All America Must Know the Terror That is Upon Us











By Dr. Revilo P. Oliver


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From a speech by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver,

University of Illinois Professor of the Classics,

in March, 1959, before the


Annual Illinois State Convention

Supplementary notes are provided to document

and, in a few instances, to expand and explain

statements made in the speech on March 12, 1959.




JUNE 1966





No single paper, pamphlet, booklet, more expanded text can even remotely challenge the number of reprints that have been made of this famous speech. A total circulation of “many” millions has certainly been reached.


Now, in mid 1966, Dr. Oliver has kindly extended the related “documentation” which, in many instances, is even more revealing than the original speech.


Over seven years of additional treachery fully substantiate any and all conclusions drawn or implied and completely support his bold and frightening analysis. To suggest that “treason is the reason” is the understatement of the week. This originally relatively casual “recital” of many obvious acts of treason, has now earned its place in history. Yet there remain untold millions who are not awake.


Too many well informed patriots forget how little the uninformed really comprehend. We are prone to forget that we too learned of the conspiracy piece by piece. It is very reasonable to assume that the proper moment in history has finally been reached.


By your efforts to “each one reach one”, and then by multiplying that effort as God gives you strength it is very “reasonable to assume” that untold millions will now “awake”.


Read (or re-read) this revealing speech. Then study (or re-study) the supporting documentary supplement. Obtain such books as you require to expand your knowledge on any of the many related subjects. Books marked in BOLD in the “notes” are available through CONSERVATIVE VIEWPOINT, P. O. BOX 1808, Bakersfield, Calif. 9330l.


Resolve all over again that any amount of effort on “our” part at this point in history, “beats the alternatives”. The only conceivable “alternative” is, of course to simply submit (it has been “planned that way”) to a course of inaction that will culminate in your butchery and the butchery of your loved ones, at the hands of the bolshevik beast.





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Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver is Professor of the Classics at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois. He was born in Texas, went to high school in Illinois and California was an undergraduate in Pomona College (Claremount, California), and obtained the degree of Ph.D. at Illinois under the late great Professor William Abbott Oldfather. For many years he has taught, almost entirely, graduate students in Classical Philology, and for a number of those years he also gave graduate courses in Spanish and Italian.


He has traveled widely. After World War II he was awarded a Guggenheim Post-Service Fellowship. In 1953-54, he spent a year in Italy on a Fulbright Research Fellowship exploring Renaissance manuscripts in the famous Italian libraries.


He is a scholar of international reputation. He has published scholarly articles in four languages in twelve learned periodicals of the United States and Europe. His first book was an annotated translation from the Sanskrit, “Mreehakatika” (“The Little Clay Cart”) published by the University of Illinois in 1938. He is a member of fourteen learned societies in the United States and Europe, and has been an officer in several of these.


During World War II, he was Director of Research in a secret agency of the War Department, and was cited for outstanding service to his country. In this position his attention was first called to the magnitude of Communist penetration in this country, and the information which he then acquired has enabled him to follow the progress of the Communist conquest of the world abroad and of the Communist conspiracy at home. To expose the conspiracy he has written many book reviews and articles in periodicals such as American Opinion (in which he writes the monthly “Review of Reviews”), Modern Age, American Progress, Free Enterprise, Christian Economics, National Review and even Nation’s Business in which as long ago as 1934, he pointed out, in two articles, the dangers and folly of socialistic agencies of the New Deal.


Professor Oliver is one of the very few college professors who are speaking publicly against Communism. He has made numerous appearances before patriotic groups, service clubs, forums, and on radio and television.


Professor Oliver’s speeches and articles on Communism are his contribution as a loyal American to the preservation on his country. This is a burden voluntarily assumed as a private citizen, and has, of course, no connection with his professional work in teaching and scholarly research in the field of Classical Philosophy at the University of Illinois.


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[Image] Dr. Oliver answers questions from the audience with Dr. Dale Scholz as moderator, Decatur, Illinois, March 18, 1964.






By Dr. Revilo P. Oliver



You have doubtless seen the recent and cleverly advertised book entitled What We Must Know About Communism by Harry and Eonaro Overstreet. It is a strange book. I cannot take time to analyze it or to discuss the possible motives for the authors silence about the most important parts of the vast web of subversion that extends from the humblest primary school to the highest court in our land. But I shall limit myself to matters that the Overstreets ignore or evade. And I can give only the most perfunctory summary of a few selected aspects of the terror that is upon us.


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[Image] What We Must Know About Communism (1965).


I first encountered Communists and their allies, the “liberal intellectuals,” when I was a lad in college, and I then formed the impression of them that so many people of my generation still carry in their minds. The pro-Communists among my fellows were so childish and so ignorant! Many of them, to be sure, were glib enough in parroting the phrases and arguments they had heard or read, but they obviously belong to the group that worked hard only to avoid hard intellectual work. They talked, and they seemed to believe, Marxism, a crude and absurd superstition that can be taken seriously by no one who has any knowledge of human history and Occidental culture.


There were also a few members of the faculty who were obviously pro-Communist — remember that this was years and years ago, and the college in which I was an undergraduate was not so progressive as others even at that time a few members of the faculty, I say, but they were all teaching the “science” of “education” or some similar bunk that was obviously a fraud on the public and an insult to the intelligence of an educated man. My friends and I thought the Commies, young and old, very funny.


We had all heard, of course, of what had happened in Russia, but we did not know then what everyone knows now, that the Bolshevik butchery in Russia had been organized in the United States, financed from the United States, and carried out by a gang of 1,700 disciplined assassins, most of whom came from New York City. [l] And in any case Russia was a distant and barbarous country, and nothing could be more ludicrous than a suggestion that what happened there could conceivably happen here…


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I spent the war mostly in Washington, in the most secret department of the Army, and my first shock virtually coincided with the beginning of my work there. One of our basic maxims was this: “Remember that everything that is known in the White House is known in the Kremlin.” That was a shock at the time, although now, of course, everyone who has read at all about Communism knows that Roosevelt’s assistant, Lauchlin Currie, a counterpart of the more recently infamous Sherman Adams, was a Communist agent and that he, with a trained corps of at least thirty traitors, presided over all the activities of the White House.


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[Image] Lauchlin Currie (left) and Sherman Adams


It was not until later that Harry Hopkins, the man who dispatched to Moscow all the plans for the atomic bomb together with the materials necessary to manufacture it, moved into the White House to supervise the work of treason. [2] At that time Washington was full of Communists, both domestic and foreign, and they had already obtained that complete control of most of the governmental bureaus that they have held ever since and progressively increased. It was a matter of common knowledge that in many of the civilian agencies only persons approved by the Communist party could hold offices of any responsibility. That is, of course, mere commonplace now, and, in informed circles, was mere commonplace then.


We all know, for example that Congressman Dies of Texas happened to obtain photographs of a part of the Communist records which showed that 2,500 members of just three governmental departments — State, Justice, and Interior were card-carrying members of the Communist Party. He took those records to President Roosevelt, who in one of those fits of almost insane temper to which he was so frequently subject, screamed out, “Many of my best friends are Communists!, and ordered the Congressman from the room. [3]


It is not so generally known that a presidential order commanded the Naval Intelligence service immediately to cease all inquiry into the activities of Communists, whether domestic or alien, and to destroy all records concerning Communist traitors and spies.


Washington was in 1942 what it is today — a city in which, as one bureaucrat complacently assured me, “you’ve got to be a Communist to get anywhere.” [4] It was even a city in which it was dangerous to be an American. I was there during the obscene farce — in many ways a tragic farce called the “Sedition Trial.” Everyone in Washington knew that the one purpose of this trial was to intimidate Americans. Read about it sometime. Thirty men and women from all over the country, most of whom had never even heard of one another and who had in common only outspoken criticism of Communism, were hauled to Washington in handcuffs and leg irons, imprisoned in cells kept dark so that they could not read, and subjected to the most fantastic trial for conspiracy ever conducted outside Russia or an admittedly satellite state. [5]


The presiding judge, Eicher, who had, I understand, been appointed on the demand of Felix Frankfurter, was one of the new breed of Federal judges, that is to say, viciously corrupt, and he finally died while under impeachment for malfeasance in office.


The Assistant Attorney General of the U. S. who prosecuted the case was another protégé of Felix Frankfurter, and he was rewarded for his efforts when in 1950 he went to Russia as the personal guest of Stalin.


The Hungarian revolt provides one of the hundreds of bits of evidence that show the close cooperation between the Kremlin and the bureaucracy that captured Washington under Franklin Roosevelt and has been expanding and strengthening itself ever since.


When the Hungarian people spontaneously rose in revolt, they were, as several refugees have assured me, cozened and confused by lying broadcasts from the radio station that is so sardonically called Radio Free Europe. This station, which, as Fulton Lewis has recently shown, [6] is staffed largely by Communist agents, is supported by secret grants from C.I.A., our Central Intelligence Agency. It is also supported by funds collected every year from the American people. That is just a bit of Communist humor. They delight in tricking Americans into contributing money. to ostensibly charitable enterprises for their own destruction.


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When the Hungarians suffered, and died, and begged in vain for help, only one nation in Europe dared to offer them even a modicum of assistance. That was Spain, a nation headed by General Francisco Franco, whom the Communist-dominated press in the United States so regularly vilifies. Spain agreed to send the Hungarians the weapons they most desperately needed, anti-tank guns. Spain arranged to transport the guns in her own planes, and arranged with Germany to permit these planes, on their return trip, to land to refuel, since the Spanish planes could not carry enough gasoline for a round trip. Now our Central Intelligence Agency, which seems never to be able to discover anything to the advantage of the United States, quickly found out about the Spanish plan to help the Hungarians.


The C.I.A. transmitted the information to our State Department, which immediately went into action and brought very strong pressure to bear on the German government to cancel the permission that had been given for the Spanish planes to refuel on their return journey. Thus was Washington able to save the Russians considerable inconvenience during their massacre of the Hungarians. [7]


The Central Intelligence Agency is an organization so secret that even our senators are not allowed to know anything of its operations. But, as was recently disclosed in National Review, the head of any section of this agency has full power to employ even persons whose Communists records are in the files of the F.B.I. The agency has undoubtedly undergone progressive change in the past nine years. It was in June, 1949, you will remember, that Admiral Hillenkoetter, who was then head of the agency, received an inquiry from Senator McCarran concerning one hundred new appointees to the United Nations staff. Admiral Hillenkoetter replied that according to a preliminary check of his records 29 of these appointees were officers in the Communist Party and that 32 others were known members of the Russian espionage system. Admiral Hillenkoetter was immediately transferred to a desolate outpost in the Pacific. This was, of course, but one of the many incidents by which our army and navy officers have been shown that they dare not do anything that would displease our Communist conspirators.


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I trust that you have not overlooked the latest triumph of what may fairly be called the Washington-Moscow Axis. The Batistia government in Cuba was not, to be sure, a perfect government, but it probably was as good a government as one could ever reasonably expect to find in an island largely populated by mongrels. [9] Batista, however, had committed the one sin that is unforgivable in the eyes of the people who call themselves our “liberal intellectuals”: he was an enemy of Communism. Not only was he a reliable ally of the United States, but he had even gone so far as to sever diplomatic relations with Russia, an act which greatly embarrassed our State Department. It was clear, therefore, that he must be eliminated. Accordingly the revolt led by Fidel Castro was organized. You will recall that some of the preparations for it were quite openly made in Florida.


Now although Castro thought it worth while to say that he is not himself a member of the Communist Party, his principal assistants including his brother, were notorious Communists, and no reasonable person, even slightly acquainted with Latin-American affairs, could ever have doubted that the Castro revolt was a Communist operation intended primarily to secure bases for the many Russian submarines which are constantly cruising along our Atlantic Coast, and to permit the establishment of rocket bases within one hundred miles of American soil. [10]


During the progress of his takeover in Cuba, Castro received supplies from Russian submarines, and, of course, vast quantities from the United States. The shipments from Florida were, of course, technically smuggled to him, but oddly enough our government was never able to intercept them.


But even with this help Castro would have failed but for the energetic intervention of our State Department. The technique used is, of course, a standard procedure and should be quite familiar to all of us by now.


You will recall that when General George Marshall was sent to China to arrange for the Communist occupation of that country, he was able to accomplish his mission by simply cutting off from General Chiang Kai-Shek the supplies of ammunition that he needed for his soldier’s rifles, which were all, of course, of American manufacture. $150,000,000 worth of ammunition on ships that were about to land was simply dumped in the ocean, and, of course, no further shipments were made. Thus Chiang Kai-Shek’s men could not use even their rifles to say nothing of machine guns and artillery, and he had to retreat before the Communist invaders, who had been equipped with the huge Japanese stores of weapons and munitions that we had turned over to them in Manchuria.


Following this established pattern, our State Department cut off all supplies of ammunition to the small army of Colonel Batista in Cuba, which was, of course, equipped with weapons purchased in the United States. Even ammunition that Batista had bought and already paid for was confiscated on the docks. It seems quite clear that Batista’s men did not desert, they simply had nothing to shoot. [12]


You will also remember that while the great betrayal in China was under way under the direction of such eminent figures as General Marshall and Professor Owen Lattimore, the controlled press in this country was filled with propaganda to the effect that Chiang Kai-Shek was a scoundrel, and that the Communists in China were just innocent “agrarian reformers.


The same technique is, of course, now being used. The press is once again filled with manufactured reports of the past iniquities of Batista, and with glowing accounts of Fidel Castro as an “agrarian reformer” and the “George Washington of Cuba.


If the American people can be hypnotized by this concerted campaign in the press and over the radio, the situation in Cuba should be properly “stabilized” in about two years. Then you will witness another act in the farce. You will recall that when the Communists were firmly established in China, our “experts” blandly told us:


Oops! We said they was agrarian reformers, but we was mistaken. They’s Communists after all. Ha-ha-ha!


As soon as the Russians have built their submarine bases and set up the launching fields for ballistic missiles in Cuba, our State Department will no doubt again tell us:




We were mistaken. But now that launching sites for atomic missiles have been set up within one hundred miles of the United States, war is unthinkable, ain’t it?


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By the way, you will probably witness in the next few months the destruction of our only remaining ally in the Caribbean — our only certain ally south of Canada, the Dominican Republic. That was, to my mind, clearly forecast by the Galindez affair three years ago, but it has now been made quite certain by our recent official proclamation, issued over the name of President Eisenhower, to the effect that we look with great disapproval upon “dictators” such as General Trujillo. [14]


The Communist underground is our real danger, and no one can accurately measure its total strength. Its members all vociferously deny that they are Communists, and they are so organized that when everything is working properly no one conspirator can positively identify more than five of his accomplices. Louis Budenz recounts with wry humor that when he had worked himself far enough up in the Communist Party to become managing editor of the Daily Worker and a member of the official party’s national executive council, he began to fancy himself a person of some importance, until one of his superiors remarked dryly, “Son, all that you have seen is just the periscope of the submarine.” [15]


On 3 March 1958 Congressman, Francis E. Walter published a report that “the Kremlin has succeeded in enlisting, at a conservative estimate, more than a million Americans … There are at this moment the equivalent of some twenty combat divisions of enemy troops on American soil … troops that are loyal only to the Soviets.” In other words, you are now living in a country that has been partly occupied. Unless the American people now make a desperate effort to save themselves, they will, within four years, I think, find themselves in the position of the Hungarians when they made their frantic effort to regain their freedom three years ago.


There are two basic facts that one must bear in mind when one tries to understand Communists.


[Page 7]


First, all the talk about an “ideological struggle” is mostly nonsense. No Communist, except gullible college boys and other children, really believes in the doctrine of socialism. Marx’s absurd theories are merely a propaganda device, a means to an end. The intellectual processes of the Communist have been well explained by Czeslaw Milosz in his Captive Mind, and by Gerhart Niemeyer in his Inquiry Into the Soviet Mentality, but they were best epitomized by Duane Thorin. [16]


This young American, who had somehow escaped brainwashing in his high school and college, was taken prisoner in Korea and interrogated for months by the Chinese Communists who sought to convert him. He received some attention from a really important Communist official, and his native shrewdness enabled him to see that the Communists who make the decisions had only contempt for their inferiors who really believed the Marxist propaganda. As Thorin neatly puts it: “Intellects that failed to see through the falsities of Communism were so arrested that they were of only limited use in the totalitarian state.


It is quite incorrect, therefore, to say of a Communist, unless you mean that he is a fool, that he believes in Communism. Communism is not a theory in which men may believe; it is a conspiracy in which men participate. So far as Communism has an intellectual basis, that basis may be found in the doctrine, not of Karl Marx, but of John Dewey. [17] The Communist is the perfect Pragmatist; he is a Nihilist; he believes that there is no such thing as truth. He repudiates and hates all the traditions and culture of the Past; there is no truth, there is no value in the world but the satisfaction of his own whims and appetites, whatever they may be. Intellectually speaking, he is a beast — perhaps the lowest and most dangerous of all beasts.


Perhaps the neatest illustration of the intellectual processes of a Communist and the jargon that he loves to use will be found in comments made to me by a university president some time ago. I had happened to mention the old ideal of scholarship and learning: disinterested pursuit of truth. I thought that he would at least pay lip service to this ideal, but he interrupted me imperiously.


[Page 8]


There is no truth but social truth,” he said.

And what,” I asked, “is social truth?

He replied quite simply: “It is what it is expedient for a society to tell its members.

And who,” I asked, “determines what story is expedient to tell the suckers?

He smiled. “WE do.


Now I cannot be certain that the man in question was a member of the Communist underground, but the reasoning that he employed is that of the Communist mind. There is no truth; there is only expediency. Truth, in other words, is lies.


But intellectual nihilism, the repudiation of all concepts of truth, justice, humanity, is not sufficient to explain the terrible energy of the Communist conspiracy. That energy is emotional: it is a lust, a craving, a passion. I had my first glimpse of this passion early in my days in Washington.


I met a young man who had just come into the army. He looked like an amiable college boy, and, as a matter of fact, he had been graduated from law school only two or three days before. He had been working for the Labor Relations Board, and he enthusiastically described to me the way in which he and his colleagues would railroad small American corporations that were inclined to be recalcitrant, seize their books and cart them off, ostensibly for the purpose of photographing them, but actually to force the company, paralyzed by the loss of its records, to submit. I was a little shocked, and I asked, “Lieutenant, didn’t it seem to you that you were violating the constitutional rights of American business men?” He was a young man, and he answered promptly, “Rights? Why, they’re capitalists. When we stand them up against a wall, we shoot them in the belly: they die longer that way.


That was how I first came to suspect the real orientation of Communist minds, but only after years of observations, and with help from the illuminating analysis by Denis de Rougemont, did I realize that the young man was exceptional only in the readiness with which he let slip the mask. The true Communist, whatever disguise he may wear when he moves among you, is, in the literal and exact meaning of the English word, a thug, that is, a man who has made a religion of murder. [18]


[Page 9]


He is driven by an overwhelming lust to destroy and uproot to annihilate civilization, to kill — and even more than that, to make decent men and women suffer, to degrade them to the level of animals. And he will work constantly, tirelessly, with infinite cunning for his ideal: The day when he will drag you from your home, kick in your teeth, crack your ribs, and throw you into a slave-labor camp where you will drag out the rest of your life in a degradation that you have never imagined even in nightmares. That is what he yearns for. Economic and social theories are merely a disguise to befuddle suckers.


In 1872, when the headquarters of the international Communist conspiracy were openly and officially transferred to New York City, there were only a few hundred people in the United States who were inspired by this bloodlust. But they went to work, patiently, doggedly, and with vicious cunning, to extend their tentacles over the entire nation. They went underground. By 1876 practically all of the members, including, of course, the new recruits, had been instructed to conceal their membership and deny that they were Communists; to penetrate existing American organizations, and to help one another attain positions of influence and power in those organizations; to work for the Communist goal under the guise of “social reform” and “democracy.” This is, of course, the basic strategy that has been followed ever since.


By 1907 the Communists were strong enough to organize a wing of the party that operated openly under the leadership of a criminal named William Z. Foster. [19] One of Foster’s closest associates and advisers, in 1907 or soon thereafter, was Felix Frankfurter, an immigrant who had wormed his way into the post of secretary to the Secretary of War in the cabinet of President Howard Taft.


By 1910 the first big Communist cell was planted in an American university — Harvard, of course. So far as I have been able to learn, the famous cells in Teachers College of Columbia University were not organized until somewhat later.


[Page 10]


By 1917 the Communist conspiracy in the United States was strong enough directly to affect the policies of the American government. As everyone knows, the Communist seizure of power in Russia was carried out by criminals trained in the United States. A whole shipload of this vermin was sent from New York City under the command of a butcher named Leib Bronstein, who became famous under one of his many aliases, Leon Trotsky. This ship was intercepted by the British Navy and taken to Halifax, but a vigorous protest from President Wilson forced the British to release this shipment of human germs and escort it to Russia. [20]


The pressure on Wilson doubtless came from several sources, but the most importance seems to have been a banker named Jakob Schiff, who had been the financial manager of Wilson’s presidential campaign, and whose banking house, Kuhn, Loeb & Co., had more than a year earlier deposited in Swedish banks $50,000,000 in the name of Trotsky and another degenerate whose true name and early career has never been satisfactorily ascertained but who is known to history as Nikolai Lenin. [21]


In 1918 Felix Frankfurter was publicly denounced by former President Theodore Roosevelt as a soul-mate of Lenin and Trotsky. He accordingly retired from the American government to a professorship in Harvard University, where he settled down to train two generations of traitors and slip them into positions of responsibility in Washington or into law schools throughout the nation. Alger Hiss was but one of the hundreds whom Frankfurter prepared for their important tasks. [22]


I have mentioned these dates primarily to remind you of the great progress that the Communist conspiracy made before 1919, when they decided to set up an official political party headed by William Z. Foster. This official party, the segment of the conspiracy that is openly displayed, has never been large. It probably has never had over 90,000 card-carrying member’s at any one time.


[Page 11]


It has served on the one hand as a recruiting and testing agency to enlist talented conspirators who, after they had proven their worth and ability, could quietly be transferred to one or another division of the underground, and it has served on the other hand as a shield to mask and facilitate the work of the part of the apparatus that consists of conspirators who pose as “liberal intellectuals,” and who urge the American people to save themselves from Communism by reforming their legal and economic system along Communist lines at home, and by taxing themselves to finance Communist governments abroad.


Now these foreign events, although, of course, designed to weaken further our military position, are in the Communist plans, strictly subordinate to the great program of internal subversion. This also has its center in Washington. Let me call your attention to one detail that you may not have noticed. We have all read about the president’s so called “economy” budget, and the loud yammering in Congress for increased expenditures, which is, of course, primarily a means of making foolish Americans think they have gained something if merely the crippling burden of that “economy” budget is dumped on their backs. Taxation has always been one of the primary instruments of the Communist conspiracy. You may remember the famous remark that is attributed to Harry Hopkins, I know not how accurately: “We have to bleed the American pigs dry before we butcher them.


But in this “economy” budget one should note which department of government was granted the largest increase. It is the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, which, in this budget, is granted a total outlay of $3,139,719,000 — an increase of one billion dollars over 1954. [23] Now this is the agency that is spending its money to promote such things as fluoridation of public water supplies. [24]


By the way you are here on the scene of one of their great triumphs, probably a triumph obtained by lavish expenditures from the Federal treasury. The unfortunate people of Chicago were ordered by the little dictator in their city hall to drink water contaminated with sodium fluoride, and they are now drinking it, and are not even allowed to express their own opinion by a vote.


[Page 12]


The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare is also the agency that is currently promoting another Communist scheme to enlist the services of well-meaning dupes under the guise of “social good.” The current agitation about Mental Health was begun by the World Health Organization whose president was that ubiquitous traitor, Alger Hiss. It is sponsored in this country by the National Association for Mental Health, whose director, Julius Schreiber, refused to tell a Congressional committee whether or not he was a Communist on the grounds that his answer might incriminate him. [25]


But the greatest promotion is, of course, done with your money by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. In this one department observers in Washington estimate that 75% to 80% of the responsible officers are conspirators. [26]


I have said enough, I think, to suggest how desperate our situation is. Our ancestors were never confronted by a danger so terrible and so immediate.


But I permit myself to see some hope. As the huge sale of the Overstreet book shows. The American people, who watched in a narcotic apathy, induced by the press and the radio, while the Communist conspiracy struck down the late Senator Joseph McCarthy, are at last becoming faintly aware of their danger. Some people everywhere have been made uneasy by such outrageous exhibitions of Communist confidence as the use of paratroopers in Little Rock to overawe Americans who thought that they had constitutional rights. [27] Protest is at last being heard against taxes that are imposed ostensibly for “welfare” and “progress,” but in reality merely to bleed dry what Hopkins called “the American pigs.” Farmers are rejecting the bribes offered them by the commissars, and resenting governmental terrorism. And what is even more important, on the local level in many a community people are becoming aware of the real purposes behind such things as regional planning, fluoridation, “mental health,” “counseling programs” in the schools, and the many other local activities that serve the Communist purpose of persuading the boobs to fasten on themselves their own chains.


I know of no more clear and concise program for Americans than that which you set forth in the magnificent set of resolutions adopted last April by your Continental Congress. [28] I may say that I first permitted myself to hope when I read those resolutions in the pages of American Mercury, a magazine which, by the way, the Communist conspiracy through its control of the distributing agencies, has succeeded in barring from most of the nation’s newsstands. [29]


[Page 13]


Remember that the tentacles of the conspiracy reach into your home town, where its puppets are promoting fluoridation “mental health,” and innumerable other plans to accustom us to gradually increasing slavery and intimidation. On these issues also you have in your resolutions given Americans a program for action.


Take that program and act by it in all matters, national or local. Make your voice heard. Each one of you belongs to a club or a social circle. Speak out: tell Americans of their danger. I ask you for courage and resolution: you have displayed them as an organization, now display them as individuals in the community to which you belong.


This may, I know, entail some sacrifice. But our ancestors risked their lives and their honor to create this nation. Is it too much to ask us to risk our lives, if necessary, to recapture it from our enemies?








The following notes are provided to document and, in a few instances, to expand and explain statements made in the speech which I gave before the Daughters of the American Revolution on March 12, 1959.

I have limited myself to a few basic references, citing, wherever possible, sources that may be easily obtained at the present time; full documentation would require many pages.

Books of which I give the title in CAPITAL LETTERS may be obtained at the prices indicated, from:


P. O. Box 1808

Bakersfield, California 93301

The most recent and concise survey of treason and subversion in the United States is John Stormer’s excellent book, NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON (75c). I accordingly cite is as basic documentation, and do not repeat in the following notes authority for statements (e.g. about Lallehlin Currie’s Communist connections) that may easily be verified by consulting the index of Mr. Stormer’s book and turning to the indicated pages.



[Page 14]





l. On the planning of the Bolshevik capture of Russia in New York City, see especially Boris Brazol, The World at Cross Roads (Boston, 1921; out­-of-print). Some of this information is repeated by Arsene de Goulevitch in his recent CZARISM AND REVOLUTION ($4.00), pp. 231 ff. On the financing of the Bolsheviks, see note 21 below.


If 1,700 seems a small number for the capture of so huge a country, remember that Bronstein, alias Trotsky, boasted that he had paralyzed the centralized Russian government and taken over with only one thousand perfectly disciplined men in the right places; he used the “correct tactics,” which were best described by Major Frank Pease in his booklet, Tech­nicians and Revolution (out-of-print and very rare). Many Bolseviks had, of course, been planted in the Russian government. It is sometimes forgotten that the Bolseviks captured Russia with comparatively little blood­ shed. It was not until after they had captured the government and supreme power that they began the wholesale butchery of decent Russians, of whom they eventually murdered some 20,000,000 [*The numbers have been re-adjusted since to between 60,000,000 to 120,000,000] for the fun of it. The victims naturally included many “intellectuals” and other over-educated nitwits whom the criminals had manipulated and used in the early stages of their take-over.


It is significant that a large part of the gang came from New York City. The Reverend Mr. George A. Simons, who had been in Russia in 1917, testified before the Senate Subcommittee on the Judiciary on February 12, 1919, that he had recognized many of the Bolshevik leaders and agitators as persons he had known in New York; he cited statistics to the effect that out of 388 major officials of the Bolshevik regime in St. Petersburg in December, 1918, only 16 were Russians; of the remaining 372, one was a negro from the United States and 265 were known to have come from the East Side of New York City. Robert Wilton, correspondent of the London Times in Russia for seventeen years, investigated the antecedents of the 565 most important Bolshevik officials in 1918-1919, and found that only 17 were Russians. See his Last Days of the Romanovs (London, 1920; out-of-print) and also the additional data given in the French translation, Les derniers jours de Romanof (out-of-print).





2. Harry Hopkins’ acts of treason connected with the development of the atomic bomb were first discussed by Major George Racey Jordan in FROM MAJOR JORDAN’S DIARIES ($2.00). This treason continued, of course, after Hopkins died, and there is good reason to believe that the first atomic bombs exploded by the Soviet were assembled from parts shipped from the United States; see Medford Evans (former Security officer for the Atomic Energy Commission), THE SECRET WAR FOR THE A-BOMB ($4.00). For another aspect of Hopkins’ activity, see Admiral William M. Standley’s Admiral Ambassador to Russia (out-of-print).





3. In his latest book, MARTIN DIES’ STORY ($3.00), Congressman Dies says that Roosevelt was “furious,” but he does not say that, as gossip in Washington reported at the time, he was ordered from the room. Congressman Dies now writes regularly for American Opinion.


[Page 16]





4. When the bureaucrat said “a Communist,” he probably meant anyone willing to accept Communism as an inevitable “wave of the future,” whether or not an actual Party member.


5. The most concise account of the “Sedition Trial” is to be found in The Sedition Case, compiled and published by the Lutheran Research Society in 1953; I understand that the book has just gone out of print. The book by Maximilian St. George and Lawrence Dennis, A Trial on Trial, was published before the absurd charges were finally dismissed; it is now out-of-print.





6. Broadcasts on this subject were given by Fulton Lewis, Jr., in November and December, 1958. On the background of Ripka and many other officials of Radio Free Europe, see Professor Kurt Glaser’s CZECHO­SLOVAKIA: A CRITICAL HISTORY ($5.50).


7. And, as was later disclosed, the State Department sent to Comrade Tito in Yugoslavia, obviously for transmission to his superiors in the Kremlin, an official note stating that the United States did not want a non-Communist government established in Hungary. With this assurance of the cooperation of Washington, the Soviet was emboldened to send in its Mongolian hordes to butcher the Hungarians.





8. On Admiral Hillenkoetter, see Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, AMERICA’S RETREAT FROM VICTORY ($3.00). Since I spoke, the enemies of the United States have acquired an apparently total control of our armed forces. When the Communist Conspiracy drove General Edwin A. Walker from the U. S. Army in 1961, it was obviously proclaiming its complete mastery of our Army. There have been many acts of terrorism to intimidate and silence military men who are loyal to the United States. For a partial list, see the forthcoming book by Major Arch E. Roberts, VICTORY DENIED (75c paper, $3.95 cloth).





9. I call attention to the presence of a large number of mongrels (hybrids) in Cuba because that is a fundamental datum. Official estimates of the population of Cuba are roughly in agreement, differing by only a small percentage in each category. An estimate for 1956 is: white, 71.8%; mulatto, 14.5%; negro, 13.4%; mongolian,0.3%. Everyone agrees that the first figure is much too high and the second too low, since octoroons usually, and quadroons frequently, escape across the color line. The exact figures do not great matter. It is a rule of thumb in military intelligence (see, for example, William M. McGovern’s STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE AND THE SHAPE OF TOMORROW, $4.00) that whenever ten percent or more of the population of a country is composed of a visibly different race, there will exist, no matter what the government or the dominant race may try to do about it, tensions which represent major and irremediable internal weakness. If there is, in addition, a large hybrid population, it must be taken for granted that the internal situation is potentially explosive and that government must be either more or less despotic or highly unstable.


[Page 17]


On the current Bolshevik use of racial antagonism to expedite the liquidation of decent Cubans remaining on the island, see John Martino’s excellent book, I WAS CASTRO’S PRISONER ($4.75).


The laws of nature cannot be repealed by the squawking of “Liberals” and neurotic “do-gooders.” The current situation in Cyprus is an excellent illustration, and could, of course, have been predicted with mathematical certainty by any rational man years ago. For another current example, consider the old Belgian territory of Huanda-Urundi, where it was certain that as soon as the Belgian troops were withdrawn, the Bantus would begin to exterminate the Watusi, as they are now doing.


Racial repulsions are powerful and ineluctable forces; they frequently exist where the differences are overlooked by casual observers. Few Americans realize, for example, that the upheavals in China during the early part of the present century were to a considerable extent caused by racial tensions between the Manchus and the Chinese majority.





10. In a speech available on a long-playing phonograph record ($4.00), it takes me fifty minutes to summarize the evidence which was available before January, 1959, to prove conclusively that Castro was a Soviet agent.





11. The most concise account of the betrayal of China to the Communists is Senator McCarthy’s book, AMERICA’S RETREAT FROM VICTORY ($3.00).


12. When I said that “Baptista’s men did not desert,” I did not know that some of his ranking officers had been urged to betray him by “our” Central Intelligence Agency. Although observers earlier suspected that the super-secret C.I.A. had promoted the Communist conquest of Cuba, no proof was available until Ambassador Earl E. T. Smith testified before the Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security in August, 1960; see Smith’s THE FOURTH FLOOR ($5.00). It is now virtually certain that some of Batista’s officers accepted large bribes to sabotage operations against the Communists; it is not unlikely that the bribes were provided by American taxpayers, but no proof is available or will be available until the Central Intelligence Agency is investigated by Congress and forced to explain its participation in many acts of treason. Thus far, Congressmen have not been permitted to know how much of your money they appropriate for the C.I.A., since its funds are siphoned out of other appropriation by trick bookkeeping. The only specific information on the use of these funds was provided by a defector from the Soviet Secret Police (see articles in the New York, Journal-American, March 2-5, 1964), who knew what had been done with one remittance of $1,200,000 to the C.I.A.’s office in Vienna: one-third of this sum was given directly to the Soviet Secret Police, one-third was sent to the Communist Party in Italy, and the remaining one-third was sent back to the United States to the Communist Party here – doubtless to help finance the campaign against “right-wing extremists.


[Page 18]


Of course, $1,200,000 is a very small sum of money when one considers the scale on which the C.I.A. operates; observers, including Americans who were in the C.I.A. in its early days, estimate that it now extracts between one billion and two billion dollars per year from American taxpayers.


13. Of course, the Soviet bases are still in Cuba and are constantly being expanded and supplied with the best missiles that Soviet Russia can manufacture with the aid of working drawings and, perhaps models supplied from the United States. For a description of some of the missiles now in position for use against us, see the report by Eduardo Ulacia in The Guide (Coral Gable, Florida), March 2, 1966, pp. 1, 14, 17. Naturally, such news does not appear in our crypto-Communist controlled press, which believes that its function is to keep the American sheep quiet until butchering time.


At the time that I spoke, I did not foresee that Washington had another and even more important purpose in establishing a Soviet fortress in Cuba. The island now serves as a convenient center for training the technicians who are to direct the looting and burning of American cities when the “Civil Rights” program, financed by the captive American taxpayers, gets under way. The incident in Watts, California, was only a small-scale rehearsal for the real violence of which our “Liberals” have long dreamed. Cuba is also the location of radio stations that constantly exhort Negros in the United States to exterminate white men and rape white women as a necessary preliminary to racial equality.





14. When I spoke in March, 1959, my best estimate was that the State Department and its allies planned to convert the Dominican Republic into a Communist base before the end of 1960, which meant that the operation to overthrow General Trujillo would have to begin before the summer of that year. I am inclined to believe now that the planned operation was postponed rather than risk the possibility that the American people would insist on action in Cuba. A number of nasty “right-wing extremists” were publicly telling the truth about Castro early in 1959, and by the fall of that year they were able to give the exact location of various Soviet bases then under construction. Although the puke­machines of press and radio were able to keep the American people confused and paralyzed for the necessary length of time, the Conspiracy could not be absolutely certain in advance that they would succeed in doing so. A Communist operation in the Dominican Republic, if carried out before the bases in Cuba were complete, would have greatly increased the risk of effective public exposure.


On General Trujillo, see my article in American Opinion, June, 1961. He was murdered on May 30, 1961 – by assassins in the employ of “our” Central Intelligence Agency, according to General Arturo Espaillat, former chief of the Dominican Intelligence Service.


[Page 19]


The State Department’s determination to establish a Soviet outpost on the island of Hispaniola remains unshaken. In 1962, after the murder of General Trujillo, lavish expenditure of money wrung from the tax­paying serfs in the United States procured the election of a notorious Communist, Juan Bosch (see American Opinion, September, 1963, pp. 37-50), but the decent people in the Dominican Republic threw the creature out. The Communists began an armed revolt on April 24, 1965. Washington, with the usual blather about “opposing Communism,” rushed in American troops to kidnap General Wessin and paralyze the anti-Communist forces that would otherwise have put down the revolt. As an embittered officer of our army told a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, that was the first time that our Army had been used to impose a Communist government on another nation. As I write, the results of the “free election” decreed by Washington are still in doubt, but the Communists, if their candidates should lose the election, can always order our Marines to do their work for them. Washington, having had to postpone its plans for a Communist Hispaniola for six years, is becoming impatient.





15. Budenz’ TECHNIQUES OF COMMUNISM ($2.00) is one of the most informative books on the operations of the official Communist Party in the United States.





16. The title of Duane Thorin’s book is A Ride to Panmunjom (out-of­print). For a confirmation of his observations from the Communist side, sec William G. Goddard, The Story of Chang Lao (published by the Australian League of Rights, 273 Little Collins Street. Melbourne; $1.50 postpaid).





17. Dewey concealed the real implications of his “doctrine” from superficial readers by using contorted English and confused verbiage about “democracy” and “social good.” Alert readers, however, can be counted on to see for themselves the necessary consequences of a denial that there is truth, intellectual or moral. An excellent study of the criminal mentality of the true Pragmatist was written by a former editor of National Review, William S. Schlamm, and published in German under the title, Die jungen Herren der alten Erde. Since Mr. Schlamm uses as one of his prime examples the late John F. Kennedy, I understand that the publication of his book in English was stopped when Kennedy was assassinated.


It should not be forgotten that Dewey, together with other noted subversives, formed in 1905 the Intercollegiate Socialist Society as a recruiting organization. The name was changed to Student League for Industrial Democracy in 1821, and in 1935 to American Student Union, a Communist front which went underground in 1940, probably in anticipation of Roosevelt’s Crusade to Save the Soviets. It emerged in 1947 as the Student League for Industrial Democracy, and became Students For a Democratic Society in 1959, which has an offshoot, commonly called SNICK, whose “leaders” boast that they are “more revolutionary than the Communists.” The two facets of this organization, lovingly nurtured by “Liberal” professors, include most of the anthropoids that now fill many college campuses with their din and stench.


[Page 20]





18. The book by Denis de Rougement was translated into English under the title, Man’s Western Quest: The Principles of Civilization (out-of­print) An excellent recent guide to an understanding of the Bolsheviks’ inner motivation is Louis Zoul’s THUGS AND COMMUNISTS ($5.10; paperback, $2.00). To understand what the rabid beasts of the Conspiracy really want, one has only to examine the record of what they have done in every country that they have captured; many of them do not succeed in hiding their purposes in their writing, although few are quite so indiscreet as Marx’ fellow-conspirator, Bakunin, who once said, “I believe in nothing, I read nothing, I think of but one thing; twist the neck, twist it yet further, screw off the head.” Revealing statements may be found in many sources, e.g. the late Matt Cvetic’s THE BIG DECISION ($1.00). An excellent short exposition of the true nature of Bolsheviks was given by Major Frank Pease in a valuable little booklet, Camp Fires of Ghenghiz (now very rare).





19. On the history of the criminal conspiracy in the United States to 1922, sec R. M. Whitney’s authoritative Reds in America, published by the Beckwith Press, New York, 1924, and now not only out-of-print but virtually unprocurable.


The murderous! I.W.W. was founded in 1905, but did not become prominent until 1907. Foster later served in other subsidiaries of the International Conspiracy and was National Chairman of the open Communist Party in the United States when he published TOWARD SOVIET AMERICA early in 1932. The book was widely distributed until the Conspiracy saw that the coincidence between its program and the work of subversion and destruction begun by its secret agents in our government was becoming painfully obvious. The book was then suppressed by the Conspiracy’s usual methods: copies of it disappeared from public libraries and bookstores were regularly visited to purchase (and destroy) all copies, whether new or used, that came on the market. It is said that very few copies of the original edition are in existence. One, however, was found by Americans and reproduced photographically, accompanied by a useful commentary ($4.74).





20. I should not now be so confident in placing the entire responsibility for the release of Trotsky and his accomplices on the American government. British writers who touch on the subject state or imply that it was pressure from Washington that induced the British authorities, who had intercepted the vermin and interned them at Halifax, to execute a complete volte-face and not only release the creatures but provide them with a naval escort to make sure that they reached Russia safely.


[Page 21]


This seems highly probable, because (1) the United States was the only nation in the world that could have exerted enough pressure to make Britain so completely reverse itself; (2) Wilson was politically indebted to Schiff, who had been the financial manager of the presidential campaign that put him in the White House, and who was financing the vermin; and (3) the elusive and sinister “Colonel” House, who, as is now known, did most of Wilson’s thinking for him, was in the employ of Schiff and other international bankers. These considerations led me to accept the view that Britain had yield to a protest from Wilson, who presumably claimed that the criminals, having sailed from New York, were in some sense under American protection (some of them acquired citizenship).


I am now inclined to believe that there were elements in the British government headed by David Lloyd George (a notably dishonest politician) that would have been glad to release the criminals on any pretext, and might have honored a request from Kerensky even without pressure from Wilson (although not, I believe, without consulting him and obtaining at least his approval). The decisive consideration, to my mind, is the fact that at about the same time and certainly without pressure from Washington the British released and sent to Russia an international criminal, third only to Lenin and Trotsky, whom they had under arrest as a German spy [*certainly a German Jew! ] and should have shot, since the creature was almost certainly acting in that capacity, as did other vermin (including Lenin) while awaiting an opportunity to capture Russia. The spy was a former forger and accomplice in bank-robbery named Finkelstein, alias Wallach, alias Graf, alias Maxim Litvinov, later Prime Minister of the Soviet and once thought a likely successor to Stalin, for whom he negotiated with Franklin Roosevelt the United States’ disastrous and degrading diplomatic recognition and economic support of the Soviet Union in 1933.


Lloyd George, who was willing to do almost anything to stay in power, was probably subject to the same kind of influences that directed Wilson. As Hugh Seton-Wilson says in his Pattern of Communist Revolution (London, 1960), “In the first months of 1919 (when the Bolsheviks could have been suppressed with a minimum of effort), Lloyd George and Wilson were both keen to reach agreement with Lenin.” Later, both spoke unfavorably of the vermin, but did nothing effective to help the Russian people who were fighting desperately to free themselves from the sub-humans who had taken control of their country. It is inconceivable that either Lloyd George or Wilson could have been ignorant of the nature of the beasts, but they may have imagined that only Russia would be destroyed by them.


Both Wilson and Lloyd George, according to Henry Wickham Steed, editor of the London Times, in his Through Thirty Years (London, 1924), secretly planned to recognize Soviet Russia and invite the vermin to participate in the Peace Conference at the end of the First World War, but were finally convinced that such a crime against civilization would be more than the American and British people would stand for.


[Page 21]





21. The amount of money sent from the United States to finance the Bolshevik conquest of Russia and butchery of decent Russians is variously estimated. American Military Intelligence in 1918 estimated Schiff’s personal contributions (presumably made through Kuhn, Loeb & Co.) as $12,000,000; copious quotations from this report may be found in Father Denis Fahey’s The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World (out­of-print).


On the other hand, Schiff’s grandson, who, given his interest in the estate, should have known, stated in an interview published in the New York Journal-American on February 3, 1949, that his grandfather had given from his own pocket approximately $20,000,000. Smaller, but still very large contributions were made, presumably as gifts, by other financiers residing in the United States.


To such gifts must be added loans. According to the former Russian Ambassador to the United States, (as reported in Arsene de Goulevitch’s CZARISM AND REVOLUTION $4.00), the Bolsheviks transferred 600,000,000 roubles in gold to Kuhn, Loeb & Co. between 1918 and 1922, presumably in repayment of loans. That quantity of gold was the equivalent of about $306,300,000 pre-Roosevelt.


Of course, the vermin were also financed from Germany; see the third volume of the United States Senate’s Subcommittee on the Judiciary, 66th Congress, 1st Session, Document No. 62, generally known as the Overman Report (1919). It is now known that the German Government itself [*what it really was was a German Jewish government as the Germans had no money], presumably unaware of the virulence of the germs that it was using, financed the Bolsheviks as a means of destroying Russia. One of the principal intermediaries was Israel Lazarevich Gelfand, [*a Jew] alias Alexander Helphand, alias Parvus, who went to Germany at the beginning of the World War, became suddenly and mysteriously very wealthy, and acquired great influence with the German government. [*Would that not have been the Weimar Repbulic which was run by Jews? ] For further details, see Stefan T. Posson’s new book, LENIN ($7.95).


When I said that Lenin’s “true name has never been satisfactorily ascertained,” I was thinking of various reports (e.g. by the Russian historian, D. Petrovsky, in his book, La Russie sous les Juifs), that he was really a certain Chaym Goldman. [*A Jew] I am now inclined to believe that the story was the result of the creature’s attempt to explain one of the aliases that he used, and that he, like his equally degenerate and murderous brother (executed in 1887), was the son of a prosperous Tarter named llya Ul’yanov by a German Jewess named Blank or Berg or Bernstein. His real name, therefore, was Vladimir Il’ich Ul’vanov. In the course of his criminal career, the blood-thirsty animal operated under many aliases, such as Karpov, V. Ilyin, K. P. Ivanov, etc., and frequently used forged passports.


[Page 23]





22. On Frankfurter’s earlier activities, see Whitney’s Reds In America, cited above. On his subsequent career, sec articles in the American Mercury by Harold Lord Varney (May 1957) and Thomas B. Quinn (February, 1958), and the article in American Opinion (February, 1963) by the distinguished jurist, Robert H. Montgomery. Frankfurter was identified as an “actor” in the “Bolshevik movement” in a report from the Special Assistant Attorney General of the United States dated February 23, 1921, which was filed in the National Archives, Department of State, Decimal File 1910-1920, under number 861.00-8795; I understand that this report (of which I have seen a copy) was removed from the Archives after it was discovered by a research worker in Washington some years ago. On the other aspects of the Frankfurter’s activities, see Robert H. Montgomery, SACCO-VANZETTI: THE MURDER AND THE MYTH ($5.00) and the Veritas Foundation’s report, KEYNES AT HARVARD: ECONOMIC DECEPTION AS A POLITICAL CREDO ($2.00). It should be remembered that, as James Burnham points out in his WEB OF SUBVERSION ($1.00). “almost the entire membership” of the first cell of traitors in Washington, including such loathsome creatures as Alger Hiss, Nathan Witt, Lee Pressman, John Abt, Weiss (alias Harry Dexter White), and Lauchlin Currie, came out of the Harvard Law School and had been pupils of the Frankfurter before he was elevated to the Supreme Court.


23. Since I spoke, this one filthy nest of subversion has doubled its exactions from the American serfs. In 1965, it spent $5,739,388, 296.00, and, as I write, it is predicted that the parasitic mass, now commonly known as PHEW!, will suck about six and one-half billion dollars from taxpayers in 1966.


24. On the poisoning of public water supplies, see American Opinion, March, 1963, pp. 51-65, and works therein cited; see also Robert M. Buck, The Grim Truth About Fluoridation (New York, Putnam’s 1964; cf. American Opinion, April, 1965, pp. 48-50l, and Dr. G. L. Waldbott, A STRUGGLE WITH TITANS ($4.75). Although the original purpose of “fluoridation” may have been merely to induce chronic diseases and thus facilitate the imposition of “medicare” as a means of capturing the medical profession and destroying its ethics, the use of drinking water to drug the population has other possibilities, more recently disclosed.


As is well known, fluorides, in a concentration greater than that now officially administered to resident in many American cities, have long been used in Soviet “labor camps” to keep the slaves submissive until they are worked to death, but recently Dr. Holgar Hyden, working in cooperation with the Johns Hopkins University, announced the development of a drug, tricyanoaminopropene, of which a minute quantity will clog the brain with excess protein and destroy its capacity for critical thought; he suggested that it could inexpensively be added to public water supplies, and guaranteed that it would reduce all who drank tap water to a state of such imbecility that they would believe whatever they were told on television or radio and do whatever they were commanded to do by their masters. (For the first announcement of this discovery, see, e.g. the Chicago American, February 11, 1961, p. 4).


[Page 24]


Another new drug, also tasteless and odorless, could be put into the public drinking water and would according to its enthusiastic promoters, have the effect of making the entire population sterile or, at least, incapable of begetting offspring that would be born alive; an antidote, which PHEW, by bleeding the taxpayers a little more, could supply free to its favorites, would ensure the continued fertility of criminals, degenerates, and savages. Thus within a generation civilized white men could, even without the immigration of masses of international vermin scheduled for the near future, be reduced to the minimum needed for the slave labor that, according to present plans, will toil to support the World Government.


25. Since I spoke, the World Health Organization has denied that Alger Hiss was ever president of it. It was launched at a convention sponsored and financed by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (of which the infamous Hiss was the president) and announced in the Endowment’s official publication, International Conciliation, in a special issue dated March, 1948, which bears the subtitle, “World Health Organization.” An encomiastic preface, which announces the formation of the World Health Orangization, states that it will concern itself with “mental health, housing; nutrition, economic or working condition, and administrative and social techniques” everywhere, and advertises its first convention, to be held the following June, is signed, “Alger Hiss, President. February 21, 1948.


That, at least, is studied ambiguity of the kind in which the traitor must have been expert. It is possible, therefore, that Hiss was not, as I supposed, the first president of the “World Health” rattlesnake, but only president of the snake that laid the egg from which it was hatched, but that is a technicality. It is noteworthy that the preceding issues of International Conciliation for many months were devoted to propaganda for the “United Nations,” a Communist booby-trap for Americans of which Hiss was the principal architect.


On “mental health” and the diseased creatures that direct agitation for it, see Dr. Lewis A. Alesen, MENTAL ROBOTS ($1.50), and Ellen McClay, BATS IN THE BELFRY ($1.75 paper, $5.00 cloth). One should also study carefully the reported text of an inaugural lecture in a course of psychopolitics for American traitors at Lenin University by a homicidal maniac best known under the alias, Lavrenti Beria, which he used as chief of the Soviet espionage-and-murder apparatus, now generally known as N.K.V.D., until he was liquidated by his employers. (He earlier used the alias of Berijev; his real name is said to have been Berman or Burmann.) A translations of this speech, together with a resume of the course, may be found in the booklet, Brain-Washing (Australian League of Rights, Melbourne; $1.00), which contains an introduction by the distinguished analyst of world affairs, Eric D. Butler.


26. When I spoke in March, 1959, I used as my authority a transcription of a lecture by Herbert Philbrick, former agent of the F.B.I., who informs me that he was citing the conclusions of Matt Cvetic, who also penetrated the Communist Party for the F.B.I. I subsequently went to Washington and made my own investigation by interviewing reputable and responsible persons who were in a position to know intimately the operations of the malodorous “Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.


[Page 25]


The results of that investigation were reported in American Opinion, October, 1959, pp. 48 f. My informants believed that “between seventy and eighty percent of the responsible officers in the Department are members or accomplices of the Communist Conspiracy,” and added the interesting detail that “a congressional investigation (of PHEW) would disclose such falsification of travel records as to create presumptive proof that some members of the Department really serve as Communist couriers.


27. The invasion of Little Rock, Arkansas, by the U. S. Army on the orders of Dwight D. Eisenhower in open defiance of the Constitution has since been eclipsed by the outrages subsequently perpetrated by revolutionary bands directed from Washington. Particularly memorable was the governmental outlaws’ invasion of Oxford, Mississippi, which especially delighted “Liberals” eager to get the raping and the murdering started in the state which, till then, had the lowest crime rate of any of the United States. When the cockroaches swarmed into Selma, Alabama, early in 1965, the plan, formulated in Washington as early as October, 1963, when Brigadier General Eschenberg was sent to Selma to look over the ground and decide where to land paratroopers, called for the creation of an “incident” which could be used as a pretext for sending in soldiers to bayonet white men and women. The plan was defeated by the restraint and wisdom of the people of Selma and their officials. For what really happened in Selma, as distinct from what was reported in the liepapers, see Albert C. Persons, THE TRUE SELMA STORY ($1.00), and Sheriff James J. Clark, I SAW SELMA RAPED ($2.00) ; also the article by Scott Stanley, Jr., in American Opinion, May, 1965, pp. 1-10.





28. The resolutions of the Daughters of the American Revolution, unanimously adopted, were summarized in the American Mercury, August, 1958. I here list briefly the first six of the twelve points:


(1) curb the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional and illegal activities;

(2) abolish the income tax;

(3) abolish so-called Foreign Aid, “which is a definite Communist plan”;

(4) repeal the GATT agreements, which arc destroying many American industries;

(5) withdraw recognition of Russia and all its satellites;

(6) “get the United States out of the United Nations, and the United Nations out of the United States.” Substantially the same resolutions were adopted by the D.A.R. at subsequent Continental Congresses.


29. Such was the situation when I spoke in March, 1959. Thereafter, the vermin, not content with banishing the magazine from most newsstands, resorted (according to its publisher) to buying up the printing establishments at which it was printed. The periodical, which bears one of the most honored names in American journalism, declined and almost disappeared. It has just been acquired by a new and vigorous publisher, whose first issue will appear in June, 1966. The American Mercury, P. O. Box 7213, Houston, Texas; $10.00 per annum.

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