Morgoth’s Review – YouTube Hangout 01 – Skeptics and Cucks — TRANSCRIPT


[In this YouTube Hangout (No 1) Morgoth, who runs the blog Morgoth’s Review. talks with Gentleman Jim Crow and Theberton about the “Skeptics” war with the Alt-Right, UKIP, and the problems facing Whites in general with the invasion of non-Whites into our countries engineered by organized jewry KATANA.]



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Morgoth’s Review


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Skeptics and Cucks




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Published on Jan 19, 2018



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First ever Morgoth’s review hangout discussing skeptics and cucks, with Gentleman Jim Crow and Theberton.

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Morgs: Weekend hang out number one. And we’re gonna talk I’m with Theberton who does the YouTube stuff, Jim who polices the comments and other things through the blog, and it’s me Morgoth. We’re gonna have a general banter about the skeptic war, and, what else was on the table Jim?


Jim: The skeptic war, Henry Bolton and his business with his girlfriend.


Morgs: Right. Which I’ve done an article about. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe about the “shitholegate” as well. But the thing with the skeptic war was that we’ve got this little clip that I wanted to have a look at, okay. Get that up Theberton? The zulu? What’s he called? Are you there?


Jim: I’m here. I’m not sure, “Zulu“, or something like that [01:00] Uzalu” I’ve got on my tablet. He’s called “Uzalu“.


Morgs: Yeah I was expecting something, ….


Theberton: So, I’ve got the video, …


Morgs: Brilliant! There’s this skeptic kid. I don’t know anything about him. I don’t want to slag him off, you know, and call him names and stuff, but the thing is, that they’re engaging more and more with like us, the Alt-right, White nationalists, whatever you want to say it. And these debates, all these fucking videos keep popping up on YouTube. I’m just overwhelmed with content as they say. And this one popped up and, because it was a bit of a short one I had a bit of a click through it and I came across this question. Now, and I just thought in this [02:03] one question, it’s everything that I think is shit about the skeptic community. And why I’m happy that they’re being torn apart by nationalists. Let’s watch this. Can you play this, Theby?


Theberton: Yes. Let’s see if this works.


Interviewer:So can you please explain to me why Anglo-Saxons being a minority in England is not such a bad thing?

Skeptic [he sounds very much like Sargon]: I would say, depending on exactly how it happens, it could just be a neutral thing. If you think that there’s some sort of inherent quality in Anglo-Saxon DNA that can’t be found in other DNA, I would simply refer you to the fact that, you know, these things can change over time. If we select for the quality that we’re looking for, and you guys are right, then it will just be Anglo-Saxons. But if you’re wrong, it won’t just be Anglo-Saxons, but it wouldn’t matter, because you’re wrong about that. So I mean, it’s a pretty simple argument from the Alt-right.




Morgs: Right. So when your kid comes running home and says, “Daddy, why am I the only White person in the class?” show them that clip, and everything will just be honky fucking dory! Won’t it? I mean, what do you make of that Jim?


Jim: Well in terms of the evolutionary argument, it’s wrong on so many levels, I don’t know where to start. Anglo-Saxon DNA, is it so special that it won’t just be recreated in the same environment? no, of course, it won’t! Firstly, Anglo-Saxons evolved over tens of thousands of years through hardship and through situations whereby certain traits were selected for. Those traits don’t exist anymore. We now exist in a society of surplus, and a welfare state. So the traits that made Anglo-Saxons [04:00] special and develop them in the first place will not develop again, because we live in a fundamentally different society. The only trait that’s being selected for now is ability to breed. you haven’t even got to provide for your own children. so the idea that if we just let things play out again the same kind of people will arise, it’s nonsense!


And another point is the idea that, well I think it might be slightly off that click clip there, 30 seconds before, or 30 seconds after, but he says something like:


Well what does it matter if Anglo-Saxons become extinct, as long as they’re not killed, or wiped out, or as if they don’t suffer any, you know, pain, or hardship in the process?


Well, would anyone seriously argue that who cares if the panda  becomes extinct as long as they have a nice life and die comfortably in their beds at night? That’s not the point! We want to preserve our people, and a very important people. The idea of suffering in the process of death, is neither here, nor there. Most people, most things suffer when they die. And even if they don’t, that’s not the point. But [05:01] preserving a very important species and life form.


Morgs: I mean, I’ve taken down a couple of notes on this, because for me, it just sums up everything, all the problems we’re having with these classic liberals. one of the accusations against them from our side of this, is that everything gets put into abstractions and sophistry. and it’s always:


What about the half-castes? What about the free speech? Don’t be a collectivist! Who’ll pay for the roads?


But it doesn’t actually address what’s going on in the real world. It doesn’t! So what he’s done there, he’s taken that question and he’s kind of just, … It’s just utter bullshit! Because, how is it not going to be bad to be a minority? Why didn’t he just say:


Well it’s gonna be fucking awful! It’s gonna be be hell on earth!




Jim: He can’t speak to extinction he doesn’t go through the minority stage was to go on, you know, probably for centuries, you know, White mass isn’t gonna just die tomorrow they’re gonna have, you know, centuries of being a minority and the process so it’s a joke analogies kind of.


Morgs: In this particular instance has been convenient to zoom the lens out and then they talk about over millennia so maybe after all the terrorism and the rape gangs and the street violence and the kettle black slaughtering people for no reason once all that’s over then maybe there’ll be some kind of hybrid race of Anglo-Saxon come Jamaican come Pakistani Superman which will still exist., but for fuck’s sake you’ve got a man asking him saying wolf, you know, he knows he knows what’s being asked over there, but he can’t address it [07:02], because if he addressed it then he’d have to admit that I will if PA address the reality he’d have to admit that it was a problem and if he if he I know that was a problem then he’s gonna have to speak out against it and if he spoke out against it he’d be an all right Nazi! And instead of they were not he does the opposite he says well you can use this kind of sophistry and bullshit that I’ve just said as an argument against. So say he’s cool with his crop and then he kind of pointed backwards he points it back to all three all races well there you go you can use this argument against the Alt-Right you can use my bullshit against the people who are saying oh wait a minute it’s gonna be fucking hell on earth as a minority. And he’s proud of it that he’s chuffed on it. And this is why these people are fucking rotten! What are they doing? At least at least with a lefty are the lefty other say well [08:01] you’re an evil White man in Egypt who acts thing pretty much. And what these people are doing they just kind of bog you down and it’s like walking through a thick treacle of shite! I mean, of course, I mean, or on it as well it’s a neutral thing how the fuck can I be neutral to go to be forced in the minority state is in your own country? It’s and I’ve got a couple of notes that you sell at the blog and hey what do you think about that further.


Theberton: Yeah I think sub-zero it’s this kind of very it’s this typical, you know, middle-class detached, you know, everything is going to be within the realm of ideas and, you know, this is huge high value on can rationality and facts and you can see a lot of the classical liberals kind of really get off on that don’t they were all kind of suit themselves is very kind of enlightened [09:00] and it’s like it’s that kind of attitude sort of writ large and it’s also, you know, it’s like we’ve spoken about it before it’s the kind of the cliche of the so absent-minded professor, you know, there’s someone that has that can-do has all these kind of fancy arguments and all this fancy knowledge and stuff but, you know, doesn’t know how to type forgets how to tie their own shoes. It’s a similar sort of thing isn’t it yeah having all these kind of fancy arguments whereas couple of missing the bigger picture completely. It’s a recurrent trait with all these people of missing the missing the wood for the trees I mean, that’s what these people cover it’s the air they breathe isn’t it? It’s go though in, but there’s a way disconnect it’s like the same people that, you know, will get when it comes to the like on the reefs and the streets you’ve seen about the ethno states when it comes to that stuff they get really really into the nitty-gritty of things and, you know, into every sort of finer and I’m missing the point and where it’s missing the big picture well you know.


Morgs: I mean, if you we take [10:03] their kind of worldview and their core values which is individualism and free speech. But then you got YouTube channels right, and they all hate collectivism. They all hate ethnic groups teaming together to force their will on individuals. But they are all individuals on YouTube, and some of them are earning a lot of money, and YouTube’s moderated by the Anti Defamation League. So then, oh you couldn’t make it up, you know, so then now they don’t mention that, or he never did in the first place. And you’re just a Nazi if he did do it! but they’ve literally got an (((ethnic collective group))) moderating their and censoring their free speech, if they ever went and had a problem. Where they are earning a [11:03] nice little bit of coin. They won’t talk about that! They won’t even go into it! What they will do is counter-signal the people who are talking about it! And they’ve just pissed all over their own values! And it’s just such fucking cowardice! God!


Jim: I absolutely agree with that, but going back to something Theberton said, they’ve got all the arguments and they’ve got all the, you know, the facts and all the rest of it. They haven’t at all. I mean, they are just assuming that if we have this great multicultural experiment it’ll all turn out right in the end. And then in a thousand years time the White man won’t exist in this current form, but something else will take shape and it’ll be just as good if not better. But all of the evidence says no! If you look at every human society that has ever existed, most of them were awful! Current Western civilization is the exception [12:01] not the rule. And it’s far more likely that the situation that the civilization that arises is going to be abysmal than it is that it’s going to be something the same or better than what we currently have. I think this faith that things are just gonna work out okay is not justified by any reference to the evidence, or to history.


Morgs: Yeah, … Go on Theberton.


Theberton: I seen this with a lot this Mississippi nationalists Jim says is this kind of thing. It’s the sort of leap of faith that everything will just kind of work itself out and that things naturally tends towards, you know, to uh sort of a peaceful linear sort of way of turning out, but I mean, just now you can see that even just within our own country that the city’s the whole majority non-White. The cities that have, you know, been the most, you know, burden of mass immigration ever even just a, for example, that we have now is the opposite of what this guy’s saying isn’t it, you know, Western city they can point to this [13:02], you know, there’s majority non-White this actually there’s turning into this kind of classical liberal.


Morgs: Yeah I mean, like Jim said he’s coming up this from a point of view where eventually the Anglo-Saxons will be merged into the Third World and if we select for the characteristics of the newcomers., in other words, if we show bias towards people who have Anglo-Saxon take characteristics then nothing much will change, because they might be a little bit coffee colada they might be a bit, you know, a bit black! What the characteristics will be that we have selected will be Anglo-Saxon ones.


Jim: , but we’re not sorry what selecting for those characteristics at all the only thing we’re selecting for is ability to breed,


Morgs: Yeah, but I mean, even then like the [14:01] writing is on the wall now we can see the writing on the wall now we can see you the groups there Somalians and the Afghan needs and then yeah. If the globalists were the if they really did just want to create a population of consumers with they would have imported millions of millions of Han Chinese people, but the first thing is lots of White men have got yellow fever if they would have bred with the Asian women and then they would have went on and we would have got a high high IQ population which was great at making and buying iPhones., but we can’t we can see that it’s malicious and intent, because the terrorism is already here the rehab gangs are already here. Why do we need the political correctness? The contrary thoughts about it is already here so and when he thinks [15:01] it’s new rule well I think it’s new and, but it’s not it’s why do we need political correctness?


Jim: Well I mean, that’s something I’ve wondered as well as in why do the powers that be want to make the population less intelligent? Which is obviously what’s going to happen if you introduce vast numbers of lower IQ people. You would think if you wanted to create a population, that you want the best quality population you can have. One sort of theory that I’ve heard, is that I think it applies particularly to Mexicans in the US and Hispanics, with the 90 IQ is around about the sweet spot, where if you’re in that level you are intelligent enough to work, intelligent enough to produce, but stupid enough to buy any crap that people want to sell you. I believe the Hispanics in the US are the greatest consumers of media. They’re the people who’ll go watch any movie that’s out there the people, they’re the people, you know, buy [16:01] the latest brand of trainers, or whatever it might be. And I think they’re trying to breed us to a sweet spot of about a 90 IQ for the masses, not the elite obviously. they’ll keep themselves separate. But they want us in the 90 so we’re stupid enough to buy all their crap but still just about clever enough to work.


Morgs: And they reckon, I think they reckon they’ll still be a few Whites around and they can import Indians to do jobs in Silicon Valley and design cars, or things like that.  So these kind of big companies will be able to select. And they’re doing it from around the world. They’ll select the cleverest people to produce these, to be sold to these kind of 90 IQ cattle. But even then I mean, and this is the great classic liberal future! [laughing] Because, another thing, these [17:00] people are expecting like, what will it be like? A kind of half Somalian, half kind of Welsh, hybrid thing, to sit around reading Thomas Paine and Locke?! [laughing] Fucking hell!


Jim: That’s another thing. Stefan Molyneux has got a lot of good material on this, but the idea of classical liberalism, that is entirely Northwest European and entirely White. The dark races are getting no interest whatsoever in these things. If you look at voting patterns and then in the US it’s a very well studied, blacks and browns have got no, they don’t have the same concept of personal responsibility. They don’t have the same respect for liberty. These just are alien concepts. It’s like asking us to appreciate yin-yang, or some Chinese philosophy. it’s just not all of us, and it’s not all of them. So, you know, Western liberalism is all about, [18:01] it’s not for them. They’re never going to adopt it’s, not something to interests them. There’s no historical example of a non-White population adopting classical liberalism.


Theberton: Right. Another thing that’s amazing, I think, is that people like this guy, and loads of the classical liberal types, they sort of like to see themselves as the, because they don’t really take a side either way. They kind of like to see themselves as the political referee, you know, managing things from either side. And it’s a nice easy way to kind of, you know, seem like you’re all above all this. But the actual reality is that they’re they actually the ball itself being kicked around [by] either side.


Morgs: I mean, classic liberalism was all you ever do is sit on the toilet, keep the toilet seat warm for somebody else, until they get pushed off. Whether it’s from the far left I would say the cultural Marxist left. I mean, the cultural Marxists starting from about the 50s and the 60s the it [19:02] just went through the classic liberals like shit through a goose! The classic liberal ideology has been a fucking failure time after time after time! Where was their resistance? The neo Marxist came after the war. It was a concerted effort start starting with Nuremberg, where nationalism and European ethnocentrism would basically they’d put it in a hole and throw away the hole! It would be just buried deep deep underground and forgotten about! And the kind of as this, you know, that J left, let’s say it, they understood the danger of nationalistic thought. And they knew they couldn’t take it on an equal and they still don’t to be honest. So it just had to be buried and forgotten about. Like I’ve said in a few posts like on Game of Thrones where you’ve got that wall [20:01] oh it was kind of let’s put them up let’s put the White Walkers up there behind the wall and guard the wall and make sure they never get out. There the liberals got smacked all over by the left, who went through them really easy! Just by inverting all of their values and then when it looks now I mean, it’s only YouTube drama and stuff like that., but it looks like the same things gonna happen to them again, but from the right! , because they don’t actually stand for anything! , but just like I say they’re just keeping the toilet seat warm for the next group who’s gonna push them off and take a dump on it.


Theberton: Don’t wanna yeah yeah it’s just like it’s like they’re just sort of saying just, you know, just have society, you know, just have just leave leave us alone leave us with our individual, you know, our personal responsibility and all, you know, it’s like just someone else take care of someone else, you know, which they actually risk,


Morgs: It it’s something like the status quo, it’s gonna last forever [21:02] and be you okay and it’s obviously not! I mean, that’s also what he assumes and they’re in this answer to a basic question and it’s a fundamental question I mean, we could go through the whole video can’t be assed. Just a question how is it gonna be good for the English people in England, because I think it’s there what’s it called you, or something. I think he he’s just an English lad and so he’s being asked how is it gonna be good for your group for us to become minorities in our own country? And it’s not! It’s obviously not! It never can be! It never can be a good thing to become a minority in your own country! , but as I said, he can’t he can’t just say it, because and he talks about they talk about all of them they alternative-right, the nationalists so they did have one it’s all about ideology and the lefties [22:01] and the SJW’s it’s all about ideology. Well here you can see that he can’t even address the basic question head on, because of his own ideology. And so what he has to do is give an answer to a question I wasn’t even asked in the first place! He has to kick it into the long grass and zoom the camera right away. If we become this kind of Anglo-Saxon and another thing it’s in assumed assumed there’s this kind of will the power kind of well you look if we come out on top, which is another, so he’s going right in the evolutionary kind of thinking. Well if you do have sufficient will to survive then it’ll be okay. Put that all right you can go down that road pal, but that’s our way of thinking! That’s a strand of right-wing thinking where might is right [23:01]., but they don’t like that either.,


Jim: And also sorry and will also eat a branded political thought evolves in a certain situation in a certain time in place. Classical liberalism evolves primarily in 19th century England. A time when England was 99.9% White and everyone you were these third the old common values that there was a functioning nation. And in those circumstances classical liberalism, or something like it could work. I mean, I do have some sort of libertarian/classical liberal tendencies. I don’t believe in freedom of the individual and that kind of thing in context., but that kind of thing can only survive in frankly an ethno-states, because everyone’s got to be on the same page and all the same values. So these classical liberals they should be White nationalists they should be further to the right than us! , because it’s only [24:01] our worldview they can protect their values,


Morgs: It reminds me that there are like hobbits from Lord of the Rings where they a lot of they’re blind to the all these there’s a you’ve got these huge issues going on outside of the Shire and the Shire itself is in danger. What they do and see oh we just cling on if we just keep planting turnips and drinking Mulberry wine every we’ll be everything will be okay just keep calm everybody. And it’s fucking not! It’s not! And I’ve got a little bit of sympathy in that way that they‘re still in the classic liberal especially., because a lot of them seem to be in Britain. It evolved in Britain. I’ve got a kind of sympathy for them, because they are just kind of, you know, don’t run for the exits., but they’re like the people on the Titanic who say don’t put the lifeboats out [25:01] yet, because people are panic! It’s gonna be okay! We will stop the ship from sinking! Don’t make things worse. And it’s not! It’s not! The ship has hit the fucking iceberg and were going under! , but there is a this kind of little Englander mentality of just don’t be extremists! Don’t be extremists! Will work and out. And it’s not! You’re not gonna work out! You’re not gonna work Out fucking fourteen hundred girls raped by Pakistanis in Rotherham! And I know all the rest of I could go on and on and on and I’m sure the people listening. The horror is here and it’s happening now. The demographics are baked into the cake as they say in America and it’s here in England as well.


So this idea we can just kind of well if everybody just have everybody just meant vidual be okay I gotta work. I mean, how are they actually gonna do that how are you gonna police [26:00] for people connect Lighting’s. Howdy are they gonna ban what’s it called in Britain, the jewish community secretary trust, or something I got it’s called. I mean, if somebody gonna make it as a skeptic gonna make YouTube videos in well, sorry sorry lads sort of put we’re gonna ban your organization, because it’s ethnic collectivism and, you know, you’re trying to push your agenda on the general population., of course, they’ll be fuckin hammered for it. They’re not even gonna be able to ban any Muslim organizer. Let alone how let’s see certain groups get into the BBC, or on the media and other newspapers and then they start helping each other even though it’s not written even though it’s kind of just realizing a name and that somebody went there’s somebody else’s Ba-mitzbar it’s far [27:00] and, or well okay he’s a good one I’ll get him a job to worry and I’ll get him a job as a columnist in the Independent would be fine. How are they gonna police state for all that happening well they can and these people sorry they’d have to lease it,


Jim: Well they can’t and they wouldn’t even want to, because they believe in freedom of associations they believe that people should be able to join together with like-minded people. So their whole worldview is based on the assumption that everyone else is like them and the people will want to group together around, you know, particular interests, or philosophies and not around race., but if people do choose to lump together around race, or not thing they can do about it. That’s why their beliefs are fine in a White ethnos their, you know, classical liberalism is a nice way to be, but it’s just fundamentally incompatible with multiculturalism,


Morgs: It’s fine I mean, it’s fine in an all-white country as a set of ideals to aspire to, and, you know, the you [28:03] get the pasta on the church, or the school teacher to say well everybody’s an individual and you’ve got to give more individual rights and the freedom of speech and treat them with each bag of things ago that’s all well and good., but the first problem is pop out of the womb and start crawling around on the floor thinking about Thomas Paine and John Locke. From my point of view, because as I guess I’m a hardcore racist, kids do come out of the womb and stalk around with they need to be with my mother their ethnocentric their racist I’m not kind of through that what they’re gonna just waste show love that a week oh it didn’t happen we do a leg out it doesn’t so we’re just gonna wish it all away. It’s preposterous and I just wish [29:01] and that, you know, the problem is I don’t hear I must say a lot of memes are they’re pretty vicious to be honest. And I just want them to find some balls and jump on board with us instead of instead of this sophistry instead of this bullshit! , you know,


Theberton: I think it’s also easy to forget, because we’re us three often, you know, always in these kind of circles it’s easy to figure out that for a lot of people even just identifying even just calling ourselves a group even just to admit now, or to conceptualize that is, you know, you’re getting into some risky territory, even in their own minds, you know, let alone saying that, or when we’re in a minority it’s going to be fine. I mean, I don’t know that this is disconnecting them thinking that were all individuals, but he’s fine to admit that, you know, if we do become one, or if we to become minority, you know, it’s the ever shifting sands of us against them.,


Morgs: It yeah I mean, but the problem is though the we’re talking I’m [30:01] not talking about somebody that I’ve just bump into on the street. I’m talking about people who are act like engaged that they’re engaged in politics and a critique of a general coach our commentary on the general culture then they’re not unaware of the realities of it. They’re constantly watching videos about about rapes and Sweden, or who they’ll see thousands upon thousands of memes about who’s ruling the media in America who’s against Trump in America what. These people are in the game! That’s the difference! And to be in the game and still at this point and still count a signal like you may not like the ethno state and, you know, what are you gonna is the ethno state gonna ban my porn and my video games, or whatever? It is they say against, but who’s gonna build the roads and the ethnosphere alright alright [31:02] fair enough, but in Europe we already had the ethnosphere. And they’ve been taken away from us we we had the ethnos states in Europe and they’re being robbed! Against the people here so they’re gonna have to shift their arguments to kind of justify that, or they’re gonna have to just join us., but I don’t think they can sit in the Middle Ages for very much longer.,


Jim: Well I don’t think they can and their rationality is becoming their achilles heel. If you see what’s happening in the skeptic given is he really lately we’re trying to deal with race realism they can’t deal with it, because the evidence is on our side and it’s completely on arguable the races are biologically different so you cannot adopt a holier-than-thousand I only follow the facts in evidence philosophy and not acknowledge that the races are biologically different and the more honest ones among them are increasingly [32:00] drifting towards us I’m thinking of Andy war ski who is a no amusingly called Andy race war ski, because he’s a adopted he’s accepted racial differences and guys like Jean Francois Gary pay and those kind of people the bore honest ones are saying yet that the science is undeniable the races are different and the ones who remain are being left tie themselves in ridiculous philosophical knots to try and deny the obvious,


Morgs: Yeah and well I think well this is an example of it to be honest. It can’t be done it’s you they can’t hold this position it’s ridiculous and the this lad here, you know, he has he got a girlfriend is gonna have kids just what does he see in the future. I mean, he looks young miss Rawlings about 27, or something you see it he seems like a good lad., but the problem is these kids [33:00] are gonna grow up in a minority and the majority are gonna hate their fucking guts! And there’s no you can’t get around that and we’re not when it’s I think it’s really important to stay the game it this I mean, I can understand why, but the debate itself being shifted really heavily out American situation and the ethnosphere and then what constitutes is White your my great-grandfather was like an Indian, or something did he can I get on the after estate and they try and trip the Americans up on this all of the time, but in Europe we don’t have that problem in Europe we were ethno-states and so now they’re gonna have to justify the one way they can do it is by saying well it’s a natural process, but this is just the march of modernity, but again that’s gonna fall flat on it ass, because it’s illegal in Britain to have [34:02] a party representing the native people. The PA it happened with the BNP debris the a of the amid a test case of the BNP [British National Party] where they could see well it was illegal, because the BNP was really quite solely White pretty surely, or something they had this thing in their in their manifesto going on 2005, or something and the government said well no you can’t do you’ve got to be you can’t discriminate against people I’m the oven there was a kind of the idea was that the party was gonna get swamped with non weights and just kill the party that didn’t actually happen, but the precedent was set the it was now illegal for a half party representing the native people of Britain. So to get back to this idea that this is all just some kind of the natural flaw it’s just the way modernity works it’s just the ebb and flow of history it’s all perfectly natural. That’s [35:01] completely fuckin bullshit! A more accurate analogy would be that somebody is holding our head under the water and then when we try to come out for air they’re pushing us back one down brings on my head with a fucking hammer! ,


Theberton: Yeah every months we’ve let the whole flight listen to Jordan Peterson it’s a similar thing it’s like it’s almost like the last hundred years haven’t even happened in some ways, you know, it’s like all their idea is just on it’s just it’s just not enough it’s the this so many more salient things going on there that just isn’t part of their it’s not they don’t have the sort of psychological framework to even begin to confront some this stuff,


Jim: Well that’s it in terms of what’s going on in the world today and people who are concerned about things like feminism and classical liberalism and, you know, all these kind of things it would be lovely if we’re in [36:00] time to worry about those concerns that we fantastic if that was all we had to worry about, but we’re prone to invasion the only thing that matters is immigration if it’s not addressed very, very quickly indeed it’s game over I mean, there is nothing else that’s even worth discussing and that’s what’s going on in the US particularly with the whole wall business they’re trying to, you know, fall butt off and kick it into the long grass I think for the US that dies already cast already White babies are in the minority I think the United States is beyond saving. So as far as the United States goes it’s either a multicultural hell, or secession and separation in two different states, but they’re different ethnic groups and, of course, have multicultural lands for those who want to. That’s absolutely fine., but for Europe as more go away at least as we are we were ethno-states up until not much more than fifty years ago and we can still be returned to being at those states, but the longer this goes on the more difficult it is and someone made a good point to me recently [37:00] regarding Northern Ireland and, you know, if an ethnic population has dominated a territory for a few hundred years do they not then acquire a reasonable claim to it and I think that’s true I mean, and the United States cake is the blacks have been there for hundreds of years none of them could say I come from act place in Africa none of them of God exclusive ancestry in one place there’s no place you could sensibly return them to. And as the longer this multicultural morass goes on the more difficult it is to say no folk here you hear from there you better get yourself back there. So I think the window for Europe to set itself straight is quite narrow, because the longer this goes on and then all these people intermingle and become less distinct from their ethnic auckland’s the harder it will be to send them back there,


Morgs: The difference between Europe and America and I think it’s Americans I’ve got a horror sell the Richard Spencer kind of look at with the [38:01] ethnosphere and obviously the people the debate was saw gone awry they picked up on it and what do you want to know is the policy decisions and then the ideological makeup and the ethics of the ethno-state of itself. That’s not something we have to deal with in Europe the I mean, you know, the Americans gotta team about themselves those arguments the Americans got a theory I know the kind of contours and things I got in Europe what we have to establish is do the teens have a right to Denmark do the Norwegians have a right to know where to eat your the boy British as it stands on the census I’m not even that much of a purity guy do the White British as it stands on the census to make it easy have a right to that own country and once it’s really a [39:02] moral system and fef the answer is no they’re gonna have to explain why not especially when it’s been against our will every step of the way. And so the in that way in Europe they’ve got a much higher hurdle the jump over to argue against our points in the America, because of history the way it is they’ve gotta do something with the blacks and things I got, but in Europe it’s not so we don’t have to argue about well what would it be like what would a 99% White Britain actually look like? What is somebody gonna censor my porn? What would it be like? We don’t have to answer that the question for now is do we have the moral right to our own countries? To remain the majority and be as ourselves on our own soil that’s the question of the age. Under the in this case of the skeptic kid [40:01] just basically said well it doesn’t exist it don’t know it there is no question it’s just a matter of how bad, or how good it’s gonna turn out and even then his reply was well it’s gonna be pretty much neutral it’s we’re gonna mingle a and I’m gonna look like facili in fucking forever you call them?


Morgs: Favella.,


Theberton: I think it’s something you said earlier that is also it’s a strange thing you see from the people that are very much involved in this and, you know, very much part of the sort of YouTube skeptic, or anything to this of the laughs of the skeptic community we know that making the distinction between them and just your average normally in the street I think you’re saying other day more guff about I might Ben Kevin Logan, you know, someone who is doing everything that’s going on, you know, seeing all the seeing the grooming gangs, you know, seeing the [41:01] Terrorism the acid attacks, you know, and all the rest I mean, that’s what do you think about that what’s going what’s going on they’re the people that are fully aware of all this, but today it’s nothing’s getting through.


Morgs: Well I think in any take somewhere in this Soviet Union in the Soviet Union you had, because everybody will point out with the jewish dominance of the Soviet Union, but the middle level at the middle level and the camp guards they were all Russia’s and that’s what we do, you know, if you’re dealing with any end and I know it sounds like a cliche, but in the end they are just fucking weak! They are just weak people! The Left ideology and way of looking at the world especially when it’s as dominant as it is now it it’s just like a magnet to weaklings, because that you don’t have to stand up for anything you don’t have to stand again against any kind of hostility [42:01] views, because if there’s a whole it’s like everything’s being handed to them all these shut down terms all of this moral superiority. The globalists of them all of the work for they’ve worked out the entire game plan for them. Even going back I mean, I think it was the Rockefeller Institute which funded Herbert Marcuse uses were things they got, because he had all of these people, you know, same background going over from Europe at all over and Herbert Marcuse and they were all from the Frankfurt school and they fled Germany and they ended up in America, but what always interested me was that be the Lama there who how did they pay the rent come from, because they were all very well off and very comfortable and they sat around there I think it was I think [43:02] it was Marcuse who, I could be wrong, I can’t remember, but there was one of the more prominent ones and he absolutely adored Beethoven and Wagner. I think it’s, I can’t remember, I’ll have to look myself, maybe for next time.


But, there’s a series of essays above it, which you’ve got the strange paradox where you’ve got somebody who’s jewish and, you know, writing the groundwork for cultural Marxism, but he loves European high culture! I mean, is there not a paradox there? He couldn’t stand jazz music! He hated it! and it was just well and this lifestyle which it took fundamental ng and a lot of our Institute formula at that point there I mean, I’ve went off on a bit of a tangent, but the point is that it was all being funded from big money from the Rockefeller Institute from [44:00] roster central bank’s trilateral commission things they got going back down to the absolute gonna like that fat fuckin and teddy bear thing Kevin Logan this chubby kid from Birmingham I mean, everything was worked out for him before hand absolutely everything and what he got was a kind of set of ideals that it was like paint by numbers here you go this is what you believe this is what you have to see these are the arguments you hold these are morals II called now go forth amongst your own people and destroy them! It’s just weakness weakness! Absolute weakness! And then on top of that they think that free thing is, of course, against the system it’s a, but then he’s at the extreme end of the system, but [45:00] then you’ve got the skeptic community who by definition should be thinking hang on a minute I’m making YouTube videos on YouTube and I’m earning some pretty cash from like it’s going walk here and what do I hear I hate racial collectivism I hear it censorship a free speech and lobby groups try to impose their will on individuals and oh the ADL is all of that, but I’m not gonna talk about it, because then I’d be out right well maybe the fuckin Alt-rights is right! Maybe you’re just gonna have to admit that you’re wrong! Of what happens when we’re a minority in our own countries oh well that’s a difficult one, because if I had answer honestly it’s gonna be hell on earth, so instead of kicking into the long grass and come up with a kind of really clever sound an order of pata that means nothing! , you know, the people who are work with would listen to rock metal clip only it’d be really confused [46:00] by an intimidated by it. Was that if you say and well they’re shipping in all the Afghani zanna’s volumes of my my town now and what’s it gonna be like when, you know, there’s more of them than us? And then you get this kind of really esoteric abstract I’m sorry well maybe your town will be stronger for it if you select in the town for fuck’s sake! No it just means you’re gonna have bags of horseshit pushed through your letterbox! Means your windows are gonna be put through and your fucking door against touched up by Somalians on the way in school you twat! It’s not gonna be good and it’s not neutral!


Jim: You look what ice having you so you’ve been at out a lot of interesting points there’s there going back a couple. The idea that you can say to the general populace do we have the [47:01] right to exist there Danes of a right to Denmark the Norwegians of a right to Norway the kind of answer you’ll get from a lot of people is and I’ve had this experience myself a lot of times for who says a black man can’t be a clue she can be black in English he was boarding, or he was draw here so that’s step one that’s the mentality you’ve got to deal with, you know, a black man plays for my football team so, you know, our idea for him at the weekends and my friends black and, you know, he likes the same kind of things that I like so I think you’ve got to break down the separation of why a black man can’t be English.


Morgs: I mean, that I mean, I don’t want to do a like these three and three hour and 50 minute long livestream so that fits nicely and the next topic which is cuckoo servant lives and Henry Bolton’s little bit hot Tottie girlfriend, because that’s basically what his argument was wasn’t it.


Jim: Was that his [48:02] counter-argument that it I heard her a comment, or his response.


Morgs: I mean, I’ve got I’ve got an argument okay we can maybe I’ve got a a blog post up about it we can put it under the video of this about Henry Buhl know what’s happened, because some people may not know if they’re in America and something and they haven’t read the blog post which you should do and they might not be aware of that there that’s just get into what something you keep, or this like Civic Nationalist Party in Britain they got us breakfast it’s so fairly a lot the, you know, we’re gonna call not one for that, but the new and it they’ve got like and over the last year they’ve had about five leaders, or something, or how many it is and then all of the other leaders are really boring and I may get the Putin that the parties it’s the end it’s just the party’s just collapsing in on itself. So they’ve [49:00] got this blue can be Putin who’s like who either crush list and he let he dumped as he said in his fifties and he dumped his wife and kids to take off with this little bit hot toddy kind of titties out model, and it turns out she it’s been leaked that she’s said she would never sleep with a black man and she thinks that Megan what she called the Megan Marco lost some finger food worrying from sorry it’s gonna hear seed it’s gonna cause she’s half black. He’s gonna taint the royal bloodline and he’s dumped this girl he’s don’t this model, because she’s racist! , because she doesn’t find black men sexy! You, but this is the right wing this is a discipline right and they’re kosher [50:01] right in Britain where they’re fuckin he’s gonna dump his girlfriend, because she’s not racist, because just, because she’s a pianist, because she doesn’t find black men sexy! Fuckin hell! .


Theberton: Yeah it makes you realize just, you know, really draws to attention just think the currents of climate like surely that can’t be his actual it can’t be his actual reason for no it’s a riddle can you imagine him having the conversation to her, you know, or when he had she had to kind of let it go I wonder what it was actually said I wonder if even to her he still kind of had to, you know, toe the party line and under how under how honesty was in that.


Morgs: Well when they first got together um she she making it was a kind of tweet a storm thing, because she said that the ground felt, or fire thing and was [51:03] just it was really just a bunch of it she called it a nest of immigrants I was going up in flames and she didn’t give a shit she didn’t give a shit! Hahahaha! And then so he knew that before hand and you can’t tell me that she dinner they’ve been having dinner and he’s been buying her all these fucking watches and everything like that he knew she was racist for Christ’s sake! Well then in the end he’s not the choose the party, or whatever it is, but in the way how it looks as pathetic! Absolutely pathetic! To say, well I’m 54 years old enough about a 25 year old supermodel for a girlfriend and she’s like ah sorry what she’s racist I’m gonna laugh like that occur he’s never he’s never gonna sleep with a woman like that again! His wife back, because he’s a backstabbing two-timing scumbag yeah [52:01] what’s he gonna have? And I’m really sitting like alone at night and thinking oh my god wouldn’t it be great watch it wouldn’t it be great if Jo was here now coming in and a skimpy little panties with a little the-shirt on just fresh out the shower! Fucking lovely! Oh I let it cool, because she didn’t fancy black men! Hey fuck off! Well that’s what can anybody respect that.


ZTheberton: Well that’s what hope, you know, for at least half the country think as well the same people would call you Kipp far-right, you know, no that’s what, you know, their actual leader is it’s done it’s just.


Jim: It’s absurd on so many levels I mean, firstly I cannot believe that he is genuinely horrified that his girlfriend doesn’t fancy black man. I mean, who in real life would say oh no she doesn’t like black that’s her father. I mean, it’s ridiculous [53:01], but the second absurdity is the level of cockiness I mean, what he’s doing is bowing down to media pressure I mean, he doesn’t care it doesn’t fancy black man he’s probably quite pleased about it. Which he should be., but the media have said all that so rages that’s disgraceful you cannot hold those opinions and it just shows your house Sofia our society has now become nowadays not only can you not hold unapproved of opinions yourself you can’t even associate with anyone who holds unapproved opinions. So if you hold opinions which the media deem inappropriate everyone around you is supposed to unperson you lest they be tainted by those opinions. It’s mental! .


Morgs: And then the media of he’s caved in to the people who want to destroy a party anyway I’d like you clip it’s one of those things it’s different for the Conservatives and I hear the console [54:02] is far more than you, but the Conservatives he can police think well then you can begin listening. Sorry the dog was humping my leg! Anything well he had it but.


Jim: You didn’t hear me laugh and I was buted there was laughing at the dog humping your leg! I said that’s a nice image! 95% of Tory’s will probably thought fine black people attractive and wouldn’t want their qualities that their partner finding black people attractive it’s the media [55:00] who set up this entire false reality that everyone’s got to subscribe to no one very few White people find black people attractive I would see a subset of females the and they’ve largely been led by the media by say 90 95 % of the population of with no interest in blacks whatsoever so the idea this is some outrageous opinion to hold that, you know, that they should discuss than appalled that the general populace is mental! It just comes from the media normal people don’t think like that.


Morgs: No, but even the people that we have caved in will hear them anyway, because it and it’s if you look at who they’ve came to know they’ve basically caved into the mainstream, but the whole idea of you Kip was to go against the mainstream. At least in theory it was the idea well we don’t give a shit with the Guardian says. We don’t care about the BBC those people [56:01] all the enemies and that’s fair enough I mean, even if I’m not gonna Google, you know, that they’re not gonna go very far that they’re really weak, but then even then it was soon as the people they have designated as enemies which they have over the years attack them they’re gonna fool in an instant. They’re not gonna put any faith at once well you didn’t your 25 year old supermodel girlfriend rather than have a bad opinion piece in The Guardian and it’s not gonna work and he knew it’s not gonna work this is pathetic! In this call this konkwon I mean, especially now with social media like trumpet soon you can outdo that easily oh my I mean, how many eyeballs does a an opinion piece in The Guardian get out, or how many people actually watch news late well if you’ve taken a consideration up against that is [57:02] hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter day in day out the it’s as if they don’t understand the reach of social media and yet you kit was supposed to be the new sawy right-wing party which would get on get a cup so all’s the BNP didn’t I mean, going by the BNP didn’t understand that at all the PNP went up against the entire establishment with absolutely nothing and they were much more hardcore than UKIP and either they didn’t have a fucking clue about social media and about memes all about anything right now I mean, be having a Facebook page they had websites and that was it they just kind of marched up to the doors of the Citadel and said where he had to take over. I mean, of a million votes, or something. They’ve got people you’ve got the most half people more in the reach of social media against rights [58:02] of water, or you a YouTube channel and these kinds of things and yet there’s still yeah, so Silvio must knew that well, you know, the mainstream is not water ones we don’t have to cave in to them like we used to, because there’s something else to get the message and yet they still give in. And I think that’s interesting I mean, we were talking about advertising the other day as well that’s it it’s a similar thing, because why there’s this stop fundamental ng here it can’t be him well let’s add I don’t know then who’s involved, but let’s just say howdy places advertisements in the daily meal and you’ve got these left-wing groups they miss come with lobby group this company and thing called stopped running here and there won’t advertise us who I’m feeling ill and bright bought to stop advertising here no the other Tigers can [59:03] always just turn around and say, you know, what we don’t give a shit fuck off. We don’t care what you think, but they’re doing they actually care VIN they actually care VIN anything well one who are they trying to appeal to surely they’re thinking of the bottom line. Do you I mean, why it’s in it it comes down to the fact that we the Left cooled the more of the general concerns the morality is not neutral it’s not all people think this decent people think that is they like the put it yesterday concerned about Trump coming there to Britain where well we’ve got a lot of good people in this country who just doing what Donald Trump yeah. Well it’s not good well there’s enough there’s other people who will Trump yet not good then so how does it work well it means that the [60:00] moral virtue is bound up and kind of entwined with left-wing morality and that’s the not Henry Bulls gonna have. And you can tell that, because nobody really cared that he left his wife which in conservative circles that should have been worse leaving the mother of your child and the kids the wife to go off for the young lass should have beat her much worse for Parvin than the fact that, but the young lass that he ago no they did the new little blonde bit cloth is a racist. No conservatives should have given a shit about the fact that she was a racist, but he should have been outraged that he left his wife and kids. That would have made sense. I could have got that., but they didn’t they’re just totally cuckooed so the conservative idea of sticking with your wife and bringing up the kids is through out the window, but you bend over as soon as the [61:01] left find out about your new girlfriend’s a racist. If they can and again the morality the is a left-wing ideal and you Fe had any brains they’d be fighting against that they’d be saying well no he could just point it out and say what he did he didn’t really care when I left the wife, but you do care, because new girlfriends, or missus what kind of fucking bullshit, or out is this.


Jim: Well that’s a and I don’t think there’s one recorded instance of someone being forgiven for cucking. I mean, talking and apologizing is something his girlfriend will not make the media few more favorably, or a for autumn a more favorably see may as well not bother the only proper thing to do is to praise now for the only sensible thing to do is brazen I’m not saying it’s morally right after he left his wife for her, but the other interesting point you made was regarding UK and don’t they have people [62:01] monitoring social media and monitoring what’s going on and frankly I’m really not sure they do I think you kept seemed to be all Tories, you know, some Tories from the 80s and 90s and I don’t think they have their finger on the pulse of the cutting edge of the Internet the old way on all those kinds of things and I think if they, or a party like them did that it could be a lot more successful. That’s what’s happening in America so they withdrawn from the Alt-Right that a lot of is the youth who are seeing the horrors of diversity I mean, anyone that’s going to school today they’re going to be looking at their lucky 25% ethnic minority up there maybe 50 percent depending on where they are the country. Going to school today is a very different experience to what it was we went to school and as the youth are seeing the horror of it and as the youth that are increasingly going wife with seven generations icon and all the rest of it and I think any right-leaning anti-immigration party really needs to be youth focused to make any progress that ain’t new capes so blue in story [63:03] philosophy is not going to last that long.


Morgs: I mean, you can see I think I’m Marie Walters party is a lot more interesting than you kid, but I know you don’t like her, because she’s an Irish lesbian. And Christ I can sympathize math, but she this for Britain thing is breakaway is much more sawy with Twitter and YouTube and things they got. It’ll be interesting to see where she goes with this, because she’s much more within our reach I mean, you kept to me you’ve always been these kind of boring libertarian golf club twats and the conservative such as dead-eyed corporate zombies and so there’s a kind I think that’s gonna be this battle for Walters. As I might not the idea that she’s an Irish feminist lesbian is [64:01] pretty repulsive., but to me they’re just they’re just vessels to carry our ideas into the mainstream. And armory war as us like constantly engaging on Twitter how’s she hungry more us will see a shit-ton of say happy merchant memes and alright kind of propaganda on Twitter and she probably watches it on YouTube and things I got she’s much more engaged roughly the Internet., but the problem is how far she’s gonna take that is it gonna be wet she knows collected in the policies, because she does she does say I’ve watched some of the speeches and she does say it’s an attack it’s a war on White people. And she says I know people don’t like to hear it in these terms, but [65:01] that’s really what we’re dealing with yeah it’s a war against the native people of Europe. Was there one of the hours before Christmas there was one of the first beaches and I thought well she’s probably picked that up from social media and she’s thinking well this is where the future is. The problem is you’re gonna have certain parties who have got lots of money are gonna say well okay we’re going to invest see half a million pounds on your party, but we do want, you know, you’ll get a boost it and pay for some nice advertising move that so that’s a lot of campaign money however much it would be., but caveats and they’re gonna be that you have to support Israel we do what you see nice things about Palestinians and, you know, where it’s gonna go [66:00]. She’s gonna have to water it on the message and so she’s in this funny funny situation where on the one hand she’s kind of engaged with the alright which she knows what we’re saying at the same time the old enemy is also aware of that and gonna give her lots of money. And so like she she she was on the Henry Putin thing on Twitter she was quite chuffed about it, because she saw that they having problems and she was kind of rubbing salt in the wounds. And Millennial Woes replied over on Twitter and said well all you care about is Islamic fundamentalists at the end of the day you’re not that much better the new kid prove to us that you’re wrong, you know, I’m hearing will serve as soon as she, but if she did that she’s gonna lose her doing us I think that’s please, but I do want a CR Murray waters on question time [67:00] and I’d want to see it on the television just for a Trump factor just for the fact that she’s gonna fuck up the narrative and to me that’s more important than her being like a feminist lesbian I just want it’s the ideas that need to be carried by the mainstream rather than, you know, getting hung up on what the actual, you know, the shape of a telephone is.


Theberton: Yeah the idea is being carried into the mainstream do you think that there’s something about it’s almost like people aren’t ready to hear this from like a White guy still a White man in public it’s almost like it’s almost like we’re at the stage where these ideas can have to be introduced through women when you plan you’ve got the pen man for the ATM the ADF woman who’s the lady is willing to.


Morgs: Well I think it it’s easy for them, because it’s hard, but get the clips of them I mean, there’s [68:01] this thing about whether Sargon has a black granddad, or something and then when what people tend to do whether, or not that’s true I’ve got no idea I don’t really care, but what I’m seeing is that people tend to look for maybe in a way to cling on to a new Marxist identity politics. So they’ve got a kind of rapid world, or rundown so in the case of on Mary Moore as she can see well it does look like a war on White people and when I see what’s happening what the Pakistanis are doing poppy skills it breaks my heart and everything they are and then if she’s called over like she can see well I’m hung like a lesbian feminist. Who are you election me? I’m true I’m true to liberal values! The Dawkins kind of crowd argument about against Islam and this kind of thing. And they’ve all that they’re kind of [69:00] looking for is that, in other words, they’re still liberals they’re still liberals they don’t have a fundamentally philosophically right-wing, they’re liberals who don’t like Muslims they’ve learned that and, you know, there’s some honest fear that what’s happening against White people is wrong and they start to see that as well., but they also know that to talk about the JQ was just completely, you can’t do it. And I only weigh about up in our mains I don’t know.


Jim: In terms of what you sad about, you know, the need for someone to go on question time and blow the narrative wide open and do a Trump and start taking the bull by the horns and stating the plain truth I’m not sure the extent to which that’s possible in Britain. I think we are a lot [70:00] more buttoned down and say America is I’m thinking in particular the speech that Trump gave Lee was calling out the international bankers and calling and calling them the enemies of the American people and the things he said about Mexicans and all the rest of it and don’t if you did that and Brit you can find yourself up in court. So I’m not sure how far you can go in Britain in terms of pushing the truth and pushing that they’ve actually outlawed the truth that’s the position we’re in now..


Morgs: Yeah well I think when I said earlier where you can’t have a party that represents the native people. Cause there is no native people! That’s the law! It’s not the truth, but it’s the law. So, how do we deal with that? And I don’t know I really don’t know, because sooner, or later that’s gonna have to be broached and it’s one I don’t know how you get around that, because they’ve basically all told the truth. There is a [71:00] need of population to the British Isles and the population of British Isles have a moral right to remain the overwhelming majority in their own country. So the law runs against most objectively moral and good! And I really don’t know what you do that well what ends up happening is that we lose? , or there has to be some kind of revolution? , because the state is not going to retract those laws.


And I’ve seen these petitions going around as well about well we have together they get hold of hundred thousand votes and put them up before Parliament that we get rid of these Hate Speech Laws. They’re not gonna listen to it, because they can’t! .


Jim: I think there’s two things are two-pronged approach to dealing with that firstly I think we need to turn the rules against them and start taking action against all these various that [72:02] they societies the association of black police officers of black lawyers of all the ethnically specific non-White groups that there are. So it cannot possibly be proper that they can have explicit groups for themselves and we can’t so they could attack it that way. And I think secondly these wide scale disobedience people just need to L be difficult to start if people if everyone starts speaking their mind and saying no this is ridiculous here’s what how I think and telling the truth they can’t possibly jail as all., but it’s going to be hard to get the wave started. To get that underway..


Morgs: Well I mean, to be fair that’s a skeptic argument. A skeptic argument would be where all of these lovely these ethnic groups have to be disbanded and that they become just individuals., but then that relies on the people at the top of the system liberals are not a tight-knit ethnic community., because if [73:00] it is, and it is, then that’s never going to get off the ground so we’re gonna go nowhere. They’re never going to repeal here laws! In theory from the skeptic point of view there’s no good reason for a government not to repeal the hate laws, the hate speech laws. Now from so if you’re gonna be, you know, why this skeptic liberalist kind of camp, the popular will of the people says we don’t want these hate speech laws anymore they’ve gotta go. And they will try and justify that they’re trying yeah why a lot opers being social justice was. As if fuckin thought Social Justice Warriors have the power to sit at the top of the society and dictate, they create anti free speech and censorship laws for saying things that people either like on behalf of the great cause. It’s all crap! It [74:00] means that the people the group with the power in their society has a vested interest in maintaining those hate speech laws! They want them there! They’re there for a purpose, and they’re specifically designed to stop people singling out a minority. It’s right there than in the print those hate speech laws are specifically designed to stop people singling out a group of people and saying this group is doing this! And the sort of classic liberalist is absolutely useless against that! They do not know how to deal with that. And it gets even worse, when you bring an arena that’s just the kind of raw politics. It gets even worse when you bring it into the cultural realm. On one of those debates the other day it’s it’s, because if how do you control the [75:01] culture and they would say well you don’t have to control it, but all about me and just like you get that’s it all that means is that once again you get a highly motivated networking group that ends up controlling all of your media and then they pump all of this fucking poison in a of population and there’s nothing you can do about it! And then when people point out of it the Padre will look at this have you noticed they’ve all got something in common? They turn around and they said it’s, because they’re smart! That their high IQ! They work hard! Kathy Newman Kathy Newman the Marx feminist debating with Jordan peterson. Just let go to a Wikipedia page and see what pops up for fuck’s sake! I bet it’s just, because she’s smart and she worked hard! She’s not smart. What is Lena as Lena Dunham smart? Is [76:02] Adam Sandler really that smart? .


Jim: On my own pet peeve, what’s her name the fat one Amy Schumer. God I hate that woman! She’s a her uncle is her uncle’s Chuck Schumer the US Congressmen Yoshi cheese dogs result.


Morgs: Does she strike you as being particularly smart? Who’s puttin 70 hour weeks to become a major media player? It’s just it’s a fucking your argument is totally retarded! It really is! These people are fucking idiots if they can’t see what’s going on! .


Jim: Can I just go back to your last point before I address you on this one firstly it’s time to hate speech laws and some attacking them under this of skeptic classical liberal paradigm. Hate speech laws are antithetical to centuries of British tradition. Speech is either true it is not whether it is hateful, or [77:01] contrary to the interest of any particular group is entirely irrelevant. You cannot sensibly censor any speech which is true, and even speech which is untrue. That was governed by libel and slander and those kind of things. So the idea that you can’t make negative statements, but one particular group it just goes against everything British society has stood for, for centuries. It’s fundamentally against British principles of British constitution and everything else! , but moving on to the more recent point you made about the success of jews and how they will try and say that all yes, because we’ve got higher IQs and all the rest of it. That’s a point that I always find particularly amusing., because when White people do well and when White people are statistically over-represented in a particular field, it’ll be all White privilege that’s outrageous! You’re doing during the brown people in there, whatever else people. Whereas whatever jews are statistically over-represented is [78:01], because of their inherent brilliance! So I think that’s another open goal that we can attack them on! I mean, jewish over-representation that’s their field is way beyond anything that White people have in any field. And the idea if they try and argue well that’s just, because we’re better than you well, you know, but that sounds like hate speech! .


Morgs: Yeah yeah yeah., but I mean, the class of liberals would say well that’s just a meritocracy. In a meritocracy the best floats to the top. My argument of that and there’s a lot of arguments this is just utter bullshit., but one thing that I would say is that like I said before they’re not that smart. And what they’re doing is not great what was that Amy Schumer so series that went on in America where it was like all about people looking each other’s asses, or something? I mean, is this is this like what our cultural elite is giving us? And then shooting.


Jim: Going back to a point you [79:01] made considerably earlier about producing great culture that’s something that’s exclusively European. Is, I mean, you know, if you want to see the classic so you want to see offer if you want to see ballet, if you want to see classical music that is all European. There is nothing that jews have produced that is brilliant! So if they are so brilliant that so intellectually superior where other magnificent works? What could they point to and say yeah we did that’s why we’re better than you. I can’t think of anything..


Morgs: Mmm no, but more indie in Johan the YouTube channel Klaus don’t you have Jim we’re gonna have to get with we’re gonna have to be a little bit careful, because they own this well, you know. This if somebody reports this and they go through it they’re gonna hear it and then the old gonna do like what I’m hearing yeah we’re gonna have to shut this down! I and I know I know absolutely three times, but why aren’t the skeptics onto this? Why on the why [80:02] who was the greatest threat it’s some sjw intergender nutcase in university with purple hair who needs a two-and-a-half-hour fucking video about why she’s wrong? , because she’s got a blogger and all the fact that we can talk about real problem on YouTube, because we’re being censored by an ethnic collective! For fuck’s sake! And it’s that this is the big problem that just bullshit us! And I think I can’t see them lasting much longer really. They’re gonna have to they’re gonna have to lay the cards on the table and say well, you know, what let’s maybe it will happen in be hanging doors, or something like that cards on the TLC all right look well then they could lift more a lot of money a lot of our annual rest on it from [81:02] YouTube, or we would be rough we rather a lot. We didn’t know what you were talking about we didn’t understand the points and we just want to be left alone. Just leave us alone to like laugh at feminists and SJW’s and we would fuck with you ever again.


Or they can join us and they can help us out! I’d like to see them help us out to be honest., because to go back to the beginning of the Hangout that lad sitting there with his, you know, behind his computer you voila whatever he his necks on the line as well, yeah he we’re all in the same shit! I’m ticketed to kick all of this and there’s some kind of hi philosopher all just this sophistry! It’s not gonna fucking work! Come on! Come on! If and if you’ve got to swallow your pride and see it okay the Alt-Right was [82:00] right over the, you know, the Nazis have got more points than I thought. Then just swallow you if that’s what’s that’s what’s supposed to be a skeptic. You’re gonna get you’re gonna get pushed off a toilet seat anyway! .


Jim: Well there was an interesting phenomena about a year, or two ago now called the Alt-Left we why it was lefty liberal type, you know, your sir you hipsters and those kind of guys a guys that might live in, you know, East London, or Portland in America, or whatever. The people who like wearing big glasses and drinking craft beer and draw an amusing beards and all that kind of thing. And they were coming to the realization of the only way that they can have the lifestyle they want which is a very, very White lifestyle is in an overwhelmingly White environment and the Left was starting to realize they hey hang on we’ve got to keep our space White., because once all the blacks and the Mexicans, or the Pakistanis and whatever else move in we can’t live the way we [83:00] want to live. That seems to have gone away a bit, because I think very foolishly, the media will certainly in America not so much in the UK, have started to refer to an anti-fa the extreme left this as being the Alt-left as if they are the counterpoint to the Alt-right, but they’re not the old left they’re Marxist revolutionary communists. And they really should be called like revolutionary communist, because America hates communism. That’s something that really annoys me every time I hear it. If people are communist call them communist the American people hear communists do not do them the credit of calling them the Alt-left which makes them sound a lot more interesting in twists on them, you know, but if the Left need to realize and your White hipsters and you’re kind of going like Sargon and they’re so velu guy and all these people who like sitting behind their computers pontificating is White society that gives them these privileges. They won’t be doing that under Sharia they won’t be doing that when I was like Somalians [84:01] wanted rounder buddy this race with meat cleavers and machetes. They need to appreciate that is White society that gives them the comfort and security to live the sort of lifestyles they want to live. And I don’t think it should be that hard to persuade them of that they need to realize that they need the people who hate groups need the protection of our group to let them live the way that they want to live.


Morgs: Yes. So that is a pretty good hangout first time huh just for wait Wayne Adele where nobody has anybody got us only I’ll start.


Theberton: No I think that’s a good point to leave it we’ve been going just over an hour and we come back to what we started.


Morgs: With one thing I mean, I don’t want to just kind of cut you off there, but one thing that I’ve noticed on YouTube is that all these videos are platon hop up on my feed and I like three and a half fucking I was on who’s got who’s what anger [85:01] watch it three and a half hour video we’ll see how this goes and I’d like to keep it at an hour, because I really don’t like bore everybody to death. If he’s tea a more gross review I don’t really you a pop up you’ll get an hour you’re given an hour of good banter and then not see how like I’ll say no way. I’m not gonna ask you to put half a shift in listen this sort of it is I feel. I think and I was quite quite sufficient things. Everybody happy with us.


Theberton: Yes one.


Jim: Yeah I agree I see these water key ones at three there are powers of my heart saying an hour to two hours is the right range.


Morgs: Yeah I’ve got about five and a half years of water skis fuse to watch I’ll get back around I’ll get back out and you think gee Joe I’ll tell you I’m just gonna have is it there’s a there’s a channel called cruelness on YouTube and he kind of cuts out the highlights and puts them on YouTube so you can picked out, you know, like what they used to do a football [86:00] where you didn’t have the time to watch much of that year so you just watch the goals and that’s kind of that’s kind of what this cruelness channel is like uh one of the other understand well people just talk for like seven hours on YouTube every fucking day! That’s not my year that’s not that’s not gonna be the way here lads, I’ll tell you that! So anyway I think we’ll wind it down thanks thanks for joining I was alright when I went work here.


Theberton: Yes good having a lot.


Morgs: Jim?


Jim: Yeah that’s a will do for a first attempt..


Morgs: Not bad. Not bad at all. All right. I’ll catch you all down the trail boys.


Theberton: Bye everyone.


Jim: Cheerio.







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