Andrew Joyce – BLM – Irish Edition – Dec 31, 2020 – Transcript


[The Occidental Observer (TOO) contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question“, discusses the recent police shooting of a machete wielding black in Ireland, and the usual outcry by the Orgjew media brainwashed do-gooders.





Irish Edition


with Andrew Joyce


Jan 20, 2021




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Published on Dec 31, 2020


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BLM: Irish Edition

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Hello everyone. And welcome back to the Andrew Joyce podcast. I wasn’t expecting to record another episode so soon, but it looks like events in Ireland are once more threatening to overtake me.


Just a few days ago I recorded an episode on how an essay I wrote on the “Blackening of Ireland”, resulted in chaos on Irish social media, and calls for local government, and the police to hurry through some hate speech legislation, so that such essays could never be written again. Well it looks like whether I’m involved, or not, the issue of the blackening of Ireland is going to continue to impress itself upon the Irish imagination and upon Irish society and politics.

Yesterday afternoon a Nigerian around 28, or 29 years of age, named George Nkencho — I’ll just call him George from now on — basically lost his mind, and went on a spree of violence, which culminated in him being shot dead by the Irish police, known in Ireland as the Guards, or the Gardai. Details are still coming through and they’re sketchy. But we have a broad framework of what happened.



The initial spark of violence appears to have taken place at a convenience store, where George appears to have assaulted – and here’s a small divergence in accounts – he appears to have either assaulted a security guard, or a shop assistant there. Resulting in that individual having to go to hospital for treatment for severe facial injuries.


The police were called and attended the scene by which time George had left the premises. And the police later found him — he was on foot — and they followed in their vehicle. George then entered into a residential area, nearby. And, at this point, the police disembarked from the vehicle and attempted to engage with him.



Now Irish police do not routinely carry firearms. So what then appears to have happened is that the initial attempts to speak to George, or to take him into custody failed. At which point a call was put through to the armed response unit. Which resulted in a team with firearms presenting at the scene.


As events then unfolded, apparently attempts were made to subdue him using non-lethal methods. He was tasered, for example. None of these methods appear to have worked. A member of the public we now know then started filming what was occurring at some distance.



That that footage is still circulating on social media. And that footage quite clearly shows that George was lunging and slashing at the police with what appears to be a very large bladed weapon. Which could very well be a machete. But in any case, certainly a very large knife. And firearms were then discharged and George, as far as I can tell, died at the scene.


In the aftermath of the shooting, George’s brother posted to social media that George had suffered from mental illness. And he called for an explanation into why the police could not have found alternative means to subdue his brother and take him safely into custody.


Sort of as a counter narrative to this, accounts also began to emerge in social media which provided a glimpse into just how George was seen within the local community. For example, a claim that he had either broken into their homes, or had attempted to. And certainly there are accounts there that George had [word unclear] some elderly women in the neighborhood also.



So really, before this particular spree of violence, this particular meltdown, that George seems to have been a particularly unpleasant person, if not a habitual criminal. But Irish media, social media. And I suppose we can expect the mainstream media to very shortly follow suite, is awash at the minute with “BLM narratives”, which present the case as a clear-cut example of Irish police “racism”.


Everyone is making the assumption that George Nkencho was definitely suffering from some form of mental illness, even though I have seen no evidence, and it certainly has not been claimed even by his brother, that George suffered from a specifically diagnosed mental illness, like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, conduct disorder, or anything like that.





Rather it appears that George had a very bad day!


And unfortunately this is what we see a lot of when it comes to black crime. Is that someone, one of these individuals, basically initiates one instance of violence, which then sort of spirals and we eventually escalate to the point where the physical confrontation and the physicality of the criminality is ongoing, even at the stage of engagement with the police.


The violence is then directed against the police, who are forced to use, in the end, lethal force. The black is then normally shot dead. At which point a kind of “black washing”, or a “victim narrative” then begins to take hold. In this case it’s that he was suffering from a mental illness.


But, of course, when we think back not so long ago to George Floyd. Similar narratives were being employed to try and strip the criminal individual of any kind of moral, or criminal responsibility for his actions.


When you look at the personal history, for example, of George Floyd, he was clearly an incredibly seedy, and highly unpleasant, criminal individual. I mean, the specifics of his criminal past are quite horrific, by any stretch of the imagination. And yet across the liberal enclaves of the world, murals are being painted for this man, and all kinds of memorials, and ceremonies, have been held in his honour.


I think that we can expect exactly the same treatment of this new “Saint George”, shot dead just outside Dublin. Already the seeds of such a movement are already taking place.


Liberals and particularly the kind of Americanized youth of Ireland are coming out in their droves and social media. They are planning vigils and protests against the police. None of these individuals in their lives have ever had to confront someone on the scale of violence — and certainly they should hope that they never do — of George Nkencho, or indeed George Floyd. Who, by all accounts was struggling and was violent until he was very, very forcefully suppressed in the end.


But the issue bothers me on a number of levels. One of which is this kind of, there’s this trend among Irish youth to absorb the worst of American liberalism. Often it can seem whenever we’re critical of sort of Americanization of youth in Europe, it can sound like it’s just a generalized anti-Americanism. That’s not the case. Certainly not the case for me. And I have spent many, many years living in America. And I believe that for a lot of that I saw the “real America”. I don’t believe that a lot of these Irish youngsters today have any idea of what the real America is, or how real Americans view so much of the culture and the neoliberalism that has actually exported to the rest of the world.


But you’ll get these young people in their early 20s, these young college students, especially the women, who watch American sitcoms, or YouTube personalities, and follow these celebs, certain celebrities on Instagram, and other forms of social media. And they pick up their social cues for behavior and for stances on political issues, for example, from these media, and they follow suit.



And they go for their little weekend breaks in New York, for example. And they think that they are in touch with what America means. And they replicate that in Ireland.


And Ireland used to have, perhaps still does, a phrase called the “West Brits” which was used for those Irish who attempted to mimic British attitudes, or ways of life, because they believed that this was fashionable and a means towards social advancement.



Well, I believe that now, we have a phenomenon in Ireland of these “East Americans” who are the young Irish who believe that it is fashionable and upwardly socially mobile to adopt the extreme Left-wing positions of American neo-liberalism. To be very much a pro-gay marriage. To be very much pro-abortion.




And certainly it seems that they have been champing at the bit for any kind of a police violence against a black to occur in Ireland! And now that they have it, they are salivating. And they are up in arms! And there is such an outburst that it strikes me as almost an orgiastic release of something that was hoped for and expected.


And for many of them the facts of this case, the criminality of this George who was shot dead in Dublin, simply doesn’t matter, or it can be explained away in the most abstract terms.



One figure who has been creating a lot of trouble in Ireland in recent years, is an academic called Lucy Michael. Now, she calls herself “Dr Lucy Michael” on Twitter, because she’s, as Ed Dutton has highlighted, women are particularly prone to this kind of “credentialism”. And I don’t care if people call me Dr Andrew Joyce, or AJ, or whatever it might be. But this woman always insists on calling herself “Dr Lucy Michael”.



And Dr Lucy Michael has been, at least I think for the last four, or five years, traversing Ireland in her capacity as a sociologist, to explain to the Irish how they are inherently racist and how they have all kinds of racial biases.


I don’t know the deeper ethnic origins of Lucy Michael. It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s jewish. But she doesn’t need to be, because the ideas that she is imparting are essentially jewish anyway. They’re borrowed heavily from Whiteness Studies and so on, and so forth. And I have explored in detail the deeper origins of where all of these specifics come from.


But she is now posturing herself as a kind of consultant to government. And she has a not insignificant social media following. And she has basically been saying that the Irish police in this instance would have possessed at least some form of racial bias. And that had George been White then the perceived threat level in the minds of these Irish police would have been somewhat lower, and that alternative means would eventually have been employed to subdue George and take him into custody, safely.



Now, I very much doubt that Dr Lucy Michael has ever had a machete swung at her head. But, whenever I place myself — and fortunately I’ve never been in this circumstance either — but whenever I place myself in that position, into that split second moment where a machete is being swung at my body, I don’t think that the finer points of threat level come into the picture at all! I think it’s an instantaneous gut reaction. And I don’t care what the color of the skin is of the person swinging the machete! You will pull the trigger. And you will execute the target.


But, that’s common sense! And common sense appears to be severely lacking in this latest incarnation of a “Saint George”.




Unfortunately it coincides with the push for new hate speech laws in Ireland. Unfortunately it coincides very closely with the social media furore over the “Blackening of Ireland” essay which I penned. And all told it would appear that racial discourse in Ireland is just going to accelerate from here. And it will replicate the circumstances which prevail in the United States.


Which makes me recall the famous, and infamous, speech by Enoch Powell, in which he warned Britain at the time that there would be “Rivers of Blood”! And he said:


“That we must be mad! Literally mad to be importing a foreign population like this!”


I’m paraphrasing here. But one of the main points that he highlighted was that Britain was doing this wilfully, whereas the United States was kind of lumbered with this situation from the beginning. And it strikes me that Ireland is now following suit, as is much of Europe. There is a kind of wilful replication of the American circumstance.


And a lot of this is being engineered at the top, of course, but a lot of the kind of lower level apologetics is occurring via a kind of obscene cultural osmosis! Whereas I explained, these young Irish are watching sitcoms which present certain harmonious interracial relations. And it’s probably on some subconscious level, a thought, or a belief, in the minds of these young people that by making their country more African, or more, quote, unquote, “diverse” that they will eventually replicate the harmonious American picture which is presented to them in the movies, and on the television screen.




But what they don’t realize is that the images that they’re being presented with, and the facade that they’re trying to imitate that comes to them via their social media, and their music. And the people that they follow on Instagram, and what have you, that this is a complete and utter lie! And that in the real America you get these human time bombs, like George Floyd, like George Nkencho, who one day explode!


[Image] A victim of a machete attack. See: How Africans May Differ from Westerners


And it’s not, because of, quote, unquote, “mental illness”. It’s, because of a combination of genetics, hormones, an incapacity to control oneself, and, quite frankly, that one day they just have a very bad day! And that something is set off which pushes them into a frenzy from which not even they can retrieve themselves.


And it seems to me that so many of these Irish youth posting about BLM, and all of these fashionable slogans, say his name — which they have learned through the long hot summer which occurred in the United States — it occurs to me that these young people have no clue that they are importing these human time bombs! They have no clue of the utter destruction that they are going to wreak on their own lives eventually! Because they could be the shop assistant who goes to the hospital with severe facial injuries. They could be on the receiving end of a machete.


But again I’m talking common sense. And that seems to be very much in short supply, recently.


So the episode to my mind is a reinforcement of what I warned about in the “Blackening of Ireland”. Whether that message is eventually heeded, or not, I don’t know. But at least there are some people out there who will observe it as common sense, and hopefully in the end, common sense will prevail.


Thank you for listening. Goodbye.





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