German President Gauck BOOED and ATTACKED by German People

German President Gauck Booed and Attacked


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[Germans are more and more rising up against their traitorous politicians who have betrayed the people by acting as puppets of Organized jewry. These political whores (apologies to actual whores) are flooding White countries with non-Whites that will eventually, if left unchecked, lead the our countries becoming like the Third World and the dissolution of the White race. This is the agenda of Organized jewry so that they can achieve their goal of a Jew World Order tyranny — KATANA.]






German President Glauck




 By German People in Sebnitz, Saxony



German President Gauck Booed - VIDEO


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Published on June 26, 2016


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June 26, 2016


German President Joachim Gauck was booed and attacked by droves of people at a celebration of the 116th German hiking day in Sebnitz, Saxony. The people repeatedly shouted “Traitor!”, “Get out!”, “We don’t want STASI Pigs” and “We are the people!”. One man, carrying his young son on his shoulders, appears to have spit on him whilst exclaiming insults. Other citizens were heard saying “You killed our children” and “What have you done to us?”. They were blocked by police in riot gear, to whom they said “You are protecting warmongers, shame on you!” The situation escalated and the riot police was forced to use pepper spray.


Official German State TV and State Radio reports are that “a handful of right wing extremists” have attacked the president and disturbed the otherwise peaceful and welcoming reception of the President. This is simply not the case, as seen in the video.*


Heiko Maas, the German Justice Minister, called the attackers “cowards who insult the president because of their personal frustration”. He himself was booed off the stage as a traitor by hundreds of Germans at the annual Labor Day celebration on the 1st of May. He said that they will be persecuted immediately, as “it cannot be allowed that such a tiny minority has influence on the political climate in Germany”.


*Please see this confession of a prominent German journalist on how the media lies: Reporter Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake! — TRANSCRIPT


German President Gauck Booed - 2155 The elites are not the problem


German President Gauck Booed - 2156 Joachim Gauck


German President Gauck Booed - 2157 Get out! Get Out!


German President Gauck Booed - 2158 What have you done to us?


German President Gauck Booed - 2159 Traitor of the people!


German President Gauck Booed - 2160 Shame on you!


German President Gauck Booed - 2161 Defending warmongers!


German President Gauck Booed - 2162 They have killed our children


German President Gauck Booed - 2163 We son't want STASI pigs


German President Gauck Booed - 2164 Traitor of the people!


German President Gauck Booed - 2165 We are the people!




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German President Gauck Booed and Attacked

German President Gauck Booed – COVER

German President Gauck Booed and Attacked



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