Circus Maximus Interviews Aryan Skynet’s Rainer — TRANSCRIPT



[In this very informative interview, Nick Spero talks with Rainer from Aryan Skynet, and discusses the jewish meddling in Latin America, from the training of death squads, drug running and general subversion. Later they discuss Trump’s unsavory close associations with various shady jews in his business affairs and in politics, coming to the unpopular conclusion that Trump is working for the jews, a view that I think is unfortunately correct — KATANA.]





Circus Maximus Interviews


Aryan Skynet’s Rainer






by Nick Spero




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Published on May 6, 2016


Renegade Broadcasting’s Nick Spero spoke with guest Rainer Chlodwig von Kook of Aryan Skynet on Friday night’s episode of Circus Maximus. Discussion covers Hollywood propaganda, brainwashing, talk radio, corporate media conglomerates, William Cooper, conspiracy culture, Salvador Allende, the Alt Right, Donald Trump, Zionism, child prostitution, and more.









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Nick Spero: Welcome everybody! I’m your host, Nick Spero. And this is Circus Maximus on the Renegade Broadcasting Network.

Tonight is May 5th or May 6th, 2016. And welcome to the Friday night show.

And I have been doing a series for the past few weeks related to the New Right. A lot of the secret right members related to the Council for National Policy the CIA’s involvement. Even people that are, you know, both on in the CFR as well as the CMP, the Knights of Malta, a lot of different think tanks related to the New Right, jewish involvement, Christian Identity, Evangelicals, Mormons, Scientology, a lot of different groups, bunch of different factions, all part of the conspiracy for world domination.

The Latin America region has been the template for privatizing industries around the world. That’s where the CIA and all these different groups have dipped and dabbed and put their own rulers into power when other leaders have been democratically elected. All under the guise of:

These people are communists! We have to end communism!

And that has been the bogeyman for the past sixty years, plus.

So, I was covering Roy Cohen last week, relating to him being Roger Stone’s and Donald Trump’s mentor. Donald Trump learning a lot of his tricks and a lot of the different methods to the madness and where he got where he’s at today.


[Image] Circa 1980s, Roy Cohen (left), journalist Ed Kosner and Donald Trump.


So, we’re going to take a little break from Roy Cohen tonight. And I do have a guest. The guest that I’m having on, I do follow him on twitter and his articles have been related to what I’m covering on my shows, related to the Latin America death squads and the CIA and Mossad involvement with what I just mentioned, with the privatizing of industries and whatnot.


So my guest is Rainer. And he has a website. It is, “I care views” on wordpress dot com. And his twitter handle is actually, “I care views”. And he also is a major contributor for Aryan Skynet. That is where the articles that I usually have partaken, because they’re more related to what I research. And the other website “I care views”, Rainer could you explain what that pertains to? Mostly, isn’t it more about movie reviews and whatnot, could you explain that?


Rainer: Yes, “i-c-a-reviews”.  []



Nick Spero:i-c-a-reviews”. Sorry about that, “i-c-a-reviews”.


Rainer: i-c-a-reviews” for Ideological Content Analysis.


Nick Spero: Okay.


Rainer: It’s basically a deconstruction of the content that you get in the Hollywood garbage. It’s about analysis of this, some of the subliminal content or the Cultural Marxism, those kinds that you get in major Hollywood films. And sometimes I look at more obscure independent films and pop culture generally. And the Skynet is more, that’s more your geopolitics and your, “Deep State” stuff.




Nick Spero: Right, absolutely and I noticed that you do have Shaun’s “TCTA Unleashed” as one of your blogs that you follow, so that’s pretty cool that you guys have already been connected in that way and you did state that that was one of your favorite shows on renegade. So that’s cool. Shaun is on the line and he’s actually administering this call for us, so maybe he’ll jump in later and say hello.

As far as some of your articles, actually you had one that was published on the Renegade Tribune at one point. Which one was that again? That was the Freud vs, ….


Rainer: Freud and Jung as Representative Jew and Gentile“.



[Image] Sigmund Fraud and Carl Jung.


Nick Spero: Perfect! Yeah, that was a good article, by the way.


Rainer: Thanks!


Nick Spero: You’re welcome. And how did you come to this information, what got are motivated to become active. And share your insights with the rest of the world?


Rainer: Well, not that many years ago I was blue pilled and clueless as about anybody. Certainly all through the Bush years, like a lot of people. Circa 2009, when a lot of us were trying to figure out what was wrong, something was wrong and a lot of us didn’t really have the information at their disposal. Started looking around. I went through a libertarian phase, being a good goy. Very self-absorbed, preoccupied with what was going on in my life and the pop culture, all that stuff. I was a movie guy, movie buff. And I really have Don Logan, to thank my fellow Skynet mate, who’s on twitter also downloading Netflex.

He’s really the guy who got me away from some of the more middle of the road or, you know, what you might call and “basic bitch libertarian ideology”, you know, the Tom Wolfe and all that kind of stuff and he turned me on to American Free Press and Michael Collins Piper. I started reading Victor Thorn, their articles. That was really the turning point. I radicalized pretty rapidly after being exposed to the right information.


Nick Spero: That all it takes.


Rainer: Yeah. And so and, you know, when you write about film and you have this this other information at your disposal. It’s really inevitable that you begin to view it in an altogether different way. And that ideological content analysis began almost as a joke. But, I was talking about the political content in movies in a kind of a kidding way but, you know, the more I got into it, it really is pretty devious and poisonous stuff that gets dumped into people’s heads. And, you know, just on mass scale.


Nick Spero: Oh, yeah!


Rainer: People tend to mis-define mind control by dwelling on MK-Ultra and things like that, you know, electromagnetic this and that. But really, mind control is completely open. Michael Hofmann, the guy who publishes revisionist history did a, he delivered a good lecture called “The Columbine Matrix”. And he documented about how the CIA does not need to take you into a little room and brainwash you, or give you a, you know, a special dose of this or that to turn you into one of their agents. I mean, it’s out in the open. You take the drugs voluntarily, you watch the brainwashing serials. They don’t need to clip your eyelids open, like Alex in A Clockwork Orange. Your sitting there watching of your own volition.



Nick Spero: Yes!


Rainer: That’s what that blog is all about. That’s what that project is about.


Nick Spero: Yeah. And your testimonials are kind of the opposite of what you would normally expect. Your testimonial page. [laughter] Normal people would put a lot of the positive feedback that you would get about your blog and whatnot! But you put the ridiculous comments that people were talking about, like, “Good god, you’re insane!” and:

I have zero interest in reading the lunatic notions of a White supremacist apologist and things of that nature!” [laughing]


Rainer: Yeah, well I’m a little bit disappointed that they don’t get more negativity! I enjoy it! And that tells me I’m doing something right, if people of that, if it gets a rise out of those types of people. I mean I tire out those tired insults and lesser things. I’d be happier to get more hate mail.




Nick Spero: Yeah. [laughing] I haven’t read any of your movie reviews yet, but, would you say that a lot of them are satirical to where that’s what’s pissing people off? Or are you pretty much getting into the nitty gritty and that’s what’s pissing people off?


Rainer: A little of both, a little both.


Nick Spero: I see, I see.


Rainer: Yeah, I give a little synopsis of what the movie’s about, maybe, you know, whether I give it thumbs up or down on the entertainment front. But, then I go, … The reviews are formatted as a list. I basically bullet point the different ideological currents that are present in the film.


Nick Spero: Any films that you’ve analyzed recently that were worthwhile? Anything Hollywood has put out there that was actually worthwhile? [laughing]


Rainer: Well, my take on it is going to be different from somebody else’s.


Nick Spero: Sure.


Rainer: It’s almost impossible for me anymore to watch a movie and just sit back and enjoy it. Because, now I’ve got it, i’ve trained myself to the point where, I’m really watching movies in a much more clinical way. So I’m not, I’m not as preoccupied with the lighting or the acting, so much as what’s being perpetrated against us.


Nick Spero: I’m the same way. I’m the same way. I even do that with older films now to. I go back and check them out.


Rainer: In a way, you do lose something there. You kind of miss, in the sense of just being able to enjoy a movie as a piece of entertainment and relax. But it’s precisely when you let down your defenses and you give yourself up to a movie, that you become susceptible. I mean you allow it to access your mind on a subconscious level. I can’t really allow myself to do that anymore.


[As an aside Rainer’s last point reminds me of the scene in Dr Strangelove:

Ripper: I can assure you it has not recurred, Mandrake. Women… Women sense my power, and they seek the life essence. I do not avoid women, Mandrake, but I do deny them my essence.

Mandrake: Heh heh… Yes. — KATANA]



Nick Spero: And Hollywood is connected with the CIA and Pentagon and DOD and what not with a lot of what’s been put out anyway. It’s kind of like a high priest system that’s conjuring the spell that they’re ready to cast out to it’s audience.


Rainer: Definitely! Definitely! And they, I mean the CIA, doesn’t make a secret of the fact that they have an entertainment industry liaison, you know, on this or that film. I mean, they don’t tell you everything, but that’s, I mean, that’s that’s an open secret, if they even maintain any pretense of, you know, plausible deniability there. Everybody knows that they have CIA agents contributing to the end product of a movie like Zero Dark Thirty, for instance.



Nick Spero: Yeah. What is your thoughts on that whole thing with the navy, Seal Team Six? With, I understand, all of the members are dead now? After the alleged capture or death of Osama bin Laden. Have you looked into that?


Rainer: Yeah. They all went down. I believe it was nineteen guys in one chopper.


Nick Spero: Yeah.

[Image] SEAL Team Six: On August 6, 2011 Afghan insurgents shot down a U.S. Chinook helicopter. “Thirty Americans were aboard, including 22 Navy SEALs. Most of the SEALs were from SEAL Team 6, the unit that had killed bin Laden three months earlier. All aboard the Chinook were killed. However, none were from the squadron that participated in the Abbottabad raid.



Rainer: Michael Savage, of all people, made a big deal of that. And he of course, had his own spin on it. He kind of tried to hijack the conspiracy theory before it became inconvenient. And he tried to turn it into this Zionist narrative. He said that he tried to make it out like the Muslims had an inside man with the, I don’t know, the Department of Defense or Obama administration or something, and had gotten revenge for the killing of bin Laden. But, no I think these would have been and privy to the reality that something other than what was advertised happened in that bin Laden compound.


[Image] Michael Savage being interviewed on RT: “Michael Savage: SEAL Team Six was set up, murdered in Afghanistan.

Note: When asked whether it was clear that any of the Team Six members killed where the same ones who took park in the [alleged] killing of Bin Laden, he answers, “No, but they were part of the same unit”.



Nick Spero: Yeah.


Rainer: Been privy to the fact that nothing happened or, you know, anyway, were in a position to debunk the, the, “Obama the hero” story. And I think they’re probably swept under the rug.


Nick Spero: With these Right wing talk show hosts that are like your Alex Jones and Michael Savages, it seems like they’re privy to information a lot of times before it happens. Where they have the opportunity to predict, you know, the predictive programming to unleash on it’s, their audience. Plus, right away they’re all over an incident and they’re are able to gate-keep and steer the information into the direction that they want their audience to believe.


Rainer: I haven’t noticed so much the prediction. Now when you mention it what came to my mind was William Cooper. William Cooper famously predicted 9/11, basically.




Nick Spero: Correct. That’s what red-pilled me, by the way, for the most part.


Rainer: Yeah, William Cooper is an interesting guy because he spent most of his career peddling the most preposterous conspiracy theories. But then, I mean he, 9/11 is what made him a legend in my view. Because he called, he called bullshit on the whole bin Laden myth before it was, you know, even mainstream.


Nick Spero: One month before Alex Jones did.


Rainer: Yeah. But yeah, Cooper, he’s a difficult figured to sum up. Because he does seem to have been largely concerned with disseminating disinformation. He was into all of that extra terrestrial stuff.


Nick Spero: And what he did, he did say later on that he kind of rebukes doing that. That he felt that he was being fed lies. That he no longer, pretty much, believes what he had been disseminating in his past broadcasts and books and whatnot.


Rainer: Yeah, it’s really 9/11. 9/11 was that guy’s finest hour. I listen to his 9/11 broadcast in it’s entirety. It’s pretty amazing, you know. And he basically nailed it from day, before day one.



Nick Spero: Oh yeah.


Rainer: I mean, that was pretty remarkable!

Now these other types of guys, I consider most of them pretty low level cogs in the machine. I don’t think that Sean Hannity or Rush or any of these guys have a great deal of inside information as far as the black ops. And I think they just they seem pretty clueless to me. I’m sure they act. I’m sure a lot of it’s an act. But, …


Nick Spero: I would say it’s an act, because they’re paid millions of dollars to put out disinformation or whatever. And they belong to these think tanks that a lot of these other people who are the movers and shakers, belong to. So there’s probably a hierarchy of what’s being, you know, shared with these lower level Talk Radio hosts. But at the same time they are still rubbing elbows with these same people that are doing a lot of what they’re talking about on air.


Rainer: Yeah. Now a guy like Bill Kristol, who was, if I’m remembering rightly, was actually a PNAC signatory, Project for a New American Century. And that guy probably had some inside information that he was a member of that tribe and everything.


[Image] Jews behind the Iraq War, with most of them being members of PNAC (Project for a New American Century).


Nick Spero: And then Irving Kristol, his father.


Rainer: Yeah, yeah, yeah. But, I mean some of these real doofuses, you know, Glenn Beck and Hannity. It’s hard for me to believe that they would be privy to much, in the way of inside information. I think they just, they just, … Beck is, … He does put on a show, I mean he does do a schtick. I think he is pretty genuinely dopey in a lot of ways.


[Image] Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.


Nick Spero: Yeah, I think so to. But as far as collaborating on events that take place, do you think that they’re just handed a script and they are just told to repeat it, or do you think they’re all collaborating on a inside level whenever there’s one of these mass shootings or terrorist, so-called terrorist events that occur? Like 9/11.


Rainer: I don’t know how coordinated they are at the level of a script or talking points, but there is definitely, … I wrote a post called, “Airwolf Command”.


[Image] Airwolf Command.



And it was about the ownership of these companies. The ownership of Cumulus, which distributes a lot of these conservative shows. If you go to nasdaq dot com, and if you look up pretty much any major media corporation. They’re owned at the highest level by these investment firms. Three of the big ones are, State Street, Vanguard Group and Blackrock.

And these investment firms own millions of shares in, basically everything. Your fast food chains, your TV networks. People think, you know, they’re turning on Fox News. Again the conservative news. People then turn on NSBC they’re getting the liberal perspective. But the ownership is, at the highest level, in common. These companies are held in common. And they’re held in common with military industrial interests.


Nick Spero: Absolutely.




Rainer: Companies like general dynamics and Rathyon and Lockheed Martin. And what you also have are interlocks at the level of boards of directors, between banks, defense contractors, media corporations, oil companies. And so, yeah, I mean at some level there is some orchestration going on. At the level of the actual host who slobbers the jibberish on the microphone, I don’t know, you know, how much they know, how aware they are. I’m sure they all know which topics to avoid. In order not to get themselves in hot water, they all know which issues to sidestep and which boogie men to blame, so yes, to some extent it’s an act. I mean, whether they really know what happened with the bin Laden raid hoax, I don’t know.


Nick Spero: Yeah, I even did a timeline just on the acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions just from the Black Mann Stone and Kelly, the BMSK lobbying group, and then how they merged with a different group of then, boom, boom. And then over the years there was, you know, gobbled up by a advertising firm that owns different news networks and whatnot. So, yeah. I completely agree with what you’re saying and how this whole conglomeration is tied in with the military industrial complex, with news networks and how they disseminate information.

Did you ever look into how Roy Cohn and Rupert Murdoch came together with [Ronald] Reagan and pretty much helped Murdoch, … Well, actually Murdoch helped Reagan with his Latin America incidences going on during his presidency to disseminate information in favor of Reagan throughout the whole time?


[Image] Ronald Reagan with Rupert Murdoch and Roy Cohn (standing), Jan 18, 1983.


Rainer: I believe, I remember reading something about when Murdoch was first introduced to Reagan and his entree to Zionist power circles. And was that Cohen that made the introduction?


Nick Spero: Yeah. Tom Bolan and Roy Cohn where they were in the same law firm together. Tom Bolan being a knight of malta. And Cohn being the guy, you know, of many connections, set that meeting up with Murdoch and Reagan, to make that happen. So, it’s pretty interesting. I’m going to get into that when I start getting into more of the Roy Cohn information.


[Image] From left: Tom Bolan, Rupert Murdoch and Roy Cohn at a party during Ronald Reagan’s inauguration, Washington, D.C. (January 21, 1985)


Rainer: Have you investigated Murdoch’s family tree?


Nick Spero: Not in depth, no. I’m not sure. A lot of people saying he’s Catholic, but I think he’s one of those conversos where he’s actually jewish, myself.



[Image] David Irving’s thoughts on Murdoch’s possible jewish background.



Rainer: Yeah, I know there’s one of the names in his family tree which is “Green”. Which could be a red flag. I’ve never found really conclusive commentary on it.


Nick Spero: But he’s usually awarded different Zionist type of awards, so.


Rainer: Yeah. He’s just, it’s hard to believe that he’s not, you know?


Nick Spero: Exactly! Exactly! And then Shaun might know a little bit more about that guy since he is from Australia, Murdoch.

So I wanted to get into your articles related to, … Let’s cover the Pinochet angle, because a lot of the New Right, the Alt Right of today are praising this guy, as far as, doing what he did in Chile with the death squads.


[Image] File photo showing then-Chilean President Allende and General Pinochet at the presidential palace La Moneda in Santiago. Then-Chilean President Salvador Allende (R) and General Augusto Pinochet are seen at the presidential palace La Moneda in Santiago in this undated file photo. September 11, marks the anniversary of the coup d’etat in Chile that ushered in a 17-year dictatorship under Pinochet. More than 3,000 people died or disappeared because of political violence during Pinochet’s 1973-1990 military rule. 


And they brag about the helicopter incidences of, you know, destroying a lot of people’s lives. Assassinations, imprisonment, torture, rape, all the above with Pinochet’s regime. And they praise this guy, because he was eliminating communism in Chile. So, you did write an article related to that. As far as Allende, as well. Democratically elected president for Chile, who was assassinated. So if you want to get a little bit more into that, I would like to hear your analysis of that.




Rainer: Sure. Allende was a rising figure in Chilean politics during the sixties. And the US, even under Kennedy, was attempting to undermine his rise to prominence. And they were already trying to torpedo his election chances, as far back as 63, I think. One of the sources for this period is the man who was the US ambassador to Chile. His name is Edward Korry. He was also the ambassador to Ethiopia. He served under Kennedy, Johnson and also Nixon.


[Image] President John F. Kennedy meets with newly-appointed United States Ambassador to Ethiopia, Edward M. Korry (right). Oval Office, White House, Washington D.C., 13 March 1963. Korry was the United States Ambassador to Chile from 1967 to 1971.


And Korry has been alleged to have been complicit, to have been a participant in the coup, the seventy three coup. So some of his account you might take with a grain of salt, because he’s obviously tried to distance himself from that allegation. But he’s been pretty open about the fact that, in his words, the CIA was basically serving as a collection agency for various US. Corporate interests. ITT Corporation, the Telephone Telegraph company, Pepsi Co, and Richard Nixon had that one time been the attorney for Pepsi Co. Anaconda Copper was another one.

And Allende, it’s true, identified as a communist. But he was politically a much more eclectic sort of guy. He had a lot of influences and I argue in my article he was really more of a nationalist, or a Socialist Nationalist, or if you must, National Socialist. Because what he was interested in doing was in taking back Chile’s resources and putting these to use for the Chilean people.


Nick Spero: Right.


Rainer: Because what had been going on in a was basically a run on it’s mineral wealth and it’s resources, similar to what happened in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. The place was being taken over by these multi-nationals.


Nick Spero: The Chicago Boys were over in Russia too? Or, I know thy were definitely in Chile.


Rainer:The Chicago Boys were, as I understand, definitely an influence in shaping Russia’s economy after the fall of the Soviet union.


Nick Spero: They did the same for China as well.


Rainer: Yes. These were disciples of Milton Friedman at the university of Chicago.


Nick Spero: Oh, yes.


Rainer: So, what happened when Allende, you know, spoiling the CIA’s intentions. You know, the CIA had expended all this money trying to prevent Allende from being elected in the seventies.


[Image] Salvador Guillermo Allende Gossens (26 June 1908 – 11 September 1973), more commonly known as Salvador Allende, was a Chilean physician and politician, known as the first Marxist to become president of a Latin American country through open elections in Nov, 1970.

On 11 September 1973, the military moved to oust Allende in a coup d’état sponsored by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).As troops surrounded La Moneda Palace, he gave his last speech vowing not to resign. Later that day, Allende shot himself dead with an assault rifle, according to an investigation conducted by a Chilean court with the assistance of international experts in 2011.



He did win over the people, he did get elected and so it was, again, it was ITT, International Telephone Telegraph and Anaconda Copper, were two of the big ones that wanted this guy taken out because they were losing their concessions, all their privileges that they’d been granted under previous governments.


[Image] Henry Kissinger: “Shut it down!


And Henry Kissinger, under Nixon, was basically at the beck and call of these people. And they basically said, “Hey, this Allende character is giving us trouble down here” and they’re going to nationalize the copper for instance, the copper mines. That was one of the first things the Allende wanted to do.


[Image] Pinochet and Kissinger in a death grip.

Nick Spero: Right.


Rainer: So, the US just basically did to Chile what they’ve done in more recent years to Ukraine. They didn’t like the government so they Overthrew it, with astroturf and by any means necessary essentially. Mr Korry was even quoted at the time, as saying that the intention of the US was to make the Chilean economy, “Scream”. That was the word that he used. And so they blockaded the country, cut necessary materials for industry, …






RENEGADE AD: I think we’re seeing a resurgence of anti-gentilism. Because at this time israel has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we’re going to be part of the throes of that transformation. Israel is not going to be a monolithic society it once was and gentiles are going to be in the center of that. Israel is now going into multicultural mode. But without this change and without this transformation Israel will not survive.




Nick Spero: Welcome back everybody I’m your host Nick Spero and this is Circus Maximus. I am on with Rainer from icareviews and Aryan Skynet. We were discovering that Chilean coup de’tat, with Pinochet being the CIA plant. So, where were we? Where did we leave off with the, “screaming economy” I believe, right Rainer?


Rainer: Sure. Yeah, that was the situation. So, Allende was attempting to recalibrate the country’s economy so it was serving the interests of the people. He was famously concerned with just making sure people had food and making sure children had milk and so forth. He was not some, foaming at the mouth Bolshevik, hanging priests and bulldozing churches. And he was not, that’s not what was happening in the country. He was trying to reorient the economy so it was serving the people. And these multinationals were not having it, so that’s where the ‘73 coup comes in.

And Pinochet was the general, that the CIA backed in overthrowing Allende. And Michel Chossudovsky, who was teaching economics in Chile at the time, says it was basically a neoliberal coup.


[Image] Michel Chossudovsky (born 1946) is a Canadian economist and author. He is a professor of economics at the University of Ottawa and the president and director of the Centre for Research on Globalization.


He was a visiting professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile during the 1970–1973 government of Salvador Allende. It was the effects of General Augusto Pinochet’s post-coup policies which sparked his interest in what he termed “economic repression”. Among other measures, Pinochet’s government quadrupled the price of bread, and Chossudovsky set out to examine the social effects, concluding that the government was engaging in more than just conventional political repression. 

Chossudovsky is the son of a Russian Jewish émigré, the career United Nations diplomat and academic Evgeny Chossudovsky, and an Irish Protestant, Rachel Sullivan



It wasn’t a Fascist coup and not necessarily a right wing coup. It was a neo-liberal coup. It was it was like, Korry says, the CIA was acting as the collection agency for these multinationals. It was strictly a grab. It was a grab for the resources of the country.


Nick Spero: Oh yes. Absolutely! But this is a TRS’ just take on this. They said something along, … Well the article is titled, “Dear Conservatives, you will not win the Latino vote”.



And for Chile, they describe Chile as famous for Augusto Pinochet and his coup against the communist government of Salvodor Allende.


The lesson you need to take from Chile is that Chileans elected communism of their own violation [volition] and what they had to literally be coerced into free market capitalism.

Thanks to Pinochet’s deep institutional reforms the country’s free market system was able to survive despite Chileans repeatedly voting for socialists. Those socialists trying to change the constitution to suit them. Having communist students protesting for free stuff. And electing said communist students to parliament. Chile will obviously not remain the free market capitalist country it has been for decades. Chileans don’t want it to.


Rainer: Yeah, it’s unfortunate, but even in our neighborhood on the internet. In this movement, if you want to characterize it is a movement, you still get these people talking, “free market” this and that. And, I went through that phase, I mean, I had to go through my libertarian phase to get where I am.

You even hear Jared Taylor, I’ve heard him pay lip service to the free market, and you hear this from some of the the neo reactionaries, they love capitalism and it’s just, …




Nick Spero: Moldbug!


Rainer: It’s just Republican residue. I grew up in a blue collar Republican home and so I grew up thinking Ronald Reagan was, I mean that was as good as you could get, you know, I mean. And these this free market stuff and this capitalism mentality, it’s just a kind of this pseudo ethnicity, I mean, it’s the closest thing to an identity that they allow Europeans to have now. You have to be for Capitalism or you’re a communist. It’s just so bankrupt.

And it’s really not just that it’s empty it’s that it’s actually destructive of us. We, there’s really going to have to be some kind of socialist component to any healthy society that’s interested in preserving it’s identity.


Nick Spero: Well even America in itself, by having a police force and fire department and public education, that is all socialist anyway, regardless.


Rainer: Yeah. I think, you know, during my transitional period when I was weaning myself off, of some of that, I was a big fan of Brad Trun who has the Libertarian Realist YouTube channel. I still like Brad and I admire his work, he’s a really sharp guy. But I just had to abandon that whole mentality. The two things are really not compatible, identitarianism and the free market stuff. It doesn’t work.


[Image] Brad Trun being interviewed on Red Ice Radio.


Nick Spero: So, I understand there was a huge propaganda campaign going on, even when Allende was elected, to destroy the economy. To make him look bad, to get people all restless.


Rainer: Definitely! The country was wracked with strikes. And I will read you exactly what. Mr Korry said. Now Korry today, Edward Korry, the man who was then ambassador to Chile, attempts to distance himself from all of these, you know, deep political plays against Chile. But he was mixed up in it and he said that. OK, he said:

Not a nut or bolt shall reach Chile once Allende comes to power. We shall do all within our power to condemn Chile. And all Chileans to utmost deprivation and poverty.

And that’s straight out of the mouth of the US ambassador to the country. I mean, it’s what they’ve done, it’s what they’re doing now to Iran, it’s what they’ve been doing to Cuba, for so many decades now.


Nick Spero: Yes, and even with Iran when they had the BP situation where, forget his name, he wanted to nationalize the oil because BP was only giving them, like twenty three cents on the dollar at the time, and that wasn’t fair to Iran or the people of Iran. And with Libya, Gaddafi was pretty much a National Socialist, in my opinion.


[Image] Muammar al-Gaddafi (June 1942 – 20 October 2011) in earlier and better days. In 2011, he warned Europe that if he went down, they would be flooded with millions of negroes. “There are millions of blacks who could come out of the Mediterranean to cross to France and Italy, and Libya plays a role in the security of the Mediterranean.” Jews were behind the invasion of Libya and his death, and wanted this to happen.


Rainer: Oh, definitely.


Nick Spero: With all the different ways that he was taking care of his people. With the education and money towards a home when they got married, and additional funds for having children, and giving them benefits from the oil production. Where they got a check for just the oil production in Libya. And you hear these GOP members, they still demonize him as being evil, or even Hillary, you know, supporters or Obama. They support what happened in Libya as well, just going off of the narrative that he was an evil dictator and mistreating his people when it was actually the quite the opposite.


[Image] Hillary Hag Clinton on Gaddafi’s death: “We came, we saw, he died!


Rainer: Yes. And with a lot of these Third World governments during the middle to late twentieth century, all of these regimes did identify ostensibly with Marxism and with communism. But it was almost a protest vote. It was almost a way of saying, “We’re not with you” you know, the US was the aggressor, the US was the imperial neo-colonial power. And it identified as strongly capitalist.

So these nationalist, or National Socialist regimes were identifying as communist, wasn’t necessarily an indication that they were doctrinaire zealots, you know, Marxist Leninism, or whatever. But it was, there was a strong current of nationalism that ran through so many of these powers.




Nick Spero: There were mostly just anti-globalists for the mosts part.


Rainer: Yes.


Nick Spero: They weren’t the Soviet Union type of communism that, like you said, they weren’t burning churches or anything like that, you know, and just throwing their own people into gulag’s and starving them to death or anything like that. So what else would you like to touch upon about the coup over in Chile? I know that after the Chicago Boys came in, they pretty much screwed up the economy.


[Image] Milton Friedman (middle, front), the guru of the monetarist school of economists based at the University of Chicago, taught and groomed quite a few of Pinochet’s top Chilean economic advisors known as the “The Chicago Boys”.


They didn’t do what TRS claims they did as far as helping out their people. And I also understand that the IMF. Ended up coming around to rescue them!


Rainer: Well, if you listen to Milton Friedman or any of the advocates of Chicago style economics, it was a great success! They take a basket case that it’s been ruined by socialism and they gave it a shot in the arm. That’s always what you’re going to get from those people. I mean, the same thing happened in Russia. And it was basically, they they just exploited and got in the country. And that’s what happened. The standard of living of the average Chilean, plummeted almost immediately. I mean, people were expending more of their income just on the basic necessities of life immediately after the coup.


Nick Spero: Right. Plus a lot of what, I think the numbers range from forty thousand to over a hundred thousand of people who were offed or disappeared, put into prison camps and tortured. So there’s a fluctuation in numbers there. A lot of people stick with the three to four thousand range for people who were actually murdered and, not to mention all the other people that were tortured.


Rainer: Yeah. There’s a parallel situation in Argentina. What’s called the southern cone of South America, was one big experiment really. The CIA was involved in Argentina. I wrote a post about Pope Francis’ activity in Argentina during those years. He was mixed up with the CIA, …


Nick Spero: Sure.


Rainer: And their coup in that country.


Nick Spero: I’m sure. Can you talk a little bit about that? Because that’s pretty interesting. Real quick though. I understand that Allende was half jewish, though, and that he was also calling out the Jews at the same time, saying that Hebrews are well known committers of certain types of crimes, including fraud, deceit, defamation, but most notably, usury. So that’s kind of a weird conflict, was he a self hating jew or what? [laughing]


Rainer: I’m sure that’s what Mr Foxman of the ADL would suggest! But it’s interesting. I don’t know. Now if you read mainstream articles about that, they will, … If you read articles by liberally inclined people who are seen to defend Allende, they they will suggest that he drifted away from those views, those sorts of HBD oriented beliefs that he held were an infatuation of his youth. And that, well he, once he became a good Marxist he abandoned all of that. But we don’t really know, I don’t think. There’s one man and, I believe his name is Petras [sp] , who wrote a book alleging that Allende was a crypto Nazi or something. It was never published in English.

But, he certainly is not a classical Marxist, and certainly not all of his life. And he’s certainly not the progressive choir boy that a lot of his champions today would like to believe that he is. There’s a lot more complexity to him and that’s why he’s an interesting figure.




Nick Spero: Now, with Allende, a lot of Jews fled, when he was elected, to Israel because they were fearful of losing their property and assets to the socialist regime. And then in this article that I found related to your article, it was a different author, says furthermore:

When Pinochet took over three years later many of those who had fled returned to Chile! However other Jews fled the country too”.

So it seems as if Pinochet was actually good for the Jews in a lot of ways?


Rainer: Oh, definitely. He was he was their man on the scene. And the fact that they brought in these these Chicago Boys, I mean, that tells you all you need to know.


Nick Spero: Exactly.


Rainer: Now, the situation in Argentina I think is a little blurrier. Now, jewish writers act like Argentina, under the dictatorship there, was some kind of neo-Nazi hell hole again and that they were imprisoning them and all of that. The country actually enjoyed pretty friendly relations with Israel also. So Argentina is more complicated, but in Chile, I think you can make that case more easily that it was good for them.


Nick Spero: Now we were going to touch on Argentina just now and you’re going to tie in ISIS to the CIA. So let’s hear about that.


Rainer: Oh yeah. Pope Francis, his real name is Bergoglio. Ethnically, he is an Italian, even know a lot of people would like to make him out to be the first Latino pope, he’s an Italian.


[Image] Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the given name of Pope Francis, was born in Flores, a barrio in Buenos Aires, on December 17th, 1936, the eldest of 5 siblings.

Bergoglio, who was head of the Jesuit order in Buenos Aires during Argentina’s grim “dirty war,” mostly tended to his bureaucratic rise within the Church as Argentine security forces “disappeared” some 30,000 people for torture and murder from 1976 to 1983, including 150 Catholic priests suspected of believing in “liberation theology.


Nick Spero: Is he one of those are conversoes, one of those Italians that, were actually not really Italian, but actually jewish converting over to Catholicism from Italy.


Rainer: I wouldn’t know. I haven’t done, I haven’t dug that deep. But he was definitely in league with, and in cahoots with, the CIA in their agenda in Argentina. He was involved with identifying dissenters, who were abducted and executed. A good site for learning about this period of history in this region is Global Research, which Michel Chossudovsky maintains. He takes an interest in that, because he was teaching economics in both those countries actually. He was teaching an Chile and he was also in Argentina. So he takes a personal interest in that. And that’s a good site that I would recommend generally. Now, he comes out from more of the leftist perspective and some of the terminology, …


[Image] Jorge Mario Bergoglio and General Jorge Videla.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio not only supported the US sponsored dictatorship, he also played a direct and complicit role in the “Dirty War” (la guerra sucia”) in liaison with the military Junta headed by General Jorge Videla, leading to the arrest, imprisonment, torture and disappearance of progressive Catholic priests and laymen who were opposed to Argentina’s military rule.



Nick Spero: Most of that site is more of what you would call leftist per se, but sometimes you’re going to get a lot of exposure of these right wing death squads, from the left. [chuckling]


Rainer: Yeah, yeah. Now that’s why I mentioned the terminology. Though, some of the sites like Chossudovsky’s site will call people racists, or they’ll call them fascists, …


Nick Spero: The Nazis and whatnot.


Rainer: If you just, in some cases, if you just replace the words, I mean if you just change the wording, you’re getting some truth there.


Nick Spero: Yes.


Rainer: But, I encourage people to get outside, kind of the echo chamber of the sense that, you know, they feel or refer reflecting, … A lot of people get stuck in the left right thing and, …


Nick Spero: I agree.


Rainer: And you’re not getting the whole picture there. There is, what I’m interested in seeing is a synthesis of positions. Because I don’t see many people who are really getting the big picture.


Nick Spero: They’re not.


Rainer: And certainly in terms of geopolitics in terms of the economic forces shaping the world. I feel like I get a lot were truth out of a lot of these, you know, quote unquote, left wing sites.


Nick Spero: I get some, even from my Daily Kos, which is completely leftist. Another one is “watch dot pair dot com” that covers a lot of what I’m covering on my New Right series. And they will use those Nazi terms and racist terms and whatnot. But at the same time they are still exposing Israel and the judaic conspiracy and the Mossad and CIA, and Knights of Malta. They’re covering all different angles while they are still using those buzzwords of racist and whatnot.


Rainer: Oh, yeah. Another good guy is James Petras [].


[Image] James Petras (born c. 1930s) is a retired Bartle Professor (Emeritus) of Sociology at Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York and adjunct professor at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada who has published on Latin American and Middle Eastern political issues. He is the author of more than 62 books published in 29 languages, and over 600 articles in professional journals.


And you’ll see him published sometimes at sites like, Global Research or Axis of Logic. Some of these social sites. But, I mean, the guy is pretty blunt in telling, you know, what’s going on. The guy even wrote about, he called out the jewish lobby and he didn’t even call it “Israel lobby” he called it the “Jewish lobby”. The Israel lobby got us into Iraq, so, some of these people, I mean, they speak in truth.




Nick Spero: I even interviewed a guy that writes for CounterPunch [] . And I mean that’s another leftist site, per se.


Rainer: CounterPunch is, I visit it once in a while and it’s got some some good content, sometimes it’s just intolerable. I mean, it depends on what they’re covering. If you want, you know, reasonable coverage of something like the Trayvon Martin case or something, this is going to be, you will throw up just trying to read it!


Nick Spero: Yeah [laughing]


Rainer: But, they’re good on the foreign policy stuff.


Nick Spero: Yeah, this guy that I interviewed, he was covering the Smithfield Food buyout from a Chinese company, you know, the pork industry and how a chinese company became the world’s largest port processing company in the world and how Goldman Sachs was behind that merger and acquisition, so it was pretty interesting. So you’re going to get some good stuff from these lefty guys.


Rainer: Yeah. I even wrote a post called, “When Lefties are Right” because I encourage people to read a broad array of material.




One thing I try to do with my articles is write about things that I don’t see other people writing about. So I mean the HBD stuff is covered, there are enough people singing the praises of Donald Trump and, you know, if I see some area that’s being neglected I take an interest in that.


Nick Spero: Yeah, all you have to do is go to twitter, go to the hash tag alternative right or HBD or NRx and you’ll get all those talking points ad nauseum and you’re not going to see much of anything else. It’s just going to be that angle, it’s not a broad picture, it’s pretty one dimensional.


Rainer: Yeah. And I don’t see that I’m accomplishing much by just joining the amen corner.

I mean, I am trying to bring something different to the table. Ideally I’m doing something unique that is fascinating.


Nick Spero: You know, we’ve got about five minutes to our next break. Let’s cover more about the Latin America situation, as far as, how that was kind of the testing grounds for privatizing other areas around the world. Was there anymore that you wanted to touch upon for Argentina?


Rainer: Argentina. The post I did about that one is titled, “Neo-liberalisation Theology”. And again that was dealing with Pope Francis’ involvement there. And I carry into Pope Francis’s role at present in Europe, because he says he’s still doing the globalists work, as see it. Michel Chossudovsky published an article at Global Research, the title of which I think pretty much sums up what the Vatican is about. He published an article titled, “Washington’s Pope”.





And some people like to make out like that there’s a Vatican hand controlling and secretly moving or puppeteering a lot of the events of the world. But as I see it, they’re basically just playing along with the the US foreign policy aims and globalist aims. They just kind of an, “also ran”, a kind of jackal that is tagging along, picking at the bones of the animals that others have killed.


Nick Spero: I think of the Jesuits order, the Society of Jesus. You know, when they were the globalist arm at the time, where they would go into these Third World nations and subvert their their culture and get them to convert to Catholicism and pretty much become part of the globalist empire, per se. I think they’ve laid the groundwork a long time ago. Where now, these Jesuits are the learning institutions were your high public officials and your movers and shakers are learning their theology, their methods.

Whereas, I agree they’re not really the movers and shakers per se, anymore, there are more of the propagandists and the teachers of these people, like your Georgetown university’s and whatnot. Where these people are learning the methods of what the Jesuit order had done over the years. So, yeah they’re not really pulling the strings so much. So, yeah, go ahead. I’m sorry.




Rainer: But, I mean, when was the last time that the Vatican called Washington on anything of any importance? They basically play along with the game. I mean, the Vatican has nothing to say about 9/11 or anything. They’re not out there telling the truth. They’re obviously cowed and they’re obviously a subsidiary arm and subjugated party in the world. And I think they’re just happy to be thrown a bone and they’re kind of benefiting from Globalism as it’s being implemented in the US right now, with all the importation of these Third Worlders, because they’re, …


Nick Spero: Filling the churches!


Rainer: Yeah. Whites are abandoning the Catholic Church and and so they’re just kind of profiteers off all of this. And I think, again, I don’t see them as being all that powerful, really. They’re just a contributing factor to to the the general myth.


Nick Spero: I do think that Cardinal Spellman did pull out of strings when he was the Cardinal of New York, back when Kennedy, JFK. Was around. They do say that Vietnam was Cardinal Spellman’s war. I don’t know if you’ve heard that term before?


[Image] Cardinal Spellman in Vietnam, Dec 25, 1965.


[Image] Cardinal Spellman getting his ring kissed, along with Bob Hope and other members of a USO Vietnam Show. At 07:48 mark.


Rainer: I have not heard that particular formulation.


Nick Spero: Roy Cohn was also Cardinal Spellman’s lawyer. [chuckling]


Rainer:But, if you look into who got rich off of that war, was it the Catholic Church or was it some of these defense interests?


Nick Spero: Oh, not only the defense interests, but a lot of the heroin was coming back again to the US and whatnot, because of that situation.


Rainer: Yes, they were shipping it back in the caskets.



[Image] Source:


Nick Spero: Yes, yes. That was another version of the French Connection.


Rainer: Yeah.


Nick Spero: So God, gold, oil and drugs. Right.


Rainer: Yes. That’s the title of the book, actually. Yeah that’s that’s a whole other thing, a whole other can of worms.


Nick Spero: All right guys we will be right back after a longer break.






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Nick Spero: Welcome back everybody. I’m your host, Nick Spiro and I’ve got Rainer on with me and he can be found at and And we were covering a lot of the Latin American implementation of privatizing their industries via the CIA and Israel and what not. And also I notice that Israel was supplying a lot of the arms over to Chile during that coup-d’etat, as well. With the other article that you have “Israeli War Industry Clashes with US Foreign Policy” the cases of El Salvador, Guatemala. Could you get into that article?




Rainer: Oh sure. Foreign policy of the United States has not necessarily been consistent in that region and there was a marked difference under President Carter. Now I’m not a Jimmy Carter fanboy, by any means. But, there was a change in policy there, because the US for decades has had a policy, as most people know, of supporting dictators that are agreeable to US corporate interests and there’s not usually a lot of attention paid to the human rights record of those dictators, as long as they have, as long as they go along with the game. And Carter was willing to change some of that. And the US had been supplying arms to some of the Central American countries, El Salvador and Guatemala.




[Image] Map of Central America.


And when Carter became aware of some of the atrocities going on these countries, he wanted to pull US support away. And he thought that he would be able to bring some stability and some peace to that region. He didn’t end up working in a way.

And the reason was Israel. You know, Israel as everybody knows it’s supposed to be America’s number one ally in the Middle East and globally, it’s our best buddy, it’s the fifty first state and so forth. But, Israel wasn’t showing as much loyalty, in these cases, as soon as the Carter administration withdrew support from some of these dictators in Central America, by not providing any more arms and anymore aircraft, the Israelis would just move in.

They have a huge weapons industry and they would move in and supply the arms to these dictatorships and also training the death squads. The Israelis have a huge arms industry from the beginning, because in the beginning of the Zionist project they weren’t necessarily able to get all the arms they wanted. So they developed their own industry.


Nick Spero: They were getting a lot in the beginning. When they first established themselves in ‘48, from, I believe the Czech republic were shipping a lot over to them. I don’t know if you’ve gone into that part.




Rainer: No, but they definitely became self-sufficient in the production of arms. And their most famous export is probably that is the Uzi machine gun, that was invented by Uziel Gal. But they branched out into all all sorts of paramilitary training. And a lot of the aircraft that they’re provided by Western governments, they would in turn sell to some of these Third World countries.


[Image] Uziel Gal holding his wooden-stocked Uzi (left) and a German MP40. Designed just after the 1948 Arab-Israeli war the, CZ Model 25 inspired, Uzi was adopted by the Israeli Defence Forces in 1951 when the first shipments were issued to Special forces and paratroops. Gal was a German born Jew who had moved to Palestine before the beginning of the Second World War when the state of Israel was incorporated he joined the fledgling IDF, eventually retiring as a major in the 1970s. 


Nick Spero: They also are the largest drone manufacturer and distributor now, from what I understand.


Rainer: Basically anything that kills people they will make a buck off of it. So yeah, Central America is really a tragedy and Carter was not effective in that case. I think he deserves to have his good intentions noted at least in that case. Now, the US was still middling overseas under Carter. And Brzezinski, in Afghanistan for instance, Brzezinski has even admitted in more recent years, that the CIA instigated that trouble in Afghanistan that provoked the Soviet Union into invading it. That was sort of an engineered situation.


[Image] “In this photo image from 1977, National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski is seen with US President Jimmy Carter and US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance. President Carter had reversed the policy of Dr. Henry Kissinger and had issued US visa to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama during 1979.Source:


But, Carter was not the the warmongering Zionist that our more recent Commanders in Chief who are. And as soon as Reagan came in, in 1980, that was really the death knell for any kind of effective resistance to these Zionist plots in America. That was when he brought in all the neo-cons and and so the US support for all of these horrible murderers and dictators and death squads was resumed.


Nick Spero: So you talk a little bit about El Salvador with Colonel [Sigifredo] Ochoa. Could you talk a little bit about him.


Rainer: Ochoa was a guy who had received training from the Israelis and that’s their specialty, the search and destroy technicians. Ochoa, he was basically, just a monster, he was just massacring people. And he expressed his admiration of the Israelis.

[Image] Salvadoran warlord Sigifredo Ochoa: apt pupil of Israeli extermination tactics


Another guy in Central America who was a big admirer of the Israelis was Manuel Noriega. And Noriega, when he was taken down by Bush one, the guy who was basically second in command, became the eminence griese of the Noriega administration, a man named Michael Harari who was an Israeli Mossad agent. So that that’s really a chapter of the history of the Americas that doesn’t get a lot of attention is how Israel had it’s fingers in all of this. All of the dictatorships, of these dirty wars and so forth.


Nick Spero: So we’re tying two different articles together now, the “Michael Harari, Yair Klein, and the Zio-Colombian Cocaine-Carnage Connection”. That’s another article that we’re kind of touching upon now. Could you go back towards the Israeli war industry clashes with US policy a little bit more, just to paint a bigger picture.


Rainer: OK. Well, …


Nick Spero: Could you talk about the AFL the CIOs, the unions in this article. And how the aid was terminated from US?


Rainer: Yes. The Israelis were involved in a lot more than and just supplying arms. They were also involved in undermining the labor movements in these countries and they were involved in some pretty, for the times, sophisticated domestic surveillance technology implementations. They were selling these computer systems to more than one of these Central American governments and these were, in a way, sort of the testing ground for the Patriot Act and some of these 1984 style domestic spying operations. I mean, at the time they were testing all of this, these systems in these Central America countries and nobody cared because it was a Third World. So in the end, that’s not our problem, right?

But it was a bad situation and the Israelis were basically complicit in the rounding up and murder and imprisonment of any sort of dissidents. And these people, of course, would be characterized as radicals or communists and they were just people who opposed the the governments that they were living under, which were kowtowing to the Globalist interests.




Nick Spero: I covered a little bit about the computer systems for spying devices and keeping track of all the people who could potentially be enemies of the plots controlling these different. Third World countries. Now, have you gone into any of the School of the Americas where a lot of these Latin American militants are trained in America, I think in, what, Georgia? I think that’s where it’s located. But they changed the name of it recently, but still, the same system in place.


Rainer: No I didn’t write about that specifically in one of my articles. What I was writing about in the Michael Harari, Yair Klein piece was about how the Israelis specifically were providing training to Colombian drug lords.


[Image] “Yair Klein is a former lieutenant colonel in the Israeli army, who established a private mercenary company called Spearhead Ltd. Through Spearhead Ltd, Klein provided arms and training to armed forces in South America, Lebanon, and Sierra Leone. Klein and his company have been accused of training the death-squads of drug traffickers and right-wing militias in Colombia in the 1980s. Klein was convicted by judicial authorities in Colombia for training several members of Colombian paramilitary groups and the militias of drug traffickers such as Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha and Pablo Escobar Gaviria in 1987. Klein was convicted in 2001 by a Colombian court, and the Colombian government made unsuccessful attempts to obtain his extradition from Israel.” Source:




And that’s that’s the theme of some of the these articles, is that they don’t care who they do business with. They will do business with anybody even, even the ostensible enemies of their putative best, you know, greatest ally in the world. They’ll, you know, as soon as the US turns it’s back, there’s no loyalty there whatsoever. There’s no reciprocity of fellow feeling at all with these people.


[Image] Mike Harari, a former Israeli Mossad agent on Israeli TV in 1990.


And so the US had this supposed war on drugs going on, and I’m not going to get into that to the extent to which, … It was not exactly with they advertised it as being. But, the Israelis were, if you believe the Washington report on Middle East affairs. They published an article in which they argued that this Mossad agent, Michael Harari who is second in charge in Panama under Manuel Noriega, that he was actually involved in shipping drugs from Colombia into the US. So, I mean there’s clearly a conflict of interest. That’s the theme of all of these Israeli involvements in Latin America. There’s a consistency to their opposition to and their profiteering from the failure of US policies in these countries.


[Image] General Manuel Noriega with then Vice President (and former CIA Director) George H. W. Bush. As a CIA asset and drug-runner he was military dictator of Panama from 1983 to 1989, until he was removed from power by the United States during the invasion of Panama.


Nick Spero: And then in your article it says that Noriega had undergone military and intelligence training in Israel, jumping five times with Israeli troopers. And like uganda’s disposed dictator, Idi Amin, probably wore his Israeli paratrooper wings on his uniform for many years afterwards.


Rainer: Yeah. Noriega was a great admirer of the Israelis. He liked the Israeli style and even the name that he gave to his army was modeled after the Israeli Defense Forces. He called them the Panamanian Defense Forces [PDF] . So there was a conscious effort on his part to emulate what the Israelis had done, and I’m sure that Michael Harari had a lot to do with it. He’s described in in newspaper articles, you’ll see him described as an advisor to Noriega. But I’m not convinced that he wasn’t the one running the country.


[Image] Both Noriega and Idi Amin wearing their Israeli paratrooper wings.


Nick Spero: Right. And then Noriega even sent his kids to a Jewish community’s prestigious Alberto Einstein day school and to an Israeli kibbutz one summer. Noriega also employed other Israeli security experts in the Harari organized PDF, which in effect became the Noriega administration.


Rainer: Yes, and what’s so absurd about this, is that in the run up to the takedown of the Noriega government, there were these columnists in American newspapers talking about the horrible anti-semitism in Panama. And the most hilarious episode was when the US invaded and they took Noriega’s compound and there was supposedly this big portrait of Adolf Hitler, that they found in this office.

And the idea, of course, was that the US had stopped another Hitler and there was a new Hitler on the rise! And that’s always the justification for these interventions abroad. It’s always a new holocaust looming on the horizon or something. If you go to Google newspapers, “news dot Google dot com” I believe, you can find these old articles. And there’s one where some columnist is talking, comparing it to Germany in the ‘30s and so forth, and it was such a perilous situation for them there. It was just a total fraud.




Nick Spero: So, another key role, Harari may have played in smuggling Colombian drugs into the United States. There are other Israeli connections to Colombia and to the Medellin cartel in particular. 1989 NBC aired a videotape that showed Israeli mercenaries training Colombian drug cartel assassins. It’s crazy!


Rainer: Yeah. And you can find some snippets about that on YouTube, and you can find a little bit about Yair Klein. I’m not good with these Israeli names. Yes that guy, again he’s just another one of these in numerable Israeli low-lifes and monsters who just pop up throughout the Third World and in Latin American particular. He was training armies for these Medellin drug cartels. These were hit squads that would go out and kill people and it’s all they were doing. Again, you get the absurd excuses in the mainstream media and newspaper articles at the time, were quoting Mr Klein and some of his associates as saying that:

Well all we were really doing in Colombia was training these farmers to defend themselves against cattle rustlers” or something.

They couldn’t even come up with a better story than that. And I mean, it was still obvious what they were up to down there.


Nick Spero: This is a really in-depth article that everybody should read. I’m going to share these links and the show description. I usually have, I haven’t done that yet but these articles are well researched with a lot of sourced information with even videos that cover some of the things we’re talking about, in more depth. So, please, people read these articles. It’s worthwhile. I know it’s history, you know, already happened, that doesn’t pertain today, but at the same time it just paints a picture of what’s going on today. It’s pretty much the footprint of, this blueprint, that they go off of and they just keep repeating it, over and over again in other areas.

We were going to cover Trumps connections with a lot of these different groups, as well. Let’s get into Trump, since he is the Republican nominee.


[Image] “Thank You Lord Jesus for President Trump


Rainer: Well, sure. I’ve written a number of articles about Trump and I have taken a little bit of heat for that.


Nick Spero: Of course.


Rainer: [laughing] But, it’s difficult to see how anybody can turn a blind eye to it. I mean, this guy’s jewish connections, zionist connections, make George W Bush look like Father Coughlin and, you know. I mean, I don’t even know where to start. I mean Roy Cohn isn’t even the only person allegedly connected with child prostitution rings to be connected with Trump.


[Image] Roy Cohn, the “Legal Executioner” on the cover of Esquire magazine, Dec 5, 1978.


Other figures, trafficking in underage sex slaves who’d been tied to Trump is Ghislaine Maxwell, who is the daughter of a British publisher and Mossad spy named Robert Maxwell.


[Image] Jewess Ghislaine Maxwell with Donald Trump


He’s also been involved in real estate deals with a man named Felix Sater. Felix Slater is a really interesting figure. At one time he had an office in a Trump building and he had a business card that listed him as a member of the Trump organization and as an advisor to Trump.


[Image] A montage image of Trump and Felix Sater.


And this guy is tied into “Deep State” activities as well. This man Felix Sater, he’s weird and he’s gotten himself into some legal trouble. But at the same time he seems to have a, “get out of the jail free card”. He’s one of these shady characters who is a made man of sorts. He apparently has been involved in work for the CIA.




There’s a video on YouTube of a ceremony which he was named by Chabad of Port Washington’s “Man of the Year”. I think it was for 2014. In this, it’s a bizarre video, because it’s this rabbi, it’s Felix Sater’s rabbi going on about how Felix Sater is some kind of secret agent, and he’s apparently done work for the CIA in all these countries and he’s some kind of kosher James Bond, apparently.


[Image] Sater’s rabbi talking about Chabad of Port Washington’s “Man of the Year”. Link:


But, Trump, even Trump has tried to distance himself from this Sater character. And there was a lawsuit, I believe a class action lawsuit filed against Sater, his company. And it was from investors in a building that was ostensibly going to be a Trump Tower and Trump, …

If you don’t know this, if your listeners don’t know this they should.

Trump is basically a front for other people’s money. That’s what he does professionally. Fronts for other people’s money. He’s a money launderer and Trump’s involvement with the Sater deal was basically nominal.

It was minimal and these investors had been led to believe that Trump was the mover behind it and it was going to be some glamorous respectable deal and these people found out that Sater was really the guy behind it. He was involved in all of this unsavory business. And one of the allegations they make against him in their filing, is that he was apparently mixed up with child prostitution even, and this may have been some kind of blackmail.


Nick Spero: Roy Cohn was pretty much involved with that too.


Rainer: Yeah. So this is a pattern in Donald Trump’s life. He’s mixed up with these people. And if you mention this on Twitter, if you bring some of this up and some of these these Trump supporters, they just, they don’t want to hear it and then their response I get sometimes is:

Oh well, Trump’s his own man. He’s independent, he’s a billionaire! How are these people going to control Trump?

Well even if you believe that, well, what does it say about him, in that he consistently associates with these types of individuals?


Nick Spero: Well, you can’t use that guilty by association card!


Rainer: Right, but Donald Trump is one of the the biggest rabbit holes I’ve ever come across in that the connections with this guy is just endless.


Nick Spero: Right. Exactly. Just with the casinos alone. Just skimming that takes place, money off the top that’s unreported that can be done, you know, he can do anything with investments and like what you’re saying, the money launderers as well.


Rainer: Yeah I think you brought up the Michael Collins Piper article, “Who Towers Behind Trump?” in which he talks about somewhat, some of his beginnings with, …




Nick Spero: Resorts International.


Rainer: Resorts International, which was a mob, CIA., …


Nick Spero:Meyer Lansky, Rothschild, Rockefeller, all the above.


Rainer: Yeah. But the myth of course is that he’s this self-made man and he’s so good at business and making deals. It’s almost a magical ability here, his deal making, it’s just kind of, it’s this superficial mystique. That’s been cultivated. People swallow it.


Nick Spero: All you really have to do, I mean, you don’t really have to just do that, but there are so many other angles to look at with Trump. But a lot of different avenues will open up if you look into the lobby group, the BMSK lobby group., you know, the Roger Stone and Charlie Black and Paul Manafort.


[Image] Roger Stone’s Nixon tattoo. “Not long ago, Stone went to the Ink Monkey tattoo shop in Venice Beach and had a portrait of Nix- on’s face applied to his back, right below the neck. “Women love it,” Stone said.New Yorker magazine, June 2, 2008.



Their lobby group pretty much was involved in a lot of the different overthrows of governments and replacement of dictators and the drugs, the oil, the gold, all that. Even in the Ukraine, that you mentioned earlier, Paul Manafort pretty much put in a pro-Putin President at one point where. Where, he was being outed and overthrown he was loading up gold bullion and headed over to Russia. Its crazy.


Rainer: Yeah. I don’t remember where I read it, but I remember there was some article I read. I think it was on a jewish website or maybe an Israeli site. There was this article with the title something to this effect, “Why Trump is the the Most Israeli US Presidential Candidate”. He was the most jewish or the most Israeli.




The article points out how he had all this chutzpah and he had this brash style that was quintessentially Israeli. And the great irony is, that’s what appeals to all these the these 14/88ers or these, you know, NRxers on Twitter. What they don’t realize is it’s these kind of sleazy Israeli qualities to him that are appealing to them. And they see it is some kind of, you know, “manoferian”, some kind of macho thing that recalls, you know, “Aryan greatness”. Some kind quintessential European sensibility he expresses, that’s not. It’s just kind of this tacky showbiz persona.




Nick Spero: He’s kind of, I said this earlier in a tweet with another guy, Robert Revolt, that Trump is the John Gotti 2.0


[Image] John Joseph Gotti, Jr. (October 27, 1940 – June 10, 2002) aka “The Teflon Don” and  “The Dapper Don” was the former boss of the Gambino Crime Family. He is well known for taking control of the family by having his boss, Paul Castellano, and underboss killed. In 1991, Gotti’s underboss, Sammy Gravano, would become a government informant and help the FBI bring Gotti to justice.




Rainer: Oh, definitely.


Nick Spero: Roy Cohn actually represented John Gotti too, by the way.


Rainer: Yeah, the mafia connections are not, I haven’t written about those. But, yeah, that stuff is there and that’s why I said he’s just the biggest rabbit hole. I mean, you look into one of these affiliations of his, it opens up another one. And the guy is so saturated with filth by association. I mean there’s just, I don’t see how people can continue to convince themselves that:

Oh, he’s just tricking them. He’s going to sneak up on them and, you know, turn the tables and then he’s going to really show them, and he’s going to build that wall and Israel’s finished and, …


Nick Spero: Well, a lot of these people who like Trump, who support him, they might realize that he’s got these connections and they know, well, if you’re this rich and famous you are going to have those connections. But so what! He’s going to build the wall! He’s going to kick the beaners out!


Rainer: Yeah, I’ve heard those arguments they say:

Well he’s in showbiz, so you have to understand he’s going to have those connections” or, “He’s in casinos, so that’s the kind of people you have to deal with, when you’re working in casinos, or in real estate, you have to work with gangsters and and so”.

Well, why do we need a casino magnate to be president, then? Maybe we should look in some other field, you know, where we don’t have to have a candidate who’s connected with a child sex slave trafficker and gangsters and Zionist prime ministers?


Nick Spero: Yeah. I don’t know if you saw that video were Trump purchased the yacht from Adnan Khashoggi? One of the largest arms dealers in the world at one point.


[Image] Adnan Kashoggi’s daughter, Nabila, is next to her father’s yacht, 86 m (282 ft) in length.


[Image] Link:


Rainer: Yeah, a lot of people have seen the commercial that Trump did for Benjamin Netanyahu. That’s not even the extent of it and it just goes on. And one of the connections that I found most ridiculous and laughable was his friendship with Stewart Rahr, the pharmaceuticals magnate.


[Image] Donald Trump, Stewart Rahr and Russell Simmons at the 25th Annual Great Sports Legends Dinner benefitting The Buoniconti Fund held at New York’s Waldorf Astoria, Sep 27, 2010.


Stewart Rahr, if your listeners don’t know, he’s a billionaire. He’s the guy who made a bundle off of Cipro when there was the anthrax scare in 2001. Cipro was administered allegedly to the White House and to the President, Vice President. And obviously everybody had to have it, you know, when the anthrax story, you know, “Death to America”, “Death to Israel” anthrax letters were in the news. Stewart Rahr made a bundle off that. Cipro’s been criticized, it’s gotten some bad press in the last few months. It’s apparently is not as effective as it was previously claimed and some people said it’s even caused paralysis in them.


[Image] icareviews/Rainer’s article, “Trump and the Number One King of Fun”. Link:


Nick Spero: Wow!


Rainer: And other problems. Stewart Rahr, he’s probably the most grotesque of the Trump associations, with the possible exception of Cohn. This guy Stewart Rahn is a huge IDF booster. He’s a big sponsor of them. And he’s also, …


Nick Spero: All right, we’ll be right back with the last half hour, everybody.








Nick Spero: Welcome back everybody and if you want to call in the number is 747 222 8807. We have a half an hour for your phone calls. So we’re covering Trump just now and his unsavory connections, if that’s the best way to say it. So, Rainer If you want to continue on the pharmaceutical billionaire.


Rainer: Yes. Stewart Rahr, his nickname for himself is the, “Number one king of all fun”. He also calls himself, “Stewy Rahr Rahr”. He’s like the most stereotypical tacky, sleazy, shekel rubbing semite you can imagine. And it’s not just that he’s an Israel booster and it’s not just he’s a billionaire. The guy is really a complete sleaze bag.

He divorced his wife a few years ago. And he made his own porno film in a limousine with a couple of girls. And he sent it to all his friends, all these important New York people. He sent this porno, starring himself, to all these people. And just guy, this guy hobnobs with Bill Clinton. He has access to all these figures of prominence.


[Image] Tennis legend Jimmy Connors, Stewart Rahr, President Bill Clinton and Mike Miken in New York.

The man’s business card is a fake unit of currency, it’s like a fake dollar, hundred or thousand dollar bill, or something. It’s got a picture of him, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump playing golf together.


[Image] Stewart Rahr’s business card, featuring Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. Link:


Nick Spero: Nice!


Rainer: And he has replaced the name, “God” with his name on it. It says, “In Stewart We Trust”. [laughter] It tells you a lot about how he views himself and his place in the world. And what’s especially sinister about this man’s, Stewart Rahr, connection with Trump. Is that Stewart Rahr was one of the figures behind the, “Should Trump Run dot com” web site back in 2011.


[Image] May, 2011 screenshot from waybackmachine., re “Should Donald Trum Run for PresidentLink:


You may recall there were some a little bit of noise back in 2012, whether or not Trump would run. And there had been this web site started, “Should Trump Run dot com” and he was testing the waters, gauging public interest in possible Trump candidacy. And Stewart Rahr was behind it. He was involved with a couple of New York lawyers. I believe their names were, David Schwartz and Bradley Gerstmann.



[Image] Trump with attorneys David Schwartz (left) and Bradley Gerstman.


These guys are in a practice together, and what’s interesting about these two lawyers, is that they’re not just involved with Rahr. They advertise on the web site for their firm, for the practice, that they they’ve been involved with both Clintons and they’ve also been involved with George Bush.

I mean you can find photo ops on the web site with these guys hanging out with Hillary Clinton. And that would, I mean, that would, … If you happen to be partial to the theory that Trump is in there as a kind of decoy way to get Hillary elected, that’s something you can point to. I have not committed to a theory of what exactly Trump’s game is. I’m open to different theories.

I know Hipster Racist [a commenter on Ayran Skynet] is convinced that Trump is strictly a Zionist agent, in that he intends to get elected and he intends to implement a hardcore Zionist administration.




Nick Spero: I agree with that!


Rainer: I’m open to that interpretation. I have not necessarily relinquished the possibility that he’s just going to take a dive for Hillary. I think it could still happen.


Nick Spero: There’s still the notion that this dominion [?] theology. The, you know, the Old Testament rule of law would become the rule of law of America. I think that’s still a plan to be implemented with the evangelical right. You know, how the Noahide Laws were passed under poppy Bush under a different act or bills. So, and with the Latin America region, I forgot to point out, while all these replacement of leaders were taken place, a lot of the evangelicals were involved. Also, they produced a bible, similar to your Scofield [bible] I would imagine, the White Cliffs bible translators that started teaching these Latin Americans to be pro Israel., you know, started teaching them that Jews are the God’s chosen, just like the evangelicals over in America. So, that’s part of the agenda down there as well, to be pro Israel.


[Image] “The Scofield Reference Bible is a widely circulated study Bible edited and annotated by the American Bible student Cyrus I. Scofield, which popularized dispensationalism at the beginning of the 20th century. Published by Oxford University Press and containing the entire text of the traditional, Protestant King James Version, it first appeared in 1909 and was revised by the author in 1917.

The Scofield Bible had several innovative features. Most important, it printed what amounted to a commentary on the biblical text alongside the Bible instead of in a separate volume, the first to do so since the Geneva Bible (1560). It also contained a cross-referencing system that tied together related verses of Scripture and allowed a reader to follow biblical themes from one chapter and book to another. “


“The Scofield Reference Bible was not to be just another translation, subverting minor passages a little at a time. No, Scofield produced a revolutionary book that radically changed the context of the King James Version. It was designed to create a subculture around a new worship icon, the modern State of Israel, a state that did not yet exist, but which was already on the drawing boards of the committed, well-funded authors of World Zionism.”



I talked to somebody how they were surprised at how many of these Brazilians were pro Israel and it’s because of this bible translation that took place, for these people to be pro Israel like that.

So more on Trump, more connections. What do you know, about Jeffrey Epstien?


Rainer: Jeffrey Epstein his has been connected with Trump, both in Florida and New York. They’ve been known to dine together and there have been calls between them. And most notoriously, Trump’s name was found in Epstein’s little black book, his book of contacts. And these are presumably people who would have been clients, of one sort or another. And the inference people have made is that Trump, you know, may have partaken of the, little “Lolita Express” on one or more occasions. And Trump, of course, will distance himself from that.


[Image] Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” plane, a Boeing 727 jet, was reportedly set up with a bed where guests had sex with young girls.

7 Things You Need To Know About Trump And Sex Slave Island

Here are seven connections between Trump and Epstein’s sex slave endeavors that you need to know about:

1.Trump himself has said that Epstein is “a lot of fun to be with,” adding that he admired the sex offender’s affinity for beautiful women “on the younger side.

2. Trump was named in Epstein’s “little black book.

Epstein’s “little black book” was stolen by a former employee in 2004. The book, nicknamed “The Holy Grail” by the employee, revealed the name of Donald Trump and listed “14 phone numbers including emergency numbers, car numbers, and numbers to Trump’s security guard and houseman.” 

3. Trump has allegedly flown on Epstein’s private plane — a hot spot for under-age sex orgies.

4. Both Trump and Epstein are named as sex abusers in a case with an under-aged girl.

5. Epstein admitted to knowing Trump under oath, and curiously pled the fifth to Trump attending sex parties with underage girls.

6. At least one of Epstein’s underage sex victims was recruited from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago — which he frequented often.

7. Trump was subpoenaed in 2009 for his connection to Epstein’s under-age sex slave rings. Trump has denied ever being served.”



But again, it’s just it’s one in a number of episodes in connections that establish a pattern. There’s just too big a bit of a pattern with this guy to ignore any of this. And that I don’t think it’s something you can just laugh off. And it’s disturbing that so many people are willing to take this in stride.


[Image] Trump, Epstein and the Clintons.

Jeffrey Edward Epstein (born January 20, 1953) is an American financier. He worked at Bear Stearns early in his career and subsequently formed his own firm, J. Epstein & Co. In 2008 Epstein was convicted of, and served eighteen months in prison for, soliciting an underage girl for prostitution. He is a registered sex offender.

New Yorker magazine: Epstein likes to tell people that he’s a loner, a man who’s never touched alcohol or drugs, and one whose nightlife is far from energetic. And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,’‘ Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”



Nick Spero: Here’s an article:


Roy Cohn two man he mentored in the art of manipulation, Roger Stone and Donald Trump. When Trump was still in his twenty’s, he hired Cohn and began to move in the same circles. Both were members Le Club, a private hot spot where the rich and famous and social climbers can meet without suffering the presence of ordinary people. Later when Studio 54 served the glitter and cocaine crowd, …

Where did the cocaine come from, ha? With everything that the Israelis were doing in Latin America, I would imagine.

Cohn and Trump were there to. Cohn modeled the style for Trump that was, one part, ‘friendly gossip’ and one part, ‘menace’. Cohn looked and sounded like someone who could hurt you if you crossed him. Trump kept the photo of the glowering Cohn, so he could show it to those who might be chilled by the idea that this man was his lawyer. 

It was Cohn who introduced Trump to a young political operator named Roger Stone in 1979. Stone had cut his teeth in the Nixon campaign of ‘72 where he posed as a student socialist who donated to an opponent and then made the contribution public. The fake scandal help scuttle anti-war congressman Pete McCloskey’s presidential bid and ensured that Nixon was around to give America three more years of a disastrous war and Watergate.

Brilliant and perpetually aggressive, ‘Attack, attack, attack!’ is his motto. Stone teamed up with Trump to create a xxx, a presidential bid in 1987. And the two have been political partners ever since. Like Cohn, Stone is a risk taker. He and Trump got caught breaking campaign rules as they fought the development of Indian casinos. And State officials levied a hefty fine. Stone counsels clients to, ‘Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattacks!


[Image] Article, “Trump’s Mobbed Up, McCarthyite Mentor Roy Cohn”. Link:




Hmm, sounds familiar.

He once told a reporter that it was his practice to always get even. When somebody screws you he added, ‘When someone screws you, screw them back, but a lot harder’. Trump’s version of the Stone credo, as he told me, is to hit back ten times harder whenever he feels attacked.

Like McCarthy and Cohn and Stone, Trump loves to gossip and trade in information. He to, cultivates an air of menace to keep his opponents off guard, and he hates to apologize or back down. And like Cohn, he insists that the kind of talk his critics consider offensive is really just the truth expressed without the social amenities. This is an ingenuous tactic for someone who wants to be free to say almost anything, even if it’s insulting, and get away with it.

Much of what Trump says and does come straight out of the Cohn, Stone playbook, concluding his eagerness to make people uncomfortable and confused. As a campaign consultant Stone advises candidates to open multiple battlefronts. And as a source for reporters he often mystifies anyone who seeks to understand what he’s up to.

For his part, Trump is a man prone to outrageous statements that defy fact checking. And our fascination with them stems, at least in part, from the delightful challenge of trying to figure out when he’s serious and when he’s putting us on.

Sounds like Trump did learn a lot from Cohn.


[Image] Roy Cohn, 1986 (the year of his death).


Rainer: And again, it’s the fascination with him, and what people like about him, is really just kind of it, an, it’s an internalized Jewishness in his character.


Nick Spero: Yeah.


Rainer: It’s kind of expressing this big brash, unapologetic Israeli sensibility.

Another suspicious zionist connection that he has that we haven’t talked about yet is, Bill Diamond, William J Diamond. Are you familiar with him?


Nick Spero: Yeah, I’ve heard of Diamond. Wasn’t he part of JP Morgan at one point, or IMF, or something once? I’ve heard that Diamond name before.


[Image] icareviews/rainer’s article, “Trump, Diamond, Sater, Maxwell, the Mossad and the Florida Overloards”. Link:


Rainer: OK, the Diamond that I’m talking about, Bill Diamond was was a Giuliani guy, OK. He was the Commissioner of Administrative Services under Rudy Giuliani from ‘94 to 2001. And he was another guy who, a few years ago, was was putting himself behind a possible Trump run in 2011, which is the same year that Stuart Rahr had this web site put up, “Should Trump Run?”, at the same time this guy Bill Diamond, who is a big Zionist operator. He operates out of Palm Beach, now. He was a New York guy, he’s operating at Palm Beach.



[Image] Rudy Giuliani and Bill Diamond outside Palm Beach Town Hall.


And he had some position in local government down there. But he’s the guy who was pushing for Giuliani’s notorious bunker in the years leading up to 9/11. Jerome Hauer was allegedly the mastermind behind that. Hauer has denied it. Hauer was the manager of Emergency Services in New York. But they had this costly, extravagant, bulletproof, catastrophe proof headquarters for Emergency Services installed on the 23rd floor of Tower 7 of the World Trade Center complex.


[Image] WTC Building 7 was the dark flat-topped 47-story skyscraper immediately north of the World Trade Center super-block, across Vesey Street. Its designation as 7 World Trade Center is somewhat misleading: whereas WTC 1 through 6 surrounded the WTC plaza and were completed in the 1970s, Building 7 was 300 feet from the plaza and its construction did not begun until 1985. It was of an entirely different architectural style than the other six buildings. It was completely destroyed late in the afternoon on September 11th.

Building 7 was privately owned from the beginning, in contrast to the other six buildings, which were publicly owned until the summer of 2001. Building 7 was formerly the headquarters of the junk-bond firm Drexel Burnham Lambert, which contributed to the savings and loans collapse and $500 billion bailout of the latter 1980s.

Emergency Command Center

The 23rd floor of Building 7 had received 15 million dollars’ worth of renovations to create an emergency command center for then-Mayor Rudolf Giuliani. The features of the command center include:

* Bullet and bomb-resistant windows

* An independent, secure air and water supply

* The ability to withstand winds of 200 mph

These renovations were applied only to the 23rd floor. The command-center bunker was the the subject of much ridicule when it was created.


Was WTC 7 used as the “control center” to oversee the “controlled demolition” of buildings WTC 1 and 2, and therefore, needed to be destroyed in turn, to remove all the evidence? — KATANA.


And Diamond, this man who’s now a Trump backer, and who is a crony of Rudy Giuliani’s. He was next up in lobbying for that. So again, there are not only these Zionist connections, but Zionist 9/11 connections to Trump.


[Image] The World Trade Center complex before it was destroyed by Organized jewry as part of their plan to launch their “War of Terror” on the world.

Was WTC 7 used as the “control center” to oversee the “controlled demolition” of buildings WTC 1 and 2, and therefore, needed to be destroyed in turn, to remove all the evidence? — KATANA.


Nick Spero: Absolutely! Did you see that article, I think, “The Zog” I think is a commenter on your Ayran Skynet website? You recognize, “The Zog”?


Rainer: Yeah. I’m familiar with him.


Nick Spero: OK. He put together, “Who controls Donald Trump?”. He put a small list together [all Ashkenazi Jews unless indicated] , Michael Cohen, Gil Dezer,Michael Dezer, Alan Fishman, Alan Garten, Michael Glassner, Jason Greenblatt, Carl Icahn. That’s somebody involved with 9/11 to, right? Charles Kushner, Jared Kushner, Yael Kushner [née Ivanka Trump — Orthodox Jewish convert] , Richard LeFrak, Corey Lewandowski, some question whether or not he’s jewish or not. Stephen Miller, Steven Mnuchin, Sam Nunberg, Stewart Rahr, you mentioned. George Ross, Phil Ruffin, Felix Sater, you mentioned. Allen Weisselberg, Steve Wynn, casino magnate, mafia. Lara Yunaska, and that’s it!



[Image – click to enlarge] Who Controls Donald Trump? [Ver 2]




Rainer: Yes. Of those names that you mention, the most interesting, that I found in connection with Trump with 9/11 is Michael Glassner.


[Image] Article, “From AIPAC to Trump: Michael Glassner’s Journey”. Link:


Michael Glassner is Trump’s National Campaign Director, and interestingly, he was also working for the New York and New Jersey Port Authority, in the years leading up to 9/11. And he was involved specifically in the privatisation of the World Trade Center complex, which placed it in the hands of Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowry.


[Image] Larry Silverstein, super-Zionist UJA board member and Frank Lowy, ex-Haganah terrorist, both multi-billionaires with very close ties to the state of Israel, acquired the lease for the WTC in late July of 2001, hardly 6 weeks before the attack. Link:


Nick Spero: Lucky Larry!


Rainer: Yes. So there’s a connection there. And Michael Glassner was a Southwest Regional Director for AIPAC, previously. And he was also involved in the campaigns of Bob Dole and Sarah Palin and, …


Nick Spero: I see that. He was a political aid for Sarah Palin. And, by the way, the Council for National Policy, who vetted Sarah Palin to be the Vice President for John McCain where a lot of these people meet up two or three times a year with the Council for National Policy. And that’s a lot of what takes place behind the scenes on who’s going to be vetted and what not.


[Image] Corey Lewandowski, left, Dan Scavino, center, and Michael Glassner are among the highest-paid senior staffers on Donald Trump’s campaign.


Rainer: Glassner has given a few interviews, he’s given a couple of interviews, but he remains a fairly enigmatic character. He’s possible more disturbing than Rahr, just because he, … Rahr puts himself out there. Rahr’s somewhat clownish. Glassner is a serious, more formidable personality and he’s, more reserved. And we don’t know as much about him. In one of these interviews he gave, he did mention, or it did come out in this profile of him, that he still keeps in touch with his former superior at the Port Authority, whose name was Ronald Shiftan.


[Image] Ronald H. Shiftan, then acting executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.


And so he maintains his ties with these people who were involved with the privatization of the [World] Trade Center and basically placed it in Israel’s hands. And he’s apparently tight with this guy Shiftan.

And Shiftan is interesting because his family has long standing ties to the Eisenbergs. Lou Eisenberg is a name that may be familiar to some of you listeners who’ve looked into the Zionist connections to 9/11.


Nick Spero: OK, and recently Sheldon Adelson pretty much endorsed Trump, as well. Saying,

Well he’s a republican, I’m going to support him”.


[Image] Jewish casino operator Sheldon Adelson.


Rainer: Yeah. One of his papers, his Israeli papers endorsed Trump.


Nick Spero: Yeah, that was the recent one, I think, over the one that he purchased recently over in Las Vegas, right? Where he’s pretty much telling people:

You’re going to be fired unless you play ball and pretty much disseminate information the way that I tell you to”.


Rainer: Yes, so, to sum up on Trump, I mean, I understand the initial enthusiasm. I can understand some of the joy that people show in this kind of implicit White Nationalism that he represents. But, I mean, it’s so obviously fake and insincere that, I mean, all of these, … Even if you didn’t know about all these suspicious connections and even if you were only following the race at a kind of a superficial surface level. Even the statements he makes, and the inconsistency of his positions, totally counterbalances and basically negates any of his good points.


[Image] Trump having a bad hair day.


Basically all he’s done is dog whistling. He’s made a few throwaway politically incorrect statements that have gotten all these people, you know, excited. It’s just a sign of desperation to me that people will allow themselves to be so enthralled by such pittances. He’s just throwing scraps to people and they are lapping it up.




Nick Spero: Yeah, the theory that I have always, not always, but, what I have been repeating lately, is that the right wing is the sucker punch, the uppercut that you’re not expecting. You know, you’re going to expect that left hook, coming from the left, you know, side of things, because they’re obviously anti-White and promote cultural Marxism and degeneracy, openly. Whereas, the GOP, they try to keep their degeneracy in secret with their pedophilia and male escorts, and all the other things that they are tied into. But a lot of the major wars that have taken place, have taken place under the right wing, where they’ll soften it up. Pretty much say the things that the voters want to hear, you know, the rhetoric, and then there’s that sucker punch when you least expect it. It’s like a steam release valve for them.


Rainer: Yes, well George W Bush, when he was running in 2000, he was really running as more of a foreign policy moderate. If you go back and look at his debates with Al Gore, he was saying things like:

Well I don’t see why we ought to be telling the rest of the world how to run their affairs” and, you know, “I don’t see that we ought to be in the business of nation building”.

And he was saying these pretty reasonable sounding things about foreign policy. And then it’s a total flip flop. And a lot of people defend Trump as some kind of foreign policy realist, but he has no consistency there whatsoever. In 2011 he endorsed the toppling of Gaddafi. Now he pretends to be opposed to it. He was on the record in 2003 voicing some misgivings about the Iraq adventure, but he also made, kind of ambiguous statement on the Howard Stern Show, I think in 2002, that he might have thought it was a good idea.

And as late as 2015, he, I think it was at a CPAC conference. He was being interviewed by Sean Hannity. And I think Sean Hannity was asking him about the proper response to ISIS. And Trump even said, in this interview, that we, “Might need some boots on the ground”. And yet you have all these people, you know, Ricky Vaughn, I like Ricky Vaughn, but I mean, ever since the Trump thing, I don’t even want to look at the account any more. It’s just twenty four seventh’s GOP politics and, …


Nick Spero: I stop following, because, …


Rainer: It is just Trump, all Trump. I cannot get excited about endless, like, “Ted Cruz sucks!” Tweets.


Nick Spero: He gets thousands of retweets for stuff that is low information, just the hype, kind of like the rhetoric that Trump puts out. He’s kind of like a repeater for Trump and spokesperson for him.


[Image] An August 2015 tweet by Ricky Vaughin


Rainer: And, you know, Ricky Vaughn, he can be a winning guy when he wants to. I mean, I like the guy, basically, but I mean I can’t do all his Trump stuff.


Nick Spero: I agree.


Rainer:Ricky Vaughn, I mean Ricky Vaughn tweeted that we need Trump to fix our foreign policy. I mean, he actually tweeted it. And here is Trump saying he might need, saying as recently as last year, that we might need some boots on the ground. More of these wars, you know, send more of our boys over there to die. That might fix things.


Nick Spero: Exactly, and with his speech that he did, related to military policies, foreign policies, not too long ago, I think it was last week. The Alt Right is grabbing the one ounce of words that he said, as far as being, “America First”. Whereas the rest of the speech was quite the opposite with [laughing] some, …


Rainer:I didn’t pay attention to that speech. I really feel like I’ve said, all I need to say about Trump in my posts. I’m kind of burnt out.t information is all out there. There’s enough grime on Trump that anybody who who is interested in the truth, it’s there for them to see.


Nick Spero: It sure is.


Rainer: I just can’t keep hitting him them over the head with this stuff, if they’re impervious to it.




Nick Spero: I did the same thing for the Ron Paul. Different campaign in 2008 and 2012 and people were calling me a hater, and cointelpro, and all these different ad hominems, because I wasn’t supporting their guy, while I was trying to share all the different links the guy has, and all his information, all the hype is all rhetoric, it’s a steam release valve. And it’s kind of like a repeat of this election cycle. People latch on to their cult of personality figures and they don’t want to hear anything else. They just want to have their blinders on and follow the line for their glorious leader.


Rainer: Well, I will say this for Ron Paul. I was still Ron Paul guy in 2012, as late as that. And I, you know, I’m not now. But compared to Trump, Ron Paul is the real deal in that I think Ron Paul, even though I don’t really subscribe to his theories. I mean compared to Trump he was comparatively a good man.


Nick Spero: An angel!


Rainer: I think. Ron Paul is genuinely interested in world peace. I don’t think he knows how to go about it. And he has something of a half truther when it comes to some of the terrorism.


[Image] Ron Paul and his “blowback” mantra.


He sticks to the “blowback”. He’ll be talking, “blowback” to the day he dies. On his deathbed he’ll be talking about, you know:

Osama bin Laden wouldn’t have attacked us, you know, if we had a peaceful foreign policy”.

He writes one or two columns every week, it’s either the “blowback column” or the we need, “sound currency”. I used to read that guy’s columns, I don’t anymore, it’s boring.


Nick Spero: Yes. Other than that, we’ve got only a couple more minutes. What would you like to close with? And I would like everybody to visit your website. So I’m going to share these links on the show tonight. Wat would you like to share with the rest of the world tonight?


Rainer: Well, you might follow my blogmates on twitter. There’s Hipster Racist @hipsterracist. And then there’s, Don Logan. @DonLoganFOS, is his Twitter handle. And then I’m on there at icareviews. And then,


Nick Spero: All right everybody this is the end.d we will see you next week. Thank you very much Rainer for joining me.


Rainer: It’s been a pleasure.


Nick Spero: All right. Have a good night.




SONG: “The End” by The Doors.




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12 Responses to Circus Maximus Interviews Aryan Skynet’s Rainer — TRANSCRIPT

  1. Nick Spero says:

    Thank you for this transcript!

  2. icareviews says:

    The correct URL for Aryan Skynet is:

    Also, my Skynet colleague’s name is Don Logan and his Twitter handle is @DonLoganFOS

    • katana17 says:

      Thanks for those corrections Rainer. Fixed.

      There’s a word I didn’t catch here: “And there was a lawsuit, I believe a xxx sanction lawsuit filed against Sater, his company.”

      Also if you spot any others, ….

      • katana17 says:

        And also around the 87 min mark:

        “But, yeah, that stuff is there and that’s why I said he’s just the biggest rebel xxx. I mean, you look into one of these affiliations of his, it opens up another one.”

      • icareviews says:

        “class”, as in “class action”. Anyway, that’s what I said. I’m not a lawyer, so I’m not sure if that’s the technically the term for the type of suit it was.

        Also, just after the 61:07 mark, where you have me saying “there was a market difference”, what I actually said was “marked difference”.

      • icareviews says:

        Also, what I say is “rabbit hole”, not “rebel”.

      • katana17 says:

        Thanks Rainer. Fixed.

        BTW, I just left a comment (with a link to here) at your blog and also Skynet, but they’re not appearing yet.

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