Inside the Eye Live! – The Bob Tuskin Tussle – Mar 2012 — TRANSCRIPT



[In this “oldie but goldie” conversation,  Dennis Fetcho tussles with Bob Tuskin, a jewish talk show host, on the when and how of “naming the jew— KATANA.]




Inside the Eye Live!


The Bob Tuskin Tussle


Mar 24, 2012




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Published on Jul 30, 2015


A classic from the early days of Alternative Media. Originally broadcast live on Live Free or Die Radio on Oracle Broadcasting Network, a pioneer in the alternative streaming audio live radio market. This show was during the first year of Inside the Eye – Live! and features “rookie” host “The Fetch” being lectured on what is acceptable usage of language by “veteran host” Bob Tuskin. A must listen for anyone who has tired of those who try to impose “political correctness“. This show created a massive buzz and stir and changed the direction of discourse on the Internet.






(27 mins)





Fetcho: Welcome to Live Free or Die Radio here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.


Bob: This is Bob Tuskin. How are you tonight?


Fetcho: Bob that actually sounds like you!


Bob: Yes this is not a Bob Tuskin impersonator. No it’s not Jerry Seinfeld playing Bob Tuskin.



Fetcho: I hope, I hope you’re not, …


Bob: Although Dallas Goldbug might think differently!


Fetcho: Well, you know, Dallas Goldbug, Ed Terney, has an intriguing line that for me deserves some exploration. I myself am not totally bought in there everything, yet. But I believe that when you deal with certain aspects of the media, yes! This type of crafting is going to happen. I actually believe it would happen. And I believe the theory deserves an airing, and being a believer in free speech, his idea has every right to come to the surface. And people can either trash it, or otherwise, of course. But he has that right, and I’m not the one that’s going to be doing the trashing relative to him.




Bob: Yeah, that is, …


Fetcho: If you want to do that, that’s up to you. But for me, I don’t. You know, that’s not my job. I believe every type of theory has it’s right to be broadcast, and right now is his time to broadcast it. I’m not sold on it, to be honest with you. But nonetheless, you know, he has, he has his work out there, and he has his following, and I’m not here to trash it. What you got Bob? Welcome! I’ve never talked to you, I think, before. Maybe once, I think.



Bob: Yeah, we talked off-air, maybe once, or twice.


Fetcho: I think one, or twice.


Bob: I’ve been enjoying the show. And I enjoyed last night’s show as well.


Fetcho: Thanks!


Bob: I got a chance to tune in, as I’m sitting here working on some school, at the moment, unfortunately. Um, the last caller, I think he was being fair with you Dennis.




Fetcho: Oh, I know this guy. No, no, Bob, Bob! Time out. We all know who that guy is okay? I know the agenda he’s been putting behind the scenes, in various places. You may not be aware of the history. So for me to do what I did, in the way I did it, is more than fair. I have every right! Every right, to protect my name, my reputation, from an idiot! Okay?

And if you’re gonna be out there spreading a bunch of trash! Like this guy has done, since I’ve come to this network, I have a right to defend myself, and I will always defend myself! To anybody, within his vein of thought! Okay?


Bob: So it was the first time, I was hearing his, …


Fetcho: No, he’s just playing coy, …


Bob: Yeah.


Fetcho: You know what? Forget the gaslight, finish the coy stuff! You’ve been around this business long enough. We all know how that people try to set you up with the “coy frame” here, the “coy frame” there. Finish with the coy frame! We all know the game. Finish! Finish! Finish! Finish!



Go back to your two-bit radio show, with your seven listeners, and finish. Okay? If you want to go send out bullshit stories about me, and your people are sending out bullshit stories about me, about how I’m this, how I’m that. Okay, that’s fine. But don’t call me on my own show, and then expect to get a free pass.




Bob: Yeah.


Fetcho: Okay, forget it dude! I’m tired and done with trolls! And this guy is just a troll!


Bob: Okay, well let’s put this caller aside, though, if I may?


Fetcho: Go ahead.



Bob: And continue the discussion of jewish power and jewish control, as opposed to just merely Zionist control. Which I think, almost anybody, regardless of their perspective on the “jewish issue“, would be foolhardy not to point out the Zionist connection is complicit in so many different aspects of geopolitics today. Just the lobbyists alone, are, without any conspiracy, or Kabbalistic tradition, very much, obviously, in control and pulling the strings, AIPAC, and all the other obvious suspects.



Fetcho: Okay.


Bob: But the jewish thing, the jewish people, okay? Let’s talk about just people.




Fetcho: Yeah.


Bob: Some of them Eastern Europeans.


Fetcho: Yeah.

Bob: Like my family. You know, these are the jews that are very much complicit in a lot of Hollywood and that kind of thing. But not all of these! …


Fetcho: Yeah.



Bob: … European jews are a part of that. And I know this sort of rhetoric about it “not being all Jews” gets tiresome, but it’s absolutely essential to point out that we can never generalize about any group of people.



Fetcho: Okay Bob, it’s very simple Bob! It’s very simple. Because, I don’t hear jews basically calling people out within the jewish community and trying to put a stop to this. So what percentage do you want to settle on?


Bob: Well, do you tune into my show?



Fetcho: I don’t want to deal with this vague, “Well gee, it’s all jews, it’s not all jews”. I don’t want to deal in this etheric, abstract way of thought. Okay fine! You don’t want. I’m not saying you don’t, generally. But the general idea that people don’t want this generalized, this generalized statement going out. Okay, so then you can go ahead and quantify it for us. Because I’m not here to quantify it. To me it’s about, …





Bob: To me, naming names, … [garbled]


Fetcho: Okay, I’ll quantify it on my side! I’ll tell you 93% of jews cannot be trusted, when it comes to, …


Bob: That is, that is a gross exaggeration!


Fetcho: Maybe, but maybe not. I’m gonna start at 93%! Now you go state your case.



Bob: Okay.


Fetcho: See, calling it an exaggeration, but where do you want it? Forty percent? Twenty percent?


Bob: I mean, I think that, … I think it’s silly to come up with an arbitrary percent of jews involved in a grand conspiracy, ..


Fetcho: Well, it’s also silly to use the all jewish canard, in a way to try to deflect from the reality that’s there’s quite, quite an enormous amount of jews who are involved in this conspiracy!



Bob: Well, if I may. I feel that it’s essential to point out those jewish criminals. And not necessarily focus on them as a majority, per se, but them as to themselves. And, at the end of the day, they’re still a small percentage. We’ve seen it, time and time again, whether, …






Fetcho: Bob we got a break for the station. I guarantee the audience is interested in what you have to say, and I guaranteed they’re interested in what I have to say. The chat room lighting up Inside the Eye dot chatango com. So stay with me through the break, we’ll get right back to you. This is the Fetch! You are listening to Live or Die Radio, with Bob Tuscan and the Fetch, here on Oracle broadcasting network.


[Station Break]


Fetcho: Welcome back everybody! This is the Fetch! You are listening to Live or Die Radio, here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network, with my caller, Bob Tuscan, from Bob Tuscan Show. Bob, welcome back!


Bob: Thanks Dennis, I appreciate being here.


Fetcho: And we spoke a little bit through the break. But basically you called in, I guess, to refute some of what was said during the caller with that genius. One of these geniuses  in the alternative media. What more did you want to really add? Or what did you really, what points did you want to bring up? Let’s see how I can rebut those, if I need.




Bob: Yeah. I appreciate it. Yeah, I think my point is pretty simple, you know. We can’t generalize. And I know that gets uh, you know, that rhetoric, like I said, …


Fetcho: Okay.


Bob: Might be annoying too many out there, but, …




Fetcho: Okay, so let’s deal with that point right away. When you say “we can’t generalize“, okay? When I go, and I’m a Kabbalist, and reasonably good at it, and I go read a lot of jewish Kabbalah. And it paints, especially when you get into the Chabad-Lubavitch field, it paints the non-jew as basically animals. It paints the non-jew as basically servants. We’re here just to serve jews! And we know that these people are controlling the core of jewish society and culture.


Bob: Uh huh.



Fetcho: That’s a pretty good generalization there, that nobody, .. I don’t hear, …


Bob: No they’re not.


Fetcho: I don’t hear jews protesting this very much.


Bob: Well they don’t know better! And the fact of the matter is, …




Fetcho: Is that our fault, then? That that those of us who do know better are going to go ahead and begin to fight back against their ignorance? You know, ignorance, …


Bob: I would say, I would say that, you know, more about the front, … I’m sorry.


Fetcho: Yeah, go ahead, go ahead.



Bob: I would say, you know, more about the supremacy from some of the Kabbalistic teachings, and some of the actions of the political aspects of the religion. Which, by the way, there is a group called “jews against Zionism”, which I’m sure you’re familiar with, …


Fetcho: Yeah, and it’s a fringe, ..


Bob: Which shows that, …


Fetcho: And in jewish culture even en masse, it’s regarded as a fringe lunatic operation. It’s not, …


Bob: Well they might be, …



Fetcho: It’s not! It’s not even taken seriously within Israel. It’s not being taken seriously within jewish culture at large.


Bob: Yeah, I mean,


Fetcho: We know they exist, but they’re so fringe as to be meaningless, Bob.




Bob: Well they’re fringe, the ones that truly see, against Zionism. But then, there’s the people inbetween, who are just useful idiots. And these are the cultural jews that do it, because, … let’s call them the “Jerry Seinfeld jews”. They do it, because their parents wanted them to be bar Mitzvahed, and that’s their culture, and they really could know, … they really know very little about some of the teachings. They’re not racist!



My parents, for instance, never brought me up to think that we were better than people. The whole “chosen person” thing is there, but it doesn’t necessarily dictate every aspect of their lives. And I think the guy at the deli, the guy who’s the pharmacist, who’s the businessmen on the lower level, that jew is very much just doing it to be in with their fashion and their culture. And it’s done in no difference of a way, then an Italian is going to do their Italian culture. Or, you know, the Italian mob is no different than the jewish mob.






Fetcho: Well, you know, all I can say is the real issue is not those people. The real issue is, of course, the, what the elite. How the political structure is working, and how it’s beginning to affect all of us. Who do not want to be influenced, or affected by this culture. And I would say that there’s a big problem for the jewish people right now. Because there’s a rising resentment against the way in which jews are ruling over the rest of us! Dictating to us!



Bob: Oh you got it wrong again! You said “jews are ruling over us“!


Fetcho: Yes! Yeah! When I’m, …


Bob: It’s not jews!


Fetcho: Come on dude! I don’t care!


Bob: Some jews!


Fetcho: They’re jews! I don’t want to hear, I don’t want to use the word, …


Bob: Okay, but when you say “jews” you’re referring to, …



Fetcho: But Bob! Bob! You’re playing the jewish semantic game! Okay? Some jews this, some that! I don’t care! Bob I don’t, I don’t care! I don’t play the jewish semantic game! Jews! They are jews! Okay! Finish. They’re jews. You’re gonna tell me they’re not jews? How do they rise to power?


Bob: I’m gonna say that it’s a specific group of jews!


Fetcho: Okay! Then fine! They’re jews! So I’m not wrong! I’m right! They’re jews!


Bob: Not, …


Fetcho: Bob, they’re jews. I don’t care. Again you want the right, …


Bob: Dennis, …



Fetcho: You want the right to segregate, Bob. I don’t believe there’s a need to give that right. And I have a right to do that, in a free speech society. I have this right! Now, if you’re saying as a jew, that you want to take that right away. Okay, then tell me you want to take this right away?


Bob: So first of all, I’m not a jew. I come from a jewish family.


Fetcho: Okay, no problem, …


Bob: And I bring people back, …


Fetcho: Bob! Bob! Let’s be honest, time out! Bob.


Bob: Okay.



Fetcho: Bob, time out. People are not going to distinguish whether you say you’re a jews, or not! If you come from a jewish family and you tell people that you’re not a jew, they’re just going to look at you as if you’re a lunatic! In other words, they’re not gonna buy it! They’re not gonna buy your reaction.




Bob: That is bigotry. [garbled]


Fetcho: I don’t care! Well that’s again, that’s a jewish, … you’re hitting me now with a jewish argument! Who are you to tell me, …


Bob: You are telling me, …


Fetcho: I’m telling you as a rational fact. No Bob, I’m telling you a rational fact.


Bob: [garbled]


Fetcho: Bob, I’m telling you it’s rational! You come from a jewish family. We’re gonna see you as a jew. I come from a German-Irish family, they’re gonna see my as German-Irish! What’s the difference?


Bob: Yeah, this is, … what you’re saying it’s about completely misleading and the fact is that I can come from a jewish family.


Fetcho: Bob, Bob!


Bob: And grow up, …


Fetcho: Bob! See, you want to use your definitions on the language! But your definitions don’t apply. Maybe it’s, because you’re raised in a jewish family. Look, if a guy comes to me and his mother and father are Italian, he says, and he comes to me says:


But I’m not Italian!


Nobody thinks this way Bob! Nobody thinks this way!




How can you come to me saying that you come from a jewish family, but you’re not jewish? Okay what distinguishes it?


Bob: Somebody, …


Fetcho: Then you’re, you’re gonna go in a long story about how we have to start to accept your definitions. It’s not jews, the language, the English language is not for jews! It’s for all of us! I’m a Kabbalist of the English language, I’m not going to let “jewish Zionists logic” try to, try to affect me and how I view this. If your mother and father are jewish, Bob, you’re jewish! Finish! My mother and father German-Irish, I’m German-Irish! How am I being misleading? How! Tell me how I’m, …?


Bob: Jane in the chat, … May I respond? Jane in the chat responds:


Who can be in, …


Excuse me, if I can read this. Okay:


Who chooses the circumstances of their birth?


Is essentially what she’s saying.




Fetcho: But that, … who cares?


Bob: Nobody does!


Fetcho: Nobody cares. The point here is,


Bob: I think the point here is, the, … [garbled]


Fetcho: I know that, but that’s not my business, is it?


Bob: My parents were secular! My parents taught me, … to love my fellow brothers and sisters! They did not teach that I was better than others, …


Fetcho: Again Bob, the problem you have, and this is what you have, is not me. The problem you have, as you try to approach these various worlds that you’re entering into. And you’re basically a young guy, I’m probably twice your age, okay. The problem you have is when you start to use the, …


Bob: That’s ageism! First you have racism, now your bringing ageism to the table!


Fetcho: Of course! Because I’ve got a hell of a lot more experience in dealing with this issue than probably you have.


Bob: Yeah, but that’s [garbled].


Fetcho: Of course! Of course! Why do people come to listen to me Bob? Because I have experience, I have knowledge in a way that others don’t!


Bob: It’s facts and information, the same reason why they come to listen to my show!




Fetcho: Exactly! Good! So you have your audience, and I have mine! I’m not going to break from my, from my ideas, and my concepts. Do you really think you’re going to be able to come and influence me? Because when you tell me their secular, they’re not jewish, again but, you know, who cares? We don’t want to try to wrap our head around how jews go and describe themselves. Finish already!


If you want to stay through another break, I’ll keep you on. If you want to hang up, it’s okay for me.


Bob: So, I’d be happy to, but I’d like a little bit more of give and take. I don’t want to talk over each others.


Fetcho: All right, no problem. Stay tuned guys! Bob Tuskin is a brave man! He’s also a good host for the Oracle Broadcasting Network. Bob what time is your show? Real quick! Ten seconds.


Bob: [garbled] eight to ten.


Fetcho: Eight to ten. Okay, there you go guys. We’ll be right back, right after this. This is Live Free or Die Radio, Oracle Broadcasting Network.





[Station Break]


Fetcho: Welcome back everybody! This is the Fetch and you’re listening to Live Free or Die Radio, with the special caller, Bob Tuskin. Bob, hi and welcome back! We have a short segment, about three and a half minutes here.


Bob: Right, it’s the top of the hour.


Fetcho: Yeah, top of the hour! Top of the final hour actually! You, you know, since you called in, the chat room’s lit up, Inside the Eye dot Chatango dot com. Over, approaching almost, 40 people in the chat room! Those are my numbers on the weekend, by the way. So really thanks everybody for coming in. Bob, I’m gonna give you the floor. You’ve got a minute to state a point here.



Bob: Well I, you know, I don’t know where we differ in our views on this. I think at the end of the day, we’re both for exposing this supremacist attitude. This, you know, nature of pushing, pulling the strings and controlling the financial system, and the financial structure for the liking of a few. And not the goyim, the “useless eaters“, that you bigots look down upon.


But, I think where we differ from, is the idea that, just because somebody’s in a jewish family, which I think you’ll acknowledge, doesn’t mean that they’re a part of this compartmentalized effort of evil. So when you say, and I know this may seem to be “jewish semantics”, as you said, so derogatorily. When you say that it’s “jewish this”, or “jewish that”, that lumps in a whole bunch of people. And it doesn’t, I mean, Charles Giuliani, to his credit, said “elite jew pigs”, when he’s referring to this compartmentalized effort of evil.




And I think that distinction is necessary! It needs to be made. Because of people like myself, who are very outspoken about this. I’ve done countless shows on the “Holocaust”. I’ve done everything, counterintuitive from someone who’s from a jewish family, because, I’m about truth, at the end of the day, and nothing more. And, because of that, I’m able to look at things with an open mind and use critical thinking and the “tribune“.


Fetcho: Okay. Well, um, you know, okay, but, you know, obviously, I use critical thinking. And I’m actually quite astute in what and how I’m doing things. And I don’t see a need to use the semantics anymore. After being trolled, Bob, for decades. Well over a decade, by hasbara units, because of my message. Um, finished. I’m finished! I’m finished with a semantical game. I don’t care.


Bob: Well, maybe you might be more well received, if you would, …


Fetcho: Well I am all received, Bob. I am well received. That’s the whole point.


Bob: But you’re alienating a certain group of people, unfortunately.


Fetcho: And I don’t care. See, that’s the whole point. I don’t care.


Bob: Well, we need to wake these people up! We can’t be too [garbled] about it.




Fetcho: Well again, you know, how they get woken up is going to depend on a wide array of different messages. And mine is just one “shock way” of doing it. You know, I have my way, it will work on certain people. Others have their way, and it’s gonna work.


Guys, we’re going to go into a break. I’m gonna keep your one more segment Bob, and then I’m going to go back, move on with the show. Give you a good audience here, a good airing here. You are listening to the Fetch, taking over for Lee Rogers on this Live Free or Die Radio, here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.


[Station break]


Welcome back everybody! This is the Fetch. And you are listening to Live Free or Die Radio with my special caller, Bob Tuskin. Hey Bob, in a nutshell, what exactly, what problems do you have with my presentation?


Bob: I don’t know that I had a problem with it. I was more commenting on the discussion that you’re having with what you told me was a chronic troll of yours.




Fetcho: Yeah, yeah.


Bob: The discussion in general, which comes up, time, and time, again. In fact, Lee Rogers also on this show and I had a discussion when he came on my radio show, a couple months ago. And we talked about this, in which he, you know, explicitly, made the distinction.


Now, we were talking off air about how many refer to “the Masons” when talking about a certain element of this power structure. And they don’t necessarily differentiate between the “porch Masons”, the lower level Masons, the “blue lodge guys”, and the 33rd degree, and higher, some of the more compartmentalized efforts of evil, from Masonry. And the core teachings that are followed by a very few, perhaps. And I guess you could say the same thing about jewish, …




Fetcho: Yeah, of course, of course, I’m a hermetic Kabbalist, and I would say that all this negative information about the Masons, is basically a direct result of jewish, jewish framing of the entire story. Basically Freemasonry, …


Bob: That aside, …


Fetcho: Yeah, Freemasonry is much more, much more benevolent than people ever give it credit for. As long as we have jews, controlling the media, …


Bob: Perhaps. Yeah, I have no doubt that might be very much the case. But that’s not what I’m getting at here. I’m getting at the words and the generalizations that we make. You know, I know you feel it semantics, Dennis, but I do think, …


Fetcho: Well, it is semantics, …


Bob: Well, it is important when we talk about the Masons, we differentiate between the certain Masons that are low-level guys, that are the brothers in the community. Just trying to, you know, get along with their fraternity, if you will, and the guys who are in Skull and Bones, and these upper level Masons, who are heavily involved in pedophile rings.





Fetcho: Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Bob: Well, you know, yeah, you know, the groups what I’m talking about, …


Fetcho: The point here, I think the point here, Bob. Is that when I use the term “jews” I have the same mentality. I’m able to look at a “Bob Tuskin” and say:


Okay, he’s jewish, but he’s a cool guy.


I’m able to look at various people out there and say:


Okay, he’s a cool guy!


You know, what, you know, how they’re dealt with outside of jewish culture? We call them the “token jew“! Because they’re very few and far between. They’re actually very few and far between!



Bob: Wow. [or “How?“]


Fetcho: When we start to talk about Israel, when we start to talk about jewish control of the media, jewish control of finance. And these are verifiable facts! Jewish control of Hollywood. The way in which this power is used, not to make our society more benevolent, and raise people up, but it’s being used in a way, Bob, to just destroy and tear people down! This is what we are opposed to.






Now, if you want to then use our anger towards this group and then come at us with trolls. I’m talking about decades of trolling, over a decade of trolling, Bob, by hasbara units of the Israeli government. That’s too much! You’re talking about years, and years, of phone calls, two, three, four in the morning!



You’re talking about anti-spoofing. You’re talking about types of harassment Bob, that you can’t imagine! Why? Because I had an anti-Israel message? And then you expect us to have no spine, and you say:


Oh, I’m sorry! You jews are right, okay!


No! No Bob! Finish! You know, what? Jews have been thrown out of 94 countries for a reason Bob! Okay? That’s your reality, …



Bob: That is another generalization! That’s a generalization.


Fetcho: It’s not a generalization, it’s a historical, …


Bob: That’s going after the ethnicity, rather than the merits of the individual, …


Fetcho: I don’t care Bob! I don’t care!


Bob: … And the situation they put themselves, which you’ve generalized.



Fetcho: It’s a historical fact Bob! The last one that happened, …




Bob: It’s a historical fact that certain families [garbled] irregardless of religion or background were [garbled]


Fetcho: Bob, Bob, you know, do, you know, what people see you as? They see you as a firewall. They see you as, just a very shrewd type of firewall, to help deflect, …


Bob: Sayanim.



Fetcho: They see that in you Bob!


Bob: Yeah, …


Fetcho: Are you denying that they see that in you, right?


Bob: Sure, yeah, that’s this bigoted conspiracy, …


Fetcho: The whole bigoted thing, no! Bob your acting as a firewall! Then you turn it around and call it bigoted! This is racist! Who are you to call people a bigot? Who are you?


Bob: Oh, I’m an individual that is not into blaming that jews in a generalized sense, …


Fetcho: Yeah, Bob.


Bob: Sorry?


Fetcho: Let’s not get into this type of framing. You’ve basically put yourself into this racist jewish line! Because, you know, what, we’re not bigots. We’re dealing with this on, on an academic, intellectual level. And you want to reduce it down to the base emotions. It’s just dumb!




Bob: There’s a fine between that.


Fetcho: You can’t argue at the intellectual level, so you want to reduce it down. Bob, really, I want to move on, because I think we’ve been at this a little bit long. Really I, you know, to call people bigots, come on! This is so, so, blase, you know, I’m tired of that line.


Bob: I didn’t call you a bigot, to be fair now. I’ll let you go Dennis. I appreciate your time. Bye.


Fetcho: … all the time. This is why people see you as a firewall.


Bob: Right.


Fetcho: Okay, I’m just telling you, forget it, I’m just observing reality Bob.


Bob: Who perceives me as, … [garbled]


Fetcho: And you’re right, you know, I’m right. Okay? That’s the problem, you know I’m right. And if you want to go ahead and call people bigots, hey, that’s up to you Bob. But, you know, what you’re just reinforcing what people see you as.



And then you wonder why “all jews” you know. We don’t want to argue over “jews”, or “all jews” in this. Finish! Again, the issue is not for me, it’s you having to deal with the fact that unfortunately you’re jewish.




Bob: Unfortunately I come from a jewish family! Oh no! That’s scarred me for life! Huh? I got a big [garbled] I might as well, I might as well get a tattoo Dennis! I should get a tattoo!


Fetcho: I would! If I were you, go ahead and get one. Put a big Star of David right, …


Bob: The “Mark of the Beast”!


Fetcho: No! Put a Star of David on your forehead, so the people understand who, and where, you’re coming from. Bob, I’m gonna let you go.



Bob: … put a Star of David on, …the one from Inside the Eye, …


Fetcho: Bob, Bob come on, make it easy for people. Put a Star of David on your forehead. That would be a great, …


Bob: Okay I’ll be able to do that Dennis, and I’ll report back to you, all right?


Fetcho: All right, thanks a lot Bob for the call.










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  1. Hate to burst your bubble, but you’re being played in the Spy “vs” Spy, aka Jewish controlled opposition game.

    FETCHO IS A JEW AS WELL. (By BLOOD) NAZIS, KKK, ANTIFA, ‘communists’ they’re all Jewish hate groups! Las Vegas and other ‘lone nuts’? JEWISH!

    • katana17 says:

      So IF Fetcho is a jew how is he aiding their cause? He consistently rails against them, mentioning all their crimes in a manner that matches someone who against them.

      BTW, who in our movement is not a jew or agent for the jews, besides you and me?

      • By inverting certain esoteric knowledge, by hiding his Jewishness, and by covering up their Achilles heal: child trafficking and ritual murder. He has released key information except the “Issian codes”; that’s mental masturbation.

        I totally agree on the last comment and, as my children are Polish Jews, thanks to their mom which gave me a weaponized Jewdar.

        He’s hiding key spiritual aspects of this war with the beast controlling us:
        1) The “black sun” that these creatures, some call demons, that help the enemy.
        2) He’s from a Masonic or Templar family, and when called on certain sh*t, does fess up; I give him credit for that.
        3) His materials are NOT censored in Saudi Arabia, but mine are; this is a very revealing property, as I’ve only proved the ‘evil Muslim’ meme in America is largely BS.
        4) Their numerical lingo is KEY to understanding the cult within, but the diversion from Chaldean and Pythagorean tables screws those digging up.

        This is a spiritual battle we’re in and this he facilitates from the other side.

  2. “Fetcho: Yeah, Freemasonry is much more, much more benevolent than people ever give it credit for. As long as we have jews, controlling the media, …”

    While there is a bit of truth in this statement, here’s some truth he hides, Freemasons, ‘communists’, Jewish supremacists, and satanists are all the same biker gang fomenting hate:

    This would allow the world to see how this ‘evil whitey’ meme and the flood of Muslims into our Euro brothers and sisters realms, are totally concocted; Jews hate us and are trying to destroy our DNA.

    Spy v. Spy is a perfect metaphor: one has the stick and the other the balls, but together it’s the same DICK/Serpent.

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