Jez Bedford-Turner, Gerd Ittner — Letters from Prison — Nov 10, 2018




[Here are two letters* from political prisoners Jez Turner in Britain, and Gerd Ittner in Germany.


Jez Turner shares his reply to a correspondent from a British university who asks him:


to explain world politics in 5 minutes in a way that an average student, not yet totally brainwashed, could grasp quickly and easily.


Jez was sentenced to one year in jail for his “hate crime” of “offending” jews by publicly stating they have too much power in Britain — his imprisonment being the very proof of his claims!


Gerd Ittner, gives a brief account of the various trials in progress in Germany, and the injustice of the system in jailing those that speak the truth.



*NOTE: Special thanks to Diane King for sharing these two letters. Please help support Jez and Gerd by sending them a card, or a letter.










Jez Bedford-Turner


& Gerd Ittner


Letters from Prison


Nov 10, 2018


Published on Nov 12, 2018







Nov 10, 2018


Jez Bedford-Turner

A5544EE  E3-02,
HMP Wandsworth
Box 757, Heathfield Road,
London SW18 3HU.


Dear Jim and Diane, always very glad to receive your bulletins and hear news from the outside world. I’m due to be released soon “on license,” which means that I have to agree to a whole list of restrictions which comprise the “license,” e.g.: internet ban, travel ban, public speaking ban, etc. We are still wrangling over what that will be exactly, but I’ve already told the authorities that if they are too restrictive, I will not sign and I would rather spend the remaining six months of my sentence in prison, i.e., living on a study sabbatical at Her Majesty’s Expense! Vamos a Ver (we’ll see) as the Spanish say!


A correspondent from a prestigious University recently asked me to explain world politics in 5 minutes in a way that an average student, not yet totally brainwashed, could grasp quickly and easily. No doubt after publishing my answer below he will get expelled, … I thought you and all your friends might enjoy the fruits of my efforts too!


Dear Student, There is nothing complex about understanding the political situation in the world today, but to understand it, one must first understand where power really lies and also understand the opposing concepts of “populism” and “the progressive agenda”.


With regards to any tribe, ethnic group, race, community, society, or nation state, “populist” can be classed as any policy, or attribute that is generally healthy in its effects. “Progressive, ” on the other hand, is any policy, or attributes as poisonous in its effects. There are, of course, many different types of poison, and similarly the progressive policies that comprise the progressive agenda are Legion. Some of the most prominent include: feminism, transgenderism, mass immigration, positive discrimination, free Marxist economics, globalization, urbanization, Marxism, individualism, feudalism, psychoanalysis, modern art and modern architecture, laws against free speech and expression, and the legislation and encouragement of gambling, drugs, blasphemy, obscenity, pornography, homosexuality, promiscuity, usury, divorce and abortion.


The jews in their own in-house journals openly boast of the power they have acquired (in key sectors such as: fractional reserve central banking, international finance, the mass media, Hollywood, the fashion industry, academia, the publishing trade, … and the major funders of political parties) and are proud of the way they’ve used this power to initiate, promote, and fund the progressive agenda. They probably give conclusive proof of their prime mover status and achievement in making societies, “progressive” particularly in the West (which can be defined as that part of the world were their power is supremely dominant).


I’m waxing lyrical on this topic. They, employing their characteristic verbal sleight of hand, use such excerpts as: secularism, pluralism, diversity, vibrancy, multiracialism, multiculturalism, enrichment, integration, affirmative action, free movement of goods and people, tolerance, cosmopolitan, the permissive society, laws against hatred and political correctness — All their words.


The Corbynista Left is ideologically speaking a creation of “The Progressive Agenda” and as such it is grateful to the jews and doubly so for ensuring that the fabled progressive “nectar” is being made compulsory for every ethnic group on the planet; however, the Corbynistas are perplexed and annoyed that the jews themselves hold jewish communities exempt from drinking said nectar. Hence arises the Corbynista so-called anti-semitism and token anti-zionism.


The populists of the right (such as Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson and, Anne-Marie Waters, Enoch Powell, Mary Whitehouse, Donald Trump and even the brilliant Guillaume Faye, usually oppose one, or two, sometimes several but rarely all the poisons of “The Progressive Agenda” and crucially few truthfully, because the issue and who is behind the progressive agenda. On the contrary, they invariably praise jewish communities worldwide for successfully resisting the progressive tide and by so doing managing to maintain their jewish identity. Thus arises the populist rights’ philo-semitism and pro-zionism.


Looked at objectively from a long-term perspective “progressive” is anything that weakens, innervates, emasculates, corrupts, … desacralizes, dispirits, depresses, fractures, … in short, anything that destroys identity; and therefore, as a consequence that anything, in the final analysis, destroys not just merely everything that makes life worthwhile, but quite literally EVERYTHING, or almost everything, because “progressive” is poison and a poisoner, as everyone knows, does not drink his own poison.


Of course from our point of view, and indeed from any healthy, common sense, wise, or indeed, any sensible viewpoint, the term “progressive” is a total and complete misnomer, for there is nothing of progress, in any conceivable shape, or form, about progressive policies, attitudes, and the whole progressive agenda. “Progressive” can only be classified as progress if one’s idea of progress is going down the primrose path, the much-heralded Paradise of a zionist-controlled, hellish, Talmudic one-world slave state.


In summary it is not enough to oppose the progressive agenda, we must call out those behind it and highlight their ultimate aim. There is only one true antidote to the world’s current malaise and it can be summed up in the words that we must free the world from zionist control.



Yours sincerely,


Jez Turner






Gerd Ittner


JVA Nürnberg.
Mannertstraße 6
90429 Nürnberg.


Oct 23, 2018


Dear Jim Rizoli, Thank you for your letter from August 25. Please excuse my belated reply.


In September, I had been at the Schaefer trial in Munich as witness in favor of Alfred and Monika. But the rotten judge, against the law, did not allow my testimony. Anything in favor of Alfred and Monika is and will be ignored by the court. It’s so easy to sense that B’nai B’rith is behind all that fake ordeal.


As you may know, Ursula Haverbeck’s trial in Hamburg, due to start in September, has been postponed. I’ve just finished a letter to Gerard Menuhin in which I wrote that we revisionists are doing what we are doing out of Duty, even if there was no one to listen. Our work may be recognized for its value maybe only in future times. But to make that possible, we have to do our work right now, TODAY. And how afraid they are, because of our work — putting people in jail for speaking their (our) minds.


My imprisonment is totally against the law. They did not even show any warrant to me. And they did not check my identity by a passport. While the law says it’s impossible to put somebody into prison without showing him a warrant and checking the identity by a passport. Against dissidents, they do not care about Law and Order. They do like they want, or like they are ordered to buy THEM. They want to destroy any person that does dare to speak out the truth and calls their lies by the name.


I quote Alison Chabloz:


St. Jerome sums up aptly the necessary retort to all those who say — free speech must be curtailed — if it offends anybody: If an offense comes out of the truth, better is that the offense come out than the truth be concealed.


All the best,










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