Patrick Little — Interview with Yahoo News, May 1, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT


[Patrick Little, a 33-year-old married White, a USMC veteran of Afghanistan, and an experienced IT engineer is running for US Senate in California. He’s been censored off from social media after trying to start a discussion about the jewish supremacist control of many critical institutions of the United States and her government.

Here he is interviewed by an un-named female Yahoo news reporter on his Senate run and how he came to hold his views, and his desire to liberate America from the Zionist Occupational Government! He explains how the high number of White people that feel systematically discriminated against, and who turned out to vote for Trump, was what motivated him to run.

What’s great about this interview is Little clearly identifies organised jewry as the power that has got a stranglehold over America and the West, and is systematically destroying White societies.







Patrick Little


Interview with Yahoo News


May 1, 2018







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Published on May 1, 2018

Interview with yahoo news 20180501













Little: How are you?


Interviewer (older sounding female): Good. And how are you?


Little: Good. And you’re good with me recording this, correct?


Interviewer: Yeah. You mind if put my recorder on as well?


Little: No, that’s fine.


Interviewer: Okay. Hold on one second please.


Little: Sure.


Interviewer: Okay. Are you there?


Little: Yep.


Interviewer: Okay. Thanks. I just have a couple quick questions that I wanted to ask. As to the recent poll that came out showing you leading the other Republican candidates for the California Senate race. I’m curious whether you have had any interactions with the California Republican party. And the response they have had to your campaign. If you have had any engagement with them?


Little: Nope! I called a whole bunch of County Republican executive committees, a month, or two ago, and none of them returned my call. So, at this point, I’m just doing word-of-mouth, and I think it’s working.


Interviewer: And why do you feel that your campaign, … Why do you want to align your campaign with the Republican party?


Little: Third parties tend not to win.


Interviewer: Okay.


Little: I mean, you’ve got some cases in Vermont where you’ve had an independent governor and an independent senator, but that’s the exception to the rule. And also Donald Trump was dog whistling about jewish supremacism during his campaign, so, I’m doing more than dog whistling.



Interviewer: That is for sure! And you haven’t run for office before, have you? I’m sorry I haven’t, …


Little: No. I’ve never run for elected office before. Maybe in school, I don’t remember if I did or not.


Interviewer: Okay. And so what exactly made you decide you wanted to run this term round. First one in?


Little: Well, I was very focused on earning money, and I wanted that McMansion when I was, uh before I woke up to the jewish Question. Donald Trump, during his run, engaged me in a way that I hadn’t been engaged since the Tea Party. And at that point when he was running, and right after the election, when I realized that he was appointing a bunch of neoconservatives, people that were not putting America first, I started asking why that was. And I got presented with this book “Culture of Critique” and I read it. And it turned my world on it’s head! I quit my job, and spent 12 months [03:01] studying the people that run this country. And then I decided to announce my candidacy, I think it was October, but I planned on running since July of 2017.


Interviewer: Okay.


Little: So basically to liberate America from the Zionist Occupational Government! That was my motivation.


Interviewer: Okay. Can you just elaborate a little bit on when you said that Donald Trump “spoke to you“, during his campaign? What specifically, what was some of the things, I don’t know if you’ll remember them off the top of your head, but certain things that he said during his campaign that really spoke to you?


Little: Well, he talked about the “forgotten man” and the “forgotten workers”, that type of thing. He was talking about White working-class people. And he must have been reading the polls, because there’s a recent poll where 55% of White Americans feel that they’re systematically discriminated against. And Trump caused Whites that hadn’t voted [04:02] ever, or the hadn’t voted since the eighties to come out and vote. And he restored the White man’s and the White woman’s, well White people’s faith in the electoral system for the first time since, I don’t know, George Wallace.


Interviewer: And you said that he was doing some dog whistling, and you’re doing more than that. Do you feel like his election sort of created more of a platform, or a stage, for someone like you to run that campaign for Senate?


Little: No. I wouldn’t say that it created a space. No. But what it did show me was how many Americans were concerned with issues facing Whites. And when I realized that’s enough to get into the top two, based on how many candidates would be running, that’s when I decided to run.


Interviewer: Okay.


Little: The “forgotten voter” and all that stuff, he’s talking about the White people that feel systematically discriminated against, which is the majority of Whites in this country. So when I realized the percentage was that high, and when I realized they would actually turn out, I decided to run. They turned out for Trump, because he was a great White hope!


Interviewer:  And do feel like he’s still is, or not as much because you have said you have been all disappointed with the people he’s put in his cabinet?


Little: Oh yeah! I have a few different theories, but the most plausible one that I have as to why he hasn’t implemented any of his America First policies is, because, once he got into power he realized just how powerful the jewish control of this country is. I can go into that more if you want, but that’s my primary theory on why he hasn’t lived up to pretty much any of his campaign promises that he made to the White Americans.


Interviewer: Okay. Okay. All right. I had another question that came up while you’re talking about that and then I forgot about what it was. But, I’ll just let it go.


Little: Sure.


Interviewer: Was there anything else that you wanted to mention about your campaign, or how it’s going so far?


Little: Sure. Well, I’ve been pretty much a one-man campaign for this whole time, but I’ve set up some stuff where I’ll be able to take on the volunteers and use them in a productive fashion now. Everybody in politics knows that the jews runs things.


If you look at the Nixon tapes, he talked privately much differently than they talked publicly. I talk privately the same way I talk publicly. And I would encourage Donald Trump to start talking about who controls this country, and just what he meant when he said “globalists” and “banksters” and this type of thing.




My message to White Americans is that, do not dismay! Things are very bad for us right now. Our suicide rate among White males is very high. Single motherhood is very high among Whites now, compared to where it was. Families are breaking down. White’s are dropping like flies to the opioid epidemic. I’ve lost four high school people that I was with, to opiates, since I graduated high school. And we’ve got a whole lot of rural Whites that are hurting from these jewish wars of aggression in the Middle East. And if they help me get into this Senate seat, I will do everything I can to put all these zionist pigs in jail, or execute them, if we can find them guilty of treason!


Now, everyone in politics knows that the jews are in charge, and talking about jewish power is the hardest thing you can do! Everybody in the media, and everyone in politics knows about it! But they won’t talk about it publicly!




The most important thing in the US political system is jewish power! And if I say something in a way you don’t like it, at least I’m top trying to talk about it. I mean, I posted a story about a congressman that got driven out of politics on a rail for bringing up a jewish power. Pat Buchanan’s political career was pretty much ended when he started talking about Zionist control of our government. Kennedy talked about shutting down the jewish banks. They put a bullet in his head! Nixon started talking about his problems he had the jewish media, and he got destroyed. He won a 48th state landslide, but was impeached for stuff that both parties were doing.


There hasn’t been a party that represented White people in a very, very, long time in this country. And African-Americans feel comfortable asking for the African-American vote. Hispanics have no problem asking for the Hispanic vote. Asians have no problem asking for the [09:00] Asian vote. And Whites have no problem asking for the black vote. What’s wrong with a White man asking for the White vote? It’s time to end these double standards.


Let’s work on getting that percentage of Americans who feel systematically discriminated against from that strong majority of 55% down, a little bit lower. Let Whites that want to vote with their feet to be among other Whites, which most of us do when we have the money to, when we’re about to have kids. Let’s make White flight something you don’t have to do every ten years when the section eight house housing comes to town. When you retreat to a homogenous area and want to build that strong high trust community, where your children can flourish. I’d like to help you once you’ve made all that time and money in investment in setting yourself up in that nice White community that you’ve retreated to. I’m gonna do whatever I can to help you keep it that way. So, yeah, White people stop running! That’s pretty much all I have to say to the White voters out there. And I’m polling high with the Asians. They’re not happy.




The Asians are very intelligent people, especially the East Asians. And they score very high in the IQ tests and they’re very, very, high-scoring on their science and math tests and such. But, you know, 67, according to Hillel last year, 67 percent of the graduate students at Harvard were ethnic jews. But, you know, jews are only 2% of the country, and they’re less than 3% of top performing high school students. So the Asians understand what I’m talking about.


The people that are hurt more than anyone else right after the Whites by this jewish supremacism, is the Asian community. And I’d like to help, walk hand in hand with those Asians in solidarity against jewish supremacism. And I’d like to see those jewish admittance rates go down to about 5, or 10% of what they’re at now, maybe two, or three percent of what they’re at now. And let’s see if we can’t increase that White and Asian merit-based admittance to colleges.




Interviewer: Okay. Are you getting any support from the Asian communities, or Asian groups?


Little: I’m polling well with them and the people, … I was out driving ride-share for a bit after I quit my job, because I wanted to figure out, …


Interviewer: Where did you work before? Sorry, what was your business before this?


Little: I was a network engineer at a start-up.


Interviewer: Okay.


Little: It was a Y Combinator startup. I was working, so my combined income, if you want to count in the equity value and all that happy stuff, was a little over 100 [$100,000 per year]. I was doing very well. You know, I’m married. I was on my way to that McMansion in the suburbs. And, I’m making a huge sacrifice here. But, you know, when 55 percent of your people feel systematically discriminated against, a civil rights advocate needs to step up and [12:00] offer a way to represent them, and shine a light on those oppressors, those jewish supremacist, that are holding us down.


And yeah, the Asians are hearing my message too. So I did some ride-sharing before I decided to run in the spring. I was reading a lot, and sometimes I leave my audio books playing during the ride-share. And I listened Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s “Cultural of Critique”. I was listening to some other stuff. And the easiest people to discuss jewish power with, were Asian males. They [chuckling] will very quickly admit:


Oh my god! There’s a White man that admits that the jews control this country!


And I talked to some White friends that had been to Japan and China, and one of the top questions that people ask when you’re at a karaoke bar, or when you get a drink into one of them is, one of the first questions that the Asians will ask you is:


Why do you let the jews run your country?


So it’s very obvious to everyone overseas! It’s only, because of this “Holocaust” propaganda and jewish control of the media, that we don’t get these questions [13:02] discussed openly in public. And yeah, it’s time to undo some of that jewish media programming that this country suffering from, and start talking objectively about the issues facing those who are being oppressed.


Interviewer: Um, okay! Well thank you for taking the time to talk to me this evening. I appreciate that. And I guess that answered all my questions.


Little: Okay. Hey, it was a pleasure talking with you! I’ve got another 15 minutes, or so, if you’ve got any other questions for me, I’d be happy to answer them, or if you just want to shoot the breeze?


Interviewer: [slightly flustered] Um, I think you’re, you read the book “Culture of Critique”. You were motivated to read it because of the Trump campaign? Is that right? Or there were someone who told you about it?



Little: Well, Paul Nehlen and I were both part [14:00] of the group WeSearchr, which is a research tank, that leaked stuff to the media once we find stuff out. And I had done a WeSearchr bounty trying to get Danny Williams DNA, trying to harm the Clinton campaign by showing that potentially Bill Clinton had fathered an illegitimate son. And Paul Nehlen had worked to help expose voter fraud in Philadelphia, which he exposed quite a bit of it, with his group, his branch of WeSearchr. And leading up to the campaign through the summer, through the early fall, I had been pro-Israeli. And I think he had been with his handle as well. He was pro-Israeli as well. And so there were zionists in there, and Peter Bella was pretty much the administrator of the group, the chat channel we had. And there, people who were awoke to the jewish Question, were allowed to be in there. They were balanced out by Zionists and such in there.


But, so there were Twitter trolls. I think one of them was a [15:00] Reactionary Tree and some other top Twitter trolls that were pressed into service, that were volunteering for WeSearchr. And they started dropping hints to people like Nehlen and I, that we should really question our unbridled support for Israel, and start looking at the tragedy happening in Palestine, the genocide the jews are committing there. And told us about that several dozen million White Christians that were killed in a real “Holocaust” before World War Two. Where the jewish police — 85% of the USSR’s secret police before World War II was ethnically jewish — was directly responsible for the deaths of over 20 million White European Christians.



CHEKA: see Book – The Myth of German Villainy – Part 05 – The Red Terror


So I said:


This doesn’t sound, this sounds impossible to me! This is a lie!


I said:


I pro-White and I’m against what’s happening to Europe with this migrant invasion. But, you know, what? I’m gonna prove you guys wrong! Israel, so I was saying at [16:01] the time, Israel’s our greatest ally!


And so they said:


Fine! Read the book. Show us wrong!


And so finally around the election, I started perusing it. And right after the election I hunkered down, and I got a little bit into it, and I called my job and I said:


I need two weeks off.


They said:


You can’t have it!


And I said:


I quit![laughing]


And yeah, I spent two weeks trying to disprove it. I got through the chapter on the Frankfurt School, and I had looked up everything that sounded controversial to me. And yep, lo and behold, psychoanalysis, the destruction of the family unit, it was all engineered by jews, and it was all by design.



And I didn’t believe the quotes that Dr. Kevin MacDonald had there in the citations, so I went ahead and looked them up. And halfway through the book — this is a big book — two weeks of reading and researching all day, I hadn’t been able to disprove a single thing! And at that point I stopped fact checking, because I didn’t have another two weeks to finish the book, and yeah, lo and [17:00] behold, after that, my life was turned on it’s head! I needed a few weeks just to try and put things in perspective, so I spent a lot of time on my boat, just kind of drifting off the bay, trying to put things in perspective, trying not to scream! [laughing]



All of the puzzle pieces I’d been missing my whole life trying to understand what was happening to Europe, what was happening to America. The systematic anti-White programs. The destruction of South Africa. The marginalization of all historic White populations. The attribution of a horrible, horrible, deeds to our people that we didn’t do! It all made sense! And I realized it hadn’t been any lack of intelligence, or any lack of integrity on my part that had led me to ignore the jewish question before, it was emotional programming, knee jerk reactions.


When I had raised concerns about what was happening in Europe and showed support for the BNP, I had a problem. The BNP is the British Nationalist Party. [18:00] They are the ones that exposed the child grooming in Rotherham. Over 1,400 young White girls were gang-raped by a non-White immigrants in Britain in this one town. Anyhow they were the only ones talking about it! But, you know, at every, tenth or twelfth sentence there was stuff I considered to be anti-semitic. And I thought, you know, why don’t you just leave the stuff about jews to the side and just address the issues facing Whites?


And I wound up walking away from political advocacy and pro-White stuff prior to my enlistment the Marine Corps, because I didn’t have a “Findes Bild”, that is German for “picture of the enemy“. I had no coherent picture of this amorphous group behind all of this anti-White stuff. I wound up turning to all these different sources that said it was one conspiracy sounding thing, or another.


And, you know, the best I could do when I tried to objectively size it up without [19:00] looking into the jews, was say it’s some sort of Marxist, liberal, group of people [chuckling] that’s pushing the stuff, and constantly subverting the will of the populations that vote in referendums and such! It’s all over-turned by the courts and the politicians commit political suicide knowing they’re going to lose in an election and still do stuff that’s anti-White. And, you know, the politicians lied about the 1965 Hart Celler Act that has turned the country from the, … But they said it would have no demographic repercussions. And Whites went from 90 percent of California to people under age 30 that are White in California like 25 percent now, so.



Yeah, none of this made sense to me until I understood the jewish Question. And none of it’s going to make any sense to you, unless you read a book like “Culture of Critique. Do you know, how I functioned politically and socially in terms of addressing social issues, before I read this book? And I wasn’t aware of this before I read the book.




I functioned by “virtue signaling”. So someone says something bad about jews; knee jerk reaction! Someone says something that is considered racist, which you learned that it was actually jews that popularized the phrase in the Soviet Union, you have a knee-jerk reaction. And you distance yourself. I realized that calling someone “racist”, or “anti-semitic”, or something, was the equivalent nowadays of what calling someone a witch in the 16th century had been. And it’s just as illogical. So it’s called Pavolvian conditioning.


The Realist Report Interviews Paul Nehlen – Mar 2018 — TRANSCRIPT


Interviewer: I have a question for you. I wonder if you, you were talking about Trump dog whistling during his campaign, and you mention Paul Nehlen, … [garbled] and the things that you say about jews, about issues that White Americans, that maybe Trump didn’t say directly. Do you think those things are going to be controversial, during, obviously they’re going to be controversial, that either that they are going to be reception to those ideas in your campaign?


Little: Oh yeah, reverberating among Whites. The amount of anonymous support I get. So, here’s the thing. Most of my supporters I’ll never get to see face to face, but I tell you one thing, when I’ve gone into some events and questions some Zionist narratives at young conservative events, and Republican ones, that I went in my own volition to. I’ve had people come up to me and, you know, under their breath say thank you, you know, give me a little thumbs up, in a way where their clothing’s hiding it, so no one else but me can see it. I’ve had support from Hispanics, and I’ve had support from Asians.




I’ve had support from African-American! If you look on my website, there was a young African-American gentleman named by the name of Maxwell, RC Maxwell, and he interviewed me and I woke him up to the jewish role in slavery. He was shocked to learn that less than 1% of Whites, European blooded Americans, owned slaves before the Civil War, but over 40 percent of ethnic jews owned slaves before the war! But, in school we all learned about, you know, Whites and, you know, historical racism, because of the legacy of slavery, when it turns out the jews owned the ships that brought the slaves over here. They manned the ships that brought the slaves over here.



And not only that, jews have historically owned the African slave trade in Arabia, in northern Africa. And jews were also historically the ones that ran these slave trades in the Balkan areas and even the White European slave girl trade from the Barbary pirate [23:00], not the Barbary pirates, the pirates that were coming up the coast from North Africa and capturing White women from Ireland and selling them in the millions during the Middle Ages on slave markets in North Africa and the Middle East. Jews were the middlemen and the merchants in that too! So, you know, that’s an example of an African-American male that was, I hope, awakened to the jewish Question. At least internally. I don’t think he’s come out publicly with it.


Interviewer: Right, okay. I’ve got to leave, because it’s a little late over here. I’m in New York.


Little: Okay.


Interviewer: Unfortunately the day is ending, but, this has been great, I really appreciate you, … Yeah, if I have any other questions is your email the best way to get hold of you?


Little: Yeah, that’s the best way. And I’m looking at the last name. Is that Scottish there?




Interviewer: Yeah, I think it is. Yeah, sort of combination Scottish, Irish, …


Little: Okay, yeah, the spelling on the first name is Gaelic too. All right, well it was a pleasure talking to you and, you know, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to my email. I’ll give you a call, and really this has been one of the more pleasant conversations I’ve had with the media.


Interviewer: Oh! I’m glad to hear it. I appreciate it. Thanks a lot. Have a good night. I will reach out if I have any other questions.


Little: Very well, you too. Bye.


Interviewer: Great.













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