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By Joseph G, Stano


Liberty Bell — December 1997*


[Image] The doors of the Museum of Jewish Heritage opened on September 15, 1997 in Manhattan’s Battery Park in New York. [1]


The lavish, highly emotional reporting by the news media on the opening of a new Holocaust Museum in New York City stands as a classic example of Orwellian “doublethink,” defined by George Orwell as;


“… the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”


In this case, while endlessly professing a passionate dedication to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, the whole of the news media has routinely censored any challenge to any part of that massive, undocumented, unproven, and in some cases scientifically impossible, collection of tall tales known as the Holocaust. Like the tyrannical “Party” in Orwell’s “1984”, the “Holocausters can ‘… make the laws of nature.’” And do it with the full support of the entire media.



[Image] George Orwell’s (real name, Eric Blair) classic dystopian novel, 1984.


It is a tactical blunder to build another Holocaust Museum at this late date, when the Holocaust as presented to the American people by the media has been long abandoned by some of its most ardent supporters. Even the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel has long abandoned the Holocaust that is fed to the American public daily — if not hourly — by the whole of the American media, A cowardly news media routinely censors well-documented history for “Hollywood History.



[Image] Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, Israel.


As with Orwell’s “Minitrue” (Ministry of Truth), the American news media’s “Memory Holes” are operating at full capacity. With each passing year there is an ever increasing amount of “not newsworthy” embarrassing truths to be shoved down media Memory Holes. Unfortunately, these truths keep on coming back up!


Some of the not newsworthy “unmentionables” that simply won’t stay down:


Way back in 1960 the Yad Vashem was forced to acknowledge that there were no “death camps” or “gas chambers” in all of Western Europe or all of the German Reich, since all of these camps had been open to inspection by scholars and scientists, and all of these camps were determined to have been “work camps.


This presented several problems:


First of all, the United States executed more than 450 Germans:


“In the name of the United States and the American people.”


A great many of whom were executed for operating “Death Camps” and “Gas Chambers” in Western Europe and Germany — where they didn’t exist! To put it mildly, this is a rather dishonorable page to add to the history of a nation that professes to believe in justice.


Second problem: Five of the fabulous sex million had been parceled out to all the camps in Western Europe and Germany, with only one million allotted to camps behind the Iron Curtain in Poland.


Orwellian solution: Simply pick up’ the 5 million mythical victims and their mythical gas chambers and throw them over the Iron Curtain into Poland where nosey scholars and scientists aren’t allowed to go.


[Image – click to enlarge in new window] Map of camp locations.


Or, in Orwellian arithmetic: Five from six equals six! Overnight, Auschwitz went from “almost a million” to “four and a half million.” A rather astonishing fact that the whole of the American news media found “not newsworthy.” As would a declaration by the Holocausters that the world was flat and the moon was a green cheese.


George Owell called this Holocausters exercise;


“black-white,” of “the ability to impudently claim that black is white in contradiction of the plain facts.”


The news media’s response was perfect Orwellian “doublethink”:


A groveling, servile acceptance of;

“the mutability of the past and the denial of objective reality.”


Broken on the Holocaust wheel, for the news media 6 minus 5 was now 6.


When execution expert Fred Leuchter went to Poland — believing in the Holocaust — to examine the alleged “gas chambers,” he found them to be scientifically impossible. In fact, they were quite ridiculous. However, to be certain, he took 30 forensic samples at all the alleged “gas chambers.” An independent laboratory in Massachusetts tested these samples and confirmed his expert opinion that all the alleged “gas chambers” had never been “gas chambers.


[Image] Fred Leuchter


Professional Holocausters, the ubiquitous Karsfelds, were outraged and demanded that the prestigious Krakow institute of Forensic Research in Poland repeat the same tests and prove Mr. Leuchter was wrong. The head of the institute led the team of scientists that took the samples from the same places as Leuchter and they got precisely the same results: no gas chambers! From the formerly loquacious and demanding Karsfelds: SILENCE!


Both sides of the “gas chambers” issue got precisely the same scientific results. If we were living in a free country where freedom of speech and freedom of the press abounds, the issue of “gas chambers” would have been settled. Our free press would have fearlessly informed the public of the truth. In George Orwell’s tyranny of “Oceania,” the truth would have been a “Thoughtcrime.” In our tyranny the truth is called “Anti-Semitic.” In both tyrannies the craven news media cowers in terror.


When forced to defend the ridiculous and impossible tales on file at the Yad Vashem, the director stated that of the 20,000 testimonies of “Holocaust survivors” that he had on file, at least half of them were “unreliable.” When pressed to define “unreliable,” he said they simply weren’t true. In trying to justify these tail tales, he said;


“these Jews wanted to be part of history so they invented tales or they repeated tales they had heard.”


Charming! These “unreliable” tales routinely appear in the news media as holy writ and they are part of the Holocaust courses taught in our schools. In Orwell’s “Oceania,” it’s citizenry was routinely indoctrinated with a daily “Two Minute Hate,” American kids get a full “One Hour Hate” in their schools, where they are taught to hate Germans based on outrageous lies that even the Yad Vashem has rejected.


We have executed people based on these “unreliable” tales and we expel elderly people based on these “unreliable” tales whose only crime might be serving their nation on the losing side of the Second World War, or fighting the efforts of the Soviet juggernaut to overrun Europe. More disgrace and dishonor for our unfortunate nation.


At long last, the Polish director of the Holocaust Museum at Auschwitz has admitted something scientists and scholars had known for many years: the infamous “gas chamber” shown the tourists at Auschwitz is a complete fraud. It was created out of an existing mortuary for all the Jewish tourists who were demanding to see a “gas chamber.


The infamous Auschwitz “Death Camp” and all of its bizarre horrors specifically created for the tourist trade will end up as a kind of “Disneyland of the Doomed,” where Jewish tourists can wallow in pure Hollywood and call it history.


Recently, the Yad Vashem has tried to establish some credibility amongst historians who have finally worked up the courage to challenge all the many and varied tall tales and tourist exhibits. In a bold move — that only took fifty years — the Yad Vashem has disavowed all the tales of “human soap,” and “lamp shades,” and all the fantastic products allegedly manufactured out of Jews, In short, they obliterated a huge and profitable industry created by an army of amateur and professional Holocausters, Gone are the little bags of human fertilizer and the stuffing for mattresses. Gone are the infinite variety of human leather products sold to a gullible public. Like combat boots, belts, wallets, riding boots, purses, leather riding jodhpurs, cavalry: saddles and, lest we forget, driving gloves made for the SS out of Jewish babies who were skinned alive.


[Image] Display table at Buchenwald showing shrunken heads, lampshade made of human skin, etc., was part of the grand tour of the camp.


Remember, these tales were only limited by the imagination of the Jew who “wanted to be a part of history,” I say, let them be judged by the tales they created in the hate filled filth between their ears; Like Olga Lengyel of Five Chimneys of Auschwitz fame. Our charming Olga created an industry at Auschwitz where Jews were turned into … SAUSAGES!


[Image] Five Chimneys book and the author Olga Lengyel.


Former ‘New York City Mayor Ed Koch, who was instrumental in erecting New York’s very own house of Holocaust horrors for all the tourists, created an industry where the terrible Germans chopped off all the fingers of Jews and used them as electrical switches. Koch’s tale added, considerably, to his stature as one of the most silly and insufferable asses on the planet earth.


Not to worry, the body factories may be dead and buried at the Yad Vashem, but the industry is booming in the United States. It’s even a growth industry where new and more fantastic tales pop up daily. Koch may continue to flick his “finger switches” far into the future. I wonder if he can think up an industrial use for all the private parts that have obviously been removed from the entire American news media? Orwellian maxim: The heresy of all heresies in a tyranny is common sense. Ed “Fingers” Koch will never be a heretic.


The fall of the Soviet Union was a disaster for the Holocaust business. The Russians turned over to the International Red Cross all the German “Death Registers” they had seized in 1944 when they overran Auschwitz in 1944. The Germans, with typical German efficiency, had scrupulously documented all the deaths at Auschwitz. Not four and a half million. Not even one million. It was slightly over 74,000 in total. And that included everyone — even the German staff — who had died at Auschwitz.


For the Holocaust researcher it can be quite amusing. It seems the cruel and uncaring Germans recorded the name of every person who died at Auschwitz; the maiden name of the person’s mother — a necessity in identifying Jews having the same names; the town the person came from; the reason for the death and other pertinent information. An effort was even made to return the ashes of the deceased to his relatives. With the water table at Auschwitz approaching that of a bog, cremation was the only option. Jews have made much of cremation, a common practice in Germany, without explaining what the Germans were supposed to do with the dead when burial was impossible.


Recently carefully labeled boxes of human ashes were discovered at one of the crematoriums. I had a good laugh watching the professional Holocausters lying through their teeth and rather nervously professing absolute bewilderment as to why the Germans had so carefully preserved the ashes of some Jews. A perfect non sequitur and a perfect Orwellian denial of objective reality; “Doublethink.


Simple justice demands that the Jews should be judged by the weight of the lies they have lumbered on the German people. The greater, the more vicious, the more vile the lie, the more loathsome the liar. I defy anyone to find a litany of more vile, vicious and sadistic lies in the pages of history.


At one time there were 19 slabs with raised letters in 19 languages telling of the more than 4 million victims that died at Auschwitz. Thanks to the efforts of the Polish Historical Society, the slabs at Auschwitz have now had this bit of “Hollywood History” chipped off them. A victory for historical truth in the Holocaust “numbers game.


[Image] Original plaque at Auschwitz proclaiming 4 million toll.


The Holocaust “numbers game” has been truly remarkable, I’ve kept tabs on it over the past twenty years. Here are some of the claims by professional Holocausters of the number of Jews killed by the terrible Germans; Fifty million, 41 million, 36 million (Olgd Lengyel); 26 million, 25 million (Kurt Gerstein and Oswald Pohl, both under torture), 18 million, 12 million (Jew claim at the United Nations) and the ever popular 6 million.


It’s amusing to note that the cowardly and cringing American news media have been given permission by the Holocausters to refer to the “1.1” or “l.5” million victims at Auschwitz, “most of whom were Jews.” The 4.5 million has been dropped and no one in the entire American news media noticed the horrendous crash. Pure Orwelhan “Crimestop” as practiced by the American news media:


“The faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought.”


Indeed, it would have been a serious “Thought crime” and very “Anti-Semitic” of the news media to notice anything.


[Image] Newspaper reports on reduction of Auschwitz death toll.


The stampede is now on and a great many famous professional Holocausters are desperately trying to salvage something of their reputations by abandoning the fabulous 6 million for a number far below 1 million. Even if we believe the 1.1 or the 1.5 million figure imposed on the news media — the truth is far below that — it means that even the most dedicated of professional Holocausters now acknowledge that at least 3 million, half the Holocaust, never happened!


[Image] New plaque at Auschwitz proclaiming about 1.5 million toll.


For those who are not afraid to think, here are some rational numbers: The Holocausters have forever claimed that Jews represented 20 percent of all the prisoners in the Concentration Camps. Not true, it was never that high. But, just for the sake of argument, let’s use their numbers.


Jews claim 3 million survivors and 6 million deaths for a total of 9 million Jews in the camps. If the Jews constituted 20 percent of the prisoners in the camps, there must have been 45 million people in the camps! Ya gotta be kidding, that’s almost the pre-war population of Italy and greater than the pre-war population of France These are numbers that only a bloomin’ idiot could believe.


O.K let’s try it again: The Germans were signatories of the Geneva Convention, so the International Red Cross had access to and inspected ALL Concentration Camps throughout the war, I repeat, ALL THE CAMPS. And they didn’t see any policy of killing anyone. Nor did they see any “gas chambers.” According to the IRC the total number of deaths in the camps did not exceed 300,000. The Germans claimed the number of deaths at 250,000. With the fall of the Soviet Union the IRC was given access to the “Death Registers” that the Russians had seized when they overran the Concentration Camps; Having consulted, the Death Registers, the IRC revised the numbers of deaths in the camps down to 273,000.


[Image] An official death toll issued by the IRC, Arolsen, West Germany, dated 1979.


If we accept the 20 percent figure claimed by the Holocausters, not more than 55,000 Jews died in all the camps — NOT SIX MILLION!


Recently, the Holocausters forced the. IRC to confess that they didn’t report all the abuse of Jews in the camps for fear that the Germans might deny them access to the camps or even overrun Switzerland (Not very likely.)


[Image] Plaque at Auschwitz detailing the categories of prisoners.


For those who can still think, that means that at long last — the Holocausters have acknowledged the fact that the IRC had access to all the Concentration Camps during the war; had inspected all the camps during the war; and the IRC knew of the conditions that existed in all the camps during the war. In short, an acknowledgment of the expertise of the IRC on the subject of Concentration Camps.


By forcing the IRC to confess to a “moral failure” by not reporting any abuse of Jews in the camps, the Holocausters have no choice but to accept the IRC’s number of deaths in the camps at 273,000. Having certified the IRC as experts in the matter the Holocausters are stuck with their experts’ findings.


Or, as George (Orwell) would have put it:


“The heresy of all heresies in a tyranny is common sense.”


It’s little wonder that those who instruct the Holocaust in our schools and universities here in the United States stand basic scholarship on its head by absolutely refusing to defend, in a free and open debate, the course they are teaching. I know, I’ve challenged the boys in the Holocaust business and watched them disappear in a cloud of dust. Clearly a confirmation that they are teaching rubbish that can’t be defended.


The Holocaust is alleged to be history. How could it be? There are literally thousands of subjects: civilizations, nations, peoples, cultures and countless events that dedicated historians research, carefully document and turn into thick tomes. Only when these tomes are subjected to peer review, wherein every fact not proven is challenged and adequately defended, can these tomes be regarded as history.


This is not the exception, this is the norm. One cannot deny that every facet of science is routinely challenged and must be proven. Even the nebulous subject of religion is open to debate and there are those who will passionately defend the impossibilities of the “Garden of Eden,” Noah and his bobbing ark, and Jonah and his bloomin’ whale. In defense of the impossible, the British Flat Earth Society still fights on and they have even devised a rather sophisticated mathematical formula to prove the earth is fiat. A formula that has puzzled some scientists because it seems to work! In a free society where persons are allowed to think, one can question and challenge, defend and attack, absolutely everything and anything in a search for the truth. The non-debatable Holocaust stands quite alone as an aberration and cannot claim any authenticity whatsoever. Even the Flat Earth Society with their strange formula and their willingness to defend their case present more proof than the Holocausters case that can be challenged with simple arithmetic.


[Image] The Flat Earth Society’s logo.


This latest Holocaust Museum in New Yark City constitutes a frantic effort to substitute cement for substance in the Holocaust, as if one can successfully prop up outrageous lies with brick and mortar.


Even the best efforts of the American news media to censor the truth will ultimately fail and the American people will see the Holocaust for what it is: a monumental swindle lasting over fifty years, in which the Jews have profited politically, financially and even sadistically when our government punished, and even executed, hundreds of innocent people based on lies.


From the very outset the Holocaust was a swindle. Justification for the creation of a Jewish state was based on the Jewish contention that Jews could not live in safety anywhere in Europe after the nations of Europe permitted the Germans to establish “death camps” and “gas chambers” in every European state. That’s why 5 of the fabulous 6 million victims were originally spread across Western Europe to lumber guilt on western nations and prove a case for an independent Jewish state. The State of Israel was created on a foundation of lies and to profit from this is clearly a swindle. To swindle the world and gain a nation is clearly the greatest swindle in history.


One must take note of the fact that all systems of law around the globe share a common rejection of the retention of wealth or property gained by dishonest means. The members of the United Nations were all swindled when they created the State of Israel based on the lies of the Holocaust. All nations that voted to create the State of Israel now share the guilt of having taken lands from the unfortunate Palestinian people based on lies. Empirical reasoning dictates that if the U.N. had the power to “create” the State of Israel, the U.N, has the power to “un-create” the State of Israel.


The solution to all the problems in the Middle East requires nothing more than a U.N. vote to make Jerusalem an International City — as it should have been — and the return of all Palestinian lands to their rightful owners.


Of course, our craven, groveling politicians will probably veto justice for the Palestinian people at the U.N. until the crumbling House of Orwell comes crashing down under the weight of its outrageous lies.


When this Holocaust house of lies collapses, the Jews of the United States will earn the contempt and disgust of the American people for having prayed on their kindness and compassion for power and profit, while involving them in the punishment and even death of innocent persons.


The Jews will certainly earn the anger of the American people with the realization that generations of American children were taught hatred and bigotry in their schools for the sadistic pleasure of Jews. Lest the people forget, the American public will have all the tax supported Holocaust Museums across this nation as constant reminders of the greatest swindle in history.


I’m afraid the backlash will be awesome and it will encompass all Jews living in the United States and most nations around the globe. It’s ironic, Jews who have eagerly practiced the collective punishment of the German people for fun and profit for more than fifty years will now endure the collective punishment of the world.


The Holocaust was limited only by the imagination of those creating it, sustained by nothing more than the magic word “anti-Semitic” and the willingness of the whole of the American media to censor the truth. The backlash will certainly target the whole of the American media, lowering all media types even further — if that’s possible — in the eyes of the American people.








[1] The doors of the Museum of Jewish Heritage opened on September 15, 1997 in Manhattan’s Battery Park in New York. In 1981 the museum was only a recommendation by the Task Force on the Holocaust; sixteen years and $21.5 million later, the museum opened;


to educate people of all ages and backgrounds about the entire, broad tapestry of Jewish life over the past century — before, during and since the Holocaust.”


The Main Building

The main building of the museum is an impressive, 85 foot tall, granite, six-sided structure designed by Kevin Roche. The hexagonal shape of the building is to represent the six million Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust as well as the six points of the Star of David.





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