Hidden Empire — Part 3


[Hidden Empire was written by William Pelly in the late 1930s warning Americans of the threat that Organized jewry posed by its plans for the takeover of America and world domination.

In Part 3, Pelly takes us through the history of the jewish menace starting with its two main dispersed  branches, the Ashkenazi in Eastern Europe and the Sephardic in Western Europe, particularly Spain and Portugual.

In 1776 a German jew, Adam Weishaupt, created an organization dedicated to revolution known as the Illuminati that Askenazi jews took control of and brought about the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror. The Rothschilds backed Napoleon, who was sent forth to serve the further continental aims of international jewry. After his fallout with the jews, his subsequent defeat at Waterloo allowed Nathan Rothschild to make a gigantic fortune in the English stock market.

Rothschilds agents in the form of the US banking house Kuhn, Loeb & Company and its president Jacob Schiff helped finance the jew Boldhevik revolution in Russia, whilst agents like Paul Warburg set up the Federal Reserve.


In “Was Lincoln a Victim of a Plot“, Pelly discusses how Lincoln’s understanding that jewish bankers’ aim to control the country’s money was an even greater threat than the South ever was, and his efforts to prevent that, ensured his assassination.

Pelly ends this part with a preliminary introduction of how the old Sanhedrin, a council of the elders of jewry, would transform itself into the Kahal structure for furthering jewish aims KATANA.]





Hidden Empire




William Dudley Pelley


circa 1939


Part 3





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William Dudley Pelley
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William Dudley Pelley

(March 12, 1890 – July 1, 1965)



Bolshevik Revolution correspondent, Zionologist,
author and founder of The Silver Legion.


… By the end of the First World War, Pelley’s prestige was such that his publisher commissioned him as a foreign correspondent on assignment in Eastern Europe. With a generous expense account and the diplomatic rank of “consular courier” conferred upon him by the United States government, he shipped out for Russia in early 1918. To him, his assignment was a fun adventure, a well-paid lark and a chance to vacation overseas. It turned out to be something far more. Until his fateful voyage, Pelley was a happy-go-lucky, up-and-coming author, with no real convictions of his own. As he remembered years later, the experience transformed him “from a nondescript writer to a grim crusader.


For two years, he covered 8,000 miles by train and horse-back through Siberia, into the Ukraine, across the steppes of Central Russia, into the Far East and through Asia to Japan. Through all these extensive travels, he was a personal witness to the communist revolution. He saw peasant women crucified to barn doors and a schoolroom in which the teacher and all the students had been bludgeoned to death, their brains splattered against the blackboard. There where whole villages depopulated by murder, with corpses swinging from every lamppost and choking the nearby streams. These victims where rarely military personnel, nor politically involved in any way. They were common people, mostly farmers and factory workers. Such horrific sights, encountered wherever the Reds passed, almost unhinged his mind. But they were so commonplace, he gradually grew inured to the sea of blood through which he traveled daily.


He learned first-hand that communism was not an ideology, it was simply the organization of the worst criminal elements led by Jews to destroy society. This was no speculation. Virtually all the commissars he knew (some of whom he interviewed) where Jewish, while the majority of their activists where common murderers and perverts “liberated” from prison. They were motivated by hatred, power and revenge, nothing else. All their slogans about “Equality” and “Peace” where transparent rues to dupe thoughtless liberals among the Russian people, their victims.


Drunk with success, the Jews boasted openly of their plans for world conquest by fomenting the same kind of divisiveness in other countries. They told Pelley that Russia was just a stepping stone, a base for international subversion. Even their phony “communism” was utterly dispensable, just like their own followers, who they never hesitated to massacre on the slightest whim. Their long-range goal was one-world government, in which the masses became willing slaves, fueling an international economy with their genius and labor, while the Jewish people dominated all important positions of power.



“‘After Russia,’ one greasy commissar smirked at Pelley, ‘then Europe and later, America!’…











LET us see briefly where this Conspiracy began —


In the twelve centuries that passed between the dispersing action of Titus, and the 1306 expulsion fiat of Philip IV of France, world Jewry had taken on a two-fold aspect. Jewry out of the Tribe of Judah and presided over in a temporal way by the Sadducean Sanhedrin, had in a manner of speaking, split into two parts or racial divisions. One-half migrated northward out of Palestine, into what is now the Soviet Ukraine. Here they interbred further with Asiatic and Tatar Mongols, and caught in the western onrush of the hordes of Genghis Kahn, they were swept in vast numbers through Poland into the Danube Valley.


They became in time the Ashkenazim, or Mongoloid branch of world Jewry, comprising the great mass of Russian and German Jews. We have them today throughout America, round headed, grasping, alternately whining and arrogant, strict materialists, who openly consider Jewry to be not followers of a religion but a world-wide political State, in other words, a nation competing with all other nations.


The other branch of Jewry migrated westward through countries adjacent to the Mediterranean, particularly throughout North Africa, where they intermarried with the Moors and Berbers and later with the Spaniards, and the Portuguese. This racial division is known as the Sephardirn and its members are called Sephardic Jews. Because of their strong infusion of Aryan blood, these Jews have the cleanly cut Grecian features, the cherry-black eyes, and the general characteristics of Spaniards and Arabs. Not only do they differ in appearance from the Ashkenazim but in mannerisms, the Sephardim are more esthetic. They hold generally that Jewry is a religious and not a political nation, though by no means are they adverse to standing with their Ashkenazic brethren in presenting a united Jewish front against the Gentiles. Nevertheless, there is a certain schism fundamentally between these two major divisions of world Jews, and internal rivalry between their leaders has been responsible for more changes in international politics among the world’s Gentile nations than the layman dreams. Both seek the goal of Jewish world control.


In world finance, economics and politics, the Mongoloid Ashkenazic Hebrews are represented by the great banking families of the Rothschilds (or Mayers) of Germany, the Sassoon families of Bagdad and the Orient, and the Samuel families of London. The Sephardic Hebrews are largely officialized by the Ginsberg families of France and Spain.


[Page 26]


In the substance of the foregoing paragraph, if the Christian layman only knew it, lies the key that unlocks the seemingly inconsistent moves making for war or peace in scores of the world’s Gentile nations.



About 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella found their kingdom in the same compromising situation from Jewish encroachments, as earlier monarchs had confronted since the year 70 A. D. and which they had uniformly solved by consigning this non-social trouble-breeding people to live in Ghettos.


Map — Migration and Settlements of the Spanish jews. (click image to enlarge)


The well known edict of Charles VIII of France in 1489 ordered all Jews to embrace Christianity and become loyal citizens and good subjects or suffer forfeiture of their goods and chattels, also expulsion from his domain.


The heads of Sephardic Jewry thereupon wrote in their extremity to the Elders of Zion, the Sanhedrin, then sitting in Constantinople asking for advice as to what they should do. The mischievous reply to this appeal has come up to us across the years of history, and shows itself as being directly responsible for the growth of the Zionist Movement throughout the earth. These Constantinople Elders responded:


Dear beloved brethren in Moses: We have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are en during. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as your selves.


The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:


As for what you say that the King of France obliges you to become Christians; do it, since you cannot do otherwise, but let the law of Moses be kept in your hearts.


As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your goods; make your sons merchants, that little by little they may despoil the Christians of theirs.


As for what you say about their attempts on your lives; make your sons doctors and apothecaries that they may take away Christians’ lives.


As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.


As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix themselves up with the affairs of State, in order that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.


Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.


[Page 27]


Such was the direful and subtle Protocol of 1489 whose authenticity has never yet been convincingly refuted nor honestly denied by well-informed Jews. That it was acted upon in the southern European countries with manifest success, the pages of history will attest, Jews every where “accepting” the Christian religion for policy’s sake and, in Spain, becoming known as Maranos, or Jews committed to Crypto-Judaism. What part Jews played in the world-wide success of the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits, probably can never be determined, but we do know that Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati— that vast and terrible secret society of Europe whose influence culminated in the French Reign of Terror — studied with the Jesuits in his early life and from them gained many of his ideas for subverting the Christian Catholic religion.


The Illuminati, strongest in Germany where it had its home and where it perverted and subverted Christian Masonry through the machinations of Frederick the Great, introduced what is known as the Grand Orient Lodge to Europe — or the co-Masonry against which every European monarch has set himself from time to time, both Mussolini and Hitler excommunicating its political intrigue. The most complete, detailed, and authenticated history of this movement, and how it was financed by Jews as a gesture to get their release from European Ghettos, are recounted in the works of the famous historian, Nesta H. Webster, author of Secret Societies and Subversive Movements.


[Page 28]






DOUBLY important was the year of the founding of our Republic because in May, 1776, a notorious organization was conceived by a German Jew, Adam Weishaupt, that constructed the actual machinery of revolution, against which we are fighting today for self-preservation. Not even the Communists know the full significance of the date that has come to be known these later years for its world-wide riots and mobbery.


In 1185 a secret order functioned under the name of “Confrerie de la Paix,” or the brotherhood of peace. Disguised as an attempt to end all wars, it was one of the earliest efforts to establish a godless Communism. In 1712, more than 500 years later, was born Jean Jacques Rousseau, a French Jew. Boil down his entire creed and one salient mandate remains, “Destroy civilization; whatever is, is wrong!


The Illuminati, under the renegade Weishaupt, became in time an openly destructive satanic society, with everything in its doctrines and rituals the exact antithesis of Christianity. Enticing its victims into the first initial degrees by the most beautiful and altruistic of fraternal ideals and noble aspirations, gradually it wove about them a net of murderous satanism, Implications in secret rites at length bound them securely to the organization with chains of steel. As Mrs. Webster has shown, the “ideals” of Illuminism were:


1. Hatred of God and all forms of religion.

2. Destruction of private property and inheritance.

3. Absolute social and racial equality, promotion of class hatred.

4. Destruction of all forms of either monarchical or democratic governments, including civil liberties, such as freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly and of trial by jury.

5. Destruction of all nationalism, love of country, patriotism and allegiance to civil or political rulers.

6. Abolition of marriage, and practice of free love.


[Page 29]


On page four of report No. 2290, Seventy-Five Congress, III Session, investigation of Communistic propaganda in America, the same articles are advanced as the definition of Russian-Jewish Communism in its fundamental aspirations. Indeed, the Jews, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in their nefarious works on Socialism and the instigation of the First International, “borrowed” the Illuminati program bodily, a flagrant plagiarism from Weishaupt’s Satanism which has not been generally revealed.


The point we are getting at is, that the Ghetto-imprisoned Jews beheld in Illuminism exactly the weapon they needed to effect their emancipation. This brand of revolutionary philosophy further suited their inherent revolutionary temperaments. So we find indications of the German Jews’ embracing and helping to finance Weishaupt, until it became such a danger to the throne that the Illuminati was ordered to be disbanded. But it never disbanded. This edict but sent it underground. Thereupon, speaking figuratively and literally, the Ashkenazic Jews “took it over,” and the history of Europe for the next hundred years, from the effects of this control, reads like a nightmare.


Nesta Webster has brought out the full manipulations of the Illuminati Jews in organizing, conducting, and later suppressing, the French Revolution and Reign of Terror, when they had accomplished their hidden purpose and removed certain royal personages who stood in the way of their ultimate command of Europe. We cannot enter into that long and sordid story here.


But we must pay some attention to the escape of the German Jews from the Ghettos and the rise of the House of Rothschild or “Red Shield” — in Germany. It presages the active identification of the most terrible international Jewish organization of modem times, the Kahal, to which we shall give some attention in a moment.


When William the Landgrave of Hesse came to power in Germany he was somewhat fanatical in the pursuit of his hobby, the collecting of rare and precious coins. In the adjacent Ghetto lived old Anselm Mayer, with his five sons and five daughters.


[Page 30]


This Jew set himself to cultivate William and win his favor by presenting him with precious coins.


A strange and intimate friendship grew up between the two. Then comes a fearsome event, too little known to patriotic Americans.


George III needing mercenaries to fight the revolting Colonials in the Americas, a deal was made with William the Landgrave for the use of 17,000 Hessians for which George III was to pay the sum of $20,000,000. Anselm Mayer was secretly in touch with the Colonial situation through American Jews, particularly Haym Salomon of Philadelphia, who made it possible for Robert Morris to finance the Colonials who thus unwittingly placed themselves under obligations to the Jews as the following will show.


Observe what happened and how the pernicious circle of international events was maneuvered to spill the blood of colonial Americans, that the Jews might escape the Hamburg and Frankfort Ghettos. George III did not have the English soldiers requisite to fight a successful war with the Colonies, yet was egged on by predatory and scheming Hebrews in the New World, of whom American historians are careful to make no mention. The Colonials were revolting and George III had to do something about it to maintain the prestige of the Crown. William’s 17,000 Hessians were “offered” him. But only recently has it become known that back of it all was a deal whereby Anselm Mayer “Red-Shield” (Rothschild) was to get the loan of that $20,000,000 for 20 years.


Naturally Haym Salomon, now eulogized for his great financial services to the struggling Colonials, was agreeable to backing them. By producing the Revolution in America, it meant that George III would have to use those Hessians to put down the insurrection. That meant that William the Landgrave would get the twenty millions that Anselm — and his strategizing Jews — could and would use to make the Ghettos things of history and finance his progeny and compatriots into important banking positions among the squabbling Christian monarchs of the Continent.


[Page 31]


So America had Bunker Hill, Yorktown, Valley Forge, Monmouth and Brandywine. When the smoke had cleared away and the dead were buried, in spite of all Jewry could do to the contrary, our founding fathers, after great hardship and political chaos, brought forth a Republic. A Republic is the Golden Mean between an Autocracy (where the few rule) and a Democracy ( where the many rule through direct action). When some of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention tried to inject the nostrums of Democracy into the Constitution, George Washington arose in anger and said:


Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair. The event is in the hands of God.


Our Constitution provides for a Republic. A Republic is poison to World Jewry. On the other hand, it is easy for those with evil designs to gain control of a government which operates as a Democracy; hence the steady assault on the Constitution. A sleeping America has allowed its plan of government, as guaranteed in the Constitution, to be tossed aside and has embraced the phobia of Democracy by adopting the initiative, the election of judges, the referendum and the direct primary. In doing this we have opened wide the gates for Internationalists to promote their campaigns against the Republic of the United States.


Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention. Our founding fathers repeatedly warned us to avoid this type of government. Our Constitution means to the science of Government what the digits mean to the science of arithmetic or the chromatic scale means to the science of music: in other words, it is the key to the science of government. In a Republic, the few are protected from the many, and the many, from the few. “Jewocracy” or, in other words, Communism, easily takes a Democracy, turns it upside down, makes the many think they are to govern themselves, but in actuality, the many are controlled by the worst sort of Autocracy. It is in that direction we are drifting today.


[Page 32]


Anselm “Red Shield” Rothschild got his twenty millions and freedom for his people from the Ghettos. Whereupon Jews immediately scuttled like cockroaches all over Europe. All the five sons of Anselm immediately made themselves solid with the leading bankers of five great continental capitals, and the five daughters were artfully married off to various foreigners and political Big-Wigs. France was an especial goal of exploitation where the German Jews wanted to “dig in” and entrench themselves against any influences of the more esthetic and spiritual Sephardim. So utilizing the nefarious Illuminati again, the French Revolution was subtly precipitated. For a more complete history of Jewish manipulation of this Red Terror, read Mrs. Webster’s books.


At any rate, when the French Revolution had accomplished its purposes, Count Cherep-Spiridovitch tells us that it had to be halted. So a conscienceless young Corsican was found who would have no compunction about shooting down his own people if it served his personal vanities and the aims of his military career.


Napoleon was “chosen” by the “Red-Shields” (Rothschilds), equipped, financed, and sent forth to serve the further continental aims of international Jewry.


Napoleon is every where acclaimed as a great military genius.


Nowhere except in the world’s secret history is it revealed that “Red-Shield” (Rothschild) gold preceded him, made his military pathways as easy as possible without giving away this secret alliance, and made and unmade monarchs as it pleased the House of Rothschild to have them toppled around. But note that when Napoleon broke with the Jews and gave evidence of co-operating with the Catholic Pope, the skids were mysteriously put under him and he found himself on Elba. He staged a return and came to Waterloo. De Grouchy “mysteriously” was delayed in supporting him and his star had set. Meantime, Nathan Mayer, son of Anselm, on Sunday, the eighteenth of June, 1815, on the battlefield at Waterloo, noting that the battle had gone strictly according to his plans, mounted a horse, rode to the coast, got a fast boat across to London, and, simulating a victory for Napoleon, sprang a panic on the English Exchange which tumbled stocks down to zero where Nathan’s agents scooped them in at panic prices. Next day, when the real truth became known, Nathan didn’t need any more German loans to finance international Jewry. He had cleaned up in one of the greatest stock market coups in modern history.


[Page 33]


So the “Red-Shield” (Rothschild) fortune which proceeded to make and unmake political regimes on the Continent up to the time of the World War, was first founded on the dead bodies of American patriots and then securely established on a colossal lie which beggared thousands of Englishmen.


Incidentally, when Anselm came to pay back his loan to William the Landgrave, the Jew was made a present of the interest.


Figured even at four percent, the interest on that amount for 20 years amounts of itself to 16 millions of dollars. Quite a tidy sum to receive as a “gift.


So the Rothschild fortune was launched, and its repository in America today is the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb & Company, whose late president, Jacob Schiff, presented Lenin with a cool million dollars to finance Russian-jewish Bolshevism, now known as Communism, and whose younger generation helped to formulate through Paul Warburg, the Federal Reserve banking system.


With these facts as background — facts, by the way, that have never been denied by international Jewry — is it not rather patent why we cannot make headway in cleaning up America until this pernicious element is shorn of its power?


[Page 34]








IN 1876, Bismarck revealed to Conrad Siem the double-crossing by international Jews of the Northern States trying to win our Civil War and hold our Union together. Bismarck said concerning the martyred Abraham Lincoln:


He was anti-slavist and he was elected as such. But his character prevented him from being the man of one party. While he had affairs in his hands, he perceived that those sinister financiers of Europe, the Rothschilds, wished to make him direct their designs. But Lincoln read their plots and soon understood that the South was not the country’s worst foe, but these Jewish financiers. He decided to eliminate the international Jewish bankers by establishing a system of loans, allowing the States to borrow directly from the people, without intermediary …


He obtained from Congress the right to borrow from the people by selling to it the bonds of the States. The local banks were only too glad to help such a system, and the government and the nation escaped the plots of the foreign financiers. They understood at once that the United States would escape their grip …


The death of Lincoln was decided upon! Nothing was easier than to find a fanatic to strike. The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There was no man big enough in the United States to wear his shoes. And Israel went anew to grab the riches of the world …


I fear that Jewish banks with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America, and use it to systematically corrupt modem civilization.


Now we can understand why the Federal Government had such a difficult time raising funds for the Civil War. Possibly the fact that one of the main instigators of the Southern Secession was one Judah P. Benjamin, a Jew, who later became its Secretary of State, will explain the foreign aid to the Confederacy. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia:


Throughout, Benjamin was Jefferson Davis’ most intimate and most influential adviser, and was generally described as the ‘brains of the Confederacy.’


Benjamin’s most important labors were, however, rendered in connection with the diplomatic activities of the Confederacy. Unfortunately, a thorough study of the diplomacy of the Confederacy has not yet been published, nor any adequate biography of Benjamin, of which that would be the principal chapter. But by such a publication it would be shown how near the Confederacy came to securing European intervention — particularly through the aid of Napoleon III


[Page 35]


We next wonder how much can be properly classed as “diplomatic activities” in considering the death of Lincoln at the hands of Booth. In an issue of Harpers Pictorial History of the Civil War, issue of Oct. 8. 1894, p. 788, we read:


It was afterward proved that a cipher found in Booth’s trunk corresponded to that used by the Confederate Secretary of State, Judah P. Benjamin.


As a portion of the evidence offered before the Military Commission at the trial of the conspirators, the following was quoted by Harper’s:


Charles A. Dana, Assistant Secretary of War, testified that he went to Richmond April 6, and there found in Benjamin’s office the key to an official cipher. It is a machine about a foot long and eight inches high, and consists of a cylinder of wood, which has a paper envelope inscribed with letters; the cylinder revolves on pivot-holes at each end, and a bar across the top contains indices pointing down to the letters. Major Eckert then being sworn, testified that a cipher found in Booth’s trunk corresponded with that of which Dana had spoken.


But there is yet a more fearsome factor in world Jewry of which the layman knows next to nothing and which must now be considered.


The ancient Sanhedrin that Jesus had denounced in language that left nothing to diplomacy, and that sent the pleasing response to the Sephardic Jews being “persecuted” by Louis V, had by no means been inactive throughout this time. Out growing Palestine, capitalizing on all Jewish “persecutions” affecting to carry on the fight for Christian tolerance toward this scheming, predatory people, it began to adopt world-wide aspects after the admirable maneuverings of the Maver clan. Thus do we arrive at the impressive structure of the Kahal.



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