Red Ice: Lana Lokteff Interviews Arthur Kemp — TRANSCRIPT



[In this friendly interview, Lana Lektoff from Red Ice (Radio 3Fourteen) talks with Arthur Kemp on the past, present and future of White people. Kemp has had long involvement in the White “movement” and has written several books on the subject.

Although he makes many good observations, I would consider his significant weakness to be his downplaying of the jewish problem. His focus is on the symptoms of jewish rule, that is, the deluded liberals who are the outward manifestation of jewish power over the masses through their control of the media, etc.

Also his optimism that Whites will survive is not reassuring as, by “survive” he means that perhaps a  few million will remain after the West crumbles.

That said, this is a useful interview in that it gives us an insight into the mind of someone who is on our side and well informed on many issues, yet despite years in this movement, still hasn’t grasped the extent of the central issue of jewish control over us  —  KATANA.]






Red Ice: Lana Lokteff


Interviews Arthur Kemp




March of the Titans:


The Rise & Fall


of Caucasian Civilization




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Published on May 16, 2016



Arthur Kemp was born in Southern Rhodesia in 1962. Educated in South Africa, he holds a degree in Political Science, International Politics and Public Administration, having studied at the University of Cape Town and the University of South Africa. He is the owner of Ostara Publications and the author of eleven books, including March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race.


Arthur joins us for a look at how the aspects of racial homogeneity and racial disillusionment (multiculturalism) have historically contributed to the rise and fall of civilizations.


We begin by considering the essential questions of what causes culture and what happens when a civilization’s creators vanish. Arthur talks about the misconceptions of early English colonialism and the vastly different process of mass foreign invasion transpiring in the West today.


He addresses the proclivity of the White race to explore the world and provide humanitarian support to the less fortunate, along with the consequences of these interventions.


We discuss some logistics of the Out of Africa theory and the role of environment in racial differences, touching on the bureaucratic baloney that thwarts modern day archaeologists from properly investigating tremendous troves of ancient human remains holding clues of Europeans’ origins in the Northern Hemisphere.


Then, Arthur explains the dire reality of the population replacement events being orchestrated by the West’s rulers, and we deliberate how to wake up the ill-informed masses to their looming extinction.


Kemp also gives an account of his life in South Africa during the ANC’s takeover, relating the hard fact that demographics ultimately dictate the rules.


Our conversation rounds off with thoughts on the viability of recruiting quality Europeans to create a great ethnostate and the terrific potential that exists when enough Whites are able to unlearn their self-defeatist programming and abandon the egalitarian fantasies driving their cultures to demise.








Lana Lokteff: Arthur Kemp I’m delighted and honored to have you here. So, thanks for joining us.


Arthur Kemp: It’s a great pleasure Lana. I think you and Red Ice do a great job and I’m very honored to be on your show.


Lana: Well it’s refreshing to speak with you, because I’ve actually tried doing a couple White archeology shows with some racialists and it never turns out good! And unfortunately it can come across a little wacky sometimes. I’m sure you’ve come across that too.


Arthur:Unfortunately, I’ve had more than my fair share of dealing with wacky people, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. I think what happens a lot of the time, is that people tend to over play what the reality is and sometimes if they’re not not happy with the reality is, they add to it. I think that’s quite common amongst, not only people in this so-called White nationalist movement, but probably everywhere.


Lana: Yes. But when I mentioned to our listeners that you are coming on, a lot of people responded in, saying how, “March of the Titans” was a major eye opener for them, and for me, you know, I just love Euro-centric history and archaeology. “March of the Titans” is a masterful body of work, so I wanted to read a quote to kind of summarize it.

Most importantly revealed in this work is the one true cause of the rise and fall of the world’s greatest empires. That all civilizations rise and fall according to their racial homogeneity and nothing else. A nation can survive wars, defeats, catastrophes, but not racial dissolution


Aka, diversity, right? So Rome didn’t collapse from debauchery and decadence. So where do you like to begin when approaching the subject with new-comers?

[Image] Arthur Kemp’s book, “March of the Titans”.]


Arthur: Well, the very first way to understand it, is to take a step back away from any idea or denigrating other people. That’s probably a very important basis to start with. It’s one of the biggest problems in this so-called movement is that it seems to be based more on putting other people down. You don’t have to put anyone else down. All you have to do is stand back and look at it from a purely objective point of view.



What causes culture? What causes civilization and how do these things change? Now my basis, whenever anyone asks, “Can you explain what you mean?” I always say, look it’s very simple. Each culture, each civilization is a product of a certain people. So for example, the Chinese people create a Chinese civilization. The Japanese people created Japanese civilization. The Australian Aborigines created Australian Aborigine civilization. And the Europeans created European civilization. Now you don’t have to be subjective about any of them. Of course, we all like to think that our own version is better, but that’s a subjective opinion.

We can be objective about it. We can say:

Yes, the Europeans created European civilization


and so on, and so forth. Now if you, and generally everyone will say, yes well that’s obvious. Obviously Europeans created European civilization, obviously Chinese people created Chinese civilization and so on, and so forth. Once you got them to agree with that very basic and very simple fact, then all you do, you say to them:

Well what happens if all the Chinese people vanished tomorrow? What would happen to Chinese civilization?”

Oh, well, probably it would disappear.


Yes, obviously if the Japanese people disappeared tomorrow would anything remain of Japanese civilization? No! If the Australian Aborigines people disappeared tomorrow, would anything remain of their culture and their civilization? No! So therefore, obviously if the European people disappear, nothing will remain of their culture or their civilization. Yes. Everyone will say, “Well, yes, that’s pretty obvious.” Well, there you go. That is the cause of the explanation of the rise and fall of all civilizations.


If the people who created the civilization disappear, for any reason, whether it be replacement through mass immigration, whether it be through extermination in warfare, or death by disease or whatever, if a founding population disappears that founding population’s culture and civilization will disappear with it. And once you’ve got that particular, and that’s a very basic, it’s not a sort of radical position and there’s almost no one I’ve ever met anywhere in the world that’s been able to disagree with that. 


Once you’ve got them to understand that basic principle, then all you have to do is show that every great civilization in history, no matter what it’s race, no matter what it’s origin, that every great civilization has vanished once the people who created it vanish. And if you can get that very, very simple, very basic principle, then history stops becoming a jumble of meaningless states and events and you can see a very clear flow in it.




Lana: And you’ve done a beautiful job outlining a lot of these civilizations. Egypt’s the classic one that people like to point to. You also mention, like the Great Depression, or Germany after World War Two, how all these countries have been able to pull themselves up after these events because racially they’re still homogenous, right?


Arthur:That’s exactly the point. Germany is actually a good case in point, what you’re talking about, because a lot of people say:

Oh, the Roman Empire collapsed because the barbarians sacked Rome in 453 and that was the end of Rome,


In actual fact, the Celts sacked Roman in 212 BC, but Rome came back. Rome eventually conquered the Celts that sacked Rome. So you’re absolutely right. People who believe, for example, that a military defeat would be the cause of collapse of an empire, you’re right. You know, eighty percent of Germany was flattened to the ground in 1945 and by 1955, 1960, it was once again the strongest nation in Western Europe.


If debauchery, or moral degeneracy would be the reason for the collapse of a civilization, then I can assure you, Britain should have collapsed in the 1600s! You look at the debauched histories of the royal families of Britain, and I’m not picking on Britain in particular, but it is a good example. If you look at the murders of of each other, and brothers killing each other, and all sorts of horrible things, moral debauchery should have finished Britain many, many, centuries ago. And of course that didn’t happen. Precisely because, as you said there, as long as a founding population remains in place, the longer it remains the majority population and as long as it remains homogenous, that society will continue to be in existence.


Lana: I know this is nearly impossible to answer, but according to history from what you’ve seen, what or who in these societies begins pushing towards diversity, if you will? Yeah.


Arthur: Yes, now that’s the great question. I know a lot of people say:

Oh, it’s the Jews” or, “Oh it’s this” or, “It’s Christianity” or, “it’s this religion” or, “that religion” or, “this belief system”.


I’m sorry to say, that in almost every case that I can think of, it’s simple ignorance of the long term racial consequences of using foreign labor.


And the example that I always use is, for example, if someone had invented a time machine, which would be great, because if someone had invented a time machine and I could go back to pre Civil War Atlanta in Georgia and fly out there and pick up one of those big cotton plantation owners, who’s got his five hundred negro slaves slaving away in the field, picking it’s cotton, making him and his family a very rich man. Put him in a time machine and take him to Atlanta Georgia in 2016. And drop them off in the middle of Atlanta and say,:

Look here, the direct consequence of you and small number of plantation owners who use black labor is that your great grandchildren cannot walk the streets of Atlanta Georgia. Cannot walk the streets of your state’s capital anymore, because the place is now taken by blacks and it’s now unsafe for White people to walk in the street”.


I’m quite sure that that plantation owner never dreamed, never wanted in his wildest imagining, never wanted that for his great grandchildren. But he didn’t understand the long term consequences of using foreign labor.


And I think this played out in Egypt, has played out in Sumeria. This played out in every great civilization that has fallen, or in South Africa or in Rhodesia. I don’t think they understood the consequences of using it, so it’s easy to blame others, and certainly others do have a role to play, I’m not denying that, but it’s, I’m afraid, the truth which hurts, is that it’s quite often White people themselves.


Lana: Yeah.


Arthur: Which don’t have an understanding of the global, geopolitical, racial consequences of their actions.


Lana: Now one thing, you know, the English always get blamed for it’s colonialism and I always say, English colonialism cannot at all be compared to the mass invasion of today. But what are your thoughts on English colonialism, was it wrong?


Arthur: Yes. I’m a firm anti-colonialist. There are two ways to approach colonialism. The colonialism that’s done on a Ragnar Red Beard, “Might is Right” principle, is an immutable law of nature. Almost every colonization process has been probably undertaken on that basis. Just to divert for one second, you do know of course that the first colonisers of anywhere were in fact non-Europeans colonizing Europe?


Lana: Yes.




Arthur: It’s a factual inaccuracy to say that Europeans started the colonization process. In actual fact the first great colonizing invasions were of non-Europeans into Europe. So if anyone should be screaming for reparations it should be the Europeans.


Now leaving that aside, if you look at the English colonization process, when, for example, if you going to colonize a place properly and I’m not divorcing it from any moral issues, because I believe there is a moral issue at play here. But, if you’re going to divorce it from a moral issue, the way you colonize a place, is you move in and you push out, you eradicate the native inhabitants and you occupy the territory and you take it over, OK. 


A good example of English colonialism that was done this way would have been Australia or the United States of America. They simply pushed the natives, I don’t want to call them the native Americans because they weren’t even native, I want to call them the American Indians. They simply pushed them out through mass immigration and they simply took their lands and they colonized them. They fought them, defeated the Indians and that was it. That’s how America was colonized. That’s how Australia was was colonized.


Now in those days, morally, no one thought anything of it, because that’s how all of history had run. I think that we nowadays have a reached stage where all of society has advanced and we can take moral judgments on things.


Say, for example, and it is a great case. The Jews all move into Palestine, beat up the Palestinians, kick the Palestinians out, torture them, oppress them. I think we have a right to say,:

Listen, time has moved on, this is no longer 1700s or 1800s where people could get away with such immoral or morally questionable things as colonizing and beating up the native population.


And therefore Israel should be criticized for colonizing Palestine at the expense of the Palestinians. Because that’s essentially what they’ve done. They’ve adopted the Ragnar Red Beard approach of driving the Palestinians out.


Now that would have, might have been acceptable, in the 1800s or 1700s as the English did in America or Australia, but it’s no longer acceptable in this day and age. Going back to, if you look at English colonization, for example, in where I was born, Rhodesia, or what was then Southern Rhodesia, when I was born there. You look at English colonization there, that was wasn’t done on a on a “might is right” principle. That was done on a White supremacist principle, where small number of Whites moved in and established a government to rule over the many, many more millions, in fact, of blacks.


And now, a White supremacist government, apart from it’s moral questionability, is also doomed to failure, because it ignores the demographic principle which governs all society. Those who make it, and the majority of people in a society determine the nature and direction of that society. And that’s why White supremacism never works. And it’s actually a recipe for failure. Apartheid in South Africa was another system like that. Designed on minority rule over majority population, was guaranteed to fail over the long term. No matter what the short term policy applications were.


So, yes we can now, from the advantage of many centuries later, say:

Well it wasn’t really fair of the English to colonize North America,


or the Germans, or the French who all took part in it, because they all took part in it. 


But I think we can now look back and say, “Look ,it was done”, we can draw a line underneath it. We can say we now deal with the reality of the situation as we have it now. And if we adopt the principle that it was wrong for the English to colonize any part of the world, or it was wrong for the Europeans to colonize any part of the world, therefore it is also wrong for the Third World to colonize any part of the world as well. So, if it was wrong for the English to colonize America, but that’s not done, then it is also wrong for the Mexicans to colonize America in this day and age as well. Or it is wrong for Africa to colonize Europe in this day and age, just because Europeans colonized Africa in the 1600 or 1700s.


Lana: Now, would you say there’s a difference there between colonialism and exploration because the, you know, White people, we explored, you know, we cataloged plants and animals, we learned so much, right?


Arthur: Huge! It’s huge difference between exploration and colonization. Absolutely massive! You’re right, absolutely right!

I think that exploring the world was something that Europeans had to do. It’s no coincidence that the Europeans explored the world and no one else did. I think that’s an inherent search for xxx which is still valid to this very day. And, certainly, but I think, … As I said to you, I’m not, I’m not going to condemn people for what they did in 1600 or 1700. That was the norm at the time.




It’s like condemning people for not allowing women to have the vote, you know. Most people, I know there’s some people in the Alt Right who don’t think so, but most people today would not suggest that women shouldn’t have the vote. But, you know, one hundred years ago it was an accepted principle that woman didn’t have the vote. Now one can sit nowadays and moralize on that, or you can say:

Well that was the norm of the time. I’m not going to condemn anybody for holding the views which were dominant at that time, but these are the values which we have today.


And so you’re right. I think colonization is morally, … You can judge colonization only in the morals of the time. You can judge it by today’s morals and standards.


Lana: Yeah I suppose the better thing to do, would have been to explore and perhaps help or interact with people who wanted helping or wanted to trade information and learn skills from each other, but then leave afterwards and not settle there for good. Because there’s a difference between having an exchange and permanently living there which creates problems, right?

Arthur: Correct. And I think the immigration crisis that faces the First World today is the direct product of colonization. Let me explain it to you, this way. And I can explain this to you, because of my own personal experiences in Rhodesia and South Africa.


Before the arrival of the White colonists, the average black reproduction rate, the average black woman would have had maybe, from the time of puberty to the time of whenever they would die, and they died in an early age, in the forties, or something like that. The time from puberty to the time of the cessation of their reproductive life cycle, put it that way, they would have, maybe, twenty pregnancies. But, before the advent of White colonization, of those twenty pregnancies, probably seventeen or eighteen would die, either in pregnancy, or would be stillborn, or would starve to death, or whatever the case was.


So their population numbers were always in proportion to the land’s ability to support their subsistence existence. OK, so along comes Whitey, along comes the White colonist, sometimes with a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other, or sometimes just holding a Bible, or sometimes just holding a gun. But whatever it is, he comes along and he sets up a society and he says:

Wow! Look at this infant mortality rate. It’s terrible! How can you have infant mortality rate of ninety five percent? We’ve got to fix this! It’s our Christian duty. It’s our moral duty. It’s whatever duty, to do this!”


And so, what they do is they bring in hospitals, they bring in schools, they bring in medicine, they bring in education. Now, the black woman is no longer having a 95 percent infant mortality rate, now she has a ten or fifteen percent infant mortality rate. So what happens to the black population? It’s skyrocketing! And that’s what happened in South Africa.


There’s a good good test, if you look up and you can find it online now days. You can find the 1913 Encyclopedia Britannica, the famous eleventh edition. It’s the grandest Encyclopedia Britannica of all time. And you look up there, they have a section there on the Transvaal which was the Boer Republic that was taken over, occupied, militarily occupied by the British during the second Anglo-Boer War. And the British conducted the first census in the Transvaal, in the ZAR. They found, the census figures and I’m speaking speaking under correction, but I’m pretty sure the figures are close to this, that they were just under 300,000 Europeans in the Transvaal. And there were 690,000 Africans in the Transvaal in 1907.


And if you look at the disproportionate population growth between 1907 and say 1990, which is not long. It’s 80 something odd years. If you look at the disproportionate growth you will find that by 1990 there were, I think, 1.2 million Europeans and, I think, in the region of 12 to 14 million Africans. Now the population growth is exclusively due to the introduction of White medicine and White education. Giving them jobs and giving them employment. In other words artificially boosting their population.


Now this is happened all over Africa and it’s still going on, all this Doctors Without Borders and Live Aid and, you know, “help the starving Ethiopians”. What happens? Whites go over there and interfere with the natural, nature’s ordering of the population and all of a sudden you’ve got these huge extra populations who are incapable of feeding themselves, incapable of organizing any agriculture, incapable basically of doing anything except breeding more. And whoops! And now they’re pouring into Europe and the same thing’s happening in South and Latin America, as well. That’s why you’ve got the problem in the US where, you know, where all this population from Central and South America, where’s it all coming from? It’s simply they’ve been bred up by White colonialism.




Lana: That’s why we’re always trying to create order everywhere. And I’ve heard with apartheid, one of the things is they were trying to create peace among the tribes, right? Because all the tribes were also killing each other. But that’s one way the population was also staying low, right?


Arthur: Yeah, I don’t think intra-tribal warfare killed so many as the disease and starvation. People who aren’t familiar with Africa, or, let me rephrase that, Europeans who aren’t [are] liberals, who aren’t familiar with Africa don’t understand exactly how backward Africa was. Another one of my favorite stories, just here to illustrate this point, is when you read the diaries of Dr Kenneth Livingstone, the great explorer, Livingstone, you know, the guy, Stanley, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”, you know, that story?


[Image] Stanley meets Dr. Livingstone. Leading an expedition of approximately 200 men, Stanley headed into the interior from the eastern shore of Africa on March 21, 1871. After nearly eight months he found Livingstone in Ujiji, a small village on the shore of Lake Tanganyika on November 10, 1871.


Lana: Yeah.


Arthur:If you read his diaries, and he describes going into an African village in 1871. So that’s not that long ago, in the grand scheme of things. And he describes, he sees, he’s got a donkey and a cart. He couldn’t use a horse because the horses all died from African horse sickness. He had a donkey, which is somehow resistant to African horse sickness. Anyway, and he describes in this diary so nicely, how he’s driving up into this village of what, 4,000 souls and all the Africans come out and they’re all stark naked because they haven’t got cloths. And they’re all standing on the side of this path, this rudimentary path that he’s coming, trotting up there in his cart and his donkey. And he sees all their heads going round and round and round, like they watching some kind of big Ferris wheel. And he can’t work it out. Why are their heads moving? Maybe it’s some type of tribal greeting, and then he realizes, they’re looking at the wheels on his cart. They’ve never seen the wheel before!


Lana: Yeah, I know.


Arthur: So you’re dealing with people who, a hundred [odd] years ago, didn’t have the wheel!


Lana: Yeah.


Arthur: So, there’s no way they’re going to be resistant to any type of bacteria or any type of medicine, or anything like that at all. So, yeah, tribal warfare played it’s role, but tribal warfare would be a summer activity, it wasn’t a winter activity. They didn’t fight each other during the winter. And let’s be honest, Europeans have a good long history of tribal warfare as well.


Lana: Yes they do! We do better than anyone else I think. I’ve actually been through Africa and I’ve been to parts of Africa, out in the bush, where I was the first White person a lot of these kids saw. I have photos of that. So, yeah I’d seen firsthand how some of them live and they still have their witch doctors and all kinds of fun stuff.


Arthur: Oh no, the witch doctors in Birmingham, in England nowadays, you can find, you can look them up in the local newspaper. Dr Ujuubi, to cure impotence, financial trouble and anything else. [laughing] Well, I’m not joking. The Third World moves with them.


Lana: Now what about the, “Out of Africa Theory”? Obviously, I know, you’re not a believer of it. I don’t either. But, you know, if we come from Africa, then what’s the problem? Why can’t we be there, right?


Arthur: Well, that is true. First of all, there are number of problems with the, “Out of Africa Theory”. I remember having this great discussion with Dr Philip Rushton, once. Sadly he’s passed away, but, because he was a great believer in the, “Out of Africa Theory”. But, the discussion that I had with him on this basis was, number one: That the time periods that we’re talking about, the continents weren’t even formed properly, so you can’t even say out of Africa, really if one is going to believe the continental shifts and drifts and that type of thing.


Secondly, the, “Out of Africa Theory” relies on genetic mutation over a period of between 120,000 and 150,000 years. That’s the most common time period which they say that the great migration out of central Africa came and then branched both into Asia and one group went into Europe and then they mutated out according to their environments, you know, the theory.


Now, as I said to Dr Rushton at the time, if this is true, if this is truth, this would imply, in fact, people are walking, right? Because they haven’t got cars, they haven’t got wagons and they haven’t got anything, they’re walking, they’re walking a hell of a long way to get to Europe and to get to Asia. Normal migration periods would take hundreds of years, to cross even a small part of Africa, never mind those huge distances. So we’re actually probably looking at genetic mutation period of maybe half of the time. Maybe 50,000 years, maybe 60,000 years?




So what you’re trying to tell me, is that the, “Out of Africa Theory” means that some form of Homo habilis, some form of semi-ape thing, sort of jumped out of the trees, ran across the plains of Africa. Ran, ran into Asia, ran into and over the Alps into Europe and within 50,000 years evolved into Nordics, evolved into Mongoloid racial types, evolved into the various specific racial types that we have today. And I just can’t see it! You know, I just I just cannot see it!


And for me the killer argument against that theory, is, of course, the existence of racial differences. Because that theory relies on a belief that environment causes racial, causes genetic mutations, i.e., Europeans have light skins because they live in the cold north and they need to absorb much more sunlight and that’s how they got light eyes and light hair and I don’t know what else. And that Africans are black because they live in that deep hot, deep, deep south of the southern hemisphere, where it’s very dark and very hot all the time and you don’t need to absorb a lot of vitamin D, and that’s why they got dark skins and all this type of stuff.


My problem with that theory is that the Asians, the Mongoloids, because I’m generalizing now because they are different subgroups amongst them, as well, but, they all live in the northern hemisphere as well. And if the north-south division theory holds true, which is a critical part of the, “Out of Africa Theory”. If the north-south genetic mutation theory holds true, people living in, all people living in the northern hemisphere should look the same. Because they are subjected to the same environmental influencing.


Lana: Right.


Arthur: Harsh winters, relatively warm, sometimes moderate summers, back into a harsh winter. They should all look [the same], but, of course, they don’t. You’ll find that people living on the same latitude, or longitude, whichever it is [latitude], with the ones that run horizontally across the globe, I can’t even recall which one it is now. I’ve got advanced dementia! You’ll find that people living in the same geographic spread look very different, and if environment was the cause of genetic mutations they would should all look the same.


Lana: But we’ve also had some interesting White people have had interesting migrations. I know some of this is probably, obviously later, but we had European mummies in China, we have White Indians in America, White xxx of Peru, the Canary Islands, Easter Island, I mean it’s just really all over the place where you see, you know, White civilizations and they have just mysteriously disappeared. But, we seem to have been everywhere one point, but you include a mural in your book of a White prisoner being sacrificed by a xxx warrior’s. So is it farfetched to say, maybe there have been, you know, White genocides in the past?


[Image] A mural, reconstructed in life-size showing a white prisoner, with long blond hair, being sacrificed by Chichen Itza warriors.


Arthur: Yes. I’m absolutely convinced of it. Depending on how you define White genocides. For example, the Tarim Basin mummies which is the Indo-European group that got to western China, the Gobi Desert.* They were genocided out, not through physical extermination, but certainly through mixing with the locals, the people of the Tarim Basin to this day speak Turkic**, they don’t speak Chinese. And you can see the actual physical characteristics, it’s clearly a mix between Chinese and European.


[* The Tarim mummies are a series of mummies discovered in the Tarim Basin in present-day Xinjiang, China, which date from 1800 BCE to the first centuries BCE. The mummies, particularly the early ones, are frequently associated with the presence of the Indo-European Tocharian languages in the Tarim Basin, although the evidence is not totally conclusive and many centuries separate these mummies from the first attestation of the Tocharian languages in writing. Victor H. Mair’s team concluded that the mummies are Europoid, likely speakers of Indo-European languages.


[** The Turkic languages are a language family of at least thirty-five languages, spoken by Turkic peoples from Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean to Siberia and Western China. The Turkic languages originated in a region spanning Western China to Mongolia from where it expanded to Central Asia and farther west.]


[Image] Map of Eurasia showing the location of the Tarim Basin and the areas occupied by cultures associated with the settlement of the Tarim Basin.


Now the whole, it’s still very much up for debate and it’s made more difficult by the establishment’s refusal to investigate the full extent of who were the original North and South Americans. The the very basic evidence that we have now, indicates that there were certainly a European presence of some sort. It’s very difficult to say exactly whether that was a dominant presence or whether it was an xxx presence. There’s certainly more than enough evidence to indicate that this was.


The Tenochtitlan sacrifice that you’re talking about I think those were probably just Canary Island wash overs who managed to, who were caught in the cross current, the same one that took Columbus to that part of the world, and they ended up in what is today modern Mexico. And they probably got sacrificed for their trouble.




I’m not sure one can go as far as saying that those were huge numbers of Whites who were genocided. But, as I said, all that’s speculation. We don’t know if one day, perhaps, there is a reordering of governments in society which will allow proper investigation of these things, which will allow proper analysis of ancient remains in North America and Central America. Which as I’m sure, you know, is currently forbidden by law. The law which George Bush brought in forbidding anyone except Indian, American Indians, from claiming ancient remains on the presumption that they are Mongoloid origin.


If that gets reversed and we’re able to start doing, for example, what I’d really love to do, what would really be interesting, for example, would be to investigate the graves around the Nevada cliff dwellings.


Lana: Oh yeah.


Arthur:That would be really interesting to have a look at the skeletal and find out what DNA we could extract from the tooth enamel of graves in that area. Because the Nevada cliff dwellings, for example, are so un-Indian, that it simply isn’t true. They are particularly European looking cliff dwellings and they’re just not replicated anywhere else in the entire North American continent. So, that would indicate that they that was built by people different from the American Indians. But until the political climate changes, I don’t think we’re going to have to make any final call on that.


[Image] Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde’s largest cliff dwelling.


Lana: And that’s unfortunate. I want to go back to an idea, we were talking about colonizers. Now, in your opinion, you know, we always hear that Europeans, they were also fleeing to find better conditions. So was it wrong for them to abandon Europe and go somewhere else? Should they have stayed there and fought hard for their continent?


Arthur: Well, [during] the Age of Exploration and the Age of Colonization, Europe wasn’t under a direct threat at that stage of the game. The great non-European invasions had all be more or less defeated by the time of the Age of Exploration and the Age of Colonization. And yes, you can see, for example, it’s no coincidence that Christopher Columbus was sent off to discover the Americas, he didn’t know he was discovering the Americas, of course, but he was sent off across the Atlantic in the same year that the Moors were finally driven out of Spain, 1492. And that’s not a coincidence. The Turks being the Ottomans, the Muslims had been defeated at the gates of Vienna in 1683, and they were being pushed back all the time. So it’s no coincidence that the European colonization process started once the great non European invasions of Europe had been defeated and turned back and were being driven back.


So, I don’t think it’s accurate to say that that they were fleeing anything. It was just the natural European inquisitiveness. They knew where India was and they were looking for a better place to, or quicker way to get to India. And probably more of an economic motivation. If anybody did flee Europe, it was probably to escape Feudalism. Probably for economic reasons. You know, most of the early homesteaders who came to the US, unless you were born into privilege and wealth in Europe, you basically had no chance of acquiring land or property of your own. In this regard, I’m reminded of what Thomas Jefferson wrote about, he warned America are about building cities and he said, very famous quote, he said:

No we can’t build cities because we will soon become as heaped up with each, upon each other, and become as corrupt as the Europeans”.


Warned against cities, would have been a lot more ideal to keep America a more rural place I think.


Lana: I agree. Definitely agree.


Arthur:Yeah. It suddenly struck me, I think it was the Roman historian, Terence, I think it was Terence who wrote about Rome in the year 200 BC 200 and something. That Rome, that metropolis to which all evil things in the world are drawn. [chuckling] the nature cities hasn’t changed much.


Lana: Have you explored much of Scandinavia and some of the mounds up there? It’s amazing how they don’t do any digging around Scandinavia. It’s like it’s not allowed, they don’t want people to know about their Nordic heritage up there.


Arthur: Very much so, very much. Unfortunately that is not only limited to Scandinavia. The last time I was in Malmo in Sweden I was really disappointed, because Malmo is becoming a hell, as you know. But, yes, you’re right.




Unfortunately that anti-Nordicism is not limited to Scandinavia. I’m sure you’re aware of the discoveries made by a Canadian archaeologist, a year or two ago. She found another Viking settlement in Canada. And she was, I forget her name, offhand, but she was just sacked from the job. The Canadian government withdrew her subsidies. She had all her papers seized, it was unbelievable!


Incredible, you know, this goes in line with everything I’m saying about the physical climate. Unfortunately you’re allowed to be black conscious, you’re allowed to be Hispanic conscious, you’re allowed to be American Indian conscious, you’re allowed to have a Black caucus, you’re allowed to have a Black History Month, you’re allowed to have a Jewish History Month, you’re allowed to have an American Indian History Month. But God help you, if you have a White History Month! Then you’re just a racist.


Lana: Well, we’ll just have to do it and not care about what people think.


Arthur: I think that’s a stage where it’s come to. I was greatly amused to see a recent RamzPaul video where we finally address the issue of being labeled, … Where he said, look people actually just don’t care about the labels. They are so used if you say anything, you just get accused of it. If you say, well Israel, … Why does the Jewish lobby in America object to Donald Trump suggesting that they build a wall on the border with Mexico? Where Israel’s got a huge wall around it. So it’s good for Israel but bad for America. And their only answer is, “Oh, anti-semite, anti-semite!” and, you know, it doesn’t work any more. I don’t [think] anyone cares anymore.


Lana: By the way, RamZPaul, we’re friends and he said to tell you that he loved your book, so it’s funny that you bring him up, because he asked me to say, “Hi!”


Arthur: Oh, that is great, I’ve never actually spoken to him. I must try to get hold of him. I was watching his latest or what I presume is his latest videos, “How to beat anti-Semitism” I think that’s the latest. Very good video to watch, very, very good video.


[Image] Link:


Lana: Now, you made a good point I wanted to come back to, because a lot of people worry about, you know, the European population. But we hear there’s more Europeans alive today than ever in history, right? We’ve gone through massive, you know, population losses in the past, so your idea that we don’t have to be so worried about that. It’s not as dire as we think, right?


Arthur: Well, it is on the face of it. I wrote a book called, “Nova Europa” which you might or might not be familiar with, and I’m made this exact point. I said:


It’s ironic that although there’s never been as many Europeans alive, ever in history as there are today. In reality we have never been so close to extermination as we are today”.


[Image] Nova Europa: European Survival Strategy in a Darkening World


Because each time in history where there’s been a collapse, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Sumeria, and so on. For each time when there has been a collapse there has always been a White heartland which has been able to provide a new wave of European gene pool. A new wave of explorers, settlers, this type of thing. We’re reaching the stage now where most of our heartlands are now being actually taken over.


And if Europe should fall, and I must admit it, I’m pessimistic about Western Europe, if Western Europe should fall there’s actually not that many places left over. So, No you’re right, we do have very large numbers. But unfortunately we are probably in the most dire situation that we have probably ever been in before.


And, once again, it’s largely Europeans’ fault, I’m sorry to say.


Lana: Yep.


Arthur: If I look, … Let’s use Germany as an example, right? Now I know there’s lots of causes of this and that’s a separate topic, but let’s look at Germany today, where they say they’ve had 1.2 million, quote, refugees, unquote, come into Germany. It’s a lot more than that, because they don’t even know how many have come in. It’s an absurd situation. Apart from the fact they’re not refugees at all, because they’ve all left Turkey, which is a safe country. Anyway, they’ve poured into Germany now, and the Germans are trying to cope with them. They’re raping, rampaging, criminal rampage through Germany and through the surrounding countries. And they’ve bombed Paris, they’ve bombed Brussels. It’s just mad what’s going on! It is absolutely insane, and you would have thought anyone who had half a brain cell, not even half a brain, but half a brain cell, would say:

Woo, this is a bad idea! This is a really bad idea” and they would vote for someone who would say right now, “End this! Not having any more of this. We’re going to throw this lot out. They can all go back and, you know, we’re going to be humanitarian about it to help them and their countries. We’ll stop backing the rebels in, so-called rebels in Syria and will stop the war in Syria by backing Assad. And the good guys in Syria will crush ISIS! That way, we won’t arm them and supply them under the guise of being moderate rebels, and we’ll make sure we’ll help them rebuild Syria, the Syrian cities in Syria. We won’t invite them all to come here and smash our place.




So, you would think that would in the logical, consequential, anyone anyone normal would say that. So what do they do? They have elections in Germany and, “Wow!” thirty percent of them or twenty five percent of them vote for Alternative für Deutschland, the Alternative for Germany. Which, between you and me and pardon the language, is a real half assed party!


Lana: I’ve gathered that.


Arthur: Well, now they’re saying the right things but they’re not saying things which need to be said. Basically, what needs to be said is:

Woo, now that’s it! Stop immigration and all non-White immigrants out!


Lana: They don’t want to look like Nazis, right? They are the alternative to the right.


Arthur: But they don’t even believe [that]. That they actually expelled some some branch somewhere outside Frankfurt, I think it was. Which actually struck a local election deal with the NDP. They actually expelled them, because they dared to have an alliance with the NDP, which is saying the things which need to be done.

Anyway, the point being that only twenty five percent of the voters in those three areas, the three states which voted recently, dared vote for the NDP. Which means that sixty five or seventy five percent of voters still voted for the parties who bringing all the invasion in!


Now that’s a really worrying figure, that’s a really worry, … It’s only worrying if you are unlike me. Because I’ve crossed the psychological Rubicon and I’ll explain what I mean by that in a second. That’s really worrying if you think:

Wow, anyone in their right mind would say, no we need to stop this!”


And, you know, what, you look at the Front National in France. The Front National has also watered down it’s policies a lot. But even they struggle to get more than thirty five percent of the vote. Which means that sixty percent of Frenchmen, and that’s why they keep on losing when they have the run-offs in the presidential elections. That’s why the Le Pens keep on losing the runoffs. They come second and then all the communists, the conservatives, the liberals and the communists all gang together, and all of a sudden they are one party and they vote for the other people. And it’s the same thing over and over again.


So, while I agree with you that there are lots and lots of Europeans alive today. Sadly we’re, what appears to be a majority of them, still don’t know or understand what is going on. Now we can take two approaches. Just one approach we can take is to say:

Yes well we need to alert them and wake them up, you know, we just need to reach, them tell them the truth and the truth will make them free blah, blah, blah” all that stuff.


Well let’s just say I’ve tried that and I’ve found most people have formed their opinions and facts have very little to do with how they how they reach their opinions. A lot is driven on emotion, a lot of it is driven on personality, a lot of it is driven on on a number of other factors. Basically any other factor except the facts.


So, while we can, whatever we say can be true, unless you can motivate a large number of people, and there’s only been a few periods in history where that’s actually been done. I don’t have to mention which ones they are. A lot of people, most people are motivated not by facts. So, that’s a real problem. Having said that, I’m not pessimistic over the future of the European people or the White race, per se. The reason for that, is that I think, although we have large numbers, ever larger numbers than ever before, I think we’re going to go into a population bottleneck simply because our large numbers have up-bred the stupid class amongst Europeans. That there are now more degenerate stupid, brain-dead Europeans than before.


Lana: Oh, yeah!


Arthur: Again, I think nature is remorseless. Nature isn’t immoral, nature is amoral. Nature doesn’t say this is right or wrong, nature says these are the rules, abide by them or die. And I think those Europeans incapable of understanding the laws of nature will die.


Lana: Yep.




Arthur: And I don’t think we we can do anything about that, but what I do think, is that, as long as we who understand it and can take the necessary steps to secure a geographic area which is homogenous and which can then serve as an attraction point for Europeans who understand what it is all about. Then, even if we are substantially reduced, even if we are reduced by eighty percent, our core will remain solid and anything is possible once all the White liberals vanish, which they will vanish, as well.


Lana: So, is thinking in terms of ethnostates really a luxury here, or a big dream at this point?


Arthur:No, I don’t think so. I think it’s going to come about naturally. I think, White flight is an inadvertent acknowledgment of the reality of that principle. It’s not, people say, “Oh, White flight is just racism”. No, it’s not racism, simply because Whites can’t live in Third World standards. I think that the concept of the enthnostates will come about. And I think it’ll come about sooner than what many people think. I think the developments in Eastern Europe are going to come about within the next couple of decades.


Lana: Now, do you see people moving to a different area, or should they stay where they’re at, if someone’s Swedish and they stay in Sweden and fight for that land?


Arthur:Yeah, that’s a real difficult one. It’s easy for me to say having moved around a lot.


Lana: At the same time you need people to watch your back, right? You need your tribe of people, you know.


Arthur: It’s all good and well to sit and say, “Yes, I’m standing my ground” and you’re in Los Angeles and you’re standing your ground and then the next minute there’s only you and five other Europeans left. You can stand your ground as long as you want to then you can be murdered, for your principles. Or, you can do like what like, what’s happening in South Africa. You, … people can say:

We’re never leaving the Transvaal, the Orange Free State, that’s the traditional Boer Republic, that is our home!


Yeah, you can do that, or you can move to Orania, where you actually are not going to be murdered instantly. You might have to defend it eventually. I’m sure you’ll have to defend it eventually, of that there is no doubt. But you can stand and be murdered for your principles, or you can move somewhere else where you can generate the seed of a new revival.


Lana: And it’s going to take hard work. And I think some people don’t want to do that, they don’t want to make the sacrifices and have to start over somewhere else, but that’s what it’s going to take. We’re going to have to be pioneers, once again.


Arthur: Absolutely, absolutely. And if you think it can’t be done, think of your ancestors who did it over and over again. America was created by those people. I mean, the people who arrived in early America, what did they arrive with? They arrived with a few tools, which they had brought across and that was it! They were dumped down on the East Coast and man, that was it. They had to get on with it. They had to move out. They had to build their own houses, they had to build their own wagons, they had to eventually start building their own weapons, that had to do everything from scratch. No, we can do it, it’s easy to do it. Much more difficult to get the will-power to do it.


Lana: Now, how, this is always the question. How do we appeal to the White masses, if the facts and the hard hitting truth isn’t working? I mean what’s it going to take to reach those people? I mean, it seems like they respond to things like entertainment and superficial pop culture, right?


Arthur: You’re asking the wrong person, to answer what appeals to the masses. I have crossed what I mentioned earlier, a psychological Rubicon. When I was younger and I was first involved in this craziness, called the “movement”, I believed, all you have to do is tell people what’s going on. They’ll say:

Oh yes, of course, I understand who controls the media. I understand! Oh yes, racial demographics, of course! Why didn’t I see this?


And I saw this in South Africa, you know. You’d explain to people that having a black maid and a black gardener and a cook boy in a White, …


Let me let me tell you about the house which I was raised in Southern Rhodesia. We had a cook boy, black, we had a ironing boy, who would do all the ironing. We had a garden boy and we had a house boy. So we had we had four and their wives and all their piccaninnies [kids]. I mean, when I think about it now, and this is normal for White colonists in Africa, I must tell you. They had virtually an entire tribe living with you.


Lana: Yeah.




Arthur: It was incredible. And it’s still happening today, because they still don’t understand, you know. Everyone talks about the White farmers being murdered in South Africa, and it is a tragedy, don’t get me wrong. It’s terrible, I hate reading about it. But, you know, how many times haven’t, … I spoke at a Transvaal agricultural union meeting in 1991 in Pretoria. And I told him that the die was cast, and the ANC Government was coming and what they needed to do quickly was mechanize, get rid of all the black laborers and get what they needed for security and for land claim purposes. They were going to have trouble, if they’ve got, as they do, even to this day, hundreds of black laborers on their farms, it’s just going to cause trouble with crime. It’s going to cause a problem with land claims, all that type of stuff.


Anyway of course they ignored me. Some of the even booed me:

Oh no, Philomon been working on my farm for, him and his family, for the last hundred years, you know, even the family they’ll never do anything to us!” blah, blah, blah.


When you’re living on a farm and your outnumbered by your black farm workers, two hundred to one, you’re asking for trouble. Absolutely asking for trouble! So people who fail to understand that demographics controls everything, you can take a horse to water, but you can make it drink. You can lay out all the facts to them and if they don’t, if they refuse to accept it as a reality, there’s nothing more you can do.


And this is where I passed my psychological Rubicon.

I used to believe that if I just explained all of this to everyone, they’ll say:

Oh, yes of course ha ha. How could we be this stupid. You’re right Arthur! We will quickly support you, we will vote for whatever party you tell us to vote for, and everything will be all right.


Of course they don’t. Absolutely don’t! And eventually after many, many years, maybe twenty five,  thirty years of activism I thought well, it’s either I’m crazy and deluded, or they are. One of the two. I like to think that I’m not, so therefore they are. And then it suddenly struck me. People who are going to die, will die, no matter what you tell them.


I’m I’m reminded of a speech by Hitler, if I’m allowed to mention Hitler?


Lana: Of course.


Arthur: A speech that Hitler gave once, he said:

Do not imagine that a nation of sixty million cannot die. All it has to do, is decide to die, and it will.


He was talking about Germany of course. And that’s a very valid thing. If people refuse to, if people decide to ignore racial reality, decide to ignore lessons of history and demographics and race, then they will die. That’s a conscious decision they’re going to take. And so, I have switched my approach completely. I no longer attempt to win with the masses for a great revolution.


My approach now is to recruit as many as I can, to the understanding of what it’s going to take. Consolidate them in a geographic area, stroke, areas, and generate a new resource, a new gene pool for something that can happen in the future.


Lana: That is right, quality not quantity, right? More of a eugenic approach here.


Arthur: That is right. I mean, honestly, sometimes when you look around at Whites around you, do you really, even want to live with them?


Lana: No. No.


Arthur: Well, this is it. A hundred years of maybe, not a hundred, maybe sixty, seventy years of social welfare dependency in Britain has created a huge White underclass! Which God forbid, I would prefer to live in Thailand, rather than live with the British underclass, the White British underclass. And that’s the same everywhere and that’s not knocking, … Everybody, everyone knows what I’m talking about. You get degenerate Whites and I just wouldn’t want to live with them, anymore than anyone else. And now I’m convinced that we can recruit enough White people to restart again somewhere else. The critical thing is the geographic area. I’m not even worried about the numbers, the critical thing is the geographic area. Let me give an example of what, I’m sorry I’m talking so much, …


Lana: No, it’s great. That is why you are here.


Arthur: Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about with numbers, all right. People say:

Oh, how many people do you need in an ethnostate to make it viable?


Not, actually, that many. There is a NASA Project called, Hyperion, I think it’s called Hyperion, where they planned, … It’s a theoretical thing because NASA is on it’s last legs. But, it’s a theoretical group of scientists and people planning for interplanetary travel, what it would take to travel inter-planetary.




And with current propulsion systems they say, to get to the nearest solar system, if they should ever send a rocket out there with people needed to colonize a new planet. How many people would they have to send to make a genetically viable planet? You know, to colonize, to set up. But what they’ve done is they’ve calculated, they use geneticists, they’ve calculated that if they are to send a certain number of people to another planet without any additional genetic input from earth, how many people would they have to send to create a genetically viable colony which would not be afflicted by the problems of inbreeding? Okay, have I made myself clear?


Lana: Yeah


Arthur: The answer which came up was quite quite amazing. And it is really, I’m just going to actually put it up here because it’s actually well worth reading. The answer is quite incredible! You would think that you would need millions at least. In actual fact not. They’ve worked it out, a Doctor Cameron Smith, he’s an anthropologist and a prehistorian at State University in Oregon. He compiled the reported in question and I’m right, it’s called Project Hyperion. His report which he compiled and handed in to them, said that the number of people which you would need to create a genetically viable colony on another planet, … You could create it between 14,000 and 40,000 people.


Lana: Huh! Well that’s encouraging.


Arthur: That is! He says, I’m quoting from his report:

A safe and well considered figure is 40,000 for interstellar migration population. Composed of an effective population of 23, 400 reproductive male and females, the rest being pre or post reproductive individuals. This number would maintain good health over five generations despite (a) increased inbreeding resulting from the relatively small human population, (b) depressed genetic diversity due to the founder effect, (c) demographic change through time and (and) expectation of at least one severe population catastrophe over the five generation voyage.


So there you go. I mean that’s an extreme example, but the truth is if you think about it logically and you think of the original founding European population, you’ll see that probably the original founding population of all Europeans, all of them, it’s probably not more than a few hundred thousand.


So no, I’m not worried about the grand scheme of things. I think we are going to lose in the coming racial bottleneck, because they simply don’t understand or don’t want to understand what’s happening. I think we’re going to lose huge numbers and we’re going to be compressed geographically. We’re going to lose a lot of territory. But I think we have the advantage now, having an understanding of race history demographics.


If we are reduced down to a few million, we have this understanding we will survive and I’m sure we will create a huge resurgence later on, in a generation or two’s time.


Lana: I suppose to you to want to recruit people who are very technological and maybe work in weaponry, right?


Arthur: That goes by the by. The other angle about ethnostates, is that people say:

Oh, well the Jewish lobby won’t let you do it!” or, “America will bomb you or whatever.


The counter argument to that is, of course, is Mexico a world power? That’s my question to you. Just say yes or no.


Lana: No!


Arthur: Right. Why isn’t Mexico a world power?


Lana: Well, because it’s got a Third World population.


Arthur: Because it’s full of Mexicans. Now when America fills up with Mexicans will America be a world power? I can’t imagine Mexicans keeping those B17 [?] bombers going and all the missiles and the, …


Lana: They don’t have a space program in Mexico. So, no.


Arthur: There you go. So you understand that the demographic changes we’re talking about is so immense people don’t grasp the vastness of it. Of what is coming, providing it isn’t reversed. I must add that I’m always, obviously, my first choice is that it’s reversed. If there’s a populist political victory somewhere and then it’s reversed, that’s the first choice, obviously. But I just like to plan for plan B, just in case. But if it goes as it appears to be going, the racial demographic change is going to be so vast that the geo-political order which we know today is going to be turned on it’s head.




Lana: Yes. And if we could use that, actually, to our benefit in the future.


Arthur: Absolutely! There isn’t going to be a great big policeman America, saying:

Oh no, you can’t have an ethnostate in Eastern Europe” or, “No, you can’t have an ethnostate in Oregon” or, “No, you can’t have an ethnostate where ever”.


Because there ain’t going to be no big American policeman.


Lana: Yeah.


Arthur: There’s going to be a Second, stroke, Third World shambles. And they will be too busy fighting over the scraps, or, who owns the palace, to worry about what a few million Europeans are doing on the other side of the planet or the other side of the continent.


Lana: I think that’s why it’s good what you’re saying, we need to be planning for the future and start building something that people can come to in the future, because it’s inevitable. This is going to fall. We’re watching it fall. So, we shouldn’t be so concerned with all the hows and the who’s, but more of like:

What are we going to do about it now?” Right?


Arthur:That’s the critical thing. The ethnostate idea and it’s ironic in the extreme. I mean, as you know, the ethnostate idea has been around for a long time. In fact the first ethno-estate theorist was, of course, Theodor Herzl. Zionism is just nothing but a Jewish ethnostate, as you know.


Lana: Yep.


Arthur: And he drew that up in 1896. The next ethnostate project was, of course, National Socialist Germany, and that was destroyed.


And after that it’s basically been put on the back burner, or Japan is probably a good example of a functioning ethnostate. They are coming under increasing pressure. China is, Pakistan is, India is. They’ve all got laws which encourage Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Japanese immigration only. So, therefore they could be, in the broader sense of the word, that could be called ethnostates.


But apart from that, apart from Israel, the only other near ethnostate project to date, has been the Orania people in South Africa and the Pioneer Little Europe which emerged in the 1990s, I think.



[Image] Orania is an Afrikaner-only South African town located along the Orange River in the arid Karoo region of Northern Cape province. The town is split in two halves by the R369 road, and lies halfway between Cape Town and Pretoria.


[Image] Orania lies halfway between Cape Town (bottom left) and Pretoria (top right).


All that I’ve been trying to do with with my Nova Europa book and my little website and that, is just to try to popularize the idea and give it some practical impetus, that is all. But yes, no, we do need to be planning for that.


Having said all of that, one must never abandon completely the possibility that Europeans will wake up. If Europeans wake up, they can reverse everything overnight, literally. Europeans are so powerful they just have to think that they can survive and they will. Just to invert what Hitler said earlier. And I’m not yet completely convinced that Austria isn’t going to be the first country in Europe to rebel, formally. I mean Hungary already has. Hungary’s a great country. If you ever want to go and visit that country, it’s a great place to visit. Poland’s great. That Czech Republic’s great. Slovakia’s great. Those are all nations which have already, European Russia, Byelorussia, those places.


Those are all nations that are already seen and understood what’s going on. And they are already nations with firmly established infrastructures and I’m not convinced that there won’t come a revival from that point of view. In this regard you can watch what happens at the May 22nd Austrian presidential run-off where the FPO [Freedom Party of Austria] stands a good chance of taking the presidency of Austria. And that might spark off an FPO Government, which the rest of Europe is going to go mad. The rest of liberal Europe’s going to get mad again. And who knows where that can lead? But, just in case that doesn’t happen we should have a plan B.


Lana: And simultaneously have our people, have our people getting into politics! I say this all the time, where’s our people, where’s our party, where is our watch groups, we shouldn’t abandon that either, right?


Arthur:Absolutely! I do think that was a great mistake of the post 1970s, 1980s and 1990s so-called movement in America of retreating and waiting for the establishment to fall, in the great Turner Diaries White liberation army would rise up and seize power. Of course it’s just fantasy. I think that people should have been out there campaigning as hard as they could. Even if you didn’t win you would have just racially conscientized* so many more people.


[* To conscientize somebody/yourself (South African English) is to make somebody/yourself aware of important social or political issues.

Example: People need to be conscientized about their rights.]




You know, Donald Trump’s the case in point. He hasn’t set out to racially conscientize anything. I think, if anything is run an incredibly multiracial campaign. But just saying one or two half sensible things has conscientized millions of people. And that shows what can be done under the right circumstances.


Lana: Meanwhile in London, your first Muslim mayor, right? How’s that going?


Arthur: Well, that’s only a shock for those who don’t, who haven’t been following the immigration invasion into Europe. People don’t know, Birmingham had a Muslim mayor before. Birmingham’s the second largest city. There is a black mayor of Bristol, the town of Bristol. That’s old hat. I mean Whites are an absolute minority in London. Whites are an absolute minority in Birmingham. They’re close to minority in Manchester, and those are your three biggest cities in Britain.


Lana: And people are celebrating becoming a minority over there, right? Meanwhile all the nonWhites know that demographics matter most. They know that’s what it takes to win!


Arthur: Well, there’s an intrinsic understanding to that. Just getting back to what I was saying earlier about people worried about what the Jewish lobby will say about a European ethnostate. The Jewish lobby is only powerful as long as Europeans are in charge. For some peculiar reason, there has to be a reason for it, not having had the time or the interest to fathom it, but when countries swing majority nonWhite, the Jewish Lobby loses it’s power.


So that, it’s a very self-defeating thing for the Jewish lobby to encourage nonWhite immigration because they will end up losing. Can you imagine, for example, a Vicente Fox [a Mexican businessman who was President of Mexico from 2000 to 2006] controlled US government in Washington DC, continuing to pump four billion dollars a year into Israel?


Lana: No.


Arthur: When they’ve got hundreds of millions of Hispanics on their food stamps. It’s not going to happen. Israel’s funding is going to dry up. The day that America collapses is the day Israel’s funding dries up.


Lana: That’s right. It’s generally only White people that care about Israel.


Arthur: Correct! In fact, I would go even further and say the nonWhite world is probably inherently hostile to Israel because of the way Israel has treated the Palestinians. So, it’s a very self-defeating thing and that also, … I think one once that happens, once as a swing of that nature happens, it’s also going to take the teeth out of the Jewish lobbies ability to effect anything else, anywhere, as well.


Lana: And I know we’re getting ready to close here, but I wanted to ask you about one more thing. You write about the third great race war which is, you know, the Moors invading Europe. How is it that Europeans have forgotten that we fought off Arabs before?


Arthur: It’s a good question. I think ultimately the outcome of the Second World War has to be the biggest deciding factor in that. I think, prior to the Second World War and all the propaganda that has followed it, I think most Europeans were, had an understanding of race and racial world issues. I think America led the world before World War Two in terms of eugenic research. And certainly far more developed than what anything the Germans had. And I think the advent of the Second World War and the propaganda fallout from that war has caused the science of race to be completely suppressed. And anyone who even raises the topic on the subject, has been subjected to endless smears and attacks.


And the at the same time the communists reds have had their long march through the institutions [the Frankfurt School with its Critical Theory and cultural Marxism]. And with the result people don’t know anything about race, anymore. I think that’s the real reason.


They actually believe that importing the Middle East into Europe is going to make them Europeans in a few years, instead of importing the chaos of the Middle East into Europe, that’s what they actually appear to believe. And as I said, I can only ascribe it to the outcome and the propaganda following the end of the Second World War.


Lana: It just blows my mind. I mean European women in Europe had been raped by non White invading hordes for a long time now. And now we’re inviting back in some of the same bloodlines. Its pretty outrageous, and they’re doing the same thing, right?


Arthur: Someone said to me just today, he made the exact point which you are making now, is that the only people who are prepared to change, appear be the Europeans. Everyone else is acting true to form. Which is really a sad thing to think about. But! As I said to you, if that’s what they’re going to believe in, and when all the facts are staring them in the face, well then that’s what they’re going to believe.


What we have to do, we have to step up our recruiting efforts and recruit as many people, awaken as many people as possible. To those who are receptive to the idea and make them understand that great sacrifices are coming, but if they make the sacrifices our future is assured.




Lana: What always drives me nuts too, when I hear European people say:

Well, we need to race mix, you know, it’s survival. It’s about adapting to change, so we need to blend in.


Have you heard that?


Arthur: I’ve heard that and much worse. [laughing] I’ve heard people say:

Yeah, well there’s nothing you can do about it”.


The one thing, and this might tread on listeners’ toes, and if it does, it’s a case of, “Veritas odium parit”, “truth purchases hatred”. One thing that I have noticed, is that the so-called White nationalist activists tend to be those with the fewest children.


Lana: Yep, that’s true.


Arthur: And I think that’s a serious issue which unless all these activists who run around saying:

Fourteen words and preserve a future for our children!


Unless they themselves start living this out, everything becomes pointless without children.


Lana: That’s true. That is absolutely right!


Well Arthur, I really appreciated your time today. I’m honored to have you here. Please tell everyone how they can buy your books. They really need to help support you. I actually bought your complete volume of March Of The Titans last night, so I could have it digitally, loving it. It’s great to go back to and I think people should share it with their friends and family and children. But, tell people how they can get your work.


Arthur: Well OK, you can get March of the Titans on Amazon, of course. A great miracle of modern marketing, that website is. Or you can get a good spread of everything else that I do on That is Ostara as in the goddess of the spring, Ostara Publications dot com., ostarapublications, one word, and you basically get everything that you need to know there.


Lana: So does that mean you enjoy a lot of the Nordic pre-Christian traditions?


Arthur: Yeah, well, Ostara I chose because it symbolizes rebirth, you know. Easter, the celebration of Easter as we have it today is taken from Ostara. And the goddess Ostara was the goddess of spring, of new life, that’s where, that’s why she had the egg and the rabbit as her symbols, because the egg is the symbol of fertility and there are few animals more fertile and more reproductive than the rabbit. And that’s where the Easter Bunny comes from. And that’s where the Easter egg comes from. So, I thought, well I’m going to pick something with symbolizes what I feel, then it’s going to be about revival, rebirth of new life.


[Image] The Goddess of Ostara (or Eostre in old English) with symbols of fertility and new life.


Lana: Very nice. Well thank you so much for your time this evening. I really appreciate it.


Arthur: Lana, thanks so much for having me.














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