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[In this 22 minute video Alfred Schaefer interviews German dissident Gerhard Ittner. Gerhard, a critic of the German regime and  its “Holocaust” lie talks about his persecution and jailing as a result of the peaceful expression of his opinions! Alfred concludes with his thoughts on the “Six Million Lie” and how necessary it is for people to free themselves from the “Holocaust” fraud and other deceptions, like 9/11, that organized jewry has imposed on the world. —  KATANA]




Alfred Schaefer



A Dissident Speaking Out



Gerhard Ittner




A Dissident Speaking Out - Gerhard Ittner - VIDEO


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Published on Aug 14, 2016


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A Dissident Speaking Out

Gerhard Ittner in a dialog with Alfred Schaefer

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Alfred: It is my pleasure and a great honor to have someone in the line today, who has been abducted by the power now occupying Germany, in order that he could be imprisoned in this occupied Germany. These are methods like in the darkest Middle Ages. Just, because his opinion did not suit those in power.


Gerhard Ittner, thank you for taking the time to have this dialogue with me now. In a few words, please describe what happened, how you were abducted and taken back into the BRD.


Gerhard: Yes, Mr. Schaefer, I greet you also, and the pleasure and the honor is all mine, to speak with a such a fantastic producer who has just put that outstanding video onto the internet, with your sister, Monika Schaefer.


And this video has had a phenomenal impact! And the enemy is spewing fire and venom, which gives me great satisfaction.


This video, it is opening the peoples’ eyes. I am following this on the internet, almost on a daily basis. The impact that this video with your sister Monika Schaefer is having, this is not only in Germany, but the impact is on an international level! The media is pre-occupying itself with this video. In particular, the jewish media is preoccupied with it, for example, Bnai Brith, and many others.


And it really is fantastic what you and your sister have accomplished! One can see by the reaction that our opponent has become “Rumpelstilskin”. He is jumping in circles, he does not know what to do, because the peoples’ eyes are really being opened about how we have been deceived and lied to! And the lying press and media continue to do this.


To come back to your question. Yes! I was really abducted from another country, for no other reason than my completely peaceful expression of my dissident opinion.


The only thing that I did as a thinking person was forming my own independent opinions and expressing my doubts about the totally absurd claims regarding the so-called “Holocaust”. I think that this must be allowed!


It must be allowed that a person can form his own opinion and then to express this opinion, and if this opinion is that I do not believe your stories about your “Holocaust”, because they are nothing, but contradictions and bear no truths whatsoever!

I have never asked for more than the right to express my own opinion, and never will ask for more than this right, nor do all those other people who also do not believe the stories that are being forced down our throats.




Alfred:  Thank you Herr Ittne, I would feel very ashamed if someone were to imply that I believed in the so-called “Holocaust”, now in 2016, just, because someone somewhere tells me to believe this.


The “cat is out of the bag and having kittens!


Have you ever tried to get one of those cats back into the bag? It is not that easy!


But what I don’t understand Herr Ittner, is why did the BRD take you back here, that way they only focus more attention on this feeble-minded criminality.


If they want to continue to poison the minds of the people with these perfidious lies, they would have been better off to leave you where you were. You were not bothering anyone where you were.


Gerhard: Yes, I thought so too, because as long as I was here, they moaned about:

If only we could get rid of Ittner! Oh! … Just get rid of Ittner!


Then they were rid of me, for seven long years, the easiest and least expensive way. I was gone. I had disappeared from the political stage. And I never would have returned to the BRD and the political stage, if they simply would have left me in peace, left me where I was!


But, there were several real geniuses in the Nurnberger Justice system.


They couldn’t think of anything better to do than to abduct me and shove the BRD down my throat! This was a real masterpiece, a display of exceptional intelligence! These people really wanted me back here. And they did this by breaking the law and abducting me. I am not a citizen of the BRD, I have no BRD identification, no passport! This is abduction, a criminal offence!




Alfred: When and where were you abducted, and how long were you locked up in thought crime detention?


Gerhard: Yes, I was abducted in Portugal on the 11th of April 2012. Then I was detained for 5 months in Portugal for extradition. We were 9 men in an 8 man cell. And these circumstances were not a very pleasant time.


After these 5 months, they took me to Bayreuth in Germany, and kept me locked up for over two years. In this prison, in Bayreuth, the real criminals were not the ones in the cells, but those occupying the prison administration.


Then, on the 16th of October 2014, they moved me to Nurnberg where I was once again locked up for peacefully expressing an opinion. Where I remained imprisoned until the 16th of October, 2015.


So, I spent three and a half years locked up as a political prisoner of the BRD for expressing an opinion! All that, in this so-called, “most free and democratic State proclaiming the rule of law” that has ever existed on German soil!


And since I had already spent time locked up as a political dissident before this time, I spent a total of 5 birthdays behind bars — as a political prisoner of the BRD, for nothing more than the totally peaceful expression of my opinion.


Alfred: That is really something! Just like in the old Soviet Union. Unbelievable!


Gerhard: Yes, Mr. Schaefer, actually it is even worse than in the former Soviet Union. Did the Soviet Union abduct people from outside the country, because they disagreed with their opinion?




The former communist East Germany did not abduct people from outside their territory, because they did not agree with their opinions! Today’s North Korea, or China, do not do that!


With pure hatred they go after and hound and abduct someone for their opinion. These characteristics of the present criminal regime is unique in German history. It is a rogue state! This is a historical first for any regime on German soil.




Alfred: Yes, Herr Ittner, to abduct people from outside the country for nothing more than their opinion, that leaves me speechless!


And if the BRD dictatorship does that today, one wonders how far it will go next? Maybe as far as in the former Soviet Union where they murdered political dissidents and anyone that did not conform to the thought laws, by the millions. In sum total the jewish Bolshevik communists murdered over 60 million citizens, with extreme sadistic brutality!


Gerhard:  Precisely, Mr. Schaefer. That is so true. But the fact that we dissidents are not yet condemned to death, is not, because those that are now imposing thought laws are being humane. No! They would condemn us to death now if they could, but the present system of laws does not yet permit them to. However, we can be quite sure that they are working on this, at least conspiring how best to move in that direction.


Once they realize that their system of lies and thought control can only be maintained by imposing ever more draconian punishments on dissidents, they will do this. After all, their entire regime can only hold as long as their lies prevail. Once the lies crumble, so does their regime!


Alfred: Do you really think that they will go that far, to execute political dissidents here?


Gerhard: Yes, I am convinced of that Mr. Schaefer. As an accused in multiple political thought law trials here, I have experienced what absolute wretched scum, dressed up judicial robes, are sitting in our halls of justice! These will do anything to serve their political masters. You must remember, that someone who will prosecute a person for deviating from the party line, has such a corrupted character that this person is capable of doing anything that their political master asks of them.




Alfred: How can it be that anyone, anywhere, still believes that the lies can be maintained with these methods? What will their own children say about them, when they understand that they prosecuted people, simply because they did not submit to the lies?


Gerhard: These criminal justices of thought crime prosecutions, they are making the same mistake that the minions of treasonous regimes have always made, throughout history. They fail to see that they are on the final brink of collapse. And after this collapse they will be held accountable! Accountable to German law representing the German people!


Making this criminal regime accountable will consist of having all those who supported it, besides the criminal prosecutions that this will entail, lose all of their ill-gotten property, as well as all of their retirement benefits.


And now comes the reality of this BRD regime as it is today:


While they hound and prosecute German people for expressing an opinion, these very same corrupted and criminal justice gangsters let the most vile and criminal, so-called migrants, so-called asylum seekers, and other totally incompatible invaders off the hook for the most vicious violent crime, rape, terror against German Women and young girls, or they are let off the hook with pathetic probation!


The German people will not allow this to continue. And this I tell you, for this, the German people will hold you to account! That, you can be sure of!




Alfred: Thank you Herr Ittner, that you have expressed this so directly and clearly. I am sure, that those individuals who now, in the year 2016, still prostitute themselves to prosecute anyone for expressing an opinion, that these individuals will be held to account after the collapse of their regime.


I can not understand how anyone would still do this. Everybody knows, the lie is through! It is over! Now there is nothing that can stop the final triumph of the truth! And to place oneself on the wrong side, to run back into a burning house, I don’t understand that, it makes no sense.


Gerhard: Yes, Mr. Schaefer, I don’t understand this either. These criminal justice gangsters and thought police must have at least that tiny little bit of brain left to know that you can not hold up the truth with methods like that.


In fact, quite the opposite. The people become skeptical if they are being prosecuted for an idea, or an opinion, just, because this idea does not suit a regime, a certain very powerful financial and political lobby.


It is simply astounding how we have been lied to about this “Holocaust”!


Simon Wiesenthal, he came along, with a box full of soap, and claimed that this soap was made from the fat that was extracted from gassed jews! Then, he ceremoniously buried this soap. The newspapers printed that!


He could also have blown soap bubbles. These bubbles, they would, of course, have very symbolically burst, … !




We have now reached the point where we have driven our quest for truth to victory. The enemy can do nothing! It is through! And we, we can not allow anyone to take away our right to have and express our own opinion!


No regime in this world will ever again take this right away from us. Especially not this fake BRD regime. No regime in the world has the right to impose on us what we are supposed to think, and what we are not allowed to think. Not with us!


These times are over! And if anyone wants to impose on us what we are supposed to think, and impose some absurd stories that we are supposed to believe, we will simply laugh at them!




Alfred: Thank you very much Gerhard Ittner. Your struggle has not been in vain. You have played an instrumental part in driving the truth to victory!


The fact, Herr Ittner, that you live in Nuremburg is indeed symbolic. This is the city where the jews extracted, by torture, the confessions that were then used to give birth to this mother of all lies.

This lie morphed into a multi billion extortion racket. It became a blueprint for similar extortion rackets ever since.


911 is just one further example. There are many more.


The “Six Million Lie” not only made a lot of money for the jews, but is now used to torment us and break any [psychological] resistance [opposed] to their tyranny. They have, in effect, replaced the original sin of the Christian faith with the, “Six Million Lie”!


They teach this to our children, knowing that little children believe anything they are told by older people. This is instinctive. To keep the older people believing it, “Political Correctness” and “Hate Speech” laws are used. Any dissent is punished with increasingly harsh measures, eventually leading to our own extinction.


What the jews have harvested with this lie, until now, is almost beyond comprehension!


However, this success has deluded the jewish mind-set, that this can go on and on and on. They truly are playing this as an, “all or nothing” exercise.


Now, of course, the effect of digital technology, combined with our ability to comprehend the empirical evidence and provable historical facts, is having the same effect on the jews and their lies, as did the discovery and application of penicillin on bacteria.


Good for us… bad for them!


Continued belief in the lies, induces behaviour in the believer that more resembles that of a conditioned laboratory rat, than a thinking human being.


Don’t let any of your friends be left believing the “Six Million Lie”! Don’t risk that anyone would mistake you for someone foolish enough to believe the dangerous and pathetic lies, because you remained silent! I find it difficult to find anyone seriously, now in 2016, who pretends not to understand, or really does not understand!


And remember, we were born into this situation. It has been imposed on us! We did not ask for it. Don’t feel ashamed to admit that you believed these lies. You only need to feel shame if you are the very last person to understand. So, if you are fast, you won’t be the last!


Feel free to copy this video, download it and reload it on other channels and servers.


Remember there is not much honour in being seen as a conditioned laboratory rat, especially if that is how your own children see you.

Thank you.


[Monika Schaefer plays the violin]














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