a YouTube, like a Twitter, like a Facebook, that have garnered so much monopoly power, are able to participate in the political process, because that’s exactly what they are doing! When you have essentially a utility, like Facebook, like Twitter, like YouTube, that are engaged in taking sides inside of the political spectrum, they are no longer corporations serving the public interest. They are corporations serving a specific interest, or a special interest. And when it becomes clear that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, are clearly coming down on the side of foreign powers, like Israel, like the cosmopolitan internationalists, like the jewish power structure inside of America, then we know, as Americans, as British, as Germans, Swedes, as a united European group, that we have a very serious enemy working within our midst!


And, quite frankly, since these still remain from a, let’s just call a demographic still, they remained our majority positions, we should make it an absolute priority to do whatever is necessary to smash the ability of these corporations to control the flow of ideas! It is high time that the people that are making these decisions, start feeling the heat. And that the investor … [breaking up].


Everyone who are interested in the preservation of your nation states, really it’s time for real serious debate! Every day, absolutely, they brag about it. And it’s unconscionable that we continue with this treasonous fifth column in our midst and some obviously have to, … [breaking up]




Welcome back! It’s the Fetch Inside the Eye Live. Intelligent media for the politically aware, right here in revolution radio and Revolution dot com radio! Good Saturday morning everybody here on this March the third. Rapidly approaching, what do we call that, the spring equinox. And, of course, that means that winter will have officially finished. And we’re going to be rolling into spring before, you know, it! I know here I’ve only got a couple more months to go here on this particular contract and I’ll be out of the country. And obviously working overtime I think lately! Trying to get something happening! But yeah we are going to be out of Saudi Arabia ourselves, before, really, before summer. After right before the Ramadan holiday which is going to be somewhere around the month of Ramadan that is, somewhere around May sixteenth, the seventeenth. I’m hoping to wrap everything up and get home.


So guys we’re trying to wrap things up. Just want to remind you that in hour number two Alison Chabloz is going to be coming on. Alison is, of course, kind of famous for really being assaulted, I don’t know if you could call assaulted, but targeted by what’s called “C AA”, which by all indications appears to be an Israeli hate organization. It goes after pretty much anybody and everybody that they feel like. That they feel like they can pick off in a trollish way. Their actions are uncouth, to say the least. Their actions are uncivilised, they’re barbaric. They’re basically jewish, in a nut shell!


When we talk about jews and their uncouth, uncivilized, disgusting, quite frankly, mentality! Their lack of etiquette, their lack of morals, or lack of values, we’re often thinking about groups like the Committee Against Anti-Semitism, or something like that. Campaign Against, … anyway, a lot of people call this a fake NGO. But it is an Israeli run NGO. Israeli paid for NGO. And it’s really trying to stifle free speech in the UK.


And, quite frankly, to those of you who are in the UK and understanding this message, you’ve got to get over there to the Westminster courthouse and make your stand! Let it be known that you are tired of these punks and thugs that happen to be, oh boy! Just happen to be jews! Always trying to stifle debate and real discourse here in the West. Look, they’re not part of our culture. They are not part of our civilization! And it’s time for us to accept that. And to start pushing back! , because there’s a hundred times, or a thousand times more of us than them! And as long as everybody’s just quiet and cowering in the face of this hyper rabid minority, well they’re going to keep pushing, because they don’t know any other way folks! They only know how to act like a bunch of idiots, and that’s just the way it goes. Deal with it! They don’t like you! They don’t like your civilization! They don’t like your culture! They’re going to do anything they can to supplant you and destroy you!


So okay, understand that’s the game, and start to deal with it accordingly! That would be my advice.




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Well, not a whole lot to report on the Cat Report today. It’s been very quiet this past week. The House has been quiet. Mating season everybody is pretty much over, you know. What that entails, is One Eye, the big guy, he is staying home again. He just kind of goes out does his thing. Stays out for an hour, or two. Kind of like wanders around and get some fresh air and by the afternoon hours one eye is right back inside the house chillin.


And saw a nice picture of him today. He was up on their favorite perch. I got to say take some pictures of these so you guys can just see what I’m talking about. But when I was out there in the kitchen, just chillin, we still got the cardboard there, so that black cat can’t jump into our house. But he was chillin and sleepin. And it was kind of cute this morning, I was on the phone to Jordan and One Eye comes into the bedroom. And he does it meow everybody, he kind of talks to you. Actually, my cats don’t meow too much. They all kind of talk. And so he just came in the room and he just like meowing at Emilie. And hey, you know, hopped up on the bed, climbed up to her left shoulder and just laid his head down, a starting to rub his head into her, basically around her armpits! I hope she took a shower! That, I hope she did! I’m sure she did! But you have to wonder sometimes with the way the cats react. But he just was a sweetheart today as usual. Bruiser usually has a sweet heart quite frankly. So for a blind cat what a great little guy!


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Oy Vey Moment. [Music]




This Oy Vey moment is brought to you by Radio Wehrwolf and Heartland online. Radio Wehrwolf is now streaming twenty-four hours of no nonsense, uncensored radio, centered around the pro European Western Civilization spirit. And be sure to catch all their live shows eight o’clock pm Eastern. To listen live, or catch the archive shows a related content, visit Wehrwolf Radio dot com. That’s WEHR Wolf Radio dot com. And if you want to expand. Your information options and find like-minded content visit Heartland Online dot net, or you will find many popular and insightful Western centric podcast, news articles, videos music, and much more, including yours truly, The Fetch and Inside the Eye Live, so just remember Radio Wehrwolf as WEHR Wolf and Heartland Online dot com.




And everybody, this week’s “Oy Vey Moment” is coming to us from Poland. And it really is some of the fallout coming from the recent passing and now suspension of a law that made it a crime to implicate Poland in the “Holocaust”. See it was, of course, Poles are actually quite guilty of murdering many, many Germans. In fact, perhaps over a million Germans. So the Poles are not innocent on this, by any stretch of the imagination. And that’s with all due respect to our listeners in Poland.


I think all of us have an obligation, quite frankly, to recognize the crimes of our governments, and to deal with it in a professional way, and draw attention to it, so that we can really start to set the record straight. Because, quite frankly, a lot of us have been fighting this scourge called, really this jewish scourge, in all it’s different manifestations. And the Poles have done it, I guess in their way, from time, or from generations on. You know, from generations, some generations, or whatever. The Russians, of course, about their experiences. We Americans have lost many millions of people. Probably, quite frankly, to the scourge, through the various wars that jews have convinced us to fight. The Canadians equally are under a very heavy strain right now to jewish tyranny. The Brits themselves, are a proud people, who have had, of course, many of their crimes had been committed under the flag of Britain too.




So guys to us, one of the things I think we should always do is recognize the crimes of the government, so we have a very fair understanding of history. Is not fair, quite frankly, for the Russians and the Poles, and in my opinion, again I’m not there, I don’t understand. But I know they’re at each others throats, quite often. I guess I can respect that. It’s their nature, their culture. But at the same time, a lot of the crimes committed over the last century was done by the jewish people themselves!


They were some of the greatest mass murderers this planet has ever witnessed! In fact, they are probably the greatest mass murderers! It’s really the great thing that they brought to us, was misery! I think ,when you think of jews in Judaism, I think what we should all think about is deception, criminality, misery and things of this nature.


So now the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which is again, brought to us by a guy [Eli Wiesel] that was a fraud, who left Auschwitz, he joined the Germans to march away from Auschwitz. He joined the column of Germans and others. And then you would think to yourself, why would a jew like anybody, march with these Germans away from the front lines, when the Russians were coming to liberate your camp? Why did Simon Wiesenthal [Eli Wiesel] do that? Why did nobody talk about the “Holocaust” in any of their memoirs? Churchill didn’t write about it. Eisenhower didn’t write about it. Nobody wrote about it! Until some many, many, years later, as jews started to gain a stranglehold on media. And, of course, they’ve always had a stranglehold, but let’s just call a larger stranglehold.


So the point here is, that when history cannot support these jewish lies. And the lies can only be supported by absolute tyrannical methods, which is basically to try to jail you, remove you from your job, destroy your family, whatever the case is, because you don’t believe in it! Folks! I’ve been there! I have dealt with this issue since the early 2000s and even before that, I was still talking about it. And I understand the way that jews go after you, and how they will try to make you a victim! And whine like a bunch of crybabies, because they don’t like what they heard.


Well now, you’ve got the Simon Wiesenthal, and I would tell the Simon Wiesenthal Center to get the hell out of my country! , because they’re joining in this intensifying, quote, unquote, “dispute” over the country’s past treatment of jews.


Look, if I am Poland, I’m going to bring up every single issue of jewish criminality within my country! I’m not going to hide the history, because I’m trying to protect Poland. I would be raising every single criminal act of the jewish people! Every single treasonous act of the jewish people! And then I would talk about how the jewish people mistreated the Poles and consequently they were treated overly fair under the circumstances.


Why on earth! Really! Why on earth should people continue to remain on the defensive in the face of an adversary who has no defense when you attack them with logic and reason? Let them! Seriously! Let the jewish people whine like a bunch of crybabies! Who cares? Keep raising the facts about their criminality! About their sadism! About their cannibalism! Whatever the case may be. Now there’s a couple of quotes here.




Rabbi, well it’s not a quote really, but Rabbi Marvin Hier. He’s the dean of the Simon Wiesenthal, … he’s the founder and the dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. He cited, again get this, declassified US intelligence report, released by the organization this week that counters the Polish narrative. Nobody cares about fabricated US intel reports! Look! US intelligence, as an intelligence agency, is so fricken stupid, they sold the world on an idea of Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction! They have no credibility folks!


The US intelligence community is so, is so incompetent, they can’t even solve something as obvious as 9/11! Look, we’re not interested in jews bringing out some type of document about, quote, unquote, “anti-Semitism”! They’re trying to claim that there was a thirty-three page document from 1946 describing widespread anti-Semitism in Poland, after liberation from the Nazi occupied, or the German occupation.


It states that some jews “fearing for their lives”, well who cares whether they were fearing for their lives! That’s not our business! If they want to fear for their lives, hell they fear for their lives now, when somebody says “Oy Vey” to them in the wrong tone! So who cares that these guys “fear for their lives”! How stupid do people have to be to keep reading and actually responding to this crap! Says that they:


Sought refuge in camps for displaced people in the US zone in Germany, rather than staying.


Yes, because the people who were coming behind were also jewish and they were some of the most sadistic, disgustingly evil people, that has ever graced planet Earth! But jews don’t want to talk about that do they! They want to hide behind their little facade of whining victimhood! Don’t they? Now, they go out there:


What made us released documents were comments by Polish officials that there were bad Poles, just like there were a few bad jews


Well no, there were a lot of bad jews! Jews were probably the most sinister, evil component of World War Two! And that is the part of the history that has never ever been sold, told, or acknowledged! And I think it’s time that jewish people start to acknowledge the fact that they were exceedingly evil during World War Two. They were guilty of war crimes during World War Two! They were promoting mass genocide during World War Two! They actually enacted mass genocide during World War Two! And it’s time that the jewish people start to acknowledge these crimes, and start to pay back everything they have taken from the West!




There’s no reason why governments in the West should continue to kowtow to this classless “group think” strategy used by the jewish people here.


They’re talking here, Jasinsacken. He’s an aide to the prime minister. He insisted, Friday, yesterday, that:


The dispute is a misunderstanding. And that anti-Semitism exists across Europe.


Well again, anti-Semitism should exist across Europe! If it doesn’t exist, it means that Europeans are being idiots! , because the jewish people have made it very clear to everybody that it is their intent, their motive, and their motivation, to destroy European civilization! Well, if you’re not against these people, then you’ve got something wrong with you! You need to be against the jewish people. And no amount of “anti-Semitism” as they like to call it, or anti-jew sentiment, is unjustified here! No amount! It’s all justified!




Folks, they are not good people! They lie, they gaslight! They do whatever they can to gain a moral advantage over the people. It says here, Hier, whose parents emigrated from Poland in the twenties, said “neither he, nor his organization is anti-Polish.” No! It’s purely jewish! Which means that if it is, quote, unquote, “jewish” and it happens to be against Poland, then they don’t have a problem with that. So again, if you are Polish and your policies happen to be against the jewish people here, hey, just leave it. It’s not anti-Semitic! Hey, were just we’re just doing our thing, man! And it’s in our interests, and hey, we don’t give a crap what you jews think anymore! That’s how it has to be. And if you don’t like it, you are a foreign element by your own definition, get the heck out of our countries!


That’s what we created Israel for! That’s what the US [Europeans] lost a hundred million people for, so that the Israelis, the jewish maniacs that run this planet, pretty much, in the West, have a place to go to.


So it says here:


Of course, there were no Polish death camps. But any scholar tell you, that the problem of anti-Semitism in Poland had nothing to do with communism.


Are you kidding me! Are these jews that much friggin pathetic that they got to lie to our faces like that! Everybody in the West at that time understood the pure evil of jews and their communist ideologies! It was very well-known. Everybody knew about it. So, how does Hier, some classless clown, get off gaslighting us by trying to tell us the opposite is actually true?


You see what I mean? It’s like a never-ending parade of lying to us! Straight to our face! In a form of intellectual violence, and they never, ever, even blink, about the way in which they go about lying to us.


Poland, … This guy says here. He says:


Poland would go really far by saying ‘We didn’t murder jews, but we have to acknowledge that anti-Semitism was a serious problem in Poland.’


Well, you know, what, it’s time for jews to admit that:


Look! You weren’t murdered in a bunch of Death Camps, so stop playing the game! And the justification for the anti-jewish sentiment in Europe was not only valid, but a necessary part of the society of that day! And that it was absolutely critical for people to hold anti-jewish sentiments, because jews were such a criminal force within these countries, within which they were staying!


It’s time for jews to start literally acknowledging their crimes, acknowledging the fact that they are anti Western! Acknowledging the fact that they are not patriotic to their people! That is absolutely what must start to happen! It’s not a one way street here, folks.




People should start demanding of jews, you should absolutely acknowledge all of your crimes! And you should come up with ways to compensate all of those who were victims of jewish crimes in the last century! And while we are at, it let’s talk about the Iraqis today, the American servicemen and their families, who have lost their loved ones, because of who knows what, that’s killed off [killed, or injured] half a million American servicemen since the Gulf War. Folks, all of this goes on!


We must recognize jewish terror! We must recognize that Auschwitz, Birkenau, and all of these camps were not, quote, unquote, “death camps”. They were labor camps. They were providing a safe haven for jews to hide out the war, while everybody else was dying all around them. They were swimming in swimming pools, they were working. Yeah, well I know jews, that’s a crime to make a jew work. I know that. You know, their fingernail might have broken, they are not a working class. They could never survive, if they cannot parasite seemingly over everybody else.


But look, there were no death camps, folks! And none of this is real, and really it is becoming high time that jewish people start to absolutely recognize this! I don’t want to see a wall of jews sitting out there like mug shots, showing, “look at me, were all criminals, we were all criminals and we deserve to be here.” It’s time for jews to start showing the pictures of the tens of millions of people they went out of their way and executed, murdered, etc., within our lands.


Folks we were, as Europeans, over thirty-three percent of the world’s population in the 1930s. Now, Europeans are less than ten percent. If you don’t figure out that there is an absolute campaign against Europeans to prevent births, to prevent population growth, to stifle growth, to destroy growth, and even to destroy life itself, as we’re witnessing through this mass immigration scam, ongoing in the West, then you are just really not paying attention anymore.




Hi everybody. Welcome back. It’s the Fetch, Inside the Eye Live. Intelligent media for the politically aware. I believe she’s now live, joining us from somewhere in the UK, Alison Chabloz. She became kind of famous by being charged with a private crime of promoting something, or other, that jews didn’t like. And I’m not exactly sure what this case is really all about, because it’s all a lot of nonsense to me!


None the less, she’s here to join us. Alison Chabloz! Welcome back!


Alison: Thank you Dennis, it’s a great pleasure to be back again.


Fetch: Yeah. I mean, you know, what I don’t like to over use my guests, you know. [Alison laughing]


I’m not, you know, and people like to listen to me, so what can I do, you know? They say Fetch don’t bring on too many guests, we want to hear you talk. [Alison laughing]


Alison: Your very good at that!


Fetch: You listen to the show, from time to time, don’t you?


Alison: Yes I do, yes I do! You’re great! You’re a wonderful radio broadcaster. Really.


Your audience should be a lot bigger.


Fetch: You know, what, I think we’re being throttled. But, you know, what the heck, you know, we’re doing the best we can, and you know, what it’s like. Real quick. You were on the show a year, or so ago, and the issue was then, you were just, I think, going to trial. Was that the case when you?


Alison: No, you interviewed me, because I was banned from Twitter. That was, I mean, I’ve been going through problems, you know, I’d lost my job and the police were investigating some unwanted deliveries sent to my home address. And I think that investigation by then it being closed. But we spoke, the issue which led to you inviting me on was that I lost my Twitter account. And I think several of us at the same time had also lost theirs. So you kept a thread of that going, having me on. But that the funny thing is, that was obviously on a Saturday, it must have been the eleventh, or twelfth of November 2016, and the next day, there was a knock on the door, the next evening, and I was arrested! And that’s when my legal problems began.


Fetch: Now, just so people who aren’t familiar, a lot of people are, because we kind of talk about your case from time to time. But really there is a non-government NGO called the, I think the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.


Alison: Yes.


Fetch: Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, I believe it is.


Alison: Yes, a charity.


Fetch: Well, it’s a NGO. Charity, NGO, the same thing. We believe it’s funded by Israel. We can’t really say that from a fact. But we believe it’s really an Israeli front, that I think, targets really a lot of the BDS people that are trying to raise awareness about BDS and sanctioning Israel. Is that kind of true about these guys, from your understanding?




Alison: Yeah absolutely! And I think their objective, regarding people like me, another activist was one of their targets. Jez Turner, who you have also spoken to, I think, and had as a guest. And it’s that they want to bring about a legal precedent, which basically acts as a “Holocaust” denial law, as there is in Germany, France, etc. So that’s also there.


As well as going for the BDS, as well as, you know, trying to outlaw these boycotts of Israeli goods, etc., and to prevent the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement.


They also are, I think, tasked with trying to bring about a legal precedent via, mine is a test case for the moment. Jez Turners slightly different. He’s been charged under a different Act than me. But they’re going for me under the “Communications Act” to try and say that “Holocaust” denial, Revisionism, is grossly offensive. That’s how they’re trying to do it.


Fetch: What I don’t understand, and I follow some jewish logic, you hear my thing “jewish logic” which is as illogical as it gets. You have to call it “jewish logic”. And they talk about “slandering in the memory of millions”. I mean, have we reached peak stupidity within the jewish community, that they actually continue to sell that? And isn’t it about time that we the people, start to push back against this type of level of idiocy from the jewish community?


Alison: Yeah!


Fetch: What do they mean by “slandering in the memory of millions”? What a stupid thing is that! You’re going to make that a criminal offense? I mean, what type of bizarre world the jews live in where they believe this type of tyranny is even acceptable?




Alison: There’s so much at stake, isn’t there, with the official narrative. And the mainstream, you can forget the mainstream. They’re still pumping out the weekly press releases from the Auschwitz museum. You know, they found such and such a carving, you know, by a prisoner who suffered, and six million jews died in the gas chambers! They are still pumping it out. And I think there is a push back, but we have been corralled. And hence the draconian censorship of social media, not only Twitter, but now Google in YouTube.


Since September last year, my YouTube channel has been banned in the UK!


This channel is no longer available. Please click here to unsubscribe.


Can you believe that? But my channel is available in Ireland. It’s certainly available in Jordan, in Egypt, in Denmark. But my own channel with my own work on it, is not available in my own country! So desperate they are to silence me, and limit my reach. And that all began with another tweet on Twitter.


Fetch: Like you and I, mean, we are good at what we do, but our reaches is measurable. It’s not like were like some massive reach. We don’t have that, but I think perhaps, Alison, what they’re afraid of with you, and not so much me. They honestly don’t go after me too much, I don’t know why anymore. I’m starting to feel bad. It’s like maybe I’m doing something wrong. [laughing]


They just don’t bother me anymore. Like why? [chuckling] I don’t know if you heard last week, by the way, Twitter was investigating a lot of my tweets. That were raised about some of my anti-jewish rhetoric. And they came back and said we found nothing wrong people. Keep going.


What’s wrong with you guys? [laughing]




Alison: I mean, that is what they do all day is complain! They have the money to pay teams of dedicated flaggers! I’m sure the people who are clicking “Report” don’t even read, or watch the videos being flagged. They will be in groups, in messaging groups, etc., and there will be an order given “Report this video. Here is the link.” and they will just open the link and click “Report” without even bothering to watch the content. Richie Allen had his entire YouTube channel closed down! Now, I can consider myself lucky, my channel at least still exists!


Fetch: Yeah. And YouTube quite frankly, it’s not just regarding, I understand these jewish issues, they’re doing a lot of just nondescript, from UFOs, to body language. People done body language analysis of leading elites. They’re going out there and they’re hammering, going after everybody that doesn’t fit a very narrow definition. And you have to wonder, at some time, where’s the push-back going to come? Even from investors, you know, it’s got to be hurting the shares, in the stocks, by cutting views, cutting their advertising, etc., In other words there is more going on here and I think we’re just going to, obviously, let it play out. We have no choice, you know, we’re just going to see where it goes. But I think people really need to push back, we keep pushing for that.


Just want to cover a few more things, then we will go onto your trial here, coming up soon. But, you know, I look at some of the stuff that you used to tweet. And you used to tweet under your musical account, I believe, at one time, or yourself also.


But you would just say things like:


It’s now widely accepted that most camp inmates died of typhus.


That is such an innocuous statement. Yet, jews are putting this out there to be some massively evidence of denial and hatred! It’s like, what is wrong with the jewish community right now?


Alison: The jews and the liberals, the liberals as well. I had notification earlier today — there’s a group, I sometimes attend, there’s a group in London called the “Keep Talking Group”. And it’s just a discussion group. They began with talking about 9/11, and it’s moved on to other subjects. But the main Anti-fa, a Labour party front, but also a Zionist front. And it’s called “Hope Not Hate”, and they’ve managed to cancel this group! And it’s full of senior citizens! And there’s no way that any of these people are going to be, going to be creating any trouble for anybody. All they want to do is have a venue where they can invite interested people to go and discuss issues. And they’ll have a speaker who will talk on various topics.


And the excuse this time, is that they had Nick Kollerstrom, who once said that there was a swimming pool at Auschwitz. And I’ve also tweeted about that, and that too, even tweeting about soap and lampshades! Even tweeting about soap and lampshades, or singing about soap and lampshades, as the case of one of my songs which is subject to charges! That is considered to be anti-Semitic and a slander of the memory of the supposed six million.


Fetch: I hear you, but the point is, but so what?


Alison: Yes, exactly!


Fetch: You have the right to be anti-semitic.


Alison: Yes!


Fetch: Jews have a right to be anti-White and they show it every day!


Alison: They do!


Fetch: It’s like what is it about the jewish people, the insanity going on where they believe they are above any and all criticism, even when they’re rightly deserving of this criticism.


Alison: Yes, yes. It’s a whole industry, isn’t it?


Fetch: Now this all started back in 2015 with your famous quenelle salute.


Alison: Well, that was the first time my name hit the press. Prior to that, I’d lost at last one contract in Germany. I had been working for a cruise company. But yes, that’s when my name hit the headlines, with my quenelle salute, at the Edinburgh Festival. When my accusers didn’t want my show to go ahead, but the Edinburgh Fringe at that point said:


Oh, we are the Edinburgh Fringe and she has the right to her freedom of expression. Therefore she can continue.


The organizers had very kindly informed me of these letters trying to get my show banned. That was my response, I just tweeted a photograph of myself on Twitter with a nice quenelle.


Fetch: Now at the end of the day, come on! This is a silly picture and they make this out to be like the second coming of Joseph Stalin, or something! [Alison laughs] what do they mean by it. It’s like a silly little pose, at the end of the day!


Alison: Yes, yes.


Fetch: I mean, silly little pose at the end of the day! It’s just a pose! And they make it be this massive symbolic thing that’s worthy of going after and destroying people! They have to just, really, again! What is wrong with the jewish community, right now?


Alison: One of the top jews in France, Ala Yakubawitz, is his name, he said that the quenelle was symbolic of the sodomization of the victims of the Shoah! [laughing]


Fetch: Well, that’s a heck of a vivid imagination there! [Alison laughing like hell]


I would have to dig deep to come up with that imagery and put that on the air.


Alison: And then you have the double standards, you know, you have the French, this is in the case of the French political activist Alan Savale, is his name, going to the Berlin “Holocaust” memorial, you know, this horrible and ugly, slabs of concrete stones.


Fetch: An abomination!


Alison: Yes. And he made a quenelle salute in there. And he’s been fined so far about 30,000 euros for defaming the memory of the victims of the Shoah. But you get Israelis going there, so-called BDS Israelis going there, and doing even more obscene things. Which I won’t go into here. But not being subjected to any consequences, at all! So there’s this double standards, as well, in the way that certain figures are attacked, whereas others seem to be able to cause gross offense with impunity!


Fetch: Again, “gross offense” is so innocuous, it doesn’t mean anything. At the end of the day, unless it’s “jewish logic” from logic, it doesn’t mean anything. I don’t know how we are allowing as a people, to allow this stupidity to prosper within our country! What does this even mean?




Alison: I think that the shoah and the memory of the shoah that’s pumped, continually pumped, at us by the media, and these memorial days, and the ever increasing “Holocaust” memorial sites around the world. Museums. There’s a new one going to be built in London, right next to our Houses of Parliament!


You know, that’s the way they can start indoctrinated children at an early age with school trips, etc., When I was at school we didn’t go and visit Auschwitz. But I think it’s a pretty much par for the course now. You know, you get to these cheap flights. Day flights in and out of Poland and the children are taken around Auschwitz! And the “Holocaust” education begins in primary school now! It’s not just high school! It begins at an early age!


Fetch: They have that in America too.


Alison: Yeah, they use this myth, they use this myth, which is the foundation myth of the world we are living in and today, to create these liberal, good, democratic citizens.


Oh racism! We can’t be having any racism”, “we know what leads to racism! It begins with name calling, and leads straight to the gas chambers at Auschwitz!


So you can’t be racist! And you’ve got to remember the victims of the shoah. So it’s not only used to fortify the jewish angle of things, that jews are above criticism., but it’s also used to reinforce globalism and the globalist agenda of creating the world of endless tyranny and slavery for us all.


Fetch: Have you been in touch with anybody from the Monika Schaefer camp?


Alison: Yes, yes.


Fetch: Do, you know, what’s going on with case?


Alison: Well, I think she’s in good spirits.


Fetch: Is she still in jail?


Alison: Yes, she’s still in jail. She’s still awaiting trial now. I think that they can only keep her for six months.


Fetch: Only?


Alison: If there’s no reason to bring her to trial, … Yes, only! If there’s no reason to bring her to trial at that point, then I think that they are obliged to release her. I mean, she’s kept up, she’s held on remand as a flight risk, because she’s not a German citizen.


Obviously she’s of German origin, and she speaks the language. Imagine if you were in a German prison and you didn’t speak the language! And it must be the case with Middle Easterners, etc., But for an educated Western woman, who’s absolutely delightful and charming. But she’s in good spirits.


I’ve heard that she’s in a cell with three other German, well three other ladies. Three other women, not sure of their nationality, could be anything [one was White and the other two, Nigerians]. And she’s keeping fit. She can paint, and draw. She certainly in good spirits, and she’s certainly not having her spirit broken by this. And I think Alfred, her brother, is right in saying that this will further increase public awareness and be in our favor. They always go too far. And this isn’t just one more example of how they do that. Shooting themselves in their own foot. For a video where she apologizes to her own mother! There’s absolutely nothing hateful about this! Nothing!




Fetch: Just apologizing to your mother!


Alison: Yes!


Fetch: It’s like, I’ll be honest it’s like, I’ve given up trying to figure out what motivates those people.


Alison: Well, even the lawyers admit, you know, the truth is no defense! They know but the system is just so corrupt! So utterly corrupt! That even the top judges in Germany have said this, with the Horst Mahler case, in particular, this law is an ass!



Fetch: Yes, it’s an embarrassment to the German people, which are a proud people. They’re allowing themselves to be made fools of, quite frankly. In the public eyes, global eyes here, because how can you guys be that stupid? You’re proud people! And here we look at you prosecuting things in a way that truly makes you look like a laughingstock and a blight upon Western civilization! And that’s a sad situation.




Alison: Yes. I would like to see some big public outcry over this. There’s also this young Palestinian teenager who slapped a soldier, Ahed Tamine, who is now in prison in an Israeli jail.


Fetch: I think they have taken out fifteen of her family members last week.


Alison: This girl she slapped a soldier in an illegally military occupied zone, and they banged her up! And, of course, there’s no question that’s unjustifiable!


Fetch: You know, they shot her cousin in the head. Did you know, that?


Alison: Yeah, yes!


Fetch: But then, you know, what the story was? “Oh, he fell off his bike!


Like you guys have become a level of evil I just can’t get my mind around.


Alison: They are evil, they are truly evil!


You know, there’s a Muslim human rights organization, Islamic, you know, the name’s “Inmines”. And they organized, it was a great “guerilla projection” they called it. A great initiative. They projected, they used a projector and they beamed onto the facade of the Houses of Parliament in London, great photographs “Free Ahmed Tamimi” and they did this group guerilla presentation. Of course, the press completely ignored it. But there were lots of people there, and they took photos. And I think we should do something similar.


Fetch: Do you find that the Palestinian advocate segment of the culture is actually much more affective than we are ourselves, in combating the issue relative to Israel and human rights?


Alison: Well I think this particular initiative impressed me! I thought yes, you know, why aren’t we doing the same for our own political prisoners? A young man, twenty-two, twenty-three years old, who said something unwise on social media, and has been locked up for two, or three years of their lives! Of their young lives, in the prime of their youth!


Why aren’t we coming together and organizing for these political prisoners? Yes! I think the Palestinian movement does do good work, but they need to be more vocal. I mean, I and others, and Gilad Atzmon, we think that, you know, a lot of the pro-Palestinian organizations have been taken over by jews! And these people who claim to be anti-Zionists, are, in fact, still Zionists! And still “Oh yes, Israel, blah, blah, blah, and the Holocaust”.


So yes, I think there is a possibility for us to join together and talk about racial issues, talk about national nationalist issues. But for the moment I think we have to concentrate on our own people and our Western governments. And opposing this tyranny.




Fetch: When I first met Graham Hart, he was really pro-Palestinian — he’s listens to this, so Graham don’t shoot me — but he was very pro Palestinian when I first met. I told him exactly what you said there. No, I think we need to spend more time on our own issues, and what is Palestine is Palestine. We have enough of our own issues to worry about. To just always “Palestine”!


Alison: We are all Palestinians now! We are all in “occupied territories” here in the West! Britain is occupied! Germany is occupied! France is occupied!


Fetch: Right.


Alison: The States they still have the First Amendment, but they’re going after that.


Fetch: Alison, what have you learned, really? , because you’re kind of late to this, but you’re also obviously having a court case brought against you, makes you become very focused, very fast. But what have you learned over the last few years now? From the time when you were just doing it, like most of us, doing our thing out there, not really paying attention. To now being in the spotlight and having to confront this power that a lot of people want to try to deny even exists. What have you learned about this? This Israeli infiltration of our nations and the type of tactics they use. What have you learned?




Are you there? What a great question, and she disappeared off the radar screen.


Fetch: Alt-Right everybody, welcome back. It’s a Fetch Inside the Eye Live. Intelligent media for the politically aware. A lot of funny things happening with Skype. Not sure exactly what’s happened to Alison. Are you still on the air?


Alison: Yes, yes. Did we get cut you off?


Fetch: Yeah. Here’s what’s happened, your contact has disconnected from my network, which means you would have to re-approve my contact request for you to actually communicate through IM, but I’m glad to hear you’re still on the air, so that’s a great thing.


Come on man, Skype, who know people I’m not a conspiracy guy about this stuff, you know, computers do wacky things. Before we went in the break I was asking a quick question. You were never into the nationalist side of things, you are an entertainer, you were doing your gigs, you’re on your cruises, pretty much minding your own business. Is that kind of a fair statement?


Alison: Yes, yes.


Fetch: And then all the sudden you find yourself being targeted for unknown reasons, obvious you have to look into why. You start to understand why. But now that you have a court case being brought against you, which is a very serious issue in any situation. What have you learned about this power structure that target citizens in our nations, that’s really a foreign power? What have you learned that you might share with some of the audience, about this power structure?


Alison: Well, they have the means, immeasurable fundamental ng to be able to carry out what they do. Do what they do.


Before I got cut off, I was realizing that I was cut off, I was saying that, … I’ve learned that everything I learned growing up was a child, … my grandfather was a soldier in the British Army and he was killed aged 23 in 1940. And I think he was, you know, like many of the others, thinking that they were going to war — propagandized by the powers that be — into fighting for the glory of this country!


And that if he knew, if he’d survived and became aware of the fact that, no, he was, in fact, fighting for the establishment of the Cudenhove Kalergi Plan, and the foundation of the Greater Israel, then I think he would have had remorse about going in there and fighting these brothers wars! I always learned:


“Oh, your grandfather sacrifice was to ensure that we can enjoy the liberties of Western civilization!”


But it’s just not true! Western civilization, yes it’s supposed to be founded on open debate, honesty, honour, duty, these pillars of Western civilization. But it’s just not true! And it was learning about the plight of people like Horst Mahler, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, now Monika Schaefer, of course, Professor Faurisson in France. That these people are being silenced via legal means! And it’s not just the intimidation. Many of them have also suffered. The professor’s been beaten up ten times by people who are connected with the militant jewish organizations, Defense League type organizations. But they’re also using the law. They are also able to buy our corrupt, vain, greedy politicians to the extent where these politicians basically betray their own country and their own people!




Fetch: When you hear a lot of the arguments brought against you, you know, and they’re the same thing we’ve all received over time. But they talk about how this idea of diversity, diversity, diversity! And being tolerant of others. But I think what we’re now learning and people are grasping, is that these people aren’t tolerant to even one ounce of a pound, or a quarter of an inch! These guys have zero tolerance for anybody but their own views, don’t they?


Alison: Yes! And that’s the double standards Dennis! I was looking around the other day. I thought okay, well, you know, there are saying that my songs, for the listeners, I’m on trial for three songs that I uploaded to the internet. My own compositions. And two of these songs I take jewish melodies, which are parodies and, of course, I change the words, I wouldn’t sing in Hebrew, no thank you!


But I looked on the internet for parodies of Christmas carols. Not your Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer, I’m talking about religious Christian, Christmas carol music. And I found an American acapella act going by the name of “Paint” and it’s progressive Christmas carols. And it’s the usual stuff, you know, some of it might be okay. I didn’t find it particularly funny, but at one point, they imply, quite specifically, that Jesus was gay! Now, I find that quite offensive, to be honest.


Fetch: I’m not even, …


Alison: If a legal precedent is set with my case, then will it be possible for devout Christians to also cite this section one twenty-seven of the Communications Act for causing gross offense for things like this?


Fetch: I think the British people should en masse go after every single jewish person for this! You know, you make it a nightmare for the jewish people, because that’s what they’re looking to do. So okay, once they put it in motion, use it against them, because that’s the fastest way they will appeal it.


Alison: [laughing] Yes! You know, using jewish tunes, my goodness! What a crime! We have a stabbing every day in London, every day somebody is killed via stabbing!


And the drug dealing! And the theft! And not to mention all the terror plots, this, that and the other. Goodness me, going after a singer, really what, … [laughing]


My grandfather, to think that he was fighting for that? So that singers could be brought to trial for their parodies of jewish tunes! Did he think that he was fighting so that gay couples can adopt children? That’s the Jonathan Bowden quote, by the way, that is not come from me. But I really don’t think that the people who fought in the Second World War if they could see what’s happening today see that they would be impressed at all! And they wouldn’t consider that they won!




Fetch: How long has your trial been going on, from the time they, it went from a private prosecution, which is absurd, to a public prosecution. How long have you been now dealing with this headache?


Alison: Well I’ve been dealing with it since we last spoke! So that’s fifteen months, going on sixteen months!


Fetch: It’s that long, since you were here!


Alison: Eight, or nine court hearing for a summary, it’s a summary offense, under the communications Act for “sending”. There’s also this, you know, what did I “send”? I didn’t “send” my music to these individuals who are complaining! I simply posted a link uploaded to YouTube. They went and sought out these links themselves! There’s even one of the songs that’s been sand-boxed on YouTube.


They were all played in court last month, and the first day of my trial, which was very bizarre. And the sand-boxing “Are you sure you want to continue to watch this video” well, they know it’s me, you know. Why are they clicking on this song? Clearly it’s, because they want me locked up! They want me clamped in irons, Dennis! And made an example of!


Fetch: Did you have a lot of chuckles when they played it in the courtroom?


Alison: Yes! Yes, it was quite surreal for me to be sitting there in the dock.


Fetch: Now, just to set the record straight. You did not sing your song in the dock?


Alison: No! No I did not!


Fetch: So the Daily Mail and all these mainstream publications are just lying through their teeth?


Alison: They lie! They lied in unison! It was quite an experience! These songs are my babies, Dennis, you know, they have, they are part of me. They come from me! So to see my performances that I’ve not been allowed to share, or promote over the past eighteen months. I’ve been gagged on bail. I can’t share them.


To see these songs being played in court, especially the two videos from the London Forum, which was in front of a live audience, who were all cheering and laughing and clapping at the end. It was quite surreal! Quite something! Yes, the public gallery, they applauded after the first song was played. But the judge told them off! That they shouldn’t be doing that again.


Fetch: A lot of people may think that this is really personnel wise, a really big thing, right? But the truth of the matter is, this is just a couple of good, to me, okay? I can’t speak for you, but for me as an outside observer, a couple jewish thugs, basically. Trollish thugs, who have been empowered with the money to go after somebody. They decided you were one they were going to go after. And that’s it! There’s no other real issue here, is there? It’s just two of these thugs making a complaint! And again, that is not you speaking, that’s me as an outside observer looking at what’s going on. You’ve got the presiding district Judge, John Zane, is he still there?


Alison: Yes, yes, yes.


Fetch: No jury. Karen Robinson, she’s your prosecuting counsel. Adrian Davies is with you, correct?


Alison: Yes, yes.


Fetch: Then you’ve get Giddeon Falter the chairman of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism and Stephen Silverman, who’s the director of quote, unquote, “Investigations and Enforcement”! What a stupid thing that sounds like! And, well, who is he to enforce anything?


Alison: Exactly!


Fetch: You know, I mean, who’s he to be enforcing anything? This is almost like, dude! You know, in America maybe, you know, I don’t want to say, but my goodness! You come at people like that in America, they may not be tolerant of you!




Alison: Well, one of my theories, you know, music is a powerful tool, a powerful language. And I think, someone said to me:


“Your songs are doing more than any textbook that’s ever been written on the subject.”


Because it is a heavy subject, the “Holocaust”. And yes, it might well offend certain sensibilities, but that’s subjective. It’s on their part. Lots of things offend me! I don’t have friends high up in the House of Commons, or in the police to go and complain constantly and whine about these things. And life’s too short, you know!


Fetch: Offence is nothing! It’s subjective. I’m offended that this guy actually believes that he should be in charge of “investigations and enforcement” against a private individual! I’m offended by that! Should he be in trial? Absolutely then! , because he’s going after the rights of the British people.


Alison: Yes!


Fetch: That’s highly offensive! And people should treat him in this way.


Alison: Well, I think they have lost credibility, not only among the public at large, and among the politicians, and the police, etc., But among the jewish community. That’s how it seems to me.


Fetch: And it should be!


Alison: The clever jews know that, you know, that they’ve, … my lawyer said under cross-examination of these two witnesses, that:


“If you’d have left her alone she’d have been with her handful of followers, doing her thing. Nobody would have heard more. But you have created this publicity around her by bringing this prosecution! You made her into a minor celebrity!”


And it’s true. Now, I think they’re trying to retract. They complained to police about “Survivors [song] the day that I uploaded it to the Internet! They reported me to police!


Fetch: Isn’t them telling the police, they’re obsessing over you?


Alison: I think so. But they applied so much pressure. The poor Police and Crime Commissioner, he had three letters a week from the Silverman, trying to get me locked up, which they didn’t manage. They did eventually manage to get me locked up for two days last October, for this other song that I’m now charged with it.


I don’t know, perhaps they were also afraid of my influence, because I’m a fluent French speaker and they and, of course, the revisionism movement pretty much began in France with the work of Professor Faurrison. They knew that I was in contact with him. They considered him to me to be somebody specifically dangerous for their “foundation myth” of the shoah. Which is, you know, the religion of today, that one is not allowed to commit sacrilege, or heresy against these ridiculous lies. And it’s not as if my songs attack that particularly, they attack the lies of those survivors who have been debunked as such!


Fetch: This is very true.


Alison: But it’s fine for others, for liberals, to go out there and denigrate our Christian heritage, Christmas carols, our sacred music, and have millions of views on YouTube. Not get sand-boxed, be able to monetize their work. Yet we are not allowed to do that. So yes, they can become quite crucify us, but they can try their best to crucify us socially and professionally speaking!


Fetch: Well, of course, they have done that, but at the same time, I mean, this is going to happen. If not you, somebody else, unfortunately.


Alison: Yes.


Fetch: So it’s just a matter of people taking a stand, which to your credit you have taken this stand. I can’t stand when people apologize!


Alison: Oh no! Oh no, I won’t be making any groveling apology! And I don’t really need to. I don’t have any assets, such as to speak of but they will go to any lengths. They will continue, whatever happens on Wednesday.


Fetch: Last time we had thirty some odd, according to a caller from Scotland, who came down to support you. We’d like it more. I know Graham Hart has made a big robust statement out there. I told him that’s a little bit much, but we’d still like to get a lot of people. How do people get to this, … well first of all, let’s go back to the first day. The first trial was what? The prosecution presenting it’s case about a month, or so ago?


Alison: Yes.


Fetch: What was interesting about that, or can you talk about that? What was interesting about the way the case was presented by them?




Alison: There’s been a couple of interesting articles one was written by Dr Kollestrom again, Nick Kollestrom, which was published on the Occidental Observer and on the Unz Review. And that the prosecution doesn’t really have any evidence to prove one, that I broke any laws, because there’s still this “sending” issue. The “sending”, well is posting a link to the Internet, can that be construed as “sending” under this particular law? And secondly, neither of the prosecution witnesses really had any evidence to prove that I offended anybody, except them!


They talked about Irene Zisblatt, for example, and the chief witness Gideon Faulter, admitting that he had not even read this woman’s book! [The Fifth Diamond] So he’s trying to defend somebody, but he’s not even bothered to read her book!


It was quite amazing I have to say. Just sit there and listen to, they were reading from a script.


Fetch: At the end of the day, they are trolls and clowns! Let’s be honest. You’re not very, … they went after me, by the way, after you came on my show.


Alison: Yes.


Fetch: They did! They went after me, and I made some complaints to my circles and said:


Hey, you need to, you better back off dude! Because, you know, it’s not just you running this world.


And so they disappeared. They didn’t challenge it to beyond about thirty hours.


Alison: Yes. Well they want a law here. They know they’re never going to have a chance to have a similar rule in Jordan. But they will, that’s what they want here in the UK, you see. They’re not bothered about somebody singing quote “anti-Semitic” unquote songs anywhere else. They want to set a precedent here, in the UK. That is their, … and yeah the trolling, this guy.


Fetch: They are trolling, they are trolling right?


Alison: That was the most interesting thing as well, the most significant thing I think, of my trial in January, was this Nemo guy, “Sekara72” who was the one who had me banned from Twitter. But later on it was found out that it wasn’t he who had me banned, it was the Community Security Trust, which is the main jewish NGO in the UK. They admit on their own website, they admitted on Twitter that they worked to have me removed from Twitter! So it’s not as if I’ve broken any Twitter rules. This is the Community Security Trust.


Fetch: That’s an important sounding name.


Alison: Yes, they’re a long running body that supposed to, …


Fetch: Basically, the main jewish NGO there, has admitted to targetting British citizens?


Alison: Yeah! Yeah! Not me, I’m not the only one in this case.


Fetch: They are targetting British citizens. That’s it.


Alison: Yes!


Fetch: Targetting! Admitted to targetting British citizens.


Alison: Yes! Yes! Hasbara trolls who get suspended, the same organization will then work to have these hasbara trolls unsuspended from Twitter. [laughing] It really is that absurd! And I think that they are panicking. To some to some extent, they are panicking. They know that we are reaching, what’s the term, the point of no return, when our ideas will simply gain strength, while it.


Fetch: Come on! We are everywhere now. The dam has already broken! There’s leaks so far out there now, it’s not even it’s, … I can’t categorize it, quite frankly. If I go into Twitter now, I’m still there thankfully. What happened to Facebook? Were you blocked on Facebook also again?


Alison: Yes! Yes, yes.


Fetch: Well what did you do there?


Alison: For, oh, some fake news post that I’d shared. So yes, that was the day after my trial, so I was unable to share all the wonderful news coverage about me, supposedly singing in the dock.


Fetch: What were some of the great, well, what are some of the positives you’ve taken so far, out of what’s happened?


Alison: Can I just come back to that the significant thing of the trial.


Fetch: Sure, absolutely.




Alison: It ties in. The guy who did get me banned from Twitter, we discovered with the help of a long working, dedicated colleague, that this man is, in fact, a journalist, a freelance writer and film critic, going by the name of Steven Applebaum. And he writes for the jewish Chronicle. He wrote for the jewish Chronicle, an article about my quenelle salute in 2015. And he was the one, along with this Silverman character, who was trolling me, to the point of 500 tweets to me over the space of a few months. He was the one, he was the one, that was trolling me the most.


And one of these songs is about him! At that point his name was “Nemo” on Twitter. And I wrote one of the songs called, “Nemo’s Anti-semitic Universe”. So that will be interesting to hear the cross-examination of me, because that’s what’s going on next Wednesday. Of course, I’m the one that will be in the witness-box, presumably. Anything could happen, and it usually does.


Fetch: Are you going to the stand in your own defense?


Alison: Yes. Yes.


Fetch: It’s great! For people who want to come out and support you. What should they do?


Alison: Well, if they want to come to London, the court is the Westminster Magistrates. Central London Magistrates Court on Marylebone road. And the nearest train station is Marylebone. And there’s a tube there as well. And there’s another one at Edgeware Road, tube station. Good to be there at nine thirty. There’s a little security check before you go in. There will be quite a number of supporters who will be there outside court, waiting already, I presume, I suppose. There may be some media there, so for people who don’t want to be recognized, wear a hat and a pair of sunglasses! I’m not sure what the weather’s going to be like, but thankfully the snow’s melted.


And if people can’t come along, to just have a quick look at my blog. Leave a message there, leave a comment under one of my articles. That is Alison Chabloz dot wordpress dot com. And there’s also links where you can find my Pay Pal, Bit Coin, etcetera., for people who would like to leave a small donation to help me, get by!


Because, you know, that’s the thing. It’s been going on for so long! Will it be all over on Wednesday? I have doubts! Now will the judge reserve his decision and that will mean another month, or six weeks, still on bail. I’m still hoping.


Fetch: How it is this judge? Is he fair, or do you to think he’s really, …


Alison: Well I think so. When the second song was played, the “Anti-Semitic Universe” song. “Nemo’s Anti-semitic Universe”, the last verse, there’s a, it’s very pro-Palestinian. It’s:


Zionists will flee, everybody will agree, from the river to the sea. Palestine will be Free! Free Palestine!


And if that isn’t fair comment, I don’t know what it is. But, of course, the Crown witnesses were claiming that was an incitement to genocide all jews! So I think the judge, you know, I can’t really say more than more than that, but he seems to want to be a fair man.




When I was arrested and in court in the beginning of October, I think he was quite upset about that, as well. And the way that I was treated, like a common criminal for having, for singing songs. Yeah, it’s caused quite a lot of uproar. And no, the press has said nothing about this Applebaum character, who was trolling me relentlessly for two years, pretty much. They said nothing about this. It was all “Chabloz was singing in the dock!” There’s no surprise there. There’s no surprise that the press would take this angle, but it will be interesting to see what will happen on Wednesday. Will there be an outcome? And if not, you know, how the press going to spin things this time.


Fetch: How many seats are available inside the court?


Alison: Forty seats perhaps.


Fetch: So that we should know that everybody, and then get a crowd outside to take pictures of the media.


Alison: Yes! [laughing]


Fetch: Really! Take pictures of the media. I recommend it, because they’re the ones promoting this. To make them feel some heat.


Alison: Yes. Get down there! Get down there and show them! Show the authorities! It was a private prosecution! And then that the Crown took over, because that was a request from my team, that the Crown take over the charges. They didn’t take over that original charge. They brought new charges. Similar but different, because, …


Fetch: Why would a country being involving themselves in the stupidity?


Alison: Well I think it’s lobbying isn’t it? And the donations to political parties in this case, Theresa May, just a few weeks, or a couple of weeks before I was in court the first time, that was at the end of 2016, December 2016. The government “adopted”. Adopted — why they didn’t legislate — they adopted this international definition of “anti-semitism”. This awful definition which says, oh! :


“We can’t have ‘Holocaust’ denial on any media platform.”


You know, we are silenced, we are corralled, but with the Internet they are limited to the extent that, … and who believes the mainstream media? Who believes what they say? And who believes what government says?


Fetch: I tell you what, governments are putting themselves in the position what they look really childish! Seriously! This is the most childish display and abuse of power that I’ve seen in a long time. You’re a singer at the end of the day, Alison! You’re nothing! I don’t see you’re nothing, but in the realm of criminality, this is about as nothing as it gets! [Alison laughs] And what are you doing bringing charges like this for?


Alison: And this is the Conservative Party under Theresa May, and yes, eighty percent of the conservative members of parliament are “friends of Israel”. But it’s the same with the Labor Party! So even if May gets chucked out, it will still be the same with under the Labor party! We really need complete change.


Fetch: We’re out of time. Sorry to part with you Alison.


Alison: Thanks very much Dennis.


Fetch: All right everybody, we will get that out and get your web sites out. It’s Alison Chabloz everybody! Again get out to the Westminster courthouse on Wednesday the 7th [of March].




All right everybody, welcome back. It’s the Fetch, Inside the Eye Live. Intelligent media for the politically aware. Today’s March the 3rd, 2018. I want to thank Alison Chabloz for making an hour available to us. You know, she’s got the court case again coming up. She’ll be on the witness stand. Should be a very interesting time. So guys, everybody get out there that’s listening in the UK! Again this isn’t just about Alison. This is really about the thug, and again, this is my observation, because I know this will get back to certain people, so we’re going to phrase it in a very clear way. This is about, from clear observable observation, from a basic human perception, a couple of thugs, who wear a yarmulke, decided to go after and target somebody that, for whatever reason they don’t like. And if this isn’t tantamount to an exceedingly, oh, let’s call it an ostentatious display, how’s that for flowery words for you? But an exceedingly ostentatious display of bullying by people within the jewish community! I really don’t know what is. I mean, that’s exactly what was happening here.


Can you imagine, … I can feel for Alison, because I was trolled by some of the meanest, nastiest trolls that ever graced this planet! For years and years! So I can relate to some moron in the jewish community trolling me for five, six, just on, and on, and on, and on. I can get it! And you have to understand that when, and we don’t advocate trolling here. We think it’s a disgusting display of human interaction here. So we don’t really, we don’t condone it, by any stretch. You make your points, you get out! Make your points, get out! Not this constant droning of idiocy that is this troll world. Look, make your points, get out! Make your points, get out! But when you’re subjected to all this massive trolling, why is it that you can troll a politician that is jewish and you find yourself getting hauled into court for harassment!


But jews believe it’s more than morally acceptable to troll for a year, or more, because they think that you’re, quote, unquote, a “denier”. What a bunch of idiots, are we dealing with here? And we need to start calling it that guys! Look! There’s a time to grow up out there, when it comes to dealing with these types of clowns!


You know, if you look at some of the comments coming from the jewish community and why you should get out there. One of the things they said is something like, this comes on a Facebook post, and it is, let’s see if I can find it quick enough for you. You think I would be able to. I just had it. The name is jewish, Tim De Rosen. He writes in a post he said, obviously Mr De Rosen has to be obsessed here, to even bother, quite frankly, to go on to somebody Facebook page and comment. What an obsessed little jackass clown this guy is! That’s the facts guys! But his name is Tim De Rosen, and he says:


“There is no point in prosecuting this woman. She is clearly insane.”


Well, you know, what Mr Rosen, you’re an insane freak moron, quite frankly! And for you jews out there, to consistently try to consolidate, or define the reality for us, we’re sick of you clowns! I’m serious! The last thing I want to see is some a hate filled bigot like Tim De Rosen. Yeah that’s using their language everybody! Telling me what is, is not, acceptable out there! Look there’s nothing acceptable in the jewish community!


They’re out there celebrating right now, “Purim”! The mass slaughter of some 85,000 Persians, for no other reason than that jews were, people hated the jews! Whatever that’s supposed to mean. Don’t give us this idea what’s insane, dude! You’re sitting there celebrating Purim! You’re out there celebrating the mass slaughter of tens of thousands of people! And you’re going to tell us you’re sane! Are you kidding! Are you fricken out of your mind dude! And it’s that way across the entire jewish spectrum. These guys continue to want to just pop off with a lot of chutzpah, with a lot, a lot, a lot of gaslighting against us! And we’re supposed to actually take these people seriously?




No! You need to learn to push back guys! Put them back into some type of defensive mode! Stop being on the defensive here! Make them go into the defensive mode. Make them support why they are such flaming lunatics within our midst! And how they continue to insult and assault us with their stupidity, time, and time, again! They’re not smart people, folks! These are idiots! At the bottom end of the spectrum of the human scale, these are idiots! They’re not intellectual people by any stretch! Come on, the Committee Against Anti-Semitism, what a bunch of morons! Seriously! You come after me. You want to go complain to my people, you know, what? Try to come into certain areas, maybe we arrest these guys. These guys are clowns. They’re disgusting vile elements of human existence here. They want to sit there and try to oppress the rest of us, because what? They’re jews? Well, go back to Israel dude! Seriously! That’s why we all died. That is why our relatives died for you, so you can have your fricken place called Israel. Go! Go! Get out!


That’s my observation, as an outside observer. And it’s not people like Alison Chabloz that are promoting hatred! The people that are promoting hatred are this Mr Silverman, who wants to go after me for what? Dude you want to go after me, and you don’t think you’re not the one promoting hatred? Believe me dude, you want to go after us professionally, we have every right to find you loathsome and to go after you, and to hate you, and to do whatever we feel like doing on a rhetorical scale towards you! Because, you know, what? Who are you to go after us professionally all the time? No, we need to go after these guys professionally. We need to mock them! We need to scoff them! We need to make them feel like outcasts, in our own lands, so that they get the heck out!


And it’s a mass consciousness here. It’s not like just one person it’s cumulative. It’s death by a thousand cuts! Don’t keep allowing these people to always be on the offensive. This trial has got to be one of the dumbest childish things I’ve ever seen! Really! It is absolutely childish to watch these people operate out there! They actually think that, because they’re jews, they can just go ahead and target anybody they want for the dumbest of things! How do you wear “stupid” on your shoulder? You put a star David on your forehead! Is that what jews are trying to tell us here?


Mr Silverman, if you are listening, than you just might be, because I know you’re very obsessed right now with what’s going on. Dude! Where is that Star of David? Where is that symbol of hatred? Is it on your butt, or is on your forehead? Where is it dude?


See, we don’t hate anybody until you start to make a jackass out of yourself and then expect us to tolerate you! That’s the problem with the jewish community right now. They go out of their way to make complete moronic jackasses of themselves, and then they expect us to just stand by and say, :


“Oh you jews! You’ve just got so much chutzpah!”

“Oh! Let me worship your little finger nails, because they’re worth more than a thousand of us!”


No, we get it everybody! We are really starting, to really understand this idea of jewish hatred for Western civilization.


You know, there’s lots of comments over the years about Alison. And it’s not just Alison. It’s about a lot of us out there, who discuss a lot of these particular issues. And they always throw out this idea that you hate jews! And I’m like okay, well what’s wrong with that? Because what you’re telling me is you just made a judgment against me, not knowing me. You’re a fricken clown! Okay, I hate jews, so what! Are you telling me you like me? Do you love me? Are you going to worship me tomorrow? Otherwise you hate me too! So what’s the problem with you? Are you trying to tell me that your form of hate is different from my form of hate?


Look! Finish with these rhetorical games that we see continually see being played out there. How they use these words, weaponized words, to put people on the defensive! Look, being antagonistic towards other people is natural! Whether you like to believe it, or not. Trust me! It’s natural! I’ll give you an example over here in the Middle East. We have something on his cliques of Somalians out there. You cannot deal with them. You cannot rationalize with them. You cannot even, it’s hard to even socialize with them.


But, you know, there’s no reason for me to have to tolerate it. There’s no reason for me to kiss up and, “You guys are awesome!” And, you know, what? They’re often scheming against you, behind your back. This is normal behavior folks, within the human scale. Not everybody is enlightened. Not everybody has an open mind that allows them to work trans-culturally. This is normal. But when you meet particular ethnic groups out there, who do go out of their way to target other ethnic groups. Then the targeted ethnic group has every right, duty, and obligation see to go and defend themselves! That’s called human nature. That is what builds nations. That is what keeps different countries always at each other’s throats, because their views are such that they are never going to be able to work together!


And until they can work through these issues, that’s just the way human nature works. It’s not for enemies within your midst to define for you what is the moral battle ground upon which you will wage your wars! Look if you’re going to wage a war against a quote, unquote, a “semitic” mindset, understand it’s total war, one hundred percent of the time!


It is total war, one hundred percent of the time!


That means that they have no morals! They have no values! Have no ethics! It is whatever they can do to win the war! There’s no idea of Western chivalry out there! Not the Westerners have been all that chivalrous over their history outside their world. But there is this level still within our mindset of chivalry. It doesn’t exist when you’re dealing with these jewish constructions!


Look! They’re going after a singer for Christ’s sake! A singer! Who sang a song about a bunch of discredited “Holocaust” writers, who are a bunch of idiots on the scale of human existence here!


C’mon, Simon Wiesenthal, what a moron! Seriously! His story is pathetic! As are so many of these jewish quote, unquote “survivor” stories.





[Program continues, mostly on other topics]









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