Australian Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies on the ‘White Australia Policy’ – 1955 – Transcript


2UE Radio – Stewart Lamb


Australian Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies


on the ‘White Australia Policy’




[An interesting short clip of Robert Menzies the then current PM, and Australia’s longest serving Prime minister, being interviewed in 1955 by Stewart Lamb, a 2UE radio host (and subsequent owner of 2UE), about his views on the White Australia Policy. Note how he’s being accused of being a “racist” for his support of such policy.



Published on Wed, Jun 15, 1955




Australian Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies on the ‘White Australia policy’
October 5, 2022

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Stewart Lamb: Do you believe that the White, the so-called “White Australia” policy will always be a stumbling block?


Sir Robert Menzies: I don’t think it’s such a stumbling block as people pretend, but that it’s important for us, I haven’t the slightest doubt!

Stewart Lamb: That we should maintain it the way it is?


Sir Robert Menzies: As long as we possibly can we ought to aim at having a homogeneous population!


I don’t want see reproduced in Australia the kind of problem they have in South Africa, or in America, or increasingly in Great Britain. I think it’s been a very good policy and it’s been of great value to us.


And most of the criticism of it that I’ve ever heard doesn’t come from these oriental countries. It comes from (((wandering Australians))).


Stewart Lamb: For these views of course, in the past, Sir Robert, you have been described as a racist.


Sir Robert Menzies: Have I?


Stewart Lamb: I have read this, yes.


Sir Robert Menzies: Well, if I were not described as a racist, I’d be the only public man who hasn’t been! That’s one of these jargons, isn’t it? One of these mod words, you call a man a “racist”.










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9 months ago
Australia (and EVERY White Nation on Earth) should return to it.
In the meantime YOU can return to it within Your Own Hand by returning to the very Very VERY Large Loving Families with many Many MANY…….MANY…….Traditional White Children that Your Ancestors always viewed as JOB 1. So TAKE ACTION——-” Go Forth and Be Fruitful !”—–and THANK YOU for Your Service !


9 months ago
Someone who talks sense. The whole of the Western world was like than when I was a kid, but I’m an old fart now.

8 months ago



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