The American Jew – An Expose of His Career – Part 7 (last) – The Jew Summarized

Part 7 (last)








Telemachus Thomas Timayenis




Foul deeds will rise, 

Though earth o’erwhelm them, to men’s eyes













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Chapter I His Arrival in America  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Chapter II The New-York Ghetto  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Chapter III The Jew at the Summer Hotel  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

Chapter IV The Jew in Wall Street  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

Chapter V The Jew in the Tobacco Trade  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47

Chapter VI The Jew in Politics  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58

Chapter VII The Jew in Journalism  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67

Chapter VIII “The Great American Journalist.”   . . . . 77

Chapter IX The Jew Lecher  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82

Chapter X The Criminal Jew  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89

Chapter XI The Jew in Petroleum  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 126

Chapter XII The Jew in His Relation to the Law  . . . . 135

Chapter XIII Customs and Habits of the Jews

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Chapter XIV The Jew Summarized  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 197








The word given to a Christian need not be kept.” — THE TALMUD.




HERBERT SPENCER in his well-known work on Sociology compares an industrial society to a living organism; but, if he had in contemplation a healthy organism, it would require an ideal society to render the analogy perfect. In the living organism, as Spencer expresses it, “nutriment is always proportioned to function;” in other words, the most blood flows to those organs which do the most work. This is true of a healthy organism, but there are diseased as well as healthy-organisms. There are diseased organisms with foul-spreading ulcers which perform no useful function, but which nevertheless send their roots down, and tap the springs of life, and divert a large portion of the nourishment to their own maintenance, to the very serious impoverishment of the members, and impairment of the constitution. And what an ulcer is to an individual organism, the Jew is to the body politic, a foul, fungoid, parasitic, cancerous growth, striking its roots into the industrial society, impoverishing it, diverting its wealth to his own gratification, and performing no useful function in return.


[Page 197]


The vast wealth which the American people have accumulated during the past few decades is the combined product of brawny, willing arms wrestling with nature for the mastery over her secrets, and of able brains guiding and organizing their labors to useful ends.


The sons of our Eastern settlers, and our kindred from Scandinavia and Germany and England and Ireland, went out in families and in groups to the Far West, where they cleared the forest, built cities on the boundless prairie, planted the hill-sides, and delved deep into the bowels of the mountain, bringing to light nature’s hidden treasures of gold and silver and iron and copper and coal and oil; while able brains grasped the problem of bringing the scattered hosts into social and commercial intercourse with each other, and with the cities of the older States, by a network of canals and railways and telegraph-wires. Millions, nay thousands of millions, of dollars have been spent in opening up this great continent, and in organizing the efforts of the scattered units into an effective force for waging triumphant warfare with nature.


[Page 198]


Has the Jew taken any part in these herculean labors of brain and sinew? Has he planned the railways, the canals, or other means of communication, or risked his gold in their construction? Has the stroke of his axe rung through the backwood, or the heavy thud of his pick resounded through the caverns of the mine? Has he guided his plough on the pathless prairie, or bent his back to the construction of the iron ways? Has he quarried the rock, or made brick, or built cities, or cut canals, or tilled the willing soil? Has he hewn timber, or floated the perilous raft, or smelted the iron ore, or forged the glowing metal with the ponderous stroke of the heavy hammer? There is but one answer: No Jew has taken part in any of these labors. What, then: is he a man of cunning brain, who has invented the unrivalled machinery which enables one man to do the work of a hundred; or has he studied the chemical properties of matter, and guided the nations to its triumphs in mechanics and the arts, or aided in organizing the unskilled labor of the country to useful ends? Again, there is but one answer: He has had no part in any of these things. The Jew despises useful labor, he has no industrial aptitudes, he holds labor as derogatory to the dignity of his race. He sees in the industrial energies, and cunning brain, and bold enterprise of the Aryan, a providential provision for his needs.


[Page 199]


Not his the rugged task of doing battle with nature; that is the lot assigned to the Aryan, who has been doomed to eat his bread by the sweat of brow and brain. The Jew is emancipated from this doom, he is of a highly specialized race set apart to perform the functions of a parasite preying on the vitals of industrial societies, fattening on their labors, and diverting their wealth to his own pocket. The Jews’ backs are not bent with labor, their supple fingers betray no acquaintance with toil, they have no intellectual gifts which they exercise for the good of society, they contribute in no way to the production of wealth, they benefit society in no way; and yet look at them in New York City, and indeed wherever they have fastened themselves, and you find them leading lives of luxury and ostentation, and holding in their hands a great part of the wealth of the country.


None of this wealth has been come by honestly; none of it represents services rendered by the Jew to, the community. Every cent has been obtained by fraud, and by, taking cunning, selfish advantage of the imperfections of our social system.


[Page 200]


In his more legitimate pursuits the Jew throngs the avenues of commerce, establishing five stores where one would suffice the people’s needs. And, of course, the diminished business done by each necessitates high profits. But this is the least of the Jew’s offences: he has cultivated lying and deceit, and the fabrication of false evidence, — cultivated it as a fine art; and nothing that he sells is what he represents it, or what it appears to be, — his cloth is shoddy or damaged, his leather, paper, his gold, pinchbeck, his furniture made of rotten or worm-eaten wood, his drugs and foodstuffs, adulterated. And even with this he is not satisfied; the methods are sure, but too slow to satisfy his greed. He ponders fraudulent bankruptcy, and carries it to a successful issue; he insures his warerooms, full of worm-eaten, rotten furniture, or shoddy clothes, and by some “unaccountable means” they are destroyed by fire. It is nothing to the Jew if a dozen Gentile lives be sacrificed in the flames. And moreover, who can prove that the firing as not an “accident”? The Jew thrives by such means, and in old age he tells his children, not cantingly, but with simple faith, that — “God prospered him;” for he believes honestly in a special interposition of Jehovah to deliver the Gentile nations over to him for a spoil. His delight is in usury, in pandering to vices, or in taking advantage of the necessities of the unfortunate. The Jew pawn-broker, watching like a spider in his web, is a sight that men and angels might weep over.


[Page 201]


The law limits the amount of interest he may claim; but what matter? He lends only a fourth or an eighth of the value on the goods left with him, relying but too securely on his foresight, which predicts that the unfortunate will but rarely be able to redeem their pledges. In this department of industry, as a receiver of stolen goods, for which he gives “very good prices, and no questions asked,” and as a panderer to vice, the Jew is in his native element; but he thrives in every branch f business in which it is possible to adulterate the products which pass through his hands, or to make them seem other than they really are. To a small extent, the Jew is an employer of labor; not of the capable, but of the least efficient sort. He does not hire good workmen, for he does not want good, honest work; he wants only that it appear good: that secured, the poorer the work, the less durable the material, the better he is pleased. He employs women and children, and the least capable workmen, for the production of articles of a quality inferior to any thing he could procure from an American factory or workshop, and he pays in proportion to the value of the work, which cannot give more than starvation wages.


Take the Jew from his advent into Western Europe: his career has been one unbroken record of fraud, and vice and grovelling meanness, and usury, and lying, and deceit, and pandering to the greed of princes, who have been tempted by loans to expose their people to the merciless grasp of these greedy parasites, until, one after another, the peoples rose, and hounded the loathsome vampires from their midst. In two countries alone did the rulers stand resolute in harboring and fostering the Jews, — the two great nations of the East and West, Spain and Turkey; and both these countries have become a by-word among the nations, their political greatness broken, and their people hopelessly sunk in debts for usury, until all industry is paralyzed.


[Page 202]


The Jew is in all ages the same; grovelling, greedy, grasping, in pursuit of gold; tyrannous and insolent in possession; conscious of the scorn with which he is regarded by a loftier race; craving to repay it, with a bitter lust for vengeance; and striving with a patient persistence, worthy of a nobler cause, for the wealth which will enable him to demonstrate his superiority, by placing his foot upon the necks of the hated Aryan.


The Jew is a pestilence and danger in every Christian community: he fattens on the misfortunes of the individual; on the imperfection of social laws, which imperfection he does his best to perpetuate; by acting as receiver of stolen goods; and, above all, our wars and other national calamities. It was the unhappy fratricidal war in this country, which, while it impoverished the nation in blood and treasure, raised the Jews to a pinnacle of greatness, and brought the nation under tribute to them.


[Page 203]


They have acquired a hold on this country such as they never secured on any nation in Europe: they are striving toward a future here such as Europe gave them no promise of. In this, the greatest nation under the sun, a continent fertile in natural resources to which the surplus population of Europe must needs flow, no kingly head, no patrician caste, no standing armies interpose between the Jews and their dream of absolute dominance. Here the battle for supremacy, for the power that shall mould legislation, that shall determine the destiny of the nation, is one between lofty principle and wealth, between the patriotic sentiment that would raise the intellectual, moral, and material condition of the people, foster freedom, and repeal unequal laws, and the parasitic craving to subject the people to the tyrannous dominion of an oligarchy’ dominating by the possession of gold, filling the legislature with subservient creatures, moulding legislation in the interests of the oligarchy, and backing its claims with the support of a standing army if need be. All the Jews’ weight and influence is thrown on the side of the oligarchy. Already the race counts its gold, and sees itself the most potent factor of the dominant party; already the Jew sees in fancy his subservient creatures, bought with his gold, in the Senate and in Congress, and looks forward hopefully to the period when the glory of the infancy of his race shall be restored, and the people bend the knee in humble reverence when the Jewish plutocrat rolls by in his chariot.


[Page 204]


The Jew is not alone in his parasitic tendencies, not exactly alone; but for all that he is a parasite sui generis. * It has been asserted as the result of the most careful and reliable investigation, that the nominal railway capital on which the nation is paying interest, has been swollen by three thousand millions of watered stock, and fearless and indignant protest has been urged in the Senate of the nation against the tolerance of such a state of affairs. But is there any comparison between the railway magnate and the Jew? The former asserts, and his assertion is well grounded, that the tax he levies on the people is but a tithe of the wealth he has created for their benefit. It is no adequate plea, no just plea. The railway magnate owes his success to the facilities afforded by the social organization, and to the co-operation of talents and forces, without which his own brilliant achievements would have been impossible. But while the plea does not justify the railway magnate, it palliates his offence. But by what plea shall we attempt to palliate the acts by which the Jews wrest their millions from the people’s earnings? What wealth have they created? what facilities for the creation of wealth? What services material or immaterial have they rendered the nation? When you compare the two, you find that the railway magnate is no true parasite: he fattens on the wealth which he has created by the employment of his capital in far-seeing designs; he is a co-worker, one of the most useful members of the community, who has taken advantage of his opportunities to appropriate more than a just share of the wealth be has been so largely instrumental in producing.



* [A Latin phrase meaning of its own kind, used to describe something considered unique, the only example of its kind.]


[Page 205]


He deserves censure, and but for the imperfection of our laws he would be called on to make restitution. But the Jew is a true parasite, type of a mean race, without intellectual insight or industrial’ aptitude, of a race that has a history extending over four thousand years, in the whole of which time it cannot lay claim to the credit of any, even the most insignificant, discovery or invention useful to mankind. The industrial aptitudes of the Jews are perhaps on a slightly higher plane than those of the Red Indian; they have no such industrial aptitudes, or intellectual insight into the properties of matter, as would enable them to raise themselves to the rank of a civilized nation. The present condition of the Jewish colonies of Palestine is the measure of their capacities in this direction. They are simply, and without qualification, a race of parasites, whose existence depends upon their being able to fasten themselves on industrial races, and prey on their vitals.


The wolf in the forest, the rattlesnake in the prairie dog village, has each his allotted task in the economy of nature. But the Jew can advance no such apology for his wretched existence. His career in Europe, his career in this country, demonstrate that he is precisely what we have characterized him, an unqualified parasite.


[Page 206]


But while the Jew is essentially a parasite, and stands in no other relation whatever to an industrial society on which he fastens, and although he has none of that intellectual capacity which has enabled the two leading races of man the Aryan and Mongolian to achieve their triumphs over material nature, he is still not wanting in a certain intellectual acuteness and imitative capacity, and in a power of adaptation to the tone and expression and superficial manners of the races which tolerate his presence among them; and, as a consequence, Spain and Western Europe have developed types of Jews of very much higher culture than their brethren in the East. These people are capable of discussing moral questions by European standards, and of giving expression to very creditable sentiments; but if the question of parasitism is broached, they take precisely the same attitude that the average American takes when it is pointed out to him that the destiny of the Anglo-Saxon race on this continent threatens to involve the extinction, first of the Red Indian, and later of the Spanish races. They say it is the course of Nature, or the ordination of Providence, that man shall be exposed to a struggle for existence, which will result in the final survival of the fittest. But there is no parallelism in the two cases. The Anglo-Saxon race wants the earth, that it may subdue it, and is doomed by the law of self-preservation to, dispute possession with all races which oppose its spread; and the same law destines all nations which stand in its way to oppose its spread, or perish.


[Page 207]


The Jew does not come to compete with us in the struggle — for dominion over nature; he does not come and ask permission to throw in his lot with us, and struggle with us, shoulder to shoulder, against our obstacles. animate or inanimate: he comes with specious words, asking protection, and promising obedience to our laws i and, before we are conscious or suspicious of his intentions, he has crawled through the imperfections of our social system, and fastened on our vitals. It is his destiny; he has no other idea of life; he finds industrial races easily preyed on, and quite ready to encourage him among them, and in that willingness he sees the guiding hand of a Supreme Power, which has singled his race out for a special destiny. He must prey on industrial races, or sink to the lowest depths of degradation, like his brethren in Russia and elsewhere, where cruel laws as they deem them have forced them to earn their bread by the sweat of their brows. The American Jews wish to emancipate their brethren in Russia from this cruel necessity. America is large enough, and rich enough, and stupid enough, to support them all.


[Page 208]


They have a brilliant future in America, such as no other country offers; they can look forward with confidence to grasp the reins of power in this country, and gratify their boundless vanity and ambition; they want to add to their numbers by assembling all their race here, and already active steps are being taken to import the Russian Jews, the dregs of the Hebrew race, the most degraded specimens of’ humanity, a people who, nevertheless, amid all their degradation, believe that they are Jehovah’s chosen people, destined in his good time to place their foot upon the necks of the Gentile races.


Shall America be further invaded by these degraded people, longing to be emancipated from toil, that they may share with their more prosperous brethren in the plenty of the Gentiles, whom God has given over into their hands? We refuse citizenship, and with good reason, to the Chinese, who are as highly an industrial people as ourselves, a race with broad intellect, and keen insight into the secrets of nature; a race that in its insolation discovered the mariner’s compass, invented printing and gunpowder, and which for more than three thousand years maintained creditable rivalry with the civilizations of the Western world. We refuse to receive these people on our shores; and shall we allow the degraded Russian Jews, the lowest dregs of a degraded parasitic race, free asylum, knowing that they come, not to stand with us shoulder to shoulder to urge on the destinies of this great nation, but as conquerors coming to dominate over the Gentiles, whom;

God has given into their hands for a spoil?


[Page 209]


This is the vital question of the age for Americans. The Red Indian has run his career, and will solve his own destiny; the negro is developing industrial capacities, and fitting himself for the performance of useful functions in the social organism; the Spanish races will submit to the inevitable, as the countless millions of the next two centuries roll southward. But the Jew! Shall he be allowed to impede the onward march of the American nation, to ride on its shoulders, to prey on its vitals, and finally to grasp the power which they have achieved by their triumphs over nature, and subject them under his feet?


We do not open our gates to these people because we want them. They have no arts to teach us, no new industries to implant among us; they bring no skilled or intelligent labor, no industrial aptitude; they bring us no strength, no wholesome moral influence, no kindly sympathies. They come with no friendly acknowledgment for hospitable reception: they come to prey on us; and, knowing that, no sane people should let them in.


[Page 210]


There are millions of broad acres on this continent waiting to be tilled, forests to be cleared and untold wealth lying hidden in its. mines. The Aryan peoples of Europe come to us with firm step, clear eye, and bright resolve, ready to engage in this fierce strife with nature in her waste-places. They come from Sweden and Denmark and Norway and Germany and England and Ireland, and go out to the prairie and the forest, and build huts, and clear the forest, and plough the land, and delve in the mine, and build cities, and engage in a thousand industrial pursuits. They will make their home in the prairie and the forest, and thank God for the opportunity to do battle with nature evenhanded; and the bright light of inward peace will reflect itself in their faces, as from year to year they see the wilderness being brought into subjection, and their children growing up inured to toil, and indulging in legitimate, lofty aspirations. And twenty years later you visit their settlements, and find a stalwart race of hardy freemen, who tell you they are Americans, citizens of the greatest nation on earth, proud of their birthright, and eager to aid the nation along in the path of true progress.


Will the Jew, too, throw in his lot with these people? Will he struggle manfully with the hardships of early settlement? No, no! the Jew turns away revolted from such a sight; his lordly race cannot stoop to toil unless God’s anger forces it upon them. Has not God promised that he will put the Gentile nations under their feet? and would it not be a spurning of Heaven’s best gift to bend his back to labor, when he can go to the city and enter upon his inheritance as a parasite, and thus fulfil the lofty destiny of the chosen race?


[Page 211]


It is said that Christian liberality is the motive power which prompts us to tolerate the Jews among us; that they are a persecuted people; and that as long as they obey the laws, we should throw the mantle of our protection over them. Yes, if they come to throw in their lot with us as the Aryan people of Europe do, to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in the struggle with nature, to aid and be aided as we aid each other with band and brain, by all means admit them. But they do not, and will not; and is it Christian liberality, is it common regard for social health and purity, to allow ourselves to be preyed on by a race of parasites? to foster them until their hold shall have become ineradicable? All naturalists are agreed that parasitism is evidence of degeneration; but is it no evidence of degeneration when an individual or a people allows itself to be infested with parasites, and takes no measures for their eradication? Is not the moral influence of their example fatal to our own people? Can the struggling millions see an inferior race dwelling in lordly style, and insolently claiming superiority, and not themselves be tempted to the adoption of a similar mode of life? We have evidence enough that a considerable number of our people are so tempted, that they weary of the slow processes by which wealth is produced honestly, and aim like the Jews to enrich themselves by the spoliation of their neighbor.


[Page 212]


But the Jew has special aptitudes for parasitism, and has been prepared for a parasitic life by centuries of training. He has the advantage, that he has but one object in life, — the acquisition of wealth, and the enjoyment of the display and power which its possession gives him; and the further advantage that he has no moral principles, no regard for truth, no sentiment of honor, to deter him from any measure which favors the end in view; and even if there were a scintillation of moral justice in his nature, his creed teaches him in set and express terms, that it is lawful to despoil the Gentile, to bear false witness against him (for the Gentile is never his neighbor), and that it is not incumbent on him to hold faith with a Gentile in any matter. Are there any Jews lifted above the pursuit of wealth, men learned in all the wisdom of the Gentiles, who have abstract conceptions of the beauty of truth and justice, and who are guided by these conceptions in their daily life and intercourse with Christian people? There may be, and probably are; but the American people have not to concern themselves with the exception, but with the rule.


The Jews as a people are a parasitic race, living on the vitals of the industrial races who harbor them; and, in these seeming exceptions of men of culture and accumulated wealth, we have only to strip them of their possessions, and place them face to face in the struggle with nature, to see the race instinct assert itself, and see them turn away and join in the pursuits of their brethren. Their theoretic morality blossoms only in the sunshine, and will not stand the rude test of adversity. You might as well ask the American people to withdraw within the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, and pledge themselves never to cross the barrier, as ask the Jew to forego his parasitic tendencies, and enter on the production of wealth in common with the people of the country: he cannot; the race instincts are too strong in him; he must follow their guidance as long as there is opportunity for their indulgence.


[Page 213]


We apply the term “parasite” to the Jew, not rashly, but with due regard to its full import. A parasite in an industrial community is one who lives on the labors of others, one who either renders the community no service, or a service insignificant in comparison with the reward he succeeds in appropriating. Just consider for a moment that the average earnings of the American people, with their vast capital, their fertile brains, and brawny arms, under the highest industrial organization, is rather below seven hundred dollars per annum for each family of five persons, and then look at the thousands of Jews in New York whose incomes average seven thousand dollars! Is it not monstrous, that the members of a lower race, a race little above the Red Indians in industrial aptitude, a race incapable of raising themselves to the dignity of a civilized people, should be allowed to fasten themselves upon industrial nations of a higher race, each one of them appropriating to himself the wealth which ten families have been engaged in producing? What have these Jews done, what service could they render the nation, that they should be entitled thus to batten upon it?


[Page 214]


It is quite true that, in consequence of the imperfections of our social system, it is impossible to regulate the proportion of the trading-class to the needs of the nation, or to proportion its profits to the value of the services rendered, and that, in consequence of these difficulties, this class secures more than its just share of wealth, which results in its ranks being crowded, and in the nation having to support the whole for services which a much smaller number could render efficiently. But because the evil is apparently irremediable, shall we aggravate it by allowing an alien people to thrust themselves upon us, to throng every avenue of commerce, to succeed by lying and cheating and misrepresentation and fraud, and to oust our own people? If the unduly large profits of trade are to be held legitimate, why should not American people enjoy them?


The rapid accumulation of great wealth, and consequent influence, by the Jews, is a source of great danger to the nation. It is dangerous enough when any section of the community succeeds, under cover of unequal or imperfect laws, in appropriating the greater portion of the accumulated wealth of the country into its own hands, and employing it for its own selfish ends.


[Page 215]


The people would be far more imbittered if a superior and conquering race wrested their hard earnings from them for its own display; but all the bitterness of bate finds vent when it is seen that the wealth is held, and the power wielded, by an abjectly inferior race, who appealed to their generosity for an asylum, and now, with an insolent assertion of superiority, claim to arbitrate the destinies of the nation by virtue of gold wrung from the people by fraud and usury and lying and cunning and meanness.


The Jew is not a desirable citizen. That he is alien to us in religion would have no just force. were it not that his religion justifies and enjoins action which is inconsistent with good citizenship. It teaches him that his race has been singled out by Jehovah for dominion over other races i and he strives after that dominion as his birthright, not by equal contest, but by fraud and cunning. His religion teaches him that it is lawful to despoil the Christians, and to bear false testimony against them in behalf of his own people; and a race holding these tenets is unfitted for American citizenship. He takes no part in the production of wealth, and contributes nothing in labor of brawn or brain necessary to its production; nor does he by any spark of intelligence facilitate its production.


He has no sympathy with the people among whom he seeks asylum, no sentiment of patriotism, no sense of community of interest. He sees in the Christians only hated foes, who despise him while he is poor, but are ready to bow down to him when he has accumulated wealth, an alien, hated race whom his God has given over to him for a spoil.


[Page 216]


He abstains not only from joining his protectors in the strife with nature, but equally abstains from joining them in their struggle with their foes. The country’s quarrels concern him only according as they afford him facilities for making money out of them. So far as his business-pursuits may be regarded as legitimate, he is not capable of rendering any special services, and he simply ousts an American citizen to make room for himself; but, as we have seen in following his career through this volume, he throws discredit on every branch of business in which he engages, by his crooked and underhand ways. The base of the whole Jewish pyramid is composed of pawn-brokers, receivers of stolen goods, lewd bawds, and fences of the well-known Mandelbaum * type, old-clothes dealers, and peddlers.


The race has not one quality which renders it a valuable acquisition to our ranks, but a thousand which render it desirable that we purge ourselves of them; not one quality to command our esteem, but a thousand which inspire us with contempt. We have nothing to hope from their presence, but a great deal to fear; and the time is ripe for taking a determined stand on this subject, before the arrival of fresh hosts of the degraded race from Russia. Let this threatened visitation of a physically and morally polluted race be stayed at once by the resolute fiat of the American People. Let the Jews of this country understand, that the American people do not want, and will not receive, the dregs of a race which has won only scorn and contempt from the people of Europe.



* [See page 94: Mrs. Frances Mandelbaum, better known as “Mother Baum, Queen of Knaves,” was for many years a receiver of stolen goods in Clinton Place, New York.]


[Page 217]


But it is not enough to stop here. We want no Jews in this country; we want no parasites on our industrial organism; we are ourselves capable of consuming all the wealth we produce, We want no festering cancer in the body politic; it is not healthy, it must be eradicated. If the American people must be ruled by, or have to struggle against, the threatened dominance of an oligarchy, in Heaven’s name! let it be an oligarchy of our peers, of men of kindred race, with like sentiments, like sympathies, as ourselves, — men to whose sense of justice we can appeal, knowing that their abstract sentiment of justice is grounded on the same basis as our own; an oligarchy which, if it draw the sword and crush us into submission, will still remember that we are brethren, and be magnanimous. But let not our nation, — this great nation whose industrial aptitudes, intellectual powers, and natural resources are sufficient to raise it to the highest pinnacle of human greatness, — let not our nation be humbled to the dust by armies of our brethren, raised with the gold of conquering Israel. Let not the American people incur the passionate hate, the vindictive vengeance, of a race which for ages has treasured up in its bosom the memory of the well-merited but bitterly resented scorn and contempt with which Christendom has treated it; of a race merciless and cruel as hell; of a race that never spared a foeman; of a haughty, insolent, vindictive race, that will recognize in their triumph abundant evidence of their own superiority, and of Jehovah’s favor.


[Page 218]


And they would be in great part right. It is well said, that;

whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad;

and the American people would earn the fate inevitably in store for them, if, their eyes opened to the character of the Jews, to their grasping accumulation of wealth, to their dream of final domination over the hateful Christian peoples, they continue to tolerate their presence.


On this point but one sentiment should animate the American people, and this should find expression in the one curt but emphatic cry:

The Jew must go!


Let there be no angry denunciation, no unseemly haste, no injustice, but calm, deliberate, and firm resolve. By our silence we gave sanction to their settlement among us, and they are entitled to the protection of our laws as long as they remain. Let them go with all their ill-gotten gain, and let us forget that it was ill gotten but let them go.


The blame of their admission rests on us, for we knew that they were deservedly hated and scorned by all the higher races of men. Give them time to convert all their wealth into gold and bills, and let them go whither they list. To Europe if the European people will still consent to be preyed on by them, and, if not, to their own country where they are assured of protection by the Turkish Empire. Let the people of the United States ponder this matter calmly and deliberately, and decide how we may purge ourselves of a race of parasites, and in self-defence guard against the threatened and already impending danger, that the nation will be subjected to the dominant rule of a powerful oligarchy, the majority of whose members will be men of an alien race, who hate us with an intensity of hatred, nurtured by the memory of the scorn and contempt with which they have been regarded for centuries.


Let the people ponder this problem, let reflection beget resolve, and let resolve be transferred into action, while there is yet time. We want no parasites among us; we will not have them; our social health demands that we purge ourselves of them. The Jew must go. Let the nation assert itself to this effect, not passionately, not bitterly, not vindictively; but from Maine to Louisiana, from New York to the Golden Horn, let the American people rise as one man, and assert in deep tones of calm, unwavering resolve:


We want no parasitic race among us: THE JEW MUST GO!








The cover, the ‘Le Happy Merchant’ image and Table of Contents are not part of the original book.

  • Notes enclosed in [square brackets] and marked with an asterisk (*) symbol are not in the original text.

  • On page 55 on the original scan half the text is missing. If anyone has the complete text please paste it in the comment section of my blog. Thanks.

  • Page numbers in this document are the page numbers in the original book.




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The American Jew – Part 1: His Arrival in America — The New-York Ghetto — The Jew at the Summer Hotel

The American Jew – Part 2: The Jew in Wall Street — The Jew in the Tobacco Trade

The American Jew – Part 3: The Jew in Politics — The Jew in Journalism — “The Great American Journalist.” — The Jew Lecher

The American Jew – Part 4: The Criminal Jew

The American Jew – Part 5: The Jew in Petroleum — The Jew in His Relation to the Law

The American Jew – Part 6: Customs and Habits of the Jews — Religious Doctrines

The American Jew – Part 7: The Jew Summarized



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The American Jew — An Expose of His Career (1888) – Part 7 (last)


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The American Jew — An Expose of His Career (1888)



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