The World Conquerors — Part 15: The Betrayal of America


[NOTE: Louis Marschalko was a Christian and as such his book reflects that. The purpose of posting his work is not to endorse his religious views but rather to present his study on the jews and their supremacist agenda of world conquest – KATANA]


The World




The Real War Criminals



Louis Marschalko


Part 15



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5 What a tremendous aid in understanding world events today.

By timothy k. price on December 25, 2013

This is a book that has to be read. Some people will protest and call it “anti-simetic” but this is not true.

A large tribe of people will deluge this site with protests against the book. Pay no attention to them. Read this book.

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Latimer the Cat 1 year ago

What a tremendous aid in understanding world events today.”

Of course. Like it or not, today is a reflection of yesterday. Isn’t that why revisionist (real) history publishing was banned under the post 1917 judaic/communist incursion of Russia? Isn’t that why the other side of the coin (the NSDAP view) of what’s taught as WWII is never taught here in America even after 70+ years after the conflict?


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5 Must read

By john bebekon March 2, 2013

One of the most informative books I have read.If you want a unsanatised version of events, then this is the book.

Louis Marschalko tell’s it like it happened,and is still happening today.


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5 Truth Before It’s Time

By john thames “scholar1” on February 25, 2013

Long before the Holocaust denying Institute for Historical Review appeared on the scene, Louis Marschalko, a Hungarian, wrote a definitive expose of the six million myth in the context of a book exposing world-wide Jewish conspiracy. Remember, the book was published in English in the late 1950’s and got everything right long before its time. Although there are a few mangled quotations and slight errors of fact, Marschalko saw through the fog of propganda long before organized revisionism appeared on the scene. It is a remarkable book – and one still worth reading if you can find it.


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5 The Clearness of Marschalko.

By Paul Wasa on May 12, 2010

Mr. Marschalko does a good job in exposing the poisoning mind of the Jews worldwide.

He’s very well documented and has a very clear insight on things gone by. He analyzes the 2nd World War regarding the Jews and draws the most logical conclusions.

A book not only worth of being read, but I should say “a must” for younger people, who know nothing about WWII but from Jewish books and Jewish propaganda films, most of them untrue or biassed.

Paul Wasa.

Honest Critic 4 months ago

agreed… good read… goes hand in hand with a Greater Miracle of the Lost Ten Tribes Discovered and Fearless and Godly Pioneers for the Truth (which also gives a short bio. on Marshalko)… read it before you dismiss it.


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4 Controversial, but interesting

By S. Swink on August 27, 2007

Louis Marschalko — a Hungarian nationalist – published this book book in 1958. “The World Conquerors,” surveys the worldwide advance of communism from a decidedly Catholic perspective. The author’s argument is that communism is a worldwide movement, promoted everywhere by the same worldwide, transnational force.

In four chapters relating to WWII, “The Real Victors of the Second World War”, “Revenge is Ours”, “New Purim and Nuremberg”, and “What Has Become of Six Million Jews?”, Marschalko proves himself a one-man Institute for Historical Review.





Good Morning from the Zundelsite


Copyright (c) 1997 – Ingrid A. Rimland

September 23, 1997

In a book review published with permission from Granata Communications, below I give you yet another excellent summary of a classic:

Louis Marschalko’s book, “The World Conquerors,” first published in 1958, is more timely now than ever. It is one of those volumes whose prophesies lies in fulfillment.

Written by a Hungarian nationalist, it surveys the worldwide advance of communism as the unfolding of the scheme of the notorious “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.

The book’s thesis is expounded in its first chapter. Entitled “The Oldest Nazism in the World”, Marschalko shows the bolshevism of the Old Testament. The Fuehrership of Moses laid the foundation for all that has come since.

Although not a study of organized religion, the author’s side comments show astounding clarity. The Catholic perspective of Mr. Marschalko underlies his opposition to “The World Conquerors” he exposes: Christianity as the antithesis of Judaism, Protestantism as a reversion to the barbarism of the Old Testament, the ancient worship of the Golden Calf as the basis for emerging capitalism.

The rest of the book piles fact upon fact to make its case. The Jewish background of communism is thoroughly explored. Much of the material is familiar. However, a very valuable survey of communism in South America is included. This reinforces the author’s argument that communism is a worldwide movement, promoted everywhere by the same worldwide, transnational force.

Moving on, Marschalko examines the real nature of the German National Socialist regime. Its achievements are noted, as well as the real reasons for the war. Hitler’s Germany had to be destroyed if the program of the “Protocols” were to be fulfilled.

The author provides much information on the persecution of the Germans in Poland at the time when such claims were almost universally dismissed as propaganda.

The section on World War II and its aftermath is astounding Revisionism ahead of its time. In four chapters, “The Real Victors of the Second World War”, “Revenge is Ours”, “New Purim and Nuremberg”, and “What Has Become of Six Million Jews?”, Marschalko proves himself a one-man Institute for Historical Review.

The Jewish staffing and orchestration of the Nuremberg Trial, the east-west collaboration in the hounding of “war criminals”, the real fate of the fabled Six Million, the setting up of Jewish persecution as the moral standard of the post war era, all are devastatingly analyzed to show the vested interests at work.

Even the well-informed reader will be amazed at the cohesion and extent of the Jewish revenge which was taken post-1945 in Europe. Each of these chapters can and should be expanded into full length books. Until that happens, these four chapters may be taken as a primer on the subject.

The rest of the book covers the post war era of the Cold War up to the date of publication, 1958. The Jewish involvement in the atomic bomb treason, the Hungarian uprising of 1956 and the efforts of the Jewish media to cover up anti-communist exposures by Senator Joseph McCarthy and others confirm the blackout on truth by “The World Conquerors”.

Particularly valuable is the voluminous evidence presented on the post-war Jewish control of the Soviet Union. Marschalko convincingly argues that the deportation of Western Russia’s Jews ahead of the Nazi invasion created a second Iron Curtain. The Jews were concentrated in the Soviet arms production factories behind the Ural Mountains. This allowed them to retain a key grip on power while denuding the western provinces where Jews were never popular.

The United Nations is also exposed as a front for Jews. A voluminous list of Jews in key positions is appended. In reviewing the evidence, it is difficult to conclude anything other than that the shoe fits.

If there is no Jewish conspiracy at work, the world has been treated to amazing coincidence. A better explanation is that Louis Marschalko is right. His presentation is logically lucid and well documented. It is also easily read and easily understood. A short book of only 296 pages, it is hardly all-inclusive. But as a statement of the essential facts, it has stood the test of time. It summarizes the facts and points the student in the proper direction for further research.

(Copyright 1958, reprinted 1983. Translated from the Hungarian by A. Suranyi. No Library of Congress #. No ISBN.)

Thought for the Day:

There are persons, too, who see not the full extent of the evil which threatens them; they solace themselves with hopes that the enemy, if he succeed, will be merciful.

It is the madness of folly, to expect mercy from those who have refused to do justice; and even mercy, where conquest is the object, is only a trick of war; the cunning of the fox is as murderous as the violence of the wolf, and we ought to guard equally against both.

(Thomas Paine)





The World




The Real War Criminals




Louis Marschalko


English translation by A. Suranyi

Publisher: Britons Publishing Society, London






1. The oldest “Nazism” in the World

2. The Meaning of Christ’s Resistance

3. World Domination in Three Stages

4. Millionaire Bankers Back Bolshevism

5. A Movement Maligned

6. The Real War Criminals

7. Why Hitler Had to Go

8. The Real Victors of the Second World War

9. “Revenge is Ours”.

10. New Purim and Nuremberg

11. What Has Become of Six Million Jews?

12. Spiritual and Economic Persecution

13. Biological Class-warfare Against All Nations

14. The Jews Have the Atom Bomb

15. The Betrayal of America

16. The Fulfilment of the Protocols and the Farewell Letter of a Hungarian Martyr

17. The Key Positions of Jewish World-Power

18. Secret Powers

19. The Hungarian Freedom Revolt








To the memory of the Nationalist Martyrs


and victims of Bolshevism

About the Author


Louis Marschalkó


http: //

Louis Marschalko (September 11, 1903 — May 20, 1968) was a Hungarian nationalist writer and author of The World Conquerors (1958).


His father was a secondary school teacher, his mother a musician.

He started to work for nationalistic newspapers. He lived in Debrecen until 1936, when he moved to Budapest. He wrote the booklet Who Betrayed Hungary in 1918-19. The booklet was banned after 1945, as anti-judaic and anti-semitic, even though the author had no influence to the fact that over 90% of the betrayers and Bolsheviks were Jews. He opened the eyes of the Hungarian readers with that book, since only few knew, that most the betrayers were Jews. Jews in Europe generally hide their Jewishness in the public.

He did not come home 1945, but had to remain in Munich, since otherwise the Bolshevists for sure had killed him. He wanted to emigrate to the USA, but having spent some months on Ellis Island in New York, the American immigration authorities refused his immigration application due to Jewish influences. He returned to Munich and worked as a simple worker, and wrote his books and articles at night.

Since Jews (Martin Himler and others) who betrayed Hungary and caused lot of suffering in Hungary, appeared after the Second World War in Europe as American officers in CIC uniforms, and gathered East-European patriots and delivered them to sure death under the Bolshevistic regime of their race-companions, wrote some scandalous smear books about Hungary and Hungarians, he wrote about the role of Jews in Hungary and in the world. (Conquestors of the Country, Conquestors of the World). He was also co-author of the book “Accusing Gallows” that described the tragic destiny of the last legal Hungarian administration. His book “Conquestors of the World” was published three times in the USA, but he did not receive any royalties.

He died in Munich, 1968. On his grave there are the words:

For God, our country and freedom, forever”.


[Inside dustcover]

The Second World War was said to have been waged for “the rights of small nations,” but the author, like countless other Hungarians, is literally “on the run from Communism.” He has been living in exile since 1945 because of his anti-communist views, Although he was never a member of any party, the Communist regime of Hungary, with typical effrontery, demanded that the U.S.A. authorities “hand Louis Marschalko over as a war criminal.” A former special correspondent of two leading newspapers in pre-Communist Hungary, Marshalko is a brilliant novelist, playwright and poet and has many hundreds of articles to his credit. World Conquerors expresses some of the bitterness and contempt of millions of enslaved Europeans for the rulers of the “victorious nations.” It shows that by being urged to throw off the German yoke, the central European nations were tricked into becoming satellites of the Soviet.

World Conquerors indicts the real war criminals. It gives horrifying glimpses of the agony behind the Iron Curtain and describes the plot to extend the slave system to the Western world. Thousands of copies of the Hungarian edition have been sold and this English translation is published to warn the West. It is written by one who is a firm friend of the English-speaking people but an implacable foe of their vacillating and corrupt governments.







Chapter Fifteen



The Betrayal of America 







In finally betraying America, world Jewry definitely removed its mask. Jewry may perhaps feel it has a grievance against every country in the world. The United States, however, gave everything to the Jews a country can offer — money, business, wealth, security, a peaceful life, an unrestricted liberty which was turned into unbridled wantonness and even political influence. America went into battle twice, sacrificing her sons for the sake of the business interests, the profiteering and the political influence of Jewish nationalism; for these were the forces that pushed her into both world wars. America defeated Hitler and also gave eleven billion dollars to the Soviet Union to help liberate the Jewish inmates of the concentration camps. She took her share of the odium resulting from the Nuremberg Trials and from dancing attendance on Jewry’s desire for revenge.

It look Jewry hardly seventy years to acquire and control the major part of American business and financial life. The destitute little Jew who had fled from Russian pogroms basked in the sunny side of life in the U.S.A., enjoying civic rights and many privileges. During Roosevelt’s Presidency, he occupied key positions in political life. He became the owner of an earthly paradise — of much of the riches and wealth of Miami, Florida and California. For him the Promised Land was not Palestine, but the United States of America.

Palestine, or Israel as it is called today, was re-established for the sole purpose of receiving those undesirable types of destitute and cadging Jews who scare New York millionaires, because they carry with them everywhere the germs of “anti-Semitism”.

During Roosevelt’s administration America became a land of the Jews. Thus one would expect the world conquerors to remain faithful to America of all countries, and not to turn against the United States when the time came for her to fight against Communism. But the Jews have shown in the case of America also that they feel themselves safe only as long as they are rulers and they will be faithful to a country only as long as the interests of that country are identical with their own.

[Page 205]

In the absence of knowledge of the Jewish question, America might indeed have had the right to expect that world Jewry would take her side in the cold war which followed after the Second World War. But exactly the opposite happened. Somewhere behind the veiled privacy of B’nai B’rith lodges the fate of the United States was decided by world Jewry. Surely America’s Gentile politicians, though in Jewish hands, did not want to win the Second World War for Jewry alone, to the exclusion of everybody else. Perhaps, with the exception of Roosevelt, they never believed in the possibility of a lasting agreement with the Soviet Union. Senator Truman, who succeeded Roosevelt, said on June 21st, 1941, the day of the outbreak of war between Germany and Soviet Russia:

If we see that Germany is going to win we will help Soviet Russia, but if it is the other way round, we will have to help Germany. Let’s leave them alone so that they will weaken each other as much as possible.

Friendship with the Soviet was not in the interests of the U.S., any more than was the cold war after 1945. Both of these things served the interests of world Jewry alone and nobody else. World Jewry’s interests played a decisive part in the unleashing of both world wars. But a third world war to defeat and liquidate the Soviet and to liberate the enslaved nations is not in the interests of the Jews. On the contrary, at Yalta and Potsdam world power was parcelled out between them.

As the Protocols tell us:

It is from us that the all-engulfing terror proceeds.

According to the well-known catch phrase America is the “land of freedom”, and in the estuary of the River Hudson the Statue of Liberty holds high the symbolic torch. But in reality an “all-engulfing terror” has reigned beyond Ellis Island since the time of Roosevelt’s accession to the Presidency. Felix Frankfurter, one of the judges of the Supreme Court of the U.S., said that;

the real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes”.

The American citizen has the right to vote either for the Republican or Democratic Party, but those behind the scenes know very well that real power remains in their hands whichever party wins the election. Anybody daring to rebel, to protest or to utter a single enlightening word concerning this hidden hand will be either killed, gagged, driven into suicide or publicly “smeared”.

[Page 206]

Gerald K. Smith, the courageous leader of the American Christian Crusade, gives in his book an appalling account of the terror provoked by this hidden hand as well as of those patriotic Americans who fell victims to the world conquerors’ “all-engulfing terror”. We give here an abridged account taken from his book Suicide of how the powers behind the scenes exterminated those Americans who stood in the way of Bolshevism and of a second world war, and consequently opposed the aspirations of the world conquerors.

The reputation of James Forrestal, Secretary ofWar in Truman’s administration, was ruined by Drew Pearson and Walter Winchell (Lipsitz), the two radio commentators, exponents of the Jewish “M.V. D.” and of the Anti-Defamation League. They made Forrestal’s position impossible by stamping him as an “anti-Semite” for opposing U.S. foreign policy in the question of Palestine. Forrestal, after having publicly announced on one occasion that “these Jews will ruin America”, was detained in a hospital, and later mysteriously met his death one morning by “falling” from sixteenth floor window. Joseph Kennedy, the U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, had to endure being silenced coupled with a kind local internment in Florida, because on his return home to America before the outbreak of the Second World War he declared:

Only over my dead body will this country go to war.

Kennedy’s successor, John Winant, after becoming familiar with the circumstances which falsely served to embroil America in the Second World War, was left with the choice of ignominious silence or suicide. This honest American diplomat chose suicide. Henry Wallace, who was a member of an odd Oriental sect and believed that with the help of some wildeat serum he would live 150 years, became Roosevelt’s Vice-President. But when he turned out to be difficult and not amenable to the powers behind the scenes, he died quite suddenly and quite young. General Patrick J. Hurley said in 1947, that;

there are still several thousand Communists sitting in the State Department”.

For this, he was silenced by the mysterious Black Hand of Washington which drove him into exile — disgraced.

[Page 207]

The wife of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, the daughter of Sun Yat-sen, lived in mortal fear whenever she visited America during the Second World War, because she knew that secret agents of the world conquerors’ “Gestapo” were planning her assassination. It came to light that the speech delivered by Edward Stettinius, Secretary of State, at the opening of the United Nations, was actually written by a Hollywood Communist film star called Dalton Trumbo. Morton Kent killed himself by cutting open a vein. He knew who stole very secret files for the Soviet Union. He knew well that it would make little difference whether he spoke or remained silent; he would be murdered in any case.

Whittaker Chambers, Louis Budenz and Tyler Kent still live, but in some danger of their lives. Budenz, who previously was one of the leading members of the Communist Party and who exposed several Jewish Communists, sought refuge in the Catholic University of Fordham. Should he step out of the protecting walls of the university buildings he would not live twenty-four hours. The same can be said of the other non-Jewish ex-Communist leader, Chambers, who exposed Alger Hiss.

Tyler Kent, who decoded the secret telegrams exchanged between Roosevelt and Churchill — some sent before Churchill was Prime Minister — and thus became one of the most important witnesses of how the world had been driven into war, was jailed for five years in Great Britain, on the Isle of Wight.

That benign and correct old gentleman, General Vaughan, had been kept busy removing Jews and Communists from the State Department in considerable numbers. He took a firm stand against David K. Niles, who was the “eminence grise” [a person who exercises power or influence in certain areas without holding an official position] of the White House during the administrations of Roosevelt and Truman. In his younger days Niles had been convicted and sentenced in Boston to several years’ imprisonment for sexual offences. Later he wrote speeches for American Presidents. General Vaughan had strong objections to letting such a Lombroso-type of character live in the entourage of the President of the United States. However, he was silenced, removed from office, and socially ruined under the pretext of “anti-Semitism”.

[Page 208]

General Frederick E. Morgan, U.N.R.R.A. chief in the American Zone of occupied Germany, was an Englishman by birth, who took the liberty to state in writing that the Jews living in Germany were well provided with both money and food, and thus suffered no need whatever. On the demand of Herbert H. Lehman, Senator for New York and head of U.N.R.R.A. at that time, General F. Morgan was removed from his post, despite the fact that at first the British government did not wish to give way to the pressure of American Jewry.

Mr. Earle, U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria, was similarly silenced. He had been handed a secret memorandum by Von Papen in Sofia, in which Hitler’s Government made an offer to keep the United States out of the war. After passing on this memorandum to Roosevelt, Earle was recalled to Washington, then called up for military service and sent out to a Pacific island for the rest of the war. The American people were under no circumstances to be allowed to learn that the hated “Nazis” wished for peace with the United States.

The murder of Huey Pierce Long, Senator of Louisiana, was a most mysterious case. Long was one of Roosevelt’s rivals with the best possible chances of being elected as President of the U.S. He alleged in the course of a speech to the Senate on August 9th, 1935, that the American “Black Hand”, led by Jews, had ordered his assassination during a meeting in a New Orleans hotel. The Senate laughed off the old fighter at the time. But a month later he was shot dead by a Jew named Carl Austin Weiss.

According to Gerald K. Smith’s book, a good many of Roosevelt’s opponents perished under similarly mysterious circumstances. Amongst these were Senator Bronson M. Cutting of New Mexico, Senator Thomas D. Schall, of Minnesota, and John Andrew Simpson, president of the Farmers’ Union of Oklahoma.

Keep silent or die! — this was likewise the order to Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, who knew the real story of Pearl Harbour. And the Admiral remained silent, unwilling to risk his life.

William Albert Wirt, a university professor of Gary, Indiana, apparently as the result of a mistake, received an invitation to a very exclusive social gathering where he heard explained plans and preparations of the Jews and Communists to take over power in the United States. He reported what he had heard to the Press and was consequently summoned to one of the “anti-American activities committees” of the Senate, presided over by Senator O’Connor. The committee stamped Wirt as a liar. Wirt died not long after these hearings in the most suspicious circumstances. But on the first anniversary of Wirt’s death, Senator O’Connor visited the grave of this victim and prayed for forgiveness.

[Page 209]

Gerald Lyman Kenneth Smith, the leader of the American anti-Jewish movement, was once poisoned with arsenic, and the doctors only saved his life with difficulty. This same Gerald K. Smith writes that Gerhard Eisler, a Communist German Jew who emigrated to America and then, having been branded an important Stalin agent, escaped from the American authorities to the Soviet Zone of Germany, ordered the assassination of several thousand American citizens. Westbrook Pegler, one of the best-known American publicists, lived in permanent fear for his life. Those papers in which Pegler’s articles are published exposing the subversive activities of the Communists (Jews) are consistently threatened by Jewry with boycott and terror.

The story of Charles Lindbergh, the valiant pilot who flew the Atlantic, is now well known. Lindbergh opposed the war, and in the course of one of his speeches delivered in Des Moines, Iowa, he pronounced the word “Jew” in a not very flattering tone of voice. Such an intense campaign immediately started for his moral destruction that even today in circles of the Anti-Defamation League, the mention of “Lindbergh-treatment” conveys the assassination of a person’s character, career and social position. These circles know very well that the elimination of Lindbergh from public life was the work of Jewry. Martin Dies was silenced also by methods similar to the Lindbergh-treatment, because he was the first to try to drag Communists before the Senate and so into the spotlight of publicity. There were attempts to kidnap his son, and his wife was constantly threatened. Eleanor Roosevelt and her friends attended the sittings of the Senate Committee to poke fun at its chairman. The Press received confidential instructions to boycott the work of the committee. Yet though Dies was silenced, his committee’s work was carried on by Senator Joseph McCarthy on whom world Jewry’s anathema was declared and who may also be murdered at any time. [Since the publication of Gerald K. Smith’s book, Senator McCarthy has died in the most mysterious and suspicious circumstances. Several American papers hinted openly that he was murdered. — AUTHOR.]

[Page 210]

This was also the fate of the Canadian M.P. Norman Jacques, one of the most popular Members of the Canadian Parliament. Before his death he wrote to several of his acquaintances that:

In my next speech in parliament I am going to open the eyes of my audience and I intend to expose the whole Jewish nationalist conspiracy.

But before he could deliver his speech he died from “heart failure”.

Gerald K. Smith points out that the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt is itself a great mystery. It appears almost certain that Roosevelt did not die a natural death. According to some versions be suffered from having a guilty conscience because of Pearl Harbour, or because of that far-fetched Soviet friendship which resulted in a promise to hand over to the Soviet five million people consisting of Germans, Italians, Hungarians, Rumanians and Bulgarians. According to another theory, he wished to be proclaimed President of the World Republic, simultaneously with the establishment of U.N.O., but was forced to realise that the state of his health made him unfit for this office.

Only a single photograph remains to posterity showing the President of the U.S.A. Republic in his coffin. In this photograph a white flower can be seen covering a wound on Roosevelt’s head. And when his son Jimmy Roosevelt arrived for the funeral, his mother and family did not dare to open up the coffin so that he might see his father for the last time.

All these facts and events clearly prove that Felix Frankfurter is right. Actual power in America does not rest with the visible Government but is in the possession of individuals behind the scenes. They are the people representing supranational “Nazism”, whose interests were so well served by the Second World War, but whose interests would not be served by a third world war in which the sword of America would rip open the Iron Curtain. What would happen if the Soviet prisons were opened, or if the American soldiers saw the same things in the liberated territories that were seen after 1941 in Soviet Russia by the warriors of Europe? What would happen when the political prisoners were freed together with the slaves of the internment and forced labour camps? Would they not all tell the world who the real jailers, torturers, executioners and usurers of the Soviet regime were? Has not Lenin himself said that “anti-Semitism’ is the means of the counter-revolution”? With the fall of Bolshevism, a great awakening of the Gentile nations would follow. The secret archives would be opened. Woe betide the world conquerors then!

[Page 211]

World Jewry changed its tactics after 1945, because it saw clearly that a showdown between the U.S.A. and the Soviet must be avoided at all costs. The policy now is so to debilitate America that she will have no strength left to defend herself in the end. And so Jewish nationalism, having established unparalleled financial and political power, through armament races, inflation, unemployment, world wars and revolutions, now turns round suddenly and becomes “peace-loving”. It starts the greatest political campaign of its history with the help of U.N.O. [in 1958 called the United Nations Organization],  U.N.E.S.C.O., the European Council of Strasbourg and various parliaments which are under its influence. With the world Press in its hands, it works with the sole aim of making America weak and isolated, of leaving her without allies on the day when the clock strikes and she has to face a showdown with the Soviet. The aim is to make the policy of the United States unpopular with other people, at the time when she should be rallying to her side the Christian nations and other non-Christian people, such as Mohammedans.

Jewry’s interests lie in Jewish world government on the concepts of Einstein, and the totalitarian Jewish State. And this nationalism, after having carried out the most bloodthirsty war propaganda campaign against Hitler, now makes an about-face. Now, the hidden hand, acting quietly behind the scenes, is taking steps to force America on her knees by augmenting as much as possible the strength of the Soviet Union and at the same time by crippling those forces which consider war against Bolshevism inevitable.

These tactics have had a certain “merit” in the past. But in Europe they were used only at the end of lost wars. They are known as sabotage and as whispering campaigns that poison the mind.

Do not fight any longer, you people! The Russians are also humane!” went the whisper assailing the ears of those ready and willing to defend their country against Soviet barbarism.

[Page 212]

Morgenthau’s Policy Plans to crush the might of America by almost identical means:

After all,” say the triumphant Jews to each other — the Jews who beat Hitler — “just read the Book of the Prophet Isaiah and you will see that not only the Protocols promised us power over the world, but the Prophet himself too: ‘Therefore thy gates shall be open continually; they shall not be shut day nor night; that men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought.’” (Isaiah lx. 11.) “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.” (Isaiah Ix. 12.)

Over there, on the other side of the Iron Curtain, 40,000 Soviet tanks, 15,000 aircraft and 175 divisions of the Soviet Army are waiting in readiness to overrun Europe and accomplish the fulfillment of our world power. Churchill said in 1949, that the atomic bomb alone was protecting America and Europe from a Soviet attack. But the atomic bomb, as you know, is ours!”

Those who carry the secret of the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union are all our blood-brothers. It is just as if Einstein had selected them personally and sent them to carry out their great missions. Such are Klaus Fuchs, whose treason speeds up the production of the Soviet atomic bomb by two years, and Bruno Pontecorvo, the Italian Jew, who carried atomic secrets to the Soviet in eleven large trunks. There are also many others such as Harry Gold, David Greenglass, Julius Rosenberg, Emmanuel Bloch, William Perl, Professor of the University of Columbia, Abraham Brothmann, Mirijam Moskovich, Simson the plutonium thief Jew, Jánosi the Hungarian Jew who would protect Lazar Kaganovich’s empire with a cosmic ray curtain, John Vág-Weiszfeld, who was Harry Gold’s accomplice, David Boehm and Edwin David, all of them members of our race. Why is there not a single Christian among them? Because Gentiles are not reliable! The secret is ours; we do not deny it. Julius Rosenberg admitted frankly to the New York Court that ‘Soviet Russia is our ally and I considered her, therefore, entitled to receive such information from us!’…

[Page 213]

America possessed hidden weapons, which could have made her the leading anti-Bolshevik world power. They were the greatest military secrets of history, with the help of which she could have delivered the world from the menace of servitude. These secrets had to be stolen and sold, so that as a substitute for the powers known as America and Russia, a single power should remain in the world: the world power of Jewish nationalism which keeps at bay both America and the Soviet Union. If it does nothing else, the betrayal of America will prove better than anything that there is a grandiose Jewish plan in existence to divide the world into eastern and western hemispheres, and consequently to rule both of them, and that this plan has so far been executed with the most ruthless efficiency.

Radar and the inter-continental rocket were also among the military secrets in the hand of the U.S., and these could have offered her the greatest security, even after the loss of the atomic bomb secret. But today it is established by the F.B.I. that Julius Rosenberg was also the head of the radar spying. After investigations, held in the military research institute at Monmouth, it came to light that the culprits who betrayed the radar secrets to the Soviet were almost exclusively all Jews. Professor H. Coleman and Morton Sobell, a spy sentenced to thirty years’ imprisonment, Hyman Gerber Yavis, Carl Greenbaum and Miss Glassman can be mentioned amongst others in this connection.

The handing over of China to the Reds is one of the most horrible chapters in the betrayal of America. China was one of America’s best markets. She had to be forced into the red hemisphere at any price. Otherwise, in the case of a showdown, the 500 million Chinese, among whom Jewish subversive ambitions were never able to find a favourable soil, could have become a formidable ally on the side of the U.S. It is generally known today that Owen Lattimore, an American professor of dubious origin, Roosevelt’s chief adviser on Chinese questions, was working against the U.S. in the service of Soviet military espionage. For seven years he was editor of Pacific Affairs, a paper issued by the Institute of Pacific Relations, from which the Soviet Union received first-hand information regarding China. The investigating officers of the F.B.I. found 1,700 very confidential files in the offices of Amerasia. The fact that the persons detained in connection with this case were all Jews is important. John Stewart Service, Larsen Mano, Andrew Roth, John Abt, Nathan Witt, Lee Pressman, Philipp Jaffé, an ex-ambassador, and Maria Bachrach, had all betrayed America, the country which gave them a home to serve their Jewish world-conquering nationalism.

[Page 214]

The problem was how to bring about the downfall of China so that it would not appear to be caused by the U.S.,” wrote Owen Lattimore.

Due to Amerasia and to the extension of the policy of the fellow-traveller, 665 million souls vanished behind the Iron Curtain!” some American papers stated later.

America lost her greatest export market and one of her best trading partners. And the whole position in the Far East was shaken to its foundation. Those who divided the world into eastern and western hemispheres cannot deny the object of their action: Divide et impera! Divide your opponents and so rule them. Rule over America as well as over the Soviet Union.

In furthering this aim, the hidden hand had deployed its own men everywhere, upon whom it relied not to serve America but only the interests and power aspirations of Jewry. Before the outbreak of the Korean War a certain Lyman L. Lemnitzer, wearing the uniform of a major-general of the U.S. Army, was the military leader in South Korea, and on him falls the responsibility for neglecting its defences, as was declared in Congress. Later, the half-Jewish general, Mark W. Clark, son of Rebecca Ezekiel, became commander-in-chief in Korea. This man, while commanding the American occupation forces in Austria, handed over refugees and displaced persons by the thousand to the Soviet. It is no coincidence either that during the Korean War a certain Colonel A. C. Katzin was chief U.N. delegate over General MacArthur, while another Jew called George Movahon directed the Korean section of the U.N. Information Centre. During the time of the Persian oil crisis, a certain Michael J. Lee was head of the Far Eastern Division of the State Department, and it came to light that he emigrated from Soviet Russia into the United States in 1932, and that his original name was Efraim Zinoy Liebermann.

As in the Far East, so in Europe too, the exponents of world Jewry did everything to ruin America’s prestige and good name, and to eradicate from the hearts of the people of Europe those ideals, which picture her as the land of freedom. We referred already to the fact that the Morgenthau Plan was actually conceived In Moscow. Harry Dexter White, a Russian Jew, was Under-Secretary of the Treasury Department as well as Morgenthau’s deputy in Roosevelt’s administration. He was one of the most sinister figures of modern times, being at the same time leader of the Communist cells and spy rings carrying on their activities inside the U.S. Treasury Department.

[Page 215]

He stole and handed over to the Soviet Union the stereo plates, paper material and printing secrets of the so-called “Allied ‘Marks”, the banknotes designed for the allied occupation of Germany, and thus caused a financial loss of about 225 million dollars to American taxpayers. But besides the original stereo blocks or the occupation banknotes and printing formulas, there were other most confidential documents received by the Soviet from Harry Dexter White. In the Communist cell under his authority names were found such as Frank Cohen, Harold Glasser, Victor Perle, Irving Kaplan, Solomon Adler, Abraham George, Silverman and Ludwig Ullmann, etc. President Truman appointed White to the chairmanship of the International Monetary Fund, while Harold Glasser became financial director of U.N.R.R.A. It is to be ascribed to the activities of this Jewish spy ring that the gold reserves and foreign exchange bills of the Hungarian National Bank, estimated at 42 million dollars, were also handed over to the Soviet Union.

It is impossible to name here all the hundreds and thousands of Jews who were active in the most important key positions of the occupation zones of Germany, secretly furthering the Soviet cause and doing their best to Bolshevise Germany, as propagandists, C.I.C. or O.S.S. agents, press and theatrical officers, city commandants, financial experts, etc. The files of McCarthy’s Investigation Committee tell us more about these things than the best detective thriller and are a most startling historical documentation.

And as if all this was not enough, Jewish nationalism produced from its ranks the chief traitor Alger Hiss, who handed over 110 million Gentiles to the Kaganovich gang at Yalta. And the witness for the defence, who came forward and tried to save him, was nobody else but Felix Frankfurter, Judge of the Supreme Court of the U.S. And the protector of Alger Hiss after his conviction was nobody else but the great senator, the uncrowned king of New York, Herbert H. Lehmann, father-in-law of Buttenwieser, who tried to hide the chief traitor of America in his flat.

[Page 216]

But the most characteristic feature of the treason committed against America does not concern the atomic bomb, the radar spy ring or the other spy scandals, but the active role of American Jews in the Communist movements. Here again the old saying is vindicated that;

perhaps all Jews are not Bolsheviks but without Jews there would be no Bolshevism!

The majority of America’s Jewish population came from countries behind the Iron Curtain. The greatest number of them fled to America to escape pogroms in Russia. America is not ruled by the Czars but by a so-called democratic regime. She gave the Jews everything, including even the privilege of taking part in the administration of the country. Yet despite all this generosity, the Jews were, and are today, actively at the head of all anti-American and Communist subversive movements.

The Communist Party has been planted in America and it is led by the same type of people who were leaders of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution. The members of the American Politburo, popularly referred to as the “Great Eleven” are, not taking Negroes into account, almost exclusively Jews: Eugen Dennies, Henry Winston, John Hates, Irving Pothias, Gilbert Green, Carl Winter and Guss Holl.

If a spy or a Communist leader is detained anywhere,” boasts the voice of Old TestamentNazism”, “he always comes from our ranks. Judith Coplon, the beautiful Jewish girl from Brooklyn, sold the most confidential files of the State Department to Gubichev, a Soviet agent. And we saw to it that she will not come to any serious harm.

Again we perceive the flashing coil of the symbolic serpent in America, the emblem of Jewish nationalism, the network of which covers and reaches everything. It controls the banks, house property, family life, State, Press, society and the trade unions.

When the Californian Communist conspiracy was detected, the same well-known characters were dragged out of their underground hiding places by the F.B.I. The race of these traitors is stamped on their features. Robert H. Williams’ book, Know Your Enemy, shows a series of photographs of the American traitors. Under characteristic faces appear characteristic names. Alexander Bittelman appears in this picture gallery as one of the founder members of the American Communist Party, and the other leaders with him are: Gerhard Eisler, Jacob Abraham “Jack” Stachel, Leon Josephson, Alexander Trachtenberg and J. Peters (Goldberger). The participants in the recent Hollywood plot are: Dr. Sidney Weinbaum, Dr. Jacob Dubnov, Philip Bart, director of the Daily Worker, Alex Trachtenberg, V. J. Jerome, leader of the Bolshevik Cultural Committee (whose real name is Isaac Romaine), Simon Gerson, Elizabeth G. Flynn, Alex Bittelman, Betty Gannet, Isadore Begun, Jacob Minden, Claudia Jones (negress), Israel Amter, William Weinstone, George Charney, Fred Fine, Sid Steinberger, Louis Weinstock and Js. Jackson.

[Page 217]

The Reader’s Digest confirms that of the eleven top leaders of the American Communist Party, six are Jews, two are Negroes, and only three are American-born citizens. According to the same paper, the most important Bolshevik leaders are: Jacob Stachel, John Gates (alias Solomon Regenstreif), editor of the Daily Worker, Gill Green (alias Gilbert Greenburg), Gus Hall (alias Arvo Kustaa Hallberg of Lithuanian Jewish parentage), Irving Potiash, a Soviet Russian Jew, and Carl Winter (alias Philip Carl Weinberg).

Can all this be explained away as accidental? Is it merely a strange coincidence that the names of those directing subversive activities in America are the same as those turning up on the list of leaders of the Soviet Bolsheviks and of Hungarian and Rumanian Communists? 1s it another coincidence that the first five men to be removed from the U.S. Army for Communist activities, namely Harry Specor, Phil Weiss, Irving Specor, Abraham Kotlechuk and Rheabel Mendelsohn, were Jews too? Could it be really just chance that ninety-five percent of those persons summoned before the McCarthy Investigation Committee for Anti-American Activities and found guilty, were Jews as well? And may it not be a sense of guilt that, according to the Congressional Record of May 17th, 1946, all Jewish members of Congress voted for the discontinuation of the hearings of the Dies Committee investigating anti-American activities? Moreover, did not Senator McCarthy inform Bernard Baruch himself that as all the television networks in the United States were in the hands of the Jews, he would not be given the chance to expose the American traitors by means of the television service?

Another decisive proof of the existence of Jewish “Nazism” is the fact that those participating in American Communist movements never come from the “proletariat”, i.e., from the working class or from destitute people, but from Jews occupying the highest strata of American society. The publication Red Stars Over Hollywood draws attention to the fact that out of those Hollywood film stars whose earnings amount to millions of dollars, one hundred are Bolsheviks and all of these are Jews. To these people America gave glamour, wealth and success. And despite everything they are still Bolsheviks, or to put it more concisely, we think they are Bolsheviks. These stars, led by Charlie Chaplin (alias Israel Thornstein) are, first and foremost, Jews, who visualise in Bolshevism the perfect accomplishment of Jewish world power, and look upon Bolshevism as a bulwark of that totalitarian Jewish world rule of which they themselves will be the intellectual elite.

[Page 218]

The 3,500 American professors who took part in various Communist demonstrations also belonged to the storm-troops of this Old Testament nationalism. The overwhelming majority of them are Jews. The Communist teachers against whom disciplinary action was taken on account of their Bolshevik activities, also belong to the pioneers of this supranational “Nazism”. Among them were Abraham Biedermann, Cellis Lewis, Citron, Mark Friedländer, Isadore Rubin, Abraham Feingold, David Friedman, Louis Jaffe and so on. The first saboteurs detained on the outbreak of the Korean War were: Max Schnalzer, Minton Silverman, Samuel Zakkman and Samuel Kerr. At this time Nathan Ostroff sold the Chinese Communists ten million pounds’ worth of rubber to ensure that the armies of Red China marched in rubber boots against the soldiers of the U.S. The following were amongst the first batch of the above-mentioned Hollywood Communist film stars and film producers summoned before the Investigation Committee: John Howard Lawson, Dalton Trumbo, Ring Lardner, Albert Maltz, Alvah Bessie, Herbert Biberman and Samuel Ornitz — all of them Jews.

World Jewry’s greatest act of treason against America is that it undermined the earlier goodwill and trust of other peoples towards America, especially in the Near East and in Mohammedan countries. And it is of little use for the Americans to try to find excuses. This was no mistake of “inexperienced” diplomacy because it was part of a deliberate Jewish world scheme.

Corruption became prevalent in the State Department and later grew out of all proportion during Roosevelt’s anti-American activities. According to figures quoted by The Hidden Empire, eighty-six percent of the staff employed in the State Department was Jewish. And according to the McCarthy Committee, 5,000 homosexuals were then employed in the Civil Service. Such corruption and degradation proved itself to be the best ally of Bolshevism everywhere.

[Page 219]

Through cracks in the structure of the administration, through faults and weaknesses of dishonest and corruptible civil servants, Communist spies, agents and gangsters infiltrate into the Government of the country. At the same time, Communist propaganda will say to the ignorant masses:

Look at them! Are these men your masters?

But this does not explain the most important point, i.e., that these men or the majority of them at any rate, are Jews. When democracy sinks to such a low level that Jews can behave as they wish, then corruption cannot be checked and the rapid progress of Bolshevism is ensured.

World Jewry’s programme since 1945 has been to weaken America as much as possible. America is to be undermined by Communist conspiracy and corrupt practices. Her armament industry must be disorganised so that Bolshevism — the higher and safer form of the Communist system and of Jewish world power — can score an easy victory.

It is true that American Jewish organisations issued a declaration in 1950 against Communism, but this was a deception only! American Jews in fact wish to achieve very different aims from what they say. One of the most influential personalities among American Jews wrote in the leading article of the B’nai B’rith Messenger on November 1st, 1948:

My soul revolts when I hear and have to stomach the fact that Fascism and Communism are concepts of identical composition. Some people talk about Communism … I say: this is Jewish ideology!

And whenever Jewry has taken off its mask for one or two brief moments on various historical occasions, much the same message was delivered.

In celebration of the Bolshevik Revolution, the same idea was expressed in the Parisian newspaper Peuple Juif, on February 8th, 1919:

World revolution, which some of us may live to see, is and must remain our concern, and its preparation must be in our hands. By means of this world revolution the power of Jewry will be established over all nations of the world.

Zinoviev-Apfelbaum, the great Eastern Brother, announced the same thing when he received an eleven billion dollars Lend-Lease from the hand of La Guardia:

We exterminated the Capitalists and the landowners in Soviet Russia, and we will go to any length to do the same to the intelligentsia of Europe and America.

[Page 220]

And the Jew from Germany, who today might be an immigrant in America or a deputy-governor in Germany or perhaps an American press officer, said essentially the same thing in his German newspaper soon after the First World War:

We must continue our fight not only for our own existence but to achieve world power for Jewry as a whole; it is for this we have ceaselessly worked during the last 2,000 years.” (Israelitische Wochenblatt, January 5th, 1926, Leipzig.)

All nations, including the U.S.A., must vanish. This is after all an old-world programme. That great leader of Jewry, Adolphe Crémieux, president of the Alliance Israélite Universelle, said almost a hundred years ago:

The nations must vanish and religions must be suppressed. Only Israel must not disappear, for this small nation is the chosen people of God.

Why, therefore, do the Americans believe that amongst the various national groups who immigrated to America and settled there, the group composing Jewry is just like any of the others? How could the American people imagine that Jewry will remain loyal to America when they were not loyal to the Roman Empire, to Spain or to Portugal or to any State in the world? There is no doubt that Jewry’s most resplendent dream is to become master of the United States and to treat her the same as other nations have been treated.

And why do Americans believe that this is not possible?

The proportion of Communists in those States conquered by Bolshevism was not more than three to five percent of the population at the beginning of “direct action”. In Russia nobody had ever heard of Bolshevism before 1917, when the Imperial General Staff of the Kaiser permitted Lenin and his gang to pass through Germany on their journey from Switzerland to Russia. Not a single Bolshevik was to be found in Hungary until 1919, i.e., until Béla Kun’s short-lived terror regime. The leaders were sent by Lenin and his gang operating from Russia. When in 1945, Mátyás Rákosi-Roth and his confederates returned to Hungary, the total number of underground Communist Party members was only 140.

[Page 221]

At the end of 1945, during the Hungarian elections, Communists secured seventeen percent of the total votes. They failed to gather more than three to four percent of the votes in Austria at that time, though by then the Communists in both Austria and Hungary were supported by the bayonet of the Soviet armies. The position in Rumania, Eastern Germany and Bulgaria was similar. Nevertheless, all these States are today in the iron grip of Bolshevik dictatorships.

The Bolshevik Party is by nature conspiratorial; it is a fanatical sect. In the beginning, Churchill saw this plainly and said so. This fanaticism is able to overcome even the most perfect democracy. Freedom is good because it can be exploited and misused! The greater the freedom, the greater is the menace of Bolshevism.

According to American estimates, Communist Party members in the U.S. number about 60 to 100 thousand persons only. Therefore, say the Americans, there can be no Bolshevism in America, where the standard of living is the highest in the world. As we can see, American democracy works moderately well and such a small Communist majority should stand no chance whatever of subjugating a powerful country of 160 million people.

Edgar Hoover, director of F.B.I, says that to the 100,000 Bolsheviks another 500,000 fellow travellers can be added.

If this is so, the overall picture of Bolshevism in America is immediately changed and may be summed up as follows:   we have 100,000 conspirators plus 500,000 fellow travellers (amongst these many holding important posts and key positions), plus five to six million Jews, plus twelve million Negroes, plus corruption, plus Soviet espionage, plus the national Press, television and radio networks (100 percent which are in Jewish hands), and finally, plus the ever-rising crime wave in which juvenile delinquency plays a shocking part.

Amongst the Negroes are many God-fearing, civilized and fine citizens. But the Negro feels he is a “slighted” person, and the Bolsheviks have always recruited their fifth columns from such people. Many Jews are not Bolsheviks at all. But the Jew is always a nationalist and he turns Bolshevik as soon as he recognizes the Jewish character of Bolshevism. According to Gerald K. Smith there are already at least half a million conscientious and fanatical Bolsheviks in the ranks of American Jewry. And, according to the highest estimate, the Russian Revolution was started by only 500 Jews.

[Page 222]

Working along these lines, the American Communist Party, led by American Jews, passed the following resolution on February 5th, 1951:

… and our congress accordingly placed on its agenda, as its main concern, the fight for peace, the fight for the working class and for the coloured people, besides calling for the mobilisation of all peace-loving forces in the country.

The Communist wing of Jewry intends, as can be seen from the foregoing, to mobilise the Black population of America. Half a million Jews intend thus to realise a ghastly American-Jewish dream. They plan to organise and to arm a Negro terror-force of one million men, led by American Jewish commissars.

The Communist wing of Jewry co-operates with those Jews who champion the rights of the Black man. The Hungarian Daily Journal, an admittedly Jewish Communist paper, printed a very illuminating article in its issue of April 14th, 1950, under the title: “The Jews fought for the rights of the Negroes and workers.” The article tells us about E. L. Rose, a Jew born in Poland, who came to America after the defeat of the 1848 Revolution in Vienna, and who made several speeches championing the Negroes, and thus became the leader of the movement for the liberation of Negroes in St. Louis. The Russian Jew, S. A. Bierfield, is referred to by Jewish Communist propaganda as a martyr of Negro-Jewish cooperation, when gangsters murdered him in his shop with his Negro servant. The above-mentioned article also points out that when the pamphlet “Labour and Capital”, by Karl Marx was edited in Yiddish in 1888, enthusiastic Jews of the East Side set out to organise trade unions among the Negroes.

Due to the opposition of religious Negroes, the great dream of American Communist Jews — the organisation of a large Negro terror force — has so far failed, but it will appear less of a dream to us if we read the reports of the American Special Committee on un-American Activities. According to these reports, the American Communist Party had 1,160 organisations among general labourers, farmers and Negroes, including political, and even so-called religious, groups and sections.

[Page 223]

John T. Flynn, the courageous American publicist, in his book The Road Ahead, quotes a rather formidable list of Negro Communist organisations. From this we learn that there are eighty-eight large Negro organisations working for American Bolshevism. Amongst these are the African Blood Brotherhood and many other movements and sects bearing the most varied titles and operating under the pretext of being religious peace movements.

The Americans are not yet acquainted with the tactics of Jewish nationalism. But the advent of an economic crisis, a third world war, or instability resulting from a lost war would be quite sufficient for hell to be let loose in America. The devils of Bolshevism were similarly let loose in Russia in 1917, in the Danubian Monarchy in 1918, and in the whole of Eastern Europe in 1945.

And if this happens in America, the day of the world kingdom will have dawned. The old promise will be carried out in accordance with the written instructions:

It is from us that the all-engulfing terror proceeds.

The Black Army will march led by the eleven leading members of the American Politburo, six of whom are Jews. This will be a force of one million fanatics held under iron discipline, to whom American white women will be promised. This will be the world’s most gigantic M.V.D., led by 500,000 commissars, officers, agents and secret police of the seed of Abraham, and it will assume power over America. But the ruthless ones will now come out of the ghettos of Brooklyn; of the Jewish quarters of Bronx and the stark masses of East Polish immigrants will be on the move. A Black army will emerge from Harlem too. The hearts of the Black soldiers will be suffused with hatred, and their thirst for blood, now disguised by a veneer of civilisation, will be whetted by Jewish propaganda. These Blacks hate the Whites, but they will not hate Jews whom they believe are their liberators, though in reality they are their lords and masters, and as such will be protected by the brute force of the Blacks.

Private capital amassed by individual Jews and others will be taken over by Jewish State Capitalism in order to get complete control over the enormous wealth of the United States of America. Jewry will run the Federal Government as well as the State Governments, and will abolish democracy and voting by ballot.

[Page 224]

The Jews no doubt reason somewhat as follows:

The Americans say: ‘This is not possible in our country!’

But so far it has turned out to be possible everywhere. And if the American people tried to resist us we should erect a gallows on Capitol Hill in front of the While House; and these gallows would be guarded by King David’s fierce black bodyguard, by twelve million Negroes and six million Jews. This power will be as firm as a rock. Just try to revolt, you people of Washington…! Try to rise against us, you American freedom fighters, and your fate will be that of Wrangel’s guards who, once tried to rise against us also! The sword of Damocles is now suspended over your head. Atomic artillery will exterminate you if you dare to go to war against our great King David. We should already have erected scaffolds and you must not expect either humanity or philanthropy to be shown once total power falls into our hands. No; it is from us the all-engulfing terror proceeds!

Just think of what happened to the freedom fighters who defended the various Eastern European cities against our Bolshevik armies. At one end of the street fighting was still going on when we broke out of the ghettos; for we who supposedly never fought, took off our mask at the last moment. And when the freedom fighter looked through his sights into the city occupied by our Bolshevik troops, he could see that after half an hour gallows were standing there. We had erected them and we came out of the ghettos to hang our enemies on them — the Christians.

And this vision may become a reality at any time because Jewry has betrayed America. The only question now is: Will the American people awaken while there is yet time to act? If they did, another terrible vision might come true, i.e., that of Oscar Straus, a great American financier and businessman:

It is my people. I’m telling you my friend, that if my people do not mend their ways and be good citizens and that soon, the time is coming when America is going to see pogroms beside which the pogroms of Europe will have been nothing!

One thing Oscar Strauss did not point out is that the way to solve the Jewish problem is not that of the pogrom. Physical force promotes only disarmed nationalism.

Jewish world conquest must be defeated, but by different methods. For if it is not soon checked, the hours of freedom for Americans and the rest of mankind, are running out fast with the sands of time.

[Page 225]












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