Yellow Vests Protester Calls Out the Jews and Fake News, Dec 2018 — TRANSCRIPT



[In this 5 minute interview a Yellow Vests protester explains to an interviewer what’s motivating the protests and how many ordinary French people are struggling financially under the heavy taxation burden imposed of them, that is to a large degree caused by the (((bankers))) who fund, at interest, France’s public debt.


He talks about the Pompidou Giscard Law of 1973, that requires the government to fund its debt with private bank loans, at (((interest))).


He also talks of the State’s attempts to sabotage the Yellow Vests movement by ordering the police to turn a blind eye to destructive acts by anarchists that the media can then use against them through their “Fake News” announcements.


Finally he urges the people to jail the (((usurers))) responsible for present poor state of France today, just as the people of Iceland did after the 2008 financial crisis.







Yellow Vests Protester


Calls Out the jews


and Fake News


Dec 2018




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He left out mossad’s-jewish CIA’s proven role and the editing out of the limo stop of the Zapruder film judeo-masonic evil at its finest.



Published on Dec 10, 2018













Interviewer: About the Yellow Vests [1] crisis, what are you suggesting?


Yellow Vest: I don’t have a direct answer, but to be able to find the answer, one has to identify the problem. And the problem is the money disappeared! Where did it go? The fact is the money is here but they’re stealing it from us all! They have been stealing it from us since 1973 with the Pompidou Giscard’s Law [2], which Giscard voted when he was Pompidou’s Minister.


This law allows the Government to borrow from private banks, rather than from the Bank of France, which offered zero interest rates. Since then, we are paying interest rates to bankers, private banks. We’re a State at the mercy of (((usurers)))!


Interviewer: Then if we need money, where are we going to get it from?


Yellow Vest: The money is here. It is the value of work of all French, the value of what we produce every day, cars, bread, absolutely every thing! There are thousands of workers, the system works, except that 80% of our taxes, 80% of our cash is given to the stock for the banks to prevent the system from crashing. That is it! This explains why people don’t have money anymore. But the money is there.


The Wealth Tax hypocrisy must stop, all of that! Rich people need to come, investors need to be about to invest. But the real information is not given to us. (((Usurers))) put us on our knees in this country!

Interviewer: So, according to you, restoring the Wealth Tax isn’t enough?


Yellow Vest: Those are crumbs! The Wealth Tax represents only millions of euros, while I’m speaking about billions of euros! But this is also an international problem. The USA has been experiencing the same for more than a hundred years, because they borrowed from private banks. Since then, private banks haven’t left. These are JP Morgan, Rockerfeller, the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States.


This is what JFK [President John Kennedy] denounced, and he got a bullet for it. This has been going on since 1973 in France.


Interviewer: Why have you decided to join the Yellow Vests? You’re coming go from Chartres? What brought you to come here to Champs-Elysees, today?


Yellow Vest: Because the government prohibited it!


Interviewer: So, … So you are a protester, …?


Yellow Vest: Well, when you see old ladies, starved retired people, who are not being listened to, who are ashamed to admit they need to borrow from the banks to pay their taxes, for more than 5 years now! And now, we’re not being able to say we’re not happy! A great Democracy! [sarcasm]




The mask has fell, we see their true face! But the real information is that the money exists, so stop asking for crumbs, stop the jealousy, etc., and focus on the real problems which are, … We’ve been slaves for 47 years!


Interviewer: What do you think of the crisis management by the Government?


Yellow Vest: Almost pathetic, pretty childish, low-tier manipulation!


I’ve interviewed, … Sorry to say that but, … Earlier, [police] officers asked us to show our bags at Bastille [3]. And we talked a bit with them. The officer was very polite, he wasn’t against us, and he told us when he started to speak about the Triumphal Arch’s [4] events last week. I asked him why they weren’t being able to stop twenty guys from making a mess, and not being able to protect the forty Yellow Vests protecting the Unknown Soldier’s Flame [Monument] [5]. These guys are known, but the police were given the order not to do anything about them!


Interviewer: I don’t understand. A Gendarme officer told you that these guys are known but, …


Yellow Vest: The police have been given the order not to do anything about it!


Interviewer: What does that mean then?


Yellow Vest: Telling us such information means this officer is also angry. He can’t do his job.


Interviewer: So, what’s the point of doing such a thing?


Yellow Vest: This is pure “fake news”. It allows [the media] to portray us as bad people. We are the “Yellow Vests”, … Except that Yellow Vests are the people. It’s old ladies, black, Arab, rich people, it’s everybody! The people are angry, that is it! I think there are a great number of apolitical people. I’m not a member of any party myself.


People are fed up! That is it!


Interviewer: What would you say to Macron, if you could?


Yellow Vest: The French population is greater than in Iceland, and we should do what they did. Take a plane ticket, anything! Just the flee to your island with your private airport, because back in 2008 in Iceland, when they were asked to repay the debt, they caught the politicians and bankers and put them in jail!


You didn’t hear it on the news, but I know. And now they feel much better in Iceland. So here is what I would say to Macron:


Whether you spare us from this fucking, … sorry this debt. You stop that! You stop putting the people on their knees! Even though he is a Rothschild banker, he doesn’t want to get a bullet, so he’d better run away!













[1] The Yellow Vests Movement (French: Mouvement des gilets jaunes, pronounced [ʒilɛ ʒon]), also referred to as the yellow jacket movement, is a protest movement that started online in May 2018 and led to demonstrations that began in France on 17 November 2018 and rapidly spread to Wallonia, Belgium. Motivated by rising fuel prices, the high cost of living and claims that a disproportionate burden of the government’s tax reforms were falling on the working and middle classes, especially in rural and peri-urban areas, protesters have called for reductions in fuel taxes, the reintroduction of the solidarity tax on wealth, the raising of the minimum wage, and the resignation of Emmanuel Macron as President of France.


The movement’s leaders chose the yellow vest a symbol because, since 2008, a law has required all French motorists to have high-visibility vests in their vehicles when driving. As a result, reflective vests were widely available, inexpensive, and symbolic. By early-December 2018, the symbol had become increasingly common from Europe to Iraq, as different groups made use of their high-visibility vests to draw attention to their agendas.


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[2] The Law of January 3, 1973 has betrayed France


Who is responsible for the law of 3 January 1973?


January 3, 1973, reform of the Bank of France


In the law on the reform of the Statute of the Bank of France, we find in particular that article 25 very short, which blocks any possibility of advance treasure:


The Treasury can not be presenting its own effects on the bank discount of France.


This means that Article 25 of the Law 73-7 of 3 January 1973 prohibits the Bank of France to give credit to the state, condemning France to turn to private banks and to pay interest; whereas before this law, when the state borrowed money, he did it with the bank of France, which he owned, lent him uninteresting.


In other words, before the French state had the right to coin money, and with this new law, he loses this right is at the same time left to private banks, who take the opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of the State lending him with interest the money he needs.


This decision represents a privatization of money and bring the nation on par with any of its citizens.


The increase bottomless public debt originated precisely. Here is indeed a graph showing the evolution of the debt, and uninteresting. The red curve represents of course the debt recognized calculated with interest.


Debt at the end of 1979 was 239 billion euros (converted francs) already unjustifiable; Debt at end 2008 amounted to € 1.327 trillion! Between 1980 and 2008, debt increased by 1.088 trillion euros and we paid 1.306 trillion euros in interest.


1327 — 1306 = 21 Billion Euros! If we could create our money — do exactly what the right to private banks — the public debt would be almost non-existent today ..


Source: Http://



[3] The Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile (Triumphal Arch of the Star) is one of the most famous monuments in Paris, standing at the western end of the Champs-Élysées at the center of Place Charles de Gaulle, formerly named Place de l’Étoile — the étoile or “star” of the juncture formed by its twelve radiating avenues. The location of the arc and the plaza is shared between three arrondissements, 16th (south and west), 17th (north), and 8th (east).


The Arc de Triomphe should not be confused with a smaller arch, the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, which stands west of the Louvre. The Arc de Triomphe honours those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, with the names of all French victories and generals inscribed on its inner and outer surfaces. Beneath its vault lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I.


Source: Https://



[4] The Bastille was a fortress in Paris, known formally as the Bastille Saint-Antoine. It played an important role in the internal conflicts of France and for most of its history was used as a state prison by the kings of France. It was stormed by a crowd on 14 July 1789, in the French Revolution, becoming an important symbol for the French Republican movement, and was later demolished and replaced by the Place de la Bastille.


Source: Https://



[5] Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


Tomb of the Unknown Soldier beneath the Arc de Triomphe, Paris


Beneath the Arc is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I. Interred on Armistice Day 1920, it has the first eternal flame lit in Western and Eastern Europe since the Vestal Virgins’ fire was extinguished in the fourth century. It burns in memory of the dead who were never identified (now in both world wars).


A ceremony is held at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier every 11 November on the anniversary of the armistice signed by the Entente Powers and Germany in 1918. It was originally decided on 12 November 1919 to bury the unknown soldier’s remains in the Panthéon, but a public letter-writing campaign led to the decision to bury him beneath the Arc de Triomphe. The coffin was put in the chapel on the first floor of the Arc on 10 November 1920, and put in its final resting place on 28 January 1921. The slab on top bears the inscription ICI REPOSE UN SOLDAT FRANÇAIS MORT POUR LA PATRIE 1914–1918 (“Here lies a French soldier who died for the fatherland 1914–1918”).


In 1961, American President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy paid their respects at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, accompanied by French President Charles de Gaulle. After the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy, Mrs Kennedy remembered the eternal flame at the Arc de Triomphe and requested that an eternal flame be placed next to her husband’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. President Charles de Gaulle went to Washington to attend the state funeral, and witnessed Jacqueline Kennedy lighting the eternal flame that had been inspired by her visit to France.


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